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Broad Channel

Broad Channel is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. It occupies the southern portion of Rulers Bar Hassock (known colloquially as Broad Channel Island ), which is the only inhabited island (pop.

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Good morning. Because of planned work, there are no A trains between Broad Channel and Mott Av. Shuttle…
What a day! From West Indian Parade to Broad Channel to Coney Island. NYC's diversity and love of life is one of a kind!!! htt…
b/d There is no Rockaway Park [S] service b/t Rockaway Park and Broad Channel due to signal problems at Rockaway Park.
And Howard Beach, Broad Channel and the west end of Rockaway won't be endorsing de Blasio
Blue ribbons up to support on Cross Bay Boulevard in Broad Channel
Thank You for all the early support, please share this page with all your friends and local businesses in South Ozone Park, Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Woodhaven, Broad Channel, Lindenwood & The Rockaways. Also share with youth athletic groups and let your voice be heard on this page that the team and stadium is wanted and would be supported in the area, make the choice easy for ownership Thank You
Everybody in The Rockaways and Broad Channel, NY have a wonderful, safe Mardi Gras!
Some guy just pulled over and asked me where broad channel is i did him a solid and sent him the opposite way
Fine broad from channel 7 here. Gotta shoot this shot.
My MTv music channel broad cast day 2
there's pic updates for STTP last night with Moon and Yoon Jin! but cant open it! huh!
I don't think about theme, I channel off my broad base of knowledge ( psychology and nursing) any specific details I research.
I hate waiting in broad channel waiting to go home 😒😒
b/d, no trains b/t Broad Channel and Far Rockaway due to signal problems at Far Rockaway. Details at
Between the bridges in Broad Channel -
I presume everyone already knows there's a Youtube channel of Ilana from BROAD CITY playing video games while high?
Nobody see that though like you in broad daylight.
sometimes I wanna blow up disney channel's headquarters for even making that broad famous
shes as broad as her living room, to close to tv with one channel; Fox
Nobody wanna see this Disney Channel broad after Beyoncé ...
New WPG GM has a broad range of experience with Microsoft. How that will benefit
Unnecessary long waits at Broad Channel. shuttle is the worse and needs to retire! Improve service
yeah I was in broad channel already :/ :(
Broad channel houses are way to close together 😩
Heh when I ran a channel at MSN, we'd partner with sites who'd try to show us their broad demographics... I'd be like ... 'you
Wait. Yea this channel gotta change. This broad annoying as ***
Jewish Rabbi is killed in Broad Daylight. Media refuses 2 call it a hate crime. Why? Jewish Rabbis can't be victims.
I'm broadcasting 'The Sanctuary Movement Broad' live on Come watch and chat! - (9:12pm)
Thank you for your support. Iranians always rely on the best broad cast and this TV channel does just that!
This weekend we have lots on. Friday we have Channel surfer live, our resident dj spinning a broad range of...
GUYS GUYS LOOK - I was watching my local news channel and the commercial for Broad Church came on and I was...
Now at Broad Channel in Far Rockaway. Definately missed my stop
I forgot. Im at work when that is on plus I have no idea what channel its on. Plus this broad didn't know what day. So she pissy w/me
Some of these houses in broad channel came out pretty good looking
Live In Broad Channel N.Y. this Friday Night May 23rd Walker and Symptom 7...come out and have a drink and help returning soldiers.
From flickr: tickled pink: Nmarie has added a photo to the pool:. My garden. Broad Channel, NY
Final performance of today at 3pm. It has been such a pleasure to be part of this amazing production.
Saw two vastly different theater pieces this weekend with Lee Ann Brown that shared a sense of putting fine new wine into old bottles. "Dream of the Red Chamber: a performance for a sleeping audience" brought back Stan Vanderbeek and Lamont Young "Dream Hotel" aesthetics into the 21st Century with a gorgeous goth vibe (and an occasional death-metal--vocal-style nightmare) and really comfortable fold out beds. We found a place directly below the scaffolding where Jim Findlay was overseeing all like a crazy and beneficent benedictine sound monk. When I was asleep Lee Ann said I snored in time with the drone! The second piece was Broad Channel by James Bosley by Up Theater Company at Cabrini Repertory Theater in Inwood. A more meat and potatoes straight play than this is hard to imagine. Also hard to imagine a more compelling one. All the acting was stellar, but shout out to the two "europeans" in the play, Rik Walter and Elissa Middleton who were respectively hilarious and heartbreaking. Broad Channel has o ...
Broad vision of d channel heads and the way they r involving right kind of ppl for right kind of wrk is vry important...ample talent no use
I'm down. Should check out broad channel too: a community built on a sandy bit; NYC Bayou
Chillin in broad channel for a lil 🔫
Fire BBQ going down in broad channel hit me up if your trying to turn up on this beautiful Saturday
Nightmare in broad daylight. Heavens please!!!
Last 2 perfs of Broad Channel Tonight 8p and tomorrow 3p
I went through Broad Channel after your mention the other day. Now traversing the Rockaways and going to Breezy Point.
As an alternate, customers can take the or bus to/from Broad Channel. Please allow additional travel time.
Driving through broad channel right now doesn't seem so safe lol bye rip
:n/b, trains running with delays and no service b/t Broad Channel & Rockaway Park, details at
Telling Artistic Director stop jammin more audience into Broad Channel, its too packed! He says, dont beat yourself up over it.
From Broad Channel, a story of war and family:
Tan lays out six broad goals for govt - Channel NewsAsia
President Tony Tan lays out six broad goals for Singapore govt - Channel News Asia
Hi rajdeep iam wondering if your channel broad casting in uk? If yes what platform sky? Or virgin? Very eager to know that
but it's an old one T_T 2011, I guess? Ah anyway it will be broad casted on KBSWorld, I don't have any idea for KBS2 channel
what?!?!?! Do you know who we got yesterday??? That boring Asian broad from channel 4 news.
