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Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino (born October 6, 1935) is an Italian-American former professional wrestler, best known for being the longest-running champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), holding the title across two reigns for over 11 years in total, as well as the longest single WWE Championship reign in professional wrestling history.

Hulk Hogan Ivan Koloff Ultimate Warrior Dusty Rhodes Madison Square Garden Gorilla Monsoon Rick Rude Vince McMahon John Cena Bob Backlund Killer Kowalski World Wrestling Federation Superstar Billy Graham Randy Savage Bret Hart

Bulldog Brower [1983] I can’t honestly say I never even knew of this guy until I read that he once held the NWA American Tag Team Championship with Roddy Piper. As it turns out, Brower had quite a storied career, debuting in the late 1950’s and wrestling throughout North America for 30 years. Brower got his start in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. After wrestling in Canada, He traveled to Puerto Rico. It was there that he teamed with Luke Graham to win a tournament that crowned he and Graham as the NWA North American Tag Team Champions. Then he traveled back to America to wrestle in New York for the NWF, where he defeated Johnny Powers to become the NWF North American Champion. It was in the 1980’s when he headed to Madison Square Gardens to meet Vince McMahon and sign a contract. He ended his wrestling career in the WWF as a heel, facing off against the likes of Johnny Valentine, Mil Mascaras, “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd, and Bruno Sammartino. Sadly, Bulldog Brower passed away in September of 1997 a ...
They just added the Bella Twins, John Cena, and Bruno Sammartino to Wizard World Philadelphia. And BATISTA! Michael Rooker and Karen Gillan are going to be there. If they added one more name, like Chris Pratt, I would kill for a Guardians of the Galaxy VIP.
Professional wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino shares the shock many fans feel after the sudden death of the former pro wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.
My son and I went to the Steel City Comic was freaking off the hook! Saw and spoke with: Parker Stevenson. Dermot Crowley (Luther show...British show) Cindy Williams (Shirley from Laverne and Shirley...and I got her autograph) Bruno Sammartino! Lee Majors!.yup, the Six Million Dollar Man. Took a tonload of picts too! Never been to one of these was TOTALLY AWESOME!
WWF Wrestling Results from Philadelphia P.A. from the Spectrum ,(7,742) , Televised on Prism Network announcers *** Graham and Kal Rudman , December 13, 1980 , Results , Johnny Rodz defeated Rick Stallone 9:32 , The Moondogs defeated Rick McGraw and Steve King at 14:12, Sgt, Slaughter defeated Dominic Denucci at 9:17 , Tony Atlas fought Larry Zbyszko to a double disqualification at 11:14 ,WWF World Tag Team Champions Tony Garea and Rick Martel defeated The Wild Samoans in 2 straight falls at 13:34 ,in fall one The Samoans were disqualified at the 28 second mark in fall two Martel pinned Afa at 13:06 , (28 second disqualification in fall one doesn't make for a great match,) WWF World I.C. Champion Pedro Morales defeated Ernie Ladd by disqualification at 9:44 , Bruno Sammartino defeated Ken Patera at 7:51( Patera had lost his I.C. Title to Morales, didn't wrestle much longer in WWF, came back to WWF in 1984,) Thanks
At the Steel City Con in monroeville, just met one of my idols, Parker Stevenson and waiting to meet Bruno Sammartino and George "the Animal Steele"
George the Animal Steele born Jim Myers was raised in Madison Heights, Michigan. During high school, he found success in track running, baseball, basketball and football. In 1956, Myers entered Michigan State University as a football player for the Michigan State Spartans, but his career as a football player was immediately cut short as a result of knee problems. After gaining a bachelor of science degree from Michigan State University and a master's degree from Central Michigan University, Myers became a teacher, amateur wrestling coach, and football coach at Madison High School in Madison Heights, Michigan. There he would eventually become a member of the Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame. Looking to supplement his income, he got into the world of Detroit-area professional wrestling, but in order to protect his privacy, he wrestled using a mask and the name The Student. Scouted by World Wide Wrestling Federation champion Bruno Sammartino, he began working in Pittsburgh in 1967 on the popular Studio Wrestlin ...
I love Bruno Sammartino's move set on Nothing but stiff, old school, smash mouth Rasslin'. :)
i hope Bruno Sammartino gets called up soon
We have to give credit to the man who has mended fences with guys like The Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino
Just had an epic, stiff fight between Bruno Sammartino and Andre The Giant on In my custom 70s MSG arena too! :D
Eat your heart out Bruno Sammartino, Big Zeke's reign outlasted yours. Wait, did WWE forget he was still employed?
Interesting 3-man commentary team for this match: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, Bruno Sammartino.
and Bruno Sammartino was the WWWF champ the last time the Leafs won the cup.
I liked a video Marty Jannetty on Bruno Sammartino testifying against him
If can put Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino & Ultimate Warrior in WWE HOF, KISS can bring Vinnie in for the night! 2014
has put together at Full Sail and brought both Lesnar AND Bruno Sammartino back to
Who is better on the basis of technical skills?? Bruno Sammartino OR Hulk Hogan
Hey guys, so it's my 17th birthday today and I just wanted to say, thanks to all those who have actually respected my opinions and so on and to those who claim I'm ''too young to know wrestling'', this one's for you... Since the age of just three, I remember watching WWF and WCW, my dad was and still is a huge wrestling fan. At eight years old I was watching ROH, whereas most fans don't even hear of ROH until they're eighteen years old, CM Punk is my favorite wrestler of all time. I might get called an ' *** ' and be told to change my opinion to someone like The Rock or Steve Austin, but I bet in the 90's when you were rooting for Austin, Rock, Hogan or Randy Savage and claiming they were the best, no one turned around and said to you ''you're clearly some *** who hasn't lived through the Bruno Sammartino era and needs to learn real wrestling'' and that your opinion was invalid. No, I'm not too young to admin, I'm not even the youngest on this page for one thing, but considering I've been watching pro ...
Following the fall of Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania, can begin a new cycle, having a new warrior go unconquered for an impressive stretch. As high stakes in WWE's in-ring narratives and a way to elevate a star in search of megastar status, a similar streak has tremendous value. It's a tricky path to take, though. The special nature of Undertaker's feat becomes less so should someone else match it. The shock is still fresh for some—Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. WrestleMania's most compelling, consistent attraction is gone. There will of course be title bouts and grudge matches at The Show of Shows, but no longer will Undertaker defend his streak. As thrilling as the journey to 21-1 was, WWE has to be tempted to begin it again with someone else. Stakes and Stardom Undertaker's WrestleMania matches have been so great for the past few years in part because of the mystique around the streak. Each year, a new Superstar would step up. Fans didn't believe that Shawn Micha ...
The timing of the death of the man best known as The Ultimate Warrior (real name Warrior, born James Brian Hellwig) at 54 years old is, at best, eerie. The day after his first appearance on Raw and three days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he passed away outside of a hotel in Arizona. TMZ is reporting that he clutched his chest and collapsed, which are signs of a heart attack. Throughout WrestleMania weekend, when he appeared on WWE programming, it was not uncommon to see concern for his health on social media sites. His face turned red and he was sweating profusely during his Hall of Fame speech. TMZ reported that the concern was shared by those around him. On Raw, he was out of breath after a short walk to the ring and an attempt to shake the ropes. In general, he looked older, puffier and much less healthy than he did when doing publicity for WWE 2K14 last summer. On top of the change in his appearance, Hellwig dying when he did has obviously led to a lot of speculation about if he ma ...
it'll be with the Andre The Giant and Bruno Sammartino statues that WWE made for their moving Hall of Fame site..
is rousey/Carano same class as Bruno sammartino/Brock Lesnar?
At least we still have Bruno Sammartino. But your list needs Bobo Brazil and -- every Jets fan's favorite -- Wahoo McDaniel.
WWE parrots even labeled Bruno Sammartino a bitter old man right up until he returned.
like making peace with WWE and Vince. Vince and warrior were fighting for years. Bruno Sammartino goes way back into the mid
Might be a bit difficult on this one, I did get Bruno Sammartino into my last essay, but this might be push.
Bruno Sammartino is alive and old as f-ck. Most of the steroid era guys check out early.
Well, at least we still have Bruno Sammartino.
a kid. They talked about guys like Bruno Sammartino, but I had no idea. Not until the last few years.
