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Bruce Willis

Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), known professionally as Bruce Willis, is an American actor, producer, and singer.

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They better shape up, we have Bruce Willis waiting in the wings
Someone @ Bruce Willis tell him to get the old gang back together we gonna need them to come in clutch this Saturday
If Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis have shown anything about Hollywood is you can never make too much money…
You're a Die Hard like Bruce Willis and I'm like a tight load at a candy store wanting more and more of your love
Today at work my co-worker said "Honestly Bruce Willis is a great comedian" and im still at a loss for words
I've seen this movie. Bruce Willis & Ben Affleck fly into outer space and blow it up before it hits the planet. It'…
When are bad guys going to figure out you can't beat Bruce Willis?
Alicia Vikander talks about her crush for Bruce Willis when she was 10 years old
I say this all the *** time but I swear Bruce Willis is the human version of Homer Simpson.
See how they feel when we let Bruce Willis and Denzel loose on they ***
Hmmm. We better call bruce willis and the crew to get crackin.
"spirit, show urself". "no, what are u doing?!". "u said to be direct!". "yeah but dont be bruce willis from Die Hard!". "SPIRITS"
But they're already remaking Death Wish with Bruce Willis and (ugh) Eli Roth directing
Question; watching Pulp Fiction, and I'm wondering does anyone have a better crazy stare than Bruce Willis?
shawty imma only tell you this once you're the ilic and for your loving I'm a Die Hard like bruce willis
Bruce Willis sitting in a dishwasher in full scuba gear. its on highest setting and plates are smashing him in the face…
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Guess which guest just dropped some knowledge re: Bruce Willis's little-known record album 🎤 😳
If Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are starring in any movie, count me in. Can't think of better actors.
Turns out Eph was Bruce Willis and you got Ben Affleck'ed, Armageddon-style...
Bruce Willis, Gary Busey & Samuel L Jackson have to fit in there somewhere.maybe an Ed Harris
Bruce Willis or Vin diesel would be too sophisticated... This is Trump. Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman!! Surreal!
Been watching a movie,Tears of the sun ..i literally cried ,what a film by Antoine Fuqua starring Bruce Willis
was amazing James McAvoy was mind blowing..but having Bruce Willis come through at the end just took this to a whole new level🙌🏻
LOL. Has to be bald actor. Bruce Willis, Woody Harrellson, Ed Harris, Verne Troyer, The Rock. Wow what could be
Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and James Woods, to name a few, might disagree with your view of Hollywood ***
'David Addison' Bruce Willis still is the best Bruce Willis. 'Butch' Bruce Willis is number two.
Bruce Willis is just honestly a more hardcore Howie Mandel
... 3 active hurricanes in the Atlantic. This reality or 1990's Jeff Goldblum/Bruce Willis disaster movie?
Frampton floored by Bruce Willis defensive tactics at McGregor Vegas fight.
for ages i've wanted to call a dog something with "Bruce" in. either Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen, or Lenny Bruce, most likely
featured in Hudson Hawk starring Bruce Willis. One of the platforms was transformed into the…
Die Antwoord should star in a movie as assassins that coordinate by music, like Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk. Hollyw…
Michelle Pfeiffer as Katie Jordan and Bruce Willis as Ben Jordan in The Story of Us, 1999. just look how beautiful is her…
movies I hate to love. Bruce Willis' "Hudson Hawk".
Passed several dump trucks this morning. I think Jeremy Irons is going to rob a bank & torture Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson today.
Would You Like to Swing on a Star, as performed by Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk.
Why am I not surprised 12 *** in a circle jerk with Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, and Scott Biao hav…
I saw the real Die Hard,long before Bruce Willis. When He endured every bruise for what the Father's will is. The road to Calvary; my story.
I've never seen someone drool as much as Bruce Willis in Twelve Monkeys
"Has the chemistry of Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis in Moonlighting." WARNING: Addictive Series https:/…
1997 film with Bruce Willis. Sci-fi film, bit of humour & love interest. Always ❤ the soundtrack. John Paul Gaultier costumes too!
