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Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer (born September 17, 1965) is an American film director and film producer. Singer won critical acclaim for his work on The Usual Suspects, and is especially well-known among fans of the science fiction and superhero genres for his work on the X-Men films and Superman Returns.

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Why did Bryan Singer leave 'Bohemian Rhapsody'? Even experts can't figure out which way the wind blows.
Freddie Mercury biopic put on hold after director Bryan Singer goes missing:
Fox halts production on Queen biopic due to Bryan Singer absence
FINALLY Bryan Singer is about to be exposed, I’ve waited for this one since Harvey Weinstein. It’s a dirty secret in Hol…
Woody Allen, Bryan Singer, and every other sick director in Hollywood
Daily putting this out there in hopes they are addressed and cancelled as needed: R Kelly, Bryan Singer, Woody Alle…
Why is Media, even still covering up for Bryan Singer?. List is missing wel…
Michael Egan who accused Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard (Anthony Edwards also accused Gary) and others of rape ended…
Close Encounters of the Third Kind, starring John Rhys-Davies and Parker Posey. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by…
Bryan Singer aka well known Hollywood rapist of teen boys + BFF to Gary Goddard and Kevin Spacey is trying to suppr…
Gary Goddard is same man named in a '14 teen sex abuse lawsuit filed by Michael Egan, who also accused Bryan Singer
Charlie Sheen , Bryan Singer, Daniel Schneider , Woody Allen the list will grow and grow
Bryan Singer is a notorious pedophile. Director of Apt Pupil, where he messed with Brad Renfro sending his life on a downward spiral.
It's been 20 years since the Apt Pupil shower-scene lawsuits. For TWENTY YEARS Bryan Singer has run rampant with zero consequences.
Waiting for Jared Leto, Brett Ratner, Michael Bay, Bruce Weber, Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer to be exposed for what th…
Harvey Weinstein has opened up the gates to *** Kevin Spacey. Dustin Hoffman. Bryan Singer. Brett Ratner . John Travolta?!…
No mention of the allegations against Victor Salva and Bryan Singer in the Weinstein article in this week's issue ...
I mean who could have ever known that Kevin Spacey was a massive creep to young men? Bryan Singer isn't super problematic…
Now I'm waiting for the fall of Bryan Singer
So we all agree that Bryan Singer should probably be nervous AF about how close to home the Kevin Spacey accusations hit, r…
Speaking of Kevin Spacey, his breakout hit was Usual Suspects-> directed by that other "usual suspect" Bryan Singer.
Bryan Singer Kevin Spacey was the latest. But why was X-Men and The Usual Suspects dir...
Please take down Bryan Singer next. All those Hollywood whispers are being confirmed. Singer’s stories have been more li…
Kevin Spacey also links back to and Bryan Singer: . 🤔😉
In light of the Kevin Spacey stuff, people need to read up on Bryan Singer. Can we just make all the Hollywood open secrets…
Spacey's name was mentioned in the Bryan Singer boy pool parties Hollywood story a few yrs ago, not 30 years.
I just remembered that Bryan Singer did the Usual Suspects, so uh, double ew on that movie I guess.
Just realized Bryan Singer is responsible for I can not watch this show anymore. Dude is a pedophile
He’s got to apologize to Bryan Singer for that twink-stealing incident during Superman.
I mean, same is true for Bryan Singer and Dustin Lance Black. But doesn't stop people from delivering applause/acclaim to them.
I figured it was public knowledge once the Bryan Singer allegations popped up.
Somewhere tonight, Bryan Singer is sweating profusely.
House of Cards got cancelled.. crazy. Bryan Singer is somewhere having a panic attack. You're next..
Michael Hall actually friends with spacey and Bryan singer
Bryan Singer’s parties probably seem not too fun now, eh?
I know we’re all anti-Spacey right now, but y’all know Bryan Singer has been doing this stuff for YEARS.
Love the show, can't stand Bryan Singer.
