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British Summer Time

During British Summer Time (BST), civil time in the United Kingdom is advanced one hour forward of Greenwich Mean Time, so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less.

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by 1 hour this Sunday at 2 am. Should we keep switching between British Summer Time (BST) and Greenwich Mean…
Bit of an early finish today to make one last commute home in daylight. Goodbye British Summer Time, don't tell GMT…
British summer Time British Summer Time is over, now? See Listing for Details!…...
When did we start changing our clocks? And should we still be doing it?
Bruno Mars is set to headline British Summer Time Hyde Park 2018 - Metro
British Summer Time ends at the weekend so one last post of the Dark Summer range seems fair. I…
Reminder from that the by 1 hour on Sunday as we leave British Summer Time and return to
Clocks go back this weekend!. Test your smoke alarms when changing your clocks -
Enjoy the last day of British Summer Time and come and see our new shop.Our Shop volunteers are the…
British Summer Time ends this weekend so don't forget to put your clocks back!
British Summer Time comes to an end this weekend. Don't forget to put your clocks back one hour!
British Summer Time ends on Sunday 28th. Don't forget to turn your clocks back
End of British Summer Time this weekend 🙄 On the plus side we're less than 2 months away from the shortest day 😊
British Summer Time ends tomorrow so one more paddle,
I don't know why we can't have British Summer Time all year round; it's the bst.
Leonard Cohen Live in London. A fine end to the last working week of British summer time.
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When does British Summer Time END this weekend? BST ends, GMT begins for winter
Clocks go back on Sunday! When you change your clocks, remember to test your smoke alarms https:/…
Time for Dad to work on this over the winter, ready for next summer. and it's British.
On Sunday we get an extra hour, thanks to Chris Martin from Coldplay's Great Great Grandad William Willett who invented British summer time⏱
How are you spending your extra hour on Sunday? Remember the clocks go back an hour at 2am on Sunday 29 October 201…
As British Summer time comes to an end we welcome back Greenwich Mean Time.
Don't forget the clocks go back this weekend
Clock change time is almost upon us as British Summer Time ends...
Don’t forget clocks go back on Saturday night / Sunday morning!
National Trust staff re-positioning the Stones at ready for the end of British Summer Time this Sunday
Don't forget the on Sunday. The UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time at 2am and is the end of British Su…
It's the end of British Summer time on Sunday. Don't forget, the clocks go back 1 hour! Have a great weekend!…
British summer time end this Sunday. I look forward to the clock in my car being right for a few months..
Repositioning the Stones at today ready for the the end of British Summer Time this weekend.
Clocks going back on Sunday & the end of British Summer Time, are you ready for winter? Time to check those tyres! https…
ends this weekend but exactly why do the UK still uphold this tradition? Learn why here:
Reminder to watch this weekend for when British Summer Time wipes right off, revealing winter was here all along listeni…
Say goodbye to British Summer Time! Remember that the clocks go back one hour on Sunday at 2am ⏰
When dose British Summer Time end I think it's end of October but everyone is saying September
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is going to perform at London's British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park next year.
Thanks! Time on is British Summer Time, while and others are Central…
After an eventful week of fun and good weather, the 'British Summer Time: Open House' comes to its final day,...
Epic Snowdon sunrise on the first day of British Summer Time . Image by Dan Struthers Photography
March 26 is special this year. It's Mother’s Day; 1st day of British Summer Time; AND guardsmen swap Winter Guard Order f…
MR T once said "Treat your mother right". We agree 100%. Enter here to win tickets for your mother: https…
A great explanation of why we have British Summertime
Remember it's the start of British Summer Time this weekend. Clocks go forward Saturday night, but I cannot wait for the late sunsets.
Don't forget to put your clocks one hour forward this weekend. British Summer Time begins on March 26.
When do the clocks go forward in 2017? Here's what you need to know about the changes and British Summer Time
Celebrate British Summer Time with our 10% Discount Voucher! Valid 2017 scheduled booked by 31/0…
British Summer Time starts tomorrow - buy GMT ain't so bad when days start like this!
Remember that the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday at 1am for Daylight Saving Time:
☀️ ⛱ It may not feel like it yet, but British Summer Time is nearly here. 🙌 this Sunday. 🌷 ⏰
dont forget this year, March 26 marks the start of British Summer Time and clocks will go forward by one hour
It's almost (British Summer) Time! Don't forget the on Sunday 26th March!
all good ..brill in fact .Yes British summer time begins hopefully nice weather on the way ...get your wesh ing out Julie .
