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Brooks Orpik

Brooks Orpik (born September 26, 1980) is an American professional ice hockey defenseman, an alternate captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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false. No team willing to eat his contract for his age. Brooks orpik is going for half the price
Dan Byslma should start Jeff Zatkoff (goalie) in game 7 ONLY IF Robert Bortuzzo is a starting defenseman (we need Brooks Orpik)
the need Brooks Orpik for game 7 (no offence but Robert Bortuzzo is NOT ready for playoff hockey, never was ready tbh)
Don't worry, they'll just sign Brooks Orpik!
he's just filling in for Brooks Orpik, regular occurrence for him.
Don't worry guys, we still have Gleason and soon to be leaf Brooks Orpik!!! Real character players
Toronto is moving Phaneuf, clearing the way for the Brooks Orpik signing lol
In addition to Maatta, Deryk Engelland is on the ice as well. Brooks Orpik is not on the ice.
As expected, Brooks Orpik is not on the ice. Doubt we see him for a bit, depending on how much deeper postseason goes.
brooks Orpik played last game as a penguin
defenseman Olli Maatta is on the ice for warmups here at MSG after missing morning skate. Brooks Orpik is not.
The Pens have played without Brooks Orpik essentially the last 7 games with 2 unspecified injuries. He did not skate at all today.
Today is the one year anniversary of Brooks Orpik scoring in Game 6 to eliminate the Isles -- 10:04 PM.
we don't need niskanen. We need a brooks orpik or willie Mitchell. And I would love if we got stastny
Quick update, coz I feel like crap, and I have to sleep. IT'S A HOCKEY NIGHT IN PITTSBURGH! (New Yawk) *Tonight's game six at Madison Square Garden will start at 7:00 p.m. ET and air on NBC Sports Network. *Marc-Andre Fleury and Henrik Lundqvist will guard their respective nets. *Regarding game 5: Under Dan Bylsma, Pens are 1-7 when they have a chance to clinch a series at home. In those games, they've been outscored 33-18. (Credit Josh Yohe) *Lines at practice were a little mixed up: Kuni-Sid-Geno; Jussi-Sutter-Neal; Bennett-Goc-Stempy; Gibbo-Joey V-Adams. Defense worked in groups of 3. *Neither Olli Maatta nor Brooks Orpik practiced. We may see Engelland tonight. *"Pens Rangers Game Six" can also spell "Manager sexing press" and "Saxes enraging sperm." *Pittsburgh native John Gibson (and Baldwin High School alumnus…go Highlanders!) is the youngest goalie in NHL history to post a shutout in a Stanley Cup playoff debut. He blanked the LA Kings 2-0 last night. *Stay tuned after 6:00 for the PensPoints co ...
Brooks Orpik not at skate -- and not seeing Olli Maatta, either.
What happens if Olli Maatta and Brooks Orpik can't play tonight for Pittsburgh?
Brooks Orpik Scary Injury Injured- Thrown to the Ice by Shawn Thornton Punched to the head (12/7/13) Pittsburgh Penguins vs Boston Bruins. Stretcher/ James N...
Pittsburgh D Brooks Orpik (knee) is doubtful tonight versus the Rangers.
Brooks Orpik returned to the line-up on May 7th after missing the past five games with an undisclosed injury. He only played part of the first period before leaving the game early. Orpik was out of the line-up for the last couple of games during the first series (against the Columbus Blue...
Looks like I was wrong. Brooks orpik is not the weak link on the Penguins defense. Scuderi is terrible. He has 2 hits in 11 games. The guy cannot keep up to the faster, young guys. He needs benched, A.S.A.P. Feel bad for Fleury when you have Suderi just standing there, not clearing the front of the net..
Come on Boys . PITTSBURGH -- New York Rangers forward Martin St. Louis spent Thursday night with his family in Montreal, grieving the loss of mother France after she passed away suddenly. When Rangers coach Alain Vigneault told St. Louis perhaps the veteran forward should remain at home rather than help the Rangers try to fend off elimination against the Pittsburgh Penguins, St. Louis and his father held a lengthy heart to heart. Hours later, St. Louis was in Pittsburgh. By the end of the night he was near tears after an impassioned team effort in a 5-1 victory that forced Game 6 in New York on Sunday -- Mother's Day. "I'm glad we're able to get this win and stay alive," St. Louis said. "She was a great lady, the best human being I've ever known in my life. I owed it to her to do it. I know she would have wanted me to play." Buoyed by the return of their teammate, one who has fit in quickly after being acquired from Tampa Bay at the trade deadline, the Rangers shook off a lethargic loss in Game 4 by blitz ...
Dan Bylsma knows how to make a girl crazy. The thought of Brooks Orpik and David Backes practicing together makes my heart race. Whew.
Dan Bylsma elicited laughs by opening his remarks saying, "Brooks Orpik skated at an undisclosed location with David Bac…
Chicago Blackhawks fans no doubt sent some hate mail to Brooks Orpik for his March 30 injurious hit...
END 2: trail 2-1 with a last minute goal from Brooks Orpik. Assists from Beau Bennett and Paul Martin.
Seabrook will be suspended two, three, four games for his hit on Backes last night. Interesting, considering Brooks Orpik actually did the same thing to Toews a few weeks ago... -Hitting player comes in quickly, somewhat recklessly, trying to separate a player from the puck -Hit player makes a bad move at the last moment and leaves himself vulnerable when a big hit arrives -Both hit players were injured and left the game, and both are team captains The difference? Backes made his head vulnerable, and Toews made his collarbone/shoulder area vulnerable. So Orpik gets a "Atta boy!" while Seabrook will get the book. The NHL wonders why people won't take it seriously...
are the worst in pro sports. I'm so tired of people like Brooks Orpik and Matt Cooke and Chris Neal being allowed to run people
Mike Milbury, Brooks Orpik and the idiocy of retribution... Can Mike Milbury just go away or...?
