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British Gas

British Gas is a leading energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom. It is a trading name of British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited and is a subsidiary of Centrica.

Scottish Power Chuckle Brothers British Telecom

To be clear - I don't want to switch and have never requested a switch. I'm hoping…
What do a pelican, British Gas and the have in common?. They can all stick their bills up their ***
What the heck is going on with these stupid studies, I recently read a British study recommends ppl to smel…
British Gas V Lock ruling on holiday pay - all is not lost! - RECRUITING TIMES
Very happy not to work at British Gas PAYG debt management now. It wasn't a happy experience. For anyone.
Rebuilding my prop collection. Starting with the Cross of Coronado and Indy's bag (vintage WWII Briti…
New post: British Gas owner faces up to £200m hit from price caps
Me, Jonathan and Robert as the dragon. British Gas apprentices back in 1987
They have income from the sell off of British Telecom, British Gas etc. That was a once in a l…
Yes. It was my fault being willing to wait 5 days w/o hot water b/c I have to work & couldn't be at…
British are behind the FULANI oligarchy hence ,you see that they Dominate the o…
If you spent half that energy you use fighting the EU to get your money back from HSBC & British Gas, your services might improve.
1930s-40s: Britain sent hundreds of Indians to gas chambers to test if mustard gas had a worse effect on 'Indian skin' t…
Yesterday produced 32.8% of British electricity, more than nuclear 22.5%, wind 18.8%, imports 9.0%, and solar 7.0%
O brave children of Syria, be patient as we gas & break you-we must have money to put the young racing British driver back together again...
There has been a,power switch, I ditched npower for British Gas.
British gas would'nt recommend to my worst enemy, i have been in dispute with this company now since August last year. cannot be trusted.
well done British gas amended my bill by 1p 😡 customer service at its best...NOT!
Fuel for my being delivered it's a bit different from British gas. . .
Someone was poking about at it the other day, assumed it was one of your readers as have checked and wasn't British gas
I have. Someone was poking about in the meter box the other day, not from British Gas so assumed from you...
My confusion in 2017 is not caused by my age but products! I get my Electricity from British Gas and my cling film…
Saw your old man drive past me in Arborfield today in his British Gas van 😊
What about the eye witness accounts of British and russian soldiers that saw gas cham…
1939-1945 A mule being fitted for a gas mask by a soldier in the British Indian army.
How many Ugandan lawyers are involved in oil and gas, It is governed by the British law, When will we come of age???_P.L.O Lu…
.‼️Meet the British doctor in who filmed & provided proof of Gas Attack to U…
Engineer booked for Monday afternoon to resolve lack of internet connection. Lets hope hes better than British Gas and turns up
Hi there is there anychance you could get British Gas to phone me back? Been busy and noticed i had missed calls
British Gas 'How did we do' questionnaire.. Genuinely no idea *** this question is for.
Ugandan oil is governed by British Law. Tanzania gas by Norwegian Law. When will we own our Laws?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Not sure how that helps. British Gas installed it INTO the cupboard! If you can get it in.
When you've been freezing all winter but British Gas try to bill you for £24,000 😅
British Gas! Disgrace! Waited in 6 hours. No one turns up!
Ah yes the gas attacks in Syria when your only sources are either UK, France, and Social Media…
Weather like this and ma wee Granny has her heating on at 25 and the fire on full blast. That'll be the British Gas Christmas party paid for
Seeing brad Talbot in a British gas van already made my weekend
I now have British Gas Smart Meters. It's awesome. You can see your 💸evaporating.
What do British Gas, Financial Times and CompareTheMarket think of our engineers? What happened at the Careers Fai…
Smart meter installed by British Gas now doesn't function after changing to Scottish Power so need to apply for new meter!
We have a Smart electricity meter installed by British Gas ages ago - why can’t you get readings from it?
The reason why your gas bill is so high?? British Gas buys GIANT PENGUIN. Tis cute though...they should give one to…
I want to switch to Direct Debit on my utility bills, but Experian have told British Gas that my credit score isn't high enough. - …
Boss of British Gas owner gets 40% pay rise as millions live in fuel poverty.
