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Islam has been present in the United Kingdom since its formation in 1707, though it was not legally recognised until the Trinitarian Act in 1812. Today it is the second largest religion in the country with estimates suggesting that by 2010 the total Muslim population had reached 2.869 million.

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I'm a British Muslim the same age as the London terrorists – I know why we turned out so differently
This gentleman talks a lot of sense.He's a former Chief Prosecutor for North West of England and a proud British Muslim
Horrific attack on a young British boy by two Muslim thugs
Every white British family should be responsible for killing one Muslim. Problem solved. Take your country back while you can.
How dare British people expect the Muslim community to not produce suicide bombers. How Islamophobic of us. Bunch of bigots…
Some Libyan *** muslim named Salman Abedi is more British than the literal royal household of Britain. Liberalism is a me…
I know. Crazy some Muslim individuals want to take over British government. Those ones need to be deported. They ha…
'There's no such thing as the British Muslim community'
Muslim grooming gangs are systematically targeting British girls & raping children as young as 12 yrs old - & it's happ…
Are you buying this apparent staged propaganda from British media following Muslim terrorist at… via
So the British govt didn't want the world to know terrorist was a Muslim . Do they think ppl are stupid?
.. Dont overdo it. Sikhs aided by Pak (Musli…
FAQ: Secularism died on May 26, 2014? I reply "Secularism died but on 15.8.1947"since British created Hindu ruled India and Mu…
Could ISIS have asked for a better response from their useful *** on the British right?
British cops don't care. Do ISIS SALUTE with neighborhood Muslim.
British mother's of victims of Muslim rape gangs held up signs saying don't use our girls…
4 years to the day British solder has his throat slashed by Muslim terrorist.
The Muslim plan is moving ahead with a plan and the British well they plan to fail because they failed to plan.
So, recap. British born Muslim, from extremely religious family who fled secular Gaddafi to UK. Stayed devoutly ghettoed and…
As a British Muslim, I fear terror just as much as you do
Did the British ever enlighten it's tallest tower or Building after bombing in Muslim states? Did the West e…
the old he was british not a radicalised muslim argument? Is that what you are saying here?
How heartbreaking this is, I pray the British army drives out all the Muslim dogs from your country, there is no other way.
MUST SEE VIDEO: Tommy Robinson rages against Muslim extremists, and the British politicians who abide them:
Muslims murdering our children is acceptable. Deporting Muslims to Muslim countries is unacceptable. And these are Bri…
Oh and btw your quite tidy, fancy a date? Its cool if you don`t, i`m not a muslim. i wo…
Britain is my country and it pains me to see how hatred towards British society is hammered into the heads of 2nd gen of U…
Wherein I express my vested love for aka Kashman and aka The Muslim James Bond.
Monty Python sketch where a muslim jihadi beheads a British liberal and the severed head continues to apologise
Can't blame the neighbors. British police are arresting people in the middle of the night…
A dozen British girls are still missing after "Muslim cab drivers" gave rides for free. The soldiers are to stop riot…
Off course no doubt...anyone can dress or name as Muslim don't mean there are the's in…
Manchester bomber’s British-Libyan and Muslim community is horrified by what he did. They didn’t “radicalize” him
This is how liberals frame the Manchester terrorist, no mention of him being a Muslim of immigrant descent, he is a Briti…
Throughout the Cameron years British Muslim men travelled to the Middle East and returned Britsh soldi…
66% of British Muslims say they would not report a radical islamist to police. The UK has a Muslim problem.They ignore it a…
No. He's about as English as you are intelligent, which isn't sayin…
career aspirations & decisions: British Muslim young people. Please share the survey below
Finding love is never easy… and it just got harder. See the very British Muslim romance in cinemas…
Its getting more and more disturbing: British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip
This is truly disgraceful. With islamophobia on the rise once again, Theresa May must stop siding with Donald Trump. https:/…
The ban has been lifted and they're STILL denying people entry. Guy's Welsh, FFS.
British Muslim teacher with valid visa booted off N.Y. plane - NY Daily News
incompetence trickles down. Welcome to Trumptopia.
