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Buck Showalter

William Nathaniel Buck Showalter III (born May 23, 1956) is an American Major League Baseball (MLB) manager for the Baltimore Orioles.

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Tell me how Buck Showalter can take nothing. And turn them around in no time if it's not manager. He t…
Seeing these old school retro uniforms is bringing back memories of Buck Showalter, Don Mattingly,…
Buck Showalter is the longest tenured manager since Earl Weaver ('69-'82). You already knew that though.
😆😆 should have read this first...Buck Showalter Factor..
Our Poster Series continues Saturday as the first 1,000 fans will receive a Buck Showalter poster!…
The first 1000 fans at Dudy Noble on Saturday can get a FREE poster featuring great Buck Showalter!…
But I thought playoff Buck was a chessmaster?
Who does Dave Roberts think he is, Buck Showalter? Jansen got Britton'd tonight.
I'll never love the Orioles as a DC'er, but I admire Buck Sho…
Regular Season Buck Showalter is a treasure. No team exceeds preseason expectations more consistently. (Playoff Buc…
Until Buck Showalter doesn't use Brad Brach in the wildcard game (assuming Britton is gone for awhile)
"Buck Showalter happier than ever now..." . ... as they're showing Showalter with a straight face.
Off day tomorrow before Yankees series affords Buck Showalter the luxury of sending Brad Brach out for a second inning of work. Top 10.
O'Day will now be the 3rd pitcher of the 8th inning used by Buck Showalter...and not one out recorded by Givens & Hart w/ bases loaded.
John Farrell is taking a page from the Buck Showalter binder. 4 pitchers to throw to 3 batters.
Logan Morrison's double sends Buck Showalter out to the mound to say thank you to Dylan Bundy. Mychal Givens on his way in.
Sometimes I wonder if Buck Showalter is the only person who's not concerned about Dylan Bundy's elbow potentially exploding.
if buck doesn't name check Showalter in the first 90 seconds I'd be stunned
that's what make Buck Showalter so great. trying to fill that void (and make the Orioles seem relevant)
Showalter offers updates on Rickard, Britton, more
Listen NOW to Buck Showalter's pre-game press conference from Camden Yards:
**UPDATE** no surprise here, since Buck Showalter hates Trey Mancini so much, we have revised optimal lineups All-D…
Hanging out with Buck Showalter of the Orioles
Buck Showalter on DH Mark Trumbo's struggles so far this season: "I trust him. He'll figure it out."…
Buck Showalter, whose contract also expires after 2018. "Manny’s not gonna be here? There’s your answer. He goes, I go."
Orioles notes: Showalter on Jayson Aquino's roster status, Joey Rickard and more
Oh so Buck Showalter didn't use Britton in the wild card game to keep him fresh for Opening Day.
"You can't manage a bullpen worse than Fredi Gonzalez did in Game 4 of the 2013 NLDS". Buck Showalter: Hold my beer
Adam Jones spoke up on the Baltimore riots and was very eloquent on why it happened. Buck Showalter also and (agh) Peter Angelos.
The worst over managing in baseball history tonight. Buck Showalter you win.
.said Buck Showalter made the stupidest decision he has ever seen in baseball. .
Buck Showalter just screamed at the TV, "That's why you don't use your closer!!"
"It's freezing in here, they must have been listening to Buck Showalter." -- Jose Bautista at the start of his presser.
Buck Showalter looks like the guy wiping his brow in every John Deer commercial
good shot of Buck Showalter's press conference
The best part of that game is John Gibbons outmanaged Buck Showalter. The end.
Buck Showalter looks like the liquor store owner who always calls the guys he's working with Scooter
Buck Showalter is that driver in Mario Kart who crosses the finish line last and still has a thunderbolt banked
Would have loved to see get a shot last night but still love Buck Showalter and it was still a great year
"I don't know who I'm starting with but I know who I'm finishing with" - Probably Buck Showalter too
Diving in on Buck Showalter and the value of a closer.