With British Summer Time and Article 50 in the next few days don't forget clocks go forward an hour on Sunday and back 30 years on Wednesday
Don’t forget the clocks ‘spring’ forward on Sunday to mark the start of British Summer Time! . h…
Wow, roll on British Summer Time which begins this weekend!
British Summer Time! Don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday.
British Summer time begins this weekend! Please empty your brown bin of any rubbish so it's ready for your garden waste se…
People are demanding Monday becomes a national holiday to cope with the clocks changing
British Summer Time starts this weekend. Don’t forget to put your clocks forward 1 hour:
Don't forget that on Sunday morning, the clocks go forward an hour and British summer time begins :)
Put your clock forward an hour tomorrow night @ 1am for the start of British Summer Time! An hour's less sleep but lig…
Update your maps at Navteq
EK and Strathaven wake up to BLIZZARD days before start to British Summer Time
Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper appear at British Summer Time after Wimbledon row - Daily Mail
📷 || Niall hoje assistindo o show do Stevie Wonder, no festival British Summer Time.
5 things we learnt from Take That at British Summer Time at Hyde Park
"NEW || Niall at the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park ―July 02, 2016 (13)
Carole King, British Summer Time, review: 'A vast choir were united by the power of popular music'
The annual British Summer Time is launching in London's Hyde Park with international musicians set to perform.
British summer time truly is marvellous to behold...
On Sunday i'm going to: British Summer Time Hyde Park - so by British summer you mean, it'll rain the whole time?
Ah...British Summer Time!! Massive Attack in Hyde Park. Looks like massive downpour, too.
At the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park. Raining obviously.
Lots to do in Hyde Park this coming week ...
Celebrating the 1st day of British Summer Time by putting on a jumper, making a hot drink & watching the rain hammer d…
There's a new UK-only out! It's worth 3 SBs and expires at 06:00 PM British Summer Time. Get it here:
I'm at Hyde Park for British Summer Time - Massive Attack in Hyde Park, Greater London
Massive Attack! Tv on the Radio! Ghostpoet! Warpaint! (@ Hyde Park for British Summer Time - Massive Attack)
Wonderful weather we are having. British Summer Time
Watching at british summer time in Hyde Park, great poetry, Massive Attack and patti smith later
Brad and I are off to British Summer Time, but we'll be done about 8.30pm, probs.
British Summer Time concerts kick off in London park
Hyde Park set for British Summer Time festival -
Line-up, set times and essential info for feat. Massive Attack, Kendrick Lamar and Carole King
After rain forced delays at today, showers could create more delays on Sat:
British Summer Time festival launches: The British Summer Time concert series got ready to kick off in London...
Book The Royal Park Hotel London during the British Summer Time with our special rates. . This Live Music Event...
Tonight's session: speeches on British Summer Time and a workshop on 'using your audience'. We also have MORE guests confirmed. Join us!
Daily Mail fury as British Summer Time reduces prisoner sentences by one hour - via
With Mhairi Black MP refusing to forward her watch onto British Summer Time somebody pointed out to her GMT stood for Greenwich - in London
As the clocks go forward, marking British Summer Time, we're looking ahead to key events: https…
A Greenwich reminder from the home of time that clocks go forward by 1hr tonight as we move to British Summer Time https…
Happy thought on a grey day. 5 weeks until British Summer Time begins!
[note to self] Sync your iPod. It's still on British Summer Time.
Howling wind? Check. Pouring rain? Check. 11°c? Check. Welcome to the first day of British Summer Time. Better clean the barbecu…
Everyone is mourning the end of British Summer Time. In Iceland I simply stroke my beard and say "Winter is coming".
Can finally win at home at the 14th attempt. British summer time has passed us by while we waited for that elusive home win.
. "British Summer Time to be reviewed following Mark Clattenburg decision"
Was wondering why I was taking longer than expected to get home from airport... Now realise car is still on British summer time.
BST ama ukipenda British summer time is off. Wameingia winter so games zinakam 3:45 and 6pm and not 2:45/5
This was back in July at for the British summer time concert!
Discovery of the day: my SAD lamp doubles as a light box thing for photography. Jokes on you stupid British summer time messing with the sun
For all of our international guests please note British summer time has ended - 1 hour to go until we kick of tonight!
