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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is a national park located in southwestern Utah in the United States. The major feature of the park is Bryce Canyon which, despite its name, is not a canyon but a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.

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A3. Best program I ever attended was at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon, or Bryce Canyon stargazing.
Spring Break Highlights: 1. Approaching Vegas in stop-and-go rush hour traffic, we are rear-ended by a nice guy named Jonathan. Minor bumper damage. Rear door still works. 2. Will they really rent a 25' RV to any person with a license, no large vehicle experience necessary? Turns out they do it all the time. 3. Emmett brings his fart sound effect machine to the Vegas strip. He cuts loud farts strolling down the sidewalk, in the Eiffel Tower elevator, and on the observatory deck. Bemused reactions. 4. We arise early to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon on a video screen at the Visitor Center at around 11 am. 5. Triple whammy. Dinosaur footprints, Navajo Bridge, Panguitch. 6. After a morning throwing snowballs in Bryce Canyon, two hours and 5000 feet lower, we are wearing shorts and wading in the Virgin River near Zion. 7. With an oversize vehicle we get special treatment in the old Zion Canyon tunnel. We lead a caravan 25 mph down the center strip, the only light from our headlights and the occasional ...
had a chuckle tonight when I was just sitting in front of my home page and realized the 2 pictures with Rob and Justine on the steps and Bob and I at Bryce Canyon are certainly the "wonderful young" and the "desperate old".Bob and I were close to their age when we dated the first time.time DOES fly! I hope they realize that and take advantage of every minute.
Just booked a hotel to spend a little vacation time with Hector and Rebekah Evelyn Jimenez in May! Can't wait to relax a few minutes at the pools in Las Vegas, show Jannik and Kian the musical fountains, let Jannik get super excited about seeing real white tigers, and MOST OF ALL I get to see Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell,... My dream finally comes true! Any suggestions which other National Park is a must-see?
An abstract interpretation of the majesty of Bryce Canyon. 'Impressionistic Hoodoos' - via
The 5 National Parks (Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capital Reef & Zion) in Utah is a good reason.
Tauck’s most popular trip, year after year, is America’s Canyonlands. John and I experienced it firsthand in September with some old friends. The Canyons We had been to the Grand Canyon before, but most of the rest was new for us. The heart of the trip is three great National Parks of the American West – Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Tauck takes you behind-the-scenes with filmed narratives by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan. The Highlights Aerial sightseeing over Monument Valley is a contender. You will recall every John Ford western scene and understand why it is much better to fly over this landscape than drive through it. Cruising Lake Powell was spectacular. It winds on forever with cliffs and canyons around each turn. But my personal favorite was a float trip on the Colorado River, starting at the Glen Canyon Dam. Start in Scottsdale at the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North Tauck is adding an additional day at the Four Seasons starting this year, so you can add some high class relaxation to ...
View of the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon looking from Bryce Point lookout
Sheds in the park in Jackson Hole last spring, Bryce Canyon, Fort Worth, Japanese Garden in Fort Worth,Painted Desert, Grand Canyon,Grand Tetons...America is beautiful!
I haven't been to the Grand Canyon in Years. I think I am going to attempt getting there this weekend... Walk the new look out . If not that, I am definitely hitting up Sedona, Arizona. Hm... I was actually more impressed with Bryce Canyon, but still would like to go back to GC...
"Have a nice last weekend on this November. : Milky Way view at Bryce Canyon . via
Day 26 of 30-I'm thankful for my travel experiences-snorkeling in St. Thomas, boating and watching friends scuba dive in Jamaica, watching dancers with castinettes in Puerto Rico, touring Haiti as a child opened my mind and heart to missions, climbing Mt. Pisgah with natural portapotties, spending a day in DC is never enough, taking in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, racing through Yellowstone in one gate and out the other side (was I with mom and dad or granddaddy Strange?) walking in Memphis, experiencing Graceland, Zion National Park is gorgeous, Bryce Canyon, four wheeling around hills overlooking Flathead Lake, visiting family in Columbus, admiring polar bears at the Columbus Zoo, catching Reds baseball games in Cincinnati, flying in a helicopter over Blue Ridge many places I've seen, so many still to see. I'm grateful for all the experiences and memories.
So I missed Macklemore by one day and a 4 hour drive, missed A.F.I. by one day on the drive home, but it's okay.This trip has been incredible, rejuvenating and enlightening.From the Shariras and Buddhist Monk at the Lu Mountain Temple to conversing with strangers and skateboarding in downtown L.A. to hanging out with my best friends from high school and raging at the clubs until 5 AM.From hiking in the most amazing place I have ever been at Zion National Park and staying overnight in Bryce Canyon to jumping in a 45 degree river (twice!!!). Seeing all of my family on my Mm's side to visiting my Grandma on my Dad's side.I jumped in every one of my aunt's swimming pools too. So much good food and Brews at Umami Burger, Dickey's BBQ Pit, Barista's Steak and Fish Grill, Ruby's Lodge, Zion Brewpub, Pizza Factory, Lucille's BBQ, Del Taco, etc. Now I'm going to ride a bike around Mayberry and take some photos.ALOHA!!!
You think they'd know, they're Americans right? Telling us we can't do something isn't the best idea. So we can't open the National Parks can we? Well today the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks are OPEN!!! So Washington maybe when someone tells you CAN"T balance the budget, you should stand up, be Americans and say WATCH US!
I love nat parks, faves were Zion & Bryce canyon in Utah, Yosemite, Arcadia and Rocky Mountains
I added a video to a playlist Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon was one of the National Parks my family and I Bryce Canyon National Park from the rim. The drive from…
What do you do when the government ruins the vacation you've been planning for two years. Go to Las Vegas! Was supposed to go to Bryce canyon and Zion National Parks. Take the politics out of government!
So, have you heard what's going on in the USA? They closed all their National Parks because Democrats and Republicans are having a debate over the ObamaCare law which led to Republicans voting against the bill which led to the fact that 800,000 federal workers did not get paid thus making them shutdown all National Parks and some other state stuff. I really don't care about what's happening in the congress and their troubles... I just care about the fact that I was supposed to see the Grand Canyon today but didn't, because of the shutdown of all National Parks... So now I am stuck in the middle of somewhere surrounded by all these wonderful National Parks in Arizona/Utah like the Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon and still can't go to any of them. Lucky for me, not all wonderful things belong to the government, and there's a very nice place called the Antelope Canyon that is being owned by native Americans that didn't take part of the shutdown... I went there and saw it, and it's AMAZING! I am sharing some pi ...
National Parks closed took detours to other places today near to edge of Bryce Canyon. Still lots of amazing things to see.
All Rides are open. Ruby's Horseback Adventures is not effected by the Gov't Shutdown. Come take a ride with us, see the Northern Part of Bryce Canyon. Also available Rides to Scenic Red Canyon. Horse Riding not your thing try a wagon ride to the Rim of Bryce Canyon. Don't change your plans because of the Gov't, still plenty to see and do in the Bryce Canyon area.
