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Brown Bag

Brown Bag Films is an animation studio based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1994 by Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O'Connell, Brown Bag Films produce 3D character animation, including short films, features and TV series for international markets.

Dark Knight Dale Carnegie Shout Out Justice League Dark West Jordan

I need brown sandals to match my new summer bag. After that I'll be done shopping for this season.
Sounds like snowflake needs his safe spot and a brown bag to breathe in case he hyperventilates
Off for a little break from Father Brown & guess what I spotted at the airport (it's already in my bag…
I hope you had the good taste to take her a brown paper bag full of dirty money, just for old times sake?
Brown paper bag when you eat it make sure you count your racks
[Rosetti brown color with adjustable s
Chris brown is a trash a and a trash bag. Don't stan.
I never get bags with an online shop but My veg came in a brown paper bag from . All helps…
🗣Shout Out to Brenda for helping with brown bag day 🍞🥜
Brown bag lunch for our associates...thanks for all you do...0980
Thank you team Passaic for driving brown bag lunch day! I enjoyed giving them out with you guys! Door to door service! ht…
Katherine from the VOA presents Brown Bag Lunch Day. Grilled cheese anyone 😋?!!
Having fun with our associates on Brown bag day..
"Kufufufu.~ I have high expectations from you then.". Upon receiving a brown paper bag, he was cur…
bWb brown bag koozies are now only $10 per set! Order today and get a FREE bWb color koozie included!
No need to start pouring the Paradis from a brown paper bag just yet, I'm sure Leo is working on pla…
Make it a stylish weekend getaway with the new bag in collaboration with
Meet Adeola, the First Black Woman to bag a PhD in Biomed. Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her story wi…
That's looks like Pauline Hanson dirty brown bag 💼 she inherited from the LP
'Schoolwaale dulhaniya lejayenge...'. New school bag, new books, compass box, brown sheets and name stickers with...
.drops new 'Brown Paper Bag' visuals [Watch]-->
That sounds more like Jeremy Corbyn, the man with the charisma of a brown paper bag.
Did they get haircuts or just go in, sit down for a minute and then walk out with a brown paper bag?
—but a thousand Narcissus flowers for you. But he discourages it./. By the way, this is your gift. /He…
Get right witcha. Brown paper bag. Kelly price
I love seungcheol in white, pink, black, blue, gray, brown, even if he wears a plastic bag. Conclusion : I love cho…
Brown Bag AllStars ft Tash of Tha Alkaholiks "11 Steps". (Prod. Kev Brown) is now on
Congratulations Uday Khattar Samuel Edgar for awards from Reagan Library. Asked many questions at Brown Bag lunches.
"I want to be a country doctor," said AIMC Berkeley student Rebecca Riggs, (right, front) at the Brown Bag lunch...
My favorites are Brown Bag in Kirkland and Gourmet Burger in downtown Gig Harbor
Lunch, learn and network! TOMORROW at 12:30 p.m. at the PDEC. SAGE Brown Bag speaker is James Bishop, GT teacher...
Brown leather details add just the right contrast to this sleek grained leather bag with a...…
If you pop a brown paper bag over his head so I haven't got to see his smerking face then maybe but why would anyone watch him?
Unity Woods Yoga Center's brown bag lunch & learn series starts Thursday, and will explore the depths and beauty...
Pretty exciting that i get to brown bag it on the ferry ⛴
Chris brown is gonna win the fight because of his training on the hella nice punching bag he had. Rihanna
Brown bag-it for lunch at the Okanagan Military Museum for a special talk on Jan. 31st
a brown noser knows their a brown noser, Bag lickers need to be told.
Who knew a brown bag could be used to hold so much imagination? Find something to call yours today.
I'll be honest: this will hurt my fast food consumption. In fact I might even brown bag lunch over this or order online.
Banana Tip: when they start turning brown and extra ripe. Peel them and put them in a ziplock freezer bag! They...
Is it normal to be blowing into a brown bag about 3 hours before kickoff? Asking for a friend.
What's the difference between a brown noser and a bag licker. Seems they come pretty close to overlapping ?
so many exciting opportunities when I get back there! Maybe I should just be the Brown Bag cone instead!
Brown Bag today with SF State faculty, Dr. Patricia Miller, talking about Changes in Developmental Theories!. EP 304 @ 12pm
Next ENVS Brown Bag!. Monday Nov. 14th @ 1 pm, SEEC S216. featuring Kelsey Cody, there will be FREE FOOD!!
11/9 CSC Brown Bag is cancelled. Join us next time 12/6 for Dr. Suzanne Dooley-Hash Dept. of Emergency Med
We had a great turnout for our Brown Bag on The Square today! @ Downtown Troy-The Square
hosts a Brown Bag "Lunch & Learn" on 7/21. Learn more about the patent system at this free event:
Check out what Ifound. Authentic brown leather-look bag by Lisa Kay via
Jesus have you heard of the brown bag test. It's racist but that's what is used to gauge who is and who isn't 😁
Upcycled and Reconstructed Brown and Tan Drawstring Bag by Dreamcrafter via
Left brown shoes in a Jo Malone bag on the 7,39am train from Gidea Park to Liverpool Street- how do I c…
First time I got high I spoke to a brown paper bag
In session for today's brown bag session is mosaic group. Here sharing about the 4 Vs of…
SCORE Philadelphia Chapter MeetingPlease Join Us on Monday, the 16th --Bring your Brown Bag
Brown Bag w: Marieme Jamme from as & Jennifer Bresling from welcome participants.
Guitarists Frank and Vinny Raniolo at Hall in Worcester at noon Wednesday in the Brown Bag convert series.
Interested in and in U.S. Cities? Attend our next Brown Bag on Feb 26th 12-1:30!
LEGO news reporters during the Brown Bag lunch workshop using the Pages app to plan out their scripts!
Brown Bag today at Noon in the Spillane Room with Foreign Service Officer, Lucija Straley.
Don't forget to drop by Chi Sig's Brown Bag lunch today in the Russell House SEC Rm. from 12:00-1:00pm!
