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Brothers Johnson

The Brothers Johnson is a band consisting of American musicians and brothers George aka 'Lightnin' Licks' and Louis E.

Strawberry Letter 23 Johnson Brothers Louis Johnson Shuggie Otis Michael Jackson Marvin Gaye Chaka Khan Gap Band Rick James Billie Jean George Clinton Public Enemy Con Funk Shun

This is also, not the first time Rian Johnson (brilliant writer that he is) shortcuts his storytelling like this. B…
I forgot that Rian Johnson was the director of Brick and The Brothers Bloom.
My great-grandfather Will Johnson worked 5 years in Cumbrian iron mine in the 1890s. Met my gran there, her brother…
Rachel Johnson is a member of the Liberal Democrats. She is nothing like her brothers, certainly not right wing.
Each of Rian Johnson's films — and one of his Breaking Bad episodes — represent building blocks in a career that is…
Brothers Bloom is also the other funny Rian Johnson film.
Brothers Bloom gets more into the themes of "the importance of flawed stories" that's core to The…
Johnson Brothers crushed it tonight singing the national anthem at the Stars hockey game. They'll be sharing...
Also Brothers Bloom and Looper. . Basically just watch anything Rian Johnson does.
I just thank God he has my brothers. If I failed anywhere in life, it was making Tevin their Daddy…
This might change depending on my mood but here's how I currently place Rian Johnson's 4 films (I love them all, gr…
A huge thank you to our wine donation for this year's keystone event from the United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama! W…
Vintage tea cups yellow and white tea cups, Johnson Brothers pottery coffee espresso demi
i should get around to Brothers Bloom, the Rian Johnson middle child
Happy birthday to the one and only Dr. . Watching the Johnson Brothers grow up to be the men that they ar…
Brothers in school telling me, always in the barber shop. Joe Johnson ain't bout this, Joe Johnson ain't bout that. M…
Playing rad track from the 80s: Stomp by The Brothers Johnson.
Your brothers and sisters were buried so people could kneel. Dont discredi…
Who said we didn't care about her brothers?…
She clearly feels hurt that her brothers lost…
I thank your brothers and sisters- because of them we have the FREEDOM OF…
Time for some real fall dishes..the brown ones. Johnson Brothers Historic America, Mikasa Italian…
Michael Gove has just said that he and Boris Johnson are 'Brothers from different Mothers'!. Does that make them a right pair of ***
"I'm 100% Canadian". -Jeremy, 19, has only been to Canada once to black out with his frat brothers
This is another rare gem: You keep me comin' back by The Brothers Johnson on your funkloped…
Me too mate but to me he is an overrated egotist *** up there with Bono and Sting!! Stick to Brothers Johnson mate!
It has nothing to do with you or your brothers & sisters!
D-Day Hero Dies Donald Malarkey was one of several members of Easy Company portrayed in TV Series 'Band Of Brothers'
Good seeing my juco brothers last night!
My brothers and sisters are buried while this song plays, can someone help me understand this…
But yet YOU Keep saying THEIR way is not right. 🤔😑 Because ur brothers n s…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ayn Rand died too soon How she would love Johnson and all his soul brothers
Celebrity returns to the music studio as she confirms romance with Chad Johnson is still
Perspective. In 10/16, the Koch brothers flooded Wisconsin with pro Johnson ads. Johnson was way ahead in Septembe…
So funky, Rick James, Brothers Johnson, and George Clinton would be envious
Stomp - Brothers Johnson. Thanks to I'm now set up for the day.
No disrespect to the Brothers Johnson but Strawberry Letter 23 is a missive best delivered by Shuggie Otis.
"Strawberry Letter 23" is a BAD jam. Think I'm gonna have to listen to Right On Time soon. Love me some Brothers Johnson.
Oh yeah! Easy one. Brothers Johnson all the way w Strawberry Letter 23. They funka-fied it & made it Old School classic!
Stomp! (Deep&Disco Rework) - Brothers Johnson is playing now on
on Actual Radio Stomp by Brothers Johnson - Local for
I added a video to a playlist Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 • TopPop
In addition to Heatwave: "hits for Chaka Khan and Rufus, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, the Brothers Johnson, and Klymaxx."
That YouTuber Slayd5000 (with the Brothers Johnson version) has the mother lode of extended 70s and 80s disco records.
Hurrah! Also - Hooray! All of this plus music from Brothers Johnson, Dusty Springfield, PJ Harvey, & Dexys...
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 • TopPop.. Watching Jackie Brown ... Tarantino has the pulse
Do you remember Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson? We're playing it now on SilverCloud FM!
Everybody who's hip to the Brothers Johnson, knows Louis "Thunder thumbs" Johnson has always been one of the best...
Even got some Brothers Johnson, Gregory Porter,Teddy Pendergrass and Harold Melvin in there!
Johnson Brothers Teapot white with blue Devon Cottage (1.2 L) NWT at
Johnson Brothers Teacups and Saucers Hearts & by acornabbey via
To all my Indian brothers and sisters! .
