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Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom is a 2008 American postmodern caper film written and directed by Rian Johnson. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz, Ricky Jay, Rinko Kikuchi, and Robbie Coltrane.

Rian Johnson Rinko Kikuchi Mark Ruffalo Rachel Weisz Adrien Brody Rotten Tomatoes Pacific Rim Adrian Brody Wes Anderson Norwegian Wood Breaking Bad

Brothers Bloom was a freaking masterpiece
I'd talk to him about Brick and Brothers Bloom and Looper, then probably run out of t…
The Brothers Bloom. Imposible no amar a esos personajes
If i was a filmmaker, all my sex scenes would resemble the ones in The Brothers Bloom.
The guy who made Brick and Brothers Bloom and Looper had such potential. Now he's making Disney movies. What happened?
Miss the Bloom turn up with my brothers mane. Last night was too real
The Brothers Bloom is one of the most underrated movies of all time.
Remember when Jungkook was sent to LA predebut BTS to learn how to dance? Now he's going back, but to perform at the A…
I wish was in bloom to support my brothers but for those of you who are in bloom head over to subway and help them…
(Have you seen his 2005 debut Brick, BTW? I didn’t love Brothers Bloom & never caught Looper, but I’ll…
That fellow made one of my favorite movies, The Brothers Bloom, and I think he just made another
The richest Americans buy politicians to cut their taxes so they get even richer. That's capitalism. htt…
176wds into &typing "bang bang" is such a distraction I'm now mentally critiquing the film Brothers Bloom. This will not end well
Learnt this first in underrated THE BROTHERS BLOOM w/ Want more of Robbie "…
Happy Founder’s Day to our SigEp brothers across the nation. Here’s to 116 more!
My dear brothers & sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry…
Music Video for Brothers by Bloom came out on Friday. Go and check it out.…
Don’t forget The Brothers Karamazov with nobodies like Yul Brenner, Richard Basehart and Claire Blo…
Just out of each case, in this story you can succeed in life. Bloom and his brothers.
BROTHERS AND SISTERS special show tonight with local bloom artist at 12:00 you kno da drill b-side
I’m here waiting for my brothers to tell me all about bloom😂
The rich Koch brothers are targeting Sen. Tammy Baldwin with $1.6 million in tax attack ads
This movie's gonna be too good. Rian Johnson (Breaking Bad - most notably "Ozymandias", Looper, Brick, Brothers Bloom) is the MAN.
Bank stocks in Europe, the US and Asia eight years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers
A 'Big Mess.'. Bloomberg's report on the collapse of Lehman Brothers, published Sept 15, 2008
A recurring theme on the 8th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing.
Listening to Penelope's Theme from The Brothers Bloom soundtrack always makes me commute better.
have you ever seen The Brothers Bloom? I read a review calling it "too smart for its own good." But I love it.
“The fallout of Hanjin Shipping is like Lehman Brothers to the financial markets,” via
Bruce and I are tired so we're watching The Brothers Bloom again while I knit him a boyfriend.
The Brothers Bloom remains one of my top 5 favorite films of all time. And my god, it's got such an amazing score. Just a glorious film.
made a Jeremy Bloom joke last night. Assuming Jack will make one during the game. Peas in a pod, the brothers Byers are
"We're going to live like we're telling the best story in the whole world. Are you ready?" ~ from "The Brothers Bloom"
'The Brothers Bloom' was a good film. Though the best character was basically a mute.
Brick, Brothers Bloom, Looper. Not seen any of them?
On the blog: A brother's story inspires safe haven for play
I assume, since it showed tons of some sleep there, to have been going for the Brothers Bloom again the ruler of hard to
Like, I get you were ungrateful at the Brothers Bloom again the movie forward efficiently, which I was pretty divided about
watchchchhchch Brothers Bloom w me and cry over how cute Penelope is
Our children hospital has a program called the Beach. It's awesome!!
