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Bruiser Brody

Frank Donald Goodish (June 18, 1946 – July 17, 1988) was an American professional wrestler who earned his greatest fame under the name Bruiser Brody.

Stan Hansen Luke Harper Harley Race Terry Funk Lex Luger Kenny Omega Daniel Bryan Ric Flair Kevin Sullivan Wyatt Family Ox Baker Jimmy Snuka Wahoo McDaniel Dean Ambrose

you do amazing documentarys I hope to see one on Terry Funk and Bruiser Brody.
After watching crica ~1986 World Class all day long, I came away more impressed with Spike Johnson than I did Bruiser Brody. -J
Much like how Wrestler of the Year is the Flair/Thesz Award & Best Brawler is the Bruiser Brody Award, any chance...
Still sad about retiring. Him paying homage to Bruiser Brody? My fav attire.
Watching a Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher walk & brawl from World Class on The Network. The heat for this. Jeff Jarrett is so jealous
39 years ago tonight in Americas champ Bruiser Brody in 12-man $2400 Battle Royal!
I haven't heard the name Bruiser Brody in years. :-)
Yeah, been there. They thought they were Bruiser Brody, but I proved they were the Mulkeys. Have a nice day.
Those Bruiser Brody boots when he came out made me so happy + The matches delivered on every level
Watch out, MRAs. I heard is the toughest dude since Bruiser Brody.
lowkey I do too, but he needs to be Bruiser Brody
Abdullah the Butcher , He made hardcore before it was cool along side Bruiser Brody in the 80's
hey Vince there is a lot of us wondering if,Killer Karl Kox,&Bruiser Brody will bein HOF
Bruiser Brody should go in hof this year
Also a tiny wrestler dressed like Bruiser Brody named his finisher off the nintendo game...
Seeing how WM is in Dallas,TX, wouldn't it be a good year to induct one of the all-time greats, Mr. Bruiser Brody?
Request: Lex Luger getting the *** out of Dodge during his match with Bruiser Brody
You mean Donny calling him Bruiser Brody doesn't do it for you? Hard to believe!
After Bruiser Brody passed, I stopped tuning in, thanks to I fell in love with wrestling again.
Hi Luke big fan. Question was the great Bruiser Brody someone you modeled your style on?
Bruiser Brody vs Taker - Texas Death Match. Sit back and watch the venue get destroyed
Please stop making Reigns do medium or long promos. Make him Bruiser Brody. Run in, beat people, leave. Short, screaming promos.
ICYMI: The 1001 project for is on Brody/Snuka vs &Terry, from ,
If it's not WM related then, I would love to read any story related to Bruiser Brody.
how about an inside story on Dallas wrestling esp bruiser Brody.
Bruiser Brody, plants a kiss on Heh.
Want WWE network to get over in Japan? . Time to put Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody and Great Muta in the hall of fame. .
I'm very surprised we never saw Harley Race or Bruiser Brody preform this move 40 years ago. Smh.
Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka for those who want to know what wrestling was like.
Thank you. Coming soon... Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody
You do remind me of Bruiser Brody a little, if Bruiser Brody had been jacked that is
Between Terry Gordy, Stan Hansen or Bruiser Brody who does BROCK LESNAR most identify with?
Is it me or is Luke Harper a reincarnation of Bruiser Brody
Well, SOMEONE's very excited about his new Bruiser Brody book!
Q: who would you rather build a roster around, Bruiser Brody or Luke Harper?. A: Luke Harper, because Bruiser Brody is dead.
Hansen is a legend in Japan, especially as a tag team wrestler. He & Bruiser Brody were one of the meanest teams ever …
what are your thoughts on Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen, as a tag-team, ever being considered for the WWE Hall …
1) I've never seen The Princess Bride. 2) I miss Bruiser Brody. With that being said good morning, time for some coffee and morning cig.