Exclusive look at the making of the Bruno Sammartino statue
Bruno Sammartino outliving em' all too.
First Macho Man now Warrior! Every guy that reconciles with WWE after being estranged seems to die soon after..Watch out Bruno Sammartino.
50th Anniv of May 17, 1963 WWWF Title for Bruno and Belt will be in PGH 11 am Fri Sammartino Day
Crazy Fact - Daniel Bryan has held the WWE World title... - prorasslin: more times then Bruno Sammartino,...
Bruno sammartino has to make the list.
His Dad used to call him Bruno Sammartino because when he was small he was Chubby just like Bruno Sammartino😍
Very very funny episode, but how can you not mention the living legend Bruno Sammartino?
Cesaro could actually be built up like Bruno Sammartino. Same power, different body.
Hogan, Stone Cold, and The Rock in one ring? If Bruno Sammartino and Bret Hart was there too, that would have been awesome too.
As much as I wanted AJ to have the Bruno Sammartino reign, I'm glad she got her big WrestleMania victory and THEN dropped it to Paige.
I'm glad that relationships have been repaired between WWE and Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, Hogan, and Warrior. So much hist…
...Pretty accurate comparison JBL just made with the Bruno Sammartino Title Reign/Streak comparison.
I didn't go to Raw just mania. I lost my mind. Btw Bruno Sammartino was on my flight out of New Orleans. Best mania ever
Bruno Sammartino's era. Classic real wrestling with very little instance of ever breaking kayfabe. So does it look like I only
At Wrestlemania Axxess on Thursday night, Triple H disclosed a life-size statue of the unique Bruno Sammartino...
No doubt. We all know Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan real fathers of mma
Killer Kowalski, Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, etc. Watched it on Saturday mornings on UHF tv
People need to realize Bruno Sammartino did not need to be in the ring with Hogan,Rock.Stone Cold. he was pre Wrestlemania.
The Fabulous Moolah,The Undertaker and Bruno Sammartino made history and their legacy will live on.
The only equivilent I can think of is Bruno Sammartino losing the title back in the old days.
And oh yea, John Cena's gimic is older than Bruno Sammartino's title reign (8 years straight). He needs to get out of wrestling asap.
I go back to the Bruno Sammartino days. Lol
Hey! There's Bruno Sammartino sitting in 1st class!
Maria Kaneliss and Bruno Sammartino are at my gate at the airport right now!! Totally marking out!!!
It's always been said when Ivan Koloff ended Bruno Sammartino's reign as WWWF Champ, the crowd was deathly silent.
Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart, Bob Backlund, and Dusty Rhodes also in the house!!
I like Bruno Sammartino or George the Animal Steele, but they're not wrestling.
That's not Sergeant Slaughter, that's Bruno Sammartino with a hat and glasses.
Today's edition of I'm the booker takes us to the WWWF and back to the year of 1974. Bruno Sammartino was the champion, The Valiant Brothers were the tag team champions. Bob Duncum and Killer Kowalski were top contenders for Bruno's title, Spiros Arion just turned on Jay Strongbow and would become the top heel and Dominic Denucci and Victor Rivera were the number one challengers for the tag titles, the top manager to me at this time was still The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, Blassie was only managing a short time at this point and Albano was tied up with The Valiants, what made the Wizard fascinating was that he was managing Kowalski and Duncum also George Steele in late 74 and into 75 but then he was also managing in the Detroit Big time area The Noble Sheik, the most dangerous wrestler in the world at that time. Only in Detroit The Wizard was known as Abdullah Farouk, slightly different look to him but that same razor sharp mouth. The Sheik was the US Champion in Detroit, now some people will know this .. ...
ON THIS DAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY (thanks to Graeme Cameron and Brian Hoops) 1940 - Ray Steele beat Bronko Nagurski in Sgt. Louis to win the NWA title 1953 - Gorgeous George beat Don McIntyre in Atlanta to win the Southern title 1961 - Eddie Graham beat Buddy Austin in Tampa to win the Southern title 1963 - Buddy Austin & Great Scott beat Johnny Barend & Buddy Rogers to win the U.S. tag titles in Washington, DC 1967 - One of the biggest matches of the 60s, in Tokyo, saw International champion Giant Baba retain his title against challenger Bruno Sammartino, the WWWF champion, in a 60 minute draw 1969 - Bruno Sammartino beat Killer Kowalski via count out in Madison Square Garden to keep the WWWF title 1969 - Mario Milano & The Spoiler beat Don Leo Jonathan & Antonio Pugliese in Sydney to win the IWA tag titles 1970 - Baron Von Raschke beat *** the Bruiser in Chicago to win the WWA title 1975 - George Guliovas beat Great Mephisto in Melbourne to win the Austra Asian title 1977 - Bruno Sammartion beat Ke . ...
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All this talk about wrestling. Bruno Sammartino can take any of those punks. CM or othahwise.
foley, booker T, Trish, and Bruno sammartino went in last year.
This is finally it, finally, Virgil will join the likes of Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino in the Hall of Fame next on Overdo!
That was her guy...Bruno Sammartino lol
I will do a 30 minute video next week on the potential 2K15 roster, but here is my WISHLIST roster, 30 of them anyway. Here is my FULL WWE2K15 roster, if did just half of these, I would be very happy! 207 playable characters in all, and the non-playable characters will come once I have announced all the playable ones, I will be releasing 30 playable characters each day! Here goes: 1. Adrian Neville- This guy is one of the most talented athletes I have ever saw, he is also the current NXT Champion and definitely should be included in what I would LOVE to see, the NXT Mode! 2. Aiden English- Some great CAWS on WWE2K14 of this guy, but it would be awesome to have his real moves in the game and have him in the NXT Mode! 3. AJ Lee- This will be a no-brainer, was in WWE 13 and WWE2K14, and has recently returned and definitely the current Divas Champion will make the cut for WWE2K15! 4. Aksana- Not sure about this one, but would be nice to have a newer version of her in ring attire in WWE2K15! 5. Alberto Del Rio ...
Last great memory: Bruno Sammartino being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame! Sold out once again!
If Batista were to begin a Bruno Sammartino-length title reign at Wrestlemania, he'd be champion into his 70s. Think about that.
***HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT***. Last year in April, Pipebomb Radio had on "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino, now that...
Bruno Sammartino defends the WWWF championship against Stan Hansen in a steel cage match from Madision Square Garden from August, 1976. All rights owned by W...
John Felix Anthony Cena[1] (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977)[5] is an American professional wrestler, bodybuilder, rapper, and actor. He is currently signed to WWE. Cena started his professional wrestling career in 1999 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where he held the UPW Heavyweight Championship.[10] Cena signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later renamed to WWE) in 2001, debuting on the main roster in 2002. As of February 2014, Cena has had 21 championships reigns, including a record 11 reigns as WWE Champion[11] and three reigns as World Heavyweight Champion. He is a 14-time World champion, and has the fourth-highest number of combined days as WWE Champion, behind Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino. Outside of wrestling, Cena has released the rap album You Can't See Me, which debuted at No.15 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and starred in the feature films The Marine (2006), 12 Rounds (2009), and Legendary (2010).[12] Cena has also made appearances on telev ...
Dude, Lou Ferrigno, Nicholas Brendon, George the Animal Steele and Bruno Sammartino are all going to be at Steel City Con, this needs to happen
The awesome artwork is courtesy of our friends over at Iron Skull Productions. Terry Funk - For six decades the Funkster has graced canvas' all over the world with his form of art. Whether it was as a World Heavyweight Champion or being middle aged and crazy, Funk managed to capture the imaginations of fans wherever he appeared. From the St. Louis Wrestling Club to Amarillo to the WWF to Jim Crockett Promotions to FMW Japan to ECW and everywhere in between, Terry Funk has just about done it all in professional wrestling. Lou Thesz - The man chosen to be the long term flag-bearer for the National Wrestling Alliance following Orville Brown's tragic accident. And what a good choice it was. Thesz may never have been the most flamboyant of performers, instead he went the straight wrestler route and in a time when characters were gradually picking up more interest, Thesz through his in-ring skill alone managed to stay at the top of the game for many years. Harley Race - Until Ric Flair came along, Harley had th ...
