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British Raj

British Raj (rāj, lit. reign in Hindustani) was the British rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The term can also refer to the period of dominion.

British East India Company Bhagat Singh New Delhi Jallianwala Bagh

Unfortunately Hong Kong is the satellite city of China. Blame the British.
Needless to say as far as I can tell it's a very unusual interpretation of India's history under the British Raj.
One of the most SHAMEFUL and DIABOLICAL Raj apologia I have EVER read. GHASTLY, pub-crawl prose.
First pay back all the money they have earned for your country. Then give back everything you stole d…
Julia Margaret Cameron was born in Kolkata & died in Sri Lanka, a great British photographer who was actually Indian! htt…
Why Indians ? I don't want British sikhs or Hindus to relocate , they are BRITISH & have integrated fine into our coun…
The lies tell themselves about how they left behind a better . via
Saffron presents the flavours of Imperial India in a special ode to recipes from the British Raj between 21st Augus…
If Bharat wasn't under British raj. When would United India's weekly holiday would be?
All the so called educated families during the British Raj was serving them and strengthened their rule what's the point??
Even if the British Raj rewarded him for catching a young woman freedom fighter, why did CMC also honour…
thank Allah we said my blood is yellow spotted shape shifter and that God Allah for u post British Raj Influenced oh but i wasn't a credible
"The divisive colonial strategies of the British Raj are still being implemented today." -
I'm sure the subjects of the British Raj thought something similar of their colonizers.
Nah, they'll use the old British Raj term -- Viceroy
Karma to the Uk for all the atrocities you caused during the british raj. You have the bloodstains…
Wouldn't you say Indians have a good reason to be angry about the British Raj, for example?
Get out of this British Raj formality sir/madam. Otherwise we will get back to lo…
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Ex Army Gen Musharraf's father was a civil servant under the secular British Raj now he wants Islam in Pakistan
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If? After 70 years of alleged freedom what we get is IF? Politicians, Police, Bu…
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I liked a video What most Indians don't know about the British Raj
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Another victim of the ideology the left has justified, made excuses for, and invited in.
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Yes, this is the India of innocent people, governed by not so innocent politicians. British Raj ha…
I liked a video New Delhi in 1938 During British Raj Very Rare Footage
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31 famines in 120 years of British Raj, the last one killed 4 million people in 1943
compliance with British Raj is true for Politics, Bureaucracy, Police Judiciary. nation s…
Railways follows manuals that there there during British raj: Bejon Misra, Citizen Voice
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The world famous "British Crown Jewels", were actually stolen from India during the British Raj: Koh-I-Noor diamonds.
Do not forget what British did with Indian under British Raj / Christian values?
During the British Raj, many reformers such as Vidyasagar and Jyotirao Phule fought for the betterment of women.
Panjabi freedom fighter Ahmad Khan Kharal. Fought against the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the British Raj in 1857…
.stood against the might of British Raj & could not be intimidated into silence. Congress party is proud to be asso…
Why did the Indians help the British so much during the British Raj? by Sunil K Kumar
Yes, we have extensive financial records relating to both the British East India Company and the British Raj.
Motilal Nehru agent of British Raj. Kushbo Sundar dont know the history of motilal if she want to celeb motilal and his family let her celab
Been thinking about the social and physiological impact of the British Raj on today's Indians. If you have links, please share with me.
Right.Thats just a show piece left over by British Raj.
Review is up! Read my review of a book that traces the history & texture of…
present system with President who has no power, but can b a pain in the neck & cost crores in useless pomp, is a leftover o…
India then was as rich compared to rest of world as US is today- , https:…
Siddaramaiah is ignorant and loaded with British Raj Mentality
I think madam, did colonial practice needs 2 end as it creates an impression of British Raj gone long…
What's really nice in Qatar is how lovely all South Asians are towards one another. Makes my heart melt & curse the British Raj x
Discovering the Beginning of the End of the British Raj - this is
Dude you Hindus need to stop obsessing about Muslims. Islamic rule was over 300 years ago and British/American Raj is today.
