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British Empire

The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom.

Soviet Union American Revolution Ethiopian Empire British Expeditionary Force Overseas Territories North America Winston Churchill Brittas Empire United States Scout Association First Law American Empire

The Captains & the Kings was seen as a scathing critique of the British Empire. Written & sung by Brendan Behan who died…
Medium: Enid Lyons was appointed Order of the British Empire – Dame Grand Cross 1937. When and what was her second title?
Boris welcoming the grateful returnees of the British Empire
Brien's First Law: At some time in the British Empire and the ordinary German Army and the programmers will blame the programmer never does.
. Byzantine Empire, Islamic and Christian crusaders, Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire (2/2).
The sun never sets in the British Empire. Well, I know it did set in the Ethiopian Empire.
Ghana's Cecilia Anim receiving her CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II, Congratula…
Brien's First Law: Government intervention in the British Expeditionary Force north of the British Empire will never lose our sense of comra
The five worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire
I simplify things by saying American Russophobia is a legacy of the British Empire. But of course things are more c…
ill cause system software to crash, and the British Empire to fight another day; whereas all the lands into which they dwell; that freedom o
I always thought there was something meaningful about that Christian relationship between the Ethiopian Empire & British Empire.
The Sign of Four (1890) by Arthur Conan Doyle references the Mutiny. How did the British Empire shape litera…
If there be in the whole world a state to which this theory is applicable, that state is the British Empire in Indi…
From French Revolution, of course, you get Napoleonic Wars, the second British Empire, etc. Beyond that, the lines of descent get fuzzier
ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, the Spaniards going to the Americas, the British Empire etc. All conservative.
Now reading "An era of darkness, The British Empire in India" by
The Sun Has Set on the British Empire: Time for a New Paradigm via
Gung *** for the British Empire, Churchill never trusted any group that might give it trouble, Hindu, Muslim or what…
the opposite of the British empire then
lationship between the British Empire has stood for, no survival
The British Empire was in a way a prognitor of the EC, with Empire preference in trade. Upset Wall St bankers
his wife and children from privation and bring the family up the British Commonwealth and Empire and Commonwealth
the beginning of the British Empire to fight upon a front of nearly four hundred miles, in order that can be unhappy -- but we'll work on na
The British Empire committed atrocities, but for quite a considerable period, the UK has been a strong beacon for human ri…
.well, the British hated FDR and he was going to free all their colonies and end their empire .
The London Dispensary opened in 1696, the first clinic in the British Empire to dispense medicines to poor sick people.
The arrogance of Ravan got destroyed so was the last British empire so of Congress will be contd to bollywood.
intervened that British Empire trade agreements are in same way. returned 'Yes i can see Colonial oppression…
Three of Britain's finest stand-ups - are on nightly at the Producers Garden!
In form of Atlantic Charter in a way signed the death warrant of British Empire & French Colonies for support to allies…
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. Why we needed US Red Wheat after 1947?. Why still we haven't achieved well in Agri Sector? . 2/3. Dominion of British Empire.
King George III's draft abdication letter released. Historians of the British Empire 1763-1914 check it out. 😀
Apt that Churchill bust is returning to the White House. An inspiration for those that wish to emulate the criminality o…
Yeah. That's the one. If the British Empire could do it without a war, the US could have, too.
Months later Churchill was defeated by the Labour Party. Then came 1946 Naval Mutiny which shook the British empire & Prime…
Tributes to Lala Lajpat Rai on his birth anniversary. What a fearlessness leader He was! He fought against injustice of British Empire.
British population not parochial at height of empire. Revelled in the spoils and conquests.
I always thought it would happen more gradually though. Like the British Empire.
Hey, anyone remember these? Farmers with some muskets, and handmade weapons fought the British Empire.
The British Empire fought a war with the Ghanaian Asante Empire in order to end slavery and human sacrifice in the Gold Coast (now Ghana).
Jan. 26, '42: George VI wires USAFFE: “Magnificent resistance has filled your allies in British Empire with profound admiration”…
Reminder: World History does not begin with Christopher Columbus, nor does it end with the fall of the British Empire.
The Roman empire lasted way longer than most empires, including the British and French.
the British Empire did not fall this fast
A2 I assume they were loyal to the throne. (As in British empire.).
Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
I refuse to apologise for the British empire, wrong or right it shaped the world.
especially in the Middle East. A lot of that came from hatred for the British Empire and French when their colonies reached...
I wrote in an article once 1953 was the British Empire's last regime change and America's first.
Oil? That's what the British/Ottoman empire were fighting over way back when the US liked to play Switzerland.
which has never been a colony of the British Empire.
was taught 2 call the US backed AQ as 'moderate rebels'.Using Islamists as proxies 4 wars is a British Empire…
didnt he overthrow the British and french empire? but then again the American Empire game their place soon afterwards.
British Empire watched as Ottomans arrested and slaughtered Armenians; USA and Europe are watching as Turks arrest and slaug…
"Vogon Constructor Fleets. Here is what we have to borrow to do the most moving terms in which the British Empire has stood for, no survival
Mood: A second British Empire and a new American Empire, cleansing the degenerates and ruling the world together.
Proud day for the team as Claire Williams holds her Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) h…
Murphy's Law: Whenever you start out to do so because any private ambitions I may be assured that the British Empire will never lose our sen
During the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony Piers got dewy-eyed for the British Empire and colonialism
is because of eastern Europeans, helped by the British Empire. Just to let you know, North
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Upper Canada (which included Southern Ontario) abolished slavery ~40 years before the rest of the British Empire and ~70 years before the US
Jones' Law: The light at the present time in their local encounters against the British Empire and the British Expeditionary Force returned.
in 1944 General C. Foulkes was awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, the far right medal.…
Looked MBE up: It's an honor for national or regional achievement in the British Empire,somewhat like our Pres'l Medal of Freedom.
On this day back in 1912; the Scout Association is formed during the British Empire by a royal charter, signed by G…
Today in 1912 the Scout Association is incorporated throughout the British Empire by royal charter.
Posh Spice has always been one of a kind. Congrats to Victoria Beckham on becoming an Officer of the British Empire ⭐️ https:…
I don't think so, because Sir Ahmadu Bello was a Knight of the British Empire
🇺🇸 The term was first applied to the British Empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union. However, following World War II…
Phil Scraton also turned down a New Year's OBE because "I could not accept an honour tied in name to the British Empire. "…
well the first for sure but the second is arguable, the American Revolution left the British Empire still strong.
On 1st day of Hanukah 1917, British Empire forces captured Jerusalem, paving the way for the eventual re-establishment…
. It required all 13 colonies to defeat the British Empire. Tobacco money financed the American Revolution.
What an incredible woman! - Dr James Barry: the Irishwoman who fooled the British Empire via
Apartheid Partition of India creation of Middle Eastern countries Irish division...British Empire left a LOT of damage
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I don't care if Margot is a Dame of the British Empire or older than myself. - Rudolf Nureyev
My favorite part of Moana is when the chief is forced to cede his island to the British Empire in fear of his people's genocide
Idi Amin Dada: Conquerer of the British Empire and a man of excellency, showed reverent love to his comrades and pe…
Well done on your deserved medal! I received the Member of the British Empire from the Queen, proud moment in my life so know how you feel!
and even if we *were* the Roman Republic or the British Empire...well, we know how *that* ended.
Whatever... Churchill was young embedded war correspondent with British Empire fighting Islamic Jihadies in Sudan
Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire - "Thatcher's Children"
On this day in 1943, Indian revolutionary Subhas Chandra Bose declared war against the British Empire.
Our Spring title, "The Miracle Mile: Stories of the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games" is still going...
An excerpt from my on the Great Indian Railway Scam of the British Empire, from : https:/…
England gives their great musicians Knighthood or other Order of the British Empire status... America gives accolades such as...?
A ship from the British Empire. A captain singing karaoke. Spirits at dawn. >> by steamboat and train:…
Except for dissolving the Galactic Senate (aka parliament), what Tarkin is describing is British Empire of 19th century.
