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Bruce Johnston

Bruce Arthur Johnston (born Benjamin Baldwin on June 27, 1942) is a member of The Beach Boys and a songwriter, remembered especially for composing I Write the Songs .

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This is just like when they let poor little Bruce Johnston toss a song onto an album.
For those who like The Beach Boys but not basketball, Kevin Love is the Cavs equivalent of Bruce Johnston.
Silverados owner Bruce Johnston will be live on the broadcast tonight during the 3rd inning
Bro I got Mike Love's and Bruce Johnston's signature too we're all basically best friends
Just a friendly reminder: This Thursday June 8th there is NO Storytime at the Bruce Johnston Branch! Storytime is...
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Dr Jay Johnston, Alltech Canada on a unique analytical system to better define charateristics of forages and feeding beha…
Pet Sounds was a hit in the UK, where it topped the charts. Before its release there, Brian's tou…
The original members left were Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. Played for over 2 and a half hours. Sounded 👍.…
The Beach Boys tonight. Just counted nearly 50 songs in my notes. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston are well into their…
I met Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys at The Royal Albert Hall just now ahead of their concert…
Bloody love YouTube. I found Bruce Johnston on the Old Grey Whistle Test singing Disney Girls at the piano. Brilliant.
Who is in The Beach Boys now? No Brian, Al given the boot. Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, anyone else? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Without knowing better, it could be also about how views are counted:. Thinking i…
and Bruce Johnston from the speak to and about their tour…
Written by Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys who said the I in the song referred to God (from Wikipedia)
Gotta be some kind of hit generated from searching Bruce Johnston's "I Write the Songs," eh?
“Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.” . Bruce Lee .
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You dummy, bruce johnston wednesdays was yesterday.
1992 - Bruce Johnston and I were special guests on the TV show "Full House" - we performed “Surfin’ U.S.A” w/the Ta…
"I Write the Songs" is a popular song written by Bruce Johnston in 1975 and made famous by Barry Manilow
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Yes, however "I Write the Songs" was written by one of the Beach Boys (Bruce Johnston).
Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher and Tony Asher with Brian Wilson at a Pet Sounds recording session in March 1966 https:/…
Bruce Johnston would like to bring independent professional minor league baseball to Napa.
maybe mate . I think it's all on Bruce now playing 5 defenders at home insisting on Hutton. The Johnston question..
Carolyn Johnston from takes home the Bruce Rollins Women's Division 3 Swimmer of the Meet
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.team of Hester, Bruce, Johnston and Chancey wins women's 200-free relay prelims in 1:37.27
Prepping for hot in the Bird baths, pet bowls and water bottles filled. Stay cool. Pic: Bruce St…
Old guys and young guys sex Bruce a filthy old guy likes to plow
Beach Boys legend Bruce Johnston who composef I Write the Songs for Ba4y Manilow in his amazing…
Amazing to meet Mike Love & Bruce Johnston of Beach Boys while catching up with friend Ron Tyson of the...
We will all get through this together. Keep the faith;)
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Selfie time with Bruce Johnston and Mike Love - Original Beach Boys - onlyvones left @ The Star…
Can You Go Viral On LinkedIn? (sure, some people do, but it's pretty unlikely)
Today in 2011, Al Jardine, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston reunited on stage 13 years later at the Westlake Four Seaso…
Bruce Johnston appears at the end. What was he thinking eh?
Citizens campus construction in Johnston on schedule: Citizens Financial Group Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun took…
Emo teen girl group Bruce a filthy old dude loves to tear up youthful
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Barry Manilow didn't write his number one song "I Write the Songs”. It’s written by Bruce Johnston (the Beach Boys)
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Before I joined The Beach Boys, I was working at Columbia Records as a producer, and saw The
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You know, Glen Campbell sang with the group right before I joined the group.
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Jealous of everyone that went to see Brian Wilson. I hope it was great! Was it great? Is Al Jardine still most underrated? Bruce Johnston?
