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Bruce Wayne

Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

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Does it mean we can now tell Commisioner Gordon that Bruce Wayne is Batman? .
The only thing that could've made Wonder Woman better is if her email to Bruce Wayne at the end said "My movie was bette…
Bruce Wayne will never recover from Ra's al Ghul / photo by
Go back to sleep and hope to wake up as Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are the only super heroes that sleep in pyjamas
Lee might also infect others...with her blood. So, warn Gordon, Bullock, even Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. D:
Bruce Wayne: Sorry, but Superman has to go back. Clark Kent: want to sleep with my wife?
Christian Bale is a good Bruce Wayne, but a terrible Batman
The best Batman, movie wise was Keaton. The best Bruce Wayne was Val Kilmer
I felt like Bruce Wayne, then bolt like Usain
Christian was lowkey a sub par batman he was just a cool *** Bruce Wayne.
I do still love The Dark Knight trilogy though, they're great movies and I think Christian Bale interpreted both Batman & Bruce Wayne well
Nor do you see Clark Kent and Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman
I love this and remember you wrote a story with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent portraying 50s singers.
Batman kills lots of people. Totally in character. And someone please buy both Ma Kent and Bruce Wayne a freakin' lawnmower.
Wen saving she jus a ,she tAke off cApe & her Bruce Wayne & she be on her…
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"I vowed to stay the same, but some how life always force you to change, remember batman came from Bruce Wayne.."
Shoutout to Bruce Wayne (the Affleck version) for having a Windows phone. Courage can't be bought.
Superman's Alter Ego is Clark Kent. Batman is Bruce Wayne. . Antifa,, well,not so much, ,😂
Happy birthday to the Clarke Kent to my Bruce Wayne
To this DAY I can't tell the difference between his Bruce Wayne and his Clark Kent.
"I couldn't be The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne for Batman, and I got James Newton Howard to write with me"
I felt like Usian, but bolt like Bruce Wayne.
"My OC is the brother of Clark Kent and the daughter of Bruce Wayne.". .okay.
Best time to write is at night. ask Bruce Wayne and he will tell you that Bruce Lees favourite drink...
I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal redeemed the weak female lead role from Begins through performance & rejection of Bruce Wayne.
(Justice League trailer). Barry Allen: what are your super powers again?. Bruce Wayne:
Trent Weston was more than Richie Rich and Bruce Wayne put together
prefer ours. can't wait to jump on the Harry Kane to Bruce Wayne and jump in the Ben mee and look at some matt mills
Cecelia the Barn Owl & Bruce Wayne the Big Brown Bat came today for our Animal Rescue League…
If you're feeling down just remember that Bruce Wayne fixed the autopilot on the Batwing in The Dark Knight Rises
Hmmm... Idris would make an awesome Dark Knight. He will have to up the pitch of his voice to do Bruce Wayne though.
Thus far Gods & Kings has brought to mind Gladiator, Dark Knight Rises, Return of Bruce Wayne... anything except, y'know, Exodus.
Daughter of Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne on Earth 2. Reading the collective volume now
Yes my 🚓 is a male & goes by Bruce Wayne a.k.a. The Dark Knight
Got whip game like Bruce Wayne and kick game like liu kang
Bruce Wayne & Harvey Dent: we need to fight over Rachel Dawes she's so gorgeous and desirable . Audience:
True life: I only watch Gotham to watch little Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle(aka cat woman) everything else is irrelevant to me.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan would make the perfect Bruce Wayne
I really hope Earth 1 has a Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne. I hope you're allowed to showcase the formation of the League.
They can do a lot with Nightwing, he can be the leader of the Teen Titans i future films or become Batman if Bruce Wayne dies.
Bruce Wayne makes a generous donation to Gotham Central Hospital, and the Daily Planet.
Custom 7" Bruce Wayne and handmade cape/cowl and belt. Based on the art of Alex Ross. . Enjoy!!
