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Brit Hume

Alexander Britton Brit Hume (born June 22, 1943) is an American television journalist and political commentator.

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I also like CBS. On the 25th Brit Hume did a great job as a guest host on the Fox News Sunday. Everyone else just s…
Fox's Brit Hume: Even if the Trump campaign did collude with Russia, “it’s not a crime”
Brit Hume (The Other Tony Snow): Republican President's are above the law.
Bret Baier and Brit Hume of Fox News is an *** Obvious biased in reports. Leaning left. Whose d**ks did you suck to get that job.
Brit Hume , good point US Nukes were stationed in South Korea many times.
Ailes made you. Or was it Brit Hume (?) One of them did
Stossel is a light romp geared up by the schtick shifted by John Stossel and Brit Hume.
This is a guy that calls Brit Hume an imbecile. U may not always agree with Brit, but his grey matter is slightly a…
I remember when Brit Hume was a news reporter. He worked with Peter Jennings on ABC News. Now that he wor…
If there was a Make A Wish Foundation for adults, my dream would be lunch with Brit Hume.
Jeanine Pirro and Brit Hume are weirdly interesting together.
Brit Hume has always been arrogant, condescending *** Making light of this genuine threat is new low.
Brit Hume gave up being a journalist when he joined
If the markets had behaved badly, that would obviously add to people's ...
I used to respect Brit Hume but he really is an ***
I'm old enough to remember when Brit Hume was a journalist.
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Brit Hume is not a journalist he is a propagandist
Brit Hume is a flake. Watching him on fox turned me from a repub to a dem.
1/2 All the years at Fox News has changed Brit Hume, who once was a good reporter and good guy. He is now
CNN is a more diverse brand. It's spread out over more products over th...
I lost all respect for Brit Hume as a person and as a reporter years ago. Contempt from him means nothing to me.
Brit Hume is not a journalist. He plays one on TV.
Hemmer manages to make even a withdrawn character compelling, and worth rooting for as Brit Hume struggles to shed his shell.
Brit Hume might be the stupidest man in America.
Maybe Brit Hume should go back and look at some of their Saint Reagan's legacy o. Israel.
your mistaking Brit Hume for a journalist?
I am old enough to remember when Brit Hume was the White House Reporter for ABC.
Trace Gallagher's second outing as Brit Hume became his personal favorite, and that of many Kristol fans around the world.
Brit Hume isn't a journalist he works for the GOP PR center known as FOX
Brit Hume's one-man stage show makes for a terrific one-man TV show.
A superstar for more than two decades, Brit Hume has never been more popular than he is today, in his mid-40s.
HUME BOOM: Brit Hume stomps Hillary Clinton with 1 photo caption and people are loving it via
Brit Hume and a lot of others need to learn from you. 👍🏼
And THERE it is the Brit Hume stoic sarcasm I miss so much!! 😂 ❤️ it!! ***
Brit Hume is swinging hard tonight Number 2 just had his bell rung but good.
Brit Hume proves he didn't read the article. I'm sure Brit knows much more than the experts.
Brit Hume proves he didn't read the article
A bunch of those guys on FoxNews follow me including Brit Hume and Sean Hannity. Probably why they caught that. :-)
I thought Brit Hume used to give Obama *** underneath the Resolute desk
First name of Cole Aldrich's wife is Britt. Britt Ekland, Britt Robertson+I welcome her to 2 t's fold, where Brit Hume + his ilk are outcast
Add Megyn Kelly's face too - and Brit Hume - Shepherd Smith ... the list is TOO LONG!
I just can't stand holier-than-thou types like Megyn Kelly & Brit Hume. They attack you WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
"In an “On the Record with Brit Hume,” interview Thursday night, Bolton said Russian President Vladimir Putin has...
it really has. Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, now Brit Hume. All earning clinton money.
LOU DOBBS TONIGHT on Fox Business Channel now. (Far better than Brit Hume on Fox News - who is a 'Never Trumper').
