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Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson CBE, (born 22 February 1928), commonly known as Bruce Forsyth, or Brucie, is an English TV personality.

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Another example of Danny Dyer's method acting mastery, he's channelling his inner Bruce Forsyth.
"Do you think Bruce Forsyth is older than us in this film?" . "Do you mean Bruce Willis? This is Die Hard.".
Paraguay beat Uruguay 7-2 in Beach Soccer, win dedicated to the late Bruce Forsyth.
In the words of Sir Bruce Forsyth 'Curtis you're my favourite' 😉
It's frightening, the way life speeds up. When you're at school, time can't go fast enough. Bruce Forsyth
Can't get enough of this show. The Bruce Forsyth episode is the pinnacle.
Emily reckons Lionel Richie looks like the black Bruce Forsyth
'Didn't he do well?' R.I.P to the legend that is Sir Bruce Forsyth, you'll be sadly missed.
Had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Forsyth at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
you remind me of Bruce Forsyth and that's a BIG compliment.
He must have a tape of Tony Hall pissing over some prostitutes... or worse - tripping…
Pure magic from Sir Bruce Forsyth. Heaven's got itself one *** of a brilliant entertainer. We'll miss ya, Brucey. xxx…
Sir Norman Wisdom and Sir Bruce Forsyth live from the London Palladium. . We'll miss ya, Brucie!. xxx https:…
Let's sack Klopp and bring back Rafa :-) tell you what let's bring back Obama and maybe even Bruce Forsyth 😊
Just received my signed copy of this great book about the legend Sir Bruce Forsyth written by my…
In the words of Sir Bruce Forsyth, Peter said 'your my favourites' well that's what we heard 😊
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Not heard him. Mark Radcliffe gets on my nerves occasionally when he sounds like Jo…
Bruce Forsyth probably feels more alive than me
Very sad weekend of farewells. Sir Bruce Forsyth and Jerry Lewis left us with a treasure trove of moments from a lifetime…
All these personalities I grew up watching have all passed recently. In the last 5 weeks Sir Bruce Forsy…
Bruce Forsyth, will never be beaten!
Nothing like getting drunk and crying at a Bruce Forsyth tribute
Do you remember that Bruce Forsyth death scene in Goldeneye in the N64? Weird that I forgot it.
Today I got told in person I look like a young Bruce Forsyth! 😂 Felt quite honoured. 😀
You'd forget how much the Memory Man Jimmy Magee did but, he was everywhere. The Bruce Forsyth of Irish sports TV. . https…
I'm ready to talk about Bruce Forsyth now
Heard about the sad news of Sir Bruce Forsyth he will be sadly missed😔
I can't believe Bruce Forsyth has passed, I imagine St Peter will be waiting by the gates thinking it's nice to see him,…
If you stay in to watch dancing, I'm dropping Bruce Forsyth with a sick piledriver.
Bruce Forsyth and his magnificent chin
Come Dancing 2017 pros get ‘emotional’ as they rehearse Bruce Forsyth tribute ahead of launch…
Bruce Forsyth laid to rest in 'sad but beautiful' funeral
Strictly Come Dancing 2017 stars say they want to make Bruce Forsyth ‘proud’ in touching tribute……
All that fuss over the keepers, could have played the ghost of Bruce Forsyth there, sound the reds yano.
Sir Bruce Forsyth’s widow Wilnelia reveals the entertainment legend's final moments before he passed away…
Maybe because Bruce Forsyth is in it
The London Palladium - home to many of the greats including dear departed Bruce Forsyth x
Unisex Black Bruce Forsyth Tshirt - It can still be a big night if you play... via
This little fact about Bruce Forsyth from Issue 709 is one of the items we've fielded the most responses to in the history of…
Wouldn't it be wonderful for a Bronze of Sir Bruce Forsyth to be made and placed outside the London Palladium .…
Probably about right. Though we still need more dynamism going forward. We're about as dynamic at the moment as Bru…
So apparently Bruce Forsyth died from a seizure .. nice to seizure, to seizure nice
Here's a beautiful tribute to Sir Bruce Forsyth. Who will be sadly missed.