British teacher removed from New York-bound plane despite halt on Muslim travel ban
Trump's bigotry reverberates as Brit teacher removed from NY-bound plane despite halt on
"I am not an enemy to Western Democracy, I am a part of Western Democracy" . -- Naz Shah, a Muslim + member of the British Hous…
British Maths teacher denied entry to US on school trip
Not more widely reported because US media can't pronounce Llangatwg or Aberdulais
British math teacher traveling with class of school children to US was refused entry even after ban ruled illegal
British Muslim math teacher removed from plane, denied try to US on school trip.
British teacher travelling to NY on school trip "escorted from aircraft by security". suspended…?
Pupils shocked as their teacher -a British Muslim- is denied entry to US on school trip. Any comment htt…
"Pupils & colleagues were left shocked & distressed after the math teacher was escorted from aircraft by security"
SAIRA KHAN: Why I, as a British Muslim woman, want the burkha banned from our streets via
Paul Nuttall MEP talking with British Muslim voter out side the Central Mosque Stoke on Trent.
what if you're a British Muslim and Olympic gold medalist barred from seeing your family in the US?
Interesting that he uses 'British Muslim' rather than 'British Asian' as a descriptor.
British Muslim broadcasting corp is likely subsidising h…
British Muslim broadcasting corp is likely subsidising his defence
Here's a picture of the man who set fire to a British Muslim's dress on NYC's Fifth Avenue.
British Muslim woman detained after cabin crew spot her…
As a British Muslim, I'm terrified that Theresa May is my new Prime Minister
I am a British Muslim, you can be white and Muslim also so you can be a French Muslim, an Australian Muslim etc.
Sickened by the media. Interview now with 'British Muslim' and winner of Great British Bake Off. Do they say British Jew, Hindu, Sikh? NO!
Take it from me as a young British Muslim: Islamophobia is alive and kicking
muslim rulers looted and the British completed the remaining, left anglos behind
"There are many people, like evangelical Christians, that are also disowned by their families [for leaving their...
Life as a young British Muslim woman 'Diary of Hounslow girl' by Ambreen
This for Hindu or Muslim or or , have learn from British Govt divide & rule.
This is a story about how Islamophobic violence works as a method of social control – what it is, who it targets,...
Muslim Businessman who went on 'rape tour' of British universities is jailed via
Muslim men in UK working, having shops. British men play a football game as a still babies
if a person dnt accepts struggle against Muslim Invaders as FREEDOM STRUGGLE i too dnt accept it against BRITISH.
mistaken, you are. Muslim numbers were inflated by British for propaganda purposes. Not more than 20%.
Don't miss this provacative play that follows a teenage British Muslim girl & the conflicts & challenges she faces https…
from "It is as if the politicians think that only Asians can be Muslim, even when the British media wer...
What are the buildings too? Could all of them be British Mosques?
British Child brides 12 years old marriage by Muslim clerics in UK mosques, crimes against the British people.
than why he never even spoke against British after his release?? He only did Hindu Muslim politics after his release.
Yes this was one headline "British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale"" Not a whimper form them->
Muslim Ensar Gol jailed for 36 years for stabbing his British wife 50x & stabbing his mother-in-law to death
One law, British law. No such thing as Shariah law. Ms May take your Muslim appeasement and shove it where the sun don't s…
Muslim Ensar Gol jailed for 36 years for murders of his British wife and mother-in-law
Muslim Bernie Sanders supporters will murder British people unless George Osborne makes feminism illegal.
Muslim women in Britain are experiencing a 'double-bind' of religious and gender discrimination
Muslim refugees to the British people “we do not accept British laws, you adopt our Sharia Laws” -
and he was so fearless he wrote mercy letter to British and after releasing divided society into Hindu Muslim veer savarkar
UK woman jailed for planning to join ISIS with kids (Aranews): A British Muslim mother who was ...
Veer Savarkar is trending. 🙄☝☝☝. Even this coward has fan who pardon 4m British and divided Hindu Muslim in British India.Was a stoog of Brits
- Prison for British Muslim convert who planned to bring up her children under Isis
Muslim women face a ‘double-bind’ of. discrimination - we need the law to protect all employees. Read my full views: https:…
British Muslim jailed for 40 years in America for plotting terrorism
British Muslim women hit back at David Cameron: The best of the hashtag via
As a British Muslim, I couldn't agree more with Trevor Phillips. We can not continue to brush things under the rug & preten…
Parents arrested for trying to send £1,000 to white British Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’.