Any comments on Media today v/s Media during British raj aka congress after independe…
Exec-Director quoted in this piece stating that returnees will be a "major concern" .
A Personal Rejoinder to British Raj-Haters Masquerading as Historians by via
From liberal laws to educational institutions to infrastructure, the British Raj contributed a lot to India.
After reading this, I'm inclined to agree. .
Historian Zareer Masani takes on claims that the British Raj was a fully destructive affair.
We're extremely sorry, Raj. We've passed on your comments about this. ^Soph
It is needed, as During british raj they could not gather courage to do it..All the courage was being sh…
we are living in Jungle raaj after british raj
"The Raj was good for India" is a mainstream and common British position.
Highest indian currency notes printed by is 10 note during the british raj 1938, new version in 1954 & i…
Nehru Raj also starved people of government services. By the way, curious if the British ever queued before…
Shakespeare in India: How Indians saw and read the Bard a hundred years back
Work on Trade that involves trains and the British Raj
With each passing day Sri is dismantling the elitist British Raj system to create cult…
Do British inflate Mughal achievements? Just like Congress inflates power of British Raj
an anthem of opposition to the The song, an ode to the land comprising present-day &
Even worse, there were only 155k European British subjects at height of British Empire.
OK thanks, found another source that links to Indian census. says European British subjects total 15…
87 years ago on this day British raj soldiers opened fire on freedom loving people of Peshawar in Qisa Khawni bazar killing many. Remember.
Spicemaster in Belvedere or the British Raj in Crayford. Neither 'destination' curry houses, but consistently good.
Pakistan. Peshawar, 1947. The Partition of a Nation. In 1947 the British Raj became the two independ
Zara socho: What if U.K. also decides to award him for his services to British Raj??.
Recognizing horror of German camps but ease up rebukes: e.g. raj killed 29m in India 4m in Bengal
I added a video to a playlist A Report of The Social Studies Exhibition - British Raj to Swaraj.
Ok, as a democrat, this is where it gets scary:. British public. Con 50%. Lab 25%. But among over-65s -the highest turnout group…
India's 3 encounter with Social division. First - My state is important to either side with British Raj or be...
When the British raj opened fire on peaceful protestors 87 years ago today-over 400 killed in Peshawar
Our plce frce still bhve like the police in British raj, then indns were rebels, now ctzns, whn will police forc…
If there is one Indian revolutionary whose life story will inspire the most interesting movie, it's Ra…
Plz enlighten us with Anti Imperial activities of Communists against British Raj during colonial rule which ws abandoned by RSS
Condoning the acts of the British raj is toxic: it was racist, homophobic, exploitative, paternalistic and led to m…
So after getting freedom from British Raj (Half pant) u ppl r doing better😜
During British Raj only University of Bombay, Kolkata and Madras were established during the yearof 1857
How taxation was used to immiserate Indians and enrich colonists during the British Raj, from book "Inglo…
Muslim Rule in India was far more brutal than British Raj. Will Shashi Tharoor dare to speak on Islamic history ?.
By1757 the makings of the British Raj were in place as Britannia ruled the waves traded Opium in South China Seas and created an Empire
Banswara massacre- as Rajathan’s ‘Jallianwala Bagh’,a little knwn event of the British Raj era.DO u know?
India missed the freedom from British Raj and Jadhav the title of Father of Nation by just 6 runs. 😅😅😂😂.
Indian Supreme Court is inherently anti-Hindu. India's court system was created under British Raj to subvert Hinduism.
these "lush trees" were actually the result of ignorant attitude of the British Raj towards The Taj Mahal.
*** I seem to be the only one up at 430 each morning!! British Asian achievers share secrets of early starts
Akal Takht was under mahant/British Raj control, like today SGPC giving siropa to Badals & anti Sikh elements!
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King George V was the only British monarch ever to visit the Raj as Emperor of India, to the Delhi Durbar of 1911.
