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Bruiser Brody

Frank Donald Goodish (June 18, 1946 – July 17, 1988) was an American professional wrestler who earned his greatest fame under the name Bruiser Brody.

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At least knowing I ordered my Kenny Omega and Bruiser Brody shirts makes me happy!
“New BRUISER BRODY shirt on I want this
Jake Dirden looks like Bruiser Brody with a biker gimmick.
Jake Dirden is a mix of Bruiser Brody, Hanson, Luke Harper, and Nord the Barbarian.
Sounds like a plan. By the way, I expect to be introduced as Bruiser Brody's son Bruiser Cody.
I might need this Bruiser Brody shirt
Nord was also known as The Berzerker in WWF, and was known to say "HUSS" in tribute to his fallen friend, Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish.
I liked a video theme bruiser brody
Who is closer to resembling the late great Bruiser Brody, or ?? it's too close to call in my opinion
I have to YouTube your stuff but just by looking at your pic, you have a real Bruiser Brody kind of vibe!
Nasty Boys is tentatively booked as the headline match not being treated right and quit on the SWS tour as a Bruiser Brody clone.
Coincidence that releases amazing new shirts for & Bruiser Brody this week? Both are iconoclastic trailblazers!
Just ordered my Kenny Omega and Bruiser Brody shirts from right now, can't wait for them to come in!
Last 3 years U got Sammartino, Warrior and now Savage! Great job! Still need Prof. Tanaka, Bruiser Brody, Demolition.
Daniel Bryan looks good with his pony tail. Reminds me of this look for Bruiser Brody.
we all say Bruiser Brody was great, but he was his harshest critic
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when you can become Bruiser Brody you Become bruiser Brody
Freebirds, Bruiser Brody need to be in. Since Inoki is in I'd say Baba, Sayama, or Misawa.
somebody told me your were a bruiser Brody fan & I didn't know if you have heard about these shirts
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Here's a photo of The Grand Wizard and Bruiser Brody.
New Bruiser Brody and Kenny Omega stores!!! I thought Xmas already happened!! This just made my year!
is bruiser Brody held In high regard over there or was he really the problem that people said he was??
Today's is oldschool. Bruiser Brody Was a Modern Day Berserker, and went to Valhalla too soon
Manny Fernandez and the guy who was invader 3 worked an angle where he was getting payback for Bruiser Brody it looks crazy.
I still want Bruiser Brody to go in.
Classics is up for me. Wish people would seed more. Like halfway through a 50GB Bruiser Brody set, no progress.
Bruiser Brody appears to have aged 10 years in a year. *** dude.
Bruiser Brody had not a care in the world about points in the AJPW 1981 Champion Carnival vs.
Luke Harper is So *** Entertaining he's like a modern day Bruiser Brody without the blading
You can pick up the two Bruiser Brody designs at - All proceeds go to the Goodish Estate!
great commentary by you awesome!! Love the Wilbur Schneider and Bruiser Brody references !!!
My nose wouldn't be as big if Bruiser Brody hadn't BROKE it!
Ambulance Corpus Christi.they are doing a Bruiser Brody vs. Wahoo McDaniel tribute match
I see Bruiser Brody in Harper but also some young ..especially that super kick
Correction, is the more agile backwoods, truck stop doppelgänger of Bruiser Brody
Does he talk about that cage match with Bruiser Brody?
I wanted to be 2 things in Life David Von Erich or Bruiser Brody I am a pipe welder and bring their intensity everyday!
1982 GONG Japan BRUISER BRODY Wrestling Card PSA 5 only one graded to date!
Bruiser Brody squash match and promo: via
technically the authority on fur leg warmers is Bruiser Brody but he's no longer with us and I've no time to conduct a seance.
Before the end of the night I might have to Bruiser Brody my way through these bleachers to *** smoke/get more beer.
Just seen an awesome picture of Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody dressed up as samurai.
someone should do a film on the life and mysterious death of Bruiser Brody.
tell Bruiser Brody to clean the shower
I did always think Bruiser Brody's leg drop was pretty sick, though
Both Bruiser Brody and Luke Harper have fantastic yearbook photos as well.
Funny they're saying Luke Harper is compared to Bruiser Brody. The guy competed as Brodie Lee prior to WWE, for crying out loud.
The similarities between Luke Harper and Bruiser Brody are pretty mindblowing.
I want to read at least one of the Bruiser Brody books. Eventually I'd like to read Ole's too.
