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British Airways

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, based in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.

London Heathrow Daily Mail

The best explanation of the British Airways debacle by Gene Callahan.
The outage, estimated to have cost as much as 100 million euros ($112 million).
It’s good to know how treat customers who pay a ridiculously expensive ticket.
Sincere apologies for any inconvenience, Nadim. Please proceed to the airport as planned, staff there w…
British Airways, Iberia follow Lufthansa with surcharge for GDS bookings .
This is good to hear, George. Did you have an enjoyable flight, despite the initial issues? ^Lisa
Sorry for the passing back and forth, Milan. If your flight is operated by AA, you'll need to contact them…
you have left my wife and 2yr old child stranded at Riyadh airport overnight due to 'systems'. You are absolutely appalling
Apologies for any inconvenience, Het. Please call our Sales team, who'll be happy to assist. The numbe…
And again: British Airways didn't open their check in counters until 1 hour before boarding 🙌
airport. Sorry for any disappointment. ^Lisa 2/2
I was just in London, dumped by in the luggage area and told fend for yourself..I did for 2 days.
Apologies for our late response, Mohamed. Sometimes the airport takes control of check in, when this happ…
Trying to check in but keep getting kicked over to the site.HELP!!!
booked a return ticket of your airline via an agent with a wrong passport number. Can't get to the agent but it is urgent.
Hi, Jenn. Could you DM your details please? We'll then certainly help if we can. We'll need your book…
British airways first flight, hour delay without explanation, terrible food, broken chair, only served one drink an…
you have left my wife & 2 yr old daughter stranded at Riyadh airport overnight. No one prepared to help. You are appalling.
Sorry for any disappointment, Issy. We'll get this fed back for you. Did you enjoy your flight despite this? ^Lisa
Great video! But even this doesn't show dangers of tightly coupled/loosely ctrl…
Thanks although not my turn this trip!! Next week 🛬😝 !
Wow! 29 dominoes would allow 5mm domino to topple Empire State Building! (Digit…
British Airways have been criticised for not doing enough to compensate customers affected by the flight delays
No idea why I've just called you Jeff! Apologies, Scott. Please send the info as requested. Many thanks. ^Lisa
Video of Speedbird 38P (British Airways 288 PHX to London) flying over Chase Field shortly after takeoff.
Let us take a look at your booking, Jeff. We'll need your booking ref, email and contact number. Many thanks. ^Lisa
British Airways strike suspended as fresh talks called
Simple explanation for why large systems are brought down by small failures
British Airways strike suspended as fresh talks called
sure they'll assist if they can. Many thanks. ^Lisa 2/2
Hey, Gabo. Sorry you're unhappy with your allocated seats. If you've already checked in, please speak w…
Do you mean the airport or onto a flight? ^Lisa
British PM's top aides quit after election disaster - PM's top aides quit after el...
planned. Our staff there will assist with check in. Many thanks. ^Lisa 2/2
It certainly is, Kirsty. Sometimes the airport takes control of check in. When this happens, you ju…
He contacted me after I had paid British Airways to escort my children back home.
All claims are dealt with in order of date received. A member of our Customer Relations team will be in to…
meantime please check the following link for any update: ^Lisa 2/2
Sorry to hear you're without your bag, Eoin. We're doing all we can to have your bag back with you a…
Hi, i don't understand what is this means? does the tier miles are expiring? or i have to book a f…
Unfortunately you won't be able to use your Avios to access the lounges, Alex. ^Natalie
Hi Amanda, we're following you now. How can we help? Please include your booking reference, full name and e…
our Customer Relations team will be in contact as soon as possible. ^Natalie 2/2
Hi Chris, we apologise for the delay in getting back you. All cases are responded to in date order. A member of 1/2
AvTalk Episode 7: Understanding the Qatar 🇶🇦 flight bans & the British Airways 🔌IT meltdown and recovery. 📻.
