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British Masters

The British Masters was a professional golf tournament.

Ian Poulter Matthew Fitzpatrick Lee Westwood Jimmy Page Luke Donald Matt Fitzpatrick Mark Roe

Get down to the British Masters at Close House where we are an official sponsor and YGT ambassador is host…
Masterful Sergio Garcia to join Lee Westwood at British Masters - Worldwide Golf
A big shout out to Lee Richards and James Gordon for qualifying for the British Masters!
Lee Westwood looks to past to get back in the swing at British Masters
Westwood back in form at British Masters (The Associated Press)
Willett out of British Masters because of back injury (The Associated Press)
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Arsenal thrash Chelsea. Gillingham win. 😍 lineup for British masters. £10 bonus for employee of the month. Off work unt…
hi Justin, do you know if Niall will play at British masters?
alright Jase, r you coming down to the British masters next month? Fancy a knock, I'm only 10 minutes up the road.
Mugabe says anti-govt protesters at the UN were sponsored by British&US govts.Shame on the wayward protesters & their evil masters,he adds.
they speak what masters or elite class told them, it is a herd mentality going on since British Raj ,preposterous to address them
just bought my British Masters tickets for Friday 14th But why have they gone up 33% on last year😰
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Pick up the latest issue at your local club this weekend featuring Ryder Cup and British Masters previews.
Unelected stooge promises her masters in Israel she will support its ongoing terror,murder & land theft
who do I contact about British Masters tickets that haven't arrived yet please??
who do I talk to for the British Masters?
Puppet Masters: UK scrambled jets to intercept Russian bombers that flew close to "area of interest" but did ...
I don't believe May knows what to do. Torn between the Elite masters and the British people. Difficult decision for a Tory…
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Competing in the masters... Hoping to feel nice and refreshed after my A380 flight 😴 htt…
You at the British Masters at The Grove son?
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British had massive air power. Germans did not. Germans were very very brave. Masters of defense.
received tickets for British Masters golf at The Grove.problem, there is only one I ordered two .
Another BW rider signed up for the Pirelli British Masters 2017 Series
Hero Challenge under the lights at the British Masters
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not to worry, our next qualifying round is during the British Masters so you can play that one :)
Our pastry chefs have been hard at work creating a golf-centric spin on
British Masters preparations are 'on track'
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Ramping it up for The British Masters - The Grove
Just booked my first official masters comp. British throws pentathlon end of July Birmingham.
Awesome. Hero Challenge at British Masters: European Tour stars go head-to-head under floodlights via
Watch Richard Ashcroft’s interview with as part of the British Masters series ht…
What's next?. We be sending a small team to the British Masters this year.
British holiday celebrated in countries w/British influence. Originally a day when servants were given gifts by their masters
The USA should import the British tradition of Then we servants of the State might get gifts from our masters in DC.
Lots happening in 2016 for the Pirelli British Masters
Boxing Day, intrinsically British - a day when historically servants received gratuity from their masters, returned home to their families!
Why not a Merry Christmas or will upset your masters in Zion. Your a traitor to the British people
Cute British teen plays with her master’s big ***
“So, not quite as secret as we’d hoped.” The British are masters of the art of understatement.
Cute British teen plays with her master's big ***
British Goverment do ! Merry Christmas to SLAB and their celestial masters
They use to connive with their British masters against Indian freedom fighters
Do You . Who are masters in spreading rumours and failed to recognized that their British masters left India till 2002
It doesn't matter what anybody says to British media the will twist it to whatever their masters agenda is. Journalism is dead.
Even tho am in the British university but id like to go study There .. but I think id wait to do my masters there
Noisey's British Masters interview videos are really great. Johnny Marr's is my fave. What a guy.
Great times tonight. One of the past-masters of the classic British style vs. today's master, a privilege to be able to see it…
will I be able to purchase tickets for the British Masters 2016 as a Sky Customer? Thx
We might have adopted some of the traits of our colonial masters. The British are hypocrites -
Recapping Spieth's year: won the Masters and U.S. Open, one shot out of a playoff at the British Open & runner-up at PGA Championship.
following in the traditions of the British imperialist masters u so admire Ruth
thats after winning the British Masters. Had the pleasure of watching this and his ball striking 👍👏⛳ Wow!
Now Nicola Sturgeon will know why the British people want to leave the EU!Currently we are NOT masters of our own destiny.
How does it feel to know that your ancestors may have cleaned the toilets of their British masters?
I have a Masters from the School of Life (SoL). I majored in Sarcasm with a minor in Smart *** 😂🙈👊😎
just gonna float about and do all sorts , deffo be doing some British masters and Scott nationals again wbu?
