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Brooks Orpik

Brooks Orpik (born September 26, 1980) is an American professional ice hockey defenseman, an alternate captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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IDK WHAT TO where to the stadium series. I have one jersey n it's the winter classic Brooks orpik!! Would that be messed up? LOL
Always have a chance to win when playing Brooks Orpik
I really wanna go to the caps game and make a sign for Brooks Orpik
Leo Komarov wanted to bring Brooks Orpik in on his goal celebration. Didn't really go as planned.
So a hooking penalty by Brooks Orpik can disallow a Hawks goal...cute NHL
The Hossa contact on Holtby was a result of Brooks Orpik holding his lane and pushing Hossa into Holtby. BAD CALL
Of note: With tonight's game, Brooks Orpik has played more games this season (42) than he did last regular season (41).
I keep forgetting to use this one so please remind me. There's always an easy Brooks Orpik jo…
"The Shift" by former teammate Brooks Orpik during the Penguins Stanley Cup Playoffs in…
As long as Brooks Orpik doesn't cost them too many playoff games
Brooks Orpik does nothing but lay on the ice and interfere with people
We're four-on-four here after Matt Cullen and Brooks Orpik have a Ben Lovejoy-sponsored quote-off, and both get penalized.
Brooks Orpik is in the box for slashing, Cullen in the box for tripping. Now we have some four on four hockey.
"And Brooks Orpik and Matt Cullen going at it..." (cutS to commercial) F YOU freaking jagoffs
Brooks Orpik reminds him of one of the child he would've left in the woods if given a chance?
Matt Cullen and Brooks Orpik fighting and goes to commercials. How much worse can they possibly suck?
Matt Cullen and brooks orpik going at it*. * = iso cam on Ovi
So... Who wants to place a bet? Opening Caps player interview is NOT Brooks Orpik for once.
"Secondary assist from California native and Boston College graduate Brooks Orpik"
Listening to on makes me feel like I have a Brooks Orpik Hockey IQ... mainly just bc I agree w everything he says
Auston Matthews with the incredible no look pass for the easy tap in by Leo Komarov. Komarov then thanks Brooks Orpik f…
Reminder: Brooks Orpik once got smoked by John Scott
Yo Brooks Orpik you might want to cover the goal scorer when two teammates have the guy in front
😂😂😂 this is so Brooks orpik going for a hit and preventing his own goalie from making the save lmao
Braden Holtby is a god and I hate Brooks Orpik
Brooks Orpik with some quality interference on Braden Holtby... what an *** First goal given up in like 160 minutes for Holts
Props to Mr. Intangible Brooks Orpik for clearing the crease (and an opposing player) into his own goalie
Brooks Orpik just cross checked his own goalie
Brooks orpik just tackled Holtby. Nice work, overpaid grandpa.
Looks like it was Brooks Orpik who interfered with Braden Holtby there more than Paul Byron, but Washington challenges the goal
Brooks Orpik does not discriminate. Even hits his own goalie.
Brooks Orpik ran over his own goaltender. 😂
Brooks Orpik just cost his team a goal.
First thought was it might be goalie interference, but it's Brooks Orpik who cross checked Holtby in the face so. Might count.
Maybe don't cross check your goalie Brooks Orpik?
Auston Matthews with an unreal backdoor pass to Leo Komarov who then celebrates with Brooks Orpik and get's pushed away…
Congrats to Rasmus for his 6th 5-on-5 point of the season. Now tied with Brooks Orpik, Chris Wideman, Deryk Engelland, Fedor…
Brooks Orpik did score in that NHL-record 20-round shootout, yes. One of five to do so (Ovi, Laich, Carlson, Ward)
Happy Birthday to Brooks Orpik, the Sedins, John Scott, Serena Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Linda Hamilton, and no one else I can think of.
Happy Birthday to my fellow September 26 birthdays, Brooks Orpik, the Sedins, and the best of them all, Serena Williams.
Dear Las Vegas team, I cannot wait for you to take Brooks Orpik off our hands.
