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Bruiser Brody

Frank Donald Goodish (June 18, 1946 – July 17, 1988) was an American professional wrestler who earned his greatest fame under the name Bruiser Brody.

Stan Hansen Ric Flair Carlos Colon Harley Race Luke Harper Puerto Rico Kevin Sullivan Gary Hart Tommy Rich Rick Rude Jimmy Snuka Zeb Coulter Wahoo McDaniel Samoa Joe Puerto Rican Lex Luger

Breezango with the victory, with fandango pinning the pawn of the man who was complicit for the murder of Bruiser Brody.
I bamed my Terrier Brody after Bruiser too
If Jason Momoa doesn't at some point star in a Bruiser Brody bio-pic, I will consider his entire career wasted.
Wearing this great Bruiser Brody shirt by !
Do you know who owns the rights to AJPW library? And do you know if the Bruiser Brody memorial show in '88 was filmed? Thx
also did you ever meet bruiser Brody and if so what was he like
Looking forward to seeing your work on this one Bruiser Brody was a monumental figure in pro wrestling…
making an appearance in Wrestling's Last Rebel Bruiser Brody coming soon to
A great card in Indianapolis 1980, featuring King Kong Brody, *** the Bruiser & Jerry Valiant.
Especially for labelling himself as the Great Bruiser Brody. What a ***
is Bruiser Brody in the HoF and if not please induct him
can you be a new Bruiser Brody that would be lovely
Someone needs to go Bruiser Brody in Japan on these fans.
Writing about for and watching Bruiser Brody matches. Hey kids who bullied me in high school,…
Bruiser Brody, Owen Hart, Dino Bravo are the names of the late wrestlers
I liked a video Bruiser Brody really is a Bad *** A truthful interview to say the least!
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Bruiser Brody and myself giving a promo.
Seeing Bruiser Brody wrestle Ric Flair live! That was my first live match!
I've heard it was because Bruiser Brody already went by in the . . Have a…
This came off as a heel under the name The New Bruiser Brody is the very same building that Brody was stabbed in.
I still believe Bruiser Brody would be over in any era of Pro Wrestling.
and while WWF grew with wrestlemania and turned into wwe bruiser Brody never winning world title still mainevented like noothr
Bruiser Brody, Hulk Hogan and every man that ever lived would like a word with you.
I added a video to a playlist Road Warrior Animal on Bruiser Brody
in 1977, Fritz Von Erich defeated Bruiser Brody at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX.
in 1986: AWA WrestleRock: Greg Gagne & Superfly Snuka defeated Bruiser Brody and John Nord in a steel ca…
I liked a video Terry Funk vs Bruiser Brody
in 1987, & Bruiser Brody defeated Al Madril & Brian Adias at the Will Rogers Memorial C…
He's always reminded me of Bruiser Brody. I loved those matches between him and Abdullah…
The dastardly "Playboy" Gary Hart watches the action between his charge Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody.
FUN FACT: Bruiser Brody Was Stabbed to Death in Bayamon, Peuorto Rico in 1988 ~ via
Vader, Rick Martel, Sycho Sid, Kevin Sullivan, Demolition, Bruiser Brody, Luna Vachon, and then Rodman or Malone for celebrities
1. Daniel Bryan never gets a concussion. 2. Owen never falls. 3. Bruiser Brody never gets stabbed.
First match of second round is two brawlers. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Bruiser Brody! Who wins?
there is an old world class match on the network of him against bruiser Brody.
Bruiser Brody drawing im turning to a screenprint .
It's Carlos Colon, the man who employed a guy who killed Bruiser Brody
late 1988, I meant Rip is the worst. Why is he trying to be Bruiser Brody, he's like 5'11''
Simply Ravishing! Now can we get Demolition, Bruiser Brody, Lou Thesz and Davey Boy Smith in??
Showing my son Bruiser Brody videos, now he's walking around the house holding his wrist and yelling, "HUSS! HUSS! HUSS!"
I added a video to a playlist Getting Away with Murder: The Death of Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody was ranked in three different territories!
Brody and Bruiser living life as as beings deserve - safe and loved. .
Rude should've been in a long time ago. And why McMahon won't put Bruiser Brody in is beyond me. Smh.
speaking of Japan, ever run into bruiser Brody?
It's Bruiser Brody-esque boots vs. light up sneakers and kickpads. .