In light of the recent events with Brooks Orpik and the fact that I just watched Mike Milbury spout off his usual nonsense...I thought my first official post as part the the "Thanks Daaannn" crew should be my thoughts on what happened with the Toews hit. The hit that Brooks delivered was completely clean, despite what any of these agitating "analysts" have to say. I think the fact that no one on the Blackhawks team even challenged Orpik proves this point. He did leave his feet yes but it was after the initial impact and the momentum is what caused this, he did not jump into the hit to increase his velocity. If this would have been on any other player without name recognition it would have went completely unnoticed. Thoughts?... -D
Three players who might benefit most from Paul Martin's return (in no particular order):. 1.) Brooks Orpik. 2.) Matt Niskanen. 3.) Olli Maatta
Just a thought.I for one would donate a decent sum of money to be able to see Brooks Orpik punch Mike Milbury right in his big mouth. Maybe Toews should have been more aware of his surroundings in the offensive zone. He didn't leave his feet, there was no penalty and this is a guy who's made a handful of hits causing serious injury in a 14 year career. Am I a big fan of Orpik at this stage of his career? No, not really, but I'll defend him to be a generally clean player to the end. Milbury spews this kind of stuff about the Penguins more often than I'd love to hear. He says he hates that Brooks "tries to hurt people" Meanwhile, this *** who as a coach inserted purposeful goons who had barely played in order to try to hurt Ulf Samuelsson years ago after he hit Cam Neely "dirty" previously. Milbury is nothing but a grudge carrying, bitter old man has been who's been a washed up irrelevant stooge for quite some time. Nice to know that's what it takes to be an on air TV personality for NBC sports. -Fin-
You wanna know what's sick about hockey??? My man Brooks Orpik, showing the Hawks a Penguins hitting clinic on Jonathan Toews last night. Go Penguins Go!
Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Brooks Orpik will not have a hearing with NHL's Department for Player Safety for his hit on Chicago Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews. The hit was a full body check, with incidental contact to the head. The head was not the principle point of contact.
“Watch: Jonathan Toews knocked out of game vs. Penguins after Brooks Orpik hit.
By Mike McMahon Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was forced to leave Sunday's action against the Pittsburgh Penguins after taking a heavy hit from defenseman Brooks Orpik in the corner boards. With the …
If you didn't see it, here's Brooks Orpik's hit on Jonathan Toews:
Didn't have a problem w/the Brooks Orpik hit on Jonathan Toews, but I still think he picks his spots. Pretty weak sauce…
Seriously, how is this clean? MT Brooks Orpik knocked Jonathan Toews out of the game with a vicious hit.
Brooks Orpik reminds Jonathan Toews to keep his head on a swivel
WATCH: Here's the Brooks Orpik hit that knocked The Captain out of tonight's game
GIFs: Jonathan Toews gets injured after a humongous big hit from Brooks Orpik.
Kudos to the Tribune-Review's Chaz Palla getting this shot of Brooks Orpik's hit on Jonathan Toews.
Brooks Orpik just destroyed Jonathan Toews on a clean check. Somewhere, the Bruins want to fight him, and Milbury thin…
Brooks Orpik putting Jonathan Toews pretty much through the boards!! I love it!! Suck it Hawks!!
Big hit by Brooks Orpik on Jonathan Toews.. Heads up
Brooks Orpik big hit on Jonathan Toews - Blackhawks vs Penguins 03/30/14
Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews left Sunday's game in Pittsburgh in the second period with an apparent shoulder/arm injury after a big hit from Brooks Orpik.
Brooks Orpik injures Jonathan Toews with a blindside hit to the head, where Orpik leaves his feet. That's become the Pittsburgh trademark.
Awesome 4-1 Pens victory over the Stanley Cup Champs!! Plus Crosby scores 2 goals...and how about that crushing check that Brooks Orpik laid on BlackHawks Captain Jonathan Toews, which knocked him out for the remainder of the game.great game Pens! Games like that just makes getting up and going 2 work in the early morning that much better, ya know
Of course when game ends the NBC announcers don't say "Congrats to the Pens good win or wow Pens really can stand up to the Western Confrence teams" they say "poor Jonathan Toews, Brooks Orpik is a dirty hitter!" They are just bias bums, I miss ROOT Sports Pens games.
Brooks Orpik with another predatory hit on Jonathan Toews. Hope JT isn't hurt too bad. Orpik needs to get tuned in again.
PITTSBURGH — Jonathan Toews left Sunday night’s game against the Penguins after taking a big hit along the boards by defenseman Brooks Orpik. The Blackhawks
Devistating hit delivered by Brooks Orpik on Jonathan Toews. Towes has since left the game and of course, because of the injury, Chicago Blackhawks fans are no crying that the hit was dirty.
Let's all take a moment of silence for how badly Brooks Orpik manhandled Jonathan Toews.
Brooks Orpik, Ulf Sameulsson and Paul Coffey. I'm a big fan of solid defensemen.
Players I want this offseason. Brooks Orpik, Matt Niskanen, Derek Morris and Marion Gaborik. We can throw big money at all of them.
I feel the need to rant about the Bertuzzi incident after seeing so many of your responses to John's post today. First of all, I don't believe that one single act should label a player as a goon for the rest of his career. This one incident is the ONLY incident that Bert has with the league. Yet, somehow he is labeled a goon; I just don't understand that at all. It's unfortunate that it ended Moore's career, but these kind of dirty plays happen all of the time. This brings me to my second point. As I said, dirty plays happen in almost every game. 3 or 4 years back, Chris Simon and Chris Pronger were both involved in separate altercations where they stomped on the back of players' thighs with their skates. These lacerations could have easily injured these players, and if the lacerations had been deep enough to sever tendons, then the victims' careers could have easily been over. Earlier this season, Shawn Thornton jumped Brooks Orpik and Orpik was taken off the ice on a stretcher. Had Orpik hit the ice the ...
As they depart, I’d like to thank Brooks Orpik, Paul Martin, Olli Maatta, Jussi Jokinen for professionalism in victory…
I'd love to meet the guy who thought Justin Faulk, Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin were better than Jack Johnson, Eric Johnson and Big Buff.
