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British Airways

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, based in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.

Christmas Day

not exactly news we are looking for. Our flight cancelled
Hi Franco. No problems. You take a really good photo by the way. ^Neil
no I couldn't get through the retried web site which worked , had to go through entire booking , seating , billing 3 times
Please RT? Finding more about the design of British Airways First Class Suites…
You may find the following link handy: ^Cec
Totally impossible to get through to completely useless customer service
Hi Lee. We're glad you think so. You going to book somewhere nice. New York is pretty fab. ^Neil
British Airways I need your assistance with a flight I have just booked my name is wrong on the ticket? No answer on your help line?
We have a rebooking policy in place, Echo. You can call us, or DM your booking ref, full name, email and date of birth. ^Cec
So it's been over a month since I filled your forms for a delayed flight. How much longer do you need to handle it?
flight to NYC cancelled tomorrow and can't get through to customer services... support would be helpful please
Have tried to send a private DM but it won't let me for some reason! I think you may need to follow me so I can do this
So my flight from nyc to London has been cancelled because of the storm. can I rebook my connecting flight to Amsterdam?
British Airways have cancelled my flight to London because of a blizzard forecast for tomorrow. Surely this is a sign 😄😄😄
his passport doesnt have last name. Its blank. He is travelling after 20 years.
your rules don't help the customer. Got 2 separate booking refs traveling from ATL-NCL and have to pay twice for xtra bags
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So we can take a look, please DM your case ref, email, address and full name, Austen. ^Cec
Yes indeed. I had four other colleagues on the flight and you'd run out of food before row 12.
Sonti wearing like a flight attendant for British airways.
Fourth and final flight... thanks to for getting me on the earlier London City flight... I so need my duvet!!! 💤💤💤
I'd try again later than 24 hours if no joy, took 2 or 3 days for item I left behind on BA plane to be logged
it says one can pay w Avios, thought you could just pre-order but that's not the case:(
please guide me how to link my Executive Club with my BA frequent flyer.
British Airways trialled offering passengers Rocket eBooks in 1999
thanks Bill. Not there yet... long story 😳
What does he normally do, Praveen? Does he not have a surname on his documentation? ^Cec
Your website won't let me book, pretty big oversight.
Hi Ben. Visit and click onto Information section and to the right is the link for the US (1/2) ^Neil
We look forward to seeing you on board, Dave! ^Cec
Hi, Ian, you'll need to speak with our Holidays team on 0344 493 0787, option 1 (calls charged at local rate). ^Cec
BA launches premium sale. Read more: $BAY
All purpose parts banner
Hi Sam, if this is for a package booking you can pay it off any time before this date or on the date. ^Sam
deleting and re-installing the app. It might fix things for you. (2/2) ^Neil
Hi Gabriella. As long as you're on the same booking it should allow anything up to eight on one device. Try (1/2) ^Neil
wanted to pre-buy her sandwich & coffee. Chose BA for comfort but food is an unpleasant surprise. Kiev to Gatwick on 14th.
is horrible! Two months ago they caused us to miss a flight. Told we would be refunded. Now they say at least 4 more weeks.
With this, paid for food, strikes and head office lying, no surprise I'd never fly BA again. Not even British!
Hello I am booked on BA7004 to Qatar on 20.03.17 but your online facility is not allowing me to add an extra bag - plz help
Hi Gavin, we're really sorry to hear that. We appreciate how disappointed you are. Please let us know if you need anything. ^Sam
BA Lounge at Geneva - lounge or sauna?!? Hot and sweaty place to wait for a flight!
Hi Noel. I'm sorry you can't get seats. I'm afraid it's airport check-in only. Sorry for the disappointment. ^Neil
great to achieve silver status. Why does my app recognise me as bronze yet confirm silver reached?
Plane Airbus A319 "British Airways" Flight in front of the Craters. photo/ (france)
For a companion voucher, do I have to use by or book by the date stated? Thanks
disappointed doesn't come close. I'm disgusted that we have had to pay £200 to re-purchase seats that were already ours!
suitcase finally delivered. Chap who dropped it off said I should ask you how to claim for broken…
Hi there. I bet your really glad to have it back. We'll certainly let them know you said thanks. ^Neil
Forecast heavy snow on 14th March will affect flights to/from East coast USA. Please check your flight status here
4 weeks of problems. Also on recent flight from Mumbai. BA have massive problems currently.
Hi Sarah. As per my colleague's earlier message the seats are allocated to other passengers. ^Neil
this would bring me to GER. Worst case I can take a train to Berlin. I can not loose a whole day work. Anyone responding?