"What is technical debt, and why is British Airways up to its neck in it?" by on
IT failure led to 672 cancellations over two days - :
At Belfast city airport so surely it's YOUR responsibility my phone bill is sitting at £190 it's n…
I have been ringing since this happened useless keep getting told to ring delta but his bag was ch…
Next week's British Airways striked called off
You would need to contact OmniServe directly. ^Chris 2/2
We're glad to hear you were happy with the selection of food offered to you, Judy. We don't control the airport assistance. 1/2
Is it just me or has had a moment. My pack update isn't showing up in the launcher, ITS BEEN…
Hi Peter, they are two different types of ticket, which means the fare structure will be different. 1/2
It would depend who the other carrier is as to whether it would be checked through a second time. ^Chris 2/2
Hi Kirsty, sorry for the delayed response. If the BA flights are on the same ticket, they will be checked through. 1/2
This is so true, I've been on once and they were great!
Shocked at how quick security was. In terminal five now with my delayed flight.
We understand your disappointment, Ross. We hope you have now received your bags. ^Chris
Absolute joke that are now departing flights due to leave later than earlier flights & leaving others w…
We're pleased to hear it, Jo. Thanks for getting in touch. ^Chris
Website Builder 728x90
Never expected to be quoted by BBC News! There must be many more needy passengers still desperate for help 😢.
Hi Lars, have you created a claim or would you like us to set it up for you? ^Chris
They often don't have their Vaunted Healthy Options such as Fruit Sala…
British Airways flight disruption was caused by someone unplugging the power
All downhill... pretending full-service, but sinking to new low to compete w or y…
the date and amount of the transaction and your phone number? ^Chris 2/2
We're sorry for the delayed response, we've been very busy. Could you DM the long card number, 1/2
Thank you for responding during a tough week for you guys... I was flying out of Chicago O'hare.
Sorry about that, Gus. The link is: ^Chris
NEWS British Airways IT outage caused by contractor who switched off power
British Airways cabin crew vote for more strike action
British Airways system outage reportedly caused by human error
We're not sure. You've been denied access incorrectly. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. I've f…
I wonder how will back themselves out of this? Fantastic actual flight staff but just horrible support on the ground :(.
Important news for anyone planning to fly with British Airways this month.
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After an hour long push back re rebook LHR->EDI due to flight delay, I am happily on for my long haul to LHR.
Hi Garry, you would need to contact our BA Holidays team at 0344 493 0787 option 1 . They're open from 07:30-20:00. ^Chris
HELLO EUROPE. BRITISH AIRWAYS SALE. For more information and bookings, email nuch
We go to India once in 3 years as we cannot offered the tickets but BA has just like that denied boarding! Shocking!
Hi Claire, did you manage to speak with someone? If not, please DM us your booking reference, full…
Hi Gustavo, could you DM us your Executive number, full name, home address and email address? ^Chris
Very cool plane. If you're up top take a stroll down the spiral stairs at the back
No redundant power? Or was redundant power not verified during operational verification? Or was there no Op ver? .
First-ever time on an Airbus a380 😮 What a giant plane and these wings are massive. Cheers 🥂 ✈️
My family of 3 were denied boarding ATL to MAA flight via LHR for illogical reason. Can I getback all my hard-earned money?
Thanks British Airways,start of a 4 day cabin crew strike on the day we fly back from Pisa ,could be worse could be at the start of holiday
Only June and we can already announce the semifinalists for PR disaster of the year. It's between British Airways and…
PA: Sources say British Airways cabin crew are to stage a four-day strike from 16 June in a long-running dispute over pay
Have you tried turning it off and on again? No plan for primary DC Failure. £53m in lost revenue. Is it risky now?
British Airways cabin crew to stage four-day strike in mid June
We're disappointed you feel this way. We wouldn't offer a gesture. Your comments have been fed back to…
Thank you cabin crew Jody & Lesley 0273 LHRSAN for making our trip so enjoyable. Utmost in customer service.
Hi Liam, it states on our website that the number you rang would incur charges. EU compensation is offered per journey, 1/2
British Airways cancels all flights from 2 London airports amid global computer outage
Stressed & alone pregnant lady stranded in London, without clothes, & my family is in Copenhagen.