Well, the good thing for Buck Showalter — assuming he doesn’t get fired — is that Zach Britton will be on 183 days rest for the…
Colin Cowherd grilling Buck Showalter ab being stubborn and Les Miles is his next guest.. this oughta be good
2 things seem certain from last nights events, Tim Kaine is a childish jerk and Buck Showalter will lose his job after terrible management.
I like how explains the complex intricacies of baseball in a way casual fans like me can understand:…
I'm living for Zach Britton hot takes today.
1 thing I hate is when ppl do not answer the whole QUESTION i.e Buck Showalter
What the Buck? Showalter's Britton blunder costs Orioles big in wild-card game loss to Blue Jays (by
So basically you're doing your Buck Showalter impression lol
Pete Carroll not giving the ball to Marshawn and Buck Showalter not giving the ball to Britton, to worst coaching calls ev…
Buck Showalter couldn't find Zach Britton, so had Chief Hopper from 'Stranger Things' go looking.
Just call Buck Showalter the European Union because he no longer associates with Britton, folks
ICYMI: manager Buck Showalter on not using CP Zack Britten in yesterday's game loss to the "He was healthy"
[Fox Sports] Orioles closer Zach Britton has no idea why Buck Showalter didn't use him
This win expectancy graphic of Buck Showalter's bullpen usage tonight will shock you.
My piece on Buck Showalter's failure to use Britton and why I don't believe in "closers". https:…
NOW on talks loss & how Buck Showalter Blew It For The Orioles
Orioles die after Buck Showalter has Ubaldo Jimenez pilot team plane back to Baltimore
So Buck Showalter joins Grady Little under the bus along with John McNamara.
Buck Showalter reminded me of Lou Piniella in 2007 pulling Zambrano early in Game 1 of the NLDS so he could pitch Game 4 — which never came.
Buck Showalter blows it for Orioles leaving Zach Britton in pen
How could Buck Showalter leave Zach Britton on the bench? tried to find answers.
Buck Showalter played blackjack last night. He hit a few times, and it worked. Pushed the envelope one time too many and busted.
Just woke up. Still trying to understand Buck Showalter's decision. . Trying. . Trying. . I got nothing. . Column:
Hopefully Buck Showalter's decision making was so bad that even Terry Collins learned something heading into tonight.
Well said: Zach Britton, Buck Showalter, and the fine line between brilliance and failure via
So many of you baseball geniuses kiss Showalter's *** Gibby out-managed him by a country mile last night. .
Buck Showalter ruined the a guy with 47 saves doesn't pitch a do or die game?
The colossal, inexplicable mistake of Buck Showalter/Perhaps yanking him once runners got on base may have extended it but it's still over.
Unless Zach Britton was "unavailable" for an unknown reason, I don't want to be Buck Showalter right now.
Laugh at Buck Showalter all you want, haters, but Britton's fresh as *** today, isn't he?
Buck Showalter arrived at the park early today, ready to bounce back in Game 2.
My column from last night, on the stupidest managerial decision I've ever seen.
Column Trying to put in words what I can't explain: Showalter used 7 of 10 Ps and none was named…
Pete Carrol not feeding BeastMode in the Super Bowl = Buck Showalter not playing Zach Britton
3-time Manager of the Year Buck Showalter on not using closer Zach Britton: "It didn't work out."…
Trying (and probably failing) to put Showalter's decision-making into perspective. Column:...
Either Britton was unavailable or Buck Showalter just blundered his way into playoff history.
Jonah Keri eats Buck Showalter's lunch for him. Forget that, he empties his fridge and pantry, rips up carpets and…
Besides not pitching Zach Britton, why didn't Buck Showalter walk Edwin Encarnacion?. --
The Canadian fans, Buck Showalter, and Edwin Encarnacion all provided probably the three largest moments of the game.
I'm still jealous. All I know is Jeffrey Maier, Armando Benitez, Raul Ibañez, Tje stupid Royals, and Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter tonight reminds me of Les Miles not putting Jarrett Lee in the 2013 championship game as we continued to go three and out
I never knew until tonight that Buck Showalter and Ron Roenicke were related.
