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Bright Future

is a 2003 Japanese film written and directed by Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, starring Tadanobu Asano and Joe Odagiri.

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Infographic: Kyrgyz Republic and ADB - A Bright Future for the Heart of Central Asia: Over 20 yea...
Holistic approach to Bright Future, ultimately, it’s about people demanding change. At scale
After cuts, prospect of Bright Future scholarships much dimmer for Florida students - Orlando Sentinel
A Bright Future for Jolie-Pitt & Perrin | Stirring the Lees with James Molesworth | Blogs | Wine Spectator:
Wishing you another 30 years of success under your new owners
Matt Banting: no 7 on the Surfer Mag hot 100 rides LSD surfboards by Luke Short.. Bright future for this big dog.
Nights dreaming of our bright future! Didn't think life could get any better then this!! 🌟
Andre Drummond leading to bright future
First review of the 12 submissions for the UK competition: wow. The future is bright for…
Can't wait till me get our hustle going! Bright future awaiting us.
"Sustainable" development of energy resources in region ravaged by the same fossil fuels.. *** sapiens has a bright future.
The future is looking bright for us
Dark, grim and everyone dying? DC's future is not looking to bright in
The trifecta of - - for digital marketing. Future's so bright...
Claudia Wilson and Citadelle take out inaugural Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Sport title. More of ...
Having a relationship with Jesus, full of faith and a bright future. There's no greater way to live.
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Their future is bright. Get a better view with preview.
Never had a reading be so spot on, literally said my situation, my past, that my future is bright, things I'm thinking and feeling!!! Weird
Jack Butland believes the future is bright for English football as he aims to help the U20s to a top-four finish
Let's support Tameer-e-school for a bright future of our kids
- ->May your own future be bright and happy. :-)
Pick up your Hampshire Review today. This week's edition reports on the rash of burglaries over the weekend, looks back at Hampshire High's graduation and tells why one expert sees a bright future for our economy here.
Word of the Day: boondoggle : to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy. Bright future = no b…
thanks will do Future looks bright for the debt free, young squad. You enjoy your 1 season in the
CCC&TI has multiple degrees, certificates and programs to prepare you for a bright future
My future is bright, I need sunglasses
UTC Mall future is so bright it needs even more shades.
My major is all about working in labs, what a bright future ahead of me! But at least he agreed to hire me to do the paper work and writing
Toral and bellerin, part of future. Believe the futures bright for these two!
I wish my future was as bright as my converse
LOL.. I'm like in the house with my shades on. The future is too bright, yeah! ***
wishing you bright full future keep Shining Love…
Congratulations to all the people graduating today! You guys have a bright future ahead of you! 🎓🎉
"On the first day of our story, the future seems so bright" x
lucky me that Im naturally blonde so easy steps for me then. We're so getting there, our future is bright like our hairs
“Top set from tonight at just now. Cheers, here's to your bright future!. Thank…
thanks for the follow. Great to see so many UofG students/grads with a passion for politics. Future is bright
Congratulations on Yezi's coming-of-age-day! Support Yezi to have a bright future!
I interviewed the sun, he said the future's looking bright.
Contribute to save your children future, and give them bright future.
Keep going, Keep believing, Keep hoping, Because Allah has a bright future in store for you.
Of those people who went to schools called Bright Future primary/secondary school and are now taxi conductors or boda boda riders
I've to start working for a bright future
Ya Allah fulfill my dreams. Ya Allah give me success. Ya Allah give me a bright future. Ya Allah bless my parents.
There is no bright future for me...
The bright future for the children of Pakistan! Let's all unite for Pakistan's future Inshallah! http…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Casilas: " De Gea and Courtois is a two young goal keepers with a bright future.
I may not be a bright kid as a student before, but *** I got a bright future behind me.. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Today is my last day of High School , I honestly just remember coming into sixth grade at middle school thinking gah I can't wait to be in high school. I danced my whole life since I was little but I never played a sport... Too my underclass mans I regret SO much In high school like not participating in clubs or sports etc. Then I started hanging with the wrong crowd in my tenth grade year and fell a little short and branched out and made a couple mistakes ! I don't regret my high school choices they gave me a beautiful little girl... If I could go back and do it all again I would in a heart beat and change "how" cool I really thought I was... So too my under class man have fun but always remember authority will never tell you anything wrong in life and that one day you want to look back and know your high school memories where the best , so make them the best :)This past year has probably been the best for me and to the Class Of 2014 we have a bright future and I love y'all and I will cry Saturday :) Bro ...
I am a man. I have manly wants manly needs and manly thoughts... I'm not perfect but I am a man of God... I am blessed. I am saved. I love The Lord.. I am successful and I am richly blessed... I am a sinner saved by grace... I have a bright future ahead of me and doors that have been closed for so long are opening for me... Fb fam I'm not bragging... I'm putting the word of God into action... The bible tells us that there is power in the words we speak.. Speaking positive things over my life... If we speak positive we will receive positive... I encourage you to check your language... Negative talk brings negative to your life... Here on face book so many people put negative things in the atmosphere about other people. The devil grabs hold of it and does everything he can to make the negative words become reality... So somebody has to be different fb fam... I speak positive things over every one... Our needs will be met as we prosper and grow in love... No weapon formed against us shall prosper... The fu . ...
I miserably got up and discovered I got a 9 GPA for my final semester(highest ever 😁) . It reminded me of my first ever result here when I got a measly 3point something (with one flunked and one detained subject!!!). The journey that one has taken in these 4 years is really overwhelming and after all these years we still don't really know where our paths shall converge ( or completely diverge) from here. There's no feeling of channelized joy here pertaining to the fact that I have graduated ( so have a 1500 of my fellow batchmates), but there's overwhelming nostalgia and a vividly visual amalgamation of all the good (read 'crazy') times spent in this place and how in these 4 years I (and everyone else) didn't just get ourselves a mere academic degree but a significant part of our disposition and individuality. I'm sure many of my friends wouldn't have got the time to meet all the people they know one last time and take a moment to say goodbye, it's not possible as you know more than 300-400+ people atl ...
Finally i did it.. I gt passed :D Tyou Lord 4ur blessing. Congrtz 2all my Cls 12frns. Wishing u all a bright future. :)
Like Father ...the cub named Tiger has roared at the box office , I on behalf of Shawwan group wish this talented actor a bright future ... Yet not smitten with stardom Tiger who visited our Sshaawn aviation office part of Sshaawn group (india) also spend time with my better half Shaista and my kids Sshaawn and Zohaa ali khan ... May god bless him . Truly sabse banti... tiger ki 'Heropanti'
My first daughter walking her honorable steps toward a bright future
Framework Photography is celebrating one year in business! Thanks to all of our loyal clients for your continued support, and here's to a bright future for Framework!
Today, we provided our first interest-free business loan to Lisbet Perez, a member of our national VOICES Committee, to start her new dream -- RCL Janitorial! Casey Gwinn and Natalia Aguirre from the Alliance got to present the check to Lisbet! Special thanks to Verizon Wireless for supporting our Survivor Emergency Fund and MicroLending Fund to help survivors through the crisis and on to health, healing, hope, and bright futures. Congratulations, Lisbet! We are all cheering for you!
The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Elenor Roosevelt Congratulations to Jasmine!! Jasmine will be attending University of Houston after graduation! Last week after meeting Jasmine and her mother...I have to say these two are beyond sweet! I wish Jasmine all the best in her bright future ahead!