Hi there, could you DM us your WorldTracer, full name, home address with zip code and your phone number? ^Chris
We're sorry for the delayed response, Vanessa. We hope you have been reunited with your bag by now. ^Chris
Human error to blame for British Airways chaos: Report
And no downtime email! :) >> British Airways I.T. outage caused by contractor who switched off power - Reuters
Hi Gautam, the weight allowance is 23kg. ^Chris
BA flight chaos blamed on new CEO's cost-cutting measures
Hi Habib, you would need to contact our Sales team at 0844 493 0787 option 2. They're open from 07:30-21:45. ^Chris
Hi Mara, we don't offer accommodation during layovers, however, there will be hotels close to the airport. ^Chris
British Airways says power surge at data center caused outage, not cyberattack
This time we were stuck in the Copenhagen airport with BA…
Would you know why I am unable to reserve a seat for my forthcoming flight to Chicago in June?
72 hrs & still no bags. Some @ local airport; no delivery til Fri as no courier. It is clear that
Aviation: British Airways mops up after tidal wave of IT problems
Don’t let the British Airways IT failure leave you out of pocket. Here are your delay and cancellation rights.
permanent address and booking reference. Please include all details you're trying to update. Many thanks, 3/3 ^JulieR
British Airways travel chaos after major IT failure – video report
We're sorry for the late reply, Agustina. We hope you have been rebooked. If you still need help please…
Brought $s for my NY trip but can't go (thx BA). What to do with it now? Sell back rate is low, meaning I lose out
Theresa May warned as home secretary about British Airways cost-cutting .
to complete. If you're still experiencing problems and would like us to take a look please DM us your full…
I know you've been busy, but I flew out two days ago. Thanks
Yeah got rebooked but missed a whole day of travel.
Funny how people who refuse to work on legacy systems have strong opinions about how British Airways designed their systems
British Airways flights cancelled as computer failure causes problems at. 👉
where can we find the document and procedure to fill our expennses report due to the IT issue on last Sat?
Hi Alessio, do you still need assistance? How can we help? ^Sarah
Thanks for checking bk! 😀 He did reach his destination! Waiting to hear the real reason behind this debacle!
Hi - I am trying to contact your customer service and there is no answer. I need your assistance ASAP. Please DM me. Thanks
Hi Tom, we're sorry you're experiencing problems online. We'd recommend to keep trying this online as may take a few attempts 1/3
British Airways vows to ensure no repeat of IT failure that caused global flights disruption -
give me a call and I'll tell you exactly how forced redundancy on IT staff to cut costs and how Unions did nothing
Hi Matty, will do. You should be able to apply for a refund on your unused sectors. ^Danny
British Airways cancels all flights from Heathrow. 👉
British Airways: Couple finally marry after guests arrive on Greek island
Customers still without luggage after British Airways IT failure
British Airways resumes flights from London after IT outage but many passengers still. 👉
British Airways computer chaos: The worst IT meltdowns of all time
I have had no response to my missing bag query. Is it possible to claim for repl…
Is lack of planning to blame for BA's bank holiday disaster? And what is the role? takes a look
British Airways passengers stuck on the runway in. 👉
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sorry for the late reply, Ellen. Please go to Manage My Booking on to refund your booking. ^Lynn
British Airways passengers told to go home after their flight is cancelled Daily Mail. 👉
BA has agreed to cover all claims for compensation under EU rules for those hit by the IT meltdown
British Airways should come clean about computer chaos
Why doesn't he resign with the little bit of dignity he has left !! Or hasn't should I say
British Airways IT meltdown chaos leads to £500million share price crash in just eight minutes…
Eventually, I had to wait 8 hours at HK airport (I was in transit) for any BA staff to arrive though.