I go away for four days and I don't get a tag for living in broad channel ?
You have until May 18th to catch Broad Channel by
Pls chk my review of Broad Channel by
That shows the broad heart of congress men & women ready for the bigger ship. Your channel cornering congress is your desperacy
SOLD OUT TONIGHT for Broad Channel. 3 shows left. Best to buy online:
Thursday's performance of Broad Channel is SOLD OUT. Seats left for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Act Now!
In Broad Channel, Queens. What an amazing neighborhood. Taking lots of pictures.
You have leukemia. We're here to help. A leukemia diagnosis is life-changing. At Cancer Treatment Centers of...
I hate everyone in broad channel omg
This is what Broad Channel is planning in honor of fallen Officer Guerra.. Spread the word. ATTENTION BROAD CHANNEL: As you may have heard the funeral mass for Police Officer Dennis Guerra will be held at St. Rose of Lima in Rockaway on Monday. The motorcade will be passing through Broad Channel prior to the mass. We were thinking it would be nice to have our community show our support to his family. Lets all meet at the memorial mall wearing our Broad Channel/BCAC apparel promptly at 10:30 on Monday. Please share this status and spread the word.
1232 Cross Bay Blvd, Broad Channel, NY - my wife and I work for the City. Come see why recovery is difficult.
Broad Channel always has been a place where we help one another. One of our stores needs a little help this winter. Hamberry's (on the corner of 8th road) is having a rough winter with the bad weather and some BC residents not being back in BC since the Hurricane. Paul the owner of Hamberry's does not know I am doing this. Wouldn't he be surprised if he saw some extra traffic this week and next week to help him make it through the winter. People stopping by for some milk and bread. I would hate to see another store closed in Broad Channel. Thank you for helping keep one of our stores in business.
Boutique or broad agency -it doesn't matter, you need an expert. Good piece from via
the channel four bods have gone very quite. They know what sells showing a broad range of different people does not
Just posted a 6.07 mi run - No idea of pace, some big hills, up to Summit and over Broad Lane but so ...
Channel 4 seem to have a broad range of guests tbf :P
Ilana from Broad City has a youtube channel where she gets high and plays videogames and I really want to be her best friend
When I lived in College point from 1979-83, this was right up the block from us. It had real good German-American food! Five Corners, aptly named because 14th and 15th Avenues and 127th Street come together here, boasts several venerable houses. Five Corners Restaurant may have been an old roadhouse along 14th Avenue, a very old route that dates back to College Point’s beginnings. A very old house across the street now has a For Sale sign (4/06) and may not last. College Point, excluding Broad Channel (which is on its own eponymous island) and the towns along the Rockaway Peninsula, is the most isolated neighborhood in Queens. It is separated from its closest neighbor, Whitestone, by the Whitestone Expressway and the giant empty field that used to be Flushing Airport, and from Flushing by the expressway and the massive College Point Industrial Park.
this nicca on the Id channel kirked out: stabbed this broad till the knife broke, then beat & stomped her till he was tired.
Sky Sports to broadcast IPL from 2015: Bangalore  :  Renowned British television channel Sky Sports will broad...
Danske Bank: $GBPCHF - focus turning higher again within broad bull channel. buy for an objective of 1.5125. Place stop
Guess who's stranded at the broad channel stop?
I need some broad channel in my life
Still selling 10 dollar raffles for the broad channel volunteer fire department. Anyone interested please get ahold of me
Broad Channel will be proud tonight .. Timothy J Ott shows how it's done .. Everyone says they fish .. Everyone says they catch .. Numbers tell the truth Hot Tuna !!! 9pm
season 3 premiere tonight 9pm check out our boy outta Broad Channel NYC shaking things up!
when r they picking up the backlog in broad channel? Prob cant get down unplowed side streets
Channel 125 for anyone who likes tattoos. Inkmaster is class!
In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the merciful. Truly to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return (Holly Quran 2:156) In the Almighty name of God , I hereby officially announce the passing on of my strongest, most prayerful, forever patient, loving and caring Mother (Alahja Bakare aka Mama Orelope) who returned to Allah January 24th 2014. Although, we are never ready to say goodbye to you, our arms are empty and our hearts are filled with tears but thanks be unto Him for his grace and life well spent. Alhaja, your love for your children was special and unconditional, you made all efforts to keep us happy and guided us unto the right path with prayers, your kindness, hospitality and cheerful disposition made you stand out among relatives. She was survived by children, Grandchildren, great grandchildren, In-laws and Families. All fb friends around me can Please join me in celebrating Home going and 40 days Fidau prayer for my Mum at The American Legion Post 1404 Located at 209 Crossbay Blvd Broad ...
A broad plot with reference to the event of the automotive channel: .EME
Please come and share "memories" of all the "old Rockaways." You are welcome to share pics of Playland, Rockaway Park, Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, Belle Harbor, Neponsit, Breezy Point, Arverne, Hammels, Far Rockaway High School, JHS 180, Beach 116th Street, Shorefront Parkway and Boardwalk, Beaches, Mott Avenue, Broad Channel, etc... This is "largest memory group for 'all of Rockaway'." Everyone is welcome to our non-hate group. Please join "Friends of the Rockaways" at
Really proud that several of my friends from my small hometown of Broad Channel, NY have started to become reality TV stars. From the Tubridy boys ( Dee Tubridy , Maurice Murphy , Terence Tubridy , and Seean Tubridy ) of Bungalow Bar on Bar Rescue , to Tom Werther on Food Network's Chopped, and then starting tonight, Timothy J Ott on Wicked Tuna , I am happy for all of your success. (Now, I just hope and pray that my brother (Snoopy) doesn't continue the reality-show trend by appearing on an episode of Cops).
Cant v have any news channel with broad coverage, which shows news other than delhi also. Only in south africa ***
Broad Channel's finest Timmy Ott!! 2morrow at 9!!. "The boss is back to settle the score.
