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Brittany Heyworth Marling (born August 7, 1982, Chicago, Illinois) is an American writer, producer, director, and actress. Ellen Philpotts-Page (born February 21, 1987), known professionally as Ellen Page, is a Canadian actress. 5.0/5

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Ellen Page is a very good actress. Brit Marling on the other hand...
Saw a very interesting movie last night called "The East" directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, and Ellen Page. It is about a Private Security Operative who is asked to infiltrate an ecoterrorist group. Along the way she starts to understand and appreciate their motivations. It is thought provoking, very well acted and Highly Recommended by Laura and I.
Just saw a riveting thriller called THE EAST (2013), about a ex-FBI agent employed by a powerful private security firm to gather intelligence on a cell of eco-terrorists. I got this film because like an earlier film in Sci-Fi genre I loved, Another Earth, it both starred and was co-written by Brit Marling (pictured right, next to Ellen Page, of 'Juno' fame). Like 'Another Earth', the film is a blend of genre suspense and a 'Sundance' focus on character and political activism that actually works terrifically-- it's more gripping than many bigger-scale thrillers-- and thought-provoking too. Each eco-terrorist has a personal story to tell, and the 'Doc''s in particular gives a strong moral justification even for their more extreme acts of eco-terrorism... Brit Marling is going to be a big star. I hope she can maintain her natural acting style, which is almost chameleon-like, and doesn't just become another Hollywood 'persona' actor as time goes on. Highly Recommended-- by me, for what it's worth.
Now watching Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page in Zal Batmanglij's The East
"The East" Brit Marling, Ellen Page. My two most favorite in one movie, TO THE FAP CAVE! ~
Go see "The East," a brilliant, taught thriller about a woman who infiltrates an eco terrorist cell (starring Brit Marling and Ellen Page).
Mom and I went and saw The East, starring; Brit Marling, Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson and Julia Ormond. It was different!
Movie Review: THE EAST - Brit Marling, Ellen Page (Juno), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood). This drama isn't found in every theater (Sundance Film) and yes, I went to see it because of Skarsgård and Page. Anyway, the synopsis is that Marling (Sarah Moss) is a former FBI agent and operative for a private intelligence firm. She infiltrates The East, an anarchist collective, to spy on them but ends up falling for Benji (Skarsgård - what normal woman wouldn't??) and questioning her morals and undercover duties. Other stars in this include Patricia Clarkson, Julia Ormond and Jason Ritter. The anarchist group is fictitious but the corporate corruption is based on actual incidents. It was interesting and worth seeing but save your $$ and rent it.
I adore everything Brit Marling has done thus far and I like the concept behind but Ellen Page as an eco-terrorist? You lost me.
Cast: Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page: In the course of just three small films, producer-writer-...
See what Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page, Brit Marling, Nick Offerman & more were up to last night in LA
Photoset: skarsgardnews: New stills from The East with Alex, Ellen Page and Brit Marling (source) Oh god the...
Exclusive: Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling in new photos from 'The East' via
Brit Marling and Ellen Page have a movie coming out?
We spoke to Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard about being anarchists in their new film with Brit Marling, The East
Here's the trailer for THE EAST, the Closing Night Film starring Brit Marling & Ellen Page
Check out my review of The East from Sundance 2013. Staring Brit Marling, Alaxander Skarsgard, Ellen Page.
Today is the day I see The East. Which looks like an interesting film about bringing down big corporations for the good of everyone around you. It stars Brit Marling and Ellen Page which is fine. But my real excitement is in getting to see Park Chan-Wook's latest film. Stoker. For those of you who don't know, Park Chan-Wook is the most twisted Korean director in the business. His masterpiece is Oldboy, but he's also directed Lady Vengeance and Thirst. Even his weaker efforts are compelling. And I'm a Cyborg But That's Ok is the most adorable little film. I'm getting off track. But just being able to be one of the first people to see a film by one of my all time favorite directors really brings it home for why I moved here in the first place. I'm truly honored to get to see Stoker in its premiere week and can't wait to fall in love with another Park Chan-Wook film. (for those of you who wanted a report on jOBS with Ashton Kutcher, I still have a really good shot at catching the final screening tomorrow)
Set de fotos: suicideblonde: Ellen Page and Brit Marling in the Sundance Film Festival portraits for The...
The East: added the trailer for the drama, starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page, Julia Ormond ...
THE EAST with Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page and Brit Marling to premiere JAN 20 at
The upcoming film "The East" stars Brit Marling and Ellen Page?? It's like an indie girl paradise...
thanks to Brit Marling and Ellen Page for stopping in the store and for their support today!
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