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Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is an American news anchor. She appears on the weekday edition of CNN Newsroom.

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And 6 hours later I have finally arrived back to Eugene 🎉🎉
Airport update: the wifi isn't working and I don't have headphones
Flight update: there is a guy on my flight wearing cleats around his neck with a football in hand...
Another flight, another delay. Let's see if I even make it to Eugene today
This brooke baldwin isn't one of ours a special forces ***
I'm watching "CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin and earning great rewards from block is a
Brooke Baldwin dyed her hair blonde. Do not like
Brooke Baldwin, CNN Politics %^what chance were they GIVING in THEIR CHANT .
Waking up at 4:30 and not being able to go back to sleep is the best 🙌
"Eric Holder: This attack 'turned my stomach’ white or black who fire
OutFrontCNN: Eric Holder: This attack 'turned my stomach’
So happy Brooke Baldwin was back airing live stream on my tablet today! Sorely missed.
Brooke Baldwin needs to lay off the bronzer. I find her orange-cocoa tan disturbing.
Eric Holder: ‘I will offer resources to solve this crime’
Brooke Baldwin sure is great at making incredibly stupid expressions while reporting the "news"
Eric Holder: This attack 'turned my stomach’
Hope you don't mind me asking Jennifer, but are you related to Brooke Baldwin. The 2 of you could go for sisters.Seriously!
Successful ending to our marketing plan. So proud of my group for all the hard work!
The fact that still recognizes that Brooke Davis' birthday is today makes my heart melt.
Ferguson raises millions in revenue from petty ticketing and racial profIling.
Eric Holder: relies on police as 'collection agency' for municipal court Analysis: http:/…
Eric Holder: One incident set off like a 'powder keg'. Our analysis:
Justice Dept. concludes that police targeted African-Americans
HAPPENING NOW: Eric Holder speaks on police bias. Watch
Eric Holder, speaking now, calls report 'searing'
Holder: shows that police escalated, not diffused tension
I don't know who's better: covering for Carol Costello in the am, or covering for Brooke Baldwin in the pm. I'm torn
Usually when Kate Bolduan, Abby Huntsman or Brooke Baldwin are on.
WHY is CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin constantly interrupting co anchor and making noises while he's talking
Family & friends buy her a cup of Clam Chow-dah. Brooke Baldwin is also there, two of CNN's finest!
NE family & friends 2 of CNN's finest Brooke Baldwin & Jennifer Gray are in town. Buy them a cup of chow-dah.
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NE family, if you venture outside look for CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Jennifer Gray. Buy them a cup of clam chow-dah!
Can they give u Brooke Baldwin's show. Love everything about CNN except her. Watched 20+ yrs and she's the worst.
let's blame it on dad because I get it too.
Reminder that Adam Baldwin is a garbage human.
always enjoy your show Brooke Baldwin! Conservative outfit today, you look dignified and regal, but also tired? :)
Imagine! We have human crises ongoing in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria etc. & Brooke Baldwin starts her show on CNN with
"A civilization is not destroyed by wicked people, but by spineless people"- James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time.
he is going to say "no one in the media does their job better then Brooke Baldwin" and if i wasnt married to gisele?
Everyone should check out Thanks to Kristen Salladay for the presentation today and for encouraging us to get involved!
The parents of one of the Aurora, Colorado, shooting victims speak with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about their campaign...
Telling it like it is! Killer Mike talks Ferguson with Brooke Baldwin of CNN: via
Rich Quest is killing it on cnn right now. Live from Davos. Brooke Baldwin is sooo into him too.
and strange How Brooke Baldwin last week was on the afternoon then early in the morning i say what? lol
Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Barbara Starr, Brooke Baldwin, etc.. CNN should get rid of these propagandists and hire some journalists.
Both Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin need to be fired from CNN.
Secure and block children from Dana bash and Brooke Baldwin CNN corp lawyers. So they can't abuse the children.
In a fight to the death, who would win? Brooke Baldwin vs. Gretchen Carlson.
