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Britt McHenry

Brittany May Britt McHenry (born May 28, 1986) is an American sports reporter who currently works for ESPN as a Washington, D.C.-based reporter.

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I wish I could have that kind of moral high ground. Her or Britt McHenry is making eyes at me, the las…
What's more pathetic -- Britt McHenry thinking she will ever revamp her career or you thin…
Britt Mchenry has become a sad sad individual
We should add britt mchenry from ESPN to the list of woman saying ridiculous things and being blond
Britt McHenry... this isn't "fake news". I have the entire feed saved. Stop being a coward, woman up, unblock me, and…
The only thing I found not to like about this was the reminder that Britt McHenry exists. Everything else, bravo.
Folks, please ignore Britt McHenry. Since ESPN dropped her *** she has to resort to kissing up to the fox news crow…
Craig Sager's daughter with the absolute bomb on pathetic Britt McHenry's smack on Craig Sager Jr. This is an amazing ta…
Maybe Britt McHenry will sit her sorry *** down somewhere now
What Britt Mchenry said about Sager is horrible. She's not good enough to suck my dog's *** Hey Britt, let me sto…
Britt McHenry: ESPN pulling announcer Robert Lee off game 'a reflection of ...
So let her be critical of Kaep. J.J. Watt raised over 35 million to help people,…
(Ms. Fair and Balanced he have 1st Amend right to protest) It's 'a joke' GQ honored Colin Kaepernick
Britt McHenry, Tomi Lahren...who are the last two of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse?
The only difference between Tomi Lahern and Britt Mchenry is height
If you don't acknowledge that there's a problem you're part of the problem. Which is why I now hate Britt Mchenry
Do you know who i am... I’m Britt McHenry... ya I’m gonna listen to your stuck up opinion🙄
Britt McHenry is legitimately the worst. That’s all.
Does anyone really give a *** about what says about Hes donated to donzens of chariti…
Raise your hand if you despise Britt McHenry:
Let keep this going!!~Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry called out GQ Magazine for naming Colin Kaepernick “Citize…
- this is ur new hire??? It really is all about appearance huh? Watch: ESPN's Britt McHenry Insults Towin…
Ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry says its a joke GQ named Colin Kaepernick its Citizen of the Year ...e/ex-espn-rep...
Ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry says it's 'a joke' GQ named Colin Kaepernick its 'Citizen of the Year'
Britt McHenry, ex-ESPN reporter, blasts GQ for naming Colin Kaepernick 'Citizen of the Year'
Britt McHenry is a fan of Daniel Murphy Hates *** Never woulda guessed.
Comparing Jemele Hill to Trump is stupid. Compare her to: Britt Mchenry, John Clayton, Mark May, Curt Schilling, Jay Crawford, Jerome Bettis
Ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry continues to act like a jerk
Yes Britt McHenry, THAT is why you were laid off... 🙄
Two months out of the picture, Britt McHenry briefly reinserted herself into the ESPN drama
"Openly conservative" Britt McHenry suggests politics played role in her ESPN departure
Britt McHenry implies she was laid off from for being conservative.
Britt McHenry hints that ESPN fired her because she’s conservative.
Reporter Britt McHenry suggests ESPN fired her due to conservative beliefs
Britt McHenry believes she was let go from ESPN because of her conservative views
ESPN's former host Britt McHenry implies she was laid off over conservative views
ESPN's former host implies she was laid off over conservative views
Jay Crawford, Ed Werder, Jeremy Crabtree laid off from ESPN but somehow thinks keeping Britt McHenry is an asset…
Biggest losses: . AndyKatz. Britt McHenry. Roger Cossack. Jade McCarthy. Trent Dilfer. Jay Crawford. The list I want to see go is much longer
Britt McHenry keeping her job but letting people like Jay Crawford, Robin Lundberg, and Ed Werder go is just insane to me
Please, Josina Anderson and Britt McHenry would be great starts. No talent hacks! Mc Henry should have been fired!
It takes courage to write this. Proud of my fellow grad,
Britt McHenry says backlash from parking lot video caused damage to her eyesight
Last year ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was caught belittling a cashier. Now she says stress has hurt her eyesight…
N.J.'s Britt McHenry nearly spiraled out of control after inappropriate viral rant
ESPN reporter Britt McHenry caught belittling cashier says stress has hurt her eyesight
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ESPN's Britt McHenry details how her life changed after ugly video went public
Also sad that Fox didn't give the same chance ESPN gave Britt McHenry... If they did I'm sure Emily would've
Agree to disagree, no harm in that. Read her piece though if you haven't.