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Dream match, Bruiser Brody vs Leon White pre in AWA
Bruiser Brody training, suited up at 2:30. Amazing babyface response from usually quiet Japanese fans.
True. But that's my point. There's Bruiser Brody content on but if you search for him, Zero Results.
and you need a tag team in there but for now instead of Bryan Bruiser Brody they have to do someone from the 70s-80s
Love this weeks show, but has Bruiser Brody. It's not in the search, but check out WrestleRock and some WCCW.
I never realized how much of a business sense Bruiser Brody had.
Cruising the comments of the Bruiser Brody Video and came across this.
I don't get why "everyone" has to go Bruiser Brody avoided the place like the plague and no said he fell short
Bruiser Brody reference by on clearly means he listens to the
Strowman's offense gets old fast and that's with an ace seller like Sami in there. Y'all need to stop acting like he's Bruiser Brody 2.0
Sami Zayn vs. the late, great, Bruiser Brody. No contest. Bruiser would eat Sami alive.
I don't get it how is everyone overlooking BRUISER BRODY MURDER MYSTERY on this.
Please let the Bruiser Brody Murder Mystery be a detective show where the ghost of Bruiser Brody helps our lead solve homi…
Legends tournaments today. Bobo Brazil strong start w/ 4 wins. Stopped by Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig who then loses 2 of 3 to Bruiser Brody.
Dynamite vs Ricochet would be mind blowing. How bout Brock Lesnar vs. Bruiser Brody?   10% Off
Definitely want to hear whether the ghost of Bruiser Brody visited Dave after Carlos Colon got in the WON HOF
Here's a couple of bloody Bruiser Brody pictures for no reason at all.
I wanna hear Ric's best Bruiser Brody story and his thoughts on Bruiser's murder.
80s wrestling potpourri bruiser brody-wwf-nwa dvd-last one left! via eBay
Had a dream that my friends were all at a table outside and bruiser brody was sitting at the end but he had two lip rings
Ask Vader about the death of Bruiser Brody. Was he there? Why Brody killed? Get dirt, Vader only has 2 years to live.
Have you wrestled with or against Andre the giant and bruiser brody?
Nobody was going to be allowed to be bigger than his sons, not even Bruiser Brody.
Bruce Battalia vs Bruiser Brody on u tube,I was green,he potatoed me the whole time,was a A hole,he was stabbed soon after.
That Kangaroo went all Bruiser Brody on that dude.
Just finished this Bruiser Brody wallpaper for my phone (Droid Turbo)
Bruiser Brody was incredibly well spoken and had a great mind for the business. I encourage you to check out this interview if you haven't.
Drew Stan Hansen to match my bruiser Brody!
Can we try to get Bruiser Brody in the HOF this year?
Flair swore on the graves of *** the Bruiser and Bruiser Brody that he'd re-marry his ex-wife Loreina on Raw or a PPV.
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Awesome to hear mention Bruiser Brody on commentary.
I love it when mentions Bruiser Brody. I really hope we see him in the Hall Of Fame -DL
So JBL just compared BRAY and Randy to Bruiser Brody and Hansen??? Nah bruh
We're kicking off this show with a Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody reference by Only in Texas.
According to Hansen; him, the Funks, & Bruiser Brody went to the same college.
how did you not put bruiser Brody in the mount Rushmore of *** And you were wearing his shirt at the time!?!?
who would you rather have met if you had to choose? Bruiser Brody. or. Rick Rude?
Will Bruiser Brody be inducted in the WWE HOF in 2017?
Bigelow, Yokozuna, You, Bruiser Brody, and a toss up with Bossman and Tenta
cool my son named after Bruiser Brody
you are featured in this video about the death of bruiser Brody
---An interesting side by side comparison between the attributes of Bruiser Brody next to Andre The Giant. This...
I liked a video from Slick shoots on Ric Flair, Harley Race and Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody Stan Hansen Terry Funk *** Murdock are tough guys. match was sorry
Stan Hansen. Bruiser Brody. Wahoo McDaniel. *** Murdock. Those are tough guys. match was sorry. SMH
Bruiser Brody Video is almost done,I've been looking for and putting this one together for a while so I hope you guys like it.
Historically important matches of Bruiser Brody in 1988 for Baba and All Japan are coming to the Archive in HD.…
cause the shining stars suck bloody *** !! Isn't one of thier parents the ones who advocated bruiser Brody's murder!?!
that's cause The# shining stars blow goats!!! Children of Brody's murder advocates!!!