Can you DM your booking ref, full name, email, date of birth and billing address, Daph? ^Cec
Hi Ana Maria. We're sorry your plans have been ruined. We've had no flight to and from Berlin ourselves today. ^Neil
Thx, DM option not working, followed you...
The prices for extra baggage are also shown online for before and after check in. ^Cec 2/2
We give the option on Manage My Booking, Kayleigh. 1/2
Hi Henrik. It's an amazing experience getting up and close to something so grand. Thanks for sharing your photos. ^Neil
trying to book flight+car but after credit cards deets are entered your site gives error. Pls advise. Tx
20 mins in a queue listening to recorded msg. Not good cake!!
could you ask why they recommend people DON'T use your wonderful app & service.
How high do you need to go to avoid seeing lack of maintenance on Heathrow approach?
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It may have been cabin crew, or our Cleaning team, James. You'll need to liaise with the Lost Property team at the airport. ^Cec
checking in online. If you want to change then you have to pay the applicable fee. Sorry you weren't aware of it. (2/2) ^Neil
Good luck with that!!! I had abysmal service from ba and I too am flying Virgin in future.
Hi Paul. Have you purchased Hand Baggage Only fares. If you have then you're automatically allocated a seat when (1/2) ^Neil
can you follow me please so I can DM you?
Hi Kelly, we're really sorry you haven't been able to get through. Can you DM your booking ref, full name and email? ^Sam
We're disappointed to hear this, Helen. The armrests generally do go up. Did you speak with your cabin crew? ^Cec
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I couldn't complete my booking as the return is on the next day and so (1/2)
The 8 most bizarre reasons for flight delays, from a Donald Trump speech to a loose screw
having to pay to sit with your partner. We can never guarantee a particular seat to anyone. (2/2) ^Neil
Hi Martin. I'm sorry you're unhappy with the prepaid seat charge. I know it must have been disappointing (1/2) ^Neil
we were not given the option to purchase baggage beforehand. Also, I am still not sure how ...
someone I know is trying to book Eagle Hoist but being passed around - who is the right contact to book?
Okay, Matt. Thanks for letting us know. ^Cec
4- 1- British Airways, 2- Transport for London, 3- Network Rail, 4- FG/GWR. Since when has West Drayton been in Scotland?
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British Airways faces £30 bill for flight to Barbados without enough toilet paper - The Independent
We're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the flight, Yuran. Did you bring these issues up with the crew? ^Stephen
Booked my first British Airways flight in 20 years. They STILL have Blackadder listed as the in flight entertainment.
The sun illuminates the underside of a 747 as it departs London. © Wael al-Qutub ht…
flight to Vegas turning into budget airline, dates planes, screens not working, poor food from now
i'm gonna be making some fun videos in New Orleans the next couple days with ✈️ off we go!
Hi Arun, we're sorry to hear this. Can you brother contact us directly so we can try and help? ^Fiona
British Airways to offer less legroom than Ryanair on short-haul flights.
Hi Steve, thanks so much for your lovely comments. We're here round the clock for you, if you need anything else. ^Fiona
This is great! Would be great to see you honor with sketches along your journey.
She's worked hard and deserves her rest, Luke! Thanks for looking after her! ^Fiona
the passport otherwise travel may be denied. ^Fiona 2/2
Hi Danny, did you book it with BA or a travel company? The ticket must match the name on 1/2
Hi Neil, thanks for your suggestions. We'll pass them on to our Customer Experience team for you. ^Fiona
You're fine to travel as 15 weeks without a doctors note. ^Linds
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There will be an update to the app, although we can't say when it'll be. ^Linds
We're sorry to hear this. Is there anything we can do to help you here? ^Fiona
Hi Heath, we'll do our best to help you. Can you DM your reference, email, full name and a contact number? Thanks! ^Fiona
2/2 was no upgrade on your earlier flight? ^Linds
Hi Sophie, I'm sorry to hear your flight was cancelled. Were you downgraded as well, as you mention there 1/2
Hi Liz. MissingX is not present at Gatwick yet. Heathrow and many others but not Gatwick. Sorry.
