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British Embassy

The British Embassy in Washington, D.C. is the United Kingdom's diplomatic mission to the United States.

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A wonderful lunch on AI with thought leaders at the British Embassy in DC
Fisher said the OSS in London used the British Embassy's cables to communicate the OSS HQ in DC because it didn't t…
The factother was admitted to the British Embassy in Phoenix after saying his death should be free to his sister.
Astounding food from tonight launch at Embassy. It all tells a story support…
British embassy in Paris wants to make Franco-Brit ties great again.
me showing up at the British embassy to ask them why they think baked beans on toast is a proper breakfast food
At least 80 dead in suicide bomb attack near British embassy in Kabul Via
the UK Embassy for more information. Here’s a link to their website: 2/2 ^Kelly
Hi Nima, you would need to contact your local embassy as we're not trained on visas. ^Chris
Hi Haidar, you would need to contact your local embassy about the visa. If your flights are on the same ticket, 1/2
Is it possible to work for the British Embassy in New York if you're a British citizen but don't hold a US vis…
Hi Nadine, you would need to check with your local embassy. ^Chris
On May 2, 2008, The British Embassy in became the 1st embassy in the world to fly an 'rainbow flag'.…
2/2 British Embassy staff in Buchanan Street, Thanks for the victims this morning.
In Helsinki to meet colleagues at British Embassy to discuss post-Brexit foreign policy. Thanks for delaying start of wee…
Waiting on British Embassy on my ew trixie, miles ahead before it disappeared, think stopped for a…
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British embassy was 12 lengths clear your Nap ran a Stinker just admit it pal
British Embassy got a healthy advantage but was caught late on by Mister Musicmaster. Captain Courageous couldn't land a blow sadly.
Apply by 17 April: opening at the British Embassy for a Adviser, and
British Day has had a fabulous start in primary with an assembly from Mr Ogunbanjo from the British Embassy in Doha…
a great night of the best of British at the British Music Embassy
Total dude. Packed out the British Music Embassy. @ British Music Embassy
come in Europe. There are British embassy here too😉
.always ready to help Brits in need. Contact us if you need urgent assistance
Kate & William arriving for tonight's reception at the British Embassy.
Up next for A black-tie dinner at the British Embassy hosted by HM's Ambassador to Fr…
Last night at the British Embassy was insane! Met Jo Whiley and Rag N Bone man - two lovely human beings
From yesterday: Kate wears Alexander McQueen dress to reception in Paris
18 February 1943: Lord Halifax with his son, Captain Charles Wood, outside the British Embassy, Washington DC:
🇬🇧 has the biggest music market population size. Close with people who ❤️music as much as you at the British…
looking smart in a black frock tonight at the British embassy for
Click here to read The Duke's full speech:
Crown over the door. British embassy?
in front of British Music Embassy SXSW 2017
The Duke and Duchess, Her Majesty's Ambassador and Lady Llewellyn arrive for the reception at the British Embassy
*Bursts into British Embassy*. "Whose anterior proboscis and pampiniform plexus shall a man lick to get visa here?"
Speech by Duke of Cambridge in Paris to launch Les Voisins-The Neighbours, initiative to reaffirm Anglo-French ties.
The Duke delivers a speech at the British Embassy in Paris highlighting the strong ties between the UK and France
Having a great time in Austin, Texas . On at 10pm tonight at The British Embassy. .
is the G and M crown above the door a clue? British Embassy?
The British Embassy in France celebrates FrancoBritish friendship with the launch of . h…
The Duke and Duchess are tonight attending a dinner hosted by Her Majesty's Ambassador at the British Embassy
Talking all things agritech and environment with ChinaGoub and British Embassy Beijing representatives
It's the main entrance to the British Embassy in Washington DC.
All the details on Kate's dress and tonight's British Embassy gala reception:
The Duke delivers a message from Her Majesty The Queen at the British Embassy
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Kate Middleton chose for an evening at the British Embassy in Paris.
