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Bright Future

is a 2003 Japanese film written and directed by Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, starring Tadanobu Asano and Joe Odagiri.

Not the outcome we had hoped for, but thankful for our seniors & their contributions to our program! Young guys developed, bright future!
we'll be up there, too early to be super confident. Like what I've seen from Pep. Future is bright. Spurs beat us and wobble?
A bright flash, a whiff of ozone. A nude man appears, panicked. "I'm from the future! You have to-. *sees calendar says N…
You will fare much better under the Trump administration that a Hillary one. The future will be bright.
And we got a man who will lead every man woman and child into a bright future
yup, senang if ada apa apa hal. Btw, I wish all the best for Hanis Brownies. One step at a time, i foresee a bright future 😇
I know I've been there. Idrk exactly what your going through but I know that you have a bright future just go down the right path
Same with the lakers bro. Our teams have a bright future. Can't wait till we match up in the playoffs in the future.
I'm a navy mom and I am super exited you are our president.The future looks bright.
Nationalism has begun. The future looks bright 😀
The future of the taguel is lookin' bright!
Thank you PM modi... And MAHENDRA SKILL... For given me bright future...
The 2016 election had some bright spots for progressives, too, and that's where our future starts
Me too stand in line there were little problem Kuch problem definitely hogi.. If we want bright future.
Alternating between thinking about the election results and if I'll be employed after graduation. Future looks so bright. :/
'Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang.' The future is bright kids, settle down. A job is a good thing. 😉
I hope this Chaos is for a couple of days. The bright future awaits.
Promoted to Sniping captain for the future for is with be bright
Bullard Basketball has bright future with this kind of support! Amundsen's in full effect! Let's go
Airbnb challenged in the city that never sleeps
Tonight I confirmed something I've said for a while. The future is bright for OStateTV. Top to bottom, a solid bask…
I want you to watch that if you don't mind. It may help you see that you're future is actually bright.
We are feeling proud and secure now . A bright future with lots and lots of white money, corruption free society. Jai ***
Toughest QB in the state. We love you Chan. Very Bright future ahead for you son!
Sweden about as bright as the future of the US. 😂👌
Open Letter, you have said starting problems will occur, yes we face problems for India bright future…
Maeda on for Vissel, replacing Nakasaka, who was kicked all over the park. But gave it back, too - legally. 19 years old! Bright. Future.
Your future will always be bright when you stay focused, optimistic and confident.
never seen a group with as much fight as we had all year. Proud of all our boys! The future is bright.
This dude really dropped 20 on opening night. Wasted no time making his statement. The future is bright 🙌
I know you left me once, but I came right back to find you, even though I like being in your past, you got a bright future behind you
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
We have a bright future as long as we are thinking about the future of our Youth!.
Full house at the Inspiring people, awesome music and a stunning atmosphere.The future for is dive…
Im watching for a snapbot Watched you on web summit, the future of documentation is so bright made you shades 😎
At one time Communism was thought to be the future "We will bury you" etc. An end can come very quickly.
⚫️🔵⚪️ The journey may have ended but the FUTURE is BRIGHT WE ARE THE RANCH! 🏈
Producer future in this industry is extremely bright. Here's audio proof:
Love you bro, keep doing big things, you still have a bright future as a football player ahead of you!
Yes i do agree. But few more days. Just look at the Jawans on the border in unusual condition. future is bright 4 common man!!
Best thing I did lately was working on myself to be able to have a bright future
Thank you veterans for protecting my freedoms and rights, including the ones I exercised today. The future is bright be…
Success is as a result of good relationships with people. Don't settle for trash if you want a bright future.
I smell Daesang. I smell a bright future for my children.
Exciting times for A proud past, a bright future. Huge thanks to all involved in the project.…
Blacks have been used by corrupt Hillary yet still want vote her.VoteTrump 4 bright future
Basic facilities like health & edu were compromised by Govt 2 build motorways on the name of bright future,but that…
"are INVOLVED in the October stunts." . INVOLVED don't mean they're gonna drop dead, it means they have a bumpy road & bright future!
You have a bright future. You have the favor of God. Make a habit of acknowledging what's right with you.
Floating arrays point to bright future for clean -
I see FTSE 100 & 250 high, I see foreign investment high, I see record car sales in the UK & a bright future ahead
Plan for your children's bright future with Learn about govt grants and
Trump- "my beautiful bright orange face will lead us to a very colourful and shining future"
Even this just a ladder to a bright, shining future that awaits us! The higher the ladder, the brighter we can shine...