You're all invited to Building Bright Futures of Southeastern Vermont's first annual meeting. This free, family-friendly gathering offers music by Andy Davis, delicious food by Hardy Foard Catering, games and a brief program highlighting the important work the Council does on behalf of local children and families.
TGIC: Happy Children's Day Children bring joy to the family and they are often referred as leaders of tomorrow. They grow better in a friendly environment where love and peace hold sway. As the world celebrates Children’s Day today, we call for a collective responsibility in the protection of children. The abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls recently underscores the urgent need for collective action to create a protective environment for our children to ensure a bright future for them. Let us all work together, collectively to ensure that our children are protected against harm so they can grow into productive adults who will contribute to the development of Nigeria in future. Happy Children's Day! Culled from: Leadership Newspaper
Things are going well for TRS and Telangana. We have been busy in meetings to help setup our new government with our party leaders. Also working with Delhi and attending to matters regarding the Members induction process. I believe in a bright future for India and Telangana
''My name is Tayla, I was living my life homeless for the last 3 months straight.. I'm only 17 years old, I suffer from Thyroid disease, depression, self harm & learning difficulties. I did my best to look good and I tried hard to hide what I was going through on the regular daily basis, the amount of stress I went through is unbearable, homelessness is no joke. Us kids just wanted to live a normal life but its physically impossible when we have to do what we do.. All these youth services and refuges that people say can help, there are so little places and even vacancies available even just for one night I know because I was on the phone to all of them everyday. People say get a job, how was I mean't to get a job when I didn't even have a place to sleep every night.. I know how hard it is, trust me I know. Having to sleep in parks, police stations when/if they allowed ect. Purposely getting into trouble with the police just so you could be in a warm building for a few hours. Having to steal your way of su ...
To all my FB friends in Central FL. Crealdé School of Art is looking for high school students to volunteer this summer during Art Camp. Their volunteer hours will go towards their Bright Futures and IB community service hours. Please contact me or check out Art Camp at for information.
The Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi Hope this message reached you in the state of good health. Citizens of India voted you for the good & bright future of the country. People believed you & have many expectation from you as given below. We want corruption free iIndia & 1. Uninterrupted 24 hrs electricity 2. Pure Drunking water from tap 3. Pakki sadak which connects all villages of India. 4. Speed trains and our railways should be best in the world 5. Single Tax system without harassment 6. Free Education, Free Hospitals for aam aadmi of India. 7. Home loan @ 6% PA. 8. Business Loan @ 8% PA. 9. All india Best governance like Gujarat. 10. No FDI in retail. 11. Equal rights & benefits based on earnings not caste. 12. Single law for each & every citizen of India. 13. Dollar prices u have to bring down to Rs.35 in next 5 years which automatically reduced prices of Gold, Gas & Petrol etc. 14. Black money which was deposited in Swiss Bank must bring to india. 15. Police should be citizen frie ...
Very very happy marriage 11 th anniversary to my dear wife Achala Tripathi. Love u dear.en 11 saalo mey thumney jo mujhey jhella.parivaar ke liye kara.2 pyaarey pyaarey gift diye.aur bhee bahut kuch. Un sb ke liye thanks shabd bahut chota hai bt I don't have any words. Aisey hee mujhey aagey bhee jhelteey rahneyaa.thanks to all family members (specially my family & in laws and also yoga my sis) & friends because of your love and carrying we both r together. Thanks for ur love and support.bless us for our bright future. Achala - Manish Tripathi
So proud of my Media students and all the hard work they put in this year! They've come so far and each of them has a bright future ahead! Here's the final video they worked on. It's an original song written and sung by the VBC School of Worship students and produced by our media students.
Jamaica fought valiantly and tenaciously in the 2nd half ! This youthful team has a bright future ahead
Jang Donggun returns to big screen through “Crying Man”, acting as a professional hitman, Gon. Recently in his interview, he mentioned idols that he believes will have a bright future in SM Entertainment. Jang Donggun revealed, “Although the company that I’m currently in is more of a idol company, t…
*A Guy Has Feelings Too* Often a girl misunderstands her guy, thinking that he doesn't show up his feelings. But in reality a guy is completely different from what he makes a girl feel. He cannot express himself, and even if he did, its just half of what he actually feels. Girl, I don't believe in showing up my love, care & affection, I want you to feel it from your heart. For my love isn't a participant of a competition, rather it is the deeper feeling anybody would understand! And you think I don't love you as much as you do! Girl, I am possessive about you, and seeing you with some other guy, doesn't just make me sad but I feel my world is with someone else. I get angry because I can't imagine you with someone else other than me. I am not over-possessive , I just want to be the ultimate guy, perfect for you. And you think I Over-react! Girl, you are the second lady I've ever loved so much! First was your Mom-In-Law! And after you, it would be our little daughter. And you think that every single girl I ...
When she joined 12 Grapes (day-1, April '08), she had HS well behind her and an open slate ahead. Since then, she's worked her way through WCC, a Bachelors at SUNY Purchase, a Masters from Fordham, 4.0 GPA's, Recognition awards, and a list of other accomplishments too long to list. The 12 Grapes family could not be more proud of her. This Saturday, Jessica has a special day planned with Chris, our favorite keyboard player and all-around great guy. We have no doubt they have a bright future ahead, and we wish them smooth sailing and sunny skies. If you know either or both of these hooligans, leave 'em a comment and show some love.
So many emotions on this, the day after one of the greatest days for the Gold School in 50 years. I promised myself I would sit back and truly enjoy the moment and you know what, most of the time and many happy tears later I was able to pull that off. The most beautiful boys and girls of all ages surrounded me and they came in every shape, size, color and personality you could imagine, each one beautiful in their own way and so excited to dance on that stage. I saw teachers, assistant teachers, alumni, and office staff all working as a team, making out of what we back stage all know is actually organized chaos one of the best TGS recitals in 50 years. Watching production after production with 40, 50 or even 60 kids just roll so smoothly across the stage was like magic and could only be done so coolly and calmly by Kellie Grant and the remarkable village we call TGS! The one thing that struck me above all was the infectious loving energy back stage, all those assistant teachers doing dance after dance in t ...
Stefan Reichelstein predicts a bright future for the solar voltaic industry if US government subsidies continue. Reichelstein is the William R. Timken professor of accounting at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and faculty research director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and…
Jaguars Building Toward a Bright Future with Blake Bortles and Young WRs - Bleacher Report
Happy International Girls in ICT Day😃. Let's inspire Girls to get into ICT field coz its the Bright Future!.
A Bright Future for Christians in Hollywood, Theft and a Bible Battle: The Blaze’s Biggest Faith Stories of the...
SCC students and Dominican Sisters of Peace supporting Kentucky's Bright Future!