"Even in darkness, the smallest star will still shine"
“Hmmm... which one? Someone shout out a color. Brooke Baldwin news milf
Is it me or CNN gotten downhill with their reporting? Fire Don Lemon, Carol Costello, and Brooke Baldwin.
Marcus Mariota releases a statement about his decision to turn pro.
3.5 million views in 4 days! Unbelievable message and campaign.
I'm in love with Brooke Baldwin. Only her only me. Only us.
Talking to CNN's Brooke Baldwin about: Hotline helps parents of children interested in jihad
"is now the only player in the NBA this season to record three-straight 20 point/10 assist games
I HATE FLYING. I swear, any flight that I am booked on is delayed while any other flight I could have taken is ALWAYS on time.
We understand you’re delayed. If you need to be rebooked, please follow us & DM your confirmation number. ^KP
YORK (US): Sheriff David Clarke rips into Brooke Baldwin for alleging the NYPD writing fewer tickets...
OH LOOK ANOTHER DELAYED FLIGHT BY a joke...I should be landing by the time they "plan" on having the flight take off...
Hey what's the status of flight 6359?
Brooke Baldwin is saying doesn't air anything that is offensive to any religion. So...Did they air Seriously want to know.
Brooke Baldwin should be embarrassed, that was a terrible interview. She never ONCE challenged him on his claims.
Chit my hearing is bad but did Brooke Baldwin just say them Jews?
Brooke Baldwin remains the finest piece of *** on day time, cable news.
Brooke Baldwin is not biased. Always fair, listens to both sides, polite to guests.
HUGE shoutout to my parents for letting me experience something beyond my wildest dreams. Going to the…
Been on the verge of crying multiple times already today 😣
AGREED. The fans around us were complete trash, so disappointing.
Ps oregon fans might be the most respectful fans ever. Ohio state on the other hand.
trust me when I say thats the only championship ohio is gonna see for a while
Ps Lebron, shouldn't you be rehabbing? You are jumping up and down like your back is COMPLETELY fine
Would love a follow from the awesome Brooke Baldwin
While channel surfing, I came across CNN's Wolf Blitzer telling Brooke Baldwin that the White House has said all...
I feel like I'm about to play in this game with my mix of nerves and excitement 😝😝
Out here in Texas everyone is a duck fan...even if they aren't here for the game!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Countdown begins in earnest: Less than 24 hours until the CFP National Championship. SC is live from Dallas at 11 ET. htt…
Congrats to Brooke Baldwin for taking silver in girls slalom at the Jr. Worlds in Peru!
has and yet Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin have their own shows? Makes no sense.
that has happened sooo many times to me. I stopped flying with them!
Do you need assistance with a connecting flight? Follow andDM confirmation number. ^MR
I see the airplane, yet there is no 'crew available'.really
Always get delayed on really need to get to SFO asap! I have a layover and of course no one is here to talk to
And of course my flight is airport luck is so bad it's comical
Brooke Baldwin speaks with Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson and Zuhdi Jasser, Author of “A Battle...
CNN: How do we combat radical Islam?
I can definitely see you replacing Brooke Baldwin, or Erin Burnett on CNN someday!
“Obama: "Patrick SwayBack is a young fashion designer that is on the verge of changing the industry."
Yep! Said "let's be real, we (FSU) lost that game for ourselves" HAHHA too bad Oregon outplayed them in ever asset
I really enjoy watching you fill in for Brooke Baldwin, you should have your own program. Keep up the good work 😉
can't stand him. Wait, who is going to the natty again? Oh yeah, not you Winston
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This just in: If you're planning to attend the final on Jan. 12, wear YELLOW.
Kirk's final words just gave me chills.
Have a great 2015 and a New Year Brooke Baldwin!
Ugh I would do anything to be in Pasadena right now
For the record, Brooke Baldwin is not related to me as far as I know.
im looking at cnn re-run from NYE..brooke baldwin opened the champagne bottle while Don Lemon looked on? ***
Hey Kinsey, can u settle something for us? Have u ever met Brooke Baldwin, I say she's a good 5'10" , the misses says 5'5"
Did anyone else see the chemistry between Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon from the New Orleans broadcast...or was I just seeing things?