We are still 100% open for business. We hope that Bryce Canyon will not be closed for long and we pray that a resolution may be reached quickly. Meanwhile, please come and enjoy your stay at Bryce Canyon Pines, have a delicious meal at our restaurant, and take a horse ride into the beautiful Red Canyon.
Yosemite done fantastic walk to 2 waterfalls just driven through Death Valley a little warm here at Furnace Creek but air con keeping pace thankfully.Back on the road at 7 am to Bryce Canyon and Zion. is the worlds biggest curated photo gallery on the web. Fall in Bryce Canyon by Justin Hofman
I was gonna go to Bryce Canyon this weekend but now I can't because all the National Parks are closed... Eff da government
Dag Blasted politicos... Spent the night researching secondary sites (STATE parks) that won't be affected by the budget shutdown. The plans for a tour of Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon are in jeopardy because all of those parks are shut down, with local authorities preventing entrance to these iconic sites. Any suggestions as to alternate locations?
The view from my office today... Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Niagra Falls from 37,000 feet... I love my job!
9/27/13. Travels with Annie Thanks for all your replies, we enjoy hearing from you. We woke up to snow on cars and trees. It is 25 outside. A cup of hot coffee is welcomed. We traveled from Brian Head, UT to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was very cold and windy. It did get up to 57 for a little while but very windy. We were still able to enjoy the beautiful canyon. In Bryce park you drove on the rim, so you could see down into all the beauty. It was breathtaking. We spent the day enjoying the park. We took HWY 12 to HWY 24. The drive was spectacular. We had a large herd of Prong Horns run across the road in front of us and lots of open range cows that you had to look out for. We had reservations at a RoadWay Inn in Caineville,UT for one night and was very lucky to get it. That was the only room left and the only night available. We drove right by our motel. That's because the population was 35. It was clean and the young family that owned it were delightful. if you think we seem a little disorgani ...
Feeling rather frustrated with Americas shutdown of all their Federal agencies. We are in Utah, about to visit the wonderful National Parks, Zion, Bryce Canyon and others then onto Grand Canyon in Nevada but are not able too. Also all the great National Forest Service parks are closed. It is the unknown of how long this is going on for, do we hang about hoping that they will see some sense and sort it out, or move onto other areas and not get to see these wonderful places. Gr!
I went to Rocky Mountains. It was awesome... Huh. Of course, Bryce Canyon was more better than Rocky Mountains..but Rocky Mountains were more better than i thought...:) I am planning to go skydiving next month...and then i will go to see aurora in Yellow Knife I should be likely to save money from now on...:D
Hiking among the hoodoos - Bryce Canyon! With Mary Jack Mayer and Joe Joe Mayer
Trying to think of all the National Parks I've visited: The Great Smoky Mountains, Acadia National Park, The National Mall, D.C., The Everglades, Big Bend National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Zion National Park, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, The Grand Canyon, The Petrified Forest, Yellowstone National Park, The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capital Reef National Park, Death Valley, and Hot Springs National Park. I drove to them all, many with four little children in tow and a wife being a great sport about it all. I've been to a many other National Monuments, National Recreation Areas, National Forests, and other public lands. I can say that I am nearly an expert on the public lands experience in this country. Despite the Park Service doing a wonderful job preserving our national treasures (the first responsibility), this step of closing off parks to the public is criminal. These are our lands. I get it that visitor centers might close. I get it that formal ca ...
Utah has at least 3, Zion, Arches, and Bryce Canyon
All this politicians better get their crap together before my trip to Bryce Canyon!
Had a great vacation with Janice Winter. Got to spend time with my sister, Michelle Stowell Laraway and her husband and kids. So fun! We also got to visit Zion and Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. So Beautiful! But it's great to back and see the kids. Thanks Jamie Schade for taking such good care of them and our house.
Welcome from USA and I guess you have all heard about the political situation and close down of government here. So, we were to visit Grand Canyon and stay at a hotel in the Grand Canyon National Park but it is now closed. so we are staying tonight at Sedona and not visiting Grand Canyon - very disappointing. Just grateful we were able to get a hotel to stay at as about mid morning we had not where to stay tonight? But we are able to helicopter over the Grand Canyon tomorrow afternoon but Bryce Canyon is out and staying there is also out so we are heading to Las Vegas for 3 nights instead of 2 and trying to do a day trip from Las Vegas to the part of the Grand Canyon controlled by the Native Indians instead of the Federal Parks Department. All Tv news is about the situation here with lots of Governmnet employees stood down and heaps of tourists and businesses disrupted. We have 4 Americans on trip and they they are extermely embarrassed about what is happening - people on our trip from Australia, NZ, Mala ...
So much for our vacation to Bryce Canyon National Park next week!! Guess we'll have to go to Disneyland instead!!
Bryce Canyon ampitheater, lucky to see it last Friday before the government shut down all the national…
Sept 23, Monday, got a 7:30 AM start from Bryce Canyon heading to Monument Valley. About an hour of backtracking. 32 degrees! Arizona, stopped at Lake Powell in Glen Canyon Recreational area. Glen Canyon Dam. Page Arizona. Walmart stop. Stock up for last of trip. Yeah, we gained an hour in Arizona, but not sure where we will be when we swing back into UT! LOL
The Freedom Tour has returned to Las Vegas after the government shutdown has forced us to alter our Canyonlands excursion. We were able to visit the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks, but had to scrub the Bryce Canyon stop. Oh well, add an extra day in Vegas!
They closed Bryce Canyon but we still have a way to see it. Across Ruby's the road 5 min drive and you can see the canyon. 10 min walk
Today we woke up to the disappointment that the government shutdown would affect our trip! All National Parks closed and this was to be our day to hike down into Bryce Canyon. We changed plans and did manage to get two hikes down. When leaving the first trail we were greeted by lots of park rangers as well as a swarm of tourists want to enter the trail. Apparently they closed the trail after we had entered! We then moved on to another are called Red Rock Canyon and completed that hike. Great weather and a terrible congress! *** being a tourist in the near future in the US!
Well I am meeting my sisters in Vegas tomorrow cant wait HA HA on to Bryce Canyon and Mt Zion National Parks. Been planning this for a year *** cant believe they will be closed!!!
Great hike in Autumn-like conditions in Bryce Canyon, Utah
Yes - absolutely a shame. I was very fortunate to go there - same with Bryce Canyon and Zion Nat'l Park.
In 5 days my plans to visit Grand and Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, Mesa Verde National Parks could be ruined, thanks USA.
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Got into Bryce Canyon Nat park by the skin of our teeth. Managed to get one big hike in before they closed the trails as well as the Parks due to gov't shut down of non essential services :(( We can stay til Oct 3 then they boot us out. Everyone fine and enjoying it. Yes, even mom!! Love to all!
