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British Airways

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, based in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.

Emma Bunton

We've reported this to our Web Support team, Michael. Thanks for letting us know! ^Lolly
Exactly! claims if they support my claim, it wi…
The thing is, I understand there are weight limitations, but removed TEN passengers from the flight ...…
Did we manage to rebook you, Sophie? Feel free to DM us if you prefer. We'll need your full name, emai…
We certainly appreciate the feedback, Owen. Thanks for letting us know. ^Lolly
...suggest making full use of the lounge beforehand. Have a great weekends! 2/2 ^Lolly
We certainly appreciate your feedback, Kenny. You can pay with Avios if you want to save some pennies how…
Hi I need a flight to London. Why should I fly with you?
Is there anything we can help you with? You certainly don't seem very happy! ^Lolly
It's not mile high cuisine clubbing that grabbed my attention. You understand about cats! Good one!.
Hi Zach. If this isn't the case, please DM us your full name, email and WorldTracer reference. Thanks. ^Lolly
It sounds like you've had a bit of an adventure, Dr. If we can help with anything, please let us know. H…
wife is flying Heathrow on 1040 Pm Boston w/ hydronephrosis anyway she can upgrade return ✈️due to health reasons please
. Welcome to the UK!... And good luck getting Conan of the ground!... With Arnie starring!... Please... 🙏
to May 27, 1960 when the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) introduced a 707 on its London to New York…
Love our flight crew blaming the hour delay on the traffic. If it wasn't that it would be the post office
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A sad ending at Victorville for this British Airways 747 :( Photo by Bailebao
Cheap flights: Kids fly for FREE this summer with THIS airline
very disappointed with my 2 recent flights on BA in Club World and Economy Not looking forward 2 flight from *** Cana
Thanks for letting me move over to the open window seat for my first international flight, ✈️
One great thing about kids: sometimes they get free stuff. is offering free flights for kids:
How do I cancel a hotel booked with Avios points from BA Executive Club? Booking confirmation email is not clear about it.
A slight reprieve, the kind cabin crew have found me another seat that at least has some legroom.…
to 25 April, 1971 when British Overseas Airways Corporation flew its 1st 747 from Heathrow to New York
Do you know that you will be charged for tea and coffee?
Be aware, won't give you any compensation for stress, lost time and ruined holidays.
I confirm, has the worst customer service I ever experienced.
told I was being 're-booked' into an exit row, as with the actual flight I was supposed to be on,…
It is ok that do not offer compensation upgrades. The fact they offer no compensation for damages caused is ridiculous.
so you have a chance to prove that you really do care about Gold card holders, and guess what?. That's right, you failed!
Hi Jill. If you'd care to DM us the full name, email and full address on the booking, we'll be happy to t…
Thanks for getting back to us, Carlos. We'll certainly pass your feedback on. ^Lolly
Luggage has now arrived. Maple sugar sweets have melted but otherwise all seems fine.
I don't often visit the HQ at Waterside. But today & I had mischief to…
What has your travel agent advised, Safoura? ^Lolly
hello, please can you let me know if there are any upgrade options on flight BA2166 on the 13th May from Tampa?
September will be here before you know it, Stuart! Have a great weekend.
Free Online Voting could. help us win 2000€ for our Event in Read more here:
Has our team been able to provide you with any updates, Peta? ^Lolly
Text alert obv meaningless as it was let thru anyway- even when we said the 3500+ wasn't ours…
We're now taxi-ing and rocking while people are still finding their seats and putting their cases…
Am I allowed to take my laptop and it's charger in my hand luggage to America? Unsure about the laptop travel restrictions.
has shown a new low in air travel. Late planes, bad service and a coffee is 2 Pounds? hello
IFE Watching Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge on my flight to LDN to watch Andrew Garfield in Angels In…
11hr flight with 1980's style screens, no power sockets, usb, or wifi... in premium economy BA0248
Make it a this with free flights for kids
do not care about long term customers. Time to leave, take 10 more customers with me and never go back
still haven't received my points from your online shop. Support has been useless, two perfunctory responses only. what now?
After no bag on the way out. On the return flight (BA2038) 30 minutes late to depart and counting…
Scenes of chaos and a total fiasco on BA208 from MIA. Oh god and it's getting worse as I type. My goodness me.
There's probably a Brexit joke in here somewhere,...