U.S., Pens defenseman Martin out of Canada game with hand injury By Dejan Kovacevic and Rob Rossi Published: Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, 8:12 a.m. Updated less than a minute ago SOCHI, Russia — Paul Martin, a defenseman for the United States and the Penguins, will not play Friday in the Americans' Olympic semifinal against Canada. Martin injured his hand in the quarterfinal game against the Czech Republic, multiple sources told the Tribune-Review. He is out indefinitely and will be re-evaluated in Pittsburgh. Martin's hand is in a splint, and may be placed in a cast later. NBC Sports, the rights-holder for these Games, announced that Martin fell ill overnight. Regardless, Martin won't play. His roster spot will be taken by Justin Faulk, and his place alongside Pittsburgh teammate Brooks Orpik will be taken by John Carlson. Faceoff for U.S.-Canada is noon Pittsburgh time.
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John Carlson should be getting quite a bit more ice time today against Canada with Paul Martin out of the lineup. Carlson will be paired with Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik.
Brooks Orpik, names after Miracle on ice coach Herb Brooks. I hope Orpik honors his name and buries these train riding blokes
All I'm going to say is that I can't imagine Seth Jones pulling what Brooks Orpik did on that Russia goal
Brooks Orpik may have been named for legendary coach Herb Brooks...but that doesn't mean he should be in this game.
Fact: Brooks Orpik of is named after 1980 U.S. Olympic coach Herb Brooks.
I have ZERO respect for guys like Brooks Orpik & Max Pacioretty. Its embarassing that they're apart of
Tough to root for team USA when you have *** like Max Pacioretty & Brooks Orpik on the team.
Fun Fact: defenseman Brooks Orpik was named after player and Miracle on Ice coach Herb Brooks...
Fun fact: Brooks Orpik was named after 1980 USA Hockey coach Herb Brooks
Fun fact: Brooks Orpik is named after legendary coach of the Miracle on Ice Herb Brooks. Learned that from NHL13
Miller not starting for USA will be the downfall of the tournament, what a joke. Don't worry we got Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik!!...😒
From it looks as if Penguins defenseman pairing Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin will not play together in Game 1 for Team USA.
Tomorrow is when the Olympics get good. That's when hockey and the OlymPens get going. Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz, Canada; Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin, USA; Evgeni Malkin, Russia; and Jussi Jokinen and Olli Maatta, Finland are all there for the Pens. Good luck guys!
The Steelers hire Joey Porter as a coach. Was this done to mentor Jarvis Jones, or in part to bring in some much needed fire to that defense? Brooks Orpik has been elevated to the 3rd "D" pairing with Paul Martin. If the Bylsma/Shero duo wasn't in charge, would either of those Penguins blue liners be on the USA team? Mike Prisuta will join me at 12:30 to discuss both those topics. And I'll bet you didn't know that Pittsburgh has been relocated to Wisconsin! I'll explain. And is there a worse run organization in all of sports than the Cleveland Browns? Don't forget Tim Benz joins me at 1:00
BC's Brian Gibbons had a goal & Brooks Orpik had an assist; Harvard's Craig Adams added an assist as Penguins blew out Sabres 5-1
Ryan Miller will start in goal for the Buffalo Sabres in their final home game before the Olympic break Wednesday night but Tyler Myers will not play due to injury. The game at First Niagara Center against the Pittsburgh Penguins can be seen nationally on NBCSN at 7:30 p.m. and will feature 11 athletes headed to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic Games. Miller (United States), Zemgus Girgensons (Latvia), Jhonas Enroth (Sweden) and Henrik Tallidner (Sweden) will represent the Sabres in Sochi as well as interim coach Ted Nolan, who will be behind the bench for Team Latvia. The Pittsburgh Penguins are sending seven players to compete in the games including captain Sidney Crosby (Canada), who will also serve as the captain of Team Canada; Chris Kunitz (Canada); Evgeni Malkin (Russia); Jussi Jokinen (Finland); Olli Maatta (Finland); Paul Martin (U.S.) and Brooks Orpik (U.S.). USE PROMO CODE "SOCIAL" FOR A SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON TICKETS TO TONIGHT'S GAME Penguins coach Dan Bylsma is the head coach for Team USA and Peng ...
So I am walking out to go get my son from school and lady at the front desk says to me " I saw you this exciting was that too have breakfast and conversation next to two of the Pittsburgh Penguins this morning!" I was like "ummm I did" she said you don't know who you were even talking to this morning do you. I was like "nope, they introduced themselves though." I just didn't know who they were. Apparently I was chillin with Kris Letang and Brooks Orpik...lmbo sad part is I still don't know to much about them...but everybody in ear length thought I was a lucky young lady. Well they were really sweet and down to earth and funny. Now that I think of it the hockey practice sticks should have said something. I forget where I am at times.right next door to the home of the Pgh Penguins! Guess I'll take the little guy down for the fun and excitement of the game tonight with everybody.
Buffalo is well represented in the Winter Olympics with Ryan Miller, Pat Kane + Brooks Orpik all representing team USA! Here's an emotional commercial that may have you grabbing your tissues!
almost as funny as Brooks Orpik, Paul Martin, Max Pacioretty or Blake Wheeler making it
Congratulations to Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Chris Kunitz, Jussi Jokinen, Paul Martin, Olli Maatta, and Brooks Orpik on being selected to their respective 2014 Olympic Hockey Teams. Way to go Pens!!!
Pittsburgh Penguins defensemen Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin are certainly no strangers to international hockey. Both have suited up multiple times for Team USA, with Orpik playing in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. Martin has never played an Olympic contest, despite making the previous t...
WNY natives Patrick Kane and Brooks Orpik and Buffalo Sabres' Ryan Miller are on the American Olympic Hockey team. Cool!
Pittsburgh Penguins defensemen Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik were never in any doubt to the eyes of Team USA management (a group that included Pens GM Ray Shero and coach Dan Bylsma). They were named to the Olympic team that'll go to Sochi next month.
Cannot believe the United States expects me to cheer for the likes of Ryan Miller, Max Pacioretty, Brooks Orpik at the Olympics.blah
Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin are in the Men's Hockey team dor the winter olypmics!!!
Penguins fans, Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin have been named to the U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Team
Congratulations to Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik, selected to the U.S. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team! …
Congrats to Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik. Two Pittsburgh Penguins that will be representing the United States of America in Sochi next month.
