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Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States.

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And if you believe that one I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn at great price.
Finished the most fabulous dinner with the sweetest dessert...a chocolate Brooklyn bridge! Thank…
It was a beautiful day to stroll the famous Brooklyn Bridge... As Aussies we were stoked to be on this New York...
Where you believe CNN. I own the Brooklyn bridge and will sell it to you at a reasonable price.
Build bridges...not walls. Humans can't live in a cage, even in gold!. ph: ©Eugene de Salignac. Bridge Painters on the Brookly…
It's the age of I got a bridge in to sell you
Though I still need to visit Federal Hall, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, NYSE, and Grand Central.
I'm deadass tryna be out to the Brooklyn bridge to shoot soon wassup?
Check out these renderings of the brand-new section of Brooklyn Bridge Park:
The Brooklyn Bridge scared tf out of me but it was all worth it.
If Aman can leave the hospital and run halfway through New York to meet Naina on the Brooklyn Bridge the least you can do…
Newyork Boots on the brooklyn bridge Badat Brothers in NewYork.
Awww Man! And I made a promise to buy a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge as soon as he released them.
if u believe climate change is real, I have a bridge in brooklyn i want to sell you.
Cycling in the AM and burger in PM gradient 3/3 @ Brooklyn Bridge
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. An all day trip was good for my nomadic soul. Missing my…
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Madame Tussauds New York All Access Pass -From the Brooklyn Bridge to Broadway, there is o...…
Ran 4 miles from Court St over the Brooklyn Bridge to the West Side Highway to West 14th street. Caught the train back
Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge walking tour, 9/11 Museum and Horse and Carriage ride in Central Park all booked☺
Check this temporary and walking path on the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge while construction is underwa…
I see Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and Manhattan lol
Incident on EB from Exit - 38th Street; Sunset Park Industrial Park to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Cincy Icon and model for the famous Brooklyn Bridge, the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge turns 150 years old Today!…
View from the Brooklyn Bridge tower looking east towards the Vinegar Hill section of Brooklyn, c1883. Photo from...
The Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, The Burj Khalifa Willis Tower - all made from structurural
Jane Wooster Scott puzzle Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, HTF, new in sealed box
Common Raven soaring over Bridge Park today. My 140th park species! See more in my book:
Evening shot of the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn bridge promenade…
Love my Brooklyn Bridge coaster. Made by plan on getting a lot of use out of it.
❄️ Experiencing my first Manhattan snow like: @ Brooklyn Bridge
It's finally snowing here in NYC and I got to experience it on the Brooklyn Bridge!
The journey across the Brooklyn Bridge continues!.
Day 343 grateful. So fun to be here under the Brooklyn Bridge at St Ann's Warehouse to see Penny Arcade with...
Shot engagement photos for wonderful people at Brooklyn Bridge. Successful despite the cold!
Cloud watching at the Brooklyn bridge💭💕
.Just the facts! Maybe they'll buy the Brooklyn bridge next! I'll take sandy anyday over eaton-wash spent the…
CDMA cell tower at Brooklyn Bridge modelled with 1m LIDAR.
Breathtaking but frigid from the Brooklyn Bridge
Beautiful Sunday morning walk across The Brooklyn Bridge, with the Raynes gang!
New artwork for sale! - "Vintage Brooklyn Bridge To Manhattan" -
hitting up the Brooklyn Bridge next, will I see you there?
met too but on the Brooklyn bridge 😂
Check out this new painting that I uploaded to coffee mugs available now of this artwork
With a real and original bearing... @ Brooklyn Bridge
Did you buy shares in the Brooklyn Bridge yet? Just like a rube tourist getting conned in NYC. Not the brightest💡
One day. I guess they kept with Bronx first. Fun walking under Brooklyn Bridge! It's amazing what they do with plants.
No museum exhibit will ever compare to New York's public work of art that is the Brooklyn Bridge​. Photo: echanggg…
And I hear there's a bridge in Brooklyn, and the tooth fairy is real. And the is victimizing Russia.…
not really weird, but visit Chinatown, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
Winter walking under Boulder Bridge, constructed with glacial erratics from when Brooklyn was covered w…
It's no Newcastle quayside but it'll do. @ Brooklyn Bridge
Last night before taking my to dinner I stopped by one of my favorite spots in NYC —the Brooklyn Bridge🌉🗽 http…
Ok, I've got a nice bridge in Brooklyn...
Shadows are cast beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, seen from a stable roof, 1918
How do you talk about the Brooklyn Bridge without shouting Beastie Boys lyrics? You don't. .
Looking for me? I'll be at Brooklyn Bridge Park at a candlelight protest. 6:30pm. "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."
i need to face you and baskeball one day and Brooklyn Bridge Park
Love locks on fences in Brooklyn Bridge Park frame the World...
I love the Brooklyn Bridge when nobody's on it (off hours/"bad" weather), but Williamsburg is my fav workaday bridge.
Don't think I ever really appreciated the Brooklyn Bridge until I saw Ric Burns' documentary about NY. Grew up there.
Just lock it in your heart. Fasten a 'Love Lock' to the Brooklyn Bridge, Get Fined $100
"There's Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge, And the Bridge of San Luis Rey. But the only bridge,…
My latest on Forbes: Take a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge with Filmmaker Ken Burns
.Brooklyn Bridge Park next prez should be water + boat person
Google Pixel Statue in Brooklyn? Seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park this morning, featuring Oct 4 release date
At photovillenyc: works by Bill Cunningham, ronhaviv, caneparitilidie and others …
We're back at Brooklyn Bridge Park TONIGHT for the Screen Forward Lab Showcase
At works by Bill Cunningham, and others
I've gotten 3 spam calls in ~18 hours? Someone must really need to sell that bridge in Brooklyn.
The first "journalist" with no conflict of interest? Hey, I'm selling shares in the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City - Completed in 1883, it connects Manhattan & Brooklyn by spanning the East River.
they moved me to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall today 😒
Yeah...tell us she's honest, ethical, and not sick? I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!
And if you believe we want a no-fly zone for humanitarian purposes, I have a gently used bridge in Brooklyn on the…
Ladder Truck 118 crossing the Brooklyn Bridge 15 yrs ago. The entire company died that day htt…
Beautiful sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park for IFP film festival preview screening. Catch a sneak peak in my story at 10!…
Great article in Dan's Papers this week!
Poliwhirl greeting me on the Brooklyn Bridge @ Brooklyn Bridge
Taking in the magnificence of the Brooklyn Bridge! . . .
Here are 10 things you didn't know about , via
In total awe of the views and architectural splendour of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you visit NYC…
Took Luna to see the Brooklyn Bridge today. It was special.
.kicks off today at 4p in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza w/ a Smorgasburg beer garden + food vendors!…
Today's the day! Come by & visit Your Art Gallery at in Bridge Plaza - Sept. 21-25…
In this same vein: a couple of weeks ago an NYPD officer was on the Brooklyn Bridge asking people to stay off the bike lane as we came by.
of course the mosques should be under surveillance! throw twit DiBlasio off the *** Brooklyn Bridge & beg Guilliani to fill in
You'll bring the pixels, we'll bring the ink. . We're at today until Sunday, Bridge Plaza.
The sun was going down when she had finally found her way to the Brooklyn Bridge. Asking people for directions helped -
Great places to take a picture in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, Grand Army Plaza, and more
Anyone in NYC with free time tonight should come out to Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Plaza. Imma be volunteering with ICP from 4-10. 👍🏻✨
NYPD Spec Ops: Manhattan on lockdown, bomb squad investigating "garbage can hanging from string" on Brooklyn Bridge.
Hamilton Collection
Nine members of the southeastern Michigan firefighting community remember the 755-mile walk to the Brooklyn Bridge.
New York: Incident on EB from 39th Street to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
New York: Cleared: Construction on SB at Park Row at Worth Street to Brooklyn Bridge
Today we explored Lower Manhattan and the Financial District of New York City including the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall...
New York: Incident on SB from East 30th Street to Exit 2 - Brooklyn Bridge
Part of the Manhattan Skyline towards Brooklyn Bridge and One World Observatory
Driving over Brooklyn Bridge you see it, One World Trade Center. The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.
Dodging lightning bolts this afternoon, down under the Brooklyn Bridge. 🌩 . . . .
USA TODAY: LESHP Tours in Top 10 Things to Do in NYC... Behind only Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central...
Take a NYC Sightseeing Tour and see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and much more. Book now.
7.1986 - Brooklyn Bridge from the DUMBO waterfront during the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty
Lower Manhattan skyline with the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty seen from Jersey City.…
Our NYC in a Day tour takes you on the water—you’ll see the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge up close.
Went to the Statue of Liberty and went around the city, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge! Good times! Not the subway tho
Brooklyn Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Statue of Liberty, even Times Square if you wanna be extra touristy 👀
Designed by John Roebling, the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the first hybrid cable/suspension bridges ever cons…
Ellis Island, Lady Liberty, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway and Times Square on day two
drinks on roof garden at the Met Museum, High Line, Central Park rambles, dinner at Pig & Khao, walk across Brooklyn Bridge...
This day in history: May 24, 1883, Brooklyn Bridge opens
On 1883, after 14 years, the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River opens.
❤“On 1883, after 14 years, the Brooklyn Bridge opens.
Downtown 4 and 5 trains run local from 42 St to Brooklyn Bridge
s/b 4 & 5 trains local from 42 St to Brooklyn Bridge, due to a sick passenger at 42 St. Allow additional travel time.
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge this morning to and call for NY to take a lead on basic rights
Join us on this historic march as we march from the Brooklyn Bridge ➡ Washington Heights today!
Vincent Thomas Bridge x Brooklyn Bridge - Even when its gloomy weather, I aint…
The romance of the Brooklyn Bridge created New York City as we know it today:
Moody Brooklyn Bridge - Another shot from my Brooklyn Bridge shoot, this was a random image that involved me laying…
Popular on 500px : Moody Brooklyn Bridge by davidabbs
Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo streets, in Brooklyn, New York. The pillar of the Bridge is so impressive... I tried to… https…
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Do you want to know a little bit more about the construction of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge? Just watch this video!
This photo was originally published on 500px. Popular on 500px : Moody Brooklyn Bridge by davidabbs
In NYC for the gala & spotted this on the Brooklyn Bridge today
Happy Monday! Here are some interesting things you may not know about the famous Brooklyn Bridge.
The Manhattan Bridge has glowing reviews and also glowing lights.
the best birthday began by balling with a babe on the Brooklyn Bridge 🖖🏽 @ New York, New York
This weekend, hundreds of moms marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to raise their voices for gun safety.
Manhattan Bridge View from Brooklyn - I only live a few miles from here and I had never visited before. Figured I'd…
Popular on 500px : Manhattan Bridge View from Brooklyn by ScottKostolni
Actresses and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to demand end to gun violence
Cleared: Incident on EB from 86th Street to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Carrying photos of loved ones killed by gun violence, hundreds march across Brooklyn Bridge to demand action:
The Spring 2016 graduation ceremony will take place at Brooklyn Bridge Park on May 10, 2016! Congratulations to the class of 2016!
Moms march across Brooklyn Bridge to seek gun control
Brooklyn Bridge as seen from the ferry undocking 🌊 @ Staten Island St. George Ferry Station
South street near the Brooklyn Bridge, as shot in Kojak's 1st episode in 1973.
South Street Seaport with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, 1900. .
Scientists are people who build the Brooklyn Bridge and then buy it. William F. Buckley, Jr.
Eating NY pizza over looking the Brooklyn Bridge and the NY skyline.. It doesn't get any better
One of NYC's Top Tourist Destinations - The Brooklyn Bridge - has a interesting history. Check it out
concrete jungle where donuts are made of. @ Brooklyn Bridge Park
So I just saw Rob Van *** from the old wrestling days on the Brooklyn bridge lmao
Dozens of Catholics took part in a procession over the Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate the Way of the Cross on Good Friday
Walking the Brooklyn bridge in this beautiful weather is amazing
Just the three best friends that anyone could have. 👯❤️👯 @ DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Water Front
school trip to the Brooklyn bridge was really boring but I took some cute insta worthy pics
About 24 hours ago I was in Brooklyn bridge .. Now I'm at the gym 😩
I'm also hosting at 3pm today in Brooklyn Bridge Park and tomorrow at 2pm.
either the high line, Bryant park or the Brooklyn bridge
is May 3 - 29. Look for something BIG under the Brooklyn Bridge!
New YorkERS: Tonight at 8pm, we're doing the show live from Brooklyn Bridge Park, right next to the carousel. Come on by and say hi!
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. @ Brooklyn Bridge
LOL if u believe anything lynch says i have a bridge in brooklyn i'm selling. she & obama will pulla fast one. watch
stops to shake hands in Brooklyn Bridge Park this afternoon
just rode the Brooklyn Bridge for the 1st time one bike sooo fun
.hugging babies and greeting people in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Man in Brooklyn Bridge Park: "It's a beautiful day!" "Let's make Tuesday a beautiful day too!"
Parsons Executive to Present the and of the Bridge at the
"I would rather reconstruct the Brooklyn Bridge out of paper clips than do this project" -
Tomorrow is a wine and pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge kind of day. You down 😋
I went once in January & February/March & in comparison it was not at all. Especially places like Central Park/Brooklyn Bridge.
That night I had a choice. Dinner at one dingy Indian joint on W 29th st or Brooklyn Bridge Park to photograph this.
she should take the 6 grom Pelham Bay to Brooklyn the gauntlet
If she was a real trooper she'd take the 6 from Pelham Park Bay to the Brooklyn Bridge
Update: Incident on EB from Exit 26 - Hamilton Avenue to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
A beautiful view of Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. Watch from 5-9am then from 5-7pm mon-fri !
Incident on WB from Metropolitan Avenue; Williamsburg Bridge to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York before today's Good Friday procession across the Brooklyn Bridge
Found a moment of peace in a life filled with chaos @ Brooklyn Bridge
Update: Incident on EB from Exit 18 - Fort Hamilton Parkway to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Like Central Park, next to the Brooklyn Bridge, the National Mall, Parliament Buildings, etc.
Old New York: The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Tribune Building - NYC's first skyscraper.
Yesterday an older couple said my name was cool and asked if I was conceived in brooklyn. I told them under the bridge actually ☺️
Ask a group the same of American engineers and you’ll get a scene from a pub trivia night: Who built the Brooklyn Bridge?
Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bridge - Lower Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bridge shot from Brooklyn Bridge, New York Ci…
on : Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bridge by sgmtmi
A gull passes over the Brooklyn Bridge within sight of the World Trade Center.
Popular on 500px : Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bridge by sgmtmi
"brooklyn bridge was opened in 1883. first day 150,300 people paid 1 cent to cross" taken by Mr.Y, June 2015, NYC/US h…
and Brooklyn Bridge's skeined dim in modern mists--
is our new series dedicated to cities which inspire us.We kick off w/
I'll trade u a slightly used the Brooklyn Bridge, and several tracts of prime Florida beachfront property for a case of Coors Light.
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: A few highlights from our Manhattan cruise, the Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge …
Construction on Both directions from 42nd Street-Grand Central Station to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Station
Thinking about having 2 more weeks til spring break makes me want to hop off the Brooklyn bridge
And to think I took the Brooklyn Bridge today to avoid Chrystie Street! Thx :) :) :)
Finally hung Brooklyn Bridge with my 4th Color me pleased. 😎
They magically stayed hidden...Trump stories...yeah ok. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
You should try to buy the Brooklyn Bridge if you think Bernie's ideas won't raise ALL OUR TAXES.
It's interesting to learn how many politicians ended up in jail making the Brooklyn Bridge!
Definitely need to take a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge one of these days
Wake up to the Brooklyn Bridge! You can in this featured Call us today!
Wednesday Imma jog the Brooklyn bridge for the first time ever.wish me luck ya 😐
It’s awesome, but it did bug me that they put the Brooklyn Bridge in like 60 years early.
Emily Roebling became the first woman field engineer & technical leader of the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband became paralyzed.
Mondays... Photo shoots are a must this week! Who's around? @ Brooklyn Bridge Park
Buy the Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge the Dramatic and Enthralling Story of
If I'd taken care of my leg already, this would be a perfect day to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. But no.
Update: Incident on EB from 61st Street to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Cleared: Incident on WB from Bedford Avenue to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge after visiting the New World Trade Centre, Wall Street, Ground Zero…
Is it crazy that when I hear How Can U Mend Broken Heart (Al Green) still think of Miranda & Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge?
I liked a video r142 5 train. 14 st-Union Sq to Brooklyn Bridge
Of course!! Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock, Central Park, Gramercy Park + look online for the cool street art murals! 💙
you be hooping at Brooklyn Bridge, and Gersh park
I didby bike. Manhattan from Inwood Hill Park with a pitstop in Central Park to Battery Park across the Brooklyn Bridge to that park before
Melo gotta put down the weed and run across the Brooklyn Bridge a couple times. Fat ***
don't to that .let the guy state his case before you toss the guy over the Brooklyn Bridge
Update: Incident on EB from 92nd Street Bay Ridge Exit to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
(I spent a lot of time at South Street as a kid, b4 home PCs. And walking the Brooklyn Bridge.)
Just Pinned to CITY: Take a walk or drive down Brooklyn Bridge, an iconic landmark in New York City. …
Souvenir of the Opening of the East River Bridge, May 24, 1883. Now known as the Brooklyn Bridge!
... Staten Island Ferry for free views of Liberty Island, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village for bars.
This spectacular rooftop garden has views of the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan:
OUTAGE: An elevator servicing Mezzanine To Downtown @ Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall is out of service.
downtown near the Brooklyn Bridge cool
A truck is blocking the ramp from Adams Street to the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Bridge.
Incident on EB from Fort Hamilton Parkway Extension to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
"I think that's the first mistake we've made since that guy sold us the Brooklyn Bridge" Stan Laurel
Looking to check out the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Brewery, MoMA, and One World Trade Center
Snow Dumpers (into East River near Brooklyn Bridge) by George Bellows by 1911. (Columbus Museum of Art)
I love the Poets House Poetry Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
Hillary Clinton about to speak at NIIC :) (@ New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge)
We're BACK!!! At the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge at the top of the escalators.…
The boyfriend and I at the Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in the background.
[Lee Dewyze - Brooklyn Bridge]. From the day that I met you. Everything's changed
Woman climbed Brooklyn Bridge in protest: police Police took into custody a woman who had clambered up the...
Paris has the Eiffel Tower. New York has the Brooklyn Bridge. The Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building.
Since my time up north is coming to an end I think I'm going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow I've always wanted to do that
Day 2 of being a tour guide consisted of 9/11 Memorial, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Little Italy😎
Spent the day riding all over Manhattan @ Brooklyn Bridge
It's such a nice day I'm debating between walking the Brooklyn Bridge or just taking a train to Manhattan ugh
First draft of the Brooklyn Bridge, John A. Roebling Bridge between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. by n…
Harvey Levin thought the Brooklyn Bridge got moved to Sacramento LMAO ***
Cleared: Construction on EB from Columbia Heights to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
Enjoying the sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge as I warm up to teach tonight in Soho (6:15 for...
In 1883, the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge established a road connection across East River.
FBI Director Comey: Our phony noise program is a big success. Probably responsible for prevening ISIS control of USA. Brooklyn Bridge: $50
Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Station: Joe decided he wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge so that is...
Woke up to this beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge, over the Chesapeake Bay, and far left is…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
in 1904 the New York subway officially opened, running from Brooklyn Bridge to Broadway.
I ❤ New York!! Street art from the Highline, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and some Love!!… htt…
There were times I used to go at the South Street Seaport and just sit there and stare at the Brooklyn Bridge. Now I do the same in my room.
.Saw your taxi ad on a cab speeding across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset... looking good! 🌆👏
We love your Brooklyn Bridge. Please make sure the boardwalk stays natural wood!
Early mornings in the city, view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge.
Photo: ceevee5: Chinatown rooftop graffiti and Brooklyn Bridge
This creative piece by Travis Crawford and Greg Vaughn titled "Brooklyn Bridge with Soho Peeking In" is our third...
View of the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn from the East River Esplanade.
One year later, I walk the Brooklyn Bridge as a proud Brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. Happy Founder's…
Christie said he'd rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge while blocking the George Washington Bridge than be in Congress. That's what he said
Late Night Lights Part of the Manhattan skyline along side the Brooklyn Bridge viewed from…
Of course! Hopefully no one "influences" them to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or something... =)
Throwback to 1995 when we were dating here on the Brooklyn Bridge with the World Trade Centers in the…
Update: Delays on EB from Fingerboard Road; Verrazano Narrows Bridge to Exit 28B - Brooklyn Bridge
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
...Church & Vessey, Brooklyn Bridge @ City Hall, & Bowling Green & Broadway. Let us know what you think!
During these type of nights, I just want to walk down the brooklyn bridge.
Tablo x Joey Bada$$ drop by the Brooklyn Bridge in 1st video teaser for "Hood" --
New print available on - 'Brooklyn Bridge At Night' by Karen Silvestri -
Moon over Manhattan tonight headed home. @ Brooklyn Bridge Board Walk
Brooklyn bridge. The 2 to chambers has WAY more stops lmao it's like 30 stops for me to get there on the 2, and I think 19 on the 5. the SUNY Maritime's Empire State passed under the Brooklyn Bridge upon its return on August 10, 2015.
Painters on the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, October 7, 1914. Photograph by Eugene de Salignac.
I need a selfie stick by Sunday lmao this is going to be an epic photo shoot on the Brooklyn bridge 😂 I got this
one time I took a walk on the Brooklyn bridge and cried bc I thought I was gonna slip and fall and die and no one would care
When decided it would be smart to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge... 17 km later... 🙌
LIVE on Brooklyn bridge under construction
LIVE on Join my walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
The NYC sky line from the Brooklyn bridge was one of the most beautiful sights. So so so in love with this city
Ran into David Blaine on the Brooklyn bridge and and couldn't remember his exact catch phrase..
Who knew this bridge would be iconic because of it's fine architecture? @ Brooklyn Bridge
Cats dropping a NEVER REMEMBER banner from the Brooklyn Bridge and leaping into the East River as history folds in upo…
If you think bama is going quietly into the night, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, he has more horrors coming our way
New York City wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Brooklyn Bridge by hi.jen
It's not often that the world is prettier in black and white. @ Brooklyn Bridge Main Park
Brooklyn Bridge the other day, miss this city 🌉
“I would rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the one who sold it.” — Will Rogers
UA thought an outdoor game set on the East River, described as "at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge" was dope? Really!?! (Seth Myers Voice)
Atmosphere looks great for Elite 24, but it's tough to match under the Brooklyn Bridge in 2013. One of the coolest things I've covered.
One of the coolest places I've covered a basketball game: Elite 24 under the Brooklyn Bridge a couple years back.
Brooklyn Bridge connecting two great boroughs: &
New York City - Sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge tonight (w/ the A7RII) (Photo:
Stolen from Watching the movie "Friday" in Brooklyn Bridge Park with tha homies last…
In 90 degree heat riding 50+ miles to Brooklyn Bridge Park took 4 big bottles of water to complete the journey
🏯 this is the Himeji Castle in Japan. 🌉 this is the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. 🗼 this is the Tokyo Tower in Japan
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Beautiful view tonight from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Can't wait to go to he pool Tammorow at Brooklyn Bridge Park
foodiespr: We are going to for some (@ Brooklyn Bridge in New York, NY)
…the Bin Ladin Unit, commented on the intelligence obtained from Iyman Paris on the Brooklyn Bridge p… (p 310)
Should I finish reading about the Brooklyn Bridge or begin reading Moses Hadas' edit of Gibbon's, "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"?
How did I not know the Williamsburg bike path is the best? Never taking the Brooklyn Bridge again!
I'll be in Brooklyn again today at the Pier 2 Roller Rink under the Brooklyn Bridge, so come skate with me @ 3 . Who's down?
.argues that Brooklyn Bridge deserves scenic view district but doesn't disclose author lives in Cobble Hill
Saw this message from a caring stranger while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Immediately thought of PostSecret. http:…
Being tourist, we checked out the World Trade Center and walked half way across the Brooklyn Bridge!…
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