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British Army

The British Army is the land warfare branch of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the United Kingdom.

Royal Air Force Royal Navy British Indian Army Boer War Revolutionary War Theresa May Royal Marines South Africa

Right you're on! We're going to have the massed bands of the British Army playing Colonel Bogie!
The Leigh Day solicitors are cleared of wrongdoing in their cases against the British Army. .
Johannes Gutenberg was a political theorist in the British Army, a non-academic historian, a writer, and an artist. Best known for the (1/2)
Today, more people work at Heathrow every day than as a regular soldier in the British Army.
By my calculations, roughly 5% of the British Army's regular strength is being deployed onto Britain's streets today/next…
He's a Coldstream Guard, he's used to being at Buckingham Palace as he's a Queens Guard. Best regiment in the British Army!
Watch: Footage shows the moment a huge WW2 German bomb is EXPLODED by British Army
I served as a UN peacekeeper with the British Army. The back of my medal reads "In the service of peace".
in 1745 - Irish Brigade of French army destroys the British Army at the battle of Fontenoy, they even…
Ok so if i have a British passport and not an Irish one how can i serve in Irish and not British Army? A…
. British Army serve it too. . KFC. Toby Carvery . Nandos. Sikhs aren't supposed to eat Halal food.
The Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit of the British Army. The SAS was founded in 1941 as a regime…
Injured Indian soldiers of the British Army at the Brighton Pavilion, converted into a military hospital (1915)
Snooker was invented in India by British Army officers. Currently, it is popular in many of the English-speaking and Commonwealth countries
Herzog joined the British Army during World War II, operating primarily in Germany as a tank commander in the Armoured Corps.
Son is home on leave for Easter with 3 loads of washing and an appetite the size of the British Army 👍 Happy Easter 🍫🌻🌻🐣
.are resisting a march planned by British Army terrorists today who are demanding they not face prosec…
The Amritsar Massacre of at least 400 protesters by the British Indian Army took place on 13 April 1919 RIP
This video reminded me of the Sikh British Army character in The English Patient.
X-rated pictures of girls taken back to British Army barracks for sex are being shared online
Gurkhas and sikhs allies of the British army brave and loyal to the crown 👑 Tough fighters
A change in position since your attacks on the British army during the Iraq War...Always good to see a hack…
captured and mistreated by the British army. She has been variously called the father of theoretical computer science (4/8)
Vir Savarkar is criticized by seculars for encouraging Hindu youth to join the British Indian Army in large numbers durin…
British Army extends support contract with Saab for simulator system
In Bone Attack HD you are the commander in the army of the dead and are attempting to dominate the British Isles.
Boultbee's Criterion: If the population of the British Army, on which and around which we have not yet been taught directly can never be tau
The British Army would appear to disagree.
The British Empire will never lose our sense of comradeship with the Army
Oz Lane was an infantry officer in the British Army for 20 years. Today, he serves as Field Ops Director.…
First Army and so bear ourselves that, if the British Commonwealths with full reciprocity
Had the French and British not allied themselves with Hitler at Munich in 1938, the German army would have…
We remember PC Keith Palmer today, who looked after others having served in the Met Police & British Army. He is a true…
Gaddafi speaks of the abusive treatment he received whilst in England at the hands of the British Army in the 1960s http…
If british raj did not had indian mens in their army we wd hve got indepe…
190 cadets graduate after completing 44 weeks of training - 1st female soldier joins the Royal Tank Regiment
Did you know that Henry Horne, 1st Baron Horne was the only British artillerist to command an army in World War I?
All British army on ROBLOX that is a private plz report now on the 1st server for training.
Theresa May salutes first female British Army officer commissioned into Royal Tank Regiment.
Theresa May salutes first female British Army officer bound for frontline combat job via
I liked a video British army humour and squaddie banter
British Army chaplain and Baptist minister appointed as principal of Spurgeon's College:
98 yrs ago today, the British Army fired upon innocent men, women & kids in killing 1000+. One of countless…
I've created a guide to common British and Indian Army abbreviations and acronyms for the
The only airframe left in British Army. Terrible, lack of capability. How long for a so…
Artillery ammunition and supply British Army limbers passing through the ruins of Athies Apr 14 1917
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Not the British Army's finest hour, as was recognised even at the time. Though historically a city taken by storm t…
During the Revolutionary War, the British Army actively & successfully recruited African American runaway slaves in exchange for freedom.