WWWf Wrestling Results from Pittsburgh PA, Civic Arena ,October 11, 1969 , Lou Albano and Tony Altimore defeated Antonio Pugliese and Johnny DeFazio (Albano and Altimore had a lot of success as a tag team ) Joe Cox pinned Jim Grabmire around the 8 minute mark , Waldo Von Erich beat Hurricane Hunt at the 6 minute mark , Gorilla Monsoon fought Killer Kowalski to a 30 minute draw (Monsoon now a fan favorite ) WWWF International Tag Team Champions Pro Toru Tanaka and Mitsu Arakawa defeated The Batman and Victor Rivera, as Tanaka pinned Rivera at the 12 minute mark, Dr, Bill Miller beat Baron Scicluna at 11:05 (Miller would play good guy role at times, something Scicluna almost never played ) WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Koloff due to blood loss at 16:21 ( Who would know then Bruno Would lose title to Koloff 15 months later ) Thanks
I've never been a big fan of Bruno Sammartino. But his matches with Superstar Billy Graham were always great epic...
"I do have a problem; He doesn't know who Bruno Sammartino is!" - My mom after waking up to hear me & my sister talking about her boyfriend.
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When I got my phone, it had a pic of Bruno Sammartino on the home screen. It also had a travel guide to Italy and a pasta cookbook
Oh, and Bruno Sammartino is the guest referee.
hello hooligans hope you liked this page will give you information about mars bruno : Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985 ) , better known by his stage name Bruno Mars , is an American singer -songwriter and music producer ancestry Filipino and Puerto Rican mother by satellite through the father . Raised in Honolulu , Hawaii by a family of musicians, Mars began making music at a young age (within 2 years). After performing in various musical venues in his hometown throughout his childhood , he decided to pursue a musical career and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school. Mars began producing songs for other artists, joining production team The Smeezingtons . Peter Gene Hernandez Jr., was born and raised in Hawaii by parents Peter Hernandez and Bernadette " Bernie" of Puerto Rico and the Philippines respectively. Within two years he was nicknamed " Bruno " by his father , because of his resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino . Hernandez is one of 6 siblings ( brother E ...
Main event is Superstar Billy Graham defending against Bruno Sammartino. Vince in a pink suit on play by play.
Steamboat vs Borne, followed by Beefcake vs David Sammartino. Bruno in his son's corner got the biggest pop of the night so far.
Raybeez looks more like Bruno Sammartino anyways
I really wish the had footage from the WWWF. Bruno Sammartino days and Dusty Rhodes! I hope they eventually add it!
Spiros Arion vs. Bruno Sammartino. So, Brooklyn Brawler is just a repackaged Arion, am I right?
"So Dan Gable, Randy Couture, Kurt Angle, and Bruno Sammartino walk into a bar..." .
Now I'm watching Don Muraco vs Cactus Jack from Herb Abrams' UWF. With Bruno Sammartino on commentary.
Forty-seven years ago today on this date: Gorilla Monsoon defeated Bruno Sammartino via countout in New York City.
27 years ago today, a couple of old rivals squared off when Bruno Sammartino took on Nikolai Voloff on Challenge.
# 88: the Bruno Sammartino, has no meat? Seems like a no-brainer.
1976 World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Ernie Ladd to retain the . (see complete card:
I can't wait to see Bruno Sammartino wrestle Vader at while workers like watch. Keep burying talent
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This Day In Wrestling History- March 1st: Trivia. 1987 - Bruno Sammartino is inducted into the Italia...
I'd respect them more because Bruno Sammartino held that title
“He looks like Bruno Sammartino and Honeymoon in Vegas !” --name & spelling right so WINNER…
Did you know Gorilla Monsoon once beat Bruno Sammartino for the world title? The WWC North American Title in Puerto Rico.
When Bruno Sammartino dies, are they going to call him "The No-Longer Living Legend"?
Who would be a bigger star if they wrestled in 2014: Harley Race or Bruno Sammartino?
I loved the ring announcer announcing Spiros Arion and Bruno Sammartino as "Two Great Guys." Never used that 1 back in my announcing days.
Vince McMahon’s reaction to Mike Tyson saying Bruno Sammartino was his favorite wrestler = Best Raw moment ever.
Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin this is Raw . . Raw begins with "Real American" as Hulk Hogan made his return to WWE. He was rocking the red and yellow and the crowd went wild for the Hulkster. Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show. Hulk milked the ovation for all he could. "Let me tell you something, brother!" Hulk said it was great to be home. Of course it is because he was in TNA for years. He got a cheap pop by mentioning Green Bay. He spoke about history being made with the launch of WWE Network. Hulk mentioned the ability to watch Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and The Rock. He also mentioned the future of WWE Network at WrestleMania. "I am the official host of WrestleMania 30, brother." He finished with this: "Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania, the WWE Network and WrestleMania 30 run wild on you, brother." Analysis: It was smart to start the show with Hogan. Hogan had good energy in his return. You could tell he was happy to be there. I was exp ...
You may remember the theme song "El Capitan" by John Philip Sousa. Others remember the ring of the bell and the rink announcer shouting out: "And in this corner from parts unknown……” Do you know the show? Yep.. Studio Wrestling on a Saturday night. In living rooms all across the Burgh, for one hour, Ringside Rosie, Izzy Moidel, Bucky Palermo, Pie Traynor, Bruno Sammartino, Jumping Johnny, George Steele, Hurricane Hunt, Gorilla Monsoon and the other wrestlers had out total attention.
The Higher Opinion: John Cena AND Ric Flair- THE BATTLE FOR THE WORLD TITLE RECORD! Who is the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time in professional wrestling? Does number of title reigns prove who is the best? Or maybe the length of individual or combined title reigns? Its a debate which splits many fans. Many, if not all, of Ric Flair's fans consider him to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time because of his 16 World Heavyweight Championship reigns. Those 16 world titles are ''official'' in WWE's eyes, although Flair himself claims to have won the world title 21 times in his career. Fans who don't agree that Flair is the greatest ever point to the lengthy title reigns of wrestlers such as Lou Thesz and Bruno Sammartino as evidence that they were better champions than Flair. However, these older champions were products of a different era, when pro wrestling was booked much differently than it is today. Regardless of where you fall in this debate, there is no disputing that Ric Flai ...
Great story from Captain Lou Albano's final Shoot interview. Let's go back to 1971, the night when Ivan Koloff defeated Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Champio...
** ONLY FANS OF WRESTLING & BASKETBALL WILL GET THIS: I was watching the WWE Triple H documentary, and a few kept referring to him as the MJ of wrestling, which i disagree with, but i actually came up with some parallels that i came up with that made more sense to me, let me know your thoughts... Bruno Sammartino is parallel to Bill Russel Hulk Hogan is parallel to Wilt Chamberlain Ric Flair is parallel to Kareem Abdul Jabbar The Rock is parallel to Micahel Jordan Stone Cold Steve Austin is parallel to Shaquille O'Neal Shawn Michaels is parallel to Magic Johnson Bret Hart is parallel to Larry Bird Undertaker is parallel to Tim Duncan Triple H is parallel to Kobe Bryant CM Punk is parallel to Isaiah Thomas Daniel Bryan is parallel to Kevin Durant John Cena is parallel to Lebron James Jeff Hardy is parallel to Allen Iverson CM Punk is parallel to Isaiah Thomas (still unsure about this one though) For those of you that want to discuss this with other die hard wrestling fans, check out our Basketball Group, . ...
The matches between Bruno Sammartino and Ken Patera created one of the biggest championship…
Regarding CM Punk. No matter what you read on TMZ, he is not leaving specifically due to Batista! There are a number of reason, and one is his unhappiness about the way he is being used. He's been making a LOT of money these past few years, especially in the time after the "pipe bomb" incident. WWE pays him a lot, because he makes a lot of money for them. But he is beat up, both physically and maybe emotionally. He needs time off! In the past, wrestlers didn't take the time off they needed because they didn't handle their money well, and couldn't afford it. But Punk does, and he can afford to call some of the shots with his career. Others, like Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus have done the same, and kudos to them. Vince McMahon, just like his father before him, is content to run his talent into the ground, as long as it benefits him. They've been doing it for a long time, all the way back to Bruno Sammartino. Well Punk is hip to all that crap, and he's not going to take it.
