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Brock Turner

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Brock Turner found guilty of 3 felony counts of sexual assault and spent less than 6.5 months in prison. . 16-Year-Old Cy…
so RAPIST Brock Turner gets 3 months in jail, while this girl is a victim of not only RAPE but also SEX TRAFFICING, & she gets…
Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2-4 years for nonviolent parole violations and Brock Turner got 3 months for raping a wo…
Your daily white privilege is a thing reminder: Meek Mill is serving more time for breaking parole, than Brock Turner,…
A reminder that the judge who gave Brock Turner a three month sentence is STILL in office. This is a top-down probl…
Meek Mill rec’vd more jailtime for riding a dirt bike than Brock Turner did for raping someone or Ethan Couch for k…
Brock Turner served 3 months for rape.RAPE. They slapping meek with 2 years for riding a dirt bike. This system so d…
Brock Turner got 3 months in prison for rape... the American justice system is a mess.
Just remember that Meek Mill got 2-4 years for "breaking" probation he has been on since 2008, but Brock Turner got 6…
Let me get this straight: Meek Mill probation violation: 2-4 years . Brock Turner rape: 6 months
Hey y'all remember when Brock Turner spent 3 months in jail for rape and Jason Van *** was cleared for murdering L…
Get your Brock Turner lookin *** outta here before you embarrass yourself
This professor put Brock Turner's face in a textbook definition of rape
Brock Turner will be used to teach students about rape
Elena just mixed up Aaron Carter with Brock Turner
Brock Turner's mugshot is listed under the definition of rape in this textbook
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Brock Turner may have avoided real jail time, but a college textbook now uses him in their definition of rape so that'…
Although he didn't serve time, Brock Turner has made his debut as the textbook definition of Rape in a criminal justice…
Please also ask those "rule of law" folks how they feel about Ethan Couch, Brock Turner, and the Wall…
Yes they should. Maybe you should tell the same to Brock Turner, Ethan Couch
oh, and btw, if you had read Brock Turner's victim…
Remember the Brock Turner case : even if he only we…
Right? Now can we get Casey Anthony's hot take on how to humanize Brock Turner? *** ppl.
She can join Brock Turner and Casey Anthony in ***
Not saying what Kevin Gates did is right, but *** 6 months 😐😳 meanwhile Brock Turner rapes an unconscious girl and serves 3 mo…
Never forget that Josh Duggar, Brock Turner, and every other rapist is worthless, subhuman garbage.
i'm still confused as to why Jean Valjean served 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread but Brock Turner served 3 m…
Judge who sentenced Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexual assault explains his decision https:…
Emily Doe's letter to Brock Turner 1yr later-5 survivors speak re:the letter that inspired millions. via…
Do you think a black guy would've gotten a 3 month jail sentence if he raped a gi…
Calif. judge in Brock Turner sexual assault case facing recall
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And yet... Brock Turner got 6 months & only served 3.
The other weird thing re Brock Turner was his father saying 6 months was too much! What would he say if a woman raped Brock?!
Man, please! Do not try to clean up your special favor to a rapist!.
Judge in Brock Turner sex assault case faces recall petition .
Brock Turner judge responds to calls for his removal
Judge in case defends short sentence
. In January 2015, Brock Turner was arrested for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. He was……
Our country views black kids who sell things like water&candy as the "criminals" who need to be taken off the streets…
Judge who gave Stanford rapist Brock Turner just six months in jail DEFENDS his decision in first public statement
Brock Turner judge Aaron Persky responds to calls for his removal via
Judge in Brock Turner case defends short sentence
6 years for punching a painting??? yet Brock turner only got 3 months 🐸☕️
Judge Persky on his role as a judge, "It's not always popular, but it's the law and I took an oath to follow it"
Judge in Brock Turner case defends short sentence amid efforts to remove him from bench
1/2 . Judge in Brock Turner case defends short sentence. Most unaware Brock wasn't his.   10% Off
Judge in Brock Turner case defends short sentence
Apparently I'm just going to keep having to do this, because progressives don't vet their heroes. Yes, Nina Turner wo…
women are recognized as equals in America? Brock turner? Uber? Abortion? Birth Control? Wage Gap? Sit down.
The judge who presided over Brock Turner's sexual assault case is publicly defending himself for the first time
The process to remove the California judge who sentenced former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to only...