Copper Box Arena selected to host the British Darts Organisations Winmau World Masters from 2016 -
how would one register an interest in working the British masters week. Will do anything apart from clean the toilets:)
There's no date as yet but you may register for ticket information here
When you stay up till 3am watching various movies where the characters speak with British accents...
British Masters champ Matthew Fitzpatrick has got his eye on and qualification.
Matthew Fitzpatrick has set his sights on breaking into the world's top 50 following his success at the British Masters last week.
Fitzpatrick in dreamland: British Masters champion Matthew Fitzpatrick admits his exploits this year have exce...
Learn how British Masters champ Matthew Fitzpatrick creates big power from a little body
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Great news! LIKE if you agree. . Matthew Fitzpatrick, 21, from Sheffield, wins the British Masters at Woburn by...
Poulter proud of British Masters: Ian Poulter has spoken of his pride at having hosted the Britis...
Ian Poulter to use Woburn advantage at British Masters
Ian Poulter, Luke Donald and Lee Westwood may have helped to revive the British Masters, but it was a possible future star of English golf
Even pros hit shanks (and the one Poulter had at the British Masters was pretty brutal):
it's happens to the best. Ian Poulter Hits Brutal Shank at British Masters |
Ian Poulter hit a pretty brutal shank at the British Masters
My Dad & I today at the British Masters with Ian Poulter ⛳️
Congratulations to Matt Fitzpatrick on winning . British Masters. We must have done something right over many years. President Peter
Awesome playing over the last 4 days from at the British Masters. Great future ahead with many more wins to come
congratulations on such a well deserved British Masters win! The first of many yet to come! Awesome stuff!
Matthew Fitzpatrick winning the British Masters today is first of many on the way. Kid is an absolute stud.
Also in tomorrow's more details on Matt Fitzpatrick's British Masters win, with reaction from the new champion & Ian Poulter.
Ian Poulter 'proud' of British Masters at Woburn: Ian Poulter said he is "very proud" to be associated with Wo...
Great day at British Masters and you made my daughters day...thank you
Great to see Nick competing at British Masters. Hope to see more of him on the fairways. Nice guy, good presenter,
Great time at the British Masters, great seeing Howeller!! Up the manor!!
Great coverage from this week on the British Masters. Well done .
-so looking forward to the British Masters & then it's completely ruined by Mark Roe. Just so inadequate. Sad.
Great watching the British Masters at Woburn. Only problem is Mark Roe on commentary. He is becoming Golfs answe to Michael Owen! !
Kenny Dalglish, Paul Lawrie, Stephen Gallacher, and Alan McInally all signed my entry ticket for the British Masters very proud SCOT
Chris Harris at the British Masters at wbmcc 2day
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We'll be celebrating our wins at British Masters on Friday Better late than never!
Reminder to ALL Registered Pirelli British Masters Riders - Please contact Julie as soon as possible on 07747 808...
are you going to be playing at the British Masters in Oct on the course this year??
proud to have coached Louise in English Unis/British Unis team.
not forgetting the British masters !
125cc Only Class announced for the 2016 Pirelli British Masters Series!. Registration forms for the 2016 series...
According to Golf Digest’s Dave Kindred, only one young golfer was loved so instantaneously and unanimously:...
J-Do talks to Jimmy Page about Lucifer Rising, Presence & John Bonham for British Masters
Golf: Westwood targets Woburn success: Lee Westwood believes he can compete for the British Masters at Woburn ...
NEW Masters of the Marketplace: British Women Novelists of the 1750s by Susan Ca
Westwood, Donald bank on local support at British Masters
Gonna be racing with some world class . Masters riders this weekend at the British championships for the first...
John Doran spoke to Jimmy Page about founding one of the all time greatest rock bands:
"Donald and Westwood excited by British Masters return - European Tour"
Immigration clearly the number one issue for the British people. We need a 'No' vote for strong border controls. https:/…
will host the 'Return of the British Masters' to the schedule
Just a little over 6 weeks till the British Masters & I'm aiming to go every day to the event 👍⛳️👌
Luke Donald and Lee Westwood commit to British Masters at
any news if the legend Miguel Jimenez is playing the British masters?
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Donald and Westwood excited by British Masters return
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
After Noel G, Mark E Smith, Marr, Ferry and Adam Ant, it's time for Jimmy Page to get the British Masters treatment
In the third episode of British Masters series 2, John Doran sat down with Jimmy Page:
Auschwitz to a British auction house and how a family took on Nazi Art Masters
Thunder at Sunset by John Masters. British military thriller. PlsRT
watched pt 3 of British Masters, typical art critic, self justification clap trap. Wanted to rip the screen off my laptop.