Breast Cancer Awareness
DEEP BREATH Time to rant... My grandfather was a fisherman in Charlotte, North Carolina, he was a giant, passionate wrestling fan. I watched Jim Crockett Promotions with him until he passed away into his seventies. He's one of these guys who would jump up and scream, "Go, Bruno, go!" no matter who was holding the championship because Bruno Sammartino was it for him. My dad had an oil painting of Harley Race on his wall, and when it came time to get my old man a present for his birthday or for Christmas, we all knew what we were getting him. We were getting him old tapes, we were getting him autographs, we were getting him something to do with professional wrestling. I've been a fan of this sport for thirty-one years, and I don't know how many thousands of dollars I have dumped down this business in merchandise, and in pay-per-views, and in tickets, and that was all my call, it was all my doing. I did that by myself but... the WWE owes us. The WWE owes me and they owe everybody else that has ever taken cra ...
The seventh match of Wrestlemania 2 from the Rosemont Horizon was a 20 man battle royal. The battle royal actually featured professional football players as well as WWF Superstars. The NFL players were Jimbo Covert, Bill Fralic, Russ Francis, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin and William "The Refrigerator" Perry, while WWF stars included André the Giant, Ted Arcidi, Tony Atlas, The Hart Foundation (Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart), The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell), Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, King Tonga, Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, Danny Spivey and Big John Studd. Highlights of the match included seeing former champs Morales and Sammartino get into a noticeable tiff as well as William Perry eliminating Big John Studd after being eliminated himself by offering a handshake to Studd and pulling him out of the ring. It may have been accidental but the match really demonstrated the past as well as the future of the WWF. The last two men in the ring were Andre the Giant and . ...
The Legendary Bruno Sammartino arrived to face the undertaker in a fantastic Match
So I know there are a lot of opinions of who and what I am, and really, I'm being honest with everybody, unless you're certain people who I love and respect, you're opinion of me really doesn't matter cause most of you only know what you hear. Take Justin Beiber for instance. Everybody is so happy to tear this guy down as quickly as they possibly can, and sure, he may be a *** but we don't know him. We don't know how he treats his friends and family. We only know what we hear. So, hear this. I am a wrestling fan. I love professional wrestling. I have since I was 4 years old. When my father first took me to the Baltimore Civic Center and I watched Bruno Sammartino. (Yes, I am that old.) Which leads me to this. When there is competition in professional wrestling, the fans win. If despising me for believing in my product and definitely not ashamed to say so gets you off your *** to provide the fans with a better show, then the way I look at it is THAT is what's best for business. As a fan of professional w . ...
WWWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - June 27, 1977 (22,090; 4,000 in Felt Forum) Televised on the MSG Network - included Vince McMahon on commentary: Jose Gonzalez pinned Jan Nelson at 9:46 with a dropkick Larry Zbyszko pinned Rocky Tamayo with a small package at 7:31 Tony Garea defeated George Steele via disqualification at 7:28 after using a foreign object; after the bout, Steele continued to attack Garea with the object until Garea was able to fight, attack Steele with the object, and clear him from the ring Andre the Giant & Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Ken Patera in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 16:25, 2-0; fall Volkoff & Patera were disqualified at 13:46 when Patera hit a knee to Strongbow's back; fall Andre pinned Volkoff at 2:39 with a splash after Patera walked out on his partner Stan Stasiak pinned Lenny Hurst at 8:21 with the heart punch WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham fought Bruno Sammartino to a double disqualification at 18:39; prior to the bout, ...
Saw the Zeb Colter and Bruno Sammartino figures out in the wild for the first time today. Had to pass, but really wanted that Zeb.
A really great piece. Apter is a treasure, and it's gratifying to see WWE giving him this platform. I'd love to...
thats awesome! Really like the Steve Austin and bruno sammartino ones
Time for a rant.In this rant, I will defend TNA Impact Wrestling. Ready? Here we go. Here's the thing about World Wrestling Entertainment. They've been around since the 50's & 60's right? In 1962/72, where were they? Could you name me their world champ at that time? No. Why? Because they were just starting out. They didn't have a Hulk Hogan, or John Cena, or Dwayne Johnson, or MTV, or *** even PPV, for godsake they barely had a television deal, if they even had one at all.The only way to find out what you missed in professional wrestling was to read the local paper. Yeah WWE had Bruno Sammartino, but he was nowhere near as popular as Austin or Hogan, although for that time period he was very very popular. But bare in mind, when WWE was 12 years old they were struggling. TNA is 12 years old and struggling, and they too don't have an Austin, or Hogan, or Cena. They have Sting, they have Buh Buh Ray Dudley, they have a whole crap load of WWE rejects and wannabes, and that'll keep em busy for now, but event . ...
East Coast CAW Wrestling LIVE IN THE EAST COAST ARENA IN CANONSBURG, PA (unaired House Show) (THE LAST STOP BEFORE HARDCORE RESURECTION) Mae Young Tribute Show (This one is for you, Mae) In loving memory of Mae Young 1923-2014 Official Results 1) The match was considered a Draw after Mysterious Mose attacked both Chef and Inu-Yasha. As per order of ECCW President Alexis Rhodes, Mysterious Mose will defend the IGPX Championship at Hardcore Resurrection under Triple Tango Hardcore Rules. 2) Ariel and Eric defeated The Gardners in one of the biggest upsets in recent memory. After the match, an odd message appeared on the tron... THOSE WHO STAND IN MY WAY WILL BE SUCCUMB TO MY WRATH YOUR TIME IS UP WHO AM I YOU ASK? I WILL REVEAL MYSELF... .WHEN YOU START SEEING RED! --and suddenly, when the lights turned back on, all 4 of them were laid out. What does this ominous message mean?!! 3) Deadpool cornered Rey Mysterio in the hallway (convinced he's Spider-Man) by the way. Rey's only response? Rey Mysterio: Dude, ...
The Undertaker and Bruno sammartino would be the perfect 2 left in the royal rumble
What I learned today: Super Bowl halftime entertainer Bruno Mars was tagged Bruno because he once looked like pro wrestler Bruno Sammartino.
WWWF Wrestling Results, from Madison Square Garden ,N.Y. August ,21 , 1967 Results , Arnold Skaaland defeated Tony Altimore , The Sheik defeated Pete Sanchez , Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Smasher Sloan ( To ex partners wrestling Sloan in good guy role) Bulldog Brower defeated Guillotine Gordon ( Brower one of the all time best heels ) Edouard Carpentier and Miguel Perez defeated The Fabulous Kangaroos by Disqualification, Hans Mortier defeated Bobo Brazil with full-nelson in 56 seconds ( I remember hearing about this match, Brazil leaving the area, and making Mortier top contender for Bruno's title ) Bruno Sammartino and Spiros Arion defeated Gorilla Monsoon and Pro Toru Tanaka 2 falls to 1 in 2 out of 3 fall match , Tanaka pinned Arion at 16:35 in fall one, in fall two Arion pinned Tanaka at 3:02, fall three referee Terri Taranova awarded the match to Bruno and Arion at 4:05 Thanks
"I love the Bruno Mars. He like the Bruno Sammartino". - Iron Sheik . LOL
Hulk Hogan outlasted Bruno Sammartino in a brutal Ironman match.
During his feud with Bruno Sammartino, there were over 100 attempts by fans at Larry Zbysko's life.
. Your son is one of the greatest wrestlers in the same sentence as Bruno Sammartino, Superstar Billy Graham, and Triple HHH
Last night: Bruno Sammartino defeated Justin Gabriel to enter the King of the Ring tournament.
Forty-three years ago today on this date: Ivan Koloff defeated Bruno Sammartino to win the WWWF title in New …
Here is the piece on Must read article.
If Bruno Sammartino is the WWE Hall of Fame's Babe Ruth then Ultimate Warrior is its Ty Cobb
Ok so the big news I been reading is that the Ultimate Warrior is to be inducted into WWE 2014 Hall of Fame, About time, and I'm thinking HHH may had something to do with it? If it wasn't for HHH we may have not seen Bruno Sammartino inducted? and he said he would never do nothing for the WWE ever again? So I guess James Hellwig & Vince McMahon put there different to the side? from what I been reading he's been working side by side with Vince, Now for the other part of this story, Hulk Hogan to induce Ultimate Warrior? from what I been reading he doesn't hate the Warrior anymore? Really??? I don't know why I have issues with this? I guess people change? but I would have love to see Hogan inducted Macho Man Randy Savage. If only?
Nope. Bruno Sammartino held it for 2,803 days.
My story about one of the most pivotal moments in wrestling history --and I was there ...