ICYMI: Bruce Willis and Hostel director Eli Roth team for this remake of the vigilante cult classic: Check out the tra…
The Deathwish Remake Nobody Asked for. Brought to you by Eli Roth & Bruce Willis "A trailer was released a few d...…
Eli Roth and Bruce Willis need to be FLOODED with questions about what the *** they're doing by resurrecting Death Wish right now.
You did a good thing today. Monica Bellucci (Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks). Bruce Willis (Lt. A.K. Waters). Cole Hauser. "Tears of the Sun" (2003)
Bruce Willis calls dominos and asks how pizza is made
watch accept at wacken yesterday i didn't know Bruce Willis was their lead guitarist either! my god wha…
Bruce Willis 'Death Wish' ripped as 'alt-right'...'Nakedly fascist'...
Bruce Willis turns vigilante in trailer:
Death Wish reminds us how Bruce Willis still is
-- Bruce Willis 'Death Wish' trailer attacked as being 'alt-right'. |
Bruce Willis is all set for revenge in first images from remake.
Bruce Willis is trying to put his socks on by himself for the first time. the cops find him stuck up a tree, nude & cov…
Bruce Willis is in a carwash. he winds down his window and his car is instantly flooded. "hi yes, I'd like the McNugget…
Bruce Willis pulls into his driveway but forgets how to get out of a car. After 3 hours he gives up and calls the cops.
Bruce Willis returns a bag of potatoes to the grocery store. After he leaves the shop worker notices a smiley face draw…
Bruce Willis is walking in the park when a bird poops on his head. he looks up just as a dog paraglides overhead and th…
A remake for our time: “Death Wish,” starring Bruce Willis - To cleanse the palate. Between this and that alt-h...
Bruce Willis attempting to do a cannonball at a pool party but jumping 6ft too soon and just crashing through a pool lo…
A Death Wish remake starring Bruce Willis directed by Eli Roth sounds like someone tried to think of the worst combo of ele…
The trailer and poster for Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis!
Are people angry about it? Seems like what you would expect from a Death Wish remake with 2017 Bruce Willis.
Die Hard with a Death Wish!  Bruce Willis turns vigilante in reboot via
Also Bruce Action Hero Willis isn't exactly the Everyman anymore. Worked in Die Hard but not now with his association with the genre.
"The left is freaking out over Bruce Willis movie Death Wish claiming a white man with a gun i…
Bruce Willis als wraakengel in Death Wish trailer
I'M SO HYPED ALREADY like James McAvoy as bad guy and bruce willis chasing him?? i'm shook
As if other Bruce Willis movies don't have him shooting guns at bad people. Also: Ronald Reagan wasn't President in 1974. ht…
Bruce Willis being dead w/ no Ghost scene as he & wife sculpt clay w/ Unchained Melody playing as he tak…
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Willis vs Mel Gibson
What really went on between Bruce Willis + Cybill Shepherd on Find out from Glenn Gordon Caron:
YES! And I love Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis together - although did I read somewhere that they didn't like each other?!
Never thought I'd hear in the same sentence as Bruce Willis and Matt Damon
I keep coming back to "The Fifth Element" Good acting from Bruce Willis, Mila Jovovich and Gary Oldman. G…
The cast was amazing, from Bruce Willis & Gary Oldman down to Ian Holm & Brion James.…
Bruce Willis: where's the remote?. Adele: Rumour has it. Demi Moore: what did I do with my phone?. Adele: Rumour has it.
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the 5th Element but without Bruce Willis or Gary Oldman. 🤔
Bruce Willis? More like Sam Willis.. South Korean summers are no place for hair. So I shaved it…
the only taklu she dreams of is Bruce Willis ...or Jason Statham maybe. cant recall a bald bl…
Tonight at 9:30, Milla Jovovich & Bruce Willis battle Gary Oldman and an army of Mangalores in Luc Besson's spectac…
Atticus Finch made me want to be a lawyer. . Also, Bruce Willis made me want to be a bad *** police d…
Fun fact: Bruce Willis is only one year younger than Bruce McAveney
Lived Robin Williams! And Bruce Willis! He was only there because he lost a bet to Matthew Perry 😂…
Just saw a video on FB that featured actors "that you didn't know can sing". In the video we're Hugh Jackman and Bruce Willis...
watching the show from Friday. Why does Bill have a picture of Bruce Willis on the cover of his book with Pres. Truman? 😂😂😂
It's better to be like Patrick Swayze, Michael Keaton, or Bruce Willis instead of Bill Cosby.