View of Bryce Canyon after Navajo Loop & Queen's Garden Trail (3.5 mi. hike)- out of this world! ..Bryce Canyon, Utah
thank you all for the birthday wishes. had a great time and now relaxing by the pool. nice weather here. Everyone should see Bryce Canyon at least once. it's awesome.bonnie
Bryce Canyon release is closing in: just packed the internal 0.99 beta to test the AIW adjustments. Still, AIW is not perfect, but enough for me to have fun duelling DRM Capri vs AI in the same Capri neck a neck for ten laps. :)
The Gov't has closed our nearby National Parks and Cedar Breaks National Monument, however there are alternatives. Scenic Drives on Hwy 143, 148 and SR-9 are still open to thru traffic only. As an alternative to Bryce Canyon - Red Canyon offers short hikes and red rock. Don't forget our many state parks: Frontier Homestead State Park Museum, Snow Canyon, Kodachrome, Anasazi State Park, Sand Hollow, Gunlock Reservoir, Quail Lake and the Petrified Forest.
: Chris, there are a bunch of great destinations in the Bryce area you might want to check out.
Markus, we're sorry you've traveled so far to find a locked gate. Here are alternate options for Bryce.
I need to go stargazing in Bryce Canyon National Park with a qt3.14
In lieu of the Bryce Canyon NP. Closure it is eminent that our Summer Season will be terminated early. No decisions have been made yet. However if you were wanting to see the -G one last time before we close, you had better make plans soon. We will keep you posted.
Going to 4 wheel it to the rim of Bryce Canyon since the front gate is closed 󾌪
Looks like this will be the closest I will get to Bryce Canyon.
All politics aside, Natasha and I had two major trips planned for multiple National Parks in the next few weeks, the first of which was a giant trip to Utah to stay in Zion (and a day trip to Bryce Canyon) we had been planning all summer. The second of which was a return trip to Joshua Tree, and we were going to bring her wonderful daughter Spencer there for the first time. So if the government could go ahead and get this all worked out sooner rather than later, that would be great, thanks!
Shame on you US gov! We came all the way from Europe to Bryce Canyon and all we saw was a closed gate, all NP are closed :-(
Really looking forward to our visit to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks this week. Only problem is that both are closed due to the fiasco in Washington.
This is all I'll say about the gov shutdown: They better get their stuff in order b/c I'm going to Bryce Canyon Oct 11th.
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I dont really mind that the last 3.5 days of my season are in jeopardy with the Shutdown, the last project of the season was terrible. However, Id be vastly disappointed if my plans of cruising through Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, Rocky Mountain NP, and a cadre of other public lands on my way back East doesnt work. Come on, guys...
Thank you government for shutting down all National Parks and monuments across the U.S. this morning, just in time for our trip across country. At least we got in last night and woke up to an amazing sunrise in Bryce Canyon, Utah! Next stop...Colorado!
Jetzt besuchen wir den wunderschönen Bryce Canyon! Now we'll visit the wonderful Bryce Canyon!
It isn't easy to run a tour in Bryce Canyon National Park when it is closed.
Thanks to the government shutdown, our vacation plans got flushed. No seeing Glacier National Park tomorrow; no seeing Bryce Canyon & Zion next week. No National Monuments, either. Very disappointing. Trying to come up with a plan B (sigh)
:-( and I had plans to goto Bryce Canyon NP.
Looking ahead, the current government shut-down could force us to cancel our second grade field trip to Bryce Canyon this Thursday (Oct 3). As a part of the shut-down, National Parks will be closed, potentially preventing us from visiting the park as currently planned. As for now, we are still planning to go, but please be advised that the cancellation of the field trip is a possibility. We will await to see the status of the shut-down on Wednesday and make a decision from there. Thanks, Mr. Fails
Today is Yosemite National Park's 123rd birthday. Although it was our third national park to be officially established (thanks to the efforts of John Muir), and although the park service itself wasn't formally established until August 25, 1916, Yosemite was the first park to lay the foundation of the national park service with a land grant given in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln. This park is home to 3 groves of Giant Sequoias, absolutely majestic trees that stand as a great lesson in perseverance. They exist only in specific parts of the western Sierra Nevada mountains, they are the world’s largest tree (by volume; some other species get wider or taller, but none are overall as massive), they are one of the longest-living species of tree on the planet and can live to be over 3,000 years old, and they thrive on fire and through the assistance of “damage” from beetles and squirrels. While the recent rim fire that began on August 17 (which, by the way, is still burning – it was declared 92% contained yeste ...
If the government closed all National Parks that means no more Moab, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Zions and Yellowstone. That *** So did they closed down everything? Oh I do NOT LIKE THIS!
We are Extremely disappointed not to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, since we came a long way to view it's beauty. However Washington is having a preschool tantrum . Our trip is not what we planned, nor are we alone, 100's of thousands of other tourists are making the same decisions as us today ... New plans! (And sadly almost a million americans are not working or being paid today ... Except the senators or course, *rolling my eyes in exasperated manner*)
Please be advised that the National Parks including Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks...
Park Closure Information. Things to do in the area. • Wagon or Horse ride tours to the rim of Bryce Canyon. • ATV...
Inspiration Point overlook of the the Bryce Canyon amplitheater
Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland (modeled after Bryce Canyon) is closed in solidarity with the National Parks.
So much for Bryce Canyon this weekend.
Ladybug rocked the Bryce Canyon Endurance Ride in LD's. She finished first and BC on Day 1, BC on Day 3 and overall fastest time and overall BC. This was a tough but beautiful ride and we really enjoyed ourselves. Moab here we come. :)
Shasa and I are almost at Denver and will head on to Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon on our way across to San Francisco. This will be our first two site seeing days of the trip Its all work over here!!! Had a good visit with Fabricas Selectas yesterday. Thats where we get all our playing marbles from.
Guess who booked a trip in two weeks to visit California and Utah to see Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Parks? I did! And the government just shut them all timing is always impeccable!
My fav was Bryce Canyon but then I went to Zion and WOW. They are all so different but yet so beautiful!
We had a great time riding the shuttle around Bryce Canyon and planned on hiking today but I have read that all National Parks and monuments are closed immediately ! *** congress! Now to find something else to do today. I ams sure glad this was to be our last park visit on our cross country trip! We may still try and get in.
Sept. 22 after the scenic drive, we went to the Red Canyon area that we drove through more quickly on our way to Bryce Canyon. Also amazing! As you can see we start early and keep a fast pace.
Greetings from Zion National Park. This was to be the first day of the next three visiting Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks in Utah. Thank you Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama. And yet please Republicans DON'T CAVE AND STAND UNITED AND STRONG
Getting up at 5.30 in the morning to get the message that the government shutdown and all National Parks are closed! No Grand Canyon , Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon for me this time in America
OK, good WIFI in New Mexico. Will go back to Sept. 21. Bryce Canyon. Went on a moderate/strenuous hike called Queens/Navaho. (Sunrise to Sunset). Several miles first down into the magnificent rock formations and then back up.