Thank you ... my debut has 2.3K "likes" thus far! I am very flattered by your reactions to
BOB Ortons Sr.'s Bio real name: Robert Dale Ring name(s) *Bob Orton *Bob Orton Sr. *El Lobo *Rocky Fitzpatrick *The Zodiak Billed height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) Billed weight 245 lb (111 kg; 17.5 st) Born (1929-07-21)July 21, 1929 Kansas City, Kansas, U.S. Died July 16, 2006(2006-07-16) (aged 76) Las Vegas, Nevada Billed from Kansas City, Kansas Debut 1951 Retired July 2000 Career: His previous nickname was "The Big O" when he wrestled for the Stampede Wrestling TV series. Also went by the moniker "Bulldog" Bob Orton due his association with and graduating from Wyandotte High School. Bob was one of the first professional wrestlers to utilize a very dangerous finishing move called 'The Piledriver'. Bob perfected this move, and used it very skilled. One mis-step and the opponent could be paralyzed easily from being dropped straight down onto the top of their head. Orton was a two-time holder of the Florida version of the NWA World Tag Team Championship with partner Eddie Graham in 1966.[2] He also innovated the ...
Is Bruno Sammartino still spelled as Sammartin on 2k14's news feed? Yes.
I'd like to think that Richard Sherman's rant was a warning to Bruno Sammartino that he is coming for the belt at Madison Square Garden.
It was also pivotal when he defeated Bruno Sammartino to become the first WWF heavyweight champ of color.
Very proud to see my Dad, now writing for Keep on living that dream! -
I liked a video from WWE 2K14: Bruno Sammartino vs Rick Rude (Legends DLC)
50 years ago today at in , Bruno Sammartino def. Dr Jerry Graham to retain the WWWF Heavyweight Championship.
So I heard Bruno Sammartino is gonna eat some hot peppers as the Super Bowl halftime show??
Watched Bruno pin Nature Boy Buddy Rogers 1960 at MSG. Grow'n up sat with David Sammartino & cheered his Dad.
Are there any bruno sammartino's opponents that should be on the list?
Wait a minute! When did Bruno Sammartino go to Mars?
‘I Felt Like We Were All At A Funeral’: Remembering The Night Bruno Sammartino Lost The WWE Title has a piece up by Bill Apter looking back at the 43rd anniversary of the night Ivan Koloff ended Bruno Sammartino’s 8 year reign as WWWF World Champion. It’s definitely a really good read. I’d recommend checking it out By Bill Apter: Since winning the WWE Title on May 17, 1963, from “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, the “Italian Superman” Bruno Sammartino seemed invulnerable. Top challengers such as Gorilla Monsoon, Professor Toru Tanaka, Hans Mortier, The Sheik, Ernie Ladd and dozens of others took the champion to the height of physical limits, yet he was able to endure and proudly keep the championship that proclaimed his supremacy. The “Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff was another top contender who grappled Sammartino numerous times & came close to victory, but Bruno was always able to best him— until the night of Jan. 18, 1971. Koloff — scheduled as Sammartino’s opponent in the main ...
that's the back...front has Bruno Sammartino
omg my Pap used to talk about going to Wheeling to see Bruno Sammartino...that would be a genius Episode
Throwback | Daniel Bryan as the ROH World Champion with Bruno Sammartino back in 2006.
yup, and nor will will ever see Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior or Bruno Sammartino there agian... never say never.
Veteran journalist Bill Apter is now writing a column for His first column looks at the night Bruno Sammartino lost the WWE Title to Ivan Koloff in Madison Square Garden.
Remembering the night Bruno Sammartino lost the WWE Title |
The statue that was planned for WWE Hall of Fame legend Bruno Sammartino in Pittsburgh has been put on hold. While everyone knows that the WWE is scripted enter
The WWWF was the premiere wrestling promotion on the east Coast, Bruno Sammartino dominated most of the 70's holding the WWWF title from December of 73 through April of 77, Pedro Morales and Bob Backlund also held the titles during the 70's. The WWWF normally had a baby face champion, however Superstar Billy Graham did have a ten month run as champion. The WWWF had three heel managers, The Grand Wizard of Wrestling, Captain Lou Albano and Fred Blassie, Arnold Skaaland managed both Sammartino and Backlund during their title reigns. The WWWF also recognized Bobo Brazil as USA Champion throughout the 70's even though Brazil did not compete full time. The WWWF also had tag team Champions, later you will a list of both the WWWF singles and rag team Champions of the 70's. The WWWF taped their TV shows during the 70's on a Tuesday night every 3 weeks at The Philadelphia Arena, this was the Championship Wrestling taping, the next night All Star Wrestling was taped in Hamburg Pa at the Field House. Eventually in t ...
"I felt like we were all at a funeral": The shocking night lost the Title in
Wwe news. “ I felt like we r at funeral:. Remembering the night when Bruno Sammartino Lost the Wwe title..
44 years ago today at in , Bruno Sammartino successfully defended the WWWF Heavyweight Championship against Ivan Koloff.
WWE Features Bruno Sammartino Article, Kaitlyn ... - -- Kaitlyn will appear at George's Cards and Collectibles in the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA from 12-3 PM on February 15. One autograph costs $15 and a photo op is $20, with a combo at $30. You can buy tickets here -- posted a new story on the night in which Bruno Sammartino lost the WWE title to Ivan Koloff. The story also features some classic photos of the event. According to the article, the New ...
The night that Ivan Koloff beat Bruno Sammartino to win the then WWWF Championship and ended Bruno's first title reign of over seven and a half years!
Bruno Sammartino takes on Ivan Koloff in the first-ever Cage Match in Madison Square Garden history!
On this day in Pro Wrestling History:In 1971.Ivan Koloff defeats Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF (WWF/E) World Heavyweight Championship in New York City,NY.!
On this day, Jan.18,1971 - The "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff beats Bruno Sammartino in NY, to become WWF champ.
This day in 1971: Ivan Koloff beat Bruno Sammartino at to become champ.
There was a planned Bruno Sammartino statue to be revealed in Pittsburgh that we wrote about months ago but that project is now on hold. The original idea was to put a Bruno statue near the statue of NHL legend Mario Lemieux, on the site of the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, which has since been torn down. However, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who own the land, have stated that they would not allow anyone other than Lemieux to be memorialized with a statue on the grounds. Sammartino says the funds and sponsorships to build the statue are all there and it's just about finding a location now.
43 years ago today in , Ivan Koloff pinned Bruno Sammartino to win WWWF HW Title, ending longest reign EVER in
Battle For Russian Supremacy Nikolia Volkoff vs. Nikita Koloff Nikolia Volkoff actually began his career years before Koloff, having started around 1970. He really started pushing the Russian gimmick around 1980, and by 1984, he was teaming with the Iron Sheik and signing the Russian National Anthem. Nikolia was on the slower, more methodical side and often would rely on his power, though, I'm not too sure if he'd have the strength advantage here, as Koloff was strong as an ox. Nikolia's career highlights include wrestling Bruno Sammartino all over the country, unsuccessfully, for the WWWF Championship. He also won the tag-team championship in 1984 with the Iron Sheik. Nikita Koloff made his debut in 1984 and spent the majority of his career in the NWA. Koloff spend his entire career submerged in the Russian gimmick, even outside the ring, he learned the Russian language. Koloff had a very unique blend of power and speed, and he was a great worker. Koloff was at his very best in 1985 when he was United S ...
I liked a video from WWE 2K14: Hulk Hogan vs Bruno Sammartino
Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, and Ivan Koloff [2013]. This picture is incredible.
well Bruno Sammartino Declined The Offer Aswell. & here is the link to Randy Savages last match
Finally they buried the hatchet. Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino [2013]. T.
Bruno Sammartino gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame - Class of 2013: photos
the wrestler who first dethroned Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Championship (induct him)
...and I'm an old champ like Bruno Sammartino...
JANUARY: WWE LEGENDS AND CREATIONS PACK - $9 --Bruno Sammartino --Dusty Rhodes --"Ravishing" Rick Rude --Jake "The Snake" Roberts --Virgil (free download) --"14 new Superstar Heads and models to utilize in Custom Superstar:" An "Accelerator" download on launch day will run $2 and unlock all hidden characters, allowing you to tweak their stats as well. However, 2K is offering a season pass for a discounted price $20 that includes all of the download packs, the Accelerator, and two additional bonuses; "Outsiders" versions of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, as well as 10 unique badges for online play. You can check out images of all the new characters in the gallery below.