Brock Turner served 3 months in prison for rape, but this guy might serve 6 years for throwing a fish on the ice.. America…
Abby Lee Miller is serving more time than Brock Turner. Let that sink in.
The fact that Abby Lee Miller got more jail time than Brock Turner truly shows what's wrong with the judicial system 🙄
Thank god Brock Turner is free & we're protected from the real monsters like Abby Lee Miller
Brock Turner served 3 months in jail for raping a woman. . Desiree Fairooz is facing a year in prison for laughing at a man.
You act as if evidence alone will properly convict rapists. Look at Brock Turner for example. This le…
I'm guessing you would also defend people like Brock Turner, Ray Rice, and Josh Duggar. I sincerely…
How they let Brock Turner live?? Should've took his head off with a Jimmy John's sub
i must've missed the white house's response when Brock Turner raped a classmate and left her behind a dumpster
This "man" is prime example of why letting Brock Turner off easy is not okay. They don't get it & will repeat crime.
Absolutely deplorable. Ppl like Nick and Brock Turner deserve the absolute worst, but don't. Go figure.
As a clarification: he was labeled a thug, while Brock Turner was a "promising young man." That's why I find…
Tanner Ward, John Howard & Brock Turner are all rapists who were not justly punished. The normalization of sexual assault…
Steve Johnson, maybe it's because more rapists get away with it in the US - Brock Turner would be in Swedish prison.
Brock Turner learned about sexual assault too late – schools are trying to change that | The Sacramento Bee
Michael Vick is done. Just remember he did more time for animals than Brock Turner did for rape & it derailed his career...
*wonders if Brock Turner counts as a barbarian and if the white Christian men who rape(d) their way across this con…
We went from Barack Obama to Brock Turner overnight.
Also here is a case that's like Brock Turner except he actually put his *** in her.
“Refugees will come into this country and rape our women!” -says the man who defended Brock Turner, “he was drunk & couldn’t help himself”
...and Brock Turner was in jail for 3 MONTHS for raping a girl. If you are not angry you are not paying attention.
The guy that changed the Hollywood sign to "Hollyweed" will be facing 6 months. Brock Turner, who raped a woman received…
America: where the "Hollyweed" sign bandit is sentenced to more jail time than the Stanford University rapist, Brock Turner.
The hollyweed prankster is facing more time in jail than Brock
Brock Turner only got 3 months for rape. Apparently property has more value than the female body.
Brock Turner is so white he's pink and well Zachary Cole Fernandez (Hollyweed guy), he's, well, not! White Privilege!
Yeah, but Brock Turner has the conditions required to do the less jailtime possible :. - White. - Rich. - Athlete
Brock Turner only served 3 and he raped an unresponsive woman...
Had missed this woeful news: Judge cleared of misconduct in light sentencing of Brock Turner
still confused: how did (innocent) Steven Avery serve 18 years for rape when Brock Turner only served 3 months???
Brock Turner was the only 1 in the wrong in that case, in this case both of them were wrong.
Somebody will go to jail for this meanwhile Brock Turner is at home.
.Brock Turner and Corey Batey showed us how race affects sentencing in the American judicial system
Prison time will now be mandatory in CA for rapists of unconscious victims. Looking at you, Brock Turner.
Remember the name John R.K. Howard as MUCH AS YOU remember the name Brock Turner. This is an every day thing.
Brock Turner: Sentenced 6 months, (Max: 14 yrs) and only served 3 mon. before release. White male athlete privilege.
Stanford is missing the point. Hard liquor isn't to blame (nor is banning it the solution) for Brock Turner's actions.
Ryan Lochte, that group in the car shootout mannequin challenge, Brock Turner (can't forget abt him).
Stanley Yelnats got more time than Brock Turner
Ex-Swimmer?! More like Rapist Brock Turner... that's his title
Brock Turner judge cleared of misconduct
I cannot believe Aaron Persky was cleared of all misconduct on the Brock Turner case
I told my Gma the judge got off in the Brock Turner case.. she said idk why we even have laws.. but really though
Brock Turner Stanford sex assault case: Judge Aaron Persky cleared of misconduct
BREAKING NEWS: Brock Turner is still a rapist. .
Please make this creep as famous as Brock Turner.