Realised I've captured some cute iKONIC kids unintentionally frm my clips & pics background. Our future is bright
Alex Pritchard was excellent yesterday future bright for him OTBC
The future Bright and strong with much better than Kissing Corrupt EUs ***
When your future together is bright and sunny even in black and white. Photo by
Unbelievable talent for only twenty, got a very bright future ahead of him for sure👍
Beautiful thing being present in my own life thank God I'm alive today to see my future so bright shine to the world
Staying in the Here and Now is your ticket to a bright future
UCF suffers crushing homecoming loss, but Knights' future is bright
you won't fail girl, I believe in you, you've got a bright future ahead of you!💖💖
2 county titles in 2 weeks. Great lads, Future is bright
Tibet will be FREE, the sun will rise again in the Land of Snows, Bright Future is deserved by Tibetan People.
Basically suppress bright future thought-leaders so a lecherous old man can get his rocks off with a big title.
Congrats as very 1st Mayor! Historic threshold crossed into a bright future.
Lack of water and sanitation keeps kids out of school, but with clean water and hand washing; we see a bright future.
Fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.
0ne thing that I'm sure of is that I'm too smarter than allowing my negative doings affect my bright future
Future looks bright for these U18 prospects.
The only hole around is the one in the minds of Bremoaners who still cant accept we are moving on to a bright new independent future
The language of shows that he's in the right party and has a bright future there. Get well soon Mr Rao.
Your time is too valuable, your destiny too great, your future too bright to waste a single moment.
Did anyone notice the number of times Leroy Sane recovered the ball? He has a bright future ahead of him. Needs this season…
I see a bright future infront of me
"Im looking at a very bright future for clark and subic"
Lighter, smoother and more comfortable - meet the next generation
Frankston Heights - 1 Kiandra Court: A Family Favourite with a Bright Future in the Frankston High School Zon...
Congrats to Coach Matt Walker. Officially named Clay County High girls basketball head coach today. Bright Future for the…
Bright Future. East Ramapo students shared how they developed rubrics & then worked w/ teacher. Writing is a process
Zinc Futures Signal a Bright Future for Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS) – … see more
best of luck wherever u land. i, and many Cuse fans, wish the staff had prioritized you more. you have a bright future ahead
The Future is bright for you! Join our team and we will help your dreams come true⚽️
Mayor Warren: "It is our duty to lift as we climb and do everything we can do ensure a bright future for the next gene…
has just started to flourish, its the beginning of a new Era and bright future of this province, InshaAllah !
and future is very bright / already excited for next year. Go pack go!
On the first page of our story. The future seemed so bright. Then this thing turned out so evil. I don’t know why I’m still surp…
Heart. It takes heart. U have to love what u do and WANT to do it well. Future shines bright after that day2 performance.…
Great game in our "Breakfast Special" between Hiland MS and Plains MS (Lakota West). The future of Ohio basketball is …
On the first page of our story. the future seemed so bright!
Hang in there. Theres alot of mean pple out there that r cruel. U hav come in & done more than any1 expected. Bright Future
Happy day to all of us over the globe. Let us keep hope for a bright future by elected Bernie Sanders in the White House.
hold your head high and thank you for helping the team make it this far!! Your future looks bright!!
community: have you seen this post and weighed in? The Bright, New Future of via
I don't know what the future carries, all am sure about is that its gonna be bright because there will be you and I in it.
My future is bright and I must get there ...
Thoughts du jour: NFL OT still broken; No right/wrong answer to 2-point question; Peppers choked; Packers future still br…
Great prize-winning story from "confusing my hunger for him with my hunger for a bright future . . ." https…
Nick you rule. I see a very bright future for you. Don't do drugs and fk all that up OK.
Our past was black under upa, our future is bright under PM
Wanted: Ace Pix for International Cloud Atlas: The future of cloud classification is bright and sunny...and pa...
Amen. The future looks bright for UCF Football!
A bright classroom leads to a bright future.
lol I knew I had a bright future & I mean I couldn't be a youngin all my life I had to grow up one day 😂
The ending was tough to see, but the future looks bright.
The future is bright! Let's keep the our solar investments going and invest in our future.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"Dating someone for looks are soo high school. When alrdy 20, you have to date someone who has a bright future & potentia…
Our future looks bright We give back
represeting my the day after the season has ended. Future is bright for this team
Know about . Future of India's job creation is bright 😊
They burn themselves like a candle to make your life as well as your future bright! They are your parents!
Bright point guards will scan the court and see, "into the future," that next pass is based on instincts and the positioni…
I feel like 2016 is gonna be my year. I'm happy. I love the people in my life. I love where I'm headed. The future is bright…
Good News for the Businesses as Research Forecasts a Bright Future for the Organic Fruits & Vegetables Market
Turner, bright future, Joe Young is a good scorer and Christmas is there for some minutes on d
I see a long, bright future with us and I couldn't imagine it being any different
I've made mistakes in my past I'm not proud of but they made me into who I am today and my dark past has gave me a bright future
Met some outstanding & leaders tonight. The future is bright! 😎😎
Mahinmi was top ten in rim protection, Hill gets a lot of boards, Allen is meh, and Turner has a bright future
With or without you the future is bright.