This ad of a man reliving his grandpa’s London times is the perfect tug at our souls: Sponsored by…
Healthrow but now I'm back in MTL Canada 😭
are you really going to charge me £75 to change ONE letter on my flight ticket?
So managed it to lose my luggage on the outbound AND the return flight from MUC to LHR. . Seriously - I'm very impressed!😂
Not even offered a complimentary upgrade as compensation. Honestly, we stood there and listened to…
British Airways is offering free flights for kids this summer | Travel + Leisure
Cabin Crew - Customers are at the heart of everything we do at British Airways.
Head on with a British AIrways 787-9 on final at Heathrow. Photo by Akbarali Mastan
I'm not too keen on backlit images, but the 747 has to be an exception! G-CIVC arriving at
This is terrible: adding the _correct_ data at gets you locked out for checking in. 6mins on the phone, they…
WHY does British airways ads keeping seen on my TL ever since that not good President came to power?
Pensioner, 87, forced to sit in wet clothes for 13 HOURS after BA refused to let her use loo.
British Airways flight spotted 136 miles away traveling 571mph at 37,325 feet!
David Mitchell writes well in Guardian on
Here is our interview with BA Concorde Captain, John Hutchinson.
Of sandwiches and Percy Pigs: British Airways is turning into a no-frills airline vía
It's unusual, but this can happen, Ross. We're sorry you're disappointed. ^Fiona
Someone should make a mosaic of all the Lufthansa and British Airways PMDG 747s
Amy and I were lucky to get perfect weather for our weekend in London! 70 and sunny. Thanks for making it…
British Airways flight spotted traveling 523mph at 29,400 feet!
I'm not happy - just over a week after I've bought my tickets & the price is £50 down!!! Extortion…
ok thanks Fiona. Is there a chance of upgrading seats with avios at the airport?
Hi Philip, this doesn't sound right. Can you DM us more information so we can try and help? Thanks. ^Fiona
We're you given any reference numbers, Ben? If so can you DM them to us with your full name and email address? Thanks. ^Fiona
How does putting your children in front of you count as 'next to' on a flight? Load of *
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Thanks, Abe. So we can pass this to our IT team, is this a booking with Avios or a full cash booking? ^Fiona
This is great to hear, Jeremy! We hope you have a great flight, too! ^Fiona
Hi Elisa, we're sorry to hear this. Can you DM your booking reference, email and contact number so we can look into this? ^Fi
Hi Nicole, you'd only be able to change the seat at the airport once you've completed check-in. ^Fiona
Have you ever seen two happier faces, Zoya!? We're pleased you and Flat Chloe had a great flight! ^Fiona
Hi Tom, we're sorry to hear this. Please be assured your comments will be fed back to the lounge managers. ^Fiona
Hi Nathan, we're pleased you have your bag. We don't offer compensation for this. We're sorry for any disappointment. ^Fiona
British Airways eliminated free meals in econ on intra-European flts, & even free hot water if u bring ur own tea.…
Hi, this was due to an unexpected, brief closure of Gatwick Airport. ^Fiona
Which are clearly woefully inaccurate. Spend 10k trip on a flight ruined by a and offered £50. A joke
Phew, we were hoping you weren't going to leave us hanging! We hope you have a great flight and an even better week! ^Fiona
Hi john, we're sorry to hear this. Would you like to DM us more information about what happened? ^Fiona
All information regarding the restrictions can be found by following this link, Julia. ^Fiona
Oh, all right. I took the same flight route 2 yrs ago, it must have changed. Thank you Fiona!
Ah, don't be sad, Mike! It means we get to see your lovely face on board as you start collecting again! ^Fiona
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Yes, they said there's nothing they can do as the have not been notified by LHR about the case bei…
How happy are your faces, Allan! We hope you had a fantastic flight! ^Fiona
We're sorry you're unhappy with our Customer Relations response, Ben. All gestures offered are in line with our 1/2
Hi Leanne, operating airlines are advised at time of booking as we do have code share flights with our partners. ^Fiona
Hi James, is there anything we can help with here? ^Fiona
We're sorry to hear this, Ben. Have you reported this at the airport? ^Fiona
Alex Cruz, chairman of "I don't engage with running this airline into the ground". Yeah mate you're just making it worse.
