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Bryce Harper

Bryce Aron Max Harper (born October 16, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American professional baseball outfielder in the Washington Nationals organization.

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Trout is not the best player in baseball, Bryce Harper is..
Mike Trout is better than Bryce Harper, this simulation proves it
Freddie Freeman's 2.6 fWAR in 2017 was second best in the NL and third best in behind Bryce Harper (2.9) and Mike Tr…
Ew he's trashy. Bryce Harper sounds nicer. I'm married to Vince Howard so Justin's outta the liop
Bryce Harper is today's DC baseball king. But back in 1968, Frank Howard captivated DC with his 7 day-run. Sort of.
Bryce Harper is the modern day Chipper Jones
Jeff Francoeur retired from the MLB and joined FOX as a Braves analyst. Nationals signed Bryce Harper to a 1-year extension worth $21.625M.
Bryce Harper makes MLB history with massive 2018 contract
Bryce Harper, Nationals agree on $21.65M deal for 2018 season extension.
This Just In: Nats agree to terms with Bryce Harper on a contract for the 2018 season, totaling $21.625 million.
You're not Bryce Harper. Also, Harper is a life long Yankee fan who isn't afraid to talk about. $100 says he's a Yankee.
Bryce Harper walks off Phillies hours after signing $21 million contract.
Man John Wall and Bryce Harper with game winners on back to back nights
With new $21.6M deal for 2018, Nationals bill for Bryce Harper has been $52M. Puts him exactly $400M behind A-Rod for all…
Bryce Harper: longest walk-off HR of his career. He is 2nd player in franchise history to hit 2 walk-off HR vs same team…
Bryce Harper is hitting at an inhuman level
Ovechkin watching John Wall and Bryce Harper put on for their city
Bryce Harper celebrates new contract with 2-run walk-off bomb vs. Phillies, then shouts out John Wall 💯. 🎥:
Really hate Bryce Harper always beating us with a walk off homer 👎🏽
I feel like Bryce Harper walks off on the Phillies 3 times a week. Maybe stop pitching to him
This is Bryce Harper's 5th career walk off HR and his first since ... ... last month.
Bryce Harper’s strange signing with the Nationals for 2018 won’t mean much in the long run (via
Bryce Harper's big day ends with a walk-off HR!
"Real possibility that Bryce Harper will be wearing pinstripes in 2019" - Bob Costas
Bryce Harper unleashes a near-100 mph laser to nail runner at the plate. (SPEEDonFOX)
rookie Aaron Judge is 173 days older than sixth year veteran Bryce Harper.
Bryce Harper is batting .438/.550/.906 over his last 18 games played. He has 26 runs scored & 21 runs batte…
i believe one of the publications had Matt Moore ranked ahead of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper one year!
The Nationals get Bryce Harper back, Trea Turner gets the night off, Brian Goodwin gets called up from Syracuse.
Bryce Harper missed 3 games last week. Mike Trout missed no more than 5 games in a season since 2012.
Baseball's future is bright. For first time EVER, 4 All Stars are 21 or younger: Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Manny MacHado
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Bryce Harper returns to the lineup tonight. Mike Trout is still out. Sounds like he could be back tomorrow.
Nationals get Bryce Harper back in lineup
Welcome to 2017, where Mark Reynolds has more homers (11) than Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Nolan Arenado, & Manny MacHado.
We add Bryce Harper and/or Mike Trout and if our young pitchers develop it's gonna be a 10 year run
With due respect to Mike Trout & Bryce Harper, in 100 years people will still be talking about the '…
Hey can I get some stats comparing Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and who you think is better and why?
Keep an Eye on Injuries to Mike Trout and Bryce Harper via rotoexperts
Mike Trout and Bryce Harper both get hurt at the same time! Now what am I supposed to do with my life?!!!
Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are both day to day, but one injury is more concerning than the other. More:
I think my favorite thing about this is that Aaron Judge is older than Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.
Bryce Harper leaves game after injuring left groin. (SPEEDonFOX)
Can you imagine a pinstriped outfield of Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout?
Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon, Garret Anderson, Shawn Green, NL West teams that would be in playoffs if they started…
Anthony Rendon is 6-6 with 10 RBI today. Ryan Zimmerman has an .886 slugging percentage. Bryce Harper's OBP still over .500. Good lord.
I can give 5 reasons:. 1. They're not the Rox. 2. Bryce Harper. 3. East Coast bias. 4. Overhyped. 5. They beat us last series.
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Steve Finley is a legit card. Like a free version of Bryce Harper.
I liked a video Catchphrase with Andy Samberg, Gigi Hadid and Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper leads MLB in hits (33)+walks (20), almost impossible combo to pull off over a full season. Ted Williams never…
tfw the only players in with more RBIs than Ryan Zimmerman are ... Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper
The Redskins need a John Wall, Bryce Harper, Alexander Ovechkin type of player. That last longer than a year...
Hitter of the Week - Bryce Harper: 10R, 3HR, 24TB, 7RBI, 0SB, .667 OBP. Votto, Stanton, Freeman, Rizzo all worthy. This was tough.
Apr 23, AB 1: Bryce Harper singles on a ground ball to left fielder Michael Conforto. Adam Eaton to 3rd. Trea Turner to 2nd.
It's early, but Bryce Harper is showing how you win MVP
New Post It's early, but Nationals' Bryce Harper is showing how you win MVP - Washington Nationals -…
Why everyone hating on Bryce Harper? Dudes in his early 20s hitting homers consistently. Go watch your Chicago White Sox play Sean.
Wizards win, go up 2-0. Capitals win, tie the series 2-2. Nationals win, Bryce Harper hits 2 home runs. Deuces wild night in DC
I have never seen anybody hustle like Bryce Harper does. Love him or hate him that guy gives 100% on the field
New post: Phillies battle back but Bryce Harper breaks their spirit — again – Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
What could the relationship between Phillies fans and Bryce Harper be? Would it be like the one with Jimmy Rollins? Join
Maybe next time we see James Kaprielian pitching for Yankees, he'll be throwing a sim game to Bryce Harper in Tampa.
Bryce Harper goes deep with Anthony Rendon on for 3-1 lead over the in the B3rd
Anthony Rendon keeps the inning alive w/ a 2-out single and Bryce Harper sends a two-run home run to right. 3-1 Harper's 3rd.
THE New York Yankees, future home of Bryce Harper and Manny MacHado.
Apr 9, AB 1: Bryce Harper pops out to third baseman Maikel Franco.
Maikel Franco with a sac fly to RF. Bryce Harper's throw home is up the 3rd base line. 1 0 in the 1st...
Mickey Moniak will be the 1st overall pick to play in Sally Lg (non-rehab) since Bryce Harper (2011). Before that, Delmon…
Bryce Harper tattooed that elevated David Phelps fastball. Phelps knew it was gone as soon as he let it go.
Bryce. Harper. slugger Bryce Harper hits a 2-2 FB from David Phelps out to RF for his 1st HR (5th career Openin…
WAR on the East Coast would be a good nickname for Bryce Harper
Jabari Blash is tied with the Cactus League lead in RBI (19) & 2nd in HRs (7) only to this kid named Bryce Harper. Maybe you've heard of him
Trea Turner will be better than Bryce Harper by the time it's all said and done.
Jabari Blash with a two-run homer to center. That's his seventh of this spring. Tying him with Bryce Harper and Greg Bird for most
Bryce Harper vs. Manny MacHado: Who would you rather have? Via (Harradox) Via (Harradox)
This is a "very telling year" for Bryce Harper, says adding Nolan Arenado "close" to Mike Trout
Literally true: Stilman White is older than Bryce Harper.
Kyle Busch is on my list with LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Bubba Watson, Sidney Crosby and Bryce Harper. The whining *** list.
Bryce Harper starts off his year in a BIG way.
Miguel Cabrera has a career .321 batting average but we are going to keep pretending Bryce Harper is the best player to walk this earth
Bryce Harper's first swing of the 2017 season was a bomb
If you're wondering if Bryce Harper might rebound this year...his first AB of the Spring...
