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Bruce Willis

Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), known professionally as Bruce Willis, is an American actor, producer, and singer.

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Some amount of Sandra Bullock's and Bruce Willis's on ma fookin timeline 🤔
Re-watching 'The Sixth Sense':. 1) What happened to Bruce Willis?. 2) Donnie W. was great in this. 3) Macaulay Culkin was way cuter back then.
Bruce Willis. Pain in my *** no problem about that. We just didn't...
Pulp Fiction is both the best and the worst movie. Samuel L story is amazing. Bruce Willis and the French girl is brutal
Nice: Movie in the Works with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray via
It would've been crazy if Bruno (Bruce Willis) sang Respect Yourself to Mavis Staples.
Tunnel boring, battery power, space travel:. is a nuclear weapon away from sending Bruce Willis to destroy an astroid.
I love Bruce Willis. He on my old white bae list. Kevin Spacey, Jeff Goldblume, Chris Noth...
Best middle age white actor? Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or Nicholas Cage
Best part of JATW is when Bruce Willis throws Alan Rickman from Nakatomi Tower.
Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis in every single movie I've seen him ...
you know who IS a "Mary-Sue"? Superman. Batman. Pretty much any role played by Bruce Willis. I can go on.
'The Last Boy Scout' starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans was released 25 years ago today in 1991: http…
you're right. I'd much rather watch him shoot at Bruce Willis than break Emma Thompson's heart
Why is it that Bruce Willis can save a building full of people in 1 day in Die Hard but I can't do my homework in 2?
At the inauguration Scott Baio is going to read Ted Nugent’s “Wang Dang Sweet *** ” with Bruce Willis accompanying on…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'd love to see the roles reversed. Bruce Willis as John McClane is forced to become Santa. Tim Allen must take on a group of terrorists.
people born in Years. are good Entertainers. Robert DeNiro. Bruce Willis. WilliamShatner. Heath Ledger. Julia Roberts…
This is also the same guy that thought John Travolta and Bruce Willis were the same guy
Under the Boardwalk by Bruce Willis & John Kettley was a weatherman. I cycled 10 miles for the BW (saw it, came back for cash)
what could go wrong? (In same sing sing manner as Bruce Willis in HVAC in Die Hard, "Come out to the coast."
. Today I feel like Bruce Willis in 'The Sixth Sense', or I guess Bruce Willis any day
Bruce Willis' character was dead the entire time. 😳
it's ok he's Bruce Willis in the 6th Sense and he's dead so he can't change his clothes
I've drawn both but unfortunately Steve Buscemi looks like Bruce Willis mixed with Tommy lee jones
In "The Jackal" what a marvelous acting by Bruce Willis. When Bruce enacted "The Jackal" he was in Top Form! Very brilliant!
Still can't believe she left Bruce Willis.
Shawty, Imma only tell you this once, you're the illest. And for your lovin', I'm a Die Hard like Bruce Willis
Not many people know this, but Fight Club's true sequel is Twelve Monkeys starring Bruce Willis
This must be what it felt like for people who *didn't* see it coming that Bruce Willis was dead in Sixth Sense. Those people are dumb too.
Got to spend thanksgiving with a dog named "Bruce Willis: star of the hit blockbuster Die Hard 2" and that's something I'm very thankful for
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it's a wonderful life and the one where Bruce Willis goes back to his childhood
Somebody explain to me the Bruce Willis movie unbreakable
It's not Christmas until I watch a barefoot Bruce Willis kill a dozen Germans and Professor Snape
Watching Die Hard remembering when Bruce Willis and I BOTH had hair.
My aunt just claimed she's thought my dad looked like Bruce Willis forever. I disagree. Strongly.
The Titanic made it safely to port, Bruce Willis was fine in the 6th Sense, Dumbledore is still Headmaster, Ned Stark is Lord…
It's really odd to be up close to an icon like Bruce Willis. You're used...
a whimper not a scream more Bruce Willis in moonlighting than Billy Bob in Fargo. Ben Affleck in a Michael bay universe
- Our guests from *** Bruce Willis was bonkers. Pamela Anderson fled the set. ...
TIL It's rumored that Mathew Perry made a bet with Bruce Willis that if The Whole Nine Yards (a movie in which both co-starred) opened at N…
And what was with actors at that time doing songs? Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Don Johnson...Ri…
Bruce Willis was once attached to in this film with Antoine Fuqua directing
Wait, that's not Kiefer Sutherland. That's Bruce Willis with a toupee.