I can definitely see the comparison between Luke Harper and Bruiser Brody.
What a joke of a match. Give me Bruiser Brody vs Stan Hansen any day! Instead 2nite was Dancing W/ The Stars
The Shining Stars are gone faster than someone told them a Bruiser Brody fan is waiting for them backstage
. I only like real wrestling the bruiser, crusher, road warriors, ox baker, Brody and Lawler.
Luke Harper is the Reincarnation of Bruiser Brody
Jose Gonzales was the biggest *** he killed Bruiser Brody. What do I win?
in 1981, Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody beat The Great Kabuki and Chang Chung by dq at the Sportatorium. http…
Samoa Joe chose himself, HBK, Yokozuna, and I think Bruiser Brody. Forgot the last one but that's a pretty gnarly list.
Gallows wins my heart by picking Bruiser Brody
WOW this Brings back memories on Saturdays Bruiser Brody looks like a 50/50 PSA 9 The Crusher
Is the bruiser brody figure in there? I'm looking for it
Bruiser Brody squash match and promo via
The set was also released during a time when the "ring name" game wasn't at its strongest. Anyone remember Bruiser…
All the thirsty harlots have "dem Friday feels" and I'm about to watch Flair vs. Bruiser Brody - 2/11/83 from St. Louis 2/3 Falls.
Was he inspired by legendary wrestler Bruiser Brody?
Seth I don't know if you've seen this Bruiser Brody shoot interview but hearing him talk is great
dream team (past or present only). kurt angle. HBK. Eddie Guerrero. Randy Savage. Bruiser Brody
I've never seen this pic. How freaking awesome. Tommy Rich, Bruiser Brody &
I would really like to see Vader in. Could we also see Bruiser Brody in? I'd like to see them both go in! my dad would to!
that's what you think about putting Bruiser Brody into the Hall of Fame next year
remember when they did were a bruiser Brody knock off?
are you thinking about them put Bruiser Brody
thank you where y'all think about putting Bruiser Brody Hall of Fame this year
what's up signs made your friend Bobby I ask you a favor is there anyway that you can put Bruiser Brody in the Hall of Fame
Is there a WWE released bruiser Brody action figure
"comeback" on show reminded me of Luger vs Bruiser Brody. No more get over matches 4 me.Moving…
What modern wrestlers do you consider, in-ring, to be similar to Bruiser Brody?
Tank Abbott was watching the likes of Bruiser Brody.
Still baffled about Bruiser Brody's death. And sadly wonder what really happened to Mrs. Liz.
I can't decide on my Halloween costume for UCW - should I be Bruiser Brody, Lesnar, Harper, Bubba, Vampiro or another suggestion?
looking like a luminous Bruiser Brody
And Bruiser Brody's one-armed body slammed that set up the knee drop.
Jesse the Mind Ventura says it's a conspiracy. Bruiser Brody stabbed himself
he is the biggest Bruiser Brody fan I know so I'm positive we will be doing a review on the podcast when it comes out.
we were talking about the upcoming Bruiser Brody doc on this week. Any ideas on release date?
whole bunch of cats not in there is a disgrace. How can u put koko B ware in but not Rick Rude or Bruiser Brody?
in Puerto Rico were Bruiser Brody sounds like Bruise her body...
Tommy Rich, Eddie Gilbert, and Bruiser Brody as a Six-man. They would've owned all kinds of Trios tournaments
Correction, Paige was snorting cocaine in the Puerto Rican shower stall where Bruiser Brody was murdered.
Bruiser Brody's ghost would be proud. .
First most depressing thing to happen in Puerto Rico since Bruiser Brody died
Read about the life and death of a legend in my poem about Bruiser Brody
Imagine Kurt Angle vs Bruiser Brody in their prime! Now go watch vs tonight at
My theory is that Linda is trying to show Maria he's a tough guy. He models himself on Bruiser Brody with a chain b…
I like to think it's misplaced bravado. Like he's trying to be Bruiser Brody with his chain but could only afford a rope
Couldn't imagine Bruiser Brody or Stan Hansen doing that. I guess we live in different times.
Met the announcer Larry he is a genuine guy wrote a great book on Bruiser Brody
Kota Ibushi is our generation's Bruiser Brody and that is the most beautiful thing about modern day wrestling.
Check out my poem about the life and death of a legend, Bruiser Brody
2016's Bruiser Brody right here. Lay waste to the territory and take what's yours.