How long until McDavid is traded to the Washington Capitals for Brooks Orpik, Jay Beagle, and a 3rd round pick?
is Brooks Orpik's contract holding his team back?
can you predict when Brooks Orpik gets traded too?
Brooks Orpik a big helper for the pens in that caps series lmao.
Brooks Orpik for Tyson Barrie who says no
Tyson Barrie to DC for Brooks Orpik should solve this
DYK: D-man Brooks Orpik was the first American born player drafted by the
"Brooks Orpik won't be going to Las Veg--"
Brooks Orpik's contract could be longer
Brooks Orpik of The Washington Capitals at Manchester Monarchs Hockey Camp,Tri-Town Ice Arena! My kid is so happy :)
Huge thanks to Brooks Orpik for coming to camp today! Kids loved it!!!. . .
Bob Murray is reportedly making phone calls about Brooks Orpik
Brooks Orpik, Andrej Sekera, Dion Phaneuf, and Johnny Boychuk. They all make more than DK. You'd want one of them instead of DK?
Watching this official Penguins championship doc and realizing that Ben Lovejoy inherited the Brooks Orpik death stare.
pens advantage. Slo Mo Martin. Hes the Brooks Orpik of the West. Just review some recent footage. Sucked here 3 of 5. Older now!!!
GM talks retooling team, which could include playing Brooks Orpik less and Dmitry Orlov more.
"Brooks Orpik plays a little less minutes and Orlov plays a little bit more." Brian MacLellan on fixing the Caps:
Milbury...same guy that called Brooks Orpik "predatory" but was cool with Shawn Thornton sucker punching him.
Brooks Orpik: Game 6 penalty that led to four-minute power play was 'odd..
Brooks Orpik sits with as Pittsburgh celebrates its a 4-3 overtime win. The Washington Capitals,
Brooks Orpik definitely just hooked Conor Sheary. I see it's going to be that kind of OT game.
Brooks Orpik still being the Pens double agent I see?
Brooks Orpik has played some of his best playoff hockey as a Penguin this series.
Brooks Orpik was the double agent all along wasn't he
Two things can help Caps win on the road: Not much has changed since Game 5. Brooks Orpik is back, and the Caps…
Brooks Orpik has taken Bob Hartley's firing like a man. Outstanding display of honesty.
*** what's Brooks Orpik doing in the 58 jersey?
Washington Capitals coach says lengthy suspension to Brooks Orpik a result of ‘who we’re playing’
Check the numbers again. Brooks Orpik has been in fights. As Erik Cole.
Washington Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik has been suspended 3 games for his high hit on Olli Maatta.
Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik suspended three games for hit on Penguins' Olli Maata
Caps' Brooks Orpik suspended three games for late hit on Pens' Olli Maatta:
Washington's Brooks Orpik suspended three games for interference on Pittsburgh's Olli Maatta. Video:
Washington’s Brooks Orpik will have a hearing today for interference on Pittsburgh’s Olli Maatta.
Bob I feel Brooks Orpik will not be suspended may be fine but that's all we'll be that's the NHL for you
Marc-Andre Fleury pranked Brooks Orpik by putting Penguins gear on his truck. MORE@
they actually dont. They did and have, but Steve Downie and Brooks Orpik are long gone
LETS GO CAPS !! Welcome back Brooks Orpik to the lineup !! Need a good start tonight boys, can't be playing catch up in the 2nd and 3rd..
Remember Ryan White and his elbow to the head of Brooks Orpik? Here's what Flyers GM Ron Hextall said:
Pierre McGuire has had this job how long and still can't say Brooks Orpik's last name properly smh
Brooks Orpik is not good but he's no Dan Girardi
Brooks Orpik interferes on the blues forwards every time they enter the zone. Won't get away with that much more.
Goal scored by John Carlson(Backhand 18 ft) assisted by Tom Wilson and Brooks Orpik. Capitals lead the Blues 3-1
John Carlson's 8th of the season assisted by Tom WIlson (16) and Brooks Orpik (7).