Bryce Harper just hit one out in his first AB of the spring. Top of the berm in right center. He knew it. Crushed.
Greg Bird easy, then Bryce Harper when he comes to New York
Kris Bryant is ranked higher than Bryce Harper on the Top 100 players list, but wasn't No. 1 overall. Rankings: https:/…
Who is the agent for Wieters & Holland? Bryce Harper lobbies for Matt Wieters and Greg Holland via
Bryce Harper is in the crowd at Monday Night Raw in Vegas. Wearing a Dallas Cowboys cap.
Bryce Harper was on Monday Night Raw. Probably the closest he'll come to seeing championship titles...
Ultimately it's going to come down what they get out of Jayson Werth Ryan Zimmerman and Bryce Harper in 2017.
Drew Storen guesses Jonathan Papelbon would win a "legit fight" with Bryce Harper
I think the WAR number is ridiculous in baseball. You're gonna tell me Adam Eaton is "better" than Bryce Harper bc of his WAR? Nah.
I'm at the Georgetown version of The Rack and instead of everyone wearing Curry/Posey jerseys they're all in John Wall/Bryce Harper jerseys
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The and OF Bryce Harper agreed to a 1-year deal on Friday
I've almost accepted the fact that Bryce Harper is married now.almost
edition. Bryce Harper breaking a mental sweat in the offseason here at Creighton.
Bryce Harper settles with Nationals for $13.625 million
Are you insinuating that Bryce Harper is overrated or not as good as previously thought?
Bryce Harper and Nats have an agreement
Bryce Harper was really good in 2015 too. But then 2016 happened, right?
If he had ONLY played baseball, perhaps every Mike Trout and Bryce Harper that comes along would be compared to Bo…
look at Bryce Harper. Went from 5 mill to 13. How can he not be happy and embrace the almost tripling of his salary in '16?
Did Bryce Harper sign a deal for $13 mil/yr. He must have the worst agent in sports. There are guys making 100 million with 1/10 the talent
There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've gotta do is turn around and say "Watch me".-Bryce Harper
Did Ricketts’ sport coat have pictures on the inside like Bryce Harper’s wedding tux?
Bryce Harper and the Nationals avoid arbitration with a $13.625 million deal
MLB Hot Stove: How the Yankees' rebuilding steps could lead to landing Bryce Harper
Harper, Nationals avoid arbitration with $13.6 million deal
Bryce Harper gets $13.625 million contract from Nats: Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals agreed to a…
Did you guys see that Bryce Harper's favorite wedding gift was a vacuum? AS IF HE WASN'T PERFECT ENOUGH UGH ❤️
Bryce Harper, Nationals avoid arbitration with $13.6M deal for ’17 -
The Washington Nationals are really prolong the inevitable with this one year deal. Bryce Harper is coming to the Bronx. *preorders jersey*
The have avoided arbitration and agreed to terms on 2017 contracts with Bryce Harper, Derek Norris, Anthony Rendon and…
More?? Lol. Bryce Harper got 13. Love *** but they don't live in the same universe.
Y'all Ian Desmond was at/in (idk b/c my invite obviously got lost in the mail) to Bryce Harper's wedding & my heart just grew 2 sizes
Sports predictions for '17: Tony Romo, Chris Paul, Bryce Harper on the move via
Bryce Harper. Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson (they count as one). LeBron James. Cam Newton. Phil Mickelson
Just hit 4 home runs in a row on MLB 16 The Show with Kris Bryant, Robinson Cano, Brian McCann, and Bryce Harper.
Bryce Harper got married at a Disney Castle this weekend. 💍
Mike Trout for Bryce Harper and Lucas Giolito?!?! floats a potential superstar megadeal on http…
Adam Eaton's arrival to the Nationals a possible step in Bryce Harper's departure via
A new experience puts you in Bryce Harper's mind and cleats
I'm motivated by the fear of being average. -Bryce Harper
Little Giant Ladders
Why would the trade the best pitching prospect in baseball for an outfielder when we have Bryce Harper, mike Taylor, and Werth???
What would it take for the Mariners to get Mike Trout and Bryce Harper and Joe Thomas?
