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Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is located in the Bronx borough of New York City, within Bronx Park. It is the world's largest metropolitan zoo, comprising of park lands and naturalistic habitats, through which the Bronx River flows.

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I watched a show where the Bronx Zoo replaced a tendon on a flamingo and thought of you!
Tons of fun with finishing up the green roof restoration at the Bronx zoo today!
I've never figured out why Becca freaked out so much at the Bronx Zoo when we used to take field trips to the Brooklyn Zoo /all/ the time.
Well, I've got to get to the zoo keepers over in Bronx to talk to them about their monkeys...
but they are SO soft. I was lucky enough as a kid to go to camp for a week at the Bronx zoo & we got to pet!
was like the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday but always has the right answers. 😂😂😂…
Someone go to the Bronx zoo with me. I wanna see the pregnant giraffe this is very important
Bronx Zoo parkway crash victims: The face of tragedy
I did not know they added a new exhibit called "dope vines" to the Bronx zoo. Wow, remind me to miss that.
Take me on a date to the Bronx zoo and then the botanical gardens
Take a boat to see boroughs. Bronx seems to have the interesting things to see out of Manhattan; Yankees, and Zoo.
Tundra is a Polar Bear not a City Bear!
PolarBear at Bronx Zoo living in inhumane conditions. Free this PolarBear !
SIGN PL NY Bronx Zoo,Tundra is languishing alone in confinement
I'm watching "The Bronx Zoo" and earning great rewards from . bronx zoo
In New York City’s Bronx Zoo, Tundra the polar bear is languishing alone in confinement.
Little Giant Ladders
Sunday, as Willie interviews Chuck about lawyer firing after both listen to female rptr, and now will interview a monkey at the Bronx zoo.
Just watched The Zoo on Animal Planet and what they do for the animals is awesome! I just want to go to the Bronx zoo now 😍😍😍
Love all these years we have a greater appreciation of the Bronx Zoo and its staff.
Anyone up to go to the Bronx zoo with me.. this show has me wanting to go. Haven't been since I was little.
Just found out we're going to the Bronx zoo while in New York. I'm already crying about being able to see the penguins
Mariah Carey takes twins Monroe and Moroccan to Bronx Zoo - Daily Mail
It's amazing! I haven't been to the Bronx Zoo in years but now I want to go back next time I'm in the city!
So sweet! takes her twins to the for a family fun day! See the pics >>> http…
penguins at Bronx or Central Park zoo!
The Zoo on Animal Planet - Inside The Bronx Zoo. You'll love it.
the Pygmy people were in cage exhibits until the 1920s in the NY Bronx Zoo USA African tribe of midgets
The Bronx Zoo is asking some real existential questions today
you are definitely right on that one... but zoo's like the Bronx zoo's torture animals like camels so ppl can ride them
Off to the Bronx zoo on this freezing day
Ota Benga was a guy, he was in the human zoo in 1906 at the Bronx Zoo after being bought by Samuel Verner
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Tundra deserves so much better than pacing in 90°+ heat. HELP: . https:…
Bronx Zoo exhibited Ota Benga until 1906. Black churches got him released.
the 3rd picture is from the BRONX ZOO (1906) in the U.S. They called him the missing link in the "monkey house". Disturbing
MT Learn how an American bison herd from a Bronx Zoo breeding program saved the species from extinctio…
The New York Aquarium, 1919. It was housed in Castle Clinton until 1941, when it moved, first to the Bronx Zoo, and la…
Drugs or the Bronx Zoo since Baseball isn't in season. Visit Hunts Point?
"More in Store" with 6 Bronx Zoo. I kick it with my rap crew and we talk about our music. .
Trump is just a symptom not a disease. Message: establishment is so bad that a random Bronx Zoo animal less harmful.
This boy just told me "let's go to the Bronx Zoo in Brooklyn" .. 😭
between its homes at the Bronx Zoo and Buffalo Bill Historical Center
we should go see the baby tigers at the Bronx Zoo
per it could be an escapee from the nearby Bronx Zoo's butterfly garden. Logical.