2 Huntsville brothers arrested in connection with drug trafficking operation: Marcus Wayne Johnson, 35, and Charles…
Johnson Brothers Engadine china: About 40 pieces of Engadine China including three sizes of flat…
It's with great sadness to learn today that we have lost one of our Stats Brothers Doug Johnson He will be missed RIP DougieJ
Listen to Brothers De Soul - Anthony Hamilton Cover by Lo Johnson on
Hey Q Fans! We've got great tunes coming up by Peter Frampton, the Brothers Johnson, Bruce Springsteen and more!
“Get On The Floor” was co-written by Lewis Johnson of Brothers Johnson and Michael Jackson. https:…
I gave up in the 70's after the Starland Vocal Band was voted best new artist over Boston and the Brothers Johnson.
Listen to Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 by Cleopatra Records on
No code, just trying to get past Brothers Johnson, Jaco Pastorius, Larry Graham, etc.
8 months ago we lost the world's best bassist/Louis Johnson/originally of the Brothers Johnson/played bass on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.
The great Ben Johnson is right, both he and Oates were the Gorch brothers-maybe their best work.
My brothers are having their first sleepover. 😅
Johnson Brothers cup with fine china set NEW Made in England at
Always foolin when I see my brothers from the 806
That scene in the police station & outside is so good. 'We're brothers of Brother Johnson.'
Its crazy how long its bn the me and my brothers took pics together but I love these dudes past death although we...
7⃣2⃣ Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson. Would have been cool if this song was 22 or 23 on the 1977 year end chart.
Snowhite Regency oval serving dish by Johnson Brothers
New Photo of Dakota Johnson with her mother and brothers 😊 (via IG )
I added a video to a playlist The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!
Listen to Strawberry Letter 23: The Very Best of the Brothers Johnson by The Brothers Johnson on
Stevie Johnson, Dontrelle Inman and Malcom Floyd said yesterday "we lost 2 brothers" ( Jones was released, Keenan Allen…
It goes my ugly asf older brother then the two good looking younger brothers. Me and Brody are 🔥 and keldon is 🚮🚮
you should find out if Paul Johnson and Donavan Johnson are brothers
Stevie Johnson sprints to Malcom Floyd. These guys are like brothers
I have a request, if you are! Can you play Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson?
My brothers gonna be 14 in a couple months ***
When you buy a pre-owned certified from Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln, you know you’re covered and can...
Nick Ashford and the Bass player from the Brothers Johnson
♫I'll Be Good to You by The Brothers Johnson, from with LiveLyrics®
New music by my 2 little brothers and !You probably have been hearing this track in my sets 🔥🔥🔥.
It is Double Birthday Day at Johnson Brothers. Happy birthday to Dave Horn & Robert LaFond. Dave has been with...
The primary objective is always the same. Hire new people. I nominated Dan and Cliffs recently. The Johnson Brothers...
Congratulations to our Dekes of the Week: Brothers Nate Pearl Nolan Auerbach and Jaylen Johnson
Great music coming up this hour from the Greg Kihn Band, Martha & the Vandellas, the Brothers Johnson and much more!
It's almost worth it just for Across 110th St by Bobby Womack and Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson
The second was this song. Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter
My Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify is so weird. Brothers Johnson, Esthero, Melissa Etheridge, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and the Troggs?
I liked a video from Jackie Brown OST-Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson
Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson from the album: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best…
It's ok to look up to the greats.. Mine are Jimi, Bootsy, Brothers Johnson and Jay Z. My music is…
Brothers Johnson vs. B.IG. vs Ludacris - JACKIE BIGGIE LUDA by Wick-it the Instigator via
The Brothers Johnson to start this lovely first day of the month.
Happy Anniversary to David Johnson and Shawn Reid. Thank you for your dedication to North Brothers Ford.
johnny : I was told someone on a flight new York I was in the band Brothers johnson, also once has ralph lamb as my best man!!
I'm listening to "I'll Be Good To You" by The Brothers Johnson on Pandora
Thankful for all of my brothers regardless if they wit us or not... Thank…
abit tipsy but i wanted to show my barber appreciation him out at The W alongside his two brothers Bernard...
Idk Tyler that well, but the Johnson Brothers are my favorite lol
Congrats to my brothers at johnson boys bbq on the purchase of their first trailer and the expansion of their business.
"Stomp! - Single Version" by The Brothers Johnson from The Very Best Of The Brothers Johnson Don't it fe…
Think you can help me get him in a movie where he, Jake Johnson and Oscar Isaac play a team of brothers doing...anything?
My recap of day two at Warner Brothers studios for Media Days:
The Brothers Johnson with Get the funk outta my face
I added a video to a playlist Bass line: Brothers Johnson - Smilin' On Ya
I added a video to a playlist Mista' Cool - Brothers Johnson
Louis Johnson of Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson bassist, dies at 60
Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson is one of the RARE covers that are better than the original.
Strawberry Letter 23” by Brothers Johnson is my new jam. ♫ Listen:
Louis Johnson, Bassist and Singer for the Brothers Johnson, Dies at 60
Louis Johnson of the Brothers Johnson dies at 60
Louis Johnson, founding member of funk band the Brothers Johnson and an in-demand bassist who appeared on Michael Jackson
Love this dude! Sits right next to George Duke, Con Funk Shun and the Brothers Johnson :) Having a groovy sunday over here!
