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Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer.

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Win tickets for Bruno Mars at American Airlines Center, October 27, 2017 with Do214
Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Bruno Mars are among the nominees at the 2017 American Music Awards:
October 10, 2011 - Bruno Mars arrives at the Gold restaurant after show party in Milan, Italy.
Check this out. Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. Karaoke version
...and it's Thanksgiving in Canada too. Happy Birthday Matt Damon and Bruno Mars.
The verses of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars is a little bit of a shout as well (and China…
A year ago today, Bruno Mars released “24K Magic” as the lead single off his latest album. It sold over 5 million copies worl…
I agree with you in Iggy Azelea But really dude Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars has NVER made fun of our culture and niether music 🙄😑
Commander Shepard, Earthworm Jim, Starfox, Bruno Mars, and Guilty Spark these are al…
Cypress Hill is playing. Mom: You can't not like Bruno Mars's music!. ... I had to tell her.
Why does Mahomes look like Bruno Mars in madden?
Bruno Mars working on a single with Paula Cole in a strangely hypnotic style, produced by the Dust Brothers
Bruno Mars performs and awesome match up of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' + 'Billie Jean' in this Throwback Thursday...
JENNINGS: This weekend's music lineup includes several tribute acts and an appearance from Bruno Mars.…
It's a Throwback Thursday for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Hear this 7-year-old classic with Bruno Mars before...
Sam Smith - Too good at goodbyes. Bruno Mars - Too good to say goodbye. Niall Horan - Too much to ask. me - TOO MUCH SCHOOL…
JENNINGS: Tribute acts and Bruno Mars taking the stage - Niagara Gazette
She loves Bruno Mars, so I'll say him. Kenny Rogers, Dolly, Barbara Mandrell, Dustin Lynch, J…
I'd take Julie Andrews over Bruno Mars, every single time.
Day One of ✅. My forever mood after seeing Bruno Mars dance and sing his *** off…
Rosé singing dive by Ed Sheeran and Versace by Bruno Mars is my weakness
Bruno Mars is going tf off at Music Midtown wow
June 21, 2011 - Bruno Mars attends the Sade & John Legend concert after party at SL in New York City.
Bruno Mars to shoot TV special at New York theatre
Someone want to go see Bruno Mars in México City ? I have 2 Tikets
New post (Drum Cover: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (ThinkPink campaign)) has been published on Dr ...…
thinks he can bring up both Bruno Mars and Tom Brady in a conversation and not have it become sexua…
reboot of Captain Planet except instead of the kids it's Bruno Mars and Conor Oberst and instead of Captain Planet it's Frank Ocean
It was almost Ed Sherman than Bruno Mars snatched him off quick asf 😂
How do you go from Joe Hisaishi to Bruno Mars and Pitbull, ?
So Fine is my modern pop version of a bunch of 80s songs...from Van Halen, to ZZ Maceo Parker...with a Bruno Mars twist...and...
Anna Kendrick wants Bruno Mars to join the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3
Me when I found Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Ellie Goulding on my old iPod.
"Bruno Mars" backup dancers at Canobie Lake are a sight to se 😍😍😍😍
August 17, 2013 - Bruno Mars performs at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.
Usher, Bruno Mars, George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Chainsmokers, Marshmellow, Kaskade, Wiz Khalifa, Galantis, and Calvin Harris will be there omg
Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and The Weeknd have the best VOICES of this generation don't @ me
I'm not a fan of Bruno Mars, but I actually thought he came into his own on his latest album. Still waiting for Chris Bro…
Chris Brown and Bruno Mars are really undefeated.
Give me a concert with this lineup and I'll eat top ramen til kingdom come to buy a ticket:. Big Sean. Chance. Bruno Mars. C…
I've been in the Mindless Behavior fandom, I've been a barb, I've been a directioner, I ... - - Bruno Mars
Which is the 2017 song of the year That's what I like by:Bruno Mars or Believer by:Imagine Dragons.
NY Congressman Chris Lee sends a shirtless picture of him with Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars is the only artist apart from Chris Martin who can make me buy concert tickets. Hawaiin lad got a gorgeous voice goddammn
Chris Martin backstage with Bruno Mars bass player
Bruno Mars finna get shot & he dont even know. who finna tell him?
Watch 7 times Bruno Mars shares his love for Beyoncé over the years ❤️
Players... Chris Martin com a banda do Bruno Mars, no show do cantor, ontem. (Imagem: Jam Artis)
Bruno Mars is gonna become everything Chris Brown should've been. . I definitely see him as being the MJ of our generation soon.
