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British Museum

The British Museum, in London, is widely considered to be one of the world's greatest museums of human history and culture.

Elgin Marbles Google Street View American Dream Graham Greene National Gallery Tate Modern Natural History Museum Emma Thompson

2017 contenders include British Museum's new gallery, east London flats and Hastings Pier
The most complete of the surviving marble lions from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus,350 BC.Greek.British Museum
Tate, V&A and the British Museum are lobbying politicians to consider culture in Brexit negotiations:
Watch the British Museum conserve its largest print, a 16th-century Dürer woodcut
Today in 'Sophie-is-a-massive-nerd' I zoned out at the barbecue and only went back to the convo when I heard the words "British Museum"
Not sure my daughter appreciated *all* of the Pop Art in the American Dream exhibition at the British Museum. But it was good nonetheless.
The Victoria & Albert museum? Feels like more if British Museum artifact…or Tate Modern if he has an edgy style.
Great Scotland Yard by Paul Sandby prior to 1730-1 (British Museum) plus a ground plan of Whitehall Palace…
British Museum: ABC by Nosy Crow: an atractive, unusual & informative way to learn your ABC:
in British Museum. American Dream looks a bit faded, perhaps terminated by its own…
We are only a few minutes walk from the British Museum, Holborn Station and the Russell Square.…
David Dickinson has a classy new PB out tomorrow and it involves a priceless statue stolen from the British Museum!…
If Elgin was in Rome, Paris, British Museum would be richer ! via Latest News from Greece
Emperor Aurangzeb seated under canopy with attendants British Museum
...the Prado, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi, the Pergamon Museum, the Hermitage (and many more)? US-centric or what?
Watch! The Grand Arrival of His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife to the British Museum
The arrival of his Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ile-Ife & his entourage yesterday at the British Museum in London.
A8: I like museum scavenger hunts at the Louvre, British Museum, Musee d'Orsay!
Alex Katz, Self Portrait, 1978, in the new British Museum show, American Dream: Pop to the…
The Great Atrium at the center of the British Museum, and the ceiling of steel and 1656 pares of cristal (not all s…
When in you can spend hours in the British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum browsing the collec…
Turner - Burning of the Houses of Parliament 1834 British Museum,London
lovely to hear it! Join me at the British Museum next you're in London!
They have the Lewis chest pieces at the British Museum.
The Lewis Chessmen are a captivating group of chess pieces at the British Museum frequently sent on ‘goodwill... https:…
Chess with the king at the British Museum.
Close encounters of the chess kind at the British Museum, where history is made both relvant and entertaining on a privat…
Asymmetrical like the ceiling of the British Museum @ British Museum
Bless you dearest doctor. I have the day off so thought I'd visit the British Museum as it's near. Good idea?
It looked familiar... and indeed, the photo of the British Museum one is mine. :-)
Toy London bus left in overhead space on service Northants to Euston. In British transport museum bag. He…
British ban on ivory trading could affect museums' collections
Archaeologist to investigate damage to antiquities in Nimrud, Iraq and establish what can be saved
Wadham Circles debate on Parthenon Marbles with Paul Cartledge and at British Museum tomorrow.
Fancy winning a tandem skydive with the British Army Tigers freefall parachute display team? We are on stand H55
Taking in the amazing centre of the British Museum before entering the Egyptian artefact rooms
The museum have had spooky goings on for years, is this finally proof?. .
we have the British museum on board... And Rivendell too. And we all had quite a lot of gin supply!
This beautiful amber chess set just came back to us after being at exhibition @ British Museum
UK new British Museum's projects aims to preserve Iraq's antiquities
But this is supposed to be a luxury island lol, it has Rivendell, the V& A, British Museum and is all inclusive.
Six mummies from the British Museum collection can be seen at in this world premiere exhibition at the Powerhouse...
Can we have the British Museum as well please?
Travel Flashback: England 2015. An enlightening trip to the British Museum. Proof that even in ancient days folks lo…
Detail, English gold pendant pearls and stones late 16th. Very rare and scarce today,by British Museum London UK
British Museum Tour London. Next one is April 1st bigger and better. Follow...