Since Roger Ailes departed FOX, the talking heads like Brit Hume,S.Smith, Megan Kelly and Juan Williams are now pushing Social Marxism w/MSM
These people ruining Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Carl Whoever, Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Megan Slob Bimbo. Hope they go to
Boycott book, she's an incompetent cancer. Brian is kissing her butt cause like Brit Hume, he fears her
Special Report w/ Brit Hume. Brit, I now remember who you look like, act like and talk like, a cartoon dog that was called," Droopy"
lol you said Brit Hume like it matters
I'm no Brit Hume fan but anyone with half a brain would know in that context he meant demeanor.
Brit Hume:Clinton wasn't necessarily attractive at debate: via Libs the class of perpetually offended. I got it
Liberals are very upset with Brit Hume for his comments about Queen Hillary Clinton.
So Brit Hume had to say Hillary was not attractive. How do you think he compares to David Muir?
This Fox News host's comment about Hillary Clinton has the internet in an uproar:
so brit hume thinks Hillary is not attractive. Let's compare him to David Muir.
via Horrible what you mean Fox people do. You're desperate to tear Hillary down. Look at yourself
I didn't know we were watching a beauty pageant instead of a presidential debate. .
Fox News’ Brit Hume wins the night's sexism award for saying Clinton was "not necessarily attractive" during debate.
"She looked, I think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive," Brit Hume https:…
A Fox News host commented on Clinton's debate appearance, and people were not pleased.
Brit Hume sad nothing about Hillary's appearance that Bill hasn't been saying about Hillary through his actions.
The man was right; she was smug bc she was given the questions 1 week before. She looks like a D0UBLE..!!. via
Brit Hume is a gentleman for calling Clinton unattractive? You must be using this logic to vote trump!!
I had a good day. Followed by a few conserv mags, openly hated by a few hundred Dem trolls, and Brit Hume favorited me. LOL
. I can remember when I thought Brit Hume was a broadcaster that could be respected...
Brit Hume: Clinton wasn't 'necessarily attractive' at debate/ Brit, We KNOW you meant her SMIRKY attitude was NOT attractive! VERY UGLY!
Brit Hume: Clinton wasn't 'attractive' at debate: Guess what, she looked beautiful!!! What a winning smile. has it all brains and beauty.
On Brit Hume just complained that Clinton looked "composed, smug, not necessarily attractive."
Brit Hume thinks females should look attractive. Men however can be orange Coke sniffing dogs
Fox host Brit Hume says that when he called Hillary Clinton "not attractive," he was just talking about her demeanor
Lame excuse for a sexist jerk. Brit Hume is a pathetic person.
"Brit Hume", whose face looks as if it is melting downward, appoints self as a judge of attractiveness.
.There is something wrong with Brit Hume.
Fox News’ Brit Hume under fire for saying Clinton 'not necessarily attractive'.
Fox News host in hot water over Clinton debate comment:
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Probably do better opposite Brit Hume on at 7:00pm et.
BREAKING: focus groups suggest Brit Hume "has the aspect of Droopy Dog"
A lot like Brit Hume, only add in that he sounds like Droopy the dog.
Megyn Kelly is a sweetly vulnerable Carl Cameron; Peter Doocy is cold, brittle and, well, Brit Hume, as John Gibson.
Host Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News after 14 years; senior political analyst Brit Hume to take her place SEE
How does everyone feel about Brit Hume replacing Greta Van Sustren?
Greta Van Sustren is leaving FoxNews! On The Record will now be hosted by Brit Hume.
Greta Van Sustern to leave Fox News after 14 years; Brit Hume named new anchor of "On the Record"
Greta Van Sustren has left FOX. Brit Hume is a temporary replacement. You should replace Greta.
"Off the Record" as Murdoch pushes Fox News toward liberalism, is Brit Hume going to focus on a Clinton win?
And now Fox News is announcing Greta Van Susteren leaving, replaced by Brit Hume
Brit Hume is not Greta. He's a face maker and eye roller.
What did Brit Hume know and when did he know it?
Favorite Brit Hume moment was obviously when he said Iraq was safer than California
Liberals are celebrating that pro-Trump has left Fox News and is replaced by rabid anti-Brit Hume. .