My heart feels so full and the future looks so bright
Honestly just want the future to look bright for us
If Varney keeps up with performances such as these, he may have a bright future in comedy after all.
Boys varsity soccer tied the 3rd rank team in the state, Wayzata, with a final score of 1-1. Future is looking bright 💫🐎…
Saw the Huskies practice today. The young talent is unreal. 71 RS Sophs or younger. O-line is huge. Be patient Husky fans. Future is bright!
This once-blinded puppy is now seeing a bright future
- I don't know you but I know you're bright,well-spoken, beautiful, artistic,courageous (& young). Your future…
We worry about having a relationship so soon and to have the perfect bf/gf..when we are supposed to worry about having a bright future-quote
To a good job, great friends, and a bright future.
All this pain and hard work will be worth it. My future is bright
Our parents bust their *** working so that we can have a bright future. The least we can do is make them proud.
I don't condemn my past because it's the reason I now have such a bright future
Conforto has potential to be a really really good player ! . The future is very bright !. Sky is the limit for him !. BASEBALL !
Dying young might be my truest fear. But now my future's bright and my view is clear told her imma get it imma do it dear
I've got a really bright future ahead of me and I can't wait to see what happens next. Time for a new chapter.
SHARE in Orlando Celebrates 60 Years of Influence and the Mainframe’s Bright Future
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Thrilled to meet with inspiring young leaders in Fisher River. The future is bright!
Before you sleep, remember that you have a purpose in this world. You future is bright and your failures are behind you.
Lenora B. Smith Elementary School is getting ready to "Sail into "A" Bright Future!"
Coming soon to a university near you: 'Bright Future' Layoffs
Bright Future: Ultimate solution of problems of is
Young talent Vince is counting the $$ Kid has a Bright Future if WWE doesn't screw it up
Happy with how this young Celtics team has been able to finish the season. Bright Future
Online Property Search in the West Delhi now a Bright Future...AeNYd
Get Involved and Shape the Bright Future of the European
New post (Health Information Technology - A Bright Future) has been published on Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook Review
Do you have any old snaps of Shepton Mallet from over the years?. Proud History, Bright Future on sale tomorrow!
What mourinho took to Zouma, has the same situation as He took the opportunities for John Terry.. just hope for the Bright Future.
'Bright Future' by Jamie Reid and Shepard Fairey, silkscreen print from
BEMS Boys basketball teams win both the 7th and 8th grade games in a clash with BWMS tonight. The future is very bright for
Hayes' future is looking bright as an athlete. Great job to him for making it!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Thank you Dartmouth College Republicans, you've got a bright future ahead.
hai friends today my bro Karthik Nadakuditi birthday wish him and bless him for the bright future
The future is definitely looking bright 👌
Despite the obstacles . I strive cause I see a bright future
To all my fellow fans, stay loyal the future will be bright after this storm
Shared an Honest Patriot's Post : " Building a truly honest and prosperous future " Saved 10rs today by skipping my evening snack and donated it to AAP. All of us spend small amounts everyday on things we can easily do without. Let us stop doing that for a few months till delhi elections and contribute that money for our honest bright future, for AAP. Let us start this chain with . If all of us skip that one bottle of coke, or a cigarette, chocolate, samosa, etc. everyday n start donating for AAP on the same day itself, just imagine how much we con contribute. We are over 1lac members in this community which mean we can donate 10lac everyday by just doing such a small thing. Please support this cause and share your story using .. Be the change you want to see in India. Jai Hind !!
The future is not looking too bright
I miss you too! Hopefully I'll be seeing you and Logan soon ☺️. Good luck bud your future is so bright!
Our jr high teams were nice this year. Eagles have a bright future
T working on a new piece called "Floodtime" This young pianist has a bright bright future! LIKE & SHARE I Love Being Black today!
🙆 -- Miss you a lot! You're mad fRe$h and I know you've got an incredibly bright future ahead of you. Wish you the best!
Past is just a past, never be the future. Left the past behind and then pick up the bright future
This guy will be heading to Alabama tomorrow or Wed. I'm sure gonna miss this neat fella! But I expect big things from him and am sure he has a Bright future as a calf horse!! His Dam's first foal will show at the World Show next week and she's already qualified to the 2015 WS as well!! Newt is by Rodeo o/o Classys Hot Express
Life is 2 short n 2 beautiful to live with regrets. My future is always bright
The future is not bright for our young: The dog days of Australia’s youth
I have potential for a bright future but no where to go with it sit back and chill aint working no more
I must Agree Waking Up Ain't Easy But When the Motivation of Bettering you life is in Your System then U Have All Keys For A Bright Future.
