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Brigadier General

Brigadier general is a senior rank in the armed forces. It is the lowest ranking general officer in some countries, usually sitting between the ranks of colonel and Major General.

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own Dan Karbler takes job at the Pentagon.
the name of the street im going to be living in while in Uruguay is: Av Libertador Brigadier General Juan Antonio Lavalleja 4. Bahahhah
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My condolences to the Major General, brigadier general and 2 majors of the Cambodian Air Forces who lost their...
Creative people developing creative solutions lead to great success. Brigadier General Rodehaver
"Fair" is a place where you take your prize pig. --Brigadier General Rodehaver
When people stop bringing their problems to you, you have stopped being the leader. - Brigadier General Rodehaver
"Fair's just a place you take your prized pig." -Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver
"To reach Success, you must Define the Center of Gravity" - Brigadier General Rodeheaver
Great Leaders are almost always great simplifiers-Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver (Ret).
Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver shares importance of clarity in communication
Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver: There are no acceptable losses...hope is not a method.
Mary Persons alum Brigadier General (Ret) Stewart Rodeheaver speaking at the 40th conference of the…
Brigadier General Stewart Rodeheaver (Ret) speaking at the 2014 conference.
Brigadier General Stewart Roderheaver (Ret) speaking this morning at
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Brigadier General Peter Zwack, United States Army Defense Attaché presented me with his military coin! So honored!
CHRISTOPHER GADSDEN was a brigadier general in the Continental Army.
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2nd infantry division. Can suck my metaphorical balls. Yes you too brigadier general vandal.
Xenakis spent 200 hrs with , better source than you
Brigadier General Abdul-Hussein al-Tamimi, a mortar shelling on the village of Nofal northeast province.
Xenakis gave this lecture in Edmonton on Omar
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General Bradley had just awarded Brigadier Stanier with the US Silver Star (which he is holding in his left hand).
13 July 1944: General Montgomery talking to General Sir Humphrey Gale & Brigadier Poett at his Normandy HQ:
That smile just melts the "disciplinarian, brigadier general Aunty" spirit in me...
Diyala :: killed the commander of the Rapid Intervention Regiment Brigadier General Abdul Hussein al-Tamimi,.
Israeli Brigadier General Moti Almoz,July 8 on Army Radio’s show: “We have been instructed by the political echelon to hit Hamas hard.”
"we have been instructed by political echelon to hit hamas hard" . (brigadier general moti almoz, chief spokesman of the Israeli military )
Dave Cumming just barely beat out Tom Hanson on this man: Geoerge Hume Steuart. Birth: Aug. 24, 1828 Death: Nov. 22, 1903 Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. He graduated from the US Military Academy in 1848 and was commissioned an officer in the 2nd Dragoons. A Captain at the start of the Civil War, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Maryland Confederate Regiment. In July 1861 he was promoted its Colonel, and became Brigadier General of Confederate Cavalry in March 1862. He was badly wounded at Cross Keys on June 8, 1862, and his brigade suffered severely in the attack on Culp's Hill at Gettysburg in July 1863. During the Battle of the Wilderness he was taken prisoner, but was exchanged during the winter of 1864 and returned to the Army of Northern Virginia. He commanded a brigade during the Petersburg Campaign before surrendering at Appomattox Court House. After the war he relocated to Maryland and became a farmer. (bio by: John "J-Cat" Griffith) Burial: Green Mount Cemetery Baltimore . ...
We had a wonderful fun tbi support group meeting last Thursday. We had a friend of mine who is an insurance man with LTC and all that boring stuff but he made it fun and everyone enjoyed his intelligence, fun spirit and total knowledge. I came home in the hard dropping rain but I am so glad I went. One more challenge. Our new assistant is a really interesting man as he is a Brigadier General. He flew with the Thunder Birds and knew Chuck Yeager the 1st man who broke the sound barrier. He's going into neuro. I am so glad that is his chosen field. Yup the next day I got stranded but what frightens you makes you stronger after it is done. shoulders aren't that broad, it's the front lower part of me. I am so tired so heed my advice and try to come to one of our meetings. We had a house full but take water and food with you. Also I had a few napkins and I could wipe the glow off my face from the it was humid. This is just an update on our group meeting on tbi!
Today, aboard the USS Constitution, the US Army held a promotional ceremony for State Police Captain Francis McGinn who was promoted in the US Army to Brigadier General.
FSA has reportedly targeted the car of Ali Douba's son in law General Brigadier Mohammed Aboud with an explosive device in Mezzeh today.
small point Liam, but Commander PNGDF Gilbert Toropo is a Brigadier General, not a Colonel.
On August 6th, 1945, Paul Tibbets changed the nature of warfare forever, delivering the first atomic strike against Hiroshima, Japan. Initially praised for preventing a bloody and drawn out land war in Japan, public opinion soon changed and to some he became a pariah. In an exclusive interview, Brigadier General Tibbets describes his personal recollections of the hours leading up to that fateful day. A day for which he has no regrets. Click below to watch this film
Iraq denies reports of ISIL takeover of border crossings: Brigadier General Saad Maan insisted on Sunday that ...
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So far, 57 of the teenagers have returned home, said Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo, the chairman of the government's fact-finding committee on the kidnapping.
A raid was planned by Brigadier General H. Judson Kilpatrick in early 1864 to free Yankee POWs held in Richmond.
Atta: “The dismissal of the officers from the rank of brigadier general and up”.
So far, 57 of the girls have returned to their loved ones, Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo,... via
al-Qaida militants have killed a senior army officer (Brigadier-General Abdullah al-Mehdar) in front of his home in , !
General reduced 2 grades in sex misconduct case: The Army is reducing the rank of a brigadier general at the...
Having completed our arrangements in regard to brevet brigadier general himself, and particularly respecting the.
5 Questions with Brig. Gen. Thomas Murray: Brig. Gen. Thomas Murray, currently the director at Pall Corp. Inc.
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> Retd. Brigadier General Sabo: "getting the girls out safely more important than the publicity generated by the blame game"
Perhaps he should have echoed Brigadier General McCaullife at Bastogne and said "Nuts!"
For my brothers at our sister battalion, 1/505th infantry, 82d airborne division. Mark E. Abney Sr., Robert Prince, Emmett Walsh, and Andrew Kocsis, your battalion commander who was in charge of Mogadishu operation. I hated President Bill Clinton for putting rangers and General Garrison in a no win situation. God forgive me. I don't care bout political parties when it comes to troops. General Garrison was an outstanding commander who cared bout his men. You have to know him. We in the 2/505th had tremendous respect for him and our fellow paratroopers in 1/505th. Please be sure to share with fellow studs. General Garrison was being groomed for the top position. William F. Garrison is a retired Major General of the United States Army who was the commander of Operation Gothic Serpent,the military operation launched in 1993 to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. Garrison was portrayed by Sam Shepard in the film Black Hawk Down, which was based on the events of the Battle of Mogadishu. William F. Ga . ...
Nigeria Gov't Concludes Investigation Regarding Missing Girls ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria wrapped up its inquiry into the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by militants on Friday with little progress to show, reporting almost none had been freed after the initial kidnapping some girls escaped from. Submitting the final report, Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo said 219 girls remained at large, a total virtually unchanged since Boko Haram militants stormed their secondary school in northeast Borno state on April 14 to kidnap them. A total of 57 girls, almost all of whom escaped shortly after the abduction, have been reunited with their families, he added. The kidnapping of the teenage girls taking exams in Chibok village sparked global outrage for its sheer barbarity.
Brigadier general stripped two grades in sex misconduct case .
Impeachment: Nyako begs in Abuja June 21, 2014 / in News 12:19 am / Comments By Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor, Henry Umoru and Umar Yusuf The Adamawa State governor, Admiral Murtala Nyako and his Deputy, Mr James Bala Ngilari were yesterday said to be in Abuja, begging to be saved from impeachment by members of the state House of Assembly. The House, Wednesday accused the Nyako and Ngilari of gross misconduct in its notices of impeachment on the two leaders. The notices, it was gathered would now be served through substituted service. However, this was even as the Adamawa State government yesterday said that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, had frozen its accounts in all the commercial banks in the country. The embattled governor yesterday visited former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, begging him to intervene in the political imbroglio. Nyako was said to have visited Atiku along with to the former Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and the Chairman, Adamawa State ch ...
Honoring and Celebrating the life of Brigadier General Matt "Mateo" Moore!
. Feel free to reach across districts & call Jim Melin, CEO of . (Good ideas & funny too)
21/6/44 Brigadier-General Gross is one of the first to arrive at the ships as they land back at Ridgewell. Most have 100 or more flak holes
U.S. Army general who had improper liaisons will retire at lower rank, Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, 51, will …
Greg Matte is a ret. Brigadier General & CF-18 pilot. He is completing his PhD in pub. policy at Carleton.
After a relative period of peace, motor bike assassins return to the scene this time killing Brigadier General alMehdar member of
Brigadier General Almihdhar, who is a team member of Army Restructuring, was assassinated by gunmen on a motorcycle.
Ministry of Defence: Gunmen assassinated Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Mihdhar in front of his house in
WITH ANOTHER WAR IN THE OFFING. McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley's technologies is called the United States Army, Air Force Navy and Marine Corps. Thomas Friedman, New York Times, March 29, 1999 Truly the late Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler was right when he said - in a book - that war is a racket.
if it's automatically rape if a Drill Sgt sleeps with a trainee, Brigadier General of his command level w/ Captain shld be 2
While working on ancestry this morning and researching Clay County Indiana where my Grinslade ancestors use to live, I came across this story of a deserter. Nothing to do with our family, but a very interesting and moving record that is in the records of the history/bibliography of Clay County. THE FIRST EXECUTION OF A DESERTER IN THE WEST. Friday afternoon, a little after 3 o'clock, Robert *** a member of Com- pany D, Seventy-first Indiana Volunteers, was shot by order of Court Mar- tial, near Camp Morton, in this city [Indianapolis], for desertion. We be- lieve this is the first execution for such an offense, or any military offense, in the West, and the near approach of the limit of leniency extended by the President to deserters, as well as the solemnity of the occasion itself, makes it peculiarly impressive and important. The order of execution sets forth the offense, and the action of the court and authorities, so fully, that we need do no more than reproduce it here. GENERAL ORDERS NO. 23. Headqua ...
With World War I entering its third year, a controversial U.S. military expedition against Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa brings the neutral United States closer to war itself, when Mexican government troops attack U.S. Brigadier General John J. Pershing's force at Carrizal, Mexico, on June 21, 1916. In 1914, following the resignation of Mexican leader Victoriano Huerta, Pancho Villa and his former revolutionary ally Venustiano Carranza battled each other in a struggle for succession. By the end of 1915, Villa had been driven north into the mountains, and the U.S. government recognized General Carranza as the president of Mexico. In January 1916, to protest President Woodrow Wilson's support for Carranza, Villa executed 16 U.S. citizens at Santa Isabel in northern Mexico. Then, on March 9, he ordered a raid on the border town of Columbus, New Mexico, in which 17 Americans were killed and the center of town was burned. Cavalry from the nearby U.S. Army outpost Camp Furlong pursued the Mexicans, killing ...
Chairperson of the Presidential Fact Finding Committee on the abducted Chibok girl, Ibrahim Sabo, has revealed that a total of 219 girls are still missing. Mr. Sabo, a retired brigadier general, disclosed this at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, while presenting the report of the committee to President Goodluck Jonathan. Mr. Sabo, who disclosed that a total of 276 girls were abducted by members of the Boko Haram Sect, said 57 of the girls escaped while 219 were still unaccounted for. President Jonathan had set up the fact finding committee on May 2 to gather information surrounding the abduction and to ascertain the exact number of students abducted amongst other terms of references. “Mr. President, the committee here wishes to lay to rest any residual doubt whether or not any student was abducted at Chibok,” he said. “As most Nigerians already know, there were some persons who doubted whether in fact any student was abducted from Government Secondary School, Chibok. On the other hand, for those who b ...
