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Bruce Dern

Bruce MacLeish Dern (born June 4, 1936) is an American film actor. He also appeared as a guest star in numerous television shows.

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I'm watching The Burbs and there's two things I need to bring up:. 1. Did base American Dad on Bruce Dern's character?
if you're a fan of Bruce Dern, you should check out Nebraska (2013). He gives quite a good performance
I saw Bette in a GUNSMOKE episode today, along with Tom Skerrit, Bruce Dern and Julie Sommers. Bette was a bad lady!!!
That reminds Silent Running with Bruce Dern is a pretty good movie.
Good luck finding it. Bruce Dern, Michael Pare, Catherine Mary Stewart. Ant plays the bad guy... But you can't find it!
I haven't seen it either. But, I would watch any bad Bruce Dern movie. If it's a good movie, then that's just cake.
asks Burt Lancaster about his new movie Castle Keep with Peter Falk & Bruce Dern
Awesome, reminds me of huey and duey from Silent Running with Bruce Dern.
What if it was directed by Mike White and starred Laura and Bruce Dern?
When I was starting to get noticed as an actor in the 1970s for somethin...
he killed in that movie. I coulda gone for some more bitter *** old man Bruce Dern though
That was one weird film.I think Connery was miss cast in this.Bruce Dern would have been better IMHO
Is it bad that I want Bruce Dern to be Snoke? Laura has to cross him to the light side.
and there's Laura Dern, daughter of Diane Ladd, and a guy named Bruce
I was thinking Hathaway and Bruce dern
I remember calling friends late at night to say, "You know that actor whose name escaped us on Saturday? It was Bruce Dern!"
"Maybe next year when I set up my Bruce Dern exhibit, you can put up.the Jack Nicholson paintings by accident. YOU *** FOOL"
The difference between my generation of actors and their generation is...
Bruce Dern said Charlton Heston's role in this was "the best thing he's ever done"-
I took Laura on a trip once where we followed the Immigrant Trail for ...
James Garner, Bruce Dern and Johnny Carson in 1972. We still have Bruce.
Trust me you can't go wrong and it a cult gem, Bruce Dern & Ellen Burstyn are incredible too!
as rad as Bruce Dern in Silent Running?
This week in 1981 the movie 'Tattoo' starring Bruce Dern & Maud Adams was released in Cinemas 🎬
Watching Teresa Wright & Bruce Dern on an Alfred Hitchcock episode and he's one of the most unsettling actors in the business. Creeps!
Born on the Fourth of July, starring Bruce Dern and Justin Long. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Three Dog Night. Budget: $1m
The other day, someone called me this generation's Bruce Dern - I'd never thought of that,
David Spade gets serious by joining Bruce Dern, James Earl Jones and more in indie drama WARNING SHOT
Ryan O'Neill and Bruce Dern did it better
I love Michael Ritchie's SMILE (1975). The best in 70's light touch satire. Great performances by Bruce Dern, and Joan Prather.
John Wayne killed by Bruce Dern (The Cowboys / 1972) the batman V superman fight should have cut to this
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Cannes Film Festival whilst simultaneously being in my house, then Bruce Dern walked up & I thanked him for Silent Runnings &>
Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall to star in "King Lear" adaptation (EXCLUSIVE)
Check out the bonus interviews with Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon, Nicholas Pryor, Denise Nickerson & Annette O'Toole
Bruce Dern returns to The Projection Booth to discuss Michael Ritchie's SMILE
Bruce Dern is the best villain in 60s-70s cinema.
Black Sunday was the Bruce Dern blimp one, right?
“Only Alexander wanted me, nobody else wanted me." Burce Dern talks "Nebraska" & more:
Day 87: key element is the acting! Bruce Dern, Karen Black, William Tepper, & Michael Margotta are all outstanding
with Bruce Dern as another guest star out to get Matt & Miss Kitty on It aired 7 days...
Watch this if only for Bruce Dern's John Wayne impression.
Bruce Dern talks killing John Wayne, special gifts from Tarantino, and more:
Bruce Dern, Paul Koslo, Lou Gosset, Anthony Zerbe. Sup. cast of Matthau starrer The Laughing Policeman is who's who of 70s character actors.
Bruce Dern looks like he says the word *** a lot.
I think you meant Bruce Dern and Jack Bruce
reminds me of Bruce Dern from The Burbs
THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN ('73) Love Matthau, but it's Bruce Dern who really shines in this gritty, underrated flick.
They hurt after they get applied though.See the movie "Tattoo"w/Bruce Dern and Maude Adams for a more intimate respective.
Doom emerges from his private screening of - In the immortal words of Bruce Dern.'Somebody give me a straight cigarette'
Good ones. Love The Burbs. Bruce Dern is great in that.