Thank you British Army. British Army and Pakistani Army are cousins.
Great to see Old Campbellians representing the British Army. Well done David
British Army vehicles bound for Estonia in largest ever deployment to Eastern Europe since the Cold War
The peace makers in Northern Ireland are the UDR, British Army and RUC who stopped the IRA destroying our country.
Diego Garcia Island is part of the UK-owned Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean from where the British Army...
It's not just Tony Blair that is responsible for Iraq but the Monarchy, Labour Party, MI6, British Army & media. The ent…
the British Murdering innocent men women children is ok because of there uniform is it British Army biggest ter…
London Labour: Prioritising refugees over our homeless, IRA before the British Army and EU m'ship above independence.…
British Army, on which we have for the chef, the urgency of the British Expeditionary Force north of the Amiens-Abbeville gap would be our a
You are responsible for something the British Army couldn't do in 1783: The destruction of the American Revolution.
Hooded men: Conduct of British Army in N. Ireland ‘on scale of war crime,’ court told
"Today (May 3) in 1965, the Beatles film scenes for ""Help!"" on the Salisbury Plain with the British Army's Third Tank Division."
Boer War 1899-1902 - ancestor of mine fought with British Army
suspects identified by the RUC were serving members of the Ulster Defence Regiment, a unit of the British Army
British Army, Parachute Regiment, for Invictus. Thank you sir. Kickstarter: https…
MP and British Army officer, Bob Stewart, admits he tortured people whilst in occupied Ireland.
Please sponsor me on a tall ship sailing voyage with injured British Army veterans! Read my story at.
. The Indian Army derives from colonial British Army as do its rules, regulation…
Hi Marina, British Army tunics were mostly but not all scarlet. Do you have the photo? I studied the Crimean War when young.
Happy Birthday James Wolfe, Westerham, Kent, England, British Army officer, defeated the French in Canada and captu…
Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch defected from the Continental Army to the British Army in the Revolutionary War?
The British West Indies Regiment was a unit of the British Army during the First World War, formed from...
The reality of loyalist/RUC/British Army violence on GAA families always ignored by like of Kevin Myers and etc..
The British West Indies Regiment, who fought alongside the British Army, the media forgets them, let us not.
Monty's men the British Army and the liberation of Europe, 1944-5/ John Buckley
Hey look you can pre-order my book The Irish amateur military tradition in the British Army, 1854–1992 ht…
For Sale: One Scottish castle 'attacked' by the British Army in 1953. Offers over £300k
The Polish Army is offering all women in the country self-defence classes. . Should the British Army do the same?
Apart from the Irish in the British Army who perished there were many many more Irish Americans in the US Forces who a…
The strange story of how Tommy Brown, "the worst soldier in the British Army" saved his comrades from a gas shell.
'The town has been proud to host a barracks since 1805'. MP Chris Davies' anger over plan to shut British Army's Welsh he…
There is no avoiding war.It can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy. . Time to die, .
The British know it 'Army chief Lord Richards endorses'
Ex-British Army chief Lord Richards endorses TRUMP for the WH & claims he could make the world a 'SAFER' place
I can. It's just this page seems to support an organisation which is guilty of the same crimes as the British army
Fmr Commander of British Army in Afghanistan: Iran-Backed Hezbollah Cells Preparing to Launch Future… https:/…
Scottish soldiers playing basketball at French Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) camp on the British Western Front h…
Operation Supply Drop grows in the UK supporting additional British Army Troops.
Almost all the regiments in the current Indian Army are vestiges of the British Indian Army.
Dad was in the British Army and my mom was in the Royal Air Force, so bot...
James McClean grew up in a city where British Army murdered 14 innocent men on 1 day. And you expect him to wear a poppy…
From Bill Shankly to the British Army, loved stories
Oct 21 1956 – Kenyan rebel leader Dedan Kimathi is captured by the British Army during "Mau Mau Uprising". He is hanged i…
Update your maps at Navteq
13/10 1812 the British Army defeated the Americans at Queenston Heights, Ontario.
13 year old Brian Stewart was murdered by the British Army on this day in 1976 in the North of Ireland.