British Muslim women are telling the prime minister that they're not
David Cameron schooled by British Muslim women over English row: My heart sank when I woke last week to front-...
"As a British Muslim woman, I am tired that our sense of identity and belonging is called into question"
Honoured to be at the British Muslim heritage centre annual gala dinner
British Muslim says Islam will destroy Britain and America
the BBC (British Muslim broadcasting corp )as always true to form - professional apologist for Muslims
New Jihadi John revealed: family of British Muslim convert, Siddhartha Dhar, say he is Isil killer - via
Head of British Muslim faith schools calls for teaching of Judaism
Banned from Australia. Why was this British Muslim woman not allowed to board her flight to Sydney?.
British Muslim faith schools head calls for teaching of Judaism - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
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As a British Muslim journalist, I was forced to log onto my laptop and phone by US security upon arrival to DC. No way to t…
US stops British Muslim family from going on 'holiday of a lifetime' to Disneyland
"Calls for David Cameron to step in after US bars British Muslim family from trip"
A senior British Muslim cleric has sparked fury stating; "floods in Northern England are retribution from Allah for hedonistic lifestyle".
British Muslim woman who is Muay Thai kickboxing champion says ‘I hope this makes a difference to young Muslim women’ …
This fellow is quite a comic character:). The same was a Muslim country for 1000 years until the British came.
Chaos In Calais Ramps Immigration Concerns for UK Voters the door is open for all non Muslim British ppl
great article maajid. As a British born Muslim (age 49) I think what u doing at quilliam is very good
Watch this video this kid is an amazing British Muslim singer
British hacker for Islamic State killed in U.S. drone strike in Syria - sources: WASHINGTON (...
Asif Quaraishi *** Muslim drag queen is a role model for hidden community. "
Muslim Drag Queens: Touching, horrifying and inspirational moment for British *** Muslims
Who sexually harasses British women? Nearly always Muslim males. Get rid of these *** out of Britain NOW.
British tourists flock to “safe haven” of Spain, oblivious to the fact that Spain is on red alert for an attack by…
Saying that the iplayer had a few Muslim comedy shorts recently, which was great to see, but British Asians are diverse
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Watched tonight v funny show giving an insight in the joys & challenges of being a British Muslim
British Muslim ISIS computer hacker is killed in US drone strike in Syria  via
"British politicians" have become listening a lot to Muslim demands. Got money-stuffed friends in Middle East?
Ban muslims being police officers they will never protect British victims over muslim abusers . …
Yes British divided and pak on Hindu muslim. Nehru made India fool
as an Indian I will treat you as a fellow human being.Im British and Indians are loved here. but as a Muslim,best kept to yourself😏
Muslim British woman : “I will be the one who slaughters you o kuffar ! ” …
There are thought to be 20,000 polygamous marriages in the Muslim community. This is an erosion of British values.
Muslim Drag Queens, a new Channel 4 documentary, tackles one of the last taboos of the British Asian community.
"Infidel Shia" ID-politics in Bradford UK. Soon 'British Muslim' will become Brit. Sunni &Shia http…
Standard procedure for British Muslim to blame our wonderful police & secret service.
Michelle Obama: 'When I look at young British Muslim women, I see myself'.
Fairness, not favours: British Muslim perspectives at the 2015 general elections
I'm due on with tonight discussing British Muslim from North West London 'Jihadi John', Muhamm…
Integration "the responsibility of both Muslims & non-Muslims" says British Muslim student in Bradford. More opinions http:…
Islamic State uses social media to groom British Muslim girls - think tank: LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation...
typical of the BBC British Muslim broadcasting corporation
A French-born Muslim in London is threatened by British Muslim for saying 'JeSuisCharlie':
Theresa May “destroyed” the family of a British Muslim exiled to Pakistan: Dilly Hussain int...
"British Muslim: why, when converted to Islam has become a Sunni ? .
Getting rid of Legal Aid; a British Muslim soldier; and the most divisive issue of the week: breastfeeding in public.