Well Paul Martin & Brooks Orpik got their names called but they forgot to name the head coach... Which if nobody knows who it is it's Dan Bylsma
Good for Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik... Interesting seeing that young flavor on blue line tho, with Fowler, Faulk and McDonagh.
Really, Paul Martin & Brooks Orpik make the Olympic team and Rob Scuderi doesn't ? What were they thinking ?
Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin from the Puttsburgh Penguins named to the USA hockey team GO USA!
Congrats to Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik of the penguins on being named to the 2014 USA Men's Olympic Team!!!
Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik are both on the Olympic team. Thought they should've and they are. No Rob Scuderi.
Veterans Pascal Dupuis, Chris Kunitz, and Brooks Orpik reflect on the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup win and look forward to leading the team to another.
"You are the Brooks Orpik of Shoppers Drug Mart. Just a little beakshow and then when it comes time to fight, you turtle." "More like Dupuis. Do a lot of the work but not the leader. Also, he has pretty eyes."
Don Cherry didn't like Shawn Thornton's actions against Brooks Orpik and the Pittsburgh Penguins last weekend, but he also wasn't a fan of the punishment given to the Boston Bruins forward.
He may be 33, but Brooks Orpik's play is nothing but solid for the Penguins, Ron Cook writes in his column:
Sporting headlines around the World. Rudy *** has been moved, as the Raptors dump cap onto the Sacramento Kings. Rudy is averaging about 19 points a game, but he's only shooting 39 percent. He'll be joined in Cali by former Raptor teammates Aaron Gray, and Quincy Acy. Who'd Toronto get back? That'd be Gervais Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, Chuck Hayes, and Jon Salmons. The Raps will get some more depth, but this move will give more touches to everyone, and this move could be to free up cap space for a big move. Was this the right move by Toronto? James Neal got a 5 game suspension today for a blatant knee to the head of a defense-less Brad Marchand. As for Shawn Thornton his fate has still not been decided yet. Brooks Orpik was placed on the IR today with concussion-like symptoms. As well, Pascal Dupuis will not receive a hearing for his slash that broke Chris Kelly's ankle. Proper decisions by Shanny? The DOC Roy Halladay has called it a career. He's signing a one-day contract with the Jays, so ...
Penguins on Monday placed defenseman Brooks Orpik on injured reserve with a concussion, and recalled defenseman Brian Dumoulin from their American Hockey League affiliate, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Orpik was injured Saturday during an incident with the Bruins' Shawn Thornton. Orpik was removed from the ice on a stretcher and was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was alert and conscious. Orpik returned from the hospital and will travel with the team back to Pittsburgh. Thornton will have an in-person supplementary disciplinary hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety for his actions. Orpik has one goal and six assists in 31 games and is fourth on the team with an average ice time of 21:30 per game.
Dumoulin up 12/9: Brian Dumoulin was called up to Pittsburgh today to fill in for Brooks Orpik, w...
NEWS ALERT: the have recalled defenseman Brian Dumoulin from and placed Brooks Orpik on IR:
Brooks Orpik has be placed on IR, and defenseman Brian Dumoulin has been recalled. Dumoulin was part of the package deal that sent Jordan Staal to Carolina. Also, Malkin is expected to return tonight.
Brooks Orpik has been placed on IR and the pens have recalled Brian Dumoulin from Wilkes-Barre.
This weekend was a horrible sports weekend. Brooks Orpik got nearly killed, a rapist moved on to the National Championship Game, the Steelers, Vikings, Seahawks and Panthers all lost, Adrian Peterson got hurt, Garrett Jones joined the Marlins, the Patriots came all the way back thanks to an onside kick. Everyone on Yahoo thinks it was a great weekend...screw off.
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My take on the whole Shawn Thorton/Brooks Orpik deal. Thorton went after the wrong guy and did not have the right to jump Oripk. However; it is not Thorton's fault that Orpik has ankles like Doug Glatt
Penguins players are not out looking for fights Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik doesn't care about “the code.” Orpik, through no fault of his own, found himself in a Boston hospital on Saturday because of his beliefs. The Boston Bruins targeted Orpik early and often following a hit to forward Loui Eriksson in the opening minute, clearly believing that Orpik owed them a fight because of his hit. Orpik's hit, which saw his right shoulder plant Eriksson in the chest, was deemed legal. Still, the Bruins — notably enforcer Shawn Thornton — challenged Orpik to fisticuffs on numerous occasions, apparently because Orpik chose to aggressively hit one of the Bruins marquee players. Boston coach Claude Julien said on Sunday night that he “disagrees” with Penguins coach Dan Bylsma's assessment that the hit was legal. No penalty was called on the play. The Penguins don't believe fighting is always a sign of toughness, nor do they think Orpik should have felt obligated to fight. “I'm not going to back do ...
Highlights: Penguins/Bruins: Watch highlights of Boston's win over Pittsburgh and see the injury to Brooks Orpik.
ORPIK UPDATE: Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he is alert and c…
Pens' Orpik jumped by Bruin, out of hospital: Penguins forward Brooks Orpik was released from the hospital and...
Brooks Orpik | Pittsburgh Penguins&Brooks Orpik stretchered off the ice after sucker punch ... | Longueuil | CA…
Brad Marchand and Brooks Orpik both got destroyed
About last night's Bruins v Penguins game. 1. Shaun Thornton (Bruins) did cross the line slamming Brooks Orpik's head on the ice and punching him while he was down. 2. Chris Neal crossed the line kneeing Brad Marchand in the head. 3. Brooks Orpik originally crossed the line hitting Louie Erikkson in the head 4. Apparently there was another incident where chris kelly's ankle was broken by a slash... ugly game, but *** of a win
Shawn Thornton beats Brooks Orpik face in til hes knocked out, James Neal knees Brad Marchand in the head, I'd say the Penguins/Bruins game was interesting.