Life in the Unter den Linden, Feb 1982, British Embassy celebrates the royal wedding. © ht…
British Embassy joins United States embassy in expressing concern over Human Rights situation…
Big 5 - Dubai: Tony Hicks from the British Embassy in Dubai and Sicilian the Sales Manager of our new distributor…
We have technical problems at the Consulate in Marseille. If you need assistance, please call the British Embassy in Paris: 01 44 51 31 00.
Alex Henderson from the PwC Brexit Task Force at the British Embassy in Helsinki
Deputy Ambassador Nick Pickard speaking at the British Embassy in Berlin kicking off the MPA Trade Missi…
Please email your embassy in about plight. Google your Embassy details. I just emailed Bri…
Google 'British Embassy Turkey' go to website, look at the 2nd paragraph. On 9/7/16 there in b/w
British Embassy on lock down and reducing to only essential staff in the country.
If unsure you would need to speak with your local embassy. 2/2 ^JulieR
Meet the 3 York grads working at the British Embassy, Stockholm
"Confidence & mental strength enable you to achieve.Not gender.”
Worked at British Embassy, Cleared to work on State visit and summits. . They would have picked up if I was extreme lefty.
ah, had to. Was on a 3 year posting at the British Embassy. That ended in 2007. I went back in May this year for a visit.
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So happy and thankful about the great audience during our event at the british embassy.…
Do you want to work for UKTI in France? Job opportunity at the British Embassy in Paris
Lps ni jalan u-thant will be packed with police laa sbb embassy usa n embassy british kena threat
British Overseas allows holders to travel with the same rights as British Citizens (so visa free access) and embassy access
I'm going to British embassy to claim British citizenship. My passport EU. all those lovely benefits and a house. Superb.
culturally appropriated british elevator music 4 indian embassy on hold--complacency or silent protest of 300 years of oppression? Got em!
Interesting talk about sport Influence and the future of Sport at British Embassy ! 🇬🇧🇬🇧
until the 27th of march :The British Embassy call for proposals   The British Embassy in Cairo is calling for pro
Ambassador Lindsay opening breakfast at the British Embassy
"I've been on the phone to the British embassy"
Cant wait for the event at the british embassy
Here is our '59 British Embassy Rolls Royce and our '27 Cadillac to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day.
Ah feck. Good luck, I know the pain. See etc.
Anti-British graffiti atop of Her Majesty's portrait, photos of storming the British Embassy in Iran by Basij. 2/2
Have you seen some of the projects we have worked on?Organic Synthetic Turf Installation for British Embassy School:
All purpose parts banner
Mr Tony Brenton, Chargé d’Affaires, British Embassy Washington, reported that President Bush was determined to remove Saddam Hussein
A capacity audience for David Smith's brilliant lecture on Cromwell at the British Embassy in Washington last night.
To act a fool in a foreign country. No Becky and Dave if you act out don't go crying to the British embassy when you get locked up
If Turkey are not joining, why does it say this on the embassy website?
We're going to be at the front of the queue with US-UK Free Trade Agreement. Expect British Embassy in Washington to pull ou…
Join us in the last week of July at British Embassy in Tokyo & build your networks with Japanese businesses!
Belfast-based Gilbert-Ash has got another Foreign Office fit-out contract, this time for the British Embassy in Budapest.
+ It was if Jemma had scored her dream job, having previously worked for the British Embassy back in London, +
Half a millions fans from the three home nations are expected to travel to France for according to John Sykes from British Embassy
There is no British Embassy in Cape Verde. For urgent consular assistance call +44 1908 516:
Ken O'Flaherty, (Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy in Rome) speaks about the UK Referendum
Online petition to "Save the British Embassy in Bangkok"
Guidance: Call for proposals in Ethiopia : Bilateral Programme Budget: The British Embassy in Addis Ababa is p...
Would the British Embassy hire a Russian for it's own safety sake?
