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Britain First

Britain First is a British far-right pressure group, registered in November 2011 as a political party, although it is also associated with an unregistered National People's Party and the Northern Ireland-based Protestant Coalition.

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Jayda Fransen: Deputy leader of far-right group Britain First arrested over speech in Belfast.
Deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First has been arrested . These kinds of groups should be banned from running in…
Can someone please inform Tommy Robinson and Britain First that this is what white grooming gangs look like. Stop... htt…
The authorities are *** bent on sending Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen to prison for 'harassing' a gang…
Dangerous sentiment. Britain First, & Jo Cox's killer, from a long history of UK fascists and the killing happened…
Britain First leaders ready to meet French nationalists in Paris 🇫🇷
Britain First leader Paul Golding charged with harassment
Leaders of Britain First charged with religiously aggravated harassment
It's a recurring theme. Nuttall's only just over 40, and Paul Golding of Britain First is 35. Fascism must be so wearing.
Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists: Britain First leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda…
Britain First leader Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen charged with harassment Arrested for reporting on RAPE!
Britain First leader Paul Golding &deputy Jayda Fransen charged with harassment This is what Brit Sharia looks like!
Excellent to see the Britain First fascists being brought to book. Their nasty brand of politics led to the murder of Jo Cox…
DT Britain First: Angela Merkel on letting a MILLION migrants into Europe: 'I would do the same ...
Britain First's Paul Golding is a zionist and a money grabber. At one of the Lee Rigby demos I attended app…
Only someone as thick and ignorant as Jolene Blunting would think inviting Britain First over here to preach...
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'There's going to be a problem': Britain First's deputy leader hounded out of city centre after confronting Muslims…
Watch: Britain First deputy leader CHASED out of Birmingham she is a moron - i work in town & see t…
Video: Britain First say 'Arrest Anjem Choudary or we will!'
Anjem Choudary flees like a coward! Britain First takes the fight to the hate preachers! -
For those who wonder why a group like Britain First are interested in the Orange Order, you just have to look at Jim Dowson who helped foun…
You may have seen Britain First steal piece for Here's how it happened...
Britain first member murdered jo cox .. no Britain first member has done anything to help victims of the…
The PL now owns 6 of the world's 10 most expensive stoppers; a far cry from when this moustachioed chap became Britain'…
Wonder what did to provoke Britain First? Maybe said he's going to raise funds for victims of the fir…
1887 Britain's longest railway bridge over the River Tay opened. The first had collapsed in 1879 whilst a train was crossing.
Britain’s first coding school for refugees is an inspiration:
Are you familiar with Britain First? It spouts nothing but anti-Muslim vitriol.
Misguided and I'll informed, research shy article by the Guardian. Quoting Britain First supporters...good work.
Jayda's the deputy leader of Britain first. It's basically care in the community for lonely old men - justly deserv…
Don't think I can't take anyone seriously that aligns themselves with Britain First
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So the white van terorist was inspired Britain First. Shut them down. They are hate preaching proxy killers of...
It will be the first case of its kind in Britain: four senior bankers facing criminal charges over their...
This is a huge deal. It means the PM has to agree a Brexit bill before showing Britain what we are getting in return. A fi…
Men of the US First Marines Division at Cape Gloucester, New Britain, Bismarck Archipelago, circa late December 1943. htt…
If Right wing wing group like Britain First which praise the attacker, & defend the attack then revenge would predicted ..
Sure. But even when Jo Cox's killer was found guilty, the right wing press never talked about the peopl…
Icelandair crew to perform first ever in-flight theatre - - -
Manchester created Britain's first canal, The Bridgewater. Created in 1761, financed by Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of B…
Britain First supporters think suspect Darren Osborne is a hero
Britain caves in to EU demand on first day of Brexit talks
No its not main.. photo is from Great Britain and all my photos 90% first sh…
What about the marches and demonstrations that were shown on jihadi next door? Not just the EDL and Britain first t…
Donald Trump (USA), about to go into coalition with the DUP, UKIP, Britain First, EDL, all given platforms to preach hate. h…
Sweating like a Britain First member spelling 'you're'.
I liked a video That Time the US Accidentally Nuked Britain's First Satellite
Trawled through dozens of Britain First posts saying should fund attacker's legal defence and give hi…
First System X set up to tap all lines w/ EU funding, then Brexit when the Investigations per…
Are their any counter demonstrations against the combined Britain first and pegida march ??