Hi Jilly, thanks for your lovely words! It's our pleasure to have you fly with us. We can't wait to see you again. ^Fiona
This may be why you're not able to select this route on our website. ^Fiona 2/2
Hi Adriana, we've looked into this and the Naples flights don't connect with the departing Barbados flight. 1/2
We're sorry about any negative experience. We're sure our friends at British Airways will help.
British Airways could scrap free meals on long-haul flights - British Airways could start charging for meals on...
even paid an extra $1500 to book though AA instead of BA to ensure I'd get a seat, still didn't
how do you suggest I book business class INTL from LHR to HYD without getting downgraded, TWICE?
Hi Mark, we're sorry for the delay and lack of information at the airport. This has been fed back for you. ^Fiona
Hi Anne, thanks for your lovely comments! We loved having you on board and hope to see you again soon! ^Fiona
it won't allow me to DM you. What's the next step?
Hi Debbie, we're sorry for the diversion to the flight. This was due to an unexpected, temporary closure of Gatwick airport. ^F
British Airways could charge for food on long haul flights  (
Hi Matthew, we're sorry about this! Can you DM your Exec number, email and date of birth if you're still having problems. ^Fi
Good morning is it possible to change seats after checking in? Would like to pay for exit seat. Traveling tonight. Thanks
Sorry to hear your luggage is delayed, Ellie. Have you been given a 10 digit baggage reference? ^Amy
Sergei looks like he could be a British Airways plane. Look at those wings.
Hi Malkeet, I've arranged a call for your girlfriend in the morning. ^Chris
We're glad to hear you were pleased with the crew, Amy. I'll pass your kind words on. They'll be greatly appreciated. ^Chris
Thanks for letting us know, Ollie. I've passed this on to our Maintenance team. ^Chris
Hi Oliver, that seems like the number from Belgium. The UK number is 0344 493 0785. ^Chris
Hi Jian, could you DM us your phone number? ^Chris
Looking forward to an amazing flight home with from Dubai ❤
Hi Ann, you would need to contact IAG Cargo at They deal with the transportation of animals. ^Chris
We apologise for the inconvenience, Melanie. We appreciate it must have been frustrating. ^Chris
Since British Airways has not banned Ravindra Gaikwad, he can fly frm Mumbai to London and then take the British Airways flight…
A week of peace and quiet then, Chris? We look forward to seeing you again soon. ^Chris
We're pleased to hear this, Craig. I'll make sure I pass this on to Jessica and Katie. Your comments will be appreciated.^Chris
A bag drop desk not serving people from drop bag line! I'm suppose 2 b next. This is ridiculous!!!
Hi Kerry, if you miss a flight, the rest of your booking is automatically cancelled. We're unable to retrieve the booking.
help ba. I've been trying to contact you all for the past two weeks
We're really pleased to hear this, Gemma. It's certainly a tearjerker. ^Chris
We're disappointed to hear this, Deborah. Did you speak with the crew about the cabin temperature? ^Chris
I booked a trip from TT to st.Lucia and got an error saying contact ba. I've been emailing two weeks now and no response
Not tonight! I’ve packed the husband off to London for a visit home. I’ll be following from San Francisco in a week or so.
Thanks Chris. Just didn't want any trouble. If it bursts I can live with that 😉
We understand your disappointment, however, we have no plans to take part in TSA pre-checks. ^Chris
Hi Marta, as previously mentioned, we're unable to assist you further. ^Chris
fix up! We have a flight to catch get someone to take our bags at bag drop in LAX
Update your maps at Navteq
We're concerned to hear this, Craig, Could you explain what happened? ^Chris
Hi Ian, could you DM us your Executive Club number, full name, email address and date of birth? ^Chris
It certainly is iconic, Chris. Are you joining us on board tonight? ^Chris
Current passengers might be familiar, but for new people it isn't obvious and counter to other airline patterns
Woman, 87,was blocked from going to toilet by BA hostess..Humiliation by British Airways via
You mean more like a budget airline? Yes, I agree!!
It is not obvious that you need to click your current seat and then select another. If you don't t…
Hi Liz, this should be fine. If it's inflated it may burst due to the air pressure though. ^Chris
Hi there, please contact the airport's Lost Property team at +39 06 65953545. ^Chris
Wherever I am in the world, there's nothing like a tail to remind you of home.