Buck Showalter and Dan Fouts have different philosophies on late game situations
Buck Showalter removes his face mask to reveal that he is indeed. Raul Ibanez!!!
In his last 4 gms, Oliver Drake has allowed 1 hit over 18 ABs. "He’s gotten my attention the last 2 or 3 outings," Buck Showalter said.
Buck Showalter said Wade Miley threw today and is feeling "much better." Steve Pearce will have surgery on Wednesday.
Buck Showalter on Adam Jones' return to the lineup: "He’s close, very close."
Buck Showalter said Adam Jones is "very close" to returning and is available off the bench tonight if needed.
Buck Showalter was on NYY staff when Kevin Maas debuted. His view on Sanchez. "It’s kind of like eating your young."
Bruce Bochy sends Gregor Blanco up to pinch hit and Buck Showalter counters with Donnie Hart. Left on left.
Joe Maddon, Bruce Bochy and Dusty Baker are the best NL managers in the game. Terry Francona and Buck Showalter in the AL.
John Russell would manage for the Orioles Wednesday if Buck Showalter is unable to because of the flu he contracted from Chris Davis.
Buck Showalter has the flu that Chris Davis had. Unsure if he will be here tonight. John Russell will manage if Showalter is not here.
It's a credit to Buck Showalter and the Orioles front office to be in first place while sending guys like Vance Worley to the hill
"I love this move by Buck Showalter" - Pat Tabler when TJ McFarland entered the game.
Buck Showalter content to let score do the talking as Orioles sweep Royals
Buck Showalter moved into sole possession of 29th on all-time managerial wins list with 1,373, passing Davey Johnson
If you'd rather have John Farrell than Buck Showalter as a field manager that's on you.
Jason Werth sounds strangely similar to Buck Showalter
Connie Mack managed more games than Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter and Joe Maddon combined.
Buck Showalter explains why he's starting Pedro Alvarez at third base:
"Brian Matusz is being mistreated by Buck Showalter. Should be the Orioles' top starter, or at worst their closer. Sad!"
Buck Showalter on Brian Matusz: "He hasn't found it yet." ERA now at 10.80, with a 3.30 WHIP.
>> Kendall Hilton recalls his poignant exchange with Buck Showalter after Orioles'
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Its my goal to make 'unamused buck showalter' a meme
WATCH: Buck Showalter meets the media after the Orioles' 10-2 win
You cannot stop Hyun Soo Kim, unless you're Buck Showalter.
,Buck Showalter stands alone at on the all-time list with 1,353 career managerial wins, CONGRATS
I think Buck Showalter just made a fart joke on tv.
In the books. top White Sox, 10-2. Buck Showalter's 1,353rd career managerial victory. Buck is now 30th on the all-ti…
Buck Showalter mentioned Joey Rickard's good looks today. Threw James Dean and Montgomery Clift comps on him. Cross-generational comps play.
Maintaining the Health of your Buck Showalter & Manny Machado Garden Gnomes
Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Thursday that Matt Wieters (elbow) will catch on Opening Day.
When you listen to the Mets Terry Collins or Buck Showalter, or even interview w/Torey Lovullo, you realize how wrong he is.
Agree. Tough to imagine this happening in someone like Buck Showalter or Joe Girardi's clubhouse.
Buck Showalter has always been intrigued by the concept of Chris Davis playing right field. But even though the...
"Practice makes perfect, and the only thing Buck Showalter’s team is perfecting in Florida is losing baseball games"
I'm happy for Brad, he has been beating himself up.
2) we in this space would love to play the Wesley Crusher to Buck Showalter's Capt. Picard
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"Benjamin" I'm guessing when you hear that, your Pavlovian response is you're in trouble with mom. Or Buck Showalter. Or both!
