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British Parliament

The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom, British Crown dependencies and British overseas territories.

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Dutch parliament, British Parliament and the drama in the White House-Remember democracy is a slow grinding wheel.
The Case for British Parliament of Mayors (stunning how far behind is the US has fallen on this) - in -
UKIP’s only member of British Parliament quits party
3. --you should start following a former member of British Parliament & now a writer, who's repeatedly been correct in her--
Gilgit Baltistan is not the only illegal thing Pakistanis do & indulge in. British Parliament
Cabinet Minister: all British Parliament will be Muslim soon. This is their goal worldwide! We the USA cit…
This is horrifying to watch. Shahid Malik, UK's Cabinet Minister says all British Parliament will be Muslim soon.
The German states will have more input on Brexit than the British Parliament.
One shot, several injured in UK Parliament "terrorist incident"
White, black or brown... If you try to attack the British Parliament with a car and a knife, you're automatically mental…
The police evacuated the area around the British Parliament after reports of a shooting
MP Mary Creagh on attack at British parliament
12 people injured on Bridge outside parliament after a man stabbed people with knife; a…
British Parliament was placed on lock-down after police shot an assailant...
One woman dead, nearly a dozen injured in attack at UK Parliament. Police treating as terrorism 'incident'
HAPPENING NOW: has just issued a statement on the attack at the British Parliament buildings.
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In the most British response to a shooting ever, apparently a bunch of schoolkids are singing songs in Parliament while i…
Attack in London. Near Westminster Palace & British Parliament. . Right Time to Vote and RT. Is ISLAM is reason f…
Talking to a staffer at the British Parliament who's in lockdown. Asked if they're safe. - "Yes. The mood is concerned, but not grave"
Update: Officials say British Parliament is on lockdown after an attacker stabbed a police officer and was then shot by police.…
British PM May safe in parliament incident: Downing St
WATCH LIVE: Scene outside British parliament after what police are treating as a terrorist attack.
LIVE updates: One woman is dead and several people are injured in attack; UK Parliament is on lockdown https…
LATEST: One cop was stabbed, at least 12 people were hurt near the British Houses of Parliament in London
one of your brother shot dead near British parliament
British PM Mrs Theresa May who was in parliament during d attack was bundled into safe room by her close…
attack : Witnesses point out bodies after car mowed down people on Westminster bridge updates: . https:/…
Multiple people are reportedly injured in a possible shooting near British Parliament
LIVE: Watch video from outside UK parliament on situation British police are treating as a 'terrorist' incident:
Telegraph UK describes attacker as "Asian man.". (In British usage, "Asian" means Middle Eastern or South Asian) https…
LIVE: British police say they are treating incident near parliament as 'terrorist' incident until know otherwise. https:/…
British Parliament on lockdown. For live coverage, tune in to Fox News Channel.
Apparently there are schoolchildren singing songs in to lift people's spirits. How beautifully British.
DEVELOPING: Police treat attack at British Parliament as 'terror incident'
Parliament thoughts and prayers are with our British Allies, the victims and families of this horrific attack. London/England/Strong
BREAKING: UK police are investigating a "firearms incident" near the British parliament in London
what do you think of the British Parliament attack today?
UK Parliament attack LIVE: Treating this as terrorist incident, says British Police; 2 killed...
Multiple people injured in possible terror attack near British Parliament
London attacks: Some of those hurt have 'catastrophic' injuries, says hospital
Photos by Toby Melville show injured people in an incident outside British parliament
Shooting outside British Parliament, at least a dozen injured; House in lockdown
All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) officially created yesterday in the British Parliament
I added a video to a playlist Steve Hilton on British Parliament's Debate over Trump Entering the UK
Gerald Kaufman - Member of the British Parliament since 1970
British Parliament members break into heated debate over Trump visit
As a British citizen, I was able recently to put my name to a petition which aimed to get the British Parliament...
British Parliament and people say NO to trump visit. British PM says YES to Trump visit. She is prostituting herself for Trump business!