But I'm telling u now, as a future Congressmen, I will assist President Cory Booker negotiate a peaceful surrender to the British Empire
And NEVER forget the East India Company, for it is Corporate seed that allowed British Empire to blossom. Exposing +
Hey know mercantilism and how it impacted the British Empire overall, and specifically the American colonies…
Historian Peter Hennessy calls Brexit greatest shift in UK's position in world since disposal of British Empire
JK Rowling and the Order of the British Empire appropriates Natives, South Asians, East Asians but why isn't x ***
I do think there are important differences between giving a medal total for the EU & giving a medal total for the British Empire
This provides vital context for the idiotic British Empire medal tally from earlier this week
May be worth ripping up those History degrees if you can't see why 'British Empire' medal tally was insensitive...
Can someone even begin to explain logic behind 's inclusion of British Empire in medal tally? (besides confused nationalism)
still could have been that tory who put British Empire on medal tables
Seems the EU started this by listing EU medal total. If only she had put Commonwealth instead of British Empire...
Jeez. Apparently the British Empire is back re Olympics and the medal haul. Repeal of Independence Acts??
Medal by Joseph Davis commemorating the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, 1st August 1834.
What century is it for some people? Tory MP praises British Empire success in
This MP is celebrating the fact that the British Empire beat the EU. This is the world we live in now, in 2016.
British Empire is dead, the Soviet Union is gone & the American Empire is dying. Who will stop the rise of
Learn some bloody history, the British Empire has gone the way of the dinosaurs! Can't wait to become a republic!
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Ha ha ha now is the British Islamic empire !
"The last was during Henry VIII. British became dominant and holy Roman empire collapsed" :
British Empire was the largest empire in history, for over a century the foremost global power. Get on our level
Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire.
clearly this fan of the British empire doesnt actually know what comprised said empire
yeah I did cringe when the guy talking bout uk Olympic medals on the radio yesterday, went on to mention the British Empire/ruling the world
Top three worst crimes of the British Empire:. 1. Abolishing slavery. 2. Spreading democracy and the rule of law. 3. Defeati…
Wheeler praises 'British Empire' for Rio gold tally: When's the next ref, Nic?
The Belgian, British and French wounded, being so plainly marked were a special relationship between the British Empire will never lose our
someone needs to tell that the last few centuries saw a "British" Empire that was ruled by Germans...
Just remember the British medals need to be counted as part of the Angevin Empire. Or maybe the Roman Empire.
Airplane Law: When you're up to auction between the British Empire, no survival.
Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire
A British MP is claiming the British Empire won the Olympics. . Really. . Really.
RalphTheWriter: Solar System in peril? Have no fear, the are here. …
Kenyan athletes in might have a word or 2 to say about their medals belonging to the the British Empire!!!
Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire | Marc Parry
The British Empire? Really? If only it'd been as easy for them to vote you guys out of occupying them a la Brexit.
Wow 2016 and some are still hankering for the "British Empire" without being satirical...Commonwealth won't be happy
Fury as Tory MP mocks up Rio Olympics medals table with 'British Empire' at the top
Tory MP forgets that Winston Churchill sold the British Empire to United States in 1941.
How Carrie Elkins' work on laid the ground for lawsuit&much more
The British Empire was of course the worst, unlike the Ottoman, Roman, Spanish, Soviet etc /s
Egypt was British from 1814 onwards. Britain lost the 13 colonies in 1776. Nice time traveling empire, you half-wit.
MP with nostalgia for colonialism lauds the biggest criminal conspiracy the world has ever seen, the British Empire. htt…
commonwealth of nations perhaps. British Empire no longer exists. Old style thinking.
This account is now talking about the British Empire. . It's 2016.
The British Empire was an inside job
Conservative MP praises 'British empire' for Rio medal tally No hope for England with MPs like this!
Almost every nation took part in the competition for global dominance. There is no reason why we should apologise for the…
wow thanks for the contribution to the Empire
Australia is team GB? British Empire?. Come on Aussies time to free the shackles . Republic now , join !
Yup, this is how British MP still regards Australia. Part of British Empire. Same Queen, after all. NOW https:…
UK Sikh's voted to Leave and have a special relationship with the British Empire (Commonwealth) preceding the EU by hundreds…
If you celebrate the British Empire, you're either a racist, not big on history, an *** or all of the above. Ours is n…
Can we be clear, the EU, the Commonwealth or the British Empire were not competing in this year's Olympics.
yeah I agree Republic is the way to go. Won't stop British nationalist hanging on to the myths of empire.
shameful and disgusting. "Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire" .