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This will be Greta's replacement. Fox getting rid of the women and replacing with Trump buglers.…
Fox slowly getting rid of anchors who do Pro-Trump stories. Greta gone. Trump hater Brit Hume to take over.
Brit Hume is lik Eric severide...should be doing commentaries not reading news
Lol,there won't be any hot dames in primary colors left on & grumpy old men will have to try to get it up for Brit Hume.
Brit Hume of all people. Fox has much better talent.
Brit Hume sounded at least open to Evan McMullin candidacy. Possibility for some coverage there?
Brit Hume seems to really enjoy the sound of his own vo…
LINEUP CHANGE. Brit Hume to take over for departing Greta. WE WANT BACK! .
Replacing Greta with Brit Hume is mistake First Choice: TUCKER CARLSON. Sorry to lose She earned our admirat…
.one of the few people I would watch on With rabid anti-Trump Brit Hume in there, they lose me
That's just plain wrong. Brit Hume has his own time to talk politics so why should fox kick Gretaout
Look at the GOOGLY eyes. Hillary will NOT like Brit Hume’s reaction to THIS photo via
This whole Fox News meltdown has really given Brit Hume a chance to come into his own as the harrumph of his generation.
I'm don't know why 😞 Starting tonight it's Brit Hume until the election
headed in the wrong direction of audience preference by replacing Trump-friendly Greta w/Trump-hater Brit Hume. BAD MOVE "Fox News"
Greta Van Susteren exits Fox after 14 years, Brit Hume will replace starting Tuesday
Fox settles with Gretchen Carlson & GRETA is leaving Fox immediately. Brit Hume is going to take Greta's place. NO!! http…
Sad news! To be replaced by ole sour puss Brit Hume? Pls put in to replace Greta.
I will miss Greta. She was a class act. Brit Hume is a tool for the establishment. I will not…
Wow. I really like Brit Hume, but the speed and timing are a shock
First gone, now Yet Trump haters Shep and Megyn stay on. Brit Hume will have post "through the…
Brit Hume as Greta's replacement is the worst possible choice he is as bad as Megan Kelly. Eric Bolling would've been my choice
This smells of taking Trump Supporter Anchors off of Fox News. Brit Hume is VERY CRITICAL OF TRUMP! .
That's why I won't b watching that biased hack Brit Hume No thanks Can't stand Hannity is all I watch
Brit Hume and the late Tony Snow control the true narrative in USA Political Arena!
Fox announces Greta will leave Fox +Brit Hume will take her time slot through Election. Great,another Anti-Trump moron li…
Greta you were one of the only on and they're replacing you with BRIT HUME? NO THANK YOU!
Alleged serial rapist Roger Ailes supporter Greta Van Sustern is leaving foxnews will be replaced by Brit Hume
Brit Hume: Polls showing Romney losing are wrong, b/c there are so many of them showing him losing Come…
on your remarks,Catherine Herridge,Jennifer Griffin,Brit Hume,Krautheimer.umm,not up to rachel?wow!
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Megyn Kelly and her co-hosts, including Bret Baier and Brit Hume, have not been speaking during commercial breaks.”
She & Brit Hume had a thing going on until Roger Ailes put a stop to it.
He is just plain not good. I do so miss the days of Peter Jennings, Brit Hume, and Jeff Greenfield.W/ David Brinkley. Smart!
did I say that I like Fox News? Fox News channel for RINOs not me. I like Brit Hume though.
Panel: IG Report Proves Poll Numbers That Clinton is Untrustworthy: Brit Hume said on Fox News Sunday that si...
Brit Hume said on Fox News Sunday that since the news of Hillary Clinton’s private server bro... via
"Good to see Colmes returning to his roots. Rove and co-stars Brit Hume and John Roberts give good performances".
Starring Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer in top form, Brit Hume's serio comedy is the second and best version of the play.
The most amazing special effect in any Bret Baier TV show will always be Brit Hume.
The greats are dead or retired. Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Brit Hume, Jim Lehrer, Journalism is now all tabloid.
Despite strong performances from John Stossel and Brit Hume, Stossel is a shopworn entry in the buddy-action genre.