Military reacts to its men impunity against Amaechi When contacted on why soldiers detained Mr. Amaechi, the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, Olajide Laleye, denied that the incident occurred. “That’s ridiculous, on what grounds? How could the military have arrested the governors? That’s not true, there was no arrest,” Mr. Laleye, a Brigadier General, said. The military and the Nigerian Police have pledged to ensure security during the Ekiti election; but have been accused of aiding Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The three major candidates in the election are Mr. Fayemi of the APC, Ayo Fayose of the PDP, and Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party. But Governor Amaechi himself confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that he was detained by soldiers who barred him from travelling to Ekiti. His aides later said he was released and allowed to return to Akure but that his plane remained impounded.
I did some research on the Gen. Pershing and also found this! Interesting! A True story about General "Black Jack" Pershing. Born September 13th, 1860 near Laclede, Mississippi Died July 15th, 1948 in Washington, D.C. 1891 Professor of Military Science and Tactics University of Nebraska 1898 Serves in the Spanish-American War 1901 Awarded rank of Captain 1906 Promoted to rank of Brigadier General 1909 Military Governor of Moro Province, Philippines 1916 Made Major General 1919 Promoted to General of the Armies 1921 Appointed Chief of Staff 1924 Retires from active duty Education: 4 Years-West Point One important thing to remember is that Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise and doomed to *** Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks against ...
QUOTE OF THE DAY. No man who runs away ranks me. –Col. John Gibson Parkhurst, Sept. 20, 1863, attributed remark at Chickamauga, to a fleeing officer who said, “Get out of the way, I rank you.” [Birth: Apr. 17, 1824; Death: May 6, 1906 - Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General, US Diplomat. Served in the Civil War first as Colonel and commander of the 9th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, then as Provost Marshal General for the Department of the Cumberland. He was brevetted Brigadier General, US Volunteers on May 22, 1865 for "gallant, faithful, and meritorious services". After the war he served as United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Michigan from 1866 to 1869, and as United States Minister to Belgium from 1888 to 1889.] [find-a-grave]
Seventy years since D-Day. There are so many amazing stories about D-Day as it was a day where the Allies prevailed on the battlefield due to the heroics of the greatest generation. One of my favorite stories is of Ted Roosevelt III, son of President Teddy Roosevelt. Ted served with distinction in WWI, being promoted up to Lt. Colonel. While in France in WWI, he noticed that the boots that his men had were sub-standard, so he used his own money to buy every soldier in his battalion new boots. For his heroic leadership in WWI, he received the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award possible after the Medal of Honor. Then Roosevelt volunteered to serve in WWII, despite being in his 50s. He was quickly promoted to Brigadier General and led troops successfully in campaigns in Africa, Italy and Sardinia before being assigned to help prepare the troops in England for the Normandy invasion. Despite the fact that Ted had a heart condition and arthritis necessitating the use of a cane, he demanded th ...
Here's a popular actor, Mr. Jimmy Stewart...or should we say Brigadier General Stewart of the Air Force Reserves ! Brig. Gen. James M. Stewart flew 20 combat missions during WWII in the 2nd Combat wing, 2nd Air Division of the 8th Air Force. He remained in the USAF Reserve and was promoted to brigadier general on July 23, 1959. He retired on May 31, 1968.
A Case Study on the Management of Internally Displaced Persons of the 2011 Post Election Violence in Kaduna State Nigeria at Hajj Camp Mando, Kaduna Part I BY Maikudi A. S. Sanusi Adamu Bala Hassan M. Abdullahi MAY 2014 “The violent riots that trailed the April 2011 Presidential elections may have come and gone but for Awwal and several other victims, the memories may indeed last for as long as they live” . 1. Preamble The ugly phenomena of involuntary Internal Displacements of persons are growing rapidly in Nigeria, both in terms of the population size involved and the geographical spread of the areas affected since 1999 when the country transited to civil rule as part of the transition to democracy. United Nations document on the subject defined Internally Displaced Persons as “persons or groups of persons who have been forced or obligated to flee or to leave their homes or places of habitual residence, in particular as a result of or in order to avoid the effects of armed conflict, situations of ...
The Lal Masjid was built in 1965 and is named for its red walls and interiors. According to Capital Development Authority (CDA) records, the Lal Masjid is one of the oldest Mosques in Islamabad. Maulana Muhammad Abdullah was appointed its first imam. Abdullah was critical of all governments except Zia's with whom he was very close. General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq had very close relationship with Maulana Muhammad Abdullah, the former head of the Mosque. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979–1989), the Red Mosque played a major role in recruiting and training mujahideen to fight with the Afghan mujahideen. Throughout its existence, it has enjoyed patronage from influential members of the government, prime ministers, army chiefs, and presidents. Several thousand male and female students live in adjacent seminaries. After Maulana Muhammad Abdullah was assassinated in 1998, his sons Abdul Aziz Ghazi and Abdul Rashid Ghazi took over the mosque, making it a centre for hardline teaching and open opposition to ...
Every war which Americans have fought or may fight in the future outside their own continental boundaries has been or will be a racket- a mean, cruel, yes, filthy racket… Why don’t those damned oil companies fly their own flags on their personal property- maybe a flag with a gas pump on it. Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler, from War is a Racket(1933)
I am very happy and proud to announce that Colonel Luong Viet was picked and promoted to Brigadier General. Wow, that's an amazing achievement -- The first American General of Vietnamese descent. This goes out to my military family, the American people, and the Vietnamese American community. Whoo hoo!!! Quang -De rat la vui va hanh dien khi thong bao cho moi nguoi biet -Dai Ta Luong Vie.t da duoc vinh thang Chuan Tuong cua Luc Quan Hoa Ky (US Army).
Thursday 5th June 2014 NEWS • Some PF members in Kasama district of Northern province have backed calls for President Michael Sata to fire Wynter Kabimba. The PF members who stormed Radio Mano this morning have also urged President Micheal Sata to relieve Mr Kabimba of his ministerial and party duties. Nathan ILunga who led the group which mainly comprised of youths alleged that Mr Kabimba is contributing to the divisions in the ruling party. And the PF youth have accused Mr Kabimba of failing to run and unite the party. • Yesterday, a group of PF youths in Lusaka reignited their protests against party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba. The youths led by Town Centre branch Chairman Julius Komaki held a news conference in Lusaka demanding that Mr Kabimba resigns from the PF. Efforts to get a comment from Mr Kabimba failed by press time as his mobile phone went unanswered and was later switched off. = • Zambia Congress of Trade Union ZCTU in Northern Province has expressed disappointment at the failur ...
June 5th. The 70th Anniversary of D Day minus one. On this afternoon, 70 years ago, top secret orders were flown into Duxford for Brigadier General Murray Woodbury, commander of the 66th Fighter Wing based in Sawston Hall, approximately 4 miles away from Station 357, Duxford... Rumours of the imminent invasion were about to become true. Security was heightened on base, with nobody being allowed to enter or leave. Betty's Tearoom was closed in the evening for the only time during the war, re-opening the next day. After dinner on the 5th, there was a maximum effort, including admin staff, painting the black and white invasion stripes on the wings and fuselages of the 78th's P-47s. Armourers, mechanics, radiomen and other enlisted crews would work well into the night preparing the aircraft for the forthcoming missions. Crew chiefs were issued a Thompson machine gun and a .45 calibre pistol. Red Cross workers were busy making piles of sandwiches and gallons of coffee... There was no doubt about it now. D Day ...
Court-martials 10 Generals, 5 Others For Helping Boko Haram .This was made known on Monday by a high ranking military source who pleaded anonymity because he was not obligated to disclose detailed information about the development. It was gathered that the Army and the Defence headquarters had alleged that some of their officers and men were giving vital official information to Boko Haram members. The allegation, however, brought about the arrest and arraignment of some officers who were court-martial in the army divisions in the northern part of the country. According to the source, some of the apprehended officers and men were being tried at their various division levels, adding that they still have a lot of hope until the final review of their judgment at the army headquarters in Abuja. "There are a lot of arrests that have been made over some officers who were sabotaging the ongoing counter-insurgency operations. The suspects include about 10 generals and other ranks, not to talk of soldiers who have ...
I promised pictures. The panel talked about military families and was moderated by Brigadier General Tammy Smith. True to form her wife Tracey Hepner was kind enough to take the picture of Steve and I with Tammy. Todd Burton was busy as host or we'd have had a picture of one of our closest and best friends too.
Brigadier General William Barksdale, CSA; died on July 3, 1863 of wounds received during the Battle of Gettysburg; It is reported that his last words were: "I am killed! Tell my wife and children that I died fighting at my post".
Colonel Wayne Black has become the first black Brigadier General in the Indiana National Guard. . Bl
On June 5, 1944, seventy years ago today, the Allied Commanders met in the early hours of the morning to discuss Operation OVERLORD. This was one meeting in a long series regarding the execution of the invasion of Normandy, and featured great concern over “chancey” weather conditions. The document pictured here is page 2 of the original copy of the memorandum of record detailing the final Commanders’ Meetings, which occurred on June 4, 1944 at 9:30 PM and again on June 5, 1944 at 4:15am. Discussions of the plan ensued until “a decision was confirmed to go ahead with D day on Y plus 5.” Signed by Major General H. R. Bull, the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 (Operations), this document captured the final decision for Operation OVERLORD. Recently discovered in the USAHEC's collection as part of Brigadier General (Retired) Arthur S. Nevins’ materials, the USAHEC looks forward to organizing and processing the documents in this collection to make them available!
The Gallant Dead: Union & Confederate Generals Killed in the Civil War by Derek Smith During the American Civil War, more than 400 Confederate and nearly 600 Union soldiers held the rank of general. Of them, more than one in ten were killed, an astounding 123 in all -- 78 for the South and 45 for the North. Sometimes their lives bought victory, but more often, especially in the case of the Confederates, their blood was spilled in defeat. Indeed, for Southern commanders, the battlefield proved particularly deadly -- and devastating to their cause. Besides full general Albert Sidney Johnston, who met his end at Shiloh, Lee's trusted lieutenant Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot by his own men at Chancellorsville, flamboyant cavalryman Jeb Stuart was killed in 1864, and A.P. Hill perished two weeks before the war's end. Though with less consequence for the North's war effort, notable Federal generals were slain as well, like John Reynolds, whose death is memorialized in the movie Gettysburg, and James B ...
Congratulations to Viet X Luong to be the first American Vietnamese appointed to be a Brigadier General.
Brigadier General Abd al Lateef Salman, the commander of operational units in southern Aleppo killed by rebels
1. He was the model of a 19th century cavalry officer - tall, dashing, impeccably uniformed and always handsomely mounted. John Hunt Morgan was a Kentucky gentleman with a flair for the daring. He raised his own company of troops on the eve of war, and they followed him into Confederate service in 1861. An expert leader and a superb cavalry officer, he experienced a meteoric rise in rank from captain to brigadier general. His bold raids behind enemy lines in Tennessee and Kentucky - and into the Northern heartland of Ohio and Indiana - disrupted Federal operations, reinforced Confederate defenses and heartened the people of the embattled South. Once, as Morgan brazenly led his horse soldiers on a raid through Federally-occupied Kentucky, President Lincoln was moved to declare in frustration: "They are having a stampede in Kentucky." Morgan launched his reputation as a dashing Confederate cavalier with a series of raids through Kentucky's Green River country in the winter of 1861-1862. Targeting the impor ...