Bruce Dern always has that disheveled-slightly crazy look going, that only he could do so well
Not digging the Toni home perm on Bruce Dern.
In any role, Bruce Dern gives off the vibe of "In a minute I'm gonna go on the roof and start shooting at people."
I love 70's movies and Bruce Dern, but spot in the final four at stake. See you all for Stagecoach.
Bruce Dern was born to play crazy. driver
Awesome to see The Driver premiering Bruce Dern plays it to the hilt. Plenty of screaching 70's tire action.
Ryan O'Neal and Bruce Dern in Walter Hill's THE DRIVER tonight on at 6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST
If you think death threats from movie fans is new, Bruce Dern has news for you
TIL Bruce Dern is one of the few actors to have killed John Wayne on screen (The Cowboys.) He received some de...
Bruce Dern returns to Boulder for film festival after 60 years
Bruce Dern, in tomorrow, explained to me what a "Dernsie" is
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Boulder-bound Bruce Dern on his acting legacy: ‘I got game’
Boulder-bound Bruce Dern on his acting legacy: 'I got game'
Getting ready for Friday night with Bruce Dern at The Boulder International Film Festival.
I am a big fan of car chase movies and it's one of the seminal examples, and come on Walter Hill and Bruce Dern!
Coulda sworn I saw Bruce Dern on a bicycle earlier today. Obviously it wasn't Bruce Dern, so you can imagine my disappointment.
3. Emile Hirsch - Into the Wild. 4. Bruce Dern and June Squibb (nom but no win) - Nebraska. 5. Looper (0 noms!). 6. Oscar Isaac - every movie
Great Pod Cast with Bruce Dern. I'm trying to go back and listen to them all.
Who else is sitting in a darkened room, waiting for Bruce Dern to call? Be honest!
Looking forward to seeing Bruce Dern at a Q&A session at the Boulder Film Festival!
I was introduced to that by the Japanese OVA Riding Bean, which had a cop who was pretty much just a hapless Bruce Dern :D
"Roger [Corman] Deserves a Moment in Front of the Academy" Says Bruce Dern
--Yeah. Only time I ever saw Bruce Dern play a good guy, but he NAILED IT! Have you seen "the Last Starfighter?" Also great!
According to Bruce Dern the 2nd baddest behind Neville Brand
I wish Sam Jackson was nominated for Best Actor for his role in THE Hateful Eight - the story he told Bruce Dern, just giv…
Rush connection: Academy Award winner Robin Williams born at St. Luke's in 1951, nominee Bruce Dern at Presbyteria…
Thanks for the tribute to Bruce Dern. Besides villain roles he was a hero in films like Silent Running. https…
Bruce Dern in a still for Douglas Trumbull's 1972 classic Silent Running. Available from http…
I'd like also Bruce Dern join the cast like Max von Sydow in "The Force Awakens."
3. Bruce Dern, 2. Fire everybody and have Alexander Payne do it, 1. Tom Waits in a major supporting role as a junkyard owner.
These Johnny Carson reruns are the best. 1978. Bruce Dern for 2 segments, Robert Kline, Susan Sullivan and Carl Sagan.
Jason Mewes thought Bruce Dern in Hateful Eight looked like Macolm McDowell too so I'm not crazy.
Bruce Dern once told me this story about killing John Wayne in 1972's THE COWBOYS:
Did you know that the cast of includes four Oscar nominees: Tim Roth, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and Demián Bichir?
It's live The latest podcast with two time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern is ready to go at
Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman, and Tom "You're bending the Shaft" Hanks. plus the actor that played Art.
Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen dish being ‘teammates’...
Acting legend Bruce Dern told us last week his best Jack Nicholson story featuring hoops and, well, listen.
Sweet moment witnessed tonight: Don Johnson came over and congratulated Bruce Dern during the intermission, gave him a big hug. (1/2)
Kirk Douglas shoots Bruce Dern in the back in a really fantastic way, tho.
Coming Home Blu-ray 1978 ..voight bruce dern new in box
Kristen Chenoweth, Bruce Dern and more join Eric Stoltz-directed indie comedy CLASS RANK:
The movie "The Driver" 1978. Starring Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani.Uninteresting plot, dialogue, out of date. But so cool!
CRAIG STARK plays the son of General Sandy Smithers, (BRUCE DERN in ht…
So excited to be in Louisiana for 3 weeks working on a wonderful movie with some wonderful people. .
Masterchef vs Bruce and Laura Dern on In The Actors Studio with no plus 1s. A straight head to head.
Nothing is set in stone yet, but it's possible that I'll be interviewing Bruce Dern again soon, and that's pretty thrilling.