Just came into Broad Channel from H.B...Cross Bay Blvd in wildlife sanctuary is starting to freeze over..oad very slippery,,,drive carefully
BBC, the only channel I value for news.Truly international, broad-based reportage& well rounded,detailed analyses.
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This msg displays on the screen on "This Channel is of from Broad Caster's end" is anyone else having the same issue??
Lol the pretty girl broad caster from channel 13 is at my house😂
On my way to work and the A train is stopped on the tracks right over the water, on the bridge between JFK and Broad Channel! Something is stuck between the rails and the emergency brakes! We've been sitting here for 45 mins...pray they resolve this soon and/or evacuate us safely off this train.
Hello Mimes, I am a former Mime who runs a theater comapny in Inwood (just over the University Heights bridge). We are looking for a young actor for our upcoming production (our 6th). Please see the casting notice below. If you have any questions, please contact me at laura Thanks, Laura Fois Bosley (FC 87) UP Theater Company ( a professional theater company located in Inwood seeks a young male actor for their Spring Production of BROAD CHANNEL by JAMES BOSLEY. Now in its 5th year, the company presents new work that challenges audience's preconceived notions of who they are and creates work that is relevant to an urban audience. We are holding auditions on Feb. 22 @ 4-7 pm in Inwood. BROAD CHANNEL OPENS: April 30-May 18th. Rehearsals begin April 1st in INWOOD, evenings and weekends, mostly. Performances at the Cabrini Repertory Theater in Wasington Heights. Produced under an AEA Showcase Code. Synopsis of BROAD CHANNEL – A struggling blue-collar Queens family comes to blows when t ...
One African-American man was killed and another was beaten in Howard Beach, Queens, New York, in a racially charged incident in December 1986 that heightened racial tensions in New York City. The dead man was Michael Griffith (1963–1986), a 23-year old man who was born in Trinidad and who lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He was killed after being hit by a car on December 20, 1986. Griffith was chased onto a highway by a mob of white youths who had beaten him and his friends. Griffith's death was the second in a string of three infamous racially motivated killings of blacks by white mobs in New York City in the 1980s. The other victims were Willie Turks in 1982 and Yusuf Hawkins in 1989. Late on the night of Friday, December 19, 1986, four black men, Michael Griffith, 23; Cedric Sandiford, 36; Curtis Sylvester, 20; and Timothy Grimes, were riding in a car when it broke down in a deserted stretch of Cross Bay Boulevard near Broad Channel. Three of the men walked about three miles north to seek help ...
The merits as respects following in lieu of an business broad side foremost an online bugle call channel: HcMxIrcv
Broad Channel Civic. - Eco Watchers Jamaica Bay. This one's for you. . . .
I just spent like literally 2 and a half hours watching every video on Broad City's youtube channel.
HEAR YE HEAR YE ALL OF ROCKAWAY lets ALL MEET AT BarBQ Belle Harbor yaght club sunday 12 noon meet greet exchange info and have a well deserved GOOD TIME !! from Bayswater to broad channel and Howard Beach as well happy event on Sunday so friends from Bays water can attend as well can somebody have a KOSHER GRILL FOR OUR FRIENDS AS WELL
Weather channel is now saying expecting 10-20 inches? Isn't that a little broad!
Anyone with a car wanna give me a ride to broad channel? Stuck in broke down
Portland ratepayer lawsuit: City Council has broad authority, but should judge ... - The Oregonian: The Portla...
yep baby is going to Dubai, do you know what tv channel will broad cast that?
After waiting 30 min at Broad Channel watching an A pass us by, I made it in only to find out from the computerized updates at Grand Central that the A & C trains are suspended outdoors to the Rockaways. YIKES! My reaction: HELP...i Need somebody, HELP not just anybody...H E L P I need a TRAIN home...thankyou John,Paul,George & Ringo.
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10-20 inches. Sounds extremely broad. You are terrible. Weather channel says 9-12. Can't wait to see how wrong you are!
As soon as Broad City comes on I immediately change the channel. Just a horrible show.
Then Broad City comes on and the channel is changed
I remember like 30 of us took a train ride to south street seaport and we were drinking Palo viejo needless to say only about 5 came back and even on the way back james was taking a *** in between train cars and lmao smurf went to tell a cop. the cop asked all of us what stop we were getting off we all said Far Rockaway he then asked james you know what stop your getting off? Next one and made james get off @ broad channel
More excited to change the channel before broad city starts than I am for the new workaholics.
I don't care what anyone thinks...I just bought $70 Northface snow gloves with thick insulation and I'm thrilled. No one knows what it's like waiting for that A train at Broad Channel between 5:45 & 6am unless you're out there. These aught to do the trick cause I can't feel my fingers after 5min.
The guy on location at the court on channel 4 was getting yelled at by some broad off camera on live tv...couldn't be me, bruh
I'm passionate about such a broad variety of things. If only I could channel all that passion into my studies. I'd be in…
Lorre isn't the only one to CBS it up, they are a broad channel for broad audiences, and Gerwig'll have to broaden it up.
Go Phil & Lew Goldfeder Announces Residency Rebate on Cross Bay Bridge Will Continue for Broad Channel and Rockaway Families Goldfeder introduces legislation to eliminate toll for every resident in Queens Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) announced that for the third consecutive year, Rockaway and Broad Channel residents will be reimbursed for their travels over the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge in Rockaway, Queens. After push from Goldfeder, Governor Cuomo has once again included the residency rebate program in his executive budget. “Following my successful election in 2011, I made the elimination of the toll on the Cross Bay Bridge a priority and immediately delivered for the residents of Broad Channel and Rockaway by bringing back the residency rebate program,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “The extension of the program will continue to put money back in our pockets instead of throwing it away on an unfair toll. The Cross Bay Bridge is the only intra-borough bridge toll and I will c ...