Visit by the commercial Counsellor of the British Embassy of Kuwait Mr Martin Hall to our stand @ tasteofQ8 2016.
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"In October 1923 it was noted in the British Embassy in Berlin that the # of marks/pound = the number of yards to the sun."
Burning the union flag, photos of storming the British Embassy by Basij mob in Tehran 4 years ago. 1/2
What is the point in eVisa if online payment doesn't work and NO British Embassy or Consulate ever pick up the phone?!
For the second year running, the British Embassy goes green in March for Saint Patrick’s Day
DJ in the resplendent setting of the British Embassy in for party
Biafran protest everyone must see: IPOB with war songs marched to the Nigerian and the British Embassy...
This road just so happens to be the one the British Embassy is on. Named after an IRA member. Top. Trolling.
We have activated our crisis center at the British Embassy in Paris. Check FCO travel advice
Yes, Indian Foreign Office can make a request British Embassy in Delhi. As it is only charge is he can't read English.
British Embassy staff in Paris observe a one minute silence in solidarity following
The staff of the British Embassy in France observed a minute of silence in solidarity following the
British Embassy Prague just observed a minute's silence in solidarity with the French people, and our flag flies at half mast
In solidarity with the British Embassy will hold a minutes silence at 11am this morning.
British Embassy Cautions about Violence in Cambodia: Mr. Rainsy said today that after consulting with members ...
British Embassy Stockholm, like all our diplomatic missions in Europe today, will keep at noon
even the leaders from Samburu want justice for him.. The British embassy needs to act
Please use your position in the govt to influence the intervention of the British Embassy in this sad case
I cant believe the pain that this boy's family is going through. British embassy intervene
we call upon the British embassy to look into this inhuman act...
calling upon Kenyans to pressure the British embassy to take action
We're looking for an IT Support Officer to join our team. Apply by 29 Nov
Zionists tried to bomb the Houses of Parliament and blew up the British Embassy in Rome.
“The flag at half mast at the British Embassy in today
On behalf of the British National Party, Paul & Christine lay flowers at the French Embassy in London today.
Our hotel-. Just 10 minutes from the main city centre, 3 km from the British Embassy and within walking distance...
- We're currently looking for a Regional Finance Account Manager. Interested to apply? Visit:
The British Embassy is currently recruiting a Chevening Intern. For more info on how to apply, please visit:
British Chamber, British Embassy & UKTI Trade Conference at Discovery Primea. Jonathan Ravelas of BDO now sharing
Polypipe Technical Centre opens with help from British Embassy:
Great job opportunity in British Embassy providing analysis and policy advice on Chinese economy.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Was supposed to be at Twickers tonight watching the rugby, instead at the British Embassy in Sudan watching it with the Ambassador
Todd Davis on Instagram: “Brown Davis designs the British Embassy as featured in Architectural...
Mr Paul Fox, Consul General of the British Embassy welcomes students
British foreign secretary Hammond has reopened British Embassy in Tehran. Union Jack raised.
Interesting the didn't mention the unique Irish connection with the British Embassy in Iran? Any guesses anyone?
That awkward moment when the British Embassy re-opens on Bobby Sands' Street, Tehran.
British Embassy in Tehran to re-open.On a road the Iranians re-named Bobby Sands St.The British moved the front door.
British Embassy in Iran reopening – on "Bobby Sands Street" in Tehran after Winston Churchill B'vard renamed in 1981 http…
Charge d'Affaires 2 says negotiations on reopening Iranian Embassy in London & British Embassy in Tehran are underway.
Why the Chinese take childhood seriously - I should have warned him, or his aides, or maybe the British Embassy in…
British Embassy, Red Cross had been attacked, she was warned it was coming and left them to die
Apparently refused to let the British Embassy in Riga fly the rainbow flag for EuroPride. Sort it out buddy.
opportunity at the British Embassy in Paris
British Embassy in Paris this morning working on France-UK cooperation.