We're disappointed to hear this, Kay. You can track the progress of your bag at ^Chris
Hi Marina, there's no need to change this. Our system doesn't accept spaces so it automatically merges them. ^Chris
at check-in. You would to pay to select your seat. ^Chris 2/2
Hi Jonathan, if you're travelling on a Basic fare, a seat will be selected for you 1/2
Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad can still fly to Delhi-British airways didn't ban him yet. He can now go to London and then board a Delhi flight. :)   10% Off
We're really pleased to hear this from you, Geoff. I'll pass your lovely comments on to our Customer Experience team. ^Chris
That does sounds relaxing, Col. We hope you have a great flight. The First wing opens tomorrow, 04 April. ^Chris
Hi Belinda, we can see the flight is still currently operating. Please check for updates. ^Chris
Iberia, Alitalia & US airlines contacting passengers re strike in Buenos Aires on 6th to help rebook but no word from hmm
Sorry about that, Aubrey. We're following you now. ^Chris
Saw this ad for the50th time. Now it's time to block.
Exciting times, Brian! I'm jealous. Let us know how you get on. ^Chris
Hi I'm from NOLA. He's from Britain. Just engaged ❤❤❤! Soon to be separated by the Atlantic.
British Airways faces £290,000 bill after running out of toilet roll
Hi there, could you DM us your booking reference, full name and phone number? ^Chris
Great Sunday for great pictures! Especially the blue sky with flying overhead ✈️😀
is sleeper service available in Business Class from IAH to LHR?
Riding Shotgun in Business Class from London to Stockholm BA776 -
Oh, has the new First Wing opened at T5 yet? Just I'll be thru there Monday & wanna nose if it has.
Can't wait to get on my upper deck A380 backwards facing window seat to get me back to Blighty. I need sleep.
All purpose parts banner
.Do the dogs *** themselves or do they get a toilet?
please advise on BA flight to Argentina this Thursday. We've been told by Argentinian govt that flight cancelled.
The new lunch offering on short and medium length flights on British Airways is now revealed here!
Plz follow me so that i can DM the details
Unfortunately there is no mail id in your website which wil help customers in other countries who cannot cal u as u expect
I have complaint on my missing baggage and am waiting for a meaningful update since 4 days.
Aerolite Super Lightweight ... from now costs £56,00, save £43,99
You might well be annoyed. It would you rather fly on an unsafe aircraft? And I guess Lisa can't fix the plane?
British Airways starts scanning faces for faster boarding
glad I did that - just been told my flight has been delayed until 9.00pm. Excellent! The BA service has seriously slipped
no BA official communication or staff on the ground- disgraceful. Wait until 9 and get postponed again?!
saying 9pm now. still no response from BA
yes would like to be told what's going on?!?. 2.10am flight? Cancelled. 10am flight rescheduled? Cancelled . 😡
That was funny I couldn't stop laughing I'm surprised they did not know it was you
the flight from Kuwait to Jeddah also delayed for 1 h, there will be…
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arriving Kuwait they promised that someone from BA, will be waiting for us!
There was 2 flights through Doha and Dubai from London. They refused…
our flight from London to Jeddah cancelled. rebooked us to Kuwait but it is cancelled
Thanks Movements, and - from home in Loughborough to departure lounge in 2 hours!!
New BA Club Europe catering starts Sunday – with some hot meals scrapped
looking at a 20 hour delay... 20 HOURS!?!? Update on BA072
Wonderful service at check in, getting me from middle to aisle and from back to front. :)
it was Jaqueline. But I am flying back tomorrow from LAX>LHR and still no resolution 😫 Told to apply 4 comp post flight?!!!
En route to with my .. traveling for the Draw tomorrow live on ⚽️ ✈️
Hey morning, was wondering can we give suggestions for destinations for in the future to you guys by any chance?
Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet, Dan. Where are you jaunting off to today? ^Lisa
in HKG. I travel with hand luggage only to avoid queuing but had to queue for ages due to online & mobile check-in fail.
UK embassy can't know Heathrow organisation. Question is: untile BA0012 gate and BA0564 gate, there are passport check?
UPDATE ON BA072? Come on this is beyond a farce... give us an update?
Have a fab flight, James! I'm feeling slightly sick and feel a trip would be just the medicine. Room for 1 more, Doctor? ^Lisa
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update on BA072? Meant to leave at 2am this morning from Abu Dhabi? Now saying 9pm today what's going on?