Brooks Orpik is the 2nd most over-rated defencemen in the NHL behind Andrew Ference
Way for me to realize this until now, but is Jeff Zatkoff the love child of Eric Fehr and Brooks Orpik?
, ehealth pioneer, meet, games for Brooks Orpik attack via
leaving home Dustin Byfuglien for Brooks Orpik by their Olympic Team might be one.
WATCH: Brooks Orpik talks to the media after tonight's 6-2 loss vs. Pittsburgh.
defenseman Brooks Orpik was asked if he misses playing for the after tonight's loss
I'd love to see Brooks Orpik score the GWG against Pittsburgh.
Hagelin blows by Brooks Orpik in the neutral zone before feeding a cutting Kessel - fired wide. Still 1-0 with 7:30 left in 1st.
Brooks Orpik ought to know better than to be taken out of the play by Ryan Strome like that.
The Brooks Orpik carry-in and turnover right before the Islanders goal
Brooks Orpik, on described the pressure there was on the team during his Pens career.
the only players who wouldn't have to change their names would be Laich and Orpik. "Brooks" already sounds enough like a nickname
I read this twice before I realized it did not say Orpik, lol I was wondering what Brooks Orpik was up to these days lol
Per usual, RMNB is over here praising Brooks Orpik and a tad curious about what's up with Nate Schmidt
and had some absolute woeful turnovers exiting the zone. So, your typical Brooks Orpik game . Wait a minute.
people act like James was a traitor. Uhhh no that was brooks orpik. But yet he doesn't get booed 🙄
Brooks Orpik. The way he plays the game. Example, the game last year when he broke his skate and was on his knees still defending
15 toys, games for Brooks Orpik attack via
That's all on Brooks Orpik's turnover behind the net. Woof. 3-1
Brooks Orpik is reinventing the eye-open-ness game. There is no one on the team who can compete with this much pupil
to the power play early in the 2nd. David Pastrnak gets two minutes for boarding Brooks Orpik. Need one.
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Wait. Since when is Brooks Orpik a Cap? Is that why they dumped Brooks Laich? Only one Brooks per team?
Brooks Orpik is now responsible for BOTH LA goals. Especially the 2nd one.
On a scale from Brooks Orpik to Nick Backstrom, Eichel's about an Evgeny Kuznetsov.
Brooks Orpik on how the team handles the recent condensed schedule. 🎥:
.has named Brooks Orpik as the Defensive Player of the Month of February!
Brooks Orpik isn't much of a player, but he can deliver a hard hit now and then, which I guess makes him a good player.
Brooks Orpik getting a whole lot of Kesler on that final shift to end the 2nd. Two crunching hits from No. 17 cap off another good period.
cry baby. I dont like anyone on the Pens, although my former least favorite Pen is now a Cap (Brooks Orpik). I 🍩 like either team
He sits out 4 games for Brooks Orpik attack via
You probably think Brooks Orpik and Shea Weber are the best in the NHL.
Classy gesture from Jack Edwards as always to mock Brooks Orpik for having a "glass jaw:"
Chara is about as big of a pylon as Brooks Orpik. Great stuff.
Edwards said Brooks Orpik has a "glass jaw", which is a callback to when he got attacked by Shawn Thornton a few years ago.
Well it only took a few games for Acciari to kill a guy. That guy was Brooks Orpik. RIP.
Wow. just accused Brooks Orpik of having a glass jaw. What a tool!
Nice cheap shot Bs good thing Brooks is tough as nails
Welcome to the NHL Noel Acciari, he absolutely drops Brooks Orpik.
Brooks orpik just met Noel acciari. More players will be meeting him shortly. Kid knows how to throw big hits.
Jack Edwards just inferred Brooks Orpik has a glass jaw for what I assume is a reference to the Shawn Thornton incident
Jack Edwards bashing Brooks Orpik, who actually got bloodied on that hit, is classless. Being a fan that doesn't like Jack is tough
Of all the players the let go I miss Matt Cooke and Brooks Orpik the mostest!
Brooks Orpik gets called for holding stick of Charlie Coyle.
