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Brit Marling

Brittany Heyworth Marling (born August 7, 1982, Chicago, Illinois) is an American writer, producer, director, and actress.

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Brit Marling love!!! Everyone needs to appreciate that woman!
Slinky blonde Brit Marling bares in all in the bath.
Yeah, I want to see that one. Love Brit Marling 😊
The Discovery - An interesting Sci-Fi premise. This is the sort of film you'd expect from the likes of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. (B+)
still not over the fact that brit marling and eddie redmayne did THAT
Pick my brain clean with questions! Brit Marling is my favorite writer and I've watched the series fr…
*The OA*'s Brit Marling on "Thankless, Thoughtless, Underwritten" Roles for Women and Why Femal
Brit Marling (The OA) is so *** talented. Hope she does more movies.
exactly!! The actress/writer Brit Marling had to write her own pieces like Another Earth & the OA.
I should have backed out the minute Brit Marling used the word "angels." (I give the same advice to…
We're really thankful she gave up a job at Goldman Sachs.
aku baca wiki Brit Marling. she's one heck of a gal.
Me too. Brit Marling is very talented. She should create more stuff. I love The OA
City of Bones, with Brit Marling as Jace, Zendaya as Clary, John Boyega as Simon, Idris Elba as Luke.
brit marling posted a gavin meme TO nick mastodon and that's probably the best interaction on I've seen to date
or maybe "Glenn Beck's favorite movie" either way I have no clue whether he even knew who Brit Marling was.
Brit Marling is a solid actress but her and Batmanglij's hippie Banksyisms + secret handshake fetish can get a bit old.
I don't know? I guess you haven't watched any of the Brit Marling / Zal Batmanglij film? Did you like Sense8?
Olivia Wilde, Noomi Rapace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Brit Marling auditioned to be Julia in this film
.of speaks to her friend for our March cover.
In the mood to hear Brit Marling lecture me over my life for 20 minutes tbh
I also really love Brit Marling's take on the genre, which is far more sci-fi, but same vein. Another Earth.
Felt like picking up see movies featuring Brit Marling a fairly talented Writer/Actor. Also Europa Report which is…
My is Brit Marling, who produced, co-wrote, and starred in "Another Earth" (dir. Mike Cahill, 2011).…
Dig Allow me to introduce you to which is similar but *whispers* better vi…
"You are the sum total of the choices you make every day." Brit Marling
Every time I watch a film or tv show with Britt Robertson or Brit Marling my mind is blown by their similar appearance
Pic of the Day: Another Earth: Director Mike Cahill and actress Brit Marling takes a sobering journey -RD
[SPOILERS] Answers and thoughts from a Brit Marling & Zal Batmanglij Q&A
Brit Marling looks like Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander as Irene Nesser in Thr Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Might be a bit too young for the role, but Brit Marling for Lady Jessica!
I thought Brit Marling was Britt Robertson woops they look so much alike and have the same name
I kept thinking about the similarities vetween Brit Marling and Britt Robertson all through The OA
I Origins: Brit Marling and William Mapother also acted in Director Mike Cahill's movie "Another Earth".
Mike Cahill and Brit Marling are my absolute favourite director/screenwriter duo. Add Zal Batmanglij, it's dynamite!
~ (movie) a chance. It's been written/directed by my dreamteam Mike Cahill and Brit Marling. ~
I think I realized very early on that you can spend a lot of time construct...
Watching Brit Marling act is a therapeutic experience
Or some Brit Marling-Interstellar deal where the WACK RIFF of Wayne Static-Xecutioners It's Going Down is COORDINATES to a second coming
As an actor, you have an accumulated knowledge base. But there's also somet...
Brit Marling has the gd goods. Have yet to see her give a bad performance. Loved her in Sound Of My Voice.
Brit Marling's in it. Check. Scott likes it. Check.
Here's the thing that I think about life - if you manage to get into a spac...
I think I am looking as an actor to find ways to push myself into places I ...
THE KEEPING ROOM is your new Listener's Choice pick. It'll be on Netflix 5/4 — in the meantime it's rentable:
Writing so that I can act became a way of having not more control over my f...