ICYMI: Shawn Thornton's brutal cheapshot KO's Brooks Orpik after James Neal knees Brad Marchand in the head
James Neal kneed Brad Marchand therefore Brooks Orpik deserved to get knocked out by Shawn Thornton? In other news, 2+2…
Ok I think I owe my take to Jay Sirois, so here it goes. I hate Brad Marchand more than most players I hate in the NHL. But what James Neal did was completely gutless. No room in the game for that crap. As for what Shawn Thornton did to Brooks Orpik, that was completely cowardly. I wouldn't care if he and Neal never played again. Absolutely disgusting.
Also, last nights "mauling" of Brooks Orpik by Shawn Thornton was not nearly as vicious as that knee to the temple on Brad Marchand by James Neal. Sorry that Marchand has the stronger chin. There, I said it. Fight me.
My take on Orpik, Neal, Julien AND Thornton. Degrees of garbage.
Brooks Orpik stretchered off ice after attack by Shawn Thornton: The Penguins were involved in an...
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Brooks Orpik stretchered off ice after attack from Bruins’ Thornton (Video)
Pens' Brooks Orpik leaves on stretcher; Chara scores winner as Bruins win 3-2
Brooks Orpik is out of the hospital. What an immense relief. I seriously thought we had seen his career end last night after t…
Smart Sunday morning read by on Shawn Thornton's brutal hit on Brooks Orpik.
"Bruins enforcer Joe Thornton crossed a line last night
Anyone see Thornton just dirty brooks orpik? What a scum ball. Deserves to be tied up and sucker punched.
Noone wants to admit it, Brooks Orpik targets injured players. Shawn Thornton did the wrong thing, but so does Orpik
Brooks Orpik already has some crazy eyes, seeing that photo of him on the ice...ugh.
Yahoo! Sports: Shawn Thornton's hit on Brooks Orpik is the kind of garbage the NHL needs to clean up - quick (...
Melee in Boston: Game devolves again into ugliness
Brooks Orpik stretchered off ice after being knocked out by punch from Shawn Thornton.
Joe Morrow said that Brooks Orpik was faking it last night
Brooks orpik is faking it he barley got touched I swear to god
Brooks Orpik literally took faking an injury to a-whole-nother level. Never was "knocked out." Taken off on a stretcher and…
Shawn Thornton confirmed he's got a hearing scheduled with after his attack on Brooks Orpik
This is Penguins' Brooks Orpik being taken off the ice last night. Here's what happened:
[Mourners sing outside the home of former president Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa on
Let's try this again: Here's story on Shawn Thornton
My prayers go out to Brooks Orpik tonight as he was taken off the ice motionless on a stretcher.. 😥
Video: Shawn Thornton speaks about the atrocious incident with Brooks Orpik. 
Further proof that NHL and minor league Hockey (not Olympic Hockey) are the most stupid leagues.
Brooks Orpik taken to hospital and pronounced "conscious" and "alert". Sadly, the same could not be said for Shawn Thornto…
Penguins D Brooks Orpik stretchered off the ice after mugging by Bruins F Thornton.
“Everyone falls down. Only the best get back up.” Great to hear that Brooks Orpik is back up. He's one of the …
Brooks Orpik likely has a concussion
Bruins' Shawn Thornton could face significant suspension after altercation with Penguins' Brooks Orpik last night
If she thinks what Shawn Thornton did to Brooks Orpik was ok
I somehow became a hockey fan as a six- or seven-year-old living in Pittsburgh and I have had a serious love affair with the game ever since. But I am deeply troubled -- and have been for a while -- about the way the game is played.  What happened in the Penguins-Bruins game in Boston on Dec. 7, 2013, has me re-thinking my passion for this game.  First, Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik hit Bruins winger Loui Eriksson in the first period. Many believe it was a dirty hit. I have watched this play repeatedly, and though I am a diehard Penguins' fan, I really don't see the penalty. It was unfortunate that Eriksson was hurt. But the subsequent fiasco is all that is wrong with hockey. First, the Bruins' Shawn Thornton tried to get Orpik to fight, as if that would solve the problem and reverse Eriksson's concussion. Orpik refused to fight, not because he was afraid or not tough, but because he is smart and knew the Penguins' situation. The Penguins are missing two of their top four defensemen, Rob Scuderi and ...
Shawn Thornton of Boston Bruins loses cool, crosses line in attack on Brooks Orpik of Pittsburgh Penguins
I'm no rocket surgeon but have to think Shawn Thornton will get in-person hearing for knocking down Brooks Orpik and KO…
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It's 2 a.m. Can I talk about how mad I am that Shawn Thornton INJURED Brooks Orpik? Like? What the *** Where's the *** ?!
Anybody else think the James Neal knee to Brad Marchand was more egregious than Shawn Thornton punching Brooks Orpik?
Penguins' Brooks Orpik leaves on stretcher after punch from Bruins' Shawn Thornton
Ugly first period mars feel-good comeback win - The Bruins may have won the game in thrilling fashion, but the sight of Brooks Orpik leaving on a stretcher, and the actions of Shawn Thornton that put him there, make it hard to enjoy the win.
Well, the NHL has made news in a bad way. In a Pittsburgh Penguins/Boston Bruins game, things got a bit ugly. First, Brad Marchand took a knee to the head by James Neal when he was on the ice. Which caused a confrontation and during that Shawn Thornton skated up behind Brooks Orpik, grabbed him, and started to punch him. Orpik never even defended himself and ended up leaving the game on a stretcher. It's already been announced that Neal and Thornton will have hearings with the Safety Board on Monday. James Wisniewski, Columbus BlueJackets, will miss the next two games due to an upper-body injury. They also announced that Matt Calvert has an upper-body injury and Jared Boll suffered a setback in his recovery from some foot injury.
Dear NHL, Please just get rid of fighting and the mindless thugs like Shawn Thornton who only have jobs because they can punch people in the face while on skates. Thank you VIDEO: Brooks Orpik carted off after Shawn Thornton knocks him out
Shawn Thornton skates up to Brooks Orpik, throws him to the ice and begins to punch him. Pens' Brooks Orpik out of hospital ESPN (blog) Orpik was jumped, thrown to the ice and punched twice in the head by the Boston Bruins' Shawn Thornton during a stoppage in play at 11:06 of the first period of the Bruins' 3-2 win at TD Garden. Thornton was handed a match penalty and...
Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks Orpik left the Penguins-Bruins game on a stretcher after he was attacked by Bruins forward Shawn Thornton.
Shawn Thornton post game - Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton speaks after the game about his play that caused an injury to Pittsburgh Penguins defensemen Brooks Orpik. - With NHL Network Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every ga...
How I see Shanny's explanation video "Hi, I'm Brendan Shanahan head of player safety for the NHL, Saturday night in Boston an incident occared in the 1st period, Boston Bruins winger Shawn Thornton commits 1st degree assault on Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Brooks Orpik and was given a match penalty on the play, Orpik was injured on the play and had to be carried out on a stretcher, Thornton has no previous history of fines and or suspensions, Orpik while injured traveled with his team back to Pittsburgh, The NHL has decided to deem this a good hockey play, no fine or suspension will be handed out, the NHL also rescinds the match penalty called on the play based on the fact Thornton is a good ole Canadian boy who's honest and doesn't wear a visor and Orpik is a wimpy visor wearing American." ::Makes arm pit fart::
For the record, I'm no fan of Brooks Orpik but *** Shawn Thornton is failure at life!
Here is the video of Shawn Thornton suckering Brooks Orpik, that leads to Orpik being carried off on a stretcher. You miss Neal's knee to the head of Marchand directly before this, only seeing the aftermath.
Its too bad that James Neal won't receive the same suspension that Shawn Thornton will. Brooks Orpik had two chances to defend himself and passed on the opportunity, yet there will be less games sat with a blatant knee to the back of Marchands head who could not see it coming. Bullsh.
If I did what Shawn Thornton did to Brooks Orpik tonight, I WILL be locked up.
Boston's Shawn Thornton addresses the media after an ugly incident between the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins. Thornton jumped on Brooks Orpik and started punching him.
BOSTON -- Shawn Thornton is someone who usually abides by hockey's code, but on Saturday night, he obviously crossed the line. Thornton was given a match penalty after attacking Brooks Orpik in the...
Just saw the video of Brooks Orpik carried on a stretcher. Hope Shawn Thornton gets not only suspended for a while, but gets fined a lump sum of money as well.
Nearing tears in front of his locker stall in the Bruins locker room after Saturday’s 3-2 win over the Penguins, an emotionally shaken Shawn Thornton apologized for his first-period attack on Brooks Orpik in the first period that sent the Penguins defenseman to the hospital.
What a dirt fest in the Boston/Pittsburgh game tonight. Dunno what was worse, Shawn Thornton KO-ing Brooks Orpik or James Neal kneeing Brad Marchand in the head?
Were the same people who secured Hannibal Lecter for transport, on hand at the Garden tonight to strap Brooks Orpik on the guerney after Thornton went all Popeye Doyle on him?
Shawn Thornton deeply regrets hit on Brooks Orpik: via
After a very chippy first period, the Pens are winning 2-1. However, Brooks Orpik had to be taken off the ice in a stretcher when Thornton pulled Orpik down to the ice and took two very unnecessary shots at him. Orpik was down and defenseless while he was being hit. Send up prayers for Brooks gals!
Brooks Orpik is a class act true hockey player. Never want to see this.
Problems with the Pittsburgh Penguins 1. Defense - this will be ALWAYS the number one problem with the team. Now, we have some injuries that we need to get passed, it is going to be a tough month of December for the Penguins what with Paul Martin being out with a fractured tibia, and Rob Scuderi still out. There are holes on D. Don't worry, these guys WILL be back when they are healthy and ready to go, but in the meantime people need to step it up on D. Number 1: Kris Letang. You need to play your position better. It is that simple. You can be an impressive defense man without scoring goals! These turnovers that lead to goals time and time again is unacceptable. Also your passing is shoddy, and your ability to keep the puck in the zone is atrocious. 2. Brooks Orpik, hit a guy sometime this century, you are beginning to show your age and you are scaring everybody. And 3. Robert Bortuzzo. There, I said it. He is like 7 feet tall. WE NEED THAT SIZE ON OUR TIME! REMEMBER HAL GIL? He was a mons ...
We spoke with Brooks Orpik about his healthy habits: Anyone else reevaluating their dinner plans?
Getting ready then heading to Johnstown for the Tomahawks game tonight! Lets Go Tomahawks! Also Pens take on the Leafs in Toronto! Lets Go Pens! Good luck to my boys Brandon Sutter♥, Craig Adams♥, Matt Niskanen, Pascal Dupuis, Chris Kunitz, Sidney Crosby, Joe Vitale, Olli Maatta, Brooks Orpik, Jussi Jokinen, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Deryk Engelland, Rob Scuderi, Robert Bortuzzo, Jeff Zatkoff and the rest of the team! Good luck to my Flyers, Devils, Sharks, Sabres, Hawks and Preds! Need me text the cell!
What a night! Sidney Crosby has his 8th career (regular season) hat trick. Brooks Orpik scores his first in 110 games. And Matt Niskanen gets the game-winning goal with 18.6 seconds to go. And there are people who DON'T like hockey!? 3-2-1 Pens Win.
The Pens came out of Florida with at least one win. They beat the Lightning thanks to Sidney Crosby's 8 career hat trick and a late power play goal by Matt Niskanen with under a minute to play. Richard Panik tripped Pens defenseman Brooks Orpik right in front of a referee which allowed the Pens to go on the power play. Niskanen scored the goal with Malkin and Crosby assisting. For the second straight game the Penguins penalty killing struggled giving up two goals. Not only did it struggle, it's also the lazy penalties the team is taking. Hooking and holding calls are usually associated as being lazy penalties. The Penguins power play went 3-5 on the night. Crosby got the other two power play goals. The Pens also out shot the Lightning and got the better of them in the faceoff circle as well. Next up for the Penguins is a visit from the Edmonton Oilers at home Tuesday night. It also should be noted for anyone keeping score that the Philadelphia Flyers (or should I say Cryers) got thumped again last night a ...
Woo Pens beat the lightning 5-4! Goals by Sid(3), Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen! Nice to get the first of many road wins under our belts! My new display pic is now 1-0! Bring on the Oilers Tuesday! Lets Go Pens! My Johnstown Tomahawks boys also won tonight in a shootout! Way to go Tomahawks! Lets Go Tomahawks and Pens!