Hi Reony, you should be able to get a refund online now. ^Danny
Understand I cannot DM you unless you follow me! Please can you GET IN TOUCH
My Interview with Radio Northampton on British Airways brand meltdown
Power surges at British Airways over weekend causes of over $125 million, highlights importance of DR procedures
Power surge at British Airways data centre causes flight chaos
Power surge at British Airways causes flight chaos
Backup systems not valid unless tested: (via PCW) Power surge at British Airways data center causes flight chaos /
British Airways turmoil, Brexit woes & Dreamliner orders; our weekly aviation news round up
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British Airways unions blame outsourcing of IT works to India for its IT failure today
British Airways - BA - Corporate head office for IAG is in London, UK PLC The Daily Mail rubbish
Daily Mail needs to chacek facts the corporate head office for IAG is in London, UK. They own BA British Airways
Brands that have lost my business for good: Jet and British Airways, Tata Tele and Airtel Broadband, Manipal Hospital, Nike, Sho…
(Yorkshire Evening Post):to face huge compensation costs after IT crash : British Airways..
Flights to London from India - British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air India and Jet. 👉
British Airways flight cancellations: Am I entitled to compensation and how ... via…
oh and LOL the drunk first class loungers are clearing out the alcohol stores and taking bottles of wi…
- note that BA which has major IT issue 2day is not same as BAE News team making a major error here.
Are inbound flights cancelled from SFO today ?? App is showing on time this afternoon ?
Computer problems causing delays for British Airways passengers, airline says as it issues an apology
We're working with following an issue with their IT system this morning that has caused some delays f…
All British Airways flights from Heathrow and Gatwick cancelled for rest of the day after BA global computer failure.
Less than a third of the normal British Airways flights in the air at the moment following a major IT system outage. htt…
UPDATE 2 | All flights leaving from this evening (UTC+1) have been cancelled after a…
domain names
why are you not following EU law in Dublin for onward flights accommodation etc
BREAKING: cancels all flights from London airports due to global outage https:…
British Airways is under cyber attack, but Aadhaar is safe and EVMs can't be hacked!
I keep getting busy signal on phone to rebook. Will keep trying.
And home. Sure many far worse off than me
Never a good day to miss your plane, but Bank Holiday Weekend & start of the school…
⚠️If you're flying out of flights are cancelled ⚠️
Our flight cancelled today. Communications by BA staff non-existent, appalling
still no clue as what happened to IT system, can comment if system is hacked? What happens to DR system?
Sent away from Manch Airport with no info and no idea when i will be going home to Sydney. Disgraceful from BA.
British Airways has canceled all Saturday flights from London's two biggest airports
We're very sorry for the disruption today, Alexandra, especially after past poor experiences. We ***
Whether due to a cyber attack or an IT failure we, as an industry, need to be building more robust systems.
queuing since 10:00am, holiday ruined, luggage for family of 6 and 2 children. Absolute nightmare.…
hit by global IT failure, suspends flights
staff at pisa are most unhelpful. How do I find out about flights tomorrow??
Every single person at has condemned the way has handled this. Communication non existe…
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. British Airways: All flights cancelled amid IT crash -
Spare a thought for the British Airways IT department this bank holiday weekend.
British Airways apologise to customers facing delays after IT outage
Thanks to Mrs Thomson for visiting and telling us about working as cabin crew for The class thoroughl…
Hi there, we're working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. ^Cody
Flights from London airports cancelled following BA computer failure
so you are. It taking calls and diverting customers to your website which doesn't allow rescheduling 😡😡😡
I have been stuck in Terminal 5 since 7am trying to fly to Istanbul, how do I know if I've been placed on a flight tomorrow
British Airways chaos: All flights cancelled at Heathrow and Gatwick after global computer failure - The Telegraph
Top story: British Airways suffers major IT outage, cancels and delays flights … see more
Stop moaning ffs your not the only one effected.
British Airways employees are doing everything in their capacity to resolve the IT system failure. . https:/…
British Airways has cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick for the rest of Saturday after computer failure.
British Airways cancels all flights leaving from Heathrow and Gatwick for rest of today because of "major IT system failu…
- how do I go about rebooking my cancelled LGW/MCO flight asap? ZERO assistance at airport - need to have a plan asap.
