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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (born Lee Jun-fan; 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was a Chinese American Hong Kong actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement.

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Hoping you'll love this... Superhuman,,,Ian Bishop performing Bruce Lee's one inch punch at London seminar.
Lol Ryan Clark. “If you ever watched a movie like a Bruce Lee movie or Jean Claude Van Damme or even Steven Seagal” even Steven Seagal!
Here is a sample of some of my guests. David Bowie , Christopher Lee, Pat Morita, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, John John Pertwee
Ip Man. Stories of the man who taught Bruce Lee. You’ll have to read, but it’s worth it.
We're excited to welcome Bruce Lee, Product Growth Manager from & Carolyn Martin, Director Paid Social fr…
From training with Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) to being united with martial artists around the world who all...
"Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own." - Bruce Lee . For such a...
Bruce Lee contemplates the threat of Wong Jack Man in WWE Studios' "Birth of the Dragon".
Found myself glued on TV watching Enter the dragon by Bruce Lee. It was released in 1973... Still wondering why.
Outchea watching & Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee will stay the best.
Enter the Dragon. I don't know how many times I've watched this movie. My obsession with Bruce Lee is uncontrollable and I love it!
Its like a Bruce Lee . The year of the dragon complex . Watched the true story
No matter how many yrs go by. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan r my fav martial artist. They r why i learn Martial arts
But he is "THE Dragon!". Well, actually that's Bruce Lee. Pettiness on ALL parts. LMAO
Enter The Dragon, ch.110 @ 8pm. Bruce Lee's first and last Hollywood movie. "Never take your eye off your opponent."
Bruce Lee is the main character & beat Chuck Norris in the Way Of Dragon & they didn't even put Bruce Lee in the descript…
This seems to be a sculpture of Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee instead of a sculpture of Bruce Lee.
Snack🍫on This! Bruce Lee ‘s 1st Major Film “The Big Boss” Premiered on this Day on October 23, 1971 in Hong Kong!.
What do Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Bruce Lee have in common? Find out here: .
Jackie Chan remembers last meeting with Bruce Lee: NEGROMANCER 2.0: Negromancer News Bits and Bites from ...
Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee once bowled together shortly before Lee's death.
That time Bruce Lee went bowling with Jackie Chan.
I liked a video Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan
I liked a video Why Donnie Yen can't beat Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
Legit thought Bruce Lee was still alive, then realised I meant Jackie Chan.
Jackie Chan tells a great story about a random bowling escapade with Bruce Lee just days before Lee died.
Jackie Chan remembers impromptu bowling with Bruce Lee just days before martial arts legend died…
Evening run along the Kowloon Promenade. Feeling like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee went bowling with Jackie Chan days before he died:.
"Be formless... shapeless , like water"- Bruce Lee
The pastor must be secretly idolizing Bruce Lee
The baby mama, Bruce Lee, Bonnie and her lost their right to talk about abuse when they celebrated that man. Also w…
UFC 217: Jorge Masvidal training to beat ‘daddy’s little princess’ Stephen Thompson by watching Bruce Lee and Kar……
I'm Jacky Chan and my brother is Bruce Lee
Exactly how to get a shredded body like Bruce Lee
[Thread:] Jorge Masvidal Reveals His Preparations For Wonderboy: "I'm watching Bruce Lee movies every day and I've…
"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own." - Bruce Lee || cc:
I think am not ready for children LRT naweza mpiga teke za ki bruce lee from zile horror movie zinakuwanga zimenistua ...
I have a feeling you’ll like this one 😍 BRUCE LEE FT 6ino Russo prod.ChaosOndaBeat.
Always be yourself express yourself have faith in yourself do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it - Bruce Lee
Source: - Nobody does it like Bruce Lee did.
If it's about not wanting to spend money on signs and stationary, they could rename it after Harper L…
Padwork yesterday drilling the basics. As Bruce Lee said “I fear not the man who has practiced…
'Childhood Obesity Increased Worldwide More Than 10-Fold Since 1975.' When will more leaders around the world make addressi…
Day 10: Gigantic. Captain Jack with his gigantic personality and one of the regulars on my commute ***
Oh no K3 is becoming the baby Bruce Lee Fam lol
Do you agree with the quote by Bruce Lee ? share your thought :)
Bruce Lee’s interval training session after a long time out of action. . 20’s On/4 Hours off…
"Always be yourself and have faith in yourself." - Bruce Lee
I bet you can Hit someone with that Bruce Lee kick! Congrats on the win champ!