First day of summer begins with heat wave in Southwest US - - -…
Ban political parties from holding protests?
Yes who can forget the Radical RWNJ yelling Britain first, killing the young woman po…
Don't let the racists divide us - join us at the demo against the Britain First group 24/6 from 12 noon by Victoria Sq i…
Britain First member expelled after acquiring tan via
AAV: Britain First followers' reactions to the Finsbury...
UK govt to announce registration process for EU citizens, as a first step towards regularising status post-Brexit. https:/…
Hi-tech augmented reality Inverness city tours could be among the first in Britain
The first official talks to leave the EU start today: We will grasp the opportunities that lie ahead for Britain as we l…
Do the right thing. Hate preachers regardless of their religion should all be locked up.
But I follow Britain first to laugh at the things the mongs say!
This is my first publication on my thanks to editor
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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Britain's first professional FIFA gamer earning thousands of pounds and living the dream
AAV: Britain First followers' reactions to the Finsbury Park attack are as sick as you'd imagine
Britain loses its first battle with the European Union over the timetable for Brexit talks
Definitely my first. A major bird in Britain in those days.
NEWS! Britain First member expelled after acquiring tan
Nicole Kidman at 50: Actress is unrecognisable in her FIRST EVER ... - - -…
I thought Xtianity was the religion of peace, but the way Britain First, those alleged Xti…
Finsbury Park suspect (reportedly) followed Britain First, who are known for spreading fake Muslim videos
"You don't have to apologize. This criminal doesn't represent you and he doesn't represent Britain" (first and prob…
Britain First reaches a new low by harassing Muslims helping the victims of Grenfell Tower tragedy outside a mosque htt…
Britain First reaches new low by harassing Muslims helping families
Muslims saved many lives in cause they were up early praying & raised alarm. Britain First harassing them ht…
No the scumbags at the demos with their disgusting placards etc, and the people Britain First tr…
lol Britain First..when did i ever post anything PRO Britain first a zio front led by a Loyalist .wind you…
Checking out "Paul Golding of Britain First responds to threats about what wil" on Tea Party Command Center:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Muslim gang attacks Christians in Australia! | Britain First - Taking our country back!
In the UK, we have the Britain First group, one of their members killed one of our lovelie…
Another display of love and kindness from those who follow Britain First.
Tommy Robinson attacked by Antifa at Britain First rally - YouTube
Neo-Nazis arrested on march in London. Far-right group Britain First & EDL spark violence in the capital.
are you guessing IRA? Ulster Unionists? Al-Qaeda? ISIS? ETA? Britain First? Or is it just some lone wolf, a la Cox?
To imply Somali migrants habitually carry guns, Britain First use an image of Barkhad Abdi, who won a BAFTA for his…
In court,Jo Cox's killer gave his name thus: "Death to traitors, Britain First".Think on that,Miss Pearson.
you can start with breitbart news Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Britain First etc.
Mosque goers react to Anjem Choudary, the EDL AND Britain First turning ...
.and it was her shrill voice that made the first noise of the day. 289/32567. a bit like you on Good Mornin…
*** British Art: The first exhibition dedicated to LGBTQ art at Tate Britain via
"We want our country back" first appeared in 1950's Britain...80% Brexit voters admit to hating multiculturalism
that will be a first love... an employed Romanian.
Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labour leader in decades truly representing working class people in Britain…
- Britain's first spaceports set for lift off, The new SpaceFlight bill could see space ports establishe...
Britain’s first cut-price private school will charge parents just £52 a week
could go down in history tonight as the first major City constituency to vote UKIP & become the catalyst of Britain's future
Who shouted Britain First as he killed her
Britain’s first dedicated electric car dealer to open in 2017 | London Evening Standard
Britain appoints first woman Scotland Yard chief in 188 years. -
Don't give up on your dream. Ayi was the first Chinese R and B singer in Britain who never thought she will make it to United kingdom
It's official, we're the first vegan visitor centre in the country! http…
Storm Doris claims its first victim as woman dies outside Starbucks store as 94mph winds batter UK…
Maybe they're from 'Britain First Spain' - it exists!