MOVIE NEWS: will star in the indy comedy CLASS RANK w/ Bruce Dern, set to shoot this month in Louisiana http…
Me: *Crosses fingers*. Bruce Dern: And all the Oscars go to *opens envelope* The full screen version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. ME: WE
Remember this in 2013?!! Alexander Payne, Bruce Dern, Will Forte and June Squibb all come to Norfolk for...
Bruce Dern was a really good Tom Buchanan. Just remember that next time you're inevitably putting him down.
Cheryl Ladd as Teela, Bruce Dern as Man At Arms, Lynda Carter as Evil Lynn,Ricardo Montalban as Skeleton
Tarantino is the master of resurrecting careers. Looking forward to seeing Bruce Dern and Jennifer Jason Leigh in action in
Top film on Brit TV today, PayTV: Bruce Dern is fantastic, & matched by Will Forte, in Alexander Payne's Nebraska 18:25 Sky Select
Plus the first movie to kill off John Wayne, I believe (by a very bad man Bruce Dern).
Gunsmoke. Bruce Dern gonna get shot by Marshall Dillon. Explains his behavior agin The Duke in The Cowboys.
As THE MARTIAN w/Matt Damon is about to break, a tip of the hat to 1972's Silent Running w/Bruce Dern.
The go to movie has to be Diggstown w/ Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, & Gabriel Caine.
On second thought, Greenwood is State. Arkansas is Bruce McGill. Ole Miss is Bruce Dern
Wait no. This was clearly a Cory Feldman/Bruce Dern vehicle before Tom Hanks was cast.
Friendly reminder that two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern is in Toolbox Murders 2. Make that movie go away, Obama.
Silent Running. Mainly Bruce Dern. Secret Honor is just one guy, if that's correct title.
(Posse (1975) Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern. This movie taught me any1 good or evil. can be flipped for the right $
This is a "behind the scenes" photograph of Alfred Hitchcock, Barbara Harris, and Bruce Dern that was taken...
Bruce Dern: "I fit into the story because the kid (Tarantino) grew up watching me be a jerk on television."
Would rather watch Barbara Harris and Bruce Dern than any show which feels the need to explain to me what's going on as it goes on.
Cut Bank w/ Liam Hemsworth is such a good flick with a great cast (Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich, Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt) must watch.
Near-great movie we rediscovered: After Dark, My Sweet (1990). Boxers, con artists, and Bruce Dern as "Uncle Bud."
Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern, born June 4, 1936. Here he is starring in Alfred Hitchock's final film, FAMILY PLOT!
Just saw an episode of Gunsmoke with Bette Davis, Bruce Dern & Tom
Were you on an episode of Gunsmoke with Bette Davis and Bruce Dern? Looked like it - FAB SHOW!
Hap Ashby is so close to being Bruce Dern.
wait, it's spelled Bruce Dern? Hmm, I always heard it as Bruce Stern. Weird.
Maybe I’ll not cut my hair until Make everyone think Bruce Dern is a special guest.
Finally watched Nebraska. Bruce Dern, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk are all fantastic, but I think Will Forte...
Imagine an angry re-release of Bruce Dern's Silent Running with the peacenik Joan Baez songs - they r great - replaced with angry Neil Young
Saw Bruce Jenner trending, thought 'I loved him in Silent Running', then realised I was thinking about Bruce Dern.
If you missed it last week the great Bruce Dern will be in this Friday's release! Watch for it!
why do all old men in Utah look like either Bruce Dern or a clean cut Herschel from ?
Bruce, foresight: read on Bruce Dern and the prophetic sci-fi of Silent Running
Bruce Dern is a rapist sailor. Sean Connery is a zoologist. Need I say more? My ★★½ review of Marnie on
If you love a thriller you must see "Cut Bank" starring Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich, and Bruce Dern. Best...
Coach K is like Bruce Dern in Diggstown every time the refs blow the whistle, check the monitors.
And the answer to that is this is the balancing act. I'm referring to Silent Running. As I've mentioned, I love Bruce Dern.
How come I've only just seen A small masterpiece. Beautiful black and white cinematography. Sublime performances esp Bruce Dern
Time for the last BBS film, with Jack Nicholson & Bruce Dern. Can't wait!
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Torchy's, the bar that Bruce Dern walks out of at the start, is also shown in Streets of Fire when Diane Lane is held captive there.
Bruce Dern of course! But I am kinda over Sam Jackson and Tarantino a tiny bit! But I'll prob enjoy it!!
This movie was lots of fun. Quirky and twisted :) Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Dern and Malkovich "Cut Bank" Enjoy!
can't wait to see what Quentin Tarantino does with the sequel to FURIOUS 7! Bruce Dern replacing Paul Walker - genius idea!