Be Here, Be Quick And Be Gone: A Lesson From My Father (stands the test of time)
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Yeah, not the proper line-up though :( Mike Love has the rights to the name and tours with Bruce Johnston and 'others' :(
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what are your thoughts on Bruce Johnston?
Bruce Caplinger has a massive local sports memorabilia collection and it's, well, awesome: via
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Bruce Johnston is actually long lost Baldwin Brother confirmed!
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Well, a lot of our concerts do okay, and I know we still get royalty checks which still isn't that i
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I really dig the scene that's happening now, I really do, because there might be a lot of bad things
For week 3 of Summer Programming the theme is Creepy Crawlies!. At the Bruce Johnston Branch on Tuesday, July 19...
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Bruce Johnston wasn't on the cover of Pet Sounds for 'contractual reasons' even though he was there that day.
Hanging at the Capitol with American Idol & Bruce Johnston rehearsal concert h…
Can't believe it's been exactly 1 whole year since I meet and Bruce Johnston!
And Bruce Johnston got it wrong too, as it's about Brian Wilson ;)
Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs" was actually written by Bruce Johnston.
Bruce Johnston is not the bass player, he plays keyboards. Who put that up on the TV?
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Memorial Day Concert dress rehearsal with Bruce Johnston... via
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'Now Playing:' PIPELINE MIX by Bruce JOHNSTON listen at
YIP JUMP MUSIC - Daniel Johnston in exile. or Bruce setting up a couple of 58s and recording Nebraska
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Honoring Cpl Bruce E Johnston III, died 6/1/1968 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
He "Writes the Songs that make the Whole World Sing" Wait Bruce Johnston :)
A truck rollover is causing traffic chaos on the Bruce, heading southbound just after the Johnston Road turnoff.
Today it is one year after the unforgettable concert Bruce Johnston
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Joyce and Ian Johnston. At my dad Bruce Johnston's induction into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Cool.
The Beach Boys hard at work on their next album. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston still sound amazing after 50+ years. https:/…
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highway. . Traffic still crawling sth bound frim johnston rd
Brings back all those memories of all such meetings and discussions... blues
Mike Love and Bruce Johnston are joining the Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Tour. New Beach Boys album in the making?
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Jazz Jam tonight at 10pm with Dave Simpson, Clark Johnston, Bruce Tourney and Ritch Thoman!…
The group started getting bigger and bigger, so Al started replacing Brian ...
Condolences to the family and friends of Bruce Johnston of
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How rich is Bruce Johnston?: The post How rich is Bruce Johnston? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
You would figure you'd want to save the scene where Bruce and Clark first meet for the actually movie but alas.
the fact they had that awful scene with lex, Clark and Bruce at that party as part of the marketing... lol
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We're just kinda surviving at a very comfortable level.
Wikipedia says that Bruce Johnston said the song was NOT written about Brian Wilson.
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School closures: Trustee Bruce Johnston is holding firm, refusing to vote to close any schools.
Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys loves Surf Austin & Surf Ohio!
School closures: First motion, not to close schools, proposed by Trustee Bruce Johnston, voted down 6-1.
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Bruce Van Saun says Johnston Mayor Polisena has made him an honorary townie.
Citizens' Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun: Bank to break ground this year on new corporate campus in Johnston off 295. HQ stays in Prov.
Johnston Mayor Polisena with Citizens Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun in advance of bank announcement in Johnston
Beach Boy Bruce Johnston brings Pet Sounds to Lennon & McCartney in London via
We've recorded over our voices once and double the harmonies, make them thi...
Amazing picture! Bruce Johnston to the left as well? What was this occasion?
Brian Wilson on a Pet Sounds session with Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher, Bruce & Terry! March 1966
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idk what if Stills pulls a Bruce Johnston and sides with Crosby
We’ve come a long way over the past 80 years, we’re delighted to share our highlights: https:/…
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Bruce Highway, Beerburrum - Crash Single vehicle Southbound Approximately one kilometre south of Johnston Roa
Bruce Johnston - Pipeline via this has a good loop around 3:11 minutes !! :)
Hi Bruce Johnston- thanks for following me here. What other social networks are you on?
just talked to Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys about Taylor Swift?! What. A. Concept.