I really liked the boots you donned at WrestleMania this year. It's a neat tribute to Bruiser Brody.
or if they don't ruin Bruiser Brody... This can simply make him look strong..
that was a great match between Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper reminds me of bruiser brody vs shawn michaels
great Bruiser Brody reference, even if it did go unnoticed...
Cole calls a Michinoku Driver and drops a Bruiser Brody reference...are we in Bizzaro world WWE?
If Bruiser Brody and *** Foley had a baby, you'd get Luke Harper.
The resemblance between and Bruiser Brody is uncanny.
Luke Harper is a dirty version of bruiser Brody
Billy Gunn vs bruiser Brody for the IC championship. -HeKtic
Low key.. this Ricky Morton vs Bruiser Brody feud is the BEST feud in WWE right now. Wow.
Luke Harper is THE NEXT BIG STAR.He gets too much comparison to Bruiser Brody he's better than Brody
am I the only one getting a huge Bruiser Brody vibe off of Luke Harper?
So Luke Harper is basically Bruiser Brody and Necro Butchers love child
Sid, that's colons kid, do you have any comments on bruiser Brody's death?
putting the Iron Claw on Bruiser Brody in St.Louis,MO in 1980.
that's true, Bruiser Brody earned respect everywhere he worked.
Great action shot of and Bruiser Brody. Wow, would make a powerful sculpture.
's dream team : Abdullah The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Bruiser Brody and Terry Funk
Big Show vs Mark Henry reminds me of Abdullah the Butcher vs Bruiser Brody from the 80's
Stay tuned for my 9 part video series on why Joey Greco is tougher than Bruiser Brody
if we complain enough on behalf of Bruiser Brody or Arn Anderson the may apologize.
SICW- As I stated earlier today, we lost another great legend in the wrestling business, not only did Ox Baker entertain us in the wrestling ring, but he starred in the box office hit, "Escape from New York". He told the story when he was in with us how that came about. That part was scheduled for our other great late friend, Brusier Brody. Ox and Brody tried out for it, and Brody was given the part. However, we all know back then what happen to our friend Bruiser Brody. Ox told me when he got back home from the movie try out, he received a call telling him to come to St. Louis for the start of the movie, he hadn't heard about the tradegy that happen to Brody, when the producer told him what happened, Ox was in shock, he couldn't beleive what he was being told, he told me he asked the producer, you mean Brody is gone and you want me back in St. Louis for the movie, and the producer told him, the show goes on. That always brothered Ox. He stated he always tells people that was Brodys' part and that ...
The actress who plays Bess was really good supporting Adrien Brody as
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Dean Ambrose is the light heavyweight version of Bruiser Brody for our generation.
Can we just get to splitting the Wyatt Family up and making Luke Harper the 2014 version of Bruiser Brody already?
JBL finally said something right when he compared Rowan & Harper to Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen. Spitting image.
what would Bruiser Brody do, threaten a lawsuit or kick the heel in the face? Cena & creative fail the litmus test again.
. I'd rather be Invader to the Bruiser Brody that is Phils channel
Since I have two more days off maybe now I can get around to watching my bruiser Brody tapes
Yep. I mean, when you're trainers are Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen you're going to be like that, but he LIVED it.
New on IB: The Violent Life and Death of Bruiser Brody - The true story of a larger than life chain swinging wild ...
I know what I'm watching tonight NWF Championship Wrestling - Steel cage match Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah
You and ya girl have taken a few bumps and bruises together in this crazy ride of life,it's no wonder she looks like Bruiser Brody.
Birthday haul so far? The Machine Blu Ray starring a Bruiser Brody DVD, 3 UFC t-shirts and $500 from my parents. :D
mind blown...its like super secret undercover Bruiser Brody
I wonder if watches and if so, if he thinks Harper & Rowan from the Wyatt Family remind him of him & Bruiser Brody?
Also feel free to tackle Bruiser Brody despite me not having a strong opinion.
Imagine me walking through Paris swinging a chain like Bruiser Brody.
I wanna be a cross between Rey Mysterio, Bruiser Brody, and Bob Barker.
comment made at HOF about 1 that didn't belong there. Was that related to Bruiser Brody? I'm sure you know who and what.
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From the very first time Taurus and Leo meet, it can be love at first sight.
Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen. I hope the legends are official DLC in 2K15. Watch the matches on
He reminds me of a cross between Bruiser Brody and Stan Hanson with a touch of Mike Awesome.
QOTD - Bruiser Brody: Today's Question: Let's say somehow, someway, on that day in July of 1988 in Puerto ...