Jessica Gomes stripped off for a very steamy sex scene with co-star Bruce Willis in new action movie Once ... -…
Jessica Gomes plays a Samoan & Jason Mamoa plays a Mexican in this new Bruce Willis film. who did the casting for this?
WATCH: Jessica Gomes' steamy sex scene with Bruce Willis.
Bruce Willis just went into this monologue about how Simon "had one little wire that got crossed" & now he's never gonna live a normal life.
I don't understand how Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis could be the same person
Mark Wahlberg is a great value Bruce Willis
HC bill passing is exactly like Armageddon without Bruce Willis.
I added a video to a playlist Rock the Kasbah Official Trailer 2015 Bruce Willis, Bill Murray
Bruce Willis: the king of chick flicks . (and I have a major crush on Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going on 30, don't judge):
There are too many new Brice Willis movies on streaming action categories and not enough old Bruce Willis movies.
The moment when you're sorting through washing & realise you have more white vests than Bruce Willis, and more black tshirts than Danny Zuko
Superstars like Bruce Willis and Jason Statham warned to stay away ... Jason Staythumb ➡️ ➡️
Bruce Willis, Robert Redford and Frankenstein now talking heads on CNN.
Did I mention already that I adore 80s Bruce Willis? I think it's that vest. Rab C. Nesbitt doesn't quite have the…
This Week in Trailers: Tom Cruise in ‘American Made,’ Bruce Willis in ‘First Kill, Halle Berry in ‘Kidnap’
'First Kill' Trailer and Poster: Bruce Willis and Hayden Christensen Tangle in the Great Outdoors...
This is exactly what I'd expect the poster for a Hayden Christensen/Bruce Willis movie to look like.
EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Willis and Hayden Christensen tangle in the great outdoors in this new 'First Kill' trailer
And then it turns out it was Bruce Willis and he was dead all along O.o
Would you rather settle Cisco Adler or reflect Bruce Willis
I feel like if Mace Windu was white that would make him Bruce Willis
some precedent here. Bruce Willis went from Pulp Fiction w/ Demi to voicing Rugrats while Ashton was JR smithing Demi.
I've been a fan of 'Cop Out' for years. Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan & Seann William Scott are so wonderful together. Such a fantastic movie!
& sequel will be called Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, & Sam Jackson all reprise roles Jan 18, 2…
I have an easier way - If it doesn't star James Woods, Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Kelsey Grammar or Jon Voight, stay home.
Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy & Anya Taylor-Joy will unite for an 'Unbreakable' and 'Split' sequel: https…
Bruce Willis was ahead three games to one against James Mason
I think Bruce Willis is the greatest actor of my time in life. Mark Wahlberg is second greatest and just a couple of years younger than me.
Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Anya Taylor Joy in one movie. (18 Jan 2019). Sequel of and…
Bruce Willis. I know who he is. Ugh...Tom Cruise.
Al Jarreau performed the theme song for this comedy-drama series starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. It...
Gianni Nunnari gets almost $10.4 million for Malibu home once owned by Bruce Willis
M. Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis will complete the Unbreakable trilogy in January 2019 - The Verge
Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and James McAvoy will star in GLASS, a joint sequel to UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT
YES! . M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN just announced an UNBREAKABLE/SPLIT sequel! . Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson are returnin…
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Bruce Willis and will be returning for "Unbreakable"/"Split" sequel
Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan will complete the Unbreakable trilogy in January 2019
Sequel to uneveiled by M. Night Shyamalan, with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy
sequel in the works: Bruce Willis & will return, release date set for January 18, 2019
I'll bet he's really into Bruce Willis's blues band, and the version of the Blues Brothers that includes Jim Belushi.
Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy will return for due on January…
Q8 What was the title of the 80's TV series starring Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd?.
The chemistry. Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis had. in Moonlighting.
Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd tie with Ted Danson and Shelley long for best chemistry
And Tom Cruise and Denzel and Bruce Willis and Nic Cage and Danny Glover w Mel and Mark Wahlberg and T…
how did you make Joesph Gordon Levitt look like a young Bruce Willis? & r they using the same technique for the Han Solo film?
