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Bryn Estyn

The North Wales child abuse scandal was the subject of a three-year, £13 million investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of children in care homes in the counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd, in North Wales, including the Bryn Estyn children's home at Wrexham, between 1974 and 1990. The report into the scandal, headed by retired High Court judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, which was published in 2000, resulted in changes in policy in England and Wales into how authorities deal with children in care, and to the settling of 140 compensation claims on behalf of victims of abuse.

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The Can of Worms Which is the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal via
Let's teach them about the rent boy murders. About Bryn Estyn and Smith Square. Let's teach them about the Tesco heiress and gerrymandering.
Said muppet also told the police that her bf's blog was 'fact-based' ... judge for yourself. . Google the words "trollpatrol" + "bryn estyn"
She published that the DAY BEFORE the blog entry entitled "Beast of Bryn Estyn" appeared on her BF's blog site.
Matt has sent us this picture of the air ambulance landed - near to Bryn Estyn Lane.
Anyone who's read Richard Webster's well-documented 'Secret of Bryn Estyn' will be disturbed by the guilty verdict against…
If the CPS doesn't make charging decisions on dead people,why does it do weird things like this?
The late Richard Webster's "The Secret of Bryn Estyn" is an example. Reads like a thriller. Still relevant today.
Go for it, and you can bring up Dunblain D notice, jailing of Stuart Syvret (HDLG) Bryn Estyn, Staffordshire
Wrexham man convicted for vile Bryn Estyn care home blog post Did this troll see Sir Peter Morriso…
William Hague. and Leon Brittan. and Bryn Estyn. and Dolphin Square. and Jimmy Savile.
Looking at role of in relation to Bryn Estyn and "worshipful brothers" at
Our article from 2012 interesting to see now how this has unfolded as predicted
Savile, Bryn Estyn and the danger of modern witch-hunts via JusticeGap
indeed, Bryn Estyn etc. Ashamed of my home town :(
Hi oh hi oh its off to Bryn Estyn home. Thatcher to William Hague, they all knew infers Tory ex-minister
If there was a cover up during Bryn Estyn investigation wouldn't the then Welsh Secretary, William Hague, have known?
William Hague was secretary of state for Wales when Bryn Estyn child abuse enquiry ordered; most …
The most to lose? is William Hague, who was Welsh Secretary at the time the Bryn Estyn abuse scandal first broke...
PM will get to bottom of this like William Hague did with the Bryn Estyn enquiry.…
William Hague warned that Sir Peter Morrison's name "might feature in connection with Bryn Estyn".
yet William Hague knew in 96 that Peter Morrison was implicated in Bryn Estyn abuse
same as Estyn North Wales got close to government and William Hague closed enquiry and pulped findings t…
Merry night at Bryn Estyn after the panto
Bryn Estyn inmates past & present:. - "fell easy prey to the Pimlico set including top MPs".
"VIP paedophile rings, to which Bryn Estyn inmates were hired, included people in Tory HQ".
"Bryn Estyn inmates say they were savagely raped by Anglesea & hired to paedophile rings".
1/2 bicycle frames and seat found on 09/01 along Bryn Estyn Lane, Wrexham.
In 1996 William Hague told Giles Brandreth that Peter Morrison MP was linked to child abuse at Bryn Estyn.
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BRYN ESTYN:. "More than 12 former-residents who were abused there as kids are now dead".
Originally Posted by real_jimmyjones View Post I was 'shipped out' of Bryn Estyn after witnessing certain (cont)
Ex dep Chief Constable call's for inquiry into Masonic Lodge (Bryn Estyn...: via
'The Secret of Bryn Estyn' the whole sorry tale being narrated on the radio 6th January 2015.
Coming on the 6th of January 2015. 'The Secret of Bryn Estyn'.
What an earth were you doing putting that stuff out about Bersham Hall,Bryn Estyn & Dolphin Square clearly you never did any checks
It's a pleasure Alan. The book should help enormously. The truth about Bryn Estyn needs to be made public.
It's a monster of a book mate. Just like the main protagonist 'Ryan Tanner' .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The lies that endlessly pour from your toxic gob are not 'evidence' the Bryn Estyn log books and police statements are though
returns on 6/1/2015 on with the secrets of Bryn Estyn
read the secrets of Bryn Estyn where stalker boy is revealed. Sicko to the core.