As awesome as the figures are...and they are. I'm confused why they haven't done a Bruce Wayne or a Gray Ghost figure yet.
my favorite Bruce Wayne moment is Batman and Robin when Morgan shoots him so he throws a cinder block through his windshield afterwards
Villains want to kill Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne for no real reason, or just become King/Queen of Gotham, again for no reason.   10% Off
BATMAN: YEAR ONE. ➞ the first year of Bruce Wayne as Batman and Jim Gordon as a cop in Gotham City.
Batman (Bruce Wayne), aka the Dark Knight's, nemesis was Bane. Newman, the "bane" of Jerry Seinfeld's existence, was playe…
Before the Justice League is formed, Bruce Wayne buys up the Daily Planet and hires Diana Prince as a reporter to spy on Clark Kent.
My fave Bruce Wayne actor, David Mazouz, shares the same birthday with actual Batman (2/19). Meant to be (I know, I'm late to the party lol)
David Mazouz is on of the best on-screen Bruce Wayne's and he's like 15 years old Affleck u rlly need to step up ur game
"Have you ever thought that Bruce Wayne is Superman and that Clark Kent is Batman?"
"Bruce Wayne is Batman. Clark Kent is Superman. Its obvious, people."
Kind of missing bearded Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne
...specially if they got rid of Bruce Wayne. Would have been my Miles Morales worries all over again lol. And yeah could be...
David Mazouz is the best Bruce Wayne im love him
will other characters like Bruce Wayne, Bruce banner get pops like peter, Tony, and Clark Kent who received the treatment?
Bruce Wayne in general is a typical billionaire of today - money lot of real estate and company shares
David Mazouz and Bruce Wayne were born on the exact same day
What film are these characters from?. Bruce Wayne . Selena Kyle . The Joker.
Who died more times in movies, Bruce Wayne's parents or Peter Parker's uncle ?
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I think Jon Hamm could be a great older Bruce Wayne. There are plenty of people. I do like Affleck a lot.
if Bruce Wayne has a cousin, that means he has either an aunt or uncle. So why didn't they raise him instead of the butler??
Bruce Wayne (center) is eating Chipotle for the 100th consecutive day today. His friends Jim Smith (left) and Rodney Mo…
moments you can take from them though 🙌🏾 I think Affleck is my favourite "Batman" But not Bruce Wayne lol
until we got Affleck Clooney was the best Bruce Wayne on film! (Not great Batman)
How do you feel about Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne crying over Jason Todds death?
I rly liked Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne but Affleck is Batman and Bruce Wayne imo.
I think Keaton is just like Reeves: great for that time. In my opinion, Bale is the best Bruce Wayne. Affleck is the best Batman.
You think Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne would hire Ben Affleck's Christian Wolff as an accountant? I feel like that's...
"Bruce Wayne is dreamy, I always wanted to work for Wayne Enterprises a few years back"
leaked pictures of Ben Affleck and Ryan Potter as Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake on the set of The Batman
Dont get me wrong, Affleck is a great Batman but he doesnt Bruce Wayne vibe while Henry have that heroic jawline that says he's Supes
I want a to be smarter than Sheldon copper, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Ultron and be clever Like The Joker and Loki much stronger than hulk
"Bruce Wayne has been ignoring Wayne Enterprises for a little too long. It's time to work."
This is phenomenal 🙌🏾 (minus the love of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne)
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Not saying that Bale or Clooney didn't suit the Bruce Wayne character but among the three of them, it has always been Ben Affleck.
Can never get over on how sexy Bruce Wayne sounds when he's in Batman suit in Dawn of Justice. Also Ben Affleck suits the character the most
Ben Affleck is the greatest Bruce Wayne & Batman we have ever witnessed on the big screen. Goodnight. x
My Magnificent I see why you picked Ben Affleck out as Bruce Wayne / Batman he is identical to the comics you'r…
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman dawn of justice (2016) Dir.Zack Snyder
You = everything Bruce Wayne is against. MT Dark Knight Rises...Trump Tower stood in for Wayne Enterprise…
A little late to this but I got tagged by so:. Bruce Wayne. Peter Parker. Steve Rogers. Scott Summers…
Bruce Wayne would win because he has master's degrees in several fields. Has also out foxed Sherlock Holmes.