Couple more shots of Capitol Reef NP before heading for Escalante Stairstep NM and Bryce Canyon NP.
How sad that we won't be able to visit Bryce Canyon today and Grand Canyon tomorrow because of the US shutdown. Planned the trip for more than a year, but never considered this possibility. You can say many things about the South African government, but I can't see them shutting down Kruger Park for tourists flying halfway around the world because they can't agree on healthcare policy.
Supposed to do Bryce Canyon today, but due to the 'shutdown', we'll see. Not going to be very happy if we miss it because the government can't plan their spending.
A neighbour saw the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion last week for the first time on a bicycle deal. He just made the cut.
My parents leave today for the trip of a lifetime, to celebrate my father turning 70 later this month. He's always wanted to travel to the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Wah-wah. Thanks a lot, government jerk-offs!!
Two more National Parks to see before we come home (Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon). Not looking likely now due to the government problems over here. We were doing a horse ride in Bryce today but I doubt if it's going to happen now. :(
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USA in shutdown, that's our holiday next week ruined! No Bryce Canyon, Zion Park or Grand Canyon unless it's over really quick!
Bryce Canyon National Park /ˈbraɪs/ is a national park located in southwestern Utah in the United States. Bryce is distinctive due to geological structures calledhoodoos, formed by frost weathering and stream erosion of the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks. The red, orange, and white colors of the rocksprovide spectacular views for park visitors. Bryce sits at a much higher elevation than nearby Zion National Park. The rim at Bryce varies from 8,000 to 9,000 feet (2,400 to 2,700 m).
KittX has released a big batch of new previews of his spectacular-looking Bryce Canyon track for rFactor.
Hey's the last day you can vote for my Park Tip about Bryce Canyon. Remember, all votes become entries in a drawing for a free train trip to the Grand Canyon. Thank you all for your votes! -Glenn
Visited Red Rock Canyon and Bryce Canyon today for another spectacular sunny day in Utah. Back for a few more trails in Zion tomorrow.
Just got home last night from an amazing road trip, a little over 2500 miles. Don and I took off the 10th. First stop Vegas. Don hadn't seen the new Pat Tillman Bridge yet out at Hoover Dam. Stayed 2 nights, and left for St George UT. Zion Nat'l Park, Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon,. After 3 nights in St. Geo, on to Lake Powell. Then South to Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu CA where my folks always spent the winter, then last stop on our nostalgic portion of the trip, was California Hot Springs. In the early to mid 60s my folks Managed the town. Sadly about 3 years after they left and came back to Hollister, the little historic town caught fire. The only thing that survived was the original Skating Rink and the large pool fed by the hot springs. During our wanderings, we were in numerous Indian Reservations. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL TIME. Saw some beautiful handiwork of God. In fact, it is my opinion that HE WORKED OVERTIME WHEN HE MADE BRYCE CANYON. That was hands down my FAVE ! GOD IS GOOD !
We've launched on iOS with Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Dixie National Forest! Enhance your experience!
The view from Bryce Canyon, Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy:
On friday I'm flying to Utah and then driving to Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone National Park for a week.. lmao ?
t-shirt photo sent in from Bryce Canyon, Utah. Thanks =) . If you're on your summer...
The Bryce Canyon Geology Festival is this weekend! Check out their schedule of great tours, talks and hikes.
Blue skies at Bryce Canyon Photo of the Day
An alternative view of the Thor's Hammer, view looking down from the Sunset Point overlook in Bryce Canyon...
Just made it to Bryce Canyon and back with my gas light on 👍
did you visit Bryce Canyon? Ebenezer Bryce, for whom the canyon is named is my great great grandfather.
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New print available on - 'On The Edge Of Bryce Canyon' by Donna Jackson - via
Did you know that from Mid August to the first week in September, Bryce slows down just a little bit, and you can...
The incredible Bryce Canyon with it's wonderful 'hoodoo's which look a bit like Gaudi type forms
Totally in love with these teepees right outside Bryce Canyon! Wish we could sty the night here!
Even Tex was speechless. Bryce Canyon is beautiful.
Try to get into the Lodge in the park if you can. If you can't, the Bryce Canyon Resort hotel is ok.
Even with rain all around us, the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater is breathtaking.
Where to stay near Bryce Canyon tonight? Any tips to .
Bryce Canyon! Can't wait to see the Amphitheater!! Have you seen it??
Driving through Red Canyon on our way to Bryce Canyon. Gorgeous!! @ Red…
A quick round of mini golf before heading to Bryce Canyon. This place has so much to do! Wish we could…
Seriously if I could be anywhere right now, it would be Bryce Canyon.
"Thor's Hammer at Bryce Canyon" is a new addition to my collection of 170 images at - via
Here is another way to travel in Bryce Canyon Country- motorcycle riding along our scenic byways!
By far the best breakfasts so far! Should you plan a trip to Bryce Canyon I strongly recommend this lovely place.
Bryce Canyon + the massive pie at Bryce Canyon Pines restaurant (Hwy 12,m10) are musts.
Visiting Stargazing in the Bryce Canyon NP is an unforgettable experience.
05:30am. So early. But we're going to the Bryce Canyon at 7am so it will be worth it!
Bryce Canyon and Christian are my fav boys
A vacation of a lifetime with my family: Los Angeles, Utah, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon,...
Great deals in Bryce during our end of August "lull". August 18th September 4th. Check it out at...
Bryce Canyon Vistas - download wallpaper photographs by Terry Majamaki
Bryce Canyon - dreamed of visiting since I was a kid. It was even more gorgeous than expected!
As in what Bryce Canyon is full of.
Been pretty well hoodooed at Bryce Canyon the past couple of days.
4th of July fun and Kingston's first hike was Bryce Canyon. It was my first time there and I was in awe the entire time. That place is incredible.
Flying back tonight from a nice vacation in the beautiful state of Utah. Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon was out of this world incredible!
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Went to Zions and Bryce Canyon National Park. . Highly Recommend them both
Some pics from Bryce Canyon. A rainy day today. Hopefully some hiking thru the canyon tomorrow.
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Time to prep some meals for the week and Saturday is half marathon of the year!! BRING IT ON!
Today again a long beautiful drive from Page AZ to Huricane UT via Bryce Canyon.
It's Sunday. Bryce Canyon National Park. It's pouring rain, but we saw part of it. Hopefully, it won't be wet tomorrow! It was 56 degrees up there.
I love Bryce Canyon. I could live here.
on guard for Penokee mines, because the powers that be know the people are very against the mining there, it is mining profits versus the environment, rivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater and other natural resources in the Penokee Range in northern Wisconsin.
Getting hyped for the football vacation.. Seattle to wyoming to texas for the rangers vs twins game. Then from arlington to austin for the horns game.. Lunch in san antonio.. Off to new mexico, phoenix, bryce canyon, Salt Lake City and the horns byu game, then head home!!!
