British Airways & Virgin Atlantic

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, based in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport. Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited (operating as Virgin Atlantic) is a British airline owned by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Airlines (49%). 5.0/5

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Flights to London from India - British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air India and Jet. 👉
British Airways & Virgin Atlantic Flight Sale now on! The PGA Professionals fly for just £200 with a team of 3 amateur golfers
Whoops. British Airways accidentally promotes Virgin Atlantic flight deal on social media
Air France/KLM is the leader of the pack, followed by British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, and Alaska Airlines
Ah yes, the good old SAA sale - when flights to South Africa cost the same as the standard British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fares
For someone who has a British Airways credit card, I really should stop flying Virgin Atlantic.
Inbound Special Offer with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Lagos to London Direct Flight. British Airways fr...
Causing the most inhumane delay and offering no explanation, the operations of British Airways & Virgin Atlantic are absolutely questionable
The services British Airways & Virgin Atlantic render are a diatribe. Its completely absurd how they explore people for no tangible reason..
American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, United and Delta will no longer transport big game trophies.
British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and more refuse to carry big-game trophies via
Back from an amazing holiday in St Lucia the Virgin Atlantic and British Airways flights were packed with wedding parties and Jazz lovers!
Virgin Atlantic Little Red. It will probably come as little or no surprise to hear that Virgin Atlantic has decided to pull the plug on it's UK domestic arm, Little Red. Flights to Manchester will cease on March 28 2015, although Aberdeen & Edinburgh will not finish until September 26 2015. Despite Sir Richard Branson's hype that these services would go head to head with British Airways & offer competition on these routes, it's British Airways that will have the last laugh as they are being approached to take-over any affected bookings.
British Airways' Walsh hits out at Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic -
Anyone know if British Airways or Virgin Atlantic normally have sales this time of yr?
that *** all sports equipment on Virgin Atlantic is free.. Guess who won't be traveling with British Airways again ? 😊
747 either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. *** maybe even an A380. I prefer though lol
So a ticket to NYC travelling via Virgin Atlantic is cheaper than British Airways... 😕 Scratches Head... The cheek of it! 😂
I'd just like to say thanks to British Airways and Virgin Atlantic - definitely my airlines of choice. See you again soon!
British Airways or Virgin Atlantic: Which do you prefer?
I'm flying with Virgin Atlantic on Thursday but always previously gone with British Airways ✈️
British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will foot the bill for returning uncharged electronic devices ba...
British Airways or Virgin Atlantic - which one should I fly long-haul on?! GO!
U know yo nose large AF if Virgin Atlantic aircrafts land safe with room for Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airbus & British Airways boeing 777.
Airlink will launch a new VIP air service connecting with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic flights between Gatwick and Antigua
Dele Momodu wrote:To demonstrate that life is nothing but vanity, Azeez Arisekola Alao had flown out in the First Class cabin of British Airways but returned in the cargo hold of Virgin Atlantic yesterday morning, totally lifeless.
TripAdvisor report also shows British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the nation's most popular airlines and Ryanair is least favourite
Captain Amarinder Singh ,when CM, brought Singapore Airlines in Amritsar, AirAsia, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways , China Airline were about to started operations from Amritsar Airport - The Golden Destination But Many International Airlines which have been Withdrawn During Present Badal Government. Mr Badal is worried about Mohali Airport & Never written letter to Restore Amritsar-London-Toronto & Singapore-Amritsar Flight's. PM Gives Central University on 700 Acres for Amritsar But Badal Govt. Shifted it to Bathinda ? D.L.F Cancelled an Agreement of 1400 Acres Multipurpose S.E.Z on Manawala because Punjab Govt. not support to D.L.F for acquiring of Land. Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu fought Against the Injustice done by Badal Govt. & He has been punished for speaking truth. It means, There is no Value of Honest Persons in the BJP. Mr. Arun Jaitley, Your Agenda is the same of Mr Sidhu, How will Mr Jetli be able to Implement it when Badal Govt is Anti-Amritsar ?. please put your views
Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are boosting service from New York to London. Delta has partnered with Virgin Atlantic, while American has joined forces with British Airways, to offer trans-Atlantic flights between the two business centers.
Congratulations to South African Airways for being ranked the top 21 airline in the world by Skytrax, beating British Airways which is ranked 27 in the world. Keep giving your passengers excellent service, and we may see you ranked in the top 20 airlines of the world. Embarrassing to say that all airlines from USA are trailing way behind, Delta Airlines only managing to be ranked 45, American Airlines ranking 81, United Airlines ranking 57. Virgin Atlantic is ranked 38 in the world. Learn something from the airline that is from a developing country and yet you are the so-called first world countries. How pathetic is that?