Seven days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II, a little-known Brigadier General by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower was called to Washington as a strategic planner. Five years later, Eisenhower was named Supreme Commander of the Allied
June 4-7, 1864 | Skirmishes throughout the Lost Mountain After the *** Hole fighting (New Hope Church, Pickett’s Mill, Dallas) of late May 1864, Federal cavalry regained access to the Western & Atlantic Railroad below Allatoona Pass. Consequently, Federal commander Major General William T. Sherman set up camp there and shifted his forces northeast to resume an advance along the railroad. As Sherman pulled his troops out of Paulding County, Confederate Commander General Joseph E. Johnston withdrew his army to central Cobb County, again blocking the railroad and the main roads leading towards Atlanta. From 4 June to 18 June 1864, the Confederates occupied a 10-mile long line from Lost Mountain to Brushy Mountain. From 4 June to 15 June, they also occupied an advance position on Pine Mountain. The Pine Mountain position was abandoned in the wake of an inspection by the Confederate high command on 14 June. During this inspection, Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk was killed by Federal artillery fire. After . ...
Jamie Nummer and I were presented this coin from Brigadier General Bassett today after our meeting with him. We have some good stuff happening with Suits for Soldiers. We can't wait until it's ready to launch.
D-Day, from the notes of S.L.A. Marshall During World War II, Samuel A. L. Marshall was a U.S. Army Colonel serving as a combat historian, and that continued to be his assignment until he retired as a Brigadier General in 1953. By then, his research and focus on WW2, and on the Normandy invasion in…
Proudly next generation of Vietnamese in the us. Congratulation to brigadier general Luong xuan viet on your nomination .
For the past months I have been on a hiatus from my Rants due to almost everything that is happening throughout this world of ours is merging on the side of the ridiculous. Thank God we have Kim Kardashian. Let not forget our past and also we must acknowledge that whoever wins writes the history. It was in the mid-forties when the U.S. powers to be agreed to execute only one soldier, Pfc. Eddie Slovik for cowardice when thousands more were punished with lesser sentences. The history of this execution was recorded by those in charge using their own slant to insure their images would not be tarnished. We all know the story of Sen. John McCain’s time as a POW. But! Do you remember how and why he was released with other POWs in 1973. It came about during the Paris Peace Accord when the U.S.A. agreed to withdraw from Viet Nam which would allow the prisoners to be released. Over 60,000 Americans died in that conflict and to get the POWs freed, we agreed to a surrender for the freedom of our POWs. ...
3 brigadier general things stick go into marketers passion up to keep alive online: pJUual
Norman Mc Clean - (Fmr) Brigadier General of the Guyana Defense Began his Testimony Before the WR COI This Morning...Norman Mc Clean was the Army Chief at the Time of Walter Rodney's Assassination. Live Coverage of this testimony can be accessed at NCN Guyana
Same infantry, 70 years apart. 90-year-old WT Hardwick met a Brigadier General from his same infantry, the 4th infantry. The two connected on Utah beach where WT landed 70 years ago. He was later captured by the Germans in the hedgerows and spent 10 months as a POW.
The joys of Wikipedia: "Brigadier General Esmaili is a very smart commander"
Mr Armando Emilo Guebuza, laid a wreath this morning at the Garden of Remembrance as part of the ongoing State Visit by the President of Mozambique to Ireland. He was met by Minister of State Paul Kehoe TD, the Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Conor O'Boyle and General Officer Commanding 2 Brigade Brigadier General *** Beary. Ceremonial was supplied by the Cadet School with music from the Army No 1 Band. He was escorted to the venue by the 2 Cavalry Squadron.
Between June 18 and 25, members of the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) Special Forces Commando Unit, wearing ski masks, arbitrary arrested and detained Motlalentoa Kopo (a former LDF brigadier general), Elias Motlomelo (a businessman), Makotoko Lerotholi (a former LDF soldier), and Thabo Thantsi (another former soldier) following attacks on government ministers. On June 29, Thantsi informed private radio station Harvest FM in South Africa that he had escaped Makoanyane Military Hospital, following alleged torture by the LDF. On July 2, Lerotholi, whose wife won a case in the High Court petitioning for his release, resurfaced at Makoanyane Military Hospital with severe injuries. On July 7, the LDF released Lerotholi and Motlomelo, who also claimed to have been tortured at the hospital. Kopo, who claimed no mistreatment, had been detained on June 18 and released the next day. All four men were held in secret and incommunicado. The men said they were interrogated about their connections to the opposition All Bas ...
Main article: Intentona de Yauco The second and last major revolt against Spanish colonial rule in Puerto Rico, by Puerto Rico's pro-independence movement, known as the Intentona de Yauco a.k.a. the "Attempted Coup of Yauco", was staged in Yauco. The revolt, which occurred on of March 26, 1897, was organized by Antonio Mattei Lluberas, Mateo Mercado and Fidel Vélez and was backed up by leaders of "El Grito de Lares", the first major independence attempt, who were in exile in New York City as members of the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee. It was during this uprising that Fidel Velz unfurled the current flag of Puerto Rico on Puerto Rican soil for the first time. Rumors of the planned event spread to the local Spanish authorities who acted swiftly and put an end to what would be the last major uprising in the island to Spanish colonial rule.In 1898, upon the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, Guánica was a small barrio within the jurisdiction of the town of Yauco. It had 60 houses in all and its ...
26 year-old and became a Brigadier General and led an army to conquer Italy and succeed, simply Napoleon Bonaparte.
Shoutout to Edward Porter Alexander who was a Brigadier General known for being the first man to use signal flags🐗
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In addition to having the most arrestingly weird voice that side of Walken, James Stewart was a Brigadier General in the USAF.
Next Friday, Fort Knox, push up contest against a brigadier general, I got this.
Pt 2 of our interview w Brigadier Gen. Dravis on You can find part 1 here:
It is a strange, yet a good feeling when an active duty Brigadier General invites you to come to see him personally. He is giving Jamie Nummer and myself a personal tour of TACOM. Guess we must be doing something right. Can't go wrong with this kind of support for Suits for Soldiers.
Today I am so glad, the person I was looking for since almost 7 years, I got a friend request from him and I take it as a distinct honor and that person is CSM in US Army Kemp Freund. CSM I do appreciate everything you did for me and I have to acknowledge that where I am now today is because of you. Because of you I was assigned to SM Walter and worked for LTC George Schwartz who is Brigadier General now who did a lot for me and because of whom I salute all Americans and I along with my family well never forget the support he provided to us.I and my family never forget the gift your family sent to us while we were in Afghanistan and once again thank you for allowing me to work for you.
here are some upcoming events at JBSA-Lackland that may be of interest: • Monday, June 9: 737th Training Group change of command. Col Michele Edmondson will assume command from Col Deborah Liddick, who is retiring. Col Mark Camerer, 37 TRW/CC, will preside over the ceremony, and is expected to present her the Legion of Merit medal for her service. • Friday, June 20: 37th Training Wing change of command. Col Trent Edwards assumes command from Col Mark Camerer, who is being reassigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe headquarters staff. He has been confirmed by the Senate for promotion to brigadier general.
If you give me more options than Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms on a web form, I'm going to choose Brigadier General every time.
"With over 20 years of experience there is no better person to take command." -Brigadier General Richard B. Dix
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A big salute to WW2 veteran and friend, retired Air Force Brigadier General Henry C. Newcomer on his 98th birthday yesterday. Sharp as a tack and witty as *** Henry recently drove 1000 miles to his West Point class reunion (with only four remaining members). Henry participated in D-Day where he met his wife in France who is still with him. He flew bombers and then jets and was shot out of the sky twice having to bail out moments before hitting the ground. He commanded several major air defense sectors throughout the world during his career. Also graduated from Berkeley as a nuclear engineer. He still commands a presence when he walks into the room. They just don't make guys like this anymore.
Army Corps of Engineers Brigadier General John S. Kem appointed to serve on Mississippi River Commission
Brig. Gen. Dravis from talks and framework for in pt 2 of our interview
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2 from a colonel, 1 from a SGT major, and one from a Brigadier General. 'Twas a good day.
Confederate General of the day is John Adams, brigadier general, killed at Franklin, shot seven times!!!
Look who I found in New Mexico! Brigadier General Wilma L. Vaught, USAF, Retired, is President of the…
Part 2 of our with Brigadier Gen. Dravis on and You can find part 1 here:
General Olusegun Obasanjo in a deep conversation with Brigadier-General Olagunsoye Oyinlola at Sir…
*Darkness surrounded the Brigadier General as he stumbled about in eerie silence. A faint glow of a street lamp suddenly flickered to life-
Know this Brigadier General? He served in two wars & did some acting. Enlist with us at
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Congratulations to Canada’s most recent Brigadier General, Frances Allen who was pinned up today following her Change of Command ceremony. Fran is the first female BGen in the Communications and Electronics Branch of the Canadian Forces. Fran, I am so proud to call you my friend! Well done and well deserved.
I know that Memorial Day is over, but I feel that as a country we tend to only think of our fallen soldiers, our veterans, and our active duty personnel only twice a year. I THINK THIS IS WRONG! I am a patriot, redneck country guy that comes from a long line of soldiers in my family. I have ancestors that fought in the Civil War and was friends with General Robert E. Lee. I have a grandfather that drove a Brigadier General. There are others that were in Korea and 'Nam and ones that served and are serving during times of peace or in non-combat areas. I am proud of them and of my friends that have served! I THINK WE SHOULD REMEMBER THEM EVERYDAY BECAUSE IF IT WASN'T FOR THEM WE WOULD BE NAZIS, RUSSIAN, OR RAN BY SOME OTHER TERRORIST COUNTRY! So to end my rant today, I would like to say, "THANK YOU!" again to all those who have served, are serving, or will be serving! It is because of your brave sacrifice we still have a Constitution! THANKS AGAIN!
Yesterday's GOOFY GETTYSBURG CELEBRITY: Dave Cumming answers Union Col. Thomas Alfred Smythe in no time at all. I don't get how this guy knows everybody. Birth: Dec. 25, 1832, Ireland Death: Apr. 9, 1865 Farmville Prince Edward County Virginia, USA Civil War Union Brigadier General. Enlisted as member of the 24th Pennsylvania Infantry, a six-month unit in 1861. After is was mustered out he was appointed Major of the 1st Delaware Volunteer Infantry, advancing to its Lieutenant Colonel in December 1862 and Colonel and commander in February 1863. He participated in the battles of Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg (where he commanded a brigade). He was promoted to Brigadier General, US Volunteers in October 1864. Serving as a division commander he was riding along his skirmish line at Farmville during the April 1865 Confederate retreat from Petersburg, Virginia when he was shot through the mouth by a sharpshooter, the ball shattering his cervical vertebra. Taken to a nearby house he . ...
My US Army dad in WWII, Korea & Viet Nam. He retired as a Brigadier General & is buried at Arlington.
Fight against insurgency sultan queries N130bn military COST in 4 months . Gives Conditions for US, UK, France Intervention . Calls for Caution in Chibok Schoolgirls Rescue The Sultan of Sokoto and President of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has queried the over N130 billion spent on the nation’s security agencies by the Federal Government in four months. The eminent traditional ruler said this yesterday while also warning the Federal Government against allowing foreign troops to occupy the country in the guise of coming to assist in rescuing the abducted Chibok Schoolgirls and combat the rising wave of Boko Haram insurgency. He gave the warning yesterday in Abuja at the Grand Finale of the diamond jubilee (60th anniversary) of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) themed: “MSSN: Impact, Problems and Prospects.” The Sultan, who retired as a Brigadier General in the Army before he became the 20th Sultan in November 2006, made the ...