A wonderful and fitting tribute to Sir Bruce Forsyth at Anfield today.
Fair play to Floyd Mayweather for dedicating his win to Bruce Forsyth.
TV legend's widow breaks silence on his death
Since Sir Bruce Forsyth died been watching this over & over. My favourite memory. He won't be forgot RIP 💖.
Justice! Bruce Forsyth has warned that there are too many earwigs at an alien.
Sir Bruce Forsyth's widow speaks of 'very big hole' and says he died 'in peace'
Cudicini doing his best Bruce Forsyth impression
Bruce Forsyth left us quietly and in peace – just how he wanted, says TV legend's…
reveals how Bruce Forsyth will be honoured
REVEALED: The super kinky sex life of Sir Bruce Forsyth and his Miss World wife
I agree with over his Bruce Forsyth article, but also giving OTT coverage of
If you're planning to watch Bake Off on C4 you are a traitor to the BBC and I hope you get haunted by Bruce Forsyth
They have just done an autopsy on Bruce Forsyth, he died of a seizure, nice to seizure to seizure nice😂
I know people have been paying tribute to Bruce Forsyth this week, but what kind of *** would knock up a commemorativ…
Whilst it unfortunate and sad that anyone dies, Bruce Forsyth did not ever make a mark like Fleming, Salk or Hunter. He was a Song & Dancer.
Sir Bruce Forsyth's wife Wilnelia shares heartbreaking details about his death at the age of 89.…
Completely 4got Bruce Forsyth was in Bedknobs & Broomsticks! Awww RIP Bruce aka Swinburne!
Cliff and Bruce Forsyth on his tv show Bruce's Guest Night
Mister Bruce Forsyth’s widow Lady Wilnelia informs of ‘very big hole’ left in her own existence after his dying –…
Bruce Forsyth's widow tells of 'very big hole' after entertainer's death as she reveals he…
Kasabian pay tribute to Bruce Forsyth at Reading Festival: ‘I’ll see you on the other side’
Sad news on the death of "Sir Bruce Forsyth", only saw Bruce on stage once back in September 1988 , Brilliant and extremel…
Here’s how Strictly Come Dancing 2017 will honour Sir Bruce Forsyth.
Ghost of Bruce Forsyth spotted on old Corrie set! Only in tomorrow
Bruce Forsyth died with family at his side, says widow
Always loved watching Bruce Forsyth on the telly,a man that knew exactly how to bring a smile to an entire nation
In pictures: Bruce Forsyth fans copy his pose in unusual locations
Bruce Forsyth's widow, Wilnelia, opens up about his death: 'we were all by his side'
Strictly Come Dancing will pay tribute to Bruce Forsyth at launch show via
Bruce Forsyth was one of the last links with the great days of music hall. Treasure Ken Dodd while you can.
I wonder how Bruce Forsyth and Yoda would have greeted each other?
Bruce Forsyth, veteran British TV host and entertainer, dies at 89. Forsyth hosted 'Strictly Come Dancing,' the sh…
Brian Conley has paid tribute to former Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth following his sad death, aged 89.
You got Barry Cryer & Jimmy Tarbuck's names mixed up on the Bruce Forsyth news
Marvellous tribute to Bruce Forsyth by Jimmy Tarbuck on very moving
Bruce Forsyth - according to Jimmy Tarbuck - was the only man who could wind up Sean Connery on the golf course!…
. should've got a "person of a certain age" to match Barry Cryer & Jimmy Tarbuck's faces to their names in Bruce Forsyth story.
Only one alive out of the British legends... Bruce Forsyth, David Attenborough and Cilla Black.
I once saw Bruce Forsyth , kenny Lynch and Jimmy Tarbuck together in one night . It was an awesome night
So I find out day that Bruce Forsyth has died, but also that Michael Parkinson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Des O'Connor are still alive!
Jimmy Tarbuck paying tribute to Bruce Forsyth: "He could do a bit of everything, wasn't really a gag man**...". **Just like you then, Jim.