Images make a difference in social sharing MT
Oops, I meant Dr. Crumlish! Do you happen to be a Luka Bloom, Hothouse Flowers &/or Finn Brothers fan?
Why this educator creates a safe space for patients + siblings in hospital.
You know how Daniel in our playroom really 'gets it? He grew up with a sister with
happy to share this trak and I made this week. Glad to work with this talented brothers
'There was always the chance I had to be ready to call an ambulance 4 my sister' https:…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Daniel does an amazing job. Special needs disability parenting BLOOM: A brother's story inspires safe haven for play
A brother's story inspires safe haven for play
My brother is amazing at his job. Turns out I played a small role in how he runs his therapeutic playroom. Who knew 💗
Growing up with sister w inspires educator to create safehaven 4 kids in hospital
I have to catch me, although it a lot I've ever enjoyed gospel music, but the Brothers Bloom again the explanation made your
I definitely would need to say so, but the Brothers Bloom again the character based companion to establish the whole sequence
might try The Brothers Bloom as ive seen the other 2. Will give it a go. 😀
Short Term 12, The Brothers Bloom, Obvious Child. Depends what you want though...
The Brothers Bloom is an underrated movie.
I watched the Brothers Bloom again the second book was confused, and that, I think is on community is what isn't.
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The Koch brothers & Exxon are at the dark heart of it - Unearthing America's Deep Network of Deniers
The Koch brothers reportedly had preliminary talks about starting an anti-Trump campaign
Yeah, between him the Walter brothers, all the Benton kids, a couple LM, and a couple Bloom and CC kids, the list might double
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Unearthing America's Deep Network of Climate Change Deniers - funding for sceptics from ExxonMobil & Koch Brothers
So many people worked incredibly hard for Sky to win the "Best use of Video" with Bloom and Brothers & Sisters at la…
Wow. Must read: ExxonMobil and Koch brothers finance US network of deniers new study reveals
Behind climate denial: Exxon and the Koch brothers. Q remains: why? Just money? Do they not have (grand)kids?
Ion got friends, I got brothers. We do everything out of respect and love 💯 2️⃣🆒 ⛽️🅰🆖
Thanks a lot for all support arabish and other brothers
The Brothers Bloom, one of my all time favorite movies
OVERFLOW // Human Bloom. This is my brothers band, new music video released today, Check it out... super trippy
According to Variety, actress Janet Montgomery of "Salem," joins Orlando Bloom in Shamassian Brothers'...
Adrian Brody is in all the pretty movies. Currently watching Brothers Bloom.
The Brothers Bloom you should watch it
In full bloom in TN on my brothers farm :-)
watching Brothers Bloom for the 2nd time in one day Jesus Christ almighty
Watching Shutter Island for my Previously: Brothers Bloom, 13 Going on 30, Begin Again. Next: Zodiac. So much
I hate all my little brothers friends
It's a good feeling to be genuinely interested in someone. - the brothers bloom(2008) via movie quotes
Siblings is a daft word brothers and sisters
luhhve u brothers ... Oh Ya and Ryan I guess
The brothers are changing the game and still making good flow!. Making Music With De La Soul via
Why I went to a Satanic temple and tried to summon the Koch Brothers
Just finished The Brothers Bloom and cried for 4 minutes
Can I just stay home n watch brothers bloom for the thousandth time n not be forced 2 hang out lmao
im so happy you're verified now, I can sleep easier. Just wanted to say I absolutely love what you do. Brothers Bloom included
Thanks for introducing me to the book 'S.' Really enjoyed it. If cinecast likes Locke Lamora, have y'all seen "brothers bloom"?
2016 super PACs are in bloom. This one looks like the latest Koch Brothers' gambit:
The super PACs are starting to bloom. New American Encore Action looks like super PAC spinoff of a nonprofit
Watching "The Brothers Bloom" instead of studying.I call that a good decision.