"71 years ago, May 14, 1943 in Sielcach above in section started forming 1. The Polish Infantry Division. Tadeusz Kościuszko. It was a tactical Union infantry people of the Polish Army. The Division underwent a baptism of fire in the battle of Lenino fought on 12-13 October 1943r. Fought in 1944. under Puławami and Prague, and from February 1945 to the shaft Pomorski, also the oder forsowała Division and took part in the storming of Berlin. The first Commander of this compound was Colonel Zygmunt Berling promoted August 10 1943r. to the rank of Brigadier General. The Division was awarded the golden cross of the order of the Virtuti Militari, the order of the cross of Grunwald III class, and the Soviet order of the red banner and the order of Kutuzov 2ND degree. In 1955, a division of przeformowano in the Warsaw Division of Zmechanizowaną. /W.G. (Pictured: soldiers Division goes "
Learn Our History Today: On May 12, 1962, the then old and frail General Douglas MacArthur gave his famous Duty, Honor, Country speech to graduating West Point cadets. Born on January 26, 1880 at a U.S. Army base in Little Rock, Arkansas, Douglas MacArthur seemed destined for military greatness from an early age. When he was young, MacArthur attended the West Texas Military Academy, from which he graduated as class Valedictorian, and later the American Military Academy at West Point, from which he also graduated first in his class. Following his time at West Point, MacArthur embarked on what was a truly epic military career. He rose to prominence early when in 1914 during the American occupation of Veracruz, Mexico he was nominated for the Medal of Honor for his actions during a daring reconnaissance Mission. From that point on, it was the fast track for MacArthur, rising to the rank of Brigadier General during World War I, serving as Superintendent of West Point in 1919, and later Chief of Staff of the . ...
After being shamed about Gable and Brand, I looked up to see which COWBOY actors served in WWII. Eli Wallach, James Whitmore, Sean Connery, Lorne Green, William Holden, Brian Keith, George Kennedy, Burt Lancaster, John Agar, Gene Autry,Richard Boone, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Jeff Chandler, and Kirk Douglas. Henry Fonda awarded Bronze Star, Glen Ford also served in Navy Reserves in Korea and Viet Nam, Lee Marvin was wounded at Saipan, Jack Palance had facial reconstruction after the B17 crashed, Tyrone Power was a fighter pilot in the Pacific, Jason Robards was a radioman at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7. Hitler offered a reward for the capture of Gable! Stewart joined before Pearl Harbor and mustered out a Brigadier General! Audrey Hepburn, as a child in Hollland, was a courier for resistance fighters! I'm sure there are others.
I want to deeply appreciate all the executive members, schoolmates, friends and family members who turned up during my investiture ceremony. Am short of words to really express my feelings for the award given to me by the Old Students Assoc. Like every career, the military has its peculiarities, really the road has been very tough, but with the prayers of everyone of you and God's faithfulness, I have been privileged to rise to the rank of a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army. The time is very difficult for those of us in the military for obvious reasons. I will invite all of you for a thanksgiving at the most auspicious time. My prayer is that all of us will continue to scale new heights in our various endeavours. Remain blessed.
What a nice week! I got a certificate of appreciation for my support with Army, and Marine service members for a leadership program sponsored by the USO signed by a Brigadier General with the commanding general of Camp Lejeune in attendance. Also my beautiful grand daughter Jasmine's U8 girls soccer team are now the state champions!! It just goes to show that you can excel at what you truly love to do.
Please Advice me now; Because Nelson Mandela from prison to president. Obasanjo from prison to president.. Theodore Orji from prison to Gov. Omisore Iyiola from prison to senator... Al mustapha from prison is now becoming a Brigadier General... Looks like This prison is better than University o. So I've made up my mind' to also go to this Prison and At least become a Local Govt Chairman? ? ? Any offense?
Military’s Claim On Freeing 107 Abducted Girls False –Principal Borno State government and management of Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Chibok where over 100 school girls were abducted by Boko Haram gunmen on Tuesday, have said the military’s claim on freeing 107 of the missing girls is false. The spokesman of the Defence Headquarters, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade had Wednesday issued a statement claiming that 107 of the kidnapped SSS-3 girls had been freed. His statement reads: “More students of the Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok have been freed this evening in the ongoing search and rescue operations to free the abducted students. With this development, the principal of the school confirmed that only eight of the students are still missing. One of the terrorists who carried out the attack on the school has also been captured. Efforts are underway to locate the remaining 8 students.” But the principal of GGSS Chibok, Mrs. Asabe Kwambura, whom Brigadier Olukolade sai ...
At Palais Rohan in the city center of Strasbourg, the Chief of the French Army (CEMAT), the brigadier generals attending Brigadex14, invited journalists and guest speakers attend a panel discussion dinner. After the introduction by the Eurocorps Commander Lieutenant General Guy Buchsenschmidt, Ambassador Pierre Vimont of EU EEAS and US Army General David M. Rodriguez of US AFRICOM address a speech on the EU and US vision on Africa.
On April 16, 1865 , Brigadier General Robert Charles Tyler was killed at the Battle of West Point ,Ga. Convalescing at the confederate Hospital there after losing his leg at the Battle of Missionary Ridge on November 25,1863. Union Maj. Gen. James Wilson sent a brigade of cavalry to capture the bridge at West Point on April 16th, 1865 Whie defending the small fort protecting the bridge , General tyler was shot and killed in the fort while standing on his crutch. I researched the life of this enigmatic General to no avail , His parents have never been Identified , he was thought to be from Maryland , but I traced him to western Tennessee , He had no known friends outside the army , and no known family , that at least could be connected to him. He is buried at West Point ,Ga. by his 2nd in Command Captain Gonzales ,who died within minutes after General Tyler.
April 17-20, 1864 - Battle of Plymouth, North Carolina In the midst of the Civil War, the Confederate army succeeded capturing the county seat of Washington County in April of 1864. Referred to as “the most effective Confederate combined-arms operation of the Civil War” by historian William S. Powell, the Battle of Plymouth was the result of both Brigadier General Robert F. Hoke’s infantry division and the naval support of the Confederate ironclads, the Albermarle and the Neuse. The Union army had set up their eastern headquarters of North Carolina in Plymouth and the town of New Bern in 1862, and the North led several offenses from their bases in these towns. Plymouth was strategically located close to the Roanoke River, making naval warfare a necessity to capture the town. In hopes to regain a stronghold in Carolina’s waterways, the Confederacy conspired to build two ships, the Albermarle and Neuse, in 1862. Once the two naval vessels were completed, General Hoke developed a plan to attack Union ...
French General Ract-Madoux (CEMAT) attends meeting of a Brigadex 2014 work group. He was welcomed by the Eurocorps Commanding General and briefed on the details of the exercise. Afterwards they headed to a syndicate of one of the three working groups. The French brigadier generals and their comrades from other nations worked on the solutions of the exercise settings.
I am Azadari Shia, Brigadier General Elizabetha II is Shia and what of it?
CDV Brigadier General Peter Joseph Osterhaus, (later Major General) By Howard & Hall, Corinth, Mississippi Army of The Tennessee under General James B. McPherson This is from the 30th Iowa Volunteers album. The 30th was with the Army of the Tennessee.
Stand Watie (December 12, 1806 – September 9, 1871; also known as Standhope Uwatie, Degataga (Cherokee: ᏕᎦᏔᎦ), meaning "stand firm", and Isaac S. Watie) was a leader of the Cherokee Nation and a brigadier general of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He commanded the Confeder…
Ken Kraetzer talks with Brigadier General Timothy E. Trainor, Ph.D., the 13th Dean of the Academic Board at West Point on April 12, 2014. Brigadier General T...
Dayyum bo if its not 1 thing its another smh OAN: I served a brigadier general today I SAY HOOAH
To Brigadier General John E. Michel. "how many suitcases went missing, and have they been recovered?"
I am brigadier general of the Naval force. No not the sea dwellers, the people that show their stomachs off in public.
Brigadier General (Ret) Richard J. Valente will return to Touch-A-Truck on May 3rd with 3 military vehicles; including the "deuce and a half" cargo truck. Thank you for your service, General.
The Knights of the Golden Circle Brigadier General Albert Pike organized and lead the African Slave Owning Cherokee Indians in the Oklahoma Territory who were part of the Masonic Knights of the Golden Circle, in their own secret society called the Keetowah. Under Pikes Generalship this Brigade raped, pillaged, and murdered civilian communities in the Oklahoma and Missori Territories. For these "good works" Brother Albert became a Convicted War Criminal in a War Crimes Trial held after the Civil Wars end. Unfortunately the "Pope" and "Plato" of Freemasonry had to be tried in absentia because he had fled to British Territory in Canada. Second Generation British-American Pike has also been alledged to have been working for the Crown as an agent and key Civil War agitator. Pike only returned to the U.S. after his hand picked Scottish Rite Succsessor James Richardon 33° got a pardon for him after, making President Johnson a 33° Scottish Mason in a ceremony held inside the White House itself! In fact given Mr ...
Reminder: DC-ORP Veterans Networking Breakfast April 22! April 30th is the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The commemorate this event and to honor our Vietnam Veterans our speaker is Brigadier General William “Wild Bill” Weise, USMC (Ret.). BGen Weise spent 31 years in the USMC. In Vietnam he commanded the “Magnificent *** of the 2d Battalion, 4th Marines during the Battle of Dai Do where two of his company commanders were awarded Medals of Honor and he was awarded the Navy Cross. -- Don't forget to register --
THE BEST EVOLUTION FOR SLPP AND ULTIMATELY FOR SIERRA LEONE IS FOR MAADA BIO TO STEP DOWN FROM THE FLAG BEARER RACE (Please read first.) In the politics of the 21st century, we often hear the word CHANGE, throughout the world and whilst some had resulted in the anticipated transformation of individual lives and societies, many changes will never happen, or if they do, the outcome will be undesirable. Some events in human history are natural phenomena by design and sometimes beyond human control. Our abilities to accept these facts, make them our pasts, and ultimately give us the desires to move on to our destined assignments, making us human. Maada Bio is indeed an honorable man in certain respects in the history of Sierra Leone whether we like it or not, and will forever be admired and desired by many to be the leader of Sierra Leone. From his junior military services to the rank of the Brigadier General, to his appointment as the Head of State of Sierra Leone, and his most admired action of peaceful pol ...
A one-armed Irish Brigadier General of the Union, Stephen J. McGroarty, ca. 1863
but he is not a brigadier general. You under stand tell your donkey dad full.
Today in 1864: Confederate brigadier general Raleigh Edward Colston is relieved of his command in Savannah, Georgia.
Albert Pike's Background: Very few outsiders know about the intimate plans of Albert Pike and the architects of the New World Order. In the 19th Century Albert Pike established a framework for bringing about the One World Order. Based on a vision revealed to him, Albert Pike wrote a blueprint of events that would play themselves out in the 20th century, with even more of these events yet to come. It is this blueprint which we believe unseen leaders are following today, knowingly or not, to engineer the planned Third and Final World War. Albert Pike was born on December 29, 1809, in Boston, and was the oldest of six children born to Benjamin and Sarah Andrews Pike. He studied at Harvard, and later served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War, Pike was found guilty of treason and jailed, only to be pardoned by fellow Freemason President Andrew Johnson on April 22, 1866, who met with him the next day at the White House. On June 20, 1867, Scottish Rite officials conferred up ...