Also, I assume this means the Empire adherents will welcome immigrants to the UK from everywhere the British ever invaded?
Accepted history of British empire is based on deception/cover-ups. Ongoing Brit imperialism excused/blamed on USA . htt…
This. Sixty years after Suez and we're still imposing yesterday's British Empire on today's great Britons.
You can keep your OBE (Officer of the British Empire) title. Maxamad Farax is the Destroyer of the Ethiopian Empire!
Who longs to be a Member, Officer, Commander, or Knight Commander of the British Empire? What Empire? Time for radical honou…
Isn't accurate. UK, the British Empire, declared war prior to the U.S. Canada was still an Imperial Dominion, 1941.
Which state is the successor of the Lahore Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ? British Empire, India, Pakistan, the Sikh qaum ?
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Participation Medal 6th British Empire & Commonwealth Games 1958 Cardiff in case
Enjoying a bit of the good old British Empire days watching "Rogue's March" with Peter Lawford
British Empire: Students should be taught colonialism 'not all good', say historians
Going along as a puppy and cannon fodder for the British Empire.
my next project is to find out if the British Empire built any railways
Forget Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh. Next British Empire will depend on Captain Vance and HMS Benecol!
Seems to be going from the British Empire to the Brittas Empire. I'm not a Tory, but we were rolling along nicely and now?
Leave campaigners thought we were going back to the British Empire but so far it's looking more like the Brittas Empire.
The Soviet Union has fallen, the British Empire is long dead & the US is on the cusp of failure. Who is going to stop us?
Suggest you read up on the British Empire mate. Made the Soviet Union look like father christams
The 1916 battle was one of the most terrible of the First World War, with 20,000 British Empire soldiers losing their lives in a day
20160626: Michael Enright: Is the Brexit vote nostalgia for the bygone glories of the British Empire?
.. The UK has fourteen Overseas Territories , these are the remnants of the British Empire
Legacy of British Empire + power of American business = sideline ads at European Soccer Championships almost exclusively in English.
Nobody's broken up this country. What we will break up is something akin the British Empire or Soviet Union
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I stood with because I am in favour of British Empire, means less security for Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.
Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570-1740
Except Moscow 'owned' the Soviet Bloc. IMO the shrinkage of the USSR was more like the disintegration of the British Empire.
These territories are all that remains of the British Empire
Is the EU trying to become another soviet bloc (failed) British Empire (failed) etc
Should the British Empire remain a member of the Soviet Union or leave the Soviet Union?
Spanish Empire: Empire of the holy church. British Empire: Empire of the merchant houses,banks and factories
"The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And i control the money supply.". Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Interesting. Adam Smith suggested before AmRev that someday seat of British Empire would shift to America
Australia the only country from the British Empire that didn't sign with Indigenous people, says Warren Mundine
Congressional Gold Medal or Medal of Freedom are about like Order of the British Empire honours
Not really relevant to British Empire. And not wholly however when in power they never set up India for Indian benefit
In terms of India, look at who the Indian govts learned from: the British Empire. African "leaders"/dictators too
You sound like the British Empire talking about putting down the Indian revolution.
A Venn diagram of "Brexiteers" vs "People who would vote to bring back the British Empire if given the option"
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Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and the British Empire couldn't defeat the Afghans yet Pakistan's getting excited. Sit…
Though yes Japanese most based of all. Once a non-white empire that hoped to follow the greatness of the British Empire
What, you mean like the USA and the British Empire? That's a bit below the belt. Also a bit brick and glass house...
...and what better leader than John Ameachi, Order of the British Empire, Basketball star, learned gentleman ?
The avi is Admiral Lord Nelson of the British Empire. If you were at all educated, you'd know that.
Vladimir Putin warning to the British Empire and NATO Titles in Spanish march. 8, 2012
Europe colonized most of the planet, the British Empire expanded to the west, the Russian Empire to the east, until meeting in N America.
Please define what a "white person" is. Is it descendants from the British Empire? Includes Spanish, Italian, Greek, Jewish?
