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Brodus Clay

George Murdoch (born February 21, 1980) is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name, Brodus Clay.

Jinder Mahal Ernest Miller Curt Hawkins Drew McIntyre Cliff Compton Evan Bourne Xavier Woods Yoshi Tatsu Derrick Bateman Rockstar Spud Dolph Ziggler Cody Rhodes Tommy Dreamer Planet Funk Michael Elgin Drew Galloway Snoop Dogg

Brodus Clay is the guy on Outnumbered on FNC today. Bro. Dus. Clay.
Uh. why is Brodus Clay on FOX News right now giving political commentary? Did I miss something?
Why is Brodus Clay on fox news right now.
Brodus Clay is on outnumbered today. Right now
You was a dancer for Brodus Clay, goodbye.
Where (soon-to-be) Gaston hid inside Brodus Clay's corpse. 😆
At least he isn't jobbing to Brodus Clay and The Great Khali like the old days so I'll take it I suppose
wanna make a bet? I'll bet when emma/emmalina debuts, it will be the next brodus clay😵😞😣
The longer it takes, the more worried I get. Last time they done this, Brodus Clay waltzed out with Ernest Miller's gimmick.
Remember when we thought Brodus Clay was gonna debut in WWE as a monster heel?
The last time they start/stopped a return this much was Brodus Clay and he came back as Funkasaurus. Emma will be similar.
its going to be another Brodus Clay in the making like JD said
this reminds me of how long they held off Brodus clay debuting
Sorry I meant pushing her debut back like they did with Brodus Clay. Remember all the times they said he debuts next week.
This reminds me of the Brodus Clay character
Emmalina stole Brodus Clay's gimmick. Just wait til the night she returns and she has a silly Little Bo Peep gimmick or something.
I got more hyped waiting for Brodus Clay's return in WWE than Emma's return.
Emma is becoming the new Brodus Clay with each passing week.
This Emmalina thing is becoming like the running gag like with Brodus Clay.
this is starting to smell ever so slightly like a Brodus Clay situation
Hornswoggle performs a Calf kick on Brodus Clay!
I liked a video from WWE - Fired 10 Wrestlers Today Including Brodus Clay
I liked a video WFMashUpz: Mark Henry vs. Brodus Clay - "Rip the Echoes Up"
Let's be 💯 Wang Bin has victories over Jinder Mahal, Brodus Clay and Mike Knox he's already a certified lower-midcarder/Superstars regular.
I to see a ec3 vs brodus clay vs Eli drake
I can't decide who I hate more. Brodus Clay or Sasha Banks.
Is it me or does Cage looks sorta like Brodus Clay?
Brodus Clay that night. 😳 Then I used then when he faced Kofi Kingston the following year at a show. 😂😂😂
don't you have a Brodus Clay match to ref or something!?
bro they got Brodus Clay & Rockstar Spud as a tag team going against Bromans ,i dont wanna hear about monday night raw nomore
wasnt Dude's last appearance. His Last appearance was dancing with Brodus Clay at WWE Raw 1000
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the woman behind Byron Saxton has Brodus Clay's tattoo! She is going to do a run in!
There was a dark age of 5 months where Brodus Clay's entrance music was my alarm for school
I watched it because of The Shield debut, which was cool. But between Brodus Clay, Sensei and Vikki Guerrero, bad bad bad bad bad
Walter beating "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay was the first match I got wrong on my predictions, but I am real glad I was wrong.
it's a Brodus clay jacket with a Jordan logo
I have an autographed Cena shirt but not by I got it signed by Brodus Clay at a house show a few years back.
Speights look like the wrestler Brodus Clay
Wasnt a fan of his, not a loss to me. Hope he fits in somewhere, maybe TNA like Brodus Clay
. Grim, do you remember when brodus clay made his raw debut against Curt Hawkins. Funniest thing ever
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2013 Topps Best of WWE Brodus Clay Relic
Really liking the Tyrus character for Brodus Clay, good stuff
oh you mean Drew McIntyre, Derrick Bateman and Brodus Clay right?
