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Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari is a match 3 game by Zynga where the object of each level is to have at least 10 balls in the top row cleared.

Bubble Safari Ocean Played Bubble Safari Candy Crush Saga Realm Reborn Pet Rescue Saga

Today has been a productive afternoon for Bubble Safari.
Is there any relation between Bae and Bubble safari ? X'D . I mean.
It's Bubble Safari for one thing... get it right!
I think the drag bubble appears twice in Safari Version 7.0.5 (9537.77.4) see top right of image.
Played Family Feud (Web), Bubble Safari (Web) and 3 other games in the last 24 hours.
It's a slow Saturday afternoon. Not slow enough to accept an invitation to play Bubble Safari, but it's slow.
I don't care about Bubble Safari I just want to download my music for free, k?
sorry fb fans.don't play Farmville, bubble safari, or anything like that.SLOTS or match-3 only
A bubble bath may be on the programme @ The Hide, Safari Lodge.
Dear FB friends, I don't want to play Bubble Safari. God ***
Come bubble with bae at Hydro Safari ladurr. :v
One more bubble safari invitation away from arson.
I'm about to go take a bubble bath and post a pic of my feet hanging out.
Played Diablo III (PC), Bubble Safari (Web) and 2 other games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Safari is the greatest game ever
our hotel thinks my brother and I are a couple and when we came back from our safari there was a bubble bath filled w rose petals?
For some reason I always get a huge kick out of breaking high scores on Bubble Safari via fb during Raw.
Woiee this radio stream have me a bubble in front my mirror! Woieee memba intake Aug 1st and hydro safari A…
Zynga CEO Don Mattrick..You REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR 10 MILLION C.W. FOLLOWERS..I mean we all can't be wrong can we??? My main reason for this game is I am now disabled and can no longer work. I was in Restaurant Management for 25 years and I love this game because it gives me a feeling of work without leaving my home. I loved my many jobs in food service and Zynga gave me back a little peace of mine with Cafe World.. So from an old foggy Please don't take this away from us too. Chef Cat Edit / Delete Edit Post Quick reply to this message Reply Reply With Quote Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Yesterday, 02:32 PM mustangcat84 mustangcat84 likes cookies. Wall Flower Join Date Jan 2011 Posts 65 Default Well guess the C.E.O. or any other Zynga's employees have nothing to say.. But just went through a few of the Zynga games and it's really funny that this one is the most played. Bubble Safari.1 million, Bubble Safari Ocean,.. 500 thousand,.. Puzzle charms, the one they want to give you credit w ...
Hey Jasmine you scarce eh yea i like it just so who de boy dat hiding you he name Laptop well he working you good yes man Candy Crush , Bubble Safari, Criminal Case and Pet rescue plenty work he throwing at me that's why i love him
What have I told you about blowing bubbles with bubble gum?
You stuck, ... ? Can not find your item or bonus to go ahead !? Make it easy! Get more prizes about Bubble Safari Claim Coins. 312
I need 3 people to join my poarchers trap on Bubble Safari Please.
I do not play candy crush bubble safari saga anything FYI
Please help me with Bubble Safari just one more time PLEASE :)
congratulations for getting to level 3 of freAKING BUBBLE SAFARI
No I don't want to play bubble safari! I'm busy! Thankyou.
Bubble Safari . Find more bonuses and get more experience about your favorite games!
Just in: "Marcia Arnold Grant performed a streak in Bubble Safari." (Be glad it wasn't in Ankeny, Iowa.)
Ashton the bubble blowing safari guide
Is anyone else having issues with Bubble Safari Ocean besides me?
Play the epic follow up to Bubble Safari!
Will anyone please help me out I've made it to Level 126 on Bubble Safari and I need 3 people to join in my poachers trap please help me out. And if anyone else needs help let me know too. I'll help you too.
if you play Bubble Safari please like my status that way i know who plays thank you!