I liked a video The Way of the Dragon - Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris - HD 1080p
One of my favorite Bruce Lee moments on film. what does this scene mean to you?
I liked a video Bruce Lee real fight
I liked a video Bruce Lee sparring Dan Inosanto and Taky Kimura EXPOSED
No cocaine. No drinking smoking or busting nuts. Im going for it. Christ consciousness and push ups like bruce lee. Im gonna try it.
really channeling your inner Bruce Lee E 😂😂
"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of."- Bruce Lee. Photo: d_fordesign
Don't worry, looks like the Robot Bruce Lee is some way off still.
It feels like Bruce lee has roundhouse kicked my jaw off 😷
"A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at." -Bruce Lee
I had no idea Bruce Lee was dead. Hmm.
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"Bremer told me that Bruce [Lee] had gotten so deceptive that he anytime he hit he scored. Bruce found that since...
How Zen Bruce Lee sees sex lol... So cool...
They could have just tried to convince people it was named after Bruce Lee...
My this is random but can you please let me know where you got your Bruce Lee shirt from?...
“Don’t fear In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” — Bruce Lee 👊🏃☝🌃
Now you know Dj Khaled is basically the Bruce Lee of Dj's right now and deserves…
Earl Thomas credits watching Bruce Lee movies for knocking the ball out of Gurley's hand.
"The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks & observes". ~Bruce Lee
Why isn't Jackie Chan a memetic god like Chuck Norris? Or Bruce Lee for that matter? Both of them make Chuck Norris look like a pansy.
When fans asked Jason Scott Lee, star of Dragon the Bruce Lee story. Of how long has he been training in...
“The successful warrior is the average-man with laser-like focus.” - Bruce Lee 🙌🏾
I'm looking forward to the new book Bruce Lee: The Authorized Visual History by Shannon Lee & Steve Kerridge!
Bruce Lee and the Art of Scientific Street Fighting via
Danny Chan returns to chronicle the life and legacy of the incomparable Bruce Lee in Legend of Bruce Lee: Vol. 3 no…
Shannon Lee explains the meaning behind Bruce Lee's stages of Cultivation. .
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Bruce Lee's legacy continues with Shannon Lee -
Bruce Lee didn't go home after he took those pills. He was at a friend's house and also he had two kids Brandon and Shannon
It's ok cause I was named after Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee. So that's pretty much makes me a default…
Bruce Lee along with his mother and son Brandon pose for a family snapshot circa 1970 in Los...
Mixed Martial Arts: Who would win a fight or come out on top between Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan… by Dwight Woods
When Betty Chung and Bruce Lee were in that hotel room together after the filming of Enter the Dragon, was there penetration?
Patrice just coincidentally loves Marcus Aurelius and Bruce Lee. Coincidences.
"Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own." — Bruce Lee
I liked a video Donnie Yen Asked Could he Beat Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee in Fight
Bruce Lee to Al Jolson in two seconds.
It's skill. When you watch guys like Bruce Lee, Jon Jones, and Conor McGregor they have insane skill in there
A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence. - Bruce Lee -
Who I sometimes see & hear when I hear Dr. Charles Stanley say "Listen" during his sermons (Bruce Lee in Longstreet)
This week I found out that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written a Mycroft Holmes novel and trained with Bruce Lee.
In this week's Bruce Lee podcast, gives the shout out to Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park -->
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
(Season 2 Ep.10) Not since Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon has there been a better nunchaku fight scene. 😁
1st paragraph, misquoted Bruce Lee and said you seen it in front of a Shaolin temple, seems likely & i…
Bruce Lee knew how to trash a room. Scene from 'Marlowe' with James Garner. (1969)
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! to my Big Brother. Brown this is the clip from Bruce Lee's movie...
I just had a visual of Bruce Lee with hands swollen like balloons from punching Wong Jack Man repeatedly in the back of the skull as WMJ ...
From what I've heard, it sounds fairly accurate to Wong Jack Man's side of the story & everything I've heard about Bruce Lee as a young man.
meets his father Bruce Lee and they embrace and Bruce teaches new technique of Jeet Kune Do his son and a…
Brandon and Bruce Lee on the San Diego beach
idk the name of the movie but he's definitely the black Bruce Lee
Wow I just found out Brandon Lee is Bruce Lee's son and I feel like my whole life is a lie
Absolutely. He is John Little thought Bruce Lee was: the world's best martial artist.