Britt McHenry says stress from parking lot video going viral caused her to lose eyesight https…
Bold strategy by Britt McHenry to make herself the victim. I'm sorry I'm not sorry that your actions had consequences Britt
Notes: Lyon Park mansion auction is tonight; Britt McHenry talks about towing spat; developers like gondola idea…
Really sounds like Steve Levy takes a shot at Britt McHenry
Honestly tho how does Britt McHenry still have a job
Who is the chick commentating up in the booth with Aaron Boone? I know it's not Erin Andrews or Britt McHenry so she's gonna have to go!
Who is ESPN reporter Britt McHenry' boyfriend/ husband? via
I'll say it again, please take Sarina Morales of she's awful. Bad enough I have to deal with fake *** Britt mchenry
thanks for sharing Britt McHenry, have a great Tuesday :) (Want this FREE? >>
. I'm in the news sweetheart, so I've popped a top again (and again). -Britt McHenry.
Britt McHenry Net Worth: Britt McHenry who’s an American sports reporter was created on 28th May of the year 1...
I'm sure Britt McHenry is a good, qualified reporter but I swear her twin is running the counter at Palm Beach Tan.
ESPN suspended that Britt McHenry girl for what she said on video to that lady working in tow. Gotta do Jemele the same way
That wildin might cost her some $$$. ESPN suspended Bill Simmons, Stephen A, Britt McHenry Google her if you don't know
Just when I thought watching my Raiders was good enough, Britt McHenry is sideline reporting 😌
Please fire I would watch Britt McHenry over him.
ESPN reporter Britt McHenry in Media Crossfire | media training -
What TV reporters can learn from ESPN's Britt McHenry's temper trantum with a towing company … via
girls like Britt mchenry that report sports 😍
NO Way in *** SS would book her...oh its Brett McMurphy not Britt McHenry
...but they still; have blonde bimbo Britt McHenry on the payroll.
Britt McHenry hot pics, photos (new Instagram gallery of famed blonde ESPN reporter) via
I'm willing to have drinks with Britt McHenry while she's in town. Both will need magic beans to pull off
Britt McHenry is like a kid in a candy store with all the fat shaming opportunities in Cleveland today.
wait you're not gonna call him fat or insult him? What did you do w the real Britt Mchenry?
I'm sure Britt McHenry is still employed.
But hey thank gosh Britt McHenry has a job still...
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Off top of my head, ESPN pays big $ to: Berman, Bayless, SAS, Rovell, Jon Berry, Broussard, Woody Paige, Kruk, Britt McHenry...sad day.
don't forget Britt McHenry and Ray Lewis, among many many others
If does not fire Britt McHenry, they lose the moral high ground to promote ethical behavior in the sports world.
Real shame that Britt McHenry doesn't agree with Theo Epstein's philosophies. I hope he can make it through the day.
Dear Please honor the memory of the classy Stuart Scott by firing the classless Britt McHenry. Show you still have standards.
I've been blocked by krista Allen, Brooke Burns, Natalie morales, and Britt McHenry,hey why is only hot woman blocking m…
You should do a South Beach Tow with a guest appearance from Britt McHenry and give me a finder's fee for coming up with the idea!
You're friend Britt McHenry should do a guest appearance on South Beach Tow maybe she'll get an appear fee.
Britt Mchenry privately berates someone & she gets susp + maybe fired. Carol Costello mocks on air an assault on Bristol …
The Virginia towing company at the center of the viral video that led to the suspension of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry doe…
Noah Syndergaard and Britt McHenry - a perfect couple. A match made maybe not in *** but somewhere close.
Robert Downey Jr's Birthday Bash, Britt McHenry's Back + More [VIDEO]: This is one party I would have loved to...
"Honestly, if I were ESPN I would have suspended Britt McHenry for longer than a week." -John Feinstein
I bet Chris McKendry wishes her name didn't sound so much like Britt McHenry.