Little Giant Ladders
“I’m still a bit of a romantic and an idealist and hopelessly naive.” - Brit Marling (via nobroken)
Brit Marling would be the perfect Emma Frost if they ever did a reboot
The beautiful and smart Brit Marling via
One of my favorite stories growing up was 'A Wrinkle in Time'. I loved that...
When I was a kid and going to the movies I was overwhelmed by the way women...
We're always just telling stories, and stories are always just approximatio...
I didn't understand how you could be an actor if you didn't also study phil...
Nothing seemed as scary as waking up at 40 and realizing that I had not liv...
"Hold on to one another". Inspirador discurso de Brit Marling en Georgetown.
Brit Marling in I Origins is literally the exact type of person that I want to be.
Oh my stars. Brit Marling is gorgeous. And I just noticed she has the same nose that I do. I have the same nose as Brit Marling.
A whole film is just about arriving at a moment where you hopefully transfe...
When I'm sitting writing, I know that something works if I've made myself c...
.and go full-blown badass Western feminist in THE KEEPING ROOM:
Immersing myself in all Mike Cahill/Brit Marling projects cuz *** they both are . B R I L L I A N T
I origin... Interesting movie. Brit Marling does it again 😀
A lot of people think, 'I'll give acting or poetry or filmmaking a try. And...
Another Earth. Directed by Mike Kahill. written by Mike Kahill & Brit Marling
Modern life has gotten so strange, we all get 150 emails and text messages ...
Just saw The Better Angels. I wish Brit Marling was my friend.
Brit Marling's speech at Georgetown has always been inspiring.. All my feels packed in one video (pls)
A good indicator of whether a movie will be a bit of a slog but worth it in the end is if Brit Marling is in it.
I'm still salty about Brit Marling for bad mouthing horror movies
Brie Larson won an Oscar for the kind of Difficult Film that Brit Marling would literally murder to be in
I'd studied theater growing up and loved that, but didn't have many example...
Oh God... Brit Marling. Why o why does she still get financing for her films?
it's sad that a women like Brit Marling is undervalued for her work because her roles and screenplays focus on science instead of sex
Intermittently watching Babylon on Netflix during election coverage. Brit Marling and James Nesbitt are excellent. Really enjoyable series👌🏻
I adore Adele, but Laura Marling will always be the best female artist (on earth!) for me. BRIT award or not.
Science fiction has a way of letting you talk about where we are in the wor...
Will Brill and Brandon Perea join Brit Marling and Scott Wilson in Netflix drama series THE OA:
i only just found out she was even nominated but laura marling was robbed. she deserves EVERY brit, even international male.
also why is Laura Marling always nominated for best female, she must have a mate at the Brit awards panel
Laura Marling, Aphex Twin.. Nominated every year by Brit academy ... No one knows why
I'm actually so impressed that Marling still gets nominated for a Brit every year
Hayley and I both just shouted at the TV when Laura Marling was up for yet another Brit award. Old habits die hard.
Swear that Laura Marling gets nominated for a BRIT award every year yet I've never once heard one of her songs.
But seriously Drew looks like Brit Marling or something here. WHY.
Token nominations for Bjork and Laura Marling aside, what a horrendous set of nominees for this year's Brit Awards. Awful
Laura marling is nominated for a BRIT? ***
I hope Brit Marling pulls a Brie Larson. She's such a great actress. I love her indie films but she deserves mainstream attention too.
I think there is a general unrest or curiosity about what a human future is...
Every Brit Marling film is worth a watch
Richard Gere, Tim Roth, Brit Marling and Susan Sarandon star in our late-night thriller Arbitrage at 11.05pm.
My pet name for Brit Marling is "Britters". One day I hope to call her that in person, as she recoils in disgust.
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Another Earth (2011): Brit Marling writes & shines in this literal & allegorical film of loss, healing, & redemption
Intensely wants to watch more movies starring Michael Pitt and Brit Marling
A couple of compromises in a row and suddenly you're very far way from the ...