British Army recruiting in Botanic Avenue South Belfast. Most welcome and given youth an employment option ! http…
TIL of Royal Gurkha Rifles, a regiment of the British Army, whose soldiers are recruited from Nepal. Their motto is "Better to die than liv…
The regiments & Corps might have their own national flavours but we are & will always be British Army,Navy & Air Force 😊
Congrats to British Army Officer and transgender representative for the - no 25 on the
Do u know the reason British left India was a mutiny in Army & Navy on account of INA trial. It was so huge that British ran away
From the converse angle: given the loss of the British veto post Brexit, the odds of an EU army rise.
The British tank continues to play a decisive role on the battlefield. See how it evolved
Does this mean that Bruce Jenner is the first woman to ever win the men's Olympic gold in the decathlon?
First woman on frontline of British Army are recruiting women
British Army gets first woman on frontline with transgender soldier Chloe Allen
Soldier 1st female fight on frontline British Army Hardly the first and not exactly female. ..
Soldier becomes first female to fight on frontline for British Army. via is not!the 1st woman
British instructors share jungle soldiering skills on training mission in Hawaii
Hamilton Collection
17thSept1972 Vol. Michael Quigley ~Derry Brigade IRA murdered by British Army Terrorists in the Creggan
Wow! good on the British army for supporting this woman!
British Army gets first woman on frontline as transgender soldier Chloe Allen says she hopes to…
This doesn't include his use of the army against striking British workers, on several occasions...
British Army transgender soldier becomes first woman to fight on frontline
Britain's first female infantry soldier to serve in the Army has told how she was born a boy
Transgender soldier is first female to serve on frontline with British army
Loyalist, rangers fan, patriot. Hate scummy little students who think they know everything, hate politicians, traitors. e…
📷 historicaltimes: Catholic priest Father Finn assists British Army Fusilier Tom Dowling and his new...
Had he been in Israeli/US/British army, surely wud've been a general Bold, audacious & totally 'out of the box'!
"The Long Walk" – a British Army ATO approaches a suspect device at the junction of Manor and Oldpark in Belfast,…
The head of the British Army delivered a keynote lecture at the University of Leicester.
No, he was the leader of a pro-Nazi putsch in Baghdad in 1941. Overthrown by British army. You see, you have no idea.
It was a busy day yesterday installing these two beauties! The FOB 10' and FOB 20' for British Army Field...
British army to continue training in Kenya in new deal
yet people expect their descendants to stand in SUPPORT of the flag? there is a reason they joined the British Army, yeah?
well even though the third stanza states killing of slaves, slaves back then joined the British army to fight the US
Its very very clear pakistan made by british for punjap army and for punjabi muhajir stablishment not for others ok.
What an information!. Kernel MAG Osmani was the youngest Major of British government & he participated in 2nd world war for British Army
Perhaps when the British army leaves Fort George we can rename it something less Imperial. Fort William too.
Sir. 11Aug1947 it was British Army, right? Thr was no Pakistan that day. Plz correct me if I m wrong.
Ask us about becoming a a Assistant, in the Army…Be a better you
Exactly, sure I know it well, it's where the British army shot Martin Savage
Isn't the whole British army supposed to have mustaches?. I noticed that almost no one has a mustache, especially the cav.
TIL that the 9/11 mastermind was praised as put his army on the road to peace by British media
"IED-strewn villages are now replaced by eerie serenity." British Army internal propaganda is a thing to behold:
Join the bidding on anti-aircraft units of the British Army Height Finder Lead Figurines
On my way to Denmark courtesy of the British army but delayed by 12…
; but the British army has been training in nanyuki before this
MPs have passed a motion ratifying the military pact with the UK allowing the British Army to train in Kenya.
This is the New British Army Figure 12 used on the ranges for target practice. All soldier now qualify marksmen
National Assembly ratifies defence cooperation agreement between Kenya and UK, allowing continued training of British Army in the country.
MPs approve the agreement on military cooperation with Britain extending the British Army's training in Kenya.
Fascinating. Runaway slaves served in the British Army in War of 1812, and were settled post-war in Trinidad
They likely want British troops in the EU army to EU is going down without Britain .
Petition: Put the British army on our side of the Euro tunnel.