Bruce Forsyth in action with the Jimmy Tarbuck Showbiz XI during a summer season in Blackpool in 1965
Just seen a tribute to Bruce Forsyth from Jimmy Tarbuck. I'm shocked and really quite pleased... I thought Tarbuck was dead!
Roger Moore, Adam West, Bruce Forsyth. We promise not to mention anyone famous as we commentate on Batman & Robin. DYEUTT Team...ASSEMBLE!!!
So sad to hear the passing of Bruce Forsyth, a true legend! Always nice to see you on our tv's 💔
Brian Conley pays tribute to Strictly host Bruce Forsyth
Brucie was always The Strictly Come Dancing 💃🏻man that occupied my Saturday. RIP Bruce Forsyth.
I have this terrific LP of you and Bruce Forsyth in my collection. Lots of great Tony Newley/Leslie…
Roger Moore, Adam West, Bruce Forsyth, all were close to reaching 90
RAMSEY SCORED! Someone make sure Bruce Forsyth is ok!
RIP the quite brilliant entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth. Loved by all. Sleep peacefully sir x
This is sad. Bruce Forsyth was the consummate entertainer. He'll be missed.
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth. What a guy he was.
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth who entertained generations... we'll miss you Brucie
Rest In Piece Sure Bruce Forsyth, singing and dancing on stage and screens for 75 years
I expect like me you loved Brucie compering Beat The Clock in the early 1960s. A sad loss, Sir Bruce Forsyth.
Can't tell you how sad I am to hear Sir Bruce Forsyth has died this afternoon . A wonderful man and an absolute legend…
Another Legend taken from us - I met Bruce Forsyth a few times. A true gent and true professional. RIP Bruce 💙
Share your tributes and memories of Bruce Forsyth
"He loved the crowd and they loved him" - tributes flood in for Sir Bruce Forsyth .
Entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth has died. The former Generation Game and Strictly Come Dancing host was 89. Latest:
no its Bruce Forsyths imitation of Jimmy Hill . or is it Jimmy Hills imitation…
Favourite thing about Bruce Forsyth is that he's a baddy in Bedknobs and Broomsticks...
It was nice to see him, to see him nice. He was the absolute master of light entertainment. . RIP Bruce Forsyth.
I'm up snapchatting nudes to your babes in the Bruce Forsyth pose
Woke up this morning with a desperate need to see if Bruce Forsyth was still alive.
Bruce Forsyth, 89, passes on having never seen Dundee win the Scottish Cup.
We've lost one of the absolute greats in entertainment. RIP Bruce Forsyth. Sending your family love and light. Xxxx…
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth! Grew up watching him on TV mainly on Strictly! A massive part of my Saturday evenings from S…
Rest in peace Sir Bruce Forsyth. . I cannot believe this. Thoughts with friends and family. .
Obituary: Sir Bruce Forsyth, from struggling variety performer to king of Saturday night TV. https…
I'm really really sad to hear about the passing of Sir Bruce Forsyth. Really sad. 💔
Rest in peace Bruce Forsyth. Generation game and Bruce was a national treasure. Legend. ✌️👊🏻
“I don’t want to grow old peacefully. I want to put up a bit of a fight” – Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89
Really sad about Sir Bruce Forsyth passing away. A tv legend, a fab entertainer, great personality. Will be missed.
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth. So sad to hear the news - one of Britain's greatest entertainers. Sending my thoughts to his friend…
"Nice to see you to see you nice." Here's a look back at how Sir Bruce Forsyth kept audiences entertained for 75 years https:/…
DailyMailCeleb: Former Miss World Wilnelia Forsyth says she has found it difficult to think about a future without…
I feel genuinely sad that Bruce Forsyth has died 😔💔
Tributes pour in for Bruce Forsyth after beloved entertainer dies age 89
Radio presenter Tony Blackburn calls Sir Bruce Forsyth "a legend" and an "all round talent"
Saddened to hear that Sir Bruce Forsyth has passed away. One of television's great entertainers. Didn't he do well.
