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Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner is an American businessman who is the chairman of R8 Capital Partners, and former chairman of the private equity firm GTCR, based in Chicago.

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"Governor Bruce Rauner is a total failure. He promised a turnaround but he's only offered a runaround". -JB Pritzker
I liked a video Illinois GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner $50K Sponsor of Planned Parenthood
Abortion bill could be thorny issue for Gov. Bruce Rauner's re-election campaign, writes…
Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois: Tell Friendship State, Gangwon, Korea, That We’re Opposed to... via
Great to see my state Illinois - "Land of Lincoln" becoming Land of IT for the Month of April
This is wrong. Rauner is, and always has been an ultra conservative. Pro-business. Anti-worker. Anti-women.
Rauner won't say why he changed position on expanded abortion funding - Chicago Tribune
Very good piece by Many Rauner supporters worried bc of lack of clarity & assertive leadership.
Rauner can only turn around IL if he turns around Can he? asks the right ? What's your reply?
This Bruce Rauner ad looks like a frame out of a horror movie featuring a deranged shop teacher
Can Gov. Bruce Rauner save his campaign? Or will Boss Madigan continue his rule of Madiganistan? It starts now.
Inspiring to see so many college Democrats engaged and excited to defeat Bruce Rauner & fight for our progressive prioritie…
In Illinois--run into the ground by Boss Democrats--can GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner turn things around? Yes. My column:
Illinois Gov. Rauner: Expanding abortion coverage too controversial: CHICAGO – Gov. Bruce Rauner says he no longer…
We urge Gov. Bruce Rauner to put his principles first and support this bill.
Speaker of the Illinois House, Mike Madigan, calls a recent claim from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner "false.".
Can't believe the big deal that's being made over all this. So what if I'm messing with employee paychecks? I'M BRUCE…
I'm Bruce Rauner, and I'm just like you. I'm wearing a plaid shirt just like y'all do!
House Speaker pushed back Tuesday on Gov. 's recent assertion that who control the General…
.ads say he proposed a balanced budget, but IL says the claim is “pants-on-fire” false —>…
Madigan calls Gov. Rauner's claim Democrats are holding up the sale of the Thompson Center "disingenuous"
for sure we got 1 here in Illinois now Bruce Rauner who campaigned that every job created Does not need 2 b an American job
You also could spin this as Gov. Rauner predicts election win, third term for Mayor Emanuel
Ald Burke steps on ward-level aldermanic zoning control, blocks NW Side project by calling for a quorum in committee
"At the rate he's going, Bruce Rauner should be more concerned with who's governor in 2019 than he is with who's ma…
Nothing like commercials with Bruce Rauner trying to be "folksy" to get the old stomach churning.
Mayor Emanuel hasn't even said that he'll seek a 3rd term, but Gov. Rauner predicted he won't be around for a 4th.…
How often do you think Bruce Rauner uses that wood shop he's stumpin' in?
Cmdr Howard Goldstein of Post 54 IL was honored on March 23 by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner for efforts to help vets
Rauner wants vote on new Stevenson toll lanes, Madigan quickly pushes back
This is a good idea for drivers, so of course Speaker Madigan opposes it
Chicago's social safety net has been systematically dismantled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel & Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.
A reminder that Gov. Rauner has not submitted a balance budget, despite what he says.
Rauner vs. Mendoza is the latest front in political battle at the Capitol.
Rauner-Mendoza feud illustrates partisan war that paralyzes Springfield, from
From In Rauner vs. Mendoza battle over money, allegations of sexism and political collusion fly.
joins the Democratic primary race to unseat IL GOP Governor Bruce Rauner. Can the Democrats reclaim the…
Thanks for working to end the IL budget stalemate & help all those who have suffered!
Repub operative saying "whether it's true or not" is basically an admittance that they're pushing a false narrative…
you are a public servant and not a corp CEO. You don't get to control of what happens in this state.
Illinois Comptroller says Illinois Governor might have mental issues
As Rauner and Mendoza battle over state money, allegations of sexism and political collusion fly…
There's a new comptroller in town: Mendoza's battles with Illinois Gov. Rauner.
Rauner vs. Mendoza latest front in political battle at Capitol: For the first two years of his term, Republican…
Susana Mendoza calls out Gov. Bruce Rauner for creating “lawless fiscal climate” in Illinois
IL bill backlog has risen to unprecedented levels under the watch of Governor Bruce Rauner.