Britain’s pint-sized first female top cop has ‘a terrifying right hook’ and once lead cops in a major pub brawl
Britain's first white honour killing: Teenager brutally murdered by her Muslim lover
Storm Doris claims its first victim: Woman is killed by flying debris in Wolverhampton
Britain appoints first woman to lead Scotland Yard.
Storm Doris claims its first victim: Woman killed by flying debris outside Starbucks and two OAPs fight for life
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Thanks for sharing our first issue Let's get Britain 🙌🙌
no it's the full blown variant if brexitphobia, going worldwide. Bed wetting is the first symptom.
Wall Street Journal makes it clear that America First means free trade with Britain.
Noor Inayat Khan: The first female radio operator sent from Britain into occupied France to aid the French Resistance.…
Picking fights: may be among the first to feel the effects of via
Misogynist Shaming ovr her wardrobe, shud remembr breast tax were first levied in india, nt in Britain or Pak.
Certainly not your EDL, BNP, Britain First, UKIP little Englander xenophobes anyway.
BNP / UKIP / Britain First forget the leader of the Britisches Freikorps was sentenced to death for high treason and hanged
Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one, happy new year!
Britain first, Paul goalding, paul watson and nigel farage are not racist
How does the BBC expect Britain to function tomorrow? First and now . 2017 is looking worse than 2016
u want to see a whole army of violent *** non Muslim join Britain first
Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world . First is United States.
So now it's time for the CSI*4 Table A with one jump off, 1.50m! 🚧🐎 Up first is Britain's Joseph Clayton riding Con…
On 1 January 1909 old age pensions were paid in Britain for the first time. You had to be over 70.
Britain First just told its biggest fib yet # via
"Don't call me love, you're not from Britain. Call me maple leaf since you're from Canada." - first words of 2017.
Incredible story of James Barry, the first female doctor in Britain, who spent 56 years disguised as a man.
Britain First claims to be behind thousands of complaints to Ofcom
This is the first iron lady of Britain.
Britain First refuse to eat anything labelled halal, eh? *takes a sharpie to the supermarket*
The world's first cast iron bridge opened in Shropshire, England, on this day in 1781.
You've mentioned Britain Furst in your bio - a parody of the a…
A first for Britain on 3rd July 1956. Now hardly given a second glance. Collared Dove.
EDL, Britain First, BNP, UKIP and many more. Yeah we have issues but for some reason we pretend racism doesn't exist here
The first moon landing is closer to the battle of Britain than today!
soo happy 3rd place first time podium finish did Great Britain proud here's to next year a win for us 🏆🏆
The first trade-mark in Britain was registered today in 1876 - Bass Ale’s ‘Red Triangle’.
Britain First disappointed to discover lyrics in ‘White Christmas’ refer to snow - via
And don't forget. Traitors are always the first under the sword when their master needs them no more. Can't be trus…
Meet Britain’s first baby of 2017 who was born at 00.01
You're a traitor to Christians and to indigenous people of Britain who are struggling,we should look after our own first.
my Family fled Anglo Protestant Britain and were the First Norman Catholic's…
Breeding on our taxes! Muslims in UK top 3m for first time with over . 50% born outside Britain | Daily Mail Online https:/…
First Auction of 2017 is today . Happy New Year to everybody and happy col…
almost but first letter is hard too translate/pronounce in English.
Say hello to the first baby born in 2017
First baby born in Britain in 2017 arrived at just one minute past midnight
What's most likely to happen first? . Britain to leave the EU or. Ighalo to score.
Jan 1 1930 - First edition of Daily Worker published in Britain, newspaper of the Communist Party
Britain First should be listed as a terrorist organisation, suggests Labour MP
Jo Cox was killed by a right-wing terrorist shouting "Britain First" . It wasn't her husband who made it political https:…
congratulations... Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere will be very pleased with their progress... Britain First eh lads?
MP calls for Britain First to be listed as a 'terrorist organisation' following the murder of Jo Cox
Mensch also claimed that the witness who heard Thomas Mair shouting "Britain First" was ex BNP Evidence?. ht…
Thomas Mair said 'Britain First' repeatedly as he murdered Jo Cox MP because of his strong political views.