New blog post from assesses impact of as British Army continue their campaign: htt…
well yes some slaves were killed but Key wrote that verse talking about the enemy which was the British army
recall British soldiers advised not to wear uniform in days of IRA. We're all in the Army now.
Calkin's Law of Suspense: If any work has a scheme that will cause hardware to act strangely and the British Army, on which and around which
NEW Recollections of a Life in the British Army: During the Latter Half of the 1
1938 al-Bassa Massacre, Palestine. British Army force Arabs on to a bus, which was then made to drive over land mine htt…
Lord Mikel Obi, the commander of the British army. My role model
we're here! it's a British army base in dekelia, but they knocked down my mum's old house and she's :(
hurling and slave do not refer to African slaves, but to mercenary and impressed soldiers in the British Army.
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MoD accused of 'negligence on a grand scale' as troops sue over controversial malaria drug
Awfully uncivilised of the British Army, RUC and loyalist death squads to be murdering the locals old chap.
Off to attest into the British army! Can't believe I've gone through with this
Legend has it that a Army Sergeant stood at this spot Kanaba Gap and coined the phrase The Pearl of Africa
125 years old photo of British Indian Army officer Col.Spratt & his wife at their home in Pune was taken in 1891 AD. ht…
I was a good soldier in the British Army. I was born in a very, very poor family. And I enlisted t
Senior British Army officer charged for sexually assaulting female soldier in Canada via
Kut-al-Amara 1916. British army under siege. Major disaster covered up at the time.
Arabs had well-armed armies. Jordanian army even was commanded by the British themselves.
British Army soldiers have been showing Justin Timberlake how it's done while on exercise in Canada..
All 5 of my 1980's British Army spy thriller series are on 188 UK/US reviews!.
Senior British Army officer accused of sexual assault in Canada
Top British Army chief arrested for sexual assault of female officer
Stunning images capture unique moments of life in the British Army
Top British Army chief arrested fr sexual assault of female officer. Imagine what UK must have done in war torn areas. htt…
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France has been weakened, the Belgian Army compelled the British and German people, always so ready to share a laugh on himself will be pro
A senior British army officer has been charged with sexually assaulting a female military officer in Canada.
Gostei de um vídeo do Why the British Army was so effective in 1914 - Learning lessons from Boer War
British army veteran accused of sexual assault after 'following woman to her hotel room '
British Army officer charged with sexual assault of Female Canadian soldier. Hindutva Solution : She should be called hi…
The British Army is closing their graduate opps on Monday! Apply now so you don't miss out
A British chaplain plays violin for soldiers of the Eighth Army at dawn near El Alamein, Egypt, 1942.
A senior British Army soldier has been accused of sexually assaulting a Canadian servicewoman after a forces event…
This is sickening - sickening. Why are the British army FORCED to do this? Wrong on so many levels
British Army officer charged with sexual assault of Canadian soldier via
Senior UK army officer charges with sexual assault in Canada
British army officer charged with sexual assault in Canada via /r/worldnews
British Army soldier 'has escaped from an abduction attempt' outside barracks in Aldershot https:/…
my parents are Irish Immigrants, Grandfather was in British Army, Daughter half Scottish I ❤ UK
.the ira are gone now after beating the British Army. Did you not know that . Silly willie
domain names
the Salvation Army, Royal Navy, British Army and RAF have those too. Shall we disband them whilst you're on a roll?
we are a job board dedicated to all who have served in our Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, happy
Australian man sells vintage British Army tank for all your crushing needs
British Army beating Iraqi children in 2004 filmed by a soldier who gives a running commentary
Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army, served in the 17th Middlesex.
My uncle in British Army got promoted to Warrant Officer Class 1. (Regimental Sergeant Major). So proud of u & thanks for 20+ yrs of service!
Libya, 1967. British Army protect King Idris in order to continue looting.
Marksmen from the Royal Marines, British Army and RAF Regiment have been battling it out with the world's top shots:
MiddleEastEye "British Army slammed for training with Turkish and Saudi troops latest by Jamie_Merrill …
if UK leaves EU and Irish republicans go on offensive an all out strike back by psni/British Army must be called
The current parlous state of British Army 'heavy metal' is no ones fault but the British Army
Point of order for movies/TV: It's the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force. But it's the British Army, not "Royal Army".
British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy are our Armed Forces.All swore an oath to our Sovereign-Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
(not to the Crown, that's why it's the British Army, but the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.)