Dark, dazzling turns by Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume, and Alan Colmes makes it achingly romantic.
Let's not forget the Brit Hume / Kelly rumor. Lot's of people believed it and it coincided with Hume's divorce.
well when you are trolling Brit Hume I'm somehow on that thanks for taking me off.
WOW - Brit Hume is not pretending to be objective anymore
Update your maps at Navteq
Quit Fraud. Fox has Never been the same since the lose of Brit Hume & the replacement by Childman "Bret Baier" &...
I'm Brit Hume, and yes, I'm always like this.
I'm so very disappointed with Brit Hume.
Brit Hume is a disgrace. Enough! When my contract expires in August, FOX is literally being thrown out of my home.
Sandra Smith, Brit Hume, Gutfeld are very fair. Was surprised to see Charles Payne lye about Cruz. .
Why does the name Brit Hume sound like a cologne made by RCA television?
Dan here is Brit Hume actually being honest about Ted Cruz and his real record of FAILURES!
Also,Brit Hume,can U tell us how Ted and John K. cannot beat Donald in primaries, how canTHEY possibly beat Hillary?
Hm...Brit Hume doesn't know what a win is.
Brit Hume said a mouthful. Bet he wishes he could take it back. TOO LATE.
Brit Hume used to be a respected journalist. What a sorry lot they have at RINO News.
Defending his wife against nasty ad on Melania. Good man, Brit Hume lies
Megyn Kelly started with an affair with Brit Hume, landed her gig, then Roger Ailes had to tell them to break it up
Brit Hume the progressive pushing for Capitalism?
See Brit Hume. Guy spreads more misinformation than Obama.
One thing Brit Hume is right about Cruz...
The president's poking fun at himself over what goes down. I thought it was...
Brit Hume is the reason I turned off Fox News. Can't stomach him.
Brit Hume is clearly not a Cruz fan. He's made that clear
I don't think Fox News donates to Hillary. Maybe that's why. Brit Hume might like her a lil
Oh is believe that ! Fox is the hit squad for trump. Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume ans Karl Rove and Stephen Hayes etc
Brit Hume is GOP's John Kerry with far less success. We are not a country of such pathetic smug men speaking with jaws perpetually locked.
I bet your colleague Brit Hume gives it no credence. It doesn't come with the Weekly Standard Seal of Approval.
Oh, you're kidding! I thought Greta was a pro. Now she joins Brit Hume, Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, Stephen Hayes, etc.
Brit Hume yr doing a great job for your. FOXNEWS SAUDI ARABIA MASTERS. American people should not have health care.
. Brit Hume who can understand what he is talking about? Megyn Kelly block me after blame her defending Trump!
Didn't Megyn Kelly rise so quickly at FoxNews b/c she was banging Brit Hume?
You! Ted Cruz, Greg Gutfield, Liz Chaney, Chris Wallace and Brit Hume, some people close to me at work & family.
Greg Gutfeld, John Gibson and, especially, Brit Hume have enough charisma for this show and a sequel or two.
Shep Smith starring as a free spirit named "Brit Hume" could get old fast--but it doesn't, and the TV show is warm and engaging.
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Did miss FNC Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume expose w/VIDEO Cruz caught in lie Rubio bloodied last night but Cruz 2.
List of FOX ppl who aren't in the tank for Trump: Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfield, Brit Hume, Shepherd Smith, George Will. Sadly, all else fail
- We need an Edward Murrow. I like Brit Hume in more recent times but currently? Nothing great comes to mind.
Brit Hume sees ripple-effect from Pa. student protest reaching top of DOJ
Don't know Matthew well enough, but a Brit Hume/Ron Fournier ticket would do it for me.
why were you given the Opportunity on a Herridge Story? Brit Hume your trying to sound like unless your Birthday is 22nd of June
Brit Hume was the first insider to take his concerns outside.
Brit Hume, Can you explain this to the American Voters Watch (VIDEO)
Harris Faulkner earns praise for playing the dreamboat with such sincerity, and also for kissing Brit Hume full on the lips.