I think is one of my favorite directors ever, The Brothers Bloom is probably one of my favorite movies ever.
Oh dang. :/ . Try the brothers bloom. . Its strange, really.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
H. The Brothers Bloom is somewhat interesting?? Idk, i'm rewatching it rn. . Netflix doesnt have much tbh.
another good movie from Rian Johnson--The Brothers Bloom. Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo as con men/brothers.
Why deep-pocketed American moguls like Moelis, LeFrak and the brothers are backing
To quote Mark Ruffalo in The Brothers Bloom, 'Wow!. Wow is the word you're looking for'.
And don't you think Mr Bloom looks like one of your lovely brothers-in-law ?!
A flower doesn't grow next to other flowers and ask why they bloom. -my drunk brothers advice on jealousy and big life choices.
Indonesia's richest two people are the Hartono brothers. They are each worth around $8.5 billion.
Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers Are Having a Nixon-in-China Moment via
Just watched The Brothers Bloom and it nourished my metanarrative-loving heart.
I'll never forgive you for thinking The Brothers Bloom is boring.
You thought the Brothers Bloom was boring. You would hate this. It's all talking and the same thing three times with slightly
idk I think Brothers Bloom kinda has a weak ending
Brothers Bloom is dope though. And I have a minor soft spot for Matchstick Men.
& Boza Edwards as Floyd introduces Boza into 2014
Just watched In Bruges and The Brothers Bloom back to back. Not related except that I think more people should see them.
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Just realized Bang Bang from Brothers Bloom and Mako from Pacific Rim are the same actor. :D
1. First of all,Create with your Brothers or sisters a Happiness Spot: it will be your little secret! 😉
I forgot how much I love The Brothers Bloom. What a perfect movie.
Im so ready for the season. 😩😪 it aint nothing like being on the field with your brothers fighting for that W! 🏈
Can we just talk for a minute about how much I LOVE "The Brothers Bloom?" Cause I really love that movie...
Were the Beverly Brothers supposed to be handsome & rich? Because if they were supposed to be handsome... Have you seen Wayne Bloom?
Bloom brothers 👎, couldn't finish it through lol. Different tastes I guess.
Warren Buffett, Penny Pritzger and the Koch brothers have one thing in common: a soft spot for this Chicago banker
Good luck -- one my my favorite stories at Bloomberg // Koch Brothers Spread Influence Via Blueberry Farmer
I'm sorry but all i see in the fabulous baker brothers is lee pace and orlando bloom- as brothers
THE BROTHERS BLOOM from Penelope's perspective is a cautionary tale about what happens when you don't have enough fun.
right? Although my favorite look of his by far was The Brothers Bloom. I loved his hair in that idk why
I second the Brothers Bloom. It's one of my favorites. A very sweet and funny movie.
Rinko Kikuchi is the demolitions expert in The Brothers Bloom, but she doesn't talk. Thinkpiece ammo?
My sunflower getting ready to bloom @ Brothers Pizza on Rt. 33
Watching The Brothers Bloom with the fam. Didn't expect the end .is such a gifted actor !! :)
Kit Harington reminds me of orlando bloom for some reason they two could be brothers O.O
Judge will decide how much the Wyly Brothers’ wrongdoing will be worth -
Sometimes you can find yourself in the oddest of places, like a Brooks Brothers outlet in the Mall of America.
I watched a few minutes of Now You See Me on my lunch break. It made me want to watch The Brothers Bloom, The Social Network...
Also I turned on The Brothers Bloom right at the point where dies. I have terrible timing.
total shot in the dark here, but.. do you still happen to have the commentary you recorded for Brothers Bloom with you?
a gladiator film with orlando bloom and kit harrington as brothers that must fight each other to the death for the Glory of Rome
I'm watching The Brothers Bloom and earning great rewards from
I'm The Brothers Bloom. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Brothers 3 !! What is life!! And also we support Orlando Bloom!! Australians, vote for on Do it now!!