Wow! Luke Harper really looks a lot like Bruiser Brody
hey Jr will you ask Stan Hansen about bruiser Brody and how he found out about his death?
never heard of that one. Do i just search Bruiser Brody v Lex Luger on YouTube ?
will we ever see Bruiser Brody and Abdhulla the Butcher figures?
it's kinda like DBry's Bruiser Brody gear from 'Mania. That's cool, I guess, but I don't get it
Dean Ambrose is the *** child of Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, and Bruiser Brody. And it is glorious.
Bruiser Brody, was he murdered in the locker room?
Why did Bray have to end Jon Bon Jovi vs Bruiser Brody?.   10% Off
I think Harper reminds me of Bruiser Brody
who would win in a tag team match The Wyatt's vs. Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen? I'm highly upset the Wyatt's lost tonight
still...when they finally split, Harper's the second coming of Bruiser Brody
If isn't Bruiser Brody in three years they're doing it wrong.
I'd LOVE to see either Rowan or (preferably) Harper utilize the old Bruiser Brody delated launching scoop slam.
have you ever seen any Bruiser Brody matches?
Bruiser Brody is more relevant but is Manson still in ppl's minds?
My money is on the dirty Bruiser Brody and Rory McAllister in a boiler suit to win this one . . .
This week marked the 25th Anniversary of Bruiser Brody's death. Person who did it it's still free & active. That's 25 years without justice.
Lyle Lovett and his large band's Old Friend
"'cause he leaves opponents blue and bloody". I guess this is suppose to be Bruiser Brody.
Luke Harper looks like the love child of Bruiser Brody and Skinner.
Flair says toughest guy he wrestled was Harley Race or Bruiser Brody.
does anyone else see the resemblance in Haper to the Great Bruiser Brody?
Harper vs Jericho is like steamboat vs bruiser Brody. Me Mikey!
7/17/88: Just over 26 yrs ago,BRUISER BRODY's life was cut short.INDUCT THIS LEGEND! Great video.
Just saw that has Bruiser Brody shirts! Popped huge. Just need to make a Shinya Hashimoto shirt and you'll have my ££££
taker, bruiser brody, big show..(wcw days) big boss man, right under 6'5, brock. Most atheletic big man ever
17years ago on July 17th 1988 Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death.
Man that's crazy just thinking about about how Bruiser Brody was killed 17 years ago.
On this day in July 17th 1988 Bruiser Brody is stabbed to death in a dressing room in Puerto Rico.
Quite possibly the toughest man in the entire world, Bruiser Brody was murdered on 7/17/1988
Bruiser Brody as remembered by 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan.: Bruiser Brody was really instrumental in my career. Prob...
It was 26 yrs ago when Bruiser Brody was killed. How would people react if something similar happened to today
I just read last night how Bruiser Brody was murdered by that nutjob Gonzalez, but charges dropped. BS
Bruiser Brody - the greatest brawler in wrestling history - was stabbed to death 26 yrs ago today in Puerto Rico
You found out first hand what Bruiser Brody really meant.
love the new profile pic of you and Bruiser Brody! 26 yrs ago today he was MURDERED!
Thinking of Bruiser Brody's death makes me remember how undeserving Carlos Colon is of his HOF induction.
It's been 26 years ago today, my friends...that Bruiser Brody passed away. Man, he was truly a beast in Japan. We miss you Brody!
On this day in 1988 the legendary Bruiser Brody was murdered. RIP big man
In one of pro wrestling's saddest anniversaries, Bruiser Brody - real name Frank Goodish - was stabbed to death...
Bruiser Brody, who died on this day in 1988.
Today in 1988, at the age of 42, Bruiser Brody was murdered by Jose Gonzalez at a show in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.
If I was there. I would have started a Bruiser Brody chant during his speech. He's only in so Vince can get PR library
Ring Wars Remembers.Bruiser Brody!!! . On this day in 1988, NWA star Bruiser Brody lost his life aged 42.
BRUISER BRODY was killed in Puerto Rico on July 17th, 1988. The question still remains - was Brody's death a... http:/…
Todays fantasy match up is bruiser brody vs Cactus Jack who would win this one? -adminy2e
There is a Bob Costas interview done at KMOX in the early 80s w/ Bruiser Brody. Is there possibility of hearing it.
20 years ago today: took on in his WCW debut at Bash at the Beach
VII: Bruiser Brody killed in Peurto Rico, Hogan takes on Flair in his WCW debut, Raven vs ABYSS.
A dream match I wanna see, and I'm sure would agree with, is Bruiser Brody vs. Luke Harper. That would be amazing!