Today British Summer Time has officially come to end. What was your highlight?
British Summer Time... it's actually German... and utterly pointless.
Wish I could go back to British Colombia or even Alberta but in the summer this time
This... exactly this... is why I always welcome the end of British Summer Time.
Evening services start at 4.30 now until British summer time returns
only 238 sleeps til British Summer time
6 Month British Weather Summer forecast just in: ferociously grey with lashings of bleak!. Time to move to Zante.
It's only 6 and Im craving for i becoming british or is my stomach still under summer time?
Ha! Been a long day - meant GMT! BST is British Summer Time and we just left that behind! Yes, UK :)
Looking at holidays for next summer, had enough of British winter time already
.organised a 'bounce mob' in to mark the end of British Summer Time
Bonny Astor took this picture of the sun setting on British Summer Time, from our MCR along Broad Street.
Thanks for the mention! Alien_Frequency: chrisstineoo: British Summer Time Hyde Park
Since British Summer time has ended our new opening hours - as of today - 29th October will be 11 am until 3 pm. Enjoy our Autumn views.
Goodbye British summer time! Don't be said 'cause still looks beautiful in the dark 🌙
The view of the clocks going to British Summer Time?
Petition: Maintain British Summer Time year round. Stop putting the clocks back an hour.
I know right? The end of british summer time is like a klaxon, always makes me think of my new years' resolutions! Eek...
Into the darkness via - the end of British Summer Time always seems to come round quickly!
British Columbians staycationed this summer - and went campin' in record number
Oh dear we should have remembered that British Summer Time is over!
. British Summer Time ended last weekend.our clocks go back an hour.
Approximately same time China's Summer Palace completely destroyed - both examples of 'British values'
Just as it got dark.bring back British Summer Time for sunny evenings ...
Can someone explain British summer time to my two dogs, they haven't moved to GMT yet. Getting hastle for food 1 hour early.
Putting the clocks back at repositioning the stones for the end of British Summer Time https:…
Putting the clock back at Stone Circle: reposition the stones for end of British Summer Time. https…
The last week of British Summer Time is upon us. Back to Greenwich Mean Time this time next week...
Enjoying the British Summer Time on board the Sailing Barge Cambria with
It's the second week of summer hols and I'm wearing wooly jumpers and jeans 😞 British weather *** big time ❄️
It looks like the British summer time is now over...
It is 12.30 now in the afternoon, so we are four hours ahead of you. Delights of British Summer Time!
Calls for shake-up as British Basketball pledges review at end of disastrous summer
It's British summer time, umbrella stand anyone?
Head to toe in black as I'm mourning the end of British summer time 😩😭
Traditional British summer providing us with rain and a bit of a chill, maybe time to put the heating on for a bit!
we were lucky enough the see munk jack deer & red deer & 2 kingfisher. Its bouncing down 2day# great british summer time
My brain tells me its British Summer Time. My body says "put the central heating back on".
We've got our new umbrellas in just at the right time for the British Summer!
Climate control on this train is set to British summer time. Weather is set to late autumn. We're all shivering.
It's garbage Bev British summer time should be sued under the trades description act
To hot!! To wet, to cold, to windy, yep normal British summer time really
NEW PHOTOS: Sam at British Summer Time in Hyde Park! (June 21st) More photos in the Gallery: http:…
how you finding British Summer Time? (I did warn you)
My phone knows it's British Summer Time, shame the weather doesn't!!
Good morning everyone :-) rainy and misrable in Newcastle today. British summer Time
good old British summer time at its best
beautiful British summer weather to go with our one hour time difference too rich ! 👍
The twist is it's a story about every British summer since time began.
Hi, I'm Sonal, Instructional Coach. The best thing I did this summer was spend time with my British family
Nope, it is British Summer Time. Used only when the clocks go forward.
It is infact actually British Summer Time and not standard!
Back from España in time for our proper British Summer, wondered how long until we'd see this 😒
awesome time to log some serious miles now Dan. Make the most of the British summer
He sounds fascinating! Maybe you'll write something about him? Play's on at 2.15pm British Summer Time.