Flynn argued that Trump, who behaves like a "petulant child,” should have his state visit downgraded to a mere visit htt…
Petition: Allow retired dependent parents of British citizens in U.K
Tom Watson just 'dabbed' in parliament. This annoys me more than Brexit.
British parliament debates visit of US President Donald Trump: British lawmakers on Monday kicked off a debate on..
My new book, 'Parliament Ltd', exposes greed and corruption by Tories and Labour. Out now in paperback. .
Members of British Parliament just passionately protested President Trump's state visit.
"How did United states go from Barack Obama, a great liberal who spoke of hope, to a racist, bigoted, vulgar xenophobe…
Clear at tonight's anti-Trump rally in Parliament Sq - liberal elite of British Left dominating the push to damage the…
"Donald Trump and Russia" British Parliament votes no to visit from Trump first time they've even debated a visit from a…
British lawmakers call Trump 'racist & sexist' in debate on his state visit. Demonstrators also protesting visit
BREAKING: British Parliament unanimously passes Magnitsky asset freezing legislation as new part of Criminal Finances Bill
BRITISH PARLIAMENT has BLOCKED. DT from visiting. Are you starting to get it?!
BREAKING NEWS The British Parliament has just rejected a state visit by . the wannabe Hitler, Donald Trump .
Breast Cancer Awareness
A huge thank you to the British People who and British Parliament who heard the message & rejected Trump
British Parliament Makes History and Votes 'No' Regarding State Visit from Trump - the daily internet
Congrats on the passing of Magnitsky asset freezing legislation by British Parliament. Proud to be a tiny par…
So called 'petulant child' in British Parliament and 1st ever U.S president who is not welcome on a state visit htt…
Lets send a clear MESSAGE to & change the face of politics for good! &
Should be there in British parliament / legal records. Not sure how to find them. I'll let you know if i do.
The British parliament invented compulsory education explicitly to help the economy...>>
Looks like wants to take down British member of that don’t see eye to eye with them.…
To be fair to the British Parliament, we don't want Trump in this country either & the reasons for that are well known!
THIS IS BIG.. The British Parliament votes NO to a state visit from U.S. President Trump – the first time in history!.
VIDEO . British Parliament Voted for on Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Russia > SEE
BREAKING: British Parliament votes to protect Queen Elizabeth from Donald of Orange
The total hypocrisy of the British Parliament - massive War Crimes & the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen A-OK. Trump…
Yes, it was, but have you listened to British Parliament, Swedish leader, Mexico, Australia, etc. Trump is an ignorant buffoon
YES!!! Britain is GREAT! Donald Trump will NOT address British Parliament. you Spray-tanned Rectal Prolapse!…
About Donald Trump, a man some MPs(incl Theresa May?) want to address the British Parliament:
John Bolton calls him an 'embarassment to the British Parliament' & 'good riddance'.
British Parliament overwhelmingly gave Theresa May a green light to begin formal withdrawal from the EU
Things got heated when British Parliament discussed President Trump's state visit to the UK
Why not they have been screwed by the EEC the SNP and the British Parliament.
Jo Cox MP was killed by the British Parliament. Thomas Mair was another victim of incompetence and bad legislation.…
The EU Referendum has exposed how unrepresentative the British Parliament is of England & her interests!
Need some ? Here's a great quote from Nancy Astor, the first women in British Parliament.
370 years ago today the Westminster Assembly presented its "Confession of Faith" to the British Parliament (1646).
This is an incredible report. The Egyptian Parliament tells the British Parliament that their report on...
Glenda Jackson won two Oscars, then became a member of the British Parliament. Now she's back on stage as King Lear. https…
Churchill War Rooms near British Parliament in London England! A must see!
Larry Sanders, Bernie’s brother, is running for David Cameron’s seat in the British Parliament
Is describing the EU or British parliament? "The waste, the fraud, the endless expensive caravan of crémant-swilling members"
Much more culpable the Terminology and Confrontational Configuration of the present British Parliament.