Real, intense interview with 44 year old victim of Bryn Estyn on being trafficked & pimped to wealthy London abusers
All the papers highlighting areas of abuse in the UK - but NOTHING about Elm Guest House, Kincora, Islington, Bryn Estyn - BL…
Bryn Estyn: Detectives investigating child abuse receive allegations from 105 victims in first month | Mail Online
The biggest lesson I have learned is never to trust anyone who was at Bryn Estyn after 1981. Liars, bullies, thugs and gold-diggers mainly.>
elm tree, kincora, bryn estyn, Tories at all of them
Another great Pilates class on Wednesday at The Pilates Centre, Bryn Estyn Lane.
Also mooted Bryn Estyn had connections to security services. Was Blunt not on Elm list?
Care home paedophiles were masons … "Everyone at Bryn Estyn used to cry themselves to sleep every night”
Good question. Remember UK is a police state so don't hold out that in dock, look at Bryn Estyn, Gordon Anglesea.
Bryn Estyn 'Hired Muscle' what does that mean?
Would you care to explain why you are worryingly familiar with the worst abuser from Bryn Estyn?
indeed the then Welsh Secretary's handling/failure to handle Bryn Estyn being amongst them. Are they all linked?
Iightening just struck at the back of our house on Bryn Estyn lane, thought a helicopter had fallen from the sky it was so loud!
"11 Oct 2013 19:24 His Bryn Estyn Cash Cow has finally been put down eh... Questions will have to be asked about his 'evidence' now."
"11 Oct 2013 19:54 That is why I referred to it as "The Curse Of Bryn Estyn" it's full of restless ghosts who need burying".
"12 Oct 2013 Off to Wrexham today to speak to some Ex Bryn Estyn lads.Confirm some of the things they told me that I did not believe before"
13 Oct 2013 22:29 Question: why would an ex-resident try so hard to stop me writing about possible Paedophile activity at Bryn Estyn?
21 Apr 2013 Awww they think that it's an exclusive that I was in Bryn Estyn for only a couple of months"
21 Apr 2013 13:46 . "I made it plain ladt october that I got shipped from Bryn Estyn after eight weeks because I twatted Howarth".
Jones has been doing his absolute best to silence witnesses like who actually do have truths to tell about Bryn Estyn.
Given that North Wales Police wish to cover up Bryn Estyn what outcome for Royden Jones?
Bryn Estyn: Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home... where Jimmy Savile was a... via
Howard Hughes who alleges he was abused at Bryn Estyn went on to rape and murder 7 year old Sophie Hook in Llandudno, North Wales.
North Wales Sex Abuse: Bryn Estyn via May warned MPs not to use parliamentary privilege (right at bottom)
Did I ever mention the Duke of Westminster used to take Bryn Estyn lads on for work experience? I know personally of 2 who worked there.
Similarities in what happened at Kincora Home & Bryn Estyn are striking-including State orchestrated coverup
have a seat there's a pic on way of the secure unit evidencing its position at bryn estyn. His lies are in lights AGAIN
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North Wales child abuse scandal The North Wales child abuse scandal was the subject of a three-year, £13 million investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of children in care homes in the counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd, in North Wales, including the Bryn Estyn children's home at Wrexham, between 1974 and 1990.[1] The report into the scandal, headed by retired High Court judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, which was published in 2000, resulted in changes in policy in England and Wales into how authorities deal with children in care, and to the settling of 140 compensation claims on behalf of victims of child abuse. In November 2012, new allegations led to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announcing that a senior independent figure, later named as Mrs Justice Julia Macur, would examine the conduct and remit of the Waterhouse Inquiry. In addition, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced a new police inquiry into how the original allegations were dealt with, as well as an investigation of any new alle ...
- yes, Richard Webster was a brilliant historian: his critique of the witch-hunt at Bryn Estyn makes sobering reading
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Line of corruption. Links via affinity lodges. From North Wales (Bryn Estyn) to Norfolk to
ovember 2012 Channel 4 news said they where keeping with Bryn Alyn story?.
Laverty has attacked everybody who has spoken about Bryn Estyn, why would that be if nothing happened there?
"up by deliberately misreporting that Morrison had carried out this abuse in the Bryn Estyn care home."
He states that it wasn't where CH4 said it was -Bryn Estyn- where he saw Morris but somewhere else down South Wales.