Science Finally Proves That Your Cat Really Is Trying To Kill You. A study done at the Bronx Zoo and University of...
VIDEO: Little penguin birth is first for Bronx Zoo via
Bronx Zoo breeds its first 'little penguin' - NEW YORK (AP) — The Wildlife Conservation Society says the Bronx ...
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NEW YORK (AP) _ New York City's Bronx Zoo has bred a little penguin for the first time in its 120-year history.
Here are photos of a baby penguin at the Bronx Zoo just in case anyone is having a bad day
VIDEO: See the New Baby Penguin at the Bronx Zoo: The baby fairy penguin hatched on May 10, marking the first time…
USA TODAY: LESHP Tours in Top 10 Things to Do in NYC... Behind only Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central...
Whitney Houston used to take the children of the Whitney Houston Academy to the Bronx Zoo. She also used to do...
New images of baby gorillas at the Bronx Zoo 😍
join us in reading deeply. Ota Benga, Bronx Zoo
> tourist spots. Central Park, Empire State, Rockerfeller Centre, Statue of Liberty etc. Going up to Bronx Zoo as well.
In second grade Sara bought the same monkey as me at the Bronx zoo BFF goals see u so sooon!! Xoxoxoxo
we can't go to this one lol lets go to the Bronx zoo omg we gonna have a bucket list before college 😂
"This town ain't big enough for the two of us" lol. @ Bronx Zoo
I'm a big fan! My kids often listen in with me; my daughter enjoys your animal info & stories about Bronx Zoo (we go 2-5/yr)
Now at the Bronx Zoo: Name a Cockroach After Your Ex for Just $10 via
Q44 from Jamaica Queens to Bronx Zoo. End-to-End. A bit over an hour. No transfers. Relax
I really need to name one of those hissing cockroaches after this ultra-mean lady I used to work with. Hope Bronx Zoo still has the option.
Just got an email about the Bronx Zoo's annual which really needs to be renamed to my worst nightmare come to life.
Trump says he "loves" Hispanics like we're all a part of the Bronx Zoo on display. Incredible. lol.
The sadistic abuses severely disabled women claim they suffered in "Bronx Zoo" group home
The Grade 6 Class Trip to the Bronx Zoo will take place Friday, May 6.
MOzarks: Ota Benga's saga comes to a senseless and tragic end
Who will be the 2016 Bronx Zoo Birdathon champion? Only one way to find out! Register now:
BonnyCombs25: New Otter for Autumn at the Bronx Zoo -
New Otter for Autumn at the Bronx Zoo -
Driving from Queens to the the Bronx Zoo. To the left is Manhattan @ Queens, New York
World's Tiniest Foxes Debut at the Prospect Park Zoo: A pair of fennec foxes moved to Brooklyn from the Bronx Zoo,…
Visit the Bronx Zoo with us April 9! Sign up in the Honors Office or with RA Jess in Alumni Hall. Details below.
in 1916, Ota Benga ended his life after being caged in the Bronx Zoo. More on his life:
100 years ago a human "saved" from his natural environment, exhibited in fake replica in Bronx Zoo took his own life
It's been exactly 100 years since Ota Benga killed himself while in an exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Only 100 years?...
100 years ago today, Ota Benga ended his horrible life after caged as ‘pygmy’ at Bronx Zoo
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Is there an adults only day at the Bronx zoo?Im the same height as kids I'll elbow a 4th grader to see a tiger just not tryna catch a case
I have the eyes of an eagle and the heart of a lion, and a lifetime ban from the Bronx Zoo
Here's my favorite photo from the Bronx Zoo last summer in NY. The Amur Tiger is one absolutely…
you ladies could go to the Bronx zoo and stay at my aunts for the weekend!