If you're playing Bubble Safari, I need help with the poachers...thanks
A deh want to play bubble safari pls stop
If anyone plays Bubble Safari Ocean could you please help me out I have sent out requests.PLEASE.
thought you had some? Anyways stop interrupting my game of bubble safari..😠
I need some recruiters for my next adventure in Bubble Safari Ocean. Will someone please help.
Played Bubble Safari Ocean (Web) and Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (PC) in the last 24 hours.
No I don't want to play bubble safari! Lol x
Just BLOCKED BUBBLE SAFARI - I do NOT play games do NOT send requests
Alisha, I don't want to play bubble safari and I'm not going to. Stop it.
Add me for Buggle and Bubble safari
Happy New Year my resolution this year is no more playing BUBBLE SAFARI!
I just wanted to let anyone know that is waiting for me to send them gifts in Bubble Safari Ocean, I have not been able to play for a long time. The game is frozen on the load screen
If you have a chance please lend a hand in Bubble Safari. Thank you very much. Happy New Yew to Everyone.
just finished level 700 of Bubble Safari
Bubble Safari Ocean has a bug attached to it...
I play Bubble Safari right, and every level gets harder and harder. That monkey is driving me crazy. lol
Dear friends and family of mine. I request that if you don't play a certain game on here. To delete it from your apps. Or else I will keep sending you requests. I just click on the button that says Zombie friends or Bubble Safari friends. So I'm not doing it to bug you!
I noticed a few of my friends here ... pls dont delete me! I am an all-dayer for Chefville, once (sometimes twice) daily for Castleville & approx 2-3 times weekly for Bubble Safari. I am maxed out neighbour-wise atm, but slowly going through a cull to add more active ones ... but will always accept more friends for requests/posts
I'm gonna try this bubble safari thing just 4 Katy Link!
REALLY? Bubble Safari Ocean Known Issues There are currently no articles associated with this category.
I have tried all the fix options for Bubble Ocean safari in every browser.. can not get into game! It is a known issue!
Sue Phillips, Carolyn Chaudhry, Crystal Jenkins, and anyone else that is addicted to candy crush, bubble safari or any other horribly addicting game!!! Lol!
In case you were wondering, Bubble Safari only has 677 levels.
This bubble safari app is PLUCKING MY NERVE!! one minute it works next NOT
No thanks grandma, I don't want to play bubble safari
To the girl who's been sending me invites to play Bubble Safari on FB, I have finally deleted you. Tired of getting those notifications. 😠
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I don't play bubble safari. Its not my thing. If its your thing, that's really great. Don't worry about inviting me to play. I assure you I won't be offended. Thankyou.
OMG This is going to be one long night. Nothing on TV, my kindle ran out of juice in the middle of me reading a great book and I have no energy left on Bubble Safari game here on FB...crapola! Oh what to do, what to do :(
I can't get on to play some of my games,i can't even get on apps to check game requests and from whom...Farm Heroes,Slotomania,and Bubble Safari,would anyone know why this is happening.
This level on bubble safari is pissing me off! 187 I've dropped the bubbles down a billion times but it never adds up to 120,000! Ok what the *** do I do to get that score I've tried everything!
oh wait… Don't forget the real reason: people inviting me to play bubble Safari!
Good morning my friends. I hope today is a sweet day for you all. I got my game back Bubble Safari Ocean WAHOOO. Bless each of you.
Bubble Safari and I have been going strong for 58 levels.
omg WORST game ever. This level on Bubble Safari has spiders on it. I know they aren't real but I feel like they are crawling all over me.
Ok so Bubble Safari game is not loading today
I am sorry if you got a game request from me for Bubble Safari Ocean. It wasn't meant for me to do that, i didn't click for the people that actually play this game. Sorry.
If I get another Bubble safari notification or any other game notification . I am going to sign that friend up for a 30 day supply of Plexus.
I need advise on Bubble Safari, level 83, I find it to be most difficult... Any hints??? Anything??? Anyone???