[A] cheerful mess of a pulp-fiction parody, pumped full of laughs by Bill O'Reilly, Carl Cameron, and Brit Hume
2. As a writer for the NewsHounds you write for a site that said Megyn Kelly got her job by sleeping with Brit Hume...
Yeah, it's really a trip when Rick Wilson & Foxkin nerd Brit Hume is on at the same time. Nonsence.
Rick Wilson or Brit Hume, Foxkin, are less conservative than Donald Trump. You 2 are lost in your agendas.
Terrific analysis as always from Brit Hume. He's priceless like you Megyn.
It has been said that Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume had an affair while she worked "under" him. Is that what they call getting a Leg Up ?
Sean Hannity is getting all the praise... but Brit Hume is just as good...
Brit Hume is old and annoying like Obama
Brit Hume sees ripple-effect from Pa. college students' protest potentially reaching top of DOJ
You sure do get snitty when reality shines a light on your political agenda
White House leadership in the time of terror |
Brit Hume on White House leadership in the time of terror |
Brit Hume: Americans sense that Obama is unwilling to go after Islamist terrorists with any real fervor. That's putting it very mildly.
Mark Levin RESPONDS to Brit Hume's defense of Republican leadership in Congress
Despite a flawed start, Harris Faulkner & Brit Hume proves the story deserves an adjective often attached to it: 'timeless.'
Harris Faulkner's brilliantly layered performance as Brit Hume -- barbed, vehement and oddly sorrowful -- keeps all options open.
and you'd call him Roger Ailes. Sure he got gig like Megyn did from Brit Hume. ain't based on talent. Shep = Ted Baxter
Features a celestial line-up of talking heads, with Sean Hannity, Brit Hume and John Shadegg among the interviewees.
Stossel makes for a likeable hero, although Brit Hume steals the show as the hard-bitten police chief John Shadegg.
I don't need Charles Krauthammer's opinion or Brit Hume or Dana Perino
Edgier than traditional FOX fare, John Stossel and Brit Hume explores issues of family while providing a fun and charming story.
I loved Tim Russert only one who comes close is Brit Hume
Brit Hume: Donald Trump is like no candidate I've ever seen via
.Management would not put Hannity on at 2pm. In same fair & balanced forum. Brit Hume - Harris Faulkner. Dana Perino. As debate panel
Every time I look at this, I start laughing again. A perfect retort if ever I've seen one. Your wit sneaks up on us Brit Hume.
Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier have long standing Bush connections. Fox and the GOP looking to towards a
dont forget ab my centerfold spread in or ab rumors I slept w/Brit Hume.
Brit Hume vying with to be the next Brian Williams, perhaps?
Dear Brit Hume, have you ever got the benefit of the doubt when you have had a scheduling problem?
and she didn't mind Brit Hume giving her knees rug burns to get to Faux News either?
Bold and touching performances by Greta Van Susteren and Brit Hume.
Thank you for shedding the spot light on perverts. I never trust Chris Wallace. Off late Brit Hume is also behaving funny.
Fairness is not an attitude. It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised. - Brit Hume (Journalist).
Superior O'Reilly and Rove vehicle with great Brit Hume performance.
Love the man. Agree w/you. Donald Trump doesn't bow down before Fox News pundits like Brit Hume and the snob Krauthammer
I know what they do to their goats. What Brit Hume did to Megyn Kelly. What Obama did to Statue of Liberty!
takes a moron to know a moron. Let your hair go back to its natural color before Brit Hume "discovered you" & defiled you!
good. She's harming Hannity so they gotta send her back to working @ the Hooters Brit Hume picked her up
if Brit Hume hadn't discovered her (all night long) Megyn would be bringing me my wings @ Hooters during football!
girlcott Megyn Kelly. I wouldn't want Brit Hume's booty call to accuse me of being sexist like Trump!
Took the children to the supermarket today & I'm thinking, I had a fight with Brit Hume! :)
This whole Megyn, Fox thing has just gone too far. When you drag in the great Brit Hume, enough!
Who else knows that Brit Hume got Megyn Drama Queen Kelley the job at Fox? I smell a bunch of B _\S 💩✅. The Fix Is In.
