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Bryan Cranston

Bryan Lee Cranston (born March 7, 1956) is an American actor, voice actor, writer and director.

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Sirjee, How about Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad and Clark Peters as Lester Freamon i…
Bryan Cranston, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Nathan Fillion and of course Tom Hanks and Matt Damon
Bryan Cranston, Giovanni Ribisi and beloved Character Actress Margo Martindale all in on BROCKMIRE.
Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston. What's not to like?!
Giovanni Ribisi on Bryan Cranston, their ‘Breaking Bad in reverse’ show
Just saw where Jennifer Garner, 45, is playing the wife of Bryan Cranston, 61, in 2017
Bryan Cranston as Stan Lee would be great
Fake movie posters we wish were real (including Bryan Cranston in a Stan Lee movie)
Gutterson & Mags Bennett having scenes together on a show created by and co-starting Bryan Cranston?
Bryan Cranston suffers a Nervous Breakdown and Leaves Himself in Robin Swicord’s…
Bryan Cranston goes into self-imposed exile in the upcoming indie Watch the trailer:…
Bryan Cranston totally looks better bald
Plus the special effects looked so Bad. Must have spent the entire budget on marketing & Bryan Cranston. Lol
Sneaky Pete on is AMAZING. Giovanni Ribisi as a con man, also features the legend Bryan Cranston!
I forget how many ppl are in Saving Private Ryan. Vin Diesel, Bryan Cranston, Dennis Farina, Paul Giamatti, the guy from Castle...
there are some things even Bryan Cranston can't save...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The irony of finishing Breaking Bad on Bryan Cranston (Walter White)'s birthday😅
Any time a US chat show announces "Next up, Anderson Cooper", I expect a dude from the FBI or CIA to drop in. Same for Bryan Cranston
3/7/1956: Bryan Cranston was born. Thank God for Walter White teaching us how to stop being *** No spoilers! Haven't seen season 5 yet.
all this time Mr white had looked familiar to me. ...googled Bryan Cranston...Hal, the dad from Malcolm in the middle.
Happy birthday to the one and only Bryan Cranston, Mr. White ❤❤❤
Happy birthday Bryan Cranston(Walter White). His quote 'Never give up control,live life on your own terms' 👌
Happy 61st birthday to the infamous Walter White AKA Heisenberg AKA Bryan Cranston. Born on this day, 1956.
Happy birthday Bryan Cranston! As came to a close, he told us his thoughts on Walter White
Groovy series on Netflix with Bryan Cranston, very good so far.
Bryan Cranston is in a US remake of BBC3 sitcom Cuckoo. He's no Greg Davies, is he?
Michelle Monaghan Attend a celebration for Bryan Cranston in New York
JK is too much. Bryan Cranston would be a great Bob Ross.
Bryan Cranston wins his fifth career takes Male Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series for "All The Way"
Bryan Cranston knows what Lyndon B. Johnson would say to Trump, and it's not pretty
The DEA taught Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul how to cook crystal meth for their roles in "Breaking Bad."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm so sorry everything is so awful right now. Here's a picture of Bryan Cranston from "Larry Crowne" I keep on my…
Watching Malcolm In The Middle and my dad goes "That guy's got a look of a young Bryan Cranston about him" jfc
Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime is one of the best shows! Bryan Cranston is fantastic in this show!!
We have a new trailer with a first look at Bryan Cranston as Zordon!!! FULL TRAILER:
Bryan Cranston was better as Hal than Walter White
Peter Dinklage as Otto Octavius and Bryan Cranston as Norman Osborn. Make it happen, Marvel.
First was Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds then Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert and now James Corden and Bryan Cranston 😆
James Corden kissed Bryan Cranston. Colbert made out with Andrew Garfield. Jimmy Fallon next time Justin Timberlake…
Amazon releases s1 of Bryan Cranston's new drama "Sneaky Pete" tomorrow. My review
As a producer, Bryan Cranston knew the best way to save his pilot was to act in it himself:…
What do you guys think of having Bryan Cranston as the MCU rendition of Norman Osbourne?
Bryan Cranston was doing his best Jurgen Klopp impression
Reporter: This summer, the ghost of Sebastian Bach and Bryan Cranston star in "CSI Miami: The Search for David Caruso's Gold". Caruso: 💔
I always forget all the cameos in Saving Private Ryan. This time I forgot Ted Danson, Nathan Fillion, Bryan Cranston, Dennis Farina.