This is the moment a British Gas engineer saved a toddler's life after spotting him wandering alone at...
my electricity is back on! and I just wanted to say the british gas guy was hot!
Order Miche Bag Online!
i need to know the figures that you agreed with British Gas on my switch from them to you. they have sent me an estimated bill
British Gas engineer saved toddler from being run over in dramatic CCTV
Heartstopping moment toddler wandering alone on to busy road at night is saved by hero British Gas worker…
Hi there, British Gas stopped giving points out in December 2015. Thank you ^AH
3 visits from British gas to fix a cooker! Talk about too many cooks spoiling the broth! Terrible service.
why are my points from British gas not being registered when they have a record of them
I added a video to a playlist A toddler is saved from almost certain death by a British Gas worker
How shops, offices and cities can offer hope for those with dementia
Algeria seen by a British oil & gas investor I would say: A stable oasis with plenty of opportunities…
Paying by direct debit instead, feel unvalued as a customer, British gas just care about money money money. Poor service.
The gas industry was re-privatised in 1986 resulting in British Gas Plc being floated on the stock market
sounds like standard British Gas service!
grats!. I'm hoping British Gas will be luckier with me...
well done Mo Video: Moment toddler is saved from road danger by British Gas engineer
All in a day's work for British Gas engineers
This much i know: British Gas are totally and utterly useless.
Exit fee threats for supplier switchers: now to investigate:
Mysterious 'whale wave' observed in humpbacks on B.C. Coast
British Gas Complaints – 0844 739 0388 - For when you've received poor service from the team at British Gas…
More businesses around the country are training staff to provide better support to people with dementia:
Martin Lewis: ALL Big 6 standard energy bills are RIP OFF after SSE hike
Do you want to know what were the increases in energy prices of the Big Six? SSE 14.9% starting April, British Gas…
Wilbur the penguin from the British Gas radio adverts needs an axe-kick to the back of the head, jus' sayin'
Excitement at Daisyland - the smell of gas has prompted emergency action. British Gas as always efficient.
S&S recently supplied & commissioned our gas interlock for Windsor Castle, the family home to British kings and que…
That one time I had to explain to the engineer from British Gas why I can't make him tea the way he likes it. Felt like I stabbed him.
Govt of Zanzibar &RAK Gas officials y'day were at ceremony launching oil exploration in Zanzibar-(carried out by British firm Bell Geospace)
The fault here is with you. Never use British Gas, it always ends in tears. Consider it a lesson learned.
British Gas are running short programmes across the UK to help people gain skills for the workplace. Read more
When you get an email saying your bill is due, despite money already being taken over a week before. Cheers British Gas, again.
Update your maps at Navteq
The wearable device is a great idea and it's great to read about the initiatives that companies like British gas ar…
Here comes the EV revolution... whether you like it or not! What do YOU think? https:…
From Tom, Lucy and Nathan's visit to British Gas' Shirley Towers site in Southampton.
British Gas man is here now to sort out our power lines or summet and he's switching the electric is so I'll miss the match 😭also a scouser!
hey i have a problem with submitting my reaadings. I have recently switched from british gas i habe account number but i cant regis
My tenant left debt on the (card) meter, still struggling with British Gas to get the meter reset.
Sky TV discounts and more "perks" as British gas unveil new energy loyalty scheme - but critics say it's just not……
British Gas set to launch rewards scheme | News |
Hi, can you give me the contact details for your complaints department please? It is for works and service with British Gas.
VIDEO: British Gas distribution hub hailed as ‘jewel in crown’
Tariff distraction technique?? Soon this energy provider will give you access to Sky TV via
The British Gas engineer who said he would be here "in 10-15 minutes" has been sat in his van outside for 20 minutes.
British Gas offers Sky TV as part of £100m loyalty scheme
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme:
British Gas dreaming up rubbish rewards schemes instead of lowering prices.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
British-Belgian spread may need to rise to attract continental gas imports
'An engineer can order up to 8pm at night and get the parts by 7.30am the next day.'