Hi Glenn I love the show,can you please play Brothers Johnson-- Stomp,& Raydio--Jack & Jill or Zoom by Fat Larry. Cheers
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 1977. "Hello, my love. I heard a kiss from you" 😍 love this *** song!
Decades later and it still bugs me that Darryl Strawberry didn’t wear the number 23 or have the Brothers Johnson as his at-bat music.
It's like Tina Turner fronting the Brothers Johnson only better. Chantal Claret's Bite Your Tongue
Hear the Brothers Johnson play their hits "Strawberry Letter 23" and "Get the Funk Out Ma Face" in this 1980 concert.
Had an entertaining, random conversation with a man on Frenchmen St. about the Brothers Johnson. It was a good night.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Time for some Strawberries...22 of them!. Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 1977: via
If you walk by and don't see me, I'm gonna be with my baby...Strawberry Letter 23! Sing it, Brothers Johnson!
Watch the new film Koch Brothers Exposed: '14' for free Jackson County, TN . Johnson County, TN . Knox County, TN
I'm listening to "Stomp!" by The Brothers Johnson on Pandora
Check out what I found. Summer Chintz Gravy Boat and Saucer Stand Johnson Brothers via
Johnson Brothers held for trial in multiple burglary counts and conspiracy in Sutter Co. They also face charges in Yuba and Placer
“Jeremiah Johnson” is also the greatest Coen Brothers script of the 1970s.
Watch our latest summer video — this one about the brothers Johnson. And bank robbing.
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!: via my inspiration to help register voters. Day and night for better outcome.
Ayyy! Darius Khalil Gordon happy 25 birthday! I still remember the day we became brothers winning trophies for...
We think you're on to something with this. Long lost brothers, perhaps.
The Almighty Johnsons (2010-2013) 3 Seasons [15] [New Episodes] Inside each of the Johnson Brothers beats the hear...
Remember this baby before u use Johnson n Johnson. Boycott Israel product. And dua for our brothers n sister of
The Splash Brothers were at it again tonight 💦💦💦
I wish my brothers could learn to leave my stuff alone. -_-
We're grateful for the continued support of & Johnson Brothers of Nevada, Inc. $7,500 = 22,500 meals!
Capped my summer off with a Ban Johnson Championship, now time to get to work with my brothers at Longivew
Jack and Jack are brothers but from the same mother but not father! Thats why one is Johnson and the other is Gilinky
The brothers just made Rian 'Looper' Johnson's head hurt with Plus Sarah Snook is brilliant as Edward Furlong.
Vintage Johnson Brothers set of 6 cups and saucers by mermaidwatch via
Chad and Marci had a fun filled evening supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County at their annual...
Johnson Brothers collectible plate with gold trim Highly by EMTWTT via
Complementary tasting this Sat 1-4pm with Johnson Brothers. Featured will be 20% off Sat.
Gotta love service industry! Johnson Brothers Wine Tasting going down at the Moana Surfrider. More…
Tomorrow by The Brothers Johnson is so chill. I love that track.
Can't wait to see my two brothers tomorrow.
Listening to the Brothers Johnson while trying to get through very frustrating (ugh I should have picked up ALUCARD instead of this sprite person) Level 6 of Castlevania 3. That's how my night went from OK to awesome after the Rebecca Lynn Chambers went to bed. Man, BART took so long she was all ready to sleep because she had to work today and she didn't laugh at my joke about how she looks like some kind of Native American Raver in her bedtime underwear. THAT IS GOLD. Gold wasted on a tired lady. Thanks a lot BART.
In the immortal words of the Brothers Johnson, “Get the funk outa my face”. . I mean this in a good way.
by the Brothers Johnson . Funk is a kind of music
NowPlaying Running for your loving - Brothers Johnson
I'm listening to Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson on
To the lady in the silver Ford Escape who gave me the strangest look while I was throwing down my "air slap bass solo" along with Louis Johnson on the Brothers Johnson's "Stomp" while we were sitting in traffic: GET OVER YOURSELF! IT'S FUNKY FRIDAY!! 😊😊😊😊
Strawberry Letter 23 LYRICS by Brothers Johnson from "Jackie Brown" soundtrack. Read song lyrics, watch music video, get ringtone, mp3
And, James Ingram & the Brothers Johnson? That show must have been a killer.
I am listening to Stomp! on Earth, Wind & Fire Radio. instrumentals are FREAKISHLY SICK IN THIS SONG 😏
your two biggest fans (little brothers), "Shady" and "McCoy" are excited to watch you go off tonight.
" look smart. Sorry its just I never see you looking smart" was my brothers reaction. Excellent, I have...
Always determined to make something out of myself...and here I am a U.S. Navy sailor salute to my brothers and sisters in uniform...
Watch my brothers submission video. Vote and share please friends!!!
this music for free at Brothers Johnson - Stomp Brothers Johnson - Stomp Brothers Johnson - Stomp
The Brothers Johnson live in 1977... Valhalla...Your Music Jukebox. 5 Channels covering all era\'s of Rock from Elvis to Lady Gaga. Please Subscribe!
