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British Cycling

British Cycling (formerly the British Cycling Federation) is the national governing body for cycle racing in Great Britain.

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Jess Varnish calls on entire British Cycling board to resign after leak. By
British Cycling, Team Sky & UKAD have all responded. I wonder when Cookson thinks it will be appropriate to say somethin…
Have you registered for the Winchester Criterium yet? No? Then head over to our British Cycling event page today! 🚴
Integrity in tatters as British Cycling have no record of what's in a mystery package!
British Cycling says it doesn’t know how bulk corticosteroid order was used. |
Timeline of UKAD investigation into Team Sky and British Cycling
British Cycling courier did not ask what was in Bradley Wiggins package
Team Sky and British Cycling reputation in shreds, as MPs told doctor 'lost' medical records for Bradley Wiggins
cyclingnews : reported that UKAD launch damning attack on Team Sky and British Cycling over…
This is very bad for Freeman, British Cycling, Team Sky and Wiggins - no record kept of ANY treatment for Wiggins in tha…
THE credibility of Team Sky and British Cycling is in “tatters” this morning after a damning report given to MPs...
Team Sky and British Cycling 'left in terrible position' - Collins.
Ukad chief's scathing attack on British Cycling and Team Sky medical records
All in all I think it's gone well for British Cycling, Team Sky, Richard Freeman and Sir Bradley Wiggins so far
would you like to come to our evening event. Raha Cycling Club. We are having a function in The British Club. Thursday.
British Cycling accused of covering-up alleged bullying
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British Cycling 'may have crossed ethical lines'
British Cycling accused of covering up bullying culture and misleading UK Sport via
[Daily Mail]British Cycling’s battered reputation has been dealt another blow after it …
So distasteful to see the latest on how British Cycling responded to bullying allegations (Daily Mail link).
insidethegames "RT Duncan_ITG: .BrianCooksonUCI was President of BritishCycling at time of this report
Shades of the final scene of Reservoir Dogs here, with British Cycling, UK Sport and UKAD all pointing pistols at one another..…
Hey, no doubt this isn't the only report that was a cover up...!!
Astonishing that British Cycling are nominated for governing body award with this, and delayed release of independe…
GUARDIAN SPORT: British cycling stands accused of cover-up
It's all kicked off. UK Sport & British Cycling at loggerheads over claim governing-body 'watered-down' report
It just gets worse for British Cycling. Very clear now why Drake & Howden jumped ship. And STILL they try to cover up. https:/…
UK Sport accuses British Cycling of covering up 2012 bullying report
British cycling coming under real pressure now. Not good for British sport in general. They must come clean.
British Cycling taking kicking. Remember how always used to hear from 🙈🙉🙊 taking credit for developing its culture.
UK Sport accuse British Cycling of covering up allegations of bullying in post-London 2012 report |…
UK Sport accuses British Cycling over a ‘complete lack of transparency’. Story:
Zantvoorde British Cemetery in the drizzle and gloom of a Flemish February early evening
British Cycling accused of burying 2012 report detailing bullying.
UK Sport chief accuses British of lack of transparency
UK Sport accuses British Cycling of covering up a 2012 report into bullying. & Varnish wasn't only…
UK Sport accuses British Cycling of a ‘complete lack of transparency’
British Cycling has been accused of watering down the findings of an internal review in 2012. More: h…
Has anything been run as successfully as British cycling over the last 15 years?
Cooke’s three key accusations against British Cycling
VeloNews - Cooke’s three key accusations against British Cycling
From Stockport to Southampton, here are ten great road rides to try this year.
I see British Cycling have already put out a statement denying it all.
Not by British Cycling. But most knowledgeable observers of the sport will do so.
A major National British Cycling event is coming to the Lincolnshire Wolds this April
Will Nicole Cooke's testimony be taken seriously?. "British Cycling is sexist and unaccountable.".
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[Sky News HD]Cooke, who won gold in the women’s road race at the Beijing 2008 Olympic…
"A sport run by men, for men". This is truly damning stuff by on British Cycling. Must-read
Wow! Can't believe British Cycling just ended ALL the sexism with that statement! Amazing!