Brown Bag workshop today 11:30-12:30 room 645, POT, "Improve your Academic Writing: A Review of the Basics" with Dr. Natalie Pope
Brown Bag cookie mold new without tags Puss in by fatjoeyknitwear via
Applying to USPTO? Prof discusses resume submission in CLIP Brown Bag this Monday, September 28th at noon
no matter how embarrassing I used 2 be I never owned a pauls boutique bag
Brown paper bag time to get back to the paper
Pretty paper a cool stamp with the pop.goestheweasel's name and a brown paper bag. Cute…
Conor is 14 today. I have a 14 year old. *breathes into brown paper bag*. In another few years, I can date his mates 😁
My acne makes me wanna put a brown bag over my head and call it good
Brown paper bag we gettin back to paper
If you were unable to attend Aaron Astor’s Brown Bag lecture on his book “The Civil War Along Tennessee’s...
Brown Bag's An Ode To Love is a showcase of comedy acting, we talk to dir. Matthew Darragh
Greg Fox at Brown Bag was a TREAT! Was sorry I couldn't be in the audience the whole, but heard him warming up. Had a good lunch crowd too!
Mark your calendar! August 19th Brown Bag lunch at Rockridge Library in Oakland. Bring a book & a story.
What a crazy awesome weekend! Photos and stories from my book signing at Cherry Street Books & my Brown Bag...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
CHURCH OF THE ADVENT, SPARTANBURG - Book and Brown Bag with The Rev. Debbie Apoldo: The study group has chosen to...
So I've been thinking, what would you think of opening a Brown Bag coffee shop, I'm thinking "StarBags".
What is a Brown Bag & how to use it to spread culture in your company?
Thanks Blaine Kortemeyer & Volunteer Linda Davis for speaking on volunteer retention at our Brown Bag.
Love Stacey Johnston and Jennifer Rios' Peer "Brown Bag" PD idea for problems and solutions!
Should probably go out wearing a brown paper bag over my face its that bad😷
Totally Grateful for all GODs Blessings!!! Shout Out to my Big Patrick Graham-Murphy for making me Purchase a XMAS gift for myself!!! Brown Bag...LV and Norm McDonald and my Lil Chris LaBuff Richardson for sharing the Yes I am deserving and it felt *** Good.spending Rivers Casino money...Tina Hinton call me when u get back Im ready to book ARUBA!!! Happy Holidays.a Wish to you and your Family for a Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year..,What a Year of Blessings and New Experiences for me My God is Good to Me
Beautiful Italian Vintage brown bag reptile by CrochetRagRug via
new Italian Leather Messenger Briefcase Laptop Bag in Honey Brown (7611OLIVE) - Full read by eBay: Price 30.11 USD…
HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! Yes, we still have the MEATBALL SPECIAL every Saturday! $2.50 for a meatball sub! Hurry! You know they sell out during lunch time! Don't forget to grab your coldcuts for the week. Save money on buying kids school lunches! Brown bag lunches are better anyway! & Cheaper. you can spend more money on yourself, or that college fund! ;-)
And someone who didn't appreciate anything I did because I had the nerve to wear weave and be darker than a brown paper bag
I'm at my most 'thug life' when playing Grand Theft Auto drinking Mad Dog 20/20 from a brown paper bag.. *blows finger …
We have a busy month ahead of fun events! Check them out below! *Christmas Parade Float: We will be meeting tomorrow night to work on the Christmas float for the parade! We can definitely use as many hands as possible! Parade is Saturday, December 13th! *Christmas at Moon Lake: Thursday, December 11th - time to be announced *Christmas Cantata and Children's Program - Sunday, December 14th at 11am. *Open House at the Rezeks! Wednesday, December 17th from 6-7:30 pm. *Brown Bag - Saturday, December 20th at 9am. *Christmas Caroling & Soup Supper - Sunday, December 21st at 4:30pm.
Brown Bag seminar Public Administration Institute:Dr. Sarah Giest talks about responsible innovation and the quadruple helix
Institute for Applied Learning Launches Brown Bag Series: The lunchtime sessions give students the chance to i...
This was for lunch too they need to brown bag it
This dude is rolling up a blunt on the metro bus with a brown piece of a brown paper bag.! 
What's great about Sonic? The fact you never have to get out of your car on cold days like today! Stay in, stay warm, and enjoy our Brown Bag Special for $9.99!!! It's 2-2-2 GREAT!!!
Customer appreciation week: Two brown bag specials (cold or hot) $9.50. We appreciate your business and look forward to many years of serving Johnson County! Pulled BBQ Pork sandwich with chips and drink $4.99 Polish Sausage dog with chips and drink $4.99
Place them in a Brown bag with an apple over night then back on the sill... pending three days there in the pan.
Hello all! Tired of making the same old lunches? Now is the time to breathe some new life into your home-made lunches, making you the envy of your office. Come to Brown Bag Lunches for the New Century and learn how to change last night's leftovers into tomorrow's delicious lunch and pick up some tricks to prevent sad and soggy sandwiches and salads. The class will be held from noon to 1pm on Monday, October 13th in Valders 379. Interested? Register here:
Cooking fries out here irritates me czz i ank got de brown paper bag to shake my fries up and season em nice!
West TNASLA: TNASLA and Office of Sustainability are sponsoring a brown bag lunch and learn on October 30th at the Memphis Botanic Garden from 12-1pm. Christine Donhardt will lead a roundtable discussion with participants in the recent Memphis-Shelby County Low Impact Development Competition. Please come prepared to share ideas or knowledge on LID - what you’ve learned through the competition or questions you have for each other. Feel free to bring a lunch as no food will be provided. To start we will hear from speaker Karina Bynum, PE from TDEC’s Water Resources Division. She will present for 10 minutes about the new Permanent Stormwater Manual. She is traveling the state looking for feedback and has requested assistance from TNASLA. Below is a link to the recent draft of the manual as of Sept 18. We encourage everyone to review and comment. TNASLA’s Larry Mizell is a representative on the committee and suggests that the chapter push for LA’s to be involved in this work everywhere that PE’ ...
Just one word about today's free Brown Bag Dance Series performance Wow!
Thanks for coming to the brown bag lunch! It was great seeing all of the parents in room 214!
SELF SABOTAGE Your brown bag isn't as healthy as you think if you pack these deli meats:
WARNING: NEW SONG ALERT. oops did i let the cat out of the brown bag?
Tom-Tom's of Ridgefield was more than glad to have helped out with providing the food for the Brown Bag Network...