7 Family members killed. when No NAME PLANE plunges down. 50 feet into a Zoo ravine...Safety Group. for who? TOYOTA?
This is sad but on the bright side the Bronx Zoo is lovely
he used to do a lot of running, see. he once ran from the Bronx zoo to (unintelligible) but now he can't. what with the disc.
in trying to find the one where the Bronx zoo calls for Chris cotton LOL
S/O to no Entrance fee @ the bronx zoo and being able to pet the kitty
Just applying for ever job on indeed and monster job websites so my parents shut up nurse✅, high school principle✅, cage cleaner zoo✅
A sculptor and his bear model at the Bronx Zoo in 1906. More from their glass plates here:
Hey! That's my hometown station! 10th St/Bronx Zoo. Now I want to visit them all, including the closed one.
idea=expand/fanchise the Bronx zoo and catch all the 2foot monkies,gorillas,apes,ect,and cage them=free banana ect...
Don't say I never inform you of great stuff .
What a great response to the Bronx Zoo trip already! Seats are filling quickly. If interested please be sure to...
Sometimes you think they must have come out of the chimp cages at the Bronx zoo.
Quick before work. Support my efforts for the Bronx Zoo's here: thanks! 🤓☺️
As fellow zoo enthusiasts, would the Bronx zoo rank as the best in NY? I went last summer & would like to go back!
next time you're in NYC were going to the Bronx zoo 🐨🐼🦁
tell him to take me to east tremont or around 183rd by the Bronx zoo
Have you seen the one with the 3 of them at the Bronx Zoo?
Bronx bodegas be looking like a zoo with all them cats..
they’re the worst…they once took down my ‘Crazy Gorilla Sex Party’ of two gorillas mating at the Bronx Zoo…so tame!
These two were stuntin for me at the zoo @ Bronx Zoo
Yasss hunny before I was gone with this wind da fuk lolzzz @ Bronx Zoo
I'm counting how many games my Yankees play in Bmore this year. Traveling to the Bronx Zoo from DC may not be printable.
Tomorrow i'm going to the Bronx zoo and setting all the gorillas and Elephants free.
I promise to never forget where I came from.. Bronx Zoo days, Flatbush Brooklyn days, corporate days all made me the man I am today
What a time to be alive. This Valentine's Day, name a cockroach after your ex at the Bronx Zoo |
Yo the Bronx zoo lets peacocks just roam around and me and this one became bros
Love is in the air! You can now dedicate something disgusting to your boo on Valentine's Day at the Bronx Zoo.
One of the ads for the bronx zoo name a roach4valentines things featured 2 male hisser and im still ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Name a cockroach after your ex for only $10.
- Welp. There goes my road trip fund.
So far I've been to NC, Memphis, Bronx, Central Park, and DC isn't a state but I go to the National zoo all the time.
I hope when they see me as the 25 year old millionaire they remember the 14 year old interning at the Bronx Zoo that paid his dues early...
Bronx Zoo wants you to 'name a cockroach' in honor of your Valentine: Diamonds might be forever, but cockroach...
i have never been past the Bronx zoo on god that's the highest up in New York I've ever been
yeah it's crazy! and no lie i was gonna go to the Bronx Zoo tomorrow , hella creepy now 😭
Whelp, my next paycheck is going to the Bronx zoo in memoriam of all my failed relationships and douchey exes.
And Idk how people go there willingly. Besides living there; if you're not a Yankee Stadium or The Bronx Zoo, why go?
Hmmm. I think I have a few cockroaches I'll be purchasing.
For anyone considering partaking, please be sure to use *full* names
Thanks to the Blackfeet Nation for visiting the Bronx Zoo! Exciting times ahead.
I miss when we were kids and you lived across from the Bronx Zoo and we could go on FREE day! Man...
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Bronx Zoo Butterfly Garden just might change my life
Sooo the Bronx Zoo uses Contraceptives on Animals...ok
I may live in Kew Gardens Hills now but I'm from by the Zoo of the Bronx. 🙅🙅🙅
Los Angeles Zoo Worker Falls Into Gorilla Enclosure, Fire Officials Say: The employee was never in dang...
Finally I can achieve creepy immortality!