Maybe it's like the scene in Batman Forever where Jim Carrey dresses like Bruce Wayne at that fancy party.
actually he thinks the country is Gotham City and he's the billionaire super hero Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Dude so many people are onboard with Ben being a real life Bruce Wayne that we sleep on Henry actually being Clark Kent ht…
Bruce Wayne vs the other Bill Maher guest Richard Spencer told you is really on our side.
DKIII spoilers.. Do you think since they threw Bruce Wayne in the Laz. Pit, he will have an affair with Carrie Kelly?
So as im watchin Dark Knight I realized , I like Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne better but I like Aflek as Batman more. Big difference
What's up with Ben Affleck's tie at Bruce Wayne would never be seen like that. And by Bruce Wayne, I mean Christian Bale.
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Wally: What about that whole secret identity thing?. Bruce: You're Wally West, he's Clark Kent, I'm *pulls off mask* Bruce Wayne. Wally: 😦
makes sense. Though I would to see him as Bruce Wayne. Not sure if he. And be Batman though. he would also make a great riddle
Sherlock Holmes isn't Batman?! Though he would make an amazing Bruce Wayne
Websites are putting out lists of directors that should replace Ben Affleck for The Batman. I choose Bruce Wayne.
I'm watching Interstellar and man, if Ben Affleck wasn't our Batman/Bruce Wayne, Wes Bentley would have been awesome.
watch Bruce Wayne elaborate at the start of JL it was when he said Martha is when he turned
Martha and Bruce Wayne have a point. 😂
"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding." -Henri Ducard to Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins
Put out an APB on Bruce Wayne: Man in Batman mask robs gas station using steak knife. via
Cassandra was formally adopted by Bruce Wayne, and now goes by Cassandra Cain-Wayne.
Tonight's entertainment: The Dark Knight Rises but fast forwarding whenever they start talking about Bruce Wayne's feelings
Tony Stark: [gets Peter Parker new gear and awkward hug]. Bruce Wayne: [sits in Barry Allen's 2nd fave chair and then throws…
I wish DC cared about Cassandra Cain as much as Bruce Wayne does ☹️
Where is Spider-Man's Dark Web Returns? Is it wrong to think Bruce Wayne was older than 55 in Dark Knight Returns?
The car Bruce Wayne uses in Dark Knight is a Lamborghini Murciélago. That's Spanish for bat even if he's not Batman…
I'm just going to jump to Season 3 Ep 2 "Knight Time" - when Bruce Wayne goes missing, Superman pretends to be Batman. Omg so good.
Chillin with Bruce Wayne and Talia in that restaurant at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. That metaphorical post-world.
"Jim Gordon (to Bruce Wayne, from his hospital bed): "We were in this together, and then yo..." from
Do y'all like remember the line from Catwoman aka Anne Hathaway in Batman Dark Knight Returns where she whispered in Bruce Wayne's ear..?
The cat is the Bruce Wayne to my Dark Knight
"Alfred (to Bruce Wayne): "I won't bury you. I buried enough members of the Wayne family."O..." from
So Robert Downey Jr is older than Bruce Wayne was in Dark Knight Returns.
Oliver Queen is basically Bruce Wayne with a bow and arrow.
Can we stop with the Batman references when talking about ... he is no Bruce Wayne. More like the Orange Goblin.
If Michael Keaton can play the Vulture, then certainly he could play older Bruce Wayne in a Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond movie.
I be imaging that Dark Knight orphanage scene except with me and Kanye instead of folks and Bruce Wayne
The way Bruce Wayne's monologue ends with him declaring himself a hunter while the Batman theme creeps in.. Appreciate th…
Say what you will about Alec Baldwin, but he'd still be the perfect aged Bruce Wayne if they ever make Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.
This photo of Bruce Wayne next to Tony Stark has more money than we can imagine or see throughout our life
me: what does your company do again. Bruce Wayne: it like, has money, uhh, science probably why who's asking
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My disguise. James Bond in day, Bruce Wayne in the dark...
Watch a video of Mike Pence and tell me he does not sound and look like Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne...