One of the great pleasures of acting is surrendering to someone else's poin...
So at some point you realize that your life is not just going to start one ...
We put limitations on the way that we think about things, on ourselves, thi...
Wow, what a good read! Not cheesy at all! 😆 I'm looking forward to more already. Movie tip: Anything involving Brit Marling.🌹🌹
: oh thank you ^_^ Too few people have seen it ! And I like Brit Marling, she's really great.
I've found myself at one in the morning just sitting at my desk spending an...
: how could I forget my favorite, Brit Marling ! Try &
I get uncomfortable when people give me presents and watch me open them. I ...
Wish the queen of Brit folk Laura Marling would come to SA instead of her mopey ex Marcus Mumble and his "Sons".
My ladycrush, Brit Marling. Legit, she is gorgeous and crazy talented. If you haven't watched…
Finally getting to watch I Origins. Anything Brit Marling is attached to usually becomes a favorite 👌
Dear Brit Marling: Thank you for not taking a role in a superhero movie. Someone has to look after adult drama and you do it spectacularly.
Now I'm going to watch THE KEEPING ROOM. Brit Marling is Hailee Steinfeld's big sister; It's already good!
If you like westerns The Keeping Room is one nasty-as *** little gem of one - Brit Marling needs to be in everything
When white actress Brit Marling says, "We're all n* now," in The Keeping Room.
I want to see it but Winnipeg got rid of there one theatre where smaller films play so I can't. Love Brit Marling though.
Weird that Brit Marling is going to win an Oscar in three years
:-( 'The Keeping Room' brings fresh approach to Westerns: ... writing), three w... :-(
'The Keeping Room' brings fresh approach to Westerns: From right: Augusta (Brit Marling), Mad (Muna Otaru) and...
Brit Marling on Subversive Western 'The Keeping Room' and the 'Strange Metaphysical Exchange' of Acting
Ellen Page is a very good actress. Brit Marling on the other hand...
The Keeping Room review: my Brit Marling fandom continues,
is anything with Brit Marling on Netflix? If so, them.
everything with Brit Marling is amazing: The East, Sound of My Voice, I Origins. *_*
"What 'The OA' is about is a mystery for now—Netflix did not provide any info—but chances are good it will be edgy."
at the this past weekend - Jonathan Nolan, Emily St John Mandel, Brit Marling talking about sci-fi
Geekiest thing I've done in a while. Sci-Fi discussion with Jonathan Nolan & Brit Marling. (@ SVA Theatre)
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A4. Lately Im a big fan of the work of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij.
I'll add David Costalibe, Sinqua Walls, and Brit Marling as Blackgaard, Jason, and Tasha in the spy spin-off
I like every movie I've watched from Brit Marling, omg
If there was ever any doubt that Netflix was just reading my mind at this point, there's a Brit Marling written & produced series coming.
Seeking a female-led cult to join. Bonus points if the female is Brit Marling.
hi, I know you're a Brit Marling fan. Have you seen 'The East'? 👍
Brit Marling should be in all movies
What was our Cinevangelist film tonight? The excellent 'Another Earth' (2011), starring & co-written by Brit Marling
An undercover Brit Marling finds her loyalty to the Bunny tested in THE EASTER.
remember when Alexander Skarsgard washed Brit Marling's hair & it was really hot
Nevertheless, Brit Marling is awesome. I love all her performances.
The East is such a good movie, every movie Brit Marling is in is so good
Rosie's episode was the only good one- Brit Marling is amazing in anything, she is the queen of indies IMO
Laura Marling talks quarter life crisis: The BRIT winner moved to LA and "wanted to see what it would feel lik...
At last watched "The East" - excellent: interesting story, great cast & how talented is Brit Marling?
Check out the US premiere of THE KEEPING ROOM starring Brit Marling, Sam Worthington & Hailee Steinfeld, this Thurs!
Photoset: elle: Sarah Silverman, Rose Byrne, and Brit Marling: Three underrated actresses you ought to...