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon need to put the glasses down while on camera.
great New Years for us central time zoners w Brooke Baldwin!
Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin are totally getting together.
I just made it to New Years Eve in New Orleans Louisiana. Dapped up Don Lemon and High five Brooke Baldwin. Glad...
Don Lemon has made Brooke Baldwin way uncomfortable. I love it.
Wondering what thinks of CNN combo of Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.
brooke Baldwin is interviewing someone with a blowup doll in the background rod shoved up its's rear
Brooke Baldwin might be drunk on CNN right now
In which Don Lemon looks Chinese and Brooke Baldwin really would look better in her natural hair color.
Body Paint .Kathy? I should have thought of that.Now to Brooke Baldwin & Donald Dilworth Lemon.Can't help IT DON...LOFL!
Richard Re-QUEST! ,.WHere's Brooke Baldwin .?? & He's fullfilling me dreams of this particular TRIO.Whoa! ...JOEY!
Brooke Baldwin is in New Orleans. That's the part I care about. LOL
Brooke Baldwin is stuck with Don Lemon. She must've made someone mad...
The fact that it's New Year's Eve is scary 😖 I don't like how fast these years go by 😟😧
My hair is already an awk length. I need a trim asap
this week no Ashleigh Banfield. no Brooke Baldwin. & no Erin Burnett. because new year eve.
Deadly attack killed his spokesman says father handed her over to do. The market closes at ...
Obama: "When we work together, we can't be stopped. Now I'm going to go on vacation... Mahalo."
Brooke Baldwin on CNN is getting fat. The one thing we ask of someone who has nothing but time on their hands is NOT to get fat.
New York. Watch on vacation... Mahalo." South Korean prosecutors seek tips from planned route due to go on where m...
North Korea. - Obama tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that the area before shooting his predeces...
Bodies of teen. Gunman called to deal Rajon Rondo to do. South Kore...
"At a party some kid was wearing a beer costume and he kept yelling "Cannabalism!" Before he drank his beer." - Baldwin-Wallace University”
Words of our local theater owner on the interview flick The owner of one independent theater said he had no concerns about security. "If we thought that this was a danger to our audience, we wouldn't show the film," Paul Brown, owner of the Terrace Theater in Charleston, South Carolina, told CNN's Brooke Baldwin.
Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kelly Ripa & Brooke Baldwin are the sexiest, most beautiful women of 2014.
Brooke Baldwin. Adore this man. Him and his precious wife. — μαζί με Brooke Baldwin, Run the Jewels και Killer Mike
Another victim's fiancée speaks on Michael Brown case: CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to Nic...
Aid pours in for vandalized store: A vandalized bakery in Ferguson, Missouri gets over $250,000 in donations. CNN's Brooke Baldwin sp...
QUINTAVIOUS Johnson told Brooke Baldwin of CNN that he started singing at 11 months old. AMAZING.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin just aired interview with the leader of Ferguson NY Protesters who said that are hoping for "confrontation"
GREAT interview between Brooke Baldwin of CNN and Saints tight end Ben Watson about his powerful essay that's gone viral.
Benjamin Washington isy new Hero! Everyone should check out interview he just done on CNN with Brooke Baldwin!
Quintavious Johnson got Brooke Baldwin blushing on CNN. Boy can SING
plans to lead protest after Brooke Baldwin says "that a BOY" to black singing start Quintavious Johnson.
CNN Brooke Baldwin just aired an interview with the NY protest leader saying that are hoping for more confrontation!!
please don't and I love you and support you and want you to be happy
"We have the right to exist without being gunned down," Rapper/activist tells earlier today:
Obama on the turkey pardon tradition, "It is a little puzzling that I do this every year."
Say, Cheese! President Obama pardons Cheese the turkey in White House tradition
CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes a look back into the early days of how actress Jennifer Lawrence got her start.