This Day in History | 1980 – Gunbattle at British embassy in Iraq
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19th June 1980: Iraqi security forces have shot dead three gunmen who attacked the British embassy in Baghdad.
Former British Embassy building now home to €645k D4 apartments 645
Brilliant Senegalese presentation and successful participation from British Embassy Dakar celebrating HM The Queen birthday at British Embassy in Madrid.
Lovely evening at British Embassy celebrating her majesty birthday thank you
My mate great about bombing in at British embassy do in tonight http:…
Images on show at British embassy event in documenting UXO clearance American legacy. http:…
We have two great ergo events at the British Embassy, DC and the British Consulate, New York
Anniversary of Waterloo. Reminds me of parties at British Embassy in Paris, best garden in the city. We "bought" that house from Josephine.
British secret organs give embassy or false lies about we to make truble for if they can not deal with these for four years they do not have
Typhoon Haiyan: British embassy staff honoured for helping victims -
If Julian Assange surrenders to the British authorities will his 1000+ days at the Ecuadorian Embassy count as time served?
Danish brutalism & British twee. Edge of the Danish Embassy to the UK by Arne Jacobsen, 1977, Sloane Street
Any official communication about slain British boy terrorist from the embassy?
At the British Embassy celebrating her majesty Queen Elizabeth II
British Embassy : Fletcher's plays portray people in situations that most of us experience at one time or another http:/...
Y'day, held the Queen's Birthday Party at British Embassy with President Hassan Sheikh http:…
.President Paul Whitnell with H.E. Dominic Chilcott at the launch of the Irish chapter at British Embassy.
Best lunch I've had so far at the British Embassy was ... at the Italian Embassy.
Participate in this event at the British Embassy at 6;30 pm. Art auction, canapes, meet & greet .. http:/…
The launching event of UK Lebanon Tech Hub with the support of Lebanon's central bank and the British Embassy
First phase of receiver sale of 19 luxury apartments at ex British Embassy in Dublin 4 sell out in just 2 months
Coventry Godcakes hailed by British Embassy guests in Thailand - Coventry Telegraph
Last time I watched these two clubs I was getting drunk at the British Embassy in Brasilia drinking £1 John Smiths.
Country Connections is now happening @ the British Embassy of Music. 60 companies and 15 are
Charles- Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, invited to VIP British Embassy reception tonight. Looks like he's going-his bill stuck on floor.
British Embassy in Dublin goes green to mark St. Patrick’s Day
British Embassy Manila :Her Royal Highness,Ann the Princess Royal is visiting the Philippines next week
Nahyan joins street artist in spray painting of embassy wall
The British Music Embassy revealed its upcoming lineups for the 2015 Music Festival:
Prosperity Officer vacancy is open at British Embassy Astana. See more info here:
Thank you to New Vois Association of the Philippines and British Embassy Manila!. Such an honor to be…
Appointment in British embassy. Good luck to me because nervous system
“Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time... I feel alive” you have reached the british embassy hotline how may I help yo
kill 5 in Kabul in attacks on British embassy ...
Going to British Embassy tmr to apply visa. Hope he gets approval before applying for France's
International Women's Day event at the British Embassy Paris. Proud that this is our 10th year.
Great write up of our in debate at the British Embassy, Athens: …
Latest vacancies at British embassy and consulates...
Have and made it to tea at the British Embassy (LA) and picked up their awards yet? x
Islamic Iranian thugs burning the Flag as they penetrate the British Embassy grounds in
Join Music Wales at the British Music Embassy for a variety of showcases during this year's SXSW via
Churchill's statue @ the British Embassy in DC has a foot on US soil and British soil
These puppies and their mother are in Lac 1 in-between the German and British Embassy in Tunis. They are urgently...
debuts Technology Zone in partnership with British Embassy in Washington DC
17:00 Flying the Flag: Confusion reigns as the British Embassy prepares a report on the local political outlook.