Two French Muslims Identified in Islamic State Execution Video Global Jihad 2014 00 Comments Another French Muslim — that makes two French Muslims that they have identified along with a British Muslim (“jihadi John”). And the moderates from Western countries just keep on a comin’. Why won’t ONE repo…
Charities suspected of Muslim extremist links Dominic Kennedy Investigations Editor Last updated at 12:01AM, November 17 2014 Dozens of British Muslim charities are being secretly monitored because of concerns that they may be involved in radicalisation and extremism. The Charity Commission has put 55 unnamed groups on a watchlist without their knowledge in the past two years. It has also emerged that nearly four out of ten formal inquiries recently begun by the regulator are into Muslim-linked charities controlling tens of millions of pounds. Five full statutory inquiries, the commission’s most serious form of investigation, have been opened into British charities operating in Syria alone. These include al-Fatiha Global, which Alan Henning, one of two British hostages beheaded by Islamic State (Isis), was working with when he was kidnapped. None of these five is facing inquiries… Gifts Gone Bad Fear of Islamist misuse of funds Muslim help for poor investigated Chief admits failure to stop scams 1 Com ...
Watch our pathetic pc gov, leftist media jump on their sideThe British Muslim Broadcasting corp certainly will
'Why did William Hague refuse to help me?' - when Asad tortured & killed British Muslim doctor,no one in govt cared?
Muslim volunteers in the British Army in WW1. Unlike ISIL murderers, they were proper soldiers. Via htt…
An opinion by a british muslim on bilawal
Pensioner Charged with Racism After Saying ‘I’m not a Muslim’ at Airport Security: ‘A British pensioner who qu...
Didn't Gandhi give the same advice to British against Nazis and to hindus against muslim murderers in noakhali?
History's 1st book of its kind site:Post Muslim/ rule Hindu re-rule in a millennium ?HinduRevolution
there is no incompatibility when it comes to being Muslim & being British. We stand for peace, loyalty and …
When white people get bombed we observe silence (British transport attack); when Muslim kids get bombed we don't notice.
British citizen John Cantlie who became a muslim & the reporter of ISIS from Kobane.
Former Private Schoolboy is the Latest British Muslim to Die Fighting for the Islamic State | Pamela Geller
There were 2 focal points of Sati, Rajasthan due to muslim invasions. The other was bengal, british changed laws to give
Now ISIS threatens to kill British jihadis who want to return home:
British science teacher who plotted to go to Syria to fight with ISIS jihadis was stopped…
now Muslims has own territories in British?next Muslims declare that British is the muslim's.
These are 5 Muslim countries where being *** isn't a crime. None were colonized by the British Empire.
A Big THANK YOU to my fellow Muslim brother's and sisters there in the UK!. Let's hope an END to these ISIS...
The Guardian: No victory parade for our Afghanistan troops, but ‘winning’ was not an option. Death is approaching.
go to Muslim areas. They claim they are outside of British law. They colonize & feel they own it.
Make Me a Muslim young British women are converting to Islam BBC full movie Documentary 2013
Very little evidence of radicalisation of British Muslim youth going on inside UK mosques, Saudi funded or otherwise
BBC Muslim presenter calls for British Muslims to condemn ISIS terror via
British man who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport security spends six months facing racism charges. *smh*
British ‘hostage’ John Cantlie not only looks more and more like a Muslim, he sounds like one, too
unbelievable, family of killed in Syria blame t govt 4 not makin it easy 4 his return
British Muslim activist says black flag will fly over 10 Downing Street and the White House.
'Hero' Alan Henning remembered. Wonderful tribute from British Muslim community to a brave and generous man.
Come and pay your respects tonight at the British Muslim heritage centre in remembrance of Alan Henning, spread the word!
Much admired British Muslim leader with many followers among peace loving (secular Hindus too)!.
In the UK. You should be ashamed of yourself! As a British Muslim and I know the vast majority of Muslims do not
British Muslim girls: 'We’re sick to death of these 'jihadi brides’ going to Syria – it’s disgusting' via
British Muslim scholars tell Isis that holding hostage goes against Qur'an
British Muslim 'Islamic State Recruiter' Arrested in Bangladesh: A Muslim convert from London was today arrest...
In the name of Allah let him go - British Muslim leaders' letter to i Please tag
British Muslim scholars tell ISIS that holding hostage goes against Qur'an . .