Hi Christine, are your flights all on one booking? If so the airport will book you on the next available flights. ^Fiona
then extra baggage charges will apply. We're sorry for the disruption to your journey. We hope you've been rebooked now. ^Fi 2/2
Hi William, sports equipment is included in your checked baggage allowance. However if you have more than your free allowance 1/2
Such VIP pampering with bartender, live jazz, and Creole cuisine at 38,000' 🎭
2/2 number? Once we have this info, we'll set up a case and check your eligibility for compensation under rule EC 261/2004. ^L
Hi Bruce, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with us. Could you DM us your booking ref, email address and your phone 1/2
and date of birth for security? Thanks for sharing such a great picture, too! ^Fiona 2/2
and that you were kept well informed during the delay. We hope to see you again soon. ^Fiona 2/2
Hi Paul, we're sorry for the delay to your journey and appreciate your patience. It's great to hear you had a good flight 1/2
I wish we could help more, Laurel. It's just that we don't have access to the information you need, just IAG Cargo. ^Stephen
on the Terms and Conditions on the booking, you may be able to change your destination and pay any applicable charges. ^Fiona 2/2
Hi Amy, if you book a package holiday and pay the deposit, then chose to cancel, you'll forfeit the deposit paid. Depending 1/2
Been there, done that with British Airways. Their amenities are nice but, yeah, pricey!
I'm sorry we couldn't get to you in time, Steven. It's been very busy with lots of disruption the last few days. ^Stephen
Good idea! Flying European airlines is usually way cheaper. I'd also avoid British Airways; they're extremely overpriced
thanks for the update! Unfortunately, I did not have adequate travel insurance to make a claim for my lost expenses
We've sent out the insurance letter you requested. Yesterday we received your EU compensation claim, We'll investigate this.
Hi Ashley, that's great to hear. Thanks for your lovely words and we hope you have fabulous holiday! ^Fiona
Hi David, we're sorry you're unhappy with our stand allocation at Edinburgh. ^Fiona
Hi Brian, all details such as fare type must be exactly the same. If all elements match then the match will be honoured. ^F
Hi Lizzie, the number you're calling is correct. They're open from 06:00 - 22:00. We hope you get through to them soon. ^Fi
We'd normally expect a response within 72 hours, but this may be extended due to the recent disruption, Ted. ^Hel
A friend of mine with damaged baggage got an almost identical one.Kind regards, . Petra Voldanova
I was told that by paying a fee it could be possible. My flight arrives 22.30; too late to go to a city hotel.
It's the final countdown!! We will be choosing our Adele winners tonight so get your last chance entries in ASAP!
the response as I feel it’s a generic letter you send to all complainants.
from me by the attendant. I expect at least for BA to get it repaired or replaced for me. I am most unhappy with the
access to my emails as my 3 month old laptop is now ruined. I have not got insurance and the responsibility was taken from
Nice shot on my walk from Hatton Cross to the simulator building. G-CIVV looking good https:/…
and promise of good faith that it would be looked after. . Once I had discovered my loss I contacted you when I had access
available on each booking. There's nothing else we can offer, sorry. ^Stephen
Hi Svenja, Different booking types may show different results. We can only suggest booking seats that you can see are 1/2
I reluctantly gave her my bag and entrusted her with it. There was little else I could do given her persuasion and
be delayed.I offered to take it out of the bag but she said there really was nowhere else to put it.
well looked after and all would be fine.I was apprehensive but she explained that we needed to do it or the flight would be
She took my bag and said she would place it in the hold . I explained it had my laptop but she assured my it would be well-
. The flight attendant could not find anywhere to place my bag as all of the overhead cabinets were full.
Have a great flight! I hope you brought your rainy weather clothes. It's a bit wet! ^Stephen
My friend and I was one of the last passengers to embark on what was a very full flight.
I was of course carrying my laptop in my hand luggage as I felt it was unsafe to check it in.
Tomorrow my flight BA327 has been cancelled and rebooked with BA327... I can't check in online?
Hi there, can you DM your reference, full name and email address, along with what seats you're trying to select. Thanks/ ^Fi
My valuable laptop was carried in my hand luggage. It was your stewardess that took it and placed it in the hold. Not me.
the booking on our website, we can take a look for you. We can only change the booking if there's availability. ^Fiona 2/2
Hi there, if the booking was made directly with AviosUK, you'd need to contact them for assistance. If you've made 1/2
Apologies for any inconvenience, Leye. Safety is our priority of course. I hope the team are looking after you. ^Stephen
Hi Katja, if you booked directly with us, you eticket will be issued when you pay and will be in your confirmation email. ^Fi
Fixed by waiting ~2min per click. Other Q: can I access T5 lounge as oneworld ruby + Citi Aadvantage world executive card?