Great to see and the team break a British Masters record, in Manchester today.
Great combined ticket deals now on sale for British Masters and Travis Perkins Masters at
Charles Eugster, 95 year old, sets a new record in the 200 m at the indoor British Masters in London.
All Big Stations during British era's are the masters pieces of Architecture. This was their kindness that while going back .
It is a source of constant wonder to me that the British underclasses of the 1800's never murdered their masters.
Men's basketball is about to take on the University of North British Columbia! Don't miss it!
Rory for the Masters. Speith for US Open. Sergio for the British . Jimmy Walker for USPGA
saudi "king" as a boy cleaned stables for British masters. As the money runs out, royal family will again be doing it
Pretty nice list. I'd toss Rory McIlroy in there. Won the British Open and PGA Championship. T-8 in the Masters.
You are servants of the people, not masters!.
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Sounds fair. I think Rory Masters, Tiger in PO at US Open, Rickie British & Kaymer PGA
"Hundreds of police officers who have been found guilty of racism since 2010 have kept their jobs".
Gordon Matheson being given an honor of the British Empire. People of Glasgow, bow down before your imperial masters!
British amateur champion Bradley Niel let the world see what a Masters Invitation looks like today
Yes. Rory wins Masters. Phil wins US Open and Tiger wins the British and PGA. That's my prediction.
Masters Tournament ticket prices on the rise in 2015: A four-day ticket will cost you $325 US, an increase of ...
Masters Tournament Ticket Prices Rise 30% to $325 for Four Days: The Masters Tournament raised prices for a fo...
it's your boy's birthday. LBJ. It's also tiger birthday. I'm gifting him atleast 2 majors next year. Masters and British
Tiger will win another Masters and British open. Mark it down
Why all these British people greet me with "HIYA" like they're god *** karate masters
Rhys Parker became British Masters Prizefighter Champ in coached by this year
You heard it here first people: will win 2 majors this year, the masters and the British open.
Iconoclastic masquerades as a Hindu REFORM film. Hindus buy the reform crap bcoz their British masters taught that they were DEFORMED!
My 14th has just got moved to 15th, then British Masters March, then 2nd Scottish open of the year April. I need more practice!
Looking forward to being Main Event for my 8x3 British Masters fight on show 14th March! True gent!
2015 major prediction: Masters-Rory, US Open-Phil, British & PGA-Tiger. Would that be any good for the media?
Watched so much Harry Potter I randomly break out into a British accent and sometimes say spells
and it may be that the British are the very Masters of that language! Repression reigns near and far.
thing in itself, but I increasingly find I cannot serve . two masters. I am deeply concerned for the British people
Success for the GB Masters who picked up 13 medals at the World Championship
Not to be outdone the regions Masters came back from the British Rowing Masters Championships with 7 Gold, 5...
English Media carrying on job of British empire of dividing Indians but now for their new masters - The Family
.Jha needs to read the speech of Pattabhi on 50th Anv of congress. Was proudly saying Congi back British masters.
. >> who's true service was to his imperial British masters
Adam Smith and David Ricardo was British. They was masters economics.
Riders lists up for British masters 🏁
Did PM Tony Blair cover up paedophile offenders in British government -- Puppet Masters -- :
or some old footage of Masters or British Opens.
The lebanese were much kinder colonial masters to nigeria than the british
Brits will cycle through as host of reinvigorated British Masters..
Because sayyed ahmed khans sole purpose was to please British masters through out his life.
Thought the British were the Masters of the understatement!! Agitate 4 tourism industry to take a stand!!
Iain Dowie once worked at British Aerospace after finishing his Masters Degree in engineering.
golf's best events are Ryder Cup, Masters, British Open US Open, doesn't need Olympics for best n world
While golf in Olympics will be entertaining nothing can top Ryder Cup with Masters, British Open and US Open rounding out top 4 golf events
In India,Christmas is celebrated in the way like Jesus will reincarnate here only. The Hindus mental slavery for British masters continues
I liked a video from Jack Morris vs Elvis Dube British masters title fight
Congrats to Phil Gould silver medallist V35 in the British Masters 10K part of the Great East Anglian 10K in King's Lynn today
Nice slideshow of images from the BMGA British Masters at the weekend. Congratulations to Michael Smith for a...
