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Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner is an American businessman who is the chairman of R8 Capital Partners, and former chairman of the private equity firm GTCR, based in Chicago.

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Rauner emerges from fall session bruised by more than a dozen defeats, courtesy of defiant Republicans. But he surv…
State funding pulled to complete this VA 200 bed facility by our gov. Bruce Rauner of ILL.
Ask ANYONE who works with violence prevention organizations how Bruce Rauner is doing.
tfw you remember you’re not in calif anymore... assaulted by Scott Walker’s mug (+ very self-satisfied looking gove…
Bruce Rauner's school funding plan in IL is like this. You get 75 cents on the dollar back for donati…
Witness the career of one Bruce Rauner.
Gov. Bruce Rauner halted construction of this Chicago veterans home in 2015 because of the state budget impasse.
Thanks Bruce and be sure to tell Mrs. Rauner thank-you too. . .
The Virginia race offers a lesson for Rauner, widely considered the most vulnerable GOP governor in the nation, wri…
Illinois GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner won 58% of state House districts in 2014 when he…
Rauner suffers more veto losses than usual after fellow Republicans vote for more overrides
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has declared the state's first harvest emergency to help farmers dealing…
Bruce Rauner called building housing for veterans in Chicago "wasteful spending" and he delayed, derailed & defunde…
There have been 560 reports in for 2017, Governor Bruce Rauner will be honoring 200
You know that Library that's not really a Library that was supposed…
Instead of leading and searching for bipartisan solutions, has chosen to hurt our most vulnerable.
Rauner, who has slumping approval ratings recruits neighboring governors with slumping approval ratings to help hi…
Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel first pushed for $100 million from the state, back when Chicago was trying to secure…
Just when you think Bruce Rauner can't be more awful, he puts Scott Walker in his campaign ads.
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) —  Gov. Bruce Rauner has congratulated the Illinois General Assembly for adopting anti-sex
Bruce Rauner ads with a bunch of governors from other states taunting Illinois...who thought that would appeal to anyone?
Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to attend tomorrow night’s visitation for officer Jaimie Cox.
Shame on Gov. Localized "Right To Work" zones are a race to the bottom that hurts workers.
Mayor today: "Bruce Rauner has delayed, derailed and defunded a long overdue plan to build housing for veterans her…
38-year-Old Father Paris Thompson is the latest victim of Bruce Rauner orders flags to be...
Ask ANYONE who works with domestic violence shelters how Bruce Rauner is doing.
Ill Gov. Bruce Rauner abandons Veterans home still construction 2 yrs ago.
The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Gov. Bruce Rauner that all persons or...
Rauner lied to us, he lied to the people, he even lied to Cardinal Cupich. - State Rep. Peter Breen
Actually they have you to thank Bruce Rauner. You have created uncertainty and showed lack of leadership.…
People across Illinois are obsessed with this creative & straight-forward video about Gov. Rauner!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Sorry Bruce. No suburban Ivy League suit can pull off a Harley without getting big laughs.
He won't offer where he stands on BumpStocks Bruce Rauner
Gov. Bruce Rauner and U of I President Tim Killeen going to Israel this weekend to network on DPI and trade
Today in “How Dumb Does Bruce Rauner Think We Are?”. Rauner puts on a hard hat and claims to be “pro-worker”.
Morning Spin: loses round in fight over teaching cursive in schools
Tired of This anti-Rauner video based on is a fresh take.
Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb stars in one of first re-election ads for Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.
Our kids in Decatur need Air Conditioners Soon Stop Ignoring Them Bruce Rauner i bet your kids and You have Air Conditioning...
Gov. to support & for future , nice to see support for SoIL/STL! https:/…
We've stiffed violence prevention organizations to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
Rauner recruits neighboring governors to rip Madigan on tax hike
Mind you he's running TV ads claiming he's been WONDERFUL for Illinois' schools:.
1/ Now Republicans are trying to use federal law to take away state constitutional rights.
Seriously - how dumb does Gov. Bruce Rauner think we are?
Unlike Bruce Rauner, when I’m governor, I’ll use every tool at my disposal to stop Donald Trump’s attacks on our healthcare…
Gov. Holcomb appears in campaign ad for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner
We are talking about Citizen United, ALEC, Campaign Finance, Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner, and Jay Pritzker, all undermining d…
Ask ANYONE who works with Illinois universities how Bruce Rauner is doing.
This new video tells it like it is. Can Bruce Rauner run from the facts?