Sad news about Sir Bruce Forsyth what legend of entertainment. He was a friend. The whole country will miss him RIP
Very sad to hear of Sir Bruce Forsyth's death. It is a huge loss to the world he was one-of-a-kind
East Anglia remembers a true icon. RIP Brucie. Read more via at
Sir Bruce Forsyth: a life in pictures
Let's all raise a toast to Sir Bruce Forsyth and say a big thank you for all the smiles you brought to the world. Rest in…
Rip to the legend Sir Bruce Forsyth, such an entertaining man who provided much joy to many lives for so many years ❤
Tony Hall's statement on the death of Sir Bruce Forsyth:
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth. You'll be missed by many.
R.i.P Sir Bruce Forsyth 89 years old, Gone but never going to forget you.
Sad to hear of Sir Bruce Forsyth's death. A tireless charity campaigner, Sir Bruce was Mr Saturday Night and it was alway…
We're so sad to hear that TV legend Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89 - our thoughts go out to his family and friends at… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sir Bruce Forsyth was 'King of TV', says Strictly host Claudia Winkleman
Sir Bruce Forsyth, veteran entertainer and star of British TV, dies aged 89.
With the death of Sir Bruce Forsyth the first question that pops into my head is 'did he have a valyrian steel sword?' Too much GOT maybe
Legendary TV presenter Bruce Forsyth has died at the age of 89.
We're deeply saddened to learn of the death of much-loved performer and presenter Bruce Forsyth
In memory of Sir Bruce Forsyth, here's a throwback video to when Ant and Dec performed with him at the National Televisio…
Death has finally come for Bruce Forsyth. None of us are safe anymore. Except Keith Richards, we should leave him a nice earth though.
How weird to see Bruce Forsyth and Michael Barrymore trending on the same day.A dichotomy of celebrity if ever there was one
Sad times! News of Bruce Forsyth passing away and pictures of the funeral of little Pearl Black here in Merthyr Tydfil.
Bruce Forsyth's death is one of the harbingers of the apocalypse. If Keith Richards goes we're all dead
Bruce Forsyth, Scarlett Moffatt and Steve Wright at the annual sex toy convention - Amsterdam 2004.
It wasn't realIy a serious suggestion - I was going for the Bruce Forsyth joke! Yes NT or…
People are making bad Bruce Forsyth jokes in response to Ronnie Corbett's death via
I wish I was!! I'm old enough to remember both times Bruce Forsyth did it & Larry Grayson oh & Jim Davidson
With old TV heroes like Cosby, Saville and Harris committing awful crimes, it makes you wonder...does Bruce Forsyth have something to hide?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Great clip! And the Miss World he followed in the carnival, would later become Mrs Bruce Forsyth, believe!!
Anton's Bruce Forsyth impression is the pretty good
Prediction for July's big meme: Bruce Forsyth's head photoshopped onto pics of babies sitting on swings captioned with Limp Bizkit lyrics
The full classic UK answer to Card Sharks, with Bruce "It's Nice to See You" Forsyth!.
"Your chance to marry an inappropriately young woman from the Philippines like Bruce Forsyth and Andrew Neil did!!"
Nice to see a very young Bruce Forsyth in the background.
Ffs how many times do I have to tell you !!! It was Bruce Forsyth on Blankety Blank !!
I know a secret: Bruce Forsyth has said found on his clothes because he did not have bath for eight weeks.
They will never best Bruce Forsyth's "Play Your Iraqi Cards Right" (Kurds was deemed too cruel after… you know… that thing.)
my dads a classic as who else can say their dad looks like Bruce Forsyth 😁❤
This would be a real treat for my dad! It's tiring work looking like Bruce Forsyth 😁🤞
Power is a State of Mind: Has Anyone Seen Senator Angus King and Bruce Forsyth in the Same Room?
Yeah we may as well have employed . Bruce Forsyth
A winner is you: Forsyth has been fined the RSPCA for treating bear like instructions removing a jellyfish's liver.
I had a dream last night that I mistook Bruce Forsyth's toupee for Shredded Wheat & ate it.
domain names
Forsyth must have a big in his cupboard to be overlooked again maybe he has to wait until he reaches
Sorry mate but, great writer and utterly sound man through Frederick undoubtedly, is "Forsyth" is clearly Bruce.