Between Vincent Vega and Bruce Willis, I like Bruce Willis better IDK that's just me
me: -fights the urge to point at the hotel across the street with Bruce Willis and Hayden Christensen and I immediately went "same"
If Mourinho directed Die Hard it'd be 90 minutes of Bruce Willis hiding in a cupboard, then applauding his tactics for…
Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone at the opening of Planet Hollywood in 1991
How do all bald dudes look alike? I can't tell the difference between Bruce Willis, Michael chiklis, or Dean Norris
Watching a Bruce Willis movie being filmed in Chicago Rn. Might just become a Hollywood star. stay tuned.
I'm not exaggerating either. I've seen it in the guide every...single...night. Bruce Willis & Carl Winslow must be getting major $$$
The real Mike Williams wanted Bruce Willis to play him in Deepwater Horizon. Sorry Mark...
Mike Epps to share the screen with Bruce Willis for film 'Death Wish'
Mike Epps Joins Eli Roth’s “Death Wish” Remake: Mike Epps is set to join Bruce Willis in the remake of the vi...
Comedian Mike Epps will be joining Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's remake.
heard you want to remake with Bruce Willis and Mike Epps. Please don't! Just make another don't ruin a classic!
Mike Epps is joining Bruce Willis in the remake of Death Wish
can you get Bruce Willis on your show or Shawn micheals
Remember in Looper how they made Joseph Gordon-Levitt kinda look like a mixture of himself and Bruce Willis?
Thank you, I believe that is the first set photo of Bruce Willis as Paul Kerner.
Although how Bruce Forsyth & Bruce Willis are still alive I do not know.
I'm more like Bruce Willis in Last Boy Scout. Want to hear me scream in pain? Play some rap music.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper did a proper Bruce Willis, that's still pretty magical work.
if you think Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis are the same person, you're mad. Stark, staring mad.
In line to see Magnificent 7 now which I hope is good & as for Death Wish I hope Bruce Willis is a good Paul Kersey
Trump reminds me of the character Bruce Willis plays in Die Hard. Brave, heroic, rough around the edges with heart of gold…
Joseph Gordon-Levitt had prosthetics to make him look like Bruce Willis in order to play his younger self for Looper (2012)
The Hillary campaign reminds me of "Death Becomes Her"- Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, and Bruce Willis- remember that movie?
What even is that movie? Like, what? What's the plot, reasoning? Also, Bruce Willis is old. Joseph Gordon Levitte tho 😍
is Mark Wahlberg playing a young Bruce Willis?
Francois tough like Larry Bird and Bruce Willis in Die Hard
I had my Championship Buckle on so Larry bought me drinks..My girl couldn't believe Bruce Willis took us back to Roosevelt
Reminds me of Bruce Willis in Twelve Monkeys. Being reduced to shuffling and drooling by court order due to an objection to hanging judges.
.Mel Gibson pops his shoulder back in Lethal Weapon, not Bruce Willis!
Terry Gilliam / Brad Pitt / Bruce Willis on the set of 12 Monkeys
This is the 3rd time Bruce Willis has time traveled to encounter his younger self, after Twelve Monkeys and The Kid.
.That's not Sam Phillips, it's He travels through time, like Bruce Willis in Twelve Monkeys.
First on the list: Twelve Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis and a cast of thousands, presumably at least eleven of which are monkeys.
Best bald actor is Bruce Willis. He could even play the lead in the rumored Johnny Vander Meer biopic.
Chris Pratt is the new Bruce Willis right?
OCEAN'S TWELVE, best part: Catherine Zeta Jones. Worst part: 2nd egg rob attempt w/ as self Bruce Willis (not his fault, just doesn't work)
"Hey, I dunno if you've ever seen this movie, but Bruce Willis is a ghost." -
Bruce Willis wore a wig for the original Die Hard
Yall pray for my cuz. Colored his own hair and his glove broke. Now his hands like Bruce Willis in "5th Element" lol
agreed. I love when Bruce Willis rides off on the motorcycle that says Grace.
I think I would be both the savant and Bruce Willis, a brave manly genius defending himself from partisan assassins.
I can't think of a single Bruce Willis quote.
"I'm like Bruce Willis, but with highlights."
rofl had he heard that Bruce Willis is a ghost in sixth sense yet or...