Hi Tao, we suggest that you check with the Embassy if you're unable whether you need a visa for your transfer. ^Stella
This is the British Embassy Residence that we designed for Sir Christopher Meyer. As featured in Architectural...
Dr John New talking at the British Embassy in Finland about & the with
joins in spray painting of Embassy in
5. Visit the use visit the Meet possible
Suicide bomber kills five in attack on British embassy ...
We are hiring for an Entry Clearance Assistant (4 month fixed term contract). More info on
Sheikh Nahyan joins street artist in spray painting the British embassy wall in http:…
17:00 Flying the Flag: Eastern Bloc dissidents seeking refuge descend on the British Embassy.
British Embassy in Pyongyang confirms reports of forced labor:
No email. :( Although my status changed to "being reviewed by your local British Embassy or High Commission." Yours?
The British Embassy in Kiev is teaching people how to spot a Russian only tanks on Ukrainian soil &
Contents Current vacancies Communications Manager Working for British Embassy Tunis Working at the British Embassy offers unique and rewarding opportunity to grow professionally while collaborating with a talented group of individuals. Current vacancies Communications Manager Job title: Communicatio…
Great night celebrating our partnership with at the British Embassy!
Hamilton Collection
An evening at the British Embassy talking soccer and stadiums. @ British Ambassador's residence in…
Talking soccer and stadiums at the British Embassy with execs from and
Tomorrow morning I'll be at the British Embassy in Paris, discussing CROSS-COLLABORATION IN FINTECH
demand to inspect spy gear stalls move to reopen British embassy in Tehran, via
Iran demand stalls move to reopen British embassy in Tehran: Efforts to reopen Britain’s embassy in Iran have ...
British home secretary accused of jeopardizing Iran embassy deal
PR firm Meade Hall & Associates set up by Lord Paddy Gillford worked 4 British Embassy from at least 2006
British SAS during the Iranian embassy siege, 1980.
Thought that might be interesting :.
I failed mathematics and I currently work with British Embassy. And so what. GoGo GMB/Osinbajo 2015.
.please visit for visa information and to apply online. The British Embassy in Oslo doesn't handle visas.
Congratulations from the British Embassy to on the award of the Prize Special Mention
predictably usurps British Embassy re opening in continuing the planned to destroy innocent &
Looks like my screenshots of Graham made it to the British embassy in Ukraine and British authorities. :-).
only Organization I truly RESPECT! came 2 C me in a Foreign hospital when the British Embassy DID NOT!!!
We're hiring for a temporary press & comms assistant in If you have the skills apply for the by 4 Feb!
British Embassy in Hanoi as seen by Google
They named the street behind the British Embassy in Tehran after him too! Now that's trolling!
British embassy in Vienna has prominent rooftop "shed" like to those used by to hide spying equipment
UKTI Transport-mining Officer. invites applications for full-time position https…
Colombian 10k done. More great support from the local British Embassy - thank you all!
Foto: mrepstein: George Harrison, Brian Epstein and John Lennon at a reception at the British Embassy in...
Yikes! A Mack truck carrying a Caterpillar excavator lost its brakes and ended up at Gate of the British Embassy this evening. Notice how close it came to taking out the security station! No one killed, thankfully.
Met some wonderful folk tonight at the New Year's Reception at the British Embassy in Vienna. Sincere thanks for the invitation
Lol,This visa interview on TV don make me laugh cry. *** was at the British embassy to collect an American visa.
All suited up for drinks at the British embassy. No big deal.
+ British embassy in Egypt reopens to public on
Not manny Irish embassies, more shared consular desk within British embassy`s. Ask for Joe the builder!
Research and analysis: Hungary - economy- the bumblebee effect: Report by the British Embassy Budapest.
+ Egypt: British embassy suspends services for security reasons on
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Looking forward to driving this thing. @ The British Embassy
You would need to speak with the British Embassy to confirm if you require a transit visa, 1/2 ^Sophie
Win this Brompton Bike, join our online quiz! Check out for details.