I shall say it again I DID NOT SEE PETER MORRISSON MP AT BRYN ESTYN, whatever Laverty or say :)
Where on earth did he get the idea that MP Morrison was seen at Bryn Estyn?? He is as dishonest as it was not Bryn Estyn
He protected me from nothing, he tried to prevent me from digging into the Bryn Estyn story... Why would that be do you think?
So the 'Secret of a Bryn Estyn' is about to be revealed eh?
it isn't lies... The boys who died there were not at Bryn Estyn... Different Home in North Wales..
Your opinion on this would be appreciated if you don't mind..
What you have to bear in mind is that when Keith Gregory was in Bryn Estyn, Laverty was two years old! How does he know what happened?
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as predicted the boys from Bryn Estyn are fighting, a repeat of 1998. I wish the luck, unraveling any truth will be challenging ..
Laverty was not even in Bryn Estyn at the same time as so had no right to accuse him of lying. He first met him in 1996!
My Bryn Estyn, My Precious, My only claim to fame, my meal ticket
Well at least we can CONFIRM you were at Bryn Estyn mate,at exactly the time and place you th…
"BRYN ESTYN is mine, all mine don't tread on my toes... It's mine I say"
So darren who was not even at Bryn Estyn at the same time as still thinks he knows everything??
Why does every ex-Bryn Estyn resident I have met recently all tell me to avoid him like the plague?
Looks like a cars gone straight through one fence right into another at the top of bryn estyn lane!
What will AG do about 300 page report, into Bryn Estyn childrens Home, which is 'unduly redacted'?
Of the 12 Welsh care home victims now mysteriously dead, 4 had lived at the Bryn Estyn. Names censored - why?.
Paedophile Peter Howarth landed job at Bryn Estyn after Gateshead's Axwell Park via
Bryn Estyn report 'simply not able to address suggestion that public figures had been involved in abuse. Why?.
CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL : The Bryn Estyn home wasn't fit for children. It has made my life since l… via
My mama counselled many survivors of Cartrefle & Bryn Estyn in HMP Liverpool. Her thoughts with them today those alive & dead!
Report shelved 17 yrs to save $$ from possible suits?! 'Five men working at Bryn Estyn were convicted of...
Explosive report into abuse scandal centring on Bryn Estyn children's home in Wrexham - written in 1996 but ne...
Heavily censored 1994 Jillings Report into Bryn Estyn children's home abuse FINALLY published:
Why the Jillings Report was not published in 1996. Read 'From Jilllings to Waterhouse' chapter 58 in Webster's 'The Secret of Bryn Estyn'
Bryn Estyn, in Wrexham, is described as the 'Colditz of residential care' by a witness. It was a "living nightmare"
I await the John Jillings report published today after 17yrs Bryn Estyn childrens home North Wales at last the truth for my brother a victim
Fellowship of paedophiles – Cover-up They were involved in a paedophile ring network that had spread the length of the British Isles Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories, made the shocking allegation that he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years. Morrison with Baroness Thatcher in 1990 Mr Richards also linked a second leading Tory grandee – now dead – to the scandals at homes including Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall, both near Wrexham. He said official documents had identified the pair as frequent, unexplained visitors to the care homes. Sir Peter Morrison was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest advisers, and also had links to another alleged paedophile, former prime minister Ted heath who was implemented in abusing boys in Jersey. Mr Richard’s intervention follows claims last week by former Tory Minister Edwin ...
Two Brothers talk about the child abuse in Bryn Estyn North Wales A tragic tale of two brothers Keith and Tom Gregory From Wales on-line. "Two brothers brutalised in a notorious Welsh care home have opened up on the abuse they endured. Keith and Tony Gregory, from Wrexham, ended up in the town’s Bryn Estyn home after playing truant from school. Keith, 55, now a Wrexham councillor, says his problems began because he suffered deafness and was an undiagnosed dyslexic who struggled to keep up in his infants and junior schools. He was first sent to a Liverpool care home, where he says he experienced the kind of abuse that would later define the three years he spent in Bryn Estyn between 1972 and 1975. On the first day he arrived at Bryn Estyn, Keith says he was left bloodied and battered by a master with cane marks from his neck down to his legs after leaning against a wall instead of standing to attention. Tony, 50, who was at Bryn Estyn for around 18 months between 1977 and 1978, said he became aggressive ...