SMH! Day of flight I find out my family and BABY have been moved from our bassinet row on a 7 hour flight!…
The condition of India's adversarial judicial system, introduced and imposed upon us by the british raj. Described…
Today we continue our play as the British Raj, and continue our move to freedom and Conquest...
by media narrative yes Bapu was troll of British raj..
Honoured to meet grandmother of Raj Chana from the High Commission, celebrating her 100th birthday
he thinks he's in the British Raj..
Cookie 🙄. Pakistan . The Mohatta Palace in Karachi: Said to be haunted by ghosts of the British Raj era. Museum...
Ya? So how did 32 million debit cards get hacked..stupid careless incompetent bank legacy of the corrupt British Raj
after 70 years of freedom some ppl in military and specially in training camp think like British raj. It needs to change
Best read of 2016: by detailing the 'perfidy, chicanery & cupidity' of the British…
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16) This, from Showing David Cameron up for brushing over the British Raj atrocities.
It is the party which brought Independence 4m British Raj.Nw we expect it 2 do same wid Modi's Raj
One of the oldest buildings in Kolkata of British Era is the Government house Raj bhavan started in 1799 by Lord Wellesley& complted in 1804
my bedroom. this is a heritage hotel converted from a house owned by the British Raj.…
INC was created to form a platform for civic and political dialogue of educated Indians with the British Raj
Between 12m and 30m people died from starvation or famine-related diseases in India in the last quarter of the 1800s
Does he know that Pak is a creation of British Raj. It did not exist before 1947 and will not exist in another 50 y…
"Even banal imperialism can have nasty side-effects." On the Raj:
Mr rightly dismisses all the brownie points the Raj's apologists give to the British colonisers. Read
Yes inflation has been the main tax of India since,well, WW2 British Raj (Bengal Famine too!) thru Congress,BJP etc
I'm a bit startled by Shashi Tharoor's comparison of the British Raj with the Holocaust. Surely, the British Raj was evil, but Holocaust?
How the roots of modern Indian corporate malpractice lie in the British Raj & the East India Company.
they speak what masters or elite class told them, it is a herd mentality going on since British Raj ,preposterous to address them
The rebellion led to the dissolution of the British East India Company in 1858. It was then governed by the crown as the new British Raj.
Lion and the Tiger : The Rise and Fall of the British Raj, 1600-1947 by Denis...
The Thackerays in India by Wm Wilson Hunter 1897 1st ed Life in British Raj
The chapati and how it terrified the British Raj just before the 1857 Indian mutiny
Bhagat Singh dared the British Raj to send executioners. RSS ideologue begged for his own release. http…
At 29 she became a symbol of resistance to the British Raj in Indian Rebellion of 1857!!!
. RBI itself is insult to Indian Economy. Reminiscent of British Raj?
Entitled to 21 Gun Salutes,Baroda was one of d largest and richest Indian Princely states durin British Raj.
They think they got freedom from the British Raj. Actually the Brits got themselves free from Indians & Pakistanis.
Man They got a white British guy to play Gandhi in the movie. That is super ironic
What do I do tomorrow... no Saturday Kitchen... fought back and had an Indian take away which was very good. British Raj, Kendal. Nice.
When PMLN will leave the Govt we will be 100 years back in British Raj
Stuffed toy making in India was introduced by missionaries under the British Raj. From the typical western rag...
1st time testing out your India cookbook tonight and the British Raj Curry is spot on!
Anglo-Indians the forgotten children of the British Raj in India -
An excellent introduction to the rise and fall of the British Raj, accurate, succinct, and engaging.
One of the better side effects of the Raj!
Since we discussed Kipling that day, here's an interesting interpretation of his works.
it's feel like we are in bihar. Atrocious behavior from accused n strange n biased British Raj behavior (6)
In the British Raj, the "CinC" reported to London, the Pak "CinC" reports to no one but the Almighty I suppose...
Yes, SBC was a fervent nationalist who made a pact w/ the Axis to overthrow the British Raj. Very interesting.