2/2 something we'll be offering for our own lounges. ^Linds
There's the option to use the Aspire Lounge at Heathrow if you'd like to pay for lounge access. Unfortunately, this isn't 1/2
Get 15% off your next British Airways flight when you book and pay with your Stanbic Bank debit or credit card .…
Watch my magical gig on British Airways with Nicole Sherzinger on route to Mardi Gras in New Orleans... what a... https…
British Airways flight cancelled after MOUSE is spotted on the plane
Explore London and beyond with the only British Airways credit card in the middle east. Check…   10% Off
British tourist, 55, risks losing FOOT after cutting himself on a swimming pool during his British Airways holiday…
British Airways club lounge terminal 5. I think they aimed at Shoreditch house look... they achieved.. holiday Inn Breakfast restaurant.
...not the time for Nigerian Air Force-1 to develop fault, did it not rest 4 10days? PMB welcome home, British Airways is still ok.
British Airways launches new Manchester and London Stansted routes ^City AM
Nowadays I will have nothing to do with British Gas, British Telecom, British Airways, ie the ex-state-owned companies 1/2
Hi there. We hope you've had a good flight to Rome. Happy Birthday from us. ^Neil
You're welcome, Erica. We're pleased you managed to get sorted. ^Jane
They need to decide if they are or . there is no economically viable middle ground.
have done. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
yes but you could at least not screw up my booking so that I have a fighting chance and can select my seat online.
We're so sorry for the inconvenience, Tim. We'll make sure your feedback is passed on. ^Jane
and Biz cabins need a refresh. UAL, DL & VS are beating you on food, service, lounges and planes. Why don't you talk to us?
I'm taking a flask and sandwiches on next flight - I was a BA Gold Member but jumpe…
Last chance: bid in our online auction supporting Great prizes from & more…
Hi Sheila, we're sorry to hear you're having problems booking online. Have you tried deleting your browsing history? ^Charlotte
We're disappointed to hear this. There's been a lot of disruption due to the bad weather recently. We hope you see an improvement.
Hi Delaney. We're sorry to hear this. Can you DM your email address and contact telephone number. We can call you (1/2) ^Neil
your flagship LHR-JFK route has useless inflight entertainment. You need to talk to Gold passengers.
it was disgusting! Speaking to your cleaning contractors doesn't help with our terrible experience (for 9hrs)!!
Sorry about t his, we'll chase it up for you. ^Jane
Why British Airways and Marks & Spencer are a match made in the heavens via
We can see BA8720 departed at 08:16 this morning, Michelle. We hope this didn't cause too much inconvenience. ^Charlotte
So lets all choose british airways? Blaming Turkish airlines for a crash that it has no role is what british imperiali…
how can I contact customer services from Vietnam? I have a urgent issue I need to speak to you about. Thanks
Hi Ush. We will take care of your father like we take care of all of our customers. ^Neil
Apologies for the delay to your flight, Mohamed.It looks like you have departed. Wehope you're enjoying your flight! ^JB
If wanderlust is in your heart Adventure's all you need to start
Does the South Antrim MLA not realise that the British Airways service to Heathrow from Belfast City Airport...
There had originally been plans for a strike on Christmas Day and Boxing DayWhy the British Airways cabin crew are…
yes it is sorted she flew with Air Lingus. Thank you!
We're sorry you're disappointed, Jason. If you've booked two separate tickets you can't through check your bags, 1/2
My flights were incorrectly credited to BA rather than Qatar FF. can you remove the miles credited,
11 hours is a long time to pass with no entertainment. Last 3 Int'l flights with you he had no entertainment.
Hi, I wanted to ask which Airport in Dusseldorf you fly to? There were no airport codes with the reservation.
Well done you've out done yourselves , you now can't check your bags all the way through even when you…
Thank you for getting us home safely, - but one bag didn't make it! Hoping it's couriered tonight ready for work tomorrow!
British Airways staff to strike on January 10: what to do if your flight is affected
- Paid Extra for the seat made never made the connection. Was assigned partner flight. Need Refund of money
I really wish would drop those 100 year old 747/s between Cape Town and London. Something always broken :-(
.of course. They offered hubby an upgrade but obviously we wanted to sit together so he stayed put. Worst flight of my life
Can you help me with my Executive Club Acc? Tier points for 2 flights I flew yesterday are not showing up. Thanks!
gate staff in Heathrow on 1/3 flight 113 to JFK, extremely rude to my sick pregnant girlfriend and I. Now she is sicker
You're very welcome, Suki. We're here 24/7 if you need us again. ^Julie
Of course, Shaun. Is there anything we can help you with? ^Steph
British Airways, Singapore Airlines or Emirates - which is best for First Class? Review:
British airways gate staff at in Heathrow for flight BA 113 on1/3 was extremely rude to me & sick pregnant girlfriend. Who is now sicker!!