Everybody can dig The Beatles, but why should everybody dig us?...
We're not trying to top ourselves with each record, obviously.
Bruce Johnston, great to know you here! Many thanks for the follow! Looking forward to inspire and stay inspired!
Recent pics-with and Mike Love + Bruce Johnston on my Brian Wilson + Al Jardine albums
ya mcm's favorite Beach Boy is Bruce Johnston
I will always think of you and Emma and the kids as friends. It was great working for you. JOE Johnston
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Of course The Beach Boys will be camp.
Great seeing Bruce Johnston last night in Santa Barbara "He Wrote The Song" for Barry Manilow
.have performed 175 times in 2015, setting a new record for the band now led by Mike Love (74) and Bruce Johnston (73).
have to say I felt every bit of his frustration there
For us... you know, we're not The Beatles. - Bruce Johnston
One of my favorite Bruce Johnston songs!
Barry didn't write I write the songs, Bruce Johnston did. The beachboy
hate to correct you KG but Bruce Johnston from The Beach Boys wrote "I Write The Songs".
Karen Johnston’s artwork on display through February: Parsons-Bruce Art Association will feature the artwork o...
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Bruce Johnston came into my store today.
I've never had a problem with Jardine. I'd say Bruce Johnston is the moodiest followed by David Marks.
Andy, Paul and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys after the concert in Stuttgart. Only 5 Night of the Proms shows...
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Come out to tomorrow (Nov.21) the Bruce Johnston Library from 10:30 to 12noon for our FAMILY GAMES AND LEGO DAY!...
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I just met Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys😍
..the Wolfleys, Pat White, Owen, Chad Johnston Bruce Irvin and now Terrell, to name a few, great ambassadors for WVU and the state.
Hey Bruce Johnston thanks for the follow!
We witnessed. Bruce Mowday's segment of the Johnston Gang airing last night on DiscoverID channel last night at...
Just saw this on Amazon: Bruce Lee: 101 Greatest Life Lessons, Inspiratio... by Chris Johnston via
Bruce Johnston, MCDOT Transportation Engineering Division Chief, wins CEAM Engineer of the Year award:
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Johnston - Pipeline
Jazz greats Jeff Johnston trio with special guests John Nugent and Patrick Boyle flanked by Bruce Alcock art.
Got autographs from Bruce Johnston and Mike Love of the Beach Boys today to complete my band item.
Me: Bruce can you sign? Bruce Johnston: I'd be happy to how much you selling it for? Me: Nothing it's going on my wall. Bruce: I'd sell it.
Sang with The Beach Boys last night and they rocked the place. Got to hang with my longtime pal Bruce Johnston.
3km north of Johnston rd. Car has gone of the road. Ambulance on site. Nothing serious apart from rubber neckers.
Archived: Look back to 2013 and this interview with O/O Bruce Johnston, whose rig took a bullet in Tenn. in '10:
Tomorrow at the Bruce Johnston Branch - SILK SCREENING with Skye Morrison. She is bringing all the ink - you just...
Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks of the Beach Boys Salute Nascar by N/A (199
At least Bruce seems happy this morning
He and Al Jardine were on tour in the UK. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston were there.
Great pic of you with legend and awesome musician, Mr. Bruce Johnston. Thanks for posting on Snapchat.
Our chat this morning with Beach Boys Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. it,fun,fun.
Wish you had the opportunity to meet JS. You did meet Mike Love and Bruce Johnston!
Todays theme is Road...hundreds of songs from the likes of Alice Cooper The Bay City Rollers Bruce Johnston Carl...
Bruce Ely-Johnston has just updated their profile see:
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“...there will be someone with their grown son & daughter & grandchildren singing our songs,” Bruce Johnston says.
Cannery Casino hosts The Beach Boys on Sep. 19, led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.