British Museum takes on Duke of Cambridge over ban on ivory trading
UK scheme aims to preserve antiquities with help of the British Museum -
British Museum was fun! Managed to get a mini figure of an Egyptian cat and Anubis from the gift shop. Learned a lot too!
This week Year3 Sunflower class went on an exciting trip to the British Museum to learn even more about the Vikings…
This figure, known as A'a, was made on the island of Rurutu, one of the Austral Islands, in Polynesia. You can see it in T…
Learn about Victorian family life in Hitchin at British School Museum’s Dead Street display
A British Museum expert says living in 2013.
Yesterday was thrilled to see a real mummy at the British Museum. Today she is a mummy
is nearly upon us! See you at the British Museum bright & early tomorrow morning!
'Oldest' Iron Age gold work in Britain found in Staffordshire: A British Museum expert says the Leekfrith Iron Age…
With renewed confidence after achieving the renowned British Library-British museum crossroads…
Robert Pattinson - 'The Lost City of Z' Premiere at the British Museum in London, England on 16 February, 2017 HQ...
Four-armed Lalita with her sons Ganesha and Skanda. 11th century sculpture from Odisha, India, now at the British Museum…
🚘135 photos taken at added to OCC: and most excellent it…
Ours is a business account. Am off to do one shortly as it's last day of...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Rejected petition: 'Force the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece.'
Heading to the the British Museum on Wednesday evening to attend a debate on the Parthenon (a.k.a. Elgin) marbles:
National Museum of Australia sparks debate on British Museum's collection of Aboriginal artefacts via
National Museum of Australia sparks debate on British Museum collection of Aboriginal artifacts
Celebrate history with our new British Museum collection! Available now for more than 300 devices…
On Wednesday 11 January 2017, Early Ford V8 Club of America visited Ian Hope's Backyard Museum. See the video and...
. --afraid that Ahk's parents know much more of it than I do, but unfortunately, they are in the British Museum."
Today in the British Museum I learned that was once worshipped as a god.
Wander among treasures from civilizations past with our Museum View
Hokusai exhibition will run at the British Museum this summer:
Emblems of Americas located in the British Museum says otherwise!
📷 willigula: Mechanical celestial globe at the British Museum, from Kassel, Germany, 1575
I've also just remembered that Donisthorpe includes it in his Guests of British Ants
Mystery of gold treasure hoard found in family piano. British Museum seeks answers - The Telegraph
Looking forward to 'Russian Heritage in UK' conference tomorrow From my slides: a St George ic…
Face of 9,500yo man revealed for 1st time:
So proud of my dear and exceptionally talented friend for having her stunning work displayed at the British…
What a lovely morning meeting staff and seeing the inspiring drawings from The British Museu…
Hokusai's Great Wave is coming to the British Museum
British Museum launches search to solve mystery of gold treasure hoard
Europe's 1st underwater museum opens off coast of Spain, featuring work of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.
The Daemonologie, a diatribe against witches, written by King James I of England. Now at the British Museum.
The Ghanaian who went to the basement of the British Museum to discover boxes of stolen African treasures! is a…
Qing Xianfeng money in British Museum. My student is writing up his thesis on it. Thank you &
Me and this giant sturgeon at the British Museum of Natural History a few years ago. Museum specimens make for some great…
this could be an amazing British Museum record.
if you can, then I may be able to get you a British Museum record of it to show ppl
After an hour at the British Museum and you realize that Lord Elgin was the ultimate scammer.
