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Brock Lesner

Brock Edward Lesnar (born July 12, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, actor, former mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler.

Samoa Joe Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens

Brock Lesner could be headed back to UFC reports are saying
Yes , Brock Lesner is a cross over star, brings awareness to WWE.
I think that Roman Reigns can defeat Samoa Joe and Brock lesner
You can not beat brock lesner you know his power
Summerslam is soon. Wwe champion Brock Lesner is the best
. See your favourite Athlete where is he . Roman Reigns is a baby boy in front of Beast Brock Lesner…
Idc if it's Joe, Roman or Strowman win the championship I just want Brock Lesner to loose the title
I rematch that undertaker vs brock lesner wrestlamania match. I don't think think undertaker was supposed to lose that match
A friend of mine had this arguement with me about boxing .Who would win in a 10rd boxing match Mayweather or Brock Lesner.
Put him in a mama or ufc ring and like Brock Lesner learned quick he ain't that ba…
I added a video to a playlist Joey Diaz goes on an amazing rant about Brock Lesner, Khabib, Connor
Thos match is for men wit a strong heart like Roman, The Brock Lesner & Samoa Joe & nt for a weak…
Brock lesner o wait sorry forgot he doesn't have to be on the show
It got to now be Batista vs Brock lesner for wwe heavy weight championship 30
Agreed that choice still makes no sense you can't have someone that small as Reacher. Next week Spike Dudley as Brock Lesner
I know you beat Samoa Joe and brock lesner. And you will win the title... ☺☺☺
Braun strowman would not have a standing chance against Brock Lesner because the be…
Undertaker vs john cena rock and brock lesner
Brock Lesner is a walking slab of ham
Here's how this plays out Braun Strowman beats Reigns down Brock Lesner F5 the Ix…
So who is going to face Brock lesner
Anything other than Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesner at Summer Slam for the title is a huge disappointment.
What a great match is going between this two player, Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe. Winner of this match will face Brock lesner in Summer slam.
main event 🕣 as Roman Reigns takes on Samoa Joe w/the winner facing the Brock Lesner atfor the
Not as much as Randy Orten after Brock Lesner
I swear they got nothing but Brock Lesner fights playing today smh
Watching this UFC classics right now. On Brock Lesner. This man was a beast!!
my money is on money says he will beat up Brock Lesner
This is when he becomes the to face brock lesner for the at
Roman Reigns takes on Samoa Joe tonight for number 1 contender for Brock Lesner title at summer slam which holds next month.
Hey why not try to get Brock lesner vs Shane carwin in a grappling match? That would make big numbers
When Connor gets knocked. He'll go back to ufc. This is just money. That's it. It's like Bro…
And then he will defeat Brock lesner and become the undisputed longest raiding wwe universal champion
We want see Brock Lesner vs Ryback please wwe we waana
Tease your girl with neck kiss . Hold him tightly from the back . And give her a Brock lesner Suplex
WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 lesner vs Samoa Joe for Universal Ch...
How hard hitting would a Brock Lesner vs with both in their prime have been?
Finally the streak is put to an end by brock lesner (21-1)
Nate Diaz again 😂 Brock lesner, maybe Jon jones 🤔 possibly hulk hogan. Still waiting for Conor to appear on WWE as well lol
Brock Lesner will end the Roman Empire before it begins!!
We are About the watch Samoa Joe and BROCK LESNER
Hai ! I think brock lesner will beat mark hunt at ufc 200! Then he come back to wwe
Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Ray Lewis, Brock Lesner, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, Jim Carrey, Lionel Messi, etc...I can go on and on..
Goldberg beating Brock lesner. What a short match.
Wow!!! That is something great SummerSlam. "Goldberg defeat brock lesner in just 1 mint 30 seconds"!
I saw that Brock Lesner and Goldberg match. LOL WWE going to *** for booking a 2 minute match.
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Two thundering spears and a jack hammer is all Goldberg needed to take out the beast, Brock Lesner...all this in...
