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Bruce Banner

The Hulk is a fictional character, a superhero in the .

Tony Stark Steve Rogers Clint Barton Reed Richards Peter Parker Bill Bixby Eric Bana Natasha Romanoff Mark Ruffalo Edward Norton Iron Man Nick Fury Bucky Barnes Incredible Hulk Black Widow Natasha Romanov Scott Summers Ed Norton

Sunday Funnies Part 3! The plot of Thor Ragnarok has been released! First scene from Bruce Banner's bathroom!
Bruce Banner, 47. "I keep waking up at night because Barnes and Natasha are playing Mario Kart Wii. This is *** " htt…
It just occurred to me that Stan Lee named his characters first and last name with the same letter.Eg.Peter Parker,Pepper Potts,Bruce Banner
Ang Lee's Hulk aka Bruce Banner and his amazing indestructible trousers
Honestly, my entire reasoning is that when Iron Man faced Bruce Banner, his armor could only withstand a single direct punch from Hulk.
“The Hulk is EXPONENTIALLY larger than Bruce Banner.”. “Well actually, with only 2 data points you can’t -”. * Hulk smashes m…
~linked them other than Academic Decathlon was their mutual friendship with Bruce Banner. Other than that, the two boys had~
Hug Need for the sons and daughters of:. Nick Fury. Maria Hill. Steve Rogers. Thor Odinson. Bruce Banner. Scott Lang
I'm catching up on all these Mario Maker videos and did you just say you voiced Bruce Banner in Marvel Ultimate Alliance?!
I want to see T’Challa in a scene with Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark, a high-tech, scientific…
Stan Lee likes alliteration, I know that for sure. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Matt Murdock, Sue Storm, Reed Richards
Which team wins? Tech vs Magic, Bruce Banner (No Hulk) and The Leader Vs. Zatanna and John Constantine
Bruce Banner's the one that turns into a big green monster? 'Least that's what Mr. Stark said, [Laughs softly.]
Outlandish, out this planet, rode ring on Saturn, ragin Bruce Banner, villain Green Goblin seein colors green lanterns in my visual spectrum
Love the Defenders. Think of all the great guest characters: Bruce Banner, Dr Strange, Hawkeye, Hank Pym.etc! https:/…
//Okay I'm looking for a MV BUcky, Clint Barton or Bruce Banner for possible ship
If we're talking about AOU, do you mean Bruce Banner instead of Reed Richards?
I just figured that Bruce Banner had probably been a friend of Reed Richards, and Reed had given him some elastic trousers.
Bill Bixby's Bruce Banner is still the best.
Bruce Banner, Ray Palmer, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Barry Allen...all the cool superheroes start off as scientists.
It's also kind of weird that it came out in 2007, 1 year before Iron Man & the Incredible Hulk. And Mark Ruffalo wasn't even Bruce Banner
Brad is quizzing me on super hero alter egos. "Deadpool?" "wade wilson" "hulk?" "Bruce Banner" ".is that right?" Yes Brad. Don't test me.
is looking for the following for SLs:. •Steve Rogers. •Clint Barton. •Bruce Banner. •Natasha Romanoff.
You *** stay chiefin on that Bobby Brown, Bruce Banner and Reggie Miller lol!
*Bruce banner voice* My *** stays the same size when i turn into the hulk and i cant *** it off because my big legs cover…
Be like Bruce Banner and transform into The Hulk! then you won't have short people problems!!
Its partially tempting to draw stuff for Terra on but I guess this flight I'm Bruce Banner
When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad, he turns into Audrey Furlong.
I wonder if Bruce Banner ever turned into the Hulk while taking a particularly difficult dump.
Bruce banner makes me one happy camper
David Oyelowo would be my ideal Bruce Banner. Though I love love love me some Ruffalo.
I think David Oyelowo would be an amazing Bruce Banner.
And he does. Bruce talks him down. Stops the attack. Banner uses everything he's learned about control to be a hero, for once.
to be fair Bruce Banner would write a killer paper.
Then, beside him, we see Bruce Banner.
Imagine how funny it would be if only Bruce Banner's hands and feet got big and green when he Hulked out and nothing else.
I feel like the Hulk that can't transform back to Bruce Banner.