Enjoying British 'summer' time with these two @ Great Leighs, Essex
Ideal weather to go and start combining, oh wait we've had 25 mm of rain, good old British summer time
you should no by now 'British summer' is the same as 'British winter'... Rain all the time
Cool, wet British Summer, time for a stout... - Drinking a Young's Double Chocolate Stout by -
Wow, first time & blown away by Matthew Bourne's The Car Man. Perfect red-hot antidote to a British summer
British summer time (or manx!) at its best. Not! Whats gone wrong, good job this weather wasnt last night tho i...
Oh British summer time, where you have to grab your rain coat before you go out. ☔️
The smell of ASDA economy beef grills cooked on a disposable BBQ make the British summer.What a time to be alive.
visited for first time today - looking good even in our beautiful British summer weather! ☔
Summer Holidays are time to with the best board game visit my
Well the weather at Whitby tonight is awful... British summer time for yah
Katy Perry got booed when she came on screen at the British Summer Time show.. Followed by cheers for Taylor Swift. ht…
this British summer time is putting me right in the mood to attack Monday!
Bake Off fans, it’s time to get ready! Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood are returning. Will you be tuning in next week? >>
The Australian singer dropped the Neighbours theme tune into her set at British Summer Time in London's Hyde Park.
Blur, rain and ice cream at Hyde Park Brit pop heroes Blur headline day two of the British Summer Time festival in…
Blur return to London's Hyde Park for third time for celebratory British Summer Time headline set via
7 things that happened when The Strokes played British Summer Time in Hyde Park: Sixty thousand p...
Today is back in London for British Summer Time & check out the new single 'Dreams' in our Spotify playlist
1916 Daylight Saving, British Summer Time, intro'd in GB for the 1st time to encourage longer hours in factories & on farms
Putting the clock forward at Stone Circle: repositioning the stones for British Summer Time. http:/…
Stephen K Amos to MC Hyde Park gig this summer as part of the Barclaycard-sponsored British Summer Time festival!...
Just to be technical Ali-A it's actually 8pm (BST) British Summer Time not Greenwich Mean Time.
Well done British Summer Time. Once again you have made me want to emigrate.
Great - what a start to British Summer Time !.
This is not just any weekend. This is the one where British Summer Time begins! Happy Friday, Zone Of Time: - and beyond.
Clocks may change to British Summer Time this weekend...the weather doesn't! Very and at times too. MT
Don’t get caught out this weekend – it’s time to change the clocks again for the arrival of British Summer Time...
Pure powerful musical joy and the heralding of British Summer Time! play the greats tomorrow night 7:30pm
Happy Friday everyone! Woo hoo, not only is it nearly the weekend, don’t forget British Summer Time starts at...
Get ready for British Summer Time! your smoke alarms when you put your clocks forward this weekend
Clocks should be put forward by an hour at 1am on Sunday as British Summer Time begins. (Quoted from the...
The clocks change twice a year for British Summer Time (BST) and for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Make sure you ...
Please remember that clocks go forward on Sunday to British Summer Time. Also, this means that you must subtract 1hour from this…
We're hoping that British Summer Time is going to start with fantastic weather this weekend for the Easter school...
REMEMBER-Clocks spring forward an hour at 01:00Hrs on Sunday 29 March heralding the start of British Summer Time
Why the clocks go forward: a history of British Summer Time
British Summer Time starts on Sunday - time to start planning some warm weather family-fun
This weekend the clocks go forward, marking the official start of British Summer Time (BST)
Hooray!! British Summer Time begins this Sunday. Test your smoke alarms when you change your clocks
Clocks go forward this weekend from 1:00am to 2:00am on Sunday 29th March - and British Summer Time (BST) begins ⏰ 🌻 h…
Looking like a great weekend ... not only the start of British Summer Time, but free tennis in Queen's Park and...
Jennifer Lopez performing "Dance Again", live at Hyde Park, London on Sunday 14th July 2013 as part of the British Summer Time festival.
JULY. Straight from Wireless Festival to our British Summer Time show with
In the early hours of Sunday morning, clocks fall back an hour, marking the end of British Summer Time. Here are five reasons why daylight savings time should be adopted all year round.
British Summer Time ends this weekend: clocks go back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. Get your bike lights ready…
Today's fashion choice is a to love British Summer time!
Now we know we’re definitely in British summer time. Dull and cloudy, cool breeze and a chance of rain.
British businesses champion summer sport: 60 per cent of British full-time emplo... via
Possible record run of Sockeye Time for Pajo's Salmon Caesar Salad!
well its been a good day spent some time at the beach in the cold. British summer at its best so wats happing on here eany thing exciting ?