Zeb Colter thinks Carlos Colon did all he could to prevent Bruiser Brody's murder.
badass dude though... He reminds me of Bruiser Brody RIP
Dean and Seth rivalry needs to old school like Bruiser Brody and Abdullah or Magnum T.A. And Tully Blanchard.
It it me or does Harper Wyatt looks like a modern day Bruiser Brody lol
Luke Harper looks like a flying Bruiser Brody.
Luke Harper is a real life Bruiser Brody CAW, with a couple of cruiser moves to really p o your buddies.
is the next Bruiser Brody. This guy is the real deal.
is sik, very Bruiser Brody. Whatca think
Luke Harper looks just like bruiser brody
Rowan & Harper: Memories of Bruiser Brody and George the Animal Steel
Luke Harper is all around one of the best acts in WWE. Flashes of Bruiser Brody..
oh believe me kiddo I'm very high on Harper. Reminds me of bruiser Brody who was a hero o mine!
Wish I could bet money that JBL will compare the Wyatts to Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen at some point in this match.
Luke Harper is Bruiser Brody's illegitimate child. You can't convince me otherwise
JR.. why did we never see a program between and Bruiser Brody in WWE in mid/ late 80's?? Or Stan Hansen for that matter.
Brutal moments from a 1982 Japanese match between Bruiser Brody and Terry Funk. J'adore!
Remember mid 80s off season travel with King Kong Bruiser Brody. If only those guys had known the full impact.
At least Taker isn't in this match. HE ONCE JOBBED AGAINST BRUISER BRODY
I liked them to be honest .. i thought Funk was a pioneer for hardcore wrestling ... and Bruiser Brody also ...
Deceptively eloquent former journalist Bruiser Brody had a way with words, in this case choice words for Dusty Rhodes
no, he's an alive man's Bruiser Brody
did John Nord & Bruiser Brody come to the ring on motorcycles by chance? the memory is getting crazier by the hour!
Classic Violence, you remind me of Bruiser Brody..Great match... ...
Takagi is also a fan of Bruiser Brody.
meltzer told a pretty good story this weekend of *** the bruiser getting in a fight with Brody in the 70s over a payoff
Bull Dempsey wants to be the next Bruiser Brody...just don't go to Puerto Rico
This has potential. And modelling himself after Bruiser Brody? I like him.
We've had references to Bastion Booger and Bruiser Brody so far.
I added a video to a playlist Texas Red (The Undertaker) vs. Bruiser Brody
Who are these TNA dudes w/Robbie Williams haircuts and faux fur? What would Bruiser Brody have done to such a man?
and the best Gaijin (foreigner) in japanese professional wrestling beside Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody.
Oh wow, RIP. I remember his wild interviews with King Kong Bruiser Brody... Whom is my all time favorite performer ever.
On this date in 1979, Andre the Giant & Bruiser Brody defeated The Spoiler, Mark Lewin & Gary Hart in Ft. Worth
Sometimes you just end up on YouTube watching Bruiser Brody vs. Terry Funk.
bro, is it just me...or wouldn't Jason Momoa make an excellent Bruiser Brody in a biopic down the road? I'd watch it!
Do you guys mean the late Bruiser Brody ?
Turned on for a bit. I miss Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Blackjack Mulligan and Bam Bam Gordy.
Wouldn't surprise me if Luke Harper was Bruiser Brody's long lost son.
I haven't seen a big man so athletic as Luke Harper since Kane. They remind me so much of each other. Sorry Bruiser Brody.
Have you ever heard of Bruiser Brody?
Luke Harper reminds me a lot of Cactus Jack with a mixture of Bruiser Brody
FAV if you see the resemblance. Bruiser Brody and Luke Harper
including the guy that stabbed Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher in World Class Championship Wrestling. So god.
I may never be Bruiser Brody or Cactus Jack, but when I wrestle my daughter, I'll always be the monster heel.
A scenic drive took me back once again to Amsterdam, NY where my brother Ross and I were privileged to accept the induction of my our late father into the PWHF. Joining Stu in the 2014 induction were The Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, Bruiser Brody, Don Muraco, Leroy McGuirk, Al Hayes, Rubberman Johnny Walker aka Mr. Wrestling II, Sherri Martel, Gary Hart, The Fargo Brothers, the late Jackie and Don (Kalt). Among others in attendance were Cowboy Johnny John Lusk Mantell, Stan Hansen, Ray "Doink" Apollo, Ted Gordienko, The Masked Destroyer *** Beyer, Killer Bee Brian Blair, Greg Valentine, Paul Butcher Vachon, Barbara Goodish, attractive widow of the late Bruiser Brody, Mrs. Red Bastien, JJ Dillon, Joyce Grable, Dominic Denucci, Dennis Dipaolo (son of the late Illio Dipaolo) and of course the PWHF founding father and patron Tony Vellano. I look forward to Owen being inducted in the near future. An added highlight to the celebration was going firstly to the New Jersey gravesite of punk rocker idol Joey Ramon ...