📷 lesserjoke: Bruce Banner in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015): It’s a word in an African dialect...
blasphemy of the highest sort. Picture or Adam isn't Bruce Banner.
So yes, I'd like to find a Bruce Banner to SL with, but I'm not expecting an immediate ship. With Banner or anyone else for that matter.
"That is my secret, I am always hungry.". Dr Bruce Banner
They could've asked Bruce Banner to bring it back to base for them.
"Bruce Banner, bruise the punaner. Eat the *** raw, like a bananer."
Hillary, paraphrasing Bruce Banner: "Don't make me speak about my won't like me if I speak about my record"…
Bruce banner here at the green front! Come smell it for yourself…
and a joy. "Bruce Banner, thank you...for seeing me." She said softly, and, returned the kiss, her lips just as soft against-
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"I've had the honor of meeting Dr Bruce Banner. We have spoken of our...inherent inner demons, and where as he knows getting+
may be a dumb question but for team 3 is it strictly the Hulk like just the green guy or is Bruce Banner there as well?
Wall to wall under the old tech, still killing it. Durban, Blubonic, Bruce Banner x Stardawg…
i couldnbever be bruce banner like i get so mad at EVERYTHIGN literally everything triggers me n i hate everyone id be hulk .. forever ev
just a reminder I love Bruce banner and hate myself
If I was hanging out with Bruce Banner and needed him to turn into the Hulk I would just have him call the California DMV
IRON-MAN: Oh God, The Hulk is going green!. BRUCE BANNER *recycling cans*: Would it kill you to turn that suit off once in a…
The Hulk’s name got changed to David Banner for the 70s show because Bruce ‘sounded too *** .
I'm sorry but Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff are the otp
Interview Panel: Tell us about your strengths. Bruce Banner: *turns into Incredible Hulk*. IP: Related to the job. IH: . IP: W…
My power's out, so a cold shower. . This is probably how Bruce Banner feels when he's the Hulk. Maybe he's just so angry because he's cold
Eric Bana was a good Bruce Banner tho. Bucky is probably so great bc Seb is so proud to be him lmao
//Still looking for MV Bucky Barnes and Bruce Banner for possible ship
That time that Rick Jones got President Johnson to pardon Bruce Banner from charges of treason and espionage.
i still prefer Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner but Mike Ruffalo's Hulk was much more better.
domain names
Robin Lehner is like an already huge Bruce Banner.
Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk and everyone loves him. . I do it and I'm "On my period."
On page 385 of 401 of Black Widow, by Margaret Stohl: "Bruce Banner, the last of the Aven...
Wonder what is it with and alliterative names. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Otto Octavius, Scott Summers...
Whenever I think of Levin these days, I'm reminded of Bruce Banner's secret in The Avengers.
ayaya! Lenny,I have marvellously concluded my answer. Yes,Hulk is powerful,but Bruce Banner is weak ! That's the achilles heel
dude your name is so superhero-esque ie Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Wayne Harper, Peter Parker. Fits right it in.
I know it's a game for kids but come on, I wanna see Bruce Banner snorting coke off Natasha Romanov's *** or something
That part during the last fighting scene in the Avengers when Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk is literally my favorite.
Remake the Avengers movies with Larry David as Bruce Banner and Ghostface Killah as Tony Stark
Bruce Banner pulling Scarlett Jo? C'mon, that's some cracked up shettt.
I can't believe Emily Junk, Bruce Banner and Elizabeth Swan are all in a Olivier together
I'm gonna have a heck of a lot of fun playing as Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, Darren Cross and more!
"I've changed. Not as much as Bruce Banner."
Anonymous said: Will Bruce Banner be part of the Avengers like in the movies? I always wanted banner who...
Bonds SKULL CHANGED SIZES He started out as Bruce Banner and became the Incredible Hulk! He get that way from drinking a coke?
Fat Joe compared Dj Khaled to Quincy jones and Big Pun tried to punch a bruce banner hole through his coffin
You know when you hit your head and it makes you angry? It's a good job I'm not Bruce Banner, 'HULK MAD!'