I swear my future so bright. I got so many dreams. 🙌
At the end of the day I don't care what your past looks like, as long as your future is bright.
Looking forward. Forget the past and waiting the bright future ♎
Ya Rabb, please make them happy as they make me happy & to have bright future.
"Your future is bright. I'm just not in it."
My future so bright, I might go blind.
The whole team out here working. . Future bright as *** 💯💯
DeGrom Lagares the future is definitely looking bright for the
The future is as bright as the promises of God. ~William Carey
when i feel down i always think about my future, & i KNOW it'll be a bright one. no point in stressing little things now.
Big Brown moving to NY. Maiden winner Dortmund was scary good this w/e at Santa Anita for Baffert. Bright future for P…
Cy-Falls future is so bright , the years coming will be something to take notice. Don't sleep on us 😴🏀
The MMBF Trust provides sponsorship for pilots,actors and Everyone deserves a bright future
If you truly want to prepare every boy/girl in oH for a bright future, you will reexamine th impact of the vote re;Ohio 5/8
Penguins have to wear sunglasses because their future is so bright 🐧☀️
Happy Birthday, Teddy! Glad you're on our team, you've got a bright future!
I was quite happy to read that has a job as a writer for a newspaper.. she deserves much joy, happiness and a …
Our Daily Food for the Soul for today, November 11, 2014: PROTECTOR - Any opponent will be put to shame, having nothing evil to say of us. Titus 2:8 -:- Christian author Lisa Bevere says, "The enemy has already realized who you are. He knows your potential & is systematically trying to undermine your future. The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past. "I believe this means that the evil one is afraid of those who believe in Jesus. He wants to destroy the bright future that God is preparing for us. No wonder Jesus warned me. "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, & have it abundantly" (John 10:10). The battle in our life is against the forces of darkness. The battlefield is our mind. The enemy will try to deceive us by injecting fear in our minds. FEAR MEANS "False Evidence Appearing Real." That's why it's important to meditate on God's Word & proclaim it daily. When we do so, the Holy S ...
"Future so bright, gotta where some shades."
We don't have many good days. Hopefully it's a bright future.
Everyone please pray for my little cousin Ashley Murrell, she's in a coma right now & i pray she wakes up. She is a beautiful child inside & out who goes to school at Harrison College an has a bright future ahead of her so i beg you please keep her in your prayers her family needs her.THANK YOU.AMEN
To be honest I am happy with who & what I am. I may act childish at times but I know I got a bright future ahead of me.
The future is bright. Especially with one less football home game a year for the next decade.
first real proper listen man. You guys have a bright future! Incredible writing.
I will make something of myself. I promise you. I will have a bright future. I didn't work this hard for nothing.
S/O to my man mike for committing to Michigan tech on a soccer scholarship. Bright future ahead of you bro💯
A5: Senator from my understanding our re-elected governor cut the Florida Bright Future's program?
If the future is so bright how come I can't see it?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Very very bright future for the mets 👌🙌
We have Gold glove winner Lagares & ROY Jacob deGrom...two guys that were not the most highly touted in minors. Future is bright! Mets2015
.Better! The future is bright!!! Sorry for the delay but glad to share dinner tonight with the …
The futures bright. The future is Jessica.
Future is bright and sparkling. Meticulously made to perfection. . Verragio - Your LOVE deserves this. . LATEST...
REASON to SMILE at at 10:16amatMOA Arena·PublicA very successfulMid-year Rally event at the Mall of Asia Arena!More reason toand glad to share all the great news, new products, improved system, all new training website, new branches, brand new DTC, and a lot of new learning experience!Being withyou will smile for the rest of your life because you are at the right track and the right company that will give you a bright future!JOIN US.everyONE who wants to have SUCCESS are all WELCOME!
Day 10: I am thankful for Three Rivers College. Through them I am getting the degree I need to give my children a bright future and to help children learn one day.