Last Minute Cancellation Have you planned your Easter holiday yet? Get hold of one of our last minute offers and worry about the weather no more: Orlando 14 Nights with British Airways 5th April Fly Drive from £923pp 3* Monumental Movieland from £1070pp 5* Villa from £1166pp Dubai 7 Nights with Virgin Atlantic on Premium Economy 5th April 5* Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel from £1560
WARNING Just received a call to my home land line. "Hello Mr Ellis this the Visa Credit Card security team. Nothing to worry about but we are just making some routine security checks that some payments you made this morning. You only need to answer yes or no to verify these transactions. There was a transaction this morning at 9:03 for £757 for British Airways. Does that sound familiar?" "No" "There another transaction around 10am for £650 for Virgin Atlantic Does that sound familiar?" "No" "When was the last time you accessed your credit card online facility" "Actually I do not wish to answer that until I have verified who this call is from. Is there a number to call you back on?" Line goes dead.
British Airways is cheaper. There's no way Virgin Atlantic would have survived the competition. And B.A packages are economical too
Good people please sign and share this petition to reduce airfares on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to Jamaica. Thank you. Keep signing this petition
Virgin Atlantic or British Airways training college.. hmmm
American Express is offering 20% transfer bonus for British Airways and 30% for Virgin Atlantic.
Calling all Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica to Lobby British Airways and Virgin Atlantic do sign the petition not just now but RIGHT NOW! As you can see from the Picture Brixton has signed as you can see from Twin's Barbershop in Brixton,UK. We are coming to a stop next to you.
British Airways has announced that it has suspened its three times a week service from London Heathrow to Lusaka with effect from 27th October 2013. In a statement, the airline says the flights are being suspended because they don’t make a profitable contribution to its business. About 160,000 people from Europe and North America visited Zambia in 2011, the majority likely to have come via London. Zambia's tourist industry is heavily dependent on the London-Lusaka route for a variety of reasons and it takes a bold airline like Virgin Atlantic to fill this gap. Surely if BA can operate flights to Botswana and Uganda, both countries likely with similar numbers of passengers on the London route, London-Lusaka can be commercially beneficial. Zambia is too beautiful and has far too much potential for this major route not to be filled by an Operator like Virgin Atlantic. Please post your opinions.
I recently read an article about Richard Branson and his struggle to start his new airline. He was opposed by the other more established airlines. They organised an attack against him and his airline. His enemies had organised a dirty tricks unit that was illegal. He had to stand up to his opposition. “Dirty tricks” controversy The decision to let Virgin Atlantic operate at Heathrow in competition with British Airways became the trigger for BA’s so-called “dirty tricks” campaign against Virgin. Branson sued British Airways for libel. BA settled out of court when its lawyers discovered the lengths to which the company had gone in trying to kill off Virgin. The most dangerous times for a business project is in the first couple of years. In the book of Ezra the Jews had returned to Jerusalem and were trying to rebuild the temple, but their enemies were opposing them. Ezra 4:4 Then the people around them set out to discourage the people of Judah and make them afraid to go on building. They hired co ...
A friend of mine swears by Virgin Atlantic. British Airways should also be good. Avoid American ones and you'll be fine. ;^)
If anyone can get me a super good deal on virgin Atlantic or British Airways flights to i'll be their slave for a day
Virgin Atlantic has announced that its new UK Domestic airline will be called Little Red, competing head-to-head with British Airways.
Virgin Atlantic v British Airways? Virgin more fun, BA-- the fine line between traditional and plain, boring old hat.
THE PRINCE'S SPY: 17 It made logistical sense that I fly with the Prince to Washington on his father’s Falcon 2000 jet, but this required Prince Rainier’s permission. When we spoke by phone on June 28th the Prince said he needed to “build up courage to ask the old man.” At an Independence Day private party given by Stars & Bars on July 4th, the Prince said, “I see him [my father] about eighteen times a day, but I’ve got to catch him in a good mood, very hard to do.” On July 7th, I ended up flying British Airways to London and Virgin Atlantic to Washington—a needless waste of money from our budget. And I almost didn’t make dinner. Thunderstorms over Washington diverted my Airbus to Baltimore, where it remained on the tarmac for ninety minutes, finally arriving at Washington-Dulles about five forty-five. I reached the Willard Hotel an hour later, and the Prince arrived at five-past-seven. Miraculously, we made it to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse at 7:30; our hosts had already assembled in ...