" Buck Showalter is a class act, watching this special on MLB network "
Kudos to for having the Buck Showalter gnome on your set
With new challenges, Showalter won't miss a beat
Pedro Alvarez / Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Alvarez will get to play
Reading b/t the lines of Buck Showalter from press conference, I wouldn't be surprised to see Pedro Alvarez in LF or RF this spring
"Definitely Buck Showalter's kind of player, a player who can fill multiple gaps" Uhh... are we talking about the same guy?
Buck Showalter Once completed a double switch with only one player
Buck Showalter not panicking after drop another
For those who thought I was serious about Orioles, Buck Showalter, and Spring Training records/stats, please read.
Orioles are 0-9 in Spring Training. Is Buck Showalter on the hot seat?
manager Buck Showalter on Hyun Soo Kim's struggles. He has started spring 0-for-21.
Buck Showalter on Hyun Soo Kim:. "I know 0-for-whatever looks like. You look at things other than that. He is pressing."
Orioles highlights: With most of regulars, Birds lose 8-4 to Phillies to stay winless: Manager Buck Showalter…
Buck Showalter told Phillips & to ask all the questions they're not supposed to. Did they take the bait?
Buck Showalter on Alvarez "He would be a nice addition to our team if that would work out."
Tune in now to to hear from Buck Showalter.
Today in the injuries, teams windows to win, & manager Buck Showalter (9 AM ET).
Buck Showalter coordinates a traditional Korean Bibimbap lunch for served by
Buck Showalter is one of my favorite people on Earth
I know its only Spring Training but if the don't win a game soon I will fly to baltimore and personally beat buck showalter's ***
18/20 Buck Showalter. This one, however, looks like a still from Manos: The Hands Of Fate
I got a TTM success on Saturday from Orioles manager, Buck Showalter:.
We didnt actually spoof a situation that had Buck Showalter into hot water from nearly his start due to his bromance w/ another mgr but it
Great Managerial Candor from Buck Showalter to Announcer re. spring roster: "You know I know more than I'm going to tell you, but..." LOL!!
There are few people I enjoyed hearing talk baseball than Buck Showalter...he's a real baseball guy who genuinely knows the game
Love O's manager Buck Showalter saying you want to have "guys you can trust" when talking about his position players. Simple but makes sense
"Well we are in need of a left handed hitter" - Buck Showalter on Padro Alvarez
Fair enough. I don't hate the Orioles, just Chris Davis. Love Buck Showalter, I wish he was my dad
An in game, whole inning, Buck Showalter, Spring Training interview is absolute gold.
I could listen to Buck Showalter talk baseball all day
As Hitter's we need to win the AB, and winning the AB does not necessarily mean getting a base hit. -Buck Showalter
Listening to Buck Showalter has made my day
manager Buck Showalter joined me last night to talk about his team after a week of Spring games -
I can listen to Buck Showalter talk baseball all day long.
"buck showalter looks like he's in a good mood...NOT! get it?" - joe angel
Buck joined from Spring Training last night.
More morning notes before today's game - School of Roch: SARASOTA, Fla. - Orioles manager Buck Showalter would...
Buck Showalter not panicking after Orioles drop another
manager John Farrell, not surprised Buck Showalter's Orioles are doubling down on power.
Buck Showalter not panicking after Baltimore Orioles drop another
Buck Showalter doesn't strike me as the type of manager that will have a ton of patience with Pedro Alvarez and his 29% ca…
Adam Jones and Buck Showalter get Korean OF Hyun-soo Kim a taste of home: Bibimbap (x-post /r/orioles)
Buck Showalter is probably on the phone with Dan Duquette saying that O's need to sign Delmon Young to keep him out of trouble.
listening to you talk about going to Jets games w/ your Dad. I'd love to share my Buck Showalter story with you sometime
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Goose Gossage looks like the leader of a group of outlaws that Buck Showalter is having trouble taking care of.
Clint Hurdle is the sheriff, calling out Buck Showalter to come out and answer for the sun valley bank heist.