British Muslim leaders calling on ISIS to free Alan Henning
In an online video, British Muslim scholars call for the release of Alan Henning and say killing him would be against Sharia law.
Alan Henning kidnapping by IS is against Sharia law, say British Muslim leaders
A call from British Muslim aid workers for Mercy in the case of Alan Henning.
We are signatories to this letter. Proud to have been able to assist with it
Muslim leaders describe as un-Islamic fanatics. Urge them to show mercy on British hostage
NEWS: More than 100 British Muslim imans, organisations and individuals sign letter demanding immediate release of Alan Henning.
Young British Muslims at Active Change Foundation show their solidarity against ISIS and their actions. See how a simple message can be shared ...
- ISIS crisis: Supreme leader of the British Muslim/Islamic council appeal to ISIS to release British hostage, Alan Henning following the horrific beheading of late David Haines.
Signed this. British Muslim leaders appealing for the release of Alan Henning
“British Muslim "leaders" unite to urge SIS to release Alan Henning.
Maybe some 'British' Muslim leaders should offer to swap places with this gentleman?
Fascinating video from British Muslim appealing to "our brother" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to kill a British captive
Alan Henning: Call of Mercy to ISIS from British Muslim: via
British Muslim leaders sign open letter urging Islamic State captors to 'see the errors of their ways'
British Muslim women in the Islamic State are running 'brothels' of captured Yazidi Kurdish women for ISIS thugs.
Call of Mercy to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from British Muslim aid workers
Alan Henning: Muslim call for release of UK hostage: British Muslim leaders have called for the ... htt…
British Muslim leaders call for immediate release of the UK hostage threatened with death by extremi…
Over 100 British Muslim leaders unite to appeal for the release of hostage Alan Hemming http:/…
Brit Muslim leaders unite to call on ISIS to release Alan Henning
Where was the campaign by these fools for the Nusayri regime of to release British Muslim doctor Abbas Khan? He was…
Muslim call for release of hostage: British Muslim leaders call for the immediate release of…
UK Imams and Muslim leaders appeal for the release of British aid worker Alan Henning
I've lost count of the number of British Muslim organisations and thinkers who are horrified by the murder of David Haines. Ex…
British Muslim leaders issue fatwa against would-be jihadists Via:
British Muslim TV have got a page to make donations. . I wonder where the money will end up...
put on standby as net closes in on identity of British Muslim who beheaded US journalist | via htt…
not British another Muslim living off Britain. Another good reason to expel all Muslims.
So you are commenting on Muslim reluctance to join British army. No need to relate e'thing to Jews
This isn't just a British problem.Western governments seem to have lost their backbones in dealing with the Muslim menace
British Muslim organizations have condemned self-professed ‘Jihadists’ responsible for the murder of US journalist James Foley, and along with parents of suspected British fighters, have agreed to work with the police to ‘root out’ extremism.
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The point is relevant bcos the British army has for it last engagements been targeting Muslim Countries
British Muslim leaders urge people to contact police if they know identity of man in James Foley video:
British-born Muslim convert 'plotted atrocity and had a knife and hammer wrapped in an Islamic flag'.
Prosecutors have accused Grant, a Muslim convert, of working with fellow Briton Samantha Lewthwaite, the fugitive...
Teenager 'had a knife and hammer wrapped in Islamic flag'   via
Muslim Council of Britain says ' does not speak for Islam',
Get your invite to join 1,000s of British Muslim families at this year's
. Indigenous British people would like to know what will be done to control the muslim trouble-makers that were waved in by Labour.
LONDON/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A British Muslim leader called for action on Thursday to tackle a jihadi sub-culture after an Islamic State vide
And here is a more reasoned response to from a British Muslim perspective:
There are no British men fighting for ISIS only Muslim men whose families we keep in comfort on welfare back here at home ! Its a scandal.
Anyone saying first: "I am Muslim" instead of "I am British" should leave this country forever, simple as that.
LONDON - England - British Muslims who overtly display their Islamic religion in public are now in danger, a new study has found.