Perfect answer to all of my ManBaby woes:
Come see the many animals at the Bronx Zoo! Tickets go on sale 2/8 at 2 pm for the Bronx Zoo & NYC Trip
true story i fell into the gazelle enclosure at the Bronx zoo as a toddler
No thanks If I want to watch a poop tosser, I will go to the Bronx zoo.
In 1904, Ota Benga was kidnapped from Congo, and taken to US and exhibited at the Bronx Zoo with monkeys.
For the life of me I cannot figure out these god *** NYC metros. At least I didn't end up going to the Bronx zoo this time
been this way since I can remember.. @ Bronx Zoo
Panda plan for Bronx Zoo gets OK from Mayor de Blasio
came out to play in the cool weather. @ Bronx Zoo
Technically Incorrect: Research from the University of Edinburgh and the Bronx Zoo suggests that cats have...
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A study carried out between the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo compared our beloved domestic cat with its ...
Crash on the Bronx River Pkwy SB by x6/ Bronx Zoo blocks left lane. Expect delays in the area.
New Otter for Autumn at the Bronx Zoo -…
So the Bronx Zoo has a newborn Asian Small Clawed Otter called Monty. I am going to have to go see him!!!
These gorillas at the Bronx zoo got att…
These gorillas at the Bronx zoo got attitudes
I like systems analyst, not Bronx Zoo Cobra!
1906 Bronx zoo had black man on display
I liked a video Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Tour the Bronx Zoo
once brought my kids to the Bronx Zoo when they were little. Started crying had to leave. Explained in car. Awful
Celebrate World with a flashback photo of Leo's cub at NY's Bronx Zoo.
This kangaroo did 8 years in the Bronx zoo
Comparing Minecraft to pedestrian Bronx Zoo Cobra is like comparing apples to tomfoolery highjinks-baloney?!
Haven't read that one, but read Graig Nettles' 'Balls' & Sparky Lyle's 'Bronx Zoo' many years ago.
peep me at the Bronx zoo field trip on a pigeon-heavy day, bread crumbs ZIPLOCKED
Tracy Morgan Gives Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo a Tour of the Bronx Zoo.. Related Articles:
I can not wait to go to the Bronx zoo todayy:):):):) I love animals so mf much
Thanks... You get your weather reports from the Bronx Zoo? Not even gonna ask about that one.
In 1906, the Bronx Zoo featured a caged African Man as an exhibit. He later committed suicide.
Wish I was born before all this terrible wasteful Bronx Zoo Cobra muck
I am so very glad I bought a season pass to the Bronx Zoo. Taking my daughter to Boo at the Zoo and it would be mad 'spensive without it.
I'm taking a 7 year old to the Bronx zoo tomorrow, by myself. Why do parents trust me with their kids?
Coming back up to see Hamilton and China Doll in Nov. Were there last weekend. Hung with baby and went to Bronx Zoo.
went to the Bronx Zoo today and very disappointed with my tinder matches. def should have been with the cockatoo
member of the Bronx zoo holla at ya girl!
Cat fight in the middle of the Bronx Zoo �
Want to go to the Bronx Zoo? I hear the snow leopards are really something. Didn't you always like the lions best?
Harry Styles is arrested after letting 27 parrots free out of their cages at the Bronx Zoo. Video shows him scream "Fly home,…
Free elephant that's forced to sit alone in the zoo! SIGN
The Bronx Zoo was great today, best $15 spent. Never enjoyed the zoo like today. Minus the walking.
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Aquarium this friday then Bronx zoo soon yay💘
I'm was at the Bronx zoo and saw this amazing fountain I love it to death
The Bronx zoo is free on Wednesdays! If you have no money just take me there! The aquarium is free too! Walks in Central Park are fee!
in happier news. The Bronx zoo is calling our names
When randomly calls me to tell me she's at the Bronx Zoo.
Anyone who read "Bronx Zoo'' and "Ball Four'' is a friend of mine. Two works of baseball art
the Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays . I just checked earlier today bc I want to go too !