Bubble safari players - need a crew of 3 to help disarm a poacher trap. Please help me. So I can finish the Christmas tree adventure. Otherwise I am stuck for the next 35 plus hours, before it auto unlocks.
I hope you that are sending me request to play differnt games the only games I pka is Candy Crush Saga, solitare bingo papa pear, bubble safari and eSe don't keep asking or invite me to no more games thank you now out of the games I said I play then I can see playing or send or except request ok
What is bubble safari? Is it something you do when having sex with a large breasted woman? If not I do not want to play. Please skip me on the invites.
Still stuck on level 677 with unlimited use of the aim arm. When is bubble safari going to add more levels?
Update your maps at Navteq
Need to recuit 3 fishermen for Bubble Safari Ocean.any helpers would be appreciated
I'd like to tell everyone who has clicked my name, as a FB friend, on the various game apps out there, like: Hidden Shadows and Bubble Safari. I apologize, but I just don't play games ... Thanks anyway ... Peace & Love!
Go wild with Zynga’s arcade-style Match-3 shooter game. With its bold, beautiful artwork and smooth, intuitive gameplay, Bubble Safari is pure fun. Can you master diff...
it's good! And I will :) if i find it. Get the starbuzz safari melon and the alfaker (how ever u spell it) strawberry πŸ“πŸˆ
would somebody help me with Bubble Safari? please
UUggghhh...level 104 on Bubble Safari is driving me crazy & making me use all my energy I've collected :)'s addictive just like Candy Crush Saga..smh
Bubble Safari and Bubble Safari Ocean suck, if you can play it is minimal!
What The Heck Is Go On! Bubble Safari isn't working on my computer on FB :I The Zynga logo comes up, fades to a white screen and won't move!
UGH My bubble safari wont let me send requests for rescue friends. Man that really *** !
At Level 498 in Bubble Safari. Only two more levels to go until I reach Level 500. The Monkey should be finding Buttercup Today! Hope this Saga is going to have a happy ending :)
Bubble Safari Ocean: Download the Bubble Safari Ocean app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android devices fro...
Why can't I access ask fm through safari ?
No Carolyn Chacur, I will not play bubble safari with you. One more game request, and you my dear are one friend shorter.
I still cant play or send lives to bubble safari!
As fun as Bubble Safari Ocean looks... i think ill pass on that request..
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I need ne more to help me on Bubble Safari
BubbleSafari: Are you experiencing loading issues? Help us investigate by clicking, here:
Bubble Safari: Are you having loading issues when playing Bubble Safari? Help us investigate by filling out the form, here:
Please don't take this personally, but I am declining your invitation to play Bubble Safari.
Bubble Safari Cheats,Bubble Safari Hack Tool, and other completely working 100% genuine resources hacks and tricks, Download now for free and start winning
My sisters friend gave me a role of bubble wrap do you understand my happiness rn
Bubble safari stay beggin me to come back
Sorry y'all I don't play half the games I get requests for only games I play is phase 10 FarmVille 2 criminal case guess the word and bubble safari. I will be blocking the rest of em today please don't send request for any games but the ones I mentioned
Bubble Safari envelop will not open, I cannot send request, PLEASE FIX
NBA 2K NBA Bubble Safari NBA on ESPN Safaricom Kenya Official Page Pulse Magazine :: The only way to get a life!...
Oh dear. I'm tempted to find out what occurred but I tend to agree with you. I fear the bubble has burst. Shame.
Bubble Safari All Help for video walkthroughs, tips on the levels & help with playing the game
I have beat the Bubble Safari Ocean game, it just told me I have beaten all the levels and to check back for new levels. holy crap, LOL
If one more person asks me to play bubble safari I'm gonna loose or
When I'm out of lives on Candy Crush and Bubble Safari I feel an emptiness inside.