You want to see some wild wrestling - Youtube Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody. If the match here at NDMW is even half this good, you might as well not even fix up the NDMW arena wall, its just coming down again!!
For oldtime wrestling fans, two great villians in this territory passed away a few years ago and I happen to see articles about them. Killer Karl Kox whose real name was Herbert Gerwig died in November, 2011 of a massive heart attack in Dallas, Texas. A fellow wrestler of that same period, Colonel Buck Robley died a year ago of congestive heart failure in Little Rock, Arkansas. Robley was also connected as a manager to Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. He was also Bob Sweetan's manager. Robley is also credited with the development of the Junkyard Dog. A final ring of the bell to both of them.
Forgotten classic of the day is a match between my two favorite wrestlers from the 90s AJPW era. Stan Hansen and Kenta Kobashi. Just got Hansen's book in the mail so this goes along the lines of that. Tons of awesome insight into the Puro world and Bruiser Brody's personal life as told by his close friend. Also Stan himself was just aa badass. Gotta love Kobashi too. So enjoy everybody. -ProWrestlingBEAR
I got to watch the infamous lex lugar v bruiser Brody steel cage match, the one where Brody starts to no sell lugar's punches
Does anybody remember when Bruiser Brody would come out to Zepplin's Immigrant Song and brawl? Pepridge Farms remembers that.
.you have my vote. *** the bruiser and Bruiser Brody are my dads two favorite wrestlers and LOD is the best. You win.
Barbara Goodish, wife of Hall of Famer Bruiser Brody will be attending in Sept. Huge honor for us.
I saw The Funk Brothers, Keiji Mutoh, and Bruiser Brody referenced in a god-damned murder mystery anime of all things
my favorite guys were Magnum TA, Dusty, the Horsemen(all versions in NWA/WCW), bruiser Brody, Hotstuff Edfie Gilbert, L.O.D
man I would love if ESPN did a 30 for 30 on the death of Bruiser Brody that story is such a mystery
Except Bruiser Brody never did a hurricanrana brother
You watch and you can't help but to think of Bruiser Brody. Eerie and uncanny the resemblance.
Are we sure that Harper isn't Bruiser Brody reincarnated
This is what I've been saying for quite a while. There's a lot of similarities to Bruiser Brody.
Every time Luke Harper wrestles he gets better and better...this generations Bruiser Brody all day long.
kinda reminds me of a young Bruiser Brody looks wise.
This Luke Harper has more than a little Bruiser Brody to his game...
amazes me with his wrestling abilities. Reminds me of the great Bruiser Brody!
Zeb Colter could catch anything but Bruiser Brody's killer in time.
The Wyatt Family vs. Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, and Terry Funk would be epic.
Totally look like Bruiser Brody here for some reason.
And all six of them would've been Bruiser Brody.
WWF has signed international star Bruiser Brody to a developmental contract
Bruiser Brody may be long dead, but he killed a cockroach tonight.
Bruiser Brody being inducted into PWHF by Stan Hansen with Barbara GoodishGoldfish. Its about time this amazing...
Dutch Mantel revisits the murder of Bruiser Brody:
When I was a kid I told my dad Bruiser Brody was sexy. He went, "What you know about sexy?"
I know it's probably not who you're talking about, but didn't Bruiser Brody use the song straight up back in the day?
Can't wait to buy more merch next time I see him on a show! 1 Bruiser Brody convo made me a Hero fan for life!
I love the as I get to watch great matches from back in the day. Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Barry Windham and more. Awesome!
Totally agree, another of my favs Frank Goodish aka Bruiser Brody. My dad said this guy was a wild man. Pops would drive
Get ready like Bruiser Brody for the weekend
The pain issued at my match at tomorrow's HOF event will be dedicated to Bruiser Brody!
Bruiser Brody was stabbed in the men's locker room in Puerto Rico by the event promoter over 100 dollars
Nice dropkick from the big man, Luke Harper. Similarities to Bruiser Brody, according to JBL. -BDaMan
hopefully no cena! a Bryan with bruiser Brody tribute boots would rule!
What famous people were born in your city? — Bruiser Brody, John Smoltz, Alex Avila.
Round 1, Match 31 of the Tag Team King of the Ring: The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody...