Bruce Willis is actually dead the whole time.
I agree w/ Bruce Willis as the most recent quotable actor. My opinion is as Mercurial as a presidential candidate.
Someone get in touch w Bruce Willis. David Cross needs to close his Loop
Bruce Willis shows support for the NYPD
Bruce Willis enjoying the high life, 1989
Same clothes I wore as Bruce Willis stand in for the movie, "Last Man Standing." I'm not a newbie. Been around...
The combo of Bruce Willis's blonde hair with that orange tank top he's wearing in The Fifth Element literally makes me nauseous.
"I aint dead yet like im Bruce Willis"
expect multiple appearances by Bruce Willis 😀
Bruce Willis takes time out for cops on a visit to New York
Bruce Willis's stunt double looks like a sadder version of him.
In Die Hard Bruce Willis kills enough people surely one of them would have had shoes he could have worn, it would have saved a lot of pain
Armageddon Starring Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson as Owen Wilson, and Ben Affleck as the Mannequin from Mannequin.
At the end of Sixth Sense, it's revealed that the guy under the hairpiece is actually Bruce Willis!!
Sixth Sense but Taylor is Bruce Willis and I'm the kid
The Sixth Sense... even though he plays it quiet, I KNEW the lead was Bruce Willis the whole time...the hair didn't fool me!
This should be a movie. Directed by Zack Snyder, Idris Elba as Mohammed, Michael Caine as Moses, and Bruce Willis as Jesus.
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I liked a video from MARAUDERS Official Trailer (2016) Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista
It's a tragedy that no director will ever get a performance like Dave Addison out of Bruce Willis ever again.
Color of Night with Bruce Willis & Lesley Ann Warren, it's from the 90s
CHELSEA:My parents have always been there. BILL: I can't believe Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time in 6th Sense http…
If they squeeze Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Denzel Washington or Jennifer Connelly in the DCEU, I might explode. Lol
At RNC show, takes a stand "like Bruce Willis drilling himself into the core of an evil asteroid."
John Travolta and Bruce Willis behind the scenes on the set of Pulp Fiction.
Who do you think has a higher net worth? Jorge Garcia or Bruce Willis?
WOW, i now have Dean Martin, Amy Grant, Andy Griffith, Adam Dunn & Bruce Willis as fans.
Michael Wilbon looks like the alien mercenary in the 5th element that Bruce Willis shot in the forehead when it asked to negotiate!
yes, but so do a lot of actors. I mean Bruce Willis, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence,Kristen Stewart.
one time wasn't Bruce Willis or Matt Dillon there? And Margot Kidder I remember
Jake Peralta. -Good Cop. -In love with Amy . -Is a dork . -Would totally jump into a action thinking he's Bruce Willis
Anil Kapoor announces the Hindi remake of Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman’s RED with this…
Has anyone asked Brat Pitt or Bruce Willis to come guest star on They'd have to give us another season or 3 for that...~;)
Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis back then would legit be great Shrew casting.
Bruce Willis realizes he was a ghost the entire time right before Haley Joel Osment opens fire with his proton pack
Bruce Willis is actually still alive and Haley Joel Osment is committed to a lunatic asylum.
Spoiler for the Harry Potter play: Bruce Willis is a ghost.
Bruce Willis played barbara Hershey's husband in breakfast of champions it's a real odd film but it's funny
I think I've seen a bit of The Fifth Element on cable before, Gary Oldman/Chris Tucker/Bruce Willis sounds like a dynamite trio.
Bruce Willis and director Luc Besson on-set of The Fifth Element (1997).
My favorite lie was the online rumor that Bruce Willis was my uncle. T...
wasnt good will hunting Matt Damon and Bruce Willis?
Mark Buchanan is like a version of Bruce Willis filled with with a good word for God's people. Please come join the party!!
Hard 2believe movie The Siege w Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Bening, about jihad Islamic terrorism in New York was made b4 9-11
the fifth element with Gary Oldman and Bruce Willis
I'll never watch anything w/ Bruce Willis on purpose 😂 if it weren't for Ed Norton & Frances McDormand, I might've not seen Moonrise Kingdom
Bruce Willis is looking a little rough
Bruce Willis leads SEAL team through jungle to rescue from brutal rebels in didactic action drama C5 2345
Bruce Willis & Mark-Paul Gosselaar star in new Precious Cargo trailer
It kinda reminded me of the struggle I had believing Joseph Gordon-Levitt would grow up to be Bruce Willis in Looper.