First LA, then Las Vegas, after that Bryce Canyon and now Lake Powell. 4 States in 6 days! Now waiting to check in..
Must be around my 30th visit to Zion, and I'm still amazed every time. If you have not seen this place you need to put it on your list.
Back to reality tomorrow. What a great week out West. Four National Parks in a week. Bill Manning you are an amazing man. Thanks for a wonderful vacation!
We made it back from our trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park. What a wonderful trip! We all had a fantastic time. As we were entering both parks, we got hailed on but after a few minutes the weather cleared and it did not deter us in the least. Last week was close to 120 here in Queen Creek and up there it sank down to the 40's for a while at the Grand Canyon. Most of the time it was in the 70's and 80's. Such a change from what we have been used to! This was a trip that the kids will never forget. So much wildlife, too! Words cannot describe the scenic beauty we were able to see. Now, it's back to homework. I have one more week until graduation! Love to all!!
Can not wait until August!!! Taking a vacation (even taking the going to St. George (to see my sister) for 2 nights, then taking the kids to Zions and to Bryce canyon, then ending up in Torrey for 2 nights!!! Austin and Autumn are going to love the cabin we have got reserved in Torrey!!! We are going to have so much FFFUUUNNN! :)
Bryce Canyon today! Just a prelude for the Grand Canyon tomorrow!
July 13th BRYCE CANYON HALF MARATHON. AFRP Presents their next pacing venture. Come see us at packet…
Hiking around the Grand Canyon with my favorite bears
Back to reality. Although the thought of selling everything and opening a coffee shop near Bryce Canyon has crossed my mind!
McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador stopped at Bryce Canyon on their delivery runs. I guess driving them for awhile gets boring
Amazing trip to Bryce Canyon. Beautiful scenery along Hwy 12 and we did a 3 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall...all with great friends! The kids had a blast and lots of great memories made.
Dear fellow Contemporary Pilgrims, I'm embarking on a two-week tour of the Southwest & Pacific Coast. What off-the-beaten-path, authentic things must I see along the way? I'll be venturing from ATX towards Big Sur, and perhaps into the Redwoods. My nomad dog will be along for {the ride} too. Have a grandma who makes a mean cobbler or know a local watering hole I can't miss? Please share. These stories will be the second batch of tales published once the site is officially launched next week! Cheers, Ashley
Just plotted our route from CO to our daughter Cassandra's house. 1076 miles. Should be an awesome drive in the convertible vette. We plan to set out first thing tomorrow morning.
We had a wonderful time on our vacation. Each day was fun filled and definitely lived to its fullest!! I hope the kids will have lots if memories of their family vacation to Vegas, Brian Head Utah, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon!
We're in Provo, UT today, going to Salt Lake City to see the Mormon Temple Square and then on to Teton Natl Park, then Yellowstone. Grand Canyon was awesome. We went to Bryce Canyon yesterday, another incredible place with strange looking structures called "hoodoos" that are sandstone shaped by millions of years of erosion. Before we got to Bryce we stopped off at a big cave that had interesting advertising. A guy bought it from a rancher 50 yrs ago and turned it into the ultimate man cave - bar, dance hall, etc. After he gave up on it his son took it over and turned it into a museum with prehistoric fossils, dinosaur tracks, etc. but also a history of his family. His father was one of 55 kids!! 25 daughters!!! Ugggh! 6 wives! Before we got out west we stopped at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC. It's the largest "house" in the US. We figured we could get some decorating and landscaping tips ;). Then went to Smoky Mountains which was real nice. We left there in the dark and as we exited the park we c ...
Gail & I just finished our reservations for our trip next year for Grand Canyon, Zion, & Bryce. Got the cabin on bottom of Bryce that looks into park & plan to hike the Hoodoos!
Attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Music and the Spoken Word this morning. What a heavenly experience. Absolutely magnificent. What a special treat! On the way now to Bryce Canyon.
Went to church today in Jackson, Wyoming, where they have a visitors' meeting every Sunday at nine from May through September. We were two of about 150!
Arches National Park - Days 27 & 28 - After our gorgeous stay at Bryce Canyon, we headed a few hours further in Ut...
Razor key? Check, iPod? Check; Bryce s goggles? Check.. Now to head back up the canyon for some riding!!!
Took an impromptu detour to the Grand Canyon (again!). North Rim this time. So much more relaxed than the South Rim. Found a "dispersed" camp site along the East Rim about 5 miles down a dirt road. Beautiful. The last two pictures are from our campsite. I wonder if I was a gypsy in a previous life? ;)
A shallow M4 earthquake has shaken the Grand Canyon north side area. Epicenter was in between Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP and Bryce Canyon National Parks.
Leaving Bryce Canyon this morning, driving thru Zion , not stopping , headed to Vegas for thre
The first day at the Grande Canyon was amazingly beautiful!! 󾀻Now were off to Moab Utah!!! ❤
This shot of the Antelope Canyon and Bryce Canyon.
The morning light illuminates the hoodoos accentuating the many orange and white colors
Fun 4th weekend out of Vegas heat at the cabin. Shot archery, played games (Dominion & Robo Rally), and ate BBQ, also visited Bryce Canyon
Heading home from Bryce Canyon Utah. Missing Steam summer sales ***
VIDEO: Forget Rome, Paris or London. With places like Bryce Canyon, Utah, why waste your time leaving the U.S.?
My son is a lot like me. I woke up at 6a to find him alone, awake, sitting on a bucket in the rain with the fire stoked and blazing. When I asked him what he was up to he replied. "Just whittling and thinking." Yep, we both do a lot of "whittling and thinking." Carry on, Son.
Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US and I had the pleasure to shoot time-lapse there in April and May 2013. Bryce is not really a…
Left my camera charger at the mizpah. This is the form to get it mailed home. @ Bryce Canyon
Update : As this earthquake happened at 01:38 local time, we think most people will not have felt it. If you are one of the exceptions, please let us know with the form below what you have experienced. The (theoretical) shaking intensities are suggesting only a MMI II and I in populated areas, only...
Moderate in between Grand National Park and Canyon NP, / -
Bryce Canyon National Park--beauty that even rivals the Grand Canyon. Which did you enjoy most?
What's your favorite state park and why? Planning a short vacation--went to Lake Barkley State Resort last time and loved it!
Okay to everyone following the blog. It is not going to be updated today because the day has just been way too long. Here is the quick version: Bryce Canyon, hiked down thousands of feet to look up at the Hoodoos, rain and lightening, Plan B...keep driving, Zion National Park (AMAZING), keep driving, Vegas, hauling all our stuff through the casino, checking in at Mandalay Bay and now...time for bed. Sorry to everyone but we have amazing photos that we will upload tomorrow.
Bryce Canyon UT You guys have to visit here some day!
you can do it at bryce canyon. Next Saturday come down
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Six days pounding the pavement through Utah with a backdrop of some of the most breathtaking views imaginable.