PHOTO: Chris Martin backstage with Bruno Mars's bass player Jam Artis last night in Chicago [JamareoArtis]
Tonight's the night. Are you ready for it? E-Panda (Eric Hernandez) , drummer for Bruno Mars , is at The Bassme…
Bruno Mars celebrated the release of his new music video because well, why not?
Best halftime show ever man Red Hot Chili Peppers were amazing i love them and Bruno Mars was amazing too.
Zendaya ,21, Stars in Bruno Mars' ,31, Sultry 'Versace on the Floor' Video -- Watch! (via
Zendaya in Bruno Mars' 'Versace on the Floor' music video. A masterpiece.
Bruno Mars sings Versace on the Floor in Versace custom-made shirt, trousers and slippers. Starring Zendaya in a custom gold c…
People in the news: Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus - Akron Beacon Journal
My little brother and girlfriend are obviously in their feelings listening to Bruno Mars at this time ... yikes.
Bruno Mars is a legend any slander is just ignorant
Join me in supporting this important cause at iPetitions. Get Bruno Mars to South Africa on his next world tour! https:…
Bruno Mars once said "If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same" and I hope all girls remember that.
If he plays some Bruno Mars or Prince-next,. ask him if he like dogs...😎
So I think you meet Bruno Mars there
at a party scoping out a tight piece when u spot an unopened Kidz Bop 19 CD on the table & remember the sweet chorus of…
I'm a Bruno Mars fan and I think you're the only one person can cover Bruno's song. So pls cover more his song🙏
What is your opinion of Bruno Mars and 24K Magic?
Okay what Bruno Mars has always been out here just consistently makings hits at least 5 songs on each album got dumb radio p…
I feel like Bruno mars never gets talked about for making so many absolute bangers.
Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor now playing on LG73!
Bruno Mars tickets are so cheap and affordable :-)
Donatella Versace lip syncs to Bruno Mars' 'Versace on the Floor' in hilarious video
let me ruin your night . Bruno Mars' real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.
Just a daily reminder to whoever is following me that I love Peter Gene Hernandez, also known as Bruno Mars more than I could ever tell.
It's 2017 and I just found out Bruno Mars' real name is Peter Hernandez
Someone: If I'm giving you 2 chances to go to some artist's concert, who would you pick ?. Me: Bruno Mars and Peter…
Can we please talk about how Bruno Mars's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.
If Resurrection were a real thing, don't you think Michael Jackson would have resurrected to do something with Bruno Mars by now?
Got my 24K nails on to see Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars' real name is Peter Hernandez u heard it here first
Bruno Mars has just as many top ten hits as Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, and Shawn Mendes combined. (14)
Winnipeg couple on cloud 9 after proposal at Bruno Mars concert
Sometimes I remember that Bruno Mars' real name is Peter Gene Hernandez & as unfortunate as that name is it suits him
Bruno Mars aka Peter Hernandez... hm "when I was your man"
I've seen Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown live, and Bruno Mars has every bit of stage presence his 3 mentors had. Great show last nite
Looking like Ozzy Osbourne, and Bruno Mars had a baby. 🌹
My kids gon wake up hearing Bruno Mars singing "TEW-NYDE" on a Saturday morning and know it's time to clean http…
Dude likes Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, chocolate shakes, cake, Star Wars, and said his favorite TV show is Monday…
Crossroads // Bone Thugs. End of the Road // Boyz ll Men. Too Good to Say Goodbye // Bruno Mars. 1999 // Prince. Earth Song…
Saya suka video Bruno Mars vs David Guetta - Versace on The Floor [Official Audio]
Pennsylvania radio stations may get blocked from playing any music by Adele or Bruno Mars
What a Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars collaboration would sound like. Totally slayed 🍎❤️
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I think Bruno Mars should redo Kiss from a Rose
my top three. singer (male). 1.Ryan Tedder. 2.Bruno Mars. 3.Dan Reynolds
My friends think I'm a mom... but who doesn't love Pottery Barn and Bruno Mars??
Photos of the 24k Magic World Tour US show from Bruno Mars is the Hooligans in Las Vegas, Nevada on 15 07 2017 T- M…
Trying to go to Music Midtown but I don't wanna go both days. I only wanna see Bruno Mars, Future, Wiz, and Big Sean.