Nevermind...Limited release weekend for BROTHERS BLOOM. Looks like it's going up against DRAG ME TO *** That'll be a 2 or 3 movie weekend
I love this movie so much this is how I want my love story to go The Brothers Bloom is one of my…
you guys ever consider releasing The Brothers Bloom by
koch brothers. “How a toxic algae bloom left 500,000 people in Ohio without drinking water:
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This was on reddit but reminded me of you and the Brothers, it is supposed to be Orlando Bloom
brothers forever. RIC wrestling family is amazing!! Congrats to Todd Bloom!
Cookie and I found the most amazing movie. It's directed by the guy who made Brick and Looper, has an amazing cast, and is somewhere between Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Pushing Daisies. No, seriously. It's called Brothers Bloom, and literally all of you have to see it.
I actually don't hate Wes Anderson, just tired of his shtick and prefer Harold and Maude, and Brothers Bloom.
is becoming one of my favorite directors, Brick, Looper, Brothers Bloom, his Breaking Bad stu…
It's like the BROTHERS BLOOM to Martini's BRICK (LYMELIFE) in terms of expansion of canvas and loss of detail + character. It's a wreck.
Watching The Brothers Bloom, because that is what I do.
Now You See Me was loads of fun! Oceans 11 meets Prestige with a side of Brothers Bloom
it's not bad, but I vastly prefer the directors other 2 films: Brick & Brothers Bloom
The Brothers Bloom is still the best movie ever. Basic people such as yourselves would not understand why. Hah.
...i.e. The Brothers Bloom, and I couldn't be happier! She is an truly an underrated actress with an exceptionally good filmography.
Brothers Bloom, my favorite love story :)
The Brothers Bloom is a great movie
reminder that Rinko Kikuchi, Mark Ruffalo, rachel weiss and Adrien Brody are in a wonderful movie called The Brothers Bloom uwu
i saw her before on Brothers Bloom and she was cute there too. this reminds me that i never went on to Liar Game 2... lol :x
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yea that was her, I love her in 'The Brothers Bloom' too
I adore the brothers bloom, i'm not sure how many times i've seen it, i just love Adrien Brody & Rachel Weisz
Photoset: New-ish crush..between this and Brothers Bloom. “SWON"
Hold up, Robo Booty. Ima draw to something gentler today. Brothers Bloom soundtrack, take it away. Wine me, dine me. Do as you will.
Just realized Rinko Kikuchi is Bang Bang in The Brothers Bloom. Rewatch time.
I watched the brothers bloom yesterday and I cried at the end lol did not see that coming:)
Normally, you'd only get ONE actor. But, because Nick Ryan likes to torment me, I get THREE actors. :P Lucky me. My Actor: ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt (ok, I can handle this.) Movie I Loved: 500 Days of Summer. (I cannot get enough of this flick!) Movie I Liked: Manic (honestly, I like just about all his movies. But this one particularly stands out.) Movie I Loathed: Lincoln. (I know, I know. I'm sorry. This movie just made me want to poke my brain with a screwdriver. It was mind numbingly boring. But mad props for Daniel Day-Lewis!) My Actor: (Adrien Brody (YUM!) Movie I Loved: The Brothers Bloom (but, you DO realize that I LOVE every Brody movie! Right?! It took me about 10 minutes to finally type something for this. I CAN'T DECIDE!) Movie I Liked: Harrison's Flowers (Again... this is cruel. Making me choose..) Movie I Loathed: AS IF THIS EXISTS! A movie I loathed.. with Brody.. :P But, okay, okay.. I guess Giallo wasn't all that great.. I guess... My Actor: ( Amanda Seyfried (really. I think Nick must hate ...
Director Rian Johnson (Looper, Brothers Bloom, Brick) on Screenwriting. Thought you might like this.
Oh, just realised - Rian Johnson directed BRICK … and also Looper. Hmm. Also: Brothers Bloom. Now I understand why I like his flicks.