Bruce Dern, best NCAA basketball coach of 2015
I see Rodgers' demise like that of Bruce Dern at the end of 'The Driver'.
Movie night: "Nebraska" ( Bruce Dern nominated for Oscar Best Actor 2013) Road movie - aged father and his son enjoying one last adventure.
My new favorite film: Nebraska with Will Forte & Bruce Dern.
What did Will learn from his experience with Bruce Dern?
Hey Hollywood how about a *** McCarthy biopic starring Bruce Dern
I was pretty blown away by your dramatic turn in "Nebraska", did you learn a lot from the great veteran actor bruce dern?
Cut Bank: Look at that cast. How could that possibly go wrong? John. Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bruce Dern and ...
Bruce Dern "I'm not trusting the mail with a million dollars"- Nebraska
Murray has a moustache, Bruce Dern in The Driver 1978...
3yo nap time feature presentation... SMILE with Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon, Melanie Griffith
Trailer for Cut Bank with Liam Hemsworth, Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Dern looks great. But I also wish I never saw the trailer.
Ayyy yi yi... does anyone have Bruce Dern for this year? 😳
Fave moments on the red carpet continued... Papa (Bruce) and Laura Dern, J.Lo and her dress,…
Aw, Laura Dern brought her dad Bruce Dern as her date.
I just realized before starting to watch who Bruce Dern is and how often I've seen him
Bow down to the beard Bruce Dern's rocking right now.
Laura Dern bringing her father Bruce Dern as her Oscars date. Obsessed with these two! 🙌❤️
I'm only giving away one Academy Award this year and it's going to Bruce and Laura Dern.
Video of Laura Dern w/ dad Bruce Dern and children, Ellery and Jaya at the 2015 Oscars!
Seeing Laura Dern with Bruce Dern is so amazing.
Laura Dern and Bruce Dern on the 2015 Academy Awards Red Carpet via
There wasn't anything at the Oscars as funny as Jim Carrey's Bruce Dern impression last year (42 secs). via
Jurassic 5 What's Golden just kicked in on Shuffle, just built a solar garden like Silent Running Bruce Dern to hide under
"You didn't ask me, but I'm wearing Ralph Lauren." You go, Bruce Dern!
Nominee Laura Dern brought her dad Bruce Dern with her. She accompanied her mom to her first when she was 7 http:/…
If gives his to Bruce Dern, gets best
Desperately needed at this year's Jim Carrey's Bruce Dern impression.
Nebraska with Bruce Dern from a few years back was similar.
Same thought here on Derns. For a second I thought he may have been her husband, Bruce Dern is a pimp.
By the time the Oscars end, the kid from Boyhood will look like Bruce Dern.
Father-Daughter Oscar nominees, he last year and her this, Bruce & Laura Dern
Bruce Dern is feeling real nervous right now.
pero Bruce Dern forever in our hearts
Our elites just let Bruce Dern walk free, like he DIDN'T try to kill Robert Shaw on a blimp. WAKE UP!
Quick... Robert Shaw might have escaped justice but it's not too late to arrest Bruce Dern! PS: You're a moron
- Guess that explains why my girl and I saw Bruce Dern & Robert Shaw around the stadium when we were there this weekend...
One of my absolute favorite films. Robert Shaw was great... Bruce Dern was incredible. Intense film.
I have nothing more than anecdotal evidence for this-but it is my belief that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts realized how insane the Best Picture Oscar was last year-made even worse by the revelations the following day that many in the Academy had NEVER EVEN SEEN THE FILM-but felt obligated to vote for a film of that nature. And lets face facts-"Nebraska" (the real 'Best Picture' of 2013) was a truly spectacular film and "12 Years a Slave" was at the very best 'predictable.' Bruce Dern was most certainly the 'Best Actor' (of all the films nominated last year) etc. etc. So in response, and in an attempt to resurrect the legitimacy of the Oscar awards-they didn't even put "Selma" up to bat for many of the categories.sorry Oprah. Personally speaking-had the Academy failed to make just exactly this sort of move? I would never have watched the Academy Awards again and instead fully enjoyed the Golden Globes... My hat is off to the folks who actually thought this to see "Birdman" and "Theory of ...
“He said, ‘Don’t show us anything. Let us find it.” - Bruce Dern on Alexander Payne shooting
There ain't no surly old man like a Bruce Dern surly old man,
Thought Rod Taylor was the only actor to work with Hitchcock, Antonioni, and Tarantino, but I forgot Bruce Dern is in everything.
After working with her in do you agree with Mr. Bruce Dern on Kristen Stewart:
I was cool with Matthew McC win for Dallas Buyers but, man, Bruce Dern in Nebraska was so amazing...and so real.