Bryce Harper asking for a 400 M dollar contract after batting .243 this year. If he's worth 400 M, then Mike Trout is w…
imagine the first time Tebow turned Bryce Harper's bat into a serpent! 🐍
Bryce Harper wants a $400 million contract with the Nationals. His hair products must be very expensive.
I think the are preparing to go after Bryce Harper when he becomes a FA. That would be AMAZING!
DC sports are about to lose Desean Jackson, Bryce Harper, and John Wall. *depressed sigh*
Bryce Harper asking for a $400 million contract and I'm happy when I find an Extra $5.
The Nationals have two years to win a World Series with Bryce Harper, writes. And then ... what?
Easy Bryce Harper !!! He's more of a star than Kirk Cousins
Give me Bryce Harper or give me death
man idk who's gonna get the bigger contract... Bryce Harper or Allen Craig
If you had to choose, do you go with a $400 million deal for Bryce Harper or a $120 million one for Kirk Cousins?…
Aroldis Chapman and Bryce Harper both expect big paydays, but they have vastly different approaches. https…
If Bryce Harper can ask for 400 million dollars from the Nationals, you can ask your prof to round your 59% up to an A.
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may 13, 2018... Chris Sale (Sox) hits Bryce Harper (Yanks) in back with first pitch fastball... Rivalry reborn.
sources saying Soria to Nats for Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasbourg. Heard it here first!
Bryce Harper asks for $400 million but hit .243 last year ?
Wil Myers for Wade Davis. Wade Davis for Bryce Harper would be a great pair of trades. Do it, Dayton.
Bryce Harper asking for 400mil confirms this.
So it's either Bryce Harper or Kris Bryant for Wade Davis?
While you're in DC ask Bryce Harper if he is serious about that $400 million over 10 years.
Is Bryce Harper really looking for a deal worth $400 million??? Someone please help me comprehend.
If he goes to the Nationals I ask for Bryce Harper and Trea Turner
Time for the Nationals to sell Bryce Harper. The time is right. Can't let him walk to the Yankees. It's only fair. Give us Harper.
I honestly agree with lurch with the can win without Bryce Harper. Winning will fill up the seats
I hear the and Bryce Harper aren't on the same page. The like Scott Boras clients and you know we can't resign him.
I guess what I should come to grips with is that someday Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon won't be playing for the
just give Bryce Harper to the Cubs and get outta here. Stupid gnats.
I will accept Bryce Harper and nothing less.
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At this year's MLB Winter Meetings, the will want to pay close attention to Bryce Harper, the
You know I hear Bryce Harper is unhappy in Washington.
If Bryce Harper is asking 10 years 400+ million after 2018 then Mike Trout needs to ask for 1 billion
and then losing Bryce Harper because they don't want to pay him.
Yanks may not need Bryce Harper in 2 years. Frazier's prepping hard for the big leagues
The Bryce Harper situation is a thing. A thing that should never happen in pro sports. No wonder the Nationals have character issues.
"Bryce Harper's career is based mainly on hype" -. Tune in for the final 10 minutes!
If you haven't done so yet check out today's episode of the Jordan Hallenbeck sports show:
According to my research... Bryce Harper is overrated as *** 400 Million for 10 years? That means Trout is worth 1.12 Billion for 10 years
Since 2012, Mike Trout has been top 5 in MVP every year. Bryce Harper had 1. If he's asking for $400M, then Mike Trout shoul…
I feel like Bryce Harper is the Kanye of baseball
The Nationals are reportedly prepared to move on from Bryce Harper after his 10-year, $400M request.
The taken aback by Bryce Harper's contract request in early talks, now set to move on after '18
The Yankees might well give Bryce Harper the moon this time two years from now.
The Nationals are preparing to move on from Bryce Harper since he's asking for 10 years and $400 million
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Is it really that crazy that Bryce Harper is asking for $400 million?
All of the Bryce Harper talk now serves as a reminder: The 2018 Winter Meetings, in Las Vegas, are going to be insane.
