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Bruce Jenner

William Bruce Jenner (born October 28, 1949) is a former U.S. track and field athlete, motivational speaker, socialite, television personality and businessman.

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Lamar Odom. Khloe Kardashian killed this guy, like all Kardashian does with their man. Just look at Kanye West, Bruce Jenner, Scott Disick
So my dad decided to be Bruce Jenner for half the night and Caitlyn Jenner for the other half for Halloween
is Kathy griffin a man ?? Or just ugly as *** ? I'm thinking her and Bruce Jenner should hook up !!!
First we lose Bruce Jenner, now we lost Ving Rhames smh
I just got a mental image of Bruce Jenner dunking on Chelsea Manning. It'll be a TV sho…
My fashion inspo is Bruce Jenner in the 1976 olympics in Montreal. Can't wait to visit the Montreal stadium to pay homage to my icon.
I think Bruce Boxleitner got alot of jobs because Bruce Jenner could not act
felt 'betrayed' by Bruce Jenner's transition into Caitlyn Jenner
You mean like Bruce Jenner is a he, Chastity Bono is a she & Bradley Manning is a…
You know you're in Amador County when the rodeo announcer makes a Bruce Jenner joke & people don't cringe.
Bruce Jenner and his entire family are a bunch of circus clown freak!They must learn they are not the…
“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.” - Bruce Jenner
Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Worlds greatest athlete on a Wheaties box to on cover of People magazine.
One need look no farther then Bruce Jenner to know evolution is a lie!
No to Bruce Jenner he might want to transform America into Europe
For some reason I thought you said Bruce Jenner. I was like wait ***
Really hope that OJ Simpson gets released from jail so that he can catch up with his old mate Bruce Jenner.
Out of curiosity, when you make appearances and to be interviewed why is it you address the host m…
Bruce Jenner is an abomination to mankind.
The only thing in my head when I see this gremlin: death match with bruce jenner. ⚔️
Yet Bruce Jenner gets away with murder, cuts his *** off, creates one of the worst spectacles regarding trans life…
Unless I hey have had reassignment surgery they are just transvestites like Bruce Jenner!
Bruce Jenner was a man last time Rooney scored an away goal
I hope we can garner better support than BRUCE Jenner.
Was very sceptical about Bruce jenner's transformation as I adored him.. However you look awesome absolu…
This is almost as confusing as Bruce Jenner being woman of the year.
I think Bruce Jenner epitomizes the decadence of our nation, and its doom.
I didn't t know Bruce Jenner knew OJ
I'm fascinated with the transformation of Bruce Jenner. Wonder what her new name will be...Jennifer Bruce?
Are your more Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner and the quiz says you are a French Fry.
You are sick Bruce, I really hope that you will wake up and get yourself some help.
No Bruce Jenner last saw O.J. at Nicole Brown's funeral in 1994
You think Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner ever looks in the mirror when he wakes up and wants to be a man again? Lol
I search bruce jenner so much on my phone that I just got a notification for a news update. 🐸
As Bruce or Cait, that's a vile, immoral, murderous human being. She and OJ should date.
Welp, seems that Bruce Jenner is already driving like a woman.
Bruce Jenner is Katlyin Jenner...and its a MAN
U think u look like a woman, but u will always be a man with those big hands and manly legs, u will always be Bruce.
Pretty much how I see these Bruce Jenner LOSERS who think they're women. INSANE!
People don't support *** but support Bruce Jenner for changing himself to a girl and being open about it?🤔🤔
Bruce Jenner really turned himself into a female his last decades of life.. I'll never really grasp that
Bruce jenner was woman of the year.idc about titles anymore..its confusingl
Nope, put me on the list. Could care less. I don't know who this Kim Kardashian is! Unfortunately I do know who Bruce Jenner was.