"Yes they're brothers of Brother Johnson. And we're not leaving until we're certain that he's receiving proper medical care." 😕
Johnson Brothers Dinnerware - BONUS SAVINGS. Save up to 70% Off Dinner Plate, Soup Bowl, Mug, more
side note: I also like original Shuggie Otis version of "Strawberry Letter 23" better than Q produced Brothers Johnson version
The Brothers Johnson is a band consisting of American musicians, and brothers, George ('Lightnin' Licks') and Louis Johnson ('Thunder Thumbs').
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Maybe tomorrow: (Scott Johnson) Phil Everly — the younger of the Everly Brothers — died yesterday ...
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter Music from the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction is the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film Pulp Fiction. No tradi...
Rian Johnson also did The Brothers Bloom. V different but worth checking out of you like con artist movies.
All I got is my mom and my brothers
I will say it again. I really am a 70s Guy. I really wish I lived my 20s then. - The Dress Code - The Colors - The expression freedom - Blondie, B,Gees, Brothers Johnson, Chic, Gaye, Jackson, Smokie, The Carpenters. - The Music - Also known as NUMBERS, Dj do you have that number? - The Discos - The sensually sexy women - Oh yeah, the Girls Bands, could play their own instruments. (A Taste Of Honey) - Had real Hips and *** too. - The Movies (just watch MGM or remember the Saaturday Movies on ZNBC) THE SIMPLICITY! Just look at your parents Teen and early adult pics. Nice. You will hide yours from your kids. Popping peace signs with Savanahs all round while doing duck faces. Before I Die I Just need a flash back!
Come on... Best guitar riff of all time!
Charles Davis will be helping Gus Johnson tonight with the call of the Cotton Bowl,Brothers getting it done with...
I motivated my brothers and that we never divide NO. .
listening to brothers Johnson Strawberry Letter 23 I wanna hear rap over this beat for some reason
Watch the video «The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23» uploaded by DemonPreyer on Dailymotion.
Bound Brook is still without the Glasgow brothers and heavyweight Michael Johnson.
Best of Brothers Johnson (20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection): Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 s...
Brooks Brothers in Miami is playing the JJ Johnson/Kai Winding album. Major props!
Johnson Brothers enjoying our h50 tour
Getting in arguments with my mom makes me feel like my brothers always betray me lol she tells me they always talk about me.
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Check out our job opening for a Orlando Retail Sales Representative in Orlando, FL! Johnson Brothers Liq
don't be out here callin people *** when your mama's still not sure which of the 3 Johnson b…
Watch the video «The Brothers Johnson - Stomp» uploaded by MrMistery007 on Dailymotion.
The Brothers Johnson performing this single from their "Look Out For No.1" LP live on stage.
Playing Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson off a red vinyl 12 inch bought on a street in Mexico. As you do. Courtesy
After the concert, at Angellos Ioannis Malefakis urging, David, his brother Robert Del Tredici and Felix Del Tredici went for dinner at "Clyde Fraziers Wine and Dine." This is the restaurant of NY Knick basketball legend, Walt "Clyde" Frazier and Angellos had one of the best burgers he has ever had - a turkey burger! It was a wonderful get together. A little pricey! However, the turkey burger is highly recommended! As for the restaurant itself, please read the NY Times review, "It is Godzilla in chinchilla, this debonair beast of a restaurant that presides over the far West Side, sprawling the length of a city block. Marvin Gaye and the Brothers Johnson are on the soundtrack, leopard spots and cowhide on the walls. This is Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine, a cult of personality built around Walt Frazier, known as Clyde, a notorious sartorialist and National Basketball Association Hall of Famer, now a Knicks color commentator with a penchant for effervescent Seussian rhymes. At the restaurant, Mr. Frazier i ...
Lets start a Brothers Johnson cover band. We'll open every show with "Land of Ladies" and close with "Strawberry Letter 23"
Yay! Brothers Johnson on the stereo! Good music makes everything better, even shopping. (@ Sprouts Farmers Market)
Brothers Johnson 'Light up the night' playing right now. .
Do me a favor and listen to The Brothers Johnson
Get the funk outta my face by Brothers Johnson will be played at my funeral. Troll level 1,000
Everyone stop what your doing and listen to this bad *** strawberry letter by Brothers Johnson it's pretty beast
8b4f2a9. ♫ Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson
It's a shame that your blind rage is so totally misplaced, like the Brothers Johnson said "Get the FUNK out my FACE!"
I liked a video The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!
My favorite song from my Aunts' and Uncles' generation "Stomp" by The Brothers Johnson. Just a true…
As much as I love The Brothers Johnson version, whenever I hear Shuggie Otis' original Strawberry Letter 23 out in the wild I'm *impressed*.