The saying they are taken aback by Bryce Harper's long-term contract request, set to move on after '18 http:/…
The unwilling to pay Bryce Harper into his late 30s, set to make 2-year run with him - and move on.
Columnist who suggested the Angels trade Mike Trout for Bryce Harper and Lucas Giolito. As if either team would do that.
2019: "Bryce Harper to White Sox for 12 years/$480 million"
Yankees prospect boldly recruits Bryce Harper to pinstripes
The last two NL MVPs (Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant) were both born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992.
Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, and Mike Trout have all won MVP's the last 2 years, and are all 25 or younger. Take advantage…
Joe Ross is now pinch-running for Clint Robinson. He represents the tying run at first base. . Bryce Harper batting with one out.
I'm rooting for the Nationals, only because Bryce Harper inspired the name of my fictional rap-metal cover band, the Clown Question Bros.
Video: Chase Utley charges Bryce Harper's grounder at second and makes a great flip with his glove to first,...
I can't wait until Bryce Harper is a St Louis Cardinal ..
Bryant, a Bonanza High grad, is close to being named NL MVP, a year after his friend Bryce Harper won the award.
Bryce Harper does NOT like this clown epidemic plaguing our country...
Reading Bill James on Bryce Harper & fluke seasons (so I ran simple best yr-2nd best by W…
Bryce Harper when he sees Tom Koehler is starting vs. the Nats tomorrow
Best hope for Bryce Harper to get hot in time for NLDS? Tom Koehler on mound today. Harper career vs. Koehler: 11-for-30, 6 HR, 1.472 OPS.
Bryce Harper back in lineup tonight.
DL Bryce Harper, ending his season, and activate Sean Rodriguez (.325/.393/.597 in Playoffs).
VIDEO: Katie Ledecky on how Bryce Harper got her swim cap, which he wore to celebrate NL East title.
Chris Davis, Bryce Harper, Jose to name a few.
Chris Heisey, who took over for the injured Bryce Harper way back when, just gave the an 8-7 lead in the 8th with…
Eric Fryer flies out to right fielder Bryce Harper in foul territory. 3 outs in the end of the 9. 5-5
Katie Ledecky throws out first pitch at Nationals game while Bryce Harper holds her…
Katie Ledecky had Bryce Harper hold her medals while she threw the first pitch 😂
Sitting in Charlotte ballpark giving thanks for Max Scherzer, Jayson Werth, Trea Turner, Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper.
Bryce Harper flexes fashion muscles with fundraiser hat
Is Manny MacHado becoming a better investment than Bryce Harper?
Katie Ledecky had Bryce Harper hold all of her medals while she threw out the first pitch. (via
Totally agree. I'd rather pay the grunts 10x more at the Nationals Park, rather than resign Bryce Harper.
How in the world did Dusty Baker give Bryce Harper a break that is over a week... and I don't see this reported on once!?
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 12:20: chats with Brian Snitker. Plus, hear from Markakis, Bryce Harper & Dusty Baker.
first Derek Jeter now A-Rod ... if Bryce Harper or my husband (Matt Kemp) retire anytime soon my baseball dreams will be shot 😩
I'd love to see Evan Longoria, Bryce Harper, Elvis Andrus & Robinson Cano in Yankee Jerseys.
Up to the age of 23,. Derek Jeter had 385 hits. Bryce Harper has 602 hits
Weird year for Bryce Harper. Makes you appreciate what others like Mike Trout have done to consistently dominate year in and year out
Bryce Harper is out of the game after 6 innings with down 4-0. Brian Goodwin, making MLB debut, takes over in RF.
I believe that's Bryce Harper's brand as well
Brian Goodwin makes his major league debut, taking over in right field for Bryce Harper.
Brian Goodwin is making his MLB debut right now. In for Bryce Harper in right field!
any reason I'm not seeing this on my mlb network?! I'm getting a Harold Reynolds interview with Bryce Harper...
I think the only person Joe Simpson hates more than Bryce Harper is Yasiel Puig.
Kinda wanna cut my hair like Bryce Harper, not gonna lie. The man is handsome.