"My head feels like a hot air balloon. Does that make me the wizard of Oz? I wonder how that movie will be? Brothers Bloom? Yez, preez! But not now, I should be sreeping. I would be but my head feers rike a hotair barroon. I vunder how dat movay virr be? ferbees?..."
A new image from Guillermo del Toro‘s (Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth) upcoming giant monster VS giant robot film ‘Pacific Rim’ has been released. In this image we see neither monster or robots, but instead we have Idris Elba (Thor and Luther) and Rinko Kikuchi (The Brothers Bloom and Norwegian Wood) i...
I cry to Penelope's Theme from the Brothers Bloom movie
I just recieved this in my personal inbox. I would like EVERYONE to read & share. VERONIQUE POZNER: Today Noah's Mother had to do a heart wrenching task of delivering her sons eulogy here it is it brought tears to my eyes I cannot even imagine PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE KEEP THIS PAGE UP AND GOING PASS THIS ON NOAH POZNER From mother, Veronique Pozner: "The sky is crying, and the flags are at half-mast. It is a sad, sad day. But it is also your day, Noah, my little man. I will miss your forceful and purposeful little steps stomping through our house. I will miss your perpetual smile, the twinkle in your dark blue eyes, framed by eyelashes that would be the envy of any lady in this room. Most of all, I will miss your visions of your future. You wanted to be a doctor, a soldier, a taco factory manager. It was your favorite food, and no doubt you wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos. You were a little boy whose life force had all the gravitational pull of a celestial body. You were light and love, ...
And thank you for the mini and maybe unintentional homage to the brothers bloom :)
I'm going to need to watch "Sucker Punch" and "The Brothers Bloom" ASAP because: Existentialism. I'm just obsessed with it right now.
My mum and dad were $700 each for their tickets and me and my brothers tickets were $200 each...
'The Brothers Bloom', a refreshing con film ! Aberrant from all the American action and Bollywood drama. A well written plot !
Dear brothers,is your life full of difficulties and temptations?Then be happy,for when the way is rough,your patience has a chance to grow.So let it grow , and don't try to squirm out of your problems.For when your patience is finally in full bloom,then you will be ready for anything,strong in character,full and complete.
"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells the less you know." -The Brothers Bloom
Started watching The Brothers Bloom. Now feel like watching Magnolia. Just clicked that the narrator is the same. "These strange things..."
I only had brothers. Love seeing my girls' relationship bloom. Thrilled that there will be another one to add to the mix!
I just watched The Brothers Bloom and rated it 8/10
Chef Orlando Bloom Brother's Seafood To Go on Gumbo m love it !!
Baked mac n cheese and The Brothers Bloom.
's part in The Brothers Bloom is practically the best thing ever.
Buckle up for Elections will impact the $JPY. Brown Brothers Harriman's Marc Chandler talks to
The Brothers Bloom... Oh, how I love this movie!
Rinko Kikuchi acts rings around most in Babel and The Brothers Bloom. And she doesn't speak one word in either of them..
Speaking of absurd crossover teamups: someone write me Bang Bang from The Brothers Bloom teaming up with Booster Gold.
Going to give The Brothers Bloom another try. Or at least finish watching the movie.
have you seen Brothers Bloom? Film he made in between brick and looper
We'll be watching The Brothers Bloom in 305 today @ 5pm so if you need a study break come on up!
"There is no such thing as an unwritten life... Only badly written ones." - The Brothers Bloom. Great movie by the great Rian Johnson! \m/
agreed. Plus she is fantastic. Loved in BROTHERS BLOOM. And BABEL obviously
Got "The Brothers Bloom" off him yesters. Worried that I was gonna get "Brick". He's been reccing it to me since dawn of time.
Can't you see we are all brothers. You and I are sons of Adam. Who needs hatred when life is too short for even love to bloom.
So I'm watching Push, cuz why not, & the trailer for The Brothers Bloom plays. It is not good. I love that film so much... bad trailer.