Lee Rigby was virtually decapitated by two British Muslims. Now James Foley has been decapitated by a British Muslim. See the pr…
Russian separatists accuse British Muslim of being a "black mercenary" of Kiev. Then there's this charmer:
An urban thriller set in West London starring Paddy Considine and rising star Aiysha Hart. Mona is a young British Muslim girl on the on the run from her family after they find out about her plans to run away with her Punjabi boyfriend. In a desperate bid to save face and their family honour, her mother and older brother enlist the help of a bounty hunter to track her down.
Britain's conned into thinking women are forced to wear burqa.British Muslim cleric brands it an "archaic tribal rag"
The Guardian July 2014 The mosque in Cardiff that two young men attended before they left for Syria and appeared in an extremist recruitment video has denied having anything to do with their radicalisation – and instead claimed they could have been inspired by images in the mainstream media. Reacting in detail for the first time, the Al-Manar centre in the Welsh capital denied that visiting preachers may have prompted the men to leave for Syria and join the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) terror group. Advertisement In a statement released to the Guardian and ITN, the Al-Manar centre said it did not control those who attended for prayers and officials would have sought to dissuade the men from leaving for Syria if they had known they were going. The centre's denial came as more than 100 Islamic prayer leaders from various denominations of Islam signed a letter calling on British Muslims not to travel to Iraq or Syria to fight. "We urge the British Muslim communities to continue the generous ...
British Muslim and American Muslim of Arab origin demonstrate their support for the England NT / USA MNT in the World Cups. Their countries.
"Angry young British Muslim men" inclined to take gap years in ISIS need to grasp that the people they'll kill/be killed by are Muslims too
You think the disruption for thousands of British Muslim kids facing GCSEs and their furious parents is just "UK govt banter"?
If you don't do the Job, you will be replaced by others... see how this is turning visible clear and truthful now !! - "It is HE (Allah) who has sent his messenger (saw) with guidance and the religion of truth so that HE may make it prevail over all religions even though those who worship false Gods may detest it" (The Noble Quran 9:33) "And if you turn away (from Islam and the obedience of Allah), HE will substitute you for some other people, and they will not be like you." (The Noble Quran 47:38) - Brother Abdur Raheem Green (formerly Anthony Vatswaf Galvin Green) is a British Muslim convert who is widely known for his Dawah works. He is a presenter on Peace TV, engaged in education and media work on Peace TV and is the chairman of iERA, the Islamic Education & Research Academy. Green's father was a colonial administrator in the British Empire and his mother is Polish. His father was agnostic and his mother a devout Roman Catholic. Green was raised in the Roman Catholic faith from a young age. At a you ...
Tributes have been paid to the soldier Lee Rigby, who was murdered by British Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in Woolwich, south-east London one year ago today. Among those at the scene were member's of the Rigby's family, including his wife Rebecca.
One day they will remember the NON- muslim British community. You know. The Voters!.
There is no sutch fing as a British Muslim simples!
After Pharrell Williams wept on Oprah over the success of his song Happy and the incredible number of parody videos shot the world over, the ‘British Muslims Dance to Happy’ video will give him another reason to cry with joy.
Kenya bombs attack kills 10 after British terror warning
A devout British Muslim couple recorded and uploaded three videos in which they celebrated the death and laughed at those grieving for the beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby.
Muslim orgs in :We call on the British refrain from supporting the govt.of through the sale of arms
British and Muslim are a contradiction. Islam strives for a global caliphate. The the land of Islam and then there's the land of war.Read up
UKIP set to boost British education further by removing Algebra from the education system after learning of its Muslim…
British Muslim Council to Hold Talks With Boko Haram: The Muslim Council of Britain has offered to mediate in ...
Girl returns to home town to find aggressive Muslim extremists have invaded
A statement of concern from the Muslim community | Islam21c
Interested? STANDUPTOUKIP is UNITE AGAINST FACISM vice chair is Azad ALI who said 'As a muslim I'm obliged to kill British soldiers in Iraq'
got anything to say to Muslim British soldiers that have fought for this nation?
“Nairobi rocked by two deadly explosions = MUSLIM terrorists. Do forgive my "intolerance"..
Trojan Horses Everywhere. | National News | British National Party Muslim plot to take over schools in Europe.
Council-you can learn the Quran or Bible off by heart but that does not make u a great Muslim or Christian! Good point!