Lmao Brodus Clay is in a ladder match right now, goes to climb in and broke the first rung
ayo... I can't wait to see uh... Brodus Clay vs EC3
Put me on creative and Reigns will be dancing to Brodus Clay's theme with Tensai again in no time
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Tommy Dreamer also Brodus Clay"s interview his one is quite interesting
I liked a video Mark Henry takes on Tensai, Brodus Clay and Sheamus in Tug of Wars: Raw, April 29,
Rewatching Royal Rumble 2004. Honestly never knew that Brodus Clay's music was previously used by Ernest Miller!
If VInce had suggested giving Brodus Clay a dancing spot in a rumble, someone would have flown a plane into his house chanting Daniel Bryan.
Brodus Clay was 37 when he was on NXT. (Derrick Bateman was 27.)
I'm followed by Scott Armstrong, Brodus Clay and Natalya :D lol
Jay Bradley vs. Brodus Clay in a Lion's Den at MSG
EC3, Brodus Clay, Eddie Edwards, Ken Anderson, and Drew Galloway just walked into Muncheez!
R-Truth - WWE Universe and Brodus Clay were among the wrestlers killed by horrible gimmicks. Full list:...
How do you feel about a dance off against Brodus Clay?
I liked a video WWE RAW 4/8/13 Brodus Clay team vs Cody Rhodes team LIVE COMM
Okay. So these Nia Jax vignettes are a rib, right? Like the Brodus Clay monster build that led to the Funkasaurus reveal?
Also nice to see Brodus Clay and Drew Galloway doing well in TNA after getting dropped by WWE
why is TNA referring to you as a "dinosaur"? I know Brodus Clay, but you're not that character anymore!
Somebody please put this next to Brodus Clay "Somebody Call My Mama" theme
Tyrus (Brodus Clay) with a big King Kong Bundy splash in the corner.
Drew McIntyre and brodus clay just had an intense staredown in TNA
Derrick Bateman, Brodus Clay, and Drew MacIntyre are in a TNA ring together. Sounds like a bar joke.
He'd come out like brodus clay, just sipping tea.
Xavier Woods has come a long way from his didn't-quite-make-sense feud with Brodus Clay.
has become the new Brodus Clay with his Nasty hip grinding with A spoon
Brodus Clay is out for Oct. 3rd. is in. All other matches and still on. Get tickets and full info at
But what about Brodus clay, tensai, jinder mahual, and drew macintire? Heath might be working on a music carrier.
You ever gonna have your match with Brodus Clay
"Is that your man Otis from the Funkadactyls?" – My brother who kind of watches wrestling, seeing the TNA version of Brodus Clay
Brodus Clay is the nicest person I've ever met in my life ❤️❤️
Everytime I look at Tyrus I think: This guy was Brodus Clay, and I laugh so hard
I added a video to a playlist Brodus Clay 2nd Titantron 2012
Fun fact: the only time that the official RAW thread on /wooo/ became a party thread was for Brodus Clay's debut as the Funkasaurus.
are you still going to wrestle Brodus Clay
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remember when Brodus Clay signed that Grim vs Brodus Clay contract
Time for fun is over with in Elite 25!
I was listening to the brodus clay theme. Blame that lol
what if Disco Bear had a submission Triple Threat match with Brodus Clay and Xavier Woods?
I added a video to a playlist Sam Roberts & Brodus Clay on Being Fired, Snoop Dogg, Dancing, & more
here's a question: do you think Disco Bear can beat Xavier Woods and Brodus Clay in a 1v2 handicapped tables match? Plz reply
How about Tensai vs Brodus Clay Dance AKA the start of tons of fun.
Do you think that that Brodus Clay was ever given a fair chance in the WWE to be successful? Did he stay the da...
UPDATE: has come to terms on the release of Superstars. More details:
EC3 fookin tyrus its brodus clay FFS
Also overheard at the hotel bar last night: some guy randomly singing Brodus Clay's theme song while he ate his dinner.
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When is the Brodus Clay vs Grim match?? 😉
So Brodus Clay liked my photo on ig?? Lol
With electronic dance music of course! Legends such as Fandango and Brodus Clay danced & raised some ***
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I can't believe Brodus clay told you to stop with the fat jokes
Destined to become a regular on the South African Wrestling Scene "TYRUS fna Brodus Clay has issued a open...