Only if it's with Bruce Forsyth and his dolly dealers.
What wonderful Bruce Forsyth has been identified his genitals to a of a fudge.
"My grandad saw Bruce Forsyth and was like 'oh Bruce Forsyth!' and Bruce just goes *** off'. Then they saw each other in Asda at Yate"
Bruce Forsyth would have to kill you if you did
Brexiteer Bruce Forsyth has been sentenced to travel unknown stars, until he finds kingdom a runaway police canoe!
BREAKING: Heartless Russian hackers steal Bruce Forsyth's 'Nice to see you, to see you nice' catchphrase and demand…
Bruce Forsyth\'s wife Wilnelia Merced in pictures would go with his Bruce Forsyth outfit perfectly 😁🤞
He's not just my Dad, he's also my very own Bruce Forsyth 😂😍🤞
. or Bruce Forsyth. Didn't you do well! X
Doing the five sisters of kintail a few years ago we found the rock with a distinct resemblance to Bruce Forsyth 😁…
I was a bit upset you wouldn't let me do the voiceover for…
Train the athlete - not the injury. Three solid days with (aka Bruce Forsyth) up…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The wealthy fundraiser for Trump, Kelly Knight Craft, would succeed a wealthy fundraiser for Obama, Bruce Heyman.
23 hours of work in 2 days, feeling like Bruce Forsyth man
I'd really enjoy the price is right if Bruce Forsyth didn't go on about his urges and his plunger. Everything is not cool man
Here is the proof of the Bruce Forsyth Hannover 96 Nice to see you-to see you...nice!
Still thank god we've still got you, and Bruce Forsyth of course
Look like is doing his best Bruce Forsyth impression
'It's been a rough year' Sir Bruce Forsyth's daughter gives update on her father's health
Winston Churchill, David Beckham, Bruce Forsyth, The Chuckle Brothers, your boys took one *** of a beating.…
Is Bruce Forsyth ever going to retire?! JokeOnly
Why would I want to play as Usain Bolt on Pro Evo? It's a bit like playing Bruce Forsyth on Guitar Hero, it's just wrong.
Alan Carr is bringing back The Price Is Right via
When did Bruce Forsyth get elected to the US Senate?
What an absolute treat for my dad! 🤞I'm sure he'd ask it "Alexa, name me some Bruce Forsyth catchphrase…
So that's what Bruce Forsyth's been doing since Strictly
It's the face-off between Bruce Forsyth and old Alfred E. Neuman that we've all been waiting for. https:/…
They should of had a race card in Bruce Forsyth's Play your cards right. 😉😁
All we are going to be left with is Bruce Forsyth, Katie Hopkins, Ed Sheeran and Paddy McGuiness. Stop taking the good ones.
Sir Bruce Forsyth in intensive care after severe chest infection
Jinder is like the cake trolly coming in after watching the Yeti and the Giant DP Bruce Forsyth era Hogan.
The election party with Bruce Forsyth. The one in a vest with Pamela Bordes. You're a nasty piece of work Boris Johnson.
Bruce Forsyth says he hopes he stays alive long enough to see Sarah Beeny's estate agent business go *** up
I reckon I could make my *** and balls look like Bruce Forsyth if it was warm enough.
It was when she failed in her Bruce Forsyth impression that the tide began to turn...
I've just watched an episode of Birds of a Feather from 1989 that made a "Bruce Forsyth is extremely old" joke.
Another Harry Kane hat trick: he looks like Bruce Forsyth he scores goals like Alan Shearer.
Bruce Forsyth is 4 months older than sliced bread
Ruth and Bruce Forsyth vet candidates for June 4ths Question Time.
Radio shock jock Bruce been knocked unconscious by a wig for platypuss.