I love the use of the brown paper bag idea reinvented into boxes and books. The use of rope string a
THE IMPACT OF PERSONALIZATION! What does your brand have to do with this brown bag lunch? Great story
Done with Brown Bag Fall 2014!! Had to take a group selfie to commemorate the great week with my…
Hey Eileen, love wine? Watch Shatner's new Brown Bag Wine show & the fun that comes w/it.
subway bag on your wrist with an Arizona tea in the brown bag. Plus you got hot Cheetos. I KNOW YOUR SUBWAY ORDER/NEEDS
Did you attend the Charleston Area Alliance's Brown Bag Concert at the Town Center today? If so, fill out this short survey to be entered to win a free parking pass and 4-pack of passes to the museum, film and planetarium.
Happy Friday! Ditch the brown bag lunch and treat yourself to something you're really craving... Like our...
Photo: x by nickstudmuffin featuring a brown shoulder bag
Hi parents! Welcome to our first brown bag lunch!
Have a distinct palette for wine? Watch blind tasters on Brown Bag Wine- would you get it right?
Well more drugs..inhalers..nasal sprays...prednisone...ugh..I will need large brown bag at Walgreens..happy weekend
Killing it at the Brown Bag Dance performance.
via HR "The Boney skeleton tried picking up the candy, but it fell into the wet brown bag".
Thursday at noon, we welcome Constable Alan Rosen to Brown Bag. RSVP Today!
Brown bag lunch Q & A with Book of Mormon cast members Cessalee Stovall (Ensemble) and CK Edwards (Swing) who shared funny stories about a hilarious show!
lmfao!If I didn't have this white paper or brown paper bag then that trip would've been made to the store but I'm in luck 😂😂
girl BAI! U a shade away from passing the brown paper bag test 😂
A Harmony Hill Bank A/C w/ the Greater Building Society. $10K from the brown paper bag deposited in it then withdrawn & given to Libs.
The Lib’s seems to be losing members pretty *** quickly.
You had a long day. Don't worry about packing another brown bag lunch. Let us take care of lunch tomorrow. We are at 11-2
If it's not this white paper it'll definitely be brown paper bag Lmao
Gorgeous white summer mixi with top beaded blouse and brown leather hand bag and golden shoes and go
There is one downtown Hamilton outside a little Brown Bag sandwich place
I'll roll a better joint if u gave a brown paper bag
Like why would you put that big *** orange bag on there it matches NOTHING like can't you make it brown or black ffs
Today the LGBT Caucus & I hosted a Brown Bag Lunch w/Capitol Staff. Great way to get to know each other!
Helpful tip: Hang a crumpled brown bag anywheres outside your house and they will leave
Now that's a headline! Nice double entendre and James Brown ref, all rolled into a brand new bag.
First of all I wanna thank my conneck the most important person with all due respect. Thanks to the duffle bag, the brown paper bag...
stealin all the brown bag virginities I see u
Helpful tips to save money and pack a lunch as we get back into the work/school routine again
omg 😍😍😍 ps I still have never had brown bag ok
Check out the pics on our FB page: City of Austin & AWT "Women to Women" Brown Bag luncheon.
Brown Bag it, Baby Tim Duncan?s new young girlfriend Vanessa Macias wore the ultimate T-shirt to Game 1 of the Western Conference finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, and she made it onto TNT?s ?Inside the NBA? for it.
Looking for something to do during lunch today?! Check out this great Brown Bag lunch talk taking place in ONE HOUR! "Subjects of Desire: Framing the Women's Liberation and *** Liberation Movements in Milwaukee" with Cheryl Kader, Senior Lecturer, Women's Studies and LGBT Studies The Brown Bag will be May 7 in the Women's Studies Conference Room, NWQ 7578!
We had a good turn out for our Brown Bag lunch at the airport today. The ideas we gathered from the Art of Wayfinding video will be very beneficial when plans are drawn up for our county seat. Thank you to CBRA and the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service for providing us with this very valuable tool as we continue our efforts to revitalize downtown Clinton.
Today's "Brown Bag" lunch mssg comes to us from one of my faves Glenn "Doc" Rivers Head Coach
This sandwich won the "Brown Bag" award. Looks great to me :) Diane from Canning and Cooking at Home Pan Bagnat: Le French Tuna Salad Sandwich -waverlyforfood52 Ingredients: 1/2 loaf crusty French baguette 1 clove garlic, cut in half 4-6 basil leaves 1(6oz) can tuna 3/4 cups Nicoise or Kalamata olives, sliced 1/2 cup red bell pepper, seeded and sliced thin 1/2 small red onion, finely chopped 1/4 cup Italian flat leaf parsley, finely chopped 1 jar or can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped (optional) 1/4 cup blanched French green beans, sliced into thirds (optional) 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste PREP THE BREAD: Slice the loaf of bread in half lengthwise. Remove some of the insides of the bottom half to create a trough into which the filling will go. Brush both halves with a little extra virgin olive oil. Rub each with the garlic. Line the half with the trough with the basil leaves. MIX THE S ...
Cheez-its, Arnold Palmer, Malleys, Starbucks, Rice Krispies. Safe to say my lunch for the rest of school will be from the Brown Bag
Good Morning ! I'm jumpin' back on the rescue train today!! I've got to tend to a few things before I go back and stay with my mom and one of those things is FOOD DONATIONS!! I will be headed out to China Springs this weekend to see my rescue babies and I need to take food with me when I go!! I've missed a few adoption events so our funds are pretty low right now. We NEED THESE 2 ITEMS : *PUPPY /DOG FOOD (Purina Puppy Chow/Purina Dog Chow/Ol'Roy complete nutrition-Brown Bag) *WET CAN FOOD- Alpo/prime cuts and gravy/homestyle THIS is what our rescues are used to and do/look and feel great on! we do not turn away any brands of food though (except Ever Pet...we just can't feed ever pet to the babies) The lady that tends to my dogs doesn't just have MY dogs though.and she does this from her OWN pocket.SHE WOULD BE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE IF ANYONE COULD DONATE TO HER AS WELL!!! drop off in Waco is at Acts Church on the corner of 13th and Mary (downtown right off Franklin Ave) Ask for BRI HUDGINS or you can ...