We know it's a nuisance but it's essential for security purposes. We appreciate your feedback though. ^Steph
What's the best way to beat those post-Christmas blues? By booking a winter getaway of course!
Alternatively, you can DM us your query. ^Julie 2/2
No, the lines aren't down. However, they are very busy. We thank you for your patience and recommend you keep trying. 1/2
Need to speak to an agent about booking flights. What's the number to call? No info. about speaking to a human on the site.
From the 19th January, British Airways flight BA2612 to Naples will also depart from South Terminal - PK…
From the 11th January 2017, British Airways flights to New York (BA2273) will depart from South Terminal - PK…
British Airways braces for cabin crew walkout next week
All the American staff on AA109 from lhr to lax had no mannerisms and awful service. Il stick to next time 🇬🇧
We wouldn't be able to comment on Qatar Airways booking procedures, Sheraz. We're sorry you're disappointed. ^Steph
hello when do flights launch for January 2018?
must be giving me the 'special' Club World treatment, because friends were downgraded from premium economy to economy.
removing biscuits from short haul flights. No G&T, no tea and no biccies.
I am at my wits' end with your rubbish customer service. Someone needs to help ASAP. Case ID 16087001.
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I'll take the money.They weren't offering me that though they caused me to lose hundreds of £ worth of stuff
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Agent tells me have refunded couple who were downgraded 2 weeks after me
We'll try to book the extra bag for you. 2/2 ^Soph
This is concerning to hear, Sabera. Can you DM us your booking reference, phone number and email address? 1/2
I'm flying on 22 Jan so anything you can do for then much appreciated. That old 777 that's used needs a cabin upgrade...
Hello Anna! Please respond and provide your Vayama booking code so I can review and respond
that all of our customers, with bookings on those two days, will travel to their destinations. ^Julie 2/2
We are extremely disappointed that Unite has once again chosen to target our customers and are looking to ensure 1/2
British Airways: Stop selling trips to SeaWorld. End your support for these cruel orca circuses. - Si...
British Airways cabin crew announce new strike dates as airline refuses talks
I hope you have a great flight! It's a shame about the Hawaiian outfits! Maybe next time? ^Soph
British Airways now flying direct from London to Santiago, Chile from today. Trevor Hines is the trade director at the Bri…
We hope you enjoyed your time off and had a wonderful first flight of 2017 with us, Matt. ^Steph
Excited to be among the 1st people 2 fly direct fm London 2 Santiago on longest service (14h40). W…
British Airways Update on London Gatwick Terminal Move. Good afternoon. British Airways is moving to the South...
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We're sorry to hear that. DM us the baggage file reference number, your email and postcode. We'll take a look at the case ^JL
Arghhgh! 15 days! 15 actual days of lost, found, lost again then buck passing
Cabin crew at British Airways are planning to stage a 48-hour strike from January 10, as a pay dispute rumbles on.
British Airways cabin crew to stage 48-hour strike
Thanks for the information. We're on to it now, Paul. Have a nice flight. ^Julie
Please DM your reference, full name, home and email address and details of your query. ^Stephanie 2/2
We've passed on your comments about this to our Lounge managers. 2/2 ^Soph
We're sorry you're having trouble getting through to us, Aisling. What is it you're trying to do? We'd like to help you. 1/2
I'm pleased they cleaned it up, Peter. We agree it's not a very good first impression. 1/2
We constantly looking to improve our service on all routes, Andrew. We recommend you keep an eye on ^JL
British Airways strike: what it's about, and the possible effects
Welcome on your inaugural flight of the first nonstop route London - Santiago htt…
how long before this is fixed? Still cannot access website...very frustrating
British Airways is moving to the SouthTerminal at London Gatwick Airport. and will welcome travellers to the new facilities from 25 Jan 17.
Ba to celebrate 80 years of bermuda service _ the royal gazette_bermuda business hotels in paris france with view ... British Airways ...
Update your maps at Navteq
at least half a dozen! British Airways & Qantas Unified Cruiserweight Champion has a nice ring to it ;)
Short flight delay with EDI-LHR BA1447. Cabin crew being really helpful for those with connecting flights 🎄🎅🏼🍾
We're sorry you were waiting longer than we'd like. Do you have your bag now? ^Ems
Thank you for replying so quickly. Unfortunately it seems I cannot message you?