Crowd going nuts for Bruno Sammartino getting in the ring and beating down Johnny Valiant. Quality.
Huge pop for Bruno Sammartino, managing his son David. Such an important wrestler in history.
New video! John Cena steps into the ring with Bruno Sammartino in this fantasy match. Who will win?
New fantasy match video coming later tonight. John Cena vs Bruno Sammartino!!
Ric Flair or Bruno Sammartino? Tried to find a match of the two, to no luck
like Bruno Sammartino longest reigning WWE Champion back before pro wrestling is cool.
I wish there were more men like Bruno Sammartino. I'm not talking in wrestling terms, I'm talking about life.
He had Bruno Sammartino on his most recent one, it's worth a listen.
Book vs. please. Also, bring Bruno Sammartino and in to sign autographs!
Listening to AOW with Bruno Sammartino...its like hearing a conversation with God.
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Getting word today from another page via Supermouth Dave Drason that Luis Martinez passed away last fall at a Chicago-area nursing home where he had lived for quite some time. Was quite a popular performer and a regular at Cobo 40 years ago. Most memorable match I remember of his was Louie and the Sheik going to a one-hour draw when Martinez was a last-minute sub for the advertised Bruno Sammartino. ... RIP and arriba!
1973- Bruno Sammartino vs. Harley Race for the NWA World title.
Hulk Hogan made professional wrestling an acceptable form of entertainment. Celebrities flocked to Madison Square Garden to watch the Hulkster defend his WWF/E Championship and as a result, increased the visibility of the sport. He was a larger-than-life character, one people could not help but take notice of, to be interested in, and to watch whenever he came on the screen. His presence increased viewership and made professional wrestling a must-see attraction when it rolled into town. No other Superstar did more to prop up the wrestling business than Hogan. His title wins and defenses against the likes of Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Ted DiBiase, the Ultimate Warrior, Sgt. Slaughter, The Undertaker, King Kong Bundy, Roddy Piper, and Paul Orndorff are the things of legend. While not the great in-ring performer that most would want from a champion, Hogan always brought his A-game when it came to big-time title defenses and it resulted in matches that captivated audiences and shaped the business for deca ...
yeah long time like Bruno Sammartino last year
I think the one with Bruno Sammartino
Bruno Sammartino is currently the oldest WWE Hall of Famer still living
WWE made up with Bruno Sammartino in 2013. This year, it's the Ultimate Warrior.
And it comes with Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes and Bruno Sammartino
Last year Bruno Sammartino, this year The Ultimate Warrior... The HOF looks good
Bruno Sammartino in the WWE HOF? Check. Ultimate Warrior in the WWE HOF? Check. Now all we need to make it legit is Randy Savage...
September 7, 1985 Your hosts are Jesse Ventura (subbing for Bruno Sammartino) and Vince…
was a huge Bruno Sammartino fan back in the day. Still can't get over the loss to Ivan Koloff.
is jumpin Johnny DeFazio or Bruno Sammartino going to be there?
I just bought my 3day pass to the upcoming Steel City Con where the guests include Lee Majors, Johnathan Frakes, Williams, Brent Spiner, love, brendon, Lou Ferrigno, Crowley, taylor, Parker Stevenson, Mackenzie Lintz~, Bruno Sammartino and the Garrison Carida
So i just gotta say that Triple h is doing his thing as WWE executive. He got the longest-reigning WWE champion of all-time, Bruno Sammartino inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013. And now he has the Ultimate Warrior (that man who will never go into the wwe hall of fame.) into the hall of fame 2014 Now here's some history for you guys: Sammartino and McMahon have their share of issues that needed to be ironed out, the 78-year-old was quite critical of the modern day wrestling product. Warrior and McMahon have also had a horrible relationship which dates back 1996. Their relationship was the worse. the company released a DVD in 2005 titled "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior." In the DVD WWE talent took turns mocking Warrior while working in clips throughout his wrestling career. Warrior was so upset about the project that he filed a lawsuit against the WWE, claiming the DVD project violated a March 2000 settlement agreement that stated both sides wouldn't disparage each other. An Arizona judge ...
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Bruno Sammartino last year and Ultimate Warrior this year. Proof no matter how much people hate Vince McMahon he can still get them back!
In order to try and slow Bryan down, Triple H has him face the greatest champion of all time: BRUNO SAMMARTINO!
Who did Bruno Sammartino defeat at the Showdown at Shea 1980 in a singles match ?
I would say that for post 80s. Pre 80s would be Bruno Sammartino, Vince McMahon sr, Lou Thesz and anyone's guess after that
Sorry - The Rock is way more famous than Stone Cold. It's Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena.
• Bruno Sammartino reportedly got paid a million. But I think he deserves it. Carried the belt for 14 years
Bruno Sammartino takes on his former student Larry Zbyszko in a grudge match from Madison Square Garden from March,1980.All rights owned by WWE entertainment.
I added a video to a playlist Hulk Hogan VS Bruno Sammartino
I thought Bruno Sammartino was hard to understand, and then Andre got on the mic
Really good seeing WWE putting the beefs aside with Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino
I now need to listen to audio of talking about Bruno Sammartino.
"Bruno Sammartino is not a hawl of famer ok? He's a compiler, he was dere foreva"
I lost exactly 582 stretcher matches to Bruno Sammartino in the 60s. He was the Cena of his time
"Mike, was Bruno Sammartino a compiler?". "What? Awre you ouwta yah mind! Sammartiner was champ for 11 yeahs! Get lawst!"
Do the Muppets qualify 4 the Celebrity wing? Bruno Sammartino can induct them.
Never say never when it comes to the HOF. Bruno Sammartino in there and now the Ultimate Warrior's going in there as well.
Bruno Sammartino last year, Ultimate Warrior this year, when's Macho Man going in?
Bruno Sammartino would have taught him a lesson.
Ultimate Warrior will be the Hall of Fame. the biggest surprise with Bruno Sammartino.Shame of this never happened with Randy Savage alive.
Bruno Sammartino finally in, Ultimate Warrior finally in, Randy Savage next year please?
Speaking of credit - first Bruno Sammartino in the Hall of Fame, now The Ultimate Warrior. HHH gets it done. Randy Savage next, please.
Yeah after WWE 2K14 and after Bruno Sammartino getting inducted last year anything is possible
Triple H gets Bruno Sammartino last year. This year he gets the Ultimate Warrior to go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Unbelievable.
WWWF Wrestling Results,Elizabeth, New Jersey,From the Amory, November 10, 1965 , Results ,Smasher Sloan defeated Pete Sanchez ( Smasher Sloan is the first wrestler I remember on Saturday night's 1965, I remember Get Smart coming on at that time with Don Adams, and agent 99 Barbara Felden,Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Arnold Skaaland( I remember Baron Scicluna( real name Scicluna, Mike Valentino before that first WWWF match in 1965 . Ray Morgan announcer, Scicluna top contender in 1966,)Waldo Von Erich beat Jose perez ( They say Waldo Von Erich was one of three men, including Bruno Sammartino and Bulldog Brower to of bodyslammed Haystacks Calhoun )Bill Miller and Dan Miller defeated Johnny Valentine and Chief White Owl 2 falls to 1( the Miller Brothers must of been United States WWWF Tag Team Champs even if it doesn't say it here, WWWf Champion Bruno Sammartino pinned Tarzan Tyler at 28:10( Never saw a Sammartino vs Tyler match ,sounds like a good one thanks
WANTED: WWF Magazines and Event Programs from 1984-1989. Must be in good condition, no mailing labels, fully intact. Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazines - Pre 1990 - Must be in good condition and contain color poster insert. Any wrestling magazines and programs from the 1960s & 1970s - good condition, fully intact. Must have any of the following stars featured prominently on the cover: Andre The Giant, Abdullah The Butcher, The Sheik, Bruno Sammartino, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Dusty Rhodes, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
Even my Grandma liked Bruno Sammartino. He's an amazing wrestler
So my WWE 2k14 Universe mode booked a tag match teaming up the Ultimate Warrior with Bruno Sammartino. SMH
– The advertised dark main event for tonight’s WWE RAW show is Randy Orton vs. John Cena. – WWE developmental wrestler Mason Ryan turns 32 years old today. – Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard turns 33 years old today. – There are no pro wrestling shows listed for ESPN Classic tonight. Global Wrestling is set to air Thursday night. — As noted earlier here on the website, a documentary on the life of Bruno Sammartino has been finished. WWE and several other groups are seeking distribution rights for the film.