Girl Scout Service Unit 637 Shines… April 18th, 2014 Veterans Corner by Ronald Verini The Girl Scouts Service Unit 637 at Four Rivers Community School sent representatives headed by Brownie Leaders Joan Hagon, Angelica Alfaro with a group of Brownies, Daisies and one future Daisy marching into Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida (VAOI) with 35 cases of Girl Scout cookies. Alianna, Ayana, Hailey, Alaina and Coraline packed over 50 boxes. These boxes were shipped to local troops stationed in Afghanistan. Aaron Gopp, a Doctor who works with Joan from St Alphonse is one that will receive half of the boxes to share with his unit in Afghanistan. Bobby Carbajal who is one his 3rd deployment and whose son Julio volunteers at VAOI will be able to share the rest of these cookies with his unit in Afghanistan. VAOI will be hosting the Under Secretary for Benefits of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Ret Brigadier General Allison Hickey in Ontario on Fri May 30th at noon in the TVCC Science Center Auditorium. This .. ...
In just a couple of hours, we’re live with Brigadier General Tammy Smith. Send in questions using # USARchat & tune back in at 1:30.
Boy, oh boy! The problems between Israel, Iran and the Palestinians are really ramping up. A massive Iranian shipment of arms to the Palestinians in Gaza was intercepted in the Red Sea earlier this week by the IDF which would obviously only be used to kill Israelis. Irans Brigadier General Hossein Salami declared yesterday that Iranian military commanders are prepared to attack and destroy the "Zionist regime" of Israel as soon as they receive such an order. Does anyone really believe that a peace agreement will be reached this spring as John Kerry is working towards? Just as I have stated in my videos, I again submit that they will not. Daniel 9:27 cannot happen until AFTER the coming war. The "covenant with many" will be a SOLUTION because of the war and it most likely will not be "confirmed" in 2014. These things take time to develop. I continue to hold my position on this. Bottom line: The 7 years of Tribulation will not begin until later in the blood moon tetrad at the earliest, not on April 15th as ...
Thank you too Retired Brigadier General Foley for speaking to our CSRA Home Connections group this morning!! Can't wait to start reading your book.
who want be my 2 owner Rank brigadier general -must pro sniper and rifle -can top up rm40 -can up kdr -can rush rank and mastery Pm me if u instereted .
Senior Iranian commander: Assad would have been toppled without Iran's support. 14 April 2014 - Brigadier General...
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad would have lost the battle if Iran did not support him, the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Forces Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said.The Iranian news agency Fars reported Hajizadeh s
"The safest place on the battlefield is close to your enemies." - Brigadier General Antonio Marchetti
On this date we commemorate the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Singh to the rank of Brigadier General
Congratulations to Jamila Bayaz! EUPOL congratulates Jamila Bayaz, Chief of Police District 1 in Kabul, to be promoted to the rank of a Brigadier General. The Afghan Ministry of Interior promoted her for her "enthusiastic work, good results and decrease of criminality within PD 1 area," says her EUPOL mentor Valeria Elefterie. Jamila mentioned that she still wants to be the commander of a police district in order to gain substantial management experience and to be in service of the community. EUPOL not only congratulated her for this accomplishment but also advised her to keep her opportunities open in terms of strategic positions within the Afghan National Police, due to the fact that her advocacy for women’s rights, professionalism, dedication and flawless reputation are propulsion factors for a fruitful police career. Jamila Bayaz will receive officially her new ranks within a ceremony.
Today one of my brothers was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his actions during his last deployment by his wing commander Brigadier General Garland! Congratulations Cody Van Haaften
Any time I see a post abt Maes Hughes on tumblr. It just hurts. i will never be okay over Brigadier General Hughes
Papua New Guinea has signed an acquisition and cross servicing agreement with the United States to strengthen their bilateral partnership and co-operation in military logistics. PNG Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo and Secretary for Defence John Porti met with the US...
"Fighting spirit one must have. Even if a man lacks some of the other qualifications, he can often make up for it in fighting spirit." — Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF
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President Obama should use his Executive Authority to halt Brigadier General Sinclair’s retirement packet and ensure a timely review by a Congressional Committee re: “Different spanks for different ranks” and “Sexual Assault in the Military”
Col. Ulysses S. Grant received his commission as a brigadier general in 1861 at Ironton, Missouri.
Rebels have killed 15 regime soldiers and a brigadier-general around Qmainas - Idleb.
Cadet Alison Hoffman, Cadet Battalion Commander for the Prairie Fire Battalion at the University of South Dakota, and a senior Nursing Student at Mount Marty College is attending the George C. Marshall Leadership Seminar this week in Lexington, VA. Here Cadet Hoffman is with the Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Cadet Command (ROTC), Brigadier General Maria R. Gervais and General Ray Odierno, 38th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army. George C. Marshall Foundation Find out more about the Seminar at this link
I will never vote for a party lead by a person with funny title eg Colonel, General, Brigadier and the commander
VNAF Women's Armed Forces Corps (WAFC) personnel with USAF Captain Mary A. Marsh, June 1968. Captain Marsh would eventually retire as a USAF Brigadier General on 1 May 1986. General Marsh was the first Air Force woman assigned as an adviser to the Vietnamese Air Force.
Let the ((( junior recruits, privates, lance corporals etc ))) stand by the Brigadier General has arrived
My heart's prayer is for my house the House of Joseph Kealoha, Sr. to be saved. I pray Joshua 24:15 that all my family would be saved and join me in eternity with Jesus! The former canon of the Church of England is my uncle. A three star brigadier general of the United States Air Force is my aunt on my mother's side.
Trivia Tuesday This Virginia Brigadier General commanded the Brigade in Pickets division that containted the oldest and most decorated unit in American history. What unit was this and who was the general?
The French "Brigade de Renseignement" (ISTAR Bde) organized a dynamic demonstration of its material and capabilities to the brigadier generals attending Brigadex14. Brigadier Generals from France and their colleagues from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Journalists from EFE, France3, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, L'Alsace and Wikimedia were also present - to meet the generals and to see this interesting material.
Jamila Bayaz, the Afghan female police colonel to be promoted to a brigadier general.
US MILITARY OFFICERS TOO DANGEROUS??? By John Farnam Too dangerous to “allow” our military officers to be armed? We did at one time, back when we trusted our own troops! This, from a friend and retired fellow officer: “When I was a brand-new 2LT at Fort Lewis, my Battalion CO told me, when I met him for the first time, that I would be carrying my issued M1911A1 45 ACP pistol everywhere on post and that I would also be carrying, in addition, my issued M16A1 rifle when in the field. He said, ‘Son, you are an Infantry Officer. You, and all our brave soldiers, comprise the first line of defense for our Nation. You are assigned to serve as the S-2 in an infantry battalion. So great an honor is difficult to imagine! We serve to fight, son! First and foremost, we’re here to gun-down enemies of the USA. Welcome aboard!’ His final word of warning: ‘Son, don’t let me catch you unarmed. Lead by example. Your battalion, your family, and your Nation expect great things from you. Now, get out of my offi ...
“... you are wasting my time you third-class Atheist.”. We have a rank system now? Oo, can I be a Brigadier-General? :-D
Contrary to popular belief, I was never a Brigadier General in the KISS army
If there were military rankings for taking one for the team,the poor *** n the back would be a brigadier general. h…
The Naval Inspector General, Brigadier General Remigio C Valdez was promoted ad interim to the rank of Major...
Oh well said, but his dad is a retired Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army lol
TODAY IN HISTORY: April 10, 1866, General Isidoro Torres, a scion of prominent families in Bulacan who established many Katipunan chapters, was born in Malolos, Bulacan. Better known as "Matang Lawin" in the revolutionary circle, Torres, along with other Katipuneros, organized a group called Sangguniang Lalawigang Balangay Apoy, a local chapter of the Katipunan in Bulacan. He engaged in numerous battles and attained the rank of colonel when fighting raged around Biak-na-Bato. In June 1897, General Emilio Aguinaldo appointed him Brigadier General upon the organization of military departmental zones in Central Luzon at Mt. Puray. Upon resumption of hostilities against the Spanish government in the Philippines in 1898, he was again in the battlefields. Together with General Licerio Geronimo, they captured Macabebe, Pampanga on July 3, 1898. During the inauguration of the Philippine Republic on January 23, 1899, Torres headed the 6,000-man strong Filipino Army that marched in the parade.
Col. Edwin Hanson Webster was born near Churchville in Harford County, March 31, 1829. At the age of 15 he entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., from which he graduated in 1847. By 1855 he was a Maryland State Senator on the American ticket and during the second session was chosen president of the Senate. In 1856 he was a Presidential elector in support of Millard FIlmore and three years later was elected to represent the Second Congressional District in Congress where he served on the committee on militia, special committee on the dedication of the Washington Equestrian Statue and others of importance. President Abraham Lincoln attempted to appoint him Brigadier General of Volunteers but Webster refused the honor, to form and recruit his own military unit to serve in the Civil War.
Here is a picture of Peter O'Neil I drew out of my mind. Peter O'Neil is very, very clever and he has a team of professionals architects ( advisors) His O'NEIL) architects (advisors) carefully surveyed and professionally designed the government of the day. Task force sweep ( to cover him from corrupt deals) free health & education policy ( to lure voters) extension of grace period ( to keep him in power) Appointment of Police commissioner ( to halt any arrest & prosecution laid against him ) and appointment of the Brigadier General of the PNGDF becoz of his fear of another military coup like in 97.. " Well planned Peter O'Neil is free frm danger"
FIFE - Col William Estill Fife William Estill Fife Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 5/13/1861 at Buffalo, WV as a Captain. On 5/13/1861 he was commissioned into "A" Co. VA 36th Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) He was listed as: Wounded 10/19/1864 Belle Grove, VA (Left thigh) Paroled 6/13/1865 (place not stated) Promotions: Major 3/30/1864 Lt Col 5/18/1864 Born Feb 7, 1836. Height; 5'10'', dark hair and eyes. Matriculated to VMI from Kanawha Court House, West Virginia. At VMI 4 years. Pre War Career: admitted to bar 1857; pre-war militia officer. Military Record: Organized "Buffalo Guards," of which he was elected Captain; the unit became Company A, 36th Virginia; Promoted to Major May 27, 1864 (some sources say June 24; date of rank March 30); Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel Aug. 15, 1864 (date of rank May 18); Slightly Wounded in Action (left thigh) at Cedar Creek; Unofficial source says he was nominated to be a Brigadier General, but not confirmed; Signed parole in Charleston, West ...
entry 16; Getting the chance to attend an Air Force Gala and be able too get to know top tier ranking personnel such as our esteemed Wing Commander who happens to be a {"Brigadier General"} is an exciting event. I suppose it's sort of akin to being invited to the Golden Globes ceremony and getting to sit down and socialize with all the big name celebrities such as your self Frau Rossum :-) ---
The former Commissioner of Police has now been promoted to the rank of Major General, one of the highest ranks in the Fiji Military Forces. Iowane Naivalurua, until recently held the position of Brigadier General, a position he was promoted to, back in 2009 when he was the Prisons Commissioner. Fiji One News understands his promotion as Major General was gazetted last week. Naivalurua's contract as Police Commissioner expired last September and in January this year he was appointed Fiji's Ambassador at Large. He has just completed a week's visit to New York that focused on UN peacekeeping activities leading the Fiji delegation to the United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations. The last person who held that rank in the Military was former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.
oh my~. after this messages: Welcome "Seraph Guild Wars. General to Arc: Detla Astrea aka Momo . Brigadier General: Mi&Ku
I read at an elementary school "Green eggs and ham" at Dr. Seuss Read across america. Also I am selling the Brigadier General NUTS! McAuliffe pins at the California Carlson Leadership Academy. Pins are 5 dolla, very cheap.
President Obama; Here's a little trick that Nunn just learned that the President can keep in his back pocket when he sees fit. This is a political trick used by Abraham Lincoln. When officers in the Army were court martialed, if President Lincoln still needed them, didnt agree with the court marshal, etc. He would wait for the military tribunal or jury to be picked, and he would promote the officer who had been court marshaled. According to military law, an officer can only be judged by his peers and his superiors, the promotion nullifies the jury and invalidates the court marshal. An example of this is when he promoted Colonel Turchin to Brigadier General. (No Word Games) Just a trick or card to play when needed, to have up the sleeve.