(Chance The Rapper noted his Friday meeting with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner as a very frustrating...
Chance the Rapper and Bruce the Governor working thru the weekend to present school funding plan by Monday.
IL TEACHERS: Chance the Rapper, Illinois Governor lock horns. Gov. Bruce Rauner gave away your PENSIONS. (from
How Chance's meeting with Bruce Rauner should have went
I never knew much about Chance the Rapper but I like him now. Billionaire Bruce Rauner *** ***
Chance had a meeting with Bruce Rauner to talk the Chicago Public School system, and left it frustrated.
Chance the Rapper 'flustered' by Illinois Governor's 'vague answers' on CPS funding via
Chance the Rapper, Rauner offer different takeaways from Friday meeting - Chicago Tribune
.fired up after getting "vague answers" in meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner
Chance the Rapper is disappointed by "vague answers" from Gov. Rauner during their private meeting
Update: meeting with is back on, and is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning. . https:…
.says he left school funding talk with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner "flustered" over "vague answers." h…
.shaken by his meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.
Chance the Rapper is a wonderful human being. Bruce Rauner is a billionaire holding the future of minority kids ***
IL House Speaker Michael Madigan: Lawmakers will consider Gov. Bruce Rauner's plan to sell the Thompson Center
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SOUND OFF: What did you think of Governor Bruce Rauner's budget address?
Wow, Bruce Rauner, this was the same face I made waiting for your "Budget" "Address"
Rauner indicates what kind of tax increases he'd accept: Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner gave more specifics Wednesday…
Bruce Rauner using alternative facts again
Rauner talks tax hikes and need for compromise in budget speech, drawing laughter from Democrats.
Crowd of protesters waiting outside Gov. Bruce Rauner's office before his noon budget address
Full text: 2017 budget address to the General Assembly →
Gov. Bruce Rauner gave his third budget address today. We annotated it along with and
Chicago Public Schools sues the state of Illinois and Gov. Bruce Rauner over "separate but unequal funding."
Governor Bruce Rauner's third Budget Address was met with laughter from some Democrats and anger from AFSCME.
Democrats rip Rauner for playing politics with budget: Democrats are criticizing Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner for……
Brown: Rauner doing no favors for Senate leaders — or schools: Gov. Bruce Rauner did little in his annual budget……
Go deeper into Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget address with our annotated version.
Emanuel suggests maybe it's time for Gov. Bruce Rauner to try a new approach on the state's budget impasse…
Illinois’ House Democrats pen letter to Rauner urging him to fight against ACA repeal
“First and foremost, the final result must be a good deal for taxpayers and job creators...".
Rauner's teleprompter gives out, Madigan jokes 'It's the Russians'
Rauner open to income tax hike, rejects tax on food, medicine.
Honoured to receive a welcome message from Hon. Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner - Neeta Bhushan, Consul General, on…
except the revolving door of Mungers staff that is now on your staff ? The revolving door starts with you Bruce…
Rauner names former comptroller Munger to deputy governor post
Rauner ally warns union to be 'careful' about 'crossing' governor with strike: A top ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner…
Rauner avoids taking stand on Trump refugee executive order
Mitchell: Apprenticeships are great, but bias is biggest barrier: Gov. Bruce Rauner is pushing for more vocational……
Anybody know anything about Leslie Munger? This appears to be "cronyism"
Former Comptroller Leslie Munger has been named as a deputy governor under Bruce Rauner:
Rauner ally seeks spending cuts on universities, care for poor, teacher pensions
It is great knowing that a strong advocate for community-based care will be positioned in Governor Bruce Rauner's...
Bruce Rauner is also trying to pass laws to weaken workers comp laws for citizens. This needs to be stopped.
Rauner names Munger deputy governor after she lost comptroller election: Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday named former…
All purpose parts banner
Oh Rauner: Morning Spin: Rauner reveals what he wanted to be when he grew up
Rauner says final budget package must have sufficient 'structural change' to gain his support - Chicago Tribune
Furloughed teachers pack City Hall to blast mayor for cuts to classrooms
Ill. Gov. Bruce Rauner has ownership stakes in & and De. Smith said ownership pushing t…
.packs City Hall to blast Rahm for 4 furlough days
We the citizens of Illinois have a message for "governor" Bruce Rauner.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (Rep) has stated that sending the National Guard to Chicago to manage protestors “would be a mistake”
Bruce Rauner is a Joke in Illinois. Blogo's in Jail, Rauner will have his days in prison also.