A video based on truth and facts is rare in politics.  Will the facts take Rauner down?
It takes some nerve for Bruce Rauner to cut an ad ripping Mike Madigan for raising taxes to stave of the bankruptcy caused by Rauner policy.
IL Governor Bruce Rauner has a new ad where the crooked *** governors of IN, MO and WI are taking shots at Mike Madigan.
if he wins will Bruce Rauner entice him to also appear on a TV commercial damning Mike Madigan
Gov. Bruce Rauner announces his re-election campaign on The Steve Cochran Show
Bruce Rauner brought failure mojo to Wrigley Field tonight.
Rauner's tax returns: $91 million in taxable income in 2016, a significant drop from the $188 million reported for…
I don't like that Bruce Rauner is sitting behind home plate at the Cubs game. The Dodgers gave you Mary Hart. Do better Chicago.
IL Gov. Bruce Rauner has released returns showing he paid about $23 million in state and federal taxes in 2016.
If I'm not mistaken Gov Bruce "One-Term" Rauner is in front row right next to the LA on-deck circle - not even a mention on TBS
Bruce Rauner is sitting front row by the Dodgers on-deck circle. Be a shame if some foul balls made it over there.
BRUCE RAUNER, 2013: “They won’t stop me if I want to dramatically spend less.”. This was his plan.
Bruce Rauner sitting down the first base line. Let's hold off on extended netting for at least a few more innings.
Bruce Rauner sighting next to the Dodgers dugout.
Bruce Rauner at the game, taking in the battle between Kyle Hendricks and the Heat Miser.
I see Bruce Rauner has some pretty *** good seats for this game
Bruce Rauner and Puig could have quite a convo
I hope somebody got a screen grab of Bruce Rauner and Yasiel Puig in the same frame
Who's paying for Bruce Rauner's seats at the Cubs game?
We've stiffed Lutheran Social Services to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
I pray Governor Bruce Rauner from Illinois sees this and has nightmares over his decision to fund abortion through…
This race is about progressive Democratic values, and as Democrats, we need to join together to beat Bruce Rauner.
Bruce Rauner’s personal income since he became governor is more than the 5 years prior *combined*
.does not support | How Bruce Rauner is trying to cripple the Democratic Party
In today's episode of trying to bury news, IL Gov. Bruce Rauner releases his tax returns right before Democratic gov cand…
Rauner borrows $1.5 billion on the bond market as part of larger plan to whittle away at Illinois' pile of unpaid b…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Rauner on Illinois' Amazon HQ bid: 'I believe we're going to win': Gov. Bruce Rauner…
Rauner's tax returns: $91 million in taxable income for '16
Morning Spin: Rauner to start borrowing $6 billion today
Wait Bruce Rauner did something good today? Huh.
If y'all rewrite the history of the past three years with a signature on this one bill, I swear. Bruce Rauner is toxic & has…
Illinois Governor to sign bill expanding public funding for abortion via
I am abhorred to see GOP Gov Bruce Rauner sign a bill permitting tax dollars to fund the murder of children. You're a disg…
Bruce Rauner-Kirk loves to murder vulnerable black babies just like every Marxist democrat.…
Looks like the Swamp is bigger than just DC. Illinois Governor signs bill forcing pro-life doctors to promote abortion https:…
Illinois Governor signs bill expanding public funding for abortion
Illinois will soon become "the first state in decades to lift its restriction on Medicaid coverage of abortion:".
Hours ago, GOP Governor Bruce Rauner overturned law—signing new legislation to force all taxpayers…
Republican Gov of Illinois Bruce Rauner signs which steals tax dollars from Americans to fund abortions. Another fake…
GOP backers abandon Rauner after broken promise on abortion
Bruce Rauner: Rod Blagojevich has served his time. Enough is Enough - Sign the Petition! via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The wonders, "Can Bruce bounce back from a terrible summer?"
I also argued, "Dear God, can you imagine how bad Bruce Rauner would be for Illinois?"
IL human services still waiting for budget money...
Gov. Bruce Rauner lobbies for 2nd Amazon HQ during overseas trip to China and Japan, reports
He is. Susan Collins, Charlie Baker, Brian Sandoval, Bruce Rauner, and Phil Scott are moderate Republ…
Illinois public universities have seen their rankings plummet after the damage done by Bruce Rauner's 736-day budg…
Things that have disappointed me today: 1) Bruce Rauner 2) Chipotle queso.