You're not allowed to mention Brooks Orpik, Nuke Laloosh & Taylor Swift in a blog. To quote Reg Dunlop, "I just did" https…
Brooks Orpik returns to Capitals' blue line after 40-game absence...
Barry Trotz said signing Mike Richards early and getting Brooks Orpik and Jay Beagle back from injury might be their best deadline moves.
Dear why is Brooks Orpik skating faster than John Carlson? I expect a detailed analysis piece on this.
Brooks Orpik should return very soon for the Capitals
[Washington Post: Capitals Insider] Capitals ready to welcome back a leader as Brooks Orpik nears re
Shawn Thornton - 15 games for punching Brooks Orpik in the head in 2013. Matt Cooke(repeat offender) - 16 games for elbowing Ryan McDonagh
Brooks Orpik back at practice, but return remains uncertain, writes:
domain names
Brooks Orpik back at Capitals’ practice, but return date still uncertain
Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices:
Brooks Orpik said he needed 8 weeks for his bone to heal and said it "feels" like it's healed now. No timetable yet.
Brooks Orpik practices with Capitals for first time si..
>> Brooks Orpik practices with Capitals for first time since December
Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices …
Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices
when u see Brooks Orpik in the caps snap story (ft. Kevin Skaff lol)
Brooks Orpik Returns to Practice and so many photos to prove it!
I'm a little late, but how about brooks orpik?
I'm so happy Brooks Orpik is practicing with the team again
Looks like the will get back former defenseman Brooks Orpik in the nearer future.
Look who's out here for morning skate! P.S. it's Brooks Orpik.
Mentioned it here, but Caps have $5.3 mill in available cap space, so could easily make room to take Orpik off LTIR.
Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices: Orpik hasn't skated with the team since... (via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Brooks Orpik is on the ice for the morning skate. This is not a drill.
Brooks Orpik practiced with the team this morning for first time since Dec. 7. Caps were so excited, they cheered.
D Brooks Orpik: "I kind of had to shut it down completely and just let the bone heal." Today was first team practice since 12/7.
Brooks Orpik has returned to the ice for the Washington Capitals.
>> Brooks Orpik returns to practice for Caps, game status not as clear
>> Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices
Defenseman Brooks Orpik returns to team practices
JUST IN: from practice as Brooks Orpik returns to the ice
Orpik said he thought after the initial diagnosis and some rest, he'd be able to "play through it," so he returned
WATCH: Brooks Orpik skated during morning skate and updates us on his injury here:
Brooks Orpik participating in morning skate with the team.
Man that 2nd Detroit goal, just an awful play by Taylor Chorney. No reason to leave the front of the net there. Get well soon, Brooks Orpik
Caps scratches presented by Brooks Orpik, Marcus Johansson and Chris Brown.
in the words of brooks orpik as long as I'm not dead
Brooks Orpik back at practice, but doubtful for game at Montreal
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Lol one of my managers used to be drinking buddies with Brooks Orpik
Penguins fans does anyone miss Brooks Orpik? I feel like his name hasn't come up almost ever since he signed with Washington.
Caps Insider: With Brooks Orpik out, John Carlson taking on leadership r.. Related Articles:
Brooks Orpik, Karl Alzner, and Long John Carlson!!! They all play for the Caps!! WO!
Taylor Chorney is a perfect replacement for Brooks Orpik in the sense that they both look like startled rodents sometimes.
CSN guys say that the Caps "miss Brooks Orpik" on the back end. They're joking, right?
scratches presented by Stanislav Galiev, Brooks Orpik, and Chris Brown.
our very own John Carlson,Pk Suban and Brooks Orpik
Hate seeing Brooks N Caps uniform. Still wish he were w/Good4 Orpik Caps look more like Cup Contenders this year
With Brooks Orpik out, John Carlson has a new defense partner, one he's now taken under his wing:
Received confirmation D Brooks Orpik on the Caps' trip to Montreal and Winnipeg. Not expected to play in either game, however.
Brooks Orpik is on the trip. Still will not play.