Good tea needs timing. A deep flavour requires 4/5 mins. Use a timer to perfect this. Thanks to Bruce Forsyth for this tip!
why is Ruth trying to impersonate Bruce forsyth
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I liked a video Rainbow Dubbed by John Gage - Bruce Forsyth
In 2017 The Queen and Bruce Forsyth will die, Caley thistle will go down, dortmund will win the champs league and Next will g…
Lots of Bruce Forsyth memories recently. He took over at Palladium from TT
Quick, make a Bruce Forsyth pose. Everyone likes Brucie.
Clear infringement of Bruce Forsyth's intellectual property there.
"and this is my Bruce Forsyth impression"
A more cheerful history of philosophy. 4. Hobbes. (NB. Note resemblance to Bruce Forsyth)
I added a video to a playlist Rainbow Dubbed by John Gage - Bruce Forsyth
Focus on article stolen by Bruce Forsyth!
I wondered what happened to Bruce Forsyth.
Anyone ever seen Bruce Forsyth and Mary Berry in the same room?
Favourite sports player in each sport of all time... Golf : Bruce Forsyth . Tennis : Ilie Nastase. Basketball - The...
Favourite sports players of all time. Golf - Bruce Forsyth. Tennis - Cliff Richard. Basketball - Magic Johnson...
Life is the name of the game and I wanna play the game with you - Bruce Forsyth
'And Prime Minister Bruce Forsyth used to do this.'
Is she doing Eric Morecambe or Bruce Forsyth? It is hard to tell.
After Ruth's Bruce Forsyth impression Theresa follows up with that Alan Partridge finger to the nose thing.
pretty poor attempt at a Bruce Forsyth impersonation!
The last time I laughed all the way through was the edition Sir Bruce Forsyth presented. Absolute class.…
Steps in. Alan sugar david dimbleby bruce forsyth dont need fuel payments. Give them to only thos…
Is that picture his Bruce Forsyth impersonation?
And tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Bruce Forsyth...
The Tory mask has slipped and it's flipping Bruce Forsyth
And "swinging", complete with Bruce Forsyth thumbs up.
I remember when Mike Tyson was in his prime and bottled a fight against Bruce Forsyth.…
There's footage of Jim Moir and Bruce Forsyth in the audience as that happen both with faces that say Celine will NEVER work at the BBC.
Meet Wilnelia Merced, the former Miss World who has been married to Bruce Forsyth for 33 years
Bruce Forsyth, Worzel Gummidge and bottling another game at Anfield. It's
Only really him and Bruce Forsyth left. And Russ Abbot
John Humphreys has got to that Bruce Forsyth moment on strictly. Time to get rid of this duffer
No surprise that Bruce Forsyth is ill. He didn't even attend Ronnie Corbett's funeral last year.
Looking fwd to hosting I'll be channelling Dermot O'Leary, Bruce Forsyth & a touch of Larry Grayson
Honestly Clare, I I've not heard of anyone except Niall. I would have known Lionel Blair or Bruce Forsyth! 😂😂
We used to do this with Bruce Forsyth catchphrases, . Vitus est in nomine ludi. Bono viderii, viderii bono.
At last night's party there was a caricaturist, apparently she thinks I look like this. If so I'm applying for Bruc…
got a weird feeling Bruce Forsyth is gonna die tomorrow:(
Strictly Come Brucie Bruce Forsyth talks revealingly to Paul Morley about his life and career.
FFS wrap Bruce Forsyth and David Attenborough up in cotton wool for while until the celebrity grim reaper goes on holiday...
It's sad when you see most of your friends in the business gone, l...
Same joke Bruce Forsyth made at the London Palladium many moons ago
Bruce Forsyth's the next big one to go.
Aaron Ramsey scored for Arsenal tonight. Will it be the Queen or Bruce Forsyth who dies through the night?
Bruce Forsyth medical team now at Def Con Red!