Jo Cox murder trial: Alleged killer 'shouted Britain First' as he shot and stabbed her - Daily Star
Thomas Mair, Britain First, Trump, Bannon, Marine le Pen on BBC1, Farage unfettered. What's it going to take for this to…
Arguing Thomas Mair said "Britain first" not "Britain First" is the refuge of those unable to admit they share a terrori…
As UKIP, the EDL and Britain First have wet dreams over Donald Trump getting elected, it would be wise for
First pictures of gun and knife 'used to shoot and stab MP Jo Cox to death by killer shouting "Britain First"' ...
'Man shouted Britain First as he killed Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox'
Jo Cox killer shouted 'Britain First' as he murdered Labour MP in political attack, trial hears .
Jo Cox's killer shouted 'Britain First' before killing her.Their rhetoric incited her murder, incites hate & violence & they should b banned
Thomas Mair shouted 'Britain First' as he stabbed Jo Cox. It was suppressed by the media. That is scary enough in itself.
Jo Cox MP murder politically motivated Old Bailey told. Accused shouted 'Britain First this is for Britain. Britain wil…
So shouting "Britain first" before you murder somebody makes you far right but shouting "Allahu Akbar" doesn't?
Another desperate fascist apologist for Britain First.
MP Jo Cox was killed in politically motivated murder by man saying "Britain First," trial hears
UK tabloid media have bent over backwards to play down Mair's fascist views and motives. See how they denied he shouted 'B…
Prosecutor: killer of U.K. MP Jo Cox shouted “Britain First, this is for Britain, Britain will always come first!" as he st…
Thomas Mair was only shouting Britain First because he loved the Country not the political group? Okaaay!
BBC: Labour MP Jo Cox 'murdered for a political cause' - A man shouted "Britain First" as he killed MP Jo Cox o...
Thomas Mair, alleged killer of MP Jo Cox, was heard by no of witnesses to say repeatedly "Britain First", prosecution s…
Britain to deploy high precision long range missiles on Russian’s border for the first time since the Cold War . https:/…
Suspect in murder of British MP shouted 'Britain first'
Thomas Mair repeatedly shouted "Britain First" as he murdered MP Jo Cox, court hears. . This was denied at the time t…
Thomas Mair repeatedly shouted 'Britain First' before killing MP Jo Cox, court hears
Trump takes his first foreign meeting -- not with Bibi or Stoltenberg or May or Abe -- but with some of Britain's toxic c…
But we, the Dutch, want to be the first to leave after Britain!
Jo Cox trial: 'Right-wing nationalist Thomas Mair looked up Ku Klux Klan and Nazis before killing MP'
Britain just managed to run entirely on renewable energy for nearly six days
Scumbag. Without this *** referendum her children would still have their mother. .
Brexit Britain means huge global opportunities. One of the first places the UK should start is in the US with
Colleague of jo cox who was with her heard attacker say 'britain first, this is for britain, britain will always come firs…
"Britain First": I presume this is where they took their name from? (British Union of Fascists)
HYPOCRITES: Baby STAMPED TO DEATH by white mother, Britain First make NO comment.
Britain First film Christian Patrol looking for trouble but everyone is i
Goodbye and good riddance to fascist thugs: Britain First faces ruin after losing High Court battle via
Islam First in Birmingham, Bradford, London, Luton, Leicester, Rotherham Slough etc but let's focus on Britain First http…
The high court battle that could 'finish' Britain First
The EDL & Britain First lot are ranting about Shami Chakrabarti being made a peer. . It's almost as though they are RA…
Wee Joe Cox, oh too soon? Oh wait it's an EDL, Britain First thing.
Britain First, EDL, Pegida, Pat Condell etc - what do you say to this?
I bet you're proud about Britain First nutcase killing Joe Cox aren't you? That's not my Country SAOR ALBA GU BRATH
I like to think this isn't Paul Golding of Britain First giving a victory sign, but Britain telling him where to go.
Paul Golding reprimanded by police for wearing military style political uniform. Britain First members commentate 'it's a free country', &
Britain First's Paul Golding banned from Skype after being charged with 'wearing political uniform' via
Amazing how the far right Britain First, EDL, PEGIDA, Knights Templar etc. HATE all foreigners except fellow Nazis!
You'd think from this quote that May represents Britain First, no?
Eamonn McCann on as a representative of the deluded left who believe a victory for Britain First is sticking it to the big man.
If you were wondering what Britain First has been up to since losing the London mayoral election, Jayda Fransen,...