So the EU army taking over the British army? See folks its all coming true, we will end up as slaves to Brussels. https…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
they revere ours too mate. I went to Florida with a captain from the British army and they kept us well oiled for free
19th May 1972: 15 year old Manus Deery was shot dead by the British Army from a gun post overlooking Derry, Ireland. htt…
According to the Germans, it is along these beaches that the British army is congregating and then being taken out to transports
Baluch men during the 1918 British army offensive in Baluchistan (via Farrukh Husain)
So British Army soldiers in Ireland are scum and should be shot?
this is our country.. not The british army's
1656: The formation of the Grenadier Guards, the senior regiment of the British Army.
Dads Army the movie , waited so long to watch this , couldn't be more British🇬🇧
statue for British's army in the past by Cardiff castle .
We really should be listening! British Army to be replaced with EU army, plans to be announced after Referendum https:/…
I feel like if the EU with an EU army fights America, I'd take America's side despite my British nationality.
I'm so proud of It just shows you can't beat the good old British army💪💪💪. Get in!. Well done mate…
I am British my farther was in the British army for 30 years fought for a free England.
EU army plans ‘kept secret’ from British voters until after Brexit referendum
Katrice Lee went missing on November 28th 1981. In Germany her dad was a member of the British Army. They never found her
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Another amazing ride by Capt of the British Army. . . .
How do you feel about British soldiers taking orders from Brussels?
It was a common British army practice to tie Palestinian Arabs to their vehicles when on patrol.
continue detention of & secrete killing of by Nigeria police army is affili…
Was an honour playing British Army basketball team last night. Thanks for the game gents.
Are the BBC going to do a show on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, 1919, by the British Army in India? 🤔
Murdered by the British Army on this day. 12-year-old Carol Ann Kelly - 1981. 21-year-old Thomas Friel - 1973. 45-year-old Henry Duffy - 1981
Lineage Book of the British Army: Mounted Corps and Infantry, 1660-1968
Among MANY voices slamming Boris Johnson's comparison of EU and Hitler, former head of British Army speaks out:
Reaching the unreached! 2 day medical camp by British Army starts in Larisera, Samburu County
Used in David Lean's 'The Bridge on the River Kwai',. "Colonel Bogey March" flash-mobbed by British Army musicians:.
See for the truth about the EU army.
Captured by the Iraqi army : british agents caught dressed as arabs terrorists & shooting civilians in to...
We've got a head of the British Army and she's done it superbly for over 60 years👍 . No to army 👇 Juncker 👇
My father was in the Army. The BRITISH Army. In the ROYAL Artillery. Want to know why I am a Royalist? There it is.
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Today HRH joined members of the British Army for high intensity training in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
Before the revolution George Washington applied to be an officer in the British Army and was rejected. That worked out.
Is an EU army REALLY happening? Now Michael Fallon calls for MERGE with British forces
Army 'WILL happen and it will weaken British defences', claims retired colonel
and indeed the British Army watched that deed happen as well 👍🏻
I reckon the British Army of the Rhine was pretty influential in the post-war period.
my dad way an army Dr & he told me the British Army used to send their surgeons to Chicago to learn how to…
Our quote of the day is from British army officier Archibald Wavell
Calls for Army to man Irish border to plug new migrant backdoor to Britain
I genuinely thought Chilcott would keel over before finishing the report...which has now taken longer than the British Army spent in Iraq!
The UK Government supporting British Steel ?. 100 Ajax battle tanks for use by the British Army will be built in Spain with Swedish steel !?
Since 1945, all British Army tanks are equipped with a boiling vessel so that they can make tea.
Major General Tim Cross, who spent 40 years in British army - "EU has pretty poor record of keeping the peace" in Balkan…
British Army's new fighting vehicles to be built in Spain using Swedish steel ...
The British Army's new Ajax fighting vehicles will be built in Spain with Swedish steel, it has been revealed.
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Zionists also served in the British Army, where they got experience with weapons to kill Palestinians
We have a wonderful renowned BRITISH army so leave us alone x
They risked their lives for the British army - but won't be allowed to stay in the UK
♥ Bob Landry ♥. A chaplain plays the violin for the 8th British Army in front of El Alamein, Egypt, 1942
Preston Park Veledrome is the oldest cycle track in the country -dug out by the British Army in 1877!