Seeing as how WWE Extreme Rules is tonight, here's 7 hardcore dream matches: 1.) Daniel Bryan vs Bruiser Brody in a steel chain match 2.) Dean Ambrose vs Cactus Jack in a barbed wire match 3.) Brock lesnar vs Vader in a last man standing match 4.) Seth Rollins and Roman reigns vs The Dudley Boys in a tables match 5.) The usos vs rvd and sabu vs edge and christian in a TLC match 6.) John cena vs New Jack in an extreme rules match 7.) Bray Wyatt vs raven in a dog collar match
Bruiser Brody on the left. A kind soul who is missed by many. His name was Frank Goodish. And he was larger than life.
Hey, *** I think you really used to resemble Bruiser Brody in your younger years. God rest his soul.
I find it funny how today's WWE fans think guys like Kane & Boogeyman are legit scary... Bruiser Brody scares you even if he blinks.
What I'm going to do today is attempt to educate and inform. This is what it's like at the Pro Wrestling CSI Academy. Some of you may have already seen this stuff so skip over it or go back and watch, read it again. Copy the url and paste it at the top address box and you will be taken there or just click. Wrestling Shooters/Hookers 1.) Frank Gotch Farmer Burns— Danny Hodge— John Pesek— Ad Santel— Ed Strangler Lewis— Lou Thesz— Hiro Matsuda— Karl Gotch- Billy Robinson- Les Thatcher - Stu Hart - Judo Gene Lebell - Earl Caddock - Joe Stetcher-- The best woman’s wrestler of all time. Mildred Burke - Stay with this video, it’s hokey but these guys are your past…these guys were WRESTLERS. Bring what they did, to today. Catch Wrestling is not Pro Wrestling, but a wrestler needs to know catch because old school wrestlers that were known as hookers used catch. This would add to your ring persona. Catch Wrestling in England 4 catches shown. Get a notebook because you are going to ...
Piledriver no 1 Profiled Bruiser Brody who wrestled in WCW 64-78 towards the end of the promotions last few years.
Mean Gene gets roofied by Patterson and reveals the brutal 3way between himself, Moolah and Bruiser Brody.
Bruiser Brody's forehead scar tissue could beat 20% of the current roster.
I really want the Daniel Bryan/Bruiser Brody chain match they talk about in the article.
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I'll go with a evolution of hardcore if you will, Abdullah The Butcher, Bruiser Brody, Cactus Jack, Atushi Onita, and Sabu
Legends House was ruined for me the minute I heard about Atlas' involvement in the Bruiser Brody murder.
Just like you won't give up on Bruiser Brody, we won't give up on you. Podcast whatever weeks you can.
It's because we all secretly wish Bruiser Brody was our mayor. I know I do.
just let take care of Bruiser Brody for a weekend.
I had this dream I was hanging at your house. Bruiser Brody attacked me and you had this mini Ferris wheel for stairs.
40 yrs ago today-Bruiser Brody made his prof.wrestling debut (as Frank Goodish) losing to Bob Roop in a “lights out match” in Ft. Worth.
Interesting fact, Zeb was an eyewitness in the murder of Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico, & still claims there was a massive cover-up
They have Sandow doing this crap?! I've been pushing for him to have a "son of Bruiser Brody" gimmick for years.
When did Bruiser Brody beat for The World Title in St. Louis in 1984? The belt was given back to Flair later
Bruiser Brody & Abdullah The Butcher are on the list so they didn't totally botch it. Shane has no business on it. Needs Onita
how the *** is Bruiser Brody not inducted but they'll induct that pos Colon?
working on a Bruiser Brody vid but I got like 60 hours of footage to sort through and still haven't picked a song
So are the Beautiful People Bruiser Brody fans with those boots?
Hall of Fame: Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody do battle inside a steel cage | via
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A bad pic of Texas Red (Undertaker) before doing the J-O-B to Bruiser Brody during their 1984 World Class match.
Tony Atlas talks Warrior, Bruiser Brody, Scott Epstein, Legends House, & much more at the Apter Chat...
Tony Atlas chats with Bill Apter about a variety of subjects close to his heart -- Bruiser Brody, The Ultmate...