Bruce Rauner is another billionaire Trump lackey. He ain't gonna do squat to stop him.
Being a businessman and a public servant are two different things
You have a lot of confidence in Bruce Rauner.
you forget the gov of IL is friend of Trump Bruce Rauner. As a Chi resident talk of Marshall law is scary
Bruce Rauner uses Cook co. as a scapegoat for everything wrong w/ IL as much as Tr*mp. Having Rahm as mayor is additional incentive.
Bruce Rauner.not exactly the biggest backbone.
How would Bruce Rauner feel about the federal government asserting police authority in Chicago? Not good, I would think.
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Bruce Rauner would surrender Cook County. I have no doubt.
Scott Walker and Paul Ryan =/= Ted Cruz. Bruce Rauner won Illinois, you think Illinois easily goes to Cruz because…
it's bizarre in part because it would involve bigfooting the city AND the state. How would Bruce Rauner feel about it?
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner should have the state take control of law enforcement of the city of Chicago since...
Failing Governor Bruce Rauner is breaking out Scott Walker's playbook by busting the public sector union. htt…
Hey South Side residents want the National Guard. Who do they vote for?
Governor Bruce Rauner is trying to clean up Illinois from its failed Democratic policies! Stay strong Bruce!
If only Bruce Rauner looked to Minnesota, not Indiana, for lessons:
No immediate response from City Hall, the Chicago Police Department or the office of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner
Opinion from 10th Ward Alderwoman Garza: and the myth of "school choice"
Who are you referring to when you say "Chicago"? Bruce no budget Rauner? Rahm No Morals Emanuel? The the CPD- catch…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says IL Gov. Bruce Rauner has "abdicated his responsibility" by telling legislative leaders "you go work on a budget."
Mayor Rahm Emanuel ripped Gov. Bruce Rauner tonight on saying the state's "rudderless under Rauner" who he called "Governor Gridlock"
SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner announced Tuesday that his administration has reached a tentative collective...
Rauner to voice ‘optimism’ in State of State address: Gov. Bruce Rauner will voice optimism about "recent……
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New piece by Alderman Susan Garza is fire! .
Since Chicago Mayor Emanuel won't hire me I'll do what n ts article-->hv d governor to
Betsy DeVos, Bruce Rauner and the myth of 'school choice'Crain's Chicago Business via
Bruce Rauner is Using a Manufactured Crisis to Bust Unions, Privatize Services and Destroy Pensions
Gov Bruce Rauner joins the Morning Newswatch at 8:20am, just hours before the State of State on Wed.
Bruce Rauner bullying his own republican senate legislators
Rauner Will Not Attend Trump Inauguration, His Main Focus Is Budget: Governor Bruce Rauner said he does not expect…
Caption: Bruce Rauner and Paul Vallas laugh about that time they beat Pat Quinn for governor while reuniting to save Chicago State Tuesday.
Did I just see "Gov. Bruce Rauner (D) Illinois on your segment a few seconds ago?
Great work Bruce Rauner can we see a full budget proposal ?
Republican Interference In The House: Governor Bruce Rauner and his fellow Republicans have spent years vilifying…
Who is IL governor? Bruce Rauner (R) law enforcement/justice is dictated by state legislation.
Enough is enough.It's time to make the long-term,structural changes necessary to ensure our state's fiscal security. https:/…
ILLINOIS – AFSCME is trying to get Governor Bruce Rauner involved in contract negotiations again, nearly one year...
One of the reporters, Alex Caton, was a James H. Dunn Fellow in Bruce Rauner's office.
Yes your payin 50 million to barely win again .. not this time Bruce Rauner
2017: It's time to set Illinois on a path for success.
The headline from should read "attendance tumbles after reopening after being arbitrarily closed by Bruce Raune…
Bruce Rauner of Illinois as Gov. Gridlock? Nickname still lags behind that of Governor No that was tagged to Jim Edgar
I weep for my home state. Bruce Rauner, Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, & their ideological cohort are parasites, suck…
Governor Bruce Rauner Signs Bill Making It Easier for Teachers to Move to Illinois and Work
Bruce Rauner says he's not being unreasonable. He just wants reforms.
ILLINOIS: St Treasurer Mike Frerichs (D) said today he is "not looking at" running vs Gov Bruce Rauner (R) next year.