BRUCE HIGHWAY, - Debris or vegetation Hazard Northbound 2km after Johnston Rd. Lane or lanes re...
I am pro-"Disney Girls," too. I think Bruce Johnston is a fantastic songwriter in his own right.
2/3 with her son, and some songs by Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. An Eighties sound but looks to have been overdubbed since and
Thanks for the Follow...Regards Bruce...Check out the 2015 Best Biz Ops.
Bruce Johnston & Mike Love with a group they call the Beach Boys @ Cape Cod Melody Tent
Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys wrote it
Bruce Johnston has such a relaxing voice.
I have to try to sleep... read this after the movie.follows up with the story:.
Just clocked Bruce Johnston's absolute fire rig out
Bizarrely enough, he didn't write that song! Bruce Johnston, a member of the Beach Boys did.
The Beach Boys. August 18. American Music Theatre. Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and the Beach Boys sing. about sun,...
Decile system (census data) is used 2 fund schools with much more going to lower schools. Can it be improved? - *** yes.
If I wrote ALL of the songs Bruce Johnston did, I would make it very clear too. He's close to Brian Wilson in talent.
COSY CONCERT ALERT: The Temptations with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston's Beach Boys at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre &...
today we are celebrating The Beach Boys solo work by Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks a whole afternoon...
Fantastic Gig. Loved it! Can't believe I met David Marks and Bruce Johnston!
Wondering how to explain Bruce Jenner and Transgender Issues to your kids? Listen to this interview from this morning
Throwback to that time John Stamos and Bruce Johnston came to visit!
Cheeky shot of Mike Love before the gig. Just met David Marks and Bruce Johnston too!
Mike Love and Bruce Johnston are still at it. Coming to a casino near you!
My new sounds: Jeff Johnston with Focus On the Family about Bruce Jenner and Transgender Issues on
Mike Love and Bruce Johnston's Beach Boys nailed it every time!
8HA's Bruce Davenport talks Andrea Johnston through the broadcasting of the 2015 Tatts Finke Desert Race.
Why is Bruce Jenner getting an ESPY over Lauren Hill? That would be as crazy as Macklemore winning a Grammy over Kendric…
Bruce Johnston looks like such a Grandma
99 years old ... SNP’s latest recruit Lousia Johnston on why she’s signed up
Whirlwind weekend in Mike and Jacquelyne Love & Bruce Johnston
Pacific Baza at The Ranch HSD Kennebri reported by Bruce Threw and David Johnston per Alan Morris on 02-06-201...
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Bruce Johnston - Deirdre Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
Before you say anything, it's CAITLYN Jenner not Bruce
"The tobacco companies lied for 50 years" Bruce Johnston, lawyer for the plaintiffs.
"If Bruce Jenner was my daddy I'd whoop his ***
the line-up was led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.
Bruce Johnston coming to chat with us before the performance @ The London Studios
Fascinating stuff when not onscreen. Mike Love attacking God Only Knows, & Bruce Johnston saying he was there when Doris Day heard Revolver.
Bruce let down big time from his goalie tonight. He's been awful in games 5-7
Watching another Bruce Boudreau team birth an game 7 meltdown brings back bad memories and makes me sad.
Mike Love and Bruce Johnston wish us Good Luck for our Surf Aid gig in London, tomorrow!
"By God I wish you could talk" - Detective Bruce Hutton to the murdered Crewe's cat, which he adopted after killings
I Write The Songs by Barry Manilow. "written by the former Beach Boy Bruce Johnston".
Bruce Johnston and Mike Love The Beach Boys last night
back in the day when he would tear it up on the sax they would call him Bruce Tenor
The photo is out! Me and Bruce Johnston and Mike Love of the Beach Boys! Mike Love was talking to me…
wonderful review except they played 54 songs & it's Bruce Johnston not Brian,I'm going to see them at the Albert hall on Sun
Bruce Johnston and Mike Love attend The Friars Club Roast Honors Jack Black at New York Hilton and Towers on April 5, 2013 in New York City.