Bryan Cranston = Chief Brody, Mark Ruffalo = Hooper, Nick Nolte could be Quint and I see Catherine Keener as Ellen Brody.
Finally watching ALL THE WAY, and both Bryan Cranston and Melissa Leo are chameleons here. Both are barely recognizable - wow. 😯
|..soon. Bryan Cranston will play a Malcolm in the Middle-era v...
I enjoyed Breaking Bad much more when i didnt know how anti trump Bryan Cranston is-Actors really should keep their politics to themselves
NEW RELEASES: Bryan Cranston asks Will Smith in & more >>…
Only a certain few! Bryan Cranston just happens to be one! 😎
Hearing Sussudio by Phil Collins in restaurant. Immediately reminded of Bryan Cranston in "Malcolm" leading the revolt in the supermarket. 😂
Love Bryan cranston so smooth and funny!
For real though, the movie was hilarious. Also... if we are being honest I'm more attracted to Bryan Cranston so. 😏😘
Why Him? review: James Franco meets the parents, but Bryan Cranston is no De Niro
Bryan Cranston would play the perfect Rawb Lawb in the biopic: Rawb Lawb and the Two-Story Shed
Why Him? review: Bryan Cranston generates more chemistry than Heisenberg .
Great advice from Bryan Cranston. Our job is not to get the job. Just be. Simple. Powerful. I like it.
Bryan Cranston recorded an audio book for audible and it's great
Ed Norton, Bryan Cranston and Bill Murray... I'm so over the moon HAPPY
Why Him: From the moment we spy the dead-moose art installation that graces the…
Watch James Franco and Bryan Cranston Take on the Hot Ones Challenge via
Reserve your tickets now for "Why Him?," a comedy starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco. . via
My wife gets to meet the coolest people! She calls me today and says, "Guess who I chatted with today? Bryan Cranston!" I'm so jelly.
So my wife calls me and I say, "what's up?" "Oh nothing" she says, "I just finished talking with Bryan Cranston." Me: 😳so jelly.
Alright, I'll go see Why Him. but if James Franco gives Bryan Cranston any trouble with his hijinks I'm leaving
Hot Ones has an episode now with James Franco & Bryan Cranston. Two of the best actors doing an interview while eating hot wings 👌🏼
Bryan Cranston's movie 'Why Him?' showing in Bryan Cranston's movie theatre in Palm Desert
James Franco and Bryan Cranston on hot ones !
Can Bryan Cranston please play Sully in the
James Franco sorta gifted his costar Bryan Cranston with marijuana
Zoey Deutch, James Franco and Bryan Cranston are hilarious in the new comedy Why Him? in theaters December 23!
Treat yourself this Boxing Day to a laugh with the comedy dream team of James Franco & Bryan Cranston
I liked a video Actors on Actors: Bryan Cranston and Jason Segel – Full Video
i love Bryan Cranston so much. omg.
Closing out Season 2 w a heater!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Bryan Cranston & James Franco bond over spicy wings on an all new Hot Ones https:/…
Get tips from James Franco, Bryan Cranston and Cedric the Entertainer via
"Why Him? starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston!". me: but...
Wes Anderson's new movie features all the greats: Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, and dogs:
Season 2: "Menace, Anyone?". If you've ever wanted a Bryan Cranston character to be bumped off early and for Linda…
I just found out that Bob Odenkirk and Bryan Cranston are different people. What a day!
Hands of Stone was average but I overrate any boxing film. Infiltrator had Bryan Cranston, about FBI agent tracking Escobar
Shame about Bryan Cranston and Bob Odenkirk being massive cucks irl
James Franco and Bryan Cranston face off in game of Who Said It?
Bryan Cranston mocks Trump as Breaking Bad's Walter White on 'SNL' -
Bryan Cranston brings back Walter White but John Cena still hosts a mediocre SNL
Bryan Cranston brings back Walter White for SNL Trump sketch - Entertainment Weekly…
Bryan Cranston's Walter White is resurrected as part of Trump's cabinet in hilarious skit
& Follow to a copy of A life in Parts by Bryan Cranston. Comp closes 12 Dec. UK Only htt…
Of course, only the brilliant Bryan Cranston can make SNL funny.