Bryan Singer has strong ties to Hollywood's ring of pedophilia... We need to find out how far up this goes
Kevin Spacey & Bryan Singer. I bet they were talking about preteen boys.
I’ve been giving Bryan Singer the benefit of the doubt for a few years now and I really hope that doesn’t bite me in the ***
Now someone needs to call out Bryan Singer and the others.
Bryan Singer is getting hit rn on Deadspin IIRC
She can tag/call out Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey for being child rapists but stays mute about just a few y…
Oh crap, I forgot Bryan Singer is executive producer and directed the episode. :/
Do you think Bryan Singer is calling Roman Polanski to see if they can dodge rape charges together?
Bryan Singer and Sony execs right now.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
So, uh, why was Bryan Singer's name trending after the Kevin Spacey allegations?
Ok when we gonna talk about Bryan Singer tho
Bryan Singer actually did this after filming Apt Pupil. People need to stop trying to make Matt Myer…
If James Corden wanted to say something truly daring, he could have mentioned three names: Michael Bay, Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner.
What about Bryan Singer, that pedophile ? So many are like him and they are still around. Go check the Amy Berg documentary.
Michael Bay makes women audition in bikinis. Bryan Singer has been accused of coercing young underage males into sex/ra…
As to Jesica, does she mean other than Bryan Singer, David Geffen, Sumner Redstone that we KNOW OF?
Via Clive Davis is joined by rock great Ray Davies & director Bryan Singer at London documentary premiere
Our first look at Bryan Singer's Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" is here: Left: Rami Malek . Right:…
The first look at Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bryan Singer's biopic
The rest of Queen has finally been cast for Bryan Singer's film (Tim from 'Jurassic Park' is playing John Deacon) https…
Oh it wasn't Roman Polanski it was Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer, famous director, Andrew Howard, Famous Husband, and me. Singer hit on Andrew after the interview no l…
Happy Celebrate not belonging to Bryan Singer's pedophile network:.
Bryan Singer passes the torch to new X-Men director Simon Kinberg...
All purpose parts banner
YAY 😊 Love X Men & have tons of respect for Bryan Singer. Hope FOX doesn't screw this up gives…
American History X, starring Andy Samberg and Alan Dale. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by Steppenwolf. Budget: $120m
Daniel Miller posted a YouTube video of himself and a few others on a private jet drunk with Bryan Singer. Hope no news source sees it.
Bryan Singer's a good director. I may not like that movie, I think it's dull, but BvS is offensively bad.
documentary about Hollywood pedophile ring actors that's been linked to X-Men director Bryan Singer premieres
Sorry to be a bother, but Bryan Singer was the director of the Usual Suspects, wasn't he? McQuarrie wr…
First behind the scenes photo from Fox TV's pilot with director Bryan Singer.…
Bryan Singer is getting Dustin Lance Black to be the first novel I read this year?
Jennifer Lawrence trying to do a standalone Mystique movie? For why? Come on, Bryan Singer, we already have Trump in the White House.
Hugh Jackman's 1999 audition with Bryan Singer for the role that would change his life.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, starring Kenneth Branagh and Sean Penn. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by Midlake. Budget: $500
Apocalypse wil waive Bryan Singer to make room for Gareth Edwards. Included in th deal will b Ewan Mcgregor and rights to Adam Warlock film
The Patriot, starring Gary Cooper and Justin Timberlake. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by Sun Ra. Budget: $105m
It's fine but the First Class costume was WAY cooler IMO. Bryan Singer needs to steer clear of the X-Men franchise.
Bryan Adams Reckless SEALED Long Box No promo or cut-out markings
What we call 'evil' doesn't necessarily deserve any kind of respect o...
If Bryan Singer can keep directing X-Men movies, a woman or person of color can direct Star Wars films
Brian Adams is to play a show in Exeter next summer
NEW Michael on the set of with Bryan Oscar & Ben https:/…
Y now it's time for the Pyridoxine show starring Bryan Singer. Oh, sick bo.