We have 5 places for the HONC British Endurance Cycling Event 9 April 2017. Find out more sarah.hampton
Nicole Cooke takes aim at British Cycling, Team Sky and UKAD
Nicole Cooke tells MPs British Cycling is sexist and unaccountable via
British Cycling Trump action on DAPL is being done 'hastily and irresponsibly' - lawyer for Standing Rock Sioux tribe.
British Cycling hits back over Nicole Cooke's allegations of sexism in cycling - Cycling Weekly…
Kerry, you're simply not looking at it the right way. What British Cycling were doing was putting out some alternative facts.
Nicole Cooke slams British Cycling, and in Culture, Media and Sport Committee evidence.
Also British cycling have a very strange idea of a 50:50 men and woman's team 🤔🤔
Former Olympic cycling champion Nicole Cooke has told MPs that British Cycling is "downright sexist" and "run by men for…
⚡️ “Nicole Cooke calls out sexism and doping fears in British Cycling”. - I suspect she is right on all counts
So hard for current/former athletes to put their head above parapet. Credit to for doing so: .
British Cycling hits back over Nicole Cooke’s allegations of sexism in cycling -
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«There is always more that can be done»: Statement von British Cycling
Nicole Cooke 'sceptical' about Sir Dave Brailsford claims and British Cycling is sexist
Nicole Cooke pulled no punches today, calling out British Cycling for 'blatant sexism' to Parliamentary committee…
I do hope some cycling journos challenge British Cycling over exactly what they did to create
If anyone would like further details, I'll answer. But British cycling just lost it's *** mind.
Nicole Cooke says British Cycling is run "by men for men"
Are British Cycling using Trump's Press Secretary? Just stops short of "Some of my best friend are women" style res…
Yep "BBC Sport - Nicole Cooke says British Cycling is run 'by men for men'
BBC Sport - British Cycling: Ian Drake steps down from his position as chief executive officer
British Cycling risks losing sponsors due to lack of transparency over mystery package
Lancaster drew on expertise of former British Cycling supremo Sir Dave Brailsford as part of England's World Cup preparatio…
Stuart Lancaster, part of British Cycling independent review panel, used to be on think thank with Brailsford
Government committee says British Cycling has no paper trail for Wiggins package
Credit to Wiggins for everything he done for British Cycling, Tour De' France & Olympic Champion 🇬🇧
to a gurn filled moment at the British TT Champs in 2015. .
British Cycling appoints sailing manager Stephen Park to replace Dave Brailsford as performance director.
What does Stephen Park's appointment mean for British Cycling
British appoints former sailing coach as new performance d... via
I can't help but feel British cycling fails everyone apart from an elite 20 who will bring a gold medal.
Those books & articles on Sky & British Cycling and this didn't come up once. Almost like it wasn't real research
Myopic in the extreme. Update on British Cycling’s Olympic Programmes
New post: Former British Cycling coach claims there was a ‘macho and brutal’ culture under Brailsford
British Cycling appoints sailing manager as new performance director
I appreciate Your work. But why You are not interested in systematic doping in British cycling? Any diffrence?
British Cycling culture of fear 'endemic', says former coach
British Cycling had culture of fear, says former coach
If you're unfamiliar with new British Cycling Performance Director and the task he faces, I'll be explaining all on in 10.
Sky cycling website currently sponsored by British Cycling comes to an end in a couple of weeks, HSBC will be the new sponsor from Jan 1
Absolutely fascinating listen as discusses his 20-day, 4,802-mile British record attempt……
mountain biker has been chosen female athlete of the year by a Canadian cycling website:
Former British Cycling coach claims there was a 'macho and brutal' culture under Brailsford |
Welcome aboard Stephen Park has been appointed British Cycling performance director
Former senior coach Ken Matheson says he was bullied into leaving British Cycling & "seriously contemplated suicide".
Video: British Transport Police safety warning as cyclist almost hit by train at Yorkshire level crossing:
British Cycling culture of fear 'endemic', says former ... via
British Cycling culture of fear 'endemic', says form... via
'Macho and brutal' culture... More at
A bullying culture in British Cycling, it worked thou, it won medals, to get a winning mentality you need to be strong, isn't this proof?