Two new blog posts are up on our National Parks blog! Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef :
We are leaving Salt Lake 2moro for Bryce Canyon and then to Zion and one night in Vegas!!! Will be a quick week but should be fun
Super excited to explore tomorrow! Been waiting to see Bryce Canyon for years!
Some days go beyond what words can convey. Drove to Moab from Jackson, WY. Took the scenic route. Got caught in the desert in a rain storm as the afternoon sun turned the red rocks and sky into a marvelous fast changing scene.Too much to post on here.
Hiked into, and back out of, Bryce Canyon today.. Wahoo!!
Hiked Bryce Canyon today which is beautiful. Even in hail.
We just finished three great days at Camp Utibaca here in Utah. Looking forward to fellowship with the church here in Panguitch and then on to Bryce Canyon for some sightseeing.
In panguitch, utah and Bryce canyon on my birthday trip! Funs!
Went to Bryce Canyon today and of course it rained!!!
OK our loyal and wonderful fans! We want to hear from you. Tell us in a 8-15 second video what is your favorite thing about running. Post it on our wall. :)
Effects of hiking up the Bryce Canyon National Park in a hail storm
Driving past Bryce Canyon, too pretty to Just drive by! Thinking of you, David Peterson.
in Bryce Canyon rocking his Tainted Youth shirt "Keep Out" buy now at…
Vacation update: last night we stayed with our cousins, Sara L Zach and Aaron Zach and family. We drove through Nebraska and have been in Kansas most of the day. Vegas and Bryce Canyon will be here before we know it!
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Two days ago I was awed by Utah's raw and diverse terrain; beautiful and rugged. As we traveled from north to south, however, it became evident that mountain top removal is not limited to the Appalachia. It is worth bearing with the 22 second commercial to learn about one example of mining in Utah and the consequences that ensue. :(
A new adventure is on the horizon...yes, that means more travel pics!
We're flying to Vegas tomorrow renting car to see the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon n Hoover Dam. Not looking forward to the 117 degree weather in Vegas. We're doing it in 8 days. Looking forward to see Terry Fador the puppeteer who won America's Got Talent a few yrs ago.
Hiked at Bryce Canyon and saw this little guy!
Came through Zion National Park today. Over the next few days, plan to spend some more time there as well as at Bryce Canyon National Park. And, by the way, it's HOT here!
Last day in Utah started at Cedar Breaks National Monument, just south of the popular ski resort town of Brian Head. It's very similar to Bryce Canyon, only it's at over 10,000 feet elevation & without the large crowds. More pics in my Kanab, UT album.
Day at Zion National Park coming to a close. What a place to visit with Katie Coll!
Staying at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah... 3800 sf of red clay, nestled in between the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. With pigs, horses, dogs, cats, birds... Heaven.
The Bryce Canyon 1/2 Marathon is almost here, and we still have several rooms and cabins available for the weekend. Check out our website for details!
Last year's trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion
Hello everybody. We are back after a couple days away from the heat. Pulled into the driveway at 5:30 AM and a 6 hour nap, I am human. We had an awesome time up north, seeing the N. Rim of the Grand Canyon, a hotel stay in Kanab, UT, then the rest of the day in Bryce Canyon. It was spectacular. Good to be home, and thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.
Road trip to Bryce Canyon, Ut. Great day- beautiful weather!! Now off to block party on the mountain to celebrate the 4th of July. Al Catalano
Kelly and I just returned from a six day trip to Utah. We went ziplining in Park City, toured the Olympic venues from 2002, and then went hiking in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. We even got chased by a wild bison near the Great Salt Lake. Today marks our 28th anniversary. I feel blessed.
Here comes the rain again.have changed my mind re: moving to Seattle would like to move to Vancouver!
Leaving Brighton and Salt Lake, heading to Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon.
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And finally a little Bryce Canyon. 3 canyons so close and yet so different.
Time to make our way home.:( where to go from here open road and 5 days to do it! Lets see where we end up!
Homeward bound. Had a great trip at Bryce Canyon. It is a beautiful place!!
Almost to Salt Lake City. Boy this is sure a longer drive than I thought it would be. You know if you haven't been to Utah you can go ahead and skip it. What an ugly place! There isn't a single exit between the Nv boarder and 40 miles in
Like for plane comment for train. Elizabeth Besly and I are going on a trip!
Good day with Uncle Vano, Aunt Rita & My Mommy Dearest. Love them all! @ BRYCE CANYON
I saw 4 black bears today and two nights ago one was outside our tent snarling at us... not kidding.. we were ready to hand to hand fight this thing.. we survived tho.. he left us alone
More of Day 4 Utah at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the famous Bryce Canyon
Zion National Park. Who knows it well? We are heading there for a few days when Jeff is home on his pre-deployment leave. We know we want to hike The Narrows but wondering what else is a "must-see" while we are there. Let me know what you think.
Thanks to everyone to wished me a happy birthday today! It means a lot!
First time on the internet since we left on July 1st. This is our last night at Bryce Canyon, Utah. Tomorrow morning we drive to Montezuma's Castle in Arizona.
OK - time for a strange Top Ten list. What are the most beautiful counties in America? I will only list counties I've been to (never been to the Pacific NW or Hawaii). And most of the county must be nice - not just one spot. Here's my top ten, though not necessarily in this order: 1. Garfield County, Utah - Home of Bryce Canyon, outskirts of Zion and Canyonlands 2. Transylvania County, North Carolina - 250 waterfalls in the mountains 3. White County, Tennessee - 1,065 caves, lush green hills and waterfalls 4. Hancock County, Maine - Acadia National Park 5. Gallatin County, Montana - Bozeman and near Yellowstone 6. Marin County, California - Across Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco 7. Santa Fe County, New Mexico - City and county are beautiful 8. Monroe County, Florida - Florida Keys 9. Chittenden County, Vermont - Burlington and along Lake Champlain 10. Park County, Colorado - High up in the Rockies
Well in about 12hrs I am heading out to Yellowstone NP for a well deserved and over due vacation. Be there for about 10 days then down to Bryce Canyon for another 10 days. It has been over 30yrs since I was at either place - stay tune for some pictures - if I can remember to take them.
Survived 14 hrs of 18 miles back country hiking & camping in the Zion National Park's - Narrows trial.
More pictures from Bryce Canyon, It's amazing how tired you get from hiking at 9000 feet above sea level.
So yes it is time to take my Mom to the drive in.she just asked where you hang the speaker to listen to the movie!!! Wow it has been way to long will be so amazed! lol, its the little things;)
We had a blast last night celebrating the 4th with friends in Cedar City at their Airplane Hanger. Good food and good company. A perfect view of the fireworks. Who could ask for more. Jane and Bill you really out did yourselves. Thank you so much for putting on such a great party!
Why do I get the feeling that everyone is doing something more fun than what I'm doing right now?