Chaos as global IT failure takes out all British Airways flights out of London - TechCrunch
Isn't the IT developer and managed services provider for
Top story: British Airways: Computer problems cause flight delays - BBC News see more
British Airlines blames IT failure for flight outrage, union says tech jobs outsourced to India
Some interesting speculation on this forum thread:
British Airways flights cancelled due to IT failure
BREAKING: BA 'cancels all flights' amid global cyber meltdown.
We were told to leave the airport without our luggage? Party of 11…
Na looks a bit more than a dos attack for everything to be down and…
British Airways cancels ALL flights from Heathrow and Gatwick until 6pm after IT systems go down across the world.…
British airways will face huge claims from passengers for cancelled flights under EU directive. Unless BA can prove it…
She's still there, they're still unable to tell her when they will be unloading BA2944. Can you? She's
Baggage chaos at Heathrow as problems grow
British Airways grounds flights after computer outage, official blames outsourcing to India
Can you confirm whether i will be able to fly from manhester to heathrow tomorrow morning?
"British Airways cancels flights from London as global IT outage causes chaos" -
All BA flights from LHR and LGW cancelled for the rest of today at least. So your inb…
Can't find any relevant uptodate info.Need to fly tomorrow and don't know if I will be able to! Terrible customer service!
Computer outage grounds hundreds of British Airways flights in London. Read more:
All flights from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports has been canceled by British Airways as a global IT...
British Airways cancels flights from London's Heathrow, Gatwick airports after IT failure...
How wonder Woman was a Rihanna song: Cheers (Drink to That) BREAKING: British Airways cancels London Heathrow and that he d…
British Airways have now cancelled all their flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick until end of service on Saturday
British Airways cancels all scheduled flights from London’s Heathrow, Gatwick airports on Saturday
Travel chaos as ALL British Airways flights cancelled for the rest of the day from London Heathrow and Gatwick……
British Airways cancels all Saturday flights out of London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports due to tech failure.
BREAKING: British Airways cancels London Heathrow and Gatwick flights for rest of Saturday because of major tech failure.
So for our first ever flight on an it is... 🥁. G-XLEK 'The DaLEK' 😃
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Check in at the airport they say...
The tumbleweed drifts past as won't let me check in either online or at the airport
Steak done medium at the Concorde Room Lounge. 😋. .
Oh dear! It certainly sounds like it's been quite the trip, David. Please accept our apologies for the…
hello. My wife was on flight BA99 from London to Toronto ..she left something in her seat pocket...who can I contact? Thx
do you provide early check-in at What time can I drop off my bag for flight BA0012? Thank you
And flying on British Airways would be less painful than flying on United, lol! 🤣✈️
...require assistance, please respond to your DM's. 2/2 ^Lolly
Hi. We asked you to send us further information on several occasions regarding this. If you still...1/2
Hi Gregoire. Please DM your booking reference, full name, date of birth and Executive Club membersh…
We can only apologise, Mike. We'll certainly pass your feedback on however. Have a great flight! ^Lolly
Want to fly JFK-LHR in August, if I use 80,000 Avios points the flight is $700 more than paying cash. What is the point?
Sorry for the misunderstanding, Kirstie. We'll return your bag ASAP. You can see any updates online a…
Hi Abdul, anything found on board is passed to airport lost property. You can find contact details online…
Please RT? British Airways A380 business Class London to Vancouver (decline in...…
Hi Amin, I'm afraid it needs to be a return journey, not a multi-city booking, to qualify for the promotion. ^BS
Farewell San Francisco, it's time to fly to London on G-XLEK! ✈️
Airline offering free flights for kids this summer via
I'm glad to hear he got through, but it's disappointing to hear he had such a difficult time. Please be…
your Exec number, booking ref, email and contact number, and we'll be happy to pass the details to our…
Well you guys are slow! I hope I won't be screwed now that my pass is printed!
Got to Gatwick and the jetty broke down. Plane first then jetty. Didn't get in till 1:30am. Comedy of errors this trip :(
Hi Ben, did you change your original booking or buy a new ticket? You only earn Avios for flights you t…
Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain on 13 June 1990, a British Airways Concorde and a Spitfire of the BBM…
I need to check in a bag but I was told I get 1 free. Your site says $180!!