THE BROTHERS BLOOM, I need to consume more films by What's next!?
"We bloom like roses, lead like Moses out and away through the bitter crowd to the daylight." - The Avett Brothers
+ it's got the actress from Brothers Bloom and Norwegian Wood.
Rinko Kikuchi looks like she's doing a sexed up version of her bang bang character from Brothers Bloom.
I watched her in Babel and Brothers Bloom. Hehe.
My review for 'The Brothers Bloom' on Rotten Tomatoes: 2 stars >
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Am i the only person that has seen "The Brothers Bloom"? Because its my favorite movie. Honestly.
If you've seen The Brothers Bloom, you get major points in my book, I don't care who you are.
Right, I watched The Brothers Bloom last night and I have no idea how I hadn't heard of it before... One of my favorites now.
Rian Johnson is awesome too! Didn't know he directed The Brothers Bloom that equally interesting! :)
I'd say better. But then I saw Brick with less expectations than The Brothers Bloom.
I hope that it's a *** of a lot better than "the Brothers Bloom" because that film was awful wannabe-Wes-Anderson faux-whimsical crap.
that's a big call coming from you! Brothers bloom is in my top five. You a doctor yet???
It goes without saying that I was very much looking forward to "Looper." I really like Rian Johnson and he is 2:2 with me. I loved his debut film "Brick" and his sophomore pic "Brothers Bloom" was also really good...
The Brothers Bloom is one of my new favorites!
ending of looper I mean ending of brothers bloom is like a gunshot to the heart oh wait
I need to watch Brick! I really liked Brothers Bloom actually tho I know that sentiment isn't universal. But Mr Johnson is awesome.
I almost forgot to tell you, Hagrid is in Brothers Bloom!
Never seen it! Lots of people didn't like The Brothers Bloom either but they are wrong wrong wrong.
His other one is called The Brothers Bloom which I haven't seen, but I need to based on the other two
No, I don’t wanna love if it’s not you. I don’t wanna hear the wedding bells bloom - Jonas Brothers, Wedding …
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Oh I loved it too! Though will always have a soft spot for The Brothers Bloom—that's gorgeous—he's very good on love, I think
yeh good mystery thriller.and Joseph Gordon Levitt is great in it.look out for brothers bloom.its Johnson's other film
Looper, B+. Engaging but wasn't particularly invested in Joe's story. Not as visually intriguing as The Brothers Bloom. Excellent 2nd half
I'm going to watch Brothers Bloom tonight! I'm so excited!!
'Headhunters' and 'The Brothers Bloom'; marvellous entertainment for a dull afternoon.
Brick annoyed me, Brothers Bloom disinterested me, Looper blew me away.
Mm. I'll put The Brothers Bloom in the dvd player and cook some proper dinner.
Of course the Curator from THE BROTHERS BLOOM would hang out in a Russian cowboy bar. Thanks, Goldeneye.
Movie marathon night for me. Started off with the movie The Brothers Bloom
"The perfect con is where everyone gets just...the...thing...they wanted." - "The Brothers Bloom". Fantastic movie.
Brothers Bloom is one of my favorites!
"Death is the Road to Awe" is astonishing. And I love that you love The Brothers Bloom. My favourite film of 2010.
Stream The Perfect Con by Nathan Johnson on The Brothers Bloom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for free on Grooveshark.
The Brothers Bloom was brilliant. I was choked up at the end. Mainly because was right..
Cat Stevens miles from nowhere The brothers bloom
Haven't seen Bloom Brothers yet. The trailer for Brick caught us off guard, so we watched it and were floored.
"You gotta go back to July of 2008, before Lehman Brothers, before the financial collapse, to see this kind of number."
New poster framed and hanging over the bed: THE BROTHERS BLOOM.
I have headcanon/backstory for the Duke from Brothers Bloom IS THIS RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS BC I CAN EMAIL YOU >___>;;
I love brothers bloom, haven't seen brick.