We understand how frustrating it can be waiting around, Raj. We hope you weren't kept for too much longer. ^Ems
they say history repeats British raj in India army
all set for British Raj at Eden Gardens
nooo screw the British Raj. Go carribeans!!! Lol
Lost, but like warriors 👏👏👏 . A wonderful game ... . Windies win the final .No British Raj again 😎😎
Have to say very well played West Indies now am confused for the finals either wear my British Raj hat or support west INDIANS 😁
Now that India has almost practically won, let the British Raj jokes begin?
TARGET for WINDIES: 193 to prevent a Lagaan Final in Calcutta, the old Colonial Capital of the British Raj.
Calcatuons must tecall 'British Raj in India' when every completed proj was ragged an Estimated Life
Is British Raj nostalgia the product of a distorted historical narrative? Finn Haligan shares his thoughts. .
Starting with the East India Company and leading into the British Raj, England had colonial possessions in the region from the 1600s on.
dear pm Ji, so India, Indians to survive on foreign investors, like British Raj... Best wishes Ji
Wat is happenin n Bengal's tea gardens is worse than d British Raj
The buildings around the collapsed flyover looks too fragile with people perhaps staying there since British Raj
Mahatma Gandhi put salt in British Raj wounds,but. you will build more "toilets than temples" best of British to you
Freedom struggle:first was reclaiming India from the British, now it's reclaiming it from the brown Sah…
18/19th Century Bronze statue of Bhagwan Vishnu in Kurma Avatar, is now in British Museum, London.!!. http…
Reading the Animal in the Literature of the British Raj by Shefali Rajamannar...
British Raj, the 'Indian way' remained largely intact and as a result, India was still the second largest economy in the world,
Nobody cares about BBC.not a big deal. Some are still slaves of British raj
Bhagat Singh waged war for Freedom from British Raj. VD Savarkar begged for mercy, to be a slave in British Raj
A SONG OF (BRITISH) FIRE AND (INDIAN) ICE ... what a final this is going to be
Fair enough. That's a nice attitude. I think seems to think I'm responsible somehow for the British Raj.
British Raj During his key companion and cultural identity However
England's game to lose now , would love to see England vs India in the final. And England to beat India In there own country. British Raj 😂
Indians must thank Modi sarkar & Hindutva 4 sedition.By being as anti-freedom as British Raj,they have forced d...
lots..those who think of thm as d product of British raj pref eng bt nt hindi
Indian historians mostlyaligned with the Nehru dynasty.Nehru a British collaborator. Revolutionaries opposed the Raj http…
If asking our govt reasons and explanations is anti-nationalism, then we have no right to be free from British Raj.
How many people from Sangh spent even a single day in Prison under British Raj? ZERO is the answer my friend!!
Lal Salaam to you, Sukhdev, Rajguru and Bhagat. And to the countless revolutionaries murdered by the British Raj who fough…
"who was ruling India before the British Raj?". "uh The Maurya Empire?". lmao
significant presence during the time of British East India Company rule and the British Raj (1858 - 1947). Originally performers at the >
Cities behind Blu Salt: . Kolkata, the old colonial capital of the British Raj. This historical city has such a...
Ghost Confessions Stories Real Incident: Told By Grand Mother. Time: British Raj. It was the incident told to...
Those assaulting students today were begging for mercy from the British Raj. Read more:
To stop Japanese invasion of India, British Raj has pulled troops from across Empire- 100,000 from Africa alone.
Check this British Raj analyzed pros and cons of 'trying Netaji as war criminal':…
From the Archives: Scheduled Castes and Tribes - Fault Lines created by British Raj
6. His courage was reflected in his standing alone & confronting combined opp from Congress, British Raj & from within In…
Thats why there were millions of people displaced/killed, the British Raj never cared about South Asian people
Obituary in on Brajraj Mahapatra (94), last prince of the British Raj: 'King of mud, king of rain'...