My cousin, the Earl of Devon's, Social Media person just posted Canadian Singer Bryan Adams is coming to Powderham!.
Singer's new round of dates includes a stop at Madison Square Garden -
Although 'Summer of 2017' doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 69, Legendary Canadian singer Bryan Adams...
A big screen version of this is planned, it did have Bryan Singer attached but hes doing 20,000 Leagues Under The sea,
"We don't live in the world of reality, we live in the world of how we perceive reality" - Bryan Singer
I started making 8mm films when I was 13, so I've been directing for ...
Fox Is Planning to Reboot the X-MEN Film Franchise Without Bryan Singer and Make DEADPOOL 3 with X-Force
Singer to perform gig in the summer of '17:.
Canadian singer Bryan Adams to play show in Exeter in summer of 2017
If Bryan Singer really is leaving the Franchise, by all means, Reboot. Audiences are forgiving as long as the ne…
When Tisoy meets the singer of God Gave Me You, Bryan White
Bryan Singer baby intercourse accuser sues three much more Hollywood *** elites
Nobody found shot It was "Superman Returns" (2006) by Bryan Singer. Next shot in 5min!
Mr. Robot's to star as in long-awaited biopic directed by Bryan Singer: htt…
Rami Malek to play Freddie Mercury in Bryan Singer's Queen movie
Rami Malek will be Freddie Mercury in biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Bryan Singer may direct.
True news: MR. ROBOT star Rami Malek to play Freddie Mercury in biopic directed by X-MEN's Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer is in talks to direct Queen biopic starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury: 😱
Bryan Singer in talks to direct Freddie Mercury biopic starring Rami Malek
I mean, in an industry where Woody Allen and Bryan Singer still get jobs Gibson is hardly the freak you seem to think he is…
"Bryan Singer has delivered his best film ever" Michael Fassbender Promo Collections
Frost/Nixon, starring Nikki Blonsky and Halle Berry. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by James. Budget: $50m
Happy 51st Bryan Singer, seen here with Kevin Spacey and Christopher McQuarrie on the set of 'The Usual Suspects'.
Fox's new X-Men series will connect to the films, says Bryan Singer . 20th Century Fox’s two upcoming series set...
American Wedding, starring Louise Fletcher and Christian Bale. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by Admiral Radley. Budget: $300m
Why do people get mad at Bryan Singer & Zach Snyder for changing characters and story's but not people like James Gunn changing guardians.
He, Colton Haynes, Russell Tovey, Bryan Singer, and many more perpetuate this cyclical culture of dehumanization and abuse.
‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer makes case for solo film
Didn't seem to be a problem for the Russo brothers, or Tim Miller, or Bryan Singer, or Peyton Reed, or James Gunn.
Bryan Singer and X-Men is like that David Mamet line: Only second chance I know is the chance to make the same mistake twice.
Bryan Singer should direct a Star Trek film
Why does Wolverine need to be in every Xmen movie? Hugh Jackson must be sleeping on Bryan Singer's doorstep.
I hadn't heard about Adrien Brody or Bryan Singer. This is so gross.
went to see X-Men!! I enjoyed it!! Good job Bryan Singer!! — feeling entertained at Arclight Cinemas
Precedents incl Sean Connery, David O.Russell, Bryan Singer and Michael Fassbender. In all cases, charges were dropped or not investigated.
Bryan Singer remembers Hugh JAckman's Wolverine hug in Apocalypse as 'poetic'
Bryan Singer should be jailed for what he did to Oscar Isaac in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.
Please please please somebody end Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg's monopoly on films!
All I can say is that Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg need to stop and get more people involved in the creative process.
Bryan Singer says X-Men's universe more complex than other superhero franchises.
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i am a Bryan Singer fan. X2 is still the best X-Men movie by a long way. But Superman Returns was not that bad.