Somebody in this band is a Bruiser Brody fan. Here is their track….Invader Must Die.
The Glory Days of Pro Wrestling Vol. 26 Road Warriors, Bruiser Brody, Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers and more
you remind me of king Kong bruiser brody rebel old school throw out the rules you an your daughter rock this world
How Bruiser Brody became the million dollar man
Reading a 1988 Observer about Bruiser Brody and its nice to see that Dave's readership was mostly delusional back then as well.
99 and 44/100 percent sure that's me watching Bruiser Brody walk by at the Sportatorium.
For Luke Harper's return. Repackage him as a Bruiser Brody tribute! Just make him a savage beast!
Did someone put Bruiser Brody in the wash and he shrunk?
would love to watch as Bruiser Brody was one of my favs as a kid.
Bruiser Brody during his days as sportswriter for San Antonio Express
Rare...Bruiser Brody...comic. argh. need. how
Historical Match NOW at - from Aug 11, 1978! Possibly ONLY footage in existence - BRUISER BRODY vs DUSTY!
Are we gonna hear this dude call himself Puerto Rican sensation all summer? You killed Bruiser Brody...
here u go Nick bockwinkel bruiser brody vs the road warriors
did you ever wrestle king Kong bruiser brody ?
Even better, this series has Bruiser Brody.. err.. Frank Dylan James!
it was just as personal and brutal as Abdul the butcher and bruiser Brody almost 😈😈
Bruiser Brody made himself different from anabolic steroids.
Loved this Al Snow story on Bruiser Brody. Can't believe he would've been 70 this year.
Forgot to pay homage to my man Bruiser Brody the other day one of my all-time favorite wrestlers
I added a video to a playlist Bruiser Brody Custom Titantron ♣HD♣
Bruiser Brody? Well we got the next best thing! A guy that met Brody's cousin's dentist: Bruce R Brody!
wow I can't believe they revived Bruiser Brody and he's the 16th entrant
Bruiser Brody would have been 70 today. After his football days -- but before wrestling -- he was a sportswriter. http…
Texas All-Star Wrestling program featuring Bruiser Brody & Gary Hart (who was booking the promotion at the time).
Bruiser Brody and Terry Gordy battle it out in a barb-wire match at the Parade Of Champions, May 1986.
Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody so I'm not massively pro WWE I was mainly in The Ecw and WCW camp mainly because they respected
OK but re: the last part - no way as his name's not Bruiser Brody, Kevin Sullivan, Dusty or Nakamura.
where do I find some good Gordon solie and Bruiser Brody?
Zeb Coulter revisits the murder of Bruiser Brody via
What was it like refereeing the Abdullah the Butcher vs. Bruiser Brody matches?
I grew up watching Gino, Chris Adams, Bruiser Brody, Iceman Parsons, those guys were my favorites.
WWC: Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah The Butcher (1987). This is one of the bloodiest wrestling match ever.
Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah The Butcher - Fort Worth in 1986. What a wild bloody match in
in 1986, Bruiser Brody beat by DQ in main event at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.
why did WWE put Carlos Colon in the HOF but not Bruiser Brody? That seems *** backwards.
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you do amazing documentarys I hope to see one on Terry Funk and Bruiser Brody.
After watching crica ~1986 World Class all day long, I came away more impressed with Spike Johnson than I did Bruiser Brody. -J
Much like how Wrestler of the Year is the Flair/Thesz Award & Best Brawler is the Bruiser Brody Award, any chance...
Still sad about retiring. Him paying homage to Bruiser Brody? My fav attire.
Watching a Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher walk & brawl from World Class on The Network. The heat for this. Jeff Jarrett is so jealous
39 years ago tonight in Americas champ Bruiser Brody in 12-man $2400 Battle Royal!
I haven't heard the name Bruiser Brody in years. :-)
Yeah, been there. They thought they were Bruiser Brody, but I proved they were the Mulkeys. Have a nice day.
Those Bruiser Brody boots when he came out made me so happy + The matches delivered on every level
Watch out, MRAs. I heard is the toughest dude since Bruiser Brody.
lowkey I do too, but he needs to be Bruiser Brody
Abdullah the Butcher , He made hardcore before it was cool along side Bruiser Brody in the 80's
hey Vince there is a lot of us wondering if,Killer Karl Kox,&Bruiser Brody will bein HOF
Bruiser Brody should go in hof this year
Also a tiny wrestler dressed like Bruiser Brody named his finisher off the nintendo game...