I'm delighted to announce another massive cheif support to Louis Norman v Don Broadhurst for the English title on our massive pro boxing show on 11th may. Leicesters current British Masters champion Marc Ketnor will fight ilkestons Daveyboy Davis the international Masters Champ for the vacant Midlands Area Middleweight Championship. One of these 2 great fighters will be able to say they are the best in the Midlands after this. This will be Mitchell Sports Promotions BEST show for sure!!!
Bargoed's Gary Cooper (3-12-1, 1KO) has accepted a late notice fight against Lloyd Ellett (13-0, 3KO) for the British Masters light-middle title tomorrow in Brighton. St Joseph's Sean McGoldrick has reached the final of the Strandja Cup in Bulgaria and will box for gold against Ecuador.
Great run at Netherhall 10m road race today! Conditions were pretty mental 32mph winds and heavy rain. Course was undulating but suited me. Unofficial time of 71.47 and 5th woman so pleased with that given the conditions.. Think I could run at PB there if it was a calm, dry day so may return next year! Good test as part of marathon training! Well done Elaine Leslie and Patrick Allen Duffy for their British Masters prizes and Veteran prizes and Elaine for winning the women's race!
Chris Keane Added To March Mayhem By Daniel Mole Walsall’s Midlands Area Cruiserweight Champion, Chris Keane, has been added to EJKO Promotions’ March Mayhem at Walsall Town Hall next Saturday (1st March). The hometown hero is back in action for the first time since his comfortable points victory over Remigijus Ziausys last September. The 27 year-old is one of the most dangerous domestic Cruiserweights and will be looking to muscle his way into the British Title scene during the course of 2014. Keane steps in with Igor Borucha next weekend. The Lithuanian is no stranger to these shores and has fought the likes of Wadi Camacho and Louis Cuddy. Keane’s addition means it’s an eight fight card in Walsall next weekend. Stourbridge’s International Masters Welterweight Champion, Steven Pearce, will be looking to add the vacant British Masters strap to his list of titles when he takes on Sheffield’s Ryan Hardy at the top of the bill. The 29-year old stopped Stafford’s Rob Hunt to lift the Internatio ...
A short extract from the "British Masters" series. Includes interview with Stanley Spencer...
I Delighted to announce that our next professional boxing show brought to you by Mitchell Sports Promotions will be at The King Power Stadium in Leicester. Home of Leicester City FC. Sunday 2nd March. featuring the Hard hitting Midlands Champion Jahmaine Smyle, British Masters bronze Champion Marc Ketnor, Simon Henry, Junior Skillz'onToast Thompson, Ryan Hookway, Lewis Jones and Ryan Bennett to name but a few. Posters and tickets will be here at the end of January. Its our 1st pro show at the king power and will be a great one. looking forward to again working with the uks premier event management team of Richard Lymbery and Natalie Howson. Please share this status to help spread the word. Wilma
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Result of Class 8, Fairfax Winter JA Qualifier: 1st Jodie Hall Mcateer and Tixylix 2nd Robert Murphy and Aroldo 3rd Charlotte Ash and Aughnashammer 4th Leonie Aitkenhead and Newtown Samson = 5th Emma Shingles and Lea Du Genier = 5th Faye Adams and Some Like It Hot Congratulations all, particularly the top 3 that have secured their ticket to the Winter JA Final at the British Masters
Harlequin Teamwear are delighted to announce our latest BDO Darts Player to join the brand's World Class team of Icons, representing the brand in darts, is current Women's BDO World Number 9, Lorraine Farlam! Lorraine boasts titles including the Scottish Open, the BDO Gold Cup, the British Masters, the Welsh Masters, the Romanian Open, and the Swedish Masters amongst her accolades, as well as reaching numerous Finals and Semi Finals along the way. In addition to this, Lorraine has appeared on the Lakeside stage the past 3 years, will be gracing the famous stage yet again in January, competing alongside the best Women's players in the World, including Harlequin's Anastasia Dobromyslova and Fallon Sherrock. On joining Harlequin Teamwear Lorraine said, "I'm very proud to have been asked to join the Harlequin team and to be given an opportunity to promote their products by wearing my distinctive shirts on the BDO tour." Harlequin Teamwear are delighted that Lorraine has chosen to join the brand, and will be p ...
yed Ahmed Khan's religious view “SIR” SYED AHMED KHAN (1817-1898) By reading Syed Ahmed Khan’s view on Quran and Shariah one can easily conclude that he did not receive proper education in Shariah and he based his views mainly on his personal opinions and surrounding political environment in Indian subcontinent and his own personal political objectives. He openly rejected hadith (ثيدح) and Tafsir (ريسفت). Instead he made Taweel (ليوعت) and created his own interpretation of various Nus as he sees fit, often to please the British Masters. But as Allah (swt) says in Quran that if book written by Human you will find contradictions in it, hence, we find many huge contradictions in writing of Syed Ahmed Khan. Ironically, while he blamed Ulema to make mockery of Hadith and Tafsir by mentioning mysterious things, but Syed Ahmed himself is biggest guilty of this act. His opinions are perhaps worst than any other, and his taweelat is a reminder of Batania sect (ةينطاب ةقرف). He openly ...