Bruce Bochy is the mysterious guy in the saloon that everybody else, including Buck Showalter, is scared of
Buck Showalter was great for the Yankees
whaaat?? I went to a game where they introduced Buck Showalter as an honorary captain and the place went berserk for him
Delmon Young, Nolan Reimold, Chris Parmelee, Steve Perace, Jimmy Paredes and Nelson Cruz all played right field for Buck Showalter.
by Pete the counter guy at Waldbaum's who attempted to get store to stop harassing a customer doing food shopping. Pete was Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter "I know there’s probably a couple of people named Christian Walker and Mancini who hope we don’t [sign Chris Davis]."
You know it's bad when Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette are pictured.
MLB- Buck Showalter A Life in Baseball: MLB Network Presents examines the life of current Baltimore Orioles’ m...
ever notice Buck Showalter really looks like
Orioles manager Buck Showalter expects Jason Garcia to compete for a major league roster spot this spring.
Buck Showalter on Jason Garcia: "I think he's competing for a job in the big leagues."
Philip Seymour Hoffman was way more Buck Showalter than Art Howe.
Buck’s answer to whether tried to get a SP this offseason began w/ "Well, we did: Kevin Gausman.” Bad sign…
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Excellent article on Buck Showalter and our event last night!
BLOG: More from boss Buck Showalter from Tues. interview w/ :
Orioles manager Buck Showalter in Norfolk: The full interview
More from manager Buck Showalter -- on SP search, trades, draft, prospects, etc. -- in Norfolk last night:
manager Buck Showalter in Norfolk on Davis, O'Day, Wieters, starting pitchers, RJ, and more:
Buck stopped here. And talked and importance of AAA organization.
Via manager Buck Showalter was in Norfolk last night and spoke about the upcoming season:
Buck Showalter just talked to me through I can die now.
Buck Showalter was a fantastic keynote speaker at tonight's jamboree! We can't wait for the season!
Buck Showalter, this evening's keynote speaker!!
Thank you from & for introducing keynote speaker Buck Showalter
manager Buck Showalter tonight in Norfolk: "If you’d have told me when the season was over that we were going to have ... (1 of 2)
The is almost here! We are very excited to welcome manager, Buck Showalter to our event! https:/…
Atmosphere of Accountability: It's about helping them take ownership of their own team. - Buck Showalter
Our marathon concludes w/ The Story of Billy Bean, and Buck Showalter: A Life in Baseball at 7pE!
I feel like a guy named Buck Showalter should be all about the force.
VIDEO: Buck Showalter doesn't know who Yoda is. 'I don't do the Star Wars thing.' 😐
a reporter asked Mayor de Blasio if he had tkts to the movie yet. De Blasio said he was not especially a fan
Young Orioles fan asks Buck Showalter why he never smiles: . Managing a baseball team is a high-stress job...
"Do you know why Buck Showalter never smiles?" - Lily, future Orioles reporter.
This young Orioles fan asked Buck Showalter the one question we've always wanted to ask.
Wire: Buck Showalter does not watch Star Wars, is not familiar with Yoda
BAL [SB Nation: Camden Chat] - Buck Showalter can get creative at catcher with current incumbents
manager Buck Showalter on "Mid-Atlantic Sports Report" on MASN asked panel if they'd bring back Jim Johnson & if so start or relief
manager Buck Showalter is here watching the practice today.
The area's two managers, Dusty Baker and Buck Showalter, rank second and fourth in wins among active managers.
. Dusty Baker is the Buck Showalter of the NL. . Hiring of Baker assures annual bridesmaids title
Dan Duquette, Buck Showalter vow to work together to make Orioles better
Mets fans owe a lot to Buck Showalter and Orel Hershiser.
" Dan Duquette & Buck Showalter met with media to discuss… "
Dan Duquette & Buck Showalter met with media to discuss the season & offseason plans. Watch:
Orioles MGR Buck Showalter must be steaming. Rich Hill, Craig Breslow, Heath Hembree and Matt Barnes have shut out his team for 16 innings.
Buck Showalter says RH Tyler Wilson will start on Wednesday against Max Scherzer
If any player ever said to Buck Showalter what Scherzer said to Williams, that players body would be found floating in the Inner Harbor.