"I'm just a woman who is over it!" Laura has said this is her dad's, Bruce Dern's favorite go-to line!
"Now, I aint one of them burning baby flashback f**kups u see bruce dern playing on tv, but ive seen things."
Remember during last year's Golden Globes red carpet when I accidentally mistook Bruce and Laura Dern as a couple because of an IG comment 💀
Come now. Stalker types much more likely to go for Bruce Dern. Or Drake.
Hey which was the episode of GDWH where you & the guest were smoking oxycontin? Was that with Bruce Dern?
they talk football at the start but with guests it expands - Bruce Dern is *amazing*. Incredible life. And memory
in particular two episodes to listen to - one with Colin Hanks and Jeff Schafer, and one with Malcolm Smith and Bruce Dern
I do have to say that I like Bruce Dern's performance in Django Unchained better than in NEBRASKA.
I was pleased to discover that Bruce Dern and June Gibbs were nominated for Oscars for Nebraska. Didn't like it...
Bruce Dern is hilarious in Nebraska. Great movie.
Now they’d cast Bruce Dern, MT Warren Beatty missed '84 gala b/c "They want me for the lead in the
The weirdest thing about The 'Burbs is that Bruce Dern seems relatively normal compared to the other crazy old white men.
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Loved this movie. Bruce Dern was hilarious. Reminded me of the relationship I have with my dad except my dad's not a drinker
I'll just give a mention to Bruce Dern for his performance in Coming Home,he terrified Fonda when he screamed at her.
A certain Bruce Dern movie springs to mind...
God *** Bruce Dern is so good in Nebraska.
I love the burbs, how great was Bruce Dern in this movie.
What a great film: Bruce Dern is understated brilliance 󾌵 — watching Nebraska (film)
its no Sideways, but Bruce Dern is ace in NEBRASKA - catch it again at 6th Jan
When I grow up I want to be Bruce Dern in The Burbs.
Bruce Dern talking to neighbors always gets me.
Dreamcasting an reboot. So far, I have Bruce Dern for Lanky Nibs.
Until today it had never occured to me that Laura Dern might be related to Bruce Dern. No idea she's his daughter (and Diane Ladd is mother)
Meet the charming on Between the Lines This Saturday at 8 PM on "You're never behind!" -Bruce Dern
Long journey home was made pleasurable by watching '77 terrorism thriller Black Sunday, starring Robert Shaw & Bruce Dern. Superb.
Here are the first images from Behind the Scenes (Workshop) of Quentin Tarantino's Samuel L. Jackson (black hat) Bruce Dern (red hat) Jennifer Jason Leigh (black jacket) Quentin Tarantino (red plaid shirt) Demian Bichir (seated in brown jacket) Kurt Russell (seated in grey t-shirt) Walton Goggins (blue v-neck) Michael Madsen (black vest) Tim Roth (seated in black shirt)
What the? Now I expect to see Peter Fonda and a bearded Bruce Dern.
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THE BURBS is out now on Blu! Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher & Corey Feldman, Bruce Dern star in Joe Dante's cult classic!
Just watched Nebraska with Bruce Dern. Totally brilliant reminded me a lot of Alexander Payne's work in tone.
“David Lynch casted me as, as he said, his idyllic girl next door and he said "Look, it's not a very hard job, I just want you to represent the light !” (Laura Dern about her character Sandy in "Blue Velvet") The Dingle Film Festival in Ireland presented their "Gregory Peck Award : For Excellence in the Art of Film" to Laura Dern on July 16th 2014. Laura was extensively interviewed about her career and especially about David L.'s films, by Maurice Galway, Artistic Director of the Dingle International Film Festival. Laura doesn't come back to the film she said David L. would be "cooking up" (even if she mentioned the fact that they once discussed the fact she would like to play with her father Bruce Dern in a future DL's project), but this conversation remains full of interesting and funny anecdots though. However, David L. was asked a few days ago about this "cooking up film", here is what he answered to The Daily Beast : “Laura… she loves to talk, and she loves to work, so you can’t really go b ...
In our dream movie Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich & Bruce Dern would star. All 3 are in Cut Bank dreams do come true!! jk lol they dont
On the plus side, I finally got round to seeing Nebraska. An impeccable little movie, with Bruce Dern on top form.
Right now all I can think about is Meyer Lansky. And history. And a movie starring Bruce Dern.
I always liked Bruce Dern as an actor but had no idea he was so well connected! :-)
Bruce Dern suddenly finds himself at the center of it all - Adam Goodman, president of the studio's...
such a fun movie, Bruce Dern is great.
one of my favorite team of actors. John Wayne Bruce Dern. Both badass
"That's mighty bold talk for a one eyed fat man". (Bruce Dern in True Grit).