EW: Walter White had the perfect cameo on 🙏🏼
'I'm a big fan': Bryan Cranston resurrects Walter White to mock Trump's cabinet picks... by via
Bryan Cranston brings back Walter White for an Trump sketch:
Walter White is back! Watch Bryan Cranston reprise 'Breaking Bad' role on 'SNL' via
Walter White had the perfect cameo on 🙏🏼
Bryan Cranston resurrects Walter White on SNL to play Trump's DEA pick via
Alright watching host last night. And Bryan Cranston just reprised Walter White! 💥
Bryan Cranston reprising Walter White on SNL last night was the best thing ever.
Seeing Bryan Cranston play Walter White on SNL makes me really want to rewatch Breaking Bad I miss it
'SNL' goes after Trump's picks by bringing back Bryan Cranston's Walter White as the head of DEA (w/video):
Spent Monday in PGH on set of Last Flag Flying film with Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston - wonderful talent!!
So Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Lawrence Fishburne are filming a movie in my area. Pretty cool!
Spotted: Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston are everywhere in Pittsburgh.
Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston take in Penguins game via
It was surreal seeing someone yesterday in Manchester whilst I met Sylvester McCoy, who I saw in London when I also met Bryan Cranston.
As points out, though, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad) wins this category, even o…
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Christmas movie coming out with James Franco and Bryan Cranston? I'm already seeing it.
Cast Away, starring Claudette Colbert and Bryan Cranston. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Disclosure. Budget: $250m
Iron Chef Michael Symon is doing an event in Pittsburgh today. . Guess who has class?. I have class. Bryan Cranston on Wednesday, now this. 😑
Albert Brooks tenderly talking to Bryan Cranston just after cutting him kills me everytime I watch Drive. Which is twice, but still, dead.
David Blaine performs for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Will Smith's family. Woody Harrelson and Kanye wait wut
Has anyone checked out Sneaky Pete on Amazon? Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston. Giving it a go because that duo sounds like an orchestra
I liked a video DavidBlaine - Real or Magic with Will Smith, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston & Kanye West
Amy Schumer, Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, and Bryan Cranston may want to start contacting moving companies.
Bryan Cranston, Mylie Cyrus and possibly Whoopi Goldberg are moving here to Canada if Trump gets elected. C'mon up ya'll.. Eh!
Bryan Cranston 'absolutely' fleeing country if Trump wins presidency
Bryan Cranston says he'll move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president via
Breaking Bad star to leave the U.S. if Trump wins. Good riddance, *** . Source:
Bryan Cranston: Trump is like a 'Shakespearean character' | BBC News - Bravo Mr. White!
Bryan Cranston and 10 more stars who would leave the U.S. if Donald Trump becomes president:
Bryan Cranston heading for the border if Trump wins
shuns meth buddy Tuco's invitation to flee to
I'd love to see bryan cranston doing a reenactment thing on this show!
BBC News - Bryan Cranston: Trump is like a 'Shakespearean character'
Guys. Bryan Cranston played a troll expert lawyer with great legs on Sabrina!!
Can we just take a moment to discuss the crazy amount of awesome that Bryan Cranston is? Kudos, sir.
Then why doesn't Bryan Cranston move now? And take Whoopi, Joy, Barbra, Mylie and Lena in his carry-on.…
If Cranston leaves where will we get all the great meth?
Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame considers moving to Vancouver if Trump wins election, writes
Lmfao,.. Curious on how many ppl will end up becoming Canadian's?! 😜😂
Actor says he'll leave the United States and move to Canada if is elected president.
All the Way (2016) was great. Written by Robert Schenkkan. . (I hope we get many more Bryan Cranston / Jay Roach pro…
You could be a young Bryan Cranston you know.
I'm pretty sure they would be thrilled to have Bryan Cranston.
Repeating my public service reminder: you can't "just move to Canada.".
Breaking Canada. Bryan Cranston says he will move to Canada if Trump wins.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bryan Cranston says he "would definitely move" to Canada if Donald Trump became president
Bryan Cranston is the latest narcissistic Hollywood *** that will leave the USA next Tuesday... once again "Canada…
YO MR. WHITE! Bryan Cranston says he 'would definitely move' to Canada if wins. Oh really?
.My girls love Bryan Cranston. I would be petitioned to provide accommodations. I do have the room though.
Bryan Cranston stops in Chicago, shares wisdom for entreprenuers
Can you believe that Selena Gomez is only 24 and she already work with James Franco, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston, Paul Rudd
If you think we wouldn’t swipe right on this Bryan Cranston dating video, you need to ht…
Best in a while! Eddie Redmayne, Bryan Cranston and Benedict Cumerbatch ❤️🙊
Bruh, why her dad look like Bryan Cranston 💀💀💀
Bryan Cranston as Gendo has been sexually assaulting people in the closet and you had to have DVD on standby in your backpack
Can I hire Bryan Cranston to tutor me in chemistry?