I liked a video from Goldberg Vs. Brock lesner face to face on RAW 2016 HD
I liked a video Goldberg real attack brock lesner in wwe best spear
Goldberg the Conqueror demolishes the 'best' Brock Lesner in one minute few seconds of their WWE fight of the...
Breaking news: Brock Lesner has officially entered the 2017 royal rumble match in San Antonio Texas. At the Alamodome.
Just watched Goldberg V Lesner Have to say, Goldberg is in the running for longest entrance. Brock in the running for easiest payday
yes beat brock lesner. I have always sport you . Since my childhood i like goldberg and undertaker. Salute you goldberg
I added a video to a playlist GOLDBERG Vs. BROCK LESNER!!
That Shocked moment when Goldburg defeated brock lesner in just 1 mint 30 seconds
I don't like WWE being so lazy with their product which is wrestling. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesner is something serious. People took it serious
Y'all praising Goldberg too much..Brock lesner likes forgiving old pple
Brock lesner is better than goldgurg Brock rematch and beat gold burg
Brock lesner please take. rematch with goldgurg and beat gold burg
When someone said beat Brock Lesner In less than a minute, omg he was mad I was happy.
Faaam... did you see Goldberg vs Brock Lesner? Oh boy.
Yeah and theaundertaker must really feel bad letting Brock Lesner, beat his streak.
the Brock - Orton fight was okay imo, couldn't see Lesner losing & ending it as TKO only showed that Brock is a beast!
and the final result will be just like at Survivor Series. Goldberg (Imran Khan) vs Brock Lesner (Status Quo).
Jay will squash your *** .. Your like Brock Lesner vsing Goldberg... Two spears and a jackhammer and you're done!
Lol. Goldberg beat Brock Lesner in less than 3 mins last Sunday. I'm so amayzed! What a WA.
and your greatest insult is last night at survivor series, when brock lesner beaten & victimised by :-D :-D
Did not know that Brock Lesner was in the NFL at one point too.
Q:How to defeat Brock Lesner in 3 minutes?. A:Simple! Two spears and a jackhammer. And your work is finish.😂
This is the best one yet!!! You are Brock Lesner and don't try and deny it!!
Goldberg destroys brock lesner and kick his *** in just 2 and half minutes 😍
Survivor series was good, but the Goldberg vs Brock Lesner match was meh at best
Is Brock Lesner still is a great fighter? Kick boxing is really not for you Lesner,lol, shame Paul what did you say then after the match
Goldberg Destroyed Brock Lesner in 1:37.Does anyone Actually Stand a Chance at the Royal Rumble, I think Not..
Loved it !! brock lesner is a chutiya in front of Goldberg !
Goldberg Gives His Statement at Monday night Raw about Deafiting The Beast Brock Lesner at Survivor: via
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Brock's last name isn't Lesner by any chance?
I can't beleive Brock Lesner agreed to an ending like this!! I mean he can destroy Goldberg in real life so...
*** Goldberg streamrolls all over Brock Lesner. Match over in under 5 mins.
My Prediction is he will win the royal the title from Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania and then loose it to Brock Lesner
Idc what y'all say Goldberg is the Brock lesner can never defeat him lol
People really making all these reaction videos to Goldberg vs Brock Lesner? At the end of the day it was a PPV that the most hyped up match-
beat LESNER just 1:25 second in survivor series 2016 after 12 years
Goldberg beating Brock Lesner at Survior Series made me mad
You gotta tackle adversity in your life like Bill Goldberg tackled Brock Lesner.& with that being said, goodnight.
Brock. lesner...ha ha ha ha ha..belive that
Brock Lesner took a L, Brock Osweiler took a L this week lookin bad for all Brocks
I liked a video from Goldberg vs Brock Lesner - Survivor Series 2016 REACTION +
Guys WhatsApp Status be like "at the gym" Since 2014.. Brother are you going to fight Brock Lesner or Floyd Mayweather or o…
Bro think about how stupid Kevin Dunn is...He tried to get Brock Lesner booed
Was so amazing when Randy Ortan gave RKO to Brock Lesner. So gutsy coming to raw and doing that..