Exhibition focuses on the oldest portrait in the British Museum: The 9,500 year old -
There are a thousand books. Decent pen and ink plenty of practice. There's. an excellent shop close to British Museum
Canadian Siksika nation artist's work to be displayed at British Museum
1/8otherwise those who committed the act and killed many British in Museum are British imam who openly on British TV called for jihad,
New display at the British Museum - Damnation and Desecration in Imperial Rome – IanVisits
They can destroy our artifacts but we will still be here. besides, we have some that are safe at the British museum
Museums face ethics investigation on power sponsor BP have say on artworks,unions,security What ethics? Money2money.
most are wingless (at least females are) but there are a few British macropterous species
Portrait of an elderly woman. Encaustic painting on wood, about 300-325 AD, from a tomb at Er-Rubayat, Roman Egypt. (Briti…
is this the one that was filmed at British school museum
and the British Museum, and the MI5, equally! . that's for my breakfast.
a beautiful British Museum silk scarf with
Never too late to share good news: Congratulations Adrian Stimson
With over 250 years of history and 20K objects in collection, see images of the British Museum — Photo b…
The 'Robben Island Bible' has arrived at the British Museum. It's a gar...
John Soanes museum? Giant jumble of weird and wonderful stuff, nice and central so combines well with eg British Museum...
Descendant of Aboriginal warrior shot in Botany Bay in 1770 demands British Museum hand back shield…
Um, different Graham Greene. The British Museum chairman and publisher who has just died was the nephew of the novelist who died '91
[The Guardian] Graham Greene obituary: Astute publisher and British Museum chair behind fundraising for the G...
Graham Greene obituary. Astute publisher and British Museum chairman who helped raise funding for the Great Court. https…
Exhibition at British Museum explores 100,000 years of South African art: LONDON.-This autumn the ...
South Africa, at the British Museum: glowing review of The Art of a Nation show
Time-based currency is not the most exotic money in the world. In Roman Empire, they had sex-based money! :-) Spint…
Elaborately busting into the British Museum. I'd watch.
omg have fun in LONDON! Go to the British Museum and the Tate. Can't wait to see your pictures :) ✈️💕😊
Ring of power declared Treasure by British Musemum. via
My book is in the british imperial war museum archives under historical interest
So I took my 9 and 6 year old cousins to the British Museum today and Mohammed asks: "How is it British?" 😩😩😩 GOOD QUESTION.…
Darwin statue at British Natural History Museum observes evolution of human tool making for portraits
there is a copy of the original text of this in the British Museum
The last significant survey of Islam’s in the west was held at the British Museum in London in 1976.
This was taken at the British museum new somali objects section
tenth of everything. Union dividend mate. I'm up for nabbing trafalgar squares fountains and the British museum
Does the British Museum even collect British history
Reading Room at the Great Library at the British Museum. The lower shelves held 20,000 books.
dreams big with new show of American prints
In Ashington, I was surprised how many people were enthusing about one of our greatest British actors... then I rea…
Join for a short guided tour of the this Thursday morning
From our trip to the Royal British Columbia museum last night at the CPAF AGM
Worthy of a selfie! The British Museum's Sunken Cities exhibition curators capture the moment as a giant statue of Hapy i…
Gayer-Anderson cat, British Museum - quite significantly smaller than the ones in the first game. https:/…
British Museum has a which has alright options.
In the shade of the British Museum , and amidst the tourist shops, this quite excellent, evocative clothes empori…
Good news for US Tourists. It's time to head East to the UK and visit the British Museum in London, & others.
Wow!!! Night at the British Science museum with this place is breathtaking :)
British town turns disused phone booth into surprising tourist attraction
Any suggestions where to have lunch near the British Museum (with children)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I have just opened the SA art exhibition @ the British Museum - SA:Art of a Nation - our art of 10 years in 200…
Hypnos, the Greek personification of Sleep, from the British Museum, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities. https:…
A basalt statue of Lalita flanked by Ganesha & Kartikeya, Odisha. 11th century, . Now in British Museum. htt…
National Museum of Languages to boost British multilingualism
The new British caretaker of Italian culture
"Journey to the East Art Gallery, Classical Art Gift Collection, Is Now Available in the British Museum"
I love the Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum. One of my favourite places in London. 😊
The Mathura lion capital of from Mathura,1st century CE. now in British Museum. htt…
So, the aforementioned 10 year old went to British Museum yesterday, today Sky Garden, Olympics at Trafalgar Sq, and Madam Tussauds.