Rauner’s education secretary is leaving weeks after he cut a deal with Dems to overhaul Illinois school funding
If Chicago still had Mayor Daley we wouldn't have any of these problems Ronnie manual is a joke Bruce Rauner is a joke
As 2018 campaign looms, Rauner could find it tougher to avoid talking Trump
Bruce Rauner devastated the economy, bad mouthed the state, and is now trying to convince businesses to come to Ill…
Good news! Rauner moves to release human service money
Sorry to see Beth Purvis go. . Key Rauner education aide latest to leave administration
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner will visit China to expand trade ties. Find out why Illinois is suit for Chinese investors
Yet another staffer leaves Rauner, this time its his education guru
Word on the Street: Despite unpopularity, don't count out Bruce Rauner in 2018 - News - Journal Star - Peoria, IL
NH s/ implement automatic voter registrat'n as just signed by Illinois Gov (& my Dartmouth classmate) Bruce Rauner.
"Gov. Bruce Rauner and the newcomers are headed to couples counseling and potentially a quickie divorce."
Wives of Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan closer than their husbands, writes
This is a stunning list. In addition to vetoing bigger paychecks, Governor Bruce Rauner went out of his way to...
Business is about people and your reputation is built on how you treat people. BRUCE RAUNER
Rauner signed legislation that would make it easier for transgender people to change the sex designation on their...
By signing bill, Bruce Rauner won't merely create a breach on his right flank. He'll widen a gorge.
Bruce Rauner signs bill to make birth certificate changes easier for Transgender people…
I strongly oppose election bid a conservative needs to run against him , he's also pro-abortion
We've stiffed Illinois universities to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
Breaking (good) news from our neighbors to the south:. "Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation that...
Rauner acts on over 100 bills, including veto on measure that bars previous salary question to job applicants…
We've stiffed domestic violence shelters to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
Even at $1/yr, we can't afford Lord Bruce Rauner.
Bruce Rauner: Don't let my sisters killer be released on parole. - Sign the Petition! via
a realistic concern today, is that I and many victims of sex trafficking are voiceless. Victimizer kkk and Bruce Rauner
●USA. 'Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday signed into law measures to ban the so-called *** panic defense in...
Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill Friday that would have raised Illinois' minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.
Breaking: Gov. Bruce Rauner has vetoed a bill that would have raised the state's minimum wage to $15.
Gov. Rauner opens a breach with conservatives over Sanctuary State 
Ask ANYONE who works with Lutheran Social Services how Bruce Rauner is doing.
Illinois' GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner signs the creation of the Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council into law
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner reshuffles his communications team, again, after botched response to racial cartoon
Rauner bill approvals include one making birth certificate changes easier for transgender people
Gov. opens breach with conservatives over My weekend column
Bruce Rauner continues to prove that he cannot and will not be a leader for our state. But I wi…
BREAKING NEWS I Today, Gov. Bruce Rauner put corporate profits over people. He sided with greedy life insurance... htt…
It's not going to be in Illinois o sorry Bruce Rauner in IL or FARC baby Emanuel o pardon me Mayor…
Ugh! Chicago is so broke that Rahm et al find $55 million for Navy Pier but not for schools.
Under Bruce Rauner, Illinois will accrue 800 MILLION DOLLARS in penalty interest on unpaid bills this year!
Ann Coulter accused Bruce Rauner of "playing retard" after the governor's interview on Fox News:
Never let your schooling get in the way of voting out Bruce Rauner. - Samuel Clemens
The Illinois Senate overturned Gov. Bruce Rauner on public education funding Sunday, voting to override his veto
All Senate Democrats and one Republican voted to override Gov. Bruce Rauner and pass Senate ...
Got a minute? Please sign this petition. Thank you!...
Carefully measured political analyst Ann Coulter goes after IL Gov. Bruce Rauner with slur for disabled.
Barack Obama has been honored by the state of Illinois with his own holiday. Gov. Bruce Rauner signed “Barack Obama Da…
Gov. Bruce Rauner has rebuffed borrowing billions of dollars to pay long-overdue state bills in Illinois.
Mike Glennon looks like an unfortunate genetic cross-breeding mishap between Bruce Rauner and a Stretch Armstrong d…
I hope Chicago gets rid of Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner!! Make Chicago great. Vote these two out!
"Having failed to drive the state into bankruptcy in one fell swoop, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner came up with...
As SB1 sits on Governor Bruce Rauner's desk, one local district is preparing for state aid to be delayed.