Made it to Vegas. Got our rental, Walmart done now starting out on our 5 hour drive to Bryce Canyon. Temp in Vegas is 102, temp at Bryce is 85. Can't get there fast enough.
Leaving tomorrow for vacation with 2 of the grandkids, Carson, 8, and Ethan 10. Just us, the Ford pickup and the Lance travel trailer on our way to the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon train, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Mesa Verde National Park. Cooked up 4 days worth of meals and I need a vacation before I take a vacation!
We spend whole days on buses, 24+ hours on winding back roads and over plunging cliffs, just to reach that one beautiful place we read about.
We're on top of Bryce Canyon right now-
Heading to Bryce Canyon for the weekend! :D
In Cedar City visiting Rick Peeples. Saw "Peter and the Starcatcher" last night, in a fine production. Tonight we see Mr. Peeples in "Twelve Angry Men." Expect to visit Zion and Bryce over the weekend.
Just finished a nice bike ride in the canyon. 17.13 Miles 1:31:20. Loving our family staycation so far.
So I want to go camping for Spring Break next year and I want to stay in Southern Utah or the 4 corners area. Is this a good idea or bad idea and if we do it where should we go?
Our apologies to Jeff Driver! He was inadvertently left off the of the list for McPherson Cellars this month. Please stop by and see his awesome photographic works!
A Campbell couple was found dead Thursday in the Utah wilderness, apparently having been overcome by heat while hiking.
Hi well I am Ok Missing in action the last few days due to no service, have a fantastic time , Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Nat. Park amazing all so different and beautiful, Great fireworks display last night for 4th July, plus Freemont Street amazing, the young guys in the photo actually came and asked us to dance, we had a great time with them, today hitting the shops and wandering The Strip may see a show tonight, it's our first free day, back on the road again tomorrow, only downside it is 105 degrees (approx 42 degrees) so will be a hot day, may have to have a couple of beers walking around, well about to head out, so will check in again soon
Every time I mentioned Utah to anyone as I was preparing for my trip, I was told that I had to go to Bryce Canyon. Well, all right, then, everyone; I went to Bryce Canyon. And Red Canyon. And, so, ...
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Can't think of a better place to spend the 4th of July than a national park. Bryce Canyon is a magical place...especially when you explore it next to your magical other half!
Local peeps - I've finished my music album and am now looking for some great locations for a photo shoot that we'll be doing in a couple of weeks. I want something in the mountains with great scenery, perhaps a meadow, and is close. Does anyone have any suggestions of locations?
First Friday Art Trail tonight! What a great way to continue your holiday weekend fun! See you tonight!
2 and 1/2 weeks, and almost 3000 miles later... our road trip is coming to an end. My dad and I visited 7 new states, went whitewater rafting for the first time, and camped in 6 National Parks + visited 2 more (Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the Rocky Mountains). What a trip! Now heading home for the first time in 6 months. See you soon 01778
Anyone ever rented an RV to go on vacation? I am thinking I need to take a road trip some place and am not sure where to go. Been south, been north, been west as far as West Virginia (actually, I've been farther, but the kids haven't). Hum... feedback anyone?
Wondering what my favorite stop has been on our trip so far? Bryce Canyon is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen!
Well made it home on Monday. Two weeks on vacation Grand Canyon was wonderful and I think Bryce Canyon was my favorite. Went Tuesday to Alabama and got another motorcycle. 52 Shovelhead. Carried it to Shane Barr he is going to do the painting and Kenny Frost is going to do the motorwork. Its going to be a long process but will be amazing when it is completed.
A great 4th yesterday in Idaho Springs w/ Ty and Debbie Davies. Today, the RV heads west to Bryce Canyon
just home from a wonderful trip out west. we saw the bad lands,Wall Drug, Mt.Rushmore,Crazy Horse,[Bills favorite] Yellowstone, Grand Tetons,Jackson Hole, my beautiful niece Lisa and her husband,Bill,who is a great tour guide, Space Needle, Mt.Rainier , and Pugent Sound,. We visited the sea lions caves,along the Pacific Ocean,,drove through the Golden Gate Bridge, saw my sister Dorothy in San Jose, stayed overnight with my precious daughter Terry, and her wonderful husband Chuck,who put the pictures we had taken on my lap top! The temp.driving through the desert was our hot spot.The drive on high way 24 from Bryce Canyon was the most beautiful,the stop at Topeka, to get the food partical removed from Bills esophagus,was the most painful!!!WE arrived home safely around 4:00 . We praise GOD for the wonderful trip,the beautiful country, the mountains,the canyons,the ocean,how can anyone not believein GOD. Thank you GOD.
Countdown to Yellowstone has begun...send suggestions & favorite places to see...we r hitting Bryce Canyon, Grand Tetons & Zion on the way to & fro Yellowstone.TIA!!! Hoping the wildlife is endless!!
North Rim of Grand Canyon today.. We are visiting Bryce Canyon tomorrow. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful and a peaceful places. It's amazing that the Colorado River created a beautiful and amazing place.
Wii Fii on the road *** You have a *** of a time getting on then you lose it. Couldn't get on at all last night. We are at Bryce Canyon now. Went thru some mighty desolate country yesterday, but beautiful in it own way
Just visited Bryce Canyon in Utah, Jury still out on Bryce V Grand. Bryce is compact just about 20 miles in length and Grand nearly 230.Easier obviously to see Bryce's wonders in a shorter time. Indian Point on Grand and Sunrise on Bryce are the two Stand out points.There is the Natural Bridge on Bryce and the Colorado River in the Grand . To add to Bryce's wonders, The red Canyon as you drive in and the two stone bridges cut out of the rock , that you have to drive thru'.BUT... at the end of the Grand is Boulder / Hoover Dam, although man made still a spectacular sight.Hm... Time to sit on the fence. Off to Salt Lake City tomorrow, Graham might become a Mormon as apparently more than one wife is allowed. Maybe not as it would mean double nagging. Graham and Cyn Robinson
First time ever at Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park today. Couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Wish we had spent two days here instead of the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow it's on to Arches Nat'l Park. Never been there either.
Still up packing...this is typical for me. But, excited to be shortly on our way to Vegas, Mt. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, & who knows where else Farrel Grayson & I will end up while on our wild, wild west adventure :)
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Bryce Canyon Sunset Point! Breathtaking comes to mind.. More photos to come from deep down within…
Thank goodness this was the longest day of the year. Had a very busy day from Bryce Canyon to Grosvenor Arch to swimming in Lake Powell, then crossing over from Utah to Page Arizona to see Horseshoe Bend (one of the most beautiful place on earth), then to the Grand Canyon. A 70 mile detour didn't help. We needed every amount if daylight today. Finished off the day by seeing a wolf in the wild. What a great but busy day
Yup - that's right, Tami Straolzini & I hiked the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon...such an amazing sight!
Bryce Canyon in Utah a couple of days ago!