Vintage photo of Bruce Willis stars in a 1995 American neo-noir science fiction
I think the main issue is I didn't watch the movie to see a young Bruce Willis--I wanted to see Joseph freaking Gordon-Levitt.
45 minutes into Looper. Movie is a B, prosthetics to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt into Bruce Willis are a D-
I wonder if making Die Hard movies has actually become an old habit for Bruce Willis.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis look nothing alike so why were they both cast as Joe in Looper? 🤔 o well it's still a great film
. "Should we get Jack Nicholson or Bruce Willis for the box art?". "Yes"
UK trailer for Precious Cargo starring Bruce Willis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani
there are too many spoilers to look at it decrypted. All I see is 'Bruce Willis is the ghost of Kaiser soze'
At the end, we learn that Bruce Willis is already dead
In Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young Bruce Willis. Now there's your movie!
Tetris: The Movie - BLOCKS WILL FALL - Starring: Bruce Willis and John Travolta and directed by Uwe Boll
Remember that year those two buddy cop movies came out at the same time? Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan vs Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrel?
lol Bruce Willis usually plays hollow, mindless "badasses." I'd argue that's garbage. Keanu Reaves can do it ffs.
had I written it, Samuel L Jackson would have been a good guy who was horrified that he'd found/created a supervillain, Bruce Willis.
hey Bruce Willis did a great job in The sixth Sense. Not better than Haley Joel Osment, but great nonetheless
Now watching get his *** whooped by Bruce Willis in what makes it a kick *** fight scene is the music
󾀽ABC aired the final episode of Moonlighting, starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, this date in 1989.󾀽
John Miller is Trump. Finkle is Einhorn. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. I'm Tyler Durden.
for those of you who havent seen the Sixth Sense (shame on you) but the twist is that Bruce Willis was actually John McClane from Die Hard
I am sure I will enjoy Steve Carrell in Woody Allen's Cafe Society but I first need a period of grieving for Bruce Willis in the role
Andre Agassi and Bruce Willis made it cool before Mike.
lmao. Yeah, after 'I thought Bruce Willis was black' it would have been too much
Best double act since Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd
A film that answers the question "what if we combined all of Tom Cruise's worst films with all of Bruce Willis's worst films?"
In 1993 Pittsburgh movie Striking Distance, Bruce Willis' character name was Tom Hardy. Let's remake with Tom Hardy!
My boss said I'll probably meet Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis this summer, they have houses on the lake next to ours 😅
So Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Melanie Griffith were all in the film adaptation of "Bonfire of the Vanities."
Bruce Willis and on the set of 'Twelve Monkeys' (1995)
A millennial told me she didn't know Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks started their careers on TV in '80s.
Can't wait for the Leicester film!. Bruce Willis in goal... Will Smith as Vardy. 😂😂😂
Kevin Smith, on working with John McClane… er Bruce Willis.
How is it that Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy n Helena Bonham Carter have never won
Bruce Willis an incarnation of the Soul that was actor Gene Raymond and Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren.
President Trump will do the coin toss, and halftime will star Bruce Willis & the Accelerators
Look who's moving to Maple Grove, MN-Bruce Willis. A new member to join us at Malone's this fall for Vikings...
Bruce Willis was dead all along! Wait this is a plot twist tag unrelated to M. Night Shyamalan? Oh...
Bruce Willis with Roni Bell in their 1973 Penns Grove High School Yearbook where they were vote...
Rumours of movie Bruce Willis to play + Russell Crowe (Open auditions 4 role of Edgar)
Alpha Dog is on HBO right now, I feel like everyone slept on that movie. Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Ben Foster, Bruce Willis, so good!
Bruce Willis did so much damage to Tracy Morgan's performance in Cop Out hemight as well have drove for Walmart
you just know he will sack Evans like 2 week before season starts, sell cook last day of window and hire Bruce Willis as coach
Give me Bruce Willis any day over George Clooney! He thinks he has pres power because of Obama &
It's time to bring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd back together in a "Moonlighting Later" TV show. Make it happen featured in NBC s Science of Love
Trump has Bruce Willis & Stallone crooked hiliary has George clooney nough said!!
Armageddon is one of the greatest/underrated movies of a time. Billy bob, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Michael c. Duncan, Steve buscemi.
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