A Legend is ALWAYS a legend; Bruce Lee and Brandon will always be welcomed in my fighter's soul...
As you can see I'm partial to my martial artists...Bruce Lee is mesmerizing to me still to this day. I…
How am I just realizing Brandon Lee was Bruce Lee's son? My mind is seriously blown right now
Wanna become Bruce Lee? Practise these basic trainings first! Wing Chun masters fight wooden dummy, punching bags of sand or st…
And we steal from Bruce Lee and the cycle continues, fun fact, that's wife next to fave Sug…
Future Generations will talk about just like how we talk about Bruce Lee, Arnold, Ali today
is neither body of Bruce Lee. Nor that of Arnold or Stallone. But, we can see massive power. To rese…
do a skit of Bruce Lee as General Robert E. Lee and other Asians name Lee. 🤣🤣🤣
See the CONTROVERSIAL fight between Bruce Lee & Wong Jack Man in in theaters Friday.
Looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was having some fun with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
It's been confirmed that the late Bruce Lee is actually the great grandson of Robert E. Lee, all Bruce Lee films ha…
Seattle needs to remove this statue of Bruce Lee, who's name reminds me of Robert Lee, who's name reminds me of Robert…
are you gonna check out the movie Birth of the Dragon? I ❤️ Bruce Lee films.
Bruce Lee fought Wong Jack Man in one of the most controversial fights in history. See inspired by this…
Bruce Lee as Doctor Strange by my friend
A.R. Rahman is set to compose music for a Bruce Lee biopic. The film, helmed by Shekhar Kapur is titled Little...
Nevermind "Birth of the Dragon," Shannon Lee's Bruce Lee biopic to begin shooting in September?
Shannon Lee’s official Bruce Lee biopic to shoot in September
On me yo, had me thinking i was Donnie yen, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan combined
"Notice the stiffest tree is always the first to break, but the bamboo and the willow bend with the wind" -Bruce Lee
Respect to my 2 G's Bruce Lee and Dan their daughters Shannon
Conor McGregor rides through the desert as Bruce Lee inspires UFC star ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight!…
Mahmoud is the Bruce Lee of the NBA. His technique is Kung Fu, Ninja, Tai Chi etc.
Blessing your timelines with this video of Jackie Chan talking about Bruce Lee. You're welcome.
Bruce Lee and his cousin Wu Ngan. Ocean Terminal car park, Hong Kong.
"I introduced Nunchucks to Bruce Lee and Bruce thought this was a worthless piece of Junk!". ~ Dan I…
My mentor is the reason I have never, and will never give up! Please help me Congratulate my VP, Bruce Lee...
Far away from Bruce Lee body! 😂👍. I do not think they will intimidate someone! 😁
I'm up at the survey this week — on the elegant showdown between Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in GAME OF DEATH:
26 July, 1973, release of Enter the Dragon, dir. Robert Clouse, starred Bruce Lee, who died 6 days before its release. ht…
Dan Inosanto introduced them to Bruce Lee in the 60s, that's the earliest use of them I can think of. Slightly befo…
I liked a video Bruce Lee on Honk Kong TV Rare Video, 1969 . Bruce was 28
Too old? . Did you know that the last living training partner of Bruce Lee - Guru Dan Inosanto is aged 81 & is...
husband: karate chops my leg, I'm the greatest ninja of all time!. me: Bruce Lee?. him: (disgusted 😒) Malcolm Merlyn obviously
KMK, Bruce Lee, Seth Rogan and Myers. . 50% I'll be okay, 50% I'm fuc…
Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the set of 'Game of Death', 1972.
On July 20, 1973 a legend passed away. Bruce Lee was and still is an inspirational icon to me. https:/…
Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly on the set of 'Enter the Dragon', 1973
"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran was one of Bruce Lee's favorite books. He gave a copy of it to Dan Inosanto and... https:/…
Which is the fatal flaw of Bruce Lee and Jeff Cooper. What they taught is great- for their time. Times change, so you must adapt.
Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee magic . Heard a young Jeff Shi was an extra on set
He plays L in Death Note, so I'm sure he can play Aladdin, Bruce Lee, Mohammed Ali, Ghandi and probably Jesus for a…
do U watch the channel REELZ ? There's a show on there called autopsy, there bout to review Bruce Lee is odd topsy kind of cool
Was really hoping new Bruce Lee movie would star Ben Kingsley or Tilda Swinton...
I watch all of Bruce Lee's movies at least once a year, like I do Patton, Ten Commandments, Ben Hur and other classics
In 1964, Bruce Lee took on Wong Jack Man in the most controversial fight. See the trailer for inspired…
Doesn't even looks close to be Bruce Lee(li), it all started Bruce Lee(was US citizen) but lives in H…
Foamie! We'll trade the Knicks 4 Kristaps & a Bruce Lee uncivilized T. we'll send you Keyvon Looney & Damian Jones. Lets go
Hoping for a Judge-Stanton final because I want the equivalent of Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I've liked these Ip Man films. They're based on the life of YIp Man, the Kung Fu Grandmaster who taught Bruce Lee.
I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be... ~Bruce Lee. https…
Bruce Lee just killed Chuck Norris. All hope is lost .
Watched Way of the Dragon last night. Bruce Lee got at Chuck Norris..
📷 kelseyleistikow: Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, your argument is invalid.
Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on the set of 'The Way of the Dragon'.
Wow! I haven't see this movie in a long time. Bruce Lee fighting Chcuk Norris. Old classic.
I get it.. He's a Bruce Lee and Isaac Newton at the same *** time.
📷 A young Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and……Putin. That’s blown your mind hasn’t it. Before it was cool!
Bukan semua rumah ada gmbr Bruce Lee duel with Chuck Norris. My home is only a few of it.
So wait, does that mean that Bruce Lee was promoting violence against Chuck Norris in The Way of the Dragon?
Bruce Lee would've beat both their *** Matter of fact I believe he whooped Norris in real life already.
did Bruce Lee an Chuck Norris really fight for real.
It's 3 in the morning and I just watched Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight. what the ***
Can someone put Trump's Face on Bruce Lee when he fights Chuck Norris? make Cnn Chuck
"Choose the positive. You have the choice." ~Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee because he's the 🐐, Jet Li bc he's a Li, Van Damme bc Frank Dux was a bad ***
I chosen 3 Van Damme Chuck Norris and Slyvester Stallone and my face all time is late Bruce Lee
Because you cannot convince them that they're not actually a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris
you think Connor would win but aren't you the one who thinks Bruce Lee would get his *** kicked by Anderson Silvia ??
Can't wait 4 Goodness to know it was Kagiso who placed Bruce Lee & shot her father.then will see where dos feelings will go😒
on my last day in seattle we visited Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee's grave 🙏
I was just think about how Bruce Lee's son Brandon died whilst shooting his probable breakout movie The Crow. That's tragic.
Bruce Lee's son Brandon Bruce Lee died in 1993 on the set of the movie 'The Crow', but was his death an...
I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations,. and you're not in this world to live up to mine. Bruce Lee
Really fancy diving into some old school martial arts films over the next month for my blog. Bruce Lee? Jackie Chan? Chow Yun Fat?
How about a future episode about the Bruce Lee death conspiracy? Part two could include Brandon death.
is this generations movement fighter, he is a willful fighter, the last fighter to hold these traits & skill were Bruce Lee
"Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it." —Bruce Lee via
I mean Bruce Lee is just like a true legend. He's not over hyped at all. Brandon is cool too. It's too ba…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Oh snap! Bruce Lee about to kick that Chuck Norris *** on
That Nakumura v AJ Styles staredown made me feel like I was about to watch a Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris fight from the movie
The first martial arts movie I remember was not one with Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, but Tom Laughlin as Billy Jack!…
Yeah, reminds me of Saturday afternoons, playing them one after another. Bruce Lee vs. C…
When Adriano had a foot harder than Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris put together.
and Bruce Lee was the only one to have EVER kicked Chuck Norris *** !
Chuck Norris , Bruce Lee and Bob Wall in good old day!!
I liked a video 1/6 Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris Custom by tessjess1
“This is the only recording of Bruce Lee in a real MMA fight. He’s fighting Ted Wong here, one of his top students” https:…
Bruce Lee showed the Power of Kemetic Black over Prerogative White. cuiing Chuck Norris (No_rr(en)in_ii) lol.
There are lots of Chuck Norris jokes, but there are none of Bruce Lee, because Bruce Lee is not a joke.