Do customers really want "more than energy"? BBC News - British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme
TomPegden published VIDEO: British Gas distribution hub is 'jewel in the crown'
Biofuels wasted by dams & shutting the door on clean energy 4 that destroys farmland htt…
Yes, British Gas, I would love to review "The Sainsbury's" I purchased from you
It's been 10 weeks nearly since I applied to the British gas energy trust .. has anyone else waited this long ? I was told 8 weeks 🙈
British Gas set to launch rewards scheme
I should know! I just had to pay British Gas an extra £50.00 this quarter for my electric to bring it into credit.
Will people stay on standard tariffs and pay too much as a result? 'British Gas launches loyalty scheme'
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme in April
"I remember the day the bad thoughts started, I heard two British Gas adverts featuring Wilbur within an hour of each other."
Is British Gas Rewards a good initiative? No. What do you think?
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme (via BBC)   10% Off
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme - BBC News
Hi, can you settle an argument? Who is the female voice on the current British Gas adverts?
Are you thinking of British Gas v. Oak Cash and Carry and the string of High Court judgments?
yeah I have. They can't & it's a big name supplier. Tell me, which suppliers can use British Gas meter?
British Gas to launch customer rewards scheme (incl Sky TV deals and energy discounts) for long-standing customers…
Data science and machine learning jobs: featured on the list with SecondHands…
British Gas to offer customer loyalty scheme . British Gas is to launch a customer rewards scheme from April that w…
todays 'being stuck in waiting' theme is 'waiting for British Gas'. to repair my poorly key meter. it's one of *those* weeks for sure!
With vacancies in Manchester, Hattersley and Leeds, fulfil your potential with British Gas
British Gas, YouTube, WhatsApp: Everything that matters this morning - Marketing Week
New British Gas 'reward' you should ignore
British Gas to offer customer loyalty scheme
British Gas to launch customer loyalty scheme -
NPower - Prices going up. British Gas - Prices going up. Utility Warehouse - The UK's best fixed price tariff &... http…
further to my wednesday wisdom. THAT is a true leader. not some creature that is named after the british experession to expel stinky gas XD
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It's all just gas. And it's clean, safe, reliable, efficient, available, cheap, abundant, British and good for jobs & the economy
sorry to hear about British gas not bothering to turn up, I hope they don't let you down again though
i'm back in the gym tomorrow to work on my legs, that's a shame about British gas not turning up I can imagine ...
would have seen it today if not for British Gas coming round to fit my meters, which in the end, they never bothered 🙄
The story of Hive: how thinking like a startup helped British Gas hook up our homes
Nowadays I will have nothing to do with British Gas, British Telecom, British Airways, ie the ex-state-owned companies 1/2
British Gas totally gone off. Taken my money twice, now dragging on a complaints procedure. Just send it back, simples.
British Gas to pay 9.5 million pound for customer billing failings - Ofgem.
I got rid of BT (completely) from my life last week. Next week it's British Gas. See what happens? :)
British Gas fined £9.5m for failures in billing system
you work somewhere good, tho. I worked for British Gas. Went in most days hoping the bloody place had burned down in the night.
Hi switched to you for gas/electric recently from British Gas, I have a smart metre, am I able to use that with you?
is this on one of those British Gas special service plans?
Does anyone know why British Gas are digging up in Sherwell Rise South, Chelston? I could go outside and ask them...
Fantastic customer service opportunities with British Gas in Leeds available now! £18,561 - £19,573. Apply at:
Government intervention in the industries hefty penalty 💰for British Gas 🔥
British Gas Business to pay £9.5m penalty over billing and complaints problems. Read more:
British Gas will pay £9.5m for faulty billing system. Read more:
Conor Ward - Head of UX&Design at British Gas talks about creating a dept of UX Unicorns, Zero UI & VUI
British gas saying my meter reasons are unusual. That's probably because i'm still in my student ways so refuse to put heating on for long.
More for yr2 to keep in notes BBC News - British Gas Business pays £9.5m penalty
wonder what tariff the devil on, bet its British gas, better the devil you know!!