Bruce Wayne was a rich white man that learned karate and used his privilege to get the city to overlook all those b…
Now that Hugo Strange is nowhere to be found & Thomas and Martha Wayne's killer has been discovered what's next for Bruce Wayne
let's just say Bruce Wayne died the night Martha and Thomas Wayne did.
light shone down on Thomas' face, but it resembled that of Bruce Wayne. This was his first time really showcasing his new--
Baptists will be disgustingly Shinto but I ghostwrite a Robert Pattinson book with Bruce Wayne and Batman (who are never in the same room).
hey man they a billion dollar company you can't tell Bruce Wayne how to protect Gotham b
That moment you realize Jeffery Dean Morgan is Bruce Wayne's father. So Batman will appear in TWD after Rick kills Negan.
I'd expect David Niven to cheerfully mentor Bruce Wayne in debonair awesomeness.
Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox (Idris Elba and Morgan Freeman) discuss how to beat the Riddler while in the Batcave
He is not Bruce Wayne. He is Tim Turner look him up. 😂
Pop a perc, it feel like Bruce Wayne. Chop a brick like I'm Tsung Shang
Maybe i more resemble tonystark trapped in the cave rather than bruce wayne in the batcave...
Goodnight world, Bruce Wayne is the love of my life.
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comes out February 10th. Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City,...
First Bruce Wayne in a trailer with a beard. Now Logan in a trailer with a beard. Can we just give all the super heroes facial hair now?. lol
"Bruce Wayne has a relatively normal and happy life till the League of Assassins burn Gotham to purge the corruptio…
I'm Bruce Wayne and I have DirecTV and I'm Clark Kent and I have cable 😂😂
depends maybe some the stipulations were to keep certain people. I also guess that Bruce Wayne will he those DirecTV commercials😂
i felt like bales batman was wack but bruce Wayne spot on
the way young Bruce Wayne is used on Gotham
"As in Gotham City Bruce Wayne? It is possible I might of heard of you. What are you doing in National City?"
I walked into work today and a student legit asked me if I was Bruce Wayne. Smh
we hear that the unknown pilot affiliated with Bruce Wayne can be a fairly good guy
Sounds like something Lucious Fox warned Bruce Wayne about.
have you considered Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen? Rich people make great not-quite family members
45. a couple of guys catching on to Bruce Wayne .
Bruce nods and enters her office "Bruce Wayne. It is a pleasure to meet you." He gives a soft smile
They are not real but Bruce Wayne *** Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth who wouldn't want to have dinner at
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My dog will not be named Bruce Wayne due to copyright issues . So I've decided to name her Nala 🌹
Bruce Wayne also never drink alcohol
I get Bruce Wayne & John Wayne mixed up so I often think Gaga is actually singing about Batman... 😆
Wherever there's a Bruce Wayne, there will always be that signature bat-smirk
they married in costume so Bruce Wayne is still fair game
Donald Glover is joining a new community — the one in that galaxy far, far away
Fresh out the bat cave think I'm Bruce Wayne
This is something that always bothered me. How old was Bruce Wayne when his parents were killed?
Hey, Bruce Wayne's portrayal was fire so I'm content.
Adoption agency: . What are your plans for him?. Bruce Wayne: fighting a deranged clown and a penguin while dressed inapp…
MNL is slowly becoming a lot like Gotham City. We need Bruce Wayne.
Watching GothamS3 pilot... lil Bruce Wayne got a doppelganger
"Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up" - Thomas Wayne
Why does the show portray Oliver as Bruce Wayne?
Selina Kyle y Bruce Wayne me pueden mucho 😍
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And why was Wheelchair guy mad at Bruce Wayne? Superman I can see, but why the guy who *saved his life*?
The others are all eternally young. So that leaves comparatively “normal” people—Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, etc—who age normally.
The clone Bruce Wayne is cooler than the other Bruce Wayne.
The Accountant is the alternate universe where Bruce Wayne isn't a trust fund baby and gets an actual job
Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight, or you may know him as Batman
So Superman is willing to kill Bruce Wayne to save his mom and is willing to trust Lex Luthor? He's as dumb as Lois
Bruce Wayne, everyone. Master of disguise, stealth, and the "where's the bathroom, am lost" line.