That game was before Brooks Orpik completely forgot how to skate during the 2012 lockout.
VIDEO: Capitals D Brooks Orpik frustrated by slow recovery
Brooks Orpik is back on the practice ice
Brooks Orpik is back on the practice ice (VIDEO)
WATCH: Orpik gives an update on his injury after practice this morning here:
According to a Capitals spokesman, Brooks Orpik will indeed join the road trip to Montreal and Winnipeg to continue skating with the team.
Brooks Orpik won't travel with Capitals for games at Montreal and Winnipeg: Top-pair defenseman Brooks O...
Caps spokesman says Brooks Orpik will travel with the team on the two-game trip. Decision was made after media availability today.
Scott stevens just said Brooks Orpik is a " Great skater" and that he is " Playing really well"
The demise of John Carlson and Brooks Orpik was greatly overblown, both were strong in a Caps 4-1 win over Boston.
I don't know. He was talking about Opik like he was Great American Hero Brooks Orpik
wen Brooks orpik has moar goals and assists than Crosby)
I actually don't mind Tripp Tracy (leave me alone) but his comments about Brooks Orpik upset me.
We need to make some kind of change to this first line... Crosby has ZERO points through 5 games! Brooks Orpik has more points...Seriously?!
Tripp Tracey lost credibility on what is a clean hit when he called the neck-breaking hit on Erik Cole from Brooks Orpik a clean hit.
Brooks Orpik was always a cheap shot artist and huge wuss, who wouldn't back up his big hits with a fight. Glad he's no longe…
Brooks Orpik is introduced before the game. WEEK'S BEST PIX:
Had a great time at the Caps game last night. Got to meet Brooks Orpik after the game. Amazing experience.
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Brooks orpik has moar goals and Antti Niemi has moar assists/points than Sidney Crosby. Niemi is a goalie and Orpik is, well, Orpik.
Brooks Orpik met up with some members of after the game to chat and take some selfies 📱
Was going to look at Brooks Orpik's play and tell you he's bad but he was excellent that period.
Brooks Orpik is really really good at defense.
Brooks Orpik with a hit on Jonathan Toews.
There are only 2 players on the positive side of +/- with a stratospheric +1, and they are: Alex Ovechkin and Brooks Orpik.
I had no clue brooks orpik lived in buffalo. that was fun though. I wish people would giveaway cards like that more often.
Brooks Orpik scores first goal with Capitals
Connor McDavid is now tied with Brooks Orpik in goals
Brooks Orpik to the box sharks get another opportunity at the power play.
Brooks Orpik going off for tripping after strong D zone faceoff win by Beagle. Caps to PK again.
will head back to the PK at 10:41 of the 1st period. Brooks Orpik gets two minutes for tripping. No score. …
Brooks Orpik scores first goal with Capitals: Capitals wingers Justin Williams and T.J. Oshie, playing in thei...
Brooks Orpik: Will return from wrist surgery Saturday
MacLellan immediately addressed the Caps area of need, adding veteran blueliners Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik vi…
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Capitals feel Brooks Orpik 'was wonderful' in first season of big contract - Washington Post (blog): Capitals ...
Brooks Orpik freightrains Dan Boyle midway through the third period of Was it a legal hit?
WATCH: defenseman Brooks Orpik on Game 7 tonight from Madison Square Garden.
Brooks Orpik on if he'd walk around NYC in Caps gear: "It's probably a little safer here than on Long Island."
How does a team only record 11 shots when the opposing team is playing Brooks Orpik and Tim Gleason? Wow lol
A team that gives Brooks Orpik and Tim Gleason top 4 minutes doesn't deserve to win a playoff series
Brock Nelson and Brooks Orpik switched heads on that sequence and nobody noticed. Wow
Brock Nelson just got outhustled by Brooks Orpik. This is not a drill.
Marcus Johansson's 19th goal of the season assisted by Brooks Orpik (18) and John Carlson (41).