My points that i collect through British Gas are not being added to my account!! Nectar account number matches, can some1 help plz
Looking forward to hearing from our keynote Jamie Pelos from British Gas
Citizens Advice responds to British Gas Business paying £9.5m penalty for billing and complaints issues.
british gas. If not they should have ticketed it for parking on the pavement.
British Gas pays a £9.5m penalty for billing problems that hit its business customers
All you fellow British Gas customers out there. They're customer records only go back 4 Yrs! Can't even check their own nonsense is true
Absolutely shocking from Homecare @ British Gas. 14 yrs taking your money & when you need them. They say sorry!! they can't help.
can someone help me move to British gas
British Gas to pay £9.5m over customer service failures
Wow. There are still 1,300 gas street lights in London. British Gas employs four members of staff to maintain them. http…
See that week penguin fae the British Gas ads...if the hoose is that warm why is it wearing a coat and scarf?
isn't that the thing British Gas do to alter your heating using an app?? 😆
British Gas&BT in rip off customers by overcharging them scams - This comes as a surprise to no one.
At long last, the Customer service failings at British Gas have been noted by Ofgem.
The old British gas vans looked like this!
British Gas Business to pay £9.5mn for customer service failings
Drop in demand pressures British gas prompt
for people who think I was joking about the crucial role of the British gas bill in ID infrastructure
Uses steel slag instead of and cures with gas!
British Gas told to pay £9.5m in compensation for late and incorrect bills
British Gas owner under fire from MPs over revelation it funds climate denying group in the US http…
British expat couple 'died of carbon monoxide poisoning' in Cyprus via
tens of millions of British gas and SSE customers urged to switch NOW -
Christmas knitting to keep warm whilst we wait for British Gas Engineer!
How British Gas is using the Internet of Things to keep customers warm and happy | ZDNet -
More pixels, more money? TVs could result in higher bills for consumers:
Millions of British Gas and SSE customers urged to switch NOW
British Gas stems number of households switching to rivals
There is always something broken in our house, I bet the British Gas man is fed up of the sight of our cellar!
Hi, placed order VJ9DR9 for free Smart Lights Kit via British Gas, has it been despatched? Bought extra bulbs so eager to be it!
((British dentistry must still be in the Medieval Times if they don't give you laughing gas before pulling out a tooth...))
British expat couple who were 'living the dream' in Cyprus 'died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a mystery faul…
Even I've witnessed this appalling behaviour by British Gas. This lady is also unwell and disabled
Centrica's share price lights up after raising full-year earnings forecast
The cashback offer is being handled by British Gas, as far as I'm aware a Hive purchase made online would qualify. Can 1/2
The British Gas man has been here for two days now and hes really outstayed his welcome
Report: adoption of 4KTVs likely to increase for the 1st time since 2011
First volumes delivered from British natural gas field
Update your maps at Navteq
British Gas owner increases its earnings expectations. Read more: $CNA
Elle's getting a boiler and a couple of rads installed by british gas. The fitter hasn't stopped moaning for two days solid.
Hi Lisa, our Customer Relations Team is part of British Gas & they work hard to help all of our customers. I'd be 1/2
cheap gas and leccy for a warm inviting house is always nice cheers British gas :)
listened to your last fubar show and I actually totally agree with your view on what British Gas did.
British Gas is blaming ultra high definition 4K TVs for adding £82m to energy bills by 2019 | City A.M. via
British Gas owner Centrica raises earnings expectations as customers stay with firm ^DailyExpress
This link offers some useful tips to help people keep safe: ^Claire
news - British Gas owner Centrica increases its earnings expectations
Police warn residents after reports of bogus caller claiming to be from British Gas in Rhyl
- British Gas owner Centrica increases its earnings expectations
Office staff @ British Gas must all be morons. They say it`s the computer that sends me letters, doe`s the computer put them in the postbox?