It was part of a chain reaction of protecting *** the Bruiser so Bruiser Brody=King Kong Brody, King Kong Bundy=Boom Boom Bundy.
I saw Rick Flair when he was the NWA champ at Memorial Hall in KCKS he wrestled Bruiser Brody
if you get time, download today's edition of Opens with me calling in and talking Bruiser Brody.
Brody is "we the peopling" all over Fargo now.u made 1 Lil guy so very happy.Bruiser Brody got swag
Big Daddy should already be in. Carlos deserves t,o but a lot of insiders won't vote for him strictly because of Bruiser Brody.
Anyways here's Bruiser Brody VS Carlos Colon in a chain match.
Hey Aubrey. The Network has no Bruiser Brody. Where can I get my Bruiser fill?
Looking forward to my Monday Night Raw.Yes I loved Rowdy Piper and all the greats but my favorite absolutely favorite was Bruiser Brody.
Should be doing homework. I'll probably just watch grainy footage of Bruiser Brody matches until 3am instead.
Hard to tell with rasslers but I guess not. Bruiser Brody was actually really smart and well spoken.
No way that cleancut guy is Bruiser Brody!
I need this! I have a mini Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher in the office already.
Hall of Fame: Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody do battle inside a steel cage |
Hideo Nomo grew up as a wrestling fan as most everyone of his age group did watching the likes of Bruiser Brody and Sta…
just reminded me that Tony Atlas witnessed Bruiser Brody's death or at least the aftermath of it. That's messed up
I never liked Hogan anyway, i liked Bret 'The Hit-man' Hart! . and Bruiser Brody.
Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Bruiser Brody, *** Foley. all stand up dudes. this is a good list.
Hey look, definitely Bruiser Brody and the real Stan Hansen
Bruno, Stone Cold Austin,Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. Men not just entertainers. Blood guts and beer.
Buddy Roberts temporarily enjoys the upperhand on Bruiser Brody (David Manning referee).
true that. Plus Abby vs my twin brother Bruiser Brody
Yall remember when Brody used to call him Bruiser 💀
I'll buy Big Show's interference. Nicknames are important. *** and Brody fought over Bruiser. This is like that, right?
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best brawlers I saw growing up. Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody and Bob Sweetan.
On this day in May 31, 1980~ *** the Bruiser defeats King Kong Brody for the World Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title
Did Black Jack Mulligan and Bruiser Brody ever tag team together ?? I know they battled.
"Bruiser Brody ain't wear no mouthpiece!" Briscoes are the real deal.
.aka the light heavyweight Bruiser Brody.
Naomi with that Bruiser Brody like boot to Paige...they are in Texas afterall
I liked a video Billy Graham on the Murder of Bruiser Brody
I liked a video Zeb Coulter revisits the murder of Bruiser Brody
Dutch Mantell on the Murder of Bruiser Brody via
my fave tag team is bruiser Brody and any of the Von Erich’s.
On this day in May 28, 1978~ Bruiser Brody defeats Dale Valentine in Houston, Texas to win the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title.
I liked a video Harley Race on Bruiser Brody getting himself killed
. I fancy myself in wrassler terms as a cross between bruiser Brody and the american dream dusty Rhodes.
Please add Bruiser Brody to this list.
Ox Baker gets the mic and asks if there's a way Bruiser Brody can make it back from the dead so he can beat him up in the cage again.
Famous for his wrestling persona. Infamous for his real one. BRUISER BRODY -
Got cut off in traffic this morning by Bruiser Brody. I don't dare honk the horn.
I liked a video Bruiser Brody training
I'm firm in my belief that Taker and/or Sting, Freebirds, Stan Hansen, & Bruiser Brody are 201…
Guy at the start looks like the love child of Damien Sandow and Bruiser Brody.
Just watched Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody vs *** Slater and Harley Race. There were no survivors.
Ric Flair talks about what happen to Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico.
would like to put a few names in your head for Hall of Fame Bruiser Brody and The Fabulous Freebirds, long over due for all...