Sundance! Check us out this Sun at a panel w/ Jason Momoa, Brit Marling + others moderated by
Brit Marling, Tatiana Maslany, Kimberly Elise and Jennifer Garner who deserves a career as big as her husband's.
The Keeping Room. Panic Room reimagined as a western, with Brit Marling and Hailee Steinfeld fending off against marauding rapists.
I would have went with Ben Mendelsohn & Brit Marling for
No. I'm not drawing Lana del Rey. I'm drawing Brit Marling from her W cover with Eddie Redmayne
Drake Doremus and Felicity Jones are probably my favorite collaborators. Tied with Brit Marling and Mike Cahill.
‘I Origins’ Sends Michael Pitt and Brit Marling on a Futile Quest for God - Film - San Antonio Current:
Hayley Atwell, Brit Marling and Alexa Davalos tested for the role of Helen Rodin.
I Origins: watch our exclusive interviews with Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, Astrid Bergès-Frisbe and Steven Yeun
new Base Set - Brit Marling in Another Earth by utopiosphere
"I'd like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed this world." See Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire), Astrid Bergès Frisbey, Brit Marling (Another Earth) & Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead)in the new film I Origins. In theaters July 18!
Impatiently waiting for "I Origins" to be released. Hello, Mike Cahill and Brit Marling!
Saw a very interesting movie last night called "The East" directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, and Ellen Page. It is about a Private Security Operative who is asked to infiltrate an ecoterrorist group. Along the way she starts to understand and appreciate their motivations. It is thought provoking, very well acted and highly recommended by Laura and I.
Just saw a riveting thriller called THE EAST (2013), about a ex-FBI agent employed by a powerful private security firm to gather intelligence on a cell of eco-terrorists. I got this film because like an earlier film in Sci-Fi genre I loved, Another Earth, it both starred and was co-written by Brit Marling (pictured right, next to Ellen Page, of 'Juno' fame). Like 'Another Earth', the film is a blend of genre suspense and a 'Sundance' focus on character and political activism that actually works terrifically-- it's more gripping than many bigger-scale thrillers-- and thought-provoking too. Each eco-terrorist has a personal story to tell, and the 'Doc''s in particular gives a strong moral justification even for their more extreme acts of eco-terrorism... Brit Marling is going to be a big star. I hope she can maintain her natural acting style, which is almost chameleon-like, and doesn't just become another Hollywood 'persona' actor as time goes on. Highly recommended-- by me, for what it's worth.
Brit Marling's New Series 'Babylon' Gets First Look in UK!: Brit Marling poses from the front row at the Reed ...
Photo: Michael Pitt and Brit Marling in I ORIGINS from Sundance Film Festival 2014
This is a part of the Review. We were nervous of what the critics would say about Braydon, doing this project because he was surrounded by actors that had filmed many movies. They were all so helpful, and mindful of Braydon. They kinda took him under their wings, and carried him through any part he might have needed help in. Besides the other children that were cast for parts in this film, the Co-Stars are considered 'A-List' Actors, and to have Braydon 'Stand Out' above them, is very humbling to say the least. of dialog doesn’t mean lack of need for solid performances – if anything it requires that much more of an actor to convey actions, emotions, moments of connection with each other, without being able to lean much on words to convey meaning. Fortunately for Edwards, his excellent cast is more than up to that task. Jason Clarke as Tom Lincoln, Brit Marling as Lincoln’s mother, Sarah, and Diane Kruger as his stepmother Nancy, are all spot on, evoking the juxtaposition of weariness and hope that . ...
Sundance 2014 I Origins (2014) with Michael Pitt, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Brit Marling. The new film from writer/director Mike Cahill premiered at Sundance this January – his previous film, Another Earth, also premiered at Sundance in 2011.