July 5, 2013 - Bruno Mars leaving the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal.
Yo Thomas Rhett covered Bruno Mars and I'm just finding out about this now
📸 (June 28) Bruno Mars and The Hooligans performing at the Customer Appreciation Event! (ciscolive) 😍
Crissle: "Why don't you see it for Bruno Mars?". Kid Fury: "Oh I see it and then I look away.". Basically how I feel about Brunhilda 🤣🤣🤣
Because the same measure you're using to deny Bruno Mars would force the acceptance of Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson.
Loved the BET awards. Bruno Mars brings back the style of the 70's and loved the New Edition tribute
My favorite performances last night was Bruno Mars, New Edition, Tamar and Kendrick
Bruno Mars was clearly uninterested and bored when Mary J Blige was on stage. Performed right after her with a song we ain't know. Lil Musty
If you out here roasting Bruno Mars but letting Post Malone and Dutch Colorado slide while YAHS. GAWDING Zadie Smiths essay
I want to hang out with Bruno Mars for a day just so we can dance all day together lmao
Meet Black Singles 300x250
forever in love with Bruno Mars tbh
Las Vegas AND SACRAMENTO! We will be on tour with Bruno Mars in July on the 24k Magic World Tour. 🗿☝️ Make sure to stop b…
Ain't a male pop artist in the game touching Bruno Mars.
She's going on tour with Bruno Mars, who knows what else Camila could be keeping from us omg
Bruno Mars is one of the most appreciative, respectful, non-black POC that gives credit to black people and culture cons…
Bruno Mars is one of the greatest entertainers of this generation. No debating. Just respect his greatness.
2 hours and 45 minutes in. Still 45 minutes to go. Anybody else feel like Bruno Mars right now?
Bruno Mars before getting called for his award
Bruno Mars has won the BET Award for best male R&B pop artist.
Bruno Mars makes the music we gon line dance to at the family reunion as elders like "y'all don't know nun bout this" 😛…
Bruno mars is the best male artist since Michael Jackson, only Chris Brown comes close but he also came close to killing R…
if you think Bruno Mars is trash, you outta line
Bruno Mars minds his business, makes his music and gives credit to black music legends consistently. I'm not tolerating…
Wel it looks like I'm going to have to buy Bruno Mars tickets just to see Camila Cabello 👀😏 . . and also f…
Bruno Mars has a lot more respect for the culture than many others who should. Sit yo *** down and appreciate.
Bruno Mars just opened the the best way possible.
Bruno Mars takes home the award for Best Male R&B/Pop Artist at
Bruno Mars is the best performer out right now and if you feel some type of way about that oh well
Bruno Mars is Hawaii's second greatest gift to us. Right behind obama. And right in front of sweet rolls.
Bruno Mars is Puerto Rican & Filipino. He has never claimed to be Black. He constantly gives credit when it is due. Also, Goog…
he not black. everyone who douses themselves in black culture+ looks a little ambiguous isn't black. let it go y'all. B…
Bruno Mars is a colored man. Yall not gon treat him like some lily white, blonde haired blue eyed imposter.
Great performance by Bruno Mars for the start of
Bruno Mars is me at every social event😂
👑 Bruno Mars' North American leg of will be joined by Camila Cabello, Jorja Smith, Dua Lipa, and Jabbawo…
Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa will be joining Bruno Mars in the North American leg of his
[Author: e-online] He's a 24K magic man! Bruno Mars kicked off the 2017 BET Awards at t...
Bruno Mars deserved to win. I'm happy for him
Bruno Mars the best male entertainer since MJ.Not Chris Brown
Bruno Mars at 4 looks like he'd steal my girl, run a gang, and still go to Pre-K
Bruno Mars used up all his budget on 24k Magic video...had his *** dancing with animations in Thats What I Like vid…
10% discount for Bruno Mars concert tickets in Cleveland on Aug 15. Buy tickets from $120
Weird I keep getting messages from Chris Brown and Bruno Mars about downloading their music but I don't know how legit it is?