Park to swap sails for saddles in move to British Cycling
Sailing guru in as performance director at British Cycling . . ...
Not sure about fitting Nicole Cooke into British Cycling success narrative - succeeded in spite of…
Brailsford: 'You can't exist in Team Sky or British Cycling without knowing the standards we put in place...we race cleanly…
At the very very best, Team Sky and British Cycling guilty of disastrous PR.
Incredible that a man of the intelligence of Dave Brailsford backed by the cash of British Cycling can make such a mess of this
British Cycling submits bid to host 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire.
British Cycling announces parity for Junior Road Race Championships in 2017. Read more: https:…
Applications open for new PhD at evaluating British Cycling coach education pathway.
Revealed - Sutton cleared of eight out of nine charges made against him... but was still axed by British Cycling https:…
Shane Sutton cleared of eight of the nine charges against him... but still not given job back at British Cycling -…
Jess Varnish "shocked and upset" as it emerges British Cycling investigation cleared Shane Sutton on eight……
Varnish to appeal British Cycling internal inquiry on Sutton
cycling in Herts Dame Sarah Storey insists it's business as usual for British Cycling despite shadow cast by TU...
British cyclists are some of fastest in the world, 2016 Strava stats reveal - Cycling Weekly
Jess Varnish is 'shocked and upset' with British Cycling's ruling that Shane Sutton did not discriminate against her.
Video: Guy Martin sets off to beat record for cycling round British coastline, aiming to ride a whopping 4800 mile…
Aussie coach of British Cycling has charges cleared
Ex-British Cycling coach Shane Sutton cleared of eight of nine charges against him
Jess Varnish 'shocked' by British Cycling's verdict on Shane Sutton - The Guardian
Shane Sutton: Ex-British Cycling director did not discriminate against Jess Varnish
Exclusive: have obtained British Cycling's summary of investigation into Jess Varnish allegations v Shane Sutton...
British Cycling found its former technical director Shane Sutton did not discriminate against Jess Varnish.
British Cycling links up with Liverpool John Moores University - British Cycling
British Cycling links up with to evaluate and build on the success of the organisation's coach education…
British Cycling seeks a new head committed to ‘and
Love this article from our brother site - who do you reckon is up to the job?
Jess Varnish discusses speaking out on sexism in British Cycling
If you're wondering why the British are so good at and take a look at the cost of public transport.
ahem: is Abingdon (22 Jan) round 12 or 13? between your site and the British Cycling page there’s something awry. Needs fixing.
‘Only one man can become British performance director but ... via
Jess Varnish hits back at 'liar' accusations after British Cycling back her in Shane Sutton row…
See the team in action on Day 1 of cycling. Raising money for the British Asian Trust - Give a Girl a Future appeal…
New British brand Fairlight Cycles launches with two steel bikes in debut range
Project Rainbow: How British Cycling Reached the Top of the World by Rod El... via
⭐️ • Jess Varnish brushes off online abuse from Shane Sutton's wife after being vindicated by British Cycling……
It's been a memorable year for British cycling.
Six candidates for the British Cycling Performance Director job
Exclusive interview with Shane Sutton coming up on Sky Sports News. Ex technical director of British Cycling at centre of sex…
'Six candidates for the British Cycling Performance Director job'
J.Laverack founder talks bike business and design via
This man is aiming to mass manufacture carbon bike frames in the UK. We spoke to him to find out more
Carbon bikes made in the UK - the man who wants to make British carbon big
"To call me a liar? They're allowed their opinion but the investigation has answered that".
‘Only one man can become British Cycling performance director but I’m not sure he’ll apply’ |…
discusses speaking out on sexism in British Cycling
BREAKING: Shane Sutton will appeal British Cycling's ruling that he was guilty of sexist & discriminatory language. ht…
For any of our new youth members, you can grab yourselves a free British cycling licence, this gives you 10% off...