I mean I fux wit The Brothers Johnson too don't get me wrong
Strawberry Letter 23. Such a tune - be it the Brothers Johnson version or the original
I'm listening to Strawberry Letter by Brothers Johnson on Groove at via
in honor of my "Little Bro" Doug Nosler as he "Glides" into the big 5-0!!! Never forget "we want the Funk Gotta have the Funk" Much Love-Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Earth Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, War, Tower of Power, The Commodore.s, Rick James, Raydio, Parliament Funkadelic, Johnny Guitar Watson,Pleasure, Bar-kays, Cameo, Brothers Johnson, Kool & the Gang, Slave, Faze-O, Maze, Featuring Franky Beverly, Brick, Con Funk Shun, Dazz Band, Ojays, Teddy P. Chaka Kahn, BlowFly, Public Enemy, Sugarhill Gang-Prince & Michael And of course, the Man who brought it all to us, layed it down and fed our heart,minds and souls-JW Friday @ 90.7 KBOO Listener supported Radio
For all you TRUE old school music fans. Who is your favorite band from the "MUSIC ERA"? I mean when people actually had to play & perform VERY WELL (70s- 80s). Here's some of mine. No chumpy pop bands please. Best of all time-Steely Dan 1. EW&F 2. Pages (look em up) 3. Return to forever 4. Chicago 5. Brothers Johnson also, Jeff Lorber Fusion, Brand X, Stuff, Brazill '66, Rufus ft. Chaka Khan, Ambrosia to name a few.
Funkyman's 365 Days of Funk - Day Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" Want to hear the best funk bass playing? Louis Johnson. He and his brother were amazing guitarists, and I can only imagine what growing up playing together must have been like. They put a band together, wrote some great songs, and hit gold with this song and a couple of others like "I'll Be Good to You." The opening bars of this song have been sampled frequently in hip-hop as well (DJ Quik comes to mind). Unlike some people, when I hear a great hip-hop song with a sample, I'm inpsired to know where it came from. Education is key, people! Don't look at hip-hop as stealing. Look at it as an opportunity to learn about music you didn't even know existed. Believe me, producers and DJ's take the time to know good music. Thank you Brothers Johnson, AND thank you hip-hop from - Funkyman
Rainbows in waterfalls run through my mind -- Brothers Johnson 'Strawberry Letter 23'
I liked a video Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson
Shuggie Otis is one of my all time favorite musicians tho.. his og Strawberry Letter 23 so much better than the Brothers Johnson version
Brothers Johnson, Curtis mayfield, Grover Washington --->> some of the best music to smoke to
Strawberry Letter 23- Brothers Johnson.the way I see it nothin but old school music.happy 420
TOPPOP: Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 on air at grocery store buying organic veggies
One of my fave jams and fun to hear at brunch // Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson
Is that a Brothers Johnson or Jordan reference?
Great to hear that guitar line at the end of Strawberry Letter 23, even if the bassist thought he was playing the Brothers Johnson version.
This is one of those perfect songs ♫ Strawberry Letter 23 – Brothers Johnson
Along with the track 'Strawberry letter number 23' by the Brothers Johnson on dad brought us up on funk/soul music!!
hmm, I've been listening to Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson a lot. It's dreamy!
Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" Better intro than the Shuggie Otis version
Sitting at home and listening to some Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Al green, Patti LaBelle, Willie Hutch, David Ruffin, and Brothers Johnson, etc. They made music! ;)
Today, we’re gonna throw it back with the 1980 music video for “Stomp!” by the Brothers Johnson. Bassist Louis Johnson is holding it down with a perfect grooving bass line. Dig it.
"Use Me", as in Bill Withers and "Strawberry Letter" from Brothers Johnson. You were dancing to those songs?
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 Careful, $hit like that could lead to world peace
TOPPOP: Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23: via them guys at Brum town hall ! They tore it up!
Someone's telephone ring in my office is Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson circa 1977.
Internationally touring, Atlanta based singer/songwriter Doria Roberts was born and raised in inner city Trenton, NJ but schooled in the neighboring yet decidedly more affluent Princeton, NJ. Her first introduction to music were vinyl records, most notable a collection including the Brothers Johnson, Marvin Gaye, the Sugar Hill Gang and Ricki Lee Jones. A dancer from the age of 3, she was exposed to classical offerings during ballet class, ragtime during tap training and pop music in her modern jazz dance lessons. By age 10, she was starring in musicals in local childrens theater and choral productions once performing a lead role in Gilbert & Sullivans classic HMS Pinafore. At age 17, she produced her first event directing, staging, acting in, and even promoting the topically controversial play Laundry and Bourbon as part of her senior project.   By the time she was off to college, she had incorporated the likes of Public Enemy, De La Soul, and KRS One into her listening repertoire. While toiling away as ...
It's fixing to be some Kool & The Gang, Gap Band, Ohio Players, Gil Scott-Heron, Rufus, Zapp & Roger and Brothers Johnson poppin' in here.
The bass line on Stomp by the Brothers Johnson always made me want to learn to play the bass. A random thought as I sit at my desk playing air bass. Lol.
I'm kick in' it ol sckool this afternoon with the Brothers Johnson doing "Stomp". Who remembers the album it was from"Strawberry Letter 23" which was pink and smelled like strawberries?
The Sunshine Soul Coast Show Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson - keep it locked right here
its actually Strawberry Letter 23 if you talking about the Brothers Johnson song.
I just used to tag Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson.