Bruno Mars is really good at making music. i wish guys would play Unorthodox Jukebox like you play 24k Magic since UJ is the better album
📸 Bruno Mars poses backstage with the cast of ‘School of Rock’ on Broadway yesterday! MORE: https:/…
Listening to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars, on the album: Unorthodox Jukebox [Explicit]
Bruno Mars: i got a condo in manhattan me: BABY GIRL WHATS HADDNIN
dude I'm still dying bc of that seonho/guanlin meme w/ the Bruno Mars reference I can't stop laughcingng
more bruno mars live on my YouTube channel 👍🏻
He looks like a Bruno Mars back up dancer and why is it one piece lol
Bruno mars 🔥. And no. I don't usually eat at night lol cuz i feel weird after i eat. 😅
Bruno Mars, Treasure. . Michael Jackson esque. One of the catchiest songs ever. Never gets boring, love its positivity a…
I'd unironically have sex to a Bruno mars song
Added "Treasure - Cash Cash Radio Mix" by Bruno Mars to my Discover Weekly Playlist on Spotify…
2 days to re cooperate before seeing Bruno Mars 😴😩😘.
Bacause posted ans update on Mark. 🔥🔥🔥 And this gif is how alden owned this Bruno Mars song. 😏.
Bruno Mars is really lucky to have this radio success. It is hard for a new singer to have success on the radio, especia…
That's What I Like by Bruno Mars on Hip Hop and R&B
I added a video to a playlist Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke
.Versace On The Floor + & Down enter the Top 60 at rhythmic radio.
Bruno Mars wrote Forget You for Cee-Lo and then knocked it from Number 1 in the U.K. With his own song 'Just The…
Speaking of Bruno Mars, Unorthodox Jukebox album is a classic. That entire thing is hit after hit.
Am I the only one who didn't know Rihanna's real name is Robyn, Bruno Mars real name is Peter Hernandez and Drake's name is Aubrey Graham?!
24K magic by Bruno Mars. "I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket (KEEP UP!)"
Someone wondered if Ms. Jackson was by Bruno Mars & J. Cole.
Soul star Angie Stone accuses Bruno Mars of stealing her group's song with Uptown Funk
Bruno Mars - Versace on The Floor [Official Audio] ❤️👠 there's no reason to hide what we're feeling inside right now
Dave East's last album, Zayn's debut album, Bruno Mars last album, and the Hamilton Soundtrack needs way more recognition…
Liquor Store Blues - Bruno Mars x Damian Marley . Thanks for watching on
Instead of studying I'm watching the Bruno Mars carpool karaoke
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I wanna change my profile name to Danielle Marie (my real name) or Bruno Mars' Dimple 🤨 lol
These Mariah Carey-Bruno Mars mashups are the best things you'll hear today
Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Dropkick Murphy's and that's just a few
Surrender to the Power that is Bruno Mars.
Yall rlly sleeping on Finesse, Chunky, and Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars 😐🎶
Bruno Mars is actually talented. Do y'all hear his voice. This the type of music we'll get to tell our kids they don't…
If you don't think Bruno Mars is one of the most talented artists these day, literally unfollow me.
Bruno Mars is a KING. No need to have an award to validate his standing in the music industry. His performance is on 🔥🔥🔥…
Watching Bruno Mars perform makes me want to see him even more
idc what anyone says, Bruno Mars is one fine *** man. idgaf if he's short, his *** is not. lemme ride him, him singing l…
Versace on the Floor, Bruno Mars always has me feeling some type of way. Musical genius.
Bruno Mars did not disappoint with his electrifying rendition of "Versace On The Floor" https…
When i watch bruno mars perform i got pregnant
Bruno Mars performing Versace on the floor. .
Again I'll say it, there's nothing Bruno Mars can't do. A phenomenal entertainer, musician, Vocalist .. Praise him.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
BTS IS GOING TO PERFORM! When I go to sleep. Bruno Mars is going to invite V on stage and remix Versace with Gucci on the…
BTS won an award, met celebs, saw Drake, Nicki and Bruno Mars, and were named the best dressed by Vogue. I'd say the nigh…
Both Bruno Mars AND Versace on the Floor are currently trending worldwide.
Yes,, Thank You, so much for telling that to our Bruno Mars. He's extremely Talented,, Amazing performance, always.
when is everyone else gonna start taking cue's from the Bruno Mars sound palette
Here's who will perform with Bruno Mars at Sunday's Billboard Awards.
You know you're in the South when black folk start the electric side to any and every song. Current situation: Bruno Mars "24K Magic" 🤔
Bruno Mars in the studio while Mark Ronson was making Uptown Funk
Can You send me info about The Vamps in Poland and Bruno Mars?
.& score the most nominations for the 2017 BET Awards.