I think naturally, if you're an actor, there's a high level of assert...
📹 cumberbuddy: Bryan Cranston and Benedict Cumberbatch like to marry people.
Eddie Redmayne, Bryan Cranston and Benedict Cumberbatch on one couch. It doesn't get better than this.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, and Bryan Cranston on one couch omg
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filming a special Skittles Halloween commercial with Bryan Cranston earlier this morning in Toronto
Glorious! Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Bryan Cranston in one couch (with corny pick up lines)!
here's Bryan Cranston at his event in Toronto last night
Bryan Cranston will talk about his memoir Nov. 20 at Pittsburgh's City Theatre
Bryan Cranston spent hundreds of hours roller skating for the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where he teaches Malcolm to roller blade.
The making of Walter White: Bryan Cranston tells his own story.
Bryan Cranston leaves signed copies of his book at Heathrow via
A complete stranger met Bryan Cranston yesterday, and he did something lovely
I support Bryan Cranston in his one man fight against suits
ah yes, so we can have Bryan Cranston as Mr. Sinister, that sure is tedious and annoying -dismissive *** motion-
Is this Godzilla with Bryan Cranston any good? It's on TV.
Bryan Cranston reads as Heisenberg, teaches that guy a about grace under fire
The best thing about anesthesia is waking up and your dentist is Bryan Cranston.
Eddie Redmayne shows off his magical skill with help from Benedict Cumberbatch and Bryan Cranston :)
Our whole society is instantaneous.
Watch: Bryan Cranston does a dramatic reading of Little Mix's 'Shout Out To My Ex' as Walter White
Bryan Cranston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne's dating video - The Graham Norton Show
Seriously though, over sell Bryan Cranston's involvement and then give us a horrible, Michael Bay-esque storyline after? . Crying
I liked a video Benedict Cumberbatch and Bryan Cranston Both Like to Marry People - The Graham Norton
Watch Bryan Cranston read the lyrics to Little Mix's "Shout Out to My Ex" as Heisenberg
For what it's worth. That iMac made every single video I ever did. Would you believe a video with Bryan Cranston killed it?
Bryan Cranston: ‘Who would play me in the film of my life? Mr Bean’
You can't fool me: Bryan Cranston and Gordon Lightfoot are the same person:
Giveaway: Win The Infiltrator Book and Autographed Poster by Bryan Cranston and Benjamin Bratt -
I did not meet Bryan Cranston last night.
That's how I feel about Bryan Cranston as Walter White,then I remember he was in Power Rangers
Loved watching all the responses. Bryan Cranston is such a good dude. LOVE. 💕
10 minutes feels like 1 when you interview Bryan Cranston
- What questions do you have for Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad' fame?
Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston reveal he used to be a murder suspect – 
- TV host asks Bryan Cranston to do something extremely awkward and it’s absolutely amazing to wat
⚡ Bryan Cranston answers your questions at by
what a minute..that's not Bryan Cranston...
Missed epic story about being in the frame for a real life murder? You have to watch his interview…
Anyone selling two tickets for Bryan Cranston tomorrow at ?
Can't believe I didn't know Bryan Cranston has a book out! I simply must own it! I find him fascinating.
⚡️ “Bryan Cranston answers your questions at ” by
Bryan Cranston is a national treasure and I love him 😘
In the early '80s, Bryan Cranston guest-starred on a "Jerry Springer"-like show as a bisexual man cheating on his pregnant w…
I'm now obsessed with Bryan Cranston. What a lovely man!
In Short, Bryan Cranston: I leave copies of my book in airports
Bryan Cranston. Terrific actor and lovely man.
Watch 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston reveal he was once a murder suspect
Deep down, every Bryan Cranston role is just a variation on Tim Whatley.
Look at the guest stars on this episode of MURDER, SHE WROTE!! Bill Maher, David Huddleston and Bryan Cranston! Saturday night now complete!
Bryan Cranston's proposal to his wife involved putting the ring on his toe
That awesome day when Bryan Cranston and Leonard Martin show up to your store.