They killed Saddam, now I wonder who's sane. And how you balanced being batman, Bruce Wayne?
I think Ben Affleck was the perfect person to cast as Bruce Wayne..
"Some tributes would be better than others as *** Grayson and Bruce Wayne's images are too many sort through and the tribute would be C>
The Lamborghini that Bruce Wayne drives in "The Dark Knight" is called the Murci�lago, which is Spanish for bat.
Bruce Wayne is going to become a great man.
Yes, easy living..altar ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne..
Every night a Dark Knight, I'm Bruce Wayne for the summer, lawwwd!
Dark Knight Rises had 5 minutes of batman in it. It was like Bruce Wayne the movie featuring batman
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Pride and Prejudice starring Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne set in Gotham
Stop this ugly smear campaign against Bruce Wayne. BTAS and Telltale are the only correct sides here. Snyder is okay too.
When I get the possibility of using a character like Bruce Wayne or *** Grayson, I try and
People whined incessantly about Zack Snyder’s Batman, but have y’all seen what Fox is doing with Bruce Wayne on Gotham?
As soon as I saw a young Bruce Wayne getting lifted up into the sky by a batnado, I knew BvS was going to be on some Snyder bs
Rockin' it with young Bruce Wayne, actor David Mazouz .
David Mazouz/Bruce Wayne |requested| reminder that you guys can request edits 😊 (Vine by
honorable mention to David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne
start a comic where Bruce Wayne dies and Damien goes back to the League and someone fights him and wins then he gets revenge
Gotham (TV series for those who don't know). 1. Harvey Bullock. 2. Barbara Kean. 3. Not sure if this is possible actually. 4. Bruce Wayne--
Why would Bruce Wayne let his family mansion go to ruin like that? He could maintain Wayne Manor with his pocket money!
I can't keep living in this manor. -Bruce Wayne
These journalists fire off at any provocation. Remember when Ben Affleck was really playing Slade Wilson disguised as Bruce Wayne?
Been lighting up the roads like MJ did in Billy Jean! Time to park up the bat mobile & turn back into Bruce Wayne 🏎💨 https…
Finally, a Batman story where Bruce Wayne is cooler than Batman
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Also I'm wet for Will Smith as Deadshot. I'm MORE wet for Ben Batfleck and shirtless Bruce Wayne. But in my fantasies they spit roast me.
Cody he would make a great Batman Beyond joker when Bruce Wayne is old and its the new bat but the joker still kicks ***
it was a great movie right up until the Doomsday fight scene. Ben Affleck is probably the best Bruce Wayne ever.
If I could pick anyone to be my dad it would be Tom Hardy, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, or Ron Swanson
make it a couples costume ft. Bruce Wayne "the Rock" Johnson
If commissioner Gordon can't get hold of Bruce Wayne on his land line maybe he should try the Batmobile
3) I can't believe Bruce Wayne's parents were shot in an alley behind a theatre. Revelation.
but so do the girls date Bruce Wayne and he picks the most oblivious one who doesn't realize he keeps disappearing?
Ben Affleck defending Islam is important >>>. "Bruce Wayne hosted the Humanitarian of the Year Awards Ceremony..."
Ben Affleck is just such a great batman and Bruce Wayne
Considering what Bruce Wayne did with his wealth, Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself.
Oh wow that was powerful :O Galing ni David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne huhu
Did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner take a break partly due to his role as the bachelor Bruce Wayne?
Laurence Fishburn should be Bruce Wayne and Michael B. Jordan should be batman if they ever make another Batman Beyond movie.
I'm being informed that the judges would also accept Jeremy Irons an older Bruce Wayne.
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White people be better detectives than Bruce Wayne when a black person is killed by police so they can find their background history
Ben Affleck - the better Batman, Christian Bale - the better Bruce Wayne. Michael Keaton - the best at both.
the superhero story notion of "secret identity" is perplexing to me. it is used to refer to Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, etc...
Enjoyed Ultimate Batman vs. Superman. Especially liked Jeremy Irons as Alfred, as Wonder Woman and as Bruce Wayne.