Bruce Jenner looks like Jim Carrey playing Bruce Jenner in an In Living Color sketch
people always say jasmine looks like kourtney kardashian , but I always thought she looked like Bruce Jenner
Definitely not perfect, but I do like think I look more like a 22 year old than freakin Bruce Jenner 😂
>Bruce Jenner is considering running for the Senate in California. He'd win. No question
Took guts for Bruce Jenner to do the change over and it takes guts for the Caitlyn version to stand up fo…
R kelly on the most bs of any rich person ever besides Bruce Jenner 😂😂😂
Bruce Jenner needs mental help,he's not a woman and never will be!
Here's what happens when this 102-year-old lady sees herself dance on film for the first time about Bruce Jenner
4 things more trusted than Breast milk from Bruce Jenner. Unprotected sex with Maddona. Drinks with Cosby. Texts from Anthony Weiner
Hey Bruce, Butch here. We chatted briefly on fb just before u went trans. How's it goin! Still prayin for ya!
I regret ever thinking Bruce Jenner was the sound one of the Kardashian clan.
If yall are going to let Bruce Jenner and Sarah HS be a woman, yall better let this man be Italian. It's 2017.
Bruce Jenner an ugly *** woman and he was gettin gassed at first
If I write in Bruce Jenner does the vote still count?
Thought of a slogan for Caitlyn Jenner's senatorial run: "vote for Bruce, get a Caitlyn.
I'm not the biggest fan of Caitlyn Jenner, but if you still refer to her as "he/him" and "Bruce" that's super disrespectful.
When people talk about gender reveal parties...I immediately think it's going to be like Bruce Jenner or Chaz Bono throwing open the closet.
So Bruce Jenner is a hero, but Sammy Sosa should be ashamed for not loving the way he was born?
Why are we pretending Bruce Jenner wasnt dumb AF all along? He was an *** his entire life. Caitlin just gra…
My Bruce Jenner post has blown up and I didn't think it was that funny lol
What's the US is coming to, trump is president, Bruce Jenner and Kid Rock are thinking about running for congress. I'm moving to Brazil
Charlie is a guys name. Were you once like Bruce Jenner? Anybody named Ramb…
Lloydy n Relf fancy Bruce Jenner pass it on
Wow, Matthew Perry looks a lot like Bruce Jenner.
Howard Cosell just dunked Bruce Jenner in the dunk tank in one throw. It was the most 1977 thing that has ever been filmed.
Venus has the green light and shes blamed for the accident Bruce Jenner kills two in an accident and hes the w…
We need Celebrity Deathmatch to come back. Bruce Jenner vs. Caitlyn Jenner
I think we should start a movement to have Bruce Jenner forfeit all metals that he supposedly one as a man or his inner girly
Bill Cosby's on trial, Bruce Jenner is a woman & Donald Trump's president. The 80s didn't turn out at all like we expected
This is Caitlyn Jenner. If you're looking for Bruce Jenner, his...number...has been cut off.
I made a deal with Bruce Jenner in '76 and now I only find his sister Anyone, help?
Espn DIED the day they gave Bruce Jenner an award for Courage over Stuart Scott.
Trey Wingo looks a little bit like Bruce Jenner to me
Non stop Kapernick, Bruce Jenner and micheal Sam coverage for a start
Bruce Jenner has lost his mind,it's sad..i wish him the best but it's sad to see how…
Gawd..spare us...some people will do anything for a buck and 10mins of fame...I miss Bruce Jenner th…
If u think Rachel Dolezal is crazy for saying she was born black, but think Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning etc are women, u are the crazy one
Bruce Jenner likes to dress up like a girl and call himself Caitlin. His…
It's what happens when your dad was Bruce Jenner now he is a Ken Doll.
I'm not sure who is who in the Cardassian-Jenner family. I guess Kylie and Kendall came out of Bruce Jenner's ***
I once rode in a limo w/Bruce Jenner. I got squeezed by Don King. I met Jerry Falwell. I was in a bar with Robert Hays but didn't approach.
I would pay good money to see a cage match featuring Michael Obama and Bruce Jenner. Odds-on Obama.
it's like Bruce Jenner is schooling the president dressed up as a girl. And those hands
Larry Wilcox decided not to return for the 6th and final season of CHiPs. In his absence, Bruce Jenner reprised his role as Steve McLeash.