RTMe to "Bruce Dern was in my dream last night ... Don't worry, it wasn't sexual. (I'm not worried)
Like the Bruce Dern one, where she's like "What's it like working with Alexander Payne?" & he's just "okay whatever it's a job."
Had an row at the match yesterday over who Chelsea's chairman was? My Dad first claimed it was Bruce Dern, Wayne before accepting it's Buck.
Even though it was just one brownie I dropped,I couldn't resist quoting Bruce Dern in The Burbs:"There go the *** brownies!"
Wowwowow "Coming Home" is an amazing introduction to Bruce Dern.
I liked NEBRASKA. It's just this side of what they used to call a Feel-Good Movie, but I still like it. Bruce Dern kills.
have you ever done a personal top 5 of Bruce Dern films on
Speaking of parents my brother wont stop pointing out that our dad looks EXACTLY like Bruce Dern & I wish he'd stop.
Rewatching Nebraska (fav of last year) I'm still distracted seeing Bruce Dern drinking Cultured Buttermilk-gross. But I LOVE the movie.
Also, Bruce Dern was my favorite part of The Burbs.
There is a part of me that is disappointed Bruce Dern didn't win the Oscar.
Having a bank holiday Saturday rest.Just watched the film Nebraska. Beautiful. Bruce Dern is amazing. What are the People Of Limerick up to?
A remake of Joe Dante's "The 'Burbs" with Samuel L Jackson in the Bruce Dern role.
So help me, if that's Bruce Dern's Prius again...
Shifting gears completely from Winnie The Pooh to “Nebraska” with Bruce Dern.
John McCain is beginning to look and sound like the actor Bruce Dern in one of his weird roles.
I planned it and rehearsed with Bruce Dern. When you get to work with great actors like that fabulous cast, good things happen.
Upwards of three Bruce Dern look-alikes walking around Los Feliz today
Gonna watch 2nd 1/2 of The Trip (1967) writ by Jack Nicholson. Hoping wasted Fonda gets raped by Bruce Dern then both get offed by D.Hopper
Spongebob movie? Guys, who cares? Tarantino's The Hateful Eight got a 2015 release, focus on THAT. Bruce Dern's starring, *** yeah!
The Hateful Eight poster confirms a 2015 release date for Quentin Tarantino's next Western, which will be shot in "Super CinemaScope" and stars Bruce Dern.
Bruce Dern is so great as a creepy bad guy.
Before we hit the sack to-NIGHT! 1of best today ever! Interview & conf. best show of the year. Bruce Dern
I almost forgot Bruce Dern was in Django Unchained. Too small of a part I guess.
Quentin Tarantino's THE Hateful Eight gets a 2015 release date. I'm pumped to see Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, & Michael Madsen mix it up in 70mm.
see the 1980 movie with Bruce Dern "Middle Age Crazy" obsessed with fast some and faster cars
It’s bizarre to give up on a film (I’m fairly persistent even with the worst) with Stellan Skarsgard, Diane Lane & Bruce Dern in it.
I loved Bruce Dern in Nebraska by the way. See it?
. Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, and Samuel Jackson I know for sure
Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell among the cast. Sign me up.
I'm pretty sure Bruce Dern appeared in Django Unchained, but I love the poster.
oh bruce dern is creepy carl. Love bruce dern
fine performances from Wayne, Browne and a sadistic but awesome portrayal of cattle rustler leader Long Hair by the versatile Bruce Dern.
Finished watching The Cowboys (1972) with John Wayne, Roscoe Lee Browne and Bruce Dern, a wonderful western/action/drama film with some.
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no but i'd like too, I'm a big Bruce Dern fan.
Cameron Diaz's face looks like that barn that Bruce Dern experimented his darts on in "Black Sunday".
Overall I thought Nebraska was above average, but have to say I thought Bruce Dern spree killing everybody was a bit of a dark ending.
dern? Like they want you to watch a Laura or Bruce Dern film?
Give me silent, but bitter trollhunter-Bruce Dern any day. Or maybe even Kate Mulgrew.
LMG categories: Gosh Dern it! - the films of Laura or Bruce Dern. Trejo, Amigos! (play on 3 amigos)- films of Danny Trejo
The Burbs. Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern and Corey Feldman. An overlooked classic for the whole family.
To put N. Korea overreaction to movie in context- when Bruce Dern shot John Wayne in a movie, he got death threats in real life.
Caught up with movies thanks to British Airways. Loved, loved, loved Nebraska (my kind of flick, B&W set the mood and Bruce Dern was awesome). I liked Wolf of Wall Street on many levels. American Hustle was dissapointing. A movie about New Jersey starting Amy Adams should be a bullseye for me, but it wasn't Jersey enough and Jennifer Lawrence outshined Ms Adams.