Do you live or work in downtown Oakland? If so, be sure to stop by Bright Future Early Learning Center's popular bake sale in the lobby of the Elihu M. Harris State Building tomorrow morning to raise funds for Bright Future, a center operated by 4C's of Alameda County! The sale begins bright and early on Valentine's Day at 7:45am and goodies will be available for purchase until noon or sold out!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Honest & Bright Future “ Selfless Arvind Kejriwal is fighting for you, me and all. "Aam Aadmi Party" will clean politics and build a truthful, honest, transparent and prosperous India. “AAP” will 1. Secure India fully, 2. Ban Vote-bank and appeasement politics, 3. Promote Human, Moral, Brotherhood and Patriotic values, 4. Empower Aam Aadmi thro "Swaraj" to give fully accountable good system with morality, 5. Pass Jan Lokpal, Right to Recall, free CBI and carry out Reforms, 6. Ensure Compulsory Good Education, Healthcare, Security, Speedy Justice, Jobs for all, 7. Provide Special care up to last 'common man', women, children, old, infirm etc. 8. Corruption-free system will reduce prices of all goods and services to almost half, 9. Rich will love to help poor in high moral society, 10. Nation will make all round progress in every sphere. Let us not miss this one time life-time chance, join "AAP" and be part of this noble national revival for bright future. Being an AAPian gives "Satisfaction of Patrio ...
GHANA ECOWAS Committed to Bright Future of Community Children Akosombo (ECOWAS Press release) - The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission is committed to ensuring the brightest future for Community children through the implementation of various child protection, education and development programs, the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Kadré Desire Ouédraogo yesterday said in Akosombo, Ghana. Speaking during an interactive session with students and management staff of the Akosombo International School during a visit to the school on the sidelines of the Mali After-Action Review experts’ meeting being held in the town in Ghana’s Eastern Region, the ECOWAS chief informed the students that the priorities of the Commission included protection of child rights. “It is our duty and obligation to provide our children with quality education, training and to protect them from child labor, child abuse, early marriage an discrimination against the girl child, child trafficking, use in ...
The IPR Connect Theme Animation depicts three characters: an inventor, a business person and a lawyer, the basic trio to bring in any intellectual property. They represent the essential composition in creation of IP i.e. innovative idea, utility and lawfulness. IPR Connect cherishes with zeal every effort of creation with its moto: Create-Protect-Connect. Audio Courtesy: Audio Jungle "Bright Future"
A history of Gneeveguilla GAA Club - A Proud Past, A Bright Future - will be launched by Sean Kelly MEP Friday night
Red Ribbon Week continues tomorrow. Tuesday’s theme is “Bright Colors for a Bright Future,” students are encouraged to wear bright colors. Pull out the 80's neon colors and get your kids dressed as you did when you were a kid!! :)
Tomorrow will officially wrap up my 2013 Election Campaign when I will be sworn in as the Mayor of Spruce Grove at City Hall. I am excited about the opportunity to lead and to be a part of a positive influence on our City's Bright Future. I wanted to also sincerely thank everyone for their support during the campaign
Idea of the Week: Africa's Dangote Cement is Paving the Way to a Bright Future | Alpha Now | Thomson Reuters:
Registration is now open for 2014 if you interested to study at College Of Cape Town!! Please apply now for U, Sister, Brother, Niece or Nephew.. Gear Up 4 Success & Bright Future!!
Ad: National Academy of Future Physicians Is Looking Toward a Bright Future in 2014 -
Senior Director of Operations: Toronto, ON - Envision a Bright Future with SunEd... in
The bus will be at Tesco Extra in Pendleton between 11:30am and 4:30pm so if you want to find out more about Bright Future come say 'Hello!'
Best Wade Goodwyn open "being a dem in texas is like being a armadillo on a 6 lane highway" .
Just had a great couple of hours with - there's a bright future for Ireland!
Don't forget Montero and Michael Fulmer is back to being unreal. Bright future.
Catch the ground cutting ceremony on BBC West Midlands this evening. Brilliant event and bright future for…
I didn't put that picture up to make it seem like I knew you .. I put it up because you gotta bright future ...hope everything works out
Then again love where the is headed because this league is as tough as any. Overall a bright future for women's
‎‎So proud of you my brothers wish for ya bright future and all the success ♥♥♥
Awesome turn out for the first captains practice! Lenape Girls Soccer has a bright future! Keep up the hard work and see you next time!
Passsed my CDL test ... Big moves followed by a bright future
Bright future for field hockey in Ontario with 3 new pitches. Next 2 top PAHF tournaments in Brampton & Toronto!
Congrats on a great run and the Green Space August Wilson Readings! You have a very bright future ahead!
Democrats in TX are like armadillos trying to cross a six lane highway of big GOP 18-wheeler trucks -- via --
Proud history, bright future? Manuel looks at a list of his his predecessors.
Read all about success and bright future:
you have a bright future ahead of you young lady. I can see your potential!
if u reaally wants to give a BRIGHT future to your kids then comes n join BRM CONWENT SCHOOL VARANASI...
Got a bright future ahead... GOD got somthin instore fo me we jus waiting on tha rite time
Would like to wish Vito Mannone a bright future since he has joined Sunderland today. Shame it didn't work out at Arsenal for him.
"Read all about success and bright future:
wishing Vito a bright future at sunderland
U noe ein age already? "EL just be Guy.Bright Future Ahead."
A pessimist is a man with a bright future behind him, and a terrible past ahead of him.---
Had a serious biz talk with the legend yesterday. A possibly bright future for and ! Stay Tuned
1.. Stop trying to get better! We need to get worse! Tank for wiggin! Only chance for a bright future is to lose now!
And on top of that i have one of the best relationships with God so its no telling what's in store for me.
In this bright future you can forget your past.
congratulation as the new Leader, bring SEC to bright future, always be Mr.K's right hand, now, we count on you :))
Goodluck Vito Mannone! we belive that you had a bright future,thanks for the saves :D
all the best of luck Vito. A bright future lies ahead of you. A bigger task
Good luck to Mannone. Have a bright future at Sunderland. Try not to mess with Di Canio or get you'd used to the bench again
44 you've crazy talent and a bright future. I'm glad I got play with you Arizona. Come to Maryland next year
Good luck at Sunderland Vito Mannone. Loved you while you were and I still do. Good luck, bright future ahead!
That ridiculous stretch when you wake up 😍😩
Shame about Mannone. I liked him a lot. Good luck at Sunderland. Bright future ahead, and what a lovely Gent.
Best education is a start to reach bright future
,Happy Wedding to a wonderful couple!. Congratulation, and wish you the best for the bright. future to look forward to
not a bad step at all.. Great move for a bright future.
One might be a singer. Another one might be a football player. what a bright future those two sibs have.
You may think you have a bright future, but just remember I like my subs with extra cheese
I see u hv a bright future. No wori e go beta!
The perfect day for an NPR listener is when Sylvia Poggioli and Wade Goodwyn both have stories on Morning Edition. htt…
has been a great asset to our team and school. He has a very bright future ahead. We will keep him and his fam…
has a terrific story about aquaculture's bright future in Tasmania. Watch the video!
J-schools have bright future in content training for public, but not in journalism training for news media
I've never met someone that knows u have a bright future but wants to see u in jail
There is a Bright Future for Your Hair with INITIALISTE Kérastase Serum
By the grace of all mighty ALAH i hav completed my MSc chemistry degree from KUST 2moro is my reser6 presenteshn then i will becom master of scince.reqest frm all frnd 2 pray for my best futur.tnx
If futur must be **BRIGHT** den education must be **RIGHT** pls ignore ignorant and fight 4 better 2morrow
GLENDALE – Goalie Mike Smith enjoys playing for the Coyotes so much that he passed on testing the unrestricted free-agent market that he could have become part of on July 5.
Dear Friends..!! Happy to inform that i have been promoted & Posted as Assistant Commissoner at Vizianagaram..!!