Big Bill Miller was a top wrestler in 1960's and 1970's, he was about 6 ft 6 or 6 ft 7. I remember him having a lot of great matches vs Antonio Pugliese in 1966-1967. He wrestled Bruno Sammartino many times. Big bill and danny Miller were United States WWWF Tag Team Champions before losing the titles in 1966 to Antonio Pugliese and Johnny Valentine. Miller had some great matches on the West coast from 1968-1970 against Ray(The Crippler Stevens ) Thanks
Bruno Sammartino makes his entrance and hits the Backbreaker on Heath Slater in WWE 2K14. Xbox 360 - Available for download January 7th in all regions. PlayS...
Reports on a Bruno Sammartino documentary and number of talent under contract with WWE.
Can't wait for the Super Bowl halftime show so I don't have to see that the promo for Bruno Sammartino, or whatever his name is, anymore
So Royal Rumble is almost here and I did the honor of researching who has the highest records (as of WWF/WWE). Kane holds the record of 390 appearances on Raw prior to merge. Randy Orton with 347 appearances since merge. Wrestler that weighs the most: Loch Ness, 6'11" and weighed 690 lbs. Alive: Big Daddy V, 6'9" and weighs 487 Big Show holds the record of 308 appearances on Smackdown. Rey Mysterio with 303 appearances since merge. Most PPV appearances is Undertaker with 158 followed by Kane with 156. Most female wrestler PPV appearances is Trish Stratus with 39. Longest PPV winner goes to Alberto Del Rio at Royal Rumble 2011 @ 69:52. Highest attendence goes to WCW, Kollison at Korea (Day 2) with 190,000 on April 29, 1985 at Mayday Staduim, North Korea. Wrestler with most main event PPV is John Cena with 93 followed by Triple H with 92. Kane and Shawn Michaels are tied with 18 Royal Rumble appearances. Royal Rumble winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin, 3. Shawn Michaels and John Cena tied at 2. Most Wrestleman ...
3rd Generation Wrestler "Matt Hart" pictured here with Wrestling Legend "Bruno Sammartino" makes his return to "Thrash Wrestling" ring on Friday January 24 @ 7:30 PM at the Schubert Centre in Vernon BC.
A documentary on the life of Bruno Sammartino, which has been talked about for many years, is now complete. There are several groups attempting to negotiate for distribution rights including WWE.
Mae Young started wrestling before Bruno Sammartino was five years old. Just let that sink in for a bit.
I get to use ravishing Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior, undertaker (the american badass), bruno sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, and virgil now! Yes!
Bruno Sammartino went 8 Years and sold out the Garden more than Hulk ever had. Hogan is still pretty great however
wwe 2k14',New downloadable content:wwe hall of famer bruno sanmartino,and Dusty Rhodes available now!!!.
That's pretty good. Ric Flair was Champion 16 times and Bruno Sammartino was only twice!
It's reported WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino's documentary is done and I'm looking froward to watching it I'm a huge Bruno mark
- Here are some recent WWE attendance figures: * January 3rd in Fayetteville, NC drew 5,200 fans * January 4th in Greensboro, NC drew 8,500 fans * January 5th in Fairfax, VA drew 4,000 fans * January 6th in Baltimore for RAW drew 7,000 fans - There's talk of doing the Old School RAW on the Monday in January that the BCS title game takes place every year now. - There was a lot of backstage talk about Ryback's line on commentary at Old School RAW where he apologized for his voice being hoarse, and then blamed it on hanging around with Lilian Garcia. As you may know, Lilian has been mocked for years with the idea she's got a horse face. - WWE chief revenue and marketing officer Michelle Wilson spoke to Multichannel News about the WWE Network and their concerns that it would not gain significant distribution from cable operators and satellite providers: “None of those distributors were particularly looking to launch more networks; if anything they were looking to rationalize their lineups. When we started t ...
WWE & THE Ultimate Warrior STRIKE A DEAL!!! According to various sources The Ultimate Warrior has signed a deal with the WWE. It is believed to be similar to a Legends Contract similer to the ones many past WWE greats are signed too. It is expected to involve a Hall Of Fame Induction and appearance at WrestleMania XXX. WWE are also reasing an Ultimate Warrior DVD set on April 1st so appearances on WWE TV to promote the release would make sense. With the forth coming release of the WWE Network, WWE see it as very important to reach deals with many of the big stars of the past, the "one big WWE family" company line is a big part of why the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan are "coming home". As Triple H would say, it's good for business.
yeah had an okish Xmas I got E25 Rollins Ambrose and Clay Lol I kind of want bruno sammartino for the podium
I know who bruno sammartino is but who's bruno sammartin? lol
The latest WWE 2K14 DLC Pack is now available and it comes with WWE Hall Of Famers Bruno Sammartino and "The American Dream"Dusty Rhodes
May Young is the only professional wrestler to wrestle in 9 different decades. Bruno Sammartino wrestled at least in 4 and Hulk Hogan has in at least 5 decades only.
New Bruno doc, Ezekiel Jackson post-surgery update, news on tonight’s NXT taping.
: undresses before Honky faces Bruno Sammartino in 1987.
Here's the thing, my dad is 68 and doesn't watch wrestling anymore. But he's excited to watch Bruno Sammartino matches. That's value to me.
I'd be beyond psyched if Bruno Sammartino came out and put Austin in a headlock
With Bruno Sammartino signed to a deal. I'm sure we'll be getting some of that library. Probably not at launch tho.
the next night on Raw Bruno sammartino will kneel before Hogan celebrating him, they will clash
The answer to my previous quiz is Bruno Sammartino -Dr.smiley
kicks off with Sammartino v Christian, Edge comes out to interefere, but Spears Christian, not Bruno. The HoF Guild is born.
looking at Bruno Sammartino's titantron, i wish had released his WWWF Title belt as DLC.
Bruno Sammartino Entrance and Finisher (Official) the best wrestler in the world
The American Bad *** Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior DLC did come out yesterday... as well as the Legends pack with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, and more superstar moves. And the DLC for Virgil was free. Can't beat that. I hope there's more to come. I'd like to see The Big Bossman, Bam Bam Bigelow, Phycho Sid, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Giant Gonzalez as DLC. Oh, and Mr.T
Getting excited, downloaded Virgil in wwe 2k14. Now they have also put the warrior in to download. Plus I get ravishing Rick, Jake and bruno sammartino, umm yes please.
Just played Bruno Sammartino in a match against CM Punk...that was the best match ive ever played out in a video game...or anywhere. It really made me realize Punk V Sammartino would be quite possibly the greatest match ever. I lost but I didnt in a way. *** I wish I recorded it! Oh, and Punk winning is very fitting from a booking perspective.
I liked a video Bruno Sammartino Titantron HD (with Download Link)
The Titans of Wrestling crew looks at the August 23, 1980 Philadelphia Spectrum show staring Harley Race, Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, Larry Zbyszko and many more!
Checking out the new downloadable content. I'm loving Bruno Sammartino the most.
It's time to be funky like a monkey, An Italian Superman, A Snake or Simply Raving. WWE Legends Pack has Dusty Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino,Rick Rude and Jake Roberts And comes with the creation pack with tons of creation items oh and Virgil is available Thank You 2K for this awesome pack :-)
Two legends. 1979. Famed Boston Garden. My grandfather, the Samoan High Chief, Peter Maivia facing WWE Champion, Bruno Sammartino in a 15ft high steel cage. There was a time in the 70's & early 80's when pro wrestlers were the biggest, toughest and most entertaining talkers on the planet. Miss those days... :-)
WWE Old School RAW Results: January 6, 2014 Match Results: 6-Man Tag: Rey Mysterio & The Usos def. Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan by Jimmy Uso rolling up Luke Harper. • Non-Title: Big E. Langston def. Curtis Axel (with Ryback) by pin following the Big Ending. • Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara by pin following a straight kick to the face. • Non-Title: Goldust & Cody Rhodes def. The Real Americans by Goldust pinning Jack Swagger following the Final Cut. • Special Referee- Sgt. Slaughter: The Great Khali def. Damien Sandow by pin following the Khali Chop. - Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring. Paul Heyman grabs a mic and says that Old School to Brock Lesnar does not mean giving these Legends there last “hoorah”. Brock Lesnars idea of Old School is when there is one man who reigns supreme. Paul Heyman says Bruno Sammartino reigned supreme, Hulk Hogan reigned supreme, Stone Cold reigned supreme, and that everyone wanted a piece of “the man”. Paul Heyman says one man will reign supre ...