MOVIE NIGHT ON THE BIG SCREEN WITH SURROUND SOUND $15++ Includes Dinner & Movie as well Popcorn and Candy. As an extra we are offering $2 Wine and Beer and $4 Theme and or featured drink! Come up and get settled between 6:30 and 6:50 PM. Movie starts at 7 PM sharp. Reservations required, 396.1687 Feature: Nebraska Movie Info: Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) takes the helm for this black and white road trip drama starring Bruce Dern as a tempestuous Missouri father who's convinced he's won a million dollar magazine sweepstakes, and Will Forte as the son who grudgingly agrees to drive him to Nebraska to claim his winnings. Bob Odenkirk and Stacy Keach costar. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi R, 1 hr. 55 min. / Drama Directed By: Alexander Payne Written By: Bob Nelson
So, last night we saw a movie featuring Laura Dern. Tonight's movie starred her dad, Bruce Dern.
Bruce Dern was born on this day (June 4) in 1936. Dern is an American actor and has appeared in more than 80...
Just watched "Coming Home" with Jon Voight, Jane Fonda and Bruce Dern. I had forgotten what a powerful movie it is. The anti war sentiment still rings true. Plus Jon Voight was so *** hot back then.
Quentin Tarantino will start production on his Western The Hateful Eight this November, starring Bruce Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kurt Russell.
Quentin Tarantinos been on an emotional journey so far this year with The Hateful Eight, his in-development Western, and now hes reported to be gearing up for a November start date with Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Dern, among others.
Things are back on track as Director Quentin Tarantino assembles a cast for his Western 'The Hateful Eight', including Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen.
The unforgettable Bruce Dern visits the LA master class.
One of the movies that Mother refuses to watch, the Duke gets killed by Bruce Dern. He also dies in the Shootist, Sands of Iwo Jima, and one other I think, could be wrong, brain dead this morning and under the weather with a chest cold starting. Any one recall the other? Love GPa
Remember the "Duke" in "The Cowboys" and being killed in film by actor Bruce Dern? Ever since seeing that first showing in Fresno, CA while on a field trip of the Cal Poly State University, "Boots & Spurs Club", San Luis Obispo campus in 1972; I haven't like Bruce Dern in any film. Hit LIKE if you've ever seen this film.
I can't believe there is a movie starring Robert Mitchum, Bruce Dern, Stacy Keach, Martin Sheen and Paul Sorvino I hadn't seen til last nite
Just a few movies I like: 1. Badlands - Terrence Malick (1973) - a very young Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek - because it is a masterpiece and the original Natural Born Killers. And I love the way Malick scrapes the American landscape. 2. The King of Marvin Gardens - Bob Rafelson (1972) - Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn. Because they give the performances of their lives and because of Atlantic City in winter in the 70's. Visceral, sad. Nicholson's most controlled performance ever. 3. Five Easy Pieces - Bob Rafelson (1970) - Jack again, Karin Black - everything about this film, and because of the scene where Nicholson's character talks to his father...and the hilarious scene where he tries to order a chicken salad sandwich in a diner. (Great cameo by Toni 'Oh Mickey You're So Fine' Basil - as a radical *** hitchhiker) 4. The Mirror - Andrei Tarkovsky (1974) - vast, poetic. (I adore all his films but this is the one I come back to) 5. Withnail and I - Bruce Robinson (1987) - Richard E. Grant, ...
The film awards season is long over, and while a certain bitterness remains (we still love you, Bruce Dern), so too does the tremendously detailed work of film costumers. Now in its final week, the FIDM Museum’s 22nd annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit highlights outfits from some of the year’s finest films including Oscar winner The Great Gatsby, along with nominees American Hustle (shown here) and 12 Years A Slave. Also on display in South Park are pieces from last year’s Academy Award winner, Anna Karenina. The exhibit is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. At 919 S. Grand Ave., Suite 250, (213) 623-5821 or
Also...went to see (?) Quentin Tarantino's staged reading of his screenplay The Hateful Eight...with Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen, Samuel Jackson, Bruce Dern and many many more terrific actors...which would have been fabulous...except we were in the third row from the back of the highest balcony, just under the ceiling in a 1920s theater with no air conditioning...which got to about 98 degrees. When you can't see the actors and you are near to fainting from the heat, it's hard to fully appreciate it...for those who could see them on the ground floor and had air to breath, I'm sure it was AMAZING.