A partisan brainchild that blew Brit Hume. So embarrassing for her colleagues. Loyal followers like me are leaving in droves
WOW! What an assembled group there, Karl Rove, Juan Williams and Brit Hume...who watches these people??
Brit Hume,Krauth "the clown", Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace have all bashed Consti…
.Before you lash out at any politician, ask yourself: What Would Brit Hume Do? If Brit wouldn’t do it, neither should you.
maybe it's Brit Hume's or Murdochs or Trumps!
mrs.Brit Hume learned that the hard way. She got to Faux News old-fashioned way, on her back in motel with Brit!
Brit Hume Delivers the Best 1.5 Minute Commentary on Abortion Ever Heard on Network News via
next debate Brit Hume and Greta and ask quest that each person must answer 30 sec NOT GOTCHA QUESTIONS questions on Tax Border ect
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So Huffpo claims Megynkelly had an affair w/ Brit Hume? Does this sound plausible!? Lol it's kinda funny... But really those GQ pics are hot
Brit Hume, in his quasi-retirement, is now a commentator type (like Will or Krauthammer). Kelly? Nope.
new best friends at used to say she advanced at by sleeping with Britt Hume
Is being a poor liar a prerequisite for supporting Trump? Now they are lying about Brit Hume.
I liked a video from Brit Hume on Planned Parenthood's Harvesting of Baby Parts
Brit Hume gives the best 90-second commentary on abortion ever aired on network news h…
tells me that Brit Hume is not that smart
Well seems that Brit Hume is filling up his depends... Maybe he should change into brown pants...
And you will go on slandering Brit Hume. Guess that is a good thing on a resume applying for some jobs.
Midol Kelly knows a thing "about getting on her knees". Was local DC reporter before hooking up w/ Brit Hume!
Thanx 4 fave, Thought Brit Hume was high-class, but that was a lie. Ain't never caught a rabbit & he ain't no friend a mine.
If you listen to Brit Hume, Krauthammer, George Will, Stephen Hayes, they tend to stick with establishment! UGH!
Apparently, Brit Hume thinks quotation marks mean utter impunity from yr statements. Isn't he Univ of Virginia grad?
When I observed he called an ape, Brit Hume snarked at me, "Do you know what quotation marks mean?"
.All I know is Brit Hume, or whoever is writing, must be very insecure if he's targeting a nobody like me.
Brit Hume has been exposed. Another crooked journalist who obediently follows orders from the elit…
Brit Hume is the kind of fake white guy name Dave Chappelle would of made up on The Chappelle Show 10 years ago
I actually grew up watching Brit Hume and I can say without question that he is.
Brit Hume If you lookat Chris Mattews the othr night w/ Mike Morell, clearly from to he...
Cavuto does a great job, brimming with the sort of charisma and charm that the real Brit Hume presumably had in spades.
This just in: Brit Hume cites 'DailySurge' as source of opinion.
Brit Hume giggles at UK media; Posts best royal baby headline ever? [pics]
Brit Hume outta be a bundler for him..
Brit Hume at 4:45 "ignorance among a lot of people in this country on what actually is, is breathtaking"
Ya nothing to debate because people like Brit Hume don't want amendments to the extinction Patriot Act
According to Brit Hume they're just Cruz and Paul are just attention seeking with fake filibusters.
Check out what has to say about our "ignorance" at about 4:50 of this clip:
Brit Hume on the cue card..doesn't know what the *** he's talking about anyway...
has quite a lucrative contract w/ & can't afford to get rid of him. Brit Hume & Howard Kurtz say he's
The comic-duo of Bill O'Reilly and Brit Hume reminded me of an immature, foul-mouthed Laurel & Hardy.
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When Fox News' Brit Hume realized he could not be an impartial journalist during an Obama administration, he quit reporting.
Is that so frowny? Er, I mean "Brit Hume". You still haven't got a clue on what's it's like to live in poverty, have you?
- Hello? Earth to Shannon .. ! Earth to Bret Baier? Earth to Brit Hume - the voice behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz .. ?