Congratulations to Ponn Wan on your convocation! You are now a lawyer!! Have a bright future ahead and God bless you my niece! hahha
winner ang TuesDAY night! grabe ang daming surpresa, ewan ko ba!! buti nalang ROYALE kami hehe :) ☺ congrats sa sister ng better half ko in attending a business program with us!! seeing a bright future with these power sisters! a family who will do Royale together will stay happy forever thank u sa support and wisdom ng very humble mentor namin Mr Arnel Salazar!! LIKE kung kita mo na yung bright and blue Christmas sa photo namin ☺ "Sa Royale Posible" Be part of our dynamic, successful, & helpful team in ROYALE NOW! how to join in ROYALE? how does it work? ASK me HOW
Young people with bright future dying... until when will this end? I pray that one day peace will reign in our land, but will it come? When there is too much corruption, injustice and poverty, how can you prevent some from opening their eyes and sometimes hold the barrel of the gun? For now, let us support the Peace Process with our Bangsamoro brothers, afterwards i hope our government will initiate peace talks with other revolutionary groups so that one day will come Pinoy vs. Pinoy will be no more.
by MICHELLE MOONS 8 Nov 2014 Stolen lives, that is how families refer to the death of their loved ones at the hands of criminals who were present in the country illegally when these men and women’s lives were stopped short. The Stolen Lives Quilt organization gathers these families and friends and on the National Remembrance Day to speak out not only for remembrance, but also to speak against lack of government enforcement in immigration policies. German immigrant and single mother of her only child, Sabine Durden spoke at the Sunday event in tribute to her son Dominic. The 30-year old sheriff dispatcher and pilot was killed when a Guatemalan illegally present in the United States and driving without a license caused the accident that left him dead. Juan Zacarias Tzun had two prior drunk driving convictions. It was only through the diligent efforts of Ms. Durden that the illegal alien, whom had requested amnesty from a judge, was deported, Durden told the crowd. “My son Dominic and I were best of frie ...
No matter how much I say I don't want to go here or there the second I actually get to where I'm supposed to be I'm happy, nervous, & excited. Lately I've been feeling more at peace with myself I won the battle with my demons & I'm looking forward to a bright future as a hard working woman & happy go lucky person
I am proud of you .Wish you have a bright future !!
Here's something I found very interesting. This is done so you can let go of your past and have a bright future. Mine lol clearly went the highest.
Stole this pic from my sis Mashalla Quarles . You have a bright future ahead of and your already smarter than most people older than you lol ,just keep them A's coming and stay focus.. U got it! 😊😎
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I have come to a point in my life where I have multiple big decisions to make. I need to really sit down and think about what's best for me and my family and put everyone else's feelings aside. Just have to trust that if God wants these things to happen for me, they will. So here's to a bright future!
Infographic: Kyrgyz Republic and ADB - A Bright Future for the Heart of Central Asia: Over 20 yea...
Holistic approach to Bright Future, ultimately, it’s about people demanding change. At scale
After cuts, prospect of Bright Future scholarships much dimmer for Florida students - Orlando Sentinel
A Bright Future for Jolie-Pitt & Perrin | Stirring the Lees with James Molesworth | Blogs | Wine Spectator:
Wishing you another 30 years of success under your new owners
Matt Banting: no 7 on the Surfer Mag hot 100 rides LSD surfboards by Luke Short.. Bright future for this big dog.
Nights dreaming of our bright future! Didn't think life could get any better then this!! 🌟
Andre Drummond leading to bright future
First review of the 12 submissions for the UK competition: wow. The future is bright for…
Can't wait till me get our hustle going! Bright future awaiting us.
"Sustainable" development of energy resources in region ravaged by the same fossil fuels.. *** sapiens has a bright future.
The future is looking bright for us
Dark, grim and everyone dying? DC's future is not looking to bright in
The trifecta of - - for digital marketing. Future's so bright...
Claudia Wilson and Citadelle take out inaugural Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Sport title. More of ...
Having a relationship with Jesus, full of faith and a bright future. There's no greater way to live.
Their future is bright. Get a better view with preview.
Never had a reading be so spot on, literally said my situation, my past, that my future is bright, things I'm thinking and feeling!!! Weird
Jack Butland believes the future is bright for English football as he aims to help the U20s to a top-four finish
Let's support Tameer-e-school for a bright future of our kids
- ->May your own future be bright and happy. :-)
Pick up your Hampshire Review today. This week's edition reports on the rash of burglaries over the weekend, looks back at Hampshire High's graduation and tells why one expert sees a bright future for our economy here.
Word of the Day: boondoggle : to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy. Bright future = no b…
thanks will do Future looks bright for the debt free, young squad. You enjoy your 1 season in the
CCC&TI has multiple degrees, certificates and programs to prepare you for a bright future
My future is bright, I need sunglasses
UTC Mall future is so bright it needs even more shades.
My major is all about working in labs, what a bright future ahead of me! But at least he agreed to hire me to do the paper work and writing
Toral and bellerin, part of future. Believe the futures bright for these two!
I wish my future was as bright as my converse
LOL.. I'm like in the house with my shades on. The future is too bright, yeah! ***
wishing you bright full future keep Shining Love…
"On the first day of our story, the future seems so bright" x
lucky me that Im naturally blonde so easy steps for me then. We're so getting there, our future is bright like our hairs
“Top set from tonight at just now. Cheers, here's to your bright future!. Thank…
thanks for the follow. Great to see so many UofG students/grads with a passion for politics. Future is bright
Congratulations on Yezi's coming-of-age-day! Support Yezi to have a bright future!