Westchester Broad Daylight Burglary: Police have advised Westchester residents to be on the lookout for robber...
MY *** I channel that broad every time that song comes on.. She had that *** Marcus WET!
Following an earlier incident at Broad Channel, Rockaway Park train service has resumed with residual delays.
n/b Rockaway Park trains are running with delays, due to a train with mechanical problems at Broad Channel.
Speaking of the dip in the road where all the campers on the bus braced themselves for it every morning; I am trying to remember the route we took. Someone mentioned Kings plaza on the bridge. I don't believe that was the case. If one took the Belle Harbor Bridge that would leave the bus on the Rockaway side when Broad Channel was on the Howard Beach side. Canarsie people like myself were picked up first. We then picked up a blonde haired girl camper who lived across from Gil hodges on ralph avenue. We must have taken the belt parkway east on flatbush avenue to the Cross bay blvd Howard Beach exit. The dip probably was on Cross Bay blvd. The camp entrance was the last exit to the right before the cross bay blvd bridge. It's now a city park. I drove by the camp in the summer of 1992. All the lockers were smashed in as if it were hit by a missile.
everybody check Sik-Wit-Skillz youtube channel where you can get tons of past and recent music and video..a broad...
Dan Mundy Sr from broad channel calls "a disaster" and brings up SBA loan issue with getting funds.
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I could grind this c channel all day broad day
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Matt Read returning tonight for in Buffalo. This time, with the link to my Broad Street Bull blog:
Winger Matt Read will return to the lineup tonight against the host My Broad Street Bull blog:
News: We have partnered with and Queens/Rockaways and Broad Channel Disaster Long-Term Recovery Group to...
Stop by my EastTNFishing channel on youtube, and watch the featured video "The French Broad Beat Down" I will...
Erica has a filthy mouth. I can't listen to her. Ratchet broad. Turns the channel.
i'll be in Broad Channel at noon to protest the exorbitant rise in flood insurance premiums
Only in broad channel does a group of kids flag down a helicopter when we play soccer Bc we thought they were looking for some fugitive
What channel is broad church on . Is it tonight ?
My goal is to report news for the navy on the Pentagon channel . Same major I was doing in college mass communication & broad casting !
I just want to leave broad channel for good 😡
Link for streaming MBC Gayo Daejejeon you can try from this sites:
I'm suffering from broad spectrum this-order
are u guys broad casting ballon d'or tonight? If so time and channel PLS ??
Rally at the American Legion Hall today at noon, Broad Channel.
oh i forgot is ABC channel like SABC? ( South Africa Broad Cast )
guess we're lucky here, SBS our multicultural/lingual tv channel has a broad selection of world movies free to air.
Heavy fog in Broad Channel will not keep me from the dinner tonight!
Due to track work, no Rockaway Park Shuttle, between Beach 90 St and Broad Channel. Details at
Space Station orbit to be screened live on Channel 4: Channel 4 is to screen a live broad...
Anyone know what channel I can find the Sunderland Fulham game tomorrow? Or is it Sunday?
didja know you can catch up on the original Broad City web series on our youtube channel?
Highlights of Tigers win at Louisville and postgame reaction coming up on News Channel 3 at 10pm.
It's more that going from niche to broad almost never improves a channel.
I think more than just Branch transformation, the key is a more broad Channel transformation.
"Channel Drift" is a useful compact term for describing how all niche TV turns into garbage by becoming overly broad:
I've just come across the trailer for the youtube channel "twisted broad" and omg she looks exactly like a friend of mine. She's a clone :O
The National conference should influence a broad-based constitution.
We're at the rally in broad channel. Impressed by the crowd, Rockaway.
The Wall Street Journal editorialized that the Biggert-Waters legislation should not be reversed, or even delayed. This will make flood insurance premiums for anyone living near water to skyrocket. 10 to 20 thousand a year for flood insurance is not a laughing matter. They say it will only affect the wealthy one percent that own beachfront property. Really? Tell that to the people in Broad Channel, Breezy Point, Far Rockaway, Coney Island, Hamilton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Canarsie, Nassau County and Staten Island. That's only New York! We're the wealthiest one percent? Pigs...
While traveling on the bus a weather announcement: A train and shuttle service suspended between Broad Channel and Far Rockaway and 116St in Rockaway Park...signal problems...stay strong thru the storm
This Date In NYC Transit History: Friday, November 23, 1956 [57 years ago]... From the photo collection of the website (as well as the previous status posting below), a terrific amazing night shot view taken on this date back then of an IND Division "A" train of vintage-1948 R-10 type subway cars at the Broad Channel station on the IND Rockaway Line located within the surroundings of Jamaica Bay in the borough of Queens. In 1956, passenger service on the "A" subway route would further be extended from Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn outward to Ozone Park – Lefferts Boulevard on April 29 of that year via the former BMT Fulton Street elevated line there, and later to the Rockaways on June 28 via the former Long Island Rail Road Rockaway Beach route. However, as seen in this image, this "A" train is only going as far to "Wave Crest", the temporary terminal then located at Beach 25th Street in that section of the Rockaways. The new terminal station at Far Rockaway – Mott Avenue would finally be o ...
Now's your chance to check out the latest in library technology! Queens Library will begin lending library customers Google tablets on their library cards beginning November 20. The tablets are part of a donation of 17,000 tablets intended to assist Sandy-affected areas by Google to the New York State Community Action Association through the efforts of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York Department of State. Queens Library was the recipient of 5,000 donated units. The tablets will be loaned from seven Queens Library locations: in Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Arverne, Far Rockaway, Queens Library for Teens in Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park. Customers may borrow them for a month with the option of three renewals for a total of four months.
For service b/n Howard Beach and Rockaway Park take free shuttle that will stop at Broad Channel.
You need to build a channel, from the ground up, with a broad yet laser focused premise. Even ReconMWS is too broad, honestly.