Bruce Rauner is not good for Illinois. One of the most Non-Productive Governors in the history of Illinois.…
The next move in a Capitol fight over how the state doles out money to school districts is up to Gov. Rauner…
Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has vowed to veto bill, setting stage for another clash.
Next move is Gov Rauner's after State Senate sends him IL school funding bill
Will schools open and/or have to make cuts? Leg has done it job, up to Rauner now.
We've stiffed youth homes and orphanages to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
Save the Clock Tower. Oops I mean Korean War National Museum! Could a friend or two sign for me :)
When I am governor, we’re not going to be silent like Bruce Rauner. We’re going to make this state a firewall against Donald Trump.
With our country in turmoil, our state needs a real leader, but Bruce Rauner is asleep at the wheel.
Next move is Rauner's after Senate sends him school funding bill
Updated story by . Next move is Rauner’s after Senate sends him school funding bill.
Illinois Senate sends school funding bill Rauner has vowed to veto
Bruce Rauner: Save the Korean War National Museum - Sign the Petition! via
Illinois Senate sends school funding bill to Gov. Rauner, who has vowed to veto it
On camera, Rauner calls teachers “wonderful professionals”. That’s not what he said in private emails —>
REMINDER: Bruce Rauner has been governor of Illinois for more than 2 1/2 years and has *zero* major accomplishments.…
Bruce Rauner is very simple to figure out. The Koch Bros want to END PUBLIC EDUCATION and Bruce is p…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
State Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, shares his frustrations with the "Lack if Governing" from Bruce Rauner.
is the new university. Are twisting wheels holding us down? Why does Bruce Rauner blame "The Chicago...
Dem IL Rep. Sam Yingling, whose district was just hit by flooding: "Bruce Rauner doesn't care."
BROWN: Rauner won't talk about Trump but borrows from his playbook
“Everyone was in shock,” said staffer to Gov. Bruce Rauner after he sacked several high-ranking aides via
Walker leads, Rauner stumbles on Midwest flood response ^Politico
politico: Walker leads, Rauner stumbles on Midwest flood response
Walker leads, Rauner stumbles on Midwest flood response
Reblogged from the Chicago Tribune: Read original article here. Gov. Bruce Rauner's newly hired chief of staff...
How Governor Rauner is weaponizing the Illinois tax hike
Walker leads, Rauner stumbles on Midwest flood response via
In Illinois, the wealthiest — like Bruce Rauner, who made $188 million last year — just don't pay their fair share htt…
Storm Recovery Update:. Governor Bruce Rauner and the Lake County Emergency Management Agency are in Lake County...
Gov. Bruce Rauner is scheduled to tour flooded areas in Lake County as rivers continue to rise…
A few candid thoughts for Illinois' radical governor
Joan Walsh is going to go on MSNBC and say that Bruce Rauner can't be a feminist because he shows up to work in the…
If we've learned one thing about Bruce Rauner, it's that he's not afraid to sit on his hands until it's much too la…
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner tacks right after major budget defeat via
Gov. Bruce Rauner addresses the media in the wake of historic flooding in Lake County. More coming up on the NBC 5…
Governor Bruce Rauner has lost the will to govern!
Gov. says evacuations may be necessary in given the historic flooding.
Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have downgraded Illinois bond ratings to near JUNK status. Will Bruce Rauner drive it still lower?
Not A quote from top Springfield Republicans: "What the is Bruce Rauner up to?"
If Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza ran for Governor, I know 25K friends in red shirts that would help. .
LETTERS: During his campaign for office, Gov. Bruce Rauner said that he was not your typical politician.…
This poll inspired by this article which ended by suggesting run for Gov of Illinois.
reflects on lessons learned & how we continue to work towards our vision for IL-->
has a note for Gov. Bruce Rauner regarding his recent hires from
If Gov. Rauner's new staffers want "radical candor," then column is a must-read
Illinois Republicans are wondering, *** is Bruce Rauner up to? via
All purpose parts banner
Remember when Bruce Rauner was chief education advisor & they worked together to try and bus…
A few candid thoughts for radical governor
Has Bruce Rauner lost it? " apparently angry governor created new chaos by taking an ax to his own gov't."
Rauner ripped by A few candid thoughts for Illinois' radical governor
Has Bruce Rauner lost it? Plus, after an unusual meeting, Cubs owners get OK for pub name. Crain's Morning 10:
Guess who funds the Illinois Policy Institute that promotes hostile, angry social media trolls? Bruce Rauner!