Brown Bag folds up, sells out of BBQ by lunch - Naples Daily News -
Be sure to stop by Dr. Barbara Bickel's "Brown Bag" discussion next Monday at 12 noon in room 3342!!!
One day imma put a root beer bottle in a brown paper bag and walk around school with it and see how many times I get questioned
If 10Bs Means Baba Bola Beats Biola Becos Biola Bought Big Brown Bag. WHAT IS 10Ts? Need to know, good morning my beautiful people.
While Kagome was busy ruffling through her bag Inuyasha slowly grabbed her free hand while gazing into her brown oculars.
"Don't play him cheap, you know he ain't shy" Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, James Brown, 1964
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
one said, "At least put it in a brown paper bag" so if we survived the pig slop stage, they'd "graduate" us to throwing paper bags at us w/
[He takes a brown paper bag, and breathes in it.]
Pennsylvania man uses big brown bag of dog poop as evidence at municipal...
Tbh I'm offended cos what is wrong with chris brown, what's she doing the ball bag
Im paper bag brown yall , its just the winter time doesnt let me be great💁
Don’t know if you are a Long Islander? If you can agree with just a few of the following, you are a Long Islander! You know you are a Long Islander when... ...You are still waiting for the Islanders to win the Stanley Cup (again!) and now would have been a good time. ...You insist you live on Long Island, not in Long Island. ...You don’t call it Manhattan, you call it “the city." ...When people from Manhattan are confused when you say you are going "out east." Technically to them, you already are. ...You pronounce it “Lawn Guy land” ...When you live in Nassau County and are amazed there are no sidewalks in most of Suffolk County. ...When you live in Suffolk County and are surprised there are sidewalks in Nassau County. ...Your grandparents live in Boca (or some other area of Florida) ...You’ve been to a Long Island Ducks Game. ...Everyone seems to be on the LIE at 2am. ...Someone in your family came from Brooklyn or Queens. ...You know all the words to every Billy Joel song. ...You have been t ...
'But man, proud man, Dressed in a little brief authority, Most ignorant of what he's most assured'. Measure 4 Measure htt…
Brown Paper Bag RT“Point to a Wayne verse thats bettter than Stay Schemin or 5 Am in Toronto? I would love to know”
My life just flashed before my eyes... *rapid breaths as I search for a brown paper bag*
Bicycle Commuting Essentials 03-24-2014 @ 12:00 pm: Brown bag your lunch and stop by the City Library, Clemati...
Brown bag money in a duffle bag| it's me slay my two sons in a spaceship while theyre screaming at me I just
Bm Jr, brown paper bag money, dipset 2, forever, get back, cannon the list goes on ..
What are the odds Brett Brown enters the AT&T Center with a bag on his head tomorrow? That said, this game stays closer than most think
brown leather bag the vacation Messina
"I got blood money, straight up thug money. That brown bag under your mattress drug money..."
Suffer from teriminal unquieness when it to her alcocholism thing she is differnt from a brown bag alcoholic!
Tonight's message: Matthew 13; 25-30. There'll be a lot of people missing from heaven, there will. You will have loved ones that you have on this earth that will not make it to heaven. Vs 24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: [25] But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. [26] But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. [27] So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? [28] He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? [29] But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. [30] Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in ...
Gma was the deal put you in a brown paper bag grandma 💔
Louis duffle bag yea that brown case 💼
Brown leather bag, the vacation Messina...
The next Walk, Talk and Weed at Heronswood, in Kingston, WA will be from 10-2pm this coming Saturday, March 29th. My talk will be on the basics of plant identification and then we will put the basics into action during a walk through the garden while admiring seasonal highlights. After a brown bag lunch (we provide coffee, tea and desserts), we are going to attack what we have historically referred to as the Aralia bed in the woodland. Excess plants that we did and do not need go home with volunteers. Plus we will have an assortment of very rare plants for sale between 2:00-2:30. Hope to see you all there. Come to witness and participate in bringing a garden back to life. A 40 dollar donation/person is asked of those who only want to participate in the talk and walk; otherwise there is no charge! Look forward to seeing you there!!!
Never been so excited for a brown bag
Take a long lunch break each Thursday throughout the month of April at 12PM for Brown Bag Poetry Lunch discussions. These meetings will take place in the historic carriage house or, weather permitting, on the front lawn of Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters NHS. Hosted by Ranger Rob Velella.
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: 🌴 Gianni Versace brown crock leather sh. via
Idk why I only buy chex mix for the little brown bagel chips instead of actually buying a bag of bagel chips
Had a late night snack sonic brown bag special with the wife now off too sleep gotta get up early too make that $ for the fam laterz fb gn ppl..
Spent last night in Salt Lake City at an inspiring longaberger consultant meeting hosted by the most gracious Billie Anderson. Lots of laughs, lots and lots of great food, lots of learning and honoring a very special women celebrating 5 years of surviving breast cancer. I was reminded how very special our consultants are - their passion and care for each other, pride for American made and for a company that was started in the little town of Dresden 5 generations ago. Thank you all from those in Salt Lake - as a flew out at sunrise I realized what an amazing city you have - with the snow caped mountains ringing your beautiful town. Hope to see you all soon - and Billie thank you for everything - including my breakfast brown bag - and Joan Jennings Nelson your cookies were a great breakfast treat!
join us at Hess Ice Rink for a great family night of skating, food, brown bag raffle, & silent auction for some unbelievable prizes! All proceeds benefit ongoing medical expenses for a fellow hockey teammate.
"UNLEAN" lunch and learn 11:30am-1:30pm, Thursday March 27th, 9431 Haven, Rancho Cucamonga. Looking forward to seeing as many of you who can participate. (It's brown bag).