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First penalty of the game with Joakim Andersson off for high-sticking the Penguins' Brooks Orpik late in the first period.
Calgary sends Alex Edler,Dave Bolland,Curtis Glencross and Evgeni Nabokov to Florida for Zach Parise, Brooks Orpik and Jeremy Smith.
MT Takeaways from our big post today (Paul Martin, Kris Letang = very good. Brooks Orpik = not so good
Gets new slap shot accuracy coach. Brooks Orpik.
What to Do What to do. Iginla made $7 million US a season. He will have to take a pay cut to stay in Pittsburgh. The Penguins have 18 players under contract for next season and only $7.9 million in space under the $64.3-million salary cap. Unrestricted free agents: Craig Adams ($675,000), Matt Cooke ($1.8-million), Pascal Dupuis ($1.5-million), Mark Eaton ($725,000), Iginla ($7-million), Morrow ($4.1-million), Murray ($2.5-million). Restricted free agents: Robert Bortuzzo ($525,000), Dustin Jeffrey ($625,000), Tyler Kennedy ($2-million). Next season will enter the final year of their contracts before they're eligible to become unrestricted free agents. Evgeni Malkin ($8.7 million), Chris Kunitz, ($3.725 million), Brooks Orpik ($3.75 million), Kris Letang ($3.5 million) and Matt Niskanen ($2.3 million). Penguins could get cap relief by buying out Fleury and his $5-million cap hit. If Bylsma stays as coach, he wants the 28-year-old Fleury, who has two years left on his deal, to be his goalie. "He's our No. ...
Can I get a witness? Pens 3-0 with a goal by Kris Letang, his 1st of the playoffs, assists by Tyler Kennedy...Kennedy and Brooks Orpik! Billy, how awesome was that goal, buddy?
The Pittsburgh goal scored by Kris Letang! Assisted by Tyler Kennedy, and Brooks Orpik! Time of the goal 12:48 of the 2nd period!
I despise Ottawa. Chris Neil is a Punk. Jared Cowen is dirty. Erik Karlsson is a crybaby. I just hope at the end of the game... Brooks Orpik kills someone.
UNIONDALE. N.Y. -- Brooks Orpik was not the most unlikely overtime hero Saturday night at Nassau Coliseum. Backup goalies Marc-Andre Fleu..
Brooks Orpik. Brooks Orpik was the man that scored the game winning goal in overtime to clinch Game 6 and the series win for the Pittsburgh Penguins against the upstart New York Islanders. With the...
Brooks Orpik talks with media after Game 6:
The Pittsburgh Penguins rallied past the New York Islanders for the OT win to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the NHL playoffs. Brooks Orpik scored 7:49 into overtime, and the Penguins overcame three one-goal deficits in Game 6 to eliminate the Islanders with a 4-3 victory. Orpik, a defenseman, took a shot from the left point that might have clipped Islanders forward Brad Boyes on its way past goalie Evgeni Nabokov. The Penguins advanced to face the Ottawa Senators in the second round of the playoffs. The Islanders were just 5:16 away from sending the series back to Pittsburgh for one more game when another defenseman, Paul Martin, got the Penguins even for the third time. Evgeni Malkin assisted on the tying and winning goals. The teams had alternated wins since the Penguins took the opener 5-0 at home. Pittsburgh got into position to advance to the second round for the first time since 2010 when it won 4-0 in Game 5. In Game 6 top-seeded Pittsburgh trailed by one goal three times before f ...
Brooks Orpik scores in overtime of Game 6 to win the series against the New York Islanders.
Brooks Orpik sends the Pittsburgh Penguins to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs!
Brooks Orpik's Blistering missle in OT sends Penguins to the Second Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs
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2013 NHL playoffs -- James Neal, Brooks Orpik of Pittsburgh Penguins back for Game 4
James Neal and Brooks Orpik both on for the Penguins in warmup.
holding optional practice at Nassau Coliseum. James Neal and Brooks Orpik are on the ice
The Pittsburgh Penguins announced that captain Sidney Crosby will return to their lineup for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals on Friday night, having missed action since March 30 after breaking his jaw on an errant Brooks Orpik shot. … Continue reading →
James Neal and Brooks Orpik are the only players absent from morning skate.”
Pittsburgh C Joe Vitale (lower body) is probable and D Brooks Orpik (lower body) is questionable tonight versus the Islanders.
I would rather be hit in the face by a Brooks Orpik slap shot than see or hear anything more about the NFL draft.
straight to the chops. Brooks Orpik missed by a country mile. Don't think he's shot the puck since.
"the shot that hit Crosby". Brooks Orpik shot deflects off Brad Boyes' stick and hits Crosby.
I think it was deflected, but it was from Brooks Orpik, so it had some speed.
I've been critical of him this year but missing link over last two games has been Brooks Orpik. That can't be ignored.
maybe not the best comparison, but their whole team is Kris Letang and they need a couple Brooks Orpik's
He was not impressed when asked about Brooks Orpik.
With Brooks Orpik out of the lineup, who is the other assistant captain with Geno And Kunitz?
And smashed extra puss lol, pretty sure thats why brooks hit em in the mouth, so orpik could get laid
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Brooks orpik isn't playin tn? Good, no goals from behind the net then.
Marty St Louis or Stamkos should really thank Brooks Orpik when they give their Art Ross acceptance speech. Sid was just that good
So Marty St. Louis or Steven Stamkos will win the Art Ross Trophy over Sidney Crosby & it's entirely Brooks Orpik's fault. *shrugs*
Brooks Orpik: Only defensemen that was able to stop Sidney Crosby all year...
From Josh Yohe of the Trib: Brooks Orpik & Joe Vitale are both day-to-day (lower body injuries).
Crosby is still getting dental work done... *** Orpik!!! Jk.. I love Brooks
Brooks Orpik: Injury: Orpik won't play tonight. | Orpik suffered a lower body injury in the first period on Tu...
Brooks Orpik isn't playing tonight, so I'm just gonna start crying now.