Film distribution companies like Lionsgate and Focus Features, stars like Diane Kruger, Elijah Wood, top directors like Jim Jarmush and Chris Nolan, as well as many, many other bright stars of tomorrow - altogether in one place with celebrating latest works. Inspiring films, people and panel discussion events are what bring filmmakers, their muses and fans to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival - and you can't help but get swept away with the kinetic energy, eager to infuse it into your own projects. I went to the 2014 Sundance Film Fest for this very reason - to provide "This is Nowhere" the spark needed to light a fire for all to see. Having worked on two of the films being screened at Sundance, the Terrence Malick produced film "The Better Angels," with Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger, Brit Marling and Wes Bentley, and "Cold in July," directed by Jim Mickles, the timing for introducing and making connections for "This is Nowhere" was perfect. I came, I saw, I networked and, now, am ready to take ...
Brit Marling, Elizabeth Olsen, Edward Burns, Terrence Howard and Gabourey Sidibe all came to Park City as relative unknowns and emerged as highly sought-after talents.…
Latergram of Diane Kruger, Wes Bentley, Brit Marling at the premiere of THE BETTER ANGELS.
Cast incl Brit Marling, Wes Bentley, Diane Kruger with director and crew of THE BETTER ANGELS.
First image of starring Brit Marling, Michael Pitt, and Steven Yeun! Thanks for this...
Woah wait what's this now? Brit Marling starring in a Danny Boyle TV series?!
Babylon. How can I not be excited for this? Brit Marling and Danny Boyle.
Sundance Film Festival announced its line-up, and we are thrilled to announce that it includes Mike Cahill's movie, I ORIGINS, starring Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, and Steven Yeun, with cinematography by WPA | Worldwide Production Agency DP Markus Foerderer! Congrats Markus!! Stunning work, as always!
Directed by Mike Cahill. With Brit Marling, William Mapother, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, DJ Flava. On the night of the discovery of a duplicate Earth in the Solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.
Another Earth was one of the most interesting films I've seen in a long time. Brit Marling is superb.
And this Brit Marling chick looks so much like Brit Robertson!
Yeesh. I graduated w/ Brit Marling & still haven’t gotten over her taking my spot as cerebral blonde indie auteur of the moment
still best of Brit Marling filmography. One of the most original films in ages. Highly recommendable.
Solid thriller from Brit Marling. She's definitely a talent to watch.
The East has Brit Marling. That's all you need to know.
“Brit Marling is so great in this film! .and Alexander Skarsgard.
Brit Marling is so great in this film!
Brit Marling and James Nesbitt in Danny Boyle's comedy TV show. Did we know about this?
snuggling up w/ some hard cider to watch THE EAST. serious respect for co-writer & star Brit Marling. not to mention always rad.
Watching Brit Marling is one of my faves so this should be great.
'The East' is not only a grippping film, but it also stars the writer in the lead role. People like Brit Marling inspire me.
Brit Marling is easily the most interesting actress around these days, for all kinds of reasons.
I've just seen The East with Brit Marling. I realised that Patricia Clarckson would be awesome playing Jessica Lange sister in AHS
Creepy moment when Brit Marling meets herself
Dead Mans Shoes is an incredible film. Wow. That's what a script should be like! also loving Brit Marling!
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I have a massive crush on Brit Marling. She's a wee hottie.
The East was another great movie by Brit Marling and that guy.
In six months there will be an Eva Green monster-of-the-week show and a Brit Marling/Danny Boyle cop show on TV. Maybe give up on movies?
Can I just quit school and become Brit Marling instead?
I have officially seen every movie Brit Marling has acted in and obvi she's my new favorite actress. I'm obsessed.
A movie called released on today. Strongly recommend it. Really thought provoking stuff with marling and
Brit Marling & James Nesbitt are set to star in Danny Boyle’s ‘Babylon’
Favorite headline in the trades today. I absolutely LOVE Brit Marling.
Danny Boyle to direct Brit Marling and James Nesbitt in a pilot for a new TV series named Babylon.
The very talented Brit Marling cast on a TV series, Babylon, in the UK has me so excited.
About 3 weeks ago, I told that I thought would be open to doing TV. Am I clairvoyant?
Brit Marling (C '05) to star in Danny Boyle-directed police comedy/drama pilot Babylon for the UK's Channel 4:
ICYMI: TV: Brit Marling to Star in UK Series with Danny Boyle-Directed Pilot -
Brit Marling in Danny Boyle's new tv series? Yes. Good. Just don't give her script input, Danny.