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probably lots of people. John Lovitz, Tina Turner, Brock Samson, Brock Lesner.
Heavyweight future?? Connor McGregor taking on Brock Lesner... If money could talk it would ask for this fight!!
For Venom, I'd say Brock Lesner. He looks like 616 Eddie Brock, and I could definitely see him in a Venom suit with some CGI.
At WWE's roadblock who will win Bray Wyatt are Brock lesner ht…
Taker vs Brock lesner one of wwe's bloodiest matches
Cage is pure badass right now. He's a real machine. Bigger badass than Brock Lesner.
Can't be fitness issues. He's been there for almost 2 months. Unless they want him looking like Brock Lesner
yeah, I don't think Brock Lesner ever played over Manning. You should be a sports analyst.
Didn't Broncos whistle in broke down Peyton to take over from Brock Lesner?
Maybe they thought they were signing Brock Lesner
A bunch of women, just for some GI named Joe Ryan like brock lesner to kill whole country running around with a machine gun at end of comic
You seek dissing, taking jabs, get your boxing on. Cause you ain't get the word, I'm Brock Lesner in the octagon.💯
My fevret wwr suprstar the best brock lesner
OK so am I the only one who thinks that the Wyatt family and Brock lesner would have been awesome for
are you going to beat Brock lesner.
Brock Lesner is the guy who can rip apart anyone in the wwe roster
Brock lesner is ready for Bray Wyatt challenge at roadblock . Bray eat sleep conquer repeat..
that is good! but i'd make it Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesner and Nakamura vs Cesaro
I had a TLC match against Brock Lesner
I need to fight with Brock lesner the stupid paul Heyman's guy
Dean Ambrose was not beat the Brock lesner in wrestlemania .
Let's just be honest, people; Brock Lesner is going to GO THROUGH Bray Wyatt. He's entertaining at taking a beating.
be nice guys...pull a Brock Lesner on him & catch him outside
Remember when axel was the same level as Brock lesner via Paul hayman ?
that man is a weak punk! He can't even beat Brock Lesner let alone your own brother! Shane is better than your punk *** hubby.
Too bad he couldn't hijack Brock Lesner. On that note, at he won't get the job done.
I think it's time for you to unleash the beast brock lesner on that fat turd Kevin Owens
is Mc man going to pay of Undertaker to loose like he did with Brock Lesner
Shan'o with the brock lesner style of knees
go on a no hold bars match against Brock Lesner and Dean Ambrose or have no limbs?
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Can we please get Brock Lesner Guy a new tshirt??
"No chance in *** my granddaughter is throwing herself to Seth Rollins or Brock Lesner! Both won't do nothing but ruin-
Brock Lesner... The beast reincarnate. Well your time has come. *Grinned darkly and calls *
can a girl dream? *** lol. It's in Chicago, Shane and Brock Lesner will both be there.
Finally Wwe Did something which is best for business by announcing Brock Lesner Vs Bray Wyatt at RoadBlock.
Brock lesner vs Bray Wyatt at wwe roadblock
Only one can beat the dedman who is brock lesner
Look at the reaction of Brock lesner.Believe That
Only one person I'd be to scared to get into the pit with Brock Lesner
are you kidding it's all about Brock lesner
Kevin Owens vs Brock lesner please make the match.
I love watching fight Roman vs Brock Lesner !!!
Another match for WrestleMania 32 is Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesner in a no holds barred match!!
I'm I the only one that wants to see Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesner one last time.
"You can sell your soul to the devil, but YOUR *** belongs to BROCK LESNER."
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I don't care what you say, Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesner is THE main event at Wrestlemania. I only watch because my kids w…
That's what they're saying mate! Brock Lesner and Bray Wyatt feud too (that would be so sick).
under taker play like a GENUINE PERSON.BROCK is always BROCK LESNER
Brock Lesner is robbed against the Undertaker
impossible I not believe it yet. There will have to be a revenge tonight to raw! Heyman counting on you and on Brock Lesner!
undertaker boxing up Brock lesner and Lesner UFC undertaker wild match!