DEBATE: Has Patrice Motsepe had a positive or negative effect on South African Football? Logic
sometimes now when i look in my past, i feel guilty.. Guilty for what i did to myself when i used to feel guilty of what i used to be...
The president of Microsoft's \"Interactive Entertainment Business,\" Don Mattrick, is reportedly leaving the company, according to a report at All Things
My future is too bright.i need glasses:D
Finally the 4 n half years has been completed officially.During this. period n journey some good things as well as bad things happen...but got support frm classmates n juniors.will gonna miss u alot...thank u evryone fr ur support in this jorney.
Thanx god bcz today is my first day of posting in branch newly exprience i m enjoing today .. .royal ham.s
HOW CAN I TELL MY HUSBAND I BOUGHT OUR BABIES FOR 700K WHEN HE TRAVELLED? I wish God will forgive me. It started in 2004 when I got married and after some years we could not conceive. My husband and I went to a hospital and were told that am suffering from blocked fallopian tubes while my hubby had low sperm count. After some treatments and no results I decided to lie to my husband when he told me that he would be traveling to London to represent his company for 2 years. I told him that am pregnant and he was happy, after 2months he left for London and I was staying alone. My hubby kept asking after our child and I told him the baby was kicking. I decided to make enquiry about how to adopt. I arranged with one man in River State about adopting twins likely a girl and a boy or 2 boys. After 9months of faking my pregnancy to my hubby, the doctor told me that the children were ready. I rented a 2 bedroom flat far away from where i was living. I went and brought those children, I paid N700,000 to the doctor a ...
NEVER MISS A GIRL WITH THE FOLLOWING QUALITIES" **When a girl WALKS for miles to see u. **When a girl SAYS SORRY even though she didn't do anything,.. **When a girl CRIES bcz she still loves/ misses u. **When a girl still TRIES TO GET you- BACK...after disagreement. **When a girl no matter how much U HURT HER STILL LOVES U... **when a girl STOPS her argument with her guy to SAVE her relationship...­ ­ **When a girl continously MAKES U FEEL SPECIAL and TRIES TO MAKE U HAPPY... **When a girl is upset but DOES NOT tell u as she thinks she is ANNOYING U. **When a girl wants to LEAVE you- bcs of ur RUDE BEHAVIOUR but she is not able to do... . . . DO NOT LET HER GO, bcz U MAY NEVER FIND SOMEONE LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN. SHE MAYBE VERY SPECIAL ΑND GOD'S GIFT FOR YOU Hit LIKE if you Agree !!!
U.S. Bets on Bright Future for Africa, Clinton Says Charlene Porter U.S. Department of State Share This Tagged With INTERAGENCY WASHINGTON, D.C., Jun 15, 2012 — Speaking before an audience of young Africans pursuing success in many career fields, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton laid down a bet June 13, 2012. "We bet you will use your talents and your skills to bring prosperity and a better future to those who need you," Clinton said as she spoke at the State Department to participants in a three-week program of leadership development and mentoring for young adults representing almost all the nations of sub-Saharan Africa. They will spend time in Washington, Chicago and other cities meeting Americans in many different professions, spending time in their workplaces and developing ideas to advance the progress of their own nations. Clinton implored the young Africans to become ambassadors for their countries in their meetings and contacts to come, teaching Americans about progressive trends unfol ...
God makes miracles out of our mistakes ,ur negative Past doesn't dis qualifie u to a BRIGHT FUTUR,may be you did alot of mistakes nd think you 've mess up with God's plan or that ur dreams ll never going to pass but our GOD is mercyful nd trust me you never too far from GOD evn though ur cnscience ll tell u tht u not worthy jst respond THAT WHAT GRACE IS OL ABOUT ...jst still hope nd cme to HIM with ol those failures, fragment ,frustration... HE'S GONE CHNGE IT INTO MIRACLES.NIC SUNDAY ;)
A beautiful girl can not give u a bright futur, but a bright futur can give u many beautiful girls..
Start working toward your goals today. Ask yourself, "What can I do today to get one step ahead, however small, closer to achieving my goals?" Stay focused and believe in yourself even if others do not believe in you.
On the first page of a story...The futur seem so bright..!!
Going to the noche de gala but this yr theme is neon colors...bright nite 80's bright ur futur..
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lupin lounching new learnes on 1july 2013. Best of luck u r carier. making bright futur.
"In character,in manners,in style,in all things,the supreme excellence is simplicity".
CONGRADULATIONs ALL STUDENTs graduating TODAY, especialy JUSs. It is time to a brand begining and a bright futur hoping u will tackle more chalenges and earn many more feats. HAPPY GRADUATION.
Dear friends, Greetings of the Day! Compare this and think once again, what to do this time, for our Amazing India. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. with Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel. Smt Indira Gandhi. with Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Sri Rajiv Gandhi. with Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Rahul Gandhi. with Narendra Modi. Select between this peronalities, & Elect only the Good person for our Bright Future of Enegetic, & Emerging INDIA.
// Thanks to Allah, my family n my frnds...Nw i m Graduate Engineer...passed wid Hons degree...\\:):)
De futur is bright, dt los hop my dear, God is on de trone.
(Y) good going 13 like's in 20 min thanx friend's for your like
Can we try ths game... Its called THE LAST MAN STANDING.. Here is how it goes.. The last persn to comment wins.. I give a starting word.. Wth each word that ends th sentence, th next persn to comment uses your last word to start their own sentence in tht ordr... E.g "welcum to th game" th next persn will use the word GAME.. Game of ths sort is 4 matured mind'.. Next persn uses th word "MINDS" to start a new sentence... Just like tht..
Hi everyone, got a gud news to share wit u all... My career inning starts soon at IRIS- Mumbai... Big Thanx to almighty n ur blessings n wishes in tough time. Heading towards Aim. M Too hapPy !
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. --Winston Churchill
After travelling continuously for 46 hours reached TATA Nagar. . . Excited to join d company. .
Il ne reste plus qu'une semaine, et je meur. Une semaine et ma vie qui a été, ces joies et tristesses, ces combats, ne sera plus. J'ai grandi, joué, rigolé, travaillé, aimé, souffert, lutté, abandonné et puis j'ai relutté, pour reaimer, j'ai revécu. J'ai évolué. Mais cette mort n'est pas la fin, car c'est le début d'une nouvelle vie, d'un nouveau combat, d'un nouvel amour, d'un futur prometeur. La vie à la vie! There is only one week left, and I will die. One week and my life that was, this joy, this sadness, this fights, shall not be anymore. I aged and learned, played, laughed, worked, loved, suffered, fought, gave up, and then I fighted again, to love again, I lived again. I evolved. Howeve this death is not the end, because it is the begining of a new life, a new fight, a new love and of a bright futur. Life to live.
I wish i was a millioner so that i can keep this boys together for a longer period, i can make Stars and Champions out of this team, i enjoyed this week with my boys and i wish all of them a bright futurè, they realy good boys, disciplined and hardworkers. God bless them
Confession # 49: Three years ago while i was in pune, i happened to show up at a fren's birthday party.. There i met this Lotha guy who was very handsome and cool. We flirted around the whole night. I was way drunk to realise that i actually slept with him, untill the next morning. I regret what i did and im sorry i never called you back because i was too guilty to do that. I hate my life, even after so many years, i still cant forget and forgive myself for what i did..
angane nehru college il ninnum officially ayi padiyirangi . got the " TC " really felt very happy by seeing my juniors love and care on me when i went to college today love you my brothers and sisters I WILL MISS U ALL thanks a lot ma dear Naveen Sujith Sooraj Arun Kiran for making the day so memorable
Had an amazing meeting with Hawoo Gak
Thnx God. The weak is full of new beginings nd bright ness of the futur. I prase u lord. Am realy happy
Gudmorning faithful people of Nigeria, though hope may be dashed let us have faith we still have bright futur.