ARGH shockingly at the Bronx Zoo people threw things out. I was impressed.
The story of Ota Benga, a man caged in the Bronx Zoo in 1906. (
AM I CRAZY??? WHAT WAS I THINKING??! My day at the Bronx Zoo while fasting was so hard! 😩😩
Today's adventure: The Bronx Zoo! Look at that duck face she is making 💋😂
All of pictures of the zoo remind me of the time I got locked in a bird cage at the Bronx zoo 😂😂
Is the Bronx Zoo still free on Wednesdays? Does anybody know?
Don't miss the new red panda cubs at the Bronx Zoo's Himalayan Highlands exhibit.
Tell the Bronx Zoo - Send Happy to an elephant santuary!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
ALERT: TTC bus from Bronx Zoo stuck in NYC traffic. Return time to PRD will be closer to 5 pm.
💔Help! Free HAPPY the elephant 2a sanctuary after 10 years alone at Bronx Zoo! . SIGN SHARE 🐘🐘.
Petition | Free Happy, elephant forced to sit ALONE in a pen for 10 years at Bronx zoo!
How an amateur snake hunter helped create the Bronx Zoo -- in his attic via
Ota Benga, a 4ft 11in Congolese pygmy, was kept in a cage in the Bronx Zoo in 1906.
I'd love to tour you around the Bronx Zoo! And I've never been to the Queens or Prospect Park Zoos. :-(
WATCH: Tiny new penguins make debut at Bronx Zoo
How can we forget "The Tale of the Silly Baby Mouse"- our first production at the Bronx Zoo
Photo: This man was on display at New York City’s Bronx Zoo in 1906. He was a Congolese man. His name was...
Diaporama : sixth-extinction: This is the Extinct Species Graveyard at the Bronx Zoo in New York. The only...
How to get a FREE Annual membership to the Bronx Zoo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, and...
Dad: if we go to the airport this way, it will take us by the Bronx Zoo. mean the atlanta zoo?. Dad: ehh same thing . Me: oh, ok
Fidel Castro stares into a tiger's eyes at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, 1959
Escaped from the Bronx Zoo and made it all the way to Staten Island.
Visit the Bronx Zoo, wind your way through a corn maze, go pumpkin picking, and more! This weekend, enjoy these classic fall activities with a child in need:
Don’t Miss: Boo at the Zoo! At the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park, and Queens Zoos -
Whoopee! More free stuff! Via NYDN: The city's new ID cards will do more than just give undocumented immigrants identification — they’ll grant free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo. And officials hinted the cards eventually will provide discounts at movie…
FRI 9/19 MIKE GALLAGHER 9a-12pET: NYC illegals will get free memberships to Bronx Zoo and Carnegie Hall. More.
Cute alert - Baby snow leopards at the Bronx Zoo... More:
New York Herd of Endangered Turkmenian Added to Bronx Zoo: In the late 1800s, sold...
This Weekend at the Bronx Zoo: See The Kratt Brothers of “Wild Kratts” on
Ric Swierat, Executive Director of Arc of Arc of Westchester County places their banner at the Bronx Zoo as the...
Bronx Zoo last stop for today's events as the group from AHRC New York AHRC New York City hand off the flag to Arc of Westchester County.
Up and about and bout to head out with the monster squad!!! Bronx Zoo! Here we come!
For the first time since the 1950s prehistoric-looking Komodo dragons return to the Bronx Zoo in New York, in an exhibit which opens to the public on Saturday.,Komodo Dragons Slink Back to the Bronx
Ever seen the show "Life After People"... You know the one... Where the statue of liberty's head falls off and the Empire State Building is inhabited by monkeys and lions from the Bronx Zoo? Yea that's happening underneath my washer and dryer right now... Yuck! Add one more project to my day 😠
7th Annual Bronx Arts Ensemble Festival of the Arts on Tuesday, June 10th featuring music, dance and visual arts by Bronx students at Lovinger Theatre/Lehman College, 250 Bedford Park Blvd West, Bronx. Visual arts showcase opens at 3:00 pm. Live performances begin at 3:30. Admission is free. Join us. In the meantime, enjoy this student choreographed performance of the "Bronx Zoo" from a past festival. Check back for more.