At WWE the Fena Undertaker defeated Brock Lesner he is Mr.Wresltminia
Wow, so glad Brock Lesner beat The Undertaker again and I am being sarcastic.
Every fans reaction when the bell was sounded during the Undertaker / Brock Lesner match
. it was a fantastic summerslam .most awaited Brock lesner vs the undertaker
:o Undertaker collapses after beating Brock Lesner at the Summerslam in spite of taking 3 F5s including...
Undertaker is not real winner. The Real Winner is Brock lesner. Ok
Brock Lesner and The Undertaker are still alive lmfao that just made my day
Summerslam was awesome . Undertaker Vs Brock Lesner . Rollins vs Cena . These both are stealing the show
The match between Brock Lesner and the Undertaker confused me
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Main Event time. The phenom, the deadman, The Undertaker going one on one with the beast, the one in 22-1, Brock Lesner.
The ending to the Brock Lesner vs Undertaker was disappointing. Ugh.
Brock Lesner broke him. Undertaker is Goat of WWE, he's the Brett Farve of WWE too
Watching undertaker and Brock lesner has been the highlight of my life
Brock Lesner kicks out of the tombstone . .
no I'm still watch the ppv it's Brock lesner vs under taker let's go taker clap clap clap clap clap
Brock lesner be acting like he still in ufc
Brock Lesner Vs Undertaker is what I'm waiting for tonight.
Crazy to see Brock Lesner and the Undertaker still wrestling
the undertaker finally takes the controversial victory over Brock lesner. All *** is gonna break loss after this victory
did you just beat Brock Lesner at summerslam?
you know what's funnier than the undertaker's laugh tho ? when Cesaro entered the ring my mom was like is that brock lesner ?
When Brock Lesner is an old man he is going to have some massive man boobs
No way Brock Lesner beats the undertaker that pisses me off lol
Brock lesner did the most epic thing before he pass out
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Please, don't make Brock the replacement for Taker. Bring someone new big and strong to kick Lesner's ***
I gotta give that match to Brock Lesner. Taker did tap out
I will forever hold hate for Brock lesner
Undertaker defeated Brock lesner but undertaker tapped out first.. ion understand
. It's not a deserving victory ✌. Brock lesner didn't pull out. So how can we say that taker won ???. I'm a big fan of taker
Brock Lesner won that match, I don't care.
can't believe how Brock lesner lost.That was one of the biggest screw jobs in wwe history.
I am so happy that the Undertaker defeated Brock Lesner at WWE Summerslam
That brock lesner taker match was kinda pointless
Brock lesner should have won that fight
Once again Brock Lesner defeat Undertaker. This proved that Undertaker should retire
This goes down in history forever. Undertaker tapped out & Brock Lesner fake passed out. They rang the bell prematurely
Brock lesner can't beat undertaker again bro ... If he do I will stop watching wrestling
Undertaker just killed Brock Lesner, this is history
What was that in Undertaker vs. Brock Lesner
Update: Brock lesner just defeated the Undertaker due to a tap out
Just watched the last few minutes of Brock Lesner vs Undertaker. One *** of a finish.
Brock Lesner is going back to the Grave. Lesner goes Night Night. Undertaker Wins by Submission
drops the ball again and gives the Undertaker the win over Brock Lesner. C'mon guys move on. Undertaker has been horrible for 20 years
*** after fighting Brock lesner don't no one sells an injury...yo *** will be hurting
Brock Lesner Vs. BellKeeper Monday Night Raw! Bellkeeper wins when he rings the bell.
The world just witnessed Brock Lesner get screwed at
Can't believe they let Brock Lesner swear and flip off Taker at not normal for
What an epic battle between Brock Lesner & the Undertaker..
Undertaker chet with brock lesner. Brock vs taker match are fixd
This is the only way to beat the beast Brock lesner
Taker is a shell of what he used to be, Brock Lesner won and made Taker tap.
Just finished watching wwe Brock lesner vs Undertaker
Thou Shalt Not Provoke the Beast. Taker clearly tapped out to brock lesner the beast.