'Do your job!': Bolling slams Mayor for crime wave |
Plenty of Illinois Dems in the mix to challenge Rauner
representative not Republican there is only 1 rep Bruce Rauner gov
We heard an update on a possible budget solution from Gov. Bruce Rauner in Springfield this morning.
Governor Bruce Rauner comments on why his office has hired more than 20 people previously employed by former...
Gov. Bruce Rauner comments as to why his office has hired 20+ people who worked for former Comptroller Munger: .
SPRINGFIELD - Governor Bruce Rauner today thanked law enforcement officers for their service at the National Law...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Governor Bruce Rauner is recognizing National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day today. Comments on the day and Q...
.My case for workers' compensation reform
Gov. Bruce Rauner signs SB 2912 to help streamline the teacher licensure process and provide reciprocity for educators fro…
With money to burn and poor messaging, Bruce Rauner is ready for '18
January 18th.Join us for this as we stand up together against Donald Trump Bruce Rauner Republicans war on working…
Rauner Doubles Down on Workers' Comp Reform in New Op-Ed: Gov. Bruce Rauner published an op-ed in Crain's Chicago…
And here's Rahm with Republicans, including Bruce Rauner, on an email chain to screw the Chicago Teachers Union
Rauner signs energy bill amid jubilant crowds. CLINTON - Gov. Bruce Rauner and the legislative sponsors of an...
Why does Bruce Rauner want his reforms just to pass a budget ?https…
The bill now goes to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner talks about the lack of meetings with Speaker Michael M... Read Blog:
Rauner renews term limits push Republican Gov of Illinois
Bill that could keep nuclear power in the Quad-Cities has another amendment after talks with Gov. Bruce Rauner, Exelon said.
Those scientists can respect Bruce Rauner's sphincter. Are they billionaires? no. I
Lawmakers in the Illinois House failed to override the Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto on several measures today.
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Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump hold similar views on government labor
And Madigan back to Rauner: are you feeling froggy Bruce? Then leap Governor 😳
Things are going well in Illinois: Madigan a no show at leaders' meeting as Rauner launches website attacking him
"An overwhelming majority of the Illinois State Senate voted Wednesday to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of...
Republicans accuse Democrats of 'good cop, bad cop' routine on Rauner agenda
Negotiations must continue between Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration and the union that represents some 38,000 Illinois state workers.
Illinois Speaker didn't show for meeting w/ yesterday to discuss expiration of stopgap budget next month
Springfield continues to do its thing
ON AIR: Gov. Rauner whittled his ambitious 44-point agenda down to just 5. What happened? What are the final five?
ICYMI: joined and to discuss the latest on the state budget
Series of events in Springfield illustrate that Dems, GOP digging in deeper amid state's historic budget impasse.…
If Dem voters just got private sector jobs and left government up to robots, we would not have these bills.
Madigan a no-show at meeting, Rauner's GOP launches attack website
LEADERS MEETINGS: no-shows meeting, GOP launches attack website --
ICPR was mentioned by in the article "Bruce Rauner made $176 million, paid $50 million in taxes in 2015"
Gov. Bruce Rauner will join the Morning Newswatch at 7:20am with details on Fall Veto Session.
It's getting even more acrimonious in Springfield, if that's possible
We wil get gop bruce rauner out of off in 2018 for sure
Calling all Illinois 2nd Amendment Supporters! We need your help to make change. via
Bruce Rauner: peak GOP suck in the Midwest
Me too, Karen. We can be our own nation, but we will have to overthrow "King Bruce" Rauner and his merry men.
Groundhog Day, all over again: Madigan no-shows meeting, Rauner's GOP launches attack website
Union members say Labor Relations Board should be urging Gov. Bruce Rauner to resume contract bargaining.…
This is also basically how Bruce Rauner got his daughter into Payton Prep.
AFSCME Local 8242 protested Gov. Bruce Rauner and what they called his unwillingness to negotiate a new contract.…
for 6months then takes over! please.BRUCE RAUNER PUT IN REQUEST $ TIMES SSi Fraud:
Pretty good analysis of the situation in Illinois.
tell them to get vertification from and VERTIFICATION FROM and BRUCE RAUNER I TURNED THIS IN
Devil's Advocate: Did Bruce Rauner score a big victory on Election Day?