Bruno Mars is up for FIVE nomination for the 2017 BET Awards: Album of the Year (“24K Magic”),…
Bruno Mars's Eric 'E-Panda' Hernandez has kindly sent in some great photos. Here's one of them below, and here's...
Beyoncé and Bruno Mars are the top nominees for the 2017 BET Awards.
Can you handle the overflowing kilig inside this video?
hoseok doing a dance cover of bruno mars' thats what i like :) . i vote for Top Social Ar…
Bruno Mars should go to Mars and never come back
Bruno Mars shared the stage with Beyoncé, BEYONCÉ, and still held his own. Don't question his performing skills.
Zendaya performing "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars on Lip Sync Battle...this girl can do anything. 🔥🔥🔥
If you want to make an iconic show, then put Beyoncé and Bruno Mars together on stage.
Bruno Mars is one of the few popular non-black pop artists that said BLM publicly and aint ever been messy towards us. shut uppp.
Failing miserably trying to replicate bruno mars moves! 😩
Bruno mars station is keeping me alive rn
I just played the Viewers' Choice Awards Game to Boost My Vote for Bruno Mars! Play Here!
Bruno Mars is UNPROBLEMATIC but some people stay trying to bait him into culture vulture wars. HE GIVES CREDIT. HE RESPECTS THE MOVEMENT.
Bruno mars - rest of my life is 110% my wedding song and has been since like 1st year idc
The rest of my life by Bruno Mars has to be my wedding song!
I hope Bruno Mars is performing at the BET Awards this year
Beyoncé leads the 2017 with 7 nominations including "Album of the Year" & "Video of the Year" 👑🍋.
I added a video to a playlist Perm - Bruno Mars | Zumba Fitness Choreo
I'm trynna go see Bruno Mars and Anderson .paak in concert so bad
I added a video to a playlist Beyoncé & Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk/Formation (Live at Super Bowl 50th
Bruno Mars album is just as amazing as it was the day it dropped.
remember when Latina magazine said Bruno Mars was Afro Latino when neither of his parents are black
Bruno Mars performed at the Super Bowl twice while Justin Bieber never did.
Another day another opportunity to win a trip to Florida to see the Bruno Mars: 24K Magic World Tour. Listen at...
will meet the biggest star like Ed Sheran, Celine Dion, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragon, and more. This news make me cry.
Acc to Billboard, Bruno Mars is so far having the best & most successful decade for a male solo artist since Michael Jac…
March 8, 2012 - Bruno Mars at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.
If only radio stations knew there are other songs to play other than Ed Sheeran's Shape of You and Bruno Mars' 24karat Mag…
Bruno Mars is now number 3 on my most wanted list, under Greg Horan and Josh Devine
Still sad I'll miss Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak on tour this year. May try to see Chance @ Essence Fest.
tf bruh I'm trying to listen to Ariel Camacho on Spotify and *** Bruno Mars starts playing
Bruno Mars has the same amount of number ones this decade as Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber's number ones comb…
Bruno Mars sings what every girl wants to hear.Taylor Swift sings what every girl wants to say,Ed Sheeran sings what every g…
hey Paula, any chance of a big shout out to James and Ryan heading to legoland and play Bruno Mars up town funk after 640 thanks
Paul McCartney in September and Bruno Mars in October?! What more could one girl ask for ?!?
Multi-Grammy winner Bruno Mars will take the stage at to give us a night to remember. Take me to the party:…
Am I the only one who thinks Bruno Mars is actually like OD talented? Lol. I hate pop music, but whenever I heard h…
Shout out to Funes Mori and Bruno Mars for the audio
Bruno Mars was amazing tonight. That man puts on an incredible show.
Bruno Mars is the love child of Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie and James Brown. So Good.
If you can listen to Bruno Mars 24k magic w/o bopping or tapping your foot you have no soul ! That song gets me every time. To the mon
Bruno Mars hitting them high notes is totally basic for him. .
If you're not in the best mood listening to That's What I Like by Bruno Mars, I don't know if we can be friends.
Cocktails 🍸 with Gabriella before her first ever concert Bruno Mars
I've been sleeping on how good Bruno Mars new album is 😍
OK let's be honest now, Tony from 13 reasons why is definitely Bruno Mars's Brother or cousin
Two Bruno mars tickets for sale for this Friday 21st April at the o2
If Bruno Mars did reggae music.. He'd totally be bomb AF.