Bad reviews of (What did you expect) All I need to say about Bryan Singer = Superman Returns Rubbish
After the NIGHTMARE that was Superman Returns and the disappointment that was X-3...I've been cool on Bryan Singer.
Why is my turd mentoring Bob Dillon? Who stole my reindeer? How much spelt does Bryan Singer have?
'X-Men Apocalypse' promises action like we've never seen... except in many hero films. Should I tell Bryan Singer?
Waterworld, starring John C. Reilly and Tom Hanks. Directed by Bryan Singer, music by Icehouse. Budget: $140m
I want to mail like every Jim Lee X-Men book ever to Bryan Singer like "for future reference, it looks like this".
Final trailer and poster for Bryan Singer's X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.
'X-Men: Apocalypse' director Bryan Singer clarifies that villain Apocalypse is not God: Many Christians have a...
In this EPIC Bryan Singer interview, the director talks 'Apocalypse', superhero movies + more
The incredible are back in the latest instalment from director Bryan Singer,now showing at
that's cool. and i dunno Bryan Singer is a good director (for an alleged pedo)
I like Bryan Singer at the wheel of the Xmen movies, but Matthew Vaughn killed First Class. Would've liked to see him continue.
Still, Ridley Scott, Scorsese, Bryan Singer all did great 3D films. Still potential. May never take off until glasses go.
Man, I do feel sorry for Nicholas Hoult and other young men Bryan Singer probably successfully "initiated". Who knows what they succumb to?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I like Bryan Singer but I think it would be cool just see a rebooted X-Men by Marvel. I think they're going 2 kill it w/ Spider-Man
The great and foolish Bryan Singer had it in his heart to try to govern me like God over the last 2 years. Bad, stinky dominion.
I wanted to work with Bryan Singer because I like his films.
FOX and Bryan Singer have a personal vendetta against me. There's no other explanation.
I still didn't see Bryan Singer confirm a Dark Phoenix Saga
OIA Q MASSA. So here’s the scoop. I am told by our source that:. X-Men: Apocalypse will be Bryan Singer’s last with the X-Men franchise
Singer Kehlani hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt - by Chloe Bryan
(Singer Kehlani hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt (
Luke Bryan or Carrie Underwood for a contry singer?? Which one for a country singer
Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei says her marriage not all rosy via
will return to Weapon X and might tease a future major villain
wow, Bryan Stars has an amazing singing voice, I never knew he was such a good singer :O
Bryan Singer keeps our hopes up for a Wolverine cameo in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’:
'X-Men: Apocalypse' Director Bryan Singer Talks Wolverine and the Future of the Franchise
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Director Bryan Singer Talks Wolverine and the way forward for the Franchise   10% Off
it's a Bryan Singer movie. When's the last you saw a film that had Bryan Singer go all out action mode when it matters?
Bryan Singer has not completely ruled out a Wolverine cameo in "X-Men: Apocalypse"
Sony Classical to release soundtrack album for Bryan Singer's 'X-Men: Apocalypse' feat. music by John Ottman.
I was just reminded of X-Men: First Class and do Greg Berlanti and Bryan Singer frequently have lunch? Like whoa, weird *** erasure there!
TIL During Hugh Laurie’s audition for House MD, David Shore says that Bryan Singer, one of the executive produ...
As far as Bryan Singer films go, it looks more Jack the Giant Slayer than Valkyrie.
sick and tired of the leather. Bryan Singer is a good director but his art direction for the X-Men is awful
James Mangold directing Disney's Captain Nemo... Look out, Bryan Singer: shots fired! Or maybe that should be...
Two films ago Matthew Vaughn had been able to make this stuff not suck. . What hath we wrought that Bryan Singer has so much power!
even Bryan Singer commented how the studio spoiled the bald Xavier reveal by using the shot in the trailer
okay maybe I've been too *** Zach Snyder, I really did enjoy Man of Steel. And it's not like he's Bryan Singer or anything.. lol!