Planning out my summer - let's see - we have 4th of July cookout in Connecticut, Old Orchard Beach with the 78ers, the Bronx Zoo, possible trip to Cape Cod, and now a trip planned to Fenway Park - my first visit ever! Oh, yeah, and surgery stuck right in the middle of it all!
Bronx Zoo here we come!!! can't wait to see some elephants and Richard Parker 😊🐯
Tech Talk with Chenda Ngak Artists create NYC home for world's biggest lizards
Artists create NYC home for world's biggest lizards
need to get back to the Bronx Zoo. Haven't been in like, 7 yrs!
Artists create NYC home for world's biggest 'The Bronx Zoo welcomes three rare Komodos to their new home...'
In their native habitat, komodo dragons can grow as long as 9-feet and weigh up to 350 pounds. The Bronx Zoo is opening a brand new komodo dragon exhibit that’s been years in the making. Michelle Miller got a first hand look at how artists were able to replicate the wild.
Dragons Return to the Bronx Zoo: An exhibit opening on Saturday is centered on the Komodo dragon, the...
Learn about Bergen County Camera's Photo Excursion to the Bronx Zoo on June 1st
Sitting in my dad's car in the Bronx zoo parking lot doing my online homework that's due at midnight
This bathroom smells like the bird room at the Bronx Zoo.
Dragons Return to the Bronx Zoo: Many of the popular residents of the Bronx Zoo are soft and cute. But you wou...
'Make way for dragons': World's largest lizards return to Bronx Zoo via
I pitched this story last summer, it finally aired!
‘Make way for dragons’: World’s largest lizards return to Bronx Zoo:
Best day ever... Super fun at the Bronx Zoo, spending time with Rocio Acosta, and to top it off, dropping the little ones off at Donna Marie King's house so I can sleep in tomorrow! See you Monday Rocio!
Sweet!! Komodo dragons return to the Bronx Zoo!
Fishes at the Bronx zoo. I'm happy she had a good day. It's the best thing
The Scandal at the Zoo -One hundred years ago, the Bronx Zoo unveiled what it considered a savvy new exhibit. It...
World's largest and fiercest lizards, Komodo dragons return to Bronx Zoo.
Bronx Zoo was the move of the day. So much fun with and the fam!
I told Everybody Lee was from the Bronx Zoo😂😂
Relaxing for tomorrow... Baby shower and BBQ both in Brooklyn. Gonna be a long day! And Monday Bronx zoo all day... Time to kick my feet up!!
Bronx zoo. She was looking for fossils. And took her cousin Joshua.
Early to bed, early to rise and off to the Bronx Zoo, with Kortne Brown and my beautiful grandchildren! Photos to follow!
Bronx Zoo! What are they selling us? Popular brands and subliminal messages in their logos...
Come a long way! 100 years ago the Bronx Zoo had an African boy as a caged exhibit
Great day at The Bronx Zoo! Everyone in NY should spend a day there.
Bronx zoo was pretty dope though. I had fun
I made a new friend at the Bronx Zoo!!
Komodo dragons to be exhibited at the Bronx Zoo
Forget Godzilla, Komodo dragons return to the Bronx Zoo for new exhibit
you're at a wedding at the Bronx zoo?...
The Komodo dragon can weigh up to 360 pounds. The Bronx Zoo just got three of them:
You guys should go see the Komodo dragon at the Bronx Zoo
For my birthday should I go to Niagara Falls or the Bronx Zoo?
I would like to go to the Bronx zoo ..
Just kickin' back with Mikes hard lemonade. Big Bronx Zoo trip tomorrow, should be fun. VA/DC was good times.
Well the whole plan was to go for a walk in mystic.that turned into a block island trip.which turned into a trip to the Bronx zoo.which turned into a train ride to the Boston aquarium...where did we end?.Buffalo Wild Wings!! Having an adventure!!