My mother has been on customer service with Fios for 35 min now and I swear she's about to make Britt McHenry look like Sojourner Truth
→ Here s why ESPN insult artist Britt McHenry s car was towed, according to report htt…
Britt McHenry can teach us all how to be better customers.
» Tow company forgives Britt McHenry for rant, others out for blood 992
"In the wake of Britt McHenry's rant, FOX has fired Clay Travis."
Tim Duncan was winning titles when Blake Griffin was still getting bullied by Britt McHenry in elementary school for be…
Britt Mchenry: Hurt people hurt other people quote Robert E. Davis
ESPN hired some real gems when they scooped up Britt McHenry & Robert Smith
WATCH: ESPN investigating reporter who BERATED tow truck employee -- "lose some weight"
How ESPN's Britt McHenry could have responded: By not saying anything at all. (Ugh. Haven't we learned by now?)
Some advice for Britt McHenry. Don't use those perfect teeth when you're blowing a guy for your next job!
Raissman: If Britt McHenry was a man, she would be fired
I finally get why ESPN banned me! They only associate with classy people like Britt McHenry!
Report: ESPN employees want Britt McHenry fired stinking liberal, showing their true heart.
This entire Britt McHenry incident is an accurate representation of what 90% of telecom majors are like if we are being honest here lol
Design a youth night on respect based on this insightful article. How ESPN's Britt McHenry could have responded
As video of ESPN’s Britt McHenry shows, all the world’s a stage (via
Thanks for including me in your article:
Report: ESPN employees want Britt McHenry fired =>
ESPN's Britt McHenry apologizes for yelling at tow truck attendant in leaked video –
you still use drugs? ESPN Reporter and former ABC News Reporter Britt McHenry Crit... via
CNN: How ESPN's Britt McHenry could have responded | Wow... just, wow. Stressful my *** You just saw the TRUE Britt
Britt McHenry is what happens when Regina George enters the workforce.
Nothing Britt McHenry can do or say can redeem herself at this point. ESPN must or be known as condoning bullying.
Several ESPN employees reportedly want Britt McHenry fired
Britt McHenry would probably call the guys who are lusting after her even worse names than she called the tow truck company employee.
ESPN's Britt McHenry personifies everything that is wrong with...the world.
If reporter was a man, she'd be out of a job, writes.
lashed out at who said TV sexualizes women! via
ESPN should fire Britt McHenry over mean tirade
You don't happen to have a pic of Britt McHenry in one of those?
This is sick! needs to This isn't the 1st time she's acted this way. Watch & Sign
Virginia towing company does not want Britt McHenry to lose her job - Fox News
"I guarantee not one of those hooded losers has a degree" - Britt McHenry
If you somehow missed the video of ESPN’s Britt McHenry arrogantly berating a parking lot attendant, here it is. http:…
Britt Mchenry is embarrassing. That's not a momentary lapse. It was a continuous tirade. Shame on you for taking a weak stand.
tantrum highlights the last acceptable bias: Mocking poor people.
And so just cause Britt Mchenry works for ESPN she doesn't have the right to be emotional and cuss someone out? Gtfoh I hate today's society
Soon after the video emerged, ESPN suspended Britt McHenry for 1 week. Somewhere Bill Simmons scoffs.
Don't worry, good people of America. Britt McHenry will be fired by Monday afternoon. Money talks and ESPN's adverti…
Britt McHenry kinda seems like a scumbag lmao
Wow is catching heat all over the internet. This article is scathing …
ESPN's Britt McHenry cursed out towing company employee for no reason!
Britt McHenry has got to go. she, Michelle Beadle & the other on-camera blondes are what's wrong with ESPN today..
Manatees invite Britt McHenry to discuss anti-bullying
Kristen Lindsey (vet,) Britt McHenry (ESPN,) & Rebecca Hunter (big game hunter) have made me ashamed of humanity this week.Way to go, girls!
Watch my report on the towing company that caused ESPN's Britt McHenry to have her nasty rant.
Always two sides to a story. More on the towing company that released the video of Britt McHenry.
Pretty much every skeleton Britt McHenry has in the closet is going to get revealed for America to see.
public figures shouldn't do what Britt McHenry did. . Scratch that, humans shouldn't do what Britt McHenry did. That's …
should sack Britt McHenry. She needs time in the professional wilderness to become a better person.
can someone mash up that Britt McHenry video with Andy Kaufman's wrest rant? That would be hilarious.