Scott Summers-themed show confirmed. I like Bryan Singer, but he dropped the ball with that kid.
.Bryan Singer may have settled with 5 others claiming abuse do you care?
I only acknowledge the X Men movies by Bryan Singer. That Brett Ratner one was absolutely disgusting.
If I expanded the poll to include Bryan Singer's other movies, the selection would be tougher, especially with Brad Renfro and Brandon Routh
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Both "Hellion" + "Legion" are based on X-Men comics & will be executive-produced by Bryan Singer, director of movies in the X-Men franchise.
"Is this a Boy Scout Jamboree or a Bryan Singer party?"
X-Men director Bryan Singer allegedly drugged and abused teen at Hollywood sex party 시발TV
I mean Bryan Singer has his pitfalls but both the X Men First Class and days of the future past were so well done!
X-Men Apocalypse could be v long and includes special homage says Bryan Singer
Just hung out w Bryan Singer and Ryan. They're such great guys and fun to talk too! people…
The Usual Suspects (1995). American neo-noir crime thriller movie directed by Bryan Singer. Which of these criminals? …
Bryan Singer turns 50 today. . Please pray for all the twinks whose life force he'll have to absorb to stave off aging for another year.
Bryan Singer has produced a billion dollar movie franchise for the XMEN. He's not going anywhere.
Oscar Issac, who will appear next year as the titular villain in Bryan Singer's…
All about Bryan Singer ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Days of Future Past, as Bryan Singer repaired the damage done by X-Men: Last Stand in style
I really wish every country singer did the scavenger hunt for tickets every show like Luke Bryan that would be clutch
Bryan Singer telepathy? All revelation is like divine sent telepathy
X-Men director Bryan Singer creating new drama, World War III, for Spike TV -
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
But seeing as this is a Bryan Singer joint still, I'm honestly not holding my breath.
Yes, it does, I love the grounded, realistic world Bryan Singer has created
If Apocalypse looks exactly the same in movie as he does in the set pictures then Bryan Singer has lost the plot ffs
Is this the same Bryan Singer as the guy who directed Usual Suspects?
It looks as though ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ director Bryan Singer has given us a brief glimpse of Archangel’s wings…
I don't get what's going on with Bryan Singer. His first few films were great, interesting, thought provoking. Now he just sells popcorn.
When you see Mission Impossible you may find yourself thinking how much better Christopher McQuarrie films are these days over Bryan Singer.
Luke bryan is the only country singer I would go to see
A crossover movie could happen, says Bryan Singer
Tinder Hooks Up with Country Star to Debut Song: Country singer Luke Bryan has debuted "Kill the Lights": a b...
Bryan Caraway wants Michael McDonald(the fighter, maybe the pop singer?) next, or a title shot. I'm guessing he'll get Michael McDonald
Archangel Confirmed By Bryan Singer: Fox Angel, one of the original X-Men, hasn’t had…
Check out a massive practical set from
Can please take over on all future Marvel character films?! He's doin an awesome job way more than Bryan Singer!
I like that Bryan Singer is sharing stuff, but sometimes too much is too much... I want to be somewhat surprised.
I believe he was listed as dead in Days of Future Past along with all the other non-Bryan Singer X-Men
Why is it that Bryan Singer is messing up everything about the Can u not make characters look like they're an
Bryan Singer didn't said the Apocalypse film is over so, I guess J and M are still there... aren't we? Cause both are missing :c
In an interview with Empire, Bryan Singer (kind of) defends the look of in…
Just when you thought Bryan Singer can't get any bigger.
Coming out of The X-Men:Apocalypse camp..Bryan Singer is teasing ArchAngel's Metallic wings..Yep..You heard me...
A few new photos here that director Bryan Singer recently instagrammed, even though Patton Oswalt and "X-Men"...