Ur excavations : Joint Expedition of the British Museum and of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania to Mesopotamia :
edition of Lahore Literary Festival kicks off on 29th October at the British Museum. Get tickets while...
Two postdoctoral research assistant posts at the British Museum to work on Sir Hans Sloane's MS catalogues
A perfect day in London coming up, coffee & Dorothy L Sayers this am, lunch with a friend at the British Museum & tonight. & ☀️!
Interesting lecture at British Museum on Egyptian wisdom and Greek philosophy last night
A really cool look at the British Museum's Egyptian Sculpture Gallery!
British Museum launches drawing exhibition as art students “more likely to have a blog than a sketchbook”
How can the news say "it" was a possible terrorist attack because a couple people got stabbed near the British Museum. The media is fxcked
The University of Miami students arrived at the British Museum, can't wait to explore all the history!
you need to go to the British Museum in central London and see all that u guys robbed from overseas territories mate, same case
From the at the Law Society, to . WiredMoney 2016 at the British Museum.
The British Museum, or The Museum of All the Stuff Britain Stole from the Rest of the World
NEW POST My experience at The British Museum Might be controversial but ah…
If the UK leaves the EU, Greeks will have to get a visas to see part of the Parthenon in the British Museum.
Had to sit down and take a break after just one exhibit. I'm out of practice. @ British Museum
showing a demo of their new app at the 2016 Stage at the British Museum in London.
Reminder: University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology – $7.50 for University of…
British Museum:Moving stories:a Refugee Week special event 2morrow I'm there with
Guggenheim and British Museum turn back on human rights groups in Abu Dhabi
Rembrandt . Jahangir Receiving an Officer, 1654-56, pen, bistre, and wash on Japanese paper. British Museum, London ht…
Zionists bombs the King David Hotel in Jerusalem,1946. Over 100 British were killed
Little girl who watched me apply essential oils at the British museum: "Are you a witch?"
No, post-Brexit the Farage Museum Of British Independence will buy up all the stock for the nation so need to get in now.
Loving the Ancient Greek pottery in the British Museum
'We have lost a lot of history'. Rodney Kelly's battle to return his ancestor's shield
Tell the new Director Hartwig Fischer to . Pl sign this petition, & RT
At the British Museum for forward to the day ahead with Kate Kilby
One more stunning image from Alexis Blake, Conditions of an Ideal. which took place at British Museum,...
Terracotta lamp with victorious charioteer, Roman, AD 30 to 70, British Museum
If you liked the haka story from check out this video on a meeting house .
The British Museum is now open to everyone-take a virtual tour and see historical wonders ...
We've arrived at the British museum
- The world's largest collection of historic British cars. British Motor Museum
Hanging at the event at the British Museum. What impact will tech have on retail finance??
Kicking off at the British Museum with amazing speakers + delegates from 19 countries. Follow it at
At British Museum BBVA FINTECH event. Voting has to wait
Looking forward to some fascinating discussion points during today's event at the British Museum
Ishtar: The Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, war & sex. ~ 1800 BC. British Museum
Our guests are getting some British/American/Native American history today at The Pequot Museum.
The Celts collection at the British Museum is easily my favourite and thankfully I have seen it…
Guggenheim and British Museum Refuse to Work with Human Rights Groups on Abu Dhabi Projects
When charities get commercial expect a fight over British Museum in dispute over £720,000 bill
I don't think there is the evidence they destroyed it at time even hid a gun in British museum display but bye
2016 is about to kick off at the British Museum. Check out our coverage here:
Descendant of Aboriginal first contact warrior wants shield returned to Australia
Check our our fun & interactive tour of the British Museum on Sun 7 August BOOK NOW!
British Museum in legal dispute over £720 business rates tax bill -
British Museum in legal dispute over £720 tax bill
British Museum in legal dispute over £720,000 tax bill:
Social studies heaven looks like British Museum & National Gallery; I'm sure of it!
My favorite places are the British Museum and Harrods. That store literally has everything and the people watching is fun 😊
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amazing interactive virtual tour of the British Museum
My last day at the Barber Institute today. Got myself an interview at the British Museum!