Chuck Norris hasn't dead yet because he knows he'll meet Bruce Lee in the afterlife.
"Enter the Dragon" starring Bruce Lee and featuring Chuck Norris's tufted shoulders.
Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Chuck Norris and the second James Bond, George Lazenby were all pallbearers at Bruce Lee'…
How many people can say that they fought Bruce Lee and survived to tell the story?
channel 109 is Bruce Lee story now.I know you like him
Chuck Norris refuses to die because he knows Bruce Lee is waiting for him on the other side. Sent from Funny Jokes
Can you get 2 tougher dudes in a Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee trained James Coburn for many years and they became good friends. This is the story about how...
Fred Weintraub, who financed 'Woodstock' and helped discover Bruce Lee, dies at 88
It's just as possible as Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris doing it a film
If you be Chuck Norris omo I be Bruce Lee..
Chuck Norris talks about his first time meeting Bruce Lee and his debut in film with the Return of the Dragon...
Chuck Norris tells us how Bruce Lee died in 1973.
Chuck Norris explains how he and Bruce Lee trained together and how he thinks Bruce Lee was an incredible...
Chuck Norris tells the story of the time he first met Bruce Lee, how they trained together and how Chuck...
Amazing unseen footage reveals martial arts legend Bruce Lee's only one 'real' fight in history caught on camera
Rare footage of Bruce Lee sparring one of his top students. .
Ip Man is a movie dedicated to the life story of the ACTUAL master of Bruce Lee irl!! It was amazi…
“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, & add what is specifically your own”. Bruce Lee.
There is a true story about how Bruce Lee was challenged to a real street fight and the Challenger backed out.
Okay so the story goes Bruce Lee is excited that there shall be a Green Hornet/Kato - Batman/Robin two parter on...
Do you know that really illogical story about how Bruce Lee used to be a sardar?. Absurdly.
From a very young age, I was bored with the like-me-ness. My favs were Bruce Lee, Lady Jaye, Run DMC...
please watch my Bruce Lee story on what happen to me and my twin brother after calling him in Hong Kong and...
Great memories! Bruce Lee painted live in 60mins. At the Dojo Sessions
EDC Protip: "Don't go against the Asian trains. Be one with the Asian trains" - Bruce Lee
.What's funny about this June/July 2017 Black Belt Magazine Cover is they use the same Bruce Lee image in…
A Bruce Lee pic on the front of a mag is still powerful and…
Here’s Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris working out the kinks of their iconic fight in these behind the scenes shots from “Way o…
Ip Man 1,2 n 3 the legend of Bruce Lee master
Lauren Holly in the Bruce Lee movie my goodness 🔥🔥🔥
A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the... ~Bruce Lee. htt…
Do not pray for an easy life;. pray for the strength to. endure a difficult one. - Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee and The Will Power Habit!. The famous blog "brain pickings" published some extracts from previously... https…
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The yells uttered by Dadar commuters while onboarding or offboarding train carriers more power than Bruce Lee's Kung Fu yell 5/n
Reminds me of the scene b/w Bruce Lee and Bob Wall in Enter the Dragon ;).
“Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.” . Bruce Lee .
Bruce Lee biopic set with family approval:
To release 10th July. $100m series on young Watch this Now to Bruce Lee! http…
'Little Dragon' film to explore the formative years of Bruce Lee in 1950s -
Bruce Lee and his family in the late 60s
Watching old episodes of The Green Hornet. Did you know Britt Reid's dad was the Lone Ranger's nephew?! Also - Bruce Lee got a raw deal:)
In honor of a little martial arts lesson courtesy of the Dragon, Bruce Lee:
Bruce Lee with his master, Ip Man, 1960s.
That left jab at the :20 mark, tho. Joe Moore used to show us Mike Tyson/Bruce Lee videos to show the power you can…
same. The movement & focus are different. Martial art so much harder, more power. But I heard Bruce Lee also a good dancer.
Chinese gained a lot of soft power by Hongkong made Kungfu movies with Bruce Lee etc. We now started with Bahubali.
“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” — Bruce Lee
"Knowledge will give you power, but character will gain respect." -Bruce Lee.
Stunning set of Bruce Lee photo's in presentation pack from the. Dominican republic.
He's also proud of when he landed on the moon, and the time he chinned Bruce Lee & Muhammed Ali in one punch.