Jawahar Lal Nehru was responsible for the killing of Thomas and Martha Wayne that motivated Bruce Wayne to Become Batman.
Kick game on lui Kang. Whip game on Bruce Wayne
love the original batman and Jack Nicholson is awesome as the joker and Michael Keaton is awesome as Bruce Wayne
Jack certainly chewed up the scenery in that flick. Wasn't a big fan of Mr MOM as Bruce Wayne but I liked his take on Batman
"Kick game on Lui Kang. Whip game on Bruce Wayne."~Tory Lanez
Clark Kent is hype, but so is Bruce Wayne
SL+TH The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne have equal roles in Telltale's 'Batman'
A nerd abroad in New York: in which Jeremy chills with his boy Bruce Wayne at Midtown Comics.
I stopped watching, but read they introduced a Bruce Wayne clone/twin because LOLWUT...
anyway, Bruce Wayne and Mark Watney look good
-- his keys to the Aston Martin, he makes the short drive to Wayne Manor as Bruce Wayne. Vest. Suit. Dress shoes. Expensive -'
Alfred Pennyworth: [to Bruce] Batman may have made the front page, but Bruce Wayne got pushed to page eight.
Tony Stark: maybe. Bruce Wayne: maybe. C. Montgomery Burns: no. Richie Rich: no. Adrian Veidt: yes, but at what cost?.
I am not really sure if is an average show or a bad one. Bruce Wayne is probably the weakest bit, which is a problem.
Great Indian wedding at a beautiful British Estate. Felt like I was Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor!…
Bruce Wayne eccentric billionaire of Wayne Enterprises at your service., not one person believed Bruce Wayne wouldn't return as Bats, or Steve Rogers as Cap. But when people DO accept a sub-
It's Batman and Bruce Wayne...I probably should have kept this for the Elco...well…
Bruce Wayne's running mate would be Clark Kent and Tony Stark's running mate would be Peter Parker
Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne wearing a turtle neck of justice
I always knew the way in was Bruce Wayne. It wasn't Batman. It was nev...
Shippings go Bruce Wayne x Talia Al Ghul, always been on the fence with Grayson, Babs or Kory? Bart Allen x Rose Wilson.")
Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent both have a first name for their last name, as does Jason Todd 🤔. Arguably Peter Parker does too. James Kirk also
What is it with the last ten years of comics and having Steve Rogers not be Captain America and Bruce Wayne not be Batman?
Super Friends MINIS for 2016 Comic-Con. Contains Thomas as Clark Kent and Diesel as Bruce Wayne which "transform".
Dj Sbu would leave his seat at award shows and "disappear" when Mzekezeke had to perform like he was Bruce Wayne or Pet…
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If you think about it, Peter Thiel's like Bruce Wayne, except instead of fighting Bane, he asks him nicely to violently murder The Penguin.
This is kind of like saying Bruce Wayne hired the guy who killed his parents.
I like the elder Bruce Wayne, also i like the elder Ezio Auditore.
"Peter Thiel isn't batman". That's what the media said about Bruce Wayne!!!
In the real world, Bruce Wayne wouldn't become Batman because his parents died; he'd become Peter Thiel because of mean t…
Jean-Paul Valley Jr. and Bruce Wayne are my Idols.")("Take the comment however you will.")
Lots of things. It's Bruce Wayne that dies in the crime valley. His dad becomes Batman and mom becomes the Joker. Superman
In the DC comic world, Bruce Wayne (Batman) owns the building that Clark Kent (Superman) lives in and the Daily Planet w…
Who runs Wayne Enterprises? . Me: Bruce Wayne currently but it was Thomas
Alfred Pennyworth: Why bats, Master Wayne?. Bruce Wayne: Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Vision, and more are open at
ok sweet. If my buddy and I can take our boys, it will be Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne or Jayne Cobb and Mal Reynolds. LOL
Papa John is like a drunk Bruce Wayne.
David Mazouz is adorable I can't believe he's our baby Bruce Wayne
My first instinct was the Baxter Building for the Fantastic 4. Alas, Trump not as cool as Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor or Reed Richards.