Sidney Crosby had a dental appointment today. No update on him. Brooks Orpik and Joe Vitale both back in Pitt with lower-body injuries.
I’m slightly nervous about Brooks Orpik’s injury. Things are awfully quiet on that front. Almost too quiet.
any news on Brooks Orpik's condition?
Brooks Orpik is not on the ice today, but James Neal seems to be getting really close to playing.
Haven't seen Brooks Orpik at morning skate in Jersey.
I guess in conclusion. Marty St. Louis should say "I'd like to thank Brooks Orpik"...
If you want to admire someone, think about Brooks Orpik.
even with the cap the way it is? How do you feel about buying out Brooks Orpik?
It's just annoying to see Crosby's season basically marginalized and discounted to a degree because of Brooks Orpik's bad shot.
Cutch with his best Brooks Orpik impression.
Hey double M any word on the Brooks Orpik injury? All I've heard is possible lower body injury
signed Heath Miller helmet and Brooks Orpik puck! words can't express how thankful I am! 😁
Great piece on the Brooks Orpik: A great guy and hope he plays at home for the rest of his career.
Orpik The Newest penguin hurt no up date.
whats the word on Brooks Orpik after last night?
Still upset that Brooks Orpik ruined my fantasy hockey championship run
Brooks Orpik should not shoot the puck ever again. Sid had multiple trophies in the bag this year. Now ovi is in mvp race. St. Louis w pts
The Tenured Defenseman: Thirteen years ago, Brooks Orpik – a teenager out of Boston College who played a matur...
Just saw Brooks Orpik walking around the hallways of with a Black and Gold "Boston Strong" T-shirt on. Penguins are a classy bunch
Pittsburgh Penguins: Defenseman Brooks Orpik left last night’s game with a lower-body injury.
When Pavel Datsyuk wins the Hart he better thank Brooks Orpik for shooting a puck a Crosby's face, ***
Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik left tonight's game in the first period with a lower-body injury and will be...
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I am really hoping that Brooks Orpik is alright. Can't afford to lose him now...
Brooks Orpik out with lower body injury... HOW ABOUT NO
And not a good night for Brooks Orpik “good night! Not a good night for
Think Sabres goal was a high-stick but will probably count. Only thing that matters is Brooks Orpik's health.
"UPDATE: Brooks Orpik, lower body. Will not return." Honestly could we go one single day game without an injury!!! Get Well Orpik
UPDATE: Brooks Orpik, lower body. Will not return.
Brooks Orpik receives Player’s Player Award. Voted by players for teammate who exemplifies leadership & teamwork. It’s his 3rd consecutive
Brooks Oprik likes shutting guys like Steven Stamkos down. - Bob Errey. (Too bad Brooks Orpik can't do that anymore)
College hockey has definitely grown up - From today's PG. w/thoughts from Brooks Orpik, Ray Shero & more
Breaking: Brooks Orpik has a new sponsor!
So, I had a dream last night that Brooks Orpik was helping me move furniture into my apt and Geno was riding a unicycle in the basement.
I've just started using Brooks Orpik jokes and I'm not stopping for three years.
So with Matt Tennyson scoring a point tonight, does that make him the 2nd Bay Area player with a point after Brooks Orpik?
"Too bad Brooks Orpik's contract isn't up after this year" Is what Ray Shero should be thinking right now.
Brooks orpik shot Sydney Crosby a hot load in his mouth
Accurate representation I drew of you and brooks orpik
Had to be dumb luck, 2013 Brooks Orpik was involved.
And the award for deadliest snipe of the year goes to: Brooks Orpik
Brooks Orpik & Jerome Iginla's conversation after Sid took a puck to the jaw on Saturday:
Armstrong with a Brooks Orpik shot in that last breakaway
*BREAKING NEWS* NHL suspends Brooks Orpik for remainder of the season for literally injuring the face of the NHL
Brooks Orpik is now my favorite Penguin.
Orpik shot the puck at my face because he's just jealous I get more *** than him, NOBODY CAN RUIN THIS FACE BROOKS. NOBODY.
"Gets new slap shot accuracy coach, Brooks Orpik."
Brooks Orpik, his own teammate lolz
C Sidney Crosby has announced from his hospital bed that he will never forgive Brooks Orpik from missing the net by 20 feet!
Gets new slap shot accuracy coach, Brooks Orpik.
At least it was a blast from Brooks Orpik .. if it was Kris Letang, he'd have a concussion
No. 10 Brooks Orpik takes down No. 7 Max Pacioretty to advance to the quarterfinals in
practice at Penn today. Brooks Orpik, Kris Letang and James Neal not attending.
Brooks Orpik attempts to knock off Max Pacioretty today Where are the fans?
Another day of is underway between Max Pacioretty and Brooks Orpik.
After 24 games, Brooks Orpik and Kris Letang take a hard look at the Penguins and where they stand.
Can't choose but work with Yunel Escobar + Brooks Orpik & Macklemore vids are pretty high up there.
Brooks Orpik said after morning skate there's been a lot of internal discussion about Pens defensive play after allowing 6 goals vs Montreal
So Brooks Orpik is back with Letang and Despres might be benched. This makes complete sense
Hey Ron Cook, I know you adore Brooks Orpik, but it’s ok to criticize him after Saturday’s debacle
Oh yea and he called brooks orpik .. Brooks orpeak.. Claiming the I is pronouced ea bc he canadian and Orpik is American.
"Dear Mr Shero. Please trade Brooks Orpik and Tyler Kennedy. Trade to Buffalo for Tyler Meyers or to Calgary for Iginla."
Everytime I see Brooks Orpik I feel like he's staring deep into my soul.
In defense of Brooks Orpik- +2 on a team not playing consistently on the back-check and creating bad neutral zone turnovers.
Awkward moment when Brooks Orpik has more points than Tyler Kennedy...
I really want a Brooks Orpik jersey!
Thanks, Brooks Orpik, for video on how NOT to play D net front. Remember when Therrien played you at winger in '08? Let's bring that back!
If that were the case, Brooks Orpik would be running away with the Art Ross.
Queue the Brooks Orpik If you can play, you can play video directly after lol “Please score the game-winner TK”
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