Yep. Did you see his other flicks - BRICK or THE BROTHERS BLOOM? BRICK is amazing. BLOOM is quirky.
I'm a fan of the spice, so I'll try the film. Did you watch Brothers Bloom?
but ask me to tell u why i love exo? why Brothers Bloom is a masterpiece? to write a fic review? & u have 1000 words from me in a min
oh I am no good at straight comedies but: Death at a Funeral, The Brothers Bloom, Hot Rod, and Tucker and Dale vs Evil are good.
Watching The Brothers Bloom because Mark Ruffalo. I love him even more in this movie.
fff just found out Brick, The Brothers Bloom, and Looper were all directed by the same guy WOW YES MAKE MORE FILMS I LIKE YOU
The Brothers Bloom score is so beautiful. I fell in love with it.
be bloom by the stallion. good morning brothers and sisters.may Allah bless us all :)
And he did The Brothers Bloom too, which I also highly recommend.
and stilll listening to Wicked, while having Brothers Bloom feels
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I loved Looper and Bloom Brothers was one of my faves of 2009. Too bad saw Looper out of focus at Destinta in New Windsor, NY
One of the Koch Brothers literally held a man prisoner for an interrogation at his remote mountain fortress.
Rian Johnsonis a good pitchman when it comes to getting people to see his movies a second time. During the release of his second filmThe Brothers Bloom, Johnson released a commentary track for the film, the idea being that fans could put the track on an iPod (or whatever) and listen to it in the the...
Looper is a mess. Slow, Dull, and true to Rian Johnson, heavily derivative. After Brick and The Brothers Bloom, this is strike 3...
A beautiful song from the movie The Brothers Bloom which was composed by Nathan Johnson & The Cinematic Underground. I don't own anything, I'm just uploading...
Dude way of the gun totaly under diaolog and over all entertaining this the brothers bloom blood guts bullets and octain johnny skid marks things to come where the day takes you who is cletice tout and at least fifty other movies i can think of should be watched daily by all but hey step up nine or another tv show turned movie is coming out so why bother and now that the video store is a thing of the past these movies will never see the glory they should have but hey whnts a movie with plot and dialog when you can watch 3d and cgi long live the milinium
Filmmaker Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom) presents his newest spin on a familiar genre with Looper, a thriller in which time travel is utilized by hired killers.
The Brothers Bloom OST Composed by: Nathan Johnson (with The Cinematic Underground) Song: Penelope's Theme Heard this song when watching a movie called "The ...
Rian Johnson, Director: Brick. Rian Johnson was born in Maryland. At a young age, he moved to San Clemente, California where he was raised. After graduating from High school, he went on to attend University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. His first feature film "Brick" was released ...
"Looper" was pretty good. Didn't love it as much as "The Brothers Bloom," though.
Rian Johnson has quite the filmography. Brick, Brothers Bloom, Breaking Bad, Brooper...
The Wes Anderson dig in your Criticker review of Brothers Bloom is awesome.
'Loopers' is an inspired and brilliantly film written/directed by Rian Johnson. A mash up of film noir, Stephen King and philosophical meditation with gatts, blunderbusts and cute girls. Been a fan of Johnson since 'Brick' (not so much 'Brothers Bloom') and this film puts a fresh spin on science fiction while keeping a what's gonna happen next plot moving. A truly commercial Hollywood flick with brains.
This Friday sees the release of the Joseph-Gordon Levitt-lead action flick, "Looper." From Rian Johnson ("Brothers Bloom"), the film follows Joe (Gordon-Levitt) a hired assassin (known as a "looper"), who's tasked with killing people sent back in time from the year 2077.
Ok so.."Brothers Bloom" is a total diamond in the Rough didn't see it Coming kinda movie. Adrien Brody looked kinda hot in it and it's just a sweet movie. (Also had Rachel Weiss and that Mark Ruffalo guy in it)
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Some great posters for Looper, The Brothers Bloom, and Brick.