Yeah, Bryce Harper is just that good:
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my son just told they did all these trades to get Bryce Harper and Manny Machaco in 2018
him, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Channing Tatum or Ashton Kutcher for celebs. Bryce Harper or John Cena for athletes
José and Bryce Harper are free agents the same year Scott Boras is gonna make it rain.
Love that the Cubs now have a lefty closer for playoff games against Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford
Chapman vs Bryce Harper. Top of 9. NLCS. Game 7. Give it to us.
Dude from sportscenter got Bryce Harper hairstyle lol
Stolen base No. 3 for Trea Turner, No. 11 for Michael Taylor on the double steal w/ Bryce Harper up for the vs Julio Urias.
With Julio Urias facing Bryce Harper, it will mark the first time Urias has faced someone younger then him
Bryce Harper completely destroys this pitch, launching a home run into the third deck at Nationals Park. WATCH:
Bryce Harper coming to The Jake next week 👀
Stephen Piscotty is having a better 2016 than Bryce Harper. The Cardinal is beating the reigning MVP in OPS, Avg. and R…
16-year-old Kaylan King has her wish granted by spending the day with Nationals MVP OF, Bryce Harper. https:/…
Kaylan King, a 16-year-old softball ace, had her granted and spent the day with Bryce Harper.
Scott Kazmir will have Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth to deal with against Nationals Jake
I used to hate Bryce Harper with a passion, but now I'm becoming a huge fan of his 🙄
Is it too early for Bryce Harper to be in the top 100 of our We break it down.
That's me the first time I heard 15-year-old Bryce Harper hit a baseball
Congratulations to Bryce Harper for an amazing All-Star Week, capped off with winning the Best MLB Player award...
Bryce Harper enjoys his D.C. present without worrying about whether he’ll have a D.C. future
everything associated with Bryce Harper is automatically awesome
Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy and Max Scherzer put in a well-rounded All-Star Game performance for the Nats
Bryce Harper wants to abolish the DH, stop the All-Star Game from deciding home-field, and watch The Bachelor
Bryce Harper & Kris Bryant back-to-back. . Terry Collins introduces the NL starting lineup.
MLB: David Ortiz Batting Cleanup for AL in All-Star Game, Bryce Harper to Hit 2nd for NL — Full Lineups in Team Stream
Would love to see Bryce Harper on Curb with Larry David talking about hair.
How did all-starter starter Bryce Harper deal with the ups and downs of his first half? Without a doubt.
Timofey Mozgov will make more money than Stephen Curry, Adrian Peterson, and Bryce Harper
Fantasy Baseball: How can Bryce Harper pull out of his slide?
The Hawks signing Kevin Durant in Free agency is the chances of the Braves signing Bryce Harper or Nolan Arenado it just isn't happening
Bryce Harper's on the water polo team right?
Andrew McCutchen or Bryce Harper or both who would u sign
Okay, I've seen about enough of this Justin Bour dude for the Time to give him the Bryce Harper treatment.
I don't get it why don't we just trade Jaylen Brown for Lebron James or Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper went 0-3 with 3 K vs Clayton Kershaw last night. Harper is now 1-15 with 10 K in his career vs Kershaw.
So when do we sub in LeBron, Gronk, Bryce Harper and Patrick Kane?
Clayton Kershaw strikes out eight batters, including Bryce Harper three times, over seven innings... - via App
Bryce Harper does have a HR in his career against Clayton Kershaw. The rest of those at-bats... Not so good.
Asked if the prospect of facing Bryce Harper causes his "juices to flow a little bit extra," Clayton Kershaw replied,…
Clayton Kershaw has faced Bryce Harper three times tonight and has struck him out all three times.
overseas. The NBA is more recognizable. Bryce Harper and Jake Arrieta and Mike Trout wouldn't even garner half the attention of/
Just like the experts predicted, Adam Duvall is a better fantasy player than Bryce Harper so far.
Xander Bogaerts (99) has more hits than Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton combined (96) this year
exactly. And so should Mike Trout, and Jake Arietta, and Bryce Harper, and Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams. LoL.
PHOTO: Nationals' Bryce Harper wears D.C. statehood t-shirt: D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser has been talking about ...