I keep my cool by always bein stressed out. I'm like the Bruce Banner of anxiety
Healed calf of Bruce Banner to Hulk, by Jared
Bruce banner never got any buns lol
How come whenever bruce banner transforms into the hulk his shot always seems to stay on 😕😕😕
I'll post it very soon 😊. Bruce Banner's Handmade Funko is coming 😁
If you still don't think same sex couples can raise a kid, just remember Bruce Banner, Thor, Tony Stark and Ultron all had The Vision
The hulk is so cute like bruce banner as a character is just ☺
People (besides Bruce Banner) you wouldn't like when they're angry:
The night and day difference of me in one day without raging hormones is like watching Bruce Banner prepare for his period. Wait.
If Bruce keeps the Hulk at bay for 365 days, does he refer to it as a "banner year"?
//Looking for the following for possible Ships. Bruce Banner. Will Graham. Tenth or 12th Doctor. OC's and others welcome. RT?
Just pre-ordered myself a Bucky/Winter Soldier Funko Pop for the collection! Need a Bruce Banner and a couple more for the Avengers gang.
When Bruce Banner goes on a rage trip and destroys everything he is "the Incredible Hulk" but when I do that I'm on my …
"That's my secret, Captain, I'm always angry." - Bruce Banner (Hulk) . Doodling in my spare time…
THAT is the wife of bruce banner... so what the *** MCU do to her?she was in phase 1... h…
Strawberry consists of a cross between Bruce Banner which hails from Colorado crossed initially to our
My anger seems to be raising. I'd be hulked out at this point if I was Bruce Banner.
... the year is 20-Get Green. And I'm feelin like the young Bruce Banner, feel me?
We are looking for a Hulk aka Bruce Banner to join as either a hero or a neutral!DM to audition today!
" I'm a loose cannon, Bruce banner's back in the booth y'all are sitting ducks, I'm the only goose standin' " 🐐
-different than any other day for Bruce. Looking at the young blonde, Dr. Banner sighed softly under his breath and nodded*-
bruce in the banner pic is enough for me to follow back! Welcome aboard!
I can only be Bruce Banner for soo long till I go Hulk on a goofy
I am me. You're Bruce Banner. I *** you off. You get big and green. I ride the monster *** It's angry sex.
Smart people to associate with:Tony Stark/Bruce Banner. Smart people not to associate with: *** that think they're above everyone else
"Bruce Banner is the hulk, can't believe you didn't know that!"
Bruce Banner is back in the building! Looking amazing as ever at 28.22%! Woah!!!
|| I felt the same way with Eric Bana as Bruce Banner | The hulk.
Bruce Banner probably thought he was pretty ugly on the inside too, but guess what? the Hulk only ever protects him and those he cares about
he was talking about the "Different threats that Hydra can face." He name drops Tony Stark, Bruce Banner & then Stephen Strange.
Dr. Bruce Banner must unleash the beast in him to emerge victorious over an equally powerful opponent.
Some Fire I drew up, this bad boy is 3ft tall . Scott's OG X Bruce Banner .
Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Max Murdock, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, the list goes on and on.
I am Bruce Banner. Will you be my Betty Ross when I turn cranky and green?
remember when Bruce Banner hulks out because his gf goes on a date with Freddie Prinze Jr.
When you invite Bruce Banner to the party and "Knuck If You Buck" comes on
Clark Kent to Superman, Bruce Banner to the Hulk, Tony Stark to Iron Man
also upset seeing Murphy turn back into Bruce Banner a week too late
Jan Michael Vincent as Thor. Richard Roundtree as Nick Fury. Dustin Hoffman as Bruce Banner. and Sidney Poitier as The Black Panther
*cries angrily over how perfect Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff are for each other & they decide to have her in a thing with Bruce Banner*
Bruce Banner, if Jennifer Connelly ever tells you that you're going to do anything with her at all ever, you say yes.
Bruce Banner was played by Bill Bixby and The Incredible Hulk was played by Lou Ferrigno.
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Except that She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters and not a female version of Bruce Banner?
//Still looking for a MV Bruce Banner for a possible Ship.
Let's see, there's Clint Barton, Bruce Banner or the Hulk, Thor the Norse God of lightning, Steve, Sam Wilson or Falcon, and...