Looper and The Brothers Bloom are available here: Brick will be coming soon.
Photo: loopermovie: Zach Johnson’s poster for The Brothers Bloom. Available for purchase here.
was suppose to go to Bloom with ...but my brothers is being an *** ..-__-
Oh I'm the same. But if we don't meet with a hug, cocktails and endless chat about Brothers Bloom I'll be very disappointed.
Can we make that my epitaph? Though I'm not allowed to die until I write something massive about The Brothers Bloom.
So stoked to see the new film Looper. Gonna revisit Brick and Brothers Bloom just to keep it real.
all I want to say is that Brothers Bloom is the isht. One of my favorite movies. Can't wait for Looper. Thanks
Watched a pretty good movie last night, The Brothers Bloom, with oddly gorgeous (in an oddly gorgeous way) Adrian Brody.
"I think you're constipated your f* soul." Penelope, "The Brothers Bloom"
Yeah, Rian Johnson's Brick and Brothers Bloom were great and fun. Plus, Looper has Emily Blunt.!
The Brothers Bloom is SUCH an underrated movie.
Saw Rian Johnsons 'the brothers bloom'.can't wait to see his new film 'looper'.what a...
watching The Brothers Bloom, my favorite movie, with my new amazing Colgate frands
The Brothers Bloom is fun, charming & full of interesting relationships & performances. Seriously, you need to see it! I'm buying the dvd.
Brothers Bloom: great movie about 2 con-men brothers Adrien Brody&Mark Ruffalo, their relationship & their last eccentric mark Rachel Weisz.
"I don't like to simplistically vilify an entire country- but Mexico's a horrible place." The Brothers Bloom (2008)
That freak-out moment when you realize that is randomly in the bar scene in The Brothers Bloom...
I sat down and talked to a couple weeks ago at give it a read here
Nice moves man! Just watched THE BROTHERS BLOOM ... liked your dancy dance ;-)
Realized I haven't seen 'The Brothers Bloom,' and with 'Looper' out next week, I figured I should check it out. So I am.
I'm really loving the brothers bloom so far.
Yay,'Brothers Bloom' on telly tonight! Rachel Weisz is so beautiful, she, Kate Winslet and Sara Ramirez are my top three.Which ones r yours?
Reppin both my boys two days in a row
ah, rightio, I’ll relax :) but you’ve set my expectations high! Granted, after Brick & Brothers Bloom, they were high anyway.
I have to reiterate: Rachel Weisz is FANTASTIC in The Brothers Bloom and it could have been an iconic role in a stronger flick.
The Brothers Bloom: C+, I rolled with the whimsy but not the unwieldy plotting. Too convoluted and lacking danger. Weisz nearly saves it.
But I also want to re-watch Brick and Brothers Bloom before I see Looper too
With all this homework I haven't even gotten to enjoy my Bad25 :l I just got to watch some of the Dvd I haven't even touched the CDs and I still haven't watched my poetic justice Dvd or my brother's bloom one :l I need to catch up be4 I buy the avengers
Joshua Gordon-Levitt? Check. Directed by the guy who also did "Brick" and "The Brothers Bloom"? Check. Son Lux on the soundtrack? CHECK! It comes out Sept. 28, and I'm going to do my utmost to force you all to come see it with me.
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I'm feeling the urge to dig Heathers and Brothers Bloom out of our boxes of DVDs for an oddball double feature. That, or Drag Me to *** and Cabin in the Woods back to back.
The fact that Koch ignores Iran sanctions and sells to Iran's government is why I refer to as Iran-linked
For folks that don't know Koch / / Iran Link: Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales
been practicing a couple songs to my pretzel float and Brothers Bloom poster for show tm. 10p
Watching the Bloom Brothers perform. Pepe's looking for you and JC didn't recognize me grabe. :))
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