Enjoying the day at The Bronx Zoo with Kristina Dwyer and Cole House!
I am going to The Bronx Zoo today! I haven't been in years! The Kimodo Dragon is making his debut today. Who wants to join us?
Road trip to the Bronx Zoo with the kiddies!
The Bronx zoo has 3 Komodo dragons now. I have studied and followed these creatures for at least 15 years. Can't wait to go see them!
I know it's only May, but I had an epiphany... Lol. For my birthday, I'm gonna have a birthday WEEKEND!!! Mainly Friday and Saturday lol... BUT, August 8th, I'm gonna be at SOMEBODY's amusement park! Even if it's freggin PLAYLAND I don't even care! August 9th, I'm going to the Bronx Zoo...!! Govern yourselves accordingly. Lol.
OMG! Komodo Dragons at the Bronx Zoo! So jealous. loved them Lizards since i found out about them in second grade! They are so awesome looking and hard not to like. Just they could kill you if they bit you but still!
Off to the Bronx Zoo! Everyone, please have a wonderful weekend
Watch the video Komodo dragons slide into Bronx Zoo on Yahoo News . Three adolescent Komodo dragons make an appearance at the Bronx Zoo's "Amazing Monitors" exhibit, opening Memorial Day weekend. Jillian Kitchener reports.
Up early bout to head to the Bronx zoo wit the fam. Hoping the rain holds off
Komodo Dragons are coming to the Bronx Zoo!!!
Baby gorilla and its mom at the Bronx Zoo! A must see.
Girls who can't walk in high heels belong in the Bronx zoo with the rest of the baby giraffes
Last weekends trip to the Bronx Zoo
SNOW LEOPARDS. They have some in the Bronx Zoo. I started supporting the Snow Leopard Trust Besides their scientific work, they are also paying local people to care and protect the leopards. By getting the locals invested in protecting the leopards there is a motivation for conservation which outweighs the desire to hunt the leopards. Also, the trust started an insurance fund to reimburse locals for any livestock killed by the snow leopards. Removes the desire to hunt down the leopards for revenge. Check out their site and see if you're feeling charitable.
Can't wait to hear how Veh's class trip to the Bronx Zoo went!
Taken at the Bronx Zoo. Jordan riding a camel. He was so excited and loved it. Also he will be 3 yrs old on Tuesday May 27th
New Animal Services Officer - A new Animal Services Officer will start work on May 27, 2014. Katie Markisz has held several positions in animal care and of particular interest was her position as a wild animal keeper with the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo in New York. She also has extensive experience as an equestrian instructor and trainer. During her career she has worked with Rhinoceroses, Giraffes, African Wild Dogs, Zebras, Asian Elephants, Malayan Tigers, and may other species of animals. Katie will make a great addition to our Animal Services team!
A big shout out to the people that were very hospitable to Jordan Stern, myself and baby Jordan. Thank you Melissa Sel and Hakan for letting us stay at their new home and they gave their bed up to us also. Love you and miss you already. A thank you also to Jerry and Rose Sullivan for letting us visit with them where they fed us cake and coffee. Also to Andrea-Dawn Lisnaks hospitality for inviting us to see her and Sara. Also a shout out to Major and Susan Stern-Lance and Kristi. Thanks for going to the Bronx zoo with us. Everyone tagged here helped us to have a wonderful vacation
These wild animals are inside the Bronx Zoo, New York City , New York State
Selfie of Sis and me at the Bronx Zoo
Another wild escape from the Bronx Zoo! But this time it wasn't a snake. And a death-defying stunt at the Grand Canyon. [
I luv how Chan woke up all by herself without me dragging her from her precious slumber.Oh TODAY the school trip to the Bronx Zoo?
Have a great day today Charlie Cummings and the 3rd grade glass on your field trip to the Bronx Zoo . Cooper is so excited! Darrin too!