Britt McHenry should start using those insults in here highlight reads. "Gene Tenace at the plate and you're fat trailer trash, home run"
Irony to cap all ironies: Mark Madden calling out Britt McHenry for being verbally abusive to someone based off her po…
Read on Britt McHenry, Mark Madden and why sports media is unsafe for women.
FACT: If it had been Pam Oliver instead of Britt McHenry, she would have lost her job.
I'd like to think that we got Liars & Pigs Brian Williams and Nancy Snyderman OFF THE AIR. Britt McHenry is next...
saw the Britt McHenry story. You've had some downs in your life but you do a fantastic job handling everything the right way.
Can't believe I'm saying it, but the Clay Travis piece on Britt McHenry is a good read.
~ Britt McHenry ~ I guess there is no good headhunter firms or executive search firm to 'vet' those employees.
When I first read about Britt McHenry, I thought "Oh snap, Chris McKendry seems so humble on Sportscenter." And I'm from DC!
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I wish all the Britt Mchenry backlash went toward Michelle Beadle.. I hate her too why ESPN hire the most insufferable blondes
Hugh Douglas fired for an 'uncle Tom' reference but Britt McHenry can call someone a toothless *** & just apologize.
Y'all, Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are employed by ESPN. Britt McHenry isn't going anywhere.
This video of Britt McHenry is just awful. One week suspension sems like getting off easy.
All these dudes trying to slide into Britt McHenry's mentions like
Britt McHenry is a classic example of apologizing not because you're sorry but because you got caught
"I'm on television and you're in a f**king trailer. For ESPN, I'm Britt McHenry..."
“I’m in the news, sweetheart. I will f–king sue this place.” —Britt McHenry (
ESPN suspends Britt McHenry after video of parking lot tirade goes viral
Britt McHenry's anger probably comes from years of having to explain to people that Stetson University is in fact a real place
Normally talkative and "firebrand" Michelle Beadle completely silent on Britt McHenry. Is she if McHenry is a male?
Has Clay Travis written about whether this makes Britt McHenry more hot or less hot yet?
Did Michelle Beadle comment on the Britt McHenry thing yet?
Where's Michelle Beadle at? Why isn't she going off on Britt McHenry like she did Stephen A Smith? Lol she was right but still...
Bill Simmons got a 3 week suspension for calling Goodell a liar but Britt McHenry gets a week for lighting up a normal person? Come on now
Britt McHenry's wiki "she joined ESPN where she was hired because of her degree from Stetson University and a mouthful of teeth.". My sides
Probably not the reason Britt McHenry ever hoped to be trending over. Oh well, Linda Cohn is hotter anyway.
The funny thing about Britt McHenry being an *** in the vid is that she went to Stetson University. Might as well be a college dropout
Wow. Amazing how quiet the Mob Shaming Trio is with the Britt McHenry stuff going on...Katie Nolan, Michelle Beadle and someone in town.
Britt McHenry is the result of hiring female Star Search spokesmodels for the past decade instead of legit sportscasters.
LRT: LOL at Britt McHenry making fun of other people’s education. Because she’s on TV because of how smart she is.
Dopes like Britt McHenry belong on an episode of Real Housewives, not sharing the same airwaves of respected folks like Bob Ley & Linda Cohn
So Adrian Peterson, Han Solo and Britt McHenry walk into a bar ...
There are a lot of really hot women sports reporters right now. Sam Ponder, Charissa Thompson, Erin Andrews, Molly McGrath, Britt McHenry...
Lindsay Czarniak and Britt McHenry covering football? I could watch ESPN all day 😍
Britt McHenry is reporting that Nick Foles' clavicle is alienating itself from his scapula
I wonder if Scott Van Pelt and Barry Melrose run the train and G out Britt McHenry on the reg?
Britt McHenry is my favorite sport anchor now. Sorry Erin Andrews..
Stetson University grad Britt McHenry has been named one of Top 30 Sportscasters Under 30! Britt!...
Huge Thanks to David Owens Dave Preston Christopher Anderson Pam Chvotkin Rich Campbell Whitney Wild Brian McNally Matt Taylor Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach Zac Boyer Adam Vingan & Britt McHenry for coming to my birthday dinner was a lot of fun and I'm very fortunate to have such great friends!
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