The chorus grows for to drop his agenda and (via: —>
The up-and-down week of stubborn Gov. Bruce Rauner. Column by
Bruce Rauner has upended the campaign finance order in Illinois via
Why the Democrats in Springfield are right not to cave to Gov. Rauner. Sunday's column
Gov. Bruce Rauner said the delegation of state political leaders heading to Rome to see Chicago’s archbishop...
win now Fred hoiberg can assume his other position as Governor Bruce Rauner til Saturday aka the boogie man.raise taxes
A C.E.O.'s job is leadership, problem solving, and team building. I've ...
Illinois Democrats looking for Rauner challenger as Durbin stays in D.C.
Gov. Rauner requests leaders meeting Monday: Gov. Bruce Rauner has invited the four top legislative leaders to a……
BREAKING: Gov. Bruce Rauner is requesting a leaders' meeting for Monday. There's a lot to talk about:…
"Rauner wasn't quite ready to field a spate of Trump questions the day after the election."
yeah I'm sure Bruce Rauner will get right on signing that
Despite GOP gains in Illinois House and Senate, no indication that budget impasse will ease anytime soon.
"If Trump follows normal pattern … in two years' time his numbers would be low and [that will impact Rauner]."
Why Trump's big win means problems for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner
Being quiet,and opportunistic to save your butt, you now have pay the price to your "Chief". See what quiet gets...
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For all of you future voters, like me and many other seniors, remember this: we get to vote out Bruce Rauner!!!
I've long held Bruce Rauner should orchestrate a hostile takeover of Illinois' General Assembly by Indiana.
So Bernie Sanders says he will work with Donald Trump on some issues, but Gov. Bruce Rauner still silent on Trump.
Bruce Rauner says he intends to run for Illinois Governor. The next election is two years from now.
Illinois budget impasse expected to continue as Rauner, Madigan dig in after bruising election: As the election…
Why Trump's big win means problems for Gov. Rauner
Bruce Rauner ran away from Donald Trump. But that tactic may not work when the governor runs for re-election in 201…
Has Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner congratulated the Cubs on their pennant yet?
Yesterday the Illinois Republicans received a total of $14 Million from just two people: Bruce Rauner & Ken Griffin
Bruce Rauner beats incumbent Pat Quinn. *** Durbin wins his senate race. Reporting all your election results this mornin…
Gov. Bruce Rauner creates a council he says will cut Illinois bureaucracy.
uses Capitol to influence election for his best friend? Why stop at Governor appointees? House clerk?.
I have my strong views and opinions. I really want to transform Illinoi...
Made me think of this, when they were so awash with $ they just handed out gift cards:
This just in… $12 million contribution to Leader Durkin, $2 million to Munger: * Gov. Bruce Rauner and his wi...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Republicans reap $14 million bonanza from Rauner, Griffin: Billionaires Ken Griffin and Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday…
If the plan is to move that money to HRO or the state party Bruce Rauner could have donated all of that to his own committee.
.when it's time to listen. Drop your support for Trump.
Gov says the Task Force on Healthcare Fraud is Saving the state millions.
Gov Bruce Rauner on the Millions to be Saved from Stopping Healthcare Fraud
tell Bruce Rauner to revive VA spending in Illinois. It's been dead since a republican took office in Illinois
Bruce Rauner apologizes for bozo *** clown comments, always wearing bad jeans is actually extremely good.
Morning Spin: Lawmakers want to ban Rauner appointees from campaigning
Illinoisans should stand up to Bruce Rauner, stop his "hostile takeover" via…
Governor’s executive order establishes commission to address red tape in state government.
Dear America, if you want to see how a businessman runs a government, please look at Bruce Rauner as Illinois Governor.
I've taught at this prison. ~ Rauner to shutter 'terrible,' outdated part of Stateville prison - Chicago Tribune
Just a FYI: all of the negative "MIlionaire Mike Madigan" spots running right now are funded in part by BRUCE RAUNER thru contributed PAC $
We need to It puts our minority entrepreneurs at a disadvantage & hurts their ability to compete
Time for voters to stop Bruce Rauner’s hostile takeover of Illinois (via
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Gov. Bruce Rauner is packing his things and leaving the Illinois Executive Credit: Getty Images
not with big boy Bruce Rauner & Rahm Emanuel taking all of it 4 themselves
loud and clear - enough is enough! must drop his support for Donald Trump -->
Rick Pearson breaks down the litany of proxy battles between Bruce Rauner and Mike Madigan for
Tough work to be a worse man than Scott Walker, a worse man than John Kasich, a worse man than Rick Snyder, a worse man than Bruce Rauner
News about IL motorcycle plates! You can now sign up to reserve yours for $25:
Wkrs & mgmnt came together to raise the state-set rate for caregivers b/c of the staffing shortage. Gov. vetoed it:
Heroes of health care remain lowest paid Rauner vetoes $15 minimum wage for caregivers
Rauner is missing a chance to push back on gun crime: Gov. Bruce Rauner said last week that he has never spok...