WWE Hall of Famer and living legend Bruno Sammartino sits down with Colt to share stories of the past. Bruno is the king of Madison Square Garden and the heart of New York. A true legend on this weeks podcast.
WWE Raw results: - Randy Orton and Ric Flair had an in- ring confrontation. Before it could get physical, John Cena ran out to protect Flair. 1. The Usos and Rey Mysterio defeated The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan). This was Daniel Bryan’s debut as a member of the Wyatt Family. He wrestled in a blue, sleeveless jumpsuit. Luke Harper took the loss for his team when he took exception to Daniel Bryan acting on his own and got rolled up and pinned. 2. Big E Langston defeated Curtis Axel. Langston won fairly easily with The Big Ending. Ryback was on color commentary. - The Shield made an appearance on Piper’s Pit. Piper tried to further the tension amongst the group and they got mad about it, but before they could do anything The New Age Outlaws showed up to protect Piper. It was announced that the Outlaws would be in CM Punk’s corner during the main event. 3. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara. Del Rio pinned Cara with a superkick. 4. Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated The Real Am ...
"To my peeps the WWE 2K14 LEGENDS PACK including BRUNO SAMMARTINO,,RAVISHING Rick Rude,,,Dusty Rhodes & JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS will be available for Download on 1/7/14 thats Tomorrow"! ENJOY!!! VIRGIL will also be available.
Damien Sandow Vs. The Great Khali w/Raja Singh Our Guest Referee is... SGT. SLAUGHTER Sandow tries to out-wit his large opponenant but gets tangled in the corner. Khali slugs away at Sandow, stomps on him, and gets a chop. Sandow retreats but gets stuck again. He gets another chop, Sandow turns the tide after that. They do a lot of fighting in the corner. Khali shoves Sandow and as Damien gets up is met with a big Khali head chop. Great Khali covers Sandow but he puts his foot on the rope. Slaughter counts the three, not seeing it. Winner: The Great Khali Damien Sandow protests this, shoves the Sarge but eventually ends up in a Cobra Clutch. Khali, Raja Singh, and Sgt. Slaughter dance. -Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman are up next! Business has picked up! Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman enter the Warzone! The Self-Proclaimed Number 1 contender is here but they want to talk about this meaning of "Old School". This isn't about "Old School" though, it's more for, not old timers, Brock and Paul have respect, let's cal ...
Brock and Paul are heading to the ring now. They get in and Paul has a mic. Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and here comes the best part, he stands before us as the advocate of the self proclaimed contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Now, old school is not trudging out legends and giving them their last hurrah but when one man reigns supreme and everyone from the locker room challenges that one man. Like back in the day with Bruno Sammartino, that's old school. Hulk Hogan did the same and everyone wanted to be the one man. Stone Cold did the same thing. That's how it is again now today because there is just one man as champion and whether it's Orton of Cena after the Rumble the champ's time will be limited because Brock will be coming after them! Now this is where the facts are better than hype! There is no one who can compare in WWE or MMA to Brock. Last week Brock had nothing and he laid Henry to waste! It wouldn't have mattered who came down ...
Heyman has a very good point about "Old School" saying one man reigns supreme with every member of the locker room wanting a piece of them to be the man! He name drops Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin who reigned supreme in their eras!!~Jordan
2K Sports has released the following video from the final DLC pack for WWE 2K14. The pack includes Virgil, Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Rick Rude and is being released tomorrow.
JR Blogs: Jarrett/Keith Promotion Rumors, Tonig... - Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights… Old School RAW: Hope everyone enjoys the Old School Raw tonight live from Baltimore. Lots of wrestling history in that old Arena including Superstar Graham beating Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Title, several JCP major shows including Great American Bash events and Ron Simmons making history by beating Vader for the WCW World Title back in the day.
The final planned DLC for WWE 2K14, the Legends and Creations pack, will be released at midnight tonight. It includes Virgil, Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts and Rick Rude, plus 14 new customization options for heads.
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John R. Barend (March 27, 1929 – September 20, 2011), better known as "Handsome" Johnny Barend, was an American professional wrestler. Born in 1929 in Rochester, New York, Barend started wrestling as an amateur at the age of eight. After graduating from Jefferson High School in Rochester in 1944, he served in the United States Navy during World War II and wrestled while in the service. He was trained to wrestle professionally by Ed Don George and made his professional debut on November 1, 1948. Soon after, he started teaming with Gene Dubuque, who was wrestling under the name, Magnificent Maurice. Barend usually played the part of the "heel" or bad guy. He would enter the ring wearing his customary hat and sunglasses an unlit cigar gracing his lips and would goad fans with his soliloquies. Barend's original manager was Ernie Roth, then using the name Mr. Kleen. Roth would later gain fame in the WWWF as the Grand Wizard of Wrestling. Barend and Maurice went on to win many tag-team championships. Barend f ...
For some reason I've been on a Bruno Sammartino kick lately. Recently, I've sat down and re-visited a few of his matches and listened to a few of his shoot interviews.
A new trailer for WWE 2K14 has been released featuring the living legend of professional wrestling, Bruno Sammartino. He will be included in WWE 2K14′s third and final DLC [ 132 more words. ]
King Cutis Iaukea and Baron Scicluna winning Tag Team title from Karl Gotch and Rene Goulet is a match I never saw. Any of the other members see that match ? Lou Albano was the manager. A friend of mine who Lived in Boston back then , saw that match, Of couse King Curtis Iaukea and Baron Scicluna received title matches against Bruno Sammartino in 1966, Scicluna got more title matches from Bruno in other years. There is a match in 1981 Bruno vs Scicluna the last time they wrestled, Scicluna and King Curtis winning Tag Team Title February 1 1972 Thanks
WWWF Wrestling Results from the Washington D.C. Coliseum from January 6, 1966 Results Angelo Savoldi defeated Pete Sanchez ( big win for the old pro Savoldi ) Chief Big Heart beat Johnny Rodz , The Magnificent Maurice defeated Domingo Robles ,Bill Miller beat Steve Stanlee, Curtis Iaukea beat Humberto Marcado , Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Miguel Perez and Hector Serrano in Handicap match (Scicluna has two matches coming up at Madison Square Garden vs the Champion Bruno Sammartino ) Tony Altimore and Tarzan Tyler defeated Bruno Sammartino and Arnold Skaaland ( big win for Tyler and Altimore, how about in 1971 when Tyler and Luke Graham were WWWF Tag Team Champions Thanks
Watching an old wrestlinf match--Bruno Sammartino vs Superstar Billy Graham in Baltimore Civic Center in April 1977. Yes present day Baltimore Arena. Superstar wins title
– Bruno Sammartino is Colt Cabana’s guest on this week’s Art of Wrestling podcast, which you can check out at this...
Fun interview with Bruno Sammartino on this week's "Art of Wrestling" podcast with Colt Cabana. Definitely worth checking out if you like hearing stories about the old days in pro wrestling.
So how desperate is Bruno Sammartino for money? Comes back to WWE for HOF, does KC Shoot now doing Colt Cabana's that short?
I loved hearing Bruno Sammartino on podcast, if you are a fan of professional wrestling, why aren't you listening?
For all the Puro and "glory days of Japanese MMA" (Pride) freaks out there: the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (cover date January 6, available online right now) dedicates about half its pages (eight out of 17) to a "Tokyo Dome Flashback", looking at all the major Tokyo Dome shows that took place between 1989 and 2013. New Japan, Pride, New Japan/All Japan/WWF joint-shows, the "Weekly Pro" joint-show with matches from 13 Japanese promotions (including All-Japan Women, RINGS, UWFI, FMW, IWA, Pancrase, Michinoku Pro, etc.), the first New Japan show featuring athletes from the former USSR, etc. An incredibly fascinating and educating read and one of the reasons why I love the Observer so much - it's not just a "dirtsheet" with backstage scoops and gossip, but also offers great retrospective insight into the business, its history and its legacy, plus analysis of the various business metrics, ratings and trends in both pro-wrestling and MMA. Since the newsleter is obviously not available f ...
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