Or, is that what happens when Brit Hume+the rest of the Fox war mongers+ haters lie to start wars?
hope pays U well as U sit there n all yur smug glory & demean poor ppl
Fox's Brit Hume: Americans in poverty are "responsible for that by the choices they make"
You ought to hear his Howard Cosell & Brit Hume impersonations!
It was the performance of John Stossel as the young Brit Hume that invested the show with the chill of genuine credibility.
Brit Hume tells Megyn Kelly about all Hillary's accomplishments as SecState
Good romantic comedy with great performances by John Stossel and Brit Hume.
Rupert Murdock is killing NBC with kindness by parading Megan Kelly and Brit Hume out to say what a swell fellah he is during hit piece. 😂😂😂
As promised - here are my "unexpected" close encounters with celebrities: 1. Donald Sutherland - literally "bumped" into him as I ran out for refreshments during a baseball game in Canada. He was quite tall, smelled great and had a purple puffed heart on his lapel. 2. Catherine Deneuve - riding up an elevator at the National Gallery of Art. Most beautiful skin I'd ever seen... 3. Steven King - at the luggage bay for a flight we were both just on, AND Dustin Hoffman - who was also on the flight. They both talked to me and were very nice. 4. Brit Hume - on the same cruise to England. I really made a fool of myself when I asked him what he was reading, and he said "Buffet".and I said "...oh, Jimmy Buffet??" - and as he slid his reading glasses down his nose and peered at me over them, he said slowly "No - that would be Warren Buffet..." Did I ever make an impression. 5. Finally - Chad Everette (as in Dr. Joe Gannon from Medical Center fame) at a Starbuck's. Wow. Those eyes. He talked about that sho ...
As I observe the state of the Union today and reflect back on America roll as the leader of the free world It becomes depressing to think where we are today as a nation because of one Barak Hussein Obama who has to be the worst President in America history by far; 18 trillion in debt most of that accumulated by Obama, Americans and other nationals are routinely beheaded on television by ISIS members who has now taken over large parts of Iraq. Yemen! gone; Crimea! gone Afghanistan on its way, Iran developing ICBM that will reach the U.S. carrying a nuclear war head, Christians and other minorities are routinely executed and so much more and who does he, Obama sit and interview with given the turmoil in the world he created through weakness? Not Bret Baier or Brit Hume but Glozell" a YouTube personality and yet want even meet America best friend ally Israel.. All this just says we are in peril as a nation..Kind of makes your blood boils to think we're stuck with this develish man for two more years. God ...
Another reason I am watching more of FOXNEWS is so I can see when they bring on experts that are not t their usual same old rah rah talking points clones they actually have folks that will make true *** out of the likes of Bill O'Reilly Geraldo Rivera Megyn Kelly Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and those true genius's on FOX and Friends With topics as diverse as Benghazi to the decreasing of marijuana smoking ( illegal that is) to climate change ( scientists have been studying Venus, the Moon Mars and such as prototypes of the atmospheric changes planets go through and that is part of how they come to thier conclusions which are without argument true and precise. See FOXNEWS is in bed with those who only care about one thing profit not our clean air not clean water not aquifers, not infrastructure not better health outcomes or better more nutritious foods that should be our medicine and not the processed drek the sell in fast food joints and supermarkets. Theses folks want to continue di ...
Somewhere deep down, I think we all hope that Bret Baier turns out to be like Brit Hume.
Neera Tanden wrote the WSJ article Brit Hume is referencing. She is buddies with Hillary.
As I watch Fox News Sunday I wonder if it might be the power of ideas that makes people trust them so completely, but since that's absurd it might be that they're so handsome. But that's not it either, I mean who doesn't want to take some of the extra bones from Brit Hume's face and build a couple chins for Chris Wallace & George Will and with what's left over make another Darth Vader helmet for Karl Rove. I mean, just do a complete rebuild of their minds and faces and you might end up with a third of a tolerable human being.
Brit Hume is concerned that Obama will announce the things that he WON’T do in response to ISIS. He should be, and so shoul…
Gretchen Carlson and Brit Hume showcase their comic zest.
Alisyn Camerota breathes new life into Bill Hemmer, Brit Hume, and Paul Gigot's musical.