My futur£,l£arning,2 b smart,living wrong things,staying away from boys,working,int£llignt,bright futur£ thats how i want 2 b so nw u know m vry w£ll so wat?lyf is full of gam£s nana
I cn c clearly nw th rain is gone i cn c all opstcls in my way its gonna b a bright , bright sun shinny day.(singing) im so hppy nw i knw where im gng wth my futur nd wth my man.
today is my lifes happiest day i got COEP for IT really dreams comes true for me!!!
My futur is so bright I gotta wear shades.
I wonder how ladies advice each other, Hey! your friend advices you to reject his proposal for he isn't of your calibre. On the contrary, the same takes him. Next time u see them across, the same guy has appreciated to a caliber you thought its basic for you to recognize a man but unfortunately occupied, and you regret. Feela, why ladies? what is wisdom for you? Do you remember you used to look down on him? Kajeno u `mitsa ka fane "Ntate so and so". Hey...! Bophelo bo oa makatsa I tell you.
On the first page on your story, the futur seems so Bright .!
Nt complet this wonder world with out any girl so plz save child girl 4 bright futur.
Finaly cracked interview and placed as a Teacher at Adivasi Asharamshala, Waigaon Nipani.
hurray passed MCA with HONORS(76.1%). May God Bless me with real common life now.
This is a lil poem I wrote while I was in protage.. I used to get take drugs so that I could feel accepeted Go against my values not to feel rejected I used to hate myself and get mad at life. Accumulate stress. Fill my lungs with a bag of white. I opened up my eyes and my vision's bright. Builing up my self esteem so I can start living right. I don't want the prison life.. so I made to choice to go to school and learn to use a kitchen knife.. Got fired from the kitchen twice. Relapsed, called portage so I can live a different life. Portage is where I had to be. Got rejected by my dad but I'm facing my reality! Getting mad getting vexed... Learning how to deal with my emotions and handle my stress I found out diabetic Yes its kinda hectic I'm happy that I've learn't to accept it Things could be worse Always looking @ the positive, I coulda been in a hurse Now I'm doing my own thing.. Only positivity surrounds me whenever my phone rings. I'm comfortable in my own skin And that is a known fact I speak from ...
it's a great mistake to see things from self-centred points of view about daily life's issues, it disables you to accept the truth when it's against your principales and needs, it just produce for you that you are the center of your environment, that if you change your attitudes things arround you must change to addopt itsselves to your attitudes. That's imposible ,you must learn how to make an outward and objective analysis to your current situation, just in order of creating this self awareness on you :)
I will be performing Live on Head Marala (near Sialkot) in a musical show on 29 & 30 June, One day after the release of my song. I have already started the preparations, hoping to Dominate. :)
Get your iPhone insurance today!
No Competition in futur is bright
Already 9 years and i'm still appreciating every second of it.loving memories and a better futur with a special having u around and seeing ur smile every day...i adore u.
Where u com from does nt realy matter, wat matters is ur determinatn nd focus 2 achieve greatness,do nt alow ur poor family background 2 put ur back on d ground. As 4 me,i knw dat my futur is brighta dan bright. Wat of u? Neva blame ur bkgrnd 4 ur failure | Sri balaji sunflower millionaire homes for the new elite situated at a location that personifies the bright futur -
the holy shab-e-barat is everybody should pray to god so that HE forgive him.hay god pls give me a bright futur
Am going higher bcos my futur is bright *** follow spend my money.
Papa.Finally i archive u r dream. I completed p.s.i(Intelligence bureaw officer) exam. today i am so so so so so so so happy and today u r not with me but i wanna hug u. missing u so so so much papa. And thnx to all my friends who gave me support for complete this exam...
my futur is bright and my greatness is sure;God is Able,i love u All
Don't be envious of sinful pipul, let reverence for the LORD be the concern of your life. If it is, thn yu hav a bright futur **morning yall**
For reasons unknown, Lexus has camouflaged their “lifted CT” compact crossover mule, and Autoblog has the photos to prove it.
Nigeria team is work in progress, i really love how d team re developin nd hw Mikel is improvin. D futur is bright 4 our national team
At the age 24,he was a Bus Conductor. -Rajnikanth He didnt even completed his University Education -Bill Gates In Childhood he Stiched Shoes. -Abraham Lincon He worked in a Petrol Bunk. -Dhirubhai Ambani Who Failed in 10 standard. -Sachin Tendulkar Education Drop out & Initially aKey-Board Player. -A.R.Rahman Try things u love to do.. studies doesnt matters. Everybody is blessed with some skills. life is precious, enjoy it!
Finally time has *** Tomrrow moorning flight bhv to mum at 10 a.m Newyork flight will take off on 26th night 1pm... Thx every1 for ur wishes and gud lucks.u gyz always in ma small heart.. Thx
I want to do the right with any fight. the wind is might and the futur is bright.
Alhumdolillah, it least after 6 year i got my degree. I am very happy. i am very thankful to Almighty ALLAH, my family & friends.
If record keeping is the backbone of business, what is the backbone of PTI stress?
I decided to not to be emotional.and I did well.then I crossed the main gate of Jsw.and all of sudden I felt a flash of memories I lived here,perhaps I dropped a tear also.gonna miss Jsw and all you wonderful people.luv u all. Ye akhiri alvida nhi hAi.stay in touch guys.and as always I ll be there for you all .
Thank you Delhi for nurturing me for the past six years ,for giving me thought provoking teachers, for giving me a platform to express myself as teacher, for giving me curious learners at Hindu College, and most importantly good friends with whom I could share the ups and downs of my personal and professional life. I will miss all these but the learning in your lap will always be remembered.
After a long long wait, now gonna start my career in Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd. as a graduate ENGINEER in steel and power plant . feels excited to start working in one of the biggest plant in INDIA .
YOU GOT TO LOVE JAY LENO...he has not consumed the Kool-Aid like Letterman and Kimmel: "I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don't want to get audited by the IRS." On NSA surveillance: "We wanted a president who listens to all Americans -now we have one." On a new IRS commissioner: "He's called 'acting commissioner' because he has to act like the scandal doesn't involve the White House." On closing the Guantanamo prison for terrorists: "If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government-funded solar power company. The doors will be shut in a month." Concerning the Benghazi, Associated Press, and IRS scandals: "Remember in the old days when President Obama's biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden?" On Obama saying he didn't know about the IRS scandal: "He was too busy notknowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS." "The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi: Hope and change the subject." "It's casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they'r ...
My beloved, WELCOME to a NEW DAY! Yesterday’s missed opportunities are gone; stop living in the past. Today is here. Embrace the new things coming your way. Take ownership of your life. Refuse to be embalmed in defeat. Don’t yield to threats and intimidation. Believe in your future. Be strong. Sing a song of victory.Today is new day, today is day of our VICTORY, today we are WINNER in every area in our life. Today is totaly NEW DAY. THE GRAVE IS EMPTY. Your dream will live. It’s your time to DAZZLE THE WORLD in JESUS’ NAME!!! SHOUT BIG AMEN AND AMEN.