I'm afraid we're unable to advise on visa requirements, Roberto. You do need to speak with your embassy. Sorry for any 1/2
The Salvatore boys on a British Airways flight on my birthday Dec, 8th 2009 from LA to London...…
Ok, so it's 5am on Saturday but never have I ever seen the 1st lounge this empty!
airport. I'm afraid seating is never guaranteed, I do hope you still enjoy your flight though. ^Lisa 2/2
Sorry to hear this, James. Sometimes the airport takes control of check in, which means you need to check in at the 1/2
We can certainly give you a call. We'll need you to DM us your full name, booking ref and contact number. Could you also 1/2
what's the update on BA072? Stranded in Abu Dhabi what's going on?
Sorry to hear you're delayed, Alicia. Our crew wouldn't serve snacks, just in case they get a take off slot. ^Lisa
Can Gaikwad go on a British Airways flight from Delhi-London-Bombay?
The question is: people come from SIN with BA0012, before take BA0564 to LIN, need overstep UK border control?
Exciting stuff, Liz! I'm sure our horsie will be delighted to see you. Have you named him? ^Lisa
stuck on a runway for over 2 hours at JFK. Drunk passengers who were bullying a poor lady. Staff unable to control.
Thank you for the lovely feedback, Richie. Hope you have an amazing weekend. ^Lisa
no checkin service here at Oman airport today due to "tech issues". No updates though... any news?
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For embassy, if people from SIN-LHR can stay in transit area before LHR-LIN, visa is not required.
Hi Jamie, we haven't been advised of any delays. The airport staff would be best placed to assist you. ^Chris
Then British Airways from Hong Kong to London with a 5hr drive to Manchester 😱 Gosh I'm not even going but I feel numb already 😂😂
October 2016, my daughter was denied boarding by a British Airways staff in the U.K. Citing some visa...
still queuing thanks to 21st century systems ... Not!
Morning Chris, I'm off to Heathrow to catch a flight to Houston TX!
British Airways introduces boarding without passports as it installs facial recognition at Heathrow 
Hi there, there's currently a 40 minute delay. Please check our website for further updates. ^Chris
Sorry you feel this way, Jaci. We can certainly look at cancelling your booking. Please DM us your booking ref, email and 1/2
British Airways starts scanning faces to enable faster boarding
Level: British Airways' new sister airline is offering tr - The Independent
British Airways' new sister budget airline has flights to California from £220.
See David Walliams, Emma Bunton and Tom Daley surprise British Airways passengers at Heathrow
Level - new low-budget airline from IAG (British Airways / Iberia) from June 2017 Barcelona to LA, San Francisco, B…
Comic Relief Video: David Walliams becomes a British Airways employee and messes with passengers checking in:…
Hi Siona. You wouldn't be able to use your Avios towards seat allocation, however you may be able to use them to upgrade 1/2
Hi John. Are you travelling with us soon? ^DS
$149 one-way to Barcelona? British Airways parent enters trans-Atlantic budget air wars
We're sorry your flight was delayed, John. We hope you weren't kept waiting for to much longer. ^Ems
BA0042 today was delayed to 0:00. missing our flight to Hamburg afterwards, They couldn't book a new flight.
Meet Level, British Airways' low-cost little sister airline offering transatlantic flights from £86 from this summer
Customer relations fail to put me through to them 4 times this morning. what…
You're welcome, Daniel. If you have any other questions, please let us know. ^DS
Hi Fergus, please DM us some more info so we can point you in the right direction. Thanks! ^Ems
Hi Michelle, one of our sales agents will be able to help you with this. What issues have you been having? ^Ems
as you can be asked by security at any point whilst at the airport. 2/2 ^DS
Hi there. You wouldn't need ID to travel on a British Airways flight, however we would recommend taking ID with you, 1/2
I hope so, this is my worse ever flying experience, BA communication has been non existent. U dont follow ur own policies
has really really bad recycling system on the air. Not environment friendly at all. Huge problem
they certainly should have. Very poor form. You deserve compensation or avios.
ok I will DM you know Mark Burgess has to be the rudest BA staff member I have met.
Baby Spice & teamed up for this fantastic campaign for
PIC is the email about my 60k miles is lost, because you close of my account by mistake, I contact…
a few routes from Manchester if you could drive and park there? Here's some links
Can you people just be honest with me and tell me exactly what your intentions are? NO refund should take this long.
when will you release your flights to Florida in June 2018?