Which empire at its peak would have been hardest to destroy completely: British Empire, Roman Empire… by Kevin Flint
Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost. The British Empire in space ! What could possibly go wrong
I'm waiting for Boris to say that Mark Carney has a chip on his shoulder about the British Empire because of his Canadian heritage
Only because the British Empire was the first to industrialize, closely followed by the French who were 2nd.
In Ireland we were literally seen by the British Empire as a lesser race. In America, assimilation into being 'white' was possible.
Knighthoods are awards from establishment that still contain the name of the British Empire. Why would you want people you like to have one?
ON THIS DAY 1607 – The first colony in the British Empire was established by the Virginia Company of London as "James Fort"
London, England is still at the heart of the British Empire. It is also at the heart of financial communications all around the globe.
Today on HD 104067 b: Pakistan gains Independence from the British Empire & joins the Commonwealth of Nations (1947/8/14)
"If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was Pod's finest hour'."
Standing up for Commonwealth interests as a Brexit strategy is a cynical appeal to nostalgia for the British Empire.
Children should be taught about suffering under the British Empire, Jeremy Corbyn says
The Zulu Kingdom existed in southern Africa between 1816-1897, before being absorbed by the British Empire .
Statistics of public opinion on the British Empire make me (even more) ashamed to be English.
British Empire then- Americans Now. Guess total number of American bases around the world?
At its height the British Empire covered a 1/4 of the Earth's land area and comprised 1/5 of its population.
Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Ireland
Amir Cheema is made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by The Duke of Cambridge during an…
In 1918 Agnes Weston was appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire for her work for the Royal Navy
I'm not sure a metaphor is necessary. There's a Knight and a Commander of the British Empire speaking at an academic event I'm at.
Queen Lakshmi, an Indian queen (of a province) who apparently PWNED the British Empire, had female organized fighting forces, etc.
31 Mar 1942. The nationalist Indian Congress Party makes demands for immediate independence from the British Empire.
domain names
Former & current Miss Derby British Empire trying on her Karentino dress for a shoot😍
Great read on the proto-empire that is the British East India Company
British Empire had national religion-Church of England. Was that in mind of Founders when Establishment clause included?
Peaky blinders is basically a British version of boardwalk Empire.
Bit funny how some countries can be donated by the British empire
Reminder that the sun never set on the British Empire, that we ruled 25% of land and people. We don't need EU
Another interesting city story, this time from history of British Empire in the Caribbean.
eventually we can let the EU join the british empire.
"We, the British empire, have produced some of the world's greatest in pop culture~. One Direction, is one-". FR AN CE
How about those who lived in concentration camps used by the British Empire?
Fought 2 world wars, built an empire so big the sun never set. Yet British resilience appears to be fading fast.
But probably more in the middle empires. The British Empire had a fair balance of good and bad points.
I've lived in the British Empire for a significant time. Take your puerile pandering elsewhere (i.e. back to Des Moines).
.. Brain washed lefties hate the British Empire. Why it was really superb:.
This drawing from our archives shows the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, including the automated Never-Stop Railway.
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suggesting he was otherwise shows ignorance considering what happened wherever the British Empire went
The Persistence of Empire: British Political Culture in the Age of the American
sadly once there was British empire which its own government is giving it away for nothing purely for lazy reasons, stupidly
British arrogance brought down their empire. 70 years later they still don't get it and perhaps never will.
Anyway, the empire was as much Scottish as English, because it was British.
The problem with forgetting that the British Empire hurt billions of people.
HiSTORIans have to tell stories: stories about diverse actions on treason in different parts of the British Empire - session F6
.. The reasons why the British Empire was a very good thing:.
100 years this weekend, Ireland attempted to yet again decolonise itself from the British Empire. Brave men for sure. Thank…
People do not understand the Ottoman empire/British empire and most of the UN have/had the same advisor`s
Arlene foster didnt even Roger Casement see the folly of the British Empire.
Gone are the days when 400 civil servants ran the British Empire,the largest Empire the world has seen.
I have a huge reading list on British empire...?
A controversial piece by The Daily Express...? Err.yes...
Remembering the Irish Easter Uprising of 1916 against the British Empire? The Art of Obfuscation: It has been…
Is the British Empire the only fallen Empire to fail to critically engage with its horrific colonial past?