Quinn Synder auditioned to play the villain in every 'Die Hard' sequel, turned him down because Bruce Willis though…
I want someone to love me as much as loves yelling *** ya" when Bruce Willis says "Zeds dead" in Pulp Fiction
"Bruce Willis was dead the whole time."
Jason Statham is the rip off version of Bruce Willis
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bruce Willis should not play Lex Luther. Cast me. Will work for the price of buying me coffee.
You can tell Bruce Willis to stand down…
George Lopez deserved that Oscar. Bruce Willis and Lesley Nelson also did great
BANDITS with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thorton. Less to do with how i was feeling than the movie itself but that remain…
this is a scene in the Bruce Willis movie Hudson Hawk
So Joe thought Hugh Jackman was Gerrard Butler... and now he thinks Clint Eastwood is Bruce Willis 🙂🙃 someone help him
This actress went from small-town girl to starring opposite Bruce Willis.
Bruce Willis and Demi Moores oldest daughter Rumer is Tory Ash
RUMER WILLIS (Demi Moore & Bruce Willis daughter) makes a special appearance on she's definitely a spitting image of her mother😍
NASA: This asteroid is going to hit us & destroy the Earth. Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, Owen Wilson,…
Watch: Quentin Tarantino interviews Bruce Willis on the set of Pulp Fiction (1994).
19 March 1955. Bruce Willis was born in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany. Best known as John McClane in Die Hard series.
David Duchovny and his son sit next to Bruce Willis - February 5, 2017.
Happy 58th John Amos, Bruce Willis and director Renny Harlin on the set of Die Hard 2, 1990.
Watch Get Carter as it hasn't got Bruce Willis it in. Easy.
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New photo of Daniel Craig, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger having dinner in New York
I liked a video Kevin Smith tells how it is to work with Bruce Willis
I thought that only worked for seeing dead Bruce Willis characters and Edward James Olmos?👍😉
I get Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis confused. Often call them "Bruce Costner" and "Kevin Willis".
Soylent Green is people. Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze. Rosebud is his childhood sled. Bruce Willis was dead all the time.
Bruce Willis and Kevin Spacey as McCain/Graham in the 2019 feature film "The Saviors" 🙏🏻
Ving Rhames is chasing Bruce Willis at one point. They're all busted up, and end up fighting in a shop. The redneck shopkeep
If I thought like a liberal, I could only watch Clint Eastwood, Vince Vaughan and Bruce Willis movies. Well, that's not so bad.
Keanu pulls off this Mark Duplass mixed with Bruce Willis thing that is remarkably relatable in a post-apocalyptic way.
Watching MARAUDERS with Sarah J Boerger. Should be good , I love Bruce Willis , she loves Christopher Meloni.
The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, & Milla Jovovich. Chris Tucker is in the photo. :))
Damian Lewis has a mouth almost as small as Bruce Willis.
Just found out that no one else can see Steve Bannon. Is like in that Bruce Willis movie! Just me! So spooky!
GIRL I know this was you at the end bc Bruce Willis
Steve Carell replacing Bruce Willis in the dark here:
Bruce Willis movie...The Last Boy on WNDY..right now...!🤔🏈🔫
. the last boy scout coming on tonight Bruce Willis and Wayans play some rap music watch him scream he says
Bruce Willis' look in The Fifth Element is my life goal
where did the monster go, what happens to the girl and the uncle , why does Bruce Willis come out in the end,there was no closure !
Gotta get Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone and all the mega stars back for another Blockbuster!
Bruce Willis finds Ben Affleck sleeping with his daughter on an oil carrier.
where was Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck when you need them
Affleck let Bruce Willis die. I never got over that.
Armageddon lets get Bruce Willis,Ben Affleck & co to save us from the doom & gloom of post
Hunted by his future and haunted by his past, Joe a.k.a Bruce Willis is stuck in a loop. Watch him kick *** in ‘Loo…
Sammo Hung is kind of like the Bruce Willis to Jet Li and Jackie Chan' Arnie and Sly. Just never really went to Hollywood.