From the weather reports it looks like British Summer Time is over. We got our yearly week of sun. Time to change the clocks back.
I was devastated they cancelled them at British Summer Time! A mosh pit the day before destroyed the venue!
Opps my bad, fricking British summer time
Still not convinced by the Great British Summer? Time to book a sun packed surf holiday, how about some in
Loving time in the garden right now. Loving a British summer! Feeling very peaceful. Briefs can wait ;0)
Just went cold for the first time in about two weeks. Guess that's the British summer over then.☁☔
british summer time dates: Dating site for men with beautiful russian girls
The British summer time's just great whatever... ☀️🎧
You know it's summer time when The Great British Bake Off is on!
British summer time and nature at its best.
Another sunny morning :-) Time to go construct a summer house!
Good morning peeps. This is the first time I've woken to rain in months. Is the British summer over?
i think you guys are on British Summer Time
10:33pm here just outside London. You're probably just on British Summer Time.
Its supposed to be British Summer time, but it's raining again! Escape to the less cold and wet places in the world
Little Mix performing at British Summer Time shows in Hyde Park (July 13) 😊
We prefer to send out FM transmissions usually. Tune in tomorrow. 2PM British Summer Time :)
lol wow. It's been a week. No Class. It's like school in the summer time. British People. So annoying.
Wendy and Keith had a great time at the 2014 Giving Institute Summer Symposium in beautiful Vancouver, British...
We will be holding a family festival inspired by The Great British Summer Time on 14 & 15 Aug for more info visit http:/…
a pic of myself and my boyfriend taken at British Summer Time
It appears that we've brought the British summer time with us for pre-season in Holland
Capital Sound and Martin Audio return for an even louder BST Hyde Park
Taken last Friday during Natalie & Piers Coworth Park wedding. British Summer time - brilliant sunshine one...
Plus new music from Kate Miller, & signings Family Video. On air at 13:00…
They've done it again – 2014 was even louder than last year, thanks to
glad it's not me mixing up my Greenwich Mean Time and my British Summer Time and turning up an hour early or late!
The girls performing yesterday at The 'British Summer Time' in the Hyde Park, in London
Jade no festival British Summer Time no Hyde Park ontem.
"Anyone here who was here in 1969?" asked Sir *** Jagger. "Welcome back, it's nice to see you again." Forty-four years ago, hundreds of thousands turned up to Hyde Park to witness the Stones playing for free — and out of tune. This inaugural British Summer Time festival was a more civilised event f…
Got a ticket to British Summer Time festival ticket at Hyde Park tomorrow if anyone wants it? Backstreet Boys, Mcbusted, Diversity, 5ive, Lawson and others. Will accept any donation.!
Faith No More just release 2 new songs during the British Summer Time this 4th July in Hyde Park, London. This is the first one.
There was a distinct classic rock feel at British Summer Time yesterday (July 4th) as Black Sabbath headlined the Hyde Park festival after performances from
Find out how you could be in with a chance to win tickets to the amazing British Summer Time in Hyde Park, in partnership with Transmitter TV!
£35 2-for-1 offer for tickets to British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park plus £100 off VIP packages.
Greenwich Mean Time. What we Brits use in winter time, we're on British Summer Time atm
FIXTURES Now and through the Summer including pre-season and World Cup. AT THE FOOT OF THESE FIXTURES ARE THE WORLD CUP GROUP DATES INCLUDING TELEVISION COVERAGE (BST) Spot your Country! LIVERPOOL pre-season Tour (Fixtures in the USA are posted in both local time and British Summer Time). Updated 7th June, 2014. (Plus, Plan Your Summer!) Full Television coverage listings for Group Matches, plus World Cup related programmes are now at the foot of these fixtures. (U.K.) JUST ADDED: International Friendlies and Continental Qualifiers. Can you spot your Country? Milk Cup fixtures for our youngsters. I have just posted a clearer World Cup Fixture list at the foot of these fixtures in date order. All times for this are in BST. I have also posted Past and present Liverpool players involved in their respective World Cup Squads just above the new World Cup Fixture list. If you have found that I have missed some players, then please let me know (SRC) Liverpool Ladies. England World Cup. Liverpool pre-season Tour an ...