I would love to have someone with Bruno Mars 's voice to sing me all the night 😍
ClickList crew wants to go see Bruno Mars. I say *** yes to that
blasting Bruno Mars is always a necessity
April 18th: Niall with melinab92 at the Bruno Mars concert in London
UPDATE || Niall with fans at the Bruno Mars concert tonight!
Bruno Mars never failed to make me feel appreaciated as a woman 😍
Didn't know I wanted a rock version of Bruno Mars' Treasure till Dreamcatcher's Siyeon did it. Where's my wig?
what's your favourite Bruno Mars song?
Chunky by Bruno Mars is definitely one of my new favorites
To the *** who broke into my truck; hope you enjoy the 10 MPW tickets & Bruno Mars albums you took. Looking forward to seeing you May 6.
Am i the only one who thinks he looks like bruno mars? *** it
Niall com melinab92 (IG) no show do Bruno Mars ontem em Londres. (18/04)
Bruno Mars and Joan Smalls for Vogue. They look so good
Update 📷 | Niall with fans at Bruno Mars' show in London •April 18th, 2017! -d. One Direction
Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars [OFFICIAL VIDEO] When I really want to go on my 1st cruise!
Now Playing: Mark Ronson f. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Radio Edit) by on
Listening to 'Uptown Funk!' by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars via
You are listening to Uptown Funk feat. Bruno Mars - Mark Ronson
• Her name is mentioned in two current pop songs: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" and Vance Joy's "Ript…
Starting my day off on a GREAT beat! . Listen to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars on Napster:
please add that's what I like by Bruno Mars & Katy Perry's International Smile onto Crazy Rich Asians OTS
I liked a video Kris Lawrence covers "Versace on the Floor" (Bruno Mars) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus
you guys add Bruno Mars's That what's I like along with Katy Perry's song international smile in the Crazy Rich Asians OTS?
So buzzing for Bruno Mars and Jake Miller I could cry
Motown Records dropped Bruno Mars in 2003 and was only resigned by Atlantic in 2009
I can only listen to a few albums from start to finish: 1989, Confessions, Julie Roberts, all John Mayer, Bruno Mars, JB.
He gets to see his idol Bruno Mars at the Place of Auburn Hills in August. That'll be a blast.
new favorite Bruno Mars - 24k Magic ( Le Malls x Ezy Lima Remix ft. Doug Panton) by on
To many good concerts coming to indy Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Bruno Mars, but no Chance!!
I can't even focus on Rashad Jennings bc Bruno Mars is on 😂😂
Runaway Baby is the most underrated Bruno Mars song
Listening to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars, on the album: Doo *** & Hooligans
They mashed Bruno Mars with a bunch of Michael Jackson
Best Bets: NASCAR, Bruno Mars, college hoops and more for your Las Vegas weekend
The music industry is already doomed. Good thing we still have Adele, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and K…
Bruno Mars is the best male vocalist/artist out right now and those are facts
queeensized: I dare Bruno Mars to make Chunky a single and cast nothing but big girls in the video. And...
Waiting for y'all to accept Bruno Mars instead of Chris B 😒
Bruno Mars' new album is so extra even this sensual ballad is called "Versace on the Floor."
Rex ada lagu baru yang seru! That's what i like nya bruno mars. You have got to hear this song!
Pop titan also performed a medley of 'Treasure' and 'That's What I Like'
I would like to thank for putting me on with bruno mars and Ed Sheeran
All I can say is Bruno Mars deserves more hype. My *** can sing. He's perfect
I wanna go to the Bruno Mars concert so bad
"For building a 24 karat time machine, for taking us back to push things forward, Bruno Mars is an innovator.". yES…
That's What I Like by Bruno Mars makes me feel so many emotions
Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake shine at the iHeartRadio Awards, writes.
Really wish I had a picture of this, but I swear that the TVs at the Jamaica Airtrain station were playing a Bruno Mars concert.
Bruno Mars' tribute to Prince was SO perfect.
You are one lucky man.My wife and I both love Bruno Mars music,I don't think he would ever come to Nova Scotia.
Banner of Katy Perry and Bruno Mars at The Forum for the Legends Only!
Bruno Mars is doing it big this year at the iHeart Radio Award Show on Sunday! After 21 nominees and a amazing...
*** first Bruno's got JLo ready to jump him on stage & now he's got Halle Berry stripping going ... - - Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan are the only male crushes I had in my entire life
Bruno Mars to Receive the 2017 iHeartRadio Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on... | Business Wire
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