Bryan Cranston and his brother were once investigated for murder
Three years after 'Breaking Bad,' Bryan Cranston still hasn't shaken Walter White - The…
UPI - Bryan Cranston on getting cast as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad': 'I wanted it badly'
I liked a video from Power Rangers Official Trailer (2017) Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth
Congrats to J. Quinton Johnson, who has landed a lead with Bryan Cranston, Steve Carrell & Lawrence Fishburne in R…
I watched The Infiltrator last night w/Bryan Cranston & John Leguizamo...not a bad *** movie. I'd absolutely recommend it.
the Macross Plus dub is not good, but at least it gives us the bizarre Bryan Cranston anime connection
tfw you look up Macross Plus and realize Bryan Cranston was one of the voice actors for the dub you watched as a kid
Blazing Saddles, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Bryan Cranston. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, music by Mudvayne. Budget: $2000
Roger Craig Smith sounds like Bryan Cranston in Origins sometimes-always liked his Bat-voice
But Jim Gordon being voiced by Bryan Cranston is banging
It could’ve been Bryan Cranston: Justice League’s Jim Gordon revealed in new pic.
Bryan Cranston Still Wants To Play Mr. Sinister - About this time last year actor Bryan Cranston told folks at ...
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Woody Harrelson in LBJ: TIFF movie review: Bryan Cranston won the Tony for his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in..
Batman Year One is a great story/movie, Bryan Cranston is a fantastic Jim Gordon
as if Richard Linklater wasn't exciting enough, Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston and Lawrence Fishburne have all been cast
Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon. He nailed the role in Batman: Year One and I know he could do it again.
I shall not look back & do my best. Liked the Walter(Bryan Cranston) & Elle Fanning, but Diane Lane was so amazing. ht…
If I ever meet my apparent doppelganger, Bryan Cranston, I know exactly what I will ask him.
Screen Actors Guild Awards's photo. to this dynamic duo! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at the 20th show
why isn't there a movie where Charles Dance and Bryan Cranston stare at each other across at table
If a Jaws remake happened- Kyle Chandler as Martin Brody, TJ Miller as Matt Hooper and Bryan Cranston as Quint.
America Ferrera, Johnny Galecki, Bryan Cranston, and Jesse Eisenberg are a few of Clinton's $2,700 donors.
DNC: Obama video narrated by Bryan Cranston, directed by Davis Guggenhei.. Related Articles:
"Almost inevitably, there’s a James Franco movie too, his adaptation of John Steinbeck’s “In Dubious Battle” starring Bryan Cranston and SG"
See President Obama's intro video, narrated by Bryan Cranston:
See President Obama's DNC intro video, narrated by Bryan Cranston
How much money would you pay to see Bryan cranston do a backflip?
Across the country, minority voters are being silenced at the polls. has a solution:
So let me get this right: gets Chachi, but the can only counter with Bryan Cranston??
.is leading the anti-Trump pledge and wants celebs to sign on!
I knew Bryan Cranston was cool when he played Daltron Trumbo :)
.Black voters are being silenced at the polls. We must restore voting rights now.
Bryan Cranston for Black voters are being silenced at the polls
We are THRILLED to present Bryan Cranston on book tour October 18 for his memoir, A LIFE IN PARTS! Just confirmed... http…
i just touched/folded shirts that were worn by Jonah Hill and Bryan Cranston
Jokes by fall flat in Democratic convention hall.
Over 100 celebrities are A movement determined to stop from becoming POTUS. .
"Bryan Cranston spoke in Philadelphia today and said 'so be it' to those who might boycott his movies because he supports Hillary Clinton."
added to my no watch actor list. Bryan Cranston leads celebs to sign anti-Trump pledge
Macklemore and Bryan Cranston are among celebrities signing an anti-Trump pledge:
Bryan Cranston and Kerry Washington are among the more than 100 celebrities to... by via
Stunned more people aren't going to see because it is so *** good. Bryan Cranston and Benjamin Bratt own in it. 👍🏼👍🏼
Order Miche Bag Online!
Went and saw The Infiltrator and I have 2 takeaways: Bryan Cranston is magnificent and Benjamin Bratt gets hotter with age. *** !
ICYMI: Dave Aizer TV Host caught up with Bryan Cranston and Benjamin Bratt on their new film, The Infiltrator!
Bryan Cranston finds his way to crack the bad guys in 'The Infiltrator.'
If Hollywood ever make a Craig Sager bio pic, Bryan Cranston should play him.
Not that it should or will ever happen, but Bryan Cranston would make an awesome Taylor in a true, Reeve's Planet of the Apes '68 remake.