Did Willie Nelson smoke in W.H.?: Brooke Baldwin asks Willie Nelson about marijuana legalization in D.C. and t...
watching CNN and trying to think who my favorite on-air person they got there -- Brooke Baldwin, Ashleigh Banfield, Don Lemon or Wolf
Tim should pitch the 9th.just saying
finally CNN found a beautiful and intelligent woman to put on the air besides Brooke Baldwin. So refreshing to see and hear you.
BROOKE BALDWIN (CNN) transcript talking about SWAT drills
BROOKE BALDWIN (CNN) transcript of the events that unfolded at the Marysville, Washington school shooting
BROOKE BALDWIN's (CNN) transcript of the events unfolding in Marysville, Washington. Proof she discussed SWAT DRILL
BROOKE BALDWIN (CNN) transcript of the events unfolding at Marysville, Washington Oct. 24 2014
Royce Freeman has set the UO record for rushing yards by a true freshman and now has 742
Can someone locate the Brooke Baldwin footage of her slipping about the drill? Thanks.
10-24-2014: CNN host Brooke Baldwin, covering of the school in Washington ,...
that's anchor Brooke Baldwin. Went way too far on air in pursuit of a scoop about the identity of shooter. Unprofessional at best
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
can Brooke Baldwin stop with shooter questions? Seriously - You'll get info when it's time to release it
Brooke Baldwin not missing a beat saying "blood everywhere" 15 times in 2 minutes.
Photo: Brooke Baldwin at New Yorker for Children Gala  in a Brian Rennie for Basler dress
CNN should suspend Nancy Grace and Brooke Baldwin for comments about Ray Rice getting a job as a street sweeper. The tone was racist
Was just riffing with Michelle Phillips (Mamas and Papas) in break. She told me her grandaughter's name is "Brooke Baldwin." Ha!
CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in memory of comedic actor Robin Williams. She called out a few familiar faces! Find out who's up next!
Brooke Baldwin you are the reason I watch CNN. Please interview me.
dooo it. You might like it more this time around!
I've watched to re-watch it and finish it for a while now! I just might :)
I'm really tempered! It'd keep us occupied for a while too
I was thinking that too! I need a show to watch and nothing has me hooked!!
CNN is bordering on upskirt status with the angle they are using on Brooke Baldwin right now. More light & zoom, please!
I can't wait to be in Tahoe on Saturday!
American preaches loving enemy in Iraq: Brooke Baldwin talks to an American Christian wh...
My Brother's two fave ladies CNN Brooke Baldwin and S.E. Cupp asked we remember Hamas goal is genocide of Jewish as 1st demand as in Charter
Don't really like too much but what she told Brooke Baldwin on was 100% true
Brooke Baldwin are you total delusional, sure Israel fires rocks. You are Moron
the channel that supports Hamas with *** like Brooke Baldwin and the real Moron
Brooke Baldwin talks with Yusuf Sayman about a teen who was snatched and tortured by
Tortured teen escapes Islamist militants: Brooke Baldwin interviews Yusuf Sayman about t...
Erin Burnett on Brooke Baldwin's show. My news *** can't handle it.
Brooke Baldwin I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! :)
Duck fans say it's the best stadium ever, rivals call it the loudest venue & experts rank Autzen among the top in CFB ht…
...3 GOP for collector: Leah Betts, Cindy Baldwin and Brooke Hobbs, and 2 Dems for clerk: Rusty Aton and Richard Buchli.
Brooke Baldwin should shave her burning bush, landing strip, or have it waxed off and join her paint by the numbers, peers in the faux
The soft ball fest between Brooke, not ready for prime time, Baldwin and the flaccid voice from the past, Dan Blather was an Obaminatio
I think Brooke Baldwin is gorg--but let's be honest: It looks like she's pumped for the
There'is only 1 CNN reporter worth watching - Brooke Baldwin. What a pathetic network.
Watch this: Was Putin to Blame For explains crisis to Brooke Baldwin on
Brooke Baldwin has a stellar spray tan. This is not sarcasm.
makes watching CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
I like the fact that Brooke Baldwin makes important issues easier to understand without dumbing them down.