No street parties or public joy over Brexit. This isn't the settled will of the British people. Parliament must reconsider!
'One copy of the British Bill of Rights for every household.' has 25 signatures -
Latest News (Bharat Gaurav Award conferred on Neerja Bhanot at House of Commons, British Parliament) has been...
NEWS: A British law firm has begun legal action to stop the government triggering the UK's exit from the without an act of parliament.
Watching the British Parliament right now is so entertaining.
17.5m British people who voted Leave.
I just noticed this: Happy 4th of July, America! . AKA our to the British Parliament. .
Legal firm holding British gov't to task on debate & process re referendum. Yeah, just those little things
/u/dutch_ninja: TIL outside the British Parliament there are 11 statues, 4 of foreigners, 2 of which are South Afr…
Watching British parliament meet is amazing they just yell at and make fun of each other
Thus Boris/Gove ?. "Blair lied to the British people and to Parliament" "Blair sidelined experts".
40 million British citizens didn't vote for Brexit. And UK Parliament is sovereign not the referendum
British people voted clearly and the Parliament is going to comply with that decision. No room for tricks
Message to the British Parliament on the declaration by the majority of elected reps
Schulz: "The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate".
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
the British taxed Americans without providing them a representative in Parliament like other colonies and instituted
If the government does not respect the will of the british people, then parliament will be taken into court. as...
Powerful letter by Oxford's AC Grayling to all British MPs on
Understand need to honour wishes of people - but it is the duty of British Parliament to protect UK interests
Petition: Parents of British children must be exempt from No Recourse To Public Funds
New post: Project Disappear:     “When the British people speak, everyone, including members of parliament, s...
Also charges were filed today. Google is your friend.
So glad we are leaving the EU Now at the next election we can vote for a British parliament that can rule the UK in full.. Democracy lives.
The British Museum was established by an Act of Parliament in 1753!
Message of Maryam Rajavi to the British Parliament -30 June 2 via
Good to see the Red, White and Blue at the Opening of a British Parliament 2-7-16 Royal Mile
British people from every walk of life voted Leave - 75% of MPs in E&W represent areas that voted Leave. Parliament MUST rem…
Unbelievable what a Member of Parliament who is a proud British activist against hatred receives on
Message of Sir David Amess, Member of the British Parliament via
Read our full report on the historic meeting on future in British Parliament https:…
Jo Cox, a vocal anti-gunner in British Parliament was killed by an illegal gun in a gun free zone. It's what she wante…
In first speech to Parliament, murdered British politician Jo Cox celebrated diversity
The killing of a member of the British Parliament,Joe Cox,she has always defended the rights of the Palesti/ people
Pride flags flank the entrance to the American embassy and a memorial to the slain British MP near Parliament.
Rest in peace British member parliament J cox
There are some 30+ represented parties in British Parliament. Granted, 2 of them dominate, but people are granted a voice at the table
Jo Cox, British politician, dies after being shot on the street in broad daylight:
Member of British Parliament dunned down; attacker reportedly yelled 'Britain first!'.
The person who murdered British Parliament Member Jo Cox had ties to right-wing nationalist groups in U.S.
On behalf of our Parliament and all Canadians, I offer my deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of British MP…
The British Parliament lost a sound politician - someone who loved humanity. You will always be remembered for all your good deeds.Amen.
Hillary Clinton on the assassination of British Parliament Member Jo Cox: "I am horrified."
My deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family of the British member of parliament Jo Cox. She was...
Mourners in Britain have held vigils for Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox, who died after being shot and...