“The doubters said, 'Man can not fly,' . The doers said, 'Maybe, but we’ll try,' ..." . Bruce Lee .
"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.". Bruce Lee.
Kung Fu capers and on the Bruce Lee trail in
Become a public speaking blackbelt with Bruce Lee . via
Bruce Lee with his master and trainer Ip Man
sean, if you had a time machine & could do Karate with either Elvis, Bruce Lee or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which 1 would you pick?
Yo, I just found out Bruce Lee went to the University of Washington!. BRUCE LEE
Dan Inosanto – from Mike Robandido – Pinoy who taught Bruce Lee how to use arnis de mano.
tfw when you realise John Derbyshire featured in a Bruce Lee movie (
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
Throwback Pic of the Guro and Dan Inosanto!. Dan introduced the nunchaku to Bruce Lee. The fight scene in Game of...
Anderson Silva learning Wing Chun from Bruce Lee's last student Dan Inosanto!
Have u seen the trailer for Birth of a Dragon (its about Bruce Lee)?? Have u heard anything about it? Thoughts?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In the 25th minute of Game of Death, Bruce Lee is shot by real gun in movie scene (Brandon Lee foreshadowing)
The singer selena and Bruce Lee's son brandon? They passed on the same exact day. Brandon was accidentally killed in 1993 and two years..
Bruce Lee with the three sectioned staff vs. Brandon Lee with the Nunchaku.
This tune sounds like Bruce Lee dressed as Buck Rogers on roller skates
Bruce Lee with his wife Linda and children Brandon and Shannon -
About to learn basics of Qi Gong from Kung Fu master. More Jackie Chan than Bruce Lee . But appearances...very deceptive.
yeah. The main one he works with is Wing Chun, the down and dirty street fighting as done by Bruce Lee. Qi go…
My Sensei knew Bruce Lee. Bruce was open to teaching and for this reason I share my fire element qi gong. http…
Double fun fact: "The Crow" was made into a movie that got Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son, killed by accident
Bruce Lee was destined to meet me, and Brandon, that's the vertigo comics connection,...look up
Tonights super quick sketch: Goku and Vegeta in classic Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba poses. Whee.
"I will not willingly offend, nor be easily offended.". - Bruce Lee
"No I mean like actual Bruce Lee. We can wake up Brandon as well. It will be like The Crow."
Bruce Lee playing with and teaching a young Brandon Lee.
Green with envy! The Kung-Fu frog who's desperate to take after martial arts great Bruce Lee via
''Be a practical dreamer backed by action.'' - Bruce Lee | I can't over emphasize the ACTION part! ^ks
Did you know Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan invented these *** but fashion" looks ages ago...
Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks 😱
Someone gotta Bruce Lee those casting directors, like what's wrong with their eyes? None of this makes sense in...
Bruce Lee's 10 principles to live by every day:
You can be a martial artist, even a bad one, but you are a martial artist. Approach this title sincerely. . Inspired by Bruce Lee.
'While most know Bruce Lee from his bad *** fight scenes in Kung Fu movies, such as Fist of Fury, The Big Boss...
Mr Black, who (if anyone) has reached Bruce Lee's style of no style vision of fighting? for me, It's Anderson & Conor.
Bruce Lee shoot Shane . John Wic, John Wayne . Elliot Nick no Johnny Dang. Look at my clique gang, bang (bang)
Martial arts icon Bruce Lee's writings pack a philosophical punch! Link to video on this.
Brian Pern and Bruce Lee at Butlins Ayr in 1945 or it may have been ten to eight
Martial arts legend and top student of Bruce Lee passed away at 75
Van Damme, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee all combined they got nothing on Nxamalala. Starring samampela u daddy
I loved Bruce Lee as Alpha an actor there was in Hollywood who defied thinking that short Asian actors aren't macho .
People have got to stop calling every person they see with slanted eyes Jackie Chan, Ling Ling, or Bruce Lee.
I added a video to a playlist Jackie Chan VS Bruce Lee awesome animation
Imagine a picture of Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan
So who you got in a fight... Bruce Lee or Michael Jai White???
Before Jet Li, before Jackie Chan, before Bruce Lee... There was only one.
Did you guys know that Jackie Chan had a small role in Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon? . Jackie Chan's story with...
"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan". - Jackie Chan
My childhood was too full of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li to see another Asian Kung Fu master as exciting.
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