Brodus Clay and his mommas dancing at WrestleMania.
Wow! I just won this for free, WWE Heritage Brodus Clay 2012
f5 Brodus clay off the roof. And power bomb him off the roof Reigns the best.
Watching TNA my friend looks at Brodus Clay and says "is that bam bam bigalow"
8/12- Nick "EUGENE" Dinsmore Replaces Brodus Clay On Planet Funk Tour. It is with much sadness and...
Ethan and Brodus Clay are just dillholes. .
My daughter enjoy playing dress up with Brodus Clay. Salmon is a good cool on you.
I wish the fans would stop voting ZZ, if he wins he will become a Brodus Clay. Hes going to be a goffy jobber and get released in 2 years
Because guys like Bigelow, Vader, and Bundy were thin. No wonder Brodus Clay got the "shuck and jive" gimmick. 💩
Black Bushi vs. Brodus Clay in a Trick or Street Fight
that would be cool if "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay was there. That sounds awesome af.
Shoutout to , get out of your funk, you aint no Brodus Clay!
Actually, I didn't notice until this that they basically redid that second track into Brodus Clay's theme.
Is Sasha Banks Black? I cant tell, she has the same skin tone as brodus clay.
*** brodus clay is in TNA now? He and Abyss should be dancing partners!
I WAS WONDERING IF I WAS FREAKIN TRIPPIN OR NOT! I did see Brodus Clay at the airport.
he is with tna along with Matt, bubba Ray, Lashley, tyrus (Brodus clay) Kurt angle and Mickie James
Brodus Clay is joining the cast of Lizard Lick Towing?!
So I literally never watch TNA anymore and I'm just confused? Brodus Clay?? Josh Matthews?? Shark Boy came back?? What am I watching?
Tyrus, f.k.a. Brodus Clay of the WWE sat down with Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins on Shake Them Ropes. Below are...
The Global Force Wrestling roster revealed as well as new signings such as Tyrus, aka Brodus Clay, Cliff Compton,...
Tyrus, fka Brodus Clay, Cliff Compton, fka Domino, and The Young Bucks has been added to the GFW roster. new GFW guys
The Young Bucks, Tyrus (Brodus Clay) and Cliff Compton have been added to the GFW roster.
I can only make out Brodus Clay, Chuck Taylor, the Young Bucks, and Cliff Compton out of that list among those not already announced
The Young Bucks, Cliff Compton, Brodus Clay, Chuck Taylor, Jigsaw, Luke Hawx, Jimmy Rave and Sonjay Dutt all seem to be there.
On this day in April 9, 2012~ Brodus Clay and Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
lol right, extreme rules ha...yea for real like...why are you involved?!?? lmaooo...hey Brodus Clay is a big guy in
Rockstar Spud's tribute to Brutus The Barber Beefcake on Brodus Clay...Tyrus will soon be unleashed!
Do you think Ken Shamrock knows who Brodus Clay is?
Brodus Clay has a lazy finisher lol. “Ill slap you in the side.” LOOL
Ec3 and Tyrus taking a shot at Brodus clay's old wwe gimmick
Hehe, right?! Well, Brodus Clay/Tyrus has been with for some time, as Ethan Carter III's bodyguard there! xD!
Brodus Clay/Tyrus was in the IMPACT Zone tonight. Holy cow, I completely forgot he joined TNA.
I'm looking at these PWI 500 rankings and Tozawa is below Brodus Clay. He's
I guess getting to beat up midgets was Brodus Clay's selling point on TNA
Akira Tozawa is ranked lower than Brodus Clay?! WHAT?!
Brodus Clay looks like he has a cat on his face
Ha. Just turned over to TNA and who comes out? None other than Brodus Clay. Go figure.
He's not Brodus Clay, He is not the main event playa
..brodus clay is in TNA. Suddenly I don't want to watch
C'mon, why are and not picking up the epic Brodus Clay vid?.
Even Cole thinks this Brodus Clay Crap is laughable.
Was anybody actually anticipating the debut of Brodus Clay?