The freedom struggle of Indians against British Raj is not the paternal property of the Congress party of today
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Pudi Ravi Krishna even economist covered this news!
one for : our obit of the last ruler of the 26 princely states of Orissa
Before the British Raj, India's GDP was roughly 25% of world's growth rate. Imagine how huge was the loot.
sir for Surat independence hasnt cme in railway terms.railway is in British raj
SG and RG walk into P Court, surrounded by bdyguards, police, sycophants felt as if they were royalty and we wr still in the British Raj.-FG
Congress President is out on bail, Congress Vice President is out on bail. And it's not the British Raj.
This is how slaves behave ,this is how slaves in past during Mughal and british raj !
Obituary: Brajraj Mahapatra: King of mud, king of rain via
A royal life ends, in a melancholic way "King of mud, king of rain" The Economist
The last prince of the British Raj died aged 94, content with both the future and the past https:…
DAWN: AKHTER Hameed Khan (AHK) joined the prestigious and powerful Indian Civil Service under the British Raj...
The idols of Lord Ganesh and devi Parvati were made of pure gold, but were stolen during the British Raj by the English.
My take on why gift to Sringeri Mutt doesn't exactly make him tolerant towards |.
No. Manmohan didn't represent me when he praised British Raj at Oxford, Modi doesn't either. protests represent me.
Dr 's stirring speech is proof that Indians unite to slam the British Raj
Tipu removed Hindus from all administrative posts and replaced them with Muslims - piece by https:…
The horrible truth about Tipu's gifts to Hindu temples via
was the Aurangzeb of South who killed lakhs of Hindus.. via !.
68 years post getting freedom from British Raj...picture taken in British Parliament in front of PM 👍 ht…
[Replug] Tharoor's speech is proof that Left or Right, Indians unite to slam the British Raj https:/…
this is how Indian Muslims accepted islam.
Can Indian journalist ask British PM on race related attacks in Britain or to Obama: Police brutality on Blacks? Who the *…
.Aurangzeb inflicted untold atrocities on Hindus over 50 yrs. Tipu did the same in 17 yrs
Client Lunch Michelin starred Indian restaurant. Inspired by Colonial Indian gymkhana clubs, set up by the British Raj.
Kolkata Founded as an East India Company trading post, it was India's capital under the British Raj from 1773-1911
and they think that we are in the era of British Raj /east India company
We are all aware about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre,hundreds of innocent died. Gandhiji’s strong decision took actions against British Raj
Custodial death of Shwetang gave a martyr. has effectively become the Viceroy of British Raj
while Bhagat Singh, etc refused mercy from British Raj even at the cost of their lives.. Savarkar actively sought it. NO?
British Raj: Occupied India and the Chinese Opium Wars part 1 via
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Similarities b/w BJP and the British Raj. Both use Divide and Rule, Rob India's wealth, Promote Casteism. And Adani is t…
that the Ross Island Penal Colony was established by the British Raj in the Andamans to imprison…
Mr Aakar Patel yes not Britishers but we do owe reparations coz British Raj enslave us raped our women looted our wealth!! Grow-up Man!
BTW my parents worked for British Raj in India in the Indian Army & Royal Air Force long before being transferred here.
Showing respect to the British Raj and Mughal reign in India equals showing respect to years of ethnic cleansing and mass genocides.
Mumbai24x7 A vestige of British Raj, horse-drawn carriages to be banned in Mumbai after a ... - The Is...
Moreover riots have become a culture with political parties.Picked up frm d British
Netaji's modernism versus Gandhi's 'spiritual' Swaraj.. Great piece by and Read.
in the British Raj, "Anbormal migration to the cities" was the first 'official' sign of famine.
Which is better for MP British Raj or Shivraj. Villagers have given their preference.
Fed up with governance in MP villagers pine for British Raj.
Please read our piece on Gandhi's quest to revert India to pre-historic days. Should he be the father of the nation? http…
And of course rights for women often used as lever to justify imperialism, in British raj, and still today in Afghanistan, for instance.
their land didn't *belong* to India, it was a part of the now dissolved British Raj under "India" technically it wasn't stolen.