Great article! Golden years: Sicily at the British Museum
Underwater archaeology...Kudos...Video: Sunken Cities at British Museum video via https…
The single best thing at the British Museum
1300 yrs old Silver bowl from Khwarezm, Iran depicting Goddess Durga on Lion. Now in British Museum. ht…
4,500+ objects from the British Museum can now be explored in Google's Cultural Institute https:…
Thonis-Heracleion, a new name in underwater archaeology. Soon on display aat British Museum:
Sainsbury trio attack BP sponsorship of British Museum
In pictures: how a huge Ancient Egyptian statue got from the bottom of the sea to the British Museum |
Historic roles British Museum, British Library "in terms of soft power, incomparable.” htt…
Open call former/current paralympians for a performance at British Museum:
It was warm enough for me to sit outside and have lunch with the British Museum lions :)
Seal of Lord Vishnu from Hephthalite Empire, . Afghanistan,4/6th century CE. Nw in British Museum.
Interview with director of Dunhuang Academy on misses the obvious point that much of Stein's plunder is in the British Museum!
President Gilbert was glad to see that the British Museum was featured in Sam's book about ancient Egypt & mummies.
London's pomp and pageantry, a garden guide and inside the British Museum's new exhibition. Read May:
Using Google maps & the British Museum to explore artifacts & information on Pre-Columbian America - a great tool!
British colonists looted 16th century brass works from the royal palace of the Oba of Benin & sold them to the British Museum in 1897
Money making: A brief history of currency from the British Museum
Robert Smirke died in 1867. He designed the core of the British Museum, much as it appears today.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum, E. A. W
Elizabeth Hodl 4th grade Mrs Meeks class. The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London, The Tower Bridge in...
Source: the British Museum, a complete Roman legion moved quietly in Piccadilly tube station at the start of 1921.
Free exhibition until 22 May at the British Museum. "Hoards - the hidden history of ancient Britain"
World's oldest Bible Codex Sinaiticus to go on display at British Museum.
I've always dreamed of time traveling & museums is as close as one gets. Best one by far, the British Museum.http…
You can never have a bad day in a London museum. Especially when it's free. @ British Museum
75 years after Luftwaffe bombing, the British Museum will be run by... a German 
Lovely article that mentions the British Museum of Food that I ran for Bompas & Parr...
domain names
Sadiq Khan doesn't instantly recall the collection of Dr John Dee, the Queen's thaumaturge, forms the basis of the British Museum. Shocking.
Sicily at the British Museum: epic blockbusters of the ancient world
British Museum must sever its links with BP | Letter from Margaret Atwood,Tom Kibble,Naomi Klein,Emma Thompson+more ht…
The new director of the British Museum has a plan for "global citizenship"
Egyptian statues from lost city are a tall order for British Museum |
Uncomfortable that Sudanese & Egyptian remains were donated to British Museum, but neat tattoo history, ya htt…
Things to do in London with a tween for a couple of hours: Highgate Cemetery or British Museum?
18/19th Century Bronze statue of Bhagwan Vishnu in Kurma Avatar, is now in British Museum, London.!!. http…
I love that late Edwardian meets deco style. Like the British Museum lions or Edith Cavell memorial.
London sketchbook "British Museum shadows on the wall" off to London soon to make a new sketchbook.
A very rare Roman coin, described as the "identical twin brother" of one held in the British Museum, is found by a hiker in…
Year 9 students enjoyed searching out artefacts at the British Museum on Academy Day.
A wonderful trip to the British Museum .
Hartwig Fischer at the British Museum: On a mission via
Kate had her figure immortalized in solid gold in a £1.5 million pound sterling statue for the British Museum
Packed house at the British Museum for our first ever customer briefing as Forcepoint.
The most elegant marble sculptures from Parthenon, Greece. in the ugliest room in the Universe in the British Museum
John Keats wrote 'On seeing the Elgin Marbles' 1817 - hot topic at the time, Parthenon marbles had just been acquired by the British Museum
New post (British Museum: Art museum emerges Britain's most popular tourist attraction in 2015) has been...