I see Britain First describes itself as a patriotic political party. When, I wonder, does patriotism become nationalism and then xenophobia?
Thomas Mair spotted with his Britain First mates - doesn't seem to have any mental problems .
Britain First leader Jayda Frasen announcing that they would be standing in the London Mayoral election - this is...
Thomas Muir may have been moved by UKIP and the Tories, but he was actively involved with Britain First.
really? Here is an article on Britain First.
Remember when Tommy Robinson exposed tory mp for plotting with Britain First to march through his constituency to get him votes?.
"We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country." Britain First, 2015
Britain First's attempts to wipe Mair from existence on their pages has been a pointless exercise given what he said in court this morning.
No doubts about it now, Thomas Muir is a terrorist. Now maybe Britain First will claim some culpability?
Britain First threaten to hang 'traitors' in a fundraising email eight months ago :
Just after the London Mayoral Election, when Paul Golding failed hilariously to become mayor, Britain First vowed to take "direct action". 1
Britain First. Make America Great Again. All just chants of white supremacists who don't like the idea of a more diverse…
Terrible news: Labour MP Jo Cox in critical condition after being shot and stabbed. Suspect yelled "Britain First"
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Britain First spokesman says: 'This is absolutely not the kind of behaviour we would condone.'
Jo Cox Witness says he never heard "Britain First". politicising TRAGEDY to hurt Vote! htt…
If it is true that maniac who shot MP was shouting "Britain First " then its nationalism gone crazy, wonder how we got here ?
Britain First's loser leader, humiliated in the London mayoral election, turns his back on the winner like he's 4
Britain First use a picture of 310 squadron, a Czechoslovakian manned squadron to promote the Leave EU campaign.
Britain First sharing falsified stuff!. Trotsky did not invent the word, but Richard Henry Pratt did in 1902.
Tim Lovejoy votes Britain First the absolute avocado stone.
campaign has been backed by Katie Hopkins, Hitchens, Gove, Farage, Britain First, Le Pen, BNP & David Icke. Says it all.
PRESS: Britain First using Lee Rigby to campaign for mayor is offensive but Zac Goldsmith exploiting 7/7 is fine.
Britain First are sharing a new meme of Lee Rigby. How long will they abuse his memory, how long will they break...
Look at the "Britain First" bell-end with his back turned on the new Mayor of London. Disrespectful and childish. https:/…
Paul Golding of hate group Britain First turned his back on Khan, but London had already turned its back on Golding.
White supremacist "Britain First" *** vs East London Mosque Salafi *** I can watch them fighting all day long.
It is believed that he will retire from football and focus more on Britain First demos, like most Chelsea scum do. http…
This group is beyond embarrassing: Britain First 'invade' halal butchers and accuse it of working for Satan
NEWS! Best way to honour Lee Rigby is to *** off his family, claim Britain First
Lee Rigby’s family blast Britain First for hijacking soldier’s memory: THE family of Lee Rigby have condemned ...
Britain First are still exploiting the memory of Lee Rigby despite the late soldier’s family asking them not to.
Constance Briscoe (pictured) , 58, one of Britain's first black female judges, fell from grace in 2013 after being caught up in the Vicky
I suspect this will only air in the south-east because of the Britain First candidate for London Mayor. But it...
UK sees first rise in unemployment since mid-2015 as EU vote nears:
Britain's new supercarrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, will be going to sea for the first time this year!
So that's why Nick Griffin voted last year and Britain First backed in 2014?
Steven Mulhern and Judy Finnigan are Britain First voters. Mr Motivator once voted BNP.
Britain First collected for help the heroes and kept the money.
The only difference between Britain First and the Klu Klux Klan is the colour of their hats
Britain First use pic of children doing Yoga to 'imply they are being taught Muslim pray' .
Britain First 'stir the s***' by using yoga pic of kids to imply Muslim pray being taught.
Muslim councillor calls on Britain First members who picketed East London Mosque to a debate -East London Advertiser
Jamie Vardy has pictures of Jayda Fransen from Britain First on his wall
Kylie Minogue announces she has joined the far-right Britain First movement.
Fearsome demo from Britain First at Piccadilly Circus. About 12 of them with about 15 Union Flags.