Henry Gyrich was in played by Bryan Singer. So Fox Marvel owns him. Even though he first appeared in Avengers
What do . Josh Duggar . Stephen Collins . Bryan Singer . Garth Ancier. David Nueman. Woody Allen. All have in common?All accused of Sex Crimes
Behind the scenes of with Bryan Singer & as Jean Grey.
"If it worked once, let's keep doing it until everyone hates us."--Bryan Singer, film director and rapist
Superman false savior from director Bryan Singer's film. Superman Returns with the Wrecking Ball (R$E) via
Bryan Singer is the number 2 greatest CBM director of all time
The director of X-Men, Bryan Singer, and three other Hollywood execs can now breat...
Alexandra Shipp Goes Bald to Play Storm in 'X-Men: Apocalypse': . A new photo uploaded by director Bryan Singer...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Storm's Haircut Revealed For X-Men Apocalypse: Director Bryan Singer brought some of his X-Men Apocalypse cast...
Did anyone tell he just interviewed legendary Bryan Singer, director or X-men on the grid without knowing?
What are you like.Bryan Singer...quite a brilliant director muppet
sky's Martin Brundle mistaking director Bryan Singer for James McAvoy already a highlight for the day.
Oh my god just mistook Bryan Singer - director of the X Men as a member of the public!! He said "I think we have the wrong guy" 😂
Awkward! That’s Bryan Singer. Director of X-Men and my favourite film of all time, The Usual Suspects.
How dare he not recognise Bryan Singer? Director of the best comic book movie franchise ever
Loving this pic, director Bryan Singer & crew film Brandon Routh flying on the set of 'Superman Returns'
“X-Men” director Bryan Singer shared a photo of himself in front of the Cerebro which appeared in the first...
Party of Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Teacher's Unions and Bryan Singer are suddenly offended by groping girls? About time!
Lucas Till Returning For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. As he has been known to do, Bryan Singer has recently been sharing...
Bryan Singer at US actor Tom Cruise waves to his fans as
not that I don't trust Josh Trank to make a good Fantastic Four movie, but I'd be a lot more at ease if Bryan Singer was working on it
So many young teenage males go 2 Hollywood 2 become actors & died after they've been molested by movie moguls Joel Schumacher & Bryan Singer
Bryan Lim can play Guitar and he is a Good Singer too.🎸🎤🎶. MarNella For ABKA.
But he got together all these other massively famous directors like Spielberg and Bryan Singer and George Lucas 😱
I've no idea who is Luke Bryan other that he's apparently a country singer and man, his song Roller Coaster is so good. So...manly.
I remember Bryan Singer being attached. At some point.
So is confirmed for Mr. Sinster in the Bryan Singer X-men films?
I love Luke Bryan my favorite country singer
Singer Luke Bryan & others have gone thru alot to resemble faces common in US
whenever anyone calls Lana a bad singer just show them this video
I've decided to join the X-Men as Scarlet Witch so I need Bryan Singer's personal email. 💁✨
I hope it repairs the huge plot hole DOFP has nobody mentions
Number one rule at country shows:Don't hit the singer in the face especially if he's Luke Bryan.
Brand new poster for Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer go on
I would love to see Luke Bryan in concert he is an amazing country singer he actually made my mom like country music AMAZING
Just Ivy talks with about upcoming projects & working with ht…
"Who is the Best Female Singer in GH ?". Efya . .donkor
Blackhawks’ Bryan Bickell looking to make the playoffs his time of year again
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bryan Adams - Heaven (Cover by Bluemarin on guitars and vocal)
Bryan Singer urges children to shower in *** to fight the drought, offers demonstration video from home collection for low low price.
Singer-composer sets out on his 1st world tour, Generation Next. He will open in Dallas on April 8:
That is the qstn. The bigger. To be honest Bryan SInger's should have been the Avengers back then, but what happened?
Thank you, Based Bryan Singer, for this header I'll eventually use.
do you think Zac is a Bryan Singer boy?