Musician Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys performs at O2 Apollo Manchester on May 27, 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom
We're looking forward to welcoming attendees to our Post-Election Breakfast with this morning:
Whatever. More days I can devote to making the follow-up to this thing:
Thank you for sharing, Dr. Martina P Callum. Amazing fellow...Bruce Lee would be proud.
like that one next to the Rydges, thats classy
Now when I look out through your eyes .I'm young again, even though I'm very old." how perfect is that line. good on you bruce johnston. A+
So we met Bruce Johnston of and apparently, he loves ice cream.
so many memories... Rushie's double - johnston's goal -. Brucie's save-. Bruce and Beglin-. Should have won league cup too!
What will the outcome of the election mean for businesses? Find out at our event with nxt wk:
Absolute pleasure to talk to Bruce Johnston from today! I'll see you guys in Brighton in June! 👍🏻
Photoset: gameraboy: Bruce Nicholson testing out the Boba Fett armor with Joe Johnston helping him dress in...
My sonnet recitations went better than expected. Dr. Johnston always knows how to have a good time.
We have a beautiful blooming orchid at the Bruce Johnston Branch. The basket of plants was donated to the library...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tomorrow afternoon our very own interviews Bruce Johnston ahead of a new tour coming to the June 3
Interviewing Bruce Johnston tomorrow afternoon as the embark on a new tour coming to the Brighton Centre on June 3rd
"He was my best friend, my buddy, my partner." Trainer Bruce Headley reflects on death of horseman Buddy Johnston.
The Cavan Monaghan Libraries will be holding their annual Easter Party at the Bruce Johnston Branch on April 28th...
I met tonight. Mike Love is Love-ly. And Bruce Johnston threatened to light my hair on fire.
RTbroken down truck causing delays just before Johnston Rd heading Nth
broken down truck causing delays Bruce Highway just before Johnston Rd heading Nth
Just got career advice from Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys. What is my life right now?
find1306 each day till Bruce is king on 25th March It's in the photograph with Lee van Wakelin, Willie Johnston...
Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys was in a band known as Sagittarius? Very Beach Boys influenced. Hear:
No big deal. Just hanging out on The Beach Boys tour bus with Bruce Johnston.
listening to Mike Love, Bruce Johnston & David Marks of the Beach Boys Salute NASCAR at Blandford Plaza
.i met Bruce Johnston one time, he mistook me for someone else & started chatting me up about our supposed mutual friends...
Apparently it's Broch 3-0 Vale with goals from Johnston, Bruce and Davidson.
Met Mike Love and Bruce Johnston today. Now just need to meet Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Ringo, and Tom Hanks. I can dream, can't I?
Bruce Johnston & Bryan Branly at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 20
The Beach Boys, featuring Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, visit Joker Marchant Stadium for the first time when they...
Bruce Johnston & The Beach Boys at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 4
.: did not even write "I Write the Songs," Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys penned it.
Bruce Johnston at The Beach Boys Perform on the "Today" Show - August 12, 2005
The Beach Boys & Bruce Johnston at John Stamos and Bombay Sapphire Celebrate the Cast of "ER"
The Beach Boys & Bruce Johnston at Beach Boys in Concert at Chastain Park - July 26, 2006
I'd have guessed Paul Anka wrote that but on checking it's Bruce Johnston. Don't think any of them went to the moon.
Privatization in and of Higher Education in the US by D. Bruce Johnstone
One of our top uncommitted skaters in Ontario, Ian Johnston, has committed to Lake Superior State.
The original Beach Boys the one and only Bruce Johnston. Its a honor to meet a legend in music like…
Did you know that Barry Manilow did not actually write "I Write The Songs"? Bruce Johnston wrote it.
Michael Feeney Callan talks with The Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston during filming of the band's 30th anniversary...
Glen Campbell on lead vocal + Beach Boy Bruce Johnston on backing vocals.
Our new faculty member Bruce Johnston of is an expert in class actions & consumer protection
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