Agreed. He struggles managing a bullpen. As an Orioles fan, I appreciate Buck Showalter even more watching Williams.
Beltway crowd booing Williams? What about Buck Showalter. The O's won 96 games and the division by 12 games last year.
Yeah let's urge that Matt Williams, Buck Showalter, Bob Melvin, and heck everybody smarter than us all lose their jobs managing stochastics
how is Buck Showalter safe? This slide seems to have hurt his chances, as well as the GM for the O's
[Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider] Orioles notes and observations on offense, Buck Showalter, Dariel Alvarez
Baltimore Orioles: Did Buck Showalter over-manage?: Up front Baltimore Orioles fans should know that I have a ...
Things aren't working out so well for Buck Showalter this year.
Buck Showalter tries to make all the reporters in the press conference sound stupid. Like replies to their questions, with another question.
Big thanks to Buck Showalter for giving another game away.Most overrated manager in the league.Maybe it's time for him and O's to part ways
fans continue to have hope. It's kinda funny. Smart fans know this team is done. Buck Showalter kills this team every game.
I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I really think Buck Showalter has lowkey done a terrible job at managing the O's this year.
For the first time since he took over, this loss goes on Buck Showalter.
Sorry but I just see a big L by Buck Showalter
Thinking Buck Showalter would say the same.
No one is more frustrated than Adam Jones. Well, maybe me and Buck Showalter...
Always. Also, Buck Showalter love. A good man, a good manager. He deserves better than his curse.
I have the game on DVR. I'm in the bot 3rd no out. JZimm to bat. But that Buck Showalter spot about the good ole days of baseball is a gem.
.reiterates that he's 100% positive that he and Buck Showalter could beat & in …
.asked Why he hasn't pied Buck Showalter? Jones: "Because I'm not an *** "
ICYMI: Buck Showalter & the wish the Red Land Little League team best of luck throughout the Watch:
Is it just me or is Buck Showalter looking facially more like Earl Weaver with every day he wears a uniform?
I long for a Buck Showalter or an Earl Weaver to kick some dirt and throw things. Why should I care more than they do?
Just when i thought Matt Williams was a lock 4 manager of the day award for yanking scherzer at 84 pitches... Buck Showalter took the cake
No really. Runner on 3rd, 2 outs. Eric Sogard is up (.246 AVG, .277 SLG), and Buck Showalter intentionally walked him. Semien homers. Lolol
My goodness. Buck Showalter really intentionally walked Eric Sogard? He's got an OPS+ this year of 58.
Buck Showalter who walked Barry Bonds with bases loaded at Candlestick, walks Eric Sogard intentionally , only one move worked.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
To Showalter, trade rumors just part of the game
Buck Showalter had been proud of the brevity of his team's games. We're about 2:45 in, and still in the top of the seventh.
Buck Showalter can't have Chris Davis making plays like that. He is not a rookie. That is just flat out not caring about playing baseball
In Buck we trust. Farmer, that is, not Showalter.
NEW: Why Buck Showalter is excited about his new bat in the OF, Gerardo Parra:
Hey guys, it's Buck Farmer not Showalter. You don't have to go easy on him.
Doug Melvin says Davies weighs about 150. Buck Showalter said guys laughed when he was on mound. Two innings later didn't laugh
Melvin said Buck Showalter called him and said about Zach Davies: "Once you get over his size, you'll see he's a real good pitcher."
Melvin: Davies 6 feet 150 pounds. Buck Showalter told Doug once you get over small size, you'll think he's a really good pitcher.
it had better be Buck Showalter then
Junior Lake could start in Baltimore, and Buck Showalter has a knack for tapping into a hitter's potential. I would inquire in fantasy.
Where the great buck showalter deals with the press.