Familiarity trumps originality in this fun and very funny comic book sequel with Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume.
Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on Fox News Sunday, and in an interview with Brit Hume, he discussed the current crisis at the US-Mexico Border. Perry po
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Brit Hume what he thinks would be a good deal in the talks...
Rick Perry was on Fox News Sunday with Brit Hume who was sitting in for Chris Wallace earlier today.
Question of the Day: Megan Kelly and Brit Hume of Fox News said we now have a failed presidency. Do you agree?
THANKS GREG HARPER! Amazingly, 70 Republican House members joined with almost every Democrat to defeat Gohmert’s amendment. HOROWITZ: FORGET AMNESTY, CONGRESS VOTED TO GIVE WELFARE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by DANIEL HOROWITZ 12 Jun 2014 54POST A COMMENT Many Republican supporters of loose borders, along with quite a few Democrats, vehemently deny that they support amnesty. They contend that merely asking illegal aliens to pay a fine and back-taxes in return for legal status is not amnesty. Fox News’s Brit Hume passionately denounced those who refer to some of the immigration proposals in Congress as amnesty. But amnesty means means “an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.” What else would you call granting legal status, let alone the privilege of full blown citizenship, to millions of people who came to the U.S. illegally? Even beyond amnesty itself, Congress seems to trip over itself providing benefits to people who came to the U.S. illegally. Just look ...
Brit Hume and John Sununu are sitting together like besties
It appears that after Eric Cantor got defeated by the Tea Party, Fox News has named a new political analyst over the likes of Brit Hume and Bret Baier and her name is Ann Coulter.
Brit Hume just made the point that if Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter (all Conservative talk show hosts) are supporting you in a race in certain districts, you may be golden against a well financed incumbent.
its great to see Brit Hume on to speak for the DC establishment
SHARE NOW - GO EPIC ! Dr Sam Foote, the Phoenix Whistleblower Doctor just said on FOX that "Someone disabled the 'audit feature' on the VA computers and that prevents the Inspector General from reviewing the files." I really should rest my case - but we all know that'll never happen. Ron Hinton 100% disabled veteran USMC Veterans Action League Of Retirees (VALOR) P.S: You must kill me to shut me up Barry. — with Trey Gowdy, William Anglin, United States Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Darrell E. Issa, Lana Taylor, Linda Jaros, Andrea Tantaros, Ron Hinton, Will Joo, Sarah Palin, Brit Hume, Senator Ted Cruz, Jeff Miller, JR Swindell III, Greta Van Susteren, Terry King, Jim Tate and Senator Roy Blunt.
The performances by Shep Smith and Brit Hume were superb.
For the most part, it's a provocative one-on-one between racial opposites Shep Smith and Brit Hume.
According to Brit Hume: the Obama White House didn’t even notice that it had outed the CIA station chief in Afghanistan. Media people noticed it and alerted the White House of its error. John Bolton summed all this up perfectly: "jaw-dropping incompetence." God help us.
Bret Baier is personable as John Roberts, and Brit Hume is even more so as Carl Cameron.
Listening to a panel consisting of Brit Hume, Kirsten Powers, Karl Rove, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace, and wondering why the most cogent arguments I ever hear for liberalism always seem to come from Powers and/or Williams, talking-heads for Fox News -- the so-called conservative network. Perhaps because it's just as I've said before: nothing is more deleterious to one's rational capacities than incestuous discourse. Those two must have quickly learned that snarkiness doesn't work out as an argument in enemy territory and been forced to up their games -- unlike the likes of Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, David Gregory, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and anyone else who merely comfortably preaches to their choir. (Please note: I'm not saying that Fox News doesn't entertain its own home-turf echo-tanks as well -- in fact, back when S.E. Cupp appeared regularly on MSNBC, I thought maybe that's how she became such a sharp conservative.)
A “Fox News Sunday” panel split over whether Karl Rove’s recent remark that Hillary Clinton may have “brain damage” went over the line, with Fox contributor Brit Hume calling it “legitimate” while fellow contributors Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams denounced it as a “personal attack.”
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