Brooks Orpik will return to the lineup tonight for Paired on defense with John Carlson.
scratches presented by Brooks Orpik, Michael Latta, Justin Peters and Jay Beagle.
scratches presented by Brooks Orpik, Michael Latta and Jay Beagle.
D Brooks Orpik (lower-body) and F Jay Beagle (upper-body) won't play today vs. the but D Mike Green (upper-body) will.
Brooks Orpik and Jay Beagle are out for tonight's game vs.
Mike Green out, Brooks Orpik game-time decision, Nicklas Backstrom expected to play, Nate Schmidt returns:
The team that signed Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik in the offseason just made a trade to improve their defense
Brooks Orpik leads the stretch at practice. Anyone out there excited for tomorrow night?…
that's why we liked it!! Thank you! Everyone's like Brooks Orpik, Ryan Callahan??? I'm like no gtfo. For a girl it would've
this is Brooks Austin Carter...named him after Brooks Orpik before he got traded. :-(
“Quote with the biggest heartbreak you've experienced as a sports fan” Brooks Orpik OT winner in game 6 of 2013 playoffs.
Disagree all you want, all I have to do is point you to the contract signed by Brooks Orpik last summer.
I'm getting comfy instead of helping organize stuff
Buying a $25 Xbox card hopefully something good unlike last night TOTW Brooks Orpik
Best way to give Couturier offensive confidence - more shifts against Brooks Orpik
Brooks Orpik's contract warms my heart
I'd be better off if Brooks Orpik didn't identify as an American
Brooks Orpik is currently in the Backstrom position of the extra man.
Can't wait until the "Brooks Orpik is available" trade rumors in 2017 so everyone can talk about we need to bring him back
42 and 43 have scored. You know what that means? Brooks Orpik time.
A Philly fan just talked trashed on Brooks Orpik...HATER!!
Besides David Backes Brooks Orpik has to be the most frustrating player to play against he gets in your face but won't fight you
I love when Brooks Orpik throws glove punches.
Brooks Orpik pretending to be a tough guy pushing Couturier
Mike Green is just mad Brooks Orpik took his leadership position imo
Might have to get that team of the week Brooks Orpik.
Of course, my man Orpik is apparently Bruce. There's only one Brooks after all. Thanks NBC for showing the error of our ways.
I almost vomit on Sarah's new carpet I'm such an evil little dog. Not my fault dad fed me cheddar cheese tho
Always funny running into Washington Capitols' defenseman Brooks Orpik's dad in Wegmans and he remembers you. . Good old Williamsville boy!
With that said, I think additional metrics would need to be pulled in. Some of these groupings are a bit odd (Shea Weber and Brooks Orpik).
There are not many NHL players I dislike more than Brooks Orpik
Maybe the Bruins can add some toughness at the deadline. Brooks Orpik for Torey Krug maybe?
help out dogs less fortunate than me by rting this! Pedigree will donate a bowl of food per rt!
your phone looks awesome. Of course anytime there is a Brooks Orpik picture it's awesome. Man I miss him.
yes I know this, clearly we didn't care about showing up against the Finns. Brooks Orpik *** so does Bylsma/Poile/Shero.
Just met .sounds like there's a crabcake cook-off going down between and Brooks Orpik
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Sarah found my sweet scratching spot *** it. Feels so good
WATCH: defenseman Brooks Orpik talks after a 5-1 win tonight at Verizon Center
VAN: Ryan Miller. WAS: Brooks Orpik. WPG: Chris Thorburn. Of course ive forgot a few more. Tried to give some players leeway if they were good
Happy Birthday to Angry Fans KEI LEE BOEHM and BRIAN TROVATO! You share your birthday with such NHLers as defensemen Griffin Reinhart and Jack Hillen, Baby Pens captain Tom Kostopolous, and winger Zack Kassian. Former players born on this day include center Guy Charron, Pens center Chris Ferraro and his twin, Pens winger Peter Ferraro, Pens defenseman Norm Schmidt, and Pens goalie Bobby Taylor. On this day in 2001, Mario Lemieux scored his 40th, and final, hat trick, in a game against Montreal. 2004: Brooks Orpik scored his first NHL goal. 2006: Mario Lemieux retired due to a heart ailment. 2007: Sidney Crosby (19 years, 5 months) became the youngest player in NHL history voted to start the NHL All-Star game. Quotes of the Day: "Grab a brew. Don't cost nothin'." "I'm a zit. Get it?" "Let's...DO IT!" ~ Bluto in "Animal House", played by John Belushi (died March 1982), born on this day in 1949.