Left Vegas today did not lose have more money now than I did when I got there kanab Utah tonight Bryce Canyon tomorrow then we're staying at the Lake Powell Saturday night good night all!!
Drove from bryce canyon to Capital reef national park for 2 hours, animals we hit. Rabbit and chipmunk and maybe a bird. Animals we missed... Chipmunks, lots of deer, several cows on road, and a giant Elk!
Exhausting day. I hiked IN and up a river in Zion today after hiking all three trails in Bryce Canyon since sunrise. On to the
Left Vegas far behind and Judy said we sure didn't leave much. 4 times last night we were woke from sirens on the strip and ready for some serious sleep tonight. We made our way across Utah today heading East. We saw Zion Nat'l Park (BEAUTIFUL), Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park, Grand Staircase Nat'l, Capitol Reef Nat'l, Lake Powell upper end, Canyonlands Nat'l, and a lot of Desert Lands I wouldn't say you should see. Been along day and we are still in Utah. Having some minor car trouble and headed back towards home after a day or two in Colorado.
So guess what everyone! CAMI DROPPED MY BRAND NEW PHONE! It survived a little over two months! We had some good times; it went all the way to Las Vegas and through Bryce Canyon with lots of pictures and calls along the way. My wonderful Boost Mobile phone you will be missed. I kept meaning to get a phone protector. Hopefully insurance I paid on it will cover most of the replacement costs. It's a good thing she is a cute little stinker. So I hope no one needs to get a hold of me anytime soon. I am going to Best Buy in the morning to hopefully get a replacement.
Bryce Canyon - inspiration trail, natural bridge, and amphitheater
Photoset: Three National Parks and a National Monument in one day!! Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and...
I got a piece of mail today for utah's Bryce canyon country. Coincidence? I think not.
Well I made it through the week...barely. Worst week! Can't wait to be gone for 8 days! This trip couldn't come soon enough!!!
Well our incredible trip is over! 4,590 flying miles and 1,909 driving miles through NV, AZ, UT & CA. Experienced 3 National Parks - Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon & Zion; experienced LA traffic; saw the homes of the stars in the Hollywood Hills including the mansion owned by the Woo Tang Clan; drew a draft on the set of Sullivan & Son at Warner Brothers Studio; and the overall craziness of Vegas topped off by attending a performance by The Blue Man Group! Great trip with a lifetime of memories! Oh yeah and I took over 600 pictures!
Home from Utah! Had an awesome time I went to Zion National Park, worked on a farm, visited Bryce canyon, went white water rafting
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For my 71st birthday celebration I am taking a motorcycle trip to Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon, sleeping in a tent at the state parks.
Frances, Isaac, and I are driving to the Grand Canyon, leaving July 3, for two weeks or so. I wanted to head to the Northeast U.S.---Maine, Vermont, etc.---but Frances wanted the Grand Canyon. So we sat down and had a reasoned discussion, looked at the pros and cons of each destination, and arrived at an agreement. I'm joking of course. In no uncertain terms Frances told me that we're going to the Grand Canyon and I said "OK". If you'd seen her skin a beaver, as I have, you'd have said "OK" too. We're also thinking of going to Bryce Canyon, maybe Arches National Park. Any other suggestions?
Where are we now, you ask? Bryce Canyon in Utah. It's SO beautiful here. We'll be here for two sleeps! And, there's a hummingbird feeder outside our window. Just like home (except there are no kitties)!! ♥♥♥
Ventured down into Bryce Canyon this AM 4 a 3 mile hike. Hard 2 describe the eerie natural beauty of Hoodoos
End of first week 1500+ miles.Grand Canyon Yesterday and Bryce Canyon tomorrow. Will be able to make up minds which is better. Travelled from G.C to Panguitch Near Bryce. Bridge/ dam over Lake Powell is a great feat of engineering. Just cooked Macaroni cheese which will be eaten outdoors.People think I am mad walking 4 blocks to the store. "Mad Dogs and Englishmen etc" Graham and Cyn Robinson
Here is a podcast from Eric Schranz of the most recent ultra I participated in: the Bryce 100 in Utah. Can't say my experience was the same but definitely know where is his coming from. on the subject. a call out to David Elsbernd for pacing me from 50 mile point! Dave is a seasoned distance runner, having run Western States, MDS and a number of others. He flew from Oregon to Vegas then drove four hours up to Bryce Canyon to pace me the last 50 miles. Thanks was a great time and I really hope I can return the favour! Sorry my wheels fell off at 90 m (King's Creek)...the pancakes did me in! Getting some good runs in now, and this weekend I am feeling near fully recovered. Looking forward to next one!!!
Find out all about Bryce Canyon through this interesting Infographic -...
Went to Cedar Breaks National Monument just outside of Cedar City, Ut this morning. (I know.. I'll post some pics soon - I left the camera cable at home). The Ampitheater is stunning. Going to Bryce Canyon National Park tomorrow.
2nd student tour done. Bring on the 3rd.
Make your plans today for the Bryce Canyon Geo Fest!
Another gorgeous picture of Utah's Bryce Canyon. No 2 pictures are ever the same
Zion National Park was fabulous! After downloading our pictures, there is no way they captured the real beauty and colors of the canyon but will post a few later if my wi fi is strong enough. Tomorrow we are going to Kolob Canyons part of the park and maybe Bryce Canyon NP.
Back home after taking our wonderful grandson on a 2 week trip out West: hiking in Zion and Bryce National Parks, boating on Lake Powell, white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, and wrapping up with 2 days in Las Vegas. What great memories!
Prachtig. Bryce Canyon. Inhet echt is het nog mooier.
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Wow time flies, June is nearly over and that means.21 more days and country until the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2013!!
girls know how to ride! Thanks Katherine for this from Bryce Canyon...
Planning a Zion / Bryce Canyon weekend camping trip July 7th & 8th! I have never been! ❤
Troops all flew home today...great, but crazy busy exercise. Off to Vegas, Zion, and Bryce Canyon with Thomas Mason for some great hiking. Then off to see mom, my sis and bro-in-law ( Lee Anne Putnam Cook and Patrick Cook) and then mobilization and Afghanistan.
I hate everyone who's call or text interrupts my Instagrams... I hate you! Keep making my posts fail! What do you want?!
In Hurricane Utah still, about to drive to Bryce Canyon!
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Bryce Canyon was beautiful. Now we are on our way to Zion, then the Grand Canyon tonight.
Spent all day hiking in Bryce Canyon with Woke up at 5 to see the sunrise.
I feel like this town is a movie and I'm an actress in it. Everything Is like a dream...kind of surreal moving slow but so much happening. I haven't been this happy in a long time. Such good times in Bryce Canyon, UT Population 196
How did he get stars, and what looks like sunlight, too? Great shot of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon NP.
Road Trippin' in our area with KUTV News, here are some planning ideas for the Bryce Canyon Country area.
road Trippin around Utah with KUTV and
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