Happy from Brothers Johnson circa '77 - "Strawberry Letter 23"-->. -- Love this song ;-)
Ok so i cant sleep. Ive slept close to 40hrs the past few days. So im turnin to old faithful now and im gonna start reading a new book. Seize the Night by Dean Koontz. One of my favorite authors. Got an old school cd with Barry White,Commodores,Brothers Johnson,Gap Band, name a few playin. Hope that does it 4 me. Thanks SS and MLG for the well wishes. Gettin there. Cant keep a good man down! :-)
Well, we did it as Kim though we would. Dbacks traded Justin Upton & Chris Johnson to Atl. for Martin Prado and others. I think that is a good move for both Atlanta and Arizona. Upton was a scapegoat in AZ for the teams poor showing last season and will be paired up with his brother who just signed with the Braves and I think that move will be good for both of them. DBacks will struggle this season in a very tough NL West as the Giants, Dodgers leading the division. We may need another trade to support lost offense with this trade. Great that baseball is coming back soon.
Lord Jesus almighty I love u n jus want to thank u for spearing my life thank u for my gift n the gifts I'm about to receive n I even thank u got the gift of twins that went to b with u lord that I will one day c again until then granny keep your arms around me uncle mc tell jump n joe from the east coast I want to the moon tell bishop Johnson the church is great let my sis Keita know she n heart uncle jean I'm go to California soon p.s watch over my suga baby n her soon to brother or sister n protect her flint daddy
Happy Birthday Cuz. R.I.P. Douglas John Juneau April 28, 2009 Douglas John Juneau, 56, of Bunkie went to be with the Lord Sunday, the 26th of April, 2009 after a long battle with cancer. He was born on January 25, 1953, to Bernice (Lacombe) Juneau and the late Huron Juneau. He attended Bunkie High School, Graduating in 1971. He was a U.S. Air Force Veteran. He was retired from Control Concepts, Inc. and owned D&E Farms in Bunkie. Doug loved the outdoors; hunting, fishing and watching crops grow on the farm and he especially enjoyed being with family and friends. Funeral mass will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church with the Rev. Scott Chemino officiating. Burial will follow on Thursday at the Parkway Cemetery in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Arrangements are under the direction of Hixson-Ducote Funeral Home of Bunkie and Culpepper Funeral Home in Kosciusko, Mississippi. He is preceded in death by his father, Huron Juneau; brother, Dwight Juneau; maternal gra ...
Well here we.go! Today is my last day at the 756, starting Monday I'm the newest part of the 2988 crew... There are lots of people I'll miss, the most being my beautiful sweetheart Suzie Bruce.. And of course my great friends like Jon Moses, Johnson, George and the master of the diamond cutter Rex Millican..Big ol thanks to my other mom Diane Hayes for everything she does! Also thanks to everybody I've worked with and for including my zms (y'all know who you are lol)...Lastly thanks to Jeremy for all his help this far and for helping to leave the store in the hands of a great new manager in Tina.. Started saying bye yesterday and know its gonna be a long day, but this is a big step for Suzie, Perri and myself and we're very blessed to have this opportunity. .. Thanks again everybody!
Here's something interesting for all who are attending Burns Supper at Sunbury tonight! Compliments of Historic Chronicles Page. Thank you! Robert Burns and Burns Night Robert Burns is not only Scotland's best known poet and songwriter but one of the most widely acclaimed literary figures of all time. He is held in very special affection by millions around the world, with Burns' suppers taking place on or near his birthday on the 25th January. The Burns' Supper has a specific form including the consumption of Haggis - a traditional Scottish meal (although its origins may be from Greece, in the Mediterranean!) - and many toasts including one to the “Immortal Memory” - a speech in praise of the Bard. Burns' stature owes much to the huge range of his songs and poems, some of which are still familiar nearly two hundred and fifty years after his birth. In fact, there would be few English speaking people who do not recognise “Auld Lang Syne” - a staple at New Year celebrations. His popularity is also li ...
Last few d/l's available of this Brothers Johnson edit I did a while back After that it gone !!
Morning Everybody!! Friday is here.. Baby it's cold outside.. (here) :)
"We cannot be satisfied with a partial transformation" Bill Johnson. Come on brother Bill raise the bar!! Yipe!
Today my status is in memory of my late brother Gary Johnson! Who would have been 51yrs today gone but not forgotten, I will always miss you!R.I.P.
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When he was 15, Clinton Bowen became infamous as 'Canal Boy' after social services took him on a three-month narrowboat holiday to stop him committing crimes. But the 1997 cruise, which caused a national furore, clearly failed to rehabilitate him The 28-year-old is now starting a five-year jail term after targeting elderly people in a series of burglaries in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury. Bowen, of no fixed abode, was on parole from an earlier jail term when he committed 22 burglaries between March and July this year to fuel his drug addiction, Gloucester Crown Court was told He stole family heirlooms and left elderly victims frightened and anxious after a string of raids on homes, the court heard. In the late 1990s, Bowen was one of a number of repeat young offenders from Cheltenham who appeared to be rewarded for their crimes by being taken on holiday at public expense or given pocket money in a bid to steer them away from crime. 'Safari Boy' Mark Hook, who was taken to Africa and Egypt for 88 days, and Cli ...