You seen Kev's new pic and bio.Bryn Estyn ? It hasn't realised Steve didn't like ***
Only two ex-Bryn Estyn Residents have come on here to dispute the Messham story and are attacked for doing so. Why?
So why are people so determined to stop the real Bryn Estyn story from coming out?
Why have the only people who have told the truth about Bryn Estyn been targeted by so many who want the story to stay in the news?
Oh I do hope he blogs about Jimmie McAlpine and Bryn Estyn, he will be eaten alive.
EXCLUSIVE: You heard it here first Bryn Estyn was the only care home in the country where abuse took place, everybody else is a liar!!!
your parents both lived and worked at Bryn Estyn did they not?
Q5 Lomu. Single-handedly changed the game. Remember seeing him at Bryn Estyn.
The Whole Bryn Estyn distraction story is starting to Haemmorage ... Where are and Keith Gregory now?
Sweating more than saville when he ventured down bryn estyn
Have just finished Richard Webster The Secret of Bryn Estyn. Not necessary to accept every judgment to see it is a brilliant, brilliant book
'The Secret of Bryn Estyn‘ made the scales fall from my eyes. It is a book of national importance' Earl Howe.
Always nice - I see you're concerned about Bryn Estyn and wider issues.
Huge tree down on Bryn Estyn Road. Council on scene to clear. Cyclists can cut through Bryn Estyn Hall grounds.
How wonderful,has the PM PR machine made a date to host cabinet at say Bryn Estyn North Wales ?
May I also recommend this meticulously researched study on historic allegations at Bryn Estyn?
CHildren may feel they will be listened to. Kids from Duncroft and Bryn Estyn and Jersey had no hope of being listened to
Rape is a universal issue, in India can't be hidden for decades unlike Saville&Bryn Estyn.
"... a perfect example of News construction. Why now? Ask yourself" >>
I thought this might help to keep things moving >
Evidence of how the works >> What do they really want us to see?
Police investigating claims of abuse at Bryn Estyn children's home in Wrexham and other institutions in 70s and 80s
I see the comments about the murder of vet Catherine Gowing from County Ofally ireland. Given the history of N Wales cops, Bryn Estyn boys home, does anyone believe that Catherines flat-mate murdered her and cut off her arms and legs, and inner bodyparts, - I dont! This smacks of a ritual murder and right on the highest satanic date of the year - Halloween! Given that we know a paedo ring- possibly a upper class satanic coven exists in this area - can this be ruled out? And it is also known that this paedo ring has links to another paedo ring in Ireland, in Kilkenny, Dublin and no doubt in Ofally!
Operation Pallial is re-examining allegations dating back to the 1970s in care and children's homes, including at the notorious Bryn Estyn institution near Wrexham (pictured).
Fine, but just coming on and saying it with out proof? A support group pf ex Bryn Estyn is the start point
The Truth about Bryn Estyn from one who was there!!! Read and question what you see on the TV..
well beats putting the children in Bryn Estyn
The Secret of Bryn Estyn: brilliant journalism & profound points on collective delusion, the psychology of righteousness.
Are politicians being swept up in a media frenzy rather than a search for the truth? Read 'The Secret of Bryn Estyn'
Presentation of The Secret of Bryn Estyn to Members of the Welsh Assembly 5th Dec on behalf of those falsely accused
Is he telling the truth, did sexual abuse realy take place at the former BRYN ESTYN A: YES That is YES it did as appose to i think it did
Too many police involved in the cover-ups at Haut de la Garenne & Bryn Estyn for any viable investigation.
Bored now with we please move on now to nicking LIVE paedos Haut de La Garenne Bryn Estyn etc etc ..THANKYOU
THE ABUSED SPEAK OUT A former resident of the Bryn Estyn children's home has told Channel 4 News that he saw Sir...
If everyone here donated just £1 to and other Bryn Estyn victims. A worthwhile cause for Xmas, and a big FO to McEgo.
I bet you were involved in the BRYN estyn Wernt ya piers ya fukin perve
Bryn Estyn was a former Approved School.Ask the Staff who worked there !!
I agree, just not around Bryn Estyn, you get that now?
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I support UKIP , I have 4 kids, should the CP secret family court seize them for their own safety + put them in Bryn Estyn ?
Everyone was conned to focus on Bryn Estyn, yet the abuse was happening elsewhere
But Bryn Estyn was a Community Home with Education for disturbed / delinquent teenagers who were placed in there by the courts.