1 March – sesquicentennial ... 1864 – Washington City. Brigadier General Abel Streight and his traveling companion, Captain Will Scearce of the 51st Indiana Regiment, are picked up by Commodore Parker of the Union Potomac Squadron and taken to the city. After breaking out of Libby Prison, traveling 11 days in hostile country, crossing streams choked with ice, they are ready to return to active duty in the Union army. (See 16 May 1863; 21 January 1864; 8 February 1864; 9 February 1864.) [Funk, p. 80-85]
AFP FEBRUARY 28, 2014 Egypt gunmen kill police guard of Morsi judge CAIRO - Gunmen Friday killed an Egyptian policeman who was on a security team guarding the home of a judge in the jailbreak trial of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, security officials said. Attacks on the security forces have surged since the army ousted the Islamist Morsi last July, and as the military-installed authorities press a deadly crackdown on his supporters. Sergeant Abdallah Metwally was shot dead as he rode his motorbike across a bridge over the Nile in the city of Mansoura north of Cairo. The attack on Metwally, who was wearing plain clothes, was carried out assailants who were also on a motorbike, at about 7:30 am (0530 GMT), Brigadier General El-Saeed Omara of Mansoura police told AFP.
I liked a video from Project Blue Book: An Insider Speaks -- Brigadier General Stephen
Sesquicentennial News, Tuesday 01 March 1864 MARCH 1864 As spring approached in many of the battle areas, major military movements were still postponed. In Virginia Lee and Meade marked time, although Richmond was agitated by Brigadier General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick’s approaching cavalry raid. Now that the … Continue reading →
I hope it is not what i am thinking,i hope it is just a figment of my imagination and i hope history is not about 2 repeat itself! In August 1986 Brigadier General Tunde Idiagbon travelled 2 Saudi Arabia 2 visit d King & d government of Buhari was over thrown by IBB. Now d North through d Senate committe are asking our Chief of Army Staff 2 relocate 2 North East.I hope it is not & attempt by d North 2 over throw GEJ government,since they have Sworn 2 get Power by all mean.
Brigadier General Paul Tibbets for Rider. What does he ride? His mighty steed, Enola ***
Former brigadier general to seek open state House seat
DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS MAN; If Nigeria is to 'holistically' win the war against terrorism, its citizens must be allowed to defend themselves, by carrying arms, a army commander has said. The Commander, 1 Brigade, of the Nigerian Army, Tasi'u Ibrahim, said Nigerians should be allowed the right to defend themselves if the country was to win the war against terrorism. Mr. Ibrahim, a Brigadier General, made the call in Sokoto while addressing the Brigade's 2014 Officers Training Day. He stressed that this was one of the measures that should be adopted "if Nigeria is to holistically win the ongoing war on terror." According to him, this is being practiced in developed nations of the world. Mr. Ibrahim listed other measures needed to defeat Boko Haram to include strict monitoring and severe restriction on the importation of certain goods being used to aid and abet such crimes. He stated that such goods included motorcycles. "It has been proved that a good number of the insurgents use them (motorcycles) for thei ...
This is an image of Anthony J. Allaire, nephew to James Allaire, founder of the Village. Anthony served with the 133rd NY and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. The 133rd NYSV, also known as the 2nd Metropolitan Guard, was mustered in at NYC. They saw service at the siege of Port Hudson, the Red River Campaign and the defense of New Orleans. The Village has his presentation sword in their collection!
1. Take advantage of every day 2. Treat others with dignity and respect 3. The team (takes all of us to be successful) 4. Don't take ourselves too seriously 5. OUR WORD IS OUR BOND BRIGADIER GENERAL STEVE RICHIE - Ace Fighter Pilot
You might remember the verbal exchanges some time ago, between Senator Barbara Boxer (D) CA and the Army Brigadier General, when she asked him to call her 'Senator' instead of 'Ma'am' because she'd worked so hard to get her title. If so, you'll love this little video!
Well, someone get in touch with Brigadier General Ahmed Amin (
Hazel Johnson-Brown was promoted to brigadier general and, at the same time, to the command of the Army Nurse Corps.
Hazel Johnson-Brown made military history in 1979 when she was promoted to brigadier general and at
BLACK HERITAGE STAMP SERIES: BENJAMIN O. DAVIS, SR. Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. distinguished himself in a long military career that saw him become the nation's first African-American brigadier general. He was a driving force in the eevntual integration of the U.S. armed forces. This stamp was issued Jan. 28, 1997.
SANCTIONS COMMITTEE CONCERNING FDLR IN THE EAST OF DRC On 1 December 2010, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo added the following four individuals to the List of individuals and entities subject to the measures imposed by paragraphs 13 and 15 of resolution 1596 (2005), as renewed by paragraph 3 of resolution 1952 (2010): Name (last/first): IYAMUREMYE, Gaston; Alias: Rumuli; Byiringiro Victor Rumuli; Victor Rumuri; Michel Byiringiro; Date of Birth (DOB): 1948; Place of Birth (POB): Musanze District (Northern Province), Rwanda; Alt. POB: Ruhengeri, Rwanda; Passport/Identifying information: Title: Second Vice President of FDLR; Rank: Brigadier General; Current location: Kibua, North Kivu, , Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); Alt. Current location: Aru, DRC. Designation Justification: According to multiple sources, including the UNSC DRC Sanctions Committee’s Group of Experts, Gaston Iyamuremye is the second vice p . ...
Watch this message from the Army Veterinary Corps Chief, Brigadier General John Poppe!
That moment when you run into the Commandant of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, Brigadier General Ramirez at the Memorial Student Center and shake his hand, while Reveille is there by his side. It's an honor and a priceless experience.
"Extremists tried to send mustard gas to Syria and the Libyan army confiscated it" Libyan 'Desert Legion' Brigadier General Mansour Mozainy
I just had the honor of meeting and conversing with Brigadier General Bailey. I cant think of any of my battles that I went through Basic Training or AIT that has had the pleasure of meeting a GENERAL.
The defence force rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL just sounds so cool and dangerous...
Brigadier general carpet sweeper gratuity insomuch as in sloyd: iUHXMRkT
Brigadier General S A Adebayo. The Commander of Nigerian Army Education Corps, in support of Educational Icons Award, …
I met with Moses Adeniran (junior brother to Eko), Alanamu Abolore (Surulere Stadium Manager), Isaac Ohiani (Computer Merchant) and Waheed Sule Yusuf (a practicing lawyer) respectively on my brief visit to Nigeria. I missed meeting Elegbeleye, Bode Owolabi, Rabiu Ismaila (Brigadier General of Nigerian Army), Umar Hassan (Major General), Henry Jacobs (a pastor in Abuja), Olu Akure, Richard Omoniyi, Taiwo Asaju, Musa Yinusa (Senior of officer in Nigerian Custom) Emmanuel Oyinloye and Bili Balogun, but I spoke with all of them on phone
Today in New Jersey military history: February 28, 1844: Princeton-born navy captain Robert Stockton took his ship USS Princeton for a pleasure cruise on the Potomac River, with President John Tyler, his cabinet and 200 guests aboard. A cannon designed by Stockton was fired several times to entertain the guests, but then exploded and killed six people, including Secretary of State Abel Upshur, Secretary of the Navy Thomas Gilmer and the president’s soon to be father-in-law as well as his personal valet. A quickly held court of inquiry absolved the captain, a personal friend of the president, from all blame. February 28, 1942: A German submarine torpedoed the SS R.P. Resor eighteen miles east of Lavallette on a bright moonlit night. The explosion and “spectacular, towering fire” was so great that it could be seen from shore, and the Shark River Lifeboat Station was the first to report the incident. Only two men survived. The following morning, the World War I–era destroyer USS Jacob Jones was torpe ...
The government and the SPLM/SPLA–in Opposition have rejected the UN report that accuses their forces of committing human rights violations since the beginning of the conflict. The UN Mission in South Sudan presented an interim report last week to the UN Security Council citing alleged human rights abuses in Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states. The report revealed that both sides to the conflict have committed mass killing, torture, rape, enforced disappearance and that civilians continue to be targeted along community lines. The report accuses government soldiers of carrying out targeted killing of civilians from one community during house-to-house searches in Juba from the 15th to the 17th of December last year. It also says a large number of civilians were displaced in Juba as a result of deliberate targeted killing by members of the government forces. However, the government spokesperson, Michael Makuei Lueth, told Eye Radio in Addis Ababa that the report was biased. “Well of co ...
Above: File wrapper from the case depicting the unusual title. Record Group 21, Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2009, U.S. District Court for the Eastern Division of the Southern District of Iowa, Criminal Case Files, Case 75. In March 1866, formal proceedings began in the confiscation case US v The Holy Bible, et al. While eye catching, thereason for the title is quite simple. In confiscation proceedings, the title of the case becomes the first asset listed. In this instance, an entire library of books was seized and the first item listed on the inventory was a Holy Bible. The assets were sold at auction on April 5, 1866, and belonged to William Sidney Winder. Beyond the intriguing court case title, even more fascinating is the story behind Winder. Going by Sidney, Sid, or W. S., Winder moved to Keokuk, Iowa, from Baltimore, Maryland, in 1858 to practice law. He returned to Baltimore two years later and on October 29, 1861, enlisted in the Confederate Army. Commissioned as a first ...
The last person who really had the Crimea figured out was a British brigadier general named H.P. Flashman. We need to track down his papers.
Does anyone knows the meaning of and the "Brigadier General"? Do you know how hard and long service it takes to become one? Does anyone know how many different boards it takes to screen and promote one to Brigadier General? Anyone commenting here is looking at simple and irrelevant issues at this story, like his tribe, how good/bad he is, why Tarzan was ousted, The choice of the president, the regular blame and counter blame. But no one is looking at the big picture where this country is going. A country with fake generals, engineers, doctors and many more fake professor will lead us to nowhere, so please lok at the pig picture or keep arguing the usual reer hebe
Conduct thy brigadier general contractor offspring pro they
President Hassan appoints new mayor of Mogadishu Mogadishu, Somali President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud has fired Mr Mahmoud Ahmed Nur “Tarsan” who has served as mayor of the capital since 2010. The president has appointed Brigadier General Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Muungaab) as the new mayor of Mogadishu and governor of the Banadir region.
This sounds and noise that means is realistic and acceptable even in and out side people said that the Boko Haram are well equipped more sofisticated weapons then nigerian military troops? The answer is absolutely correct because one of the military superior officer and Commander 1 Brigade Brigadier General Tasi'u Abubakar made the statement available to the news men. sokoto today source nija The General said" the government allows citizens of the nation to take weapons to depend themselves against terrorist attacks" this shows that Governor Shettima's statement to the president is clearly true without any lacuna or doubt. What is the primary duties of the military in any country in this world??? YA ALLAH BRING PEASE IN NIGERIA AMEEN
Mark Martins Provides an Update on Detainee Operations Brig. Gen. Mark Martins Opening Statement ISAF Press Briefing – 16 Jun 2010 Good morning. I appreciate the opportunity to talk for a few minutes about Joint Task Force 435 and its connection to the issues identified by Brigadier General Blotz. JTF 435 is a task force consisting of 2,100 U.S. and Afghan military personnel and civilian officials. A corrections expert from the United Kingdom just recently joined us, and other U.K. officials will soon also be on board. JTF 435 is in charge of U.S. detention operations for General McChrystal and is responsible for assisting the Government of Afghanistan to receive the Detention Facility in Parwan next year. The transition of that facility to Afghanistan control is occurring in a manner that is compliant with all requirements of humane treatment, care, and custody. The transition emphasizes capacity building for a range of vocational-technical training opportunities, basic literacy, and other educati ...