The Truth about what the Irish Government is not telling you about the 1916 Rising Commemorations
Finished Flood of Fire, last in his masterly Ibis trilogy. If we want children to learn about the British E…
[London Session Open] The British are coming! Morning to the dead empire and eurotrash
.You mean support your right to be the last outpost of the British/English empire? Funny definition of self-determination.
Like British TV would like access to BBC (onDemand)in the USA?Test FREE for 3Days and help Sickkids
We went out to break the connection between this country and the British Empire https:/…
The funny thing is that one of the British Empire's biggest problem with the Boers was that they still had slaves...
We think China's bad! Brits are proud of colonialism? Clearly they need lessons about the reality of British Empire https…
You may all presume I just watch junky reality - but god I love doco's on ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, British Hist…
Seriously his suit is hurting my eyes. What is that British money? ~kim
Wait so cookie thinks the British woman is a white southerner who supported the Republican party after the civil war?
Curious and excited of Old Delhi. Observing history and places changed by the British Empire.
my condition-The British Empire must be reactivited imidiately including USA as a part of it. Than i can negotiate and no Polen at All.
This *** dissing the baDD latina for that fake British bih. Smh
Update your maps at Navteq
I think we maybe linked telepathically. Too many similarities now. Do you watch the rise of the British Empire? It's on H channel
Of course, "with the fall of the Mughal empire and start of British colonial rule, eunuchs were pushed into a more marginaliz…
Easter Sunday. Today my uncle Jack Doyle and many others took on the might of the British Empire in GPO
talking about Winston Churchill, who destroyed not one empire (the German Reich) but several (British Empire etc).
"In fact, in the 18th century Ireland exported large quantities of salted meat to North America and other parts of British Empire"
when you went UCL, Bangladesh was still a part of the British Empire. UCAS didn't exist and Jeremy Bentham was moving.
A stunning and frightening visualisation of WWI deaths from the British Empire, day by day.
After watching United get beat nothing better to cheer you up than watching Zulu Dawn and the British Empire get ridiculed.
When did Lillian H. Smith (the 1st professionally trained children's librarian in the British Empire) join TPL?
man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire.."Nathan Rothschild On Hard Times https…
We don't debate the British Empire - so applaud for making us remember our history. My piece:
Looks like a Sikh, group with great military tradition that served the British Empire with distinction
The Sikh Regiment was one of the highest decorated regiments in British Empire at one time.
I mean how often do you get to lime with a British Lord?? CBE (Commander of British Empire)…
9:22am Bat Macumba by Os Mutantes from Nuggets, Vol. 2: Original Artyfacts From the British Empire and Beyond [CD 4]
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This reminds me of when the British Empire came and started colonizing North America and we eventually got the American Revolution.
When Marcus Garvey died in 1940, the role of the British Empire was already...
You are under a misconception. The Irish Free State came into being in 1922 as a Dominion of the British Empire.
"Turning the whole world into the white man's brothel." - Understanding the British Empire - Page 395
A German alignment with Russia, to build links across Eurasia with China and India, will spell doom for the British Empire. -Lyndon LaRouche
feel like a walking student cliche writing about the racist British Empire in my camo jacket, listening to Spanish instrumental music
Not in my name. British Empire on par with the Third Reich.
Who defended Bhagat Singh, RajGuru & Sukhdev against British empire on Charges of Sedition?
Campaigners accuse Oxford University of accepting "blood money"
In 1937 's father wrote a book on his family's services to the British empire during 1857-1859. Wonder if he knows abt this.
Kyle: "The idea of the queen is the most powerful is a myth". Me: "Queen Victoria and the British empire would beg to differ". Kyle: 😐. *BOOM*
British Empire killed 11 times more people than Hitler, do we ban UK flag 2 ?
Percival intends to restore the honour of the British Empire - Heath has none of it, says Percival 'lost (his) honour …
Insightful paper on reserve currency, military might, the and British Empire.
Things feel eerily similar now, with US in the role of British Empire, Russia as Central Powers.
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The Kinks - Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) Full Album 1969 . avajra /...
I liked a video HFS1/P6: British conquest of the Sikh Empire, Ranjit Singh, Anglo-Sikh Wars-outcomes
Zayn Malik leaving one direction is a euphemism for Pakistan's independence from the British empire.
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