All purpose parts banner
They're actually hyping a Brodus Clay match?
I looked up rikishi memes on google and I found this.
Kaitlyn, storm, hogan, JBL, Davey Richards, the beautiful people, Nash and hall, Brodus clay all have blocked me
TNA made the Brodus Clay gimmick more entertaining in 30 seconds than WWE could in years
"Brodus Clay is a *** . has this entitled attitude about him.
Hey man, if you know, what happened to Brodus Clay? Was he released?
that means WWE would own Brodus Clay again, so I'd prefer not :-)
Feb 7th. Newburgh Armory. Sabu, Rhyno, Brodus clay, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, and and I.…
*** Brodus Clay is booked WAY better in TNA. EC3's bodyguard.
Rusev is an another brodus clay lol
First Brodus Clay's music and now the Rosebuds... will Xavier ever stop stealing other people's gimmicks?
Someone in the chat is comparing Hero to Brodus Clay. The confusion/disrespect.
everybody at TNA knows your acctulay Brodus clay
I added a video to a playlist Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay Interview
The former Brodus Clay clearly. That guy is money.
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with henry kane show at the end of there careers, Brodus Clay could've been used as the next big monster
yeah but i liked brodus clay but he is another monster wwe wasted. He had the top monster heel look
the Hall Of Pain gimmick. Brodus Clay came up with it, said it back in 2011
brodus clay came up with house of pain for him but wwe used it for Mark Henry and cahnged it to Hall Of Pain
you got that right did you see Brodus Clay's catch?!
I still have no idea why TNA thought it'd be a good idea to sign Brodus Clay.
Put Brodus Clay (Tyrus) into Feast or Fired and get rid of him.
Brodus Clay looking to rejoin WWE when his contract ends with TNA.. Plans on happening late in 2015
So I'm blocked by the nwo, the beautiful people, one half of the wolves, JBL and Brodus clay... I think that is it
Interview with WWE Brodus Clay coming - Thanks for sitting down with us for a few !...
Funk will always be with in Elite 25!
WWE had Brodus Clay in a movie for the first time, but now he's not in WWE, so really they wasted money on that big loser.
Jonah Rock is like a way better Brodus Clay.
I have not heard a single good thing about Brodus Clay ever but as soon as WWE release him they all wanna book him and.
this is weird, I was thinking about how I miss Brodus Clay this morning
People hating on Brodus Clay being TNA I guess they rather see him dancing in wwe lmao
Brodus Clay could be good in TNA..BUT the hate hes getin may have something to do with the perception of exWWE guys in TNA
I don't understand the hate Brodus Clay is getting. Now if TNA put the title on him, then I have a problem with that.
release them and then spend the money on Brodus Clay cause he was so over in WWE (Y)
I'm trying to think of other themes that have been recycled over the years. Obviously Patriot/Kurt Angle. Brodus Clay/Naomi/Ernest Miller.
How bad did WWE drop the ball with Brodus Clay. Dude could've been a modern day One man gang SMH.
Holy cow, brodus clay n josh Matthews on tna???
So he went from The Funkasarus to Tyrus God Can Brodus Clay just be Brodus Clay
why are you a sell out you and the authority suck big time stop being bullies Brodus Clay
Uptown Funk is Brodus Clay's new gimmick in the indies.
Former WWE superstar Brodus Clay's entrance theme was originally used by Ernest Miller.
My feet hurt. isn't Fall Of Man Brodus Clay's old finisher name. I miss Macho Man. I'm never gonna be in the hall of fame
Idk I just don't want it to be a Brodus Clay or Leo Krueger/Adam Rose incident
Aye, I remember when I started watching again and I saw Brodus Clay and my head was in my hands questioning my decision lol
Sounds better. Brodus Clay fitting right into his Bodyguard spot.
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What about a handicap match with Brodus Clay and Snoop Dogg vs me?
I remember a lot of Brodus on there so I just called it The Brodus Clay Show lol
Somewhere in the multiverse, there was a WWE In Your House with a Brodus Clay-Undertaker Buried Alive match called "I Dance On Your Grave."