Danny Boyle Adds Brit Marling to Cast of 'Babylon': The eccentric director is building a London cop show and a...
New post: Brit Marling to star in Danny Boyle's Babylon for Channel 4
LEE did you see the Brit Marling news?
Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Danny Boyle, Brit Marling. James Nesbitt. A UK police show I can get on board with
Brit Marling and James Nesbitt to co star in Danny Boyle's BABYLON
Another Earth was fantastic, it just creeps into my "Must See" category and the fourth Brit Marling film i really like, she rockz!
Introducing com-dram Babylon, from the pens of Bain and Armstrong. (Actually, they use crayon.) Dir: Danny Boyle(!)
Danny Boyle, Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong teaming up for Channel 4 police pilot
Brit Marling stars in Babylon via atvtodayuk
Our sense of heroism really needs this kind of reformation, thanks for sharing this Will. She joins a long list of my personal contemporary heroines, including Wangari Maathai, Vandana Shiva, julia Butterfly Hill, Brit Marling, Angelina Jolie, Diane Osborne and Dolly Osborne, Shelly Youngman, Carolyn Belknap, Amie Crawford, Kerri Finlayson, Ruth Patterson, Laura Cherven, Alyssa Haskill, Nicole Mygrants, Christina Kolberg, May Earlewhine, Chris Karjewski, Elisa Seltzer, Emily Presley, Ann Rogers, Amanda Kik, Stacy Jo Schillar, Tiffany Lenau, Linda Birkle, June Norgaard . . . I could go on and on. Thank you all for holding up more than your half of this beautiful sky!
New on IB: Movie Review: The East - Written by Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling and directed by Zal Batmanglij the Eas...
Two years after "Another Earth" and "Sound of My Voice" catapulted her to indie-icon status at Sundance, Brit Marling reunited with her "Sound of My Voice" director and co-writer Zal Batmanglij for the Fox Searchlight thriller "The East," now available on DVD and Blu-ray.
Q&A: Brit Marling, Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij, and Director Zal Batmanglij on Sound of My Voice
From producer Ridley Scott and directed by Zal Batmanglij comes this taut, sexy thriller starring Brit Marling,...
another excellent film from Brit Marling & Zal Batmanglij.
The East: Director Zal Batmanglij and actress Brit Marling – who co-wrote the cult-infiltration thriller Sound of...
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Now watching Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page in Zal Batmanglij's The East
Watched, "The East" and it's pretty good. Not sure why Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij keep writing about cult group behaviors but... okay.
Photoset: Juno Temple, Brit Marling and Lea Seydoux at the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2014 show during London...
Directed by Robert Redford. With Robert Redford, Brit Marling, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte. A former Weather Underground activist goes on the run from a journalist who has discovered his identity.
Just got done watching The Company You Keep and I loved it. An excellent thriller with Redford doing among his best work as an actor and a director in a long time. Shia LaBeouf is actually very good too and this movie has a massive cast. The cast includes: Susan Sarandon, Stephen Root, Chris Cooper, Anna Kendrick, Terrance Howard, Nick Nolte, Brendan Gleeson, Brit Marling, Julie Christie, Stanley Tucci, Sam Elliot and Richard Jenkins. Yes, it's a beast of a cast. Loved the movie.
Never thought I'd ever like a leftist film but 'The East' is an interesting thriller about a cult of Eco Terrorists...!! How refreshing it is to see a thriller with a cool female protagonist..!! Loved the mood and tone of the film...!! Brit Marling is such a vast talent... The gorgeous young Indie film maker..!! Hope Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling make more Sociopolitical thrillers..!!!
*Meryl Streep, clutching pictures of Brit Marling, Greta Gerwig, and Jessica Chastain and weeping softly*
When I grow up, I want to be Brit Marling Inspiring, beautiful woman, the world needs you.
The East was very, very good. Brit Marling - A+
The new ish of the ASOS mag is live, with Brit Marling, how to wear the slip dress & your guide to the new season...