A short piece taken from the BBC's "British Masters" series.
Lots of Irish in action this weekend, starts today with Barry Murphy, Bethany Carson and Niamh Murphy at the Sette Colli International Meet in Rome. From Friday to Sunday, 17 Masters swimmers will take part in the British Masters in Plymouth whilst the Irish Senior Men’s Water Polo Team are in action at a Six Nations Tournament in Switzerland. Chris Bryan will compete at the Barcelona 10K World Championship Test Event at 8am (Irish time) on Saturday. And finally, on Saturday and Sunday, the Celtic Novice Diving Cup takes place at the NAC with young divers from Ireland competing against Scotland and Wales. Good Luck to Everyone!
So enjoyed your series of British Masters & the fact that you ended with a painter - Lucian Freud and not a "pickled shark"
you should watch the British Masters art series on BBC4 - ep 3 last night was good, graham Sutherland Keith Vaughan
British Masters series becoming decidedly ponderous. Portrayal of Bradford particularly Tristran-ish. "And then...he decided... to come OUT"
Khudai Khidmatgaars, with Bacha Khan in the driving seat, were up against the ideology of Pakistan and ultimately drop its movement for the sake of a share in the Govt of N.W.F.P. ...wish him all the ordeal in his dark grave for putting our blood on sale to British Masters. He must have given allout sacrifices for his self-produced third option. By fair or fool means, Quiad Azam was the ultimately winner of the whole episode and his victory should be honored.
Hey friends who like words and/or use words to pay rent!   I just finished Vladimir Nabokov's "Pale Fire."  It made me feel stupid.  So I decided to compile this list of vocabulary in context with definitions.  Now, if you wish to experience this spectacular hoax-poetry-commentary novel, you'll be prepared.  At the very least, you'll own those Lexicon cards in Cranium.    Your turn!  Make a cheat sheet for another book.    ~~~   'The short (166 lines) Canto One, with all those amusing birds and parhelia, occupies thirteen cards.' parhelion: a bright circular spot on a solar halo; a mock sun: usually one of two or more such spots seen on opposite sides of the sun, and often accompanied by additional luminous arcs and bands.   'Nevertheless, it has been called (by Shade's former lawyer) "a fantastic farrago of evil," while another person (his former literary agent) has wondered with a sneer if Mrs. Shade's tremulous signature might not have been penned "in some peculiar kind of red ink."' farrag ...
In this episode, we interview painter Dan Rees about his exhibition Gravel Master on view at The Goss-Michael Foundation.
Spliffs And Tiffs As The Cannabis Lobby Tears Itself Apart.  By Oliver Thring. The Sunday Times, 12th May 2013 The winds of change are blowing, perfumed with notes of Moroccan black, Bubblicious and Super Silver Haze. Last week the Senate executive committee in Illinois voted to legalise marijuana for medicinal purposes, and the state’s full Senate will soon make a final decision. Two American states, Colorado and Washington, have legalised marijuana for recreational use, and 52% of Americans now favour that policy — the figure was 45% just two years ago. In all, 25 countries have softened their laws on cannabis. Things are changing in Britain as well. A few weekends ago about 2,000 people sat down in Hyde Park, central London, to smoke joints under the convivial auspices of the London Cannabis Club. Police made two arrests and issued a handful of “cannabis warnings” but on the whole left the group alone. Such an event passing largely unmolested might have seemed impossible a few years ago, but t ...
Good weekend at the British Open cheering & coaching some of my CJC team mates I didn't fight coz I've been selected for the world masters
The British Psychological Society issued a "position statement on diagnosis" today, criticizing the practice of psychiatric diagnosis and suggesting a paradigm shift. The full statement is at:
Jeffrey Archer is the one name people connect to Kurdish Relief, as he was given a peerage based on a concert he named, The Simple Truth and after claiming he was responsible for raising £57 million. This proved to be just that, a claim. However, behind the scenes, there was a group that ach...
Two 18th-century period rooms from Great Britain have been reinstalled at the a href= target= _blank Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“who you fighting Mate and for what title?” Chris Truman, only for the British masters title mate
Louis Oosthuizen, 2010 British Open champion and 2012 Masters runner-up, has committed to play in John Deere Classic in July.