I think I am done playing Bubble Safari Ocean, those zappers steal my bubbles and I am no where near them! So I am only playing Hidden Shadows now. I need more neighbors/ friends who play this game.
it's when "Bubble Safari!" appears on that electronic billboard they have that really gets me.
can not get Bubble Safari Ocean to work Paula I uninstalled in and reinstalled will not download game it frezzes up sorry
I have ready games with me springboard table Bubble Safari Monkey, Bubble witches Saga, Candy Crush Saga ,Pet Rescue Saga , Castleville Legend , Lost Bubble ,Hay Day ,Juice Cubes ,Word of Wonder and Drawing of the Something Thank have funs Good Luck awhile
Because I am generally busy swimming in a sea of my own awesomeness, I regret to inform those who have asked that I do not have time to play Candy Crush Saga, Papa Pear Saga, Bubble Safari or what have you... Sorry about that...just sayin...
Please for God Sake quit sending me bubble request.
To my Bubble Safari Ocean friends, I need only 1 more helper so I can play the game. I have been stuck on this for awhile, lease help so I can send energy to you too!!! Thanks!!
ATTENTION; I would love to play "Bubble Safari", However the Teacher took my "Hello Kitty Bubble Gun", and my high cap bubble magazines. the commie wench! This renders me SOL. :(
Angry Apes in the new levels of Bubble Safari: Watch out for the Angry Apes in the new levels!It tosses bubble...
Bubble safari - Your favourite game now with a wild twist. Download it now from mobogenie:
Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Safari. Sounds like e-food. Let's see what it's all about...
I would LOVE to play Bubble Safari. Thanks for the invite!
Ash is saved from blow by . www.MonsterMMORPG. com. a pink follow
Look. I'm probably not good at bubble safari anyway so stop it
I'm ecstatic. I just learned that a friend achieved a new high score on Bubble Safari.
just copy and paste like you would an image from Safari. But it animates in the chat bubble once you send.
adry-aleare stationary at level 204 in bubble safari I can not take the star and I did not zap through the bubble
I have completed level 74 five times & it freezes not happy with this game.
I had a bad day and I guess my mom knew she came into my room with a roll of bubble wrap and I've been crying while popping for like 8 min.
I play bubble safari while I listen the voice
If my cousin sends me one more 'bubble safari' request I'm no longer considering him as a relative
Played Bubble Safari (Web), World of Warcraft (PC) and 1 other game in the last 24 hours.
You caught me. I'm playing Bubble Safari ... I mean, I'm trying to get my mind to its writing place... 0:)
Bubble Safari: Hi Shooters, Have you seen our amazing new β€œOn Fire Modes”? Take a look, here --->
signs IPO mania fading iphone safari login page reappears instead of IRRITATING get-the app
Completed All levels in Bubble Safari, When are the new coming?
I'm on level 101 of Bubble Safari...I might have a problem
Bubble safari STILL can't open requests or collect from friends
no notifications on bubble safari so cant get past man traps. Help please
No Judy Burton. I do not want to play bubble safari.
I can't stop playing bubble safari 😩 my eyes burn 😳
I don't wanna play bubble safari, candy crush, or farmville with you, jfc
Another Bubble Safari invitation from the impressively autistic Chucky Morrissey
Mom I love you but I really don't wanna play Bubble Safari
I don't want to play 'Bubble Safari'. It sounds horrible.
Cannot play Bubble Safari Ocean for several days. Loads 2/3 and stops. Refresh no help. Deleted app & reloaded no help.
Felt popular for about two seconds of my life.. because I had 19 notifications! . but they were all about bubble safari and candy crush..BUMMER! lol
Ok so I'm thinkin that nap yesterday messed me up! Been up since 3:30. LOL But on the flip side I beat 3 levels on my Bubble safari game! :) Its Coffee time...
swear I'm addicted to that and bubble safari
Been stuck on level 341 on Ocean Bubble Safari forever! Can you please help? Is there anyway to get daily bonuses anymore?
Candy Crush and Bubble Safari... sadly this is my life...
To play bubble safari or not to play bubble safari, that is the question.
My addiction to bubble safari is awful.
If I had a dollar every time my mom sent me either a bubble safari request or candy crush request... I would not need a job.