Bruce Wayne: You haven't given up on me?. Alfred Pennyworth: Never.
I wanna thank not only God but also Jesus for giving Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne
Dark Knight Rises true ending: everyone sees Bruce Wayne alive at the Cafe Alfred goes to. But the twist is Batman really did die
Okay but continuing the HS DC AU, just imagine geeky wannabe journalist Clark Kent, slowly falling for the quiet rich kid, Bruce Wayne.
Karl, jesus man, it moved. Bruce Wayne, the Bat Signal is located on Karl's back.
If I ever get married 1 day I'm doin it in Bruce Wayne's house in Nottinghamshire Dark Knight Rises was filmed there
The Dark Knight Rises now feels like the case for Romney 2016. Bane Co-Creator: "Romney is more like Bruce Wayne."
Wow, that condo reminds me of Bruce Wayne's penthouse in The Dark Knight. And come on man drop us a hint!
When Alfred cries at Bruce Wayne's tombstone in The Dark Knight Rises I lose it.
Alfred leaving Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises is always a tear jerker
Only thing I ever fault Bruce Wayne on is in the Dark Knight he went to save 2 face instead of his girl...
Bruce Wayne understands more than anyone else
Snyder & Terrio's vision of a broken Bruce Wayne was perfectly brought to life by Affleck. This is THE Dark Knight htt…
the Dark Knight was good to en extent but there Nolan really didn't have a grasp on who Bruce Wayne was
Bruce Wayne disavows longtime butler Alfred Pennyworth after he called for Commissioner Gordon to be killed
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just spent five minutes making sure Willard Mitt Romney wasn't an anagram for Bruce Wayne
Hindu Sena doing havan for Trump reminds me of the billionaire in The Dark Knight Rises who hired Bane to bring down Bruce Wayne.
as Bruce Wayne watched over Gotham City, he realized that he was destined to be batman
“For a man who cannot sleep, dreams pose a curious threat. Bruce Wayne's dedication is unstinting. His motives-- »
Christian Bale is such a badass Bruce Wayne
"...this Bruce (Christian Bale) appears almost uncomfortable as Batman and almost too comfortable as Bruce Wayne." / I agree.
no way in *** Christian Bale is the best Batman. You can argue Bruce Wayne, not Batman
the best Bruce Wayne was Christian Bale hands down
if I didn't hate Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne persona so much, that might be higher, but for me, that's not top 3.
The only reason i was on the DC Comics team was because of Bruce Wayne. Since Christian Bale has been replaced w/ Ben Affleck i switched.
Blind Prisoner: Then make the climb. Bruce Wayne: How?. Blind Prisoner: As the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will…
Christian Bale really wasn't that great of a batman. But he was great as Bruce Wayne
"Didn't u have a cousin called Bruce Li?". No, my cousin WAS Bruce Li. I have a cousin named Bruce Wayne-. "I can't even tell if ur jokin now"
Our show opens tomorrow (!!!) The orphan of the day is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman
The sad thing is I'm not sure anyone at DC/WB knows HOW to write a fun foppish man-about-town: Bruce Wayne unhooded shld be Bertie Wooster!
Batman in prison = Bruce Wayne in prison, meaning he's in club fed, not max security. He'd be the most gangsta *** in there
Tonight episode Galavan is alive and is out to kill Bruce Wayne, and other strange things happening at Arkham
good luck to you Mattie I always enjoyed watching all the hearts Bruce Wayne smith Owen and the best bret
People always point out Bruce Wayne could do more to help Gotham than Batman but have you ever considered that ADAM SMITH WAS RIGHT? ( ゚Д゚)
John Reese is totally MacGyver Batman and Jason Bourne. While Harold Finch is Bruce Wayne.
I wish Francis Manapul did more Batman. He really gets Bruce Wayne.
I want a real fight! Matt Murdoch vs Bruce Wayne. No suits, no armor, no weapons
I keep thinking about the scene in when Bruce Wayne just stares at the batsuit, right before going to ALex Luthor's party.
So for me to become a superhero all I need is to be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Oliver Queen, and Ray Palmer
All black like Bruce Wayne . Chop kick like Liu Kang
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