British Rowing Masters Championships Draw revealed. Good luck to the Yorkshire crews racing at Nottingham on Sunday.
Would the guy who’s in the middle of a Benghazi coverup bigger than Watergate and who dummied up a deportation document for a Saudi really produce a forged birth certificate? Is that of character and modus operandi for someone like that? Nah! Crazy talk in Crazy Town!
"We’ve been given back the glorious old masters" Richard Dorment reviews the rehanging of Tate Britain's collection
Nova Scotia’s mink industry is revving up along with global growth in the industry and headed toward a record year for production and profit. Dan Mullen, president of the Nova Scotia Mink Breeders Association, said Monday that mink continues to fetch high prices on international markets, with spinof...
Rome Masters is on...News update. Laura Robson the British teenager has beaten Venus Williams in the first round of Rome..6-3 6-2
Masters WTA British starlet Robson thrashed seven-time major champion Williams 6-3, 6-2 in an opening round match.
possible opponent for British masters title on June 22. Paul Economides
I swear, they forget the game exists until Tiger wins, or it’s the Masters/British Open.
If you'd like to be part of this monumental production and have your words performed by our actors onstage, please tell us when you're free for coffee at a place of your choosing - we'd love to hear from you about what you think makes you you! =)
22 June @ Clifton leisure centre our is fighting for British masters title. I'm wondering if you could attend.
Venus Williams dumped out of Rome masters A rusty Venus Williams was blown away 6-3 6-2 by rising British...
If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being li...
Update your maps at Navteq
Last time Tiger won 4 times before June? The year 2000, where he went on to win the U.S. Open, British, PGA and Masters all in a row.
British Laura Robson faces Venus William in the first round of Rome masters right now. Its the clay swing, you'v gotta love it somehow.
Oh really! 1953 Hogan won all 5 tourneys he entered including Masters, U S Open and British Open...good luck to Tiger!
They say "a lie told often enough becomes the truth". Sadly for those telling the porkies, facts sometimes get in the way
NICOLA Sturgeon today launches a determined bid to woo women voters by pledging to redraw the benefits system in their favour should Scots vote yes in next year's independence referendum.
Is the scepticsm of Pellegrini on football grounds..or does it smell a bit like small-minded British ignorance with dash of arrogance?
Here is the warrant in ENGLISH, Just the names change below. EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT FOR JOHN HEMMING WARRANT'' STOP EUROPÉEN1 This warrant has been issued by a competent judicial authority. I request that the person mentioned below be arrested and surrendered to the judicial authorities for the purposes of criminal prosecution or the execution of a penalty or a measure of detention order. 1This warrant must be written or translated into the official languages of the executing Member State, when it is known, or in any other language accepted by that State. (A) Information regarding the identity of the person sought Name: Hemming Name (s): John Maiden name, if applicable: Aliases, if applicable: Gender: Male Nationality: United Kingdom Date of Birth: Place of birth: Residence and / or known address: The Houses of Parliament Westminster London United Kingdom If known: the language that the person understands: English Distinctive marks / description of the person sought: Photo and fingerprints of the person ...
same as the rest of the year, landscaping the British countryside with my golf sticks
Student community in Bangalore did a project on the "Thugee Cult". Extract from an interview with Jo Nambiar, author of "Phansigar" a historical fiction nove...
“Boogeyman” is the name of the Yee I-Lann exhibition that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 16 September (Malaysia Day) to 3 October this year at Black Box @ MAP. This exhibition was an offsite for première Southeast Asian gallery Valentine Willie Fine Art which, as the gallery’s website sta...
Along with is now the only player with 2 or more wins Masters, U.S. & British Open, PGA Champ!
Sir Michael Caine, CBE (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite on 14 March 1933) is an English actor and author. Renowned for his distinctive Cockney accent, Caine has appeared in over one hundred films and is one of the UK's most recognisable actors.[3][4]
I was thinking it was just the masters, British, US, and PGA Championship, but for some reason I thought it was that too
I feel it is. Nothing against the Masters, British, or US Open though. Those still have more prestige in my eyes.
what are the majors then, Masters, British Open, PGA and.. ?
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"the players championship is a Major?" Yea homie there's 4 the masters, players, us open , and British open!
doesn't matter unless one of those is called The Masters, US, British, or PGA.
Sergio was bad, but not worst in golf. R. McIlroy and G. Norman at the Masters and J. Van de Velde at the British Open.
Funny, I thought this was a major too. British, US, Masters and ??