This is MTV Celebrity News RSS Feed The filmmaker teamed up with Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and more for a live script reading of the Western in Los Angeles. By Josh Wigler Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Isn't Dead Yet
Bruce Dern, who played the role of Woody Grant in American drama road film Nebraska, has been nominated in the Best Actor category
Tonight I got to meet Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern, James Remar, Michael Madsen and Quentin Tarantino. What an amazing night. Special thank to my wing woman, the superstar Allison Dorenbosch. One of the coolest LA nights ever. And yes, Ben Terry, tonight I got to shake hands and chat with Boyd Crowder. Super awesome guy, as expected.
Absolutely cannot believe that Bruce Dern, Nickolas Gilbert, and I (among others) just spent an evening with Michael Madson, Tim Roth, Samuel L Jackson and...oh yeah, Quentin Tarantino. Amazing.
"The problem with old men is, you can kick 'em down the stairs and call it an accident, but you can't just shoot 'em." "Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep." Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Denis Menochet, Tim Roth, James Remar, Zoe Bell. Unexpected free ticket to the "Hateful Eight" reading downtown this evening. Ostensibly a Western, in structure more like a locked-room mystery, with serious third act problems that QT announced in advance. Several travelers stranded in a mountain roadhouse during a blizzard, pursuing agendas that only gradually emerge. Russell great fun doing John Wayne, Tamblyn excellent, scenes between Jackson and Goggins sublime.
Roger Corman will introduce the 9:30pm screening of The Trip, written by Jack Nicholson, starring Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper.
Oscar nominee Bruce Dern reveals why EVERYBODY IN HOLLYWOOD wants to be in an Alexander Payne film:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Nebraska: 'Why did you have us?' 'Because I like to screw': Video: Woody (Bruce Dern) tells his son David (Wil...
Watching Waterhole Just as good the twentieth time as the first. Love Roger Miller's voice & James Coburn, Carroll O'Conner, Bruce Dern
Bruce Dern has to fight a load of mutant radioactive wildebeest in a vast shiny shopping centre that looks a bit like Trump Towers
Great to see Stacy Keach (no longer Junior) with Bruce Dern in The guy can hold a tune too.
Mickey Rooney, the child actor who became the world's top box office star, has died aged 93. Born in Brooklyn, he began his career aged 18 months in his parents' vaudeville act, Yule and Carter, and continued filming right to the end. In a film and musical career spanning nine decades, Rooney was nominated for four Academy Awards and received two special Oscars for his body of work. By 1965, Mickey Rooney's 200 films had earned more than $3bn (£1.8bn). Oscar-nominated actor Bruce Dern, who was pictured with Rooney at this year's Vanity Fair party after the Oscars ceremony, told the BBC: "Mickey Rooney was everything that's right about Hollywood. He is Hollywood." Sir Laurence Olivier once referred to him as the greatest film actor America ever produced. Rooney's death was first reported by US entertainment magazine Variety. The actor is said to have been ill for some time. Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith said Rooney was with his family when he died at his North Hollywood home. Reckless lifestyl ...
I feel now like how I did when that *** Bruce Dern killed John Wayne in 'The Cowboys.' . The Streak is over. .
Among those appearing in this film are Bruce Dern, Teri Garr, and Johnny Weissmueller -
watched the movie "Nebraska" the opening scene Bruce Dern walking down Montana ave in my home town of Billings Montana Boy was I surprised
NEBRASKA by Alexander Payne Cast: Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb, Bob Odenkirk Genre: US Comedy/drama road film MISS KITTY SCORE: 4.5 out of 5 NOMINATED FOR 6 Academy Awards; Best Actor, PALME d'OR, CANNES The heart swells watching this poignant, pointed film about hope, a son's love, determination and chasing your dreams. Bruce Dern is outstanding as Woody Grant, a cantankerous, alcoholic old fart who, in his early onset dementia, refuses to let go of his fantasy that he has won a million dollars. He has received a sweepstakes letter in the mail and decides he will walk across four states to collect it. His son (a hilariously dry Will Forte) finally surrenders and drives his father across America's heartland, and after a small accident, the whole family ensues. The core cast is pitch-perfect, and the transformation of June Squibb into the bitter and twisted wife deserved the Oscar nomination she received. There are so many great scenes that aren't lost in black and white. It's long, but every momen ...
Nebraska: Bruce Dern stars as an elderly man who thinks he's won a million dollar prize and asks his son to travel to Nebraska to claim his prize. Nebraska is an extremely slow movie that is best watched fast forwarded at 1.5X. The cinematography is terrific and so is the acting. Not your normal movie, but still original. The ending is really good. Nominated for Best Picture. 3 stars, R
Bruce Dern should have won some trophy just for that walk. And Alexander Payne you are the man!
Nebraska is very pretty to look at, and Bruce Dern was amazing, but I was expecting much more from Alexander Payne after The Descendants.
Bruce Dern is so convincing in I love Alexander Payne's dark, humorous commentary on contemporary America. Beautifully shot too.
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