British Museum stays the UK's hottest vacationer attraction as London tops record
⏩Visiting the Elgin Marbles at the Parthenon Galleries of the British Museum ⏪. The question of…
Roman, 60-120, ,,Vase in the form of a male grotesque head,, British Museum, London, (produced in Knidos-Turkey) https:…
Hey, British Museum, how do you get this ancient piece of Egyptian history? Was it donated?
Lampedusa cross marks Neil MacGregor's exit from the British Museum.
From the British Museum, Sutton Hoo ship burial objects
in ancient British Museum via National Geographic Magazine National Geographic. Here it is a...
Battle for bark art: Breakthrough in talks with British Museum
Australian Indigenous exhibits from British Museum should come & STAY where they belong
Sacred Aboriginal artefacts cld be exhibited from British Museum in Aus next year - and eventually returned
Battle for bark art: Australian Indigenous leaders hail breakthrough in talks with British Museum
Chian phallus cup, c. 625-610 BC. British Museum, 1888 found at the Greek city of Naukratis Egypt
Top 10 things to do in British Museum, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, Natural History Museum
Is it possible to see the British Museum in only 3 hours? I tackle that question in today'…
Google's Street View allows virtual tours of the British Museum via
Sir Arthur Eddington If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum. Ha
You do realise that the Elgin Marbles are Greek? They were stolen and are held in the British Museum.
London bucket list: Saw the Rosetta Stone & the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum ✔️
An Iraqi man cries at the British Museum when he sees his country's cultural heritage on display.
Breathtaking examples of iron age craftsmanship at the British Museum 'The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice' show
Checking out some Egyptian stuff at the British Museum.
Found an ancient Egyptian version of my Eyedesyn logo at the British Museum!
Sunken Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds exhibition will be opened in May 2016 at the British Museum.
Lawrence's 1931 cyclotron, first to reach 1MeV, returned today to Berkeley Lab from British Museum!!
Birmingham MP highlights partnership between British Museum and Birmingham but tells PM it needs funding to continue
Won the debate, hopefully did the British Museum proud by defending the Elgin Marbles
The Elgin Marbles being returned to their home at the British Museum after WW2.
Splendours of Egypt's 'Atlantis' be displayed by British Museum via
I've got a couple of hours to kill in London and the British Museum is 10 minutes walk away from me, think that's my morning sorted
Check out Carolina Beltrán's post on the University of San Diego's exhibit “Curious Beasts of the British Museum:...
New post: Your Awesome Week: Aureus Academy Winter Music Camp, Treasures of the World from the British Museum,
Walk through the British Museum without going to London
The Hidden of Ancient Britain revealed in amazing archaeology at the British Museum ht…
London has over 170 museums with 11 national museums including the British Museum!
John Oliver on Modi's joke during the visit to UK and Kohinoor Diamond. "The entire British Museum is a Crime...
Always a joy to visit the British Museum on a sunny day. Norman Foster's atrium roof looks…
British Museum opens to whole world after 262 years as it invites Street View indoors | via
British Museum uses Google Street View technology to put thousands of objects online & curate Museum of the World
Indoor Google Street View of the British Museum > cool!
Indian Summer day in London. Awesome visit to British Museum. Sore legs. To Lille tomorrow to join Battletours on Friday.
Great use of technology-British Museum's priceless treasures go online in Google Cultural Institute partnership
British Museum uses Street View to create virtual tours of thousands of objects:
Take a digital stroll through the British Museum thanks to Google Street View | Culture24
British Museum exhibits viewable online thanks to Google partnership:
Visit the British Museum without going to courtesy of Google -(but you'll miss an amazing city)
Explore 4,500 British Museum artifacts with Google's help: The British Museum in London holds an array of beau...
British Museum opens all hours on Google: ‘Crystal clear’ images of over 4,500 exhibits go on...
I heard a man burp loudly and openly in the Nineveh room at the British Museum. I was looking directly at him and he burped once more.
British Museum (Great Queen Street, Long live my research codes drawn up at some people here (which are trespassin…
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