Games like Coaster Ville, Bubble Safari, Chef Ville, and Castle Ville are all down double-digits in August versus July.
I like bubble safari but it will not load. I have deleted it and added back which usually solves the problem but not this time
Ive been trying to download bubble safari for the past 30 mins ***
Sorry but I'm gonna have to respectfully decline your invite to play Bubble Safari Ocean.
so the farmville bonus quest on Bubble Safari. thats real nice for when your like level 62 in farmville. level that 3 times in a week
I swear to god if someone else invites me to bubble safari or diamond dash I will smash my phone!
Darling, I love you, but we are never going on a Candy Crush, Diamond Dash or Bubble Safari together, no matter how many times you ask.
Played Bubble Safari (Web), Gardens of Time (Web) and 5 other games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Safari request from someone I like. What to do? Hunting them down with a pitchfork seems a bit extreme.
Zynga question: Bubble Safari Not Working With Iphone Update. App stays at loading or if it gets past that point, s -
Busy in Playing Bubble safari & his Uncle learning door opening skills
Bubble safari won't load on my iPad and I think I might cry
Oh.. You play Bubble Safari Ocean.. Please explain how you are "so hood".
I like how he was playing Bubble Safari Ocean before he got all pissy
So yu mean to tell me I busted my *** for 8 months to get to 76 levels of Bubble safari and it want work with ios7 smh
Mum's in a mood so Dad's just sat on the floor playing Bubble Safari, like he's in bed exile or something.
Bubble safari needs to be fixes with the bugs and loading thanks
No thank you, Bubble Safari-- Escape the Asylum is more my speed! Check it. You may even find me in there somewhere!
Playing Bubble Safari, texting, playing Words with Friends, and talking on the phone. Turn up then. Smh. I should be asleep.
No More levels to complete in Bubble safari :( now what? LOL
I swear if Levinson sends me one more Bubble Safari game invite... 😭
"Mom are you playing candy crush?". "No I don't play candy crush. It's Bubble Safari"
Whoever said "it doesn't matter if u win or lose" obviously hasn't been stuck on the same level of Bubble Safari for a week
"The next person who invites me to play bubble safari is gonna get a size 12 up their *** " -
Bubble Safari is the perfect way to end my night
I addicted to candy crush, bubble safari and high school story
If someone invites me to ONE more bubble safari no ones safe.
how do finish Bubble Safari Level :304 ? β€” feeling lost at Zynga
words of wonder: this angry bird is on a bubble safari to farm-chef-cityville to candy crush the crap outta dumb FB games. pet rescue that.
Pretty sure I'm addicted to bubble safari
You are a 17 year old girl do you feel the absolute need to be sending requests so I can play bubble safari with you.
Mom I love you dearly BUT I am NOT going to cave and play bubble safari with you :)
I'm on Level 189 in Bubble Safari in case you were wondering how committed I am to pointless endeavors.
You think you can just send me invites to Bubble Safari Ocean? *** NAH SON
I just uploaded "Bubble Safari Ocean cheat engine hack" to Vimeo:
Busy Very busy..He have to complete new level of Bubble Safari...Then he will hoist green flag.
I should be sleeping but instead I'm listening to Blind Melon and playing Bubble Safari... Okay, only two more games. Two.
MOM, I love you... Really I do. . But if you send me one more "Bubble Safari" request I swear I will light this house on fire.
No Emily Mahun I do not want to play Bubble Safari!
I really need some help with bubble safari! Please help m
Zynga Slingo is closing down! On August 26, 2013, Zynga Slingo will close down for good. Zynga made this announcement on July 27, which you can read over on the Gamers Unite! site (to the information Zynga posted, Slingo players can get a Bonus Package for one of the following games: FarmVille 2, Bubble Safari, or Zynga Poker. The sign-up for this package can be found in your Zynga Slingo game. Zynga also says that any Slingo Bucks and Coins you currently have in the game cannot be transferred. Gamers Unite! will keep Zynga Slingo on the Snag Bar until the closure date for those who are still playing the game. The GU! Slingo Link Exchange (will remain open until that date as well. Please Like and/or Share this post so your Zynga Slingo friends will know what is happening.