I liked a video Wwe 13 bulkhogan tommy and grim vs Brodus clay
I remember when Big Show ended Brodus Clay Streak, will the Same happen to Rusev???
watching the WWE Network and hornswoggle's ring skills are better than Brodus Clay
Two ex brodus clay and the ex smack down manager!
who is the last wrestler(s) to benefit from squash match after squash match? Brodus Clay? Oh wait…
I'm sorry, but did anyone else think Brodus Clay 'err Tyrus looked like a Chia Pet???
Brodus Clay errr Tyrus drags out Rockstar Spud. Apparently EC3 is about to cut Spud's hair?
3 Matches already inked for D1PW's March 07 event in Davie ... featuring some talent you can't see ANYWHERE else here in South Florida ... Double MAIN EVENT ... D1PW Champion Jonny Vandal defends against Craig Classic in what is sure to be one of the greatest matches this territory has every hosted ... D1PW Tag Team Champions Sweet Rhythm defend against Francisco Ciatso & Simon Sez ... and the second main event is Anthony Jenette & Jayson Villanueva.vs. Maxx Stardom & former WWE Superstar who appeared at the most recent Wrestlemania 30 ... Brodus Clay! Plus Shawn Prime intends to make himself more comfortable in his new home ... An absolute night of UNCONVENTIONAL pro wrestling.
Also, this should be something. . "Brodus Clay will be coming in to face Michael Elgin on the PCW/ROH joint show first night on 11/28."
One last thing, Brodus Clay vs. Michael Elgin got announced for November and it's going to be tremendous.
I lIke fluidity, that's why I like watching Brodus Clay vs Tensai
Brodus Clay is one. He could have easily been a One Man Gang/Bam Bam Bigelow powerhouse.
Man Brodus Clay is all over all these WWE Network Countdown shows. Like he's one of the main talking heads they use all the time.
Brodus Clay giving his thoughts on you
Roman Reigns hopeful of winning MITB, Brodus Clay angry on his release
Brodus Clay appeared on VOC Nation’s Pandemonium this week and spot about a variety of topics. Check out the...
Brodus Clay Says Funkasaurus is His Favorite Gimmick: Plus he talks about his dolphin activism and more...
U kno what would b a gr8 match? Bulldozer vs Brodus Clay. What do u think bout that?
Come on grim you can take Brodus clay oh wait the only way he will beat you is to sit on you!
In case anyone missed the interview where confronts at about 1:47:00. Match of the century!
Highlights of a new interview with Brodus Clay.
Brodus Clay explains why he likes the term "superstars" over "wrestlers". Tax Breaks. I wouldn't blame in at all!
Have u had any contact with the recently released WWE stars like Jinder Mahal or Brodus Clay possibly coming for a ECCW show?
Brodus talks about you in this interview
Lol he is cool and have u heard about the grim and brodus clay feud?
Tuesday Night, we have the pleasure to talk to Brodus Clay. You won't want to miss this one, perhaps you should...
show has made headlines on Wrestlezone w/ the Brodus Clay Interveiw -
Why are wrestlers called superstars and not wrestlers? It's all about taxes-
Interview recap by with Brodus Clay on the term "Superstars," working with Sweet T
Brodus Clay Says that WWE's Use of the term Superstars is for Tax Purposes
I see Xavier Woods dropped the Brodus Clay/Ernest Miller music. Good. It was kind of weird seeing him with it.
Brodus Clay looks like a mafia don in this picture
Just stayed up for 2 hours waiting for your part to come we're you made fun of Brodus clay on So worth it!!
Brodus clay vs grim I think grim gonna kick some a**
I feel bad for Brodus Clay like the guy busted his *** since last year's Wrestlemania to get in shape and he just gets released like that.
What has Brodus Clay done since WWE departure? Hmmm
Grim talks trash to BRODUS CLAY on the MattyPradioshow
>Aksana, Brodus Clay, JTG, Jinder and Drew still highlighted in the Superstars commercial.
Can you please put your match witn Brodus Clay on the second or main channel because I'm not gonna be able to come out.
Looking back on it, I think Vince put Brodus Clay in blackface so he wouldn't feel guilty firing him
ready to ask Brodus Clay my question!
oh man i forgot all about Vincent trying to pick a fight with Brodus Clay
The infamous Vinny wanting to call out Brodus. Brodus Clay vs. Vinny = Buys.