Only The Young join McBusted and The Vamps at British Summer Time in Hyde Park
I just made a discovery. Apparently, BST time zone stands for Britney Spears Time, not British Summer Time lol
The Libertines will reunite for a live show at Hyde Park in London this July. The band will headline the British Summer Time festival on July 5 on...
The Libertines have announced that they will be headlining the second night of British Summer Time at Hyde Park on Saturday 5th July.
The Libertines have officially announced that they will be reforming for a one off gig taking place on 5 July in Hyde Park. The band split up in 2004 after tensions between Pete Doherty and Carl Barat came to a head will play the Barclaycard’s British Summer Time festival supported by The Pogues, Sp…
UK! The girls are performing at British Summer Time! General sale starts Friday. Get your presale ticket:
Sir Tom Jones is to headline British Summer Time festival via
will be the special guest in British Summer Time + + SoundGarden and much more!!! 4 July
Winchy's Fact of the Day: British Summer Time was invented by William Willett, the great-great-grandfather of Chris Martin from dull indie balladeers Coldplay.
Ozzy Osbourne today said Black Sabbath were “beyond honoured” to be unveiled as the latest headline act at this summer’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park.
Dates and time Changes update:In UK (and most of Europe)they are experiencing The period when the clocks are 1 hour ahead,called British Summer Time (BST). So the Champions league matches will be at 9:45pm in Kenya from now till October 26.The early kick offs for Saturday will be at 2:45pm and those of Sunday at 3:30pm...(since Saturday,the last Saturday of March)
Black Sabbath to top Hyde Park bill: The headliner for the British Summer Time festival have... - YouTube channel
Black Sabbath set to rock Hyde Park as headliners for British Summer Time festival -
Updates: British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park: Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne ... ... catch this post here
Welcome British Summer Time- whilst putting your clocks forward please take mind to check your smoke alarms today.
Yeah, that's right Brussels: *British* Summer Time. No Eurocrat is going to tell ME when I can have a sleep-in
Hello British Summer Time you cheeky little minx.
British Summer Time officially begins - and London is hotter than Ibiza: British summer time has officially be...
British Summer Time has begun. . Aka Official Clevage Time. The Sun brings out the 'Twins!
*Bounce bounce* Morning everyone! It is the first day of British Summer Time! *Sniffs outside* It smells summery! *Bounc…
but what is in your British Summer Time bag?
Ilkley weather for the 1st day of British Summer Time: A cloudy day with hazy sunshine. High 14C.
Loving my extra hour in bed, thank you British Summer Time!
It's official British summer time has begun.. *readies the warm clothing and umbrella*
Very disorientating this British Summer Time malarkey - just laughed at one of Alan Hansen's jokes.
British summer time my *** it's foggy !! Remember and put your clocks forward buddies
Blog feature: BST begins: Not all of DZGs animals appreciated the start of British Summer Time today.
God morning all.british summer time my *** fecking Baltic out there
Hello World. Tonight we lost one hour :-( It's British Summer Time.
Apparently it's British Summer Time. Hah. Still, up early for Headlines, 0900 Papers. Politics Forgs' legs.
Went to bed at 10pm last night. Nice try British Summer Time. I am up bright and early and 8.15am feels like 8.15am...
British Summer Time and Happy Mothers Day. You've only got 23 hours to fit in a full days mothering. Nothing new then …
British Summer Time... I like the sound of that!
Good morning - its British Summer Time & an hour later than my body thinks it is XD
Welcome back British Summer Time. Night matches and evening training on the grass.
Dear the weather as it is the first day if British Summer Time please be nice to us 🌞☀️
The Malaysian Grand Prix starts at 0900 BST not GMT. We are in British Summer time now.
Start of British Summer Time AND Mother's Day AND the sun is shining...can it get any better?!
British summer time,where for a while,no one knows what time it is.
Lost an hours sleep thanks British summer time :(
BRITISH SUMMER TIME! The sun comes out, then so does this wardrobe
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Whoop whoop! British summer time - yay! And my car clock is now saying the correct time - double yay!
British summer time starts today yeppiieee ...hope u all remembered to put your clocks forward !
In other news British Summer Time starts today, in your face Southern Hemisphere!
...Despite the change to British Summer Time at 2am, my brain has STILL managed to wake me up right at 8 o__0 Well played?
On the radio now on wish wire and tower fm or on the app. Welcome to British Summer Time
Morning! Have you remembered to put your clocks forward 1 hour? It's now British Summer Time!
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