Random 80s wrestling show on a local TV channel right now. Bruiser Brody, Superstar Graham etc.
Wow. Bruiser Brody vs. Jerry Crusher Blackwell on NWA On Fire on Ch. 19 on ATT U-verse in South Florida. Old school night after Raw.
I guess Harper is a solid Stan Hansen, but Rowan is a much, much better Bruiser Brody.
my dad read a bio on Bruiser Brody and it said the his style was the blue print for ECW, any truth to that?
- COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Action Figure Spotlight - only Bruiser Brody toy in existence
I have to get my hands on this one BRUISER BRODY FIGURE LOOSE
WWE 2K16 PLEASE put VON ERICH FAMILY Freebirds Jim Garvin Chris Adams Abdullah the butcher bruiser Brody and the WCCW Wrestling on the game
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"That's right, I'm a Bruiser Brody guy. You know who else was a Bruiser Brody guy?"
"And I've been vilified & hated since that day 'cause Bruiser Brody saw something in me that nobody wanted to admit."
In the locker room with the wife of King Kong Bruiser Brody, Barb Goodish.
one of the great must see matches. Bruiser Brody/Jimmy Snuka vs The Funks. Stan Hansen makes his return to AJPW.
just an absolute classic must see! Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody vs Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr from Dec. 8th 1984.
quoting this so you can enjoy. Bruiser Brody challenges Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.
If they had an elimination chamber match with bruiser brody, warrior, rude, hogan, macho & Owen back then it would be awesome
Bruiser Brody Music Video Just ask a Japanese fan from the 80s how intimidating Brody was
I liked a video Lex Luger on his incident with Bruiser Brody
Come on No man is tougher than Stan Hanson, or Bruiser Brody.
JBL can make all the Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen references he wants
I'll always look at and see a future Bruiser Brody
Yo never compare these clowns to the great legendary Bruiser Brody & Stan the Lariat Hansen.
thank you for the Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen references. Kids need to learn! Two of the greats!
JBL just mentioned Bruiser Brody on tv, Isnt that a no-no?
JBL just compared Rowan and Harper to Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. Can you put a team over more than that?
JBL calls Harper/Rowan the most brutal pairing since Brody and Hansen. Maybe he means Bruiser Brody and Taylor Hanson.
The Undertaker once wrestled the late Bruiser Brody, the match saw Brody get the win.
If you hate Bruiser Brody then don't listen to our *** song, Fatso.
Samoa Joe says his dream opponents would be Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles/Chris Daniels and CM Punk.
The Atomic Elbow Issue 14: I propose an alternate universe in which earthquakes are caused by Bruiser Brody and Wahoo McDaniel fighting.
Bruiser Brody was objectively better than Kane.
Who's your favorite wrestler and why isn't it Bruiser Brody
I liked a video Ric Flair on Bruiser Brody Death, Bob Orton and Favorite Tag Teams
Do and have ANYTHING in common? As much as Orton, Bruiser Brody and Steve Lombardi have in common. Come on.
May 16th, 2015 Stan "The Lariat" Hansen will be on hand to witness the FIRST EVER "Bruiser Brody Memorial...
I got matching slippers and now we are Mr and Mrs Bruiser Brody
Musical Monday Bruiser Brody, Jumping Jeff Farmer, and Brock Lesnar make cameos in this club banger.
This roller derby announcer has referenced Gorilla Monsoon and Bruiser Brody. 👍
I need to watch more Bruiser Brody stuff.
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wondering if you could help me out I want to buy a Bruiser Brody shirt which one would you recommend?
Speedy Spuds & Bruiser Brody are really pulling out all of the speed & blocking/hitting stops!
Walking down Oxford Street on a long weekend is like Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody walking through the crowd at Korakuen Hall!
Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody was the greatest tag team of all time.
this is an awful point. It's like saying "Same dudes mad about Bruiser Brody getting stabbed to death like hardcore wrestling"
But Bull Dempsey had a Bruiser Brody shirt on. How could you not pick him?
thought same thing. Like Harper reminds me of bruiser brody(look only)
Who's going to win tomorrow? Mayweather or Pacquiao? Neither. Bruiser Brody will rise from the dead and choke slam em' both
did a job 4 Brody,google Bruce Battalia vs Bruiser Brody, u can see it, he crow bared, potated me the whole time. A real ***
There was a time when I believed The Berserker was Bruiser Brody but Brody was dead at the time
Also, with your permission sir, I would like to unleash you as El Hijo del Bruiser Brody on WWE 2K15.
my entrance music as El Hijo del Bruiser Brody it's got the horn brother
On this day in March 14, 1980~ Bruiser Brody defeats Mark Lewin to win the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title in Houston, Texas
Remember the time Lex Luger got scared of Bruiser Brody in a steel cage match and got out of there before Brody snapped?
There is. He had it at Wrestlemania last year too. It's a tribute to Bruiser Brody.
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Danny Hodge, Bruiser Brody , Stan Hansen and *** Murdoch still not in WWE HOF
Daniel Bryan with his long hair, long beard & furry boots remind me of what Bruiser Brody might look like as a toddler.
Do you think Bruiser Brody will ever be inducted into
it's disgusting that JBL made fun of boots! It's a tribute to the great Bruiser Brody!
its a tribute to bruiser Brody apparently
Fun fact: Bryan's fur kickpads are a tribute to the late Bruiser Brody. Kane takes out Reigns, and gets pulled...
You'd figure would know those boots are a tribute to the late great bruiser Brody
Confirmed- Daniel Bryan's Bruiser Brody Boots have been cast as Ewoks in the new Star Wars movie
I like how Bryan's wearing the Bruiser Brody tribute boots.
I love Bruiser Brody boots. I wanna pair
Kinda wishing with the furry kick pads, Bryan let his hair go crazy and go Bruiser Brody
JBL goes for a joke, & I'm just "he wears them to acknowledge Bruiser Brody, you goober."
Tonight on Harper FINALLY goes into the Bruiser Brody II gimmick
“what's up with d Bryant's boots with the fur ?” His tribute to Bruiser Brody
Any chance of a Bruiser Brody Hall Of Fame induction in the future?
Kinda weird that Rikishi gets inducted into the Hall of Fame but not Bruiser Brody, Owen Hart, Chyna, Rick Rude, or El Santo.
Rikishi going into the hof to make roman seem strong. A jobber who took a bump off the cell is in before bruiser Brody
Closest I can think of is Bruiser Brody.
Video: rocknwrestling: Bruiser Brody squares off with Kevin Sullivan at a WWWF event at Madison Square...
I wish I could have seen Bruiser Brody
" Your love cuts through like a knife" - Bruiser Brody
Non-Americans are 8.5x more likely to vote for Bruiser Brody on WWE's Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century
Sam jr. will end up like Bruiser Brody! Sendt up stat!!
Or you having sex with a corpse called Katie Vick? Let's not forget that Carlon Colon was implicated in the murder of Bruiser Brody
I have the Bruiser Brody book if anyone wants it? And the Gary Hart one in .text format, not an actual book!
Two of professional wrestling's all-time "bad *** - Bruiser Brody and Fritz Von Erich.
Two of professional wrestling's all-time wild men - Bruiser Brody vs. Buzz Sawyer.
Anyone got a vid of Drew Carey vs Bruiser Brody from St Louis? The match where Carey split Brody open with the chain? Lost classic.
Click this link & cross "Listen to Vince McMahon call a Bruiser Brody vs Kevin Sullivan match" off your bucket list. h…
how can you sleep when bruiser Brody is out there in the cold?
I'm only going to post Bruiser Brody photos for the rest of the day.
The fur on DB's boots were done in tribute to Bruiser Brody for WM30.