Bob Carpenter just got way too excited about a Bryce Harper opposite field fly ball that didn't even get particularly close to the track.
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Jake Gyllenhaal looks like Bryce Harper at times in this. .
Wait, are there actually people who would rather see Madison Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta take BP over Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton?
Bryce Harper honors Muhammad Ali with latest bat decal
Bryce Harper pays tribute to Muhammad Ali with quote on his bat
is that a joke? tom Brady, cam newton, Bryce Harper, Jordan Speith, Michael phelps?
ATH NEWS:. Former overall pick of makes his tonight for the Pittsburg . Bryce Harper went
Yankees must have a secret plan for Aaron Judge ... Thank God Mike Trout and Bryce Harper weren't in their system
Who spent the afternoon on Soldier Field with Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Mike Eiden, Joe Ross and Michael Taylor?.➡️ ME!!!
Daniel Murphy Home Run...Bryce Harper scores a run...sluggers doing what they do htt…
RBI by Daniel Murphy, but Bryce Harper is thrown out trying to 1st-to-3rd on the single. 9-5 over the Strong throw by Bruce.
Defending NL MVP Bryce Harper has faced 3 pitchers younger than him this season: Aaron Nola, Michael Fulmer, & Brandon Finnegan.
Is it wrong to walk into Supercuts and just hand the lady a picture of Bryce Harper and say 'This'. Asking for a friend
which side of a Bryce Harper for Hanley Ramirez and Johnny Cueto in a h2h categories league are you on?
Bryce Harper. From the right side. (mirror image)
Gregory Polanco compared to Bryce Harper this year. Polanco has been pretty *** good featured in NBC s Science of Love
Don't kick us while we're down. Besides, just wait until 2019 when Bryce Harper is stealing the show in NY!
Washington Reaction: Joe Ross, Bryce Harper bounce back in win ...
Game Joe Ross working with momentum as Bryce Harper rests his knee: Game Thread
I personally want to sue the 💩 out of the Phillies for hurting Bryce Harper's knee.
Bryce Harper had to leave Monday night's game after taking a pitch right to the knee.
Jordan Rodgers with the douchey Bryce Harper hair... Just awful hair.
The way they're talking about Nick Banks he better be the next Bryce Harper .
Despite hitting his 13th homer of the season, Bryce Harper & the fall 2 the 9-4 Gio Gonzalez gave up 6ER in 4.2IP
Whatever happened to those people who said Bryce Harper was better than Mike Trout?
Kevin Barker something before the series that I completely agreed with. Treat Ortiz like Bryce Harper.
My daughter, who should be sleep, says Kevin Love looks like Bryce Harper
if Bryce Harper and Nick Swisher had a baby
what about Ryan Zimmerman? Jason werth? Bryce Harper is the best but those two can still hit
Bryce Harper you are something special my guy
On Black Heritage Day at Park, Bryce Harper homered off the Jackie Robinson facade.
Washington Times ° Bryce Harper busts out of slump with home run in Nationals' win over Cardinals: Bryce Harp...
Bryce Harper cut up his batting gloves so they wouldn't be sold on eBay
Bryce Harper hit a slump-busting home run, Danny Espinosa also went deep and the Washington Nationals got seven…
Bryce Harper cuts batting gloves after homering without them
MLB Video: Nationals OF Bryce Harper crushes a homer off the third deck in right field against the Cardinals (ESPN)
Bryce Harper crushes his longest home run of the year!
Bryce Harper busted out of a May hitting slump in towering fashion:
Bryce Harper crushes giant home run to third deck at Nats park sports blogs
Bryce Harper absolutely crushed a home run off the third deck at Nationals Park.
Bryce Harper absolutely destroyed one against the Cardinals tonight. He's still got it.
I thought Bryce Harper just shaved, not turned to the Dark Side. And he can't be on the Dark Side, they are playing the Cards!
Bryce Harper has great hair. It's perfect. Literally perfect.
Gregory Polanco currently has a higher OPS+ (159) than Bryce Harper (156)
Steven Matz's magnificent day is capped by retiring Bryce Harper.
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