Hello everyone! Welcome back to New York! I hope the transition out of spring break mode is going smoothly for you all. Don't forget that this Wednesday, 3/26, is our first Brown Bag lunch with our advisor, Prof. Sara Minard. She has decades of experience in social enterprise, so come hear her thoughts on the sector and where it's headed. Event is 1-2 pm in IAB 402B. Lunch will be served! We have a calendar of exciting events coming up, so check your inboxes for the weekly email! If you're not subscribed to the listserve, join here:
Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Wrap DeLallo Lunch Recipes: Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Wrap Sandwich DeLallo Simply Pesto - Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil & Cheese Creamy, herbed goat cheese is a delicious way to balance the sweet intensity of the sun-dried tomato. Together, with fresh greens and shredded chicken breast, this dynamic duo take quick-and-easy lunch to a whole new stratosphere. Your brown bag never had a recipe so good. Ingredients: 1 (10-inch) flour tortilla Handful spring mix lettuce 3 ounces shredded cooked chicken breast 2 tablespoons soft spreadable herbed goat cheese 2 tablespoons DeLallo Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Directions: For ease of rolling, warm tortilla between two slightly damp paper towels in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Lay tortilla out flat and begin layering ingredients. We begin with lettuce, careful to keep ingredients within the center third of the tortilla. Next, top with shredded chicken, herbed goat cheese and a spoonful of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. Salt and pepper to taste. Fold i ...
Overall an amazing day with the people of God and a great group for Brown Bag Bible Study tonight.
2 Gold Sheet Signature opportunities tomorrow: 1 - Heart and Lung Sounds Brown Bag 11am-12pm in JHS 137. 2- Essential Oils and Wound Care from 6-8pm in the JHS Auditorium. Good luck to anyone taking a test this week.
Like u I saw with that brown bag sometime ago! :)
Dear Fellow Tbirds: We hope that you had a great Spring break and that you rejuvenated your mind, soul, and body. The Africa Business Club welcome you back and wishes you a great success during the second leg of the current trimester. As a club we have lots of activities planned, and we hope to continue toiling hard to achieve our objective which is to create a vibrant, dynamic, and instructive club at Thunderbird School of Global Management. On March 25th, 2014, Ms. Stephanie Riggs will start us off towards that end as she lectures about the impact of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a journalist for CBS, Ms. Riggs traveled in the Eastern region of the DRC to report on a story that is overlooked by mainstream media. Upon her return, she wrote a book titled "Running for Their Lives: The Democratic Republic of Congo". During her presentation, Ms. Riggs will recount her experience during her stays in the Eastern region of the DRC. We mostly hear from business professionals during the ...
This Thursday March 27th is Pastor Mike Allcorn's Team (Brown Bag Clean the Church day) at 9:00 a.m. We need all workers and then some. I will give a courtesy call, e-mail or text to remind you. Thanking all in advance who can be there.
So, did you know you can pop plain corn kernels in a brown bag in the microwave? No butter or salt or chemicals! (The chemicals used on microwave popcorn bags are really bad). No more chemicals or unwanted fat and calories!! Yay!! You can thank me later hee hee😜
I wanted a brown bag, but they wouldn't give me one.
Every Monday, Noon-1PM Try something new during your Monday lunch break. Bring your lunch to Moton and join us for our Brown Bag Lunch Series,
I'm nor one to normally say this, mostly because I'm not one to normally get sick. So here goes- I feel like poop, on a stick, in a brown bag, set on fire, stomped by an elder, wiped off in the grass, baking in the sun, getting blown by flies, and sniffed by dogs.. Puh blarg
FINAL NIGHT! CANT WAIT !! I'm coming with my brown bag..and YES! I'M drawing flowers on it!:)
Dart is doing a Brown Bag for CCI on some of this hidden history in May, I hope you can make it Wayne!
AAPA STUDENT MEMBERS: If you are attending the AAPA meeting in Calgary, you're invited to attend the annual Career Development Session (CDC) – the function of which is to help you prepare for getting a job! This year the session is entitled: “How to Write a Grant Proposal.” Time: Friday, 11 April at 12:00-2:00 (Go ahead and bring you lunch to this Brown Bag) Place: Hyatt Imperial Ballroom 8 Our guest speakers are Drs. Leslie Aiello (Wenner-Gren) and Carolyn Ehardt (National Science Foundation). As you know, both are directors of their respective programs, so they certainly know what they are talking about in regard to you writing a successful grant proposal. Their talks will be followed by Q&A, and subsequent information and advice from members of the CDC. If you have any questions or would like further information about the CDC Session, please contact Joel Irish (J.D.Irishto see you there!
We are doing a March Madness Bracket Challenge! Come in tomorrow for lunch and fill out a bracket! Winner gets free Brown Bag for a week!
"Brown Bag" by Audio Push ... that's the hit right there.
Writing assignment complete Now to put finishing touches on my Brown Bag paper presentation for next week's visit Colgate University Center for Women's Studies.
The White House Initiative on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders invited me to conduct a Brown Bag on social media. I got lots of positive feedback!
You're invited! Come to NRRI to learn how to be a better recycler. We're hosting our first Brown Bag event January 22 at noon. Paper or Plastic? We all know what this question refers to, but what is the best answer? Come find out why disposable bags really are a problem in our community (you might be surprised!) and join the conversation to find a solution! Bag It, Duluth is a group of concerned citizens, community leaders, businesses, and organizations that seeks to engage our community in conversation around the issue of disposable bags. Unlike some of the seemingly large and hopeless problems of the world, such as climate change, the solution might be easier than you think!
Brown Bag it, Baby Nick Saban broke out of his Robo-Saban mode for a second to actually celebrate Alabama?s 38-17 win over LSU on Saturday in Tuscaloosa.
Today's Brown Bag will discuss "Shifting Perceptions: Cross-Cultural Service Learning on the Navajo Nation." See you at noon!
Henry Hugglemonster greenlit for second season - Following its top ratings in the UK, Disney Junior has greenlit Dublin, Ireland-based Brown Bag Films' animated preschool series Henry Hugglemonster for a second season. The new show is expected to create 30 new jobs for Brown Bag's animation studio.Read More
Figures they'd put up the personal trainer Brown Bag episode on a pudding day! I already had my butterscotch pudding- …
Having such a fun day down in German Village...delicious lunch outside at Brown Bag and walk through…
I so love my Bossier Chamber and out Diplomats!!! I had the best time at the Brown Bag today! We missed those that could not be there, but know that you missed a great time! I am loving the opportunity to be the Chair this year, and I love giving Cindy Lubbe, Co Chair, and next year's fearless leader a hard time! Hehehe. Those of you that know me, know that's how I roll! Thank you all so much, and know that I love each and every one of you!
Brown Bag session on our work in Kenya led by Worldreader Operations Manager happening now in office.
Due to some important meetings, Pastor Mark will not be at the Church Wednesday for our Brown Bag prayer group.