Forgot to include Bruce Rauner on the list of screwup governors I posted earlier. All apologies.
Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, in speaking for tax increase says Gov. Bruce Rauner is "ruthless, unscrupulous and undemocratic."
Governor Rauner Statement on Speaker Madigan's 32% Tax Hike. SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner today issued the...
We've stiffed Catholic Charities to create leverage for Bruce Rauner.
Bruce Rauner? Or is he yet a third governor this applies to?
Didn't a bridge just collapse there? Illinois has crumbled under Bruce Rauner.
Oh, the budget on Bruce Rauner's website is not his budget? 🤔
I just published “Bruce Rauner threatens to use his veto pen to effectively turn Illinois into a junk-rated state”
Thank goodness for Bruce Rauner - the only sane person in the Illinois Government
Bruce Rauner and the Illinois GOP fighting for the well heeled - Wealthcare a la Donald Trump.
I do not agree with a tax hike Gov. Bruce Rauner but, what have you proposed to end this budget crisis? COME UP...
Rauner is evil. He's held this state hostage so he could fight working people. Enough is enough. 2018, here we come. h…
Bruce Rauner is one veto away from literally turning Illinois into a junk state.
Me: "Bruce Rauner and Scott Walker are America's worst governors". Chris Christie: "Hold my beach ball".
Peter Robinson and Bruce Rauner attended Dartmouth together for 3 years. Rauner graduated in 78, Robinson in 79. Li…
Gotta say, Bruce Rauner has been a pretty big disappointment. Hoped he would be a Charlie Baker type
Why talks between Mayor Rahm Emanuel & Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thompson Center and pensions careened off the rails:…
Governor Bruce Rauner had a message for lawmakers before the start of a 10 day special session.
Why do Bruce Rauner's commercials pronounce the name of our state as "Ellinois"?
The Illinois Capitulation. Gov. Bruce Rauner cries uncle on taxes and economic reform.
Bruce Rauner calls for unity ahead of special session
Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner calls for compromise in speech Democrats dismiss as empty rhetoric…
Reminder: Bill Daley was on Bruce Rauner's transition team, helped create this mess.
(News Observer) urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse : Gov. Bruce Rauner is urging..
I can't wait for Bruce Rauner to get his *** out of office
Gov. Bruce Rauner's 3-minute speech to start an empty room?.
This state is in real need of leadership and there’s nothing unifying about anything Bruce Rauner is presenting.…
Bill Daley says Bruce Rauner can't be re-elected without a budget deal: "I don't care who's running against him."…
Residents of Illinois: encourage Governor Bruce Rauner to sign the bill ending the cruel use of elephants in the... http…
Rauner to give TV speech tonight calling for "unity," as his campaign continues to attack Madigan:…
Gov.Bruce Rauner, seems to have the problem, with the democrat being in control, and they want to r…
This is a change we need to implement throughout the country. Join me in pushing for nationally:…
Just accidentally searched for “ruce grauner” instead of “bruce rauner” and that’s how you know I woke up at 4:30 a.m. today.
.whacks away at from way out in D.C. as gov's budget speech nears.
What? Rauner just complained that D budget hearings were using he says its gamesmanship?
If my name was Bruce Rauner: Sorry, I ate all the cake!
hello Mr Bruce Rauner when will you talk to me. I have been asking you for months
Shame on Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan. Guess who pays for their failures? Certainly not those in's the everyday people.
Hospitals and Illinois families are hurting while Bruce Rauner sits by and does nothing.
Rauner has some Trump like qualities to him - making this speech tonight is one of them
Illinois: The State in Crisis | Governor Bruce Rauner​ is expected to discuss the crucial need for unity to pass a…
Rauner to talk "unity" in speech as he airs TV ads attacking rival Madigan
Brain dead Illinois Democrats proposing fixes that got the state into this colossal mess in the first place . I'm with Bruce Rauner ➡️
Rauner to talk 'unity' in speech tonight as he airs TV ads attacking chief rival Madigan
KADNER: Most people in Illinois hate their government. Thanks to Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan we are unified.…
All we hear is crickets from as his Party threatens to take healthcare away from 1 million in IL.
Congressional Democrats to Rauner: "You still have a chance" to voice opposition to health care overhaul…
Governor Bruce Rauner continues to fight against the status quo!
Illinois Democrats in Congress ask Rauner to speak up on health care overhaul
Is it just me, or does Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner look like Ray Rainer?
Fixed: Bruce Rauner has been sitting on his hands as governor of Illinois for 865 very long days.