ANOTHER FILLED TO THE BRIM DAY- Spent the morning mapping out some new gigs with JACKIE GIBSON, met up with BRIGADIER GENERAL TIM BUTTERWORTH and rehearsed with IVY JONES on a new project that covers the waterfront from personal anecdotes and signed books from a childhood friend HARRY WARREN to a pre-Opening program of "Funny Girl" on Broadway.then to soundcheck for BEVERLY MICKINS AND THE BON VIVANTS at tonight's "PARTY PACK" .which was especially wonderful featuring JANET S. BLAKE, STEVE ROBINSON, and the fresh off the plane MICHAEL LAVINE. THEN-raced, with Michael Lavine to see my favorite film short "REMEMBER TO BREATHE" at the Chinese Theater in the HollyShorts Film Festival.. Directed by my pal MARC SALTARELLI starring LEE MERIWETHER, SUSAN BLAKELY, and LEIGH ANN LARKIN, who also raced to get to the screening fresh from her tech rehearsal for the soon to open "HARMONy' that she's in at the Ahmanson. Sleepy now. Photo courtesy of Will Williams
PIA-CAR/MOUNTAIN PROVINCE: Brigadier General Roger Salvador, Commanding Officer of the 501st IB of the (cont)
You want to turn the country to no gun control nation. No way.Thank you Brigadier General Tasi’u Ibrahim. If you can't do your work. Gerraut
Brigadier General Bobby Knight back in Rupp Arena tonight. One of the all time greats.
Even the Nigerian defence attache to the UK a brigadier General, felt intimidated by these guys (and woman) lol!
Brigadier general stages on the exercise in regard to matter carriers.: OpBkQkQa
Graduated top candidate of platoon Brereton today with Commandant's Trophy and Brigadier-General…
John H, Barlow, Brigadier General and veteran of the US Civil War, has died.
Jimmy Dootlittle was quickly promoted to Brigadier General and awarded the Medal of Honor. Which was correctly awarded, he deserved it
Hiring the solid ground contractors houston in lieu of brigadier general rehabilitation: ElALldL
An American brigadier general, his wife, and his driver at a rest stop in France (1949)
Ethics Symposium: Brigadier General Jack Grubbs at 7pm in on March 19 in Squires Haymarket Room. More details here:
Gen. John E. Michel is the Commanding General, NATO Air Training … & &
Notes from the A&E Biography episode about Dwight Eisenhower He was born as Dwight David Eisenhower on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas He served as the 34th President of the United States from January 20, 1953-January 20, 1961 In 1915, when he proudly graduated from West Point at the top of his class, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant From 1927-1929, he toured and reported for the War Department under General John Pershing In 1929, he was appointed Chief Military Aide under General Douglas MacArthur From 1935-1939, he served under General Douglas MacArthur as Assistant Military Advisor to the Philippines In 1941, after he transferred from California to Fort Sam Houston, he became Chief of Staff for the Third Army In 1941, he was promoted to Brigadier General for his leadership of the Louisiana Maneuvers In 1947, he was elected president of Columbia University, which was a position he held until December, 1950 In 1951, he decided to leave Columbia to assume an appointment as 1st Supreme Allied ...
Message: 21.2.2014 19 When we come to a shop; when we ask the price of a product you tell the price; we know what to buy and when for what reasons. Dont tell Grandmother stories or about Military or Civilian ; all are 2 and 3; Everyone can enquire and buy Camoflage or Green things as per Government ; Defence ; Military in Singapore and Australia. Not only old man can use Government or Defence Military Green; The old Man Lee Kuan Yew does not have Government or Military or societies in Singapore or Australia. Lee Kuan Yew is Satan Devil ; Syaitan. I am meeting Lee Kuan Yew in Open battle Meeting or Debate in all countries and Continents. esp SEA South East Asia & Asia-Pacific. Next Time I come to Sim Lim Square; I may cut your throat on the Spot. Actually My Military Rank is two ranks higher than Lee Hsien Loong; that is 2 ranks higher than Brigadier General; Mr Rank is : Lieutenant general, a three-star rank General. I am going to join the New Zealand Military Defence & Government soon as NZ Army possible ...
President Goodluck Jonathan named Brigadier-General Jones O. Arogbofa as his new Chief of Staff late Tuesday. The appointment, and Arogbofa’s duties, will take effect immediately. With this latest appointment, the Brigadier General becomes the face of the Jonathan administration, and his public duties will include facing the media for presidential announcements ranging from policy statements, to new initiatives. The Jonathan appointment of the Brig-General had been rumored, and speculated by government insiders, including Nigerian political watchers for some time, as reported by Sahara Reporters in recent days. Four cabinet ministers were sacked late last week, and they include the Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade (Rtd.); Yerima Ngama, the Deputy Finance Minister, and Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe. Perhaps the most surprising of the four removed from their posts was Stella Oduah, the Nigerian Aviation Minister, who was a close friend and political ally of the presid ...
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Lactao was 2Lt and rose to Brigadier General in the Armed Forces of the Philippines from 1974. He graduated from the Philippine Military Academy on January 5, 1974, three months earlier than their
Do you remember the scene? The Senate. Barbara Boxer hearing from a Brigadier General? Silly General! He addresses Barbara as "Ma'am" and she CORRECTS him, telling him she's "worked SO hard to earn the title, "Senator", so please use that when speaking to her. Get a load of this letter! Read the letter sent to Sen. Barbara Boxer from an Alaskan Airlines pilot below. Many of us witnessed the arrogance of Barbara Boxer on June 18, 2009 as she admonished Brigadier General Michael Walsh because he addressed her as "ma'am" and not "Senator" before a Senate hearing. This letter is from a National Guard aviator and Captain for Alaska Airlines named Jim Hill. I wonder what he would have said if he were really angry. Long fly, Alaska ! Babs: You were so right on when you scolded the General on TV for using the term, "ma'am," instead of "Senator". After all, in the military, "ma'am" is a term of respect when addressing a female of superior rank or position. The General was totally wrong. You are not ...
A Mount Airy native and third-generation military man was recently promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the North Carolina Army National...
For all of us who are concerned with the recent rise in crime in Cabarete and Sosua, I just read this in the NPN news. It would have been nice to know that a meeting was being held for those of us who would have like to attend. Still, it's good to know that it is being taken seriously. Here's the article: High priority for safety in Sosúa and Cabarete Wednesday, January 29 in Hotel Viva Tangerine in Cabarete a meeting was held for which all significant people of Sosúa and Cabarete were invited. Among others there were the commanders of the traffic police, national police, the air base, and the tourist police present. In addition, the mayor and vice – mayor of Sosúa, Ilana Neumann and Willy Olivences and the president of the Association of Hotels owners were present. On behalf of the local entrepreneurs Juan Perdomo and Alberto Hidalgo, the residents’ association, Rotary Club, the association of beach entrepreneurs and taxi operators were also present. The meeting took place by the initiative of the ...
Altila-Balgos foundation and Philippine Army's 3rd ID join up for Yolanda victims on Panay Island. Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz – Army medical personnel from the Headquarters, 3rd Infantry Division based in Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz and from the 301st Infantry Brigade based in Camp Hernandez, Dingle, Iloilo, worked jointly yesterday February 9, 2014 with the medical experts of the Atila-Balgos Foundation in providing medical services to the residents of Brgy Jaena Norte, Jamindan, Capiz who were victims of typhoon Yolanda. A total of 450 residents mostly women and children, rushed to Camp Jamindan Elementary School in Sitio Agbalagon, Brgy Jaena Norte, Jamindan, Capiz and were able to benefit from a one (1) day medical mission. The Army and said NGO also distributed medicines to the patients aside from the medical services that they provided. The Atila-Balgos Foundation headed by Dr. Abundio Balgos, MD, is a recognized Non-Government Organization (NGO) based in Roxas City, Capiz that engages in ...
Succeed golf join with insurance is whiz brigadier general golf monition
FORT LARGS The SA Police took over Fort Largs from the Army in 1963. The Police Guard are shown marching in the front gate. I am the front left one of the Guard of Honour Squad. (Front left of the photo that is) The second photograph shows the parade taking place on the lawns outside the main administration building. The Army had to put together a squad from a mixture of soldiers they had available at their Keswick army base. It comprised medics, office staff, mechanics, and etc. The real 'the long the short and the tall' of the 'sad sack' brigade. The Police were in a position to cheat! We already had a guard of honour squad that performed at various events and were highly drilled. In fact for the six weeks prior to that we did nothing but practice, practice, practice. Our Commissioner of Police was a retired Brigadier General and determined that we would outshine anything the Army could do. I believe he also had some bets on over it! So at the first practice we went through the entire thing like the G . ...
Brigadier General - should be an interesting talk psychology sessions
Brigadier General (retired) Rhonda Cornum. On becoming a women of strength, justice and optimism.
SPLA in opposition claimed killing a Ugandan helicopter gunship gunner and damaged the attacker helicopter in central Lakes state. Military spokesperson Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang told Sudan Tribune on Friday that the gunner was shot dead and fell off the helicopter after a serious damage on his helicopter gunships.
Blood Light was single and happy. Shortly after his death, Blood was promoted to Brigadier General for saving Captain Lefebvre
OBAMA CITIZENSHIP CRISIS & INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STUPIDITY Why do I call the cover up of Obama aka Soetoro aka and all his other aliases a crisis? Because the longer federal judges play fast and loose with the law and other law enforcement (DOJ) continue to ignore a true constitutional legal challenge, the more extensive the damage to this country will be. As I have said before, production of a long form vault birth certificate will "not put to rest this issue once and for all." If the document were genuine and showed Obama aka Soetoro and so forth, were born in Kenya, it would only prove what so many of us already know: Obama aka Soetoro is a classic narcissist and pathological liar. However, if a genuine long form birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii, it still does not get around constitutional restrictions even though his mother was a U.S. citizen. The issue of his citizenship status is a legal one, not a political one. This is what Obama's supporters willfully continue to ignore. They gleefully ...
Acclimated and proficient professionals are off duty-span brigadier general reasons: ZLrp
Pvt-lowest rank PFC- second lowest rank Lance corporal- right below NCO ranks Corporal- commands fire teams ( can be 2 people in our clan. 4 in real life) Sgt- commands squads SSgt to SgtMaj- staff NCO's (assists officers) SgtMaj MarCor- assistant to the commandant WO-1 through WO-5- technical support in certain areas 2nd Lt.- Commands platoons ( can look over a squad) 1st Lt- commands more specialized platoons Captain- leads company sized units (can overlook all squads) Major- primary staff officer (assistant to commander of force) Lt. Col.- commands brigade sized regiments and be a executive officer (can lead our force in clan battle) Col.- commands bridge sized regiments or be a senior staff officer (can lead or be assistant) Brigadier general-is deputy commander to commanding general Major General- commands division sized units Lt. General- commands corps sized units General- commands everything that falls within their geographical area. (So think of this for clan. General leads everything in the game ...
So Colonel Hughes is promoted from Brigadier General after death...
Congratulations to my cousin who I am proud to announce has been promoted to Brigadier General! I am beyond proud of you!!