.blame UltraHD 4K TVs for adding £82M to UK bills by 2019. 4K uses additional 11GWh…
British Gas owner Centrica says it will beat targets after cost cuts
British Gas could have quietly given this minuscule % of their profit to this great charity but they didn't so I'll
Get your iPhone insurance today!
been hearing that from British Gas since November I wil soon be one of you vulnerable
This new tool shows you how much your energy company is overcharging on its standard variable tariffs
This link offers some useful information to help people stay safe: ^Claire
British Gas halts customer exodus after 400,000 deserted it for cheaper rival firms earlier this year...
Did no take the British Commercial Gas Association long to start promoting Mr Therm in York beyond the GL&C Co Realm
British Gas, Eon and SSE named and shamed on tariffs
Meanwhile WE BRITISH. invented concentration camps [for the BOERS!]. first used gas warfare in WWI?. HELPED USA develo…
Did you know only 5% of British adults remember to have their appliances checked by a in the lead up to
I shouldn't be allowed to talk to people; the guy from British gas is here and he asked if our radiators are okay and I s…
Centrica hikes profit guidance as it stems British Gas customer exodus
Warning from after reports of a bogus caller in Denbigh and Rhyl claiming to be from
British Gas has announced it's freezing its prices over the winter
Is price freeze all it's cracked up to be? Here's what customers should do: https:…
I have been working with Hive, part of British Gas, on reinventing the ...
British Gas and E.ON freeze standard energy tariffs for winter
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
British Gas, SSE and E.ON freeze prices for millions this winter - but experts warn you're still losing £200 a year…
According to a British study: Passing gas help sanity & extend life apparently inhaling it even has better prperiti…
British Gas, SSE, E.ON and Good Energy freeze prices for millions this winter…
WWI - a British soldier inhales German chlorine gas at the Battle of Ypres - 1915
too late. I dumped British Gas two months ago because they put up their tariffs without telling me.
British Gas to freeze energy prices for millions of customers…but only those “massively overpaying"
"Customers should look to see if they can switch to a better deal" - Which? response to British Gas price freeze.
Gas-masked men of the British Machine Gun Corps manning a Vickers machine gun. . Battle of the Somme.
British Gas says all customers will get access to its best deals. This looks like an end to "new customers only " deals
British Gas to freeze energy prices for winter months by
E.On and British Gas freeze standard energy tariffs
British Gas to freeze standard prices this winter - The Guardian
yeh you could say that but slightly more serious with mains gas involved. British Gas are my current supplier.
Breaking: freezes prices until April 2017. Millions set to benefit, but is it a good deal for customer…
When you get an email from British Gas telling you you've won a bottle of Prosecco from Majestic Wine and it's true…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
British Gas freezes standard energy tariffs for millions over winter.
British Gas to freeze energy prices... but only for a select few.
Economy Energy took over my Mothers Gas and Electric, apparently without her Knowledge Economy Energy, British Gas
Millions of British Gas, SSE and EON customers saved from winter price hikes. .
EON follow British Gas and SSE in freezing their energy prices:
British Gas to freeze tariffs for winter
British Gas to freeze standard energy tariffs - BBC News
British Gas to freeze standard prices this winter
Does this refer to the British Gas one?
British Gas freezes energy prices this winter
British Gas is the 2nd Big 6 provider to freeze energy prices over winter - SSE announced they were doing it last m…
Vancouver's plan to shut off natural gas derived from fossil fuels heats up debate
My studio at 9 degrees. Hope my Gas guys can fix the pipes next week. nose in
This reminds me of a John Finnemore sketch. Why don't British Gas just donate £25000 now, if that's what they've se…
Majority of catering managers are gas safe - British Gas finds >>
And we thought the British Gas works were bad on our road?
British Gas how can you send a bill to someone without an account? I await the answer with baited breath and a peg buno doubt!
Received an estimated bill from British Gas for £250+ for 2 weeks of gas supply. Turns out I only owed them £6.49! Glad I phoned to check😂😂
.& arrive at British Gas in Cardiff for event
I've never made a complaint in my life but I've had to do British Gas and Virgin Media in 24 hours. Everyone else was a drea…
Well that was fun - what a night for the heating to pack up - where's that British Gas penguin!!