He might have been a little indifferent about it cause he's not a big Brit Marling fan.
Finally watched "The Sound of My Voice," Brit Marling is so, so good at everything she does.
That's After Earth while critics said it was awful, I wanna see it. Another Earth is a Brit Marling film.
Brit Marling. Pretty, and a great actress. Just Phenomenal, Especially on Another Earth.
Brit Marling finds exciting new direction with 'The East' - Since her acclaimed indie film breakout "Another...
Brit Marling eases us in to the new season via
If we skewed older with the cast: Ryan Gosling, Brit Marling, Ben Foster, Warren Beatty
Actress covers the September 2013 cover of Magazine where she shares her views on the lack of...
Actress Brit Marling in Gangster Chic top inside September issue ✌
This morn panel w/ Brit Marling & Zal Batmangali according to Michael Moore may have been his best ever. traverse city
THE EAST was good, not great. Brit Marling is very talented.
And now Brit Marling's performance in SOUND OF MY VOICE makes a little more sense to me.
Who’s going to star in a Woody Allen movie first? Jennifer Lawrence or Brit Marling?
Really? Agree with you on Bling - I'd suggest only reason East appears Indie is cos of Brit Marling...
Very impressed with your convocation at GTown. Powerful message and great delivery: Keep pushing forward
Brit Marling is part of a new generation of filmmakers that are redefining the film medium. Through the...
See stellar photo shoot and eye makeup for
"I was looking for a way to earn a living that didn't involve giving up being imaginative and vulnerable." - Brit Marling
Recently watched Another Earth and Sound of My Voice. I think...yep, I am definitely obsessed with Brit Marling.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Brit Marling's gorgeous shoot for our friends over at
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There's a lot to like about Zal Batmanglij's THE EAST; it's tense, thought-provoking, well-performed & stars the talented Brit Marling (1/2)
"The East" Brit Marling, Ellen Page. My two most favorite in one movie, TO THE FAP CAVE! ~
Was reading an interview of Brit Marling , where she said she saves money and makes it a point to watch the indie cinema on screen by paying
Brit Marling needs to be massive. She deserves to be massive. Can we put her in a Marvel movie already or something?!
Go see "The East," a brilliant, taught thriller about a woman who infiltrates an eco terrorist cell (starring Brit Marling and Ellen Page).
Another great Brit Marling film and a lesson in how to make a low budget movie is The Sound Of My Voice. Very creepy story, works so well.
If you haven't seen any of Brit Marling's films she's a brilliant writer and actress. Go and watch Another Earth. It's a game changer.
I just saw The East. So many great ideas packed into it. For my money Brit Marling is the most exciting young filmmaker right now.
Brit Marling is outrageously captivating. See Sound of My Voice and/or Another Earth for further details.
I kind of love Brit Marling. And not just for her amazing hair
Ben Affleck in GONE GIRL is good casting. If Brit Marling is cast as the other lead that'll be 2 for 2. Make it happen Fincher!
The beautiful Brit Marling as shot by InStyle UK. Get her super cool sunnies look for less with our £5 nude round...
I just posted Brit Marling, a la selva y sin tacones, read it here:
I think I shall do the same. Brit Marling forever
new take on life, new role model: - this speech assures me I've been right in staying true as an artist
The East was ok, characters not quite as developed as they could have been though good lead performance from Brit Marling.
Our review for Brit Marling's new film: THE EAST. Not on the same level as her past work but still interesting.
Brit Marling stars as an undercover agent who infiltrates an anarchist group known as The East. Our review:
We're big Brit Marling fans over here. Sound of my Voice was just ducky.
The East - Dir - Zal Batmanglij. 4 out of 5. Tight little thriller that gets a little sloppy at the end. Brit Marling is a star.
And she wants to record it for Brit Marling's next movie.
Still trying to decide how I feel about Brit Marling as a writer after SOUND OF MY VOICE.
Brit Marling is a terrible actress with little in the way of facial expression. In no hurry to see her again
Alex's character skinny dipping with his co-star Brit Marling in "The East" 2013. Tnx Eric Northman Fans for...