For those that can help in Columbus, Brown Bag of Columbus, Ga is flooded. Help is needed right now...people to help move stuff and wet vacs.the address is 1342 17th Street. Right behind Eastern Heights Baptist Church. Any and all help would be appericated! TIA!
Panera Bread, I suppose you're growing on me. You're no Brown Bag deli in El Paso, or Commissary deli sandwiches, or Jimmy Jones, but you'll have to do for a few weeks.
This week’s Brown Bag speakers will provide an overview of the past and current state of immigration law, and the proposals for immigration reform now under consideration. They will then ...
I liked a video Financial Literacy - Brown Bag :15
Brown Bag on New Adult lit with Lunching and learn, here we go (@ Harper Collins Publishers LLC)
France Televisions Distribution has snapped up sales rights to Silvergate Media/Brown Bag animated series Peter Rabbit and Octonauts
Brown Bag. Latte. Have to buy a pot of primer on the way home. A bit taters out but still good for a brisk walk.
Chamber to offer Dale Carnegie preview at Brown Bag luncheon:
Salt Lake County Library is very pleased to present two free performances of the award-winning play "The Mysterious, Happy Life of Brown Bag" on Friday, March 22 at 4:00 & 7:00 p.m. at the Viridian Event Center in West Jordan.
S.A.L.T Singles Ministry will be participating in Brown Bag for the Elderly on this Saturday (Feb. 23) at 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Wear your favorite OBF t-shirt or your S.A.L.T. Ministry tee and come join us for this awesome day of service! We will be meet at the Second Harvest Foodbank at 7:45 a.m. See you there! - The Second Harvest Foodbank is located at: 2501 E. President Street.
Her name meaning “God is Gracious”. Ciana Kamalu o‘nalani Pelekai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is 12 years old. Her passion and love is singing. She has been singing since she was four years old. She also loves to perform. Ciana started taking vocal lessons when she was 6 ½ yrs old. At 7 years old, she was one of the five finalists on a local television show, Hawaii Stars (Keiki edition). At 8 years old, she became the grand champion of the Al Waterson and You Singing Competition in Hawaii. That year she was also a performer in another local contest, Brown Bag to Stardom. July 2009, Ciana had the chance to perform on a nationally televised show, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where she sang her heart out with the version of Etta James’ “At Last.” May 2010, Ciana appeared on the "Maury" talk show where once again, she was able to showcase her talent. Ciana has also been blessed to be able to sing with Jazz artist Michael Paulo. She was one of the top 10 finalists at the All Star Pla ...
The first Brown Bag lunch will be held at the Peninsula Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, March 13 from 11:30 to 12:30. Michele Beaulieu will be presenting information regarding submission of art to galleries and shows via CD. She will cover photography and the computer skills needed to effectively render your art. Bring your lunch to the Arts Center and enjoy this free presentation.
1. You serve as this year's coordinator of our Brown Bag work-in-progress series. What does that entail? The Brown Bag coordinator is responsible for planning the Wednesday lunchtime seminars. Compared to the larger Friday seminars, most presenters are junior scholars, many of them dissertating graduate students and postdocs working on their first manuscript. So my job is to find people doing the interesting and exciting work, and see if they would be willing to talk about it for a couple of hours with the McNeil fellows.   2. Have there been any particularly memorable Brown Bag moments so far this year? Well, one of the most exciting parts of the brown bags for me is when the group conversation hones in on the core of the presenter’s contribution. Since these are all works in progress, many of them have amassed a huge amount of compelling material, but haven’t quite worked out how it all fits together. At its best, the seminar as a whole zeroes in on the shiniest nuggets of the paper ...
Move to Amend - Central Ohio - February Meeting: Saturday, March 23, 12:00 - 2:00 at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W. Weisheimer, Clintonville (Brown Bag). Note - our usual meeting is 3rd Sunday, but due to the church having its annual auction on the 16th, which uses up all the space, we have switched to the 23rd. We'll be discussing follow-ups to TOMORROW'S (2/9) State-wide Affiliate's conference!
Working on my tikka masala recipe today for Brown Bag. Hoping my Bradley class will still be bearable tonight after all that spicy Indian food!
Tomorrow at 11:30 at Starbucks is our first edition of BOOKS THAT MADE A DIFFERENCE. This is a Brown Bag event, so feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee, water, and cookies will be provided. Diana LaViolette, Judge, will speak about the influence of To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and Doug Harms, Professor of Computer Science, who will speak on The Mind's I by Douglas Hofstadter and Daniel Dennett.
2 free shows of Brown Bag in March at the Viridian Event Center is West Jordan. More details to follow!
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2013 1. Yes, there will be service this evening at 6:30 pm. come and be blessed. All members are kindly asked to support this service. 2. Ladies, Friday Feb. 8th, is ladies night out with First Lady Duncan. We will be celebrating her birthday at the Bistro J restaurant. If you wish to hang out with the ladies please signup with the GAB team at the back. 3. February 9-10th has been set aside to honour our Bishop, Lady Duncan & Family for 13 years of pastoral ministry and 5 years as our Administrative Bishop. HERE ARE THE. "Celebratory Events" Luncheon-- Saturday, February 9th at 1 pm (Goodwin C. Smith Hall)--$35.00 Celebratory Service---Sunday, Feb. 10th at 11 am Guest Speaker:- Apostle L.A. Anderson Sunday Feb 10th at 6:30 pm Theatrical Production "Let The Church Say Amen" Monday Feb 11th through to Wednesday Feb 13th, 2013 at 7 pm nightly REVIVAL SERVICES---"WARFARE-COLOGY" Guest Speaker:- Bishop George Bloomer 4."Greater" Women For Christ ministry will having a "Brown Bag" Side walk ...
FYI Brown Bag Lunch is a professional development seminar offered through Chamber University. Bring your brown bag lunch to this one-hour seminar, designed for today's businessmen and women and built to fit into busy schedules. Tomorrow's FYI Brown Bag is presented by Angela Belford, The Belford Gro...