The beast incarnation Brock Lesner, needs to plan on in injuring HHH, HBK, Kane. I ask Paul. fights
I hope Brock Lesner returns tonight but highly doubt that
I wish Brock Lesner would come out and F5 Nigel Farage, ay
The Brock lesner in me is bout to come out in gamestop and start F5ing everyone
midget Bulls, cat loving Canadians & Brock Lesner. Wrestling is what we the fan make it. It's Theater of the mind.
can't even beat Brock lesner,your getting old crap actor,don't like you
Imagine Brock Lesner saying the word 'Jerk' would you take him seriously?
JBL, I have tears in my eyes. Brock Lesner lost my respect after what he did. Support Steph suspending him.
Also, can we just make Becky Lynch the female Brock Lesner? Just let her come in; pumphandle suplex people into oblivion; and then leave.
Brock Lesner is really a beast And I know that.
Brock lesner you thought you could slap me around what are you gonna do when I get up after you gave me everything you got
if I was Brock lesner I won't. Able win wreslamaina 30 believe that
brock lesner comes out and the crowd go MILD
Brock lesner way too angry for losing his title to Seth Rollins .
What about Brock Lesner, high school & NCAA standout & champion, WWE great, and UFC champion.
get in the ring with the hulk in his prime or the rock a former Football player or brock lesner
how about Jerome Iginla or Marion Hossa maybe even Brock Lesner
Carlton need to bring on brock lesner
is going to face brock lesner at Mania32.
every time somebody misspells Brock Lesnar as Brock Lesner I want to smack them
AND THEN BROCK LESNER GOT Cashed in scores on and scurried away as the
Seth Rollins cashed in his money in the bank on Brock Lesner and became champion. Tell him he'll understand 😂
I remember hating Brock Lesner when he in WWF
.is scum. Teach Brock Lesner how to skate and he could do what Rinaldo does. He'd probably do it better to be honest
Yep. Striker and Vamp have grown on me to the point I don't want Brock Lesner killing them.
I take it this year's joke is to do a b*tch out like Seth Rollins did on Monday Night Raw when pissing off Brock Lesner 😂
do you think Brock Lesner should really be 'suspended' from the wwe?
I liked a video from Brock lesner Vs Mike Tyson
Will be coming up soon, will be speaking some Brock Lesner too
Brock lesner shouldn't be back anytime soon pls.. That man is too wild
I remember brock lesnar post surviver series 2002 when lesner was pinned for the 1st time by show!that was the angry lesnar I remember
Brock Lesner quit the WWE to go to the UFC, so he went to a real respectable sport that takes hard work, then he lost a big fight and quit..
LOL at the guy who called the FAN and brought up ric flair and brock Lesner
Well this is proof of why it was a bad idea to resign Lesner. What the heck was that. Brock you are a sore loser.
lol The Brock Lesner on and the Rene Young one was funny
He said pacquaio gonna do a Brock lesner and end mayweather's winning streak loool like undertaker's
i saw brock lesner as hungry lion in WM & next day Raw, its been so long that somebody hurt the WWE crew after attitude era
.then maybe jbl, booker t, Michael Cole and the camera men that suffered at the hands of Brock lesner wouldn't have been hurt.
maybe if Seth Rollins wasn't such a coward and given Brock lesner a world heavyweight championship rematch like he wanted.
That effing annoying moment when Roman Reign and Brock Lesner is having a great match and Seth Rollins just shows up in the middle. -_-
Brock lesner's *** look like pimple can I just pop them.
I like to think of interviews as me cutting an amazing promo in why i will suplex all the other candidates like Brock Lesner at Raw.
can give a fight to Brock Lesner as well
Brock Lesner is the best thing to happen to the WWE in a long long time
Brock Lesner.Then, Now and Forever...Brock is the only real Champion in WWE rest is just dancing on ur fingers.
I wish Brock Lesner would stay for Extreame Rules
hope Roman Reigns wins the WWE champion on Wrestlemaina plz big fan love Brock Lesner but more of the Reigns fan Wrestlemaina
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