Last day in ahmedabad and starting new journey I am feeling happy with sadness thanks to all of my frnds of ahmedabad and good bye ahmedabad and frnds
IT is so sorry tat after that disastrous fire tat consume KAPWERIA SECONDARY SCHOOL BOYS DORM ,,,no step has been taken to assist the student to get where to rest b4 they begun their race to their success ,,but they spend their night in classroom n i think behaves uses same dorm -4 classes ,,,kapweria has got 5 classrooms n 1 small lab ,,4 teachers houses n 1 girls dorm built on timber !!now my pple of EMURUA DIKIRR CONSTIU WHAT CAN WE DO TO ASSIST TIS KIDS ? they represent bright future of TM!!! LEADERS OPS MY WORDS FALLS ON UPRIGHT EARS!
Ladys dnt married a guy bcoz of his present bt married him bcoz of his future bcoz u may nt knwin dat his futur s bright
As the team of three cyclists make their way from Victoria to St. John's for Hillary's Ride for Mental Health, they've been holding musical events along the way. We talk to cyclist Bill Werthmann on our weekly update about why music is such an integral part of the ride where the intention is to redu...
Destiny Shows a Bright Future for Bungie - Preview: Bungie are experts at science fiction. Whether you love Ha...
Young women from Saudi Arabia have a Bright Future to look forward to.
Visit - The Philippines IV: "Back to a Bright Future. Asia Business Channel (ABC) - is an independent production company s...
Schedule of speakers for this sundays event: 10:00 AM Proprietor Jere Gettle, Board Members Paul Wallace and Betty Standish will discuss talk the plans for the future of Comstock, Ferre & Co. 10:30 AM DR. WILLIAM WOYS WEAVER. Internationally known food historian William Woys Weaver, will be speaking on The Kitchen Garden: Its History and Bright Future. Dr Weaver will survey the kitchen garden as it evolved in the Middle Ages through to nineteenth century America, and will then enumerate the reasons why we should continue this rich horticultural heritage due to its sustainability and potential benefits to personal health and well being. Dr. Weaver is the author of 16 books, a contributing editor to Mother Earth News and a frequent contributor to The Heirloom Gardener -- look for his blogs on the Baker Creek website. Weaver maintains the Roughwood Seed Collection in Devon, Pennsylvania, which consists of over 4500 varieties of heirloom food plants, including rare grains, fruit trees, and vegetables. He i .. ...
Signs of a Bright Future at Villa Park: Not yet. Survival is not confirmed yet. There are still three games t...
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Signs of a Bright Future at Villa Park via
Global Memorial Day of Pakistani Christian observed in Canada Toronto. February 26,2013. (PCP) Bright Future society Pakistan, Pakistan Minorities Movement and Canadian Christian Association organized a ceremony in the honor of Pakistani Christian martyrs on 23rd February2013 at Ambassador Hotel Lahore. In which they presented tribute to those personalities who gave sacrifice for the nation. The tribute given to: Rt. Rev Bishop John Joseph (Shaheed) Ex. Federal Minister Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti (Shaheed) Bargita Elizabeth who had been serving for Pakistani Christians. Ceremony Presided by Coordinator to President M. Naveed Chaudhary, Chief Guest of ceremony was Dr .Farooq Sattar Mr. Javed Iqbal Gill European union President Spain Samuel Payara President Bright Future Society Pakistan. Mr.Saleem Gabriel Chairman PMM The ceremony commenced with the recitation from the Holy Bible. Samuel Payara gave brief introduction of guest and highlighted the issue of the Pakistani Christians. Dr.Jamil Nasir: he said that all ...
if you have a spare half hour today, pop in to Adam Smith College around 11am and vote for us to get funding for Bevi skatepark lights, Bright Future is our group name thanks VOTE VOTE VOTE !!
The Kenyan player for Celtics has a Bright Future ahead of him , in year 2 years .. He is gonna be one of the top african players out there
Here's the brand-new video I've been yapping about! You'll see: - A former Southern Pacific SD45 now in "Pan Am Railways" ownership - NS ethanol train with three foreign SD40-2's - CSX manifest with a GP38-2 leading two road units - Conrail Shared Assets freight running down the middle of a street - CSX freight with three HLCX SD40-2's - A pair of consecutively numbered ex-Southern Railway GP38-2's working hard with a cut of freight - NS freight with a former Conrail Dash-8 and the Wabash Heritage Unit SD70ACe! - NS freight with a pair of ex-Union Pacific SD60's in "Armour Yellow" paint - CSX local with a pair of Geeps clawing their way along with a lengthy train - CSX ethanol train with a *trio* of "Bright Future" Dash-8's! - CSX mixed freight with an SD80MAC leading, with its original Conrail horn! Hope you enjoy! As mentioned before, this is the last video to be "missing" narration. Please enjoy!
Goddess Card: Lakshmi...Bright Future. Stop worrying everything is going to be fine via
Got this in my inbox today: Welcome to ALL our new members! Get Ready for a Bright Future! Yes, Profit Clicking has a lot planned for our members over the coming weeks and months: 1) Improvements in our current systems 2) Many more income streams - each one will be great, but some are absolutely amazing! And most, if not all of them will make you more money quicker if you have sponsored others for Profit Clicking. Good time to tell your friends So if you are thinking about telling others about Profit Clicking, that would be a great idea - because we always create new parts of our system that reward the efforts of our promoters, and that means you will simply earn more and more and more. Think of it this way... Every company that exists MUST sell enough products and services to at least pay for their monthly expenses, and then it's nice to be able to put away a profit - and Profit Clicking is no different. But in order to generate the sales, we need to have a sales team which tells others about what we off ...
Bright Future with Holistic Education: The Karol Bagh has developed in the education sector…
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people who voted for Bristol Central High School, in the Clorox Power a Bright Future competition! Without your help, we would not have won a $25,000 grant to renovate our auditorium! Thank you all so much! :)
Demarcus Cousins went off for 31pts & 20 Reb last night. He is the answer to our problems. Trade Pierce, Bass, & Melo or a first round pick if need be. 1) Rondo 2) Bradley 3) Green 4) Garnett 5) Cousins 6) Sullinger/Lee? I'm Loving It! Bright Bright Future... Feedback?
With this new year I hope a bright future .. mom to stay with me I do not want one parting not me energy by separation.."
No more livin a lie im leavin for me n mine my future is n will be bright claimin nothin but JOY n 2013 ive cried looong enough!
The future is as bright as the promises of God.
Must Read !♥! There was once a guy who was very much in love with a girl. He folded 1,000 pieces of paper cranes as a gift to her. Although at that time he was just a small fry in his company and his future didn't seem too bright he was contented with what he had.. for he was in love.. and they were both happy together.. ♥ Until one day, this girl told him she was going to leave the country for Paris and try to live a new life there with no intention of returning back. She also told him that she cannot visualize any future for both of them because he was poor and he had no dreams. He couldn't believe what he just heard and couldn't help but cry. She was his dream, his love, his friend.. she was his everything.. ♥ Just when he thought he had it all he gets to experience the true side of the world.. with all it's misery in it.. But love is being able to accept the truth no matter how it hurts.. She broke his heart and yet he still loves her.. Days have passed, months have gone by and yet his feelings ...