Police, community mark PNP’s founding anniversary Joanne Namnama G. Parrocha SAN FERNANDO CITY, February 10 (PIA) – The Philippine National Police continues to work on modernizing the police force with a governance system in place and community support. Police Supt. Marlou Chan, chief regional directorate staff, said the PNP continues to achieve its vision to be highly capable, effective and credible police service by 2030 under its Performance Governance System. “The transformation of the PNP is geared towards achieving a world class police force,” said Chan. Chan noted that the community’s stakeholders are also supportive of the PNP’s road to transformation. “Community partnership is an integral component of our system. The PRO1 is lucky to have people that are always ready to cooperate and support in all of our organization’s undertakings,” he added. The police community in the Ilocos joined the PNP’s 23rd founding anniversary at Camp Brigadier General Oscar M. Florendo on February ...
little known black history facts: In 1938, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt challenged the segregation rules at the Southern Conference on Human Welfare in Birmingham, Alabama, so she could sit next to African-American educator and activist Mary McLeod Bethune. Roosevelt would come to refer to Bethune as "her closest friend in her age group."...also of note, her husband, president Franklin D. Roosevelt would promote Col Benjamin O. Davis to brigadier general in 1940, as a nod to black americans support of his New Deal. Brigadier General Davis, Sr. was the first black general in the US Army.
More than 20 police and military police in Mondolkiri province surrounded the home of a brigadier general in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) on Saturday after receiving reports that he was hiding luxury wood on his property.
These Iranian fools think this is our first clambake! We have heard these idle threats so many times before. It has always ended badly for those who would provoke us! To quote Brigadier General McAuliffe after the German ultimatum at the battle at Bastogne in Belgium! To the Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the elite Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, and I quote " Nuts!".Ours will be the last voice you will ever hear!
AHEAD OF PLANNED NATIONAL CONFERENCE: WHILE AKWA IBOMITES CONTINUE TO MAJOR IN THE MINOR...!! By Borono Bassey I must be quick to establish that I share some of the sentiments raised by eminent Nigerians who have kicked against the modalities that will drive the planned National conference as released by the Federal Government. Only a few days ago, one of the most respected public affairs analysts Nigeria is blessed to have, Kelechi Deca raised a very illuminating concern about the modalities of the conference. He insisted that the proviso that dictates that the outcome of the conference be subjected to the ratification by the National Assembly will make nonsense of the conference itself. To buttress his argument, Deca said if it is agreed by the majority at the conference for instance, that the remuneration of lawmakers be slashed, he maintainted that he did not see the members of the National Assembly giving their nod to this unpalatable recommendation. In the face of the myriads of criticisms that has ...
(1/2) Iran: Tehran |Police Chief Brigadier General Esmail Moqaddam criticized the Pakistani government today in an angry speech.
On this date, February 9, in 1870, the Weather Bureau of the United States was established through a joint resolution of Congress signed by President Ulysses S. Grant. It's assigned mission was to "provide for taking meteorological observations at the military stations in the interior of the continent and at other points in the States and Territories; and for giving notice on the northern (Great) Lakes and on the seacoast by magnetic telegraph and marine signals, of the approach and force of storms." The agency was placed under the Secretary of War as Congress felt "military discipline would probably secure the greatest promptness, regularity, and accuracy in the required observations." Within the Department of War, it was assigned to the U.S. Army Signal Corps under Brigadier General Albert J. Myer. General Myer gave the National Weather Service its first name: The Division of Telegrams and Reports for the Benefit of Commerce.
Be the First Penguin: Posted with permission from Brigadier General John E. Michel, USAF - Commanding General,...
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan dismissed the United States’ military threats against the Islamic Republic as “very meaningless” threats to the Iranian nation. Addressing a gathering on Saturday to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic...
Brigadier general advantages as to la arrangement: FbbtGsWIW
"In 1940, Jimmy Stewart was drafted into the United States Army, but ended up being rejected due to being five pounds under the required weight, given his height (at the time he weighed 143 pounds). Not to be dissuaded, Stewart then sought out the help of Don Loomis, who was known to be able to help people add or subtract pounds. Once he had gained a little weight, he enlisted with the Army Air Corps in March of 1941 and was eventually accepted, once he convinced the enlisting officer to re-run the tests. Initially, Stewart was given the rank of private; by the time he had completed training, he had advanced to the rank of second lieutenant (January of 1942). Much to his chagrin, due to his celebrity status and extensive flight expertise (having tallied over 400 flight hours before even joining the military), Stewart was initially assigned to various “behind the lines” type duties such as training pilots and making promotional videos in the states. Eventually, when he realized they were not going to e ...
By Media Coulibaly BANGUI (Reuters) - Rwandan peacekeepers intervened on Sunday to halt a lynching of Muslims, shooting dead one member of a crowd that had killed two Muslims in the capital of Central African Republic, a Rwandan military spokesman said. Residents reported at least nine people killed in inter-religious violence at the weekend. It was the third daylight lynching reported this week in Bangui as violence rages between the Christian majority and Muslims accused of links to Seleka, a former rebel grouping that seized power last year and ruled until January. The presence of 1,600 French soldiers and 5,000 African Union troops has failed to stop the violence, which the United Nations says has killed more than 2,000 people and displaced nearly a quarter of the country's 4.5 million people. A spokesman for Rwanda's military, which is taking part in the AU mission, said its soldiers fired warning shots at a Christian crowd in the Miskine neighborhood of north Bangui. "A mob of Christians killed two ...
Brigadier General Jack D Ripper (Dr Strangelove) perhaps..or not quite that crazy...
OR Brigadier General Francis Hummel is a great negotiator or just a great guy to work for.
The Call for Marines Alert and Realert-Air Retaliation and the Arrival of the HAWKS-Land the Marines-The Landing Alert and Realert On 22 January 1965, Brigadier General Frederick J. Karch, the assistant division commander (ADC) of the 3d Marine Division and a veteran of several amphibious campaigns during World War II, assumed command of the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. The brigade consisted of two Marine battalion landing teams,* BLTs 1/9 and 3/9, which had been embarked in ships of the Seventh Fleet's Task Force 76 since the beginning of the year in the South China Sea. At this time, the brigade was the U.S. combat force most readily available for deployment to South Vietnam. As General Karch later remarked, 'When the temperature went up we got closer.'1 At this stage of the war the United States was not yet prepared to make the decision to intervene in Vietnam with ground combat units. On 23 January, the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a recommendation by Admiral Ulysses S. Grant Sharp, Comma ...
Col. Noel Parrish Cullman High School graduate Col. Noel F. Parrish (1909-1987) was the commander (a white man) at Tuskegee Army Air Field during World War II. The field was the site of basic, advanced, and transitional flight training of the Tuskegee Airmen. Following the war Parrish attended Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery and achieved the rank of brigadier general before retiring from the Air Force in 1964.
I may not have football but I have Brigadier General Francis X Hummel from Alcatraz keeping me company
War on Iran may, in fact, have already started, and two bombings in Southeastern Iranian Zahedan bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan the week of February 12 may have been one of its volleys. Arrests were made and a video seized according to provincial police chief Brigadier General Mohammad Ghafari. From it he claims the “rebels (have an) attachment to opposition groups and some countries’ intelligence services such as America and Britain.” An unnamed Iranian official also told the Islamic Republic News Agency one of those arrested confessed he was trained by English speakers, and the attack was part of US plans to provoke internal unrest. While none of this conclusively proves US involvement, there’s no secret Washington wants regime change, is actively stirring up internal ethnic and political opposition toward it, and reportedly is working with exiled Iranian leaders including the Mujahideen el-Khalq (MEK) Iranian opposition guerrilla cult the US State Department lists as a terrorist organizatio ...
Simon Mayer of Natchez was originally a member of the 10th Mississippi Infantry, but by the end of the war he was a Major and AAG serving on the staff of Brigadier General Jacob H. Sharp. Standing only 4 feet, 8 inches tall, Mayer was known as "The Little Mississippi Major," and "Too Short To Shoot." He is buried on the Jewish Hill in the Natchez City Cemetery
Appears commander of troops in Kayanja Muhanga (Andrew Mwenda's brother) was promoted to Brigadier General.
Thank you Brigadier General Dunn, Sgt. Owens, Major Green and the US 85th support command. It was truly an honor for me and Hip Hop Fit. I had a blast with the troops, can't wait to do it again!!
Congratulations Colonel King on getting selected to being promoted to Brigadier General!
American Brigadier General William Lee Davidson dies in combat attempting to prevent General Charles Cornwallis’ army from crossing the Catawba River in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Congratulations to my husband Richard H Dahlman on his promotion to Brigadier General! I am so proud of you and I know you will do a fantastic job! Love you!
Destined to be her husband's most dedicated champion, Elizabeth Bacon marries George Armstrong Custer in Monroe, Michigan. Shortly after graduating from a Presbyterian college in Monroe, Elizabeth Bacon met the dashing young Captain Custer, who immediately began a vigorous campaign for her hand. Initially, Elizabeth's father disapproved of Custer's courtship, but he changed his mind when Custer won a battlefield appointment to brigadier general and national fame for his fearless tactics fighting for the Union in the Civil War. The couple married on February 9, 1864. Elizabeth Custer immediately became a strong advocate for her husband. Though she was inexperienced in political and military affairs, she was able to charm important men in Washington, D.C., who used their influence to advance Custer's career. After the Civil War ended, Custer reverted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Elizabeth supported her husband's desire to continue his ascent of the military ladder, and she agreed with his decision to ...
Had Brigadier General Ogundipe been made Head of State, Nigeria would NOT have go thru the Civil War, that changed our history forever.
How could you make a Lt. Colonel Jack Gowon the Head of State when Brigadier General Ogundipe was the most senior at the time??
Brigadier General William Terry, last commander of the Stonewall Jackson Brigade, CSA
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Uganda's Director General of Internal Security, Col Barya promoted to Brigadier by HE President Museveni
Brigadier-general Tariq Jawhary: the police soldier strike , is a fabricated plan by Sisi to overthrow Muhammad...
Daniel Roberdeau (1727-1795) First Brigadier General of Pennsylvania troops in the Revolution; member of the...
MUSICIANS' ADOPTION OF DEFENCE TITLES WORRIES EX SERVICE MAN; A retired brigadier general is concerned with musicians who have titles of defence personel n da country. He said dat pipo like 'General' Kanene, `General' Ozzy among othas r misleading pipo. Brig. Gen. Mutale said dat da use of such titles puts da name of defence personel n disrepute. is dis true or he is just tryna tell off da musicians?
World Cup Costa Concordia President Obama World Cup 2014 Middle East Nadine Gordimer Bastille Day William Hague Bowe Bergdahl David Cameron Ken Clarke Rand Paul Conor Oberst Man United Rick Perry Gaza Strip Tracy Morgan White House Mario Gotze Boko Haram Justice Department Alberto Contador Cheryl Cole Foreign Secretary New Jersey South Africa Weird Al Theresa May Pam Oliver Vincenzo Nibali Manchester United Internet Explorer 8 Erin Andrews Jack Black Ian Thorpe Bright Eyes Derek Jeter Central America Lionel Messi Royal Liverpool Michelle Knight Zoe Saldana Reeva Steenkamp Bastian Schweinsteiger Dominic Grieve Garth Brooks Daily News Golden Ball Michael Jackson Katherine Heigl Chris Brown Maureen Lipman Las Vegas Fabien Cousteau Comedy Central Rob Portman Edward Snowden Sports Direct Tea Party Tom Donohue Wall St Star Trek San Francisco Mutual Fund Paul Mccartney Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu King Kong Jenny Mccarthy Nobel Prize Rogers Park Justin Bieber Hong Kong Montrose Beach David Jones David Willetts White Sox Central American Neil Young Disney World Atlantic City Mitch Mcconnell Old Spice Emmeline Pankhurst British Open Kim Kardashian Supreme Court Phil Mickelson Pope Francis Bad News Real Madrid Jay Leno Star Game John Kerry Oscar Pistorius Alan Duncan Sarah Palin Ken Burns Bethenny Frankel Ariana Grande Hyde Park

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