1/2 Producer Tony Garett bought the rights of Secrets of Bryn Estyn to make a 3hr documentary which never materialised - budget constraints
hi, I was at Bryn estyn and I am glad you are going to give the money to children in need.
Bryn Estyn was a children's home not an approved school or remand centre! didn't do anything bad to be in there. 1/2
Read between the lines, I'm a supporter of the Estyn boys, abuse is not only sexual, it's emotional, physical & neglect,
Anyone read... The Secret of Bryn Estyn: The Making of a Modern Witch Hunt..Webster. Some lad's blogs seem to support this story
Hi Gareth, game will be on at Rugby clubhouse on Bryn Estyn lane. However if you are in town Saith Seren on S4C
Actually worth bearing in mind the victims of Bryn Estyn got next to nothing compared to McAlpine
McAlpine is a paedophile and abused boys from Bryn Estyn childrens homes in North Wales
Get a life Steven, stop lying and tell the real truth about Bryn Estyn.You were not sent there for not cleaning your teeth.
If you missed Y Byd ar Bedwar's programme on the scandal at Bryn Estyn children’s home. You can now watch it HERE:
Yes, this balanced blog by a former Bryn Estyn resident says exactly the same.
My albeit meek and mild letter to the leader has not been published in its entirety.Bryn Estyn paragraph omitted!
A beautifully written & truthful account of life at Bryn Estyn & what recent developments mean for those who were there
OK i'll ask outright Name the ADULTS who raped boys in Bryn Estyn? Perverting the blah blah is a crime,
The terms of reference (TOR's), like most inquiries are so narrow as to make them nor worth the paper they're printed on. This is especially true of the Bryn Estyn investigation. These TOR's which did not permit the evidence gathered for abusers outside of the ambit of the highly restrictive inquiry were consequently ignored, so much so that important photographs of abusers were destroyed, final reports pulped and people in high profile roles and other positions of power getting let off. Gagging orders, which have subsequently been extended on numerous occasions continue to protect these 'elitists' while survivors get treated like outcasts and continue to be treated worse than dogs. It's disgusting that one of the main whistle-blowers almost lost his life last week as a result of brake tampering which sought to silence him for good, especially given he is the recipient of one of only twelve reports still in existence. There are other whistle-blowers who hopefully can and will get the information, includin ...
Author of Jillings report speaks wisely about survivors of They deserve to have their lives back
TONIGHT 9.00 Y Byd ar Bedwar. The programme will be looking at the Bryn Estyn children's home scandal.
Look into messham wen he came out of bryn estyn he lived wth us then went on 2 abuse a family friend & her 5yr old.
Shows how spineless councillors, police, insurers and lawyers were over N Wales Child Abuse. Nothings changed in UK
Quote investigation: “remove him from office if he insists on having the freedom to speak'
Author of pulped Jillings Report into Bryn Estyn scandal speaks out - Wales News - News from
Y BYD AR BEDWAR: Victim of child abuse at Bryn Estyn speaks out. Tonight, S4C, 9pm. ITV Wales production.
Was Lord McAlpine's name implicated, rightly or wrongly, in any of the allegations, raised by the Bryn Estyn inquiry?
N. Wales child abuse investigator, John Jillings, says police refused to cooperate with his report: via
The man behind a pulped report into the North Wales child abuse scandal has spoken out to reveal the inside stor...
Stories of Supposed 'Paedophile' ings Saturday, November 10, 2012 Not the first time BBC Newsnight completely screwed-up over bogus stories re Bryn Estyn -- the very same North Wales children's home. In all these stories of supposed 'paedophile' rings there is either no truth whatsoever or just a kernel of it. Here there was indeed a guilty party, but just the one member of staff: no other staff members, and nobody on the 'outside'; famous or otherwise. All the rest is non-proven, non-provable and very likely complete fabrication. This (below) is from the website of the late Richard Webster -- the brilliant author of Why Freud Was Wrong and exposés of bogus 'false memory', 'satanic' and child sex abuse scandals: an article he wrote for The New Statesman which appeared on 19 February 1999. What the BBC did not tell us ON MONDAY 25 January 1999, immediately after Newsnight, BBC2 broadcast a documentary, A Place of Safety, about sexual and physical abuse in children's homes in North Wales. Many who saw it f ...