Remember When: The Rock & Bruce Willis in New GI Joe Clip Have you see this new tv spot for GI Jo
My only hope is that one day I have a house as nice as Bruce Willis' house in GI Joe: Retaliation...
I wonder how the Marlon Wayan and Channing Tatum feel about being switched out for Bruce Willis and The Rock in GI Joe lmao
If Michael Bay has taught us anything, and I'd like to think he has, I'm fairly certain Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are on it.
You two remind me of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting!
So I went to see Moonlight and I have to say Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd still have that wonderful chemistry
Am I the only one that gets Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis confused with one another ??
Live Free or Die Hard; A Good Day to Die Hard. Don't know who Bruce Willis is playing in those movies, it ain't John McClane.
Manic Episode fodder: Moonlighting (Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis), especially the last season.
"Reminds me of the chemistry that Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis had in Moonlighting.."
Long term UK TV host Lorraine Kelly has said that Bruce Willis is the worst person she has ever had to interview.
How can Woody Harrelson rock the long hair as Haymitch when is bald AF? The rock, Vin deisel or Bruce Willis would look weird with long hair
Yul Brynner, Midge Ure, Bruce hair. Everything will be fine.
Bruce Willis was previously in Hudson Hawk, and had reservations about doing this movie for cheap
this is the biggest twist since Bruce Willis turned out to be a ghost in that film he was in! Hudson Hawk, I think it was.
Im Bruce Willis. Discover which star you are! START QUIZ:
I'm not Bruce Willis or Sandra Bullock just in case you were wondering
Like that liberal wankfest Die Hard with the leftist snowflake Bruce Willis. Most righties hated that movie.
Bruce Willis didn't Die Soft did he? No - it was hard all the way
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nice of Bruce Willis to pop onto my tl again , haven't seen him in a while
I thought this house was haunted by a ghost but it turned out it was Bruce Willis the whole time. Also, I broke into Br…
wear a white vest and combats like Bruce Willis.
Own Over the Hedge by Bruce Willis for $13.99 via
The world is ending tomorrow? Has anyone called Bruce Willis? He is super good at saving us whenever this happens.
Listen you Hollywood sissies if Donald Trump is good enough for Sylvester Stallone Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis he's good enough for you
might be a two-timer cause of Bruce Willis tho ...
we wonder what they would say about Bruce Wìllis' Beverly Hills mansion.
And by the way the real Hollywood celebrities voted for Donald Trump people like Harrison Ford Sylvester Stallone Bruce Willis Eastwood
someone better call Bruce Willis and Aerosmith
How many people are Sandra Bullock and Bruce Willis?
Bruce Willis version was lowkey better
Life isn't a Die Hard film, and you aren't Bruce Willis.
"All you'll have are movies with Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn and Bruce Willis". Go on...
Not even her cinematic masterpiece with Bruce Willis and Roseanne?
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She was in Death becomes Her with Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn
she was in that Bruce Willis picture with Goldie Hawn and that hot extra from Liz Taylor's Cleopatra I think.
Like one day it's Meryle, another day it's Chris Rock, another day it's Bruce Willis. Ya catching on yet. This will…
❤💚Red & Red 2 bluray like new bruce willis
IDK, if Bruce Willis is ever on trial, should Die Hard be entered as evidence? He kills a lot of people, against di…
Jeff Bridges is a pretty alright dude. Bruce Willis too.
I have never cared about what any actor thinks or does outside acting, other than Bruce Willis. I loved that album.…
no ..for you ... you said you were Bruce Willis lol x
She's a Die Hard , she better leave that role alone , it belongs to Bruce Willis !!!
also - what do you call the ride share service that picks you up if Bruce Willis shot you off a skyscraper?
I liked Death Becomes Her... for Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, Meryl looks like she may actually have died n been resurrected
Or if it was still the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but like a sequel to that Bruce Willis movie.
Hey, I saved the world from a nasty asteroid and Bruce Willis's wig in Armageddon. I'm not always bad, I'm just drawn that…
. follow Bruce Willis in hopes he'll see them.
Excuse me but were you ever in that film with Bruce Willis & Goldie Hawn? No? STFU then.