BUILD IT BACK Today there were teams of house raising companies , some from Louisiana, walking around Broad Channel to determine the types of homes and what will be involved with in elevating homes in Broad Channel. THe civic association is working to have the build it back reps speak to the December civic association meeting to give an update now that the registration portion of this program is closed out. WE have expressed our extreme frustration at the pace of this program and would like to find out the details of how this program will move forward now that the second round of fundiing (another 1.3 billion) has been allocated to the city. DUe to the availability of the American Legion Hall we are looking at December 12th for that meeting at this time. We are awaiting confirmation from Build it back reps that this date is confirmed and once that is done we will get out a formal notice. We are hoping to find out when and who will see work such as elevation and rebuilds and hope to see builld it back reps ...
No exaggeration Bayonne is 10x more ratchet than broad channel
Broad Channel Civic Neighbors: If you are thinking you are done with your paperwork with the Build it back program and waiting for them to contact you, you are making a big mistake. Go pop into their office and ask what your status is. As you know we are dealing with Moms house and was surprised to find they still needed 7 documents. 6 of them were already in the computer the lady was using. The nice lady went into her file and marked the forms as complete. Without us going in we would have no idea. They were waiting for us to bring in the forms and we were thinking they were complete. If you filled out your forms in July when they started this guess what! They added 2 or 3 things to the application process since then and didn't alert anyone. It will take you 10 minutes in the office to find out what is going on. I am on my way back now for our house with Fema claim letters, Home owners denial claims, things that they didn't tell me I needed LAST week when I was there.
In must-read map, UWS and Broad Channel disagree again. (cc and
. has arrived. Musicians & artists are always late. The sidewalk show at 8 E. Broad begins soon!
This is what Stop Fema Now is about. From our Broad Channel / Belle Harbor Group, NY group.. Please join us.
Chris Broad looks a lot like Stuart Broad these days, oh wait, Channel 9 are just yards.
Anyone going to P.S.47 to vote in Broad Channel, tell Drusilla Ann Reilly Young to answer her phone.
On Tues., GMs will discuss what may become the Ray Emery Rule. My Broad St. Bull blog on G's reaction
Have never heard about crack so much in broad daylight and on every news channel...oh , I missed you!!
I make da broad get up n change it from channel 2 to 75"Hate when I can't find the remote"
Was excited to see what Channel 10 was going to do in Wake Up. But the bizarrely broad accent of one of the presenters makes me anxious. :-)
This fall we're bringing the Daffodil Project to areas hit hard by Sandy. Photos from our Broad Channel planting:
me a go go a school. Me feel like she me need fi go change the admin broad cast channel to and spread the love
In Broad day-light Looting “The Movies Now HD channel on is in SD quality. No difference.”
Campaigning in Howard Beach &Broad Channel ain't the brightest move on JLho's part
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He watching the sports channel Head , He's reading the newspaper Head , He's running from me Head , He's thinking about having kids (cut
This bus driver must have to go to the bathroom cause he's booking it through broad channel..
I couldn't find any channel broad asting it :( I'm watching FUL - MUN while waiting for Arsenal - Liverpool.
This weekend no trains between Beach 90 Street and Broad Channel. Know at
“We don’t leave. We don’t leave. We’re not leaving town. This is it, this is our town, and we’re staying here.”
Anne from Broad Channel just requested free window replacement quotes ( )
USA TV - Three Bond films on This TV on Saturday: This TV channel across the USA will be broad...
Family rebuilds home after Hurricane Sandy, only to have it torn down: Broad Channel, New Yo...
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Can't even watch the game -__- this broad don't even have the channel!
I remember when i was like 15 and always wanted to go to broad channel for the shaving cream fights .. 😕
We donated new chairs to the American Legion at Broad Channel, we helped the VFW of Broad Channel as well...they...
Pay: Channel Head: A world leader in digital television, Sky has changed the face of broad...
Everyone go watch "thelhsrock" channel on youtube for awesome broad cast videos.
Been down to the Jersey Shore, over to Trenton, out to Coney Island and the Rockaway Peninsula, over the North Fork and across North Jersey.there are still pockets of Sandy. In Far Rockaway just last week the boardwalk is still gone, sand blocks ramps, blocks and blocks of blight...the same at the other end of the peninsula and at Broad Channel and Howard Beach.
Friends - I moved back to NY in August to work at HR&A Advisors managing their portion of the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program, the NY State program to allocate federal disaster relief funding to NY communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. This means I spend a lot of time in places like Breezy Point and other parts of the Rockaways, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Red Hook and Lower Manhattan learning about their community assets and opportunities for rebuilding, resilience, and economic growth. I'm also excited to work with UChicago friends Sulin Carling and Dan Berkovits on this. NY friends - I'd love to see you now that I'm back on the East Coast. And if you live in any of these communities, check out any one of the public meetings I'm organizing from now until February. Next one is tomorrow in Lower Manhattan (below). In honor of Hurricane Sandy, some NY Rising-related photos attached. Katherine
Today my heart is home with all the wonderful people who have made it through this year. The longest, most emotional year where we have relied so much on each other, while being forgotten by so many. It has taken so long and yet gone by so quickly.There are still so many people struggling, still relying on their neighbors and loved ones. We have seen the best in people and the worst in people. We have seen the highest heights and the lowest of lows. And no matter how alone we were, we stood together always. Strength and resilience have kept us going this long and will keep us going ever after.To my friends that risked their lives that night - Thank you and I love you, nobody tells you that enough. To my family that became closer and more supportive as we cried and carried each other - Thank you and I love you. And to all of the Organizations in Broad Channel, Rockaway, and Howard Beach who rose to the challenge and provided relief - Thank you!!! And to every Stranger who became a friend (Adam, Nikki ...
Undetermined weekend schedule, but at this point it includes studying for my midterm on Wednesday and writing a GOTV theme song. Good Shabbos from Bill de Blasio for Mayor - Rockaway and Broad Channel headquarters!