Bring all police in charge of evidence to justice for destroying evidence regards Bryn Estyn ! Simple protect the victims !
yes that guy is Darren laverty, he was at bryn estyn with messham. So I don't accuse him of playing games, he knows the truth.
I feel like Tony Robinson from time team. The deep one goes the more you un-earth. estyn
Independents are often veiled Tories. Bad time to get this job with the Bryn Estyn story running again.
Bryn Estyn Paedophile Scandal: Video Interviews Still they are trying to cover it up!
Judging by the logo I'd guess he sent some time in Bryn Estyn care home.
at least £200.000 for being wrongly much did the actual victims of Bryn Estyn get
Why so little press coverage of Peter Morrison who the Daily Mail named in this article about Bryn Estyn
Nice little handgranade about to off under a lot of lawyers *** Watch this space. estyn
I know messham. Spoke to him in town yesterday.lot of my mates are ex bryn estyn.I live 100 yards was very cruel place.believe me.
The Co. that ran Bryn Estyn went bust and the insurers wriggled off the hook cos the rapes were deliberate acts by the mangers
I can not say what to do, as I have never had to suffer like you mate, but keep talking to others from Bryn Estyn, .
That Steve Messham whos trying to make out hes a victim of child abuse up in Bryn Estyn when hes not, is a convicted Faudster
Always a bit disturbing to hear Bryn Estyn paedo party-goers in London were all posh old men in the 50-60s..
Has anyone compared Lord McAlpine's payout to the average payout to the children in Bryn Estyn?
read in paper that another relative accused of visiting Bryn Estyn home in Rolls Royce. 2 relatives lived locally.
I do not think 'Bryn Estyn' enquiry should be covered up...that would be wicked would it not?
We should also ask why some of McAlpine's Peers want the 'Bryn Estyn' inquiry covered up... yet again..
Mistaken identity led to top Tory abuse claim Estyn
And the other victims of Bryn Estyn?
For historical purposes here is the Scallwag article concerning the Bryn Estyn scandal. IF true quite explosive.
Demands to identify those who surpressed Report into North Wales via
How innocent people can be ruined by mistaken or dishonest allegations of abuse. This scholarly, page-turner explains
Bryn Estyn Some were guilty but innocents also convicted. Radio interview with Chair of NWales FACT 2hrs45 after start
Stiffer than the old Bryn Estyn staff today
WHO FIXED THE TRIBUNAL? “THE CASE of the Flawed Tribunal” raises serious questions about Britain’s only child abuse tribunal. The Tribunal was a £14 million inquiry, set up by Parliament, to answer all the questions that had been raised about child abuse in North Wales in the 1970s and 1980s. One of the Tribunal’s key tasks was to examine if the North Wales Police had done everything in its power to track down child abusers. The REBECCA investigation shows that the Tribunal failed to explore the issue properly. Why didn't the three members of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal hear the evidence of an important witness? It proves that a witness with important information — who claimed he reported child abuse allegations a full decade before one of the key abusers was brought to book — was never heard. Des Frost worked for John Allen, the owner of the Bryn Alyn private children's home. Allen was goaled in 1995 for abusing residents. More than a decade earlier Frost claimed he’d gone to the ...
Innocent care workers at Bryn Estyn care home in North Wales have responded to latest allegations: Media release
Bryn Estyn: Demands to identify those who surpressed Jillings Report - North Wales News - News
Waterhouse Tribunal was not empowered to examine the safety of any criminal convictions which had preceded it.
“My walk is waiting” The Slog has learned that, following a sleepless night and acute upset at the slurs made against him yesterday, Bryn Estyn whistleblower Steven Messham (left) is ca...
Dear Ed Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn whistleblower and long-term fighter for justice against institutional sex abuse Steven Messham has been found safe and well. It’s a relief. But let me give you just a glimmer of what this man has had to suffer – for the nth time – at the hands of tabloid hacks, justice-perverting smears, and neolithic views about mental health problems over the last 36 hours. A disingenuously patronising piece in the Mail on Sunday by Lord McAlpine. A foul piece of smear journalism from two Mail hacks with a sorry track-record of pro-institutional, anti-accuser mistakes. And being referred to as “a weirdo” by the truly appalling David Mellor. Do I give a monkey’s about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, or the McAlpine family? Not really. Do I give a toss about blamestorming the BBC? No, not even slightly. Here’s why, Edward, Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition. Mostly what I care about is horribly blighte ...