I wonder if that Brodus Clay confrontation on led to his eventual release?
John Cena vs Brodus Clay will be a Tables match
Okada advances to the 2nd Round. Up next we have John Cena vs Brodus Clay
It sounds like the One Year Anniversary of is going to be a killer show.. W/ Brodus Clay and Ricky Morton. It'll be awesome
Wrestling365 recently interviewed Brodus Clay, which you can check out below. Here are a few highlights: The Funkasaurus character: "Initially, I had spent the last 7-8 months to the better part of a year training with the idea that I was going to be 'the juggernaut,' destroy all that stuff and those vignettes were a lot of hard work. Then seeing me in the back, cracking jokes and just being myself or whatever, the boss [Vince] said, 'are you sure this is the right way we want to go,' and said, 'so what if we do this instead?' I was kind of surprised and kind of nervous and didn't even know if I could pull that off as the dancing stuff really isn't who I am at all, but cracking jokes with a smile, I do that all day and joke around with the boys all the time. I'm always running my mouth and stuff, talking trash, things like that, but I never really thought of myself as a dancer. "First thing I done was ask to go see 'The American Dream' and figure things out and so I went down to him and I just happened to ...
Brodus Clay Talks His WWE Release, His Debut Constantly Being Pushed, His 'Hall Of Pain' Idea Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show interviewed Brodus Clay, who discussed getting into the wrestling industry, working with Alberto Del Rio, why his Funkasaurus debut kept getting delayed, his WWE release and more. Here are some highlights: Getting into the wrestling industry: The first time mostly, I was always a lifelong wrestling fan. I actually tried a couple of times to get into wrestling and all failed miserably. I went to a wrestling school in Canada. That did not work out well, I think I was out there for like a week. I saw that was not going anywhere. I called the Power Plant (WCW) a couple of times. They never picked up though. Eventually I got together with some guys who were wrestling fans who wanted to be wrestlings historians. I used to work for a spot called the "Saddle Ranch". Then Wrestlemania came to Hollywood. This was at the Staples Center. They had Tommy Dreamer, Mike Boche, Chris Masters and a few ...
Live from Cleveland, Ohio this is Raw episode The "entire" WWE roster was standing at the top of the stage to start the show. The image of Lana standing beside Erick Rowan with the sheep mask is awesome just because it's so random. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon entered the ring for a promo, so it's basically starting the same way that it always starts. Poor Heath Slater looks all alone without his 3MB buddies. Hunter and Stephanie did a promo talking about how Daniel Bryan couldn't defend his WWE Title, so that's why he was stripped. They called him a B+ player among other things. It's the same promo we always get. They mentioned the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie mentioned the guys that are in the ladder match already: Orton, Cesaro, Del Rio, Sheamus and Bray Wyatt. Hunter said that not everybody gets to be in the battle royal. He said Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns would not be in the battle royal. Also John Cena. He took a while to address it, but h ...
So Brodus Clay got futured endeavored but his music didn't.
1st you kill off Brodus Clay,the most valuable long term asset in the portfolio,next, you green light stardust. ***
In today's news, WWE reported to believe Dolph Ziggler is too injury prone to be pushed, TNA announce newest inductees to their Hall of Fame, Brodus Clay comments on being released by WWE and more...
Last week, WWE released 11 people (Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Evan Bourne and others) in an effort...
Lol feel for Brodus Clay, he gets released but the Funkadactlys keep there job
- Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay will be doing a YouShoot DVD interview with Kayfabe Commentaries soon. Fans...
Brodus Clay got fired, so why are Naomi & Cameron still The Funkadactyls?
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I liked a video Brodus Clay Speaks on WWE Release
Without Brodus Clay, the Funkadactyls are just...dactyls?