Today we mourn the loss of another strong woman in politics. Our hearts are with Jo Cox's family:
Read it and weep: American toxic hate leaching into UK. Jo Cox, Member of British Parliament, Killed
Petition: Stop Destruction Of British Archaeology. Just signed - so should you if you want to pro…
When you're white and you stab, shoot, and kill a British Member of Parliament, this is the headline you receive.🐸☕️ https…
.was a law maker for their opposition party and a vocal advocate for Britain remaining in
British Parliament Member Killed by Gunman in "Gun Controlled" England . that's called an…
I liked a video from British Member Of Parliament Jo Cox Assassinated
British lawmaker dies after shooting and stabbing attack that stuns nation
British parliament banned 💄 because it seduced men into marriage? 😂 (h/t
Suspected British Parliament assassin spent $620 on books from U.S. neo-Nazis group
Suspect in killing of British Parliament member had ties to U.S. neo-Nazi group
⚡️ "British Member of Parliament shot and killed in England".
British Member of Parliament Jo Cox in critical condition after being attacked, reports say.
If man who killed British Member of Parliament were Muslim Trump would be talking non stop about him but silence bc he's…
Tearful mourners lay flowers outside British Parliament in memory of Jo Cox after she was killed in an attack
Dennis Skinner,Labour Member of the British Parliament,was thrown out of the Parliament for calling David Cameron “Dodgy Dave"
Historical day ,today we put a INDIAN FREEDOM BILL in British Parliament . We allowed to made our own constitution
Who was the first Indian to be-elected to the British Parliament?. - Dadabhai Naoroji. **. Which is the most irrigated State in India?. - Bihar
July 1892: Dadabhai Naoroji became the first Asian to be elected to British Parliament -
The British North America Act, 1867 was tabled in British Parliament by Lord Carnarvon on Feb 12 & approved by Queen Victoria March 29 1867.
PM David Cameron said in the British Parliament today that the campaign had his full support https:…
Awesome Dennis Skinner ejected out of British Parliament for the day after coining the phrase 'in...
The decision to be secular post 1947 was Hindu decision. British Parliament made three partitions: Hindu India, Muslim Pak, an…
Sri Sri invited for addressing House of Commons, British Parliament,while the Indian Parliament debates baseless allegations
Visited by members of the British Parliament today @ Faneuil Hall…
1920 The Home Rule Act is passed by the British Parliament, dividing Ireland into two parts; it is rejected by southern counties, where the
The World needs to hear this testamony by George Galloway from the British Parliament about the consequences of...
24 February 1920. Tory Lady Nancy Astor became the first elected woman MP to speak in the British Parliament.
Free West Papua - Sign the Petition calling on the British Parliament to call for a referendum...
19-year-old son of a member of the British Parliament goes into \Zenit\
Mental Health issues came up in British Parliament this morning. It is a global issue and why we must speak up.
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Can’t believe I’m watching the California state assembly discuss and vote on bills….at least it’s not British Parliament.
British Parliament should confer the title Sir on you, Sir Donald Trump !!
British Parliament to hold hearing over tennis match-fixing claims.
I think fans can take heart, in that the British Parliament seems to hate him as much as it hates Will help both.
George Galloway Blasts MQM & Altaf Husain in the British Parliament - Must Watch - YouTube
Also can you explain why you have no coverage in Portcullis House, a central building to the British Parliament?
Cameron Argues in British Parliament for Expanding UK Airstrikes to Syria - Wall Street Journal
⭐️ • UK Parliament to vote on expanded attacks on Islamic State: The British Parliament is set to decid...
The first female member of the British Parliament leads the way for other women.
In 1919 - Lady Astor was sworn in as the first female member of the British Parliament.
PM Modi addresses British Parliament: Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Indian head to address the...
Our PM Modi is the first Indian PM to address the British Parliament which is considered as Mother of all Parliaments. An ac…
PM Which Indian wouldn't be proud to see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of British Parliament
Show me one Indian who is not proud when they see Gandhiji's statue outside British Parliament -PM Modi in London
Your flawless speech in British Parliament & address to Indian community make us proud You will return as tallest world leadr
PM: Show me one Indian who doesn't feel proud when they see Mahatma Gandhi's statue outside the British Parliament
Highly positive sign that Modi addressed British Parliament. If we're lucky, one day he may address Indian Parliament t…
| PM gets standing ovation after speech in British Parliament | Read: http…
68 years post getting freedom from British Raj...picture taken in British Parliament in front of PM 👍 ht…
Sir,British Parliament has a projection of a distorted image of you.Why was this allowed by British Govt.…
not welcome, says a projection on UK Parliament by
projected upon the British Parliament House in London !!