Bubble safari . .candy crush , farmville 2 .. some dolphin game .. some pet farm blah blah games notification on fb! funny :P
First time here. Big problem with Bubble Safari - please Follow me
Playing bubble safari and I'm just getting my *** beat! Sigh!!
free energy on Bubble Safari. No seriously I should get up and do something productive for a change to break up the boredom. I'm actually-
Looky! If I can tear myself away from Bubble Safari long enough to play it...
I'm playing Bubble Safari again and have almost 39 hours a free energy. I think it may take that long to pass this level cause I still suck
still wondering why my Bubble Safari dollars disappeared...
alright I have Played Bubble Safari for about an hour and a half and I still suck at it so I'm out of here. The kids will be here in the-
So one aunt is drunk, my mom is taking a nap and my other aunt is playing bubble safari on fb
Play Bubble Safari Ocean now! Pop bubbles, enter bubble frenzy mode, disable sea mines, and defeat the ocean hazards in this awesome ocean
Sitting there playing Bubble Safari isn't going to get you sales.
The Bubble studio has heard you one more time and has given unlimited energy for Bubble Safari/Ocean until 6pm PST. RT. ^RS
please i need help. My Bubble Safari Ocean game has been suspended I need to know why
Dear cousin: no I will not play bubble safari.
I'm not going to play Bubble Safari.
Now that my mom showed my grandma how to play Bubble safari now she won't stop lol
Bubble Safari over social life anytime
I'm sorry great aunt lucille but i just can't play cafe world or bubble safari
Bubble safari is the best but worst game ever
Bubble Safari is another good game.
If my cousin Vickie Mwaniki sends me another Bubble Safari request, we gone have some problems at the next family reunion.
Bubble Safari! Are you making fool of us? Rewards of the new mission are for the beginners!!! Advanced players win nothing!!!
"No I would not like to play. How many times must I say this!?"- Me to bubble safari.
Please help! No trophy icon on Bubble Safari! I've been asking for help for weeks!
Someone hmp !! I'm at work bored out my mind . And I ran out of energy on bubble safari ! πŸ˜’
Pretty sure bubble safari is the reason why every time I close my eyes I imagine a monkey dancing with a pot over his head.
Still no answer for me? Good. From now on Bubble Safari is one less of his best players. I'm no longer playing because of you!
3 days? Me 2 months with no response!!! Zynga! Don't bother to answer: Time's out, I quit! No more Bubble Safari
I'm so bored and I suck at bubble safari 😭
Wish Nathaniel Collins would stop inviting me to bubble safari
if you want to play on your phone try for iPhone or for Android
Bubble safari is one of the best games I've ever played though
looks like i'm playing bubble addicting :P
Start monkeying around with Bubble Safari! Head to the jungle and get poppin' with your friends! Play here:
i just got 3 monkeys on Bubble Safari Bonus & then 3 strawberries popped up over it... the monkeys are still up under them
turtle firewalker Mario Eicher invited you to play Bubble Safari.
I'm about to block my tia if she sends me another *** invite to bubble safari
I feel that my actions don't give other people the idea that they should invite me to play bubble safari but if I'm wrong please tell me
Speaking of bubble safari, I'm still waiting for an update 😟
I've finished all the levels of Bubble Safari Ocean, now my life has no direction
Hey I purchased extra bubbles through bubble safari, charged me twice but I only received 40 bubbles help???
Bubble Safari - 480 keys, got 4 times 1500 coins and 2 times 5 Extended Aim (meaning: nothing) with the cash as common reward
no clarkie I don't wanna play bubble safari w u
On bubble safari I at 216 but I stop playing
To the woman i sincerely treasure of having. My candy crush idol and bubble safari's best player. :))…
Who is Joey Beaver and why does he keep sending me a request everyday to play Bubble Safari? I don't even know what the heck that is
is happy today trending.He can play Bubble Safari today in peace.