AVM urges British PM to start British Airways flights from Amritsar Amritsar, 19 February- Amritsar Vikas Manch warmly welcomes the British Prime Minister David Cameron for his visit to the holy city of Amritsar. The Manch Patron Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala and Senior Vice President Engineer Daljit Singh Kohli in a press release have strongly appealed to the British Prime Minister, S. Parkash Singh Badal, S. Sukbir Singh Badal, S. Avtar Singh Makkar President SGPC to press upon the British Airways to start Amritsar – London and Amritsar – Birmingham direct flights for the convenience of more than half million Punjabi’s settled in U.K. The Manch leaders have said that it will be the real tribute to the holy city if direct flights of British Airways / Virgin Atlantic between Amritsar – London – Birmingham are started at the earliest. The City Council of Birmingham have even passed a resolution for the introduction of direct Amritsar – Birmingham flights. The Jet Airway’s Amritsar – London a ...
Qantas .. British Airways .. Lufthansa .. Virgin Atlantic Top 4 Airliners in the world. working for any of the is a Dream!
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US storm brings travel disruption - Airlines, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, have cancelled over 2,500 flights
Need help on something. What do people think is a better airline.. British Airways or Virgin Atlantic?
If you want safety, try Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. I'm not sure Air New Zealand are up there.
Need some advice... Who is better/nicer to fly with to America, Virgin Atlantic or British Airways?
Richard Branson on mistakes: "Screw it, just do it"!! Entrepreneur: Making mistakes often comes from taking risks, something you know a lot about. One of your biggest gambles was starting Virgin Atlantic. What made a record mogul get in the airline business? Branson: "Screw it, just do it" is my approach to everything. I'm the sort of person who likes to give everything a try. If you are frustrated with how things are done, go and try something different, get fantastic people around you who share your beliefs and passion, and do it better. Imagine a record label wanting to start an airline, to go up against British Airways! But I was truly convinced after having been stranded as a passenger on an unnamed American airline that there was a better way, and that even I could do it better. As you can imagine, we faced a lot of skepticism and doubt. But if you can run one business well, you should be able to run another business well -- and that has kept me going through all our risky business.
If I can choose, should I fly with American Airlines, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic? Anyone?
Today In History: U.S.A. 1928: The legendary Bing Crosby records one of his first hits – “Ol’ Man River” – with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. He later left the band and went on to make the most famous Christmas song recording – “White Christmas” – of all-time. U.S.A. 2008: As the fallout continues from the sub-prime mess and pending foreclosures in Countrywide customers, Bank Of America has announced it will buy Countrywide Financial for $4.1 billion in stock making Bank Of America Corp. the nation’s biggest mortgage lender and loan servicer. Thid continues the aggresive buying strategy of Bank Of America after buying FleetBoston Financial and MBNA in the last 12 months. UK 1993: British Airways apologises for an alleged "dirty tricks" campaign against Virgin Atlantic and agrees to pay damages of £500,000 to Virgin boss Richard Branson and £110,000 to his airline, plus legal costs of £3m. U.S.A. 1935: This was the beginning of Amelia Earhart’s solo flight trip across the Pacific. S ...
20 years ago today, British Airways admitted liability and apologised for "dirty tricks" campaign against rival Virgin Atlantic
stop trying make me fly with Virgin Atlantic. I am a British Airways baby!
argh good enough daling.. can't wait mehn. Can we go by British Airways or Virgin Atlantic cos they have zee best plane food.
Pondering a transatlantic flight this year. Can anyone recommend an airline? Thoughts on Virgin Atlantic vs British Airways welcome please
Virgin swoops for BA chief: Virgin Atlantic today stepped up the pressure on British Airways when it poached an ...
We have lots of 'Affordable' Caribbean offers, flying with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from £909 per person for 7 nights.
Thomas Cook and TUI could raise £120 million between them if the sale of their share in air traffic control system, NATS, goes ahead. The tour operators are part of a seven-strong consortium called the Airline Group which owns 42% of NATS and includes British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet. The Government is the biggest shareholder with 49%. NATS is valued at about £1bn reports the Sunday Times so the 12% held by Thomas Cook and Tui could see them share £120m. But the sale may not be imminent as The Airlines Group instructed investment bank Rothschild to look into potential investors last September
The year starts with two flight Sales to Barbados from the UK. British Airways and Virgin flights to Barbados on Sale.