I'm really into Brit Marling.. like, really, really into her
I do want to see more of Brit Marling because she is magnetic in the lead role, easily stealing each scene.
Brit Marling, I don't know how to feel about you.
UNRELATED TO ALL ABOUT STEVE: Add Amy Seimetz to my list of favorite actresses. Elizabeth Olsen, Brit Marling, Melanie Laurent and Seimetz.
Photoset: luvtheviking: The V makes its appearance in “The East" And Brit Marling’s head was located just...
Black, white and blond all over, check out actress Brit Marling's covetable style:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Style crush: Brit Marling. Here's how to score the actress' understated style.
Brit Marling: Great actors are like blue whales - they have the capacity to dive to the deepest parts of the...
Last night I watched people eat worms. And it was most enjoyable. Thank you DVD librarian
'The East' Review via Brit Marling takes on corporate greed in her latest indie
and their movie the East. Read more about it on
The story about talented Marling and her movie 'The East'. A must see this summer! Read it on
Spent most of The Sound of My Voice trying to suss who Brit Marling was before realising she was Paige the *** from Community. Cool!
Rewatching Sound of my Voice and this movie still gets me. Brit Marling is too fantastic for words.
want to, love what Brit Marling and co are doing, creating their own projects.
Want to feel inadequate? Look up who Brit Marling is and behold her cinematic brilliance and countless achievements
Now I realise who Brit Marling kind of reminds me of. Julie Delpy. Just a tad.
Have you read our interview with Brit Marling in the new issue?
Beauty, brains, talent and impeccable style; how could we not have a girl crush on ‎
Out in cinemas now is Brit Marling's The East (2013)
TheEast: Zal Batmanglij strikes again, with a simple but efficient ecologic spy movie. Good actors, Brit Marling is incredible.
Saw "The East," a very good sort of Elmore Leonard-style eco-Jane Bond story from indie breakout Brit Marling and crew. 3.5 of 4 stars.
Watching some great and great writing unfold in loving Richard Gere and Brit Marling!
Brit Marling has been a part of some solid movies over the last few years. She has the "it" factor. I'm really anxious to see what's next.
I don't know many actors' names but I've decided I really like Clea Duvall and Brit Marling.
3/4 stars Making a film which attempts to empathize with terrorists is a very difficult task. I know this because just saying so probably raised a few eyebrows. Just the word'terrorist' comes with a very specific image; an image which is dehumanizing and incredibly simplistic. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not at all suggesting that we sympathize with such people. All I'm trying to get across is that the issue is much more complicated than that. Understanding a problem is a very important part of solving it. It's nice to know that screenwriter/actress Brit Marling and director Zal Batmanglij understand the importance of empathy and are able to use it as a great storytelling tool. The East stars Marling as a former federal agent who now has a career at Hiller Brood. Her first assignment is to go undercover within The East. The East are an eco-terrorism group  led by Benji (Alexander Skarsgard) who target large corporations and pharmaceutical companies who profit off of their damage to the environment and t ...
Mom and I went and saw The East, starring; Brit Marling, Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson and Julia Ormond. It was different!
In cinema's now.The East. My review of the political thriller starring Brit Marling & Alexander Skarsgard
Fox Picks Up Sci-Fi Spec Script, Tranquility Base, For Ridley Scott To Produce RidleyAs Ridley Scott develops the sequel for his 2012 film Prometheus, the 75-year-old director will be producing a new science fiction film for his production company Scott Free Productions and Twentieth Century Fox. Scott often produces the films he directs, but sometimes he takes the opportunity just to get a project going from the screenplay to the big screen without taking the director’s seat. (Such as The East with Brit Marling, Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, and Joe Carnahan’s The Grey). According to Deadline, Scott’s latest science fiction production is from first-time screenwriter Daniel Turkewitz, and it’s called Tranquility Base. There is not much known about the film at this point, but it is believed to have elements of Lord of the Flies, but set in outer space. Of course, Tranquility Base is the location where the Apollo 11 Lunar Module containing Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins first landed o ...
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