Incredibly, the occupy site outside the British Embassy is still going strong.
. The British Embassy in Cairo is seeking a Deputy Programme coordinator for...
Ottoman Empire agrees to apologize to Italy over the Hodeidah Incident, where police stormed the Italian embassy to ar…
British Consulate-General Wuhan has vacancy for Advanced Manufacturing & Transport Regional Manager
The British Embassy couldn't have chosen a more 'British' inspired structure for their offices in…
Being accused by immigration of forging a supporting letter for Passport extension issued by the British Embassy cc
BRITISH EMBASSY For Sale in Switzerland. Diplomatic Residence of NOW Moving back to UK=OK!.
Sister's going to the British embassy, parents are meeting Bradley cooper and I get to take care of the dogs
Any word on your visa? Usually you have to go to the British embassy near you for that.
just tried to go on the one I use mate and it's going on about the British embassy al need to find another website😭
Congrats to 1st same-sex couple to change civil partnership to marriage at Tokyo British Embassy. via ht…
hey British Embassy the saying goes "you pay peanuts you get monkeys"
First conversion of Civil Partnership to same-sex marriage held at British Embassy Tokyo .
The British Embassy in is looking for a Deputy Programmes Manager. More info here:
InterFM station agreement with British Embassy to provide emergency info to British citizens residing in Japan
Japanese station signs agreement with British...
After London tube bomb, know what GWB did? Signed book of condolence in British Embassy in DC & was in Scotland at time of attack!
Bobby Sands (misspelled Babi Sandz) on the walls of the British Embassy,
RAE, Dr John (1813-93) of Stromness, Orkney. Explorer and Arctic traveller. Commanded an expedition (1853-54) to King William's Land. In 1854 he discovered the fate of the Franklin expedition, for which he was awarded £10,000. In 1860 he surveyed a telegraph line to America via Faroes and Iceland, and in 1864 surveyed a telegraph line from Winnipeg over the Rocky mountains. He also mapped the north coast of Canada for the Hudson's Bay Co. RAE, Sir Robert (1894-). Director of the National Agricultural Advisory Service (1948-59). Agricultural Attache, British Embassy, Washington (1944-45). RAEBURN, Sir Henry (1756-1823) of Stockbridge, near Edinburgh. Famous artist and portrait painter (RA 1815). Sometimes called the 'Scottish Reynolds'. RAEBURN, John (1833-1909) of Fife. Violin maker, painter, astronomer and poet. RAINY, Robert (1826-1906). Scottish divine who carried the union (1900) of the Free and United Presbyterian Church as the United Free Church, of which he became the Moderator. RAIT, Sir Robert S ...
Congratulations Ralph Smith, lawyer, Madrid, 4 his MBE 4 services to the British Embassy and the British Community -
9 dead in raid on Somali African Union base which houses British Embassy
New Set of Rugby Kit. A big thanks to Bristol Rugby and the British Embassy for donating to the Kosovo Roosters an...
British Embassy in Cairo reopens to public - Cache Valley Daily
a joint initiative from the Central Bank of Brazil, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the British Embassy in Brazil.
Sporting Clube de Portugal partnered the British Embassy in the initiative. Watch Ambassador Kirsty Hayes' interview with the Club's TV Channel. The Christmas Truce of 1914 was a brief ceasefire during the bitter conflict of World War I. It is remembered as a time of peace and humanity which interrupted months of brutal fighting. It was a time when soldiers laid down their arms to come out of the trenches and meet in No Man's Land. Football Remembers’ is the series of programmes and events being delivered jointly by the Premier League, The FA and the Football League, in partnership with the British Council, to commemorate the First World War. In 2014 most activity centres on the 1914 Christmas Truce football match.
We are honored to have Consul General Ed Hobart - British Embassy, Dubai taking a pledge to exercise four times per week for Campaign. Have you taken the pledge yet? Log on to or visit your Aster DM Healthcare outlet to pledge for a healthier lifestyle today.