Tiger Woods has twice won four tourneys prior to the US Open. In 2001, Masters only major. In 2000, he won the US Open, British and PGA.
the Masters, US Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship are the major championships
I said after the Masters, he's winning the British. Lock it up.
British open, us open, masters. What's the other major???
masters players us open British open pga championship
the players? Majors are masters, us open, British open and pga championship.
Remember that Adam Scott choked away the British Open but then recovered to win the Masters just months later...
yeah. Masters, PGA, British, and US. Players is the biggest tourney not a Major
Sergio has choked his whole career. Most noticeable British Open and Masters.
the players no es un major. Son el masters, Pga championship, the british open y us open.
masters, players, u.s., British, PGA. You know exactly what I mean.
Update your maps at Navteq
Masters and British and US Opens then PGA a bad course at one of the last three allows the Players to move to 4
this is the best tournament outside the British open, masters and the Ryder cup
Felix's Machines - Quake Director Tom Mansfield has made his second film of Felix's Machines. 'Quake' was shot with a motion control camera rig and custom bu...
so I could be at the British open, us open, masters, or PGA championship, or I could be in Chicago?
Murray to face Granollers: British No 1 Andy Murray will face Marcel Granollers in the ATP Rome Masters second...
Many ppl r sharing that CNN is carrying out campaign to expose rigging in elections. They need proofs. We must not do this as CNN will broadcast bad image of Pakistan. We shall remain united. Whatever is wrong shud be rectified by our authorities. Dont let others make fun of Pakistan plz. We need to realize this. Lets get united as nation against foreign invaders n those who want to show dark picture of Pakistan on international level. Understand the situation. They r not our friends.
Idk if it counts as a full major though. It's looked at as like the "fifth major". The first 4 is Masters, US, British, & PGA.
Big shout out to my brother and good friend on winnin the masters barbers association best British barber!!!
just read you won the british barbers association masters competition, massive CONGRATS!!
Behind the Masters? I loved Sunday at the British Open when Tom Watson crossed the bridge at St. Andrews for possibly the last time
yep, trainings going well. Thanks. I've got the British Masters road relays next Saturday, then a few races on the track.
usually put a new one on for British masters round bro.. I've got one coming up so you can just have my old one if you want ✌
We British are the masters of ceremony - (blog) ■My YouTube→
Or looks for excuses like in British Open? In Masters 2009? Or hitting a flag.
Nawaz can now payback all his British and American Saudi Masters by selling Pakistan and his people to themlike he has over the last 25years
British championing Nawaz Shareef , their champion poodle has won with, with the blessings of his masters. ..
She's British and one of those people to whom masters degrees and scholarships and fabulous jobs just seem to coalesce.
A few weeks old but excellent though depressing take on our masters.
Kelly takes the win on PTS,and the crowd go wild! Kelly presented with the vacant British Masters Bronze Light-Middleweight title.
I know us open, masters, British, what's fourth?
Very shocked that doesn't know what a custard cream is.
Pope Francis "preaching to the confused" via The Telegraph (hidden in the middle of the ramblings)
29th June for the British masters light-welter weight belt mate.
Masters, British Open, US Open, PGA championship, then TPC at sawgrass are my favorite tourneys in that order
.column is excellent today. I urge you to pay special attention to the 3rd item
We British are the masters of ceremony, says
We British are the masters of ceremony: column on Britain's respect for tradition
Check out the latest BMGA Newsletter with info on the 2013 British Masters, World Crazy Golf Championship and...
Round 1 of the British Masters at Preston Docks MX, 10th March 2013. Filmed/edited by Matt Lofthouse
Looking at the Ronnie Clark and Michael Stupart fight on Boxrec it says vacant British Masters (Bronze) super-featherweight title and its only for 8 rounds. No disrespect to any of the fighters but are titles not meant to be for 10 rounds and not 8, also is all the titles getting to far fetched as it says "British Masters (Bronze) super-featherweight title" what is this about does this mean they have to fight for GOLD and Silver too? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Happy St David's day everyone! Plenty of Welsh boxers in action this weekend: Tonight Taz Jones fights Jez Wilson away in Sheffield for a British Masters 'Gold' middleweight title. Also on tonight, Wales' Olympians Andrew Selby and Fred Evans bid to extend their unbeaten records in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) as they take on Ukraine who boast the superb Vasyl Lomachenko. You can watch it here: Paul Boyce Promotions host the vacant Welsh super-middleweight title fight, a Swansea v Cardiff derby between Tobias Webb and Lewis Patterson. The undercard includes Greg Pickin, Chris Jenkins, Darryn Bushbye, Leon Findlay and Joe Duffy. You can watch it here: tomorrow the Elite and Youth Welsh Championship prelims are at the Rhondda Fach Sports Centre in Tylorstown.