"As the world's leading authority on waitig too long. Don't.". Capt America giving love advice to Bruce Banner. 😂
Okay so my actual guess for the incomparable Baron is "Speed" Eric Smith (2nd guess is Dr. Bruce Banner before he gets angry)
derpypasta8811: beatrice-prior-eaton: hey i’m auditioning for Bruce Banner and i’ll be singing...
[Open Roles] Steve Rogers | Sam Wilson | Bruce Banner | Nick Fury | Maria Hill | Other characters can be added as well as OCs.
//MV Characters needed for possible Ships. Clint Barton. Thor. Bruce Banner. Will Ship with others and OCs are welcome. Friendship SLs too. RT?
I'd love to see the fantastic four in the MCU. Let's see Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Bruce Banner work on a project together lol
//In need of more active SLs/Ships. Main pairings-. Clint Barton. Tony Stark. Bruce Banner. OC's/Other Characters Welcome. More than just Ships
//How do I not have a Bruce Banner or a Clint Barton?
Bruce Banner, James "Logan" Howlett, Sammy Winchester. Whatever that character archetype is? It will never, ever stop fascinating me.
Russell Wilson scared of Ciara's box like Bruce Banner is of Black Widow's
Edward Norton was a better Bruce Banner than Eric Bana...
What's funny is that Edward Norton portrayed both Will Graham and Bruce Banner.
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"I got low! I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth... and the other guy spit it out!". -Bruce Banner [The Avengers]
Future & Ciara relationship was like Bruce Banner & Betty Ross. Ciara was holding the beast back 👹 thank god the Hulk is free ✊🏾
I watched Age of Ultron. I kept thinking that Bruce Banner's closet must have nothing but stretchy pants and n…
"Who are Clark Kent, Bruce Banner, and Peter Parker better known as?" . "Whiney baby, anger issues, and uncle ben's rice"
She-Hulk oughta be honorarily black just for having to put up with Bruce Banner. .
We are looking for; . Tony Stark . Bruce Banner . Pietro Maximoff . Wanda Maximoff . Ultron. Interested? us for more informations!
Jennifer chuckled, "I was shot, lost a lot of blood. My cousin, you know, Bruce Banner? The Hulk? He was the only one --
Age of Ultron Plothole: what would a nuclear scientist (I.e. Bruce Banner) know about Artificial Intelligence???
The roles of Bruce Banner and Barnabas Collins have been reserved!
//Open to SLs/Ships. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton. But not just Avenger accounts.
This child is telling he saw Bruce Banner's wiener in the avengers
When Bruce Banner gets constipated do you think he turns into the Hulk? - just one of the thoughts I have during important business meetings
also Bruce banner is the Incredible Hulk, not ba'man, FFS
Would you be OK if Bruce Banner was changed to Bella Banner? It would be okay as a spin-off, but you couldn't call it Batman.
When you address Bruce Banner with respect you call him Bruce Bannerjee.
I'm like the Hulk, just without the smarts of Bruce Banner.
So there's a spider-verse where Bruce Banner becomes Spidey did not expect that
//Writer enjoys SLs/Ships with Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Clint Barton, but will SL/Ship with other characters as well.
it was very good mush, your body took the shape of Bruce banner
The Hulk would live with my ex without ever turning back into Bruce Banner.
Rollin up blueberry blunts with Bruce banner bud.
Ummm, why isn't Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner in this movie??? Anyone??? Anyone??? Bueller???
Of the many Dr. Banner created himself, along with a few others. Wrench in hand with a bucket of bolts by his side, Bruce sat on the —
*hits weed the drug*What if hulk is not worthy of Thors hammer but Banner is?We saw hulk with the hammer on avengers.Bruce passes on aou
When Bruce Banner gets angry he becomes the Hulk. When the Hulk gets angry he becomes Zlatan.
"Hii! I'm pretty sure you both know my father right? Bruce Banner?" She smiles.
At -- Lordy help me I slapped Bruce Banner.
He is coming @ 3:41pm Bruce Banner: Oh, no. You don't understand! Something very bad is about to happen here!
Nick Fury: Doctor, thank you for coming. . Bruce Banner: Thanks for asking nicely. So, uh... how long am I staying?
I've lost my wallet a whole day now , I'm lowkey holding my anger in like Bruce banner did from stopping turning into the hulk in avengers
It's a good thing I'm not Bruce Banner otherwise I'd be Hulking out right now!!