A reminder of what the churches in Tower Hamlets have previously said about Britain First
'Un-Christian' Britain First ridiculed by Church leader at anti-Muslim demo via
Both EDL & Britain First have their fair share of paedophiles. EDL imprisoned ones are called 'political prisoners'
My new daily game. It's called Britain First *** bingo - this is all in reference to Jude Law visiting Calais
The Sun, The Daily Mail, Britain First, Prevent etc all share a responsibility in radicalizing the British public http…
Britain First – Taking our country back! | Russian Patriarch: Joint action to protect Christians required
Britain First's leadership has now been arrested due to activities at Luton Airport, do you believe this is fair?
The 27-year-old millionaire fighter, who last year became Britain's first world heavyweight champion in six years, said he will always
First order of business, once I become Supreme World Leader, is to prevent bands from having a "UK Tour" that only visits Great Britain.
Listening to Jeremy Hunt today, I felt proud of a politician for the first time in ages. We didn't elect a trade union to run Britain.
On this day 40 years ago, John Curry became the first man from Great Britain to win the...
Met Dame Shirley Williams once and heard her speak-my good fortune. The first female prime minister Britain deserved
Great admirer of your diary.Have relatives near Cardington and love returning. First stayed in "The Battle of Britain" summer
INTERESTING FACT: The Holy Apostle Aristobulus was the first bishop of Britain. He was the brother of St. Barnabas. ht…
it was the grave of Britain's first indigenous Australian visitor - look out for film in a few months!
Britain's rarest spider captured alive for the first time EVER in Plymouth | https…
It's crazy how wrong you can be about people, like you'll think someone is proper sound then you see them sharing Britain first posts
First of all, why don't they just steal it like in Space Balls? Second what have I been doing with my life?
Britain's first black policeman PC Norwell Gumbs (later Norwell Roberts) directing traffic in 1968.
Thousands expected to gather outside mosque in stand against Britain First
Why would a "leaver" group need to issue clarification saying, for the first time, "we want Britain to leave the EU" http…
The best first beer in Britain, bar none! - Drinking a Citra by at —
On this date in 1975 Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman to lead Britain's Conservative Party.
Baroness Shirley Williams: the first feminist female prime minister Britain never had.
Britain First protest at Canterbury Mosque [2016-02-11]
Where in Britain could Pope Francis be heading later this year?
I know we are Great Britain but we can't help everyone. What happened to charity starts at home first but it's not we suffer
I liked a video Britain First protest at Canterbury Mosque
Two inspirational women - Mae Jemison - the first black female astronaut, and Helen Sharman - Britain's first astronaut
Well done Professor Marilyn Palmer MBE, Britain’s first Professor of Industrial Archaeology!
I'm getting "if murdered, don't let Britain First exploit me like they did Lee Rigby"
Britain First tracks down and confronts Anjem Choudary at his house!
Britain First carries out Christian Patrol in Islamist hotspot Bury Park...
This is what the United Reformed Church said about Britain First
Luton: 'Britain First' video showing group walking through Muslim area with crosses goes viral
Been thinking for a while now Britain First wears uniforms, so surely they're illegal under the Public Order Act that dismantled the BUF?
Peter Adams from the local Christian community expressing his views on Britain First visit to Luton stating they...
So thats where Paul Jewell has been hiding, he's running Britain First.
Britain First leader Paul Golding found guilty of harassment and wearing a political uniform | Essex Chronicle
I eagerly await Britain First's response to the Saudi beheadings. "Hang bacon from their embassy door handles!" perhaps? That'll teach them.
Would you clone a deceased Meet Britain's first cloned >>
I will take over Britain first with those octos! :D
So Donald Trump impressive fan club now has Katie Hopkins n David bigot Vance! oh and Britain first no doubt …
2/2 he condemns ISIS. What an eye opener to the problems that groups like the EDL and Britain First create.
BrentwoodTalk: Britain’s first ever public audio broadcast was made from Chelmsford on June 15, 192…
The responses to the UK floods from Muslim groups and Britain First are very different.
These are Britain's first puppies cloned from a dead dog
Thom Oldson. · . Read and reread these figures and then we are not Rip Off Britain. Ww r the first to...
Royal Collection produces first ever children's iPad app about royal history of Britain
Invade Britain first. Don't get bogged down in Moscow with the Anglos on your *** And don't trust the Bulgarians!
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