Seeing how WM is in Dallas,TX, wouldn't it be a good year to induct one of the all-time greats, Mr. Bruiser Brody?
Request: Lex Luger getting the *** out of Dodge during his match with Bruiser Brody
You mean Donny calling him Bruiser Brody doesn't do it for you? Hard to believe!
After Bruiser Brody passed, I stopped tuning in, thanks to I fell in love with wrestling again.
Hi Luke big fan. Question was the great Bruiser Brody someone you modeled your style on?
Bruiser Brody vs Taker - Texas Death Match. Sit back and watch the venue get destroyed
Please stop making Reigns do medium or long promos. Make him Bruiser Brody. Run in, beat people, leave. Short, screaming promos.
ICYMI: The 1001 project for is on Brody/Snuka vs &Terry, from ,
If it's not WM related then, I would love to read any story related to Bruiser Brody.
how about an inside story on Dallas wrestling esp bruiser Brody.
Bruiser Brody, plants a kiss on Heh.
Want WWE network to get over in Japan? . Time to put Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody and Great Muta in the hall of fame. .
I'm very surprised we never saw Harley Race or Bruiser Brody preform this move 40 years ago. Smh.
Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka for those who want to know what wrestling was like.
Thank you. Coming soon... Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody
You do remind me of Bruiser Brody a little, if Bruiser Brody had been jacked that is
Between Terry Gordy, Stan Hansen or Bruiser Brody who does BROCK LESNAR most identify with?
Is it me or is Luke Harper a reincarnation of Bruiser Brody
Well, SOMEONE's very excited about his new Bruiser Brody book!
Q: who would you rather build a roster around, Bruiser Brody or Luke Harper?. A: Luke Harper, because Bruiser Brody is dead.
Hansen is a legend in Japan, especially as a tag team wrestler. He & Bruiser Brody were one of the meanest teams ever …
what are your thoughts on Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen, as a tag-team, ever being considered for the WWE Hall …
1) I've never seen The Princess Bride. 2) I miss Bruiser Brody. With that being said good morning, time for some coffee and morning cig.
It was part of a chain reaction of protecting *** the Bruiser so Bruiser Brody=King Kong Brody, King Kong Bundy=Boom Boom Bundy.
I saw Rick Flair when he was the NWA champ at Memorial Hall in KCKS he wrestled Bruiser Brody
if you get time, download today's edition of Opens with me calling in and talking Bruiser Brody.
Brody is "we the peopling" all over Fargo now.u made 1 Lil guy so very happy.Bruiser Brody got swag
Big Daddy should already be in. Carlos deserves t,o but a lot of insiders won't vote for him strictly because of Bruiser Brody.
Anyways here's Bruiser Brody VS Carlos Colon in a chain match.
Hey Aubrey. The Network has no Bruiser Brody. Where can I get my Bruiser fill?
Looking forward to my Monday Night Raw.Yes I loved Rowdy Piper and all the greats but my favorite absolutely favorite was Bruiser Brody.
Should be doing homework. I'll probably just watch grainy footage of Bruiser Brody matches until 3am instead.
Hard to tell with rasslers but I guess not. Bruiser Brody was actually really smart and well spoken.
No way that cleancut guy is Bruiser Brody!
I need this! I have a mini Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher in the office already.
Hall of Fame: Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody do battle inside a steel cage |
Hideo Nomo grew up as a wrestling fan as most everyone of his age group did watching the likes of Bruiser Brody and Sta…
just reminded me that Tony Atlas witnessed Bruiser Brody's death or at least the aftermath of it. That's messed up
I never liked Hogan anyway, i liked Bret 'The Hit-man' Hart! . and Bruiser Brody.
Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Bruiser Brody, *** Foley. all stand up dudes. this is a good list.
Hey look, definitely Bruiser Brody and the real Stan Hansen
Bruno, Stone Cold Austin,Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. Men not just entertainers. Blood guts and beer.
Buddy Roberts temporarily enjoys the upperhand on Bruiser Brody (David Manning referee).
true that. Plus Abby vs my twin brother Bruiser Brody
Yall remember when Brody used to call him Bruiser 💀
I'll buy Big Show's interference. Nicknames are important. *** and Brody fought over Bruiser. This is like that, right?
best brawlers I saw growing up. Abdullah the Butcher, Bruiser Brody and Bob Sweetan.