***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** MEDIA ADVISORY September 25, 2013 Contact: Dan Mundy Jr. mundyfive32to Protest Massive Rise in Flood Insurance Eight States to Have Simultaneous Rallies Broad Channel, NY- On Saturday, September 28th at 12pm at the American Legion Hall in Broad Channel, concerned citizens of Broad Channel along with our neighbors from Howard Beach, Hamilton Beach, Rockaway Beach, Belle Harbor, and Breezy Point will hold a rally to protest the massive insurance rates that FEMA is set to impose on shoreline communities. This rally is one of at least 14 rallies being held simultaneously in eight states including New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Vermont with more joining by the day. The National Flood Insurance Program provides coverage for properties in flood-prone areas that sustain damage from flooding. The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 significantly alters the way flood insurance premium rates under this program are calculated. The Act ...
Nothing worse than the broad channel bridge being up while you're on the A train *** it.
Team Rockaway/Broad Channel office has relocated to the sukkah for the week.
you so do! Start with broad channel first. We need it the most.
After that took the Rockaway Park shuttle to Broad Channel for the shuttle to Howard Beach.
qboro: Arts, Culture & Living: Broad Channel through the eyes of a child
Catching the last moments if the broad channel sunset made the last six hours worth it
Party in broad channel this weekend oyes
Seeing some friends in good ole Broad Channel on Half Way to St Patricks Day! (@ Ruffle Bar)
You can't keep anything a secret in broad channel! I know everything.
This comment is from a group in Broad Channel NY, why they are joining our NATIONAL rally. Very well said Peter...
Why did i agree to do a carry on broad channel drive
"Joe Lhota was a welcomed crowd pleaser, drawing booming cheers of support."
At least I can say I got from purchase to broad channel without getting lost does that give me common sense points?
"...and on Monday, he meowed at parade-goers in Broad Channel, Queens." J-Cats blazes his own trail, by
Sharing a few good laughs at the Broad Channel Mardi Gras Parade with my good friend
Well, we were all at the same parade, and it was in Broad Channel. These guys.
Maybe you should check you NYC maps. That's Broad Channel, you're in. Making people laugh everywhere, Cats!.
Great to see our families enjoying the Labor Day Parade in Broad Channel!
Broad Channel Mardi Gras is the saddest thing I've ever seen
Broad channel: the only town that watches the parade on one side of the street and the races to the other side to watch it again
At 1pm, will march in the Broad Channel Parade w/ Councilman , starting at W. 14th Rd & Cross Bay Blvd,
"Change this broad channel"- Dad. As I'm sure you sitting here watching Lifetime lol
Lmao a broad channel kid got clapped with a brick yesterday
Broad channel can just smd an that kids dad an sister who pressed me they can also smd
Play helps kids after a traumatic event. Volunteers from and rebuild Broad Channel post Hurrican…
This Week's People of the Week are Restoring Fun In produced by
On the A train to from This is a view of Broad Channel wishing everyone a super…
Welcome to Broad Channel's Big Egg Marsh. This natural salt marsh is one of the Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Parks.
Arverne By The Sea LLC selected by city as official rebuilders for Howard Beach, Broad Channel & Rockaway Peninsula
Tonight was such a typical broad channel night
Get 6 Free VitaTops
*well I actually put clothes on today so someone better hangout that doesn't live anywhere in or around broad channel
Is that worse than platform full of people at Broad Channel waitin for S train to get to other side of Rockaways or to leave?
One lane home in broad channel with construction isn't going over well
Broad channel electric beach 2013: via LMAO peep your boy in the grey shorts tehe
Thank you to the members of the Officers Club for stepping up and helping Broad Channel VFD replace 2 Halligans as...
Broad Channel little league and big Thank you for the $5,000 to rebuild their field
too bad I have to get up at 7 in the morning and I'm never going to broad channel
At the game with the Broad Channel Athletic Club
I really hate that Burger King and dominoes don't deliver to broad channel
In Broad Channel section of NYC: the question of whether to defend against sea level rise
With tidal flooding a common occurrence in Broad Channel, the city is considering options to protect the community...
AT&T provides absolutely no service in broad channel ***
Broad Channel, Queens: A beautiful waterfront neighborhood, but too expensive to protect?
The edge of the Severe north of Broad Channel Queens 8/1/11
Feb 10 3:01pm right outside the window of 19th rd in Broad Channel
May 15th, 2009 sunset 7:59pm from Broad Channel
nah broad channel has stepped it's game up over the years. They have sewers now.
Broad Channel was ruined in Sandy. The whole neighborhood was under 8 ft of water. Lol
City jacking up streets of Broad Channel
Broad Channel tell Joe to shoot me the fair one.
Related: Back home after life in war zones, Nathan Deuel finds respite in Broad Channel.
Great news! has agreed to implement overnight bus service on the Q53 route to Broad Channel . DOC009.PDF -
Is Broad Channel, Queens surviving on borrowed time?
but let's talk about raising Broad Channel 3 feet upwards. (it does =NOT AT ALL= resemble a shantytown on stilts)
Inside the perennially flooded Queens community of Broad Channel, and whether it's worth it to shore it up:
Water World: In the quaint Queens hamlet of...: In the quaint Queens hamlet of Broad Channel, flooding from...
NY Times takes a look at long time flooding issues in Broad Channel -
So I decided to go on a 6 mile ride (one way) to Broad Channel and the rain comes !!! @ Jamaica Bay
Residents & officials debate over benefits of restorating of Broad Channel from
“I would love to never have to move,’s not going to get any better.” Broad Channel, Queens. Raising streets 3'.
"a spectacularly beautiful but impractical and dangerous place to live." The future of Broad Channel
Growing up there, never heard Broad Channel described as "oasis with glorious water views." "Alabama of Queens," yes.