British Embassy in suspends its public services - Foreign Office
British Embassy in Cairo closed: In its online travel advice for Egypt, the Foreign Office warns that previous attacks in the country...
UK Foreign Office: Press release: Public services at the British Embassy in Cairo are suspended on Sunday 7th ...
HRH Prince Harry visited this morning the British Embassy in Muscat where he met staff and heard about the work of the Embassy.
cheers Boothy. A reception at the British Embassy no less...
An attack on the British Embassy in Yemen Sana'a and leave Ambassador "without causing the attack on the victims."
If you're a British citizen in need of emergency assistance in please call + 32 2 287 62 11. More info:
The British Embassy Brussels works towards the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s goals to: safeguard Britain’s national security, build Britain’s prosperity, and support British nationals in Belgium.
The British Embassy in is closed today, Monday 3 November. We will return on 4 November.
The annual Remembrance Day Service at the British Embassy in BKK will be held on Sun 9 Nov.
That is when the press officer of the British Embassy confused me for Jock McClean, the Prince of Wales body guard.
British embassy in Warsaw running an essay competition on 'benefits'. Why not on its threats???
Burmese Rohingya Demonstration in front of the British Foreign Office and Burmese Embassy in London, UK...
Walking on the rainy pavement by the closed british embassy.
Scandalous tales from the British embassy in Paris via
Gutted, get an invite to the preview at the British Embassy and can't go
God the things I learned from working for British embassy are all coming back to me
.did you say British Foreign Minister has agreed to Swedish prosecutor seeing at Ecuadorian Embassy?
British in PH told to be vigilant against IS-related attacks: MANILA, Philippines -- The British embassy in Manila…
In 20 years of Royal tours the British Embassy in Bogota was one of the best I have encountered Thanks a tough act to follow
1989 princess Diana exchanges smiles with Brownies at the British Embassy in DUbai 😊
Assange’s ‘day in court’ may come in Ecuador’s London embassy - The British government has invited...
British Pakistani Christian Association Please share Asia Bibi protest and re-enactment at Pakistan Embassy - last 5 mins is a moving dance.
British Embassy in Israel confirmed that Sabon "will be opening stores throughout the country over the next 3 years"
I use the address of the British embassy, because it amuses me, but thank you!
Yes it's official. will be at the British embassy halloween party tonight
nice. I worked at the British Embassy on ER, want to clarify I lived in Glover Park for convenience, certainly not for the ppl
quick call the British embassy and get her a passport!:) xxx
The British Embassy had some questions about married women in 1945:
We have a job vacancy: Temp political officer. Apply by 22 Oct.
Why the British office in Ghana is High commision instead of Embassy? It is because Ghana is member of Conmmonwealth
Hi Mohammad, you'd still need to check with the British embassy, to see whether you need a transit visa. ^Kelly
We do the British embassy job and continue to Berlin
With Beirut we r organizing a HIKE on Nov 15 to Valley. join us with ur friends.
British Embassy team took part in Intl Marathon, on the occasion of the 59th Algerian Revolution Anniversary
The British Embassy Might Be on to Something: We Lost The War of 1812 and Music Won't Let Us Forget -
Dressing up as unemployed Alex Salmond and trick-or-treating the British Embassy because I can
You can buy poppies at British Embassy in Their Remembrance Day Service is on 9 Nov htt…
Beastie Boys playing, champaign flowing - having a pretty surreal experience at the British Embassy Halloween Party in Paris.
When the traffic starts from the British Embassy you think of other alternatives
A7: passport stolen on greyhound b/w Orlando&Atlanta. The wonderful people at British embassy, Washington, D.C. Fixed me up!
.I was once at a dinner in a British Embassy. Said I was a Baronet & got seated next to a Bishop.
Great cause - British Embassy in made a donation to Charles Darwin Foundation.
Special evening with MCC at the British Embassy in Tokyo. Huge thanks to and - superb hosts.
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