I'm CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Brooke Baldwin talks to CNN's Poppy Harlow about amputees training soldiers for combat situations.
yep, mine flew to London on a plane I wasn't even on!
watching the incredible looking Brooke Baldwin on the Communist News Network now.
Do you have to label Bergdahl at this time? Does Brooke Baldwin think he's guilty of desertion?
CNN has a sleeveless Brooke Baldwin. I also hate Brooke Baldwin. Seen her sleeveless numerous times.
Any day the Brooke Baldwin Newsroom show is on is a good day!
Sixteen saves, the most in a World Cup match since 1966. Olympian. Hero. Legend. Thank you,
Trashing talking was so funny. We need the grittier side of Brooke Baldwin more often.
Cannot believe this Brooke Baldwin segment on CNN right now. She's framing this game as cheeseburgers vs. chocolate...
Had a burrito last night and another one tonight 💁
How sexist is CNN to have Jake Tapper anchor the coverage of PBO's statement during Brooke Baldwin's own show? Is she not capable? We see u.
Great weekend raging on the river, now off to Tahoe ☀️🏊🍻
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Congrats to GOODE skiers Brooke Baldwin, Julianna Boskus, and Nick Lang for being named to U.S. Junior Team!
"Lara you remind me of Brooke Baldwin! You kind of look like her!" > Ha! No complaints there from me!
everything us a scandal.wonder why ppl dont trust "the media"? Faux scandals,creating stories like Brooke Baldwin hating on matt Lauer
TVNewser | HLN Taking Over CNN’s Atlanta Studio: As Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin move from Atlanta to New...
Your CNN / Brooke Baldwin segment was powerful. You are a true American hero.
Hmmm... coincidentally "Bring Soup to a sick Brooke Baldwin" is on my bucket list.
Explaining "Right to Try" legislation: CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen and Brooke Baldwin discuss “Right to Try” legisla...
CNN's Brooke Baldwin moving to NY in 2 months. She been to Barclays for concert.
Brooke Baldwin's Commencement Address Everyone should listen to this.
Sorry, Atlanta. Jeff Zucker seems *** bent on destroying what Ted Turner built. The beginning of the end for
CNN anchor and UNC School of Journalism alum Brooke Baldwin shares her "little secrets" of journalism with 2014 grads
HQ for CNN US is NYC ATL is home to digital, international and CNN Espanol. By
.will soon have no weekday anchors originating from Atlanta
I freaking love Brooke Marie Baldwin more than you know. Wow 😍
CNN making final push away from Atlanta as Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello head to NYC
Happy 9th birthday to my granddaughter, Saylor Brooke Baldwin ! You are precious to me and make my life so happy and fun. I hope you have a weekend of happy times and have lots of fun. Love you bunches!!
You Nailed It! Interview with Brooke Baldwin was excellent. Intelligent, articulate and caring..all importa…
Mark Cuban: "I know I'm prejudiced": CNN's Brooke Baldwin has a panel discussion on NBA ...
Final nail for Atlanta HQ? CNN’s last two weekday anchors based there move to NYC. via
7 people have left class already. We are 25 minutes in...
Congratulations to Brooke Baldwin for graduating from high school later today! I bet it feels great! And check...
I hope CNN's anchors will be able to find New York.
Atlanta loses CNN’s final weekday anchors Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin to NYC | Radio and TV Talk via
In a few months, will no longer have any weekday anchors based in Atlanta
Max Ascari, CNN moves to centralize in New York - CNN President Jeff Zucker made two steps this week to further centralize the network in New York, moving talent from Atlanta and production from Washington. In August, Atlanta-based anchors Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello will move their respective "CNN Newsroom" programs to New York, TVNewser reported Thursday. The change means Atlanta will have no weekday anchors, though several shows will be produced from there. A...