Boo's Brown Bag, has been trying & trying to distribute their flyers since opening on January 14th, but it has rained, snowed, or been cold most days, throw in President's Day & four weekend days when the street traffic is sparse ... and there you have it ... so in order to generate a little love for the Bag, Boo is offering for today only, a free Boo's Brown Bag lunch special to the first person that comes up to Boo smiling & says "I love me some Boo's Brown Bag" I will be there between 11:15 a.m. & 2 p.m. today, and the third person, who says the same thing (and has a huge smile), gets a free killer brownie, made by Brownies by Theresa . Okay for the second one, I will throw in a Snickers bar & small YooHoo drink ...
I have been asked by my family to begin a list of what I am doing in the area of scholarship. I have 32 publications and cannot list them all right now but I will begin and try to add them as I go along. Presented a Brown Bag presentation to the College of Nursing as part of Cultivating Inquiry Sessions for the College of Nursing and Health Professions. My presentation was on Statistics : Common Mistakes. Feb 24th 2012 Co-Authored with Phyllis Skorga Immediate vs delayed reconstruction following surgery for breast cancer: Cochrane Nursing Care Summay. www.breastcancer care org. uk. pg 15-17. (This is in Australia) This is a part of the Cochrane Collaboration effort to provide reviews and is done under the authority of Cochrane Collaboration Nursing Care Field. Co- Authored with Phyllis Skorga . 2011 Motocycle Rider Trainning for the Prevention of Road Traffic Crashes: A Review Synopsis My graduate students won first, second and third prize for research at the Sigma Theta Tau Research Day March 31 ...
Was gonna hop in the ACT LIVE jet to make it up to Rochester to see my homies in Brown Bag at Dub Land but it's too *** cold in Philly, the engine keeps stalling...wish I was there, have fun fellas!
Coming to our Brown Bag lunch tomorrow at Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity? Make sure to RSVP!
Geri Halliwell's voice to haunt your children's dreams. Brown Bag productions responsible.
The best thing in Golden Gate is Brown Bag
Welcome to the birth of a new year for the Pick of the Brown Bag. This week it's All-Star Western, Batman Beyond Unlimited, Batman: Dark Knight, The Flash, Hellboy, Justice League Dark, Superman, The Teen Titans and Vampirella Strikes.
Doc McStuffins a hit for Brown Bag => It's a hit in our house too. Well done
Trending: Doc McStuffins a hit for Brown Bag via
That's why were called the Brown Bag. Nuttin Fancy, in fact old school. The Foods speak for themselves. The FDA didn't require fancy. They required Clean, Safe and Protected Foods. Maybe one day We'll be fancy NOT! Here to Save You not Cost you more. Come See for yourself.
I always felt like Brown Paper Bag should have been a longer song
AKATAS are "Brown Lunch Bag" people..,they are not Africans n not American...They jus float around like bad breathe,.,
I'd hit it.with a brown bag special. *Budum TIIING*
Get that brown bag and i skate off like im tony hawk.
Dancing with little one to Brown paper bag - brill start to morning - Thanks
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Poor Pete. I suggest he plays Brown Paper Bag by Roni Size on his next show. Won't make Villa any better but it's worth an airing
Put the green in the middle like you packing a blunt And get it in a brown bag like you packing a lunch
Here is the Prologue of my new series "Free Fallin" Prologue: There is nothing better than this. Laying on the beach. My name is Autumn. I'm 18 years old and I'm originally from Texas. I came out to LA for college. And kinda starting a new life. At home I left a crappy boyfriend, all the drama, my best friend, and my parents. Man, I miss my parents and my friend--only friend. I have my earphones in my ears that are hooked up to my iPod. My sunglasses cover my green eyes. My blonde hair, well dirty blonde, is in a messy bun on the top of my head. I lie there and try not to think about home much. I decide to go out tonight. I sit up and look around. I see a group of 2 or 3 guys looking over at me. I roll my eyes. Thank God they didn't see it. I pick up my beach bag and towel. I throw on my white strapless sun dress and my flip flops. I grab my keys out of my bag. I walk down the beach and see some boys playing frisbee. I continue walking when a sharp pain enters my temple. My hand flies up to it. A shadow c ...
As the end of our first full year concludes, with recent brief forays into print, installation and event, and the inevitability of the changing nature of our online content, we thought it fitting to share with you one last time those who have caught our eye in 2012. In the spirit of the festive seas...
Im finna go look for a brown paper bag since mark aint got no relo ,
lol what? Ur one to talk.. "Miss I'm getting paper bag brown while I eat my chicken and drink my drink"
sitt'n here catch'n up wit Brown this *** putt'n me right back in my bag
Lmfao aye they gave us the BIG BROWN BAG !
CM Punk gets an jobber entrance with a brown paper bag. what.
sipping out of a brown paper bag, Geena :)
I got the Same AJ Styles DVDs In my brown bag Special
Me and my brown paper bag with a burrito and capri sun
I need to relax... but I'm thinking about something nice. ._. *breathes in brown paper bag*
Friendly reminder that Brown Bag is closed all this week. We will resume our regular business hours the first...
Thanks for tha duffle bag tha brown paper bag tha Nike shoe box for holdin all these cash...
Looks like I've got the perfect leverage. $500 in a brown paper bag or the Kindle gets it!
Put your pant's in that brown paper bag as soon as you walk in the door.
Yo daddy used to drink 40s out a brown paper bag with a Jheri Curl and a flannel... Talkin bout some "Sho yuh right"
I'd rather drink my beer in a brown paper bag
Bin collections back to normal today.
Radar trap, Barney fife, don't hold that brown bag up too high
I just one-handed a bag of brown sugar falling from the cupboard, so, Master Kan, about that pebble ... It's time for me to go, you say?
Nothing special! I pressed cranberries and pom. seeds together in a ziploc bag w/ water... then added the mix to the lemonade.
Gone with the Wind - light brown Art Bag of thick cotton/hemp fabric and my waterproof fabric art print on This tote bag is made of organic hemp and
Check out this great item: Sonoma Life + Style Kohl's corduroy hobo bag brown paisley shoulder bag NWOT
Ten easy and healthy brown bag lunches. Great ideas for work!
This Dude at the store Today gave me his Number on a brown paper bag & gone say "Call me" Lol
Imean the whole 9yards hair done , nails done, lashes did, brown eyes in, clean sht looking like a bag Of MONEY.LOL
Sarah Kerby Hey mamas, any natural deterrents to Spiders? I have heeeaps in my house, including white tails, and I don't want to use any nasty chemicals (or get bitten) as I'm pregnant! Thanks for any help!