"Judge in Brock Turner case cleared of misconduct
Brock turner was released after 3 months for "good behaviour", yet Philando Castile was shot for getting out his ID. It's…
Judge cleared of misconduct for sentence in Brock Turner / Stanford rape case :
but for example how is Brock Turner a white problem to be dumped on them? I'm pretty sure the entire nation hates him
I'm sorry what does Brock Turner's judge have to do with white guys??? Are all white guys responsible for a shorten…
Judge who sentenced Brock Turner to six months for rape cleared of misconduct.
Reminder that Brock Turner & that judge are both pieces of human garbage
When Brock Turner raped a girl y'all were ready for bloood but Kodak Black do the same and yall continue to line his pockets…
I don't think you can be against Brock Turner but support Kodak Black lol
Y'all; We should murder Brock Turner! No one gets away with rape!!. Also y'all: *silent on the fact that Kodak Black l…
Brock Turner,his family don't have any decency or disregard for his sexual assault,I will disown him period.
It's funny as *** to see POC rage over Brock Turner, and turn right around and continue to praise scum *** rapist Kodak Black.
Judge cleared of misconduct in Brock Turner rape sentencing
Judge who gave Brock Turner a slap on the wrist for sexual assault has been cleared of misconduct.
Judge who gave Brock Turner just 6 months in jail for sexual assault is cleared…
Judge cleared of misconduct for light sentence in Stanford sex assault case via
wasn't the shock of the day for me 👉🏽 Cleared Of Misconduct In Case
Independent commission concludes no bias,abuse of authority in Brock Turner case
When I was 14 my mom found out that I smoked weed and grounded me longer than Brock turner was in jail
Judicial panel clears California judge who sentenced Stanford rapist Brock Turner to only 6 months in jail…
2018: Brock Turner receives Presidential medal of honor because he took control without even being rich and famous
Judge in Brock Turner case cleared of misconduct
Judge cleared of misconduct in Brock Turner sentencing
Judge who gave Brock Turner 6 months cleared of misconduct - A California judge was cleared of misconduct Monda...
This response to Brock Turner's early release is pure genius. A rapist is a rapist
Judge cleared of misconduct in Brock Turner sentencing -
One time I grew out my bangs and it took me longer than Brock Turner has been in jail.
Outrage! Protesters should be outside of the judges's house too Stanford rapist gets a PASS VERY SAD via
I'm callin every frat kid Brock Turner until it's proven to me that they are worthy of being called Chad/Brad again.
I've had dudes purposefully bring up Bill Cosby or Brock Turner in unrelated conversations just to prove they're on the "right" side.
Funny how White America is so mad about Joe Mixon but I didn't see this same anger and hate with Brock Turner who raped…
Funny how facts don't work in your favor >> California lawmakers pass bill inspired by Brock Turner case…
I mentioned Bill Cosby as well. I mentioned Kodak. I mentioned Brock Turner. The topic was about RAPE
and also Dylann Roof... the columbine high school shooting, rapist Brock Turner, the guy that shot up the movie the…
So if Brock Turner is appointed Attorney General what will that mean for all the promises made to Lorenzo Lamas?
Prop 57 didn't do that. It's the legal definition of violent crime. This has to change, agreed. Brock Turner's case used this.
I wonder if Trump will appoint Brock Turner as Attorney General.
Thinking about Jason Van Dyck and Brock Turner right now.
Jason Holmes movie theatre masacre, or how bout Dylan Roof the church shooter, or maybe Brock Turner the rapist
NO MORE "What did she expect?" Stanford rape survivor pens new essay after Brock Turner's release:
Brock Turner is WHITE .. lol Wayne is black .. they got treated differently in a system that claims to treat people EQUAL
how do u get arrested and sentenced for 2 months for a peaceful protest... Brock Turner got that amount for raping a woman htt…
Kevin Gates is sentenced to 6 months for kicking a girl who grabbed him, Brock Turner only served 3 months for rape. i d…
So Kevin Gates gets 6 months for a cheap kick on a fan. Brock Turner only got 3 months for rape.
Brock Turner went to jail for a shorter period of time than Kevin Gates got sentenced for today? 🐸☕️
Kevin Gates: 6 months for kicking someone who was clearly touching him without his consent. Brock Turner: 3 months for…
Kevin Gates got 6 months for kicking someone. Brock Turner was caught raping a girl & was out in 3!. Say it with me: "Whi…
Can someone successfully explain why Kevin Gates is about to do more time than Brock Turner. Don't worry I'll wait.