Daniel Bryan’s furry boots are a tribute to Bruiser Brody. He debuted them at WM last year.
Personally I feel The Undertaker, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, *** Murdoch, José Lothario should go into the HOF 2016.
The Bruiser Brody boots has been wearing are awesome!
Bruiser Brody training for his first bout against Antonio Inoki, NJPW, 1985
Entertainment Tonight covered Bruiser Brody's death. I just learned that this week. Interviewed Hot Rod for it too. h…
At least knowing I ordered my Kenny Omega and Bruiser Brody shirts makes me happy!
“New BRUISER BRODY shirt on I want this
Jake Dirden looks like Bruiser Brody with a biker gimmick.
Jake Dirden is a mix of Bruiser Brody, Hanson, Luke Harper, and Nord the Barbarian.
Sounds like a plan. By the way, I expect to be introduced as Bruiser Brody's son Bruiser Cody.
I might need this Bruiser Brody shirt
Nord was also known as The Berzerker in WWF, and was known to say "HUSS" in tribute to his fallen friend, Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish.
I liked a video theme bruiser brody
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Who is closer to resembling the late great Bruiser Brody, or ?? it's too close to call in my opinion
I have to YouTube your stuff but just by looking at your pic, you have a real Bruiser Brody kind of vibe!
Nasty Boys is tentatively booked as the headline match not being treated right and quit on the SWS tour as a Bruiser Brody clone.
Coincidence that releases amazing new shirts for & Bruiser Brody this week? Both are iconoclastic trailblazers!
Just ordered my Kenny Omega and Bruiser Brody shirts from right now, can't wait for them to come in!
Last 3 years U got Sammartino, Warrior and now Savage! Great job! Still need Prof. Tanaka, Bruiser Brody, Demolition.
Daniel Bryan looks good with his pony tail. Reminds me of this look for Bruiser Brody.
we all say Bruiser Brody was great, but he was his harshest critic
when you can become Bruiser Brody you Become bruiser Brody
Freebirds, Bruiser Brody need to be in. Since Inoki is in I'd say Baba, Sayama, or Misawa.
somebody told me your were a bruiser Brody fan & I didn't know if you have heard about these shirts
Hi Bruiser Ken Brody Wanna get 300.000 FREE clash of clans gems? Check this secret tricks:
Here's a photo of The Grand Wizard and Bruiser Brody.
New Bruiser Brody and Kenny Omega stores!!! I thought Xmas already happened!! This just made my year!
is bruiser Brody held In high regard over there or was he really the problem that people said he was??
Today's is oldschool. Bruiser Brody Was a Modern Day Berserker, and went to Valhalla too soon
Manny Fernandez and the guy who was invader 3 worked an angle where he was getting payback for Bruiser Brody it looks crazy.
I still want Bruiser Brody to go in.
Classics is up for me. Wish people would seed more. Like halfway through a 50GB Bruiser Brody set, no progress.
Bruiser Brody appears to have aged 10 years in a year. *** dude.
Bruiser Brody had not a care in the world about points in the AJPW 1981 Champion Carnival vs.
Luke Harper is So *** Entertaining he's like a modern day Bruiser Brody without the blading
You can pick up the two Bruiser Brody designs at - All proceeds go to the Goodish Estate!
great commentary by you awesome!! Love the Wilbur Schneider and Bruiser Brody references !!!
My nose wouldn't be as big if Bruiser Brody hadn't BROKE it!
Ambulance Corpus Christi.they are doing a Bruiser Brody vs. Wahoo McDaniel tribute match
I see Bruiser Brody in Harper but also some young ..especially that super kick
Correction, is the more agile backwoods, truck stop doppelgänger of Bruiser Brody
Does he talk about that cage match with Bruiser Brody?
I wanted to be 2 things in Life David Von Erich or Bruiser Brody I am a pipe welder and bring their intensity everyday!