So the accused are falling over themselves to deny their involvement in the paedophile scandals. The particular scandal under the spotlight at this time is the Bryn Estyn care home outrage. There a...
Anyone else surprised that two directors that ran Bryn Alyn Care Ltd (owned Bryn Estyn) still run care services for vulnerable people?
Freemasons will be required to declare their loyalties and alliegences to secret societies if the new enquiry is to have any impact. The last enquiry the Wat...
The BBC director-general has resigned after a Newsnight report wrongly implicated former Conservative Party treasurer Lord McAlpine in a child abuse scandal. George Entwistle said the "wholly exceptional" events of last week had convinced him he should stand down. He made the announcement outside New Broadcasting House at 9pm, alongside BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten. He told reporters: "When appointed to the role, with 23 years' experience as a producer and leader at the BBC, I was confident the trustees had chosen the best candidate for the post, and the right person to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead. Lawyers say Lord McAlpine's reputation has been "severely damaged" "However, the wholly exceptional events of the past few weeks have led me to conclude that the BBC should appoint a new leader." Lord Patten said it was "one of the saddest evenings of my public life". "At the heart of the BBC is its role as a trusted global news organisation," he continued. "As the editor-in-chief of that ne ...
Great turnout at Ysgol Bryn Estyn. Thanks for asking me to come along. Will be in touch when orders arrive. Thanks x
Well I never. The Scruffy Tory Peer Lord McAlpine who wasn't involved in the Bryn Estyn abuse of the 1970's and 1980's owns a converted Catholic convent hotel in marittma di Diso near the coast of Otranto Italy. The rooms are very affordable, just the thing @ £280.00 per night for Luxury Bed and Breakfast???
Lord McAlpine: 'I am not the Tory paedophile and I DID NOT sexually abuse anyone at Bryn Estyn'
'Identity mix-up' in abuse claim The abuse claims under investigation centre around the Bryn Estyn children's home in North Wales New claims have emerged about the identity of a man alleged to have abused children from care homes in North Wales. Last Friday on the BBC's Newsnight, former resident Steve Messham claimed he was abused by a senior politician of the Thatcher era, who was not named. Now the Guardian says the alleged abuse was not carried out by the politician. It may have been committed by a relative with the same surname, who has since died, it says. In 2000 the Waterhouse report, set up to investigate the North Wales abuse claims, ruled that the evidence about the identity of the attacker was inconclusive. The government has set up a fresh investigation into claims of abuse at the care homes, led by Keith Bristow of the National Crime Agency. Commenting on the Newsnight item in which Steve Messham made the abuse allegations, the BBC has said: "This investigation set out to explore alleged fai ...
Boys were reportedly molested to entertain Savile at Bryn Estyn care home in Wrexham, North Wales. One victim said he was raped repeatedly by deputy head of the home Peter Howarth. He said that he and other boys would also have their pyjama bottoms pulled down by Howarth for Savile's entertainment. The boy, known as "Ben" said that Savile would regularly visit the care home with his brother in a chauffeured limousine. Boys would be taken to visit him at Howarth's flat if they behaved well. The victim told The Sun newspaper: "Howarth pulled down my pyjama bottoms in front of Savile. I was helpless as Jimmy watched. He thought it funny entertainment. This happened to a number of boys." According to "Ben", Savile would ask him: "What do you want me to do? Can I fix it for you." The victim added: "He kept on looking at me and smiling and laughing. Then he started rubbing my leg. After that I went to bed but he had other children brought up to him." Howarth was one of the few people convicted through the origi ...
Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, a senior officer who worked on the inquiry has revealed. Former West Yorkshire Police detective John Stainthorpe said the disgraced presenter was a suspect in the notorious case more than 30 years ago. Savile, who died last year aged 84, has also been linked to allegations of abuse at a care home in North Wales, according to reports. The Sun newspaper claimed boys were molested for the former DJ's "entertainment" at Bryn Estyn in the 1970s. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has jumped to the defence of Savile, who he claims is innocent and befriended him during visits to Broadmoor high security hospital. Mr Stainthorpe, who spent 40 years in the force, told ITV's Calendar News: "When the Ripper was really active, one of the suspects put forward by the public was, in fact, Jimmy Savile. Obviously, it was not he, but he was interviewed along with many others." Peter Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women in 1981 and was ...
North Wales Police say they will move to arrest 'suspected offenders' in Bryn Estyn child abuse probe
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