This Day In Wrestling History- April 11th Trivia 1963 – Buddy Rogers is officially presented the WWWF World Heavyweight Title belt in Washington, D.C., after his having won a fictitious tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1985 – Bruiser Brody jumps from All Japan Pro Wrestling to New Japan Pro Wrestling 1987 – The Super Powers (Nikita Koloff & Dusty Rhodes) win the Jim Crockett Sr Memorial Tag Team Tournament, defeating Lex Luger & Tully Blanchard in the final 1997- Big Van Vader is detained in Kuwait after he attacks Bossam Al Otham, host of Good Morning Kuwait, after taking offense to Otham’s questions 2001 – The AJPW Champion’s Carnival reverted to the single-block round robin format for this year. This would be the final time this format would be used, as all subsequent tournaments have used a dual-block format. Genichiro Tenryu won the event in his first appearance since 1982, defeating Taiyo Kea in the final 2010 – Minoru Suzuki wins the AJPW Champion’s Carnival, defeated Masakatsu ...
I looked at a match today between Bruiser Brody and Texas Red who was managed by Percy Pringle. I wonder whatever happened to Texas Red
Daniel Bryan wore those fuzzy boots on Sunday as a tribute to Bruiser Brody. So once again eff Carlos Colon.
How ironic that WM boots were a tribute to Bruiser Brody the same weekend Carlos Colon gets inducted into the
How did you feel about Carlos Colon being inducted provided your history with him and the whole Bruiser Brody incident?
Carlos Colon is in the WWE Hall of Fame. - ……so, do they know about what he did to Bruiser Brody?
Hey Stupid! Carlos Colon was wrestling long before you were born. You know nothing of the death of Bruiser Brody.
Apparnently some people think Carlos Colon.stabbed Bruiser Brody?
Carlos Colón's presence in the Hall of Fame is a bit sticky for me. If you don't know why, look up Bruiser Brody.
The British Bulldogs, Barry Windham, Bruiser Brody and Chris Jericho belong on that list too.
Hi all! Just wanted to share this great interview with WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum featuring B.Brian Blair! Hear Brian talk in this fantastic hour plus long interview about his beginning training with Hiro Matsuda in Florida, his time in Kansas City, World Class Championship Wrestling, stops in the NWA, as well as his two runs in the WWF. Blair discusses his longtime friendships with Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff, as well as his time working with countless legendary personalities including his Killer Bee partner, Jim Brunzell, Jesse Ventura, Bruiser Brody, Tony Atlas, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, Vince McMahon Sr, George Scott, Vince McMahon, Jr., Nikolai Volkoff, and more. Also hear him discuss the horrible boating accident involving Brutus Beefcake and the long standing "heat" between himself and the Iron Sheik! Hope you enjoy!
Bruiser Brody as Swamp Thing, Teddy Long = Pinball, Arn Anderson as Billy Bedlam, and Shelton Benjamin as Baby-O.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
yep found the Bruiser Brody discussion in pt2 of the Bruce Mitchell Show. Amazing but tragic!
Carlos Colon is being inducted into the WWE HOF. Colon is without a doubt a legend in Puerto Rico his feud with Abdullah the Butcher was savage to say the least. However, I feel WWE is making a huge mistake inducting this man. In 1988 one of the biggest tragedies in wrestling history took place when Frank Goodish better known as Bruiser Brody was brutally stabbed to death in Puerto Rico by a promotor who refused to pay him. Carlos Colon perjured himself and Brody's killer never did any jail time. It has been widely believed that Colon himself was threatened and paid off to testify against the deceased Brody. Any arguments WWE tries to make about keeping Chris Benoit out of the WWE HOF are now invalid. If they are going to overlook Colons questionable character and focus only on his in ring career then they have no excuse not to do the same for Benoit. I for one would leave them both out for life. ~ Dark Angel Images
I'm currently watching Bruiser Brody vs Rick Rude w/ Percy Pringle. I love the
Watching Rick Rude (w/Percy Pringle) vs. Bruiser Brody at Texas Stadium for the heavyweight title. All of them are gone. Sad.
Weird seeing Paul Wight with long hair back in WCW. Cross between Andre, Bruiser Brody, and an 80's metal band
People keep saying that Luke Harper is Bruiser Brody come again...there was only one Brody but there definitely is a resemblance
THE TERRITORY DAYS. The St Louis Wrestling Club. ~The St Louis Wrestling club was owned by Sam Muchnick and it was considered one of NWA's flagship territories. Harley Race was also a minority owner of the promotion. The St Louis Wrestling program was titled "Wrestling At The Chase", and is considered one of the most legendary programs in wrestling history. The program ran from 1959-1983 and often had over 100,000 viewers per episode. St Louis didn't maintain a full time roster, preferring to use talent from "Central States Wrestling" to fill out the mid card. Stars like Pat O'Connor, Ric Flair, Harley Race, *** The Bruiser, Gene Kiniski, Lou Thesz, Kerry Von Erich, David Von Erich, Greg Valentine, Ken Patera, Ted DiBiase, Bruiser Brody, Jack Brisco, Dory Funk, *** Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes and even Randy Savage made frequent appearances. Also Muchnick did not operate St. Louis as a territory, preferring to run only his monthly cards at Kiel Auditorium and the St. Louis Arena. Even though The St. Louis Wre .. ...