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Some amount of Sandra Bullock's and Bruce Willis's on ma fookin timeline 🤔
Re-watching 'The Sixth Sense':. 1) What happened to Bruce Willis?. 2) Donnie W. was great in this. 3) Macaulay Culkin was way cuter back then.
Idea for the oscars. Have Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis on stage responding to former complaints from directors.
I love any Bruce Willis character & when you add in Helen Mirren and John Malkovich, it just makes for an amazing story. :)
does it involve Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck & Billy Bob Thornton? (LOL)
Lorraine Kelly's worst guest ever? . Bruce Willis. "Don't do it, don't make everybody's life miserable"…
On location in Montreal for Bob's role in the new Bruce Willis movie, Death Wish!
Bruce Willis. Pain in my *** no problem about that. We just didn't...
Pulp Fiction is both the best and the worst movie. Samuel L story is amazing. Bruce Willis and the French girl is brutal
Nice: Movie in the Works with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray via
It would've been crazy if Bruno (Bruce Willis) sang Respect Yourself to Mavis Staples.
Tunnel boring, battery power, space travel:. is a nuclear weapon away from sending Bruce Willis to destroy an astroid.
I love Bruce Willis. He on my old white bae list. Kevin Spacey, Jeff Goldblume, Chris Noth...
Best middle age white actor? Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or Nicholas Cage
Best part of JATW is when Bruce Willis throws Alan Rickman from Nakatomi Tower.
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Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis in every single movie I've seen him ...
you know who IS a "Mary-Sue"? Superman. Batman. Pretty much any role played by Bruce Willis. I can go on.
'The Last Boy Scout' starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans was released 25 years ago today in 1991: http…
you're right. I'd much rather watch him shoot at Bruce Willis than break Emma Thompson's heart
Why is it that Bruce Willis can save a building full of people in 1 day in Die Hard but I can't do my homework in 2?
At the inauguration Scott Baio is going to read Ted Nugent’s “Wang Dang Sweet *** ” with Bruce Willis accompanying on…
I'd love to see the roles reversed. Bruce Willis as John McClane is forced to become Santa. Tim Allen must take on a group of terrorists.
people born in Years. are good Entertainers. Robert DeNiro. Bruce Willis. WilliamShatner. Heath Ledger. Julia Roberts…
This is also the same guy that thought John Travolta and Bruce Willis were the same guy
Under the Boardwalk by Bruce Willis & John Kettley was a weatherman. I cycled 10 miles for the BW (saw it, came back for cash)
what could go wrong? (In same sing sing manner as Bruce Willis in HVAC in Die Hard, "Come out to the coast."
. Today I feel like Bruce Willis in 'The Sixth Sense', or I guess Bruce Willis any day
Bruce Willis' character was dead the entire time. 😳
it's ok he's Bruce Willis in the 6th Sense and he's dead so he can't change his clothes
I've drawn both but unfortunately Steve Buscemi looks like Bruce Willis mixed with Tommy lee jones
In "The Jackal" what a marvelous acting by Bruce Willis. When Bruce enacted "The Jackal" he was in Top Form! Very brilliant!
Still can't believe she left Bruce Willis.
Not many people know this, but Fight Club's true sequel is Twelve Monkeys starring Bruce Willis
This must be what it felt like for people who *didn't* see it coming that Bruce Willis was dead in Sixth Sense. Those people are dumb too.
Got to spend thanksgiving with a dog named "Bruce Willis: star of the hit blockbuster Die Hard 2" and that's something I'm very thankful for
it's a wonderful life and the one where Bruce Willis goes back to his childhood
Somebody explain to me the Bruce Willis movie unbreakable
It's not Christmas until I watch a barefoot Bruce Willis kill a dozen Germans and Professor Snape
Watching Die Hard remembering when Bruce Willis and I BOTH had hair.
My aunt just claimed she's thought my dad looked like Bruce Willis forever. I disagree. Strongly.
The Titanic made it safely to port, Bruce Willis was fine in the 6th Sense, Dumbledore is still Headmaster, Ned Stark is Lord…
It's really odd to be up close to an icon like Bruce Willis. You're used...
a whimper not a scream more Bruce Willis in moonlighting than Billy Bob in Fargo. Ben Affleck in a Michael bay universe
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