Steve don't you know Chip is like Bruce Jenner, Olympian. Show respect 😂😂😂😂
First we pretended that Bruce Jenner was really a woman and now we're supposed to pretend that these people are...
Ok to call men like Bruce Jenner & Bradley Manning women, but you freak at Mrs.? Libs are silly.
Bruce Jenner was a great American Olympian & lifetime Republican. That hasn't changed.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Looks like Bruce Jenner, Mike Strahan & Letterman spit some juice in the same bucket and this spawned... 😯 thanks Neil
I hate Bruce Jenner. *** won the Arthur Ashe Courage award for turning into a woman. Not surprised sane people who voted for Donald Trump
Things I trust more than Obama. 1. Breast milk from Bruce Jenner. 2. Unprotected sex with Miley Cyrus. 3. A prostate e…
Bruce Jenner sounds like the fake Tiger Woods
"Bill Cosby is a Rapist and Bruce Jenner is a Chick...we're in an episode of LOST." - "Triggered" -
Lamar Odom, Scott Dissick, Kanye West, Bruce Jenner all isi nkopu cases . They have something in common
Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner - Filming at Little Next Door in West Hollywood - October 2015
Cubs/Indians WS. Trump running for office. Bill Cosby is a rapist. Bruce Jenner a woman. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to The Twilight Zone
For Halloween, Caitlyn Jenner will probs be Bruce Jenner lmao
Bruce Drennan come on. My mom says "Bruce Jenner is a cross dresser who is this guy?"
Glenn hoddle - the UK Version of Bruce Jenner. Give it a few years and he'll be wearing skirts and high heels.
Bruce Jenner low key opened the door for Wendy Williams
Bruce Jenner got an award that should have gone to a dead cancer youth
Does this mean that Bruce Jenner is the first woman to ever win the men's Olympic gold in the decathlon?
in 1976: Bruce Jenner sets the WR in the Olympic decathlon with 8,618 points. (AP)
My all time favorites: Olga Korbut, Bruce Jenner, 80s US hockey team, Eric Heiden, Sugar Ray Leonard.
Bruce Jenner made me fall off my chair! :D
. What's next, a remake of Dr. Zhivago with Bruce Jenner in Julie Christie's role? 😒
If Venus and Serena Williams can claim to be women then, by God, Bruce Jenner can too! *okbye
It is an absolute disgrace, that Bruce Jenner received the same award as Zaevion Dobson.
Billy Moore has a bit of Bruce Jenner going on there!
Kendall went to the movies with Bruce Jenner to the screening of One Direction's new film This is Us this week.
We now go live to our interview with Bruce Jenner and Chastity Bono
a soft spoken woman named Fiona had me laughing out loud in my cube. Guy goes in cause of a bum knee and he's now Bruce Jenner.
Kylie Jenner and Bruce Jenner at a Beach in Malibu - March 2015
What?... Aren't Bruce Jenner and Michael Sam the "social-justice" pairing that you're looking for?
yeah cus the first black president was so good for usa right? next Bruce Jenner then the first monkey ! surely God bless usa lolol
In addition to Ali, Reggie, and Kareem, you had Nicklaus, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Billy Jean King, Pete Rose, and Bruce Jenner. (cont)
Bruce Jenner was still a man the last time Falcao scored a goal.
Bruce Jenner was never bright, but Jenner's Ultra-conservative views prove she is moron
Nigerians hate Bruce Jenner's transvestite reality show so much that they got it banned across Africa.
Omg Cornelius Fudge is a combination of Donald Trump and Bruce Jenner...
Bruce Jenner is hotter but Fields has better ***
still waiting for someone to file suit to force the girl scouts to let Bruce Jenner in to sell thin mints.