Didn't realise the EU parliament was British?
BREAKING NEWS - Brain eating zombies invade the British Parliament and die of starvation.
Punjabi is now the third language in Canada's Parliament. However, It must be clarified that BC continues to stand for B…
We don't want a United States of Europe, we want decisions made by British politicians in our sovereign Parliament.
If British people want to understand US politics, imagine if UKIP had gerrymandered parliament to always have a 3rd of seats.
Modi Not Welcome: Meet the UK activists who projected their message on the British parliament . .
Lunching with the Queen, addressing British Parliament, staying at UK PM's country retreat, speaking at Wembley--Modiph…
Star Wars’ stilettos sell out and send British Parliament member to the Dark Side
1765: Amer Rev - the British Parliament enacted the Stamp Act on the 13 American colonies to help pay for British military operations.
she should have stood for the British Parliament then - they control foreign policy not Holyrood.
Last parliament's review of British weapons of mass destruction drew up the following spending projections.
We've seen livelier and more well-attended debates in the British Parliament. But at least it happened.
These are the people who license British media:
Petition: Allow British families to stay together by removing minimum income requirements.
KDH British HQ-3 calls made to evacuate ignored-Brit officer testified to Parliament
Are you a British Citizen or UK resident? If you haven't yet, please sign and RT! Help get
Cutting funding for solar power is bad for British farmers! Support our farmers by opposing solar cuts here:
. The people who have been truly misled are Parliament and the British public; by Mr Hunt.
British Parliament or release of its course when Comte argued) will be in war, are passing interlopers in physical stamina
or in Parliament (UK) can do anything but to make a man woman, or woman a man: a top British thinker. Indian judiciary differs.
Petition: Guarantee British savers and investors that cash will not be abolished
My word final I do send my usual regards to Her Majesty the Queen; Descendants; Parliament and the great British People Sir.
16 October 2015, 1110H PDT. We enjoyed the beautiful day in front of the British Columbia Parliament buildings in...
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. Dude who tried to blow up the British Parliament, we used to celebrate it here before Halloween took over! 😃
Please support Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa and his family and please signthepetition .
Petition: Negotiate to ensure the safe release of ISIS prisoner British John Cantlie
Petition: Only British voters should be allowed to vote in the EU referendum
Audley Shaw wants govt to bring docs to Parliament so people can see exactly what was agreed with British on prisoner tr…
UK: Baroness Coussins tables question in British Parliament for 10-21 re protection of T/Is. Foreign Minister will answer. Stay tuned!
Labour's new leader Jeremy Corbyn faces David Cameron for first time in British Parliament
But in case of Vedenta, they discarded Indian courts and want to complain to British Parliament.
This day in 1939, The National Service (Armed Forces) Act, which had passed the British Parliament the day before,...
SC says: "Parliament in PK unlike British Parliament not completely sovereign". Mian sb reads it as: .
Alcohol is prohibited in British Parliament, except the Chancellor can drink while delivering the annual budget statement.
British Parliament to honour Major Dhyan Chand with Bharat Gaurav award
Hockey Legend Dhyan Chand to be Honoured with ‘Bharat Gaurav’ Award in the British Parliament
Dhyan Chand to be given Pride of India award at British Parliament.
Indian Hockey legend Dhyan Chand to be honoured in British Parliament : Other Sports, News -...
TIL: The first woman to take a seat in British Parliament was actually an American, Nancy Astor.