“Future not so bright: Simba Makoni. Read it now at
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My bright future depends on my result
The future is bright, the talent is real
Ain't no more talking about the past tho I got my glasses on my Future looking bright
“A toast to the future, to the past, & to our friends, far & near. May the future be pleasant & the past a bright dream.”
Jack Wilshere is 21 today...the future is bright
starting XI average age today is 23. Bright future I suppose, but it's the present that should be worrying them most.
Kane is more of a second striker than a lone forward. Bright player for the future, hope he makes it big with Spurs
"bright future for us and happiness belong to us in 2013, Amin"
Happy New Year! The Church's future is bright especially with these groups of young traditional & orthodox
Thank u Lord for all uve shown me in 2012 and the elevation had already began but shall continue in 2013! I'm excited ab my bright future!!
I'm gonna lay here all day and watch gossip girl and pray I don't puke. At the moment my future isn't looking so bright.
WOW! Your team looked amazing out there tonight. I was super impressed with Felder, he has a bright future.
REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN 2013, WE MUST GET IT RIGHT: NEW YEAR MESSAGE FROM RT. HON. RAILA ODINGA My fellow countrymen and women – We have come to the end of an eventful and largely successful year 2012. This is also marks five years of a challenging but rewarding journey. Out of the dark clouds of the 2007-2008 violence, we grabbed the silver lining and lay the foundation for a new Kenya. Our country recovered its breath and endorsed a new Constitution. With that, we created a framework for a stable, peaceful and prosperous future. I wish to thank President MwaiKibaki for the cooperation that enabled us come this far. I wish the President well in his last months in office and urge him to steer the remaining phase with the impartiality that it deserves. In 2013, we have a rendezvous with destiny. That destiny is pegged on the first General Election under the new Constitution. I appeal to every Kenyan who registered as a voter to take up the sacred, patriotic duty and vote on March 4, 2013. Let us come out an ...
Bible study, work study, the future is bright!
The future is bright, 2013 is our year
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
AMAZING message preached by last night!! Our Pastors ROCK! and the future of is bright
T1: so it time to move forward. We should take social responsibility besides others. Lets try from today to make future bright for all.
So it's that time of year again, first of all I would like to thank everyone who has used the site and supported us through the years. Without your support we wouldn't
Collectively, we can grow pessimistic while individually we continue to think our own future is bright
Safe to say.. Best New Years a guy could ask for. I'm a very blessed man 2013 couldnt have started any better for me.The future looks bright
CURIA advertises on The TIMES of GONZI previously known as The TIMES of MALTA quote .."Church has obligation to speak on moral issues - within the political sphere and its words should not be misconstrued as interference," Archbishop Cremona WE DISAGREE The church has as much right as ALL of us to voice their opinion on any issue but if it construes this as some OBLIGATION (to what, allowed by whom may we ask ) or a force to be adhered to in any way . shape or form ... SORRY NO . in our view The church cannot appoint itself this political obligation. We the people here, do not vote for this interference. We allow the church freedom of opinion, right to publish, speak perform charities and help schools WITHOUT religious BRAINWASHING etc. but NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER INTO POLITICAL RUNNING OF THINGS AT ALL . bye bye ... you have had one of the biggest Global runs in dominating Malta for centuries. Time for CHANGE. Time for bright and free secularism. with respect. 2013 . clearing into the future
A clash of two cultures as women are left out of India's bright new future | Analysis via
I wonder if the 13 yr old will be let go since msia SOP is release if got bright future. Lol
“Top 50 Goals by Barcelona Youth teams so far this season. Some real gems in there! future is bright!
Awww, cheer up gorgeous, it a new year, a fresh start, a bright new future and all that *** ;) x
That was a nervewracking match (in my delicate state) Stockers improved, Kacaniklic has a super bright future and 3 points in the bag.
2012 is over, holidays are also over. Thanks for the experiences I got, bright future I'm coming! Good night~~
Can't explain how Happy i am with my life right now!! Im so young with a past So Dark but a Future so Bright!! I am blessed!
The days ahead of you are better than the days behind you. With God on your side, your future is bright.
The future for united looks bright o:) yay
Little Giant Ladders
Did you make it? If you are reading this you did. So there are lives you are to touch, goals you still need to reach, and love you still need to give. Its a bright future ahead dont let the shadows fool you!! Lets go!!
Happy New Year to all our friends and family. God is going do do great things in 2013. If you plan to start a New Years resolution, start by getting sold out for Jesus. If you put your hope in Jesus then you will have the best year of your life. A year of love, joy, peace, health and freedom. Your future looks bright with Jesus. The bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Make Him first. You won't regret it. United for one +
Fa some reason i have a little bit more hope today, ill be alrite my life has yet to start and my future is bright,
Even though I like being in your past, you got a bright future behind you
Hair gel??? "Thanx to my past, I'm now a big gel and I have a bright future ahead☺...I'm stronger, brave and wiser!"
One to watch in the early races of the season is Laurens De Vreese. A bright future ahead.
The girls school have such a bright future.
Dear future gf,I really hope that u can bright up my gloomy day..will you?
Loan update: Here's a quick loan update.. Harry Kane starts for Norwich City vs West Ham. This is Kane's first Premier League start. Good luck, Harry. Hope to see him among the goals. - Janhavi
MUST HAVE Produkt von KICKZ in 2013? link in den comments posten!
Be good to eachother. Look towards a bright future.
Future so bright, so I put on my 'Ray-Ban' (sun-shades) to dim the reflection!
The rearview mirror is a lot smaller than the windshield for a reason. Look ahead - the future can be very bright! best one yet
Won't be the best game you'll see all year but quite an enjoyable start... Berba's a joy to watch and Lukaku looks a handful, bright future.
Well done! That was a great clash of talented young trainers. With people like you, the future of POKEMON is bright!
I have a bright future planned ahead of me, & for you to be there with me through it . blows my mind ♥
What the future holds for us depends on what we hold for the future.May all your days be beautiful and bright Wishing all happiness& Success
My future is bright. Nevermind, it's the reflection from the sun off my beer can.
on the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright. then this thing turned out so evil, don't know why I'm still surprised.
You create your own destiny by your every action, the future is bright, if you learn to shine like the star that you are.
"Thank you, Prez. Obama for being such an amazing president. I love you so so much. You make my future look so bright!" --Said No One Ever
THE RED LIZARD OF LUST Author C. S. Lewis spins a remarkable story about a little red lizard that a certain ghost carried on his shoulder. The lizard twitched its tail and whispered continually to the ghost, who urged him all the while to be quiet. When a bright and shining presence appeared and offered to rid the ghost of his troublesome "baggage," the ghost refused. He understood that to quiet the lizard, it would be necessary to kill it, and that seemed too harsh. Maybe the lizard need not die, but could be trained, he reasoned. The presence responded that training would not work; it must be all or nothing. Finally, with the ghost's permission, the presence twisted the lizard away from him, breaking its back as he flung it to the ground. Then an amazing thing happened. The ghost became a perfect man, and the lizard became a beautiful silver and gold stallion, full of power and grace. The man leaped astride the great horse, and they rode into the morning as one. Lewis ends the story with these words: "W ...
coach and foundation in place. The future is bright.
Don't judge a man till you know his story. Prison doesn't mean guilty and Uni doesn't mean a bright future
Happy New Year! It's officially 2013 and we want to know how you are remembering 2012. Are there any good or bad things that happened that were significant to you? We'll share some of your comments on the air today.