Video: Raising Broad Channel, via its better to move than hurting later your friends
When you need a kayak to go up your street every month. NYT video: Raising Broad Channel, with story by
In flood-prone Broad Channel, a place of wading boots and storm markings, debate over plan to raise streets.
The main led to a broad channel between permacrete walls. This had been a lane for bringing in ore, Luke decided; i
Living near water on US East Coast done. Very sad story of residents of Broad Channel NYC
Can't say that I ever thought of Broad Channel as the Queens coast. $20m isn't a whole lot but call me skeptical
NYT on the cost/controversy of saving Broad Channel:
any idea what's going on at the broad channel A train station? Trains being held cause of a police investigation
I have to walk all the way home from broad channel so Im rewarding myself with a family sized bag of sour cream and onion chips
Howard Beach and broad channel are not rockaway
The Iliad: Book 16 Thus did they fight about the ship of Protesilaus. Then Patroclus drew near to Achilles with tears welling from his eyes, as from some spring whose crystal stream falls over the ledges of a high precipice. When Achilles saw him thus weeping he was sorry for him and said, "Why, Patroclus, do you stand there weeping like some silly child that comes running to her mother, and begs to be taken up and carried- she catches hold of her mother's dress to stay her though she is in a hurry, and looks tearfully up until her mother carries her- even such tears, Patroclus, are you now shedding. Have you anything to say to the Myrmidons or to myself? or have you had news from Phthia which you alone know? They tell me Menoetius son of Actor is still alive, as also Peleus son of Aeacus, among the Myrmidons- men whose loss we two should bitterly deplore; or are you grieving about the Argives and the way in which they are being killed at the ships, throu their own high-handed doings? Do not hide anything ...
Whether with their boots on the ground or through comments online and on social media, Paula Deen’s army of supporters has raised itself fully in defense of Savannah’s celebrity cook and restaurateur following her admission of using racially charged language in the past.
Humans and dogs are the only two species known to seek visual cues from another individual's eyes, and dogs only do this when interacting with humans.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Liquid Mix is looking to add an energetic and motivated sales person to its team. A broad knowledge of beverage products and a strong understanding of the on premise channel are integral to this role. If you would like to join WA’s most dynamic on premise beverage wholesaler please contact Ben Murphy via email, ben.murphy
Is it just me, or is voting for one of essentially two parties to run the country once every three years a somewhat antiquated and even autocratic method of government? Shouldn't we now be voting once every fortnight from our computers and laptops and iPads and X-Boxes? And not just voting for a party which then makes decisions on our behalf, but on each issue as it arises?
Thers a reason Y we r brought up everyday n all that we r able to do n offer to others,thers a reason Y we cn still C,hear,feel,breathe n touch,that's Bcos we r destined fr smething,gud,life changing,very broad n adds value to another human all Starts with a beat...In the Heart...Its called PURPOSE...wake up n live with it, do all havin it to direct n channel our lives,We may know wat we plan fr n nt know exactly How to get it,but if its GODs Purpose IT WILL B DONE ,GOD bless us All
I have TV now but the problem is that I am so used to not watching it that I watched a little bit of a few shows and then turned it off.
The Brazilian president will also introduce a new £17bn public transport programme in response to recent mass protests
We Made our two day northward passage without a call to Seatow. The Day started Hung over thanks to the Stanely cup Play offs and Jack, a single sailor on an adventure who is happy and charming. Jack has a contagious Baccus complex or some such excuse for indulging in spirited Libations and is one of our favorite new friends. That morning, Jack made good when we hoisted anchor (chains are so Loud in the AM) and found two additional chains and some rusted, something or other, jetsam attached to Tulum's hook. Espying our cluster F(*&, Jack dinghied to the rescue and untangled the worst of the offending chains. Freed, We slowly motored past the abandoned bridge, offering our thanks and farewells to the inhabitants of Boot Key Harbor via the daily morning VHF radio town-hall called the Marathon Cruisers Net. Love It. While there We met some new friends and Old. I'm happy to say we had a chance to wish Jake and Amy A happy Birthday ( Your present of Rum is aboard and will be drunk in your honor Jake So, I ...
What are your thoughts/opinions on the Paula Deen controversy? -Kathy
'Modi's presence in Uttarakhand made the difference' | Every Indian must read and share how he micro-manged the things... The news report that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi helped in the evacuation of 15,000 Gujaratis from Uttarakhand in two days has come under fire from various quarters. Even if one disputes the figures, Modi's detractors can learn how the entire operation was handled meticulously. Sheela Bhatt reports. A controversy has broken out after a newspaper report that gave huge credit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for leading the team that managed evacuation of 15,000 people, during his two-night stay in a hill state of Uttarakhand. A Non-Resident Indian has even petitioned the Press Council of India for “serious violation of media ethics” for reporting that hugely helped Modi to reinforce his image of being a good administrator. On Monday, the Gujarat government, when contacted by, refused to confirm or deny the exact figures of Gujarati pilgrims helped by the M ...
Watching ID channel.this woman just confronted her husbands mistress...we talking wildebeest.why do men cheat down? I mean straight out the magilla gorilla collection!
What a crazy day today! Gotta phone call at work today telling me my neighbor shot and killed a 15 year old and shot a 2yr old In her leg un broad daylight...Needless to say when I got home they have our road blocked off, channel 12 news is out here and about 100 people outside and on top of that, the police want let me go to my house because its a crime scene. This young man body is still laying in the yard as of now and this shooting happened at 2 today.Please pray for both of these families one lost a 15yr old to Gang volience and another mother lost her son her 18yr old to prison. And pray for my family as well it was by the grace of God my children we not home! With that said I Will Be Breaking my lease.