Rauner loses last-minute battle to block $400 million vote on teacher pension fund issue
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner urged lawmakers on Friday to allow voters in 20...
Bruce Rauner: cares about dogs but not disabled people
and workers with disabiiltes he only wants to give $4.50 pleae contact Chris Christie and Bruce Rauner
Rauner vetoes $15/hour wage for caregivers of developmentally disabled: Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday used his veto…
This photo of Gov. Bruce Rauner playing a round of pingpong is my favorite thing on our site today. https:/…
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in illinios contact Bruce Rauner qnd to investigate why?
WSIU InFocus: Governor Bruce Rauner discusses TRS Pension announcement, Remap and more:
Rauner vetoes bill to raise pay for caregivers for developmentally disabled to $15 an hour
Rauner vetoes $15 an hour wage for those who care for developmentally disabled
Bill toughening oversight of wine shipping in Illinois signed into law: Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law…
Chris Kennedy on IL GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner: "The suffering and chaos he has unleashed on the people of Illinois needs to e…
Gov. Bruce Rauner searching for a new Illinois Lottery private manager
Bill signed by Rauner tightens rules on use of cellphone tracking technology such as Stingray.
The Governor of Illinois apologizes for calling half of Chicago teachers 'virtually illiterate'.
Experts on stolen valor say a measure signed last week by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is a small step toward...
Add vulture capitalist Bruce Rauner to the long list of RWingers who lack the temperament to effectively govern...
Shoutout to my wife for protesting Bruce Rauner with then the Mexican Consulate, & ending the day…
Gov. Bruce Rauner apologizes for calling teachers illiterate
.IL Governor Bruce Rauner's shocking contempt for teachers is a grotesque affront to public service https…
Rauner OKs regulating police use of cellphone data tracking
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Thank you Sen. and for your work to sponsor the bill!
Great news: Yesterday afternoon, signed the bill to regulate cell site simulators, aka
never have a connection please contact Bruce Rauner and republican party Dold office to make me have a connection from jewish
Apparently, politicians telling the truth, these days, is "controversial".
Rauner challenged by CPS educators to ‘read-off’ on importance of civil rights, public education
Tell Gov Bruce Rauner of Illinois how wrong he is!
Chicago teachers want their governor to know that they definitely know how to read via
the depths of your disdain for all things CPS is unconscionable.
via Maybe lack of Leadership "50% of principals are managerially incompetent" reflects on the system.
*** Bruce Rauner achieves the standard "less of an elitist than Rahm Emanuel" when it came to educating his children.
Diane Ravitch. 10 hrs · . Fred Klonsky reports on emails sent from Governor Bruce Rauner, when he was a private...
Gov. Rauner publicly apologizes for calling half of CPS teachers "virtually illiterate" https:/…
The insult to & teachers is an insult to all the families that stand with them.
A study last year found racial and gender discrimination in Illinois job markets. . Governor Bruce Rauner signed...
Another school funding task force? Gov. Rauner, waste of time.: Gov. Bruce Rauner on Tuesday a...
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You might need to sail- but Bruce Rauner is a guy who passes on the windward side.
Bruce Rauner's photo link is broken
Gov. Bruce Rauner proposes a new panel to review state school funding formula.
Gov. Bruce Rauner released a statement Friday morning in light of news that five Dallas police officer had been killed by a sniper at the
Illinois Tries to Hit the Reset Button on Education Funding with New Panel
Bruce Rauner: Fund Financial Aid for Low-Income Students - Sign the Petition! via
Gov. Bruce snubs Donald during visit to
.And here's the first: Rauner gets the Truth-O-Meter treatment.
It is a small step but one in the right direction.
Rauner repositions on formula w new panel. .
Political stalemate in keeps Reforms in limbo: AIA’s Stephen Schneider in
Fact Check - IL family incomes lower today than 17 yrs ago - See Politifact rating:
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