British Cycling: Jess Varnish stands by sexism allegation despite Sutton’s claims of innocence
SOLIDWORKS Customer plan to mass manufacture carbon fibre bikes in the UK:
Has Sutton said 'it was just banter' yet? Sexism in British Cycling via
These routes are on fire! Not literally of course but bag yourself a FREE British Cycling buff by riding two of them 🚵🏿 http…
domain names
Jess Varnish exclusive: I stand by everything, I know the truth. Shane Sutton's comments are sexist |
Jess Varnish on telling the truth and ignoring those who called her a liar: via
cyclist on being called a liar and her future plans. Good luck Jess!
Cycling crash victim remembered as 'super positive, really smart guy'
“Evidence will prevail” | Shane Sutton will appeal against British Cycling's sexism ruling
Shane Sutton confirms he will appeal British Cycling ruling via
Shane Sutton says he will contest British Cycling's findings. Full story:
Still a disgrace that this is the home of British Cycling!
Varnish 'relieved' at decision: Jess Varnish has spoken of her relief after a British Cycling invest...
No reprieve for 'bully' Shane Sutton after Jess Varnish is given long-awaited vindication by British Cycling:...
Someone told me before that if Shane Sutton isn't part of British Cycling, that he'll be looked after with Team Sky role. So let's see
British Cycling upholds allegations of sexism against Shane Sutton |
VeganVelos : Shane Sutton denied British Cycling return after he loses sexism case following ...
Great to see vindicated- Shane Sutton: Jess Varnish's sexism allegations upheld by British Cycling
Jess Varnish vindicated after British Cycling upholds her claims of sexist behaviour of Shane Sutton
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Pathetic-stay strong Shane Sutton! Thanks for all you did for British Cycling. Jess Varnish could not take the truth & not being good enough
Shane Sutton to discover his fate as British Cycling prepare to deliver findings into investigation
Jess Varnish's allegations that she was subjected to sexist insults by then British Cycling's performance director Shane…
A 'relieved' Jess Varnish hopes British Cycling will learn from its inquiry after her sexism complaint was upheld https…
Sexism allegations against Jess Varnish upheld by British Cycling
"I wanted to shine a light on the culture at British Cycling, a culture that..was incorrect" statement .
VeganVelos : Kay and Nelson get silver in first women's Madison: Kay told British Cycling: "I...
Ian Field and Evie Richards take victory in the 2nd round of the Read our report:…
Field and Richards win in second round of the British Cycling National Trophy Cyclo-cross ...…
Listened to Shane Sutton on BBC5L. He was doing a lot of back slapping with British Cycling. He wants his own job back !
check out British cycling web site they have a club finding section, try a few till you find one that suits... 👍🏻
Another example of how clear design ‘converts" British drivers into ones who give way to people cycling!
Educate YOUR followers, as of October 1, winter tires are required on designated British Columbia routes:
UK Anti-Doping visits British Cycling headquarters as the investigation begins!
In Short, Shane Sutton backs British cycling. Nonsense. The price of winning at all cost is too tempting. All tue to be transparent.
British cycling 'unprofessional and disrespectful', says simmonds after olympics snub _ ... -
British Cycling names 41 riders, aged from 15 to 17, in 🇬🇧 GB Cycling Team Junior Academy programme for 2016/17. 📰 htt…
Shane Sutton defends British Cycling over allegations: via
BBC Sport - Shane Sutton defends British Cycling over allegations
Shane loses count of the number of investigations that he's at the centre of...
'The evidence will come out'. Shane Sutton has defended British cycling and Bradley Wiggins. More:…
Shane's had his say, what are your thoughts on British riders?
Sportsweek 0900 . Shane Sutton speaks - his discrimination case, British Cycling/Team Sky crisis, & that mystery medi…
Shane Sutton: I'm confident I'll be invited back to my role - British Cycling board said to be split on decisio...
Shane Sutton confident that he will be cleared by independent investigation, hopes to return to British Cycling…
Wheels come off British Cycling as stars reveal sport's toxic culture�� via
2 couchsurfers came to my place yesterday. British doctors cycling from kerala to nepal.
Shane Sutton defends British Cycling over allegations: British Cycling will be exonerated…
I believe Bradley Wiggins has done nothing wrong, insists Shane Sutton
Aardvark Sport: 'The evidence will come out' - Sutton defends British Cycli: British Cycling will be exonerat...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
British Cycling and Team Sky have endorsed clean cycling from day one... I believe Sir Bradley Wiggins has done…
Shane Sutton: Nothing to hide for Brailsford, Wiggins or British…
Shane Sutton knows what wrongdoing has been done at British Cycling & Team Sky and will use it to get out of his own troub…
Shane Sutton insists British Cycling and Team Sky will be cleared: • Former British Cycling chief says Bradle...