Bruiser Brody takes on Bruce Walkup at The Sportatorium. Terry Allen (Magnum T.A.) provides commentary with Gordon Solie.
Has there ever been a college that has produced more famous pro wrestlers than West Texas State (now known as West Texas A&M)? The list is endless. Most of the wrestlers who attended there were known for football. Don't even think they had a wrestling team! Just some of the famous names to attend include Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Terry and Dory Funk Jr, Tito Santana, *** Murdoch, and Tully Blanchard. *** Tito was a tight end on the same team Tully was qb. Can you name any school that has produced more top wrestlers?
In the history of wrestling a big beard has usually been associated with a guy who was wild, untamed or a Hillbilly. From Pampero Firpo to the Wild Samoans, the Long Riders to the Highlanders and Bruiser Brody to the Wyatt Family. The beard had made fans and other wrestlers fear the "Unkempt" wrestler. Wrestlers like Ox Baker and Jim the Anvil Neidhart were very creative in their grooming styles. It's not enough to be a heel without looking like one as well. This has helped wrestlers like the Moondogs and Mike Knox become hated villains. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Valiant and Hillbilly Jim did the opposite and made fans cheer them more with the bearded look. In recent years the beard has made a comeback with guys like the Highlanders, Mike Knox, The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. This practice has made me and a lot of others in the beard culture very happy and I would like to see this practice continue. There's a quote that I use for people who fear the beard and do not like the followers of follicles ...
Flair. But Bruiser Brody was my all time favorite when I was a kid.
the Bruiser Brody audio documentary you guys did a few years ago was excellent! Any more planned?
Who would win Hogan vs bruiser Brody in a last man standing.
Just bought the book "Brody" on my Kindle. The story of Bruiser Brody. wrote the intro. How does José Gonzales do no jail time?
The long hair, the beard, the brawling style, the huuusk, Bruiser Brody had it all. His unwillingness to do business cost him his life.
Watching a lot Bruiser Brody on this fine Sunday.
Imagine if Bruiser Brody didn't get murdered.
Holy cow! Punk with Kamala and Bruiser Brody and Friday? What would be next? Punk as the next Horseman? ***
At one time there were lots of those, Bruiser Brody may have been the biggest. Miss you in WWE for sure.
Bruiser Brody & Bruiser Brony are two way different people
JANUARY 3RD THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY 1929 - Lord Littlebrook was born in the UK 1952 - Jim 'JR' Ross was born in Oklahoma, USA 1957 - Stan Mykietowich and Ted Stefanyk defeat Frenchy Champagne and John DePaulo for the Madison Wrestling Club Tag Team Title in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 1957 - Dizzy Davis defeats Jim Wright to become the first to hold the Amarillo version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Amarillo, Texas. 1963 - Vic Grimes was born in New York, USA 1963 - New Jack was born in in North Carolina, USA 1964 - The Destroyer defeats Mad Dog Vachon in Portland, Oregon to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title, ending Vachon's fourth reign. 1965 - Pat Patterson defeats Pepper Martin for the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title, beginning his second reign and ending Martin's second. 1965 - Johnny Valentine defeats The Sheik in Toronto, Ontario to win the Toronto version of the NWA United States Heavyweight Title for the seventh time. 1977 - Br ...
Could you imagine if we went back in time and had Bruiser Brody vs Holy Poop that would be good!
Watching another volume of old Southwest Championship Wrestling, with alot of Bruiser Brody and The Sheephearders. Good stuff!
This is Bruiser Brody's last recorded match on July 13, 1988 against non other than Abdullah The Butcher.
Anybody else see Bruiser Brody in overdrive?
Induction is complete! This years inductees are as follows... CLASS OF 2014: The BoB- USA Network Lifetime Acheivement- Harley Race The Larry- Daniel Bryan Bill Cardille Stan Hansen Bruiser Brody Eddie Gilbert The Fabulous Kangaroos Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody Megumi Kudo William Moody Ricky Romero Charles Robinson Bobo Johnson Krimson Damien Wayne Kostyal World Class World Heavyweight Championship Belt The Kiel Auditorium- St Louis Congrats to all! Thank you to our members who nominated and to the selection committee who took the time to evaluate and select this years nominees for induction.
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