I really love the rain and this spring time feel is spiritually uplifting. I've had the front door open most of the day and my floor is soaked but it's all good. Dylan and I took a walk in this earlier and that rocked as well. The only thing that would make today any better would be to steal a high end car, drive to the Bronx Zoo and set some of the animals free. that would make for a fun ending to the day. Of course if it hadn't rained I was going to take my day trip to Canada but I can always do that next week if the weather is nice. Definitely going to hit the liquor store later. Some loud music, drinks and violently kinky sex sounds like a great end to what has been a pretty good day so far.
There’s a new baby rhino at the Bronx Zoo! Indian one-horned rhinos Penny and Sanjay are new parents to a frisky female baby, the 13th rhino born at the Bronx Zoo since 1986. She weighs 120 pounds but she could grow to weigh more than 4,000 pounds — that’s about the weight of an average U.S. car From the Bronx Zoo: Indian rhinos are native to the grasslands and swampy areas of northern India and southern Nepal. Fewer than 3,000 are estimated to remain in the wild, with nearly 70 percent of the population living in Kaziranga National Park in India. They are generally solitary animals except when mating or when females have young offspring. Indian rhinos are designated as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and as “endangered” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Exhibit times sound like they may be reduced a bit to acclimate her to the zoo, but if you’re in the New York tri-state area, you can see the baby from the zoo’s Wild Asia Monorail.
Tell the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society that it is time to honor their commitment to animal...
I'm serious madly in love with this particular maduro and I see tourists smiled passing by me because they appreciated my aromatic smoke. David Seitchik introduced it to me. You MUST take a chance. Happy Sunday! (I rode a bike down the Rock Creek Park to Bronx Zoo to Capitol Hill on THE perfect day!)
Bronx Zoo Celebrates Births of 2 Baby Gorillas: The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo has much to ...
Today, the Wildlife Conservation Society (a group that manages the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park...
Detail of the healing totem presented to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, by the One…
Join with the Bronx Zoo and lend your support to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Run for the Wild this weekend!
Wildlife Conservation Society fun 5K run/walk at the Bronx Zoo to raise money for the conversation of the Elephant .
Today's animal is the Black Panther. The Bronx Zoo has two of these amazing predators. Cool factoid: The Black Panther can climb trees and often attacks its prey from above.
Cue to log off >>"Ota Benga was a slave from Congo who was put in a cage at NYC Bronx Zoo in 1906.
Lillian, Abby, we are wanting to go to several attractions in NYC, and was wondering if we should order online the tickets for them or if you or Jeffery can order them along with others that may want to go to these attractions as well? Some of the attractions are Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Madame Tussaud's wax museum, 911 Ground Zero, and maybe the Bronx Zoo.
Ota Benga, a slave from Congo was put in a cage at the New York, USA Bronx Zoo for public display in 1906.
Bronx Zoo, Chinatown & the Liberty Science Center just over the river in Jersey City. If weather permits, Brooklyn Bridge Park
day, March 20, is the anniversary of the death in 1916 of human zoo exhibit Ota Benga, one of the more tragic figures in history. Ota Benga was an Mbuti pygmy, born in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo and then King Leopold II’s so-called Congo Free State. The date of his birth is not known (the Mbuti did not keep written records) but is thought to be 1883. His wife and two children were killed by Leopold’s Force Publique in a raid on their village; Benga himself survived only because he was out hunting but was captured by slavers. He was purchased from the slavers by American businessman and missionary Samuel Verner in 1904, brought to the United States and exhibited at the St. Louis World’s Fair. After the fair closed, (and a brief return to the Congo), Benga was taken to New York City and put on exhibit in the Monkey House of the Bronx Zoo next to the great apes (he was allowed to wander the grounds of the zoo after hours). The zoo director, William Hornaday, supported by Ma ...
Just for educational purposes we should add two new characters in Bronx Zoo. Lunatics John McCain and Lindsey Graham !!!
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Speaking of stolen bases, I once ran into Bert Campaneris at the Bronx Zoo. He said Kansas City didn't have anything like it.
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