Anyway someone can get in touch asap so I can print my boarding pass. It's saying I only have hand…
AIRLINE NEWS: How British Airways is charging 120% more than its rivals – Daily Mail
Just sent a message with requested information. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.
Thanks for your feedback, Ellie. I've passed your comments to our Customer Experience team for consideration in future. ^BS
That's disappointing to hear, Richard. I'm sorry you had such an uncomfortable start to your journey. ^BS
Mighty 777-200ER making a stunning departure from on her way back to…
hi I just sent a DM I am checking in online and it says baggage allowance 0 but a previous support agent said I had 1?
Hi Stephanie, if you DM the details with your ref, email and contact number, we'll be happy to try…
are investigating but I'm afraid we don't have a fix date yet. Please be assured you won't have any pr…
Hi Adelino, is the error coming up when you try to check in? If so, it's an issue with our website, no…
Maybe next time, Neil? I hope you still have a great flight. ^BS
Thanks Yvonne & the crew of BA2645 for getting us home safely today!
we'll be happy to take a look. If you're not named, please ask him to contact us directly due to UK dat…
Hi Bill, if you're named in your son's booking, please DM the ref, email and contact number on the book…
Hi Molly, if you DM your tracing reference with the email and address on your baggage file, we'll be…
Disgusted with British Airways. They have ruined my nephew & girlfriends new yr trip to New York. BA AWFUL CUSTOMER CARE.…
Can you please notify me as to whether the departure tax is included in the price of my flight from Costa Rica?
Take off aboard a British Airways A319: via
I'm pretty sure putting jalapenos in my eyes would be less painful than trying to book a flight with British Airways.
We've reported this to our Web Support team, Michael. Thanks for letting us know! ^Lolly
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Exactly! claims if they support my claim, it wi…
The thing is, I understand there are weight limitations, but removed TEN passengers from the flight ...…
Did we manage to rebook you, Sophie? Feel free to DM us if you prefer. We'll need your full name, emai…
We certainly appreciate the feedback, Owen. Thanks for letting us know. ^Lolly
...suggest making full use of the lounge beforehand. Have a great weekends! 2/2 ^Lolly
We certainly appreciate your feedback, Kenny. You can pay with Avios if you want to save some pennies how…
Hi I need a flight to London. Why should I fly with you?
Is there anything we can help you with? You certainly don't seem very happy! ^Lolly
It's not mile high cuisine clubbing that grabbed my attention. You understand about cats! Good one!.
Hi Zach. If this isn't the case, please DM us your full name, email and WorldTracer reference. Thanks. ^Lolly
It sounds like you've had a bit of an adventure, Dr. If we can help with anything, please let us know. H…
wife is flying Heathrow on 1040 Pm Boston w/ hydronephrosis anyway she can upgrade return ✈️due to health reasons please
. Welcome to the UK!... And good luck getting Conan of the ground!... With Arnie starring!... Please... 🙏
to May 27, 1960 when the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) introduced a 707 on its London to New York…
Love our flight crew blaming the hour delay on the traffic. If it wasn't that it would be the post office
A sad ending at Victorville for this British Airways 747 :( Photo by Bailebao
Cheap flights: Kids fly for FREE this summer with THIS airline
very disappointed with my 2 recent flights on BA in Club World and Economy Not looking forward 2 flight from *** Cana
Thanks for letting me move over to the open window seat for my first international flight, ✈️
One great thing about kids: sometimes they get free stuff. is offering free flights for kids:
How do I cancel a hotel booked with Avios points from BA Executive Club? Booking confirmation email is not clear about it.
A slight reprieve, the kind cabin crew have found me another seat that at least has some legroom.…
to 25 April, 1971 when British Overseas Airways Corporation flew its 1st 747 from Heathrow to New York
Do you know that you will be charged for tea and coffee?
Be aware, won't give you any compensation for stress, lost time and ruined holidays.
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