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The boys' plane did NOT land yet, the crew flew on Virgin Atlantic, and the boys' flew on British Airways. (via
Book cheap flights to lagos, Nigeria.Flights to Lagos start from £150 + Tax; Dial (020 799 35 799) for Special offers with Arik Air,British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM, Ethiopian, and many more Airlines.
The Delta-Virgin Venture - There has never been any love lost between Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways (BA). So perhaps it wasn?t surprising that that Virgin?s competition with BA was front and center at last Tuesday?s press conference announcing a joint venture between Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines.
British Airways and Iberia boss Willie Walsh said he would be happy to wager Sir Richard Branson a “knee in the groin” that Virgin Atlantic won’t exist in its current form in five years’ time.
Willie Walsh, the boss of British Airways' parent company IAG, has stoked hostilities with rival Richard Branson by offering to accept the boss of Virgin's million-pound bet that he will still be running Virgin Atlantic in five years – but on condition that the stake is 'a knee in the groin'. Describing Branson as a 'billionaire banker' who has contributed little to aviation, Walsh said, "I don't think a million pounds would hurt him. I don't have a million pounds – so a knee in the groin, maybe – I'm sure that would be just as painful for him as me." Who's your money on?
Virgin's new partnership with Delta will intensify competition with British Airways in the lucrative transatlantic market.
The age-long battle of supremacy between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will continue for another five years, at least, as the Virgin Atlantic boss Sir Richard Branson is ready to bet £1 million on the survival of his airline brand.
Delta announced a new transatlantic joint venture with Virgin Atlantic. Which would you prefer for a trip to London: An American-British Airways connection, or Delta-Virgin Atlantic? Why? Post your comments here.
A Perfect Day in wintry London With so many people coming to London this winter, we asked our crew to share some of their favourite London spots. British Airways crew member Mark Rainbow gives his expert take on some of the best things to do in London at this time of year. See his Perfect Day tips here your own Perfect Day to share your best things to do in London here
Richard Branson VS Willie Walsh once again! Richard Branson wants to pay £1million to the staff of British Airways if Virgin Atlantic disappear within five years!
Stop Press 713 - Virgin Atlantic short haul plans revealed From Aberdeen to Australia, Manchester to Mumbai and Edinburgh to the East Coast, Virgin Atlantic passengers around the UK will now be able to enjoy seamless connections to the airline’s long haul destinations with the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s domestic flying programme. Sir Richard Branson’s airline has confirmed that it will challenge British Airways head on by operating 24 domestic flights a day - six daily return flights to Edinburgh, three to Aberdeen and a further three to Manchester - starting from 31 March 2013. The flights, which will operate from London Heathrow Terminal 1, will go on sale on the 19th December and start from £99 per person return.
The A380 has been around longer, and is flown by Air France, Emirates, Qantas, Lufthansa, British Airways, Korea Air, Virgin Atlantic, etc
Virgin Atlantic or British Airways... which is better?
Cabin Crew for planes! Virgin Atlantic and British Airways all them types of airlines!
Virgin Atlantic to operate remedy slots @ Heathrow, following takeover of BMI by British Airways. Flights to Edinburgh & Aberdeen start 2013
INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT AIRLINES, AIRPORTS AND AIR TRAVEL •QANTAS is the world's second oldest airline established in 1920. •QANTAS - Australia’s national airline, originally stood for Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service. •QUANTAS still has the world's best safety record with no crashes as of 2011. •Virgin Atlantic lists catering as their third biggest expense, after fuel and maintenance. •American Airlines spent about $425 million on food for domestic passengers in 2001. •In one year, British Airways passengers consume: * 40.5 tons of chicken * 6 tons of caviar * 22 tons of smoked salmon * 557,507 boxes of chocolate * 90 thousand cases (9 liter cases) of sparkling wine. •Abu Dhabi Airport Services once did a complete turn-around for a Boeing 777 in under 40 minutes, as opposed to a normal minimum of one hour. They unloaded passengers, cargo, mail, cleaned the aircraft, and loaded outbound passengers, cargo and mail in that short time. •In 2001, Dubai Duty Free sold 1,570,214 ...
Virgin Atlantic is to use its newly won slots at Heathrow to start flying to Scotland in comptetion with British Airways.
(Reuters) – Virgin Atlantic will go head to head with rival British Airways (BA) on routes between London and...