So Shane Sutton IS paid by Team Sky, as an advisor. When I asked British Cycling chief Ian Drake y'day he said no:
Loving the design and the way it reflects prominence as the home of Road Cycling
Shane Sutton defends British Cycling over allegations - BBC Sport
Ian Drake: British Cycling chief executive to leave his position in April: British Cycling chief executive Ia...
The clouds gather over British Cycling and Team Sky - Last year I posted a blog about Chris Froome and...
Brailsford at the center of industrial scale doping culture of British Cycling and Team Sky. Win at any cost same as USPS.
Team Sky and British Cycling wrongdoing would surprise me - Brian Cookson: UCI president Brian Cooks...
UK anti-doping called for ban of drugs at centre of current storm that has engulfed [Sky] and British Cycling | DMO
Drug raid at Velodrome: in crisis as investigators swoop via
How long Brian Cookson is going to keep silence about Wiggins and British Cycling? Just wonder.
VeganVelos : Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky probed as drug investigators raid British Cycling's...
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that isn't good mate...if this stuff takes off it could screw British cycling..
British Cycling advises you on how to pick the best sportive for your category
Fanbloodytastic. Looks like some of the GB cyclists may be drug cheats, to go with all the athletes...!
British Cycling latest: UKAD visits Manchester Velodrome: British Cycling appears to be in crisis af...
So the cycling world is in crisis, o no wait it's British cycling, hope I'll still be able to enjoy my spin in the morning
Ex-British Cycling chief says "something not right" about all-female panel for Sutton investigation
Crisis for British cycling as UKAD visits Manchester Velodrome
Whatever outcome, holierthanthou Sky & British cycling are feeding pop perception "all cyclists are dopers" Sucs!
Former British Cycling president questions all-female panel on sexism
News: Tiernan-Locke points finger at former Team Sky doctor over Tramadol claims: British Cycling have declin...
Wow. . (Don't you just love people who think "no women" isn't sexist, but "all women" must be?)
(Guardian) Ex-British Cycling president criticises three-woman panel for sexism review
Team Sky and British Cycling - an alliance which is now too close for comfort.
British Cycling crisis deepens as Manchester velodrome is raided by UK Anti-Doping investigators.
Raid at British Cycling velodrome in Manchester. More solid investigative journalism from
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[Daily Mail]It has spread across British Cycling and all the way to Rio. The focus is no…
How's that 'British Cycling' flag waving working out for you?
Funny where Froome had his photo shoot on August 12, 2011 before heading out to La Vuelta.
This bad boy. On the cusp of the transformation.
Wonder what get out clauses might be in HSBC deal with British Cycling...
I'm just gonna say it... I believe Jess Varnish was dropped because she didn't went to get on the British Cycling “program”... ¿Entiendes?
Sky and British Cycling have always been too close for comfort
Yep, presumably because Cope was British Cycling women’s road coach... But he underestimated the journalist
why is this not advertised better? My daughter was on British cycling ODA for a year and didn't know there's help out there
What businesses can learn from British Cycling’s 70% rise in female coaches via
Tiernan-Locke says British team ‘freely offered’ Tramadol at 2012 World Championships. Find more here:
British Cycling announces female membership has exceeded 20,000
Pressure on Team Sky and British Cycling as doping probe widens
UK Anti-Doping investigating 'allegations of wrongdoing': British Cycling is cooperating fully with an investigation by the country's...
Cycling: UK Anti-Doping investigating 'allegations of wrongdoing': LONDON (Reuters) - British Cycling is coop...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Pressure on Team Sky and British Cycling increases as doping probe widens | tomcary_tel.
British cycling team at 2012 worlds where tramadol was handed out. Tiernan Locke, dowsett, stannard, swift, cavendish, Fr…
British Cycling female membership passes 20,000 for the first time in the organisation’s history.