1982 GONG Japan BRUISER BRODY Wrestling Card PSA 5 only one graded to date!
Bruiser Brody squash match and promo: via
technically the authority on fur leg warmers is Bruiser Brody but he's no longer with us and I've no time to conduct a seance.
Before the end of the night I might have to Bruiser Brody my way through these bleachers to *** smoke/get more beer.
Just seen an awesome picture of Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody dressed up as samurai.
someone should do a film on the life and mysterious death of Bruiser Brody.
tell Bruiser Brody to clean the shower
I did always think Bruiser Brody's leg drop was pretty sick, though
Both Bruiser Brody and Luke Harper have fantastic yearbook photos as well.
Funny they're saying Luke Harper is compared to Bruiser Brody. The guy competed as Brodie Lee prior to WWE, for crying out loud.
The similarities between Luke Harper and Bruiser Brody are pretty mindblowing.
I want to read at least one of the Bruiser Brody books. Eventually I'd like to read Ole's too.
I really liked the boots you donned at WrestleMania this year. It's a neat tribute to Bruiser Brody.
or if they don't ruin Bruiser Brody... This can simply make him look strong..
that was a great match between Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper reminds me of bruiser brody vs shawn michaels
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great Bruiser Brody reference, even if it did go unnoticed...
Cole calls a Michinoku Driver and drops a Bruiser Brody reference...are we in Bizzaro world WWE?
If Bruiser Brody and *** Foley had a baby, you'd get Luke Harper.
The resemblance between and Bruiser Brody is uncanny.
Luke Harper is a dirty version of bruiser Brody
Billy Gunn vs bruiser Brody for the IC championship. -HeKtic
Low key.. this Ricky Morton vs Bruiser Brody feud is the BEST feud in WWE right now. Wow.
Luke Harper is THE NEXT BIG STAR.He gets too much comparison to Bruiser Brody he's better than Brody
am I the only one getting a huge Bruiser Brody vibe off of Luke Harper?
So Luke Harper is basically Bruiser Brody and Necro Butchers love child
Sid, that's colons kid, do you have any comments on bruiser Brody's death?
putting the Iron Claw on Bruiser Brody in St.Louis,MO in 1980.
that's true, Bruiser Brody earned respect everywhere he worked.
Great action shot of and Bruiser Brody. Wow, would make a powerful sculpture.
's dream team : Abdullah The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Bruiser Brody and Terry Funk
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Big Show vs Mark Henry reminds me of Abdullah the Butcher vs Bruiser Brody from the 80's
Stay tuned for my 9 part video series on why Joey Greco is tougher than Bruiser Brody
if we complain enough on behalf of Bruiser Brody or Arn Anderson the may apologize.
SICW- As I stated earlier today, we lost another great legend in the wrestling business, not only did Ox Baker entertain us in the wrestling ring, but he starred in the box office hit, "Escape from New York". He told the story when he was in with us how that came about. That part was scheduled for our other great late friend, Brusier Brody. Ox and Brody tried out for it, and Brody was given the part. However, we all know back then what happen to our friend Bruiser Brody. Ox told me when he got back home from the movie try out, he received a call telling him to come to St. Louis for the start of the movie, he hadn't heard about the tradegy that happen to Brody, when the producer told him what happened, Ox was in shock, he couldn't beleive what he was being told, he told me he asked the producer, you mean Brody is gone and you want me back in St. Louis for the movie, and the producer told him, the show goes on. That always brothered Ox. He stated he always tells people that was Brodys' part and that ...
The actress who plays Bess was really good supporting Adrien Brody as
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Dean Ambrose is the light heavyweight version of Bruiser Brody for our generation.
Can we just get to splitting the Wyatt Family up and making Luke Harper the 2014 version of Bruiser Brody already?
JBL finally said something right when he compared Rowan & Harper to Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen. Spitting image.
what would Bruiser Brody do, threaten a lawsuit or kick the heel in the face? Cena & creative fail the litmus test again.