LONDON, England - Virgin Atlantic has won all of the London Heathrow take-off and landing slots that British Airways was forced to give up after the ...
Virgin Atlantic secured rights to "all of the Heathrow short-haul remedy slots" shed by British Airways' parent to...
Virgin Atlantic's best and most used PR move to paint British Airways as some big bad company. Easy to see through.
Virgin Atlantic has won the Heathrow slots made available by the bmi-British Airways merger. It will add more UK...
Virgin Atlantic is to start domestic flights from next spring to compete against British Airways on routes to Scotland from Heathrow.
Virgin Atlantic steps up British Airways competition via
Virgin Atlantic: Have won all slots at Heathrow which, British Airways parent, IAG was forced to release as part of its takeover of BMI.
Virgin Atlantic and British Airways to compete on short hauls Edinburgh and Aberdeen to Heathrow
Virgin Atlantic steps up British Airways competition - via
Pretty large list of apprenticeships to apply for ... - British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Airbus, GE, Monarch, Thomson the list goes on -_-
Rumours abound that Virgin Atlantic may fly into Dar es Salaam from London competing with British Airways.
British Airways (BA) has doubled its flights into Cape Town to two a day and rival Virgin Atlantic, which withdr ...
British Airways or Virgin Atlantic? Which has the hottest Cabin Crew? I think I already answered that one...
British Airways and Virgin Atlantic cancel flights to the US as Hurricane ...: A massive storm approaching the E...
"The cost is actually much worse for European airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, because they...
All flights to and from New York have been cancelled by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic due to
New York braces itself for Hurricane Sandy, as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic cancel transatlantic flights
Yeah. British Airways have cancelled all flights in and out and Virgin Atlantic have warned of cancellations.
British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have cancelled all flights between UK and East Coast US until further notice.
British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France cancel all flights to NYC, Boston, Eastern seaboard.
British Airways did a dirty campaign on Virgin Atlantic.
Watching and Virgin Atlantic and British Airways corporate wars. This guy had a rough time when he started!
They've been mixed reactions on the high cost of air travel on the LAGOS-LONDON route,especially from international airline operators,British Airways & Virgin Atlantic's rates are btw N170,000 for the economy class and N700,000 for First Class.the air fare rate on KLM for economy class costs N178,994 ($1,132.84) while the business class is N536,979 ($3,398,56),Air France Charges N184,199 (1,165.79) for economy class,while its business fare is N542,184 ($3,431.51) "All my hope of going to The Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal vs Tottenham this year is up in the wind *** "
Love how cheeky Virgin Atlantic are by having taken up EVERY advertising billboard in the British Airways terminal
I liked a video Royal Jordanian, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and British Airways at
- any really, I would like to work for virgin Atlantic or British Airways in the future tho
Aviation sector opened up - Foreign carriers such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways have expressed interest in investing in Indian carriers.
Having an argument wiv my aunt on bbm, dt d price u pay 4 Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy is what u pay for British Airways' economy.
Hello everyone, I will make an unboxing video of all my aircraft all of these are: Singapore Airlines (A380, A345, B773 in Star Alliance Livery, B773, B772, A333), Emirates (A380,A345), Philippine Airlines (A320, B773, B744), Cathay Pacific (B773, B748), Qantas (B744 in Come and Play Livery, B744 in One World Livery), US Air Force (Lockheed C5 Galaxy, BC-17), FedEx (MD11), UPS (DC8, B767), American Airlines (B767), Virgin Atlantic (A346), Japan Airlines (A380), Virgin Australia (A330, ANA (B772 in Endless Discovery Livery), , Air France (A380), British Airways (Concorde), Boeing 787 (House Colors), B744LCF, Jetstar Airways (A320), Tiger Airways (A319), Jet Blue (MD11 in World Cup Livery). I will also make a video about my airport extension which will extend Runway 27 and end at Runway 9. The mat will Include a Cargo Terminal (I don't know what to make it out of), Military base, Parkings for most planes and a hangar (Either S.I.A. Engineering Ltd. or Lufthansa Technik). So look out for these videos, tell y ...
Sorry if you need airfare contact British Airways or Virgin Atlantic
Nigerian Watch is now available to travellers flying with the following airlines: Air Nigeria, Arik Air, British Airways, South African Airways, Star Alliance and Virgin Atlantic
Just seen a British Airways advert advertising not to fly during the Olympics. It might as well be advertising Virgin Atlantic instead!