Can't hardly walk my big toe is hurting like a f "O the pain of it" Still on the bright side of things I enjoyed my return into judo after my 5year lay off British Masters here I COME
GWL Instructors Annie Ottey, Lee Ottey, Steve Aish and Sally Moss were all in action lifting in the Southern Masters at Bethnal Green yesterday. Sally was using the comp as a warm up for the English champs in a couple of weeks time and a PB *** bodes well for that and Annie, Lee and Steve (6 out of 6 lifts for Steve, not easy to do!) all comfortably qualified for the British Masters. Congratulations to all of you!
Please read below the press release for our next pro boxing shgow at the Hermitage Leisure Centre 24/02/2012 UNDEFEATED Mitchell Promotions have announced unbeaten flyweights Louis '2 Sweet' Norman and Jason Cunningham will meet for the vacant British Masters championship on their first show of 2013. Their clash tops the bill in Whitwick, North Leicestershire, on Sunday, February 24 - and it looks a 50-50 fight. Both won amateur honours and have been punch perfect in the pros. Cunningham won the ABA flyweight championship in 2011 - beating Charlie Hoy in the final - and Norman won the CYP championship. As pros, Cunningham, from Doncaster and based with the Ingles, has put together seven straight wins and Norman has won all three fights. Norman is trained by Jason Shinfield - and he's convinced '2 Sweet' is the new Jason Booth. Booth is a real craftsman with a box of tricks that have left ring rivals bamboozled and beaten for more than a decade – and Shinfield says 19 year-old Norman has the potential to ...
Hi guys, sorry for the lack of activity this week. We've had a small issue with the site that will be resolved tomorrow. It doesn't mean there isn't plenty going on, if you didn't know; Wales' former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce has accepted a late call to face the highly rated Chris Eubank Jnr in Belfast on Saturday. It will be broadcasted on Channel5. It's definitely the toughest fight of Eubank's career, has he bitten off too much too soon..? Rhondda pair Liam Williams (v Tony Randell) and Lewis Rees (v Danny Dontchev) fight tomorrow at the Manchester Arena on the Freddy Flintoff show. It's broadcasted on BoxNation, tune in! Sammy Sims has another packed show on in Newport on Saturday. We can't pick a winner between Tony Pace and Lance Sheehan for the British Masters lightweight title and it's a really intriguing fight between Justyn Hugh and Dean Francis. There's the comebacks of Wayne Brooks and Taz Jones on the show, as well as the Dai Jones-Adam Goldsmith rematch, Lewis Patterson and Matthew ...
Did you know: In the 2011 BBC series, British Masters, Bomberg was singled out as being one of the greatest painters of the 20th Century.
finishing up my masters of education and being the team manager!! We can't wait to see yOU
All that GoI has retained from the British is Divide and Rule.& are the masters of it now - Y not economic backwardness
What does a tour caddie do all week? bagman Chris Keeping's diary from the British Masters -...
I would argue the Ryder Cup are as important to every European Player as the British Open and Masters!!!
Hi Nigel. Are u commentating at the Grand Slam of Darts? Also, Cam Woodward won the British Masters GT on Sunday!
well, politicians are masters in dividing people..looks like they hve inherited this frm British!!
Ruth Hinks of Scotland just won the British finals of the World Choc Masters. 1st lady ever, Paris here we come!
Who will be the winner of the British Choc Masters. The Architecture of Taste just one fav
militia must hv learnt a thing or two frm their masters the US!
Divide & Rule foreigners are Masters of this tactic,first British Lord now Italian Lady !
just read you won the British masters. Well done matey. Great stuff 
I actually looked it up. It gets you into the Masters, and US and British Opens. Not the PGA.
north. In fact many slaves fought the British against their masters and gained their freedom through this act. Also no one said it
but rory only won one major the PGA. Ernie won the British, Webb the us, and bubba the masters
I heard it was to differentiate ourselves from our former British masters. Webster's Dictionary codified it, changing things
He wins like five Masters to every British, right?
Congratulations on winning the British Masters Grasstrack yesterday.
We had never achieved INDEPENDENCE.Its just the change of Colonial Masters.From White Skin to Brown Skin.From British to Malayan Imperialism
just spotted on British TV, i had most pleasure working with these three charming gentlemen
Well done on winning the masters. Now your aussie and British champ does that make you commonwealth longtrack champion?
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