Kevin Gates is about to get more jail time for literally kicking someone than Brock Turner got for rape. cr…
Shailene Woodley could spend as much time in jail for protesting a potential national crisis as Brock Turner did for rap…
I don't know Robert Alan Gibbs of California. He may not be guilty. I was in California & witnessed StanfordU. alleged rape by Brock Turner
Tell me why I've been grounded for longer periods of time than Brock Turner was in jail for rape
Writing a paper on Brock Turner for my class has me so heated rn. TRY TELLING ME WHITE & SOCIAL CLASS PRIVILEGE DOESN'T EXI…
Me during the movie holes: *** Stanley Yelnat got a longer and more tedious sentence than Brock Turner did". Everyone in the room: 😶
Dismissing Trump's behavior as "bathroom talk" is why boys like Brock Turner exist
brock turner ra*es someone and is walking around the streets, but Shailene gets arrested for protesting for clean water?…
So much shade thrown at Brock Turner 👀 I love it.
Wonder how much he's going to spend more time in jail than Brock turner ?
Brock Turner sounds like a country singer who would sing about having incest with his sister
If you believe it was "locker room talk", you perpetuate rape culture. You are the reason Brock Turner got a slap on the…
and who tends to have more money to afford those good lawyers. Another Brock Turner getting off.
Man who confessed to raping his daughter will serve even less time than Brock Turner
A6. Choice of terms in media can perpetuate rape culture. Brock Turner described as "Former Stanford Swimmer," for exampl…
How did Steven Avery get 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit when brock turner got 3 months for a rape he did commit
I have a box of pasta that has been in my pantry longer than Brock Turner has been in jail
Meanwhile in Ohio, 15 year old Bresha Meadows shot her abusive father and has been in jail 80 days without a trial but Brock Turner is free
when you hang w Robert Chambers, Brock Turner & your entitled white rapist boys do you compare small hands?
trying to think of Blake Shelton's name: "Brock.Turner!" Nope. That's a rapist.
Life coach: You have to go after what you want. NEVER STOP!. Brock Turner:
the kid sounds like the next Brock Turner
Brock Turner Judge Persky gave football player convicted of domestic abuse a slap on the wrist, new judge says nope
I'm about to start showing the Black boys at my school the same patience that white america showed with Dylan Roof and Brock…
Retraction: Earlier I stated Brock Turner was Donald Trump's new Campaign Manager. This was incorrect. He is just another…
I hope Brock Turner is having a horrible day
Brock Turner judge slammed for giving college football player 60 days in jail for beating girlfriend
he got more for false rape than brock Turner did for actual🙃
Spurred by Brock Turner case, Gov. Jerry Brown signs laws to toughen laws against rap
Trump now claims he is, and I quote: "a victim." Never has the word been so fundamentally misused. He's in Brock Turner t…
Brock Turner would not be free if it did matter to the men with the power to affect change.
Between Ched Evans and Brock Turner, all progress in sexual violence cases has seemingly been nullified.
Dismissing Trump's behavior as locker room talk is why we have young men like Brock Turner.
Candy Crowley feeling sorrier for convicted rapists than for their victim? Brock Turner's light sentence?(2/2)
You are truly a moron. . Brock Turner. Ched Evans. The people who defended them are explicit evidence.
I really hope these killer clowns don't find Brock Turner at 1232 Ravelle Court, Bellbrook Ohio
Dave Franco got more jail time in 21 jump street than Brock Turner.
I'm aware of the racial dimension obvs, but after the whole Brock Turner farce I feel we're on less shaky ground than usual over it.
Seeing Trump pretend to stand up for Bernie Sanders is like watching Brock Turner talk about how much he respects women
is dox the rape victim. Plenty of people offering money for name of the woman who Brock Turner raped.
Brock Turner running the streets but y'all think Derrick Rose going to jail .. alright
My name is Brock Turner and I like to rape women and act like I'm the victim huh
Let's put Anthony Weiner, Brock Turner and Hillary Clinton on a deserted island and see what happens
Brock Turner is literally starting a nationwide tour to teach girls about the dangers of drinking... Meanwhile in prison-- weed…
I spoke w/ the deputy director of about the nonprofit, the U ASK apps & the recent Brock Turner case
Media Advisory: To avoid stigmatizing Muslims in NY/NJ bombings, please use photo of Brock Turner, in lieu of photos of Ahm…
I hope Brock Turner is having a bad day
I want to see Brock Lesnar vs. Brock Turner.