Bubble Safari til 3am. Not too good! Now time for my Bible devotion(:
No matter how many game requests you send me I will not play bubble safari with you
Bubble Safari Totally Free Download Android Game: Zynga was one of the very first well-known developers on Fac...
Little Giant Ladders
I don't blame you from blocking !!! I want to block everybody who constantly invites me to play Bubble Safari & Panda Jam :/
Nope, still don't want to play Bubble Safari with you.
I love playing bubble safari on FB, zynga needs to sort out the sync issues. For weeks its been a real pain the behind!
If only bubble safari had an update πŸ˜“
What's wrong with Bubble Safari? It's not working for a long time, updates do not fix anything. Won't load with FB & crashes!!
Time to jump into the sea and make some waves with Bubble Safari: Ocean! Burst someone's bubble here:
You're not a REAL friend unless a robot invites me to play "Bubble Safari" on your behalf.
.all my progress in bubble safari got deleted. I just died inside.
lmao thats how *** get blocked. like "NO! I don't want to play Bubble Safari Ocean."
My only gripe is that the storyline is not worthy of a movie. I mean, Bubble Safari, sure...
If I get one more bubble safari invite I swear.
Dad: "I'm getting real tired of this stupid lady inviting me to play bubble safari! I don't wanna roam the jungle for bubbles!" πŸ˜‚
This *** wild'n over that bubble safari lol
If Debbie Gilchrest invites me to play "bubble safari" on FB one more time I swear I will go to her house and unfriend her on her computer
Haven't been able to access Bubble Safari Ocean for over a week now
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
No FB friends I do not want to play Bubble Safari. You've asked 10 times! Hint:
Your monkey friends need your help! Burst some bubbles in the jungle with Bubble Safari here:
My grandma is soo obbsessed with Bubble Safari πŸ’ She's badass. πŸ˜‚
Please help! Why dont I have the trophy icon on Bubble Safari? Others have had it for weeks and already won the prizes!!
Please help! I have been asking for weeks for some assistance!! Why don't I have the trophy icon on Bubble Safari??
Not to mention Bubble Safari...that's why I go on FB
Bubble safari gone give up on me.. lol
Head to the sea to see what you can see with Bubble Safari: Ocean! Save your crab friends here:
No I don't want to play 'bubble safari' but thank you for the 500 invitations much appreciated
I guess I will never learn to play bubble safari :(
Bubble Safari: I'm not able to recruit Poachers. Pls help.
Get your safari on! Head to the jungle in Bubble Safari and burst someone's bubble right here:
I also play the Bubble Safari and Bubble Safari Ocean games similar to the Bubble Witch Saga game but without spiders
since when does anyone wanna live in a bubble safari?? I'd like to know
*old relative invites you to play Bubble Safari*
Bubble Safari popup - Play FarmVille2: . Play FarmVille2 and win free coins.
Cause a commotion in the ocean! Burst someone's bubble in Bubble Safari: Ocean. Dive in right here:
HELP! STILL looking for support!! I still do not have a trophy icon on Bubble Safari!!
well.. they did waste 57 million dollars trying to repeal Obamacare 37 times... they stopped Obama from closing Gitmo... they caused the US credit rating to be downgraded with their playground tactics on the debt ceiling... see? They've done plenty!
The Bubble Safari Monkey is basically my man. I try as hard as I can to get his little thumbs up and smile, he stresses me out, I get frustrated, but I can't get enough of him, and when I am not home, I want to play with him. LOL. I wonder what his name is?
This is ridiculous...stuck on Level 29 in Candy Crush Saga for 2 days...󾌯
Is anyone else having problems with Bubble Safari and Bubble Safari Ocean? I have loading problems and they are continually freezing on me. This started to happen after they decided to add commericals to the games.
Is everybody really playing that much Candy Crush Saga?
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