Sikhs block roads outside British Parliament. Want PM Cameron 2 protest with India over treatment of Sikhs in India htt…
Photo:His Majesty King Abdullah II meets with the Speaker of the House of Lords in the British Parliament
5July. 1658: Aurangzeb arrested Murad. 1947: Indian Act presented in British Parliament, which was then accepted by d emperor on 18th July.
Indians in UK face risk of radicalization by terrorists, says British Parliament: Indian youngst... http…
The Power of Yoga continues Yoga session in British Parliament by Chi Kriya, Isha Foundn & Art of Living h…
EU Laws have to be enacted by British Parliament to carry legal force here.
Guy Fawkes was inspired to blow up British Parliament by an early form of LSD—hence the charge of High Treason.
how about him repeating the slogan Jews controlling the Media and British Parliament is that enough antisemitic for u
Lord Ara Darzi, first Armenian in the British Parliament, one of the best surgeons in the world, talks about Genocide. http…
Every INDIAN should read this.A Letter wrote by Lord Macaulay 2 the British Parliament in the YEAR 1835 h…
Who had laid the initial structure of civil services in the Sub-Continent?. a. British Parliament. b. East India Company. . . . . . . . . . . b
Lord Macaulay's address to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb-1835
Why has British Monarch not placed curses on those voting in Chuka Umunna into British Parliament? He's currently shadow Business Secretary.
In 1770, the British Parliament passed a law banning lipstick, claiming that it helped women seduce men into matrimony …
Today in 2015, Queen Elizabeth dissolves the British Parliament. 'I used hydrofluoric acid and you can't arrest me beca…
Which was a taxation measure passed by the British Parliament in 1765, setting taxes on colonial newspap...
What act passed by the British Parliament in 1774 was a major contributor in helping bring about the on...
A Member of the British Parliament who believes that Rape is just bad manners! What are you not telling us Galloway?
The House of Lords, the British Parliament's upper house of representatives, has a rifle range in its basement.
but you know there's a statue of Oliver Cromwell outside British Parliament. Spattered in pigeon poop. My Irish heart is glad
It's a very proud moment for our country that the statue of our Father Of Nation Mahatma Gandhi is installed in front of British Parliament.
British Parliamentarians calling for full fact finding access to
Tighter security at EU Parliament for our visitors German Chancellor & General Secretary of British Labour Party.
British Parliamentarians demand access to Gaza for fact-finding mission. Access blocked until now.
And the present Parliament for the British where Matters of purely English Concern are to be determined.
‘British parliament building is crumbling’
British parliament legislated to outlaw Hindu festivals because participation alleged to be on basis of caste,but terroris…
EDM625 now has a fantastic 100 signatures! Thank you all for showing your support for Great British pubs!
Today special # 1766 The British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act, the cause of bitter and violent opposition in the coloni.
Little Giant Ladders
British Parliamentarians are calling for full fact finding access to
Conference on Nigeria at the British Parliament. Venue: Houses of Parliament, Westminster. Date: 5th Mar, 2015...
if the British govt enabled families to let their elderly die with dignity, I would streak through parliament in jubilation.…
to use greenpeace argument Rani laxmibai should hav protested against English East India company in front of British Parliament.
Koi General Bakshi ko bataye ki General Dyer aint alive and is not in the British Parliament anymore. *** moment on
I just heard that British Parliament passed a bill led by Lord John Russell; this really is not going to be good...
The MP of the British Parliament from the United Kingdom Independence Party Douglas Carswell
If the Brits thought we were nuts, they are now absolutely certain. The one and only Al Sharpton spoke at Oxford University today and later met with high ranking members of the British Parliament to discuss race relations in the US. Doesn't that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling ? Yes folks, we are in the hand basket and someone has pushed the down button.
Video of the British Parliament's Debate on Boko Haram. Where is our National Assembly in Nigeria?
Fun watching some debate in the British Parliament at C-Span.
Watching British House of Parliament Question Time. There must be a drinking game for this.