Martha Stewart spent more time locked up than Brock Turner.
Martha Stewart got more time than Brock Turner. If that isn't pathetic, I'm not sure what is.
Smh Martha Stewart did more prison time than Brock Turner and she didn't even rape anyone
if I die in my sleep it's bc my heart physically stopped beating upon realizing that Martha Stewart was in jail longer than Brock Turner
My parents have feared for my safety every day of my life because of people like Brock Turner
Martha Stewart served more jail time than Stanford's Brock Turner
Stanley Yelnats got more time for accidentally stealing a pair of shoes than Brock Turner did for rape
Fixed your headline for you. Martha Stewart served more jail time than rapist Brock Turner:
Brock Turner lowkey look like Stewart from Mad Tv that's crazy
My homie rick sanchez been in lock up longer than Brock Turner. Smh.
Bobby Shmurda: 7 years for conspiracy to commit a crime. Brock Turner: 90 days for raping unconscious women
Dawg I just noticed they gave Bobby Shmurda 7 years in prison for conspiracy and Brock Turner out here serving 3 months for RAPE
Crazy how Ms. Puff spent more time in jail for a boating accident than Brock Turner did for sexual assault
He was barely punished for his heinous crime and is already back in his own home after just three months
I'm pretty sure I was in the EDC parking lot longer than Brock Turner was in jail smh
this guy was standing outside of Brock Turner's house in protest 👍
I don't think I hate anyone more than I hate Brock Turner.
Iman Shumpert's mugshots get released instantly for a marijuana case and Brock Turner mugshot takes media pressure to release. Aight bro.
Brock turner is honestly a crap human being and the fact that he got just 3 months for raping a woman behind a dumpster is sickening
Brock Turner wants to lecture people about the consequences of drinking and promiscuity. NO BROCK YOU RAPED SOMEONE.
Still heated about Brock Turner because it took me longer to grow out a bad haircut than it did for him to get out of jai…
Brock turner spent 3 months in jail for raping an unconscious girl but people spend life in prison for growing a plant…
"3 months of good behavior got Brock turner released from jail meanwhile a lifetime of good behavior got his victim ""well were…
Brock Turner was in jail for 3 months for sexual assault, my license is getting suspended for 6 months because of a car ac…
can we imagine what the police would of done to Brock Turner if he was black.😬😬😬
Too lenient is how critics condemned the six-month jail sentence for Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swim…
This video about Brock Turner throws so much shade yet it's so informative. I love it. 👀
Here is what Brock Turner 'missed' while in jail for 3 months.
Brock Turner with the sad George Michael walk.
Newly free rapist Brock Turner now wants to lecture college students on the dangers of “drinking and promiscuity.”
How are they gonna let Brock Turner out but not Bobby Shmurda?
Michael Phelps is an Ex swimmer. Brock Turner is a rapist. Do better
Who wants to play a game called "Things I've had longer than Brock Turner was in jail". - a broken taillight . - eggo waffl…
Brock Turner is now registered as a sex offender in Ohio after spending three months in jail - Washington Pos...
Dear Media,. Please stop referring to Brock Turner as an “ex-Stanford swimmer” and call him what he IS - a RAPIST. disgusting.
I made a MySpace in 5th grade without telling my parents and was grounded for longer than Brock Turner was in jail
The Playboy Playmate is facing a similar prison term to the one Brock Turner just served ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Me: Hey everyone! Have a great Friday! . Brock Turner: Oh thank you, I just got out of ja—. Me:
Brock Turner will finish his three months tomorrow, and that's that. . A reminder:
Stanford rapist Brock Turner will be released this Friday, three months early
Brock Turner is a rapist. Repeat that. He is a rapist and when we say this, growth will begin.
Last year I was grounded longer than Brock Turner will be in jail for RAPE !
I sleep so good at night knowing Brock Turner & his family will never live in peace
So tired of people like Bruce Miller, Brock Turner & Ryan Lochte getting off for horrid behavior. Must be nice to be rich & famous.
Brock Turner has been released from jail after serving only three months. Here's what he missed.
In the short 3 months that Brock Turner spent in jail, another 75,000 American women were raped.
Brock Turner: Ryan Lochte probably could use a roommate after losing his endorsements. You two have a lot in common!