Were it not for a chain of failures, missed opportunities, and individual action by BHRR, we would never have known the sheer happiness of being a K3-completed family. As best I know, BHRR was contacted in Dec 2011 and were unfortunately completely full because they had taken in 12 Freedom Dogs and two Anishnabe giants. Gwen recommended another reputable/quality rescue group and was advised that he had rescue. Fast forward two months, and she receives an e-mail that Kyo would be put to sleep in three days. Can you imagine the horror she must have felt? It seems the other rescue group adopted Kyo to a home and he had been returned. Unbelievable!! I find it impossible to believe that Kyo's original owner would give him up, let alone a second family? Sorry if this seems harsh, but in just a couple of months we have three human failures! BHRR begged and pleaded to save this special boy's life, going above and beyond to pay for any boarding fees and making arrangements for him to come to BHRR. Gwen would not f ...
Happy New Year! May the future be bright and full of good things for you and your loved ones!
Jeff Hyde Happy new to the CandyFlipT crew! Lets make this year an epic year for candyflipt as whole from top to bottom. Lets work together promote together play together and let the rest of the sub culture know we mean business. Lets get our name out there as a unit and as inviduals. Today we stand with nothing but options and a bright future to do big things in our scene. If we work together we can make anything happen. 2012 def was a crazy year for us. We have seen members come and go. We seen the end of selecta and VYBZ. We have seen the tide turn so many times leaving us a float through some nasty ups and downs. 2013 will be a different look for candyflipt. New thoughts new desires. We have a solid team now. A strong structure. We have grown up so much live and learned from the mistakes made to get where we are today
2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The Earth isn’t going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are. Madness is about to be unleashed on many fronts:...
KD to the camera: he has to stay in Royal in anywayand if his father cant afford it then he has to do something and arrange the money anyhow KD pulls his little bro and hugs him and leaves from there JJ talks to Mr.Desai and tells him KD is not in bad company nor has he become spoilt, but these are all Banga’s words against KD for his personalgrudge against every buddy project member, JJ explains him KD is a very bright student and has lots of potentials, he is very hard-working but is going through a hard timeright now, but taking him out of the school right now will affect his future alot Mr. Desai tries to say something but JJ cuts in that he knows as a father he has always thought best for his son but then KD thinks that his father can never understand him and that is why he is so aloof from him, he explains him to think fromKD’s point of view and right now he needs his dad Mr. Desai tells him he understands what he is trying to say but then he cannot afford Royal for KD right now, JJ tells him th ...
Happy New Year and welcome to a sunny White Hart Lane! Our starting team vs Reading today is: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Naughton, Sandro, Dembele, Lennon, Sigurdsson Adebayor and Defoe Subs: Friedel, Caulker, Livermore, Falque, Huddlestone, Parker and Dempsey Share the team and tell us; what are your match predictions? Tell us in the comments! COME ON YOU SPURS!
'JALNIDH KAUR wins most prestigious Rhodes Scholarship 2013 for University of Oxford' In a rare honour, Jalnidh Kaur, a student from Punjab, has won Rhodes Scholarship for the year 2013. It is the world's oldest and the most prestigious international graduate scholarship program. She is one of the five Indian candidates shortlisted for pursuing their post-graduation at University of Oxford, UK. The scholarship amounts to funding of all the tuition fees for two years of postgraduation, air travels, plus a maintenance stipend worth over 10 lacs. Rhodes Scholarship is given to youth of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service. It support students who demonstrate a strong propensity to emerge as 'leaders for the world’s future'. Kaur is presently pursuing final year in Economics honours at St Stephen's College, Delhi. She now intends to do MPhil in Economics at University of Oxford, UK. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Govt. of India and Sagarika . ...
What game are ya'll looking forward to seeing the most.which game will be the most entertaining.and why...what do ya'll think folks? -Ark
What is growth? Taking responsibility for your life as it unfolds each day. Learning to love without attaching the strings of expectation. Establishing intimate communications with trustworthy others. Treasuring yor self-esteem for the special gift that it is. Acting with the integrity that flows highly developed principles. Discovering the abundance of bright green grass on your side of the fence. Mastering the discouraging fears of unknown tomorrows. Planning for the future without living in it. Forging new dreams from lessons learned. Moving beyond the quest for material possessions. Pursuing aspirations without compulsion or unnecessary attachment. Floating through changes with fewer disruptions to your wellbeing. Creating a more positive and balanced existence every day. Seeking a generous measure of peace and contentment wherever you are. Treating each unique moment as a cherished memory to come. Liftin someone else's spirits when pain enters that person's world. Trading smugness and complacency for ...
Taking into consideration the advice to not publish the 13-year old boy's face here, we've decided to remove the photo, along with all previous comments. We apologize for being insensitive to any parties offended by the post. Please be reminded that if you want to comment or discuss further on this incident or other posts for that matter, to please avoid bringing in politics / racial issues into the picture. Any racial slurs or propagating for / against any particular political parties may be deleted. Thank you.
Last night along Jalan Skudai (Lido beach), hundreds of Malay kids, aged between 10 to 14, were cycling dangerously on the road, making noises with air horns, fighting among themselves and disturbing the traffic flow. It caused much nuisance to the public. Why aren't their parents keeping them in check? How did they gather in such a big group? Are the authorities aware of it? Via Krish
2013 is here but what is the future of learning difficulties services in our world now! Are we moving away from long stay hospitals now towards people being activity involved in there communicates. Your comments please?
THE OPERATION FRANKTON COMMEMORATIVE WALK REPORT In many ways, the high spots of the Operation Frankton commemorative walk came before it had even started and again at the very end. This was thanks to the close and kind interest taken by several French people in the Charente and Charente Maritime departments of France. Two days before we started on our 100 mile cross country trek we were privileged to have a visit from M Francois Boisnier and M Guy Forget both of whom were very much involved with the Club Franco-Britannique known as ‘Frankton Souvenir’ which is devoted to keeping alive memories of the daring attack on Bordeaux docks that took place in December 1942. M Boisnier, a former member of the elite French Parachute Regiment, is the author of the definitive French book on the raid, while he and his colleague still have a very close relationship with our Royal Marines. More importantly, they were both friends of Marine Bill Sparks who, together with Major ‘Blondie’ Hasler were the only ...
Happy new year to everyone, I hope you all had a great night last night. It’s a great sunny start and we wish everyone such a bright future for 2013.
Shakeel Ahmed PTI Dubai wrote: Family dinner with Madam Fozia Qasoori tonight! What a passionate lady she is, doing wonders for pti and women in Pakistan! God bless everyone in this new year who is working selflessly for the bright future of Pakistan.
Little Hands Little hands color the pictures, Leave fingerprints on the windows, Blow kisses across the room, And give hugs that last forever, Squeezed tightly when crossing avenues, Reach out wanting to be held closely. Ah, little hands, I remember them well. As they grow older, pictures they still color, Memories as bright as the day. A helping hand we want to be, But these "little hands" are soon grown And move away. Then they are the ones To reach out for their own, Little hands, They color the pictures. Yes, they color the the pictures. Little hands, they hold the hope Of all our tomorrows, Without which a future cannot unfold, And the pictures cannot be colored. The future becomes only black and white. We need the little hands To color the pictures. Little hands color the pictures. 1\22\09
From all of us at THE WEEKLY BRAHMA, Happy New Year to all the Friends and Family of those who make Memorial Middle School the outstanding place it is. May our future look bright!
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