Bryan Cranston visiting his uncle Bob at a nudist colony sounds like a great comedy
⚡️ “Bryan Cranston's bad character and more from late night and more from late night”.
Bryan Cranston's Trump impression might just be the best Trump impression yet
Bryan Cranston plays one of his complex characters in "Too Much Exposition Theater"
I love Bryan Cranston so much, I really wish he was in like every movie.
GQMagazine: Bryan Cranston just gave us a new gold standard in Donald Trump impressions
Exclusive: Bryan Cranston & John Leguizamo whistle through the graveyard in
REVIEW: Bryan Cranston carries but he should have shared the load.
Hey guys. What's up? Nothing much this side. Just the casual. Only, BRYAN CRANSTON ANSWERED MY…
Diane Kruger joins co-stars Bryan Cranston and Benjamin Bratt at the NYC premiere of 'The Infiltrator' on Monday...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Walter White, Trumbo, LBJ, Robert Mazur: last 8 years, who's been more prolific and versatile than Bryan Cranston?
.BryanCranston joins Instagram with must-see photo of him and JLo:
Bryan Cranston does a pretty great Donald Trump impression:
esquire: Bryan Cranston's Donald Trump impression might just be the best we've seen:
can I adopt Bryan Cranston as my dad or something
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk and Anna Gunn each appeared in episodes of
Maybe they paid Bryan Cranston a lot a lot a lot of money to do this movie because, yeah, we don't get it.
I liked a video Bryan Cranston interview | LIVE with Kelly Jul 11, 2016
A 14 year old Bryan Cranston with his dog, 1970.
Bryan Cranston says Power Rangers movie is dark like Batman, not silly like the TV series (Ryan Whitwam/Gearlog)
Bryan Cranston loathes James Franco in the NSFW trailer:
It's Bryan Cranston versus James Franco in new comedy 'Why Him?'.
I WANT to like a movie that has Bryan Cranston and James Franco in it, but this looks AWFUL.
The trailer of "Why him?" is here!. James Franco and Bryan Cranston in the same movie I'm blessed
I'd follow Bryan Cranston into the depths of *** Watching the Power Rangers movie seems comparable
Bryan Cranston reveals Power Rangers will be like the Dark Knight, "I'm gonna die on painkillers a month before it comes out"
forget Bryan Cranston as Stan Lee, I want Bryan Cranston as Stan Lee as Revolver Ocelot
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressed as other Breaking Bad characters will forever be amazing
I added a video to a playlist Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Take on Nerdist - All Star
Couldn't be more excited for another John Hamburg written comedy with James Franco and Bryan Cranston! Why Him?
Bryan Cranston in the White House! Here's my review of last night's HBO/Sky Atlantic drama
it was line that for Bryan Cranston during Malcolm in the middle. It took Breaking Bad to blow him up
It was bad. I really like Bryan Cranston (and really dislike Joe McCarthy).
Today I held a very important conversation with a customer at work about Malcolm in the Middle, Frankie Muniz, and Bryan Cranston 🙂
Bryan Cranston to star in a new 'Power Rangers' movie: . .
Bryan Cranston to Play Zordon in the 'Power Rangers' reboot
Bryan Cranston confirmed to be in the new Power Rangers movie playing the mentor character…
Bryan Cranston cast as Zordon in Power Rangers movie!!!
Bryan Cranston is gonna be Zordon in the new Power Rangers? ITS GON B GUD.
Bryan Cranston is gonna play zordon in a new Power Rangers movie LOL
Whoa. Bryan Cranston (who was the voice of some of the monsters in the original MMPR series) is playing Zordon in...
has found its Zordon in the gawd Bryan Cranston.
Been on board with the new Power Rangers movie since its inception but Bryan Cranston as Zordon really cements my excitement.
Bryan Cranston cast as Zordon in the Power Rangers movie is almost certainly my new favourite thing
Bryan Cranston is playing Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie. This is the best thing that's ever happened.
"Bryan Cranston to play Zordon in the new 'Power Rangers' movie"
Bryan Cranston is one of the greatest actors the world will ever know
Bryan Cranston wants to find some teenagers with attitude (in the new
Bryan Cranston playing Zordon??!!! This film is getting more appealing by each news break!
"Power Rangers’ Casts Bryan Cranston as a Giant Floating Head in a Tube «Say my name». Zordon xD
Bryan Cranston has just joined the cast of Power Rangers! Hit the link to check out the…
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