Santa Clara County Superior Court let Brock Turner get away with rape, but the Santa Clara Police Union wants to boycott…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Brock Turner will go home to a bed. Kalief browder, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, tamir rice, and so many more will not. This is America.
Brock Turner faced 14 years in prison, but was sentenced to 6 months, and got out in 3 months. This, my friends, is white…
Why are we still talking about Colin Kaepernick? How about we address the fact that Brock Turner is already free after ra…
How is it that Brock Turner can rape an unconscious woman and serve less time in jail than Martha Stewart did for lying…
"The system has failed every one of us.". People are outraged that Brock Turner isn't in jail anymore.
Brock Turner was in jail for about as long as my children were on summer vacation. .
The media is bashing Colin Kaepernick& Chris Brown, are they going to speak about the Stanford rapist, Brock Turner getting…
Protestors in front of Santa Clara county jail now despite Brock Turner already released after 90 days
Brock Turner probably paid less in court fines for rape than I did that one time for three joints lmfao.
I can't fathom the pain Brock Turner's victim is going through right now, but I hope she continues to stay strong. All my lov…
On the day Brock Turner is released from jail, Gabrielle Union gets real about rape and toxic masculinity:
It's official: Brock Turner just walked out of Santa Clara county jail after serving 3 months for sexual assault
Brock Turner released from jail in Santa Clara County
BREAKING: 'If we had our way, Brock Turner would be in state prison' - Santa Clara County prosecutor.
God morning I am at the Santa Clara County Jail to cover Brock Turner's release
Protesters are gathering outside the Santa Clara county jail, where Brock Turner was released a couple hours ago
Cool to see Brock Turner and Jared Fogel thriving!
Brock Turner was released from jail today for "good behavior," after serving just 3 months of his 6-month sentence.
Brock Turner faced up to 14 years . Prosecutors asked for 6 years. Judge sentenced him to 6 months. He served 3 🤔
I heard Ben Rothlesberger picked up Brock Turner from county today.
Brock Turner: Stanford sex attack swimmer freed from jail -
Why is Brock Turner out of jail already? Put that boy back in jail -__-
Brock Turner isn't a "former Stanford swimmer," he's a rapist that knows how to swim. Stop callin' him by his hobby. Call…
Ashley Banfield is actually anchoring the hour on CNN from outside Brock Turner's jail...
Brock Turner was caught in the act still only sentenced to 6 month & served 3. And you wonder why women don't report. What's…
if Brock Turner's victim was my sister, I'd be considering killing him. when the system fails so drastically you leave people…
There was stuff in my fridge when Brock Turner went to jail that's still there.
Martha Stewart served more jail time than former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner: (Photo: AP)
Brock Turner got released from prison today after only 3 months but according to most, Colin Kaepernick is the more unAmerican criminal...👌🏼
Where is the justice for the young lady that this piece of garbage Brock Turner victimized. Above all things...
It's clear Ashley Banfield wants to convince everyone just how devastating Brock Turner's life will be.
Brock Turner gets 3 months for rape, Ramsey Orta who taped Eric garner murder get 4 years!?
There's some joke to be made linking Ryan Lochte and Brock Turner but I'm just too lazy to figure it out.
This *** Brock Turner does 3 months for RAPE, but I know ppl that have gotten YEARS for possession on marijuana. S…
Stanford rapist Brock Turner set to get out of jail early on Friday for 'good behavior'
Why yall mad the Kaep won't stand for the national anthem yet Brock Turner is off to rape more sleeping beauties
Ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner found guilty of sex assault to be released early
Is it too late for Brock Turner to join this season of Dancing With The Stars???
Brock Turner, Ryan Lochte and the US swim team...I messed up not training as a competitive swimmer, apparently you get di…
.you never mention the real crime threat to whites, themselves. People like Elliot Rodger, Brock Turner, Adam Lanza...
Why can't Brock Turner own up to his own actions?? "Party culture" does not cause rape, & alcohol ban won't stop it http…
For some reason I am just now seeing 's interview with CNN about Brock Turner & I'm a huge Mike & Mike fan Mike
Well, tell that to people like Brock Turner, the judge on his case, his parent's, his supporters...
We have seen this movie before and we know how it ends—badly.
He's worse than you thought. Stanford sexual assault judge handed down 4 DAY sentence in child rape/abuse photo case
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