Love this: Only three passengers on flight enjoy champagne and selfies
which routes in the Caribbean are served by BA without flying into London?
Hi there, you will have to select your seats when check in opens 24 hours prior to departure. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Hi Al, the BA1316 and BA1318 are both delayed but still operating. ^Anthony
Holiday strike canceled by cabin crew union.
No. very nice Flight. Good wines Good food and good service this
and also, whether Im allowed 1 free 23 kg luggage or not? Information onsite is contradictory
No coincidence 3 companies subject to strikes: British Airways, Southern Rail & Post Office are over overmanaged by overpaid…
perhaps BA are saving up to do something like this for you
Hi Charles, if you DM your booking reference, email & contact number we can look into your refund. ^Anthony
Im travelling tomorrow from Gatwick 2 Madrid in the morning. I dont get if we travel with BA since I checked in with Iberia
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Last time I was on a Christmas Eve flight, I got the champagne treatment too. Great service -
Hi Lauren, that certainly sounds upsetting. Airport security will perform random bag searches. ^Anthony
Women 'treated like rock stars' after finding themselves alone on British Airways flight.
- Anthony, I think you might lose this bet...6 mins and we still at Gate A8.
Hi Eva, as previously advised, they're the last operating carrier and will be the ones dealing with your claim. ^Ems
We're sorry to hear your friend has been delayed. Sadly, we can't rebook to KLM. ^Anthony
Technology signs commercial pact with for aggregation services - :
Get out your wallets, tea drinkers. will start charging for hot water in January.
Please be assured one of the team is investigating this and will be in touch with you when they have an outcome. ^Ems
Thanks for the heads up. We've passed this on to our Web Support Team to look into. ^Ems
PLEASE HELP! I am going to mad trying to log on to your website to check in...
This doesn't sound good, Emily. Please DM your cousins booking ref, email and phone number. We'll give her a call. ^Ems
Loved collaborating with on an campaign for - EXTENDED VERSION HERE:…
We need to get our tickets that your agent stole from us reinstated now. You cancelled our outbound. Don't cheat us twice.
Hi Eleonore, you need to clear security 35 mins prior to the flight departing. Please allow extra time if there is a queue.
is there nothing you can do... even as a gesture of the season? The flight was already delayed by an hour
.highlights Chile's best attractions to explore with the new London-Santiago flight |
We're sorry you're without your bag, Karen. You can check for any updates here: ^Ems
And in case anyone was wondering, I was not the Laura Stevens who was treated like a rock star on an empty flight...
Hi Peter, we're following you now. Please include your ref, email and phone number in your DM. ^Ems
apparently you also reported this last time, happens every week! Becoming an expensive
Hi Nicholas, we're sorry to hear you missed your connection. We know how disappointing it would have been. ^Anthony
Ta, I'm expecting U to offer compensation or reconsider rerouting as normal weather conditions forecasted
I don't think that's fair... especially when I travel loyally with you and as travel booker for my company go to you first
very very disappointed in your customer service and your flights operating by Veuling Airways from Paris CDG.
se will través on 26 December from Argentina to London, is there any strke planned by unions?
punchy call - like it. We are currently standing at Gate A8 with no obvious signs of boarding but I am prepared to be awed.
Hi Andrew, any changes would need to go by the ticket rules that you have purchased. We're sorry for any disappointment. ^Ems
Thanks for your comments, Andrew. this has been passed to the Airport Manager. ^Ems
So I saw bhahubali finally. On a british airways flight. From SG to London. In Telugu. With English sub-titles. And still loved it.
ALERT British Airways cabin crew to strike on Christmas Day and Boxing Day via
Thank you. Sending details soon. On DM and as per procedure prescribed by website.
Fairy tale in New York: Cambridgeshire couple get dream upgrade after their honeymoon was unexpectedly cancelled:
If your bags are lost, delayed or damaged find out what to do here:
No we don't. The new departure time for the BA1452 is 18:16. ^Anthony
Sorry your flight's been delayed, Dimitrios. We hope you're on your way soon and can make the party! ^Ems
Hopefully this happens to me tomorrow flying to Glasgow 🛫✈️🛬
BA strikes suspended. I pay tribute to our cabin crew members, so determined to achieve a negotiated settlement. .
Hi Angela, I'm sorry to hear your bags has been delayed. Unfortunately, we don't have a direct number. 1/2
pilot is with you... Who is flying the plane 😱
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