A few facts for that British first nutters. 1/Muslim Population of UK is around 5% they're not taking over the country
hang in there these cultural restrictions will fall away. It's not easy being a Muslim British-Pakistani.
law (Sec 295) was introduced in 1860 by British govt as a means to 'protect' minority against m…
'Thank Allah its Friday' coming soon to British Muslim TV.
I want to see this doc on British Muslim women in interfaith relationships: Hidden Heart
Saying British born is misleading without including Muslim!
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BRITISH POLITICIAN: Muslim Voters laughed when he made fun of the British Soldier that was beheaded on streets...
I am for keeping the British culture, dead against halal but not every Muslim is bad and we must remember that
My good friend Tehmina Kazi director of the British Muslims for Secular Democracy organisation is looking for funding to create a documentary about Muslim women who marry non-muslim men. If this project of interest please consider supporting and watch the short video !
Ofsted becoming execution wing of new British Inquisition. What next Muslim children forced to eat pork?.
British Muslim TV Confidently Muslim, Comfortably British! Welcome to British Muslim TV, a new Sky channel that provides both Muslim and non-Muslim communities with news, views and insights in to how British Muslims live today. Viewers will be treated to a range of engaging, entertaining and educational content, aimed at showcasing the best that our British Muslim community has to offer. We will also present content from our community, for our community, with the aim to make British Muslims feel confidently Muslim and comfortably British.
British & Jihadi are two words that don't belong together - Just *** OFF out of Britain
We should exceptionally be proud of british muslim community says
British inquisition of young Muslim boys continues as interrogates 10 year old on ***
Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy Tehmina Kazi is the Executive Producer of a nuanced and thoughtful documentary on Muslim women who marry non-Muslim men, and the challenges that they face within their own families and communities. It is called Hidden Heart, and has already been accepted by the prestigious Sheffield International Documentary Festival. They need £15,000 to pay an editor to produce it and have launched a crowdfunding drive TODAY. Please make a donation to aid this fantastic project using the link here: thank you!
Congress lost because for so many years it acted as Muslim League. Congress lost because it treated India as British India treated it.
A statement of concern from the British Muslim community regarding Czech Republic’s treatment of their Muslim minorityPosted by: Dr Salman Butt CAMPAIGNin Europe, Latest, Politics, UK1 min ago03 ViewsThe Muslim community in Britain and elsewhere expresses its deepest concern with the shocking news f…
what makes it good? please tell me what Britain first's stance is on muslim soldiers in the british army!?
Muslim slurs on Wikipedia traced to U.K. government computers via
Nine British Shi’a Muslim community issued a joint statement concerning the discrimination of Shi’a in
will u agree with Muslim rulers and British if they claim development?
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20/24 closer relationship between Bahrain and Britain, the Shi’a Muslim community of Britain calls upon the British government to refrain
Well done BBC hide the ID of fighter in Syria... British Muslim Fought against troops in Afgan. Says he us not a threat to Britain BBC YOU make me bloody sick!!! If it was a British Soldier . You wouldnt protect them.
Dear William, Over the past few weeks, our field efforts have been unrelenting, and so too has been our effort to affect policy in our nation’s capital. Following news that Iran had appointed a terrorist who participated in the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran as its UN Ambassador, the Senate swiftly passed legislation that would prevent such terrorists from receiving visas to enter the U.S. When CUFI got word that the bill may be stalling in the House of Representatives, we kicked our policy operations into high gear. CUFI staff communicated with congressional offices as thousands of CUFI activists sent emails to their Congressmen asking them to move the bill forward without delay. Less than a day later, the House of Representatives unanimously approved the measure. And the following day, the White House announced their intention to deny the terrorist a visa. We are also making great strides through our CUFI on Campus program. We brought a Holocaust Survivor, an Arab-Israeli Christian Zionis ...
A self-styled “community activist” for British Muslims has claimed to have held 34 jobs over the past 15 years, despite also receiving state benefits. In an exposé by journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, Mo Ansar is revealed to have claimed to be involved in an incredibly wide variety of professions. Yiannopoulos describes him as a “Walter Mitty character” who supports slavery and has promoted extremist organisations. Although he calls himself a theologian, Ansar also has no qualifications and has never worked at a school, university or law firm. Despite all his jobs, he is still enjoys “considerable largesse” from the British public …read more Source: Breitbart
Title: Happy British Muslims: A Message by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf In this video Mufti Abdur-Rahman delivers a message to the video created called "Happ...