Hey I can get you into that Bryan Singer pool party if you want, just say the word, but don't tell yer parents
Me: Mom I wanna go see Luke Bryan. Mom: I don't know who that is. Me: A famous country singer from GA. Mom: I still don't know who that is. 😑
Do u know anything about Rogue's Cut version? When will it arrive for us? Or this is just with Bryan Singer?
I met a Dr this weekend.A friend told him I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter. Instead of the usual response of "ohh...try for something else"
dude movies gonna be great... Castings great AND Bryan Singer loves it
Bryan Singer Teases the Return of a Fan Favorite Character for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'
I don't like of Adam Lambert. Bryan May it's a singer of Queen with dead of Mercury.
reveals the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past
Director reveals new details about the "Rogue Cut" of X-Men: Days of Future Past
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bryan Singer’s Instagram: Robert Sean Leonard will guest star on Battle Creek
Rae is my absolute favorite over any singer.💜But don't get me wrong I'm still a huge Luke Bryan fan!!
CBS is reportedly going where many have gone before, developing a new series (with Bryan Singer)
The story about a new for TV seems to be gaining traction. Maybe it will happen this time around?.
Yes, we could. :-) I was at BT back when Bryan Singer did his video blogs of Superman Returns. Good times!
Check out award-winning mandolinist, Bryan Ranney at The Wine Rack! He just started playing
CBS could bring back as series, directed by . TRUE? FALSE?
Why did Bryan Singer sleep on Within Temptation? To download Luke Skywalker.
*Bryan Singer hacks into database showing he's only been in two since DOFP fixed the timeline*
I'll never understand why keep using Bryan Singer as their X-Men movie director...after the first movie I lost all faith in humanity
The are coming back, the new is around the corner, is out this Christmas, now
Sam Hunt is my favorite country singer besides Luke Bryan
.announces Jubilee as latest addition to
awesome song, sang by an amazing singer. Brilliant well done
but but but.they arent Bryan Singer xD
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Early rumblings and rumours hint that CBS might bring Star Trek back to the small screen.
as in luke Skywalker (but also for luke Bryan the singer :D
Russell conveniently left off all of Bryan Singer's X-Men movies off the list... See why u trash, fam? 😒
Wanna know what's even more messed up about the X-men franchise with Bryan Singer?. Wolverine got his classic comic costume in his last movie
"Bryan Singer is to the X-Men films what Joel Schumacher was to the Batman films" ---
So, I hope for better films in the X-men series but other than Deadpool, I don't see it happening if Bryan Singer is at the helm still.
Like Oscar Issac and Bryan Singer were talking about humanizing Apocalypse for the new movie. APOCALYPSE. Come on.
But again, Bryan Singer bans all of the source material from his directorial sets so, yeah. He's the problem.
As long as Bryan Singer is directing the X-men films.they'll continue to be bland and drab. So, don't even compare them to other films
Star Trek potentially heading back to TV but, and it's a big but, Bryan Singer directing. You give and then you take, universe. *sobs*
People who say Luke Bryan is their favorite country singer is why I have trust issues.
Star Trek’ is heading back to TV, and Bryan Singer might be directing:
Review: Love in The Time of Hydra. Kriss & also rant about Bryan Singer
To boldly go back on network television...
He sent that to Bryan Singer as his X Men audition tape I bet.
There is a Bryan Singer joke in there somewhere
I would like to think that every time Bryan Singer gets a directing job, another crack appears in the San Andreas Fault.
"Apt Pupil" and " Public Access" by Bryan singer are very good. But massively underrated
Still Bryan Singer's best movie to date. X-Men notwithstanding.
Is it just me or are all these twinks Bryan Singer is hiring for a perfect Young X-Men TV show?
if Luke Bryan is your favorite country singer!"
would you want to be nonced up by Bryan singer 24/7?
I do love that Bryan Singer's taken a shine to another fit blond boy
Bryan Singer has confirmed the film will take place in 1983 and will feature other familiar characters in their youth
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