. I'd rather be Invader to the Bruiser Brody that is Phils channel
Since I have two more days off maybe now I can get around to watching my bruiser Brody tapes
Yep. I mean, when you're trainers are Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen you're going to be like that, but he LIVED it.
New on IB: The Violent Life and Death of Bruiser Brody - The true story of a larger than life chain swinging wild ...
I know what I'm watching tonight NWF Championship Wrestling - Steel cage match Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah
You and ya girl have taken a few bumps and bruises together in this crazy ride of life,it's no wonder she looks like Bruiser Brody.
Birthday haul so far? The Machine Blu Ray starring a Bruiser Brody DVD, 3 UFC t-shirts and $500 from my parents. :D
mind blown...its like super secret undercover Bruiser Brody
I wonder if watches and if so, if he thinks Harper & Rowan from the Wyatt Family remind him of him & Bruiser Brody?
Also feel free to tackle Bruiser Brody despite me not having a strong opinion.
Imagine me walking through Paris swinging a chain like Bruiser Brody.
I wanna be a cross between Rey Mysterio, Bruiser Brody, and Bob Barker.
comment made at HOF about 1 that didn't belong there. Was that related to Bruiser Brody? I'm sure you know who and what.
Because you have had too many responsibilities you have spent less time with your sweetheart. Take this time …
From the very first time Taurus and Leo meet, it can be love at first sight.
Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen. I hope the legends are official DLC in 2K15. Watch the matches on
He reminds me of a cross between Bruiser Brody and Stan Hanson with a touch of Mike Awesome.
QOTD - Bruiser Brody: Today's Question: Let's say somehow, someway, on that day in July of 1988 in Puerto ...
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Wow! Luke Harper really looks a lot like Bruiser Brody
hey Jr will you ask Stan Hansen about bruiser Brody and how he found out about his death?
never heard of that one. Do i just search Bruiser Brody v Lex Luger on YouTube ?
will we ever see Bruiser Brody and Abdhulla the Butcher figures?
it's kinda like DBry's Bruiser Brody gear from 'Mania. That's cool, I guess, but I don't get it
Dean Ambrose is the *** child of Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, and Bruiser Brody. And it is glorious.
Bruiser Brody, was he murdered in the locker room?
Why did Bray have to end Jon Bon Jovi vs Bruiser Brody?.
I think Harper reminds me of Bruiser Brody
who would win in a tag team match The Wyatt's vs. Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen? I'm highly upset the Wyatt's lost tonight
still...when they finally split, Harper's the second coming of Bruiser Brody
If isn't Bruiser Brody in three years they're doing it wrong.
I'd LOVE to see either Rowan or (preferably) Harper utilize the old Bruiser Brody delated launching scoop slam.
have you ever seen any Bruiser Brody matches?
Bruiser Brody is more relevant but is Manson still in ppl's minds?
My money is on the dirty Bruiser Brody and Rory McAllister in a boiler suit to win this one . . .
This week marked the 25th Anniversary of Bruiser Brody's death. Person who did it it's still free & active. That's 25 years without justice.
Lyle Lovett and his large band's Old Friend
"'cause he leaves opponents blue and bloody". I guess this is suppose to be Bruiser Brody.
Luke Harper looks like the love child of Bruiser Brody and Skinner.
Flair says toughest guy he wrestled was Harley Race or Bruiser Brody.
does anyone else see the resemblance in Haper to the Great Bruiser Brody?
Harper vs Jericho is like steamboat vs bruiser Brody. Me Mikey!
7/17/88: Just over 26 yrs ago,BRUISER BRODY's life was cut short.INDUCT THIS LEGEND! Great video.
Just saw that has Bruiser Brody shirts! Popped huge. Just need to make a Shinya Hashimoto shirt and you'll have my ££££
taker, bruiser brody, big show..(wcw days) big boss man, right under 6'5, brock. Most atheletic big man ever
17years ago on July 17th 1988 Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death.
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