This video by Lewisham Mosque calls on Muslims to vote in order to get their voice heard in society. The video comes ahead of the upcoming local and European elections on May 22 and the call reflects the opinion of the majority of mainstream British Muslim organisations and scholars. However, [...]
In recent weeks and months the breathtaking 'Trojan Horse' news that 'Islamic extremists' in Birmingham and a few other cities are 'taking over' British schools is all over the place. Many call this a hoax. Being a well-informed member of the British Muslim community (in fact, community of communities) and quite aware of its dynamics and weaknesses, I find this mind-boggling. Fertile ideas and accusations are now flying around as Muslim-bashing has become a popular trend in sections of our post-7/7 and post-Woolwich media. Muslims are being seen as a suspect community and subjected to unabashed McCarthysm by some media inquisitors at every opportunity. No community should be above criticism, but continuation of this relentless witch hunt that has increased significantly after the Lee Rigby murder last year, has the potential of reversing the good progress made by Muslims in public sphere. The fallout from this 'Trojan Horse' saga could damage our education, particularly the attainment of Muslim children a ...
A British Muslim pleads guilty to posting videos on YouTube glorifying the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby.
British Muslim mothers urged by police to confront their sons over plans to t...
= western imperialism on the Muslim minds... Targeting our Muslim identity and replacing it with 'British Muslim' 😫
Evolve into a true British Muslim, realise the system never delivers, and join the 55% population of voter apathy. Come on join in! A councillor recently went to the pulpit and started to make jokes and scoff about those who believe Democracy is Kufr. A respected brother I know pointed out to him that everything we see today was built buy the Muslim's hard earned cash, sacrifice and unity, not the divisive ever-fluctuating loyalties and under the table deals of councillors and politicians. Anyway.. I'll tell you the truth about this on the grassroots level. Most people haven't got a clue who these councillors are, or what they look like, no matter how many times they are on the local newspaper, the seem to blend into one. Not because they aren't unique, its because the represent the same system, and they seem to only show up in the Masjid during election time. So they need people with grassroots support to get the access to people, babies to kiss, that sort of thing... So the court community figures, mosq ...
No such as British Islam: Islam is universal concept. Muslim world just as diverse as Christian world...and that 1/2
It was the sight of peach juice dripping from the chin of a teenage French female nudist that led a Cambridgeshire public schoolboy to convert to Islam. Thirty-five years later, Timothy Winter – or Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad, as he is known to his colleagues – has been named one of the world’s most influential Muslims. The hitherto unnoticed Mr Winter, who has an office in Cambridge University’s Divinity Faculty, where he is the Shaykh Zayed Lecturer of Islamic Studies, has been listed ahead of the presidents of Iran and Egypt, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Mahmoud Abbas. “Strange bedfellows,” he concedes. Tall, bookish, fair-skinned and flaxen-haired, a wiry beard is his only obvious stylistic concession to the Islamic faith. To the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre (RISSC), which is based at the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in the Jordanian capital, Amman, Winter is “one of the most well- res ...
british mainstream but very interesting report on Muslim & Islam in the former USSR.
Debate about cartoons of the prophet Mohammed - Muslim critics of British Islam (Newsnight, 24/3/14)
Update your maps at Navteq
British Muslims contribute more than £31 billion to the UK economy and wield a spending power of £20.5 billion, a new report has found. The paper from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) was published to highlight Muslims' growing contribution to the UK and to mark the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) coming to London this week. Full report:
"Calling myself ex-Muslim is a public challenge to Islam, Islamism & its death penalty for apostates"
Hate crimes against Muslims in the UK have soared following last year’s murder of British soldier Lee Rigby,...
so you are a muslim first and British second ? Muslims here need to learn our culture and customs this is not a muslim country
UKIP has no supporters with anti muslim sentiments? What outreach programs UKIP have 4 British Muslims
oh dear .muslim sensibilities Maajid is British and muslim and understand how this country works thanks
A gang of Friendly Muslims who plotted to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier “like a pig”..
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