These Madden Girl Boots are still available! $24, regular price was $70. They are the ones in the bottom of the post.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The grocery ads came today. I took a brief look at them and tossed them. There's no need to go shopping for a while! Im grateful that we were able to stock up on some great sales over the last couple of months.
DAMNIT!!! I already had my chipotle burrito earlier today... and now my girlfriend invites me to go out and watch Django?! *** am I supposed to do during the movie without my chipotle? Should I get another burrito? srs
We had tenderloin with a mushroom sauce for Christmas dinner but I didn't take any pictures! What's for Dinner? Ally's Kitchen had tenderloin, too, and posed a great question. What do you like to do with the leftovers? All ideas welcome! Then pop over Ally's way and check out her latest might see a familiar face or two!
"I've just gotta face my paint black." 1. Ok it sounds stupid now, and I have no idea what it was about, but I swear it was hilarious in the moment. 2. Stupid quote number two of the week: "We have matching cancer!". Again...I have no idea why this was said. 3. Did I already tell you guys that the family in Montpellier that we were teaching got baptized last week?? YAY! 4. This week my comp didnt understand one of our amis who was curious about how baptism worked, and when he asked if they do baptisms unclothed, she said yes, and then when he asked if he could wear underwear, I could tell she hadnt understood the word underwear or the sentence before, so I quickly re-answered his questions. SO funny. 5. Lately we have been walking up to people on the street asking them what the spirit of christmas is, or what christmas means to them. The answeres we have gotten so far include, "lights, gifts (like a million times) and family". NO ONE has said anything about Jesus. What is this world coming to? Oh yea ...
Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU residents, friends, neighbors and businesses of North Mason and beyond... YOU have helped keep the doors of North Mason Resource open and those of us inside working to assist those in our community in need of stabilizing their lives. Perhaps they fell behind in a water bill, an electric bill or they have received an eviction notice. They have come to NMResource to find a solution to their predicament. NMResources is able to assist them in finding the best solution to their immediate need along with counseling on how to best stabilize their finances next month. With the help of the Community Food Pantry the homeless and the hungry come to our pantry doors for sustenance where they are met with a smile and a welcome to come in and shop the pantry for foods they prefer. Volunteers offer them a brown bag lunch if they are hungry on the spot and once fed their weekly needs are cared for and sometimes that is in addition to food a friendly ear to know services are needed or maybe ...
I just used to discover Brown Bag by Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones.
first of the year, if you get the jones for some great house made food ~ head on out to Boo's Brown Bag ~ now hiring front of house staff - familiarity with Micros is a huge plus ~ bob~ opening January 2nd in the lower Fan, 1201 West Main Street free deliveries starting February 4th
TODAY! At 12:15pm in 339A Fawcett: You are all welcome and encouraged to come sit in on this Brown Bag--it is an I/O Psych topic this week! Dr. Mark Suazo, College of Business, Wright State University Presentation Title: The impact of autonomy on the behavioral outcomes of psychological contract breach
We are so excited to support the Office of Multicultural Affairs-WSU, Empty Bowls Project: Social Justice Fundraiser on Friday from 11-1! You can also learn more about URM at the Brown Bag discussion at 2p, also on November 30 at WSU! Thank you for your continued support of URM and we hope you will all support Wichita State University as we work to help those in need in our community!
Join the Wisconsin Women's Network on Thursday, December 13th at Noon for a "Women on Topic" Brown Bag discussion with Amy Gannon! Amy is an Assistant Professor and Faculty Director of the Internship and Career Development programs in the School of Business at Edgewood College. Amy is also the co-founder of the Doyenne Group, a Madison-based organization that supports women as they develop themselves as entrepreneurs.
The Pick of the Brown Bag this week looks at Animal Man, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Creator Owned Heroes, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Green Lantern, Smallville, Swamp Thing and World's Finest. Let me begin however with a final analysis of the 2012 Presidential Race.
COLUMBUS GA and Phenix City MC Community! Stunnas, Columbus GA Chapter is hosting a flag football tournament this Saturday, November 17th!! 9am- until at Strayer University on Veterans Parkway. Get your team together! Each team costs only $25 and the proceeds will go to Brown Bag of Columbus to purchase food for families this Thanksgiving! WHO WILL WIN THE TROPHY THIS YEAR!?!!
Happy 30th to Brown Bag free concerts. New year kicks today at noon at Mechanics Hall and live on Berklee's Bryce Milano.
Our next Brown Bag event will be next Thursday, November 15th at H-GAC, 3555 Timmons. We will host Mr. James (Jim) Hill and Mr. Joe Webb to discuss Blueprint Houston. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Great night tonight at Wonder bar! Starting with Heather Horton playing her soultry brand of americana music. followed by Lonie Walker and her Big Bad *** Company Band rocking jams till 130 and then we have the Chi-Town Get Down on both floors featuring Fibonacci, Shapes & Colors, Brown Bag and in the Wonder Lab we have Vapor Eyes, Deuce Funk Monsters (DFM), and RamZ: Burlesque will be performed with Millie May and friends around 1230 downstairs!!! Tonight we have something for everyone!
The Pick of the Brown Bag looks at All-Star Western with Jonah Hex, Batman: Dark Knight, Doctor Who/Star Trek, The Flash, Justice League Dark, Lookouts, Red Sonja, Superman, Talon and Wolverine. And we bestow the Tiara of Sphincterhood on an unsuspecting *** for the week.
This is one of them 40oz in a brown paper bag nights!
spotted with a brown paper bag & *** already knew the Loso was I that bad? lol
Someone told me that I had a face for radio, so I told them that they had a face for a brown paper bag.
Daddy brought home a brown bag with clinking bottles inside from work. I already know what it is (;
Great Lunch Sales!!! People get lazy towards the end of the week, so they don't Brown-Bag, they buy my Sandwiches!!! :-) I love Mo' Money!!!
Then he dragged me to *** to buy boxing gloves because I've beaten up my hands from killing the punching bag :-/ thanks papa brown
Just found a 24 hour bowling lane. What's the ruling on bringing my own brown bag pb&j to snack on?
That's why on the back of a brown paper bag he tried another poem
I hope AL BROWN has this in the bag!!!
Upcycled grocery bags become origami flowers
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