Bruce Banner is cursed to never be happy and it hurts cause I love him so
"Well. Unless your name is Bruce Banner, I make a terrible blunt weapon, but I am still Mjolnir."
I'm not always the Hulk you know, sometimes Bruce Banner with feelings 😢
Nope.that's pretty much the song that forced my transition last night from Bruce Banner to the Hulk
Doc Bruce Banner. belted by weeaboo rays. turned in the Shulk. Ain't the WRPG!
Steve Rogers: Doctor Banner, I think now might be a good time for you to get angry. . Bruce Banner: That's my secret, Cap…
Do you know what I'd do to get Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Reed Richards, and Bruce Banner in the same room? Anything.
"What if Bruce Banner just turned into Hulk Hogan?" -Michael Burke for president 2k16
Christ, what happened to Bruce Banner and Tony Stark? They look TERRIBLE
A love like Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov please
If you are going to put Sharon Carter with Steve Rogers have the decency of bring back Betty Ross for Bruce Banner.
Wow! My cousin sent my mom some things and in the box was 2 autographed pictures of Bill Bixby!THE HULK!! Well,Bruce Banner,but still!
Who thought letting Clint Barton have a wife and 3 kids while Natasha Romanov and Bruce Banner have a thing was a good idea
"A Quick Summary of Age of Ultron:. Everyone else: Tony no. Bruce Banner: Tony maybe?. Tony Stark: Tony YES"
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Dumb question, not sure if you're into the Marvel movies, but, Edward Norton's Bruce Banner, or Mark Ruffalo's?
The non Bruce Banner (non scientist) book on the newest Science of Climate Change. Must Read via
Bruce Jenner is kind of the real life Bruce Banner. Both badasses transforming into powerful creatures.
I really like Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. I think that's the 2nd best casting match in The Avengers, behind Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.
Dr. Stephen Strange and Dr. Bruce Banner are the main characters of "The Defenders" in the comic books.
Sitwell mentions high-risk targets that HYDRA is keeping tabs on. Among these are Bruce Banner, Dr. Stephen Strange, and "a man in Cairo".
Hey... just watching Man of Steel again; why is there a scene of Clark hitchhiking? He's not bloody Bruce Banner!
Just saw Avengers AOU. First time seeing you as Bruce Banner. I really adored and miss Bill Bixby. 💜 But you done v/GOOD.👍🏼👏🏼
I think Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is my favorite thing in all of THE AVENGERS. It’s just so perfect.
Bryce Harper = Bruce Banner. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.". Apparently, the baseballs being thrown to him are pissing him off
Bruce Banner's transformation is way more interesting to me than Bruce Jenner's.
I would seriously watch a Marvel movie that was entirely Tony Stark and Bruce Banner just hanging out & doing things, no …
Eric Bana was the best Bruce Banner for the Hulk
|| Hank Pym, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. [Science.]. Scott Lang, Hawkeye and Thor. [What they are doing.?]
Who played "David" Bruce Banner better in the Hulk films? Edward Norton? Mark Ruffalo? Bill Bixby (television)? or Eric Bana?
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Bill Bixby a'la 1978 Bruce Banner: "Hit me Elton. Hard. I hate this shirt." . *Elton swings so hard his toucan glasses fall off*
Why do superheroes have names that start with the same letter? Matt Murdock, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, William Wayne, Superman etc.
I still think Ed Norton was a very good Bruce Banner. Tim Roth was awesome as Blonksy and William Hurt was a great addition.
Producer says Bruce Banner always wears pair of stretchy pants under clothes to protect modesty when he Hulks out.
imagine Reed Richards with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Anything is possible.
On days Bruce Banner is constipated he morphs into The Jolly Green Giant and feeds himself vegetables. .
dont go pissing him off now... Bruce Banner is human too, until he turns into the Hulk.
Today we"d have "Bruce Banner of Earth. You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps."
Steve Rogers: Word is you can find the cube. . Bruce Banner: Is that the only word on me? . Steve Rogers: Only word I care about.
Adding him to the list of my other Marvel obsessions: Peggy Carter, Thor, Leo Fitz, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson, and Edwin Jarvis.