On this day in May 31, 1980~ *** the Bruiser defeats King Kong Brody for the World Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title
Did Black Jack Mulligan and Bruiser Brody ever tag team together ?? I know they battled.
"Bruiser Brody ain't wear no mouthpiece!" Briscoes are the real deal.
.aka the light heavyweight Bruiser Brody.
Naomi with that Bruiser Brody like boot to Paige...they are in Texas afterall
I liked a video Billy Graham on the Murder of Bruiser Brody
Dutch Mantell on the Murder of Bruiser Brody via
my fave tag team is bruiser Brody and any of the Von Erich’s.
On this day in May 28, 1978~ Bruiser Brody defeats Dale Valentine in Houston, Texas to win the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title.
I liked a video Harley Race on Bruiser Brody getting himself killed
. I fancy myself in wrassler terms as a cross between bruiser Brody and the american dream dusty Rhodes.
Please add Bruiser Brody to this list.
Ox Baker gets the mic and asks if there's a way Bruiser Brody can make it back from the dead so he can beat him up in the cage again.
Famous for his wrestling persona. Infamous for his real one. BRUISER BRODY -
Got cut off in traffic this morning by Bruiser Brody. I don't dare honk the horn.
I liked a video Bruiser Brody training
I'm firm in my belief that Taker and/or Sting, Freebirds, Stan Hansen, & Bruiser Brody are 201…
Guy at the start looks like the love child of Damien Sandow and Bruiser Brody.
Just watched Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody vs *** Slater and Harley Race. There were no survivors.
Ric Flair talks about what happen to Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico.
would like to put a few names in your head for Hall of Fame Bruiser Brody and The Fabulous Freebirds, long over due for all...
Random 80s wrestling show on a local TV channel right now. Bruiser Brody, Superstar Graham etc.
Wow. Bruiser Brody vs. Jerry Crusher Blackwell on NWA On Fire on Ch. 19 on ATT U-verse in South Florida. Old school night after Raw.
I guess Harper is a solid Stan Hansen, but Rowan is a much, much better Bruiser Brody.
my dad read a bio on Bruiser Brody and it said the his style was the blue print for ECW, any truth to that?
- COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Action Figure Spotlight - only Bruiser Brody toy in existence
I have to get my hands on this one BRUISER BRODY FIGURE LOOSE
WWE 2K16 PLEASE put VON ERICH FAMILY Freebirds Jim Garvin Chris Adams Abdullah the butcher bruiser Brody and the WCCW Wrestling on the game
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"That's right, I'm a Bruiser Brody guy. You know who else was a Bruiser Brody guy?"
"And I've been vilified & hated since that day 'cause Bruiser Brody saw something in me that nobody wanted to admit."
In the locker room with the wife of King Kong Bruiser Brody, Barb Goodish.
one of the great must see matches. Bruiser Brody/Jimmy Snuka vs The Funks. Stan Hansen makes his return to AJPW.
just an absolute classic must see! Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody vs Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr from Dec. 8th 1984.
quoting this so you can enjoy. Bruiser Brody challenges Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.
If they had an elimination chamber match with bruiser brody, warrior, rude, hogan, macho & Owen back then it would be awesome
Bruiser Brody Music Video Just ask a Japanese fan from the 80s how intimidating Brody was
I liked a video Lex Luger on his incident with Bruiser Brody
Come on No man is tougher than Stan Hanson, or Bruiser Brody.
JBL can make all the Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen references he wants
I'll always look at and see a future Bruiser Brody
Yo never compare these clowns to the great legendary Bruiser Brody & Stan the Lariat Hansen.
thank you for the Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen references. Kids need to learn! Two of the greats!
JBL just mentioned Bruiser Brody on tv, Isnt that a no-no?
JBL just compared Rowan and Harper to Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. Can you put a team over more than that?
JBL calls Harper/Rowan the most brutal pairing since Brody and Hansen. Maybe he means Bruiser Brody and Taylor Hanson.
The Undertaker once wrestled the late Bruiser Brody, the match saw Brody get the win.
If you hate Bruiser Brody then don't listen to our *** song, Fatso.
Samoa Joe says his dream opponents would be Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles/Chris Daniels and CM Punk.
The Atomic Elbow Issue 14: I propose an alternate universe in which earthquakes are caused by Bruiser Brody and Wahoo McDaniel fighting.
Bruiser Brody was objectively better than Kane.
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