Tough luck. Bruce Jenner is still a BRUCE! Ken Skeen
Come out of the SHADOWS- Take your Masks off. Bruce Jenner a man-is an example- she is alreadyCaylin- a woman-
All Oldheads really feel some type way about Bruce Jenner being a joint
I think Bruce Jenner got them thinking they has some sort of special rights! It's a mental disorder we are he…
well he's already made a stand stance on the issue Bruce Jenner can use whatever bathroom he wants at TTs
Months ago I told you Bruce Jenner hoaxed "transition" to avoid going to prison for killing a mom. (Funny how *that* story w…
Every transgender female I've met is literally just some poorly put together white Bruce Jenner knock off with a forced feminine voice.
If Bruce Jenner is he's a strange one. God doesn't make mistakes assigning sex. Pick & Choose Christian.
I'm not wishing it on them but when Bruce & Caitlyn Jenner die, are they gonna remember them both? Bc Caitlyn Eulogy gonna be short as ***
that makes him more of a women than Bruce Jenner
Bruce may have changed to Caitlyn Jenner, Michael Jackson went from a black man to a white woman! Not even a Kardashian/Jenner can top THAT!
well Bruce Jenner is supposedly a woman so I guess anything is posdible
Bruce Jenner wants to "de-transition"? Is there a more messed up mind in this world than this old man?
Next time someone calls Bruce Jenner a Hero. Remember this picture.
*** ppl consider Laverne Cox & Amiyah Scott more masculine than Bruce Jenner that makes no sense
. That's a whole other discussion :) when Bruce Jenner feels a woman, she is. Idc. There are more
its disgusting but it has nothing to do with ones worth. Meanwhile ppl are saying Bruce Jenner is a woman
I don't understand why the left would be so hot and bothered if Caitlyn Jenner went back to being Bruce. Isn't gender a soc…
When Caitlyn Trans"Jenner" is thinking about going back to Bruce.
Bruce Jenner is not a hero he is a Transgender Traitor: via
How was Bruce Jenner chopping off his *** more courageous than this again?
Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna are Pregnant, Kylie Jenner and Tyga split, now Bruce Jenner wants to be a man again? All i…
Bruce Jenner has Helped spread the acceptance of this filth. A terrible person. Warped mind.
He looks like Bruce Jenner before he transitioned
. Look, Bruce Jenner, now he wants to be a man again . LAW IS REALITY. YOU CAN BUILD LAW AROUND PERSONAL FANTASY
. Painfully obvious that Bruce Jenner needs professional psychiatric help.
my last words were "Is that Bruce Jenner behind the wheel?"
Bruce Jenner is the worst thing to happen to the trans community.
Many people are saying Bruce Jenner is brave and courageous but you don't see too many people sharing Ltc Colonel Gadson picture!!! (cont)
Bruce Jenner is a genius. He knew the only way to get away with killing people in a car accident was temporarily going…
This Bruce Jenner when nobody tells him happy Mother's Day
So, Caitlyn Jenner wants to go back to being Bruce. I've been predicting this ever since she wouldn't go "full monty" un…
good question. I think it has something to do with having a mental illness. Even Bruce Jenner reconsidering his choice, now.
I have a friend who pulled a Bruce Jenner--destroyed his health, career, family, life. Bathroom choice was the least of his problems.
I got a Bruce Jenner auto card is it worth more since he's not BJ no more?
Even Bruce Jenner isn't happy with how he has turned out. Lo and behold he still likes girls. What a pitiful excuse for a man he is
Even Bruce Jenner is having second thoughts. This indicates choice, not accident of nature argument.
Linda, with all your talk about study, study someone w/ experience and
I think "Caitlyn" is a psychological product of Bruce running over and killing a woman.
Bruce Jenner reps respond to rumors that he may de-transition back to being a man after…
would you let tHat fagget Bruce Caitlyn Jenner near your DaugHter for ten million dollars
So many salty Madrid fans on tl. Love it. That's what happen when your last league trophy was before Bruce Jenner sex change
Quit watching Kelly right about the time she proclaimed Bruce/ "Cailtin" Jenner courageous for changing his sex. Too much!