So let me get this straight the wwe has nothing for Brodus clay, Evan Bourne and they release them. They have nothing for Tyson Kidd so he is floundering in nxt along with Zayne. But they can dress Cody Rhodes to be like a mini goldust and that gets on raw? Ok yeah cuz that crap makes sense
Brodus Clay got released so probably
Fandango, Adam Rose, Brodus Clay, Sandows characters didn't work, so what makes doing this to Cody any better?
they were not good at much besides being Brodus Clay's (blurps). jus sayin
I get that this Stardust gimmick is supposed to be short term, but then again Brodus Clay was supposed to be a monster heel
Now I want to see Essa Rios and Brodus Clay as a disgruntled tag team, managed by Mero.
probably tensai since Brodus clay was released
Lol there still using Brodus clay entrance music
So the Funkadatyls still using Earnest" The Cat" Miller's theme song means one thing, why Brodus Clay didn't pay The Cats royalties!
Brodus Clay died on his way back to his home planet
Try not to think of it as Brodus Clay's music. Think of it as Ernest Miller's music.
I think cameron will be with brodus clay on the indies real soon
That awkward moment when you realize that The Funkadactyls had more success than Brodus Clay.
When The Funkasaurus gimmick started, who had money on Cameron outlasting Brodus Clay in WWE?
Brodus Clay's music hits for the Funkadactyls and a Daffney retread is holding the Diva's title belt
Did the Funkadactyls show up? They should tear off their stupid gimmick and blame it on Brodus Clay. Then become the switchblade sisters.
Poor Brodus Clay...he loses his job, his entrance music and his hometown (Planet Funk)
*** it that is Brodus Clay's theme song
Somewhere out there Brodus Clay and Ernest "The Cat" Miller are rolling over in their graves.
Somewhere Brodus Clay and Ernest "The Cat" Miller are plotting on Trinity and Ariane like Dave Chappelle and Stedman
Wearing black in respect for Brodus Clay?
I know isn't having the Funkadactyls get their *** kicked by Paige the same day Brodus Clay got fired. Smh
At first I that Brodus Clay was coming out lol!
The best thing to come from Brodus Clay's character is Naomi
Brodus: "I have to go now. Planet Funk needs me." Brodus Clay died on the way back to his home planet.
Just a reminder Cameron still has a job and Brodus Clay doesn't.
The Funkadactyls are wearing their funeral booty pants to commemorate Brodus Clay's career.
Cameron and Naomi look bad that Brodus Clay isn't there. The dance was so uninspired...I honestly thought he was coming out smh
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Just got genuinely sad about Brodus Clay after hearing "Somebody Call My Mama." I have rational thoughts.
Smh at the fact that Brodus Clay theme gets taken from him then fired
Who would have thought Curt Hawkins would have the quickest booking in free agent history. Gets released by WWE and half an hour later he's signed to Pro Wrestling Syndicate and a little over an hour after that Brodus Clay is signed too. I expect great things from them now that they can be themselves
I was thinking if WWE2K15 will be a good game which turns out it is you already got the likes of John Cena 1980s Hulk Hogan Cesaro Bray Wyatt Daniel Bryan AJ Lee Cameron Naomi and then you got Sting in as Pre-Order Bonus don't you think the likes of Brodus Clay Curt Hawkins Evan Bourne JTG Aksana Drew McIntyre Jinder Mahal Yoshi Tatsu and Camacho will all be in the game
Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay recently spoke to the RCRW Show about his recent WWE release. Regarding that subject, Clay stated the following:
Brodus Clay, like several of his WWE peers, must now find a new stage on which to fight his battles. In what has become an annual tradition, WWE let go a number of its lesser-used talents on Thursday...
JTG finally released.i guess Heath Slater is the "one man band" again.also..somebody better call Brodus Clay's mama. Lol
Brodus Clay speaks out on his WWE departure.
TMZ has an update on Brodus Clay following his release from WWE on Thursday. The publication reports that Clay is going to Japan to protect dolphins from being captured and killed. He’s booked the trip to protest dolphin hunting, something he’s been passionate about since seeing “The Cove.” While “b…
Brodus Clay talks about his release
Some absolutely crazy future endeavours over the weekend. JTG, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Camacho, Jinder Mahal and Aksana are all pretty standard. Drew McIntyre and Brodus Clay are shockers, such wasted potential killed by awful gimmicks. Teddy Long... I don't know whether to 😃 or 😭.