The Canon VIXIA HF G30 Full HD Camcorder shoots 1920 x 1080p Full HD video at 60 fps in either AVCHD or web-friendly MP4 format. It also supports Native 24p Progressive Mode recording, which will give your footage a more cinematic look. You can use built-in Cinema-Looks Filters to enhance that "film" look as well. The HF G30 is equipped with a Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens with an 8-Blade Circular Aperture for more professional-looking video and stills. The lens provides a 26.8 - 576mm (35mm equivalent) focal length and a manual focus ring that can easily be set to control the zoom instead. The camera also provides a 2.91MP Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor and DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor for wide dynamic range and improved low-light performance. The HF G30 records directly to dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots. You can record to just one or both simultaneously using different formats. The dual card slots also support Relay Recording, which automatically switches video recording to the second memory card w ...
I need a Liberal to answer-I am trying to understand how we are told that we are safer with Government STORING all of our communications, Emails, social media posts in the name of keeping us safe? Not just listening, but storing them to be used against you if EVER needed. Open borders, millions of illegals to be made legal? Who are these illegals? Why is the Southern border wide open but tight as *** on the Northern border? Would they need to search endlessly for terrorists if we had border control. Is there a chance that white Canadians illegally coming to the USA might not vote Democrat? Millions of instant voters to be made of the millions of illegals as they must register to vote while getting their citizenship papers ? No Liberal can argue their point on this without pulling the race card, or admit that they welcome a controlled life. Remember, why is the Government afraid of the people and why are they trying to make us afraid of them? No Liberal will reply, I know.
China! It seems the Chinese girls and boys in the Republic of China are aping the West in most everything but politics! I just had brunch and turned on my tv set to amuse myself. I switched to the Sports channel 211 hoping to catch some badminton events. But it was a table tennis competition in some European country! TO my amusement I saw 4 Chinese girls playing! What struck me was the colour of their dyed hair. Sporting from bright orange to a dull shade of blonde these girls played a lively game against each other. The one which caught my eye frequently was named Liu! Her hair was what caught my attention not her face! Of course they all have the Chinese face as opposed to European or Amercan girls. They have broad noses unlike the aquiline noses of European girls. Their eyebrows were black colour. This Liu girl sported a pony tail hair-do but the colour was most distressing to me. It was a dirty blonde kind of colour. Very light brown! The cameran must be racist. He switched from the Chinese girls p .. ...
Watching the Jodi Arias movie and I thought I was crazy!!! I have nothing on this broad!
First let me say, that this real babymama of Richmond, is beyond rachet, you can't even hear them, camera man riding through broad street and vcu, and these girl doing their own confession in a public school with a spray paint behind them, *turn channel* I can't even deal with them, do something more positive with yourself, than being on my screen with your idk how many baby daddy you have, I don't see how this positive aspect, more like a jump on the wagon with us type of aspect
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Advanced Talent Management Approaches … That You Have Never Heard of (Part 1 of 2) by Dr. John Sullivan Apr 11, 2011, 5:55 am ET Talent management is a broad and contentiously defined discipline, so new approaches and tools are continually emerging. Staying on top of the latest definition or the newest enabling technologies can be overwhelming. As an evangelist of “next practices,” I’ve kept a running list of cool approaches that the average practitioner may never have heard of. I’ve broken them out into six categories, but some of the approaches could easily belong in multiple categories. If you are using one of the approaches, please share your experiences, learning, and guidance using the commenting functionality below. The Long List of “Unknown” or Barely Known Talent Management Approaches/Tools Productivity Improvement Tools •“Free time” and Remote Work Flexibility — almost every firm needs to improve productivity, idea capture, and successful innovation. While many firms now o ...
we're taking the A to broad channel, then the shuttle to 108th
I get my internet upgraded and now I have to pay an extra 10$ month to get Treehouse on my tv.. Heil Shaw
Today I had an epiphany of sorts. I finally understood the glee that George exhibits when he gets Katie all mad and flustered, or when he embarrasses her. We were driving down Taylor Rd headed south towards Broad St. It is a two lane road, nothing major. After flipping through the same 12 radio channels I settled on the '90's channel and turned up the volume. Right Said Fred was on singing their one and only US hit "I'm too Sexy" It has a kicky beat, and is great to lip sync to. So I started a little car dancing chucked in a little singing and you would think that I had just stood up nekkid with my head out the sunroof, steering with my toes. She was all mortified that I was steering with one hand, and I was signing this awful song and I was car dancing, where people could see me, and her. mwa ha haaa haaa haaa
Yeah...I'm pumped for Jodi Arias movie on lifetime at 8. I was sad i missed it the other night n now my moment has come. Have at it!
Not a good day , no ac , was an inch away from being broad sided , and then I got maggots all over my pants on a call and almost puked fml today!
$200 16.5" use for dressage or GP. Has long girth straps. Just this one left. They are deffently for the broad back.As you can see they sit nice and wide through the front part of the gullet area. The back pannels are shaped to sit on the broad back. They have 3 gullet plates. The one that is in it now measures 7" where i have marked the yellow lines. I think the other 2 gullet plates are abit more narrow. good width channel. They have detachable knee pads which i dont have for it at the moment, they will be here in about 7 - 8 weeks and can send you some then if you dont already have your own, the velcro is all there on the saddle for them to be attached to. Is all leather Please PM me if you want this as i just have the one price is plus postage
Councilmember Tyson Holds Bond Package Hearing WHO: Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson WHEN: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 5:00 pm WHERE: Columbus City Council Chambers 90 West Broad Street WHAT: Columbus City Councilmember Priscilla R. Tyson, chair of the Finance Committee, will hold a hearing to discuss the 2013 voted bond package. Voters are being asked to approve four issues on the November ballot worth a combined $842 million. The funds would be used to invest in neighborhoods by building new roads and bridges, purchasing fire and police equipment, and improving recreation centers and playgrounds. The meeting will be broadcast live on CTV, Columbus’ government television channel 3 on local cable systems. Speaker slips will be accepted on the day of the hearing until 5:00 pm and the general rules of speaking before Council will apply.
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