Watching Graham Norton Show and Bruce Banner and Professor Xavier were just riding unicycles!
Peter Parker, Scott Summers, Matt Murdock, Bruce Banner...hmm? There maybe something to it.
Pete Davidson is a really skinny Bruce Banner.
Please give Bruce Banner a little more love in merchandising and promo materials this time around. He's on the team too.
Watching Gwen Stacy and Bruce Banner make out makes me uncomfortable
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I can't believe Bruce Banner and Bucky Barnes are my sons how did I get such a beautiful alliterative family
alliteration in Marvel is not uncommon eg Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, Matt Murdoch, Scott Summers.
Bruce Banner and Tony Starks friendship though. Totally Casey and Me. True story. I'd follow that lil *** anywhere and everywhere.
Sorry to say it was Bruce Banner in Hulk. Hector in Troy is Eric Bana, neither of these two wants an Achilles problem now.
Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked Bruce Banner. when the Hulk came out he smashed everything in sight but Chuck Norris.
he's got a touch of the Bruce banner about him. When he gets angry...
Natasha Romanoff: It has the potential energy to wipe out the planet. . Bruce Banner: What does Fury want me to do? Swall…
Hi Bruce Banner Wanna get 300.000 clash of clans gems for FREE? Check this secret tricks:
When Bruce Banner tried to dine out...
Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Bruce. When we think about an internal struggle, we think about the hulk. When calm, Dr.
So if we assembled a UK avenger squad - who would play who?. Bruce Banner - Brian Cox, Black Widow - Rachel Riley, Hawkeye - Bear Grylls...
"Why doesn't Bruce Banner have stretch marks?"
love your banner, Kareem and Bruce, nice :-)
His pick is Bruce Banner; mine is Steve Rogers. This is if we're not counting Natasha because she's the best.
New details on Bruce Banner and Black Widow's relationship in 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON'.
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"You should have got paid up front Banner...”. —Bruce [Avengers]
According to my iTunes top 25 most played, it's Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" live.
Bruce Banner: And your actress buddy, is she a spy too? Do they start that young? . Natasha Romanoff: I did.
Hi zayn! 💓. What is Bruce Banner's favorite drink?. A fruit punch! 👊💥. Hope this made you smile!. I love you soo much!. 😛 x1360
Alan Alda should play Bruce Banner so he can be like, "Hulk S*M*A*S*H!".
For Bruce Banner, the issue quickly resolves itself.
I'm in love with Thor of Asgard, Captain America or Steve Rodgers, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark .
It's Rick Jones (the guy Bruce Banner saved from the gamma blast)
Bruce Banner: You brought me to the edge of the city, smart. I uh... assume the whole place is surrounded? . Natasha: Just you and me.
As Mas Adam caught cheating, will Inul start recording an album in the street with Bruce Banner?
My woman keep me sane 🙌 when I'm about to turn into the hulk, she know exactly what to do/say to keep me Bruce banner lol
Picked up on a g of Bruce Banner shatter 🌚😋
"Smoke Big Green, call it Bruce Banner, watch ya manners"
Gutted that I never released the hulk tonight... was on a bruce banner ting tonight
Just wanna be loved the way Tony Stark loves Bruce Banner
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Nick: sorry won't cut it Banner your walking on a thin line with us and it worries me . Bruce: I can take care of myself--
Bruce banner would like a word with you lol
I just got a question on trivia crack about Bruce banner and thought of you😳 I didn't know he was the hulk😅😅😅
Hey bud, shoot me an email at vinnieand we'll get it sorted. Keep you in that bruce banner mode.
How changing 'No' to 'Noo' is like going from the hulk back to bruce banner
The first hulk was the best movie. The best Bruce banner. And the best hulk.
.John Byrne had the same priest who met Phoenix on the plane to marry Bruce Banner & Betty. Inside joke? 1/2
Biggie smalls! well sometimes he's Bruce Banner sometimes he still hulk!
The producer of the 70s/80s Hulk TV series changed Banner's first name to David because in his opinion "Bruce sounded like a *** name"
But Bruce Banner getting the upper hand intellectually on Tony Stark just may have that moment beat.
Thanxs for taking the role of Bruce banner. U play the part to perfection
People who grew up buying Bruce Banner and Peter Parker comics buy that stuff automatically. It's a brilliant strategy.