The “no fire” edict in WWE is no more. The company announced a round of releases on Thursday, they are as follows: Theodore Long Camacho Brodus Clay Evan Bourne Yoshi Tatsu Of course, WWE wishes them the best in all their future endeavors.
11 superstars were released at the end of the last week from the WWE and the names are: Teddy Long, Marc Harris(referee), Evan Bourne, Brodus Clay, Aksana, Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, Camacho, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and JTG. The WWE felt Ta…
- Brodus Clay recently appeared on The RCRW Show and talked about his WWE release: “I was driving to go train at Hard Knox. I got a phone call and they were like, “I think you know why we are calling.” I am like, “ok.” We discussed a few things and I thanked them for …
The RCWR Show recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay. You can read some highlights and listen to the audio in the player...
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Now since without the WWE handcuffs, Curt Hawkins and Brodus Clay will make his debuts at Pro Wrestling Syndicate against on September 20, 2014. Their opponents? Hawkins takes on Kevin Matthews and Clay takes on "The Notorious 187" Homicide.
Brodus Clay's super positive outlook on his release, worth a read
So far Pro Wrestling Syndicate has booked Curt Hawkins and Brodus Clay since their release last Wednesday
We chat exclusively with former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay in a 1st time interview he's given since his WWE release! COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Brodus talks about h...
AUDIO: Brodus Clay reacts to his WWE release & how it happened + lots more -
As I am typing my newest blog I have only been in the air for 5 minutes. We just smoothly took off from San Diego. Usually I fall asleep but I have to be honest with you guys, I am too excited about what the future has to bring to RF VIDEO and HOH. As I looked over at Tommy Dreamer from the sound booth last night with a smile on my face, and the crowd was chanting HOH HOH HOH I turned to him and yelled into his ear "HOH You got something here with this." I honestly cant remember a time like there is now on the indy scene with so much rich talent on the scene that is not signed. The last time the indy scene had this much talent depth was when ECW folded and WCW closed down and right as ROH and TNA started the new crop started to grow. Here it is 12 years later and as Terry Funk once told me, the new cycle has started. Forget about the names that just got released from WWE last week but over the last several months as TNA has started to implode, the indy scene is benefiting the most. This was the tal ...
I rejoined to discuss TNA Creative. I really have not enjoyed the last 4-5 Impact episodes, continuity hardly exists, angles are not that interesting. And I am a TNA fan, so this is not a bash! I did have 1 idea, of something new, that has NEVER been done in Wrestling... TNA hype a special appearance in coming weeks, (No vignette about they are coming etc), just an open announcement that something BIG is happening. This announcement needs a big name, ex WWE person, *** Foley for example, but maybe Teddy Long, ideally Jim Ross. Announcement is a shoot about Wrestling Monopolies, Creative, and wrestlers not getting a fair chance (politics). The angle revolves around bringing in a group of recently "released" superstars, and the figure head announces that we are going to show you (Vince/HHH/Steph) that you made a mistake! So, who comes in? Well there is an amazing list to choose from, and each has a point to prove. TNA can push these guys as a group and albeit not an invasion, but the group are openly USING ...
Backstage News on WWE Releases As noted, WWE released 11 talents – Teddy Long, referee Marc Harris, Evan Bourne, JTG, Brodus Clay, Curt Hawkins, Aksana, Yoshi Tatsu, Camacho, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. According to PWInsider, for Tatsu, there had been a feeling for some time that he had really regressed in the ring. It’s said that Brodus Clay fell out of favor with WWE creative. Long’s contract expired and it was well known within WWE that he would be leaving soon. Out of all 11 releases, the releases of Camacho and Hawkins came as the bigger surprises to people within WWE. Camacho was very popular within NXT circles and Hawkins had several more years left on his current deal. -Manager
Pro Wrestling Syndicated is an independent wrestling promotion that Curt Hawkins and Brodus Clay are headed too.
Ryback and Brodus Clay . Both at one time the hottest things going. Now, one is jobbing with Curtis Axel, and the other is fired
releases several superstars. Not suprised about Brodus Clay. More suprised about Aksana what with her being on TV a fair bit lately!
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