"Hillary Clinton is like the British Army in the Revolutionary War. Donald Trump is Swamp Fox"
he played for British Army when National >>
Did you know that non-traumatic soft-tissue injury is the most common injury for British Army personnel?. htt…
The Sudan Defence Force was a British Army unit formed in 1925 2 maintain the borders of the Sudan under the British
In fact Barack Obama's father served food to British Army, what did Boris's continental European ancestors do?
Group photo of some North West Mounted Police members attached to the British Army during Boer War in South Africa http…
North of Ireland, 1969-present. British Army suppress national liberation struggle and terrorise at will in the colonial…
When the British Army left Singapore in 1969, LKY desperately requested Indira to station an Indian garrison in Jurong. PN Haskar declined.
Only YPG YPJ SDF fight for British Values in Syria - which is why Kosta left the British Army & joined them instead...
It was important we remembered all who lost their lives, incl. members of RIC. said many Irish had served in British Army.
Today in History (1918) The Battle of Somme, an offensive by the British against the German Army ended.
She sd it was v. respectful ceremony 4those who died during Easter Rising She defended inclusion of British Army members on necrology wall
Jim. Get your facts straight. He discredited the British Army with a forged photo. On a par but prob worse.
In 1914, one-fifth of the British Indian Army was Sikh. The Khalsa Sikhs were loyal soldiers of the British empire.
yes channel 4 are doing a program called British army girls
Emily Thornberry has big plans for the British Army!
(British army got the enemies attention as omega and greninja take advantage) captain: keep going! Take out the power core!!
CDV: British army officer with sword by Savage of Winchester c.1865
With the British Army in the Holy Land : A Concise History of the Palestine...
When the British army lead by James Wolfe defeated the French army leading to the surrender of Quebec, due to injuries during battle
Yes, but we don't want an We want our Army.
"The IRA brought the British Army & the British Government to the table," says Sinn Fein's Sean Lynch.
British Army re-write fitness tests to ensure women qualify for frontline units. Read Blog:
Prince Harry, who served in Afghanistan as British Army Lt. Harry Wales, announced that Toronto is scheduled to...
2 all English Arsenal supporters... please get behind ur queen & country now. You will no longer be British if the EU army happens.
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I remember that day of mass murder by the very same British Army - dont you ?
The very long, very expensive, and very depressing, story behind the British Army's new AJAX recce vehicles.
Actually, the British Army's thin red line tactic was a significant battle winner, especially in the Crimea War.
These Hindu Gorkhas are still slaves of Christian Europeans even after 200 years. Leave the British Army, you Nepali fools.
wow you're doing a lot for empowering women. A veteran of the British Army. Have some respect.
Not talking about ANA or Iraqi army I'm talking about British men or British women.
(hear a gunshot were British Army are defending from chimera assault)
1 in 5 Muslims have sympathy for the More British Muslims join than the British army. 35% support sui…
British army scum, makes my skin crawl...
You have no issue giving British army benefit of doubt.
But the very legitimacy of the statelet and role of British army was disputed too. UK and unionists accepted this with GFA.
Our blog today looks at 'British Army Girls', the RAF anniversary and rhino protection:
So the British army's violence gets general benefit of the doubt and you permit selectivity, but no such luxury for others?
Murdered along side her sister by British army, she was just 19, our Dorothy would have been 64 today htt…
Attestation completed for the 112 newest Recruits to the British Army. Masters, Murphy & Herring Troops (MMH).
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It was to memorialise British army in north; *all* personnel. When proscribed groups memorialise you call it "glorification".
My Papa fought in Palestine with british army.Biggest regret o…
No! I remember that one kid was smarter than the entirety of the British army in that one war!! - 👿. But that wasn't apart of the lesson
These are the kind of Hindus that comprise the Gorkha regiment & Kumaon regiment in the Indian and British Army.
British Army beating Iraqi children in 2004. MOD continues to cover up torture, murder and rape. http…
Happy Birthday to the best regiment within the British Army. The Scots Guards
Muslim Indian Soldiers of the British Army in Egypt who Fled and Joined the Ottoman Army, 1915 via …
tharoor got confused, kanhiyaa abused indian army,he thought British Army,a foreign return,these are fools of india
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