Off to Atlanta, then Buffalo to get married at Niagara Falls tomorrow
To all the men that get on here and cry about , finding the perfect women . Shut the *** up !!! And to all the women that like and comment on that crap . What is wrong with you ? ECARD .. Gun control . Advice ... What you eating ... And Ladies in order to get a good man . You must be a good woman first ! THE NOTE
Big monster session in the gym today with Alex Dearing and Ricky Johnson!!
My regard to all my friends frm Osun state college of Ilaorangun I wish u Happy Resumtion Back to d campus. My Regard Goes to my brother Akintan Akindunmila Famous. Agbomosere johnson oluwatosin Obamoyegun oluwaseun Justus. Akinboyo michael. I wish all long life and prosperity in Jesus name. Gud morning to you all.
There comes a time in your life when u realize that some people were made to be in your life & never leave. Some people you can't go a day without & others will always be there when u need them. Some are here physically & others are watching us from above. Either way each & every one of them play a part in our lives. Kathy Bidwell, my mom, my heart, someone I can trust & go to. Michele Horn, is not only my sister, but someone I have looked up to for as long as I can remember. Plus she thinks she can sing & dance & that pretty much makes my day!! :) Rachyl Bidwell, My R.O.D, no one shares the great times we have had, from laughter, tears, skipping school, city walk, movies, wet 'n wild & clubs to growing up & having kids, u r not just my little sister but a best friend as well. Eryn Lin Modica, my soul sister, Always cheers me up when I'm down, even if she doesn't know it. We can laugh at just about anything & she is the only one who takes 3am walks with me when I need to get out of the house. Cheyenne De ...
Just got off Skype with my thug Pinche Daisy she cute xD /.\ Btw your white .~.
Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess the queen protects the king. Good morning pals
If you could chose 1 call to never run again what call and why?
Going to see my brother Mikeyg SmoothAsz Johnson unannoced Saturday ! I'm pretty sure *** think I forgot about them noo sir miss you bro :)
I don't wanna go there "hinakuvanga okujendango" Unae, naKakunaa n my own Brother Johnson Uazeua mbwae, December 2012.. We should never go there..
Introduction   This write up has been inspired by the recent outbursts by some party leaders to crucify some of their opponents. Majorly, it is enthused by the desire to have a Kenya that is cohesive, united and fully corded with a CORD that cannot be broken by any forces or political affiliations.   This goes beyond politics but also in strengthening the work of NCIC and other state organs dealing with the same matter. Moreover, it is also a rallying call for US- KENYANS to understand that Kenya will only be ONE PEOPLE when we choose to do so and ignore forces and elements that tend to divide us. The task of keeping KENYA united is our SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.     The meaning of Hate Speech   Unlike in the instances of most internationally recognized offences, there is no universally agreed definition of what the term hate speech means. As a result what one will find is that different countries have banned expressions that can be included in this general concept, in varying degrees.   Hate speech, ...
DJing in the I ♥ The 70's room. Now playing The Brothers Johnson
my foolie lil brother Djuan Johnson prolly somewhere turnt
Yay, I may get to go back to Atlanta in Mar or Apr! Met some really nice ppl out there, Mike & Naveen (fell in luv w/ Naveen's couch). The Atlanta Braves announced earlier today that they have completed a seven-player trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Braves acquired outfielder Justin Upton and third baseman Chris Johnson in exchange for infielder Martin Prado, right-handed pitcher Randall Delgado, minor-league infielders Nick Ahmed and Brandon Drury and minor-league right-handed pitcher Zeke Spruill. Upton, 25, batted .280 with 17 home runs, 67 RBI and a career-high 107 runs scored last season and will be reunited with older brother B.J. Upton.
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Physical therapy today was grueling!! Full range of motion meant lifting my arm to certain heights, tougher than I thought!! Finally get to take the brace off while sleeping though, this is a definate plus!!:)
It is the beginning of the end. I love you John Johnson, you have been my brother since I met you, and that will never change. I could not have asked for a better brother, I will be strong for you; you are with me always. I drink now to you, to new beginnings.
I don't think the world is ready for the "Scream & Shout" Remix..., Hit Boy, Diddy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne - let's GO!
Fist off Samantha Johnson your brother did not pull a gun on u he did not even come outside and niether did i until the police got here in which u called and made a false report. 2nd of all what was said is u will not be aloud at my house until u go to rehab get away from snorting the pills u have your self so messed up u dont know whats real and whats not anymore. And that baby u are carring doese not want to get high or u have a miscarage becouse of pills oops thats right i for got u didnt want me to tell daddy u was pregnant. Well thats why u brought her here at 4 am she borrowed money for a pg test oh but im worthless acording to her she seems to like me when she wants money. As for the dog the dog has lived in my house since it was 6 weeks old it 8 to 9 months old now she has bought a total of 4 bags of dog food during that time and maybe has stayed in the same house as the dog a month total off and on during all these months. First she wanted to sell the dog last week for her habbit this weak to sel ...