Hi Will. Sorry, but we don't fly to Europe from Newcastle. There aren't any oneworld carriers that fly direct either. We have 1/2
Apologies, the BA042 is due to depart at 19:40. ^Ems
Hi Tim, we're so sorry your flight has been delayed for so long. You're due to depart at 19:00 this evening. ^Ems
New low-cost airline Level will fly from LA and Oakland to Barcelona.starting in June. .
my change of seat did not save for my flight. How do I change my seat after I have already checked in?
Delayed flight BA42 CPT-LDN of 16/03/17 tonight complete shambles, had to depart at 19:00,still at boarding gate at 19:22!
British Airways teams up with for Red Nose Day 2017! ✈️🔴
I am in Buenos airways and Neither my app will let me check in or do it on line . Why?
BA owner IAG launches new long-haul airline Level. The owner of British Airways is launching a new long-haul...
which is he is now enjoying behind the desk in front of your 'best customers'. Not good!
BA274 Premium Cabin 12K, jammed curtain. BA Maintenance in comfort puts customer in discomfort.
So in the lounge at NCL, no choice in sandwiches - most choices have run out and the soup container is empty!
sorry, we can't afford it. We're saving for We'll be over when we get rid of and elect a human for Prez.
Flying Level: owner IAG is launching a new low-cost, long-haul airline .
Hi Tim, there are 2 BA0042 flights departing this evening. One at 19:00 arriving at 04:44 18 March. 1/2
I’d forgotten just how awful are. Ugh. Next time I’m definitely taking
incredible that BA staff did not manage this awful situation Anna, not their finest hour alas
Hi Daniel. The London City flights are operated by CityFlyer. They were not included in our Buy on Board launch on 1/2
And air distribution fragments further. time to act - transparency for consumers paramount
always grey when you travel with BA
That's a great shot, Ed! Looks like an updated version of the original Grand Theft Auto game! ^Jamie
Poll Question: British Airways parent IAG is calling its new low-cost, long-haul ...
your system for paying for extra bags is a farce. "Can't guarantee whether you'll receive a receipt or not." Sort it out!
JFK concord lounge is something else (much better than the LHR equivalent) - my favourite lounge in the world
its good to see that a basic counting is part of your teams skills BA0440 what's going on!!?? 42 mins delay and counting
Hey seeking your expertise on the matter; is this ad depicting a hand on wheat? Ask…
Overflew LCY this morning love CityFlyer one of the best bits of - Small is…
British Airways launching Level airline to compete in low-cost market
Hi Millie, please DM your ref, email and home address so we can look at your booking for you. ^Ems
British Airways sister airline to offer trans-Atlantic flights from $149
Baby Spice, went undercover as a British Airways check-in agent
Emma Bunton - a.k.a Baby Spice - teamed up with British Airways to prank airline passengers at London's Heathrow...
Baby Spice goes undercover to spice up the travels of British Airways passengers
not exactly news we are looking for. Our flight cancelled
Hi Franco. No problems. You take a really good photo by the way. ^Neil
no I couldn't get through the retried web site which worked , had to go through entire booking , seating , billing 3 times
Please RT? Finding more about the design of British Airways First Class Suites…
You may find the following link handy: ^Cec
Totally impossible to get through to completely useless customer service
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi Lee. We're glad you think so. You going to book somewhere nice. New York is pretty fab. ^Neil
British Airways I need your assistance with a flight I have just booked my name is wrong on the ticket? No answer on your help line?
We have a rebooking policy in place, Echo. You can call us, or DM your booking ref, full name, email and date of birth. ^Cec
So it's been over a month since I filled your forms for a delayed flight. How much longer do you need to handle it?
flight to NYC cancelled tomorrow and can't get through to customer services... support would be helpful please
Have tried to send a private DM but it won't let me for some reason! I think you may need to follow me so I can do this
So my flight from nyc to London has been cancelled because of the storm. can I rebook my connecting flight to Amsterdam?
British Airways have cancelled my flight to London because of a blizzard forecast for tomorrow. Surely this is a sign 😄😄😄
his passport doesnt have last name. Its blank. He is travelling after 20 years.
your rules don't help the customer. Got 2 separate booking refs traveling from ATL-NCL and have to pay twice for xtra bags
So we can take a look, please DM your case ref, email, address and full name, Austen. ^Cec
Yes indeed. I had four other colleagues on the flight and you'd run out of food before row 12.
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