//yay I'm back! Does anyone want to RP? I would love to RP was A Bruce Banner
How long would it take Bruce Banner to turn into the Hulk on a trip thro
Welcome to physics class. I'm your new teacher, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner.
oh my god who let Bruce banner change his name to Paul and have kids
// I feel like Bruce Banner in that last vine I made . eyes
- Bruce banner is not a doctor. He's a comic book character.
Plus Bruce Banner's a Dr so unlike GOP he believes in important things, like science.
Id vote for Bruce Banner over or in a heartbeat. Hulk smash Gridlock!
It's been said that Marvel Universe is ending in 2015 in one comic issue. Before they have killed Steve Rogers (The Captain America), Logan(The Wolverine), Peter Parker(The Spider Man) and took decision to kill Wade Wilson(Deadpool). Now they are trying to kill all. There will be no Sam Wilson(The new Captain America), Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Agent Barton, Natasha Romanov, Tom Hanks, Scott Summers, Professor Charles Francis Xavier, Max Eric Eisenhardt, no X-Men, no Fantastic four, no Miles Morales(The Ultimate Spider Man), no Spider Man Verse, no wolverine, no Deadpool. Oh Comics.
Though we later got a better Bruce Banner in Mark Ruffalo, the stand-alone Hulk film is still really great.
that was Brian Banner, Bruce Banner's father getting his *** kicked by *** pre-shield agents.Agent Carter
I microwaved my mince pies for abit too long. They've defo been Bruce Banner-ed.
"Nothing harmful, low levels of gamma radiation." Please don't say that to Bruce Banner...
This guy giving clothes to Bruce Banner looks like Dot Cotton's cousin from the States
Director changed Bruce Banner's name to David Banner as he thought the name was unrealistic.The character was played by Bill Bixby.
But on the other hand she thinks David Banner is The Hulk, not Bruce Banner. Ohhh Mom
I'm Bruce Banner when I talk to you but Hulk when Im alone
I loved Birdman. Keaton was fantastic. It also renewed my faith in Ed Norton after he destroyed it with his awful Bruce Banner.
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Steve Rogers: Is this a submarine?. Bruce Banner: Really? They want me in a submerged, pressurized, metal container?
Bixby was Bruce Banner, then turned into Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk) when angered
In the morning on weekends i feel like Bruce banner
My "Tiny Bruce Banner" is 1 year old tomorrow . He has come such a long way this past year. Love my Noah-Dakota
Aidan and Jayden loved it when Bruce Banner finally changed into the Hulk
Jack Herer and Bruce Banner still sitting strong on the shelf. Be sure to come in for a visit before they're gone again.
We are all Bruce Banner. (Indestructible Hulk submitted by anti-inverse [link] [comment]
it look like Bruce Banner when he is turning into Hulk
"It was like a dream, a dream of Rage, Power. And Freedom." - Bruce Banner
KING KONG?! Who you you think i am?!?! I'm totally a Bruce Banner. Except tiny, female. And not green.
Ed Norton was actually a pretty good Bruce Banner.
Bruce Banner: Avoiding stress isn't the secret. . Natasha Romanoff: Then, what is it? Yoga?
Feeling like Bruce Banner , with this monster inside .
Why he can't be like Bill Bixby's Bruce Banner? doing the good and going to another town.
//Nah, she was in the second one two. You must be thinking of Eric Bana, the previous Hulk slash Bruce Banner from Hulk 1.
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Bilderserie: daredeuil: there’s not enough bruce banner on my dash and i’m fixing that 5/∞
This version of Dr Strange makes me think of Bill Bixby as David (Bruce) Banner.
How come Bruce Banner doesn't make macaroni and cheese? Just think it over. “press here”
And apparently there was a universe where Bruce Banner became Spider-Man...Of course there is.
Maybe Bruce Banner can be a character in it.
works in radiology. I think we have Bruce Banner vs. The Hulk
Bruce Banner and Wolverine showcase the motorbike stunts portion of the show!
I’m pretty sure James Rhodes and Bruce Banner are both Time Lords, which explains how they miraculously change. At least Michael Gambon -
your dad looks like Bruce banner from the avengers
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