So comma Bruce Jenner is really just a cross dresser. A cross-dresser who wants to look like a woman, but does...
Bruce Jenner just pulled off the greatest troll in the history of social media. Legend.
There was a movie made about Bruce Jenner back in the eighties. "Victor Victoria" 😂
Bruce Jenner dont wanna be a girl no more, Brandon being a attacked by a *** dude, and Obama leaving office. Such a sad year man!!
Y'all remember how Bruce Jenner won that Courage award
Paul Walker's daughter has shared a touching childhood photo in tribute to her patient walking for the first time about Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner being on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated makes me throw up a little in my mouth. And yes, I said Bruce.
So Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner is gonna do a nude shoot. eww
1976- Bruce Jenner from Graceland won a gold in the decathlon. Earle Bruce/ISU lost to OSU in the last game for the Orange Bowl bid
Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner and killed someone since Frank Ocean last put out an album
So Paul Mccartney & Bruce Jenner are basically the same guy right? They got a real Michael Madson/Tom Sizemore doppelgänger vibe going on
Remini,is that the mantra that Bruce Jenner recited in his head before he became Caityln?
you gave Bruce Jenner a MALE women of the year award? Pull his Dna look down his pants he is a man your staff is CRAZY!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Thank you for holding your ground on the Bruce Jenner woman of the year issue! I agree with you 100%
your thoughts on Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year award is the most idiotic thing I ever heard. Its actually sickening.
Bruce Jenner.. At least we know what's on ur mind
This dude started up his car outside and it sounded like, what I would imagine, Bruce Jenner screaming.👀 Not a pleasant sound at all...😂
Pat Boone just echoed Trump, Bruce Jenner should use the women's bathroom. Responsible adults will make the appropriate decision.
Harriet Tubman on the 20's, women's sufferage movement activist on the 10's, MLK on the 1's and Bruce Jenner on the 3's
I fired ESPN when they disgraced Arthur Ashe and gave Bruce Jenner the Courage award.
Taylor swift is more stunning and beautiful than Bruce Jenner tbh
"You were the one who went on national television and said to the president Bruce Jenner is your hero...even if he is ugly."
Being 'Trans' is just starting to make waves out there with big names like Bruce Jenner.
Watching the Bruce Jenner interview about being Caitlyn 👑💗✨
Bruce Jenner, courageous or just sick?
more k's my house than Bruce Jenner😛
.coming out was seismic, but her new MAC lipstick is basic.
Why is Caitlyn Jenner self evidently a woman and yet Rachel Dolezal is self evidently white?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Still waiting for Bruce Jenner to put his tracky back on an say he was only messing
The moment you realise that Bruce Jenner is now your stepmum.
The real proof of the need for is that Caitlyn Jenner's pay dropped 22 percent upon Bruce declaring himself a…
Is no one else questioning the extreme athletic abilities Kendall and Kylie may or may not have as the offspring of Bruce…
I hope Bruce Jenner understands that he has to over analyze text messages now
"Wheaties Can Wait: Caitlyn Jenner Models for MAC and H&M" by SHEILA MARIKAR via NYT
Ba re the concept of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlin is the same as that of Michael Jackson becoming white
Bruce Jenner may dress like a woman but he admits he's still really a man.
olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner suddenly disappears and out of nowhere appears his female doppelgänger who sounds like Owen Wilson
Hellen Zille looking more and more like Bruce Jenner erday
This is Bruce Jenner on South Park.I'm logging off 😭
Caitlyn Jenner is actually Bruce Jenner, a man, and we should refer to him as he :^)
..Can Not get use to Bruce Jenner as a woman after watching him co-exist with the Kardashian clan.
Before developing gender confusion, Bruce Jenner got plastic surgery to look like Fire Marshall Bill
Watching Jennifer Holliday The tea AND the shade... A photo of Michael Bennett sitting next to none other than Bruce Jenner. 🐸☕️
Ashley Graham looks way too much like Bruce Jenner for me to be checkin her out
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