Buck Showalter can make champions out of players like Pearce, Schoop, Parades, Joseph, etc. You guys need all these big named guys
[Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider] - Orioles hoping to avoid first three-game sweep in New York under Buck Showalter
The DFA of Bud means there must be another trade or Parmelee has nudes of Buck Showalter on his phone
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I imagine Parra starts for the Orioles against RHP but hard to predict with Buck "Hot Hand" Showalter
Showalter picks a side at trade deadline (just barely)
Orioles' Buck Showalter the second-best MLB manager, according to ESPN survey
Orioles' Buck Showalter offers impression of first-rounder DJ Stewart
Buck Showalter puts trade odds at 51-49.
Orioles morning observations: Buck Showalter finally makes peace with his gnome
Buck Showalter on Miguel Gonzalez. "He just wasn't very crisp. Sticky night, good offensive team and he paid for his mistakes.".
VIDEO - Hear from Buck Showalter after the O's 9-8 loss to the Tigers:
Have to seriously question Buck Showalter if Bud Norris or Chris Parmelee remain on the by next week. They both add NOTHING!!!
I'm not even going to blame Chris Parmelee anymore. I'm going to blame Buck Showalter for continuing to put Parmelee out there.
Buck Showalter things Orioles will make trade
O's open to trading as Deadline nears
Buck Showalter made a pitching change when the Tigers got 5 runs. Is Duffy still in?!
Buck Showalter spoke candidly about his garden gnome. WATCH more:
Oh I don't think ever in the history of time has Buck Showalter ever laughed anything off. Or just plain laughed.
"We're not ever going to give in." More from Buck after sweep of Braves: http:…
Does Showalter think will make a trade?
NEW: If Buck were a bettin' man, he'd (barely) pick a side at the deadline:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Buck Showalter.
On this date five years ago, Buck Showalter was hired as manager of the Baltimore Orioles.
Buck Showalter on the human element of the trade deadline: "It's not like we're moving around slabs of bacon here, OK? A…
Orioles notes: Steve Pearce resting with team, Nolan Reimold leads off: Orioles manager Buck Showalter said the…
Cool that Orioles' Buck Showalter wanted to meet Jimbo. Henry Blog: Fun trip to the Trop for Seminoles via
if this team had Terry Francona or Joe Maddon or even Buck Showalter we would be only to 2 to 4 games back
I doubt that Ron. She probably thinks Buck Showalter is a good manager
Joe Girardi trolls Yankee Stadium by bringing in Pinder with the bases empty and 2 outs in the 9th up 9-3. Great reaction by Buck Showalter.
. If Yanks get off to slow start in 2016, might be rumors that Joe Girardi will be replaced by Buck Showalter.
"I think our best baseball is ahead of us" ~ Buck Showalter. Please tell Buck it's surely not behind the O's.
I'm anti-salary cap but the thought of Buck Showalter or John Gibbons flying to Scottsdale to woo a millionaire athlete is appealing
I had club level tickets tonight for those O's but if they aren't handing out Buck Showalter garden gnomes then no thank you. But Go O's!!
Buck Showalter on pending roster move, Adam Jones and Jonathan Schoop - School of Roch: Showalter on O's rost...
Ted Lilly disapproves of Buck Showalter's lifting of Chris Tillman.
Adam Jones went for an MRI on his right shoulder. Buck Showalter thinks he'll play no later than Friday, maybe sooner.
Steve Kerr is going to win with Mark Jackson's Warriors just like Joe Torre won with Buck Showalter's Yankees
Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette need to speak with you. ;)
Pity that Phillip Seymour Hoffman never got to play Buck Showalter in a movie.
I think Coco Crisp is my fave baseball name. Should we throw in Buck Showalter too so we can have "2bucks"?
Buck Showalter looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Art Howe in Moneyball.
Orioles manager Buck Showalter's interesting response on his advice to Baltimore's young African Americans:
Hopefully Scott Beooks = Buck Showalter and we're about to be the '96 Yankees or the '01 D-Backs!
Maybe Scott Brooks could become the NBA Buck Showalter. Develop teams, then hand 'em over to the next guy when they're ready to win titles.
Covered NYY-AZ World Series for with Buck Showalter. He was, at times, morose. Can imagine how Mark Jackson feels in O…
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