My celeb death list for the year (don't pick Bruce Forsyth) he ain't deed by noo then he's immortal
Aaron Ramsey just scored. Madonna/gazza/Bruce Forsyth for the love of god stay inside and don't go anywhere
Just watching the first episode of the one where the woman looks like Bruce Forsyth, and I forgot ju…
if Richard and Xander leave I hope Bruce Forsyth and Des O'Connor replace them
Isn't this like Man Utd's 55th consecutive TV game in the FA cup? And it'll never end you know, it'll go on forever just like Bruce Forsyth
I want Bruce Forsyth and the queen 😂
Wonder what the odds would be ona Bruce Forsyth the queen Peggy Mitchell Noel Edmonds & Elton john 2017 celebrity deaths accumulator
That is most kind Thank you. I suspect the truth is that they are all "my favourites" to quote Bruce Forsyth!
what's odds can I get on the queen, Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds to die in 2017?
At the risk of sounding like Bruce Forsyth, Gemma's my favourite!
Bruce Forsyth lookalike seen in Dubai. He was glad to have made it to 2017 & stick up a middle finger 2 all those…
I've been to 3017, it's not all that much! Bruce Forsyth's got a new gameshow though! 😜
any odds on Bruce Forsyth being the first 'major' celebrity death this year?
Throwback to when we had great night with Bruce Forsyth. Amazing British legend 🇬🇧
Not working is bad for you. It is my drug, it gives me a high; most...
I have Autism and Aspergers and I thought you did great winging it! as bruce forsyth would say Your my Favourite! :D
it's back to 1967 for our first of 2017 & it's Bruce Forsyth in Aladdin at the Wimbledon Theatre…
Little Giant Ladders
👷 Morbid website predicts that the Queen, Bruce Forsyth and 48 other ... ♥♥
How did 2016 not take bruce forsyth with it? he looks like a stale ciabatta
I'd prefer hunt or Chaplin more direct and don't look like Bruce Forsyth when he does stepovers
...and/or end up looking like Bruce Forsyth ; )
Eric is starting to sound like Bruce Forsyth with his stuttering
But has unfortunately ended up looking like Bruce Forsyth. And that's no great achievement either.
Bruce Forsyth counting down to 2017, that rictus grin spreading over his face as midnight draws near. Death will never claim him.
📸"Puerto Rico is one of those places you can be as quiet or as crazy as you want, because there's so much nightlife…
Hope Bruce Forsyth plays his cards right this year
Trust in the heart of the cards. I'm going as Bruce Forsyth
Actually, hang on. Terry Wogan, Andrew Sachs, Ronnie Corbett & Carrie Fisher are gone. Bruce Forsyth is still around?!
When is Bruce Forsyth going to peg it? Answers on a postcard!
Turns out Bruce Forsyth made it to 2017. Didn't he do well!
Morbid website makes chilling prediction for the Queen, Bruce Forsyth in 2017
Lord Bruce Forsyth told me of his battle against YouTube.
Bruce Forsyth has never been photographed giving a thumbs-up.
without doubt that's Bruce Forsyth on a dirty drag weekend surely? 😁
I have a strong feeling that the Queen, MJ from the Kardashians, Hugh Hefner and Bruce Forsyth will die this year.
Not even joking someone needs wrap the Queen, David Attenborough and Bruce Forsyth up in cotton wool! Can't lose them too!
dunno but I bet Bruce Forsyth, Jimmy Tarbuck and Ken Dodd are keeping very quiet!
Love how David Attenborough and Bruce Forsyth are trending simply because they're old and alive 😂😂
Hope the likes of David Attenborough, Bruce Forsyth and Murray Walker are being kept safe in bubble wrap because of this 2016 curse
Someone needs to lock Sadio Mane up in the same place they're keeping Richard Attenborough and Bruce Forsyth to survive 2016.
There's still four days left for Jimmy Tarbuck or Bruce Forsyth to die. Come on, level things up a little.
First George Michael, now Carrie Fisher. We still have 4 days of the year. Hide David Attenborough, Bruce Forsyth and David Jason. RIP 💔
David Attenborough , Bruce Forsyth, Elton John and David Jason have just been placed into a bunker for safe keeping untill J…
Bruce Forsyth, Cliff Richard, David Attenborough or the Queen. Odds on one of them going soon?
In 2017, what about if we sort of offered up Bruce Forsyth as a sacrifice to avoid all this celeb death nonsense we had in 2016?
I will miss working with Peter again, mostly because of his Bruce Forsyth references in IMs.
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