British oil and gas services company Amec Foster Wheeler said it has appointed Halliburton executive Jonathan Lewis as chief executive on W…
British gas how do I receive a Wilbur for my girlfriend to explore with please
WAS a business account . I have NOT been with British Gas since 2012 . STILL trying to take money from my acc
British Gas just delivered radiator that shouldn't be here before 8. Bloke grumbling it's too heavy. Well I can't help. He's not happy
Natural gas prices for the week ending April 22, 2016, rose to $1.89 per MMBtu (British thermal units in ...
What would you do if you won a $500 Gas Card from the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation - BCSF courtesy of...
Considering installing a new boiler? Read this before you do anything!
How can British gas try charge me like 75 pound monthly for my electric bills lol get out of here
British horse driver affixes gas masks to his warhorses - Fifth battle of Ypres ca. 1918 Belgium
da British Gas gonna have bumper profits!
fake photo think mate British gas founded 1973 Hitler died before that I think probably fotoshop bud
mate you stalk British Gas drivers. Ask them for a job if you want to follow them round
How British Gas Connected Home is moving beyond Hive and managing IoT data using an open-source Apache stack
I added a video to a playlist British Gas attempted forced entry
They broke in & changed my meter, despite the fact I'm not with British Gas.
good we don't need British gas we like are🌈 /not the fog
German start building gas Chambers Who's Gonna Save them Not the Americans and if the British are in Not the British BREXIT
45+ years with British Gas. Spoke to a real person easily at my new suppliers this morning. Much cheaper too.
I work for general enquirers at British Gas and want Wilbur to sit at my desk as my little helper🐧
British Gas on making the connected home a reality
British Gas talk about their decisioning journey
Why are 224,000 customers leaving their gas supplier and should you be leaving too?.
I've replied. Very glad I'm with British gas now
Is British Gas trying to sow discord in local communities to get their money?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
British gas now...suddenly I am popular
The British Gas automated phone voice is one of the nicest and friendliest I've ever heard. Quite like her!
British Gas launches first of its kind ‘Boiler IQ’ |
Soccer team of British soldiers with gas masks, World War I, somewhere in Northern France, 1916
Guy from came in our house w/o permission, refused to leave, and threatened me with a warrant - we're not even with British Gas!
Colloquially, may be referred to as """or simply "gas" or (British English) "wind".
Han's top advice when the British Gas man comes
British gas must be rubbing their hands with glee.
British Gas lost 220,000 customers in first three months of 2016.
Dark days for local families - uncertainty and jobs at risk at Aston Villa, British Gas, BHS, Austin Reed - all emerged in the past week
Court of Appeal case tracker says that hearing in British Gas v Lock is due to commence on 11 or 12 July 2016:
"They were not interested": Police criticised for response to burglars pretending to be from British Gas: A M...
Looking for a new role with British Gas? Trainee Smart Meetering Expert:
British energy producer BP saw its first-quarter earnings slump by 79 percent as lower gas and oil prices continued…
How is British Gas managing an 'explosion' of IoT data using and
Ups and downs of having a British Gas Homecare contract
I'd better get dressed and grab breakfast. Forgot somone from British gas is coming a little later for our anual service.
British Gas to close office and axe 684 jobs in the Midlands
Always surprises me when huge guys are afraid of dogs! Especially a cuddly chocolate lab! Man up British Gas!
I can’t figure out how our British Gas meter clocked up a £1,600 bill
The Chuckle Brothers have just been signed up by British Gas, meter you.
Thanks for reply James. Great response to issues too. Just not the reliability I expect from a British Gas partner?
Why did the Chuckle Brothers join British Gas? . To meter you.
I think my other half's disorganised? 5 attempts to log into my British Gas account before I realised I'd been w/Scottish Power for 18 mths
At Better Homes Yorkshire we guarantee to beat any genuine British Gas like for like boiler quotation by 20%, that’s better
BBC Today programme-imagine if British Gas wanted govt subsidy to build a power station in France that might bankrupt it..
Hi there, is this a British Gas van as G4S do all gas & electricity meter readings on our behalf? Thanks, Steve.
Why do British Gas supply our electricity, and Southern Electric supply our gas? :(
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