Life has thrown many lemons my way but there are a few people I can always count on Ashwin Joshua Samson Mike Natick Danny Noia Marshall Johnson
Please keep my brother Markus GuardianAngel Johnson and his wife Shea Johnson in your prayers thier son was admitted to the ICU tonight
its hard making friends in Houston because my brothers Charles Johnson.. lol if you live there, you'd understand
It's not that I hate Twilight, I just see zero joy on the reading of the books or watching of the movies.
One of my bff's blocked me...thats just funny
I'm up and I can't sleep. Who's up with me?
Downloading the original series of Thomas the Tank Engine for Matt. Father of the year? Father of the year (y)
Who be best Dilemmatic duo!! Michael Jordan Vs Lebron James.. Kevin Durant Vs C-Webb n his primetime!! Rondo Vs John Stockton this list can go on & on!The best Westbrook Vs Magic Johnson!! What a squad of talent
Wyatt Earp came to epitomize the marshal responsible for taming the Wild West.
It's that time again! Three Minute Philosophy returns with a rapid-fire lesson about the father of science, Galileo Galilei.
yall are too kind thank you! i swear every birthday wish has been special to me!! I miss my old buddies but just know i appreciate it and wish you all the best! remember life is beautiful!! respect if and you will find great love :) sincerely Kyle L Johnson.
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Freeport had the greatest b ball team ever assembled, and Tarrus Johnson, and Jerry Law weren't even on the team for some reason!
How did i get on the other side of a love song(i think those the words)can somebody please tell me the name of that song and who sings it.
Great night last night big brother is Finley home. Went out for dinner and then sat with the family and had great laugh. Was in need for some family time!!! Great night good to have us all together. 1 missing but always time to get together again. Lee Johnson next time u have to be there...
Tips to Improve Your Child’s Academic Success South Asian parents pride themselves on encouraging their children to be academically or professionally successful. While this value can result in hard-working, high-achieving children who strive to improve themselves, many South Asian children crack under the intense pressure placed on them. Anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts are all common experiences of South Asian children who feel the immense pressure to be the type of child the parents want them to be. The downside of this is that not only are the parents disappointed by the child’s behavior and academic achievements, but the child also does not learn the tools and skills that the parents are trying to teach him about how to succeed in life beyond school. Here are some tips for South Asian parents on how to encourage your child to be successful while ensuring to maintain positive mental health of your child: 1. Remember that your child is not your carbon copy. Genetically, your child is only ...
It was a pleasure to meet you Ben Dunn. I admire your humbleness, creative conversation skills and childlike heart, God bless you! It was a pleasure to meet you brother Thomas Johnson Jr. I admire your adventurous heart, openess to people and down to earth personality, God bless you brother. We were blessed to have met you both these past 2 weeks and hope to see you soon if the good Lord wills!
“God made us best friends because he knew that our moms couldn’t handle us as brothers/sisters.” 😜
First California super bike school booked thanks to my uber generous brother :-D can't wait!!!
Tu Tu Tu Its a CALLOWAY PARTY IN HEAVEN TONITE everybody welcome post on this status ur love ones that's in heaven but the Guest of Honor is My Mom Mrs Annie Gibson Calloway everybody's invited
I've never been a huge NBA fan, but its come to that time were i need to represent a team. I have a Football, hockey and baseball team (AZ, LA, CLE). Im pretty sure i know who i want to back but i'd still like to get some suggestions from my dear friends and family. so post here who and why i should back them.
Lol me & my sis Shonda SooBlessed Johnson& my big brother Chi Wright the one who really made me tuff & tought me everything I know str8 up I think ill be soft if it wasn't fa him & man 2 mar ain't never promise I love u. Fav big bro no ***
Pulled up to a toll booth as I was leaving the airport today - dude was blasting Strawberry Letter 23 ... We had a...
Well, my mom saw the doctor. No good news. Because of the stroke, mom has lost the ability to swallow. She is vomiting often and it is causing her pain. Her body has deteriorated too. Mom is going to be put on comfort care (end of life care). As hopeful as we have been though the last few months, we kind of knew what the outcome would be. Keep prayers and positivity going her way. Hope and pray she is comfortable and at ease. I love my mom so much.
Ben Affleck was also allegedly under consideration
Seeing so many people having tough times really puts things into perspective for me. I don't have fancy cars or a mansion but have 2 parents and a brother that have proven that they would give up everything for me, an amazing fiancé that supports me in all of my crazy ventures and am even lucky enough to have fun toys and a home that's been made gorgeous thanks to the fiancé and my good buddy. So I just want to thank my family for everything and Tim for doing so much work on my home (look up his company. He's awesome)
Breast Cancer Awareness
What sad day, buried my father Inlaw then my uncle passed in the hall at kispiox. Right on my brother Lawrence's birthday. Well Happy birthday waggie
I'm far from a net fan but I really do think that brook Lopez deserves to be an all star over chris bosh
CALL FOR FRIDAY MORNING SHOUT-OUTS! Post a comment below to say hi, good morning, congratulations, etc. to someone in the valley. I read them on the air every half hour on KSEE Sunrise. (Please be brief, so I can read more of them.)
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