The signings of Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen have really improved our defense. And made Holtby a way better goalie
Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen have been amazing additions to the Capitals. I say it everyday, but they truely changed our t…
In what sport is Brooks Orpik better than John Carlson, it certainly isn't hockey.
Brooks Orpik on playing at Wells Fargo in 'Not an arena you want to bring your kids to, that's for sure.'…
Caps defenseman Brooks Orpik on the 'Not where you want to bring your kids' |
Speaking of the Wells Fargo Center and our attendance, Brooks Orpik had the following to say: "Probably not a...
Pro GMs also gave out absurd contracts to guys like Brooks Orpik, Dennis Wideman, David Clarkson, Dave Bolland etc.
Matt Niskanen, Brooks Orpik & Todd Reirden have no idea what to expect in Pitt. They just know it'll feel weird.
Ya boys Brooks Orpik and John Carlson on ice for all 4 Rangers goals against tonight.
Brooks Orpik has the 2nd highest +/- in the NHL only to John Carlson in the month of December and fans continue to…
BC's Brooks Orpik had an assist for Washington while Brian Gibbons had an assist for Columbus
I'm completely done with Brooks Orpik. Havent seen such a boneheaded defenseman since John Erskine. At least Ersk had some good stretches.
Jack Johnson/Brooks Orpik as 1st pair, J. Schultz and Girardi as 2nd pair, MacDonald and Regehr as 3rd. Come on, you could see PHI do this.
Thinking about my friend Pascal Dupuis and his family today... Get well soon bud.
Someone was talking about this earlier today. Brooks Orpik got signed for 5.5M. Yes, definitely someone pay for Dion.
my guy friend was singing All About That Bass to the back of my head on the bus
insight from Orpik here on how players and (probably) coaching staff analyze defensemen. relevant to the -
omg some of the guys in the Greens Avenue were wearing a flyers shirt ew and a kings shirt yes
underrated: Pens medical staff catching all of this crazy stuff before it becomes too serious is basically advanced wizardry
. gotta say, we're impressed with your Russian. See on http:…
Letang on Dupuis: “We are just trying to be here for him and try to support him the best we can."
Does anyone else have anything to add to What you say may end up on TV tonight!
Most of Dupuis' teammates were told 15 minutes before press conference. I bet if they had known they ALL would have be…
.Marc-Andre Fleury leads the with 4 shutouts, but tonight may have been the most impressive
Olli Maatta on Marc-Andre Fleury: “He saved my butt a couple times there. He was unreal today."
. Dan Potash to Fleury, "How good was your D, not to take anything away from you.". Fleury "You would (t…
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Shoulda gone after brooks orpik in FA. Hes a great shutdown player. Youd grt ALOT back for Subban tbf. Im gutted for Dupuis.
When the time is right! When 29 had the shootout we put out “Nice try, but no cigars”. 19 had a career night & we released his
No, once we release all of them, we will put up a story with all of them and how they were used.
Fleury earns his 299th career win tonight and his 4th shutout of the season (the most in the NHL).
ICYMI, Brooks Orpik shared with me how he measures his own "shutdown" success.
While you wait for 9:00 p.m., here again is my feature on how Brooks Orpik gauges his own "shutdown" success.
ok i have 2 options. 1. ask him nicely for the table and explain why (bc i know him). OR. 2. take the table if he goes to the bathroom
BC's Brooks Orpik had an assist on Fehr's OT game-winner
Brooks Orpik, throwing around his weight, and blocking shots
third goal of the season assisted by Brooks Orpik (5) and (10).
The question...can anything good come from Pittsburgh? Why yes, Brooks Orpik!
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