Gathering information on why The British Raj moved Indian Capital from Calcutta to New Delhi. Information sharing is highly appreciated.
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"India, under the Raj, was essentially a garrison state and the true heir of colonial power was Pakistan.".
Wht comes across in this is that Gandhi essentially was a bully.Bullied perceived weak,afraid of powerful
Same in India. During British Raj, K cities turnt to Cs. Mumbai was turnt to Bombay, only changed back after independence.
Sorry Singapore, I seem to have brought some British weather with me. Today was like:
There are many factors that caused us to be poor & corrupt & dilapidated society & nation! British rule one reason!
Discovered a British Raj building inside the Pakka Qila premises. Didn't even know it was there.
Return India to the rule of the British Raj?
Hah, was it? Um. British Raj! (Ok, ok, it’s cheesy. But satisfying like a homemade pizza.)
Gandhi in 1926: Those that want independence betray their faith in human nature & the British empire. Our piece
As for Sikh sacrifices- their gurus sacrificed for Hindus but they also sacrificed the most for British.
In we show even while Gandhi was preaching non-violence, he had no problems recruiting soldiers for …
A mess from last days of the British Raj finally sorted out - plenty of other things remain like Durand line!!
Gandhi of "flexible conscience" & antediluvian ideas comes out looking worse,in this follow up piece by htt…
He considered himself abovelaw-a direct descendant of British Raj!Shallow in knowledge but big push from godfather
Another cyncical article in the series on Gandhi with out of context quotes
As for myself, I am content to live my life and leave the rest to Destiny - Netaji
Gandhi was ferociously anti-big--industry, yet his inner circle was made up of big industrialists like Bajaj & Birla
"Chatur Singh.said the British Raj was better as the administration listened to people’s grievances in that era.".
Gandhi (WW2): Am not now thinking of India's deliverance. It will come.But whats its worth if Engl…
"We should even lay down our lives to defend the empire" - Mohandas Gandhi . Must read by & team.
Gandhi diluted the demand for independence through his vacuous notion of spiritual Swaraj. Our pie…
Sikhism Heros and Martyrs of the 19th and 20th Century British Raj Era
News nation channel news of indore police beating so called gundas badmashes openly in full public view reminder of British Raj
you'll probably have to contact their call centre in the British Raj to sort it out.
...that obedient servant of British Raj
One Anna Coin introduced by East India Company in 1616 depicting Rama Pattabhishekam. Tell British they were communal htt…
God this is worst than British Raj in India.These BJP spokespersons r so arrogant.
When the town itself was known as the ‘pleasure capital of the British Raj’, the Savoy Hotel was the place either...
Before the British Raj, dark skin colour is documented to be a sign of beauty of that time. Complete opposite afterwards
Pakistan must dismantle completely 170 years old British raj system including judicial system. Root it out and start all over again.
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Blasphemy Law creation of British raj for their interest and now applied in Pakistan. No one has gut to abolish it.
.tell your Govt that India didn't bow down to ruthless British Raj & it wont be scared by Modi Raj also.
without British there's no India. Yes, we were culturally one but never politically. Burma was part of British Raj
Jodhpur State (1250-1949) was a princely state in the Marwar region during the British Raj.
Why after 68 years of Independence we are getting reflection of British Raj ?.
Sonia Gandhi has more wealth than Queen Elizabeth..!!!. Will Indian MSM dare to do a study on this ?.
everyone knows the Raj is British. I love the way you didn't know that
I admire how you took the word BRITISH out of the phrase BRITISH Raj
and a lot of British people were in favour of it. The downside to the Raj was the East India company, not Government
.because of lower life expectancy. It's little better now but during British Raj it was in 40s.
Wish 1 day will understand that the British Raj is truly over. We are just discarding the dregs now
On 1931,the British Raj hanged Bhagat Singh, Sukh dev and Raj Guru in for opposing colonisation
No taxation without full state hood. ..British raj a big no...elected representatives should rule the delhi
history repeating itself, somebody needs to tell Gujjars that British Raj is gone now, so stop rebellions.
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