I am watching "Million Dollar American Princesses" on the Smithsonian channel. It is a biography of women who Married into British Nobility/Aristocracy because of the money THEY brought to the table. One of them is Nancy Astor (1879–1965) was the first woman to serve in the British Parliament, where she advocated temperance, women's rights and German appeasement. I wanna be her!
British Parliament is so interesting to watch
We Remember... Because it is hard to Forget. 19.01.1990 the date that got etched in our hearts with an ink of fear, terror. No it isn't easy to remember those horrifying memories. And yes it is difficult to forget deceipt, hatred, slogans that spelt LEAVE, CONVERT or DIE. Many died, several left... Not because they had a choice but because they were forced to leave. The 7th Forced Exodus in a series of ethnic extermination - can not be forgotten! We Remember: 19.01.1990. Today a number of you walked with us for Peace, for Justice and for Humanity. We reached out.. Person to person on the street... Creating awareness among those who were totally unaware. God helps those who help themselves...this is the beginning of a change and we all made it happen, together. We have cried in isolation but today we walked shoulder to shoulder, holding hands. Today we were joined by community leaders, politicians, leading lights of the society but they joined us as humanitarians. The cause was upheld to the titles, partie ...
The January Parliament, which first met on 20 January 1265, is one of the most significant events in British democratic history.
Bow journalist is telling citizens how many chairs in British Parliament like they don't know, wow aren't you educational
Tony Blair faces calls to come clean to British parliament about his wealth after making millions around the world
Britain's Parliament Is No Longer Representative of Its Population: Have you ever tried to explain the British...
LOL! On photo 1 British parliament debates social security, and on Photo 2 pay rise for MPs — (↬
Even british parliament spend about 30minutes talking about Nigerian insecurity, causing ranpant killing of innocent lives...
The BNP want to create 'pan-British parliament' to oversee Westminster policy areas and invite the Free State to join as an equal partner
The historic Parliament Buildings in the capital of British Columbia!
Political philosopher Michael Sandel to address British Parliament: "Making a case for democracy"
Why does have to disclose his earnings to parliament. Last time i checked he'd resigned from British politics?
Today I was going through the British Parliament records and found that as late as in 1955 (i.e. even after 8...
Tomas Kukal spoke with a member of the British Parliament and with a MEP then was removed from the cfc state aid case.
Listening to the debate on boko haram by the British House of Parliament
They'll do & say anything to keep overall control of England with the British Government Where is our English Parliament?
Which was a law passed by the British parliament in 1767, taxing glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, ...
The Dutch Parliment will have to discuss monetary reform in similar fashion to the recent…   10% Off
of course she's not. She only influences. She can't even make decisions in the British parliament.
also starting to get frustrated with the constant overruling of the EC parliament and parliament only should govern British law
"It always seemed to me a bit pointless to disapprove of homosexuality. It's like disapproving of rain." Francis Maude, British Parliament
bet the scum who did that had more noble intentions than the scum who occupy the British Houses of Parliament
British Parliament has a batman sub, I knew they invaded peoples privacy, but since when is hollywood allowed to spy on people?
The Hungarian parliament took its inspiration from the British parliament.
PETER HITCHENS on the PC mob British Dictatorship legislation is being slipped through Parliament
czarina (n.): a chic Russian female who has gained attention as a customer, designer, etc., of high fashion. The New York Times‘ Eric Wilson writes of the czarinas’ return to the haute scene, describing them as “a pack of fabulous-looking young women” more striking than Vladimir Putin in a zoot suit. Compare to: gallerinas, the fabulous ladies of the American art scene; and princelings, arguably less aesthetically pleasing but plenty powerful players in Chinese institutions. banksterism (n.): financial practices that are pejoratively likened to the behavior of gangsters. A member of British Parliament got some attention this week when he used this word in the House of Commons. “The public believe that Parliament and parties have indulged the banksterism that is now all too apparent,” Mark Durkan quipped. derecho (n.): a large cluster of thunderstorms that produces widespread wind damage. “An ordinary thunderstorm produces a swath of damaging winds usually only a mile or two wide and a few mi ...
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