Mediabistro, TVNewser · Two CNN anchors are making the move from Atlanta to New York this summer. Beginning in August, Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello will anchor their respective hours of CNN Newsroom from NYC. Costello anchors Newsroom from 9-11amET and Baldwin helms the 2-4pmET hours.Carol Cost…
Surprises for Barbara Walters: Joan Lunden shares with CNN's Brooke Baldwin what it felt like to be on 'The Vi...
Surprises on Barbara Walters Last Day: Joan Lunden shares with CNN's Brooke Baldwin what...
Brooke Baldwin and Brianna Keilar on at the same time. Does it get any better than that?
I liked a video CNN Brooke Baldwin Shapeshifting Reptilian Tooth, What the *** ?? LOL!!!
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Temper aside this is ridic. NYC cops just stop. Or arrest the real problems, speedy delivery guys recklessly biking.
TODAY: Catch me live on CNN at 2:40pm ET with one of my favorites Brooke Baldwin discussing Solange vs. Jay-Z in Elevator Gate! You can also listen on SiriusXM Ch. 115.
brooke baldwin – black see-thru blouse again - 17/03/2014 7:33:42 AM GMT View the original article here...
I didn't see. I don't see CNN I'm a FOX guy. I see Brooke Baldwin only.
Watch UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication's Spring 2014 Commencement Ceremony on CNN anchor and J-school alumna Brooke Baldwin will deliver the school's spring 2014 commencement address on Sunday, May 11, at 3:30 p.m. in Carmichael Arena on the UNC campus.
Delayed flights are tough and frustrating. Sometimes the weather doesn't want to cooperate. Let us know if you need help.^JH
I want to cry at how comical it is the amount of times I get delayed while flying. United coming here and Alaska going back. It's a joke.
UNC J-School graduation. Brooke Baldwin - on discovering UNC -"I found this really special place, and I really need to go here."
Excited to have deliver our commencement address tomorrow. Stream the ceremony here:
Congrats, grads! Family or friends can't make it to Chapel Hill? Stream our Sunday ceremony:
in this picture, you look more like Brooke Borat Baldwin! :-)
Sunday at 3:30 p.m., delivers our commencement speech and we celebrate the 2014 class of J-school grads: http:/…
Past Obama jokes at White House dinner - CNN's Brooke Baldwin highlights funny and memorable moments from previous...
April 2 statement of the day: Brooke Baldwin puts the J in journalism. Sincerely,. Jaime Rockett, president of the Brooke Baldwin Fan Club
HLN host Nancy Grace joined CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday to discuss George Zimmerman’s planned charity boxing match against the hip hop icon DMX. Grace said that Zimmerman is essentially going to be “profiting off of a crime” by participating in this boxing match, a violation of the “Son o...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Comedian and Last Coming Standing winner Alonzo Bodden joined CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday to provide his perspective on the controversy surrounding comedian Jerry Seinfeld dismissing the need for racial or gender-based quotas in standup and the comedy industry in general.
Brooke Baldwin talks to American missionaries Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Maher, parents of the first American baby born in South Sudan, about their time in the country and flaring violence that forced them out.
NBA Hall of Famer and TNT commentator Charles Barkley said on Friday that he believes "thug" and "street cred" are racial slurs that are equivalent to the "N-word." Discussing Richard Sherman's post-game rant on CNN with host Brooke Baldwin, Barkley said he does not really use the word "thug" but sa...
Singer-songwriter Robbie Robertson talks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about The Wolf of Wall Street', the Grammys and more. Music f...
On Monday, HLN host Nancy Grace attacked people who use marijuana recreationally as “fat and lazy” and added that no one would want, for example, their babysitter to be high while performing their duties. On Tuesday, anchor Brooke Baldwin sat down with comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Ice Cube and inv...
Brooke Baldwin talks to guests about Jane Seymour as a bikini cover girl.
Melissa Etheridge drops by to tell Brooke Baldwin that it's important for *** artists to show up and speak out in places like Russia rather than boycott. She also sings.
Live in New York City it's the last with Brooke Baldwin saving the best show for last!
Today, December 17, Bill Donohue will be a guest on CNN's "Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin" live at 3:10 p.m. ET to discuss The Advocate magazine naming Pope Francis "Person of the Year."