(Guardian) Becky James and Katy Marchant back Shane Sutton’s return at British Cycling
Not sure British Cycling should be funding her legal battle? Rio 2016: Lizzie Armitstead wins anti-doping appeal
Dani King is considering appealing against the British Cycling decision to leave her out of the country's road race team
Presenting the T5GB - by British Cycling and for Rio 2016
.() wins the Curlew Cup in the British Cycling - Report: https:/…
What are the Olympic selection procedures for British Cycling, Athletics & Swimming? by N Siddall of
A Comparison of the Olympic Selection Procedures for British Cycling, Athletes and Swimming…
British Cycling will form an independent review following allegations of sexism by GB cyclist Jess Varnish.
British Cycling has announced an independent review after technical director Shane Sutton was accused of sexism by rider Jess Varnish.
MARTHA KELNER: A devastating week for British Cycling began with sprint cyclist Jess Varnish making explosive allegations of sexism at the
Boardman: British Cycling's 'trial by press' has been disappointing: Chris Boardman, a former head of R&D at ...
Jess Varnish: Rider explains reasons for British Cycling criticism
Jess Varnish says she spoke out against British Cycling chief Shane Sutton in the hope of changing attitudes at the organisation.
British Cycling have responded to allegations of discrimination by Jess Varnish:
British Cycling to form independent review after Jess Varnish's claims of sexism.
Track cyclist Jess Varnish has alleged she was told to 'go and have a baby' by British Cycling technical director Shane Sutt…
Not a good week for British Cycling:. Simon Yates: British cyclist fails drug test 'after asthma inhaler error' -
Daily Mail names Simon Yates as the British Cycling rider caught up in a doping scandal. I put his name to British Cycling.…
Cue questions to Dani King about sexism in British Cycling.
British Cycling 'not in crisis': British Cycling chief Ian Drake tells BBC sports editor Dan Roan his organis...
British Olympic medal hopes rocked by cycling row: British Cycling has suspended technical director Shane Sutton after launching an i...
Woah. Shocking few days for British Cycling. Public bust up, return of sexism claims and now Sutton suspended over use of 'gimp' for paras
BREAKING: British Cycling technical director Shane Sutton has been suspended following an investigation into allegations of d…
SPORT: British Cycling to form independent review after claims of sexism from former club cyclist.
British Cycling the subject of sexism and selection rows as track, road and BMX riders unite in press:
I have experienced Shane Suttons bullying tactics first hand bad representative of British Cycling
It's all going on at British Cycling...
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I imagine Harry Rouxbaix to be a First World War British cycling spy.
.lead the race for team glory ahead of Sunday's .
Loving the progress so many sports are making!
Here's how the individual standings look ahead of Sunday's
British Adventurer Sean Conway cycling Somerset coastal routes in Ultimate Triathlon of Britain
Now that have non-british riders, they don't look so clean..
Inside Rapha: is it just branding or a British success story?
Seven British riders take part in 2016 Paris-Roubaix
Government's and strategy needs funding to be a success - Cycling Weekly
Help Us: UKAD to conduct in-comp testing at British Cycling National Calender Junior/U18 races via
hi, what is the name of your British Media chap who was recording footage at Flanders. I had a good chat with him.
Get out, get active&take part in para-cycling opportunities at British Cycling’s Disability Hub. Book your place now
Cold...rain...then snow...thankfully British Cycling has entire bike races on video I can stream and dream of warmer weather.
Mears sponsors big event. Mears is helping to bring top British cycling back to the streets of...
well not far from the home of British Cycling so I guess we can track stand wobble and look behind
British Cycling Affiliation 2016:   We are very happy to report Bigfoot MBC is now affiliated to British Cycli...
Why are so few British bike-frame builders women?: Sam Haddad talks to female custom handmade bicycle-frame bu...
NEWS: British Cycling launch new women’s development network .
Wins for Ferguson and Tauber in round one of British Cycling MTB Cross-Country Series - British Cycling: Briti...
Check out this video guide from British Cycling on how to fix a puncture.
Our junior academy men hit the pave on Sunday Wish them luck!
British champion to ride this Sunday! Full details ht…
British Cycling calls for new to continue work to make London a cycling city htt…
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