The worst part about Bruce Rauner failing to get a budget for 706 days is the knowledge that he's going to get to...
Gov Bruce Rauner after a round tablet on small businesses and jobs at Steve's Lounge, 13200 S Baltimore.
Audio from Governor Bruce Rauner's event in the Hegewisch community today is available on our website:...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
State budget. Property taxes. If you missed our convo with Gov. Rauner on Friday, catch up here:
Gov Gov Bruce Rauner talks about the budget stalemate: via
Gov. Bruce Rauner's anti-worker proposals and refusal to compromise on a budget are destroying Illinois.
An early endorsement is necessary in order to achieve our top priority in 2018 – defeating Gov. Bruce Rauner.
This is a staggering and shameful list of devastation caused by Bruce Rauner.
How Rauner stopped a tax hike from landing on his desk He allowed a tax hike to expire to intentionally create chaos
Illinois Democrats repeatedly claim that Gov. Bruce Rauner’s agenda is full of nonbudgetary items, and thus...
Will AFL-CIO back JB Pritzker in race vs. Bruce Rauner?
The closing will relocate most residents to Chicago and cut almost a dozen employee positions. Bruce Rauner should be ashamed.
Bruce Rauner at business round table TODAY at 1:45pm CDT at 13200 S. Baltimore Ave., Chicago
Illinois has gone more than 700 days without a budget. . Thanks "No Budget Bruce" Rauner.
Spox for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) says he will sign automatic voter registration (vetoed it last year)
Bruce Rauner’s budget crisis has driven our state into the ground, decimating our economy and devastating our...
Illinois' insane credit-rating slide is accelerating under Bruce Rauner. Column by ht…
NYT article from late 2015 shows most funding from the richest. Griffin especially big finder.
Rauner Insisting on Lasting Property Tax Relief in Any Budget Deal: Governor Bruce Rauner is still…
Bruce Rauner has been governor of Illinois for 868 days.
Bruce Rauner has been governor of Illinois for 867 days.
🎵They call you Lady Luck. but there is room for doubt. sometimes you have a very unladylike way. of voting Bruce Rauner out🎵
YES!!! The mega rich, like Bruce Rauner and Ken Griffin need to pay taxes on their profits. On to the Illinois Hou…
Will Bruce Rauner be the next Illinois Governor to go to jail?
This is Bruce Rauner's goal. We have to stop electing people to office who hate public institutions. https:/…
In March 2017, Gov. Bruce Rauner declared that, May will be known as Foster Parent Appreciation Month.
@ Bruce Rauner: if you support the middle class, not the political class, release my *** college money. We need the map grant!
PolitiFact IL: Does IL have the highest property taxes? via
Did Governor Bruce Rauner go to State just to antagonize the graduates?
Neoliberalism describes Bruce Rauner to a tee, and by extension, the mayor, the man he mentored, Rahm Emanuel. -KL
"The man hates us" Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis says of Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner
We knew a year ago that Bruce Rauner was never going to give our state a budget, or fully fund our school district. -KL
State of Illinois has lost 46,000 public university students since the budget catastrophe. The blame goes to Gov. B…
"Obama Day" will be a holiday in Illinois once Gov. Bruce Rauner signs a recently passed bill, but that doesn't...
18 months out from the polls, hedge fund donor gives IL Gov. Rauner's re-election campaign a record $20 mil contrib.
Bruce Rauner has been governor of Illinois for 862 days.
Hope .has more to say about Trumps terrible budget than he had to say about Trumpcare
CALL TO ACTION: Governor Bruce Rauner will be hosting a Live stream today including a Q&A. We ALL need to hop on...
Remember that time Bruce Rauner told us he didn't have a social agenda?
That said, I'd still MUCH rather see Democrats use their limited time, money & energy to remove Bru…
An unusually high number of Democrats have already said they mean to run for Bruce Rauner's job in November 2018
JB spoke to tonight about the campaign's newest effort to take on Bruce Rauner:
Bruce Rauner in out of the box flannel shirt & jeans in an immaculately clean work room talkin abt duct tape infuriates me.
Bruce Rauner, who has still accomplished literally nothing 2 and a half years after being elected, airing ads talking about fixing Illinois
Bruce Rauner looks like an autistic howdy doody in his new TV ads the man is a PE executive! He wears suits and win…
As a constituent of governors Frank White (AR 1981-1983) & Bruce Rauner (IL current), I am so over businessmen in office.
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