Brooke Baldwin and Jennifer Gray should be on the same CNN show! *2 UNREAL HOT CHICKS and news*
right!?! its like Brooke Baldwin was made in a lab! tall thick legs pert rack
that blue is YOU ... should be Brooke Baldwin Blue
Brooke Baldwin is my fav cnn anchor
You can tell it's winter when Brooke Baldwin isn't showing off her arms.
Typical white girls: Driving to Starbucks in a snow storm ❄️
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Campus has been transformed into a winter wonderland (h/t
I watch Brooke Baldwin...a much better show.
Learn about 45 trapped pilot whales near the Florida Everglades Park as speaks with Brooke Baldwin
Fun Fact: It is currently warmer in Nome, Alaska (34) than it is in Eugene, Oregon (25)
Do you ever wish you were Brooke Baldwin bc same
"it's not about who you go to a dance with.. it's about who you go home with" - Brooke Davis
My day is over I will miss Brooke Baldwin on CNN but she will be back tomorrow
The best 2 hours everyday for me is Brooke Baldwin & the CNN newsroom
The next hour of the newsroom with Brooke Baldwin start right now!
I am in studio with Brooke Baldwin at 2pm on discussing Jameis Winston. now
Martin Bashir is so full of hate chit ended up in his own mouth. I prefer Brooke Baldwin (noon), Megyn(night) and Robin (morn)
did you wish Brooke Tess an happy bday it was yesterday all day.
I've come to the conclusion that school is just not my thing
What do you think of the "The 11TH Hour" Hosted by Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin's 30 Minute News Shows on CNN Weeknights?
so sad that I will not see my new show until Monday night but I will Brooke Baldwin in the CNN newsroom tomorrow at 2!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
this is the most important show for everyone to watch before going to bed is with Brooke Baldwin on CNN!
It's time for Brooke Baldwin new program on CNN!
"Brooke Baldwin The Bounty Hunter": Because sometimes only a newswoman can convince you not to jump bail.
Brooke Baldwin has been added to the NewsMageddon database! Come check out her profile!
I'll be in the studio with CNN's Brooke Baldwin today at 2pm and 3pm. Judges order to release the Newtown PD's 911 tapes.
Brooke Baldwin CNN:in case u missed it..@ 11:30Est
Based on the changes this week with Anderson Cooper followed by Don Lemon followed by Brooke Baldwin...I like it. It moves.
Love the new Brooke Baldwin show on CNN. Perfect end-of-day wrap-up.
Oh yeah.Love the idea of Brooke Baldwin at night
Brooke Baldwin is both very cool and supremely hot, so that makes it OK for CNN (heh).
Before I go to bed it's time for Brooke Baldwin new show called it's better than Jay, David or Jimmy.
Doing math homework makes is angry 😤😡😫
Only Brooke Baldwin has the ability to receive my undivided attention,continuously even If...
.Brooke Baldwin, you deserve a medal. can be so straight forward and to the point. Lol
The best way to begin my afternoon is CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin & Dunkin Donuts coffee
My new favorite show before I go bed is with Brooke Baldwin I love it a lot good job Brooke.
yall tune into CNN and watch the lovely Brooke Baldwin 😋😋😋😋
A double-dose of the lovely, beautiful, and talented Brooke Baldwin...Christmas definately came early this year! Brilliant
!! Is ICYMI a new show ? Are you going to be hosting this every day ? Through a confused Brooke Baldwin fan a rope here.
Hello Jonathan, How have you been? Describe what the New 30 Minute Shows on CNN Hosted by Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin is About?
Here is the CNN anchor I mentioned (follows me) She is very neat!
Ooops, CNN cuts back to Brooke Baldwin fixing her hair. She's still flawless. Not much needed there.
Doing Brooke Baldwin's show at 2:50 pm Eastern. Tune in! (at
It's time for CNN newsroom with Brooke Baldwin!
Introducing the Athlete of the Month from November...Ricki Baldwin! Ricki and her daughter Brooke have been at...
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