British Airways finally make a better advert than Virgin Atlantic..took them 20+ years!!
June 22, 1984 - The Launch of Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic launched on this day in 1984. The airline is jointly owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Airlines (49%) and is headquartered in Crawley, West Sussex, England. Originally the brainchild of Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary - a former Laker Airways pilot - the idea for Virgin Atlantic met stiff resistance from British Airways. A chance meeting with Richard Branson, however, gave the fledgling corporation the public relations and capital infusion necessary to turn it into a reality. On June 22, 1984 Virgin Atlantic flew its inaugural service from Gatwick to Newark on a Boeing 747.
Don't know if I should go to America via British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, which one is the better company?
Did anyone try to customise British Airways' 777-in-your-neighbourhood ad by placing said 777 near Virgin Atlantic's HQ?
Who is better - Virgin Atlantic or British Airways for flying to the US?
'Britain's Flag Carrier?' As much as I love you Virgin Atlantic, wouldn't Britain's flag carrier be British Airways?
I agree! United dont fly from here to UK so our best options are British Airways & Virgin Atlantic (expensive but worth it)
anyone flown their dogs via British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to Boston and were you happy with the service/pickup after arriving?
Am scared to my bones...very scared to try any of these airlines. Last two weeks I flew to Owerri on board Air Nigeria.On landing,the Air-craft over-shot almost off the runway.Everyone was scared. The brake is weak and requires immediate change but the NCAA declares it, fit to fly. The culprits of this Sunday crash know themselves,if government didn't do anything then we the masses will fish them out from their various houses and pay them with the same coin. Enough of politics...The Aviation Minister is not qualified to be the Federal Republic of Nigeria's Aviation Minister. What does she know? Does she know what it means to go on C-Check,what has she enforced? She made Nigeria look stupid before British Airways and Virgin Atlantic daring a fight she knows nothing about. I believe somebody will be on top of the situation. A visitation to the crash site is meaningless,total ban of unfit Air-craft from flying in Nigeria Air-space,Insuring that they have upto date insurance coverage and if they Airliners kno ...
Union Jack brings boom for British business: More than a decade ago British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fought o...
Heard what British Airways did to your bags! Wouldn't have happened with Virgin Atlantic...stick with my babes x
Virgin Atlantic boss, Richard Branson, has expressed his keen desire to take on the short-haul slots at Heathrow that British Airways (BA) is having to forfeit as part of the airline’s parent company IAG’s purchase of BMI.
Latest News Employers including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to help run new tech...
Virgin Atlantic to axe Nairobi service from September; British Airways and Kenya Airways operate daily flights
Get the Best deals on Domestic and International flights before they get jam packed! Call us / write to us to get the best deals on Lufthansa, Austrian, Virgin Atlantic, Air India, Malaysian, British Airways and more….
Virgin Atlantic, British Airways to do battle over Las Vegas: The storied rivalry between British Airways and Vi...
Virgin Atlantic Airlines says its decision to fly to Accra has been worthwhile in terms of returns they are making on their investments. Virgin Atlantic two years joined British Airways as the only two airlines operating on the Accra-London route. United Airlines recently announced its decis
Major Airlines Back Risk Based Checks: Two major airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, as well as Heath...
Would you tell me in which club lounge was Noel? British Airways? or Virgin Atlantic?
Just as the vacation time arrives, major airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, British Airways & Emirates raise fares by 20%
The heat looks to be getting turned up on the EU (European Union) as six European airlines and Airbus have banded together to 'urge' the EU to stop their newly enacted Carbon Emissions Trading Tax: 'Plane maker Airbus, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Air France, Air Berlin and Iberia ha...
virgin Atlantic Airlines will suspend route for Nairobi - London -so KQ you should improve your services coz British Airways sulks!!
"You are one of them, though You may not know it. You fly Virgin Atlantic to London, not British Airways. You buy Your makeup at Sephora and skip the scene at the Saks counters. You wear Patagonia when L.L.Bean would do fine. You cried on the day that Webvan went under. you are one of them."
Air fare War: Barking Aviation Minister too weak to bite as deadline expires - The Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah, has mellowed over her earlier threat to British Airways and Virgin Atlantic after she threatened to impose sa...
Fellas. Senate Public Hearing On Aviation is really a committee that is doing what needs to be done. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic deserve t be Punished.
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16days left for British Airways & Virgin Atlantic Airways to reduce fares on Nigerians or face ban from Govt.
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