I interviewed the sun, he said the future's looking bright.
Contribute to save your children future, and give them bright future.
Keep going, Keep believing, Keep hoping, Because Allah has a bright future in store for you.
Of those people who went to schools called Bright Future primary/secondary school and are now taxi conductors or boda boda riders
I've to start working for a bright future
Ya Allah fulfill my dreams. Ya Allah give me success. Ya Allah give me a bright future. Ya Allah bless my parents.
There is no bright future for me...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The bright future for the children of Pakistan! Let's all unite for Pakistan's future Inshallah! http…
Casilas: " De Gea and Courtois is a two young goal keepers with a bright future.
I may not be a bright kid as a student before, but *** I got a bright future behind me.. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Today is my last day of High School , I honestly just remember coming into sixth grade at middle school thinking gah I can't wait to be in high school. I danced my whole life since I was little but I never played a sport... Too my underclass mans I regret SO much In high school like not participating in clubs or sports etc. Then I started hanging with the wrong crowd in my tenth grade year and fell a little short and branched out and made a couple mistakes ! I don't regret my high school choices they gave me a beautiful little girl... If I could go back and do it all again I would in a heart beat and change "how" cool I really thought I was... So too my under class man have fun but always remember authority will never tell you anything wrong in life and that one day you want to look back and know your high school memories where the best , so make them the best :)This past year has probably been the best for me and to the Class Of 2014 we have a bright future and I love y'all and I will cry Saturday :) Bro ...
I miserably got up and discovered I got a 9 GPA for my final semester(highest ever 😁) . It reminded me of my first ever result here when I got a measly 3point something (with one flunked and one detained subject!!!). The journey that one has taken in these 4 years is really overwhelming and after all these years we still don't really know where our paths shall converge ( or completely diverge) from here. There's no feeling of channelized joy here pertaining to the fact that I have graduated ( so have a 1500 of my fellow batchmates), but there's overwhelming nostalgia and a vividly visual amalgamation of all the good (read 'crazy') times spent in this place and how in these 4 years I (and everyone else) didn't just get ourselves a mere academic degree but a significant part of our disposition and individuality. I'm sure many of my friends wouldn't have got the time to meet all the people they know one last time and take a moment to say goodbye, it's not possible as you know more than 300-400+ people atl ...
Finally i did it.. I gt passed :D Tyou Lord 4ur blessing. Congrtz 2all my Cls 12frns. Wishing u all a bright future. :)
Like Father ...the cub named Tiger has roared at the box office , I on behalf of Shawwan group wish this talented actor a bright future ... Yet not smitten with stardom Tiger who visited our Sshaawn aviation office part of Sshaawn group (india) also spend time with my better half Shaista and my kids Sshaawn and Zohaa ali khan ... May god bless him . Truly sabse banti... tiger ki 'Heropanti'
My first daughter walking her honorable steps toward a bright future
Framework Photography is celebrating one year in business! Thanks to all of our loyal clients for your continued support, and here's to a bright future for Framework!
Today, we provided our first interest-free business loan to Lisbet Perez, a member of our national VOICES Committee, to start her new dream -- RCL Janitorial! Casey Gwinn and Natalia Aguirre from the Alliance got to present the check to Lisbet! Special thanks to Verizon Wireless for supporting our Survivor Emergency Fund and MicroLending Fund to help survivors through the crisis and on to health, healing, hope, and bright futures. Congratulations, Lisbet! We are all cheering for you!
The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Elenor Roosevelt Congratulations to Jasmine!! Jasmine will be attending University of Houston after graduation! Last week after meeting Jasmine and her mother...I have to say these two are beyond sweet! I wish Jasmine all the best in her bright future ahead!
You're all invited to Building Bright Futures of Southeastern Vermont's first annual meeting. This free, family-friendly gathering offers music by Andy Davis, delicious food by Hardy Foard Catering, games and a brief program highlighting the important work the Council does on behalf of local children and families.
TGIC: Happy Children's Day Children bring joy to the family and they are often referred as leaders of tomorrow. They grow better in a friendly environment where love and peace hold sway. As the world celebrates Children’s Day today, we call for a collective responsibility in the protection of children. The abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls recently underscores the urgent need for collective action to create a protective environment for our children to ensure a bright future for them. Let us all work together, collectively to ensure that our children are protected against harm so they can grow into productive adults who will contribute to the development of Nigeria in future. Happy Children's Day! Culled from: Leadership Newspaper
Things are going well for TRS and Telangana. We have been busy in meetings to help setup our new government with our party leaders. Also working with Delhi and attending to matters regarding the Members induction process. I believe in a bright future for India and Telangana
''My name is Tayla, I was living my life homeless for the last 3 months straight.. I'm only 17 years old, I suffer from Thyroid disease, depression, self harm & learning difficulties. I did my best to look good and I tried hard to hide what I was going through on the regular daily basis, the amount of stress I went through is unbearable, homelessness is no joke. Us kids just wanted to live a normal life but its physically impossible when we have to do what we do.. All these youth services and refuges that people say can help, there are so little places and even vacancies available even just for one night I know because I was on the phone to all of them everyday. People say get a job, how was I mean't to get a job when I didn't even have a place to sleep every night.. I know how hard it is, trust me I know. Having to sleep in parks, police stations when/if they allowed ect. Purposely getting into trouble with the police just so you could be in a warm building for a few hours. Having to steal your way of su ...
To all my FB friends in Central FL. Crealdé School of Art is looking for high school students to volunteer this summer during Art Camp. Their volunteer hours will go towards their Bright Futures and IB community service hours. Please contact me or check out Art Camp at for information.
The Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi Hope this message reached you in the state of good health. Citizens of India voted you for the good & bright future of the country. People believed you & have many expectation from you as given below. We want corruption free iIndia & 1. Uninterrupted 24 hrs electricity 2. Pure Drunking water from tap 3. Pakki sadak which connects all villages of India. 4. Speed trains and our railways should be best in the world 5. Single Tax system without harassment 6. Free Education, Free Hospitals for aam aadmi of India. 7. Home loan @ 6% PA. 8. Business Loan @ 8% PA. 9. All india Best governance like Gujarat. 10. No FDI in retail. 11. Equal rights & benefits based on earnings not caste. 12. Single law for each & every citizen of India. 13. Dollar prices u have to bring down to Rs.35 in next 5 years which automatically reduced prices of Gold, Gas & Petrol etc. 14. Black money which was deposited in Swiss Bank must bring to india. 15. Police should be citizen frie ...
Very very happy marriage 11 th anniversary to my dear wife Achala Tripathi. Love u dear.en 11 saalo mey thumney jo mujhey jhella.parivaar ke liye kara.2 pyaarey pyaarey gift diye.aur bhee bahut kuch. Un sb ke liye thanks shabd bahut chota hai bt I don't have any words. Aisey hee mujhey aagey bhee jhelteey rahneyaa.thanks to all family members (specially my family & in laws and also yoga my sis) & friends because of your love and carrying we both r together. Thanks for ur love and support.bless us for our bright future. Achala - Manish Tripathi
So proud of my Media students and all the hard work they put in this year! They've come so far and each of them has a bright future ahead! Here's the final video they worked on. It's an original song written and sung by the VBC School of Worship students and produced by our media students.
Jamaica fought valiantly and tenaciously in the 2nd half ! This youthful team has a bright future ahead
Jang Donggun returns to big screen through “Crying Man”, acting as a professional hitman, Gon. Recently in his interview, he mentioned idols that he believes will have a bright future in SM Entertainment. Jang Donggun revealed, “Although the company that I’m currently in is more of a idol company, t…
*A Guy Has Feelings Too* Often a girl misunderstands her guy, thinking that he doesn't show up his feelings. But in reality a guy is completely different from what he makes a girl feel. He cannot express himself, and even if he did, its just half of what he actually feels. Girl, I don't believe in showing up my love, care & affection, I want you to feel it from your heart. For my love isn't a participant of a competition, rather it is the deeper feeling anybody would understand! And you think I don't love you as much as you do! Girl, I am possessive about you, and seeing you with some other guy, doesn't just make me sad but I feel my world is with someone else. I get angry because I can't imagine you with someone else other than me. I am not over-possessive , I just want to be the ultimate guy, perfect for you. And you think I Over-react! Girl, you are the second lady I've ever loved so much! First was your Mom-In-Law! And after you, it would be our little daughter. And you think that every single girl I ...
When she joined 12 Grapes (day-1, April '08), she had HS well behind her and an open slate ahead. Since then, she's worked her way through WCC, a Bachelors at SUNY Purchase, a Masters from Fordham, 4.0 GPA's, Recognition awards, and a list of other accomplishments too long to list. The 12 Grapes family could not be more proud of her. This Saturday, Jessica has a special day planned with Chris, our favorite keyboard player and all-around great guy. We have no doubt they have a bright future ahead, and we wish them smooth sailing and sunny skies. If you know either or both of these hooligans, leave 'em a comment and show some love.
So many emotions on this, the day after one of the greatest days for the Gold School in 50 years. I promised myself I would sit back and truly enjoy the moment and you know what, most of the time and many happy tears later I was able to pull that off. The most beautiful boys and girls of all ages surrounded me and they came in every shape, size, color and personality you could imagine, each one beautiful in their own way and so excited to dance on that stage. I saw teachers, assistant teachers, alumni, and office staff all working as a team, making out of what we back stage all know is actually organized chaos one of the best TGS recitals in 50 years. Watching production after production with 40, 50 or even 60 kids just roll so smoothly across the stage was like magic and could only be done so coolly and calmly by Kellie Grant and the remarkable village we call TGS! The one thing that struck me above all was the infectious loving energy back stage, all those assistant teachers doing dance after dance in t ...
Stefan Reichelstein predicts a bright future for the solar voltaic industry if US government subsidies continue. Reichelstein is the William R. Timken professor of accounting at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and faculty research director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and…
Jaguars Building Toward a Bright Future with Blake Bortles and Young WRs - Bleacher Report
Happy International Girls in ICT Day😃. Let's inspire Girls to get into ICT field coz its the Bright Future!.
A Bright Future for Christians in Hollywood, Theft and a Bible Battle: The Blaze’s Biggest Faith Stories of the...
SCC students and Dominican Sisters of Peace supporting Kentucky's Bright Future!
Do you live or work in downtown Oakland? If so, be sure to stop by Bright Future Early Learning Center's popular bake sale in the lobby of the Elihu M. Harris State Building tomorrow morning to raise funds for Bright Future, a center operated by 4C's of Alameda County! The sale begins bright and early on Valentine's Day at 7:45am and goodies will be available for purchase until noon or sold out!
Honest & Bright Future “ Selfless Arvind Kejriwal is fighting for you, me and all. "Aam Aadmi Party" will clean politics and build a truthful, honest, transparent and prosperous India. “AAP” will 1. Secure India fully, 2. Ban Vote-bank and appeasement politics, 3. Promote Human, Moral, Brotherhood and Patriotic values, 4. Empower Aam Aadmi thro "Swaraj" to give fully accountable good system with morality, 5. Pass Jan Lokpal, Right to Recall, free CBI and carry out Reforms, 6. Ensure Compulsory Good Education, Healthcare, Security, Speedy Justice, Jobs for all, 7. Provide Special care up to last 'common man', women, children, old, infirm etc. 8. Corruption-free system will reduce prices of all goods and services to almost half, 9. Rich will love to help poor in high moral society, 10. Nation will make all round progress in every sphere. Let us not miss this one time life-time chance, join "AAP" and be part of this noble national revival for bright future. Being an AAPian gives "Satisfaction of Patrio ...
GHANA ECOWAS Committed to Bright Future of Community Children Akosombo (ECOWAS Press release) - The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission is committed to ensuring the brightest future for Community children through the implementation of various child protection, education and development programs, the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Kadré Desire Ouédraogo yesterday said in Akosombo, Ghana. Speaking during an interactive session with students and management staff of the Akosombo International School during a visit to the school on the sidelines of the Mali After-Action Review experts’ meeting being held in the town in Ghana’s Eastern Region, the ECOWAS chief informed the students that the priorities of the Commission included protection of child rights. “It is our duty and obligation to provide our children with quality education, training and to protect them from child labor, child abuse, early marriage an discrimination against the girl child, child trafficking, use in ...
The IPR Connect Theme Animation depicts three characters: an inventor, a business person and a lawyer, the basic trio to bring in any intellectual property. They represent the essential composition in creation of IP i.e. innovative idea, utility and lawfulness. IPR Connect cherishes with zeal every effort of creation with its moto: Create-Protect-Connect. Audio Courtesy: Audio Jungle "Bright Future"
A history of Gneeveguilla GAA Club - A Proud Past, A Bright Future - will be launched by Sean Kelly MEP Friday night
Red Ribbon Week continues tomorrow. Tuesday’s theme is “Bright Colors for a Bright Future,” students are encouraged to wear bright colors. Pull out the 80's neon colors and get your kids dressed as you did when you were a kid!! :)
Tomorrow will officially wrap up my 2013 Election Campaign when I will be sworn in as the Mayor of Spruce Grove at City Hall. I am excited about the opportunity to lead and to be a part of a positive influence on our City's Bright Future. I wanted to also sincerely thank everyone for their support during the campaign
Idea of the Week: Africa's Dangote Cement is Paving the Way to a Bright Future | Alpha Now | Thomson Reuters:
Registration is now open for 2014 if you interested to study at College Of Cape Town!! Please apply now for U, Sister, Brother, Niece or Nephew.. Gear Up 4 Success & Bright Future!!
Ad: National Academy of Future Physicians Is Looking Toward a Bright Future in 2014 -
Senior Director of Operations: Toronto, ON - Envision a Bright Future with SunEd... in
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