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Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is an American news anchor. She appears on the weekday edition of CNN Newsroom.

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CNN's Brooke Baldwin had to take a water break recounting 4 weeks of Trump via
My God. Watch this. Share it with everyone you know.
Civil rights leader has an emotional reaction reliving lunch counter sit-in. tonight, 10p ET
Brooke Baldwin trying to get yes or no answer out of Mark Lotter, wanted to go through TV and beat him. Who does he think he is?...
Brooke Baldwin asked Mark Lotter advisor to Trump yes/no question rambled on wouldn't answer. Betcha I could make him answer!...
There is an abiding imbecility to Brooke Baldwin that never quite registers with the boomerish Opra…
He was totally loaded with Brooke Baldwin as a chaperone, acting rather foolishly.
Brooke Baldwin, Anderson Cooper, Brianna Keilar, Tapper... all excellent but haven't watched for past…
Great today on Brooke Baldwin show! You were objective about Trumps speech in SC Boeing. Thanks to you and Henderson. Patriots!
I don't see any difference between Shep Smith on FOX and Jake Tapper or Brooke Baldwin on CNN. 😳
caption: . Don Lemon/Brooke Baldwin gender bending role reversal scene seen in early am hrs of 2017 in
Next NYE Brooke Baldwin and the CNN producers will try and convince Don Lemon to jump a Mardi Gras float on a dirt bike 🚲
"Your name is Brooke Baldwin and you're live in New Orleans." - Don Lemon
my resolution is to marry Brooke Baldwin or to get laid in Vegas tonite. Brooke&Don
"We're we're on...your name is Brooke Baldwin and you're live on the air"
Brooke Baldwin is faded too lmao why
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CNNNYE you are awesome. I love Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin, Anderson Cooper you are awesome!
I admit a little crush on Brooke Baldwin,& Don Lemon too. Best Wishes & 2 U! for all You do Brooke & Don
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are doing for all of us!
tbh, I've never identified with Don Lemon as much as when he was drunkenly telling Brooke Baldwin how he's getting his life together in 2017
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are totally making my NYE right now. 😂😂
Okay, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin talking to people who are not drunk.
I want to party with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.
role reversal: If Don Lemon had hair, Brooke Baldwin will be the guy in this pic a few hours from now.
He started taking his shirt off earlier and Brooke Baldwin had to stop him, lol.
I think we are officially in range of Don Lemon snorting coke off Brooke Baldwin's *** after commercial.
Brooke Baldwin deserves a raise for having to keep drunk Don Lemon from going completely off the rails every New Year's Eve
Is Brooke Baldwin there and trashed with him like the previous 2 yrs?
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin being as smashed as they are on live TV makes up for everything awful that happened in 2016. FACT.
This Brooke Baldwin/Don Lemon duo is really how 2017 should begin 🙌🏽
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are 10 seconds away from dancing on the bar like
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Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are lit on CNN.
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon having the most honest conversation at the most middling grade 12 cast party a surprise highlight.
I keep waiting for Don Lemon to tell Brooke Baldwin that he couldn't care less if the Jets are strugg-a-linga.
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are definitely enjoying New Year's Eve live on the CNN broadcast. Don moreso than Brooke. Incre…
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are my favorite right now. New Year's Resolution = party with them next year!!
CNN wants Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin to ask questions to a guy about his jacket when they cannot see him and he cannot hear them
The only thing I thought when I saw Don Lemon tonight was, "Poor Brooke Baldwin"
Did Brooke Baldwin just say that Don Lemon wants a "Trump thing" on his *** OMG! CNN is the place to be rn!
I would love to . Brooke Baldwin with much respect and extreme joy
Brooke Baldwin is me, sitting in a bar with that tipsy, confessional friend, circa 1995.
"Don't put me in a box, Brooke Baldwin." - drunk Don Lemon
I need a lit Don Lemon to make out with Brooke Baldwin.
dam Brooke Baldwin is the reason why I watch CNN😍 Don Lemon so lucky 😂😂😭
This Brooke Baldwin/Don Lemon half-hour is like when one actor in a play gets *wasted* and everyone else tries to have a show around him
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are both trashed right now lol
Why does CNN persist in drunk Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon? Please.
Brooke Baldwin is so smashed. This is exquisite.
Oh they want Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin to have that Griffin/Cooper repertoire, but it just ain't happenin'
good to see CNN is letting Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon get trashed again on air. Let's make live TV great again..
Don Lemon is toasted Brooke Baldwin is acting like his mother trying to cut him off ha ha hilarious
really wants a nipple piercing this NYE... Brooke Baldwin is doing a good job keeping him from making mistakes, lol.
Don Lemon having a therapy session with Brooke Baldwin on live TV.
Don Lemon's live TV therapy session is giving me life. "I'm gonna be less self-centered. Don't put me in a box, Brooke Baldwin."
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are trashed!
Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin on are as bad as Anderson & Kathy are good. Just a mess. Please stop.
Don Lemon: "don't put me in a box, brooke baldwin!"
Are Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon drunk
Brooke Baldwin could be an interesting hook up
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are SO DRUNK right now
Brooke Baldwin is the hottest news anchor on television
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
tivo1> New Years Eve Live with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin: '' @ 11:29 pm on 1041 CNNHD
At least Brooke Baldwin won't have to hold Don Lemon's hair back for him when he pukes.
Right? He would've gotten his nipple pierced if BRooke Baldwin didn't stop him!
not even the strangest thing, those would be cuts to a drunk Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon
He's going to make out with Brooke Baldwin and then be so confused.
Is he and Brooke Baldwin drunk like last 2 years?. NYE or not,Maybe the most unprofessional thing from a "news network" I've seen
I love how Brooke Baldwin is trying to cut him off.
Live ear piercing and an almost nipple piercing on CNN with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin &
Don Lemon just pierced his ear with Brooke Baldwin screaming. This is quality CNN right now.
also changed to an ear piercing. Brooke Baldwin wouldn't let him take his shirt off
Are Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin drunk on right now?
He's getting an ear piercing now. Brooke Baldwin: "Can we not give him shots? I'm cutting you off now. Can I cut him off?" He's bleeding.
Brooke Baldwin is cutting off Don Lemon as he gets his ears pierced after having multiple shots of tequila
CNN's gonna cut back to New Orleans, and Don Lemon' gonna be crying to Brooke Baldwin at the bar.
10 years was a good run but Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin have stolen the broadcast from Anderson & Kathy
Alex has cold/teething so constant wakeups may be a theme. I got my Don Lemon/Brooke Baldwin moment for 2016
it's a cnn talking point Brooke Baldwin tried the same thing
Brooke Baldwin after Donald Trump told a crowd that Chris Christy is guilty. I would not stump for him.
Where have you been? He was on Neil Cavuto just yesterday on Fox. Has interviewed with Brooke Baldwin of CNN. Was o…
IMO Brooke Baldwin is stunned, she should be a CNN weather analyst, never thought she was credible, unlike Ashley Banfield
Donald Trump: Accusing the GOP of racisim is "the oldest play in the Democratic playbook"
Dolly Parton on presidential candidates: "It's like political terrorism right now- they got us all scared to death" https:…
Donald Trump: "Hillary Clinton ran the State Department like a personal hedge fund"
Dolly Parton on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: "I think they're both nuts."
HRC is using the oldest play in the Dem playbook- when their policies fail... by via
Donald Trump on accusations of racism: "It's the oldest play in the Democratic playbook"
suggests that gun owners could 'take care of' to protect 2A.Brooke Baldwin lets stooge Kayleigh McEn…
Brooke Baldwin attacked Patricia Smith after she refused to turn on Donald Trump
has Brooke Baldwin or anyone else on cnn ask khan family what he thinks of what Hillary did to smith family?one sided again cnn
Brooke Baldwin in an effort to be "Fair and Balanced" interviewed Patricia Smith...pathetic attempt at journalism
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After seeing Brooke Baldwin's interview with Patricia Smith , I definitely know that CNN is a shill for Hillary!
Pretty shameful of CNN and Brooke Baldwin to try and manipulate Sean Smith's mother like that.
Just now Brooke Baldwin trying to get Pat Smith to say something bad about Trump. CNN monitors his phone calls? Cnncrap
kudos to Brooke Baldwin for at least trying to give mrs. Smith some airtime further proclaiming HRD n our gov't lied grossly to her.
Agreed... Between Sam Clovis and the lawyer, Brooke Baldwin is having a bad day pushing her and CNN agenda..
Schumer: "I'm not going to comment" on confidence in DWS as DNC chair.
heart-breaker? Perhaps for conservatives, says Trump supporter responds https:…
If there's a viable third party candidate, "I can vote to make America sane again" -- GOP strategist https:…
Truck seen dangling off an overpass in the Bronx, New York. Latest updates:
Hillary Clinton on Democratic unity: I will do my part but "Sen. Sanders has to do his part" https…
Harvard graduate tells what inspired his viral commencement speech
Magic? Check. Female Check. Buy Brooke's War and get both in one read!
Here's the video my CNN appearance today, talking about Donald Trump:
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden holds news conference on killing of gorilla. Watch
director: "Viable sperm" from the gorilla has been collected
director: Zoo "looking at" making changes to barrier around gorilla exhibit
Trump is no fan of the media, something he made clear at a press conference this afternoon. How will this play out?
Animal expert Jeff Corwin on gorilla death: "The zoo is not your babysitter"
I commend you for your grace under fire on Brooke Baldwin's show. Three against one, but you were strong and controlled.
Brooke Baldwin is personal friends with Big Boi
Is it sexist that I call Brooke Baldwin a presstitute? I also call Wolf Blitzer a presstitute, just so everyone's clear.
Going in to the top of 7 Emma Baldwin back in to pitch for Brooke Bandy 🐯 get it? Because WashU are the Bears
Stellar show put on by Emma Baldwin. Brooke Bandy goes in to pitch. 2 outs. Bases loaded 🐯
A switcharoo!!! Emma Baldwin in to pitch for Brooke Bandy! 🐛▶️🌳
That time I fought through a crazy press scrum in the Bronx & it was worth it: via Kasich-"Mamma mia!" https…
Dear Friends in North America - Do watch this Bhutan Episode tomorrow Sunday 10th April 10 pm EST. It is an hour...
"I’m serving a life sentence without the presence of my daughter," mom of said to me https:…
My take on CNN earlier today on Iran-Saudi Arabia tensions:
'When I got the call, I was like man..we made it!' on induction to ->
Great introduction to Bhutan: wonder list! Indeed!.
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highlight of his day...Brooke Baldwin!!
Mamma mia! visits a New York deli and says he "feels so alive"
Two Dead in Biker Gang Feud. Brooke Baldwin talks to motorcycle gang expert ...
Analyzing the arrests earlier today of suspected Jihadist terrorists in Brussels
What happens when a country puts happiness first? goes to Bhutan to find out. Sunday 10p
to Visit plus welcomes all families in new official statement
CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews U.S. veteran Sergeant Chris Mark who wrote an open letter to Sarah Palin after she blamed PTSD for her
CNN Breaking News, time for Brooke Baldwin & Jennifer Gray to cover the snow storm in the field, again.
First on U.S. bombs building containing "millions" of ISIS' money:
. *** Brooke Baldwin is walkin around on 2 sticks of dynamite. Its a crime those legs are hidden behind a desk all day 😍
Who is when the cameras aren't rolling? former butler takes us behind the scenes
Employees at a NJ restaurant thought they won however ... See their reaction here
lol, CNN interviewer is visibly disappointed with Fareed Zakaria’s grownup refusal to panic over the Iran incident
My take on the key lesson from releasing detained U.S. sailors today:
I wish to be Brooke Baldwin's husband!!!
"It comes down to 10 sec of video" explains the just released footage of a cop killing a teen https:/…
39 years later, was nominated again for Rocky Balboa portrayal
When you walk out of work on a Friday.
Inappropriate treatment of our Sailors by Iran. My comments on CNN
ICYMI: Today's segment on and newly released video
Jean Casarez making big deal of smiles by Cosby. "Wow," says. objective Brooke Baldwin.
Brooke Baldwin report the facts please. Not your agenda!
Please tell me this girl is trolling hard. Brooke Baldwin Zerrlaut I am so glad your daughters are so much...
Brooke Baldwin report this side of the protester at Birmingham Trump rally but I bet u won't!
RTmore that I would enjoy than.take on & expose many of [his] fabrications” --
RTknow where gets evidence once again [he's] missing d boat"--
RTProtester has message 4 after being escorted out Sat. rally:
RTremains on edge. partial lockdown cont. 4 day 3. & hv latest
When you're home alone and have a dance party >>>
"I don't know where Mr. gets his evidence" tells https… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Trump says we should speak English in America & more lines from today's conference:
Protester has a message for after being escorted out of Saturday rally:
CNN's Brooke Baldwin visits the sites of the Paris terror attacks and speaks with survivors about how they are recovering following the
Happy to say I was accepted into Mary Baldwin with a $16,000 scholarship per year, and Longwood!
My tribute to and the lovely Parisians who shared their hearts with me on their loss and love.
Not my first choice but got accepted into Mary Baldwin college with a $16,000 scholarship!! 😊😊
Protester escorted out of rally has a message for Trump
.I would enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to take on https…
."Once again, Mr. Trump is missing the boat"
“There’s nothing more that I would enjoy than…to take on and expose many of [his] fabrications” --https:…
"I don't know where gets his evidence…but once again [he's] missing the boat"--https:/…
"Star Trek" actor George Takei explains to CNN's Brooke Baldwin the apology to his father at the end of the Broadway musical "Allegiance."
debate most watched debate ever. Will be impacted by it?
2Bad Carl Bernstein doesn't have even squirrel nuts to say Truth that Hillary is 1000x worse than Nixon.
Leave it to Brooke Baldwin to ask the questions we all already know the answer to: "Do we know why he was at the brothel?"
Brooke Baldwin wants to know why Odom was at the brothel. LOL
Brooke Baldwin of CNN actually asked if it was known why Lamar Odem was at a brothel !! Come on now ...
Brooke Baldwin on CNN just asked someone if we know *why* was at a brothel. Umm . . .
CNN’s Brooke Baldwin just asked if we know why Lamar Odom went to the Chicken Ranch. And her hair instantly got a shade blonder…
Newroom with Brooke Baldwin: Don't have those people on that keep talking on and on. I actually yelled at the TV to stop!!!
I like Brooke Baldwin's show on CNN, but her tanning is nearing John Boehner's tone. More orange than this pic.
Finding the meaning of home in Africa
Brooke Baldwin declares, “Don’t hire Veterans! They’re too damaged to be trusted with authority.” SORRY RIGHT?
Earlier Geo, leader of talked to about issues we want to see be discussed at
BIG discussion now on guns. Two people in the debate hall participated in my town hall in DC on the
Wayne Newton had greats things to say about his good friend today on Brooke Baldwin He loves Mr. Trump!
i think that Hillary Clinton is a LYING WITCH who only lies to the American people so Brooke Baldwin Shut up your mouth,
@ Brooke Baldwin I would like to know how many presidential candidate intent on getting their agenda passed in a divided Congress
Baldwin Brazil trump when watching the debate tonight I hope you learn something about polotics
I enjoy Brooke Baldwin's show but why does she look she's poolside today? Needs more appropriate apparel for political coverage.
LIVE on Live behind the scenes at CNN. with Brooke Baldwin.
Will Brooke Baldwin grill Jeb Bush Plant like she grilled Columbian Trump supporter in Vegas?
Hanging out backstage at CNN. Waiting for leader Geo to go with Brooke Baldwin.
.Utt - what did you do - steal Ana Navarro s' yellow outfit, Brooke Baldwin
BROOKE'S WAR a book where Miisfits find they can b HEROES in a world of MAGIC! by the wonderful writer ZAC BALDWIN !!!
Our petition on Syira with featured on CNN: Add your name:
A MANDATORY Lip Sync Practice is happening tomorrow from 7-9 @ Baldwin! Text Brooke K at (925)-964-3838 and you will be added to the lines.
Neither is CNN or Fox Brooke Baldwin was the one who started Trump is exiting BREAKING NEWS
Who does Vegas think will win the 2016 election?: Las Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro joins CNN's Brooke Baldwin...
Gotta love calling out in the world. Read her piece.
like i said one SMOKING HOT women you are brooke baldwin
Cnn didnt ask who muslim hater or Columbian lady Brooke Baldwin asked who opposition lady was.
First time hearing the beautiful Brooke Baldwin talk Bernie Sanders. Only 1 day before the first debate. A bit late
Brooke Baldwin was trying2get the Hispanic lady2sayshe was a plant& said 2dayhe was attacked
I just heard Donna Brazile chuckle when CNN Brooke Baldwin played the 60 minutes clip of Obama saying, 'He won win'
IT'S CONFIRMED: going to be in Eugene for the USC vs Oregon game! See you in a little over a month my friends 😊😱😱
Adoring fan at rally proclaims Latinos love Trump
said he never met superfan before. Truth? I asked her myself
Donald Trump supporter Myriam Witcher tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin why she supports Trump so enthusiastically, saying she agrees with him
A fan of the bald-ones: Michael, Brian, and special guest stars Brooke Baldwin and Kate Balduin.
BrookeBaldwin still in coma as dad reveals insurance company says it won’t pay for hospital treatment by
Vegas girl’s dad says insurance firm ‘won’t pay’: THE family of a northern beaches girl still in a coma after ...
And just like that... The take the lead. Wilson. Baldwin. 6 points.
In case you missed it, watch appearance in full
This year's celebrity list for the Rally for Kids included: Brooke Smith, Billy Baldwin, Omar Benson Miller,...
Magic and *** kicking! It doesn't get any better! Woo-HOO! :-D Brooke's War. Check it out: http:…
So many people I know love this book. Brooke's War. Fantastic writing:
Brooke Baldwin, from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, had just heard about the death of her friend Luke Shanahan when she was …
This book is like the lovechild of and Magical action. Brooke's War:
New Day, Brooke Baldwin Fiorina is one of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES BAGGAS I ve seen yet this morning .
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Massive security operation underway for Big Q: How to protect a man who wades into public crowds http:/…
Boston’s ID'd as Bella Bond. In police custody: the mother & boyfriend
under fire over anti-Muslim question, pulled out of a SC event today. Is he backing down? http:/…
RTHearing underway for accused deserter Sgt. from Cody Full, his fmr comrade/roommate
RTMassive security operation 4 Q: How to protect a man who wades nto public crowds
RTvs woman=sticking to 'The Donald' her story lighting up Fiorina's past
RTfire over anti-Muslim ?, pulled out of SC event today.He backing down?
Military hearing underway for accused deserter Sgt. Hear from Cody Full, his fmr comrade & roommate
.Dana Bash just told Brooke Baldwin that in theory, Carson should be crushing Trump in the polls, w/ evangelicals..
CNN's Martin Savidge and intelligence and security analyst Robert Baer join Brooke Baldwin with the latest details concerning the foiled
CNN News: Obama sister: 'Proud of our name'
.'s half-sister Auma "My brother has carried our name up there"
What have the makeup monsters over done to Brooke Baldwin!!! Shes got too much powder on! Unbelievable !
.on immigration: "First thing we have to do is strengthen our borders"
.speaks from U.S./Mexico border: Yeah, I think I'll win the Hispanic vote.
Curious to know why Brooke Baldwin asked Auma Obama if Kenyan women would sprawl campaign material of Hillary in their village.
CNN’s Brooke Baldwin sits down with President Barack Obama’s half-sister Auma Obama and grandmother Sarah as they...
Brooke Baldwin of CNN questioning former judge on his Texas childhood because that's completely relevant to Sandra Bland case.
Watching Brooke Baldwin on CNN doing her daily line of moronic questioning of a guest is so entertaining.
President half-sister: "My brother has carried our name up there"
Exclusive: Auma Obama welcomes CNN into the family home of the President's ancestral village:
Obama's sister: 'My brother has carried our name' -
Obama's sister: 'My brother has carried our name'
Obama's sister talks about her brother
CNN Brooke Baldwin Republicans want to win the nomination antenna crackling crazy Donald Trump is stirring up all their s***
Family of who was found hanged in her Waller County, Texas, jail cell, addresses the media.
Former CNN anchor Lynne Russell talks to Brooke Baldwin about how she and her husband survived a shootout at a Motel 6 in New Mexico.
CNN> Make peace with putting peas in your guacamole: CNN's Brooke Baldwin meets Ian Coogan…
I tried from chef and it wasn't that bad
Pres. Obama closes Rev. eulogy by leading the crowd in singing "Amazing Grace."
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Pea guacamole chef: We like the taste: CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to the food columnist who…
MUST-SEE: Female prison worker who helped inmate escape/spending days on run tells how she fell for him: http:…
NEW details --turns out the fugitives did a practice run the night before their escape
CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with Officer Nick Struck about the touching photo of him comforting a toddler after her family was involved in
Obama pauses eulogy to sing Amazing Grace, shocks the arena
Will be going on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin this afternoon at 3PM EST to discuss increased terror threat.
What's the relationship like between prisoners & guards inside Clinton? Fmr inmate gave his take
“We don’t need to be living in fear, but we need to be on alert” –on FBI’s July 4th terror warning
Jake Tapper Retains Dignity As Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Have O-Gasm - looks like Don Lemon had that tingle thing
atty.William Most joined me on to talk about Ford's final days as a free man
CNN brings in their homosexual anchors Brooke Baldwin Anderson Cooper Don Lemon and a host of others
Brooke Baldwin & Don Lemon will love that! It'll lead a segment on CNN or MSNBC.
Jerry has to get in line. There are 100s of people wanting to marry Brooke Baldwin. (at least for a week)
The DOJ subpoenas airlines over keeping ticket prices high
you could keep Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello and Cuomo as your anchors & robin meade . & michelle does tropical storm bill too
I should be finishing up my paper, but I can only think about these past 4 years & reminisce on the best years of my life
Protests expected after video shows cop throwing teenage girl to the ground, pulls gun out:
Brooke Baldwin Has Reaction to Guest’s Comments on Hiding Weap... via
Brooke Baldwin Has Priceless Reaction to Guest’s Comments on Hiding Weapons in Butt
Priceless - reaction to former prison inmate's description of "suitcasing":
Rapper and former inmate reacts to this maximum security prison break:.
White House briefing room evacuated, no immediate reason given:
ICYMI interview with on & what it's going to take to protect our kids. htt…
FACT!!! What a god damned *** Many police departments USE the skills of Military Veterans to augment their...
So according to CNN the problem isn't people's disregard for the law and for others. The problem isn't ignorant...
South-Asian Americans have won the last eight National Spelling Bees. CNN's Brooke Baldwin investigates what might be behind this.
So all these mostly black people who have never done a honest days work in there lives are secret military...
Brooke Baldwin from this us army veteran hope enough true Americans stand up and get you fired
Good looking but dumber than a post!
Join London Ride to Cure FOP July 18 - in honour of Brooke Connell from - an amazing young woman!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Great day for at the Swiss Pro Slalom. Regina takes the title while Brooke Baldwin lands her first...
Despite a broken rib & avalanches is mission accomplished:
Every day CNN provides further proof that you have to be brain damaged in order to be there.
Where do they get these *** Do the have a special school for them?
CNN's Brooke Baldwin asks David Soucie about the potential danger of a near miss an Air France flight had with an active volcano earlier
Thanks Brooke Baldwin for your entrys to the Malibu Open and Malibu Cup ✔👍🏁
This is the smile of someone who has made her first ever pro finals! Brooke Baldwin and Regina through to the...
In case you forgot where the stupid lived? Check this piece of *** wipe material.
Brooke Baldwin (USA) and Taylor Garcia (USA) overall champs at Nautique Junior Masters:
- - if you're a a biker, or even a cop that's a biker, watch this. Cool heads prevail.
Source: Train believed to have been going 100+ mph as it approached a turn rated at 50mph. Latest 7pE http:…
Hillary comments on today's says she wants more out quickly
Brooke Baldwin earns top seed heading girls slalom finals at the Jr. Masters
U.S.athlete Brooke Baldwin (3earns top seed for girls' slalom finals at Nautique Junior Masters
CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks to Waco Tribune-Herald reporter, Olivia Messer, about the Texas biker shootout.
What did you think about the rape scene in S05E06? via
likes their reporters alliteratively gifted (not sure if that's a real phrase) -. Brooke Baldwin. Sara Sidenor. Carol Costello
i's scrolling through what ppl were saying about Brooke Baldwin. u were indeed the black sheep
watching CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin at Laetus Restaurant & Lounge
Richard Quest and Brooke Baldwin are competing in the 70s edition of
Do the Nation a favor & don't patronize us by even mentioning ANYTHING about Memorial Day this weekend. FIRE BROOKE BALDWIN
Temple University EMTs tell CNN's Brooke Baldwin what they encountered in chaotic minutes after the Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia.
I can't stand CNN either, but I caught it in the waiting room. It was on Brooke Baldwin's show. I'll look for it.
some rando trying to say it's my fault if GoT keeps being gross lol, cool thanks
What mind-altering activity is Brooke Baldwin succumbing to?
No, I didn't say that. Here's the clip if you want to watch for yourself.
Police: up to 1000 weapons in restaurant